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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 1, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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party? >> thanks, andy and everybody. appreciate it. >> a special thanks to mary katherine and bill schulz and rick leventhal "the o'reilly factor is on." cbs, nbc, abc, chocked full of issue wills not true. >> in the face of evidence dan rather denying the national media tilts left. we will give you the facts mr. rather will not be able to refute. bernie goldberg will. >> they are racism and sexism in a back door attempt to make abortion illegal. >> bill: some far left democrats saying gender based abortion should be allowed in the u.s.a. that's what they do in china. we'll have a follow-up report on this incredible situation. ♪ always coca cola.
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>> bill: new york city banning the sale of large sodas as part of its managing obesity campaign. the culture warriors thirst to enter the debate. ♪ you're the best generation. >> bill: also tonight megyn kelly on the john edwards' verdict. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo on what dan rather told jon stewart and it's a whopper in our next statement with bernie goldberg. top story tonight, chaos and a verdict in the federal trial of john edwards. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. all right. so et will's explain this so even i understand it. >> okay. >> all right. so i don't really -- not really getting. this nine days the jury deliberated, right? >> right. >> what i'm going to do is be
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like a fifth grader and you are the teacher, okay? >> so it's like usual,. >> yeah. thank you. usually a couple of grades down. i have promoted myself here. here. nine days, all right. and today they come and they tell the judge we have a verdict on one count. and deadlocked on five others, correct? >> right, right. >> bill: let's go to the verdict. it was? >> not guilty. >> bill: on? >> on the third count which related to whether bunny mellon, this 100-year-old heiress gave him illegal campaign contributions to cover up the affair that he had with his mistress. they said he is not guilty on that. but they couldn't reach a decision on whether this same woman's contributions in 2007, this count related to 2008. that same contributions a year earlier meant he was guilty or not. the verdict feel as little inconsistent there were two counts. did this guy fred barron give them illegal contributions. two more counts did bunny mellon and two counts whether
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he conspired and lied. the only one they reached a verdict on and it was not guilty and s. whether in 2008 rachel bunny mellon gave him campaign contributions that should have been reported. the prosecution didn't prove that everything else they had jurors this that deliberation room who could not reach agreement. some were saying guilty. some were saying not guilty. >> bill: they come to the judge and said we have five verdicts we have decided on and five we have. no the judge says to them okay. go back. >> get back in there. >> bill: get back in there and give me a verdict on the other five. they are back in there for 15 seconds and back out again. >> like an hour. they come back out. they say we are hopelessly deadlocked. >> bill: hopelessly. >> the judge had given them the so-called allen charge which is get back in there and keep deliberating. it didn't have as much teeth as you can have. >> bill: second time they came out after an hour she said fine we have had enough you can go back home. before that she sent all the alternate jurors home because they were misbehaving. >> they were showing up to
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court wearing the same colored shirt day after day. the other one was smiling at john edwards originally described as flirtation. that was originally dialed back by the reporter. this wasn't a game. >> bill: they were out. the other jurors came back and said to the government, we can't decide. so now what does the government do? this is costing tens of millions of dollars. >> there is no way they re-try this case. i don't see them doing it if he had had come back hopelessly deadlocked on all counts i would still say they are probably not going to retry it it with the jury telegraphing the one that we were able to agree on was a not guilty. it's just -- it's too much effort. this case was an uphill battle from the beginning. >> bill: why in the guy obviously did it why was it an uphill battle? he did it. >> let me answer that in a simple way. the fec, federal election commission said these weren't campaign contributions and we have no issue with what john edwards said. >> bill: he got cover from the federal government. >> he can't introduce it don't
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let the defense introduce that evidence. i'm just saying it is ambiguous. >> bill: let's just strip it away. he did it he used this money from this old woman and from another person. he took it and he tried to cover up his affair with the woman. >> that is true. what you just said is true. >> he did it. >> but, whether he violated the law is what the jury had to decide. and the legal standard, bill, as we discussed is very complex. >> bill: i understand. i get t. >> did he knowingly violate the law? >> bill: i would have sentenced him because of his hair cut and because is he a weasel. i would have given him 10 years. >> the dooj him is done. >> bill: i don't think so. is he smiling and he is running around. he has still got money. >> he has still got to worry about law license and ethics investigation. >> bill: he doesn't care. he is an ambulance chaser and he made a lot of money. kelly was kind of right on this predicting, you know, you don't have to say anything. you were kind of right. i thought he was going to get convicted so i was wrong on if kelly was right. >> i missed that last part. >> bill: no. you heard it you were being
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the usual. >> i thought you were like the fonz. [mumbling] >> could never quite get it out. >> bill: you am humble and you know i'm misunderstood. megyn kelly, everybody. edwards you are a weasel. is dan rather delusional what he told jon stewart is hard to believe. bernie goldberg
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>> bill: last night dan rather who canceled his appearance on the factor talked with jon stewart about liberalism in the national media i know it's widely believed that cbs, nbc, abc chocked full of liberals not true. what's chocked full of people who want to give honest news, straightforward news and voted both ways in many elections. i'm not saying that nobody in the newsroom was liberals any more than i saying anybody is conservative. frequently what happened people who were described as conservatives want to say i worked at cbs news and almost everybody there was liberal. what they really mean is not everybody there agreed with him all the time. this is a sham. >> bill: with all due respect to mr. rather his statement is a sham. he is not telling the truth. here are the facts. after the presidential race between george bush and john
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kerry, the university of connecticut surveyed 300 journalists nationwide. the study found that 52% of the journalists voted for kerry. just 19% went for bush. the rest would not answer the question in 2008 nbc news identified 143 journalists who made political contributions. 125 of them gave to the democratic party. just 16, 16 out of 143 donate to the republic party. two gave to both parties. also in 2008, the pew research center studied 43 news outlets in america in the run-up to the obama/mccain election. about 35% of the stories done on barack obama by those organizations were positive. less than 20% were positive when it came to john mccain. those are the facts, mr. rather, and they are grim. if you believe the media should be fair and balanced. just today the web site politico ran a about how the "the washington post" is coack obmiand vett muran
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has a newoo out called barack obama the story. at book documents the president's ug use as a young man. it was extensive. the "the washington post" ran that story on page 6. but earlier this month the post ran a 5500 word story on page 1 detailing mitt romney's high school hazing resume. i mean, come on. fair-minded people know that much of the media is actively working to see that barack obama is reelected. dan rather would never admit that but it's absolutely true. so the question becomes how much will the liberal press influence the election? and by the way there was a press blackout of the gender abortion planned parenthood scandal this week. total blackout. we'll deal with that in just a few moments. talking points believes the media will deliver some votes to barack obama next november and in a tight race, that could be enough. and that's the memo.
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now reaction. let's bring in the purveyor of bernard who is in miami this evening. bernie goldberg worked with dan rather for about 15 years. so what say you? >> well, i'm not sure, bill, why you have a media analyst on to talk about this. i think you need a psychiatrist because what dan said is delusional. i mean, it's delusional number one, his problem and his dispute is not with conservative critics of the media. it's with the american media because poll after poll after poll show that large numbers of republicans and democrats of conservatives and liberals media has a liberal bias that's number one. slobbering love affair after the last presidential election. i quote several prominent and highly well-respected journalists in washington. and one of them, a fellow named charlie cook who was a very well-respected political
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journalist said let's face it, is there a democratic and a liberal bias in the media? of course there is media had a finger, more than a finger on the democratic side. so, this is this is simply ridiculous and delusional and the facts you gave in the talking points more than prove the point that there is an abundance of liberalism in the media and they don't keep it themselves enough. >> not anymore. very left wing guy, much further left than i think you thought he was. i knew he was liberal but i didn't think he was off the chart left which he is. and this book documents that. it will come out in little ways. he was respectful to thorst. he went along with the vietnam war in the beginning. he wasn't some crank. rather pushed t, you know, toward the liberal precincts. i know he killed a couple of
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stories of mine that didn't reflect his political correct vision. one on gays in massachusetts. he killed. and/or a couple of others. >> right. >> bill: at this point, i think we have a established the fact and we don't have to really debate it any longer, that what you just said is absolutely true. so the other question. >> can i give you one -- >> -- go ahead. >> can i give you one example because you mentioned the vietnam war. this is something that i have written about and it needs to get a lot more play than it's gotten so far. at the end of august of 2004, when john kerry was getting she lacked by the vietnam veterans for truth, the swift vote veterans for truth over his war record in vietnam, dan rather gave an interview to a national news magazine broadcasting and cable in which he said in the end what difference does it make what one candidate or the other did or didn't do during the vietnam war. in some ways that war is as distant as the napoleonic
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campaigns. one week later. not one year later. not one month later, one week later the same dan rather is on 60 minutes wednesday on cbs telling us about what a candidate did or didn't do during the vietnam war. so, the vietnam war. >> bill: of course, that was president bush and that was his national guard service. so he said t, look, it doesn't matter with kerry and he makes a big deal about bush, right. >> exactly. exactly. you got him. >> okay. >> he is 80 years old. he wouldn't come on this program because he may be 80 but he still knows that i would have hit him with the three things the university of connecticut. he couldn't -- now the question now becomes how much of an advantage is it 5% for barack obama because the media i'm including entertainment industry in that as well.
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comedians, entertainment tonight. get all of that proot pro-obama camp. how much does it matter? >> okay. the last time you asked me that a month ago, i said i didn't think it mattered very much. but since then i am having second thoughts. since we spoke last, the "the washington post" runs that page one story about what. >> bill: the hazing, right. >> what mitt romney did, yeah. 50 years ago in high school, right? the "new york times" runs a page one story about ann romney's elite hobby of riding these expensive horses and jumping hurdles and all of that. now, these stories it's not because -- simply because they are in the "new york times." these stories filter out to the networks and then they filter out to the entertainment shows and late night comedians and all of that. they filter into the national consciousness. as a result, i'm starting to think and i didn't last night but i'm starting to think that people who aren't familiar with the issues, who don't note romneys, they start to say well, he is -- this is the guy who bashed a gay kid in
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high school and she is this elitest who rides these expensive horses? and it could effect how they see these people and in a tight race, can have more than an impact than it should. >> bill: it's going to deliver a few votes. you know, it just depends how tight it is. bernie goldberg, everybody. and dan rather watching tonight, you are welcome to come in here any time, dan. we will plug your book. we have soft drinks for you not the big kind though. the small ones. >> next on the run down aborting fetuses if they are feel mail. barack obama will not condemn the practice in the u.s.a. incredible story breaking today. more people have been murdered in chicago than american soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. what the duce is happening in the windy city? we're coming right back.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, aborting a fetus because of its gender, in china there are 120 boys for every 100 girls. that's because that totalitarian nation has a 1 child policy to keep the population down. and most chinese prefer that child to be a boy so if the sonogram shows the fetus to be a girl it is often aborted. now, that's happening here. two undercover video stings show that planned parenthood is participating in gender abortions. earlier this week we showed you a texas planned parenthood counselor doing that. and new york city plan the parenthood person saying this. >> so, if you, you know, decide that even if you find out that it's a girl, and you decide that that is what you prefer is to terminate the peg nancy, then that's just your decision. can i tell you that you know, here at plan the parenthood we believe that it's not up to us
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to decide what is a good or bad reason. >> um-huh. >> it's up to you to decide to terminate a pregnancy. >> bill: it's a free fire zone at planned parenthood. the house today could not muster a two thirds vote to ban gender based abortions. and incredibly the president of the united states will not condemn that. >> the administration opposes gender discrimination in all forms. but the end result of this legislation would be to subject doctors to criminal prosecution if they fail to determine the motivations behind a very personal and private decision. >> bill: that's not quite true. it would subject doctors to criminal prosecution if they knowingly aborted a fetus based on a gender decision by the mother. joining us now from washington, laura ingraham. now, the vote in the house was 246 to criminalize gender based abortion. 246. and that included 20 democrats voted for to do that.
1:23 am
seven republicans voted against criminalization. including ron paul, ron paul. okay? they didn't get two thirds and so gender-based abortion is legal in the united states of america. >> bill, did you such a great job on this. >> bill: thank you. >> in your talking points memo this week. this is a stunning development. >> bill: it is. it really. >> people think this is a pro-choice/pro-life issue. this is not. this is about basic human decency and whether we are going to choose to go down the road of barber bar barrism or humanitarian. the president's spokesman comes out this would require basically that doctors determine the motivation of the women who go into these clinics or who go into obgyn's that's a bald faced lie. >> bill: that is not true. >> the administration as you pointed out -- the legislation pointed out the doctors have
1:24 am
no affirmative obligation. >> bill: let me read it to you. this is why jay carney should be very careful in what he said what he he said as laura and i just pointed out is not true. here is the bill. the bill would impose criminal, up to five year prison sentences on anyone knowingly performing an abortion that is sought based on sex, gender, color, or race of a child or the race of a parent. so they would have to knowingly know, knowingly know, okay? >> it specifically carves out the issue of intent, bill, by saying the doctor does not have an affirmative obligation to discern the intent. it goes even further. >> bill: if the doctor comes across the information. >> exactly. >> bill: here is the real atrocity of this. this law was symbolic because how many people are going to walk in and go i want an abortion because i want a boy. nobody is going to do that particularly if the law passes. nobody will do it. it's basically sending a
1:25 am
message as you said what kind of a society do we want to be. sheila jackson lisa democratic congresswoman. go, roll the tape. >> we're going back to the days of coat hangers. that's what they want to do. they want to criminalize doctors because what that says is how do you know that a doctor is engaged in helping a woman abort because of the particular gender of their fetus? >> bill: so it's okay with her. it's okay with the president. it's okay with all of these people, 168 congress people if you abort on a gender-based decision. it's okay. >> they all should be asked individually, bill, "yes" or "no," do you favor women having the right or men coercing women into this procedure on the basis of the gender of the child? yes or no? remember, bill, the president famously said during the campaign in 2008 when asked whether -- what would happen if one of his daughters got pregnant he infamously said i should say i wouldn't want
1:26 am
them to get punished with a baby. this is an extreme position that he holds it is an extremist position that the left holds. i predict this. if the democrats continue to go down this road where they are chained to planned parenthood and naral which sent out almost a threatening letter on may 29th on this issue to all the congressman. they were put on notice by planned parenthood. they continue to go down this road, bill, they will continue to see their majorities in states erode because the tied is turning on this abortion issue. >> bill: you know, look, i don't know that but you could very well be right. here is what i know. the media research center looked at the news this week the nightly newscasts and cnn. zero reporting on this. >> of course not. bill it's holding up a mirror to what we have become bill. people don't want to look in the moyer roar and see what we have become. >> bill: listening to the radio or some other radio talk show you don't know anything about. this it doesn't exist.
1:27 am
dan rather says oh no, not us. why didn't cbs cover that dan? it's a big story a vote in congress here gender based abortion. a major story. >> lila rose, is that that video you played, that's the kind of stuff you expect 60 minutes used to do decades ago. she should win a journalism award for what she has done to expose the truth about. this. >> bill: laura ingraham. plenty more as we move along. new york city wants to ban big bottles of soft drinks making too fat. culture warriors on the drink. more wars in chicago battle desk in afghanistan. we hope
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. some goodbyes are worth fighting for. help the marine corps scholarship foundation honor marines by educating their children at >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, we have been telling you for months violent crime in chicago is out of control. during memorial day weekend there were 53 shootings in the windy city, resulting in 10 dead, 43 hurt. in fact there were more murders in chicago since 2001 than u.s. military personnel killed in afghanistan. what is going on?
1:31 am
joining us now from chicago father michael pfleger, pastor of the faith community at saint sabine know on the south side where barack obama was once a community organizer. what is driving this violence, father? >> i think there is a number of things. first of all i think chicago is the poster boy right now for it but epidemic across the country ignoring because the victims are primarily black and brun. you have high unemployment. you have a poor education. you have communities broken apart. it creates the perfect storm. and it creates this atmosphere for a culture of violence in this country that has become almost the norm and we have become immune to it and we can't get immune to children dying in our streets. >> bill: all right. but in cities like new york and some other towns across the country, the murder rate is coming down, all right? it's not as bad as it used to be. >> right. >> bill: and a variety of reasons for that community policing, com, stat, the computer, in chicago it's
1:32 am
going the other way. so there must be something in the windy city. is it gang? narcotic violence? is that what's going on there? is that what's driving this stuff? >> well, i think gangs is part of it and we have a new police chief now. i think is he doing a good job bringing a lot of new strategies. three areas that we are continuing to ignore nationally and locally is, number one, this proliferation of guns. we have neighborhoods more guns than there are computers that's an issue. we have got to break this code of silence where people are afraid to speak up. and we have got to get communities engaged and empowered again. police can do a piece of the problem. police are one part of the problem. i think communities have laid back and feel like okay, police, you say you can solve it, you solve it, and we're seeing the murder rate continue to spike. i think that's not acceptable. so, we have to engage -- we have to let them know we need them. we want them involved. >> bill: i agree with you. if the community comes together with you. >> right. >> bill: the religious based community should be leading and then the police and
1:33 am
everybody cooperates going to make it a lot harder. >> has to be equal partners. >> bill: narcotic dealers are going to get guns no matter what you do. the argument can be made and elderly black man south side of chicago got prosecuted because he said i'm tired of people breaking into my house, i have got a gun and i need it for protection. i'm not tag the gun away from that man, father, he has the right to protect himself. >> here is what i disagree with i understand the second amendment. been interpreted people have the right to own guns. i have no problem with that all i'm say something we need to title guns like cars. criminal is always going to get the car. criminal can't get a car from general motors. if we get a title then that guy goes and buys 200 guns he has 200 titles he doesn't transfer those titles and he sells them on the street i. >> bill: tighten up and we support that and not arguing about it. >> one piece of it. >> bill: you hit on a couple of other things. most of all most of the victims in chicago are minority victims, right? >> yes, absolutely. >> bill: do you as a catholic
1:34 am
priest make any correlation between above 70% in the black community out of wedlock birth rate whereas babies are being born primarily to single mothers who are poor, who have trouble supervising, no father in the house. do you make any correlation between the morality of that situation and the violent crime you are seeing? >> no, i don't make a relation on that. what i do make connection with is we are living in a society where the family is broken apart. neighbors are broken apart. we are a country now that we don't talk to one another. are not neighborhoods anymore. >> bill: from the pulpit you have a lot of african-americans in your church. i have been to your church. >> right. >> bill: do you tell them not to have babies out of wedlock. >> of course i preach that you shouldn't have babies without being parents and married because. >> bill: so you do? you tell them? >> it takes two to raise a child. >> i tell that every place i
1:35 am
go in the country. >> bill: morality track and social track. social track if you do that, you more than likely going to be poor. it's going to be a bad situation so don't do it. it's not fair to the child. and what's the response to that? >> i think the response is across the country is that we -- you know, this is not a black situation anymore. this is women. >> bill: it is a black situation when you have above 70% in one ethnic group? it's a black situation, father. >> okay. but i'm telling you when i go across this country in white communities, i see the same thing. >> bill: it's about 25%. >> boyfriend may be there. >> bill: it's about 25%. >> the divorce rate across this country. >> bill: dissolution of the family drives social problems. but i think that we have to be honest about this. the more you have and you put your finger on it, the more you have chaos in the family, the more violent crime you are going to have. father, i want to have you
1:36 am
back because i do want to talk about you and president obama and i know you are a friend of his and this and that i appreciate you stepping up tonight. very good conversation. when we come right back, new york city may ban sodas, big cups and bottles of it obesity the issue. news quiz, rich folks edition. we have some questions for you up ahead. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. enough to enjoy retirement.saved angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line, draining the equity in jack's home. unfortunately, millions of all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than
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>> culture warrior segment tonight. as you may know michael bloomberg wants to imagine the obesity problem in america so the city may ban the sale of soda cups or bottles sweetened ice teas, sports drinks. here now jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. here is what we are talking about right here. the big gulp. double gulp. at first i thought this was a hat. like a fez.
1:40 am
he they put beverages in that you have got to be mighty thirsty a camel. >> that would last through a three hour movie. >> bill: does bloomberg have a point here you are drinking this and going to blow up and be a blimp. >> some studies do show that the more sugared drinks that you drink the fatter you get. >> bill: and your fall out, too. >> i don't believe it's only sugared drinks. here is the other flaw with this new law or proposed law is that you can still buy two 8-ounce big gulps or mini gulps you can still get the 16 ounces. you just can't buy it in this particular. >> gaming the system already. >> i'm just telling you isn't that what people normally do when rules are enacted. >> bill: not me i obey every rule. that's a very interesting point. >> thank you. >> think about the fact if you buy double the number of drinks because you have passed second grade math and you know that two 16-ounce equal 32-ounce you double the environmental impact. >> bill: i think what
1:41 am
bloomberg wants to do is basically send a message that if you drink this kind of a thing you are liable to be heavy and hurt your overall physical makeup. it's a symbolic thing. >> it is. you know what they should be focusing on first, number one personal responsibility. we have talked about this on the show before. i was a chubby kid. i worked every day on staying fit. that means i don't eat deserts every night. that's something i have to live with millions of other americans. you can't blame it all on some sort of a disease or something like that. >> bill: bloomberg says and you know him pirro, right? you know bloomberg? >> i know him well. >> bill: i like bloomberg. >> i do too. >> bill: is he fighty. i don't like everything he says but i like him. he said it's my responsibility as elected official to send a message to people, all 8 million of them who live in new york city that this is bad for you. you can get around it you can game it. >> shouldn't you know that already? no i don't think a lot of people do know it. i will tell you one thing, you know what they don't know diet soda is worse than regular
1:42 am
sodas. >> that's the problem when he decides that he wants' his board of health to pass this and make no mistake they will approve it. then he should recognize that by saying i don't want you to buy big sweetened sodas but it's okay to buy diet soda. >> bill: diet sodas are worse. >> if it's the health costs incurred as a result. are you interested in controlling just diabetes or cancer because there is a correlation between sweeters and cancer. >> bill: like you guys in shape. he wants. >> i work my butt off to stay in chase. >> bill: he wants everybody to look like you. that's what he wants. >> let's be serious about it for a minute. >> bill: i am serious about it that's what he wants. >> serious about serious ways in which to curb obesity. do you realize only 4% of elementary schools provide daily physical education for all students. only 2% of high schools provide daily physical education for students. you know, all that math and science isn't getting american students any smarter. >> bill: you want them to do sit-ups. >> yes. >> what are you richard
1:43 am
simmons? >> yes. come on. >> bill, we are a country of individual freedoms. you want to limit my consumption if it's illegal do it. >> bill: carlson wants to go into your house and make your kid do push-ups. >> at school. >> not in the house? >> no. at school. >> you are not going to force them make the teachers be the mean guy. >> no, come on. >> they should put gym back in school. >> if my kid is fat i'm going to deal with it i'm not going to point it off on some teacher. >> auto% of new yorkers are overweight or obese. is he trying to do something imlike putting his finger in the dike and it won't matter. >> so what he can do a whole bunch of thing >> he tried to tax sodas. tried to stop food stamps from paying for sodas and now this not milk shakes and the other. what about a milk shake? what are they not being reduced? >> >> bill: don't mess with milk shakes. >> i worked at a dairy. >> bill: i'm leading the charge it is personal responsibility. we understand that but i think society has to send a message that drinking the double gulp
1:44 am
may not be the best strategy. up next, the great american news quiz, the richest people on earth edition. let's take their stuff. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: in the back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, richest people on earth edition. here they are two very wealthy individuals, fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for stephan holland from new york. "fox & friends" guy stephan doocy representing peggy bishop loveland, ohio. if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up on martha is on with her way to deal with london to deal with
1:48 am
the queen jubilee. >> questions. >> bill: got a hat to wear over there? not going to wear the dopey hat? you absolutely should. i would wear a ball cap backwards if i would go which is why i'm not going. question number one, facebook friend mark zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire age 23 even dropped out of harvard to focus on the social networking site. his rise to fame was portrayed in the movie the social network. >> zuckerberg, do i have your full attention? >> you have part of my attention. you have the minimum amount. the rest of my attention is back at the offices of facebook where my colleagues and i are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients are intellectually or creatively capable of doing. >> bill: that sounds like me. facebook is famous for its blue layout. why did zuckerberg pick blue for the site?
1:49 am
the answer is c, doocy is correct. is he color-blind to red and green. >> he has a lot of green now. >> bill: here is my favorite question cleopatra, loved her one of the country's most powerful rulers in her time. known for love of finer things. [shouting] >> the queen has come for the people of rome. >> bill: that's how martha will look tomorrow as you tune in. >> i'm going to wear one of those. >> bill: how old was cleopatra when she became the rural of egypt and very wealthy? i screwed this up?
1:50 am
the answer is c. 18. >> bill: the drinking age. she couldn't become -- could thrown down a few. >> rule but not drink. >> bill: drinking age in egypt back then was 6. [ laughter ] >> bill: there weren't a lot of standards. question number three. doocy still leads by one. warren buffet cemented his name as one of the world's most successful and charitable businessmen. made billions in ventures and donated much of it to charity. >> i was looky in that -- lucky that i found out what i loved doing early in life i was 7 years old or so when i started reading about investments and read every book in the public library by the time i was 10 on investments in business. so, finding your passion is terrific. >> bill: like many successful americans, buffet started off small. where was his first job?
1:51 am
>> bill: the answer is a. newspaper delivery. maccallum scores. that means it's a tie with two to go. question number four, during the 1920s made a fortune in the stock market and boot legging alcohol. >> the behind their phenomenal success was their father joseph patrick kennedy. he had so much money he wanted his family to rule america and he stopped at nothing to achieve his goal. >> bill: okay. now, many of kennedy's children went on to have successful careers in politics and business. how many kids did joseph kennedy have? the answer is d, nine children. >> that's a lot -- >> big house in hyannis and big crew. still a tie.
1:52 am
one to go. howard hughes inherited a fortune when his father passed away. he used the money continue to vest in films and became one of the most successful producers and drerks of his time. hughes' life story interesting one made in film 2004. what actor portrayed hughes in that movie? the answer is, roll the tape. >> i understand you are under a lot of pressure. it's going to do me no good if you crack up on me like that. all right? take a couple hours off, all right? relax a little. >> okay. >> see your wife. >> okay. >> show me all the blueprints. >> bill: leonardo, tie breaker. there was a james bond film that used howard hughes as one of its villains and the name of the film was? >> fox -- diamonds are
1:53 am
forever. >> bill: he gave it to you. >> bill: no cheating. stephan holland and peggy birve shop you both win the prizes. steve and martha have to stay after school. pinheads and patriots featuring a man of kind rattle snakes. this is not good over two minutes away.
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pinhead or patriots starring a reverend and a rattlesnake? a most. first thanks to all of you purchasing my book "killing lincoln." [it's number six on the best-seller's list and number four on june 10th after father's day. that's after 35 weeks in the marketplace. thank you very much. and the times people are going crazy. on that note if you become a premium member you get "killing lincoln" absolutely free. i can sign and personalize a book for you. and if you order that you get an american flag absolutely free of charge. we are doing everything we can. dad will like the book. now from italy. >> they dodge the tax-exempt issue by having their political action committee do it, steve. good question you asked. sam from chicago.
1:57 am
we used a portion of the tape that showed the counselor directing the woman who wanted to abort based on gender. that's the story, sam. the point about that being the first time she was asked was made by our guests. we had two liberal guests. but it has no relevance stars to what happened. kathy and california. >> i don't imply, i state. even one gender-based abortion is too much for me and should be for you, as well. it is barbaric. from milford, michigan.
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