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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 1, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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thanks for your help! >> have a good show. >> have a great weekend, everybody. gretchen, thanks so much. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> tgif, everyone. it is friday. guess what? it's june 1st already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us today. it's a big day in politics as the two kanld dates dig into each other's past to attack records on jobs. mitt romney stopping by sew linda and david axelrod, what is he doing in massachusetts? is he the candidate? one crowd gets out of control. i'll explain. >> disgraced democrat john edwards is a free man this morning. after the judge declared a mistrial, he makes hints of a comeback? >> i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there's still some good things i can do. >> ok. if you say so. more from the courthouse and what the justice department plans to do next with that guy who god is not done with.
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>> and wisconsin unions came out strong against governor walker to force a recall election. so why are members fleeing the union in droves? we crunch the numbers and why would the president show up to help? "fox & friends" starts now! > >> here's the music. nobody is on stage. she's going to be there. you're listening to the incredible music of jana kramer, she's kicking off that launch of a live performance here on "fox & friends" of our all american summer concert series rolls on or gets going.
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>> this is week two. we're getting used to it. we're out with our screw gun about 3:00 this morning and we start putting together the stage and we finally get done, every time i'm thinking to myself, we're never going to get it done in time but we do. we shower separately and then we come back. >> we're rowdies who are roadies. >> that's quite a story. >> yeah, we've got a busy three hours. some great music and some barbecue out front as well. and -- >> and our old buddies at famous dave's will be with us all summer long. let's talk a little politics. mitt romney's crew had a whole bunch of members of the press on the campaign bus yesterday. and they did not tell the members of the press where they were going until they showed up in front of that building. it was a sneak attack at solyndra. >> and no surprise they could get parking. despite being the middle of a work day because sadly that place is out of business in mothballs.
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the workers laid off are muddy gone. >> not what said solyndra on the outside now says "for sale". here's mitt romney. >> you look at this building behind us, this is not the kind of building built by private enterprise. this is the kind of enterprise, the kind of building that's built with a half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. it's not just the taj mahal of corporate headquarters, you probably also heard inside there are showers that have lcd displays that tell you what the temperature is of the shower water and the robots inside actually provide disney music tunes. >> it's quite a facility. and the reason team romney says that they didn't tell the press that they were going to solyndra is because they felt the administration would do everything they could to stop them from having a press conference which they did out in the parking lot. >> to show the difference between what mitt romney argues is free enterprise and what he's done in his past as opposed to the dichotomy with what he believes the president has done which is use government money to pick his friends to give that
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to. >> and the problem -- and this is an area, if you thought bain capital was a vulnerability for governor romney, that's where at least president obama's team does. this is where possibly the president is vulnerable. you have solyndra. you have beacon power. you have evergreen, fisker motors and this company called nr-1 and a 1-23. all similarly have millions and millions of taxpayer dollars that are part of loans that have gone belly up. we're out of that money. >> a little before what happened in front of solyndra happened in front of solyndra, david axelrod had planned a sneak attack. he was going to convene a bunch of democrats on the steps of the massachusetts statehouse and they were going to talk about how mitt romney did as governor. however, word leaked out and the romney people found out so when david axelrod spoke, there were a lot of people on team romney that would say things like
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"solyndra. mitt, mitt, mitt." david axelrod was rattled watch. >> governor romney's single claim to the presidency that his business infused him with insights that will grow our economy, create jobs, reduce the size of government and reduce debt and if that sounds familiar to you, it's because the people of massachusetts have heard it all before! >> big story here, though, is why is david axelrod a senior advisor to the obama campaign, why is he out giving political speeches in massachusetts? isn't that reserved for the candidate or the president or the vice president to be doing that? it was very interesting that david axelrod was there in the first place because by all accounts, he's not a master speaker. i mean, i think a lot of people would agree with that. he is no barack obama in front of the microphone. >> the funny thing, though, is, gretch, you know, there he is the famous chicago political organizer, he was actually out organized by team romney. >> yeah, because romney's claim
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that they -- the president's people, supporters out at his events and now it looks like they have some romney people out at those events. now, charles krauthammer saw the same thing that gretchen saw and thought that's kind of odd. listen. >> you have to say on today's events who is david axelrod and who elected him. who decided he should stand outside the courthouse and give a speech? you know, he's an advisor of the president and has no stature. i think that looked pretty good. >> i think what we saw yesterday with the sneak attacks on both sides is that team romney is up for the fight. they're going to punch hard and counterpunch even harder. >> do the voters care about these stunts? that, i think a lot of -- >> very effective. >> let's go back to the negative attack ads and do the voters really care about these stunts or are they just waiting for the debate? i know i am. i'm waiting for the debate so i can see the two candidates on
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stage talking about the substantive issues that face our country today. >> by the way, david axelrod not being at the white house, if i was david axelrod, i would want to be there for the historic day. later in the show, we'll talk about both presidents being together. three living presidents of the five at the white house yesterday and david axelrod to karl rove and this administration was in massachusetts. >> that's right. in the meantime, let's get to your headlines for a friday. we begin with brand new developments in the mistrial of john edwards. we're learning it's unlikely that the justice department will retry edwards. jurors found him not guilty on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions but were unable to reach a verdict on the others. outside the courthouse, edwards hinted at some sort of a comeback. >> i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there's still some good things i can do. and whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all these kids that i've seen, you know,
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in the poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places of this world that i can help them. >> edwards also spoke emotionally about trying to make good of his life and he spoke lovingly of his parents and his children. massive wildfire in new mexico growing to 190,000 acres overnight now and it could be a sign of what's to come for states across the west. officials saying the dry weather and wind dangerous combination that will fuel more flames. new mexico's governor says crews need to be prepared for it to get bigger and spread to areas that firefighters cannot get to. at 300 square miles, it's the largest wildfire in the state's history. police in seattle, washington, crediting a hero for saving people inside that cafe when a gunman opened fire. a man threw stools at ian stawycki giving customers a chance to escape. he ended up killing four people inside that cafe and shot and killed a woman. he took her s.u.v., stole it and shot her dead. 911 calls released of those
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terrifying moments. >> i'm at roosevelt and 59th, there's been a shooting. somebody came in and shot a bunch of people. i'm hiding in the bathroom. >> he was refused service and asked to leave three times before he started shooting and he later shot himself dead. his father says he was mentally ill. can you spell winner? >> g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s. guetapens. >> 14-year-old niga winning the scripps national spelling bee in the 13th round of the competition. 13 is her lucky number now. the teen says her win was a miracle but clearly all of her hours of studying paid off and the winning word, you heard her say it. i'm not going to go for it. it means ambush.
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we'll be talking to her about her big win later on this morning. that brings tears to my eyes. sorry, that's an amazing accomplishment to be able to win that spelling bee. wow. >> her last year of eligibility. >> i have never been at a live event. is it spelled correctly in the prompter, is that why it went on so long? do they know how to spell these words? >> they don't have the prompter there. that's weird. >> then it's much harder. >> in our prompter what it says right now to talk about how we know on tuesday, there will be that big recall election in wisconsin, how over the last year or so, the number of members in wisconsin's public employees unions has gone down. we're talking about the american federation of state, county and municipal employees, the number two union in wisconsin behind the n.e.a. >> why is this so crucial? because remember, governor scott walker was elected about two years ago and this was his main mission, to take away the collective bargaining rights of the public unions there. well, now that that's happened, you might think that membership
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would go up because people in the unions would be so upset with that move. remember, they're now having a recall election to throw governor walker out this upcoming tuesday. >> they want to give people choice of whether they want to be in the union or not. they won't have automatic deductions in their paycheck. 50% people said good-bye, i don't want to be in the union once that automatic deduction wasn't taken place. tom barrett is trailing by seven, the mayor that wants to be the next governor. governor walker seems to be widening that lead. it's time for president obama to come in, right? wrong. after what happened in massachusetts when he came in to try to help martha cokely and still scott brown won and embarrassing the administration, he wants no part of it. they're calling on bill clinton. he'll be there today for a joint appearance. i don't know if it's too late. >> i actually think that's better news for tom barrett to have bill clinton there because arguably bill clinton could be more popular right now than barack obama. i'm surprised because barack obama will be in minnesota.
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having grown up there, it's a short little drive over to wisconsin. he could make it. >> you know something? president obama is beating mitt romney by the same margin that walker is beating barrett. so you would think that he is a bit more popular in wisconsin. >> well, and if anybody can squeeze a little more turnout for mr. barrett, it might be bill clinton and you got to figure that bill clinton who is a master politician has probably looked at mr. barrett's internal polling and thought, all right, there's a chance this guy could win. you know, i don't want -- i don't want to leave that town with an entire omelet on my face. he must see some political upside. if the president of the united states who gretch says is going to be over the border in minnesota later on today isn't going to make the short trip into wisconsin, you know, he could be the last resort for that guy. >> coming up on "fox & friends", is this the next hanging chad? florida's effort to prevent illegal immigrants from voting gets overruled by eric holder's department of justice. was the decision politically
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motivated? we'll report and you can decide. >> when the president hired his white house staff, he turned to his chicago friends first. but a new book paints a disturbing picture about how chicago politicians operate behind the scenes, that is. are his allies worth a closer look? [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. and, just like toddlers, puppies need food made for them. that's why there's purina puppy chow. with all the essential nutrients ur growing puppy needs.
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now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
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>> how many of the president's closest allies in washington came from his chicago inner circle? >> yeah, considering that the city's got a rocky reputation, are those ties worth a closer look now has he runs for a second term? john fund is a national affairs columnist for "the national review" on line. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> four years ago, the president
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of the united states was not really vetted by the mainstream media. on second chance, do you think he's going to get -- >> i hope so because i think the obama who is running in 2012 is the real obama. in 2008, we had this artificial confection called hope and change and now we have fear and loathing and that's the kind of campaign that he's running against mitt romney which is fine. i'm not saying that barack obama is unusual. i'm just saying he's generally their politician and he's from chicago and he has a whole bunch of interesting crew that followed it with him that didn't get any vetting. >> you said you wrote about it in 2008 and people ignored it. give me some names. we saw the crew, the brady bunch that is you rouned -- surrounded him. >> let's take the guy that helped get his house, a move that even obama said was completely bone headed because of the conflict of interest there. he is in federal prison, by the way, now for all of his problems. he was obama's best friend and fundraiser. and he was the guy that rod
3:18 am
blagojevich, the other federal governor now in public housing, in prison, he's the guy who hired eric whitaker who is obama's body man, who is obama's, you know, gatekeeper. eric whitaker is the guy who reverend wright says he offered me $150,000 in 2008 to shut up and stop talking about barack obama. >> how come we're only hearing about this guy, eric whitaker, now? >> well, ed klein who wrote a book called "the amateur" which is number one on "the new york times" bestseller list broke this story. he has tapes of reverend wright telling him that. the obama campaign apparently is silent other than to say klein is completely wrong. they don't have any other comment and i believe the reason that klein's book is number one on "the new york times" bestseller list, it's not the world's greatest book but doing work the rest of the media never did. >> valerie jarrett might be the most powerful person in the white house outside of the president. >> i think she's clearly number one and remember, the obama administration is a very tight
3:19 am
circle. first chief of staff, rahm emanuel who was part of the daley machine and then he went on to be mayor of the chicago. then who replaced rahm emanuel? bill daley, the brother of the mayor of chicago who is that is the daley machine literally. >> ironically, both never worked out. >> they ran a follow to valerie jarrett who is the aide that always stays. anyway, the bottom line is we're not talking about finality here, we're talking about a very rich soap opera story and a lot of interesting connections and if eric whitaker really did offer reverend wright $150,000 to shut up, that's a problem. >> no kidding. that's a bit of a headline, that the mainstream media might have picked up on. john fund, always a pleasure. thanks for stopping by on this friday. >> thank you. >> next, have trouble parallel parking, perhaps? not this guy. he just broke the world record for the best parking job. how did he do it? look at that. >> he's my hero. and t supersized smackdown. one of the nation's biggest
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cities, ok, the biggest, cracking down on what you can drink. good idea? or should the government just butt out! with a big gulp. >> celebrate national donut day with you in 15 minutes? people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast.
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>> got some quick friday morning headlines for you right now. the endorsements keep coming for republican presidential nominee mitt romney. latest from former first lady nancy reagan. look at that picture there. in a statement, nancy reagan says that her late husband, former president ronald reagan would have liked romney's
3:24 am
business background and his strong principles as well. and check this out, this is not the way we were taught to parallel park. whoa! talented chinese stunt driver making a new guiness world record for the tightest parallel parking job by getting into this spot that's only 15 centimeters longer than that car. i wonder how many times he actually hit the other cars, gretch. >> i've only parallel parked once in my life. it was for my driver's test. new york city mayor mike bloomberg is at it again. he's proposing a ban on the sale of large sized sodas and other sugary drinks because americans are too fat. would the government be better off just butting out? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate, mimi rocks and licensed nutritionist and author of "naked calories" mira callon. you think this is a fantastic idea because once people don't
3:25 am
drink more than 16 ounces, we'll all be thin. >> i think bloomberg is saying this is kind of stupid. if the drink is bigger than your head, maybe it's too much. look, i think we're overreacting a little bit about it. not what he's doing. i think what he's doing is great. being angry about it is a bad idea. for me, he's willing to do something about it. this is a serious crisis that we're all going to pick up the tab for. it's like putting up a crosswalk at a dangerous intersection. you can still have a soda but you're better off doing it in smaller increments. >> isn't it sort of a band-aid on the whole problem of obesity? here's the thing, i can't buy more than 16 ounces anymore in new york come next year but i can buy two 12 ounces. >> you can pour it in one of these? >> exactly. what does it really solve? >> it doesn't really solve the problem. the point is that sugar is addictive. we all know that. you wouldn't give somebody with a drinking problem one glass and say you know what?
3:26 am
have a little bit. you can't do that. the same thing with sugar. >> are you for banning soda completely? >> absolutely not. i'm not for banning anything. i think it's absolutely the person's responsibility and all about education, not limitations. we need to teach people. >> whatever happened to personal responsibility? >> look, i'm all for that. he's not limiting anything, by the way, he's not taking away rights. it's actually fascinating from a behavioral psychology experiment just the inconvenience of having to go refill your soda will actually reduce consumption. it's really based on that. if you're a rational person, you're saying why does this make any difference at all? it's in behavioral psychology that you'll see the reduction consumption. back to personal responsibility, i think if you're an adult, you should be able to do whatever you want to your own body. but the consequences to those freedoms are all yours. right now, the consequences of obesity are all the taxpayers. we are picking up this monumental tab. that's not right. >> that's a huge point. why wouldn't politicians or
3:27 am
community people add gym back to school? do we realize that only 4% of all elementary school kids and 2% of high school kids actually have physical education at school. >> it's outrageous. >> wouldn't that help more than banning 16 ounce sodas? >> it's so important to get in there and get them physically active. i agree. we have to educate people as to what's wrong with these drinks. we go into schools with public school department, our hometown and we teach them. and these kids love the education. they go home and they tell their parents to get it out of their house! that's where the kids are. >> you know the junk food marketers go through kids so the healthy life tile marketers should go through kids, too. no matter what size you are, daily exercise is a great idea. you know what? you have to run 2 1/2 miles to get the compensation of just one soda. >> got to start somewhere. thanks so much for getting up bright and early. have a good weekend. florida's expert to prevent illegal immigrants from voting gets overruled by eric holder's department of justice. was that the right decision?
3:28 am
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>> ♪ i belong >> let's hope that mayor bloomberg doesn't drive by because we know he's trying to cut down on sugary beverages. today is national donut day. started 75 years ago, the ladies of the salvation army started to raise money back in 1938. they served donuts to the soldiers during world war i and raised money during the great depression. they're holding entemann's. they'll donate $25,000 today. and if you go to any dunkin donuts today, you'll wind up with a free donut. delicious, with any beverage purchased. and if you go to krispy kreme, just walk in, ask for a donut and they'll give it to you. here's a dozen. i've got a lot of friends. gretch, brian, i'm coming in. >> all right. >> that looks good. >> a lot of sugar. donut day must have slipped through the mayor's fingers a little bit. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. some quick headlines and then johnny bench is waiting to come
3:33 am
out of the bull pen. >> looking forward to that. florida's efforts to remove ineligible or illegal voters from its voter rolls got shut down by the attorney general's justice department. in a letter sent yesterday, the d.o.j. ordered florida to stop removing names of suspected illegal immigrants from its registration list. florida governor rick scott says he's only trying to prevent nonu.s. citizens from voting in the upcoming election but the d.o.j. insists it's discriminatory and violates the voting rights act. an initial search found as many as 182,000 registered voters in florida may be in the country illegally. >> all right, now to a fox news alert. moments ago, an insurgent attack at a nato base in eastern afghanistan. the international security assistance force confirming the blast to the base. right now, we're not hearing of any injuries, thank goodness or deaths. gretch? >> heartbreaking revelation from the mother of missing maine toddler aila reynolds. police saying she's likely dead.
3:34 am
>> it's highly unlikely that she will be found alive. nothing points in that direction. before this news conference, we called both -- >> i think the news that i found out i would never want any parent to find out. i think like my worst nightmare has really come true. >> police think that the girl's father is withholding information. this proving to be too much for ayla's grandfather. >> come and face me like a man and tell me where my granddaughter is! you want to see someone pissed off now? look at me, justin! honestly! look at me tonight when you're on tv. >> ayla disappeared from her father's home back in december. brian? >> all right. he spent 24 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. he's now a free man. charges against him for the 1984 fire that killed six people in chicago now dropped. authorities say a friend
3:35 am
fingered him as the arsonist but then later changed the story. >> everything that i had is gone. everything i owned is gone. all my property is gone. my business is gone. i mean, to just say ok, you can go home now, you know, with $14 and some change, i mean, i think yeah, someone has to be held accountable for that. >> he said he lost touch with his family. his many family members in the process. gretch? >> if you have to wonder if you've been footing the bill for this -- >> new reports this morning that president obama flies his barber from chicago to washington twice a month to cut his hair. you're looking at the man who has cut the president's hair in the last 17 years. he told the german radio station he gives the president a trim every 14 days. at $300 round trip, that adds up to $1700 a year. maybe he goes there on his own dime. >> this week "sports illustrated" looks back to the 10 years that the baseball
3:36 am
slugger exposed the little secret. that he was cheating, taking steroids and the game was dirty. >> since testing has been injected into the game, home run numbers are down across the board. that doesn't mean that baseball is suffering. >> joining us right now is baseball hall of famer johnny bench. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> always great to have you back. it's just interesting, it's been 10 years since testing went in. was it too late? did it go on for too long? is the record books now null and void considering how artificially pumped up those records were? >> i think a lot of hall of famers believe that. they feel like some of us aren't given the due credit because our numbers aren't as great. we didn't hit the 15 home runs and 16 home runs. a lot of people actually felt -- a lot of players feel discriminated. >> how do you feel? >> i think anybody is going to have an edge, i think it started with the blender era, i call it. the blender is when you had your own personal trainer, you could afford to have a trainer so they brought him in and said let's put the power in the drinks and blenlded it and all of a sudden, i'm bigger and stronger. they said let's try this cream.
3:37 am
maybe it's not vitamin b-12 and everything else and their production went from 12 home runs to 40 home runs and their salary went from $2 million to $14 million a year. all the guys are saying it's worth it. i'm bigger and stronger and producing. baseball loved it. they benefited from it. sammy sosha and mark mcgwire, they had a boom year. that's what brought baseball back. >> fans benefited and the owners because more fans came to the game. >> there was nothing like it. we all try to do something to improve our health. i have a 2-year-old and 6-year-old. thank god for performance enhancing drugs. >> johnny, i got to tell you one thing, this story has a different angle. awe -- all the minor leaguers who knew they were cheating and they never got to the major leagues and never got past double a and these are guys that we don't know of. they don't have names like johnny bench and mark mcgwire. so it was clearly cheating. >> 1% of 1% is in the hall of fame of all the players and everything else. so the chances are you're never going to make the major leagues. but these guys see a benefit
3:38 am
somehow to get the edge because they can't beat him out. i mean, there's no way they can beat him out of his position. and so they're going to do whatever they can and if somebody feels like they have an edge, you know, i want your job but i don't have the hair for it. i mean, i want to do this. and i want to do that. somebody is going to do something. hair club for men came to me and said can i help you? i said no, not right now. >> doing ok. >> i think you do everything you can and baseball has done an unbelievable job. >> do you think it's clean now? >> i do. i do. >> everything can be tested for? >> i'm not sure how everything goes. it's like the olympics. you cannot guarantee that somebody in the olympics isn't going to do this blood or that blood or this cream or that cream and everything else. >> something new. >> testing is very important. that's basically why i'm here is testing for -- >> they know. >> for basil, you know, basil skin carcinomas which i had on both eyes and i had it -- my eyes checked for years and i've had it since i was 19. always checking them and when i went to the cincinnati eye
3:39 am
institute, dr. corkerin, took me to the doctor and said these things aren't good and let's do a biopsy. >> what picture did you bring in? >> well, fortunately or unfortunately, if you catch something in time, it's worth it. so this is after my surgery, i had carcinomas, the basil cell carcinomas on the lower lids of my eyes. they went in and removed it. they went in and did that. >> that's easy. >> ok. >> let's move on. >> the problem is a lot of it can be prevented and the thing is that the american dermatology society, the academy of dermatology and the commissioner's office and commissioners even had some melanomas, it's vital to everybody to say, you know, and the thing about sunscreen is you don't put it on just once. it lasts about two hours from what i understand. >> sure. >> then you reapply it. that's why the commissioner, baseball, major league baseball is saying play sun smart. >> play during the day, every little kid is playing during the
3:40 am
day. the parents watching those kids are playing. so it's not just about johnny bench. run through some of those tips and some of the things that we should be doing. number one, seek shade. that's obvious. number two, cover up. you have to wear the sunscreen. >> big floppy hats and everything you can do. umbrellas. >> are you ok now? >> i'm doing fine, yeah. the recovery is about 98% on this so there's really -- and if you camp it -- catch it early enough. the thing is continue to check. do your own self-analysis. after the self-analysis if you have a problem, go to a dermatologist and they can remove it. >> i understood why i couldn't be on romper room but i didn't understand why i couldn't be on johnny's fun bunch. >> baseball bunch. >> if you would have moved to tucson, you would have been in. you would have been in. you're right, it might have been -- tried to bring it back. >> you weren't on the show but you got the hair. >> that's true. that's true. johnny bench, thank you very much. if people would like more information go to
3:41 am >> coming up on "fox & friends" a card and check from grandma not satisfying this year's high school graduates. now they're demanding graduation registries. what? >> that's ridiculous. >> he railed gitmo. >> ran against gitmo. >> a "new york times" report says president obama has a secret much worse. a confidential kill list. what would the constitution say about that? judge andrew napolitano on deck. he don't like it. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh?
3:42 am
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3:45 am
after she reportedly made a scene when a bar refused to serve her. as you can see, she keeps kicking and even banging her head on the door of this cop car. eventually smashing out the back window. she's facing a number of charges. and you've heard of bridal and baby registries gechlt a load of this. some high school grads want a piece of that action. apparently, the days of a card with a check inside are gone. teens are setting up graduation registries of items they want for college. most of them are at 7-eleven where you can get beer. steve? >> thanks, brian. president obama campaigned in 2008 to close gitmo and outlaw torture. a recent report in "the new york times" a couple of days ago reveals that the president has a top secret kill list, a roster of people suspected of terror targeted for execution by drones. >> president obama made clear from the start to his advisors
3:46 am
and to the world that we were going to take whatever steps were necessary to protect the american people from harm, particularly from a terrorist attack. at the same time, the president made clear from the outset of his administration that we were at all times going to act in a manner that was both lawful and consistent with our values. >> ok, but is it lawful? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst judge anld rube napolitano. judge, you say no. he's breaking the law. >> he's absolutely breaking the law. this killing business is extremely dangerous stuff. the president can only kill in accordance with the constitution on federal law. so what does the constitution say? he can only kill using the military. if the united states has been attacked and he's repelling the attackers. if the united states is about to be attacked, the attack is certain and it would be foolish to wait for them to shoot first or pursuant to a declaration of war, he can only kill using civilian employees of the military if it's a legitimate execution after a jury verdict of death, that's been upheld on appeal. so none of these situations applies. this president is waging a
3:47 am
private war using nonmilitary employees of the government. he is personally, according to this report in "the new york times," a chilling 6,000 word report, he is personally deciding who to kill. he doesn't have that authority. he could be prosecuted for it by a successor and the people that carry out the killing could be prosecuted for violating federal law against murder. >> you know what? it sounds like "the new york times" editorial page agrees with you. yesterday, they had an op ed that said this president is -- no president should have this power. this president has too much power when he does that. when he sits around on terror tuesdays and goes through the baseball cards and decides this guy is going to die. how much collateral damage and other people might go with him? the president decides who lives and dies. >> the president has argued that his careful deliberations of who lives and dies is an adequate substitute for the due process. a jury trial that the constitution requires or a declaration of law that the constitution mandates.
3:48 am
that's nonsense. no court has ever upheld that. you want to know how chilling this is? you know who david axelrod is, the president's campaign chairman, he's been invited to these meetings in which the president decides who to kill. >> does he have security clearance? >> the president will give him security clearance. why would he be there? to make sure they're politically correct. this is so far from the country that the founders gave us, that they would not recognize this president as the president of the united states of america. >> judge andrew napolitano, damning words. >> good to see you, steve. >> thank you, sir. >> meanwhile, president bush returned to the white house yesterday and he stole the show. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you're wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you'll be able to gauge at this portrait and ask, what would yours do?
3:49 am
>> you can save a ton of money by buying generic, right? wrong. what you should get and what should you forget? we'll tell you next. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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>> all right. i love this segment. should you get it or forget it? can you notice a difference in generic brands vs. the real thing. >> i've been buying the generic brand of waxed beans. i rip off the label and i can hardly tell the difference.
3:53 am
>> officially bottomed out. >> got the merv griffin set. i remember that. when to skimp and when to splurge is the consumer savings advocate and expert, andrea. >> same as andrew. >> you're andrea. we know that. we know you're an expert. basic things to go over. let's start with headache medication. >> of course. generic drugs are copycats of name brand drugs and the f.d.a. requires that the generic drug work as quickly and as effectively as the name brand drug formulas they derive from and consumers can save 30% to 50% by going for the generic name brand or generic store brand medications like ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment. >> that's great information. when you're going down the aisle in the drugstore, you don't know. go for the generic. what about this? >> as long as the sunscreen says it's a broad spectrum
3:54 am
uva/uvb protection, you can go for the generic sunscreen and again, you're looking to save up to 30% and they also say stay away from the pricey spf's higher than 50. sun protection maxes out at spf 50. >> it's called a lead shield. generic still works there. >> yes. >> what about fiber cereal? >> so consumers who buy name brand cereals pay 40% more than those who buy the generic and oftentimes, the manufacturers who produce the name brand cereals also produce the generic or store brand versions. and you're just paying for the packaging and the marketing so compare the ingredients side by side, you'll be surprised it's the same stuff. just give it a taste at home and i'm sure you'll like it. >> was that the case here? >> that's the case here for high fiber cereal and trader joe's offers great low prices. >> the next thing is better to go with the brand name. >> this is going to be a taste basis for the consumer but the general consensus is when it comes to condiments, you want go for the name brand. heinz ketchup, you don't get
3:55 am
that same taste with the generic ketchup and also a lot of people say a-1 steak sauce, can't be replicated in the generic steak sauces. however, you can still save on those name brands if you look for coupons. >> what about garbage bags? >> garbage bags, generic bags are thinner and they don't hold as much. you want to look for those industrial strength garbage bags. you can look for the ones that stretch with the patented materials to really make sure that nothing breaks or spills. >> this is up to the consumer. you might say this, i want to save my money on garbage bags but if you do, you're buying flimsy bags. >> right. test it out for yourself before you make the decision. >> what about toilet paper? >> paper products, toilet paper and paper towels, the generic versions don't have as much fiber so they could rip and you end up using more. what i recommend is going for the name brands. gu you can go to the grocery stores. they often offer a discount the first of the month. i mentioned coupons, name brands
3:56 am
also offer coupons. you can go on line to a site like, look for the coupons and print them up to save a little extra money on those products. >> there's some generic tips that everybody should take down and jot them down. we'll have on our web site. look for the giftcards, as you mentioned, printed coupons and get the coupons sent from your phone. >> discount giftcards available can help you save at stores like target or grocery stores and help you save. >> andrea warwick, great job. >> thank you. >> president bush returns to the white house. did you hear about that? >> i saw it. >> apparently he stole the show. >> my privilege to introduce the greatest first lady ever. sorry, mom. >> plus any first grader writes his own get out of school notice with a highlighter and finger paint and it works. how the heck did that happen? careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor.
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>> tgif, everyone. it's friday, june 1st. feels like summer, doesn't it? i'm gretchen carlson. president obama giving himself a solid b plus but mitt romney has a different grade in mind for the president. >> what grade would you give president obama? >> an f, no question about that. >> across the board? >> across the board. >> this morning, the white house is hitting back at that grade. >> president bush returning to the white house and leaving them laughing. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you'll now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask what would yours do?
4:01 am
>> and maybe do the opposite, that's what he would do. the laughs did not end there. we got the story. >> we do. and kids have been doing it for years. fudging notes to get out of school but this one takes the cake. a first grader uses finger paint and it worked! "fox & friends" for a friday, hour two starts now live from new york. >> ♪ old t-shirts ♪ why you gotta >> yep, you're looking at jana kramer, part of our all american summer concert series. it's week two today here live on our plaza. stop by, she's going to be performing in the 8:00 hour. also, famous dave's is here and because it is the -- that looks
4:02 am
good! >> really? it looks good? >> we got up at 2:00 in the morning. it's lunch time for the most part. let's not let mayor bloomberg drop by, we're giving away donuts because it's the 75th anniversary of national donut day. we have entemann's, dunkin donuts and krispy kreme handing out free ones outside on our plaza. >> the president of the united states, we know how -- we're go to review it, too, brought in 43 and 44 together in the emotional ceremony. what about the person that wants to be president? mitt romney. he sat down for an interview after he officially got the nomination and went over the 1144 mark and he did it with cbs at which time he got this question. >> what grade would you give president obama? >> oh, an f. there's no question about that. >> across the board? >> across the board. >> even despite the killing of usama bin laden and -- >> i look at what's happening in the middle east, the arab spring has become the arab winter. that's hardly a success and, of course, domestically, it's hard
4:03 am
to call, what, now, 39, 40 months of unemployment above 8% a success when even he said by now he would be in the 6% range and by now, it is not. it's over 8%. >> that's an interview that jan crawford did between campaign stops yesterday, it was at an airplane hangar after the solyndra press conference. >> ok, we know now what governor romney thinks about the job that president obama has done. here's a quote from the former ambassador tim romer, his response to that f grade. on behalf of barack obama. governor romney's comment assigning a grade to president obama's foreign policy is just as misguided and misinformed as his statement about russia being our top geopolitical foe. governor romney is out of the mainstream. even of his own party on foreign policy. >> and tim romer i think formed the 9/11 panel. >> i think so. i watched the interview last night on cbs and mitt romney did give the president credit for taking out usama bin laden and
4:04 am
he said the president is trying but mr. romney goes on to say but having never had any experience in his life in leadership has made it difficult for him to learn how to lead on the job. >> meanwhile, the bain capital hits took two more hits. president bill clinton essentially said i don't have a problem with it. >> sterling, he had a sterling record. >> and to bill patrick, another client of david axelrod came out and said i really have no problem with bain capital. i think it's a great company. >> interesting to see, brian and i discussed on his radio show yesterday whether or not these attacks on bain capital and private equity will continue because remember, president obama said this is not a distraction. this is my game plan moving forward. but yesterday, you had david axelrod, one of his senior advisors up in massachusetts attacking governor romney for when he was governor of massachusetts so is that the new strategy now? or is it just in addition to attacking -- >> it absolutely is a distraction because any day you're talking about bain, you're not talking about the president's record and really, that's what november is all about. >> let's get to some of your headlines now nor a friday. we begin with the fox news alert
4:05 am
and insurgent attacks at a nato base in afghanistan leaving at least seven people dead. the international security assistance force confirming a truck filled with explosives crashed into a checkpoint on the base. more than a dozen people are hurt. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. >> thought the border was closed. new developments in the mistrial of john edwards. we are learning it's unlikely that the justice department will retry edwards. jurors found him not guilty on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions but they were unable to reach a verdict on the other counts. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. >> edwards spoke about trying to make good of his life. a frightening prediction -- the massive wildfire in new mexico
4:06 am
growing to 190,000 acres overnight could be a sign of what's to come for states across the west. officials saying the dry weather and wind, a dangerous combination that will continue to fuel the flames. new mexico's governor says crews need to be prepared for it to get bigger and spread to areas firefighters cannot even get to. at 300 square miles, it's the largest wildfire in the state's history. kids have been doing it for years. fudging notes to, you know, to get out of class. but this one takes the cake. a first grader in massachusetts wrote his own note using a highlighter and finger painting paper. he told his teacher it was from his mom. and he was to go home on the bus instead of going to the after school program and it worked? >> i was like not really thinking anything. i was just writing the note. i was focusing on writing the note. >> luckily, farley was just hang out at home but his mom wants to know why the secretary who let him leave is still on the job.
4:07 am
yeah, that's what i'm thinking when i'm reading the story. that could be a safety issue. the kid is now suddenly going home to the bus and nobody is there to meet him. >> that's even better than that documentary series "welcome back kotter" when he had to have a note for missing school and he would sign it epstein's mother. >> you would know who it was. >> i thought that ceremony at the white house yesterday was absolutely tremendous and noteworthy because it was historic. we have five living presidents, three under -- three attended 1600 pennsylvania avenue for the tradition of unveiling the portraits of the president that just left office. >> that's right. and for a moment, the political hatchet was buried between president obama who has said some very disparaging things blaming george bush for a lot of stuff. that's the official portrait right there. there they are posing for pictures. you know, during the ceremony in the east room where you had a whole bunch of members of the bush white house, you were reminded that george bush was many things and one of the things he was is he's a funny
4:08 am
guy. listen to this. >> i am pleased that my portrait brings an interesting symmetry to the white house collection. it now starts and ends with a george w. when the british burned the white house, as fred mentioned, in 1814, dolly madison famously saved this portrait of the first george w. now, michelle, if anything happe happens, there's your man. i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you'll now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask -- what would george do? it is my privilege to introduce
4:09 am
the greatest first lady ever. sorry, mom. would you agree to a tie? i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave me the greatest gift possible, unconditional love and that would be number 41. >> a little emotional there at the end. that's president bush as a lot of people who are close to him and a lot of people who voted for him know him to be. he seems very relaxed and then he's no longer president and chosen not to dip his feet back in the political waters. he slightly said he endorsed mitt romney but he's really chosen to just not get involved. >> he said yeah, my predecessor, my predecessor deserves my silence. meanwhile, president obama was in fine form yesterday as well. listen. >> michelle and i are grateful
4:10 am
to the entire bush family for their guidance and their example during our own transition. george, i will always remember the gathering that you hosted for all the living former presidents before i took office. your kind words of encouragement plus you also left me really good tv sports package. i was -- i use it. >> i would, too. >> very gracious comments from the first lady, michelle obama who taking george bush up on reminding what dolly madison did back in the day, she said, mr. president, don't worry. if anything happens, i got your painting. >> you have to wonder if they talked about policy at all. maybe on foreign policy, there might be some agreement. certainly not on domestic issues. >> karl rove and dana perino get ready to speak up. i know you were there and you work here. straight ahead, last call for
4:11 am
alcohol. happy hour officially over when a driver slams into a bar. >> if wisconsin governor scott walker wins the recall, is that a big loss for president obama? our panel will tackle this topic next after they eat their food outside. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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>> all right. we are outside having a good time here on our patio and about to meet our great panel. first thing is first. on tuesday, we'll have a special recall election in wisconsin. on the docket, tom barrett. on the docket, governor scott walker. if walker is able to keep his position and win the recall, is it a loss for president obama? listen. >> i'll tell you, wisconsin
4:15 am
goes red for mitt romney, it's over! it's lights out for barack obama. >> regardless, it's given the obama for america operation an opportunity to do the dry run that we need of our massive, significant dynamic special campaign. >> there you go. let's talk about this with senator evan byah is here, former indiana senator and here with us playing in the middle role, angela mcglowan, alice of the brady bunch here and douglas, one of the finest stories, he has a great book out called "con cronkite." is this a loss for obama, because he's intentionally not showing up to help mayor barrett. >> a win in wisconsin for governor walker helps mitt romney. it creates some momentum and take a lot of resources that the national democratic party poured in there that could have been used for something else. a recall election is different than a presidential election and some of the same polls that have
4:16 am
governor walker up by seven or eight points has president obama up by six or seven points. wisconsin will be very much in play. >> it's still almost the same difference, angela, between barrett and walker as it is romney and president obama. >> right. so a win for walker is not a sure win for mitt romney. listen, the rnc is pulling out all stops. they've opened 20 field offices to get out the vote. you've had one who spent $250,000. you have bob perry spending $500,000. and walker has raised a lot of money. barrett hasn't. >> doug, so far, a lot of the stats read on walker's behalf, unemployment has dropped. it looks like the budget is getting balanced and this is another recall -- view of this. membership has been cut in half since automatic dues stopped coming out of paychecks. >> look, wisconsin is going to be, i think, the bellwether for what the election is going to be. this is a big fight. i think whatever is going to happen there is going to have a real repercussions particularly as the senator said, it's up for grabs in wisconsin.
4:17 am
it's going to be one of the battleground states along with, you know, ohio, pennsylvania, florida and the rest. so i think it's going to be one of the big, big political stories coming up beyond the economy and jobs report today is going to be wisconsin. >> right. >> this will be a big win and the senator saying it would cause momentum but still, the state is up for grabs. >> not only is the governorship of wisconsin at stake and in the presidency it will be very close but the senate could be decided by a single seat and wisconsin's senate seat is open because one is retiring. that race is in the air, too. >> when the president went to massachusetts to help martha cokely when he realized she was struggling against senator brown. and she still lost. that was embarrassing. that's why he's staying away and bill clinton is there today, right? >> that's right. and bill clinton now is trying to be the super surrogate. however, he was on tv the other day talking about not going after the bain capital angle of the democratic party, kind of
4:18 am
mini booker moment for bill clinton although i think it wasn't accidental. he wanted to do it. you're seeing a shift in democratic strategy right now, getting away from the bain capital story and trying to focus on romney in massachusetts as governor. >> how quick they can get out the vote and in 2004 bush won four more years by gaining the state of ohio. wisconsin can be that state. >> i'll use my poll -- pull to get back together on wednesday to talk about the recall election on tuesday. great to see you. go out and get doug brinkley's book, talk about cronkite, that legendary newsman. when we come back, you'll meet a true champion. tell us more. >> can you spell winner? you're about to meet the brand new spelling bee champ. she's here next. and then 70 million in taxpayer dollars for this, a train. and where does it go? apparently nowhere. whoops! [ female announcer ] fresh flavor gets a bold new twist
4:19 am
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4:22 am
>> 22 minute after the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers on this friday. first $434,000, that's how much waitress regina hopkins accidentally got in her tax refund. she's an honest woman and returned the refund and said she never considered keeping it. would you? next, $70 million. that's how much new york spent on a failed high speed rail project. the state has been paying $155,000 a year to store the trains and parts and will now sell them for virtually pennies
4:23 am
on the dollar. lastly, $129,000. a new study showing there were 129,000 fewer millionaires in the united states last year. it's the first time since the financial crisis that the millionaire population has declined. >> the top speller in the nation was crowned just last night. here's the winning moment. guetapens. g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s , guetapens. >> 14-year-old snigdha nandipati from san diego aced it making her the champion out of 278 students who participated in this year's contest. and she joins us live after her big night. congratulations. what an honor! >> thank you. >> i noticed a little hesitation there. i read in the papers this morning that you didn't know
4:24 am
whether or not you'd actually gotten the word right until the confetti came down. >> yeah! yeah, i wasn't sure because i was expecting them to like stand up or something and say, you are the champion! >> you mean like "american idol"? >> yeah. i don't know. and i was confused of whether i had to spell another word or not. >> sure. >> but did you know when you were done with that word that you got it right? and you just -- what do you do? you look down at the panel to get a thumbs up or does a light go off? how do you do it as a contestant? >> well, you watch the judge, miss mary brooks, and she nods if you get the word correct or -- and if you miss it, she rings the bell. >> i understand you were in the competition last year. and you -- you tied for 27th place. and -- >> yeah. >> is that correct?
4:25 am
>> this year, this was your last year of eligibility, hard to believe because you're only 14. but you practiced with your dad with some sort of a computer program? >> yeah. my dad wrote a data base that can extract information from the merriam webster on-line dictionary and it extracts the pronunciation, the definition, the origin and some sample sentences. >> that's great. >> and i understand that you would study the words six to 10 hours per day during the weekdays and then 10 to 12 hours on the weekends. and your fascination with spelling started when you were just 4 years old. i read that your dad -- you'd be driving in the car. what would your dad do? >> he'd ask me words that he saw outside the window. and i'd spell them for him. >> like on the billboards, right? >> yeah. >> so is it true that your grandfather told you that if you won, you'd be able to take a trip to india?
4:26 am
>> oh, no, he was just kidding about that! >> he was? >> you're not going to india? >> what he meant to say is he'd take me away to india. >> tell me what you win for doing this -- accomplishing this incredible feat on live television on espn. what do you win? >> well, i win about -- around $40,000 in cash and prizes. and i get this huge engraved trophy. >> that's fantastic. and before you go, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a neurosurgeon or a psychiatrist. >> terrific. >> you know what? you're living the american dream. hats off to you. >> thank you. >> what an amazing accomplishment. i'm sure you're going to have a fantastic future. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> way to go! >> all right. next up on the rundown on this friday, this unbelievable video giving new meaning to belly up to the bar. we have the story behind that shocking video -- that wasn't
4:27 am
norm from "cheers" was it? >> nope. >> the president confident the supreme court would uphold obamacare. now there's word he's saying something different behind closed doors. we have the breaking details next. >> plus from the small screen to the big stage. meet one tree hill actress jana kramer coming your way. [ mechanical humming ]
4:28 am
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hours and hours of energy.
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4:31 am
>> all right. welcome back. you know, a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about why would the president's men and women have donors who go to these closed door events, the fundraising events, why would he have them check their smartphones and their cell phones at the door? >> you have to pay a lot of money. $35,000 for a tray. excuse me, for a plate. >> tray? >> i'm thinking it's more cafeteria style. >> i hope they get more than that. >> i don't want pizza again. and i guess they want a little bit of security or maybe the content of the speech he makes? >> that's exactly right because bloomberg has a blockbuster story today that apparently the president is telling donors behind closed doors that during his second term, they might actually have to revise his
4:32 am
health care plan which means, perhaps, the president is thinking that the supreme court is going to throw out the affordable care act which, of course, flies in the face of the public confidence that he exudes regarding the fact -- the public says the supreme court is going to uphold this thing. >> maybe he fears that they're going to throw out the important part of it, the mandate that some people believe forces people in america to buy health insurance. that decision is coming at the end of june. the spokesperson for the president is responding via e-mail to this article saying this. while i won't discuss in detail the president's private conversations i can say that your reporting attributing to unnamed sources inaccurately reflects the president's views. >> it happened on a may 14th fundraiser and forced to revise some of the health care plan but still has faith in the judicial process will go his direction. and all that drama will take
4:33 am
place this month. we believe. right? they have to render a decision this month. >> it could actually come sooner than later. because they had predicted a certain time. it actually might be coming a week or two early. >> now to the rest of your headlines. police in seattle, washington, crediting a hero for saving people inside a cafe when a gunman opened fire. a man threw stools, apparently, at ian stawycki giving customers a chance to escape. he killed four people inside that cafe and shot and killed a woman and took off in her s.u.v. 911 calls just released of the terrifying moments. >> there's been a shooting. someone came in and shot a bunch of people. i'm hiding in the bathroom. >> he was refused service at the restaurant and asked to leave three times before he started shooting and he later shot himself dead. his father says he was mentally ill. last call for alcohol? a truck smashes right through a crowded bar in minneapolis and it's caught on camera. the truck plows down the wall
4:34 am
and comes to a stop inches from the wall. six people hurt. they're going to be ok luckily. a 51-year-old woman was behind the wheel and no word of why she lost control. mother nature putting on quite a show in texas. lightning storm passing through the dallas/ft. worth area. damaging several homes including one man's roof that caught on fire as a result. no one was hurt. a middle school graduation in bakersfield, california on lockdown because of this guy. the 200 pound black bear was seen running around the schoolyard and parking lot before heading into a nearby apartment complex, a sight so rare even the 911 dispatcher had a hard time believing it. >> there is a bear on our campus. >> there's a bear on the campus? >> a bear. a small bear. >> well, animal control eventually caught the bear and released it back into the wild. let's go out to the guys. >> this week for the summer concert series, we have with us
4:35 am
jana kramer live! >> wait a second, that wasn't a surprise in they knew already! >> it was supposed to be a surprise. jana, welcome to our show. very exciting. >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. i really appreciate it. >> have you ever performed on field turf before? >> no. i have not. this is awesome! especially we got good barbecue out here. this is fantastic! >> one of the other reasons this is fantastic is because this is the channel, the fox newschannel that your family watches every morning. >> yes and they're home probably screaming. literally my grandmother called freaking out. my mom is like i know, i know, this is awesome. so i'm supposed to give you guys like huge hugs from them. >> wow. that will stink. i hate that idea! nothing to look forward to. let me get this straight. you love country music and you're a successful country star but you're from michigan. how does that happen? >> come on. here's the thing and i owe this to my grandma who is watching who is the big fan. she was huge in country music. she listened to patsy klein.
4:36 am
i grew up in the kitchen with her baking cookies listening to patsy klein. >> ♪ crazy >> that's why she watches us. because we're crazy. and she wanted to be a country music star. >> my mom did, yeah. >> it's not too late. you can make her part of it. >> totally. i'll let her know. you haven't heard her sing but she's great. >> i don't want to put too much pressure on you but later on tonight, you'll be at the jones beach theater. >> which is your hometown. >> it's 15 miles from my house. >> you're going to come? >> i'd like to come. do you want to sleep over? >> sure. >> we've got -- >> no, my whole family. >> come on, dude. >> his wife is out of town for two weeks. >> no, no, no, cut. your family, i can't wait to meet your family. that will be great. >> that's what i'm saying. >> totally. >> can you explain, how did you become a country western singer? we know you're from michigan but you were first a model. >> i was never a model. >> no, i've read -- >> i could never model. no, i'm like the most awful --
4:37 am
>> you've been an actress with "one tree hill" and you've been in "entourage." >> and other shows as well. >> i grew up, like i said, i grew up listening to country music and country music is always -- it's my heart and country music tells a story and i have a million stories to tell. and i love the country fans. and the radio, like they're fantastic. >> so that -- this is where you want to find yourself. >> 100%. >> i understand that if you had a choice with touring with one person dead or alive, it would be johnny cash. >> i'm in love with him. >> what is it about johnny cash? >> so handsome and like, his songs, it's like that bad boy, you know what i'm saying? >> listen to that. you can't -- >> they'll do that no matter what you say, ok? this game is fixed! >> by the way, who are all these kids who -- young ladies and gentlemen, who are dressed, the krispy kreme people. >> no, they're from california. they're awesome! >> they're from california to follow you around?
4:38 am
>> yeah. >> they're my little entourage, right, guys? >> so you've got a new c.d. that's coming out very shortly. >> june 5th on tuesday, i'm so excited. >> and you're going to perform one of the singles from it at the conclusion of today's show, right? >> yes, i am. yes, i am. so excited. >> what are you going to be singing today? >> bunch of songs from the album. especially my single "why you wanna." >> do that within the next hour. and you'll be singing in between. come on down. >> so cute. >> not only her, we've got ribs, we've got donuts plus her entire family which is -- ♪ crazy is watching. >> could you look into that camera and toss it to gretchen. >> hey, gretchen. hi, here you go. >> very professional. >> that works. i'll take it. jana, see you out there when you perform in about an hour from now. in the meantime, another government funded green energy firm telling its employees to take a hike but when congress grilled the c.e.o., he said everything was a-ok.
4:39 am
so what's the real story? stu varney up next with that. and could this be the u.s. military's secret weapon? >> ♪ tell me how to get to sesame street ♪ >> we're not kidding! that story next. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> 42 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you now. was this song used during interrogation at guantanamo bay? >> ♪ can you tell me how to get to sesame street ♪ >> what now?
4:43 am
>> an al jazeera documentary saying that several songs were used to "torture" detainees during questioning. the u.s. saying that sesame street songs weren't currently being used. and federal investigators ramping up their probe of j.p. morgan's $2 billion plus trading blunder. sources saying that e-mails and other internal documents being subpoenaed to see what traders told supervisors when their wrong way bets started going south. steve? >> speaking of bad bets, now more trouble for the green energy company called first solar. after receiving more than $3 billion in federal loan guarantees, the solar panel company has just furloughed over 100 employees. this comes just weeks after their c.e.o. testified on capitol hill and said this. >> largely because of our successful expansion into the utility market, we remain financially strong and well positioned to execute through
4:44 am
the current market environment. >> well, that sounds great. so why did they furlough all those people? stuart varney joins us live. if you were listening to him on capitol hill, it sounded like he was making a good case. we're taking care of your money. behind the scenes, they furloughed half their staff. >> that's correct. this has furloughed half the staff, 100 people at a power plant just outside of los angeles. but this reminds a lot of people of solyndra. first solar received $3 billion worth of government loan guarantees. it's already laid off 2,000 people worldwide. now another 100 going out at this point near los angeles and this looks like another politically connected company with getting government money, government loan guarantees and now in trouble. now, this, of course, follows on the heals of governor romney appearing at the solyndra plant. >> sneak attack yesterday. >> call it what you like but this is a reminder that the president's green energy solar policy is in deep, deep trouble
4:45 am
and this first solar is reminding a lot of people of solyndra. >> absolutely. one of the reasons is it looks so politically connected to the president as solyndra did because i understand the chief lobbyist for first solar has been to the white house 16 times. >> that's what -- >> going to the white house 16 times and talking to high ranking officials there unless you have connections. >> so here you have the government picking winners, not losers but they think they're picking winners. they picked a lot of losers with our money. and how are they -- how are they giving that money away? who are they supporting? they're supporting people with political connections, as you say, first solar, top lobbyist, in and out of the white house 16 times. exactly the same story as solyndra. the president's green energy policy as far as solar companies are concerned is in deep, deep trouble and we taxpayers are losing a lot of money here. >> you know, you brought up a moment ago the fact that mitt romney showed up and didn't tell the press following him yesterday we're going to solyndra until they got on the
4:46 am
bus just to bring it out because the story there, you know, the obama campaign is really clobbered mr. romney over private equity and yesterday, what mr. romney did was essentially roll out, ok, you've been talking about private equity? let's talk about your public equity. and how you go spending our money. >> exactly. private equity plays with its own money, private money, public equity as in solar powered support at solyndra is paying with taxpayer's money but it's taxpayer's money that had been lost. first solar has $3 billion worth of government loan guarantees. that money is not lost at this point. but if first solar goes the way of solyndra, it is going to be lost. >> got to tell folks what first solar released in a statement regarding the testimony of -- that we heard at the top. we stand by the testimony to the committee. the furloughs at the project site are in effect until we resolve with local officials an electrical code issue needed to begin solar panel installation. construction is continuing at
4:47 am
the site and we are ready, willing and eager to rehire the workers and begin installation as soon as the issue is resolved. >> can you believe that we have this national push to get more solar energy out there on the grid and this power plant is held up because of maybe code violations? permitting problems at a local level. >> why doesn't somebody from the white house call and say can't you just make that go away? >> you don't think they have called? >> apparently it didn't work. >> it did not work. >> stuart varney bringing this to our attention. watch him at 9:20 eastern time on fox business. we watch it every day. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you, stuart. >> all right, straight ahead, let's say a teenage kid shoots a spitball at school. should he be labelled a criminal for the rest of his life? times have sure changed. one student taking that exact course and that case to the supreme court. but first, on this date in 1984, cyndi lauper had the number one
4:48 am
song, one that stuart varney still sings when he's driving in the car. "time after time". come on, stuart. >> no! wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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4:51 am
>> it's a high school prank gone horribly wrong. back in 2010, a virginia student shot some plastic spitballs at fellow students and not only got suspended from school for the entire year but was also charged with criminal conduct and possession of a weapon. well, now, a petition has been filed with the u.s. supreme court on behalf of that student challenging those charges. so did the punishment fit the
4:52 am
crime? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate, criminal defense attorney joey jackson and fox news contributor and attorney tamara holder. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i know that you are defending the boy, tamara, right? you say this was way too harsh of a punishment, why? >> two things happened here, not only was he expelled from school for an entire semester, he was originally expelled in december of 2010. he lost out on his entire entire spring semester but he was arrested and charged criminally for assault so what are we doing to our children these days? we're criminalizing them, we're taking them out of school. and what -- for what reason? to punish a kid for throwing a spitball? >> joey, is she right? should he have maybe just been suspended from school but not have these criminal charges attached to his record? >> schools are places of learning. we have to develop our kids. we have to teach them what to do and this kind of conduct has no place in a school environment. you talk about the criminal conduct involved, let's be clear here. he got anger management which is
4:53 am
what he needed and he got counseling. that was the end result. i don't think -- >> but schools, look, the school had to take severe and aggressive action here because you have to deter this type of conduct. do we want columbine and furthernfurthe furthermore, the things that he was shooting were not spitballs but they were pellets and they could have affected someone in a severe way. >> let's listen to this child, andrew michael's explanation of what happened that day. >> i was at lunch and i had a pen and i brought some little plastic balls that i got from a toy at home and i made a stupid decision of taking the pen apart and shooting people with them. but the teacher pulled me in after lunch and she was talking to me and she basically said i was out for 10 days. later, it got the rest of the year i was out. it fell under an article in the code of conduct. >> do you believe that he should have had any sort of punishment for this? >> absolutely. we have to punish our children. remember, schools step in the place of parents. do parents kick their kids out for misbehaving of the home for a year, six months or whatever?
4:54 am
i understand that there should definitely be consequences for behavior. like joey said, we don't want a columbine situation but at the same time, what happens to that kid when he stays at home for, you know, six months. >> joey, what happens when he has a criminal record? does that affect somebody mentally and emotionally? >> it could absolutely. what will end up happening, though, if you get a criminal record, you make a motion to expunge. why? you're in your youthful years. there shouldn't be a criminal record. in this particular case, there won't be one. >> i want to read what the attorney says. the attorney said we're raising up a generation of people who are going to be very compliant and afraid to step out of line. i kind of have a problem with that statement as his attorney, shouldn't kids -- shouldn't we be raising our kids to follow the rules? >> absolutely. >> yeah. absolutely. >> joey? >> no question about it. listen, there's deterrents. there's a deterrent value here. you want specific and general deterrents, right, you want him
4:55 am
not to do this again and you want the other student body to know if you do this, it's inappropriate. you're going to get sent home. >> how do you feel the supreme court will rule on this? >> i think the kid is going to lose in this case. every single motion and every step along the way, the guy is lost. but i want to point something out with joey that the viewers need to know and that's that you can't always just expunge a record. i focus my practice on this in chicago and each state is different. you can't just make it disappear because you're a minor. >> this is spitballs! it's not like he tortured anybody else. >> he was arrested. he was arrested and now he has a criminal record for the rest of his life. >> no, he doesn't. what happened is he got anger management and counseling. he's 14 years old. there's no way this is going to follow him. he's going to go on to be successful and rich and bright! and it's all going to be well. >> he was fingerprinted and now he has a record. >> and the supreme court will be making the decision. tamara, joey, have a great weekend. >> pleasure. >> president obama was extremely critical of enhanced interrogation techniques. a brand new report reveals he's using a more controversial tactic to fight terror.
4:56 am
geraldo weighs in top of the hour. jackpot! not only did these guys win the lottery, they're collecting welfare checks at the same time. how does that work? and is it allowed? [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> gretchen: tgif. it is friday, it's june 1 already. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part your take with us today. the race to recall wisconsin governor scott walker is getting intense a few days away from now. a new report says tens of thousands of union workers are leaving organized labor. now dems are dispatching bill clinton to do some support for the other guy. >> steve: president bush returns
5:00 am
to washington, d.c. and brings down the house, the white house. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls as you west well tough decision, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do? >> steve: the laughs, very cordial, don't end there. >> brian: i just wish i could see the cut away cameras of each president. >> brian: here we go again. they won the lotto, but are still collecting welfare. how are they getting away with that? scratch something off and you think you should be scratching off the welfare checks. not happening. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
♪ >> put your hands together y'all! ♪ hey y'all what you say ♪ we can't get started ♪ we got all we need to have some fun ♪ ♪ right now not tomorrow ♪ hey, hey ♪ yeah yeah ♪ who is that over there ♪ . >> gretchen: wow. that's jana kramer performing to our sold out crowd. they're eating barbecue and listening to good country music today. we'll be out there with jana kramer. she'll he perform her entire hit single for us about 8:52 a.m. >> brian: tonight shea be at jones beach and at the cmt
5:02 am
awards. for now it's about us. >> steve: her entire family, big "fox & friends" viewers. >> brian: right. >> steve: for many, many years. she said it was a thrill for her mother and family that she should be on our summer concert series. >> brian: she has a tattoo, awful our names. -- all of our names. why is that funny, geraldo? >> steve: you do however, to the best our knowledge, have more tattoos than she does. >> i am tattooed. >> brian: coming up next half hour, tattoo off. >> gretchen: i would stick around for that. let me know what segment that is i want i want to be in it. >> for you a private show. >> brian: wait a second! >> gretchen: okay, geraldo. let's go some headlines. moving on to news. in a few hours, former president bill clinton heads to wisconsin to campaign against governor scott walker. new polls show walker leading his democrat opponent, tom barrett ahead of next week's recall election. at last night's debate, they
5:03 am
traded jabs over what else? unions. >> it's ultimately about whether or not we want politicians to act on tough decision. i heard for years from democrats, republicans that people complain politicians get into post office don't take on the tough issues. that's what we did. >> you didn't, scott. you wanted to pit people against each other because that's the way you operate. >> gretchen: with less than a week until the election, it's tuesday. there is also this stunning report out today showing public employee unions in wisconsin are hemorrhaging members by the tens of thousands. everyday workers abandoning their union leaders. some of the biggest critics of walker's policy. they helped launch and fund tuesday's recall. unlikely the justice department will retry john edwards. jurors finding him not guilty on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. they were unable to reach a verdict on the other counts. outside the courthouse, edwards hinted at some sort of a
5:04 am
comeback. >> i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there is still some good things i can do and whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all those kids that i seen, in the poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. >> gretchen: he spoke about trying to make good of his life. a frightening prediction, massive wildfire in new mexico growing to 190,000 acres overnight. could be a sign of what's to come for states all across the west. officials saying the dry weather and wind, a dangerous combination that will continue to fuel the flames. 300 square miles now, the largest wildfire in new mexico's state history. get this story, they won hundreds of thousands in the massachusetts lottery. how are two men collecting
5:05 am
welfare checks? frank and james facing larceny charges. between the two, they won more than a million bucks, but still able to get thousands of dollars in state health benefits and food stamps. those are your headlines. if that's not a story about government waste, i'm not sure you can find a better one. >> steve: let's bring in the hanging judge, geraldo rivera. >> greed, greed. >> steve: but they were able to game the system. >> god may not be done with john edwards, but i think the american people are. cheaters cheat when they can cheat. he's a disgusting man in that regard. but there is a big gap between being a disgusting man and a criminal. to charge him under election law walls a stretch. every one of the legal analysts here at fox thought the conviction a long shot. it was kind of almost a vindictive move to go after him in a sense. this was an appropriate decision. i don't think the federal government will ever recharge him again and if i was edwards, i would go to work in all of
5:06 am
those somali refugee camps to try and make good. >> brian: were you surprised he mentioned his daughter by rielle hunter, quinn? >> no. no. that's a big part of the story. he is an abusive father in the sense that he betrayed their -- his wife and embarrassed and humiliated these children, but there is no evidence that he doesn't specifically love the children. i thought it was kind of courageous of him to mention it. he is a scurlous person. but hopefully he can make good with the kids, especially the older daughter who stuck with him. >> gretchen: especially after denied being the father of that child. let's move on. a piece that featured president obama's grown attack decisions and how it came about. it's been called the kill list. what do you make of this, compared to the fact that he
5:07 am
campaigned so viciously by some accounts, against george bush's policies and his waives attacking terror, and now some are saying, this is even worse? >> well, let me say a couple of things. there is, as a student of military history, there are occasionally weapons that change the course of human events, atomic bomb, israel with the surveillance aircraft that flew overhead and allowed them to destroy the syrian air force in a day or two. the enemy almost turned the tide with their strategic development, the suicide bomber and ied. the drones are the magnificent weapon that have finally allowed us to win the war on terror. we are winning the war on terror. how if by these slow moving but precise and deadly weapons that can pinpoint, reducing civilian collateral damage, taking out a specific terrorist enemy.
5:08 am
they have been a magnificent asset to our forces. >> brian: how do you feel about the way we're using them? >> jump cut to gretchen's question about how bloody it is and how in a way, how savage it is or how deadly in every regard these drone strikes are. i don't care about any of that, brian. i have to tell you. i like that we are killing bad guys. now, i hear from charles krauthammer and others that wait a second. do you want to hear from -- this is probably the biggest objection people might have as charles krauthammer expressed it. >> so here is a story that shows he's a tough guy he kills by remote control. there are a few problems with this. number, is there is a military strategy, we aren't getting any intelligence. moral argument. obama went around pleading in 08 examine after he won, preening about how he was a new
5:09 am
direction, moral direction of the united states, how we had lost our way with iraq with these enhanced interrogations and he's going around killing people where he's judge, jury and executioner. i'm not against it, but if you take the moral argument and the preening that the democrats did about how terrible the bush administration was for enhanced interrogation, well, they didn't go around killing people from the air and if necessary and often happens, the families as well. so they kind of lost the moral high ground here. >> brian: you agree? >> i don't care about losing the moral high ground. i care about killing the enemy and saving our g.i.'s lives. i think charles krauthammer's point that we have the democrats have lost the moral high ground is irrelevant to me. i want to win the war. >> gretchen: yeah, but the george bush would have been crucified for doing these drone attacks. >> he started them and the drones weren't as good and look how we reduced civilian collateral damage. as to the argument that we're not getting intelligence from these people and that has become a talking point, i totally reject it. the difference in terms of the
5:10 am
operational peril to our forces to go into pakistan, to take out a tribal -- a foreign fighter there, a chechnyan, say, with someone there who is going to go to afghanistan, to grab him, to take him out of pakistan, to bring him back to the united states that, is a notion that is only so very unrealistic, only someone who doesn't fight would regard that. >> brian: like khalid sheikh mohammed. >> i want them dead, brian. how do you do it? do you want to send your son into pakistan to go snatch a bad guy or do you want to kill him from the air? you know he's dead. >> gretchen: i'm not disagreeing with the drone strikes. but i think we're missing part of the story here, which is that many people argue that this administration doesn't want to capture people because they don't want to have to bring them to gitmo because they don't bring with gitmo. >> i don't know what motivates the administration. i'm not a politician. what i do know is that our military in afghanistan is a lot safer because we are eliminating
5:11 am
al-qaeda. the united states is much less likely to be attacked by al-qaeda. killing al-qaeda. i remember when david petraeus, the soft spoken, magnificent general, probably the best fighting general we have had at least since patton and eisenhower, i remember in the 05-06, 07 period when he started saying, we want to kill the enemy. when you heard the soft spoken man say kill the enemy, it was shocking. kill? we're going to be killers? yes, that's what war is. war killing them before they kill you. >> brian: if you can kill five by capturing one, not everyone -- >> that's such a big if. >> brian: we got them at gitmo! we had hundreds. we gave a few away. >> i think the intelligence from these people is very suspect. if you're a foreign fighter in the tribal territories, you are now at war with the united states, at war the united states means you're out to kill us or
5:12 am
we're going to kill you first. >> steve: the problem is dead men tell no tales. >> dead man don't kill other people either. a dead terrorist is a good terrorist. >> steve: geraldo rivera, always a feisty friday. >> thank you. i'm going to go have some ribs. >> gretchen: cool down with a little hot sauce. kids have been doing this for years, fudging those get out of school. but this one takes a case. a first grader uses a highlighter and it works. he got out of school. plus look who is back. >> privileged to introduce the greatest first lady ever. sorry, mom. [ laughter ] would you agree to a tie? >> gretchen: we'll bring you more of that
5:13 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ and we dream up ♪ all the best stuff ♪ and we can make it up ♪ cause we were made for each other ♪ ♪ for always ♪ oh oh ♪ for always
5:16 am
>> gretchen: as we've been reporting, the case against former presidential candidate john edwards was ruled a mistrial. so was this all just a big waste of taxpayer money or justice being served? fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr., has his prescription for justice. which side of the fence do you fall on? >> i think it was a tremendous waste of time. let's get to it. obviously senator edwards has moral qualities that none of us want to aspire to. but that's for the lord to decide at a later time what his punishment is. here is a court of law. can he be convicted of these crimes? the jury acquitted him on one charge and they deadlocked on
5:17 am
the other charges. this case is not going to be brought forward again because in many ways this case is an embarrassment to the federal government and the department of justice. it shouldn't have been brought in the very first place because the federal election commission has said in the past that the type of conduct that senator edwards and others engaged in was permissible, to pay a former girlfriend or a girlfriend, that's not a campaign contribution. >> gretchen: that was my question because apparently god will have a long list of politicians with moral problem. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: because there is precedence set here about paying off other girlfriends. so you believe from the start that there was really no case here. >> sure. to spend millions of dollars on this prosecution -- and i was down there at the courthouse and speaking to a lot of people there. they couldn't have cared less about this case. they didn't understand this case because the money didn't go to the campaign. the money didn't go to edwards. the money went in great part to
5:18 am
his former top aide, mr. young and his wife. they built more than a million dollars house. he bought porcelain veneers for his teeth. senator edwards is saying, yes, i committed sin. i'm a sinner. maybe i can be redeemed, maybe i can't. i'm a horrible husband and father. i didn't take paternity of my child. but is that a crime? i think we're a nation of laws. we understand the difference between our disregard and our contempt for a man, but at the same time, was a crime committed? the jury here, after nine days said no crime was committed. they didn't have a political action to grind. they heard the evidence and the law. they heard a great judge. heard great lawyers and they said no, there is no crime. >> gretchen: so interesting. they acquitted him on one charge and the others they were deadlocked and ruled a mistrial. >> i don't believe the doj will go for it because it's an embarrassment to him. >> gretchen: all right. we're going to leave it will. thanks so much.
5:19 am
get outside and get some barbecue before the weekend. coming up next, a major break in a very cold case. a man goes overboard. remember this story? he was on a cruise ship on his honeymoon? judge jeanine pirro breaks down the new developments. but first, jana kramer getting all warmed up singing "i hope it rains." ♪ i heard you got yourself a date ♪ ♪ honey thought you needed ♪ i bet you'll take her to our favorite spot spot ♪ ♪ blanket down checking it out ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ i hope it rains on you ♪ maybe a little bit of lightning too ♪ ♪ i hope it comes like the mud
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>> brian: quick headlines. for more, i want to go to my colleague, jana kramer is here right now for more news. step in. >> thank you so much. thank you. hello, everyone. >> brian: hit it. >> you heard of bridal and baby registries. some high school grads want a piece of the action. the days of a card with a check inside are gone. teens are setting up graduation registries of items they want for college. and here is the world's greatest parallel parker. chinese stunt driver setting a new guiness world record for the tightest parking job. he got into his spot that's only
5:24 am
15-cent meters longer than his car. >> brian: wow! round of applause! this woman can do the news, she can act and sing! you've always wanted to do this. >> i did. >> brian: what are the chances of you leaving the music thing behind, because let's be honest, no one really cares about music, and just doing news full time? >> if you were my co-host, i would leave for you. >> brian: let's see if we could do it because i was thinking of getting into country music. >> then we can do both. >> brian: she was in full concert mode a few moments ago. >> thank you so much. >> brian: are you going to sing for us later? >> absolutely. >> brian: toss inside. >> back to you. >> steve: thank you. all right. meanwhile, a 25 minutes after the top of the hour, even after 33 long years, the family of etan patz may never get the closure they they wanted. new york the new york district attorney said it's too premature to tell if last week's confession from hernandez will
5:25 am
have an impact on the case. he is a former stock clerk who worked near the family in the 1970s. joining us with more is the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: does it sound to you like the district attorney, mr. vans, here in new york, thinks this is the guy? >> no. i think he has hesitation and i think his hesitation is grounded in reality and experience. one, you've got a guy coming forward who is confessing to the murder of etan patz in the 1980s or was it '79, whatever the year was. >> steve: 33 years ago. >> he's a bipolar schizophrenic. there is no evidence connecting him to the crime. there is president obama body. there is nothing. so what you've got is a hope that a confession and you may need a little more, although legally, he could go to court with it. but to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this guy, who is in bellevue for a psychiatric evaluation is a guy who committed the crime is going to
5:26 am
be very, very tough. so i'm not so sure that cyrus vance is hot to trot on this one yet. he's waiting for more evidence. even the f.b.i. is reported as skeptical. >> steve: sometimes they do make stuff up. >> john mark carr with jon benet ramsey. they brought him back from the far east and he didn't do it. >> steve: who done this? remember a couple of years ago we told you the story about a guy named george smith. he was partying on a royal caribbean cruise. they never find his body. now apparently there is incriminating cell phone video from some of the people he was partying with the night he disappeared. >> the problem with this, of course, is that the evidence that is coming forward and this surprise video where three individuals who were on that ship apparently are laughing about the fact that the guy went overboard -- >> steve: how would they know he went overboard? >> first of all, you got a
5:27 am
retired cop next to this guy heard thumping. the bride passed out. it's like she may have been given a roofy. now the facts are coming forward and i suspect there may be a real break. we'll talk about it on my case this weekend -- on my show this weekend. and also we've got more information about that video which is apparently very incriminating regarding the three individuals. >> steve: the three individuals have been dubbed part of the russian mafia? >> yes. that is the accusation. you've got this guy on a ship and apparently the reputation was that he had money, he had an expensive watch. wife is passed out. maybe given a roofy. he then, they hear struggling, blood. here is the problem, when you're on international seas, who investigates? >> steve: exactly. >> and when? and how quickly they coo it is an issue. >> steve: a lot of people think it's interpoll. no that's only in the movies. we'll be watching your show this weekend. >> good. >> steve: next up, breaking news on the economy.
5:28 am
the monthly unemployment rate released in just about two minutes. plus he's back. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do? [ laughter ] >> steve: more from president bush yesterday at the white house coming up. but first, here is jana kramer singing her hit "whiskey." ♪ ♪ you took my breath away ♪ ♪ hit me so hard like a rock threw a window ♪
5:29 am
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>> steve: a fox business alert. monthly jobless numbers out. unemployment now at 8.2%. that's up from 8.1%. here is the bad news, employers added 69,000 jobs in may. we were expecting, according to the department of labor, to add 155,000. so it is half the number they were looking for. chris wallace joins us. this is not good news for the white house, which is in full
5:33 am
campaign mode. >> well, you've got to talk both about the economy, impact on real americans, as well as the politics of it. it's terrible news. put it in context for the first few months of this year, the economy was creating over 200,000 jobs a month. last month, in april, it went down to 115,000. about half of what it had been. now it's half of the 115,000. if you were to chart this on a graph, it has gone off a cliff, the creation of jobs, very bad news for the economy. very bad news for americans who are out of work or worried about losing their jobs and obviously very bad news for a president running for reelection. >> gretchen: how do you expect them to spin this on both sides? >> well, it won't take any spin on the part of the romney campaign. all they have to do is say, this is the obama economic plan. look where it's getting you. as far as the obama team is
5:34 am
concerned, they're obviously going to say we've got ups and downs before. they'll talk about, and it is true that the economy in europe is slowing, the economy in china is slowing. but those are all explanations for the fact that there are real problems in this country and there is a question as to how much longer american voters will be patient with this president and his economic plan. >> brian: usually they said that's because, you're adding jobs because of the holidays or subtracting jobs because of the holidays. so i have yet to see an explanation for this. so this is going to be an interesting day. i couldn't wait to get your take 'cause we talked before the big event about how you think it went when the bushes and obamas got together at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i thought it was phenomenal. your take? >> phenomenal squared. it's just everything that you like about american politics. so much we don't like, all the negativity, the slashes, the
5:35 am
fact we can't make any kind of deals and legislate and address our problems. this is the good news. the peaceful transfer of power, the respect despite sharp policy differences that the two sides have for each other, everybody was on their best behavior. it was just wonderful to see. of course, it wasn't two presidents, it was three presidents because 43's father was there and it was just great. >> gretchen: let's take a listen to the -- 'cause there was a lot of laughs. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: comfortable moments and laughs. let's watch. >> i am pleased that my portrait brings an interesting symmetry to the white house collection. it now starts and ends with a george w. [ laughter ] when the british burned the white house as fred mentioned in 1814, dolly madison, famously saved this portrait of the first
5:36 am
george w. [ laughter ] now michelle, if anything happens, there is your man. i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do? [ laughter ] >> steve: the great thing about that little montage we played you is just the fact that in the last 3 1/2 years, our current president has blamed george bush for so much and for george bush to come into the east room of the white house surrounded by people from his administration, he certainly rose above the shabbiness. >> yeah. look, but i don't know that it's rising above it. >> steve: there is a lot of shabbiness. >> famously said, and there are differences and those differences are going to be explored. but this wasn't the time or place for that and obama was
5:37 am
very gracious to bush and bush was very gracious back. i love the obama line, too, where he said, and thank you, mr. president, for leaving a really good sports cable package because i use it. it just was everything that you like and i thought laura's speech was terrific, michelle's speech was just terrific, and we have so many reminders of what divides us, this is a reminder of what binds us. in the end, there is a lot more that binds us together as americans than divides us. >> brian: we can even find some similarities that can bind us together. never mind. >> let me just say, if you come to the unveiling of my portrait here, it will get ugly, brian. >> brian: you'll be nice. >> steve: your portrait would be on black velvet, right? >> brian: i want to say this, here is how naive i am. i believe this president will have trouble being critical of 43 because i really think that there was some synergy there yesterday.
5:38 am
>> that's really being naive. they were all very nice yesterday. i promise you, tomorrow he'll talk about how terrible the bush economic policies were again. >> brian: all right. >> and blame it all on him. >> gretchen: ed gillespie will be on your show, the senior advisor to the romney campaign, or one of them. that's an exclusive! tune in with chris wallace this sunday. tell your wife i tried another up with of the chicken things in her cooking book and it was excellent. >> real quickly, we'll have somebody from the obama campaign to. not locked up. it may be hard to find somebody after these latest unemployment numbers came out. >> gretchen: now the rest of your headlines. the push to track down nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants registered to vote in florida got shut down by eric holder. they order them to stop removing names of suspected illegal immigrants from local voting lists. he says it violates the voting rights acts.
5:39 am
his critics say he's trying to boost voter turnout. >> brian: kids have been fudging notes to get out of class. a first grader in massachusetts wrote his own note using a highlighter and finger painting paper. his name is gannon. he told his teacher it was from his mom. he was to go home on the bus. instead of going to the after school program and it worked. >> i lied. i was like not really thinking anything. i was just writing a note. i was focusing on writing the note. >> brian: great explanation. he hung out at home. his mom wants to know why the secretary is still on the job. and did he give an interview. >> steve: hurricane season officially begins in the atlantic today. the national weather service predicting a 70% chance of nine to 15 named storms this season with four to eight of them strengthening to hurricane
5:40 am
status. they got a pretty good record of this in may of 2011. they said there would be six to ten hurricanes. there ended up being seven. the year before that they predicted eight to 14. there were 12. so if that's what they say, there is a real good possibility. >> brian: good record keeping on your part. >> steve: thank you very much. i keep a ledger in my desk. >> brian: helps the show. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, continuing coverage of breaking economic news. national unemployment ratic iting up to 8.2%. the mayor of one of the most important states in the upcoming election is from charlotte, north carolina. he's here next. first let's check out what's on this weekend. >> hey, guys. we're out here are some barbecue and all these fans out here. it's great to be here. here is what's coming up tomorrow morning. the cost of care, there is another university that is warning that its students could see insurance costs more than double because of obamacare. we're going to hear from a student at that school. >> and then why in the world does brian kilmeade lie all the time? >> i don't know.
5:41 am
>> a decade long study shedding new light on why we lie. it says that we all bend the truth, so brian is not alone. that explains why you lie. dr. ablow will weigh in on that. >> also one serving of popcorn can be just as bad as eating french fries? five unhealthy snacks to avoid in our sneaky snack alert. catch us 6:00 a.m. all weekend long. first, more from jana kramer. alisyn says she's adorable. >> adorable! >> back to jana kramer! ♪ ♪
5:42 am
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>> steve: more on our lead story. moments ago, the national unemployment rate ticked up to 8.2%. and employers only added 69,000 jobs last month. not the 155,000 they were hoping for. so not good news for the white house nor a lot of people across this country. joining us now for reaction, we've got the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, mayor anthony fox. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> steve: well, we got a little bad news this morning. that number not going the right direction. >> well, you know, look, we are still trying to recover as a country from a tremendous hurricane, from a economic standpoint. but what i want to say about that is that the moving average is actually in the right direction and in charlotte in particular, which have particularly hard hit by the economic down turn, our number
5:46 am
in april was 8.1%. we have two weeks before behar the next number. but we're actually seeing a substantial down turn from where we were in terms of unemployment. >> steve: i do believe, mayor, you know better than i, but at one point, wasn't unemployment there in charlotte north of 10%? >> yes, it was. >> steve: so what have you guys been doing? there are so many places that are desperate for jobs and you've got in some cases, people lining up for jobs in charlotte. >> yeah. you know, the reality is that we have to do an all of the above strategy to cry to create jobs in our country. we've had a great run of success in the financial sector in charlotte and we are still the second largest financial services center in the country. we have eight fortune 500 companies in charlotte and many of those companies are in different areas. energy is one of the areas we think charlotte will grow in the long-term. we've actually grown 5,000 jobs in the energy sector even during the recession. so we're continuing to branch out in new areas and also we
5:47 am
should never forget small businesses. 90% of the jobs in our area are small business jobs. so when we create the access to capital and create the venues for small businesses to emerge, we have help grow the economy. >> steve: of course, you should have a pretty good summer there in charlotte because the democratic national convention is going to be there first week in september, i do previous. so you're going to have tens of thousands of people in your town, which is really good news. i'm curious, your reaction, the fact that over the last couple of weeks, some on the democrat side suggested maybe we shouldn't have the convention in north carolina given the fact that with this same sex marriage amendment that passed just a couple of weeks ago down there. >> look, i think if we were to wait for a state where everyone agrees on every single thing, we would never have a convention. north carolina is a perfect place for a convention and
5:48 am
frankly, it's a swing state. the definition of a swing state is that it swings, goes in both directions depending on the issue. this is a state that elected progressive governors like terry sanford and jim hunt. it's also a state that elected jesse helms. so we are going to have to fight for every vote we get in the election, but at the end of the day, i think north carolina is a perfect backdrop for this convention. >> steve: at thend of the summer, we're look forward to dropping by your fair city in charlotte. mayor fox, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. great to see you. >> steve: we'll see you then. all right. straight ahead, country star jana kramer performs her new hit. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer to see what's he got at the top of the hour. >> she's doing great out there. >> steve: she's fantastic! >> break news on the economy. this is not good news for americans. stuart varney on that. michelle bachman on a vote regarding abortion. another hearing on green, clean energy. how is that going to go? what we're learn being the future for health care behind
5:49 am
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5:53 am
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out of all of the places in this little town ♪ ♪ yeah, you had to come walking in here and sit down ♪ >> gretchen: we'll be right back! >> thank you. >> steve: very nice! we'll be right back. ♪ why you wanna show up in a old t-shirt [ heart beating, monitor beeping ]
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