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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 1, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: you got to go, brian. >> brian: i know. it's 20 miles from my house. >> but you have to come. there is zero excuse. >> gretchen: and she'll join us for the after the show show. stick around. have a fantastic weekend, everyone. see you monday. bill: good morning on a friday. bad news on the job front and renewed fears the economy is sputtering. the labor department out with the jobs number for may. monthly rate rising for the first time in nearly a year. up to 8.2%. martha is with the queen today. heather: this number is worse than expected. it's very bad news information the white house. bill: stuart varney leads our coverage. >> reporter: this is very bad
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news for the economy, it's very bad news politically for president obama. we all knew the economy was slowing and the jobs picture was getting weak. today's picture confirms how bad this is. we are getting weaker. bill: on the screen in the bottom if number, the month of may, 69,000 jobs created. that is the lowest number by a long shot. stewart we did not create 143,000 jobs in far, we created 11,000 less than that. in april the number was revised down by 38,000. today's number for the month of may is very bad indeed. bill: the underemployed said to
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be 14.8%. what is that? >> reporter: those are the number of people who are flat out unemployed and under employed. they are doing part time, they want full time. this 14.8% is often referred to as the real unemployment rate as opposed to the 8.2%. 14.8% are the people who don't have a job, wish they had a job or a full-time job. march and april, the numbers on the screen are already corrected. bill: 70,000 to 77,000 created in april for the record. you have issues in china and europe. why are we stuck in the mud? >> reporter: it's a crisis of confidence about whether we are going to expand in the future. that means employers are unwilling to hire new workers. there is a crisis of confidence
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due to the poll i response to this economy. there is a crisis of confidence in the global economy slowing down all over the world. it's a crisis of confidence about the future and the number of people who will be employed in america in the future. bill: stuart varney, see you on ... heather: solyndra becoming a symbol in the battle for jobs. mitt romney paying a visit to the shuttered company. >> let's look at decision to put money in this enterprise. this was a decision to say the money would go into solyndra
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from campaign contributors of president obama. that had nothing to do with predecessors. it represents a serious conflict of interest. >> reporter: while governor romney was on the west coast. the obama campaign firing back from the east coast. here is david axlerod. >> selling himself as an economic savior. the massachusetts record was alarmingly weak. he brought the orien takes of a financial engineer whose career has not been about generating job. it's about short-term profits. it's not about long-term growth and building for the future, but taking what he can when he can. heather: mr. axlerod constantly heckled which romney supporters during the speech. molly, first of all -- what was going none the background of
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david axlerod's speech? >> reporter: that's team romney trying to drown him out. the romney supporters were chanting where are the jobs? and tell the truth. and here is how david axlerod responded to them. >> you can't handle the truth, my friends. that's the problem. >> reporter: you can't handle the truth is what he's saying. what you saw there is part of the reason the romney campaign kept it on the down low that the governor was going to solyndra to prevent the obama campaign from interfering with that press conference. heather: what does this say about the future of the campaign season. >> reporter: both sides will be working hard to frame the economic situation to their advantage. president obama will talk about unemployment numbers that have fallen from 10% in 2009 to 8.2% in may.
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he will talk about a resurgeon auto industry and he and his campaign will criticize mitt romney's record as massachusetts governor. romney will go after the president and his economic policies, probably the unemployment numbers today and saying the president hasn't been a good steward of the nation's tax dollars and he romney knows how to help the private sector thrive economically. heather: sounds like supporters of both sides intend to be joke am as well. >> reporter: they are out there. bill: we heard from a few former first ladies. mitt romney picking up an endorsement from nancy reagan at her home near los angeles. the widow of president reagan calls governor romney the clear
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choice in the race. she says her husband would have liked romney's business background and his what she calls strong principles. bill: moment after a jury acquitted john edwards on one count and the judge declared a miss trial on the other five. edwards says he does deserve blame. >> i want to make sure everyone hears from me and from my voice. while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal. i did an awful, awful lie that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins, none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible, nobody working for the
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government is responsible, i am responsible. bill: back with us this morning. jonathan serrie. there is one report suggesting the government will not retry him. that was one report. what are you hearing? >> reporter: legal experts are telling us it's highly unlikely the government is going to retry this case. edwards lawyers have two weeks to file a motion for acquittal that would protect john edwards from a retrial. prosecutors will be assessing their case to see if it's worth a retrial. but it's highly unlikely. though the jury was unable to find edwards guilty of any crimes. the trial focused on his undismighted moral failures. it appears unlikely the former senator will hold future public
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office. but edwards hinted he may want a role in influencing public policy. >> i don't think god is through with me. i believe he thinks there are some good things i can do. whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward. what i'm hopeful about is all those kids that i have seen in the poorest parts of this country, and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. in whatever way i'm capable of helping them. >> reporter: helping the poor was the cornerstone of his presidential campaign in 2004 and 2008. bill: what about his personal life? >> reporter: coming out of the court thousands he thanked his parents and eldest daughter kate for sticking by him throughout his trial. he also expressed his love for
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all his children, including frances lynn hunter. >> finally, my precious quinn. who i love more than any of you could ever imagine. and i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. i'm gradeful for all my children. including my son wade who we lost years ago. >> reporter: as he left the courthouse a reporter shouted a question whether he planned to marry reille hunter, edwards did not answer. heather: what happened inside that carolina court? our legal experts will breaker it down for you. and will federal prosecutors give this another shot? bill: we are just getting
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started. congress voting down a ban and abortions based on the gender of a fetus. any shul bachmann live -- michelle bachmann live with a reaction to that vote. heat will be the portrait of president bush -- >> i'm pleased my portrait brings an interesting symmetry to the white house collection. it now starts and ends with a george w. heather: wait until you hear what he had to say to president obama. bill: police saying they do not believe the little girl is alive and her grandfather pointing the finger of blame at her father. >> come and face me like a man and tell me where my
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heather: president obama giving a warm welcome to the former occupants of 1600 pennsylvania avenue unveiling the portraits of the former president bush and first lady laura bush. >> i'm also pleads, mr. president, that when you were wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions you will be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do? heather: mrs. bush also getting in a few good lines, telling mrs. obama, quote, nothing makes a house a home like having portraits of its former across pants staring down at you.
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bill: there were some funny lines in that moment yesterday. back to this jobs report. there is reaction from the mitt romney camp calling it devastating news for american workers and their families. i want to bring in congresswoman michele bachmann. we added 68,000, 69,000 jobs in the month of may. >> it's devastating as governor romney said. this is less than half of what the projections were for the month and that still isn't nearly enough to get us back into fall employment. president obama has been in office almost a full term of four years. we are sitting here at 8.2% unemployment.
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this is the bedrock number of the economy. what's happening to jobs. in my own state of minnesota, there is another devastating number that came out that said 40% of all homes are under water. in other words, the owner owes more than what they can get for it on the market. bill: that's in minnesota? we normally associate that with florida or new york or california. >> the jobs numbers are the driver. when people feel they can't move and change out of their jobs, they are stuck and they can't move and they can't figure out how to get into the next gear in their life. that's why this is devastating news. i want to remind everyone, president obama said if he can't turn the economy around in three years he's limited to a one-term proposition. i think he's being pro gettic when he's talking about where
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the people are at. they have zero confidence in the president's ability to understand the economy and create more jobs. this is a damning indictment for the president. bill: romney's statement has a line about the obama economy is crushing america's middle class. i was with him monday and asked how he makes that connection to middle class americans. how does he best do that? >> i think one thing that middle class americans know about governor romney. he's a very smart guy. he has an optimistic message and he has a proven record on understanding the economy. this is something people can trust governor romney on. women especially are nervous about the job market for hair
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husbands or others in their lives. his tool of choice has been debt accumulation. debt accumulation has been anathema to job growth. you have an increase in unemployment as well as federal debt accumulation. those two numbers don't go well together. weaver to lower the national debt and that will lower unemployment. bill: come back, we'll talk again. heather: nearly six months after a toddler vanished in maine, police say they believe she is dead. now her grandfather's impassioned plea for justice. bill: we'll explain how one man with no gun prevented further tragedy. >> a man is assaulting a woman.
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bill: now to an amazing story in seattle. we'll show you some new video where a man puts up an incredible defense giving customers a chance to get out. the gunman killed four people, then shot and killed a woman and took off in her suv. police in seattle are giving credit where credit is due. >> i would like to say in 30 years of doing this i have never seen anything like that. having said that. there is a hero.
6:24 am
if he wants to make himself available he will. he put his life at risk. he was sitting next to the suspect when the suspect started shooting. and the suspect had two guns. the hero picked up a stool and threw it at the suspect, hit him. picked up another stool while the suspect is shooting and pointing at him and hits him with another stool. bill: he says he made a vow after his brother died in the attacks of 9/11 to step in if he ever witnessed anything like that. heather: a heartbreaking allegation in the case of the mission toddler ayla reynolds in maine. police think the father is holding back information. it's all proving to be too much
6:25 am
for her grandfather. >> face me like a man. tell me where my granddaughter is. you want to see someone pissed off? look at me when you are on tv. heather: she disappeared from her father's home. jamie, what led police to determine ayla is likely not alive. >> reporter: you can see emotions are running high. police say they believe her father who was home with his girlfriend and other friend when 20-month-old ayla vanished knows more about her disappearance than he's telling them. and that led them to conclude the worst, that there is little hope they will find her alive. >> the evidence gathered at this point, we think it is highly unlikely ayla reynolds will be found alive. nothing points in that
6:26 am
direction. her grandfather clearly distraught at the latest news. >> you want to see somebody upset. i'm her papa. i'm her papa. i am her blood. you understand? you are taking something from me. >> reporter: police insist this case will not be closed until ayla is found dead or alive. no charges have been filed. heather: does the family hold out any hope at all? >> reporter: we hope that they do. but the mother's side of the family, the reynolds, they have all cooperated with authorities. and the family clearly believes it's ayla's father justin that hold the key to solving what happened to ayla last december 17. given the news this is now a criminal investigation involving likely foul play, ayla's mom's
6:27 am
reaction understandable. >> i just found out news i would not want any parent to find out. my nightmare has come true. what hurts the most is i don't know where she is at. >> reporter: they remind the public they are still looking for new leads. there is a $30,000 reward. about it expires on june 30. they are looking everywhere. they are on it, heather. we hope for some news soon. heather: thank you so much, jamie. bill: republican leaders talking about the jobs numbers that were out 60 minutes ago, it's not good. republicans talking about a dreadful number out as the unemployment rate ticks higher to 8.2%. we have john boehner the house speaker who made a comment just
6:28 am
a few moments ago. heather: a top republican deepening an investigation into a massive green energy failure. new calls to look into preferential treatment from the white house. congressman darrell issa is here. >> president obama has to make a choice. he can be part of the problem or part of the solution. all of the above is only half of thele solution. ♪ [ camera clicks ] ♪ it's hard to resist the craveable nature of a nature valley sweet & salty nut bar. it's the travelocity spring into summer sale. you can save up to 50% on select hotels and vacation packages. so book your summer vacation now and save up to 50%. offer ends soon. book right now at
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call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. bill: the mitt romney team jumping on the jobs reports. the house speaker john boehner and eric canter reacting to the news the unemployment number ticked up in the month of may. >> it's pretty clear that the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs. another month of disappointing job gains, it's pretty clear the american people are hurting.
6:32 am
small businesses continue to avert hiring any additional people. and it's clear that the policies we have seen are not working. i would just hope that the president and my colleagues in the senate will look at our plan to create american jobs. passed over 30 bills sitting in the united states senate. we could help people in our time of great need if the senate would just look at the bills before us. you watched us for the last year and a half come up here every day and every week making clear our focus is the focus of the american people. our focus is on this economy and jobs. that's why that's continued to be our focus each and every day over the last year and a half and it will remain that because the american people are in a desperate spot.
6:33 am
millions of americans have lost their jobs, are looking for work, and it's time for to us change course and have real policies that will put americans back to work. >> good morning. these job numbers are pathetic. and, you know, the american people really deserve better. i think under the right leadership we can do better. we in the house remain committed to doing all we can to removing the uncertainly that's plaguing not only working families in this country but small business people in this country. that's why you will see us continue to focus on the fact that we are not going to allow taxes to go up on anybody. we'll put a bill on the floor this summer to make sure that signal is sent to the working families and small businesses of this country. we also believe strongly the uncertainly provided by the president's healthcare bill is laying down job creation,
6:34 am
weighing count innovation and investment in this country and that's why we'll seek to repeal in total the obama-care bill. bill: democrats quick to react. democrats say republicans showing no sign of changing course, the focus on jobs suggesting right now they are a do-nothing congress and their approach to jobs not working. look for more reaction on this throughout the day. here is reaction from wall street. there is a big selloff at the open. 12,251. we'll watch that to see if we go any lower or hang there. heather: major developments to tell you about in afghanistan. nato confirming a blast at a military base in the eastern part of the country. local police say it happened just outside the city of khost.
6:35 am
we'll keep you posted on this developing story. bill: a top republican demanding the iron year department hand over information about federal loans at so-called green energy companies like solyndra. the question is whether they received preferential treatment because of their contribution to the campaign at the white house. >> i think we have proven it already in other areas. we had live testimony in front of our committee in which we made the link between the now secretary of commerce, calls to the president to try to fast track these loans. but what we are looking at with senator sessions is on top of
6:36 am
mandates, guaranteed subjects does and preferential loans you and i could never get from our government, we are seeing the fasttracking of access with no bids to department of interior land. we would like to know if there are similar emails and communications that show this was part of a take care of your friends and buddies in this quote all of the above green energy only presidency, one in which the low ground is not being added to while in fact what's above ground is being subsidized, fast tracked and given political preferences by the people bundling for this president both before and after his election. bill: you make the argument you haven't gotten the material you need. democrats push back. they say oil and gas production has never been higher in u.s. history. what do you say to that? >> i say that as close to a lie
6:37 am
you can have and still have technical support for it. on private land there is a significant increase in oil and particularly natural gas in america. that's coming out of the use of improved hydraulic fracturing and it's coming 96% out of private land. let's understand something more important. the democrats themselves when they were fighting anwar and other u.s. production. they said it takes 10 years bring properties online for useful wells. these are the kicking in of bush-era policies to the extent we have greater production and federal lands and there is 37% reduction drilling on federal lands under this president. 7 years from now, five years from now you will see a reduction because of this president's moratorium on drilling while he's taking advantage of his presented says jr. it's disingenuous to use the
6:38 am
term just as our mitt he hearing yesterday showed it's disingenuous to talk about our limited resources when we can be completely energy self-sufficient in oil, natural gas and coal for hundreds of years if we are allowed to sensibly and sensibly seek it. bill: i have a list of six or seven companies you are interested in. one is first solar. this was high flyer on wall street. it laid off half of its workforce at one of its plants near l.a. this is a company that received $3 billion in federal loan guarantees. is this company going to make it? >> probably not. but one person who made it was the ceo who took $400 million out just as those loans were coming through and the stock was riding high. but it's working mostly for
6:39 am
friends of the president. people who were major contributors. these companies are not profitable. even with subsidies and mandates and as we are beginning to see a record of, fasttracking that you and i would never get for use of federal lands. just the opposite. if you want to minor go after oil or natural gas, you are probably going to have an endless hurdle keeping you from using federal land under this administration. but if you want to put up some wind mills or solar, they will help you so fast that you would never believe that government could be this cooperative. and there has always been a link with this administration to his bundlers and solar. bill: we know where the drilling is working. north dakota, northeastern ohio, northeastern p.a. and perhaps a state near you very soon. >> absolutely. bill, and it's being done on
6:40 am
private land. heather: some brand-new polls out in the race for the white house. an incredible twist in the see called spray tan murder case. remember this one? did a husband really kill his wife? one of the world's most famous forensic pathologists poking holes in the prosecution's case. >> she is not breathing? >> no westbound, she is not breathing. she is not breathing. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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6:44 am
millions on alert. ash exploding from an active volcano. a bit of history in the u.s. it's donut day. it's a tradition that started on the battlefield of france when salvation army volunteers delivered donuts to the soldiers in the trenches during world war i. heather: i saw them. i did not have them but i saw them. major developments in the case of a florida real estate executive accused of killing his wife in 2011. adam kaufman's defense team calling dr. michael baden who says the victim did not die of unnatural causes. in the case against kaufman first gained national attention. his lawyers initially blamed her
6:45 am
death on an allergic reaction to spray tan she had gotten. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> reporter: why do you believe she did not die of unnatural cause.? >> reporter: because the findings of some kind of strangulation were not present in the body. the diagnosis was made 17 months later, largely on what police officers said they found at the scene. the problem is still an ongoing case. it will be decided early next week. police in that county where this death occurred see about one homicide a year. a lot of mistakes were made at the scene that have been testified to at the trial it's a call for regionalization. when a possible homicide occurs in a small county that doesn't
6:46 am
have many homicides, they have got to coordinate with the next big county, miami, where jonbenet ramsey. they should have gotten in touch with denver. the ability to evaluate a crime scene and come to proper opinions right at the first day or so depends on experience and that the officers have. heather: the lack of experience, was that the main issue when it comes to mistakes made at the crime scene? take us through some of the mistakes. >> some of the mistakes were the first police officers immediately thought that the husband had killed his wife. his wife, 33 years old was found dead in the bathroom over a toilet with much froth coming from the mouth. the responding emts got there late and tried to insert a
6:47 am
trachial tube and got rough about it because they kept putting the tube in without success. so there were marks on the body from the failures to insert the trachial tube. a police officer heard the husband say i found her dead on the toilet bowl. another one say i found her dead off the toilet bowl. immediately thought that he was making up a story. the police at the scene thought it was a homicide even though the autopsy didn't show it was a homicide. so the case was left open for about 17 months before the death certificate was issued as a homicide which is unusual. most homicides are identified within 24 hours. heather: they immediately worked on the assumption of guilt. but you say there were no marks on the husband as well.
6:48 am
>> the theory of the prosecution was that there was a vigorous fight in the bathroom. there was no evidence of that in the bathroom at all or in the house of any kind of disturbances of the furniture or surroundings, and the husband had no marks on him. all he had on him was froth on his mouth which came from the froth coming out of the wife's lungs that he was giving cpr to. to me that's evidence of heart disease. bill: a fox news alert. on the state of the american economy. the jobs number is not strong. the white house reacting after republicans and mitt romney jumped all over this report. we'll get you down to washington. and we'll get you reaction with the white house to see how this is playing. stocks meanwhile are headed south. 181 in 10 minutes of trading.
6:49 am
how will the white house react now? we'll find out when we get a quick break after this.
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heather: just days to go before a state race that has national implications. wisconsin's governor scott walker, the polls have walker in the lead. bill clinton will be in the state today campaigning for walker's opponent tom barrett. bill: despite a sluggish market there is one real estate sector that's not doing too bad. how about your very own private island. phil keating has found east
6:53 am
sister rock somewhere down in florida. where are you, phil? >> reporter: we are in the keys around the town of marathon. 50 miles from key west. this is going on the market more and more. your own private island. this is 1.7 acres. three bedrooms. two paths. with a price point of all these private island. you don't necessarily have to be a millionaire. this is like a little cruise ship that doesn't move. for bob and elena it's been a wind and solar powered paradise a quarter mile away from the mainland. >> a lot of peace and quiet if we want it. the on noise here is the ocean
6:54 am
if you want to call that noise. >> reporter: after 20 years amazing sun sets and snorkling they are selling. asking price, $12 million. pry rate islands inc lists 100 of them for as hitting as $200,000. buyer beware. transportation. you have to have a helicopter or boat just to get there. >> reporter: bob warren's potential buyers, hurricanes are one potential threat. >> there is on one occupational hazard down here. you like to drink beer down here. >> reporter: bob and his family left miami because that was where the forecasted hurricane was set to track. came down here and the hurricane
6:55 am
detoured. so they have ridden out the hurricane. the house is 50 years old. it has weathered them all. what private island doesn't come with its own billiards table. bill: i heard him talking about beer. they never drink beer. thank you, phil. heather: tough job. we have a winner. listen to this. >> guetapens. heather: a 14-year-old from san diego win be the scripps national spelling bee. but at fir she didn't even know that she had won. >> i wasn't sure because i was expecting them to stand up or something and say you are the
6:56 am
champion. and i was confused whether i had to spell another word or not. heather: her dad said this was a long time coming since they started spelling words on the way to her kindergarten class. bill: spell it again? heather: guetapens. bill: i'm looking it up. she is that good. is syria on the brink of an allout civil war? threatening to bring the rest of the middle east along with it. will the united states be forced to act? we'll check with john bolton on that. new questions after governor
6:57 am
romney's surprise stop at the solyndra building in california. >> this is not the kind of building built by private enterprise. this is the kind of building built with a half billion dollars in taxpayer money. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer.
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it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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7:00 am
may did not create nearly as many jobs as we had hoped for everybody. it means am pwurbgsd or trapped thaambushed, or trapped. i'm bill hemmer. heather: i'm heather childress in for martha maccallum who is on assignment. 69,000 jobs were created in may. reaction swift from republican leaders. listen. >> another month of disappointing job gains. it's pretty clear that the american people are hurting. small businesses continue to avert hiring any additional people, and it's clear that the policies that we've seen are not working. heather: doug mckelway live from the house for us. what are we hearing from the white house. >> reporter: the white house typically does not comment about the monthly jobs reports until about an hour after they are released to not appear to
7:01 am
influence the market or appear to have any undue influence on it. when that hour passed the president obama was boarding marine one for three fundraisers, and onto this evening for three more. he is expected to make comments on the jobs numbers with regard to vets. they are expected to gag he will frogle aboard marine one. they say problems in the job market were long in the making and will not be solved over not. the economy lost jobs for 25 straight months beginning in february of 2008 and 8 million jobs were lost as a result of the great recession. we are still fighting back from the greatest loss since the great depression.
7:02 am
governor mitt romney quick to pounce on the latest numbers. he says, the weak jobs report is devastating news for american workers and families. there is a slowing cascade after another. glowing the gdh growth, plunging consumer coug consumer confidence. heather: what are democrats onle hill saying. >> reporter: you heard what john boehner had to say. let's hear steny hoyer and minority leader nancy pelosi. we've got a statement from nancy pelosi.
7:03 am
you heard from speaker john boehner had to do, congress deadlocked over this. one of many issues they are deeply deadlocked over this year. heather: thank you. bill: a little bit of perspective why the job market looks as bad as it does. the number of jobs added has declined for four straight months. the lowest number of jobs in may. heather: the dow dropping at 1 point over 200 points right now it is at 12,221. you see in 30 minutes into trading stocks have been sharply lore as the big board opened. the dow jones futures were already down 100 points before the jobs report came out and then fell an additional 100 points within minutes of its release. bill: a healthcare do over. there is a report from a private
7:04 am
meeting with donor that says president obama may have to revise part of his healthcare plan in his second term. steven payne is with us. clarification, two weeks ago, may 14th fund-raiser, this was an event in new york city, and the reports suggests that call all the people that attended had to check their blackberries, iphone at the door. this thing goes public. according to the report the president said what about health say are. >> reporter: he said it was possible healthcare would get overturn and they'd have to revisit healthcare in a second tefrplt it would be one of the things he's working on. quite a private view when eith he's talking at fun fundraisers than the white house when they
7:05 am
say it will not happen. bill: is it a concern about the supreme court ruling, or is it politics here where the president can go out the next five or six months and say you cannot afford not to reelect me because we still have work to do on this law, and i'm your guy. >> reporter: the white house has to be planning for the possibility that the supreme court would invalidate the law, given the tone of the questioning that came from the justices during oral arguments. i think it's more likely than not that the law will be upheld but it may not be. if it's not certainly the white house wants to be prepared. having said that it's virtually inch con receivable to me that president obama would campaign on in effect redoing healthcare for the next five months. bill: he could campaign on making it better and i improving it. he sees the polls. i'm intrigued as to why, and how and who is putting these stories out no. >> reporter: hans income ols the reporter from bloomberg had
7:06 am
three sources that had given him information about these remarks at private fun fundraisers. i think he did some good digging, talking to fundraisers and democratic courses and came up with this on his own. i don't think it came from the white house. it doesn't sound like a planned leak for me. bill: we'll get a ruling some time in the month of june. >> reporter: yep. bill: it's coming this month. heather: and brand-new polls showing a dead heat in the race for the white house. a new rasmussen survey of likely voters showing governor romney edging president obama 46 to 45% but clearly this is anyone always race. scott rasmussen, president of joins us right now. the big talk today the job numbers that just came out. how do you expect that this will influence these numbers?
7:07 am
>> i'd expect these numbers would have an impact on consumer confidence. it takes about a week to work its way throughout system. if consumer confidence falters a little bit more that is going to hurt president obama's job approval rating . it wouldn't surprise me to see governor romney pick up a couple of points during the coming week. the real story is, are these numbers today a one time fluke which gives the president plenty of time to recover or are they the beginning of the trend. right now if they are the beginning of the trend this makes the president's re-election prospects much, much worse. heather: do you think what the romney camp needs to do is hammer home the unemployment rate and the job situation as we move forward? >> the unemployment rate, the job situation, but the overall economy. heather, among people who have a job right now 27% are worried that they might lose it. there are concerns on the housing market and other things. it's a mistake to focus on a single number, but the reason that this is such a difficult
7:08 am
issue, the reason the obama campaign has such a tough hand to play is most americans believe the best thing the government can do to help the economy is to cut spending and cut deficits, and they believe the president wants to head in the opposite direction. it makes it difficult for the president to target that i romney's time at bain capital or some of the other issues he might like to go after. heather: you also took a poll on the latest approval ratings for obama, what did you find. >> reporter: the president's job approval is at 48% as of this mourn. he's been in that mid to high 40 ra*eupbl40 range time. the strong disapproval always higher than the approval. the intensity factor has not changed. what i would expect on election day is the president's share of the vote will be very close to his overall job approval rating. heather: what can president obama do to switch those numbers around, get people jobs, get them back working? >> he's got to have a better
7:09 am
economy. this is not something that rhetoric can fix, this is not something that the right campaign commercial can fix. what the president needs is a better economy in october. if that happens, if people feel better about their own finances and about the economy the president will be reelected, if they don't, if today's numbers are the beginning of a trend mitt romney will move into the white house next january. heather: thank you very much. scott mas polling for us. bill: governor romney making a surprise trip to solyndra calling it a failure. >> inside there are showers that have lcd displays that tell you what the temperature is of the shower water. the robots inside actually provide disney music tunes. bill: sounds like a pretty sweet bathroom. fair & balanced debate on that move. heather: and a mistrial declared in the john edwards case, and
7:10 am
jurors are speaking out. what exactly happened here. bill: warnings of an all out saeufl war in th civil war in the middle east. ambassador john bolton is here live in minutes. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time
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7:13 am
bill: tow a stunning revelation in the showdown over iran's nuclear program. a senior national security official confirming that president obama accelerated cyber attacks on iran early on in his presidency. that includes stuxnet a super worm that attacked the main uranium enrichment facility. that cyber aback beginning under the bush administration. heather: governor mitt romney
7:14 am
making a surprise campaign stop at the now shuttered solyndra headquarters. romney blasting the president standing in front of the new defunct energy company that received a half billion dollar loan guarantee from the administration. >> you look at this building behind us. this is not the kind of building that is built by private enterprise. this is the kind of billing that is built with a half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. it's not only the taj mahal of headquarters, showers have lcd displays that tell you what the temperature of the shower water is. and the robots inside actually provide disney music tunes. heather: daily catherine ham, daily caller columnist, and political analyst mark hanna, former aid to the john kerry campaign and barack obama campaign. is it wise for romney to go off
7:15 am
solyndra. >> yeah i think if you compare the public investment of taxpayer money, with private money that he did, which was pretty good that he comes out winning this. this is what the obama campaign was trying to do. they were trying to send axelrod to massachusetts to put that message out, to say he hadn't created jobs. he goes to solyndra, it was a great backdrop for him, it was political theatre, it turned out well. most of the stories yesterday were about solyndra and axelrod being thrown off a about it by romney folks. heather: what is your response. >> to her point romney camp dominated headlines on solyndra for a day. when you take a look at this in a larger argument that he is somehow stronger than the obama administration on the economy this seems like small ball.
7:16 am
solyndra is one case of a company that went belly-up for sure. it's not the prod december of the bailout package. when he look at mitt romney's record in massachusetts, the he had two donors to his campaign getting nearly $5 million in government subsidies that also went belly-up. it seems the height of here pock crazy for him to make these claims. let me remind everybody watching at home. solyndra's application was forwarded by both democratic and republican administration. the bush administration was forwarded applications from solyndra as well and they received this money through a grant and program developed in the part of energy create under the bush administration. heather: mary catherine who made the decision to give it to solyndra. >> i think they've fast tracked it. the e malls from the white house, it's pretty clear they president bush into this 537 million-dollar investment. and to most people that is not
7:17 am
call balls. there is a recent cbo report that came out about the stimulus calculating that every job created cost between $500,000 and 1.4 million. your return on investment ain't real great here and he says he can do a lot better, and that is fair. there are several huge loans, beacons, batteries that left the fiskar automobile broken down on the consumer report's track because there are things symbolic and important as to how president obama does business. >> if this is the best argument the romney camp is going to make after barack obama inherited an economy and there has been job growth. we were 47 out of 50 states in the country in terms of job
7:18 am
creation. mitt romney created six times private jobs than he did private jobs in massachusetts. the economic argument that mitt romney is trying to make is ringing hollow. heather: how about the numbers that came out today. unemployment rate jumping to 8.2%, the first time in nearly a year and you talked about the inherited economy, unemployment rate that was inch territoried was 7.6%. >> we can say jump to 8.2, but we're talking about fractions of a percent here. we're talking about job increases here, and the fact of the father is it hasn't been as robust as anyone would hope but economists from both parties agree, whether you're conservative or liberal economists agree that the obama administration did take the economy back from the brink. you had even colin powell applauding him -- >> colin powell voted for barack obama. the message is clear here.
7:19 am
this guy has had four years. he's invested a lot of your none some real bad stuff that. was his plan when he spoke in nevada even when he was touting one of his successessess. he spoke at a solar plant that employs 5 people. $537million lost on these various investments, this is the road we are going down. it ain't creating jobs and you're not getting anything back for your money. heather: 69,000 jobs created in may, far less than projected. thank you both so much for skwraeupbg us. joining us. we appreciate it. bill: watch in the sky because it is the 1st of june, hurricane season officially underway. seems like this is what is brewing this summer for all of us. we'll take you live to an area already on alert. heather: unrest growing over potential cuts in defense spending. fears on what it could do to our military strength and our troops.
7:20 am
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heather: it is 23 minutes past the hour. former boxing champ floyd mayweather is trade nothing the boxing ring for a prison sell. he will serve three months on battery charges for attacking the mother of this is children back in 2010. chrysler reporting amazing sale numbers selling more than 150,000 vehicles in may thanks to increased demands for jeeps and ram trucks, up 30% from the same time a year ago. venus getting ready to crawl across the face of the sun. it will appear as a black dot on the sun next tuesday. if you miss it you are out of look.
7:24 am
it will not happen again for another 105 years, bill. you've got to spot that. bill: looks like et on the bicycle, right in the basket? heather: pretty cool. that was new for me. pretty cool, walking and talking at the same time. i made it. bill: i've got a stick of trident in my pocket. today marks the official start of the atlantic hurricane season, within the past few minutes forecasters at colorado state university raising their prediction th-s year, now predicting 13 tropical storms and as many as five hurricanes. steve hurricane harrigan is live in miami. how often are these guys right, the experts, steve. >> reporter: the sigh even 'tises are pretty good at pre victoriaing. they are saying four to eight hurricanes. one out of clear expected to be
7:25 am
major hurricanes, that means categories 3, 4 or 5 and that means winds more than 111 miles per hour. what they are not able to predict is how many storms will make landfall. they are good at the numbers but still uncertainty in this process. bill: you have lived down in florida for years. do things change on the 1st of june for people living down there. are they aware of this. >> reporter: they are very aware. even though florida has not been hit with major hurricane six years, people here still remember hurricane andrew 20 years ago. that came at the end of a slow season, just six named storms, but it cost $25 billion worth of damage. they are predicting a moderate season. it takes one hurricane to wipe out everything. people have seen it before and remember it well, they are getting rid i and i see advertisements to protect your home already beginning this season, bill. bill: do they feel like they've been lucky, lately, steve?
7:26 am
>> reporter: they feel like they've dodged the bullet. most people know there is trouble to come. a lot of advice in the paper telling you what to do, have a cell phone charger, operate op opted by battery. heather: syria spiraling out of control as more bodies of innocent si citizens many of them children are found shot, executed. bill: bear showing up where he did not belong. this was not part of show and tell. >> i noticed a large animal. i thought it was a large dog at first. and then i could hear the conversation in the radio that it was a bear. it was a very eventful probably three, four minutes. ♪ halleluja ♪ hallelujah
7:27 am
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bill: 10:30 in new york. oversees there are fears of a full civil war in syria as the u.n.'s deadline for a peace plan has expired. some of these the latest images we can get inside of syria. it's difficult to get reports independently there. new violence yet again, and president bashar al-assad trying to maintain his grip on power while his people are being slaughtered. yesterday martha sat down with florida senator marco rubio and talked about this. he said now is the time to act and this is how he would do it. >> the first thing we have to do is help the opposition get organized. martha: how would you do that. >> you'd encourage our allies like turkey to create a safe-haven for them. we could provide communication -rpbgs food, medicine the kind of logistic support to get politically and military organized. once they are a cohesive
7:31 am
operating unit we should encourage our allies who are plea paired to arm these folks, we don't even have to do it. bill: john bolton former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. is senator rubio onto something here or is that something that is already underway. >> i think some states, probably the saudis and cutar are doing that already. this is a struggle between iran and the arab states on another. bill: take us inside the administration's debate here. leon leon panetta the defense secretary en route to asia talked about u.s. military action without u.n. approval, and right now u.n. approval does not appear to be coming. russia is firmly in the way. he says he cannot envision that happening without u.n. approval. susan rice says it is the most
7:32 am
probable scenario if you were to get military action without u.n. backing. what does this tell us about the inner workings of this decision? >> i think it shows the complexity of the issues involved here and obviously some disarray inside the administration. one thing i think is clear, the u.n. is not the solution here. the russians, the chinese have vetoed sanctions resolutions against the bashar al-assad regime. they've made it clear, as clear as russia can take it they are not going to change that position or do anything in the security council that threatens bashar al-assad and that is the big part of the job. it's not just bashar al-assad as the issue here. bill: if that is the case then the war does not end, it continues. >> that's exactly right. that's why i fear that talking about arming the opposition in a way is beside the point. the arming the opposition is not going to stop the a tros a tees, this is sectarian and the and a months satisfactory tees are
7:33 am
very deep. if anything arming the on situation may lead to more atrocities. the real issue is here who is propping up the bashar al-assad regime. it's clear, it's russia and iran. bill: we have a nuclear issue in the background of all this. you ran in these circles, what is the likelihood of doing a back room deal with iran on the nuclear deal that would keep the u.s. from pushing the russians to go further? because you know iran doesn't want to lose power in syria. >> well, what i fear is that iran, you know, we're talking about the place where chess was invented, keeping its regime in power is the king, the nuclear program is a queen. what does that make bashar al-assad, a knight, a bishop probably. they may say you can seep bashar al-assakeep bashar al-assad, we want our nuclear program. and i'm afraid the obama
7:34 am
administration would make that deal. bill: what is the scenario you see playing out. >> reporter: i think bashar al-assad is tkeurpl determined to remain in power. i think russia wants to keep him in power for military reasons and i think iran wants to keep him in power as part of its arc of influence, and onto hezbollah and lebanon. russia and iran are prepared to shed a lot of syrian blood to keep the bashar al-assad dictatorship going. that is the most likely outcome. bill: mr. ambassador, thank you, john bolton from washington today. thank you, sir. >> thank you. heather: republican senator lindsey graham sounding the alarm on some potential deep cuts in defense spending, as much as $600 billion over the next decade. he fears that the cuts could makes unprepared for new threats like iran and the growing military strength of china.
7:35 am
peter doocey is live. >> reporter: senator graham was nice enough to let us drive around with him exclusively in south carolina while he was meeting with military leaders and constituents. he says iran is moving closer to getting a nuclear weapon every single day while we have been moving closer to automatic, across the board cuts at the pentagon every single day since that debt reducing super committee failed. he says if iran's technology is constantly improving and ours isn't, then we are in trouble. >> in modern warfare if you're not advancing and improving your technology you've become very much at risk. if we cut a trillion dollars over the next decade our modernization programs come to a halt and you're talking about personnel cuts of gigantic proportions. >> reporter: he is calling on president obama to meet with a bi-partisan group of senators at
7:36 am
the white house before the election to try to find substitute cuts that would spare the pentagon. the white house so far says they are only interested in a solution that includes a balanced approach, heather. heather: what does the secretary of defense think about all this? >> reporter: this morning actually on a trip to asia secretary pa net a essentially said that sequestration would change the game in certain parts of the world like the pacific where he is and not in a good way for us. >> if sequester takes place, as i pointed out before, it's going to seriously impact on your strategy. i think we'd probably have to be in a situation where we'd have to throw that strategy out the window, and then have to take a whole new look at how we are able to respond. i'm hoping that won't happen. >> reporter: and on our tour of south carolina it became clear that sequestration is a jobs issue too, because in some small towns military bases employ a lot of people, and some local mayors told us that deep cuts
7:37 am
could mean long unemployment lines in their towns. heather. heather: thank you very much. peter doocey reporting for us, thanks. bill: there has been a lot of reaction to the new york city mayors plan on the super sized soda. he wants to stop the sale of any sugary drinks over 16 ounces. a lot of people are talking about this even 0 john boehner. >> i like mayor bloomberg, but are you kidding me? come on. don't we have bigger issues to deal with than the size of some soft drink that somebody buys? bill: it was nicotine before that. mayor bloomberg earlier today on nbc's today show was defending this plan with matt lauer, have a listen here. >> we are not banning you from getting the stuff, if you have 32 ounces the restaurant has to serve it in two glasses. that is not something taking away your freedomming, this is
7:38 am
reminding you and all the studies show if the glass in front of you or the plate in front of you is smaller you'll eat less. bill: so you have to order two. heather: would you order two? do you order the big gulp. bill: i get the big coffee though and that would be affected. this is a proposal, by the way it's not law just yet. remember the deal was solved about a year ago, and five years ago it was on cigarettes, which continues to be carried out. heather: i don't think you can legislate behavior, because people will order two. bill: perhaps. heather: they will. bill: yes. and all the guys running the del list are going to have to work harder for their money because the sales are going to drop too. we will we see. a lot of folks are talking about it. we'll see whether or not it happens. heather: including us. jurors speaking out after a mistrial is declared in the john edwards case. what really happened? we'll talk about that. bill: a great question for that jury room, right? teen pop star justin bieber seeing stars himself. knocked out cold at a concert we hear. heather: i haven't heard about
7:39 am
that. i'll have to stay tuned. ♪ [singing] graduation, huh ?
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bill: this will likely not come as a surprise watching stocks on wall street drift slowly lower below 200 points in about an hour and 18 minutes of trading. this follows a jobs report from the month of may that frankly was dreadful. 69,000 new jobs created in the month of may, that is nowhere near close to the level where you want to start chipping away at the unemployment number. in fact the unemployment rate went higher from 8.1% to 8.2%. this has enormous implications for the american economy, the global economy and the political campaign that is well underway also. in addition to that the news on the economy for the past five days has not been good when you analyze the gdp numbers and the
7:43 am
strength ever the economy, all of this having an affect on your 401k, your retirement plan as we watch it down at 213 at 10:14 on this friday. heather: a mistrial in the john edwards corruption case after the former presidential contender is found not guilty on one of the most serious charges, that he took money from a wealthy heiress to hide his affair. what went wrong for federal prosecutors here? are there any chances that they will seek another trial? here is a thankful edwards on the courthouse steps. >> all i can say is thank goodness we live in a country that has the kind of system that we have. and i think those jurors were an exemplar for what juries are supposed to do in this country. they were very, very impressive. i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there are still some good things i can do. heather: annmarie mche will sroeul former federal prosecutor
7:44 am
and defense attorney joins us now with incite. what went wrong with prosecutors and what went wrong with the ending and are you surprised. >> i wasn't surprised at all. they needed strong evidence and to have the two main witnesses that were talked about a lot and unable to come into the courtroom. heather: one of which is dead and one is 101 years old. >> they were able to bring in the two people that could have said, this is what happened here, this is what our agreement was, this is why we did what we did, moving the money because of campaign finance laws, and john edwards knew about it. they couldn't bring them in. without them it was a very difficult case. if they had emails or some direct statements by john edwards that people had heard saying, don't do it that way so we avoid the laws, or make sure you're careful doing it this way, there wasn't any of that. heather: a lot of doubt. >> there was. all they need is reasonable doubt and they can't convict, and that's what happened here.
7:45 am
heather: chances for a retrial, there were five counts declared a mistrial because they couldn't come to a conclusion. >> very unlikely that they'll have a retrial in this case. right now what the prosecutors are going to do is they will try to regroup, figure out what happened here and they will try to learn from what the jurors are saying. whether there were some that wanted to convict him, whether they could put together a strong enough case. they could change around the way they do the counts. in the blagojevich says they streamlined the case the second time around and got a conviction. they'll try and figure out if they can do that. but the two main weurts no not witnesses are not available. heather: this is not the last we've heard of john edwards. >> he made a statement that he
7:46 am
didn't think god was done with him. he may try to do what spitzer did, come back into politics, perhaps into tv, he seems to love the spotlight even at this point. heather: do you think that this verdict is the last straw for campaign finance? >> it shows it's a difficult area of the law. it's a difficult area of the law for the juries to grasp and try to find a conviction under, and it also -- it has to be used specifically for what it's charged with. here you have to bring a strong case, you can't bring a murky case and try to say it's a violation of campaign finance law unless you really have the goods on somebody. i think they have to be very cautious as to how they use the law. if its used appropriately in a strong case, if they had had the two witnesses come in and had emails showing his involve. and attention it would have been a different outcome. they have to have the right facts to back up a case brought under that law. heather: how difficult is it for jurors to separate the emotional
7:47 am
side of the case. i'm from north carolina, i was working there when all of this was going on, and the seedy side of this. how difficult is it for them to separate that? >> i think -- this jury when you look at it i think they were very good at really sift -l sifting that out they wanted to look at the evidence and all the exhibits and they did that. but they clearly, some of them said they would have liked to have convicted him, because he's such a despicable character for the things he's done. heather: we have to wrap it up. we'll see if there is another trial. bill: overseas celebrations kicking off for queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. prince charles sharing home movies in a documentary that pays tribute to his mother as she marks 60 years on the british throne. most of the footage shot by the queen herself. showing special events at the palace, even day trips to the beach. all eyes on london over the weekend, that is where martha has traveled for this weekend
7:48 am
and she is live on sunday for coverage throughout the day of the events going down the river, about a thousand different boats they expect. should be a beautiful sight. hopefully with fingers crossed the weather is good in england. jon scott is standing by. happy friday to you. how are you. jon: i'm doing well, bill, hope you are too. stocks are not. they are taking a big hit today. a much weaker than expected jobs report. what the rising unemployment means to the presidential race and to your pocketbook. neil cavuto joins us in a few minutes with what it all says about the economy. we will analyze the political implications which are huge. for the first time the white house is confirming u.s. involvement in cyberwar fair. what it means to the iran problem, and how much should we, the american public know? that is coming up "happening now." bill: jon, thank you. see you in about ten minutes there. here is one market that cannot
7:49 am
hire enough folks, and just in time for friday happy hour. one hit in there, just one. ♪ [singing] dy? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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bill: with the tpoeb us on you the economy there are new jobs numbers out today. monthly rate rising in about a year up to 8.2% now. employers in america created only 69,000 new jobs in the month of may. there is, however, one industry bucking the trend, that is beer. kraft brewery showing no signs of slowing down in the
7:53 am
breckenrich in colorado. >> reporter: kraft brewery experiencing double digit growth and in no place is that more true than in colorado. many places have identifying faire. maine has lobster, georgia has peaches. try getting a bad cup of coffee in seattle. then there is colorado that requires consumers to show id. koltcolorado brews more beer than any other state. when they hospitalize were swamped day one. >> my mother dragging garbage out, the wife was bussing tables. >> reporter: it produces more
7:54 am
than 6 million barrels an air, independently owned. one sign things are good, banks lending money. >> it has got even a little bit easier because there are more believers in the kraft beer business. >> reporter: the brewing industry here is providing a $446 million boost to the state's economy. colorado has 6600 brewery-related jobs and 139 licensed kraft breweries. denver beerco had to add fermenting spacer leon. >> denver consumers have really taken old of kraft beer. >> reporter: it also talks lists for the state, most active, least obese. how can one place be the fittest and the thirstyist? some things here just don't add up and no one seems to care. if you think this might be an independent skraoe for you you
7:55 am
can also check out any brewery website where of course they list all of the jobs. back to you. bill: only eight hours to happy hour in denver. you have to jump on all that, thanks, live from colorado. heather: a bear causing quite a commotion when it wanders into a schoolyard in southern california. surveillance video shows that the small black bear was running near the elementary school. teachers kept kids inside until police and animal control arrived. the whole situation as you can imagine causing plenty of confusion. >> they cornered it here and it just started making some weird noises and then they took it over to the animal -- animal control was here so they put it in the cage. >> we saw the bear just running on that side. i started following the news reporter. heather: confusion for the bear as well i think. the bear's visit lasted a little over a minute. you can see he is running pretty
7:56 am
fast. it ran into a nearby apartment complex where it was eventually caught. poor little bear. bill: what started as a nature photo turned into predator versus prey. >> it took my breath away. at that moment i was about to witness something i didn't even know if i wanted to see. bill: check this out. ♪ [singing] ♪ the one and only, ch let's take a paint project from
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bill: nature caught on camera. a florida man started taking pictures of a bobcat. enter the ten-foot alligator. creeping silently out of the pond, sneaking up on the bobcat. the last second the cat jumps, the cat got away unharmed here. heather: before we go, john jon stewart not sugar coating the ban on supersized drinks in new york city. >> top it all off with a little bit of a frozen hot chocolate, all of this is legal in new york city until, god forbid i want to wash it down with a little something


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