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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 31, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we're great. >> breathalyzer. >> yeah, good job! >> i had to do one before they let me on the set. >> get one -- >> they do that now? >> have a great show today, guys. see you back here tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we need a breathalyzer for this show? that's what makes it so good. that's what makes this so unusual and different from all the other morning shows. >> they're sober. >> and we black it out right after so every day seems brand new. good morning, everyone. today is thursday, last day of may, the 31st, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your sober morning with us. is wisconsin's recall election about to backfire now? scott walker has a strong lead in the polls and he says it's thanks now to some union support? we'll explain. >> meanwhile, the co-founder of home depot taking on the president. >> if this government was a business, it would be bankrupt. >> and you know what?
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he doesn't stop there. more from him shortly. >> now that guy, brian. >> you stop there. here's a stimulus package to get behind -- government money for summer interns to watch birds and count fish. is this where your taxpayer dollars should go? we report, you should decide. "fox & friends" starts now. >> all right. so we just finished our beers. we're ready to go. >> blitz in the morning. by the way, they still make schlitz dry. >> that's a midwestern thing. i know what you're talking about. >> that used to be a bud dry as popular as the new coke and they got rid of it but schlitz is sticking with the dry. >> ok. >> never asked for the dry, just the cold. >> ever need my beer analysis? go to kilmeade. if you need red wine analysis, go to doocy. >> for your hops and barley, one
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stop shopping. >> if you need vodka analysis, come to carlson. now let's do your headlines. fox news alert. we've learned a member of the international security assistance force has been killed in afghanistan. the soldier died following an i.e.d. attack in the southern part of that country. we're going to bring you more information as soon as it comes into us here at fox. we've just learned two american tourists have been kidnapped while traveling in egypt's sinai peninsula. they're both men in their early 30's and it's believed they were taken by armed men. the kidnappers are apparently protesting the arrest of one of their tribesman. in just a few hours, former president george w. bush will be back at the white house. he's returning to washington with former first lady laura bush for the unveiling of the official portrait. a special ceremony taking place last night honoring the recovery workers and first responders who helped in the cleanup operations following the september 11th terror attacks.
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mayor michael bloomberg, former mayor rudy giuliani and george pataki were all there. yesterday marks the 10th anniversary of the end of those cleanup efforts. and those are your very brief headlines. >> 10 years. that was fast. >> you know what is also fast, the primary season. it's wrapped up. >> pretty much. mitt romney picking up a major endorsement last night. former secretary of state condaleeza rice. peter doocy live in washington with details. good morning. >> good morning, that's right. condaleeza rice, the former secretary of state thinks mitt romney should be the future president and there weren't any cameras inside this fundraiser where she made her endorsement last night but she reportedly told a crowd in hillsborough, california, that if america is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the united states of america is. and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism. and that the only thing that people dislike more than
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unilateral american leadership is no american leadership at all. and she said governor romney can bring that leadership back. she's not just the former secretary of state. she's also a former national security advisor as well under president george w. bush and to get an idea of why republicans care so much about what she says right now, you have to look at a cnn poll from last month that shows condaleeza rice as the top vice presidential pick among republicans and independents who lean to the right. she polled 26% support which is ahead of some other heavy hitters including rick santorum, governor chris christie and senator marco rubio but rice has said in recent months, she's not cut out to be a running mate and she thinks that romney should find somebody who wants to be in elected office. right now, her office, of course, is out at stanford university where she is a professor of political economy in the graduate school of business. which sounds difficult. back to you. >> it does. thank you very much, peter. >> i'm just amazed. i think it's great that condaleeza rice for the romney
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campaign, it must be great to jump in. you jump in after you lock up the nomination? >> where were you during the blue collar days when you were locked in a tough race with newt gingrich and rick santorum? >> better late than never. >> exactly. let's talk about wisconsin. they're going to be doing the whole recall thing coming up next tuesday which is june 5th. remember, a couple of years ago, scott walker became the governor of wisconsin and then he decided to eliminate most of the collective bargaining rights for public opinions. public employee unions. that caused the huge firestorm and the democratic leaders of the state to move to a different state for a while. he's going up against the same guy but the polls show something very interesting. >> marquette university law school did a poll and that is right there of likely voters and as you can see, scott walker leads milwaukee mayor tom barrett by seven. what's interesting is when you look in the numbers, you see that 92% of republican voters are absolutely certain they are going to vote on tuesday.
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92% of republicans but only 77% of democrats say that they -- even though their party forced the recall are going to show up at the polls. >> we know millions of dollars are in pouring in for both sides and the election will cost millions of dollars. it seems like a titanic waste of money. here's something i thought was significant. part of walker's reform that was implemented to cause so much controversy is automatic deductions from your paycheck to union dues. since that's not happening, membership has dropped in half to the unions. >> that's so interesting. >> man is that significant? keep in mind, too, democrats can claim a degree of victory if they're successful in recalling four state senators and the lieutenant governor is walker is the headline, i agree, if democrats could feel good about it if they get a senator back. >> he was on the sean hannity show last night, governor walker that is. here's what he had to say about the polls. >> i had a guy today at a factory that's union run just
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yesterday i should say, union employees who said, you know what? we're voting for you because it's about time everybody pays their fair share. that includes the public sector as well as the private sector. i need guys like that at the polls on tuesday. >> because this will be emblematic potentially with what happens in november. wisconsin has not gone republican for a presidential candidate since 1984 and ronald reagan so could this be sort of a message to the white house at least about what might happen in november if scott walker wins by a big margin. >> it shows the template that mitch daniels laid out that's very successful in indiana even when they're in the worst parts of the recession seems to be something that wisconsin will tolerate and ohio, most of it, ohio has tolerated to get their budget in line. >> that's right. speaking of budgets, it was revealed yesterday that super pac's wright will probably provide mitt romney with close to a billion dollars if not more than that which would rival the
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number we heard that the president of the united states was going to raise to get re-elected. some of the high rollers are putting money on the left. others on the right. there was a guy that was the co-founder of home depot, fellow by the name of bernie marcus. he's retired now and runs his own foundation. he is absolutely heart broken at how this presidented is running the economy. >> if this government was a business, it would be bankrupt. it would be bankrupt! and half the congress would be sent to jail for crying outloud but the truth is you didn't expect it from him. he's never worked in any kind of a job. he's never had a job in his life. he doesn't know anything about financing and he is -- now, worse than that. he's surrounded himself by people who are academics who are college professors, who really, you know, they're financial gurus. none of them understand anything about business and the truth is he has more -- less people in this -- in his cabinet than
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business experience than any president in the last 60 years. so it's indicative. >> he's not getting advice on what to do. >> that's one person's opinion who spent a large part of his career creating jobs and big business. let's talk about your tax dollars at work because apparently the administration plans to spend $1.5, $1.4 million on summer jobs for young people this summer to watch birds and count fish. now, i'm going to surprise you guys because i think, well, let me hear what you say about it first and i'll weigh in. >> first, let's detail for the folks exactly what we're talking about. so what this is is it's a public and private enterprise where federal dollars are going to mix with some private funds. >> which i think is a great concept. >> yeah. and it's all working under the umbrella of the wildlife foundation. $80,000 will pay for eight interns to monitor shore birds, ok. $80,000 to watch birds and
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$23,000 to collect leeches and water bugs. $75,000 for 12 kids to monitor fish, watch fish in the sierra nevada mountains. >> cost per job is $7,400 and a lot of people are saying we're still -- they're still deciding whether to pay the kids or not for this internship. they might be unpaid jobs so a lot of urban kids will have a chance to go to the great outdoors and count fish and do things like that. the question is do you have enough money in the bank to be able to do it? on its fates -- face i love the public/private partnership. >> it's for 500 young people who would never have this opportunity. for most people who are paying taxes in this country for a million and a half bucks compared to the $15 trillion that were in debt, do you really have a problem with helping 500 young kids who maybe wouldn't get any other opportunity to see any part of the country like this?
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i don't. i don't have a problem to pay taxes to fund programs like this if, in fact, the money is being used to give these kids a better life. >> it would be nice if they had a program to pay kids across the country. it does seem a little targeted in this particular nature. but a lot of them are going to be counting fish and looking at the sky. >> hopefully they'll learn something. coming up on our show, planned parenthood diving head first into the presidential debate by endorsing president obama. maybe they should have tested the water first. their latest ad may backfire with women voters. that's what dick morris thinks. he's here to explain. >> could hunting be a factor in the upcoming election? the drought is so severe, it has them on the run. look out, cows, they're coming for you. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> the gender blitz is on now with planned parenthood officially endorsing president obama for a second term and when they did that, they released the announcement alongside this attack ad against mitt romney. >> when mitt romney says -- >> planned parenthood, going to get rid of that. >> romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says -- >> do i believe that the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes. >> action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is wrong for women. >> will that strategy win over women voters? joining me now is author of the new book "screwed" dick morris one of the best titles ever in the history of books.
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>> by the way, if you want to order "screwed" for your father, just go to my web site and i'll give you a signed book plate. >> sounds fantastic for people out there. let's talk about this gender blitz. >> sure. >> what do you make of planned parenthood? obviously, we knew that they would endorse obama. what about the ads? >> the latest gallup poll shows for the first time that more people are pro life than pro choice. by a good margin. it was 50 pro life. 41 pro choice. right. and that's significant. so the ad starts off with the 41. and that's not so bad. you know, you may find some extra votes in there but you have to consider it in the context of the other shoe that dropped yesterday. >> which is this hidden cam video put out by pro life action league or group and this is undercover video where they went into a planned parenthood and the girl says that she only wants to have a certain gender type. listen to this.
3:17 am
>> so then i'd want to schedule -- try to schedule an ultrasound with an o.b. around then and i would still be able to come back here for a termination. >> good luck! and i hope that you do get your boy. >> in this case, they were playing it up that they only want to have a boy. if it was a girl, they would terminate it. >> where do you end up like china? 58% of the population is boys. 42% girls. i bet she could have guessed the rest. >> what do you make of the timing of this? >> i think that release will be far more important than the ad. the ad isn't going to run in a lot of states. they're putting only, i think, about a million behind it, they say, and it's in one or two states. but the fact that planned parenthood was literally advising someone on an abort -- to get an abortion for sex change or for sex selection. >> gender choice.
3:18 am
>> yes. is just incredible. it's outrageous. over 80% of the american people would oppose that. it's just the kind of thing that the -- that makes the pro choices uneasy and the pro lifers outraged. and for planned parenthood to inject itself into the race with this out there is very unfortunate coincidence for obama. of course, it's not coincidence, i'll bet that the group that released that video waited until planned parenthood did its thing and then dropped the bomb but it is a bomb. >> let's take a look at what planned parenthood has said about this. this is a statement on the sex selection piece of video you saw. gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for daily in communities across the country. what do you make of that, dick? >> well, i'm sure that planned parenthood opposes aborting girl fetuses for sex selection. and i'm positive of that.
3:19 am
but planned parenthood advocates abortion without restriction with actually no limit whatsoever. it's the woman's right to choose and that would include gender selection. so -- but above all, what are they doing having one of their counselors doing anything other than throwing that girl out of the office when she said she wanted to abort only if it was a girl baby. that's the point. >> all right. stick around, will you, dick? we have much more to discuss with mr. morris now that mitt romney has locked up the nomination. who should he pick to be vice president and why his choice could change the election? and he helped the u.s. nab bin laden but pakistan throwing this guy now in jail. rand paul, the senator with a plan to free the man he called a hero but can the plan work? right back. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>> got some quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. the mug shot of pedro hernandez just released, that right there was taken after his arrest for the murder of etan patz, that is to say. the 51-year-old confessed to killing patz in the basement of a bodega in lower new york 33 years ago. and a judge upholds an osha recommendation that sea world killer whales be separated from their trainers with a physical barrier if they're near each other in the water. the ruling comes off the tragic death of whale trainer dawn franchau killed during a performance two years ago at sea world. >> all right. speculation swirling around senator marco rubio.
3:24 am
will he be mitt romney's pick for vice president? dick morris here and there are several other clues that could provide the answer to that. and dick, you've been saying rubio for a long time. do you think that mitt romney has been won over? >> first, i want to compliment mr. doocy here because i was looking in the teleprompter and it said in soho, new york and he changed that to lower new york knowing that we had a national audience but soho is south of huston street. >> it was all the red wine he had before the show. >> i believe he will pick rubio and i think he should. i think that in the old days, you would pick a vice president that you thought would counterbalance your liabilities. help you reach a new group of voters. >> like cheney for bush. >> no. no. >> like johnson? >> no. >> like who? >> like kennedy chose lyndon johnson because he was a northerner and he needed a southerner. then it became you choose a vice
3:25 am
president to offset your liabilities. dukakis is young and no foreign policy so choose benson. bush has no foreign policy experience and he's young so choose cheney. then it became you choose a vice president who explains who you are to people. clinton choosing for -- gore and making generation the key issue. i believe the republican party has an absolute imperative to reach out to latino voters. i believe unless the republican party stops them from going the way of african-american voters 9-1 democrat, the party is doomed. and i think that a statement by putting marco rubio on the ticket would be enormously important. >> plus florida is a swing state. that would help. >> plus he's a very articulate, bright guy. the only qualm i have about rubio is he's a little bit elusive. i hear a lot of people they're trying to see him and they can't get in and he's kind of arm's
3:26 am
length. >> there's a poll in florida who says if he's in the ticket, it wouldn't make any difference for florida. number two and being devil's advocate and i've asked you this question before, doesn't it seem as if you're pandering to the latinos in america if you just outright pick rubio only because he's latino? >> well, first, no poll ever shows that the vice president would make a big difference. it's not just a question of his physically being on the ticket but his campaigning and all of that. and i think he would make a huge difference with latinos. pandering, yeah, i mean, if you introduce -- if you fail to move on immigration reform when you have 60 votes in the senate and you come back and you figure out the big issue here is immigration, that's a pander. when you put someone a heartbeat away from the presidency of the united states and half of all vice presidents go on to be president, naming a latino for vice president is not a pander. it's a very significant statement of inclusiveness.
3:27 am
>> ok. naming j. lo would be pandering, right? i mean, that would not -- it might get you a few votes but i don't know if she's ready. >> thank you for your support. >> thank you. >> dick, very interesting conversation. thanks so much. everybody should go out and buy his new book for father's day. that's what he told you called "screwed." >> and i'll sign a book plate if you go to my web site and order it through there. >> mr. morris, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> straight ahead on this thursday morning, next they can kill you but they can't -- but you can't kill them. little confusing? we're going to try to straighten this out. new hunting regulations aimed at protecting wolves has some farmers in the northern plains furious. >> many people are packing their bags and heading south to tax-free states. the exodus and how it's all planned up coming up next. today, we stand against the tyranny
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3:32 am
are more wolves than they know what to do with out there. >> they procreated in a big way. >> they'll have the first ever wolf hunt after they were almost wiped out 40 years ago because when you look at the number of wolves and we have a graphic to show you, in minnesota right now, they have 3,000 but as you see on the right side of the screen, they only need half that number to sustain the population. in wisconsin they got 800 and they only need 100 and 700 in michigan. they, too, only need 100. >> very controversial right now because apparently it's very popular for the hunters. they want to come up there and try to find wolves. why? because wolves are really smart. it's hard to hunt wolves. i can speak about that honestly because i'm from minnesota. but it's very hard to track a wolf and to get them so hunters feel like that's a great challenge but on the other side of the fence, people are against it because they say that the wolves are helping to take care of the dear population and that we should leave them. >> i drove past ranchers.
3:33 am
i never really -- that's my experience level. but i imagine ranchers who live off livestock and the wolves that eat the livestock, the ranchers feel it's a situation that's out of control. they want to be able to kill them. >> that's exactly right. the farmers feel this is long overdue. they wanted to protect their cattle and their what not so this is going forward. however, the environmentalists who made sure that these wolves were placed on the endangered species list and taken -- i think this is the third time they've been taken off. >> are they fighting the hunting of the wolves? >> they, brian kilmeade, may actually sue to stop the wolf hunt even though they've got more wolves than they possibly could need. >> so weigh in -- do you think the hunter should be allowed to kill the wolves to keep their livestock and their livelihood intact? you can do that on twitter, too. quick question -- old yeller became rabid because wasn't he bitten by a wolf? >> was it a wolf or a coyote? >> well, something happened in the woods that bit a good dog and next thing you know this
3:34 am
young kid had to kill his own dog. do you remember that, chris? old yeller. >> how did he get rabies? >> even -- >> it could have been a bear. it could have been a bear. >> chris can't answer the question. >> if you know what happened to old yeller that caused him to go crazy and have his little boy master kill him, tell us. >> exactly. we need another pick me up and i'm not sure we're going to get it by reading the headlines. we'll give it a try. a man hunt has apparently in seattle, washington with a gunman shooting himself dead. police say the man seen in this surveillance photo walked into cafe racer yesterday opening fire on five people leaving four dead. he took off shooting and killing a woman before stealing her s.u.v. police searched all day for him and his officers approached him, he shot himself. >> airport security being called into question this morning after two planes clipped each other on the busiest runway in the nation. it happened at chicago's o'hare airport. the massive 747 cargo plane
3:35 am
clipping the american airlines jet which is 2 1/2 times smaller. there were 20 people aboard the commuter jet at the time. i'll pause. >> i was three seats back, the front of the airplane just went to the right like this and nobody knew what happened. no sound, no panic. >> no one was hurt. steve? >> all right, brian. >> take a look at the severe weather damage in north carolina caused by a twister spun off from tropical storm beryl. 110-mile-an-hour winds completely destroyed three homes and caused damage to dozens of others. the system bringing with it three inches of rain. it made landfall in jacksonville, florida overnight on monday dumping 10 inches on parts of florida. >> senator rand paul looking to cut off all aid now to pakistan in a bid to free the locked up doctor who helped find usama bin laden and bring him to our country. rand paul wants to bring that doctor to our country so he can
3:36 am
be hailed a hero. >> bin laden is one of the world's worst mass murderers and he was turned in. at one point, we offered a $50 million for ransom for any information. this doctor was brave enough to turn him in and to help our c.i.a. and pakistan is now imprisoning him for 33 years. i don't think we should give any taxpayer money to a government that's imprisoning a guy who ought to be treated as a hero. so i have legislation that would cut off the pakistani aid and would also grant u.s. citizenship to this doctor and let him and his family come to our country. >> so a pakistani court sentenced him to 33 years in prison for allegedly being involved with an islamic militant group, not for his work helping american intelligence. brian is very excited today because he gets a chance to do sports. >> plus the wolf news. it sounds like old yeller according to our producers was attacked by a wolf and got rabies from the wolf. >> fantastic. so i was able to call on a fictional story to use it as
3:37 am
facts in a real life story. >> i'm really confused now. >> you're safe for the next couple of minutes. >> i could cost myself the sports. let me get into this. the heat rallying from a 15 point deficit took a 2-0 lead in the eastern conference finals against the boston celtics. they won 115-111 in o.t. lebron james, 34 points and 10 rebounds. rondo played all 53 minutes and was fantastic. this is for ted. ted loves hockey. hockey finals, game one stanley cup finals in overtime. the game-winning goal with less than 12 minutes left in o.t. gave l.a. the 2-1 victory. the kings an impressive 13-2 in the playoffs and 11th straight playoff win on the road. a sloppy soccer game for the u.s. against brazil. brazil seems to be good at this sport. i had no idea. they end up winning by a final score of 4-1 and they won it in this nation that happens to be my favorite nation, this country. we -- it was 2-1 at halftime. the u.s. played in red, white
3:38 am
and blue and brazil didn't. so they ended up winning 4-1. we have a little bit of ways to go with klensman at the helm. >> good point. that's looking at the bright side. >> new study shows more and more people are feeling taxed to the max. what are they doing? they're fleeing certain states where taxes have gotten out of control. >> for example, research from the tax foundation shows almost 3.5 mill kwlon people left new york state between 2000 and 2010 taking $20 billion in income with them at least and heading to income tax-free states like florida. more than half a million new yorkers have made the sunshine state of florida their new home in the past decade alone. >> melissa francis, the newest addition to the fox business network here to explain and also an exciting announcement with the launch of your new show. >> that's right. i have a brand new show starting on monday 5:00 p.m. on the fox business network. money with melissa francis. we'll drill down on issues like this one. behind the numbers and give you real story about your money. i thought this story was
3:39 am
particularly interesting. did you ever feel like your state is taxing the life out of you and you considered moving? we have thought about moving because the taxes are so burdensome. i mean, in new york, the personal income tax, the gasoline tax is $0.51, the estate tax. they're thinking about taxing you for walking on the sidewalk, i hear, that's the next one. >> never know. >> you never know. so do you believe that big swath of people leaving new york and going to florida is to get away from the taxes where they don't pay income taxes? >> obviously, florida i hear has nicer weather than new york. so that's obviously a big consideration. there you go. but the tax foundation talk to people and they found that the state don't have a personal income tax and the fact that they don't have an estate tax makes a big difference when people are trying to decide where to move. if you look at california, that's where the state where people are leaving the quickest right now. they have a lot of great weather. they're going to texas. it's the exact same situation. californians going to texas and look at that. taking $14.3 billion in income
3:40 am
with them because in texas, they don't have personal income tax. they don't have what i call the death penalty which is the death tax. >> governor cuomo had this thing when he first took office, the millionaires tax and he said are you kidding me? no, we're losing millionaires. we want the millionaires to stay here and get businesses and at least shop. instead, they decided to go elsewhere. >> exactly. if you think that you have runaway spending in your state and you're going to tax your people in order to bring in that revenue, it just doesn't work! because people leave, they move their income. they do whatever they can because they don't want to pay these taxes. >> right. >> this is proof that it's really not working. >> great example. i think i've heard rush limbaugh on his show talk about how he pulled up stakes out of new york state where he had a place here in manhattan and has completely relocated to florida. >> derek jeter, too. >> yeah. residency in florida. yes. >> the three states with the highest combined tax burden, connecticut, new jersey and new york, people leaving there.
3:41 am
california among the top autos well. that's what it feels like when you're there and the tax foundation put out the study they just put out. >> there are people left in new york. i couldn't get a subway strap on the -- >> she said the highest taxes are in new york, connecticut and new jersey. >> fantastic. >> any chance we could do the show from florida? >> bermuda even better. i mean, obviously -- >> we have to stay in the united states. >> the facebook founder went to singapore. we can go to bermuda. and do the show in your bathing suits. it would be fabulous. >> maybe you could do that with your new show that starts on fox business on monday. check out "money" with melissa francis weeknights 59:00 eastern on the fox business network. good luck to you. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> great to see you. coming up on "fox & friends", remember this story, an honor student holding down two jobs to support her siblings but then thrown in jail for missing school. there's a big update you don't want to miss. what that is about 10 minutes
3:42 am
from now. >> and the c.e.o. learned about america's lack of leadership in this episode of "undercover boss" and now he's trying to change culprit culture. he's here live and i believe he's walking this way. e love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. we're armed, and inexperienced. people call me an over-waterer. [ female announcer ] with miracle-gro, you don't have to a great gardener to have a green thumb. every miracle-gro product helps your garden grow bigger, more beautiful flowers and bountiful vegetables. guaranteed. so even if... i have all these tools, and i have no idea how to use them.
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3:46 am
courthouse unless another juror needs to be replaced. today is the ninth day of deliberation. no verdict yet. and facebook c.e.o. no longer one of the world's 40 richest people. his fortune falling to $17.7 billion to $16.2 on may 25th. this since facebook shares dropped 50% since going public. somehow i feel like he'll be ok. >> even though he's eating at mcdonald's in rome. after 20 years of working in the car business, our next guest said he noticed a lack of leadership in america's top companies and set out to change the culture one company at a time. >> didn't get to go to school full time so you don't have to work all day. you don't have to go to school at night. we're going to actually pay you your 40 hours a week salary while you go to school. >> that guy right there, the.
3:47 am
c.e.o. of hirshen entertainment and in that episode, you changed that guy's life, didn't we? >> yeah, we did. it was an amazing program and experience. 18 million viewers saw that show, steve and we got an unbelievable response from all oefrt world. it showed me there was a leadership crisis in america. so many people want to work for a company like that. >> we're talking about hersched entertainment, you had gone to the harvard business school. you had been an executive at g.m. for 20 years. that didn't teach you how to be a good leader until you got to this place. >> yeah. it's interesting. i have a 30-year business career including being c.e.o. of south and north america and like you said, harvard business school, i was a top executive at saturn. it wasn't until i got to entertainment that i learned the most important principle of leadership which is love, surprisingly. >> that sounds kind of weird.
3:48 am
>> that's because a lot of people misunderstand what love means. they think it's the emotion. they think it's how you feel about somebody. it has nothing to do with that. what i write in "love works" it's about how you treat other people. think about it, steve. business is all about people. people are all about relationships and if you can't have a strong relationship with somebody, you'll never -- you'll never get the best productivity out of them and love is the key to strong relationships. >> ok. so keep that in mind and now you've got seven words and we're going to put up on the screen, that you say are the best words for effective leaders. patient, kind, truthful, unselfish, trusting, forgiving. dedicated. what do those words mean? >> we define love with those seven words and basically, the book goes into each of those words, four to five principles for each word, very simple, very practical. and how to execute those in the work environment. for instance, one example, the word unselfish. very tough.
3:49 am
>> you don't hear that in business much. >> no. and unfortunately, it excludes a lot of c.e.o.'s. let's face it. we have a foundation called share it forward. employees give into it. the companies match it. the company matches it and we use all that money to help employees in financial crisis. that's what albert got, the person you saw in the beginning. he got a scholarship from that foundation. we help almost 10% of our employees with some kind of financial assistance each year. >> that's fantastic. >> and yet at the same time, we get double digit returns for the last decade and we have a very successful company so i reject that you cannot be profitable and caring at the same time. >> we have got a lot of people who run businesses watching right now. give them one tip of what they can start doing today to change the way they're a leader. >> treat their employees like they want to be treated. and think about the fact that the enthusiasm of the guest experience can never rise any higher than the enthusiasm of your own employees.
3:50 am
and so it's -- it is so simple. yet, in business, we don't talk enough about how we treat our fellow employees. and it will create the most profitable company and successful company over time. >> check out his brand new book. it's called "love works." >> thank you. and all the proceeds from the book go to the foundation. and all the revenue we get will go to help those employees. >> i wouldn't expect anything less from you. >> all right, joel. thank you very much. >> thanks for stopping by. >> all right. straight ahead, he spent five years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. >> i may not ever get the answers as to why i was supposed to go through what i went through but i know that i'm here today and i remain unbroken. >> now, that football player is getting the second chance of a lifetime. and next, an honor student holding down two jobs to support her family but thrown in jail for missing school. there's a big update you don't want to miss. right back. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
3:51 am
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>> good news for a texas honor student who was jailed and facing charges for truancy. she was in the midst of a family crisis and working two jobs to support her fractured family. those circumstances led to the 17-year-old missing multiple classes. she was warned and then later jailed on contempt charges for missing those classes. those charges since, thankfully, reversed. one of her supporters from day one, houston councilman is here with that story. councilman, how relieved are you that the court seems to be sobering up? >> good morning, brian, and it is an honor for me to be here
3:55 am
today. i'm very relieved to hear the judge already vacated the judgment yesterday. >> he did. so it's no longer truancy. then it was contempt. what is it now? >> well, the case is -- at first, the charge was truancy but the judge already warned her that she should not miss any class but she missed it because she had two jobs, one full-time job and another job as a receptionist at the flower shop. so she missed the class, the judge judged her for contempt and jailed her for contempt of courts. yesterday, mr. brian weiss, her attorney of record, already filed a motion to vacate both of those charges. and the judge after hearing the case and especially they are -- he already got all the information so he already dismissed and dropped those
3:56 am
charges. but the one is already dropped. has to file a motion to expunge and the -- the attorney of record is filing that motion today. >> and just about your culture, the culture, the asian culture in particular. this is something that's going to come up again and again because oftentimes, kids in this age are going to have a couple of jobs. >> exactly. i represent one of the largest asian communities in the united states and the culture here in our community if there's a family crisis, usually the daughter, the oldest daughter in the family is taking care of the family. >> exactly. >> in asia, yeah, in asia especially vietnam, some of the oldest daughter, they have to drop out of school to work to support the family. >> got you, counselor. >> this will happen again. unfortunately, we're up against a hard break here.
3:57 am
councilman, thanks so much for going to bat for this student and hopefully we won't need you to talk about this again. appreciate it. >> coming up straight ahead on this show, next hour, donald rumsfeld weighs in on the presidential race and the sugar in your tea. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >> good morning, everybody. it's thursday, may 31, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us today. we'll have all the fallout for you straight ahead. >> then they got millions of dollars of your tax dollars to create american jobs. now fiskar automotive says it may not build a single car in the united states. can we get our money back? >> probably not. plus a supersized smackdown. one of america's biggest cities that we are sitting in right now limiting the size of our drinks. is this any of the government's business? is it, studio crew? >> no!
4:01 am
>> details on that and so much more. it's a motley crue. "fox & friends" hour two for this thursday starts right now. >> oy! >> drink up while you still can, before the mayor gets his mits on your beverage. >> yeah, he's tired of us being unhealthy, i guess. >> there's two sides to that story. bring it to you in a few minutes. two sides to this one, too. planned parenthood launching a scathing attack on mitt romney. mitt romney is making big gains with women voters. peter doocy is live in washington with this story. good morning. >> good morning. planned parenthood made two significant moves yesterday. first, they endorsed president obama and then their pac, the planned parenthood action fund kicked off $1.4 million aid campaign, one of their most expensive political campaigns ever to run an anti-romney ad in three swing states, florida,
4:02 am
iowa and virginia as well as washington, d.c. and the ad uses different soundbites of romney saying he wants to get rid of planned parenthood and the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade to try to rally women against romney. the president of this pac came out and said straight up, there's no better champion for women's health than president obama and the contrast with mitt romney couldn't be starker? years ago, romney said he was pro choice but then against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or in the case of her life is in danger for the mother. there's actually really a question about how much voters actually care about all of this because the debate so far in this election has been dominated by the economy and mitt romney has been trending upward with women for the last few weeks and while president obama still has a higher favorability rating overall, 51% with women, romney now clocking in with 40%.
4:03 am
that's a 13-point improvement in the last one month. while president obama has lost seven points in the last month and while their unfavorability ratings right now all tied up, president obama 44 and mitt romney 44. back to you in new york. >> sounds like a tie. thanks so much, peter. >> ok. of course, that would be a social issue facing voters when they go to the polls. meanwhile, donald rumsfeld was on with hannity last night and he said when it comes to foreign policy and international affairs, this president is not doing a good job. >> yeah, here is donald rumsfeld weighing in on what he's seen in 3 1/2 years. >> the things that race through your mind, of course, are things like iran having a nuclear weapon, north korea's behavior and the terrorist networks that exist in the world, cyber attacks but the thing that worries me the most is not any one of those things specifically, it is the risk, the danger that the united states will increasingly be seen as weak. >> do you think under this president because of his
4:04 am
policies starting out with an apology tour, do you think the rest of the world views him as weak? >> i do. he is -- he doesn't seem to feel that the united states has and should continue to be playing an important role in the world in contributing to peace and stability. and you do that not by making war. you do that not by aggression. you do that by being capable and being seen as being capable which causes other countries to avoid doing things that they would do if they saw weakness and it's increasingly that we are demonstrating weakness. >> if you think about what's happening in syria and if you think about what happened in iraq which seems to have picked up and left abruptly in afghanistan, even the day we started surging, we talked about leaving and then you look at the fact that nicolas sarkozy of france was the one taking the lead on many issues. now he's gone. >> rumsfeld also said yesterday that cutting our national defense, you know, what
4:05 am
$1.2 trillion over the next 10 years is a big mistake. he says after every single big conflict in his life, world war ii, korea, vietnam, we always cut way back and he said yesterday that if we do that again as we are scheduled to do, united states of america will pay a heavy price. >> and that's sequester that's coming our way this fall. >> that was a result of not being able to come up with a deficit reduction plan, a bipartisan one. that was the penalty. now to the rest of your headlines and we start with a developing story out of afghanistan. an i.e.d. attack leaving a member of the international security force dead. it happened in southern afghanistan. the victim's nationality not being released at this time. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney scoring another big endorsement. while you were sleeping, former secretary of state condaleeza rice threw her support behind the presidential nominee. it happened at a fundraiser last night in california. rice has been mentioned as a possible running mate for romney but she's currently teaching
4:06 am
now. a massive wildfire in new mexico being called a frankenfire? shifting winds and dry weather working against crews battling this out of control blaze. the 170,000 acre fire burning in the hila national forest for more than a week now and officially the largest fire in the state's history. to see the effect of the fire, take a look at this picture. this is a view of the mountains about 100 miles from the forest taken before the fire started. and this is all the smoke spreading in front of the fire. so far, the flames have destroyed a dozen homes. he spent five years behind bars for a crime he never committed. >> i may not ever get the answers as to why i was supposed to go through what i went through but i know that i'm here today and i remain unbroken. >> now, brian banks getting a second chance at the football career he dreamed about. the seattle seahawks bringing him in for a workout next week and we're hearing the chiefs,
4:07 am
redskins and dolphins are interested. banks spent five years in prison after pleading no contest to a sexual assault on the advice of his lawyer. his accuser later admitting that she made up the story. and those are your headlines. we wish him luck as he tries out for those football teams. >> all right. now, let's talk a little bit about this. you've heard about the fiskar automobile which is $100,000 very fancy sports car, it's hybrid. it's electric. at least one conked out when "consumer reports" was test driving it and another one blew up thanks to the battery in somebody's garage. it turns out fiskar that got $200 million of our federal dollars in federal loan guarantees with the promise that they would build a plant in delaware, because currently they assemble the things in finland, well, apparently now what they're saying, fisker is we might not actually have the money to relocated to delaware in the united states. we might have to go some place cheaper.
4:08 am
>> because they froze the loan so they no longer have a source of funding and they were unable to generate any funding because very few people are buying the $100,000 car so you have an electric vehicle no one can afford and building a plant that they can't afford to build cars in. not a good combination. >> no. >> so a lot of people are wondering about the tax dollars. will we get that money back from the initial investment, then, for these 100 cars, these karma cars that were produced. or, you know, will we not? because if they move the whole production of these cars to another country, then we wouldn't see any benefit from that either. will we see the $169 to $192 million they initially took in taxpayer money. >> you have another mini solyndra situations where you're forced to take solar panels and you're forcing it to take solar energy where it doesn't seem like the market is reflecting that. once the money stops, there's no foundation that the company is built on. no, it's ok, gretchen, anything else you need down there? >> yeah. >> 2,000 jobs were supposed to go to delaware and supposed to
4:09 am
go to this country, not going to happen. >> the problem is if you're going to -- if we're going to give somebody a company a lot of our money, let's have some rules. let's -- >> put down the weather. >> let's stipulate, ok, we're going to give you $200 million, you got to build the stuff in the united states. at least solyndra was the united states. we're not talking about -- and albeit, it's a really cool car but still money to finland. hello. >> finland needs money, too. >> you're wondering why i have two cans of coke. >> she's thirsty. >> usually i pound these in the breaks. but anyway, there's a sugar war going on in new york city. mayor michael bloomberg is behind this new effort. >> this is incredible. >> to cut down on the consumption of sugar at least in new york city. here's what's going to happen. any big soda, more than 16 ounces, you'll not be allowed to sell that in any food establishment that receives a letter grade now from the health department here in new york. if you've ever recently visited here, you know if you go by any restaurant, they have a letter
4:10 am
outside of their door, it's either a, b or c and pretty much if you're a tourist, you don't want to venture past anything that doesn't say a. >> i believe that if you're caught with a mountain dew, 30 days in jail. >> just like that. >> here's the thing -- so what they're doing is they're saying, ok, you can't supersize that coke anymore. you can't have one of those giant snapples if it's over 16 ounces. >> what the heck is going on? >> this is 12 ounces in this can, i forgot if they were 8 or 12. that would mean you would not be able to buy more than 1 1/2. >> that's incredible. >> cokes because of the sugar. you can buy all the diet soda that you want. no restrictions on that. mayor bloomberg's defense of this is it's not a rights issue because he says what you can do is buy two 16-ounce containers so it's not like -- >> you can buy those two cans. >> you can buy 10 cans. >> you just can't buy anything over 16 ounces in a fountain drink. stuff like that. he just -- it's the food police. it's the sugar police. they're making another crackdown on new york city.
4:11 am
especially with salt. and smoking and now sugar! >> that darn sugar! >> obesity problem in that they feel proud to take action against that. >> butt out! >> soon, he's going to mandate jogging. all right. coming up next -- spending? what spending? >> yeah. >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> so what are the facts behind those claims? is the white house doing some fuzzy math? we're going to debate it next. >> plus the government clamping down on monks. they just want to sell their stuff to support themselves. why is the state of louisiana stopping the monks. that story straight ahead on this thursday. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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4:15 am
>> all right, the white house trying to redefine its record on the economy, perhaps? >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> all right. so is the president right? depends on who you ask. joining us right now for a fair and balanced debate and asked that very question, co-host of "the five" juan williams and andrea tantaros. is the president right? >> he's using some very shady
4:16 am
accounting. if you look at this, he's doing an accounting trick that is essentially saying, i'm not going to bore you with the numbers because we're trying not to back to sleep on "fox & friends", he's basically saying that 2009 doesn't count. i wasn't here for it. he's letting that count under the bush administration. you can't have it both ways, brian. the president was responsible for the second part of tarp. he was responsible for the stimulus. he was responsible for the bailouts. and that's what he says that led to our recovery which we're really not having so he can't have it both ways. now, let's take the stimulus off the table. let's take tarp off the table. still, brian, when you look at the numbers, spending went up 8% under obama in 2009 which is historic. >> right. >> juan? is it fuzzy math according to in your book? >> no, first of all, this isn't his math. this is analysis done by market watch, an independent group owned by dow jones and they came
4:17 am
to these numbers and in fact, politifacts said yes, it's basically right and others said it was a game playing like andrea said. >> others? try the associated press and "washington post." >> that's what i just said, andrea, so i was just confirming what you had picked on. that people say well, it's a lot of what -- how you deal with 2009 but remember, a lot of the tarp money has come back and what they found is if you eliminate that, you have to then say that over the last 50 years, obama's rate of -- the rate of growth of spending by the government under president obama is the lowest it's been and that's an incredible fact because this is fallacy out there that obama spends money and throws money around. >> he does. >> when you look at this, wait a second, maybe we need to readjust our lens on this. >> here the chart he's going -- the president is going by. let's take a look at it right now comparing past presidencies to now. reagan was at 8.7%. bush at 8.1% and president obama
4:18 am
at 1.4%. those are the numbers that he'd like to deal with, that's the 2009 stimulus reassigned, with the stimulus reassigned to president obama. >> how can anybody be intellectually honest and say that they started their presidency with almost a trillion dollar stimulus and they've quadrupled the spending of the previous president, president bush. yet they're not a big spender. it's really just not credible. and again, they are assuming and this is an accounting trick that spending would stay at the levels that it did in 2009. brian, juan, no one thought we would be spending the way that we were in 2009 with the bailout. >> andrea, let me just say first of all, that it was the bush administration and the obama administration that said, you know what? this economy is on the brink here of a depression. we need to invest money in making sure that we can prop things up on wall street. we need to stimulate this economy. >> did spend the money. that's my point about having it both ways. >> both administrations and remember, the cost of the two
4:19 am
wars, the cost of the bush tax cut, that all gets factored in in a way that it wasn't even being factored in before. >> and we haven't factored in his giant new entitlement of obamacare. he used funky budgeting there, too. he was operating on 12-year budgets. that's going to come to bear, too. he's also spent, according to our brain room, $100 billion. wasted on green energy boondoggles, subsidies and others -- >> two people with a lot of salient opinions now it's up to you at home to vote and weigh in. >> wake up. >>"fox & friends". >> we hope so. >> juan williams and andrea tantaros, you seem like very nice people wherever you are. >> don't be deceived, brian. >> i know, i'm easily deceived. >> talk about david vs. goliath. how did two planes collide at the nation's busiest airport? two people who know a whole lot about money. stuart varney has a lot of money and he wants to get some melanie trump. will he be successful? hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> hi, everyone. time for news by the numbers with special guest star melania trump. we're just strolling around reading some numbers. melania, if you want to weigh in on any of these stories, jump in, ok? >> ok. >> first 99%. that's how many employers -- that's how many employers would recommend hiring a veteran. the web site always finds -- also finds 74% hired a veteran within the past year. we should hire the guys coming home, right? >> of course. we need to give them the job and, you know, that's very important. >> yep. next $55. that's how much it's going to cost you to close your bank account.
4:24 am
an advocacy group. i'm not getting any camera time. it's all on melania, i'm a little jealous. finds the nation's 10 largest banks including j.p. morgan and bank of america is for that. that's interesting. finally $130,000. that's how much attending a private university will cost in the next 18 years, public university is $41,000. is that too much? >> that's a lot and i don't think people will have so many children anymore. >> right. and i have bad news for you. financial aid, none of your kids -- barren is not going to qualify. >> i know that. i know that. >> i think he makes too much money. >> always get a part-time job. >> thank you very much. >> that might be the best news by the numbers ever. >> meanwhile, here's some numbers. remember the president and democrats touting the health care insurance tax credit to small businesses. >> this would be the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history. >> pretty good at 35% tax credit first couple of years. >> within this year, small businesses will begin to get tax credits. >> well, what seemed like a
4:25 am
great idea at the time doesn't look so good now because out of four million companies potentially eligible for that tax credit, only about 170,000 are claiming it. so that's only 4%. why so low? joining us now, the anchor of "varney & company" stuart varney, why is the number so low? >> because it's very -- it's a complex process to apply for these tax credits. lots of form filling. lots of bureaucracy. lots of time taken doing it. people are put off by that but the real reason is it's not worth the while of small businesses to start providing health care with obamacare coming at you even though you get a tax credit for providing that health care. >> why? >> because we do not know what the future cost of health care is going to be. obamacare was supposed to get it down. make it cheaper to provide health care coverage for your employees. it's not working like that. it's gone up so of these 4 million companies that could have provided health care for the individual employees, only 170,000 have taken these tax
4:26 am
credits, that's a minuscule proportion. it means it's a real failure of a big part of obamacare. it means that millions of people will not be getting health care coverage from a private employer. it means that millions of people will be pushed on to government care. that's what's going to happen. >> right. and the way the law was written, if your business had over 50 or more employees, you had to do it. had to get it. but if it was less than that, it was kind of up to you. >> it's an encouragement. you offer tax credits for those small businesses. let's encourage you and go out there and cover your employees. >> it's so expensive, who is going to do it? when the tax credit was so little and you pay so much. >> do the math, it doesn't work. >> let me ask you this. do you think it was a concerted effort to look back into the future and know that these private companies would not be able to afford private insurance and so they would all go on the government programs. >> stated differently, you're asking me whether or not i believe that president obama is deliberately pushing people into
4:27 am
socialized medicine. i don't know the answer to that your question. i don't know what the motivation was. you could say this was encouragement to private enterprise to cover your own people, we'll give you a tax break, if that was the case, that encouragement did not work. people are discouraged they're going to go on the public rolls. it will be more socialized medicine at the end point. >> and the other thing is the president and people in his party promised that it would cost less and now, as the evidence comes in, it's costing a lot more. >> isn't that the whole point? didn't we go into obamacare and reform the health services to fix it to get the price down so it would be more affordable to more people. the exact opposite has happened. >> that was at least the argument. many people question it even at the start of whether or not it would be cheaper. >> they did indeed. >> we'll be watching you, no question about that. 9:20 a.m. on the fox business network. varney & company. coming up next on "fox & friends", a woman locked out of her own. to make matters worse, it happened when she was visiting her son in the hospital, he was
4:28 am
injured fighting for our country. >> it appears that brian kilmeade is trying to do news by the numbers in the hall with melania trump. can we get donald trump on line one? >> does donald get jealous? >> of brian? >> brian, you're fired. >> she's next! [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer. it's the travelocity spring into summer sale. you can save up to 50% on select hotels and vacation packages.
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>> all right. in the baseball feeling kind of a mood? if you are, you can check out the fox fan night. we have it every year at citifield. who are the mets playing this time around? >> reds. >> good. 7:00 p.m. is the first pitch. 6:00 p.m. is the party. >> private party. if you're the person that's picked out of a hat randomly if you write in, you'll get to hang out with us and get some free food and drinks and everything. >> listen, thousands of people come every year and thousands try to get the tickets. if you would like to join us and there we are before the festivities last year. send an e-mail to fox fan night at and perhaps, you will be selected to join us at
4:33 am
citifield this june 15th. >> i did hear the person has been selected to throw out the first pitch. >> fantastic. >> who do you think it is? who do you think it is? >> hopefully they don't have a rotator cuff issue. >> you know what? if they do, you'll have to -- we have to have a bull pen. >> underhand. >> i think we need to have somebody in reserve just in case but we're not going to tell you who it is just yet. au >> our big secret. >> two american tourists kidnapped while traveling in egypt's sinai peninsula. they're both men in their early 30's. it's believed they were taken by armed men. the kidnappers are apparently protesting the arrest of one of their tribesman. the u.s. embassy is working closely with authorities to get the two men released. >> senator rand paul pushing to make the doctor who helped us find usama bin laden a u.s. citizen. it's part of a plan that includes cutting all aid to pakistan before locking him up who many say is the hero. >> bin laden is one of the
4:34 am
world's worst mass murderers and he was turned in. at one point, we offered a $50 million for ransom for any information. this doctor was brave enough to turn him in and to help our c.i.a. and pakistan is now imprisoning him for 33 years. i don't think we should give any taxpayer money to a government that's imprisoning a guy who really ought to be treated as a hero. so i have legislation that would cut off the pakistani aid and would also grant u.s. citizenship to this doctor and let him and his family come to our country. >> of course, the pakistani court has sentenced him to 33 years for allegedly being involved with an islamic militant group, not for his work helping american intelligence. >> at least that's the story the pakistanis are sticking with. >> airport security being called into question this morning after two planes clipped each other on the busiest runway in the nation. it happened at chicago's o'hare airport. this massive 747 cargo plane clipping the american airlines jet which is 2 1/2 times
4:35 am
smaller. where there were 20 people on board the commuter jet at the time. >> i was three seats back. the front of the airplane just went to the right like to this and no sound, no panic. >> the good news is nobody was hurt. >> yeah. >> bank of america and fannie mae foreclosing on a mom's home as she visited one of our nation's bravest soldiers at a military hospital in germany. her son was hurt serving with the army in iraq. she was in the middle of a loan modification. bank of america sent a letter she would finish the modification when she returned. instead, she said she found a for sale sign and her son's purple heart thrown away? >> my gosh, how you take this? he's fighting for this country. he keep the peace for you and you steal from his home? >> well, washington is now suing and the case is moving through federal court and in the meantime, a judge is letting her stay in the home as long as she
4:36 am
continues to pay rent. >> oh, boy. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather on this thursday and as we look at the map, you can see we've got a whole bunch of rain moving through the northern and central plains down through the mississippi and missouri valley at this hour. rumble of thunder in portions of east texas at this hour. meanwhile, the current reapding as you head out, 40's and 50's in the northern half and 50's and 60's in southern half. 68 in old el paso later on today in west texas mid 90's. it will be 109 in phoenix, arizona. meanwhile, mid atlantic, temperatures in the 90's for the most part, northern plains in the 60's. same as the central plains. here in new york city, the big town where we have a place called trump tower is going to be 79 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. >> i think that's plural. her husband keeps -- >> it is plural. >> husband keeps busy by having a reality show and campaigning for governor mitt romney and cutting billion dollar deals but melania trump isn't a woman who
4:37 am
lets donald have all of the spotlight nor does the entrepreneural spirit stop with donald. >> it doesn't. welcome, melania trump is here today. great to see you again. you are so very well known for your jewelry line and so much more. isn't it true in your native land didn't you have an architectural degree? >> yes, i studied design and architecture. it's my passion. i love jewelry and i design for women all across the world that they could buy something that they could afford because everything is urged $200. >> that's fantastic. >> on qvc. >> we'll talk about your appearance on qvc coming up but right now, of course, your husband, donald is supporting mitt romney for president of the united states and says he's the guy for the job. your husband is taking a lot of heat from the left, the political left. they say, oh, what you know? mitt romney has got to distance himself from donald trump because of some of the stuff that donald feels and has said. >> well, they both -- donald and mitt they have both the same views.
4:38 am
they want to bring jobs back. they want to bring economy up. and to have everybody american dreams and they want to really see america number one and that's their passion so they're working on that. that's important. >> how is it in las vegas, coming together and making the announcement, the day that he officially becomes the nominee. what was that like? >> i was not there. i was not, donald said it was a big success. he introduced him and, you know, mitt romney, he -- i hope he comes to the white house. >> what do you make of the recent controversy where your husband donald was talking about the whole birther issue about whether or not president obama was born in the united states and mitt romney has made it clear that he believes he was. do you think that your husband's comments hurt mitt romney? >> everybody has their own views. everybody has own opinions. and my husband has many millions and millions of followers.
4:39 am
so -- >> and opinions. >> and opinions. and a lot of people agree with my husband. some people don't and that's where we stand. it will always be that way. agree to disagree. >> you know what i always wonder, what is life like away from the cameras, away from the audiences and you brought some photos with you that really gives us an idea of what the trump family is like when people aren't around. let's take a look at them and make sure you approve of them. there you go. >> this is us for breakfast in the morning. donald -- >> wait a minute, that's a normal breakfast? >> that's your breakfast nook? >> oh, my gosh! >> so my husband is already ready to go and i'm still with my son and then bring him to school and -- >> kindergarten now. >> he's finishing kindergarten. >> he's 5 years old, right? >> 6 years old. >> come on. >> there he is right there. >> that looks like mara largo.
4:40 am
>> he loves ice cream and we're enjoying him swinging and we're having a great time. >> he's a golfer, tennis player. >> golfer, tennis player, swims a lot like a little fish and he's looking forward for the summer. >> very cute. that first photo where we showed the three of you at the breakfast table, that must have been after donald called into "fox & friends" because he tells us when he calls in on mondays he's still in his pajamas sometimes. >> he's still in bed and it's very easy, you know, making a phone call. so and then he is ready and -- >> pajamas, he doesn't have ones with feet in them, not footies? >> no. >> promise us -- by the way, you promised this jewelry under $200. you brought some with you? >> i'm wearing a bracelet today that's on june 6th show at 7:00 p.m. on "qvc live". beautiful watches. amazing necklaces. >> could this possibly be further away from us? >> this is a beautiful charm necklace that you could wear it with many charms. i travel all around the world
4:41 am
and it's inspiration from my own necklaces that i have at home. many different charms on and you could wear it, the dress i wear today or sarong when you're on the beach or in the office when you you're in the suit and white blouse. >> i was lucky enough to visit marlargo about two months ago and one of the things is in the gift shop, they've got your entire line. it's fantastic and it looks pricey. but it's so affordable. >> it's very affordable. >> like this watch, for instance. >> it's like $70. >> $70. >> everything is available on and some new pieces like bracelets, i love this ring because you could wear one. >> right. >> or you could wear -- or you could wear three together. >> wow. >> so they're stackable. >> thank you. >> and they come in three different colors, gold, silver and rose. >> beautiful. >> and it's really beautiful sparkle on your hands. >> there's a problem with it, melania, do you repair them
4:42 am
individually yourself in your shop? >> if you have any problem with them. >> no, i i don't have that. >> you don't go down into the basement of trump tower? >> i don't have that. maybe in the future but not now. >> that's fantastic. >> spend your time continuing to design and doing a good job at that. >> she's going to be on qvc on june 6th. >> 7:00 p.m. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let me just tell you, i know you have to do good on the show because you're good on live television. that's what qvc is. >> thank you. it is. >> coming up on "fox & friends", he had a seven year run as a democrat in congress. now he's switching sides to get back to capitol hill so why has he had a change of heart? we'll find out. >> plus the government finally clamping down on monks. yeah, they're just trying to make a few caskets and make a living. so why are they being shut down? >> good question. welcome to
4:43 am
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there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood. i'm glad i got flood insurance. fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. >> wait until you hear this one. in keeping with the tradition, the monks of st. joseph abbey in louisiana live off the profits from goods that they make. in their case, they make wooden caskets. however, the louisiana state board of embalmers and funeral directors say that is against the law. joining us right now with the story is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. until a few years ago, they hadn't made the caskets for the public but then, there became a financial necessity and they decided that's a good way to make -- >> they made them for bishops and made them for other monks and it's kind of ironic that
4:47 am
jesus was son of a carpenter and a carpenter, now the carpenter monks are being banned in the state of louisiana. and being called criminals for what they do. they want to sell caskets at $1,000 or $1500 a piece, lovely wooden caskets that they make by hand. >> right. >> to the public. and what happened is the louisiana embalmers and funeral directors came down on them like a ton of bricks and said you can't be doing this and they hauled them into hearings and then there have been lawsuits back and forth and so the monks, there have been about 38 of them won in the district court, in the federal district court and now it's going to be going to the circuit court of appeals. should the state of louisiana, the only state in the united states doing this engage in this kind of protectionism, almost protecting a monopoly or a cartel of these funeral directors that say no monks, stay out of our business. if you want to sell these coffins, then you need to have a
4:48 am
setup for 30 people. you need to have an embalmers license. they're saying listen, we don't want to embalm corpses. we just want to sell coffins to people at a real price. not what the f.t.c. has said in the past, five or six times wholesale that some folks have engaged in the past. >> you know, the monks decided -- they made a decision, you know, let's get into this business. i think they invested $200,000 of their money in this fancy woodworking stuff and so then there was immediately a cease and desist letter so in louisiana, you can buy a casket from costco or from wal-mart but you can't buy it from the monks that live and work in that state. >> because if you're going to sell it in state, you need this whole thing, this whole massive investment and this decision that you're going to be in the funeral business. they said, we had an economic necessity based on katrina in 2005. we decided to make an investment here. we pray.
4:49 am
we read all day. we do acts of kindness, acts of grace, acts of mercy and we make caskets and if there are small children who pass away, we give them those caskets and this is what we choose to do. and so talk about regulation gone nuts. in any state or in the united states of america, this is an example of it and i believe that the circuit court will decide that estate cannot engage in this kind of protectionism because there is no rational basis. this is absolutely arbitrary and i think the monks are doing the right thing standing up for their rights. >> let's hope they win their day in court. >> i hope so, too. >> peter johnson jr., thanks for bringing this to our attention. what do you think? e-mail us, friends at arthur davis had a seven year run as a democrat in congress. now that man right there switching sides. so what's got him seeing red? he will share his story next. good morning, sir. but first on this date in history back in 1980, the number
4:50 am
one song in the world, "funky town." >> one of the best songs. >> ever. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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4:53 am
>> welcome back, everyone. our next guest says he was proud to be a democrat. after serving seven years on the left, he's changing colors to see red? why the change? joining me now is former alabama congressman arture davis. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning to you. good morning to your audience. >> thank you so much. i know you moved from alabama, and your home is now virginia and you're considering making a run in virginia but you're going to run as a republican. why? >> well, when you're out of office, first of all, i'm nowhere near deciding to run for office. but when you're out of office, you do get a chance to think
4:54 am
about the direction of the country. you don't have to worry about what a party is saying or worrying about what will get you votes. you have a chance to think and reflect. in the last two years, i've looked at the fact that we're losing ground in this country economically. every time we think we're beginning to move forward, we fall backwards. we're more divided now than we were four years ago. our school systems aren't working. a lot of the policies that have been put in place in the last several years have been counterproductive. our businesses don't have an environment where they think they can create jobs and i could go on. what we're doing is not working. and i finally took inventory and it's not a decision i lightly made or one i woke up and made one morning but i took inventory over the last couple of years and i decided that things that i cared most about and the things that are most important to this country, that my views are more in line with the r side than the d side at this point. >> it's very interesting. i think our viewers will hear you say once you were out of
4:55 am
politics, you felt like you could examine it and say what you thought. that's what a lot of people have a problem with regard to politicians in this day and age. having said that, i know there are three topics that seem to be at the top of your list. you believe that this whole sort of fight about private equity, that we shouldn't be punishing the job creators, correct? >> well, i've said for a very long time that capitalism is not always pretty. sometimes free markets aren't always pretty but you know what? they beat every other system in the world. and i think most people in this country when they get up in the morning they actually have ambitions, they have aspirations, they want to be successful. and many of the guys and ladies who are out there involved in the private equity market, the hedge fund market, they're people who started lower middle class. they're people who started very poor and they have lived the american dream in their lives just like i've had a chance to live it in my life and those individuals don't want to be torn down. they don't want to be
4:56 am
marginalized. they don't want to be ridiculed. they want to have an opportunity to be celebrated for the good they're doing in this country. of course, it's a broader question. i supported president obama four years ago because i wanted to see this country come together. i want us to change the way we talk to each other and the way we thought about each other. unfortunately, we've gone backwards on both fronts in the last several years and frankly, four years ago, that was president obama's main offer to the american people. didn't have a resume and he promised that. the main problem is i'll bring us together and get past being red and blue and we've gone backwards and not forwards. >> former democratic congressman from alabama who has decided to switch parties and may run in virginia in the future. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> have a good day. >> you, too. >> have you racked up debt trying to avoid foreclosure? should you file for bankruptcy? real estate expert bob massi here to help you live coming up. and it's better than changing the diapers.
4:57 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i hope you're began have a fantastic day. i know i am. it's thursday, may 31. i'm gretchen carlson. planned parenthood going all out to court the female vote on behalf of president obama. is their media blitz against mitt romney being overshadowed by some new shocking undercover video? >> steve: meanwhile, it's place he called home for eight years. why president george w. bush is today returning to the white house. pictured there live from washington, d.c. >> brian: does the federal government care more about saving wild animals than saving human lives? you may think so after hearing this story. >> steve: really? >> brian: i'm really milking this face time.
5:01 am
>> steve: you are. >> brian: now. >> gretchen: you could get some face time now, brian. >> brian: what do you mean? >> gretchen: somebody just told me, this is something i've never known after all my years, that a real man's place is in the kitchen? >> brian: it seems that's the new trend in this great country of ours because women won't cook anymore. evidently they're watching these reality shows. >> gretchen: oh, yeah. that's exactly why they're busy. >> steve: daniel duane is the author who has this great new book and he's outside cooking things like steak and bacon. >> brian: women don't know how it make that stuff. >> steve: they do, but it's all -- the whole contention is younger guys are finally learning how to cook in the kitchen and cook stuff like that. >> brian: for example, a woman can cook a steak but a man can rub a steak. >> gretchen: i thought it was the other way around. anyway, ladies, let me know, how
5:02 am
attractive would it have been, if you're married or still single, for a guy on a date to salem cook for you tonight? wow. that is a good first line. that's a good one. >> steve: it sounds like a matthew mcconaughey line. >> brian: put it this way, if you're out with a woman on a first date and you go to the wendy's drive through and it's crowded, you think rather than wait in line, dom my house and we'll heat something up, wouldn't a woman like that? >> steve: come it my house and something will heat up? >> gretchen: i spent so much time in the wendy's drive through line as a reporter when i was getting my dinner at like 11:00 p.m., that would not be a good first date four. >> brian: if you think a drive through on a first date is a bad idea, write us. >> steve: find out of the to you to cook lake a man coming up this hour. >> gretchen: the u.s. embassy speaking out on the two kidnapped american tourists in egypt. they're work closely with egyptian authorities to get them released.
5:03 am
they're both men in their early 30s, taken by armed men overnight. the kidnappers are apparently protesting the arrest of one of their tribesmen. the embassy contacted the victims' families, but that's all we know at this time. five days to go before a wisconsin's historic recall election for governor and a brand-new poll shows republican governor scott walker with a solid lead now. the independent marquette university law school survey shows walker ahead of democratic opponent, milwaukee mayor tom barrett. the push to recall walker started hartley after he took office. he angered unions by trying to eliminate the power of public unions in wisconsin. some say a strong walker win shows president obama could be vulnerable in november. a manhunt over this morning in seattle, washington, with a gunman shooting himself dead. police say the man, seen in this surveillance photo, walked in a cafe, opening fire on five people, leaving four dead.
5:04 am
then he took off, shooting and killing a woman before stealing her suv. police searched all day for him and as officered approached him, he ended up shooting himself. space x's dragon is returning home now. new video being released. it's wrapping up its historic flight today after spending five days at the outpost to unload supplies. it's expected to splash down into the pacific ocean in just a few hours. >> brian: wow. it's president-elect obama going to be -- it's probably going to be going up again soon. about four hours from right now, former president george w. bush, will be returning to the place he called home for eight years. doug mckelway with more on the special return. i'm wondering, are they going to get face-to-face quiet time, 43
5:05 am
and 44? >> they are indeed, brian. this promises to be a really intriguing day at the white house as president george w. bush, his wife, laura, his father, president h.w. bush, his wife, barbara, come for the formal unveiling of the portraits of george w. and laura bush. what makes this so intriguing is that bush left the white house at a time when the united states economy was in free fall. this is a point president obama made again and again as he has intimated that he inherited an economic mess. white house spokesman jay carney was asked about this potentially awkward reunion. >> i think it's well established that those two now former presidents have a good relationship, as did president bill clinton with president george h.w. bush. i think there is a community here with very few members that
5:06 am
transcends political and policy differences. i think you could even write a book about it. >> a form bush spokesman told the associated press, quoting president bush has been around politics a long time. he's been around how presidents deal with each other for a long time. he has an understanding for separating the necessities of political rhetoric from the job itself. the official schedule here has the president, all three, meeting with their wives for lunch at 12:10, and at 11:25, the official unveiling of the portraits of george and laura bush gets underway. the portraits will be hung in the foyer of the white house, the official entrance to the executive mansion. keep in mind that the european union poised on the brink of economic collapse, we're talking about the niceties that these three men might exchange. but the two former presidents have deep and lasting contacts in that part of the world and i suspect they may be offering a any help to the president and
5:07 am
prevent this domino effect of the economies collapsing across the world. >> brian: it just seems like last week where the current president was calling the last president the other guy and comparing him to mitt romney. i'm wondering if that stuff ever pops up. >> i doubt it. i think they stick to formality. they know how it stick to politics and the battles inherent in that from the formality of the white house. we'll see, though. >> steve: and doug, currently in front of that very formal white house right now, thank you for the live report. let's go to colorado springs and michelle a malkin joins us on this thursday as they does every thursday. good morning to you. >> howdy. >> steve: it only took planned parenthood, which i believe is the largest provider of abortions in this country about 15 seconds after mitt romney was officially determined to be the nominee on the republican side for them to endorse president obama for reelection. they came out with a big ad bite saying if you vote for mitt romney, it will be bad for
5:08 am
women's health. >> yeah. they came out with that fear mongering little ad. it's no surprise, of course. planned parenthood has marched in lock step with obama and vice-versa for his entire political career. but i think it's kind of bad timing, especially given another ground breaking and jaw dropping and bone chilling expose from lila grace and her journalistic endeavors at live action to expose so much of the outrageous behavior that planned parenthood has engaged in for its existence. of course, this most recent one exposing sex selection abortion and they're basically endorsing and condoning that. you never, never hear from this current commander in chief, any acknowledgment of the excesses and the ideallogical zealotry that they stand for.
5:09 am
>> gretchen: let's watch a little bit of this clip in case people are not up on what happened. planned parenthood put out an ad attacking mitt romney, at the same time that group that you mentioned, pro-life live action group, had hidden camera video of a young woman who goes into planned parenthood, saying that she wants to abort her fetus if, in fact, she finds out that it's a girl. watch this. >> so then i'd want to schedule -- trio schedule an ultrasound with an og around then and then i would still be able to come back here for a termination procedure? >> good luck. i hope you do get your boy. >> gretchen: it's mind boggle -- >> it's mind boggling that she has not been nominated for some sort of journalistic prize for all the work she's done because this is really the tip of the iceberg. for anyone who followed her work and you here and at fox and many other outlets have shown her
5:10 am
investigations over the years. she's also revealed a lot of the race iism that is inherent in -- racism that is inherent. margaret sanger was a huge crew general cyst. she wrote pamphlets that advocated abortions to, quote, stop multiplication of the unfit. by that she meant minorities, she meant people that were inferior to her race and class. again, where is the confrontation of this sordid history on the part of a man who now accepts their endorsement and of course, is benefiting from this ad campaign by a group, of course, that is a half billion dollar industry that has been supported by taxpayer money. >> steve: right. you would have expected that employee from planned parenthood who is there in that undercover video, once she heard about the selecting of the sex just to go, come on. we don't do that. but you didn't
5:11 am
get that. >> no. she should have run screaming from the office. but instead, they just have a jaded attitude about it and it's been exposed in other videos by lila grace as well. >> gretchen: planned parenthood put out a statement basically saying that they don't advocate this kind of gender selection. >> right. it's always a lone isolated incident by some lone employee that rogue employee and they all add up. >> brian: is the place to find you? >> that's right. >> brian: michelle, >> and thursday mornings here. >> gretchen: have a good rest of the week. we'll see you next week. >> you bet. >> steve: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. remember the hard work honor student thrown in jail in texas for skipping school, even though she was skipping school to work two jobs to support her family? there is a big update this morning you don't want to miss it. >> gretchen: millions of
5:12 am
americans are going broke trying to pay their mortgages. so is bankruptcy really an option? would you be able to rebuild? bob massi here to break down your options, he's next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>> brian: thousands of americans are going deep into debt trying to pay off their mortgages. so if you can't pay it off, should you declare bankruptcy? fox news legal analyst bob massi joins us from las vegas. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, sir. >> steve: we're going to talk about personal bankruptcy. today we're going to talk about chapter 7. what's the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13? i thought they were both the
5:16 am
same. >> no. chapter 7 means basically your liabilities are so excessive and your assets are minimal if not gone that you qualify for chapter 7 where it completely wipes out all of your debts. one of the things i want to let our viewers know is that there is life after bankruptcy. it's not the kiss of death. it's a way, unfortunately, but yet it's there to rebuild your dreams from what happened over the last couple of years, which is why we're going down this road now to give optimism and hope to people in the future. >> steve: right. why would somebody then declare chapter 7 bankruptcy? >> what happened, you and i have been talking for quite a while how people have lost everything they've had. they used their ira's, keoughs, 401(k)s, and most importantly, they've gone through credit cards. they borrowed against credit cards to make mortgage payments. so you get to the point where you say, listen, i got to hit the restart button. i just can't keep making these minimum payments that i owe 20, $30,000 and so a bankruptcy, a
5:17 am
chapter 7 bankruptcy, although it's the last resort, it's something that people need to look at if their it debt is so extensive. >> steve: can anybody declare chapter 7 bankruptcy? >> not really. in 2005, congress sort of changed bankruptcy laws. they used what's called a means test, which means depending upon different parts of the country as to what the salaries are, for example, in say g the means test if you're single and you make 44,000 a year or more, you could qualify. if you make too much, you can't. if you're married and make more than 70,000 a year, you may not qualify for 7. in other words, if there is disposable income there, the bankruptcy law says wait a second. i don't think you're eligible for a 7. there may be other types of bankruptcies. so there is always a means test. that's why you have to seek out a good bankruptcy lawyer to get that answered for you. >> steve: so that's probably the first step. what else do you do to file chapter 7? >> here is the thing, you got to find somebody good. people say bob, how do i find a
5:18 am
good bankruptcy lawyer? first of all, if you have a family lawyer, always go to your family lawyer and say who is good in bankruptcy? there is nothing wrong necessarily really, steve, with those men and women that advertise on tv. it just means they have the revenue do it. but there is a direct recall for martindale that is a legal directory that could be used where you go in to where you live, the city where you live and you look for an a.v. lawyer. that means they're rated very high. that's how you help find a bankruptcy lawyer. >> steve: once upon a time, declaring personal bankruptcy was just so shameful and would bring disrespect to your family. but now hundreds of thousands of people are doing it. it doesn't still have the same stigma, does it? >> it's a way of life now, steve. it's unfortunate, but because of this real estate crisis we've been covering, it's become a
5:19 am
consequence of deficiency judgments, credit card debts, people losing everything. and honestly, yes, it is on your credit report. it does stay for many years, but lenders are adjusting to this. lenders are basically saying i know people that file bankruptcy a couple years ago, they're driving a new car. they have credit cards. so i want your viewers to know, don't be so afraid of it. but it is only the last resort. but don't get so bogged down that you just live for paying debt. if you reach a point where you can't handle it, get a good bankruptcy lawyer to tell you yea or nay. >> steve: because life goes on. bob massi reporting from las vegas, thank you very much. by the way, folks, if you got a question for bob, go to our web site and click on the shattered dreams logo. we will show you how to ask mr. massi a question. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. does the federal government care more about saving wild animals than saving human lives? you may think so after hearing this story. and it's better than changing
5:20 am
the diapers. why a real man's place is in the kitchen with a skillet and a strip steak  thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany.
5:21 am
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>> steve: we've got quick headlines on this nurse morning. it is the bloodiest day in over a month in baghdad. the series of bombings leaving at least a dozen people dead, 29 wounded. the deadiest attack at a crowd restaurant in northwest baghdad. eight people killed in that attack. take a closer look at this close call in england. two men on a smoke break
5:24 am
narrowly escape being hit by an out of control fire truck. they jumped out of the way as the truck comes flying at them and crashes into a store. amazingly nobody was hurt. now it's time to cook like a man. >> gretchen: fire alarm 'cause a guy is cooking. >> brian: real quick, we're very privileged to have this next guest. >> gretchen: sounds like american men are steaking out a new role in the kitchen. >> brian: what are you referring to, gretchen? it seems though more men are stepping into the miss doubtfire role, putting dinner before diapers. >> smells like burned rubber. (screams). >> gretchen: my all-time favorite movie. i joining us now is daniel duane. good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> brian: why are men getting into this all of a sudden?
5:25 am
>> we got to do something every night while the wife is taking care of the kids. and cooking means you get o cook what you like. >> gretchen: you had a tons farmation seven years ago when your daughter was born. you helped pick up the slack and put yourself in the kitchen? >> and figured out i could cook wait to do eat. >> brian: that is pretty much a guy thing. women cook to please. guys cook for themselves, just make more of it for other people to eat. >> that's right. if it happens to feed the family, all the better, right? >> brian: my kids like steak. >> gretchen: i love steak. so you have a secret. >> yes. >> gretchen: you say that if you're going to do steak, you should have high heat. why? >> high heat to put the nice seer on it. one secret. check this out. first of all, we're going to tilt the pan while we flip it so it doesn't splatter oil. look at that seer. here is another secret. butter. the real secret to taking your steak to the next level.
5:26 am
>> gretchen: oh, my gosh! >> but you got to trust me. that's not all going to end up inside you. >> brian: does it come with an angioplasty? >> i got it under the table here. and rosemary. garlic. you don't even have to peel it. we're just going to smash it. >> brian: you need a mallet? >> we got hands! you see that foaming up nicely. >> gretchen: what does the butter do besides add flavor? >> it adds flavor, but then also creates -- what do you mean? is there anything in life besides adding flavor? what do you mean besides add flavor? >> brian: plaque in the arteries. >> it also distributes the heat more even eover the top. >> brian: this is what i'm getting. men cook aggressively. they cook selfishly. they don't worry about exact measurements and if you don't like it, the heck with you, go somewhere else, kid. >> we cook with ambition.
5:27 am
>> gretchen: let me interrupt with the facts. report has shown for 25 years, young married women report cooking 51 meals a month. their husbands are catching up, cooking on average a whopping 34 monthly meals. you're on to something. >> if you do it right -- that's right. if you do the math, that's a lot of meals, 34, right? >> brian: if you look at the food channel, which i'm sure you don't because you're watching this channel, there are so many men, male chefs. but yet when it comes to the household, traditionally women take the lead role. >> that's part of the beauty of it for our generation of guys, right. we're looking on tv. popular culture, there is a lot of great role models. the bobby flays of the world, thomas keller, all these sort of -- guys are making it look good. >> brian: now the daniel duanes of the world. >> we're trying. >> gretchen: good father's day gift "how to cook like a man." thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: your steak is ready.
5:28 am
swallowed by the butter, but it's still there. >> that's right. >> brian: good job. coming up straight ahead. >> gretchen: weekly unemployment numbers due out in two minutes. eric bolling is standing by with in-depth analysis. look, he's pontificating. he's thinking about something. >> brian: he's waiting actually. the numbers aren't in yet. the doctor who helped the united states nab bin laden sitting behind bars. next, a plan to free this hero, who has already been tortured for a year ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards. ♪ >> steve: fox business alert, the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers, 383,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's up from 370,000 the week before. economists were expecting 370. what does it mean? >> we saw the graphic was last week's number. they're expecting 370 again. 383, wrong direction. three bad numbers released today. that one was worse than expected going in the wrong direction. you want to see them go down. the other is adp said private sector employment, they're expecting 150,000 or so jobs created. they got 33,000. the relevant part of that number is for the first quarter of
5:33 am
2012, they're running at 200,000 private sector jobs created per month on average, january, february, march. april and may, the average is down 125,000. so there is almost a 35% drop from the first quarter to the second quarter and then the one -- >> steve: this one right here. gdp, gross domestic product has been revised down to less than 2%. 1.9%. >> exactly. 1.9, down from 2.1 or 2.2 prior. that's really bad news because the only way to get out of this mess we're in is by getting gdp up, getting growth up. if you cut spending to a certain extent, you can raise taxes to a certain extent. but to get $16 trillion deficit out or on the right path, you need growth. you need 2 1/2, 3% growth. that's a healthy -- kind of a healthy market. we've had 5% growth and 6%. >> brian: normally if we're in a competitive environment, we wouldn't be upset that india is slowing down and china and europe are having problems. but essentially in this world, we're all so interconnected,
5:34 am
we're kind of rooting for them to come up, too? >> that's a good point. everyone says china is the big engine to keep the globe going. there are more and more news stories coming out of china that they may be slowing a little bit. it affects us. we absolutely sell a lot of stuff to china. we use china. we use chinese labor. so you want all these economies to be doing well. to us to slow to 1.9 -- it will blow all those white house projections on how much o eastbound observecare is going to cost, what the deficit will look like. if it doesn't get back to what they projected, if i'm not mistaken, they're projecting 2 1/2 to 3% growth going forward. if you're getting 1.9, everything is going to look worse. >> gretchen: let's talk about -- >> i think the world, global economy should be turning out of this slump it's been in for the better part of three years, hopefully it does. but this stalling -- >> gretchen: this next story, you have optimistic and pessimistic point of views, a
5:35 am
double whammy. job applications are up for auto industry jobs. that's good? >> here, i'll give you the good news. don't leave that full screen yet. strike that from the record. the bad news is 20,000 people tried out for 877 jobs in alabama auto plant. they were going to add a third line, more hours, a third shift. 877 job openings. 20,000 people applied for it. that means the economy is still really struggling. >> steve: people are look. >> the good news is where these jobs are happening. take a look. i hope they got a full screen. not the one they're look for here. the auto companies that are opening plants, they're opening them in right to work states. auto plant, hyundai plant in alabama. in south carolina, bmw, they're opening plants. tennessee has nissan, toyota and volkswagen and in texas, toyota also. so the foreign car companies are coming here opening in right to
5:36 am
work states and selling and making manufacturing and selling those cars. meanwhile, you know the story. in detroit, in michigan, if go to work for an auto company, you have to pay union dues. you don't have to be part of uaw. it doesn't matter. union due also come out of your paycheck anyway. so until detroit fixes itself, until they make michigan a right to work state, you're never going to fix the auto industry. >> brian: i will see you later on "the five"? >> are you going to come visit? >> gretchen: you have a guest appearance? >> brian: guest appearance. you met my salary demands. i might even take off the tie. we'll have to see. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. wow. it's going to be a show it is down over that. >> you wear suspenders like beckel. >> brian: i'm gog let have that. >> steve: larry king retired his. >> gretchen: we'll see you on "the five." your headlines for thursday morning, he helped the united states track down and kill osama bin laden. so should he be rewarded with
5:37 am
official u.s. citizenship? senator rand paul looking to cut off all aid to pakistan until the country frees this locked up doctor that you just saw. paul says he should be brought to america so he can be hailed a hero. he'll introduce that legislation in the house today because right now he's sitting in prison with a 33-year sentence for helping out. >> steve: meanwhile, a follow-up to a story we've been telling you about this week. a judge has dismissed contempt charges against that texas honor student who was thrown in jail for skipping school. the judge apparently having a change of heart when it comes to diane tran, following a international outcry. the 17-year-old was jailed for 24 hours because she missed more than ten days of school. tran, a straight a student, was busy working two jobs and going to school full time to support her siblings. >> brian: a parent's nightmare. a grandfather turned away for a second and that's all it took for her 14-month-old grandson to
5:38 am
fall into the pool. his family called 911. rookie trooper, 7 months on the job showed up and started doing cpr and saved his life. >> my grandson is with me a lot. >> law enforcement is a self-rewarding career, when you get these kind of feelings, there is no other feeling like that. >> brian: that's when what he did finally hit him. >> gretchen: wild wolves can kill you, but you may not be able to kill them thanks to animal activists because they were on the endangered species list. there is an abundance now of wolves in the midwest and northern plains. there is 3,000 alone in minnesota. even though the government says only 1400 is the recommended amount there. many hunters want to hunt the wolves. they say it's a great challenge since they are so smart. farmers also say they are in favor of it to protect their
5:39 am
cattle. animal rights activeist are saying they will sue since the wolves take care of the deer population. >> steve: right now, brian brain is thinking about that connection to old yeller. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: seems like so long ago, two hours ago. >> brian: let me tell but old yeller. we believe it was a rabid wolf that -- >> thereof stories because old yeller got into a big fight with wild boars. >> brian: and wild pigs is something else. >> gretchen: and jam lynna -- javelin. your assignment is to watch that episode. >> brian: i will tell you thousand ends. >> gretchen: have you heard this one? we're going to run out of gas bit year 2015. john stossel here to separate fact from fiction. >> steve: and brian delighted about this. the muppet are crossing the country and stopping at military base all over america. but their first stop, our
5:40 am
studio. brian, go out there and talk to the muppets. >> brian: i can't wait. get ready
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> steve: drink wise, soon it will be small, medium and certainly not large anymore. why? because new york city mayor michael bloomberg talking about banning super sized large drinks because americans are getting too fat. channel 5 here in new york city, robert moses, live with more. good morning to you. >> steve, good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. this is the talk of the town this morning here in new york city. 20,000 restaurants here in the city would be affected by this ban, including the one just behind me. this is all part of the mayor's effort to try to reduce obesity rates here in the city. here is what the mayor wants to
5:44 am
do. he wants to ban sugary drinks sold in containers that are larger than 16 ounces at places including restaurants, movie theaters, street carts, and stadiums. this would not affect vending machines, grocery stores or convenience stores. violators would face a $200 fine per offense. some people think this is a good idea. others say this is way overreaching. >> i think sodas are unhealthy and i don't see any reason you need to drink 20 ounces of soda. >> a lot of people drink soda and regardless, like you were saying, they will be buying more and that's even worse. >> a spokesman for the new york city beverage association, as you can imagine, would like to see a lid put on this proposed ban. he says that looking at attacking soda in the city would not reduce obesity rates in new york. if it's approved by the board of health, this could go into effect as early as march of 2013. we're live in downtown brooklyn
5:45 am
this morning. gretchen, back to you. >> gretchen: thanks for that report. moving on now, are we really going to run out of oil by 2015? what's behind the recent fluctuation in prices? according to john stossel, there is a lot about gasoline you don't know. >> where do we get most of the oil from? >> i think like saudi arabia. >> afghanistan? >> india. >> is america going to roven gasoline? >> yes. >> when? >> in 2015. >> gretchen: joining me is the host of "stossel," john stossel. good to see you this morning. do people have it right? >> no. the little girl doesn't have it right. people have been saying we're going to run out of gas. we keep using our brains, finding new ways to find new oil. >> gretchen: so in your show, you're going to debunk the top myths about gasoline. we're starting with we're running out of gas. america's ultimate goal should be energy independence.
5:46 am
>> do we have tennis racket independence and food -- it's good to trade t. makes us safer and richer. >> gretchen: oil company profits are disgusting. >> they make a lot of money, but 6 cents per gallon, the government takes 60 cents per gallon in california. i think their profits are small. >> gretchen: people don't really know that. that's an amazing stat. okay. number 4, our oil comes from evil dictators. >> most of america's oil comes from america. most of what we import comes from canada and mexico. >> gretchen: and the final one, electric cars and ethanol are good for the environment and america. why is that a myth? >> even the environmentalists say, oops, electric cars come from coal plants and they have all these unintended environmental consequences and ethanol, likewise. >> gretchen: so you had it out with bill o'reilly and i want to show just a snippet of that and let our viewers see who you think won. watch this. >> i don't want my oil from
5:47 am
china when oil prices here are so high! let the supply grow here so oil prices come down. >> you're not saying let. force it to grow here. you want to punish american companies that are good at refining. >> yes. keep it here. >> forcing american companies -- >> it's good! i'm still going to pay 3-point a gallon here. >> you want to keep everything we make in america here? >> no. i want you to be deported! >> i'm still here. >> gretchen: so you didn't get deported ultimately. but who won that argument? >> you all have to decide. he's wrong, i'm right. trade is good and you're not going to reduce oil prices by bans on exports. also he said price were fixed and a $1,000 rich, he's so rich, he paid me $5,000. >> gretchen: did he? >> he did. >> gretchen: what did do you with it? >> i gave it to stossel in the classroom, my favorite charity. >> gretchen: i didn't know that
5:48 am
happened. o'reilley pays his bets. we can catch you tonight, right, 10:00 p.m.? >> 9:00 p.m. >> gretchen: on the fox business necessary work. thanks so much. the muppets are stopping at military bases all across america. first, they've got to get past brian. what's he doing that to that poor muppet. be nice to grover. let's check in with mar this mac callum. >> grover feels no pain, i'm told. thank you very much, gretchen. good morning, everybody. so president bush returns to the white house today in what could be a slightly awkward get together. we're going to talk about that. and marco rubio joins us this morning in "america's newsroom." we're going to talk to him about immigration and syria, what he would do. mitt romney talks about his faith with bill. all that coming up at the top of the hour. we'll see you then [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> steve: nine minutes before the top of the hour. quick headlines for you before we go. talk about government waste. the obama administration handed over $200 million in loan guarantees to fisker automotive to help create american jobs. but now fisker may be changing their plan. they're hinting they could be looking for a cheaper place to build its hybrid cars than the united states of america since the energy department froze part of their gigantic loan. and ladies, if you think your husband is a pain in the butt, listen to this. a pennsylvania police officer was showing off a department-issued gun during a weekend cookout at his house when the gun fired right into his wife's rear end. officer william owens has been suspended without pay. his wife's condition is not known. you can't figure she's very
5:53 am
happy. brian, out to you and the muppet s. >> brian: they're crossing the country and stopping at military bases across america and touching my arm right now. it's the sesame street uso military experience. joining us now, our special friends, telly. >> that's me. >> brian: we have grover. >> that's me. >> brian: lynn, the grownup. all part of sesame's workshop, vp of operations. this is a great partner with the uso, helping military families. you're doing a great thing. welcome to the show. >> thank you! good to be here! >> brian: good to see me. and i know grover, you guys have been going back and forth. you've been staying on that beautiful bus. so you guys have been on tour for a while. tell me what the focus is. how can the muppets help the military families? >> we at sesame street have a initiative and partnership with the uso to support our military families around the world.
5:54 am
so what we're doing is taking our fuzzy, friendly and furry muppets like these guys to really bring a free show to military kids all over the country to let them know we love them and support them and we're going to help them through the challenges in their lives. >> brian: you'll be on tour up until november. do you guys like kids? do you like this interaction? let's begin with you. >> do we like kids? >> brian: do you like kids? >> i live on sesame street. liking kids is kind of a gimme! i love kids! come on! >> brian: when you go out to the military families, do you find that they enjoy having threw, grover? >> absolutely. some of my best friends are kids from military families. yeah. >> brian: right. and the kids seem to enjoy it. you know what i'm shocked at? no tongue. you really don't -- there you go. grover does not have a tongue. where is your tongue? >> somehow i talk. >> brian: lynn, when you deal
5:55 am
with these families, they have a lot of needs. they want to feel attention and a lot of time one parent at least is away. correct? >> exactly. sometimes both parents are away. so why sesame street and our friends at the uso did this is because we want to again show our support for military families and show our youngest service members, these little kids that their friends on sesame street are here for them. >> brian: how do you customize the show for the military families as opposed to what we see on television? >> we sing songs and we do little stories, yeah. a little girl named katy who moves around a lot. we just want to let all the little boys and girls from military families know that we are there for them. we will always be their friends no matter where they are. >> brian: it's a great thing you're doing. kelly and grover, are you concerned about spending so much time on the road, in these buss
5:56 am
and destroying the synergy you have together? >> it's okay 'cause these kids are really worried about they're moving from place to place and leaving their friends and they don't know if they'll find other friends. we're kind of the friends that are always there for them and assure them they'll find other people to be friends with, like you. >> brian: that's great. >> the bus can be close quarters. i'll give you that. >> brian: i've never made eye contact with a muppet like grover. you're doing a great thing. i love the fact you've been pawing at me for 45 minutes. would you tell everyone what we're doing next, grover? read the prompter. >> i cannot see the prompter. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> brian: no prompter on the road obviously. e because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
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