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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 1, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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demand it. >> do you give them the business? start bringing the business in. bring the business in. bring the business in. >>neil: at 8:00 p.m. >> this is the five! welcome, everybody. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially on a friday. but there is no hiding from today's free fall in the american economy. thanks to a dismal jobs report released today, the. employment rate jumped to 82%. under employment. and 776,000 more women are unemployment line today unpresident obama and the news got worse all day long as the stock market fell off a cliff,
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giving back all of 2012 gains and more today. to his credit, president obama recognizes the severity of the situation, he hit the podium to offer some ideas. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> if you have $3,000 a year extra, that helps you pay down your credit card, that helps you go out and buy some things that your family needs. which is good for business. maybe somebody will be replacing some thing of a jig for their furnace. >> replace some thing of a jigs for their furnace? bob, that's how he's going to solve the problem for jobs in america? in june, in place parts for the furnace? >> let me just say how much i believed when you said i hate to be the bearer of bad news. i've never seen you so ecstatic on the opening of a show. are they bad reports? of course, they are.
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does it make it hard for obama, yes, it does. the only good sliver of news here is 600-some thousand odd people came back into the workforce looking for jobs. it's a bad report. the only good news about it is he has three more reports before election days. >> i'm not happy when jobs markets are down and i'm certainly not happy when the stock market crashes. the president, was he tone-deaf? what was that all about today. >> well, know don't that far in advance what the numbers are going to be. i would love to find out how do the economists get the predictions so wrong in pretty much everybody was off. the numbers come in today and the stock market reacts. i think it would have been an interesting and good move not politically, but as president if today he would have said to his team, look, i know we will do this event in minnesota, it's an official event, i have six other fundraisers tonight and i will
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let those go. i'm heading back to washington and i will meet with my cabinet. i will have the republican leadership to come down monday because we need to focus and set politics asides for a moment it feels like even if there are four more job reports between now and november, what is happening in between then? what is anybody doing about any of this. and in the meantime we wait and try to find out what's going to happen to europe. >> furnaces in summertime, i have to tell you, that's a brilliant strategy. so many people will be using their furnace this summer. and lots of thingamajigs. >> and there was a little glimmer of hope but all the other data was bad. manufacturing jobs cut, job cuts rose 53% in one month from april to may. that is the worse slide since we saw in september. if i'm the white house and i'm on the campaign, what are you going to run on? i mean that's the question i'm going to be asking. they must be sitting around the room saying what's the message?
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if he didn't fix it, today on the campaign stump he said we need more time. but he's the one that said if we don't fix it, i should be a one-term president. you have to give voters a monthstive reason to pull the lever for you and he rain done that. >> kimball slice? >> go ahead. >> 766,000 fewer women in the workforce today than when president obama took over. >> and 24% less. >> who has a war on women, mitt romney or president obama? >> i don't know. he definitely doesn't have anything to celebrate today and i'm wondering if they gave them the card of a good moving company because i think somebody is going to be out of a job, too. >> can he get reelected with -- >> how can he? >> with numbers like this? >> it would have to be on his good looks and personality or something or dance moves because these numbers are horrible. i actually almost feel sorry for him because it seems like he's at the bottom of the abyss. there's no ladder or no rope to
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pull him out. how do you correct this, bob? >> i'm sure you are feeling sorry for him. i can feel the pain from right next to you. a couple things we have to keep in mind is our biggest market, europe, has crashed. and that has hurt us a lot. there's not much he can do about that. there are some signs, i think, that there may be -- there may be some up side to this. but remember this, that unemployment figures have nothing to do with re-elections. we've gone back over this over and over and over again. what does have an impact is disposable income in your pocket. one good news is the price of gasoline -- can i finish? >> you can finish but stop throwing out something first that's -- clearly is refutable and then throw out a number that's not good involvement ahead. >> it's refutable because a bun of political scientists said nobody has been reelected with 7.2% unemployment. that's only been about eight elections. but the disposable income goes back a long way and the price of
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gasoline was fallen. that puts more disposable income in people's pockets. that's the best thing i can say. but barack obama, how does he get out of it? mitt romney. >> you can't just go an mitt romney alone. yesterday the president said in my second term i will fix obamacare. if i'm a voter now i would say you spent the first four years passing this monstrosity we know nothing about and now you want another chance so you can fix it? he's off his game. >> i want to pick up on that because i think there is this underlying anxiety about some of the things that's happened the last three and a half years that's caused the slowish growth of our economy which is, one, the stimulus didn't work. two, that taxes are uncertain. people do not know we are facing a slew of faction increases, and businesses can't plan. you have the healthcare bill that is hanging in the balance, and you have the dodd-frank, which is the banking rules that
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are still being written and too big to fail but too big to rescue. nobody is sure what is going on. so there is all this uncertainty that president obama could do something about now as president, not as candidate, that i think would behoove them to try to do. >> since the first stimulus check went out until now we've created 4.5 million jobs. jamie, not going to like this and i'm not suggesting this is something you can hang on bush, but in the three battle grounds states they polled, over 50% in every one of those states believed that the reason for this recession is because obama inherited a terrible one from george bush. now that's something, at three years down the road or going into the fourth year is something i was surprised to see would last that long. >> news flash, george bush is not on the ballot. and in that same poll romney's like ability did go up. >> from 33 to 38, right?
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>> a little bit -- some stuff from yesterday. but first, bob, number one, no president has in fact been elected with higher than 7.4% unemployment. that's number one. number two, stimulus checks went out, $852 billion were spent. if you want to take dollars per job, dana is right, your numbers are wrong. and what's the third one? >> we didn't do the dollars per job. this came out yesterday. it was -- it's somewhere, depending on how they average it out, but regardless of the jocks that were created under the stimulus, it was either $540,000 to $4.1 million cost per job so actually you could have cut and sent checks. >> why didn't you? >> all those employed for that amount of money and had the same impact. >> could we remember the $255 million of tim will you was tax cuts for small business? >> we do know. >> of course, we won't go other into that, will we. >> some win toward green energy projects. can we hear mitt romney as solyndra yesterday? >> if the business had done
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spectacularly well, the shareholders should have done very, very well. on the other hand, if the business failed as it did, it's the taxpayers that get stuck with losing a half a billion dollars. so it's a heads and his cronies win and tails and the taxpayers lose. >> bingo. >> go ahead. >> it's so smart for him to go to solyndra because when he's talking to the voters he's talking about their money that was wasted. when obama comes out and talks about bain can't 258, he's talking about private money and he doesn't have the support of democrats to back him up. so his one little message that he has sent working. >> and they sold off all the solyndra stuff, even the pen till cups and the desks, but why didn't they take the sign down? it was there waiting for that. >> when enron went under, the guys at enron were the biggest jerks on the planet. they hated everyone, they ran people over.
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when enron went belly up, i tried to buy the crooked e. i wanted to buy the sign and put it on my front lawn. >> what happened? >> someone bought it. >> put it on ebay. >> mitt romney made an allegations yesterday that was absolutely obscene. he said it was crony capitalism and obama's will profit from this. and he cannot prove it and he's wrong. why were you 47th in the country in job creation, and he ducked it. >> first of all, he inherited that from his predecessors. >> we inherited from bush, so there you go. >> so your point about dax cuts and the stimulus bill, part of the problem is whether or not i said before, they are not -- there's no certainty, there's no permanence. so a one time tax cut is not a growing strong economy make, that's been proven, and now romney's challenge is to say how he would make it different. and andrea and kim had a right as well. you cannot just run against somebody. you have to be for something. and what is the white house running on? that's is key.
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>> the economy between now and the time he inherited it. >> that is one case mitt romney can win by not running for anything. >> he doesn't have to. >> it can obama-omicses that failed. >> something we said at this table, this bain strategy might not be a good idea. listen. >> and i think he had a good business career. if you go in and you try to save a failing company, you can go into a company, have cut-backs, try to make it more productive with the purpose of saving it. and when you try, like anything else you try, you don't always succeed. so i don't think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. this is good work. >> whoops. >> here's the problem why he's not going to get re-elected, obama, because he doesn't get it. if he had a little bit more clinton in it, a move more
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toward the center more sensible about the economy and try to tag team on romney with this bain thing which is failing. >> are you saying he's not getting re-elected right now? is that what you are saying. >> i'm saying if the election were held tomorrow or monday morning or tuesday morning, he would not win. >> that's ridiculous. that's absolutely absurd. >> and corey backer, dianne feinstein, deavailable patrick, ed rendell, all democrats saying the same thing. it's not just gill clinton. and we talked about this a lot, the expectations at the white house raised for themselves in 2008. they are the ones that said if we didn't pass the stem plus unemployment would go above 8%, and by the way, where's the rest of that stimulus money? >> exactly. >> there was a chart this morning with the stimulus the white house put out, that unemployment would never go above 8 and at this time in the recovery it would be under 5, 5.5%, and without the stimulus
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it will be as high as 6%, 6.5% and meanwhile it's 8. >> when they first came out with the prediction, you never know. you can't tell the circumstances or whatever you want to blame it on in the future, you never know. and same goes for the stock market. and the recovery. >> are you all suggesting that the economy that lost jobs as a result of that? >> no, i'm saying it didn't do as promised. >> they have done quite well. >> can we play one more sound bite? >> let's do another edited sound bite. >> david axelrod, on the trail, sr. great for president obama, when he was unveiling the portrait. will listen to axelrod yesterday. >> i get tweets from some of these folks so i feel close to them. [chanting in the background] >> you can shout down speakers myself, but it's hard to etch a step the truth away. [laughter] >> if i were him i wouldn't have
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gone up there. but can i make one point? the people you listen to, including bill clinton, are all incredibly large contributors from the people like bain. >> jay carney couldn't even explain the difference between solyndra and bain. >> but to go to axelrod, i think axelrod, anytime to political consultant gets out and does a rally, you know you are in some trouble. as a carter political consultant, you don't go out and do a rally for your candidate. >> i think they are afraid to send anybody else out because they are afraid of what they are going to say. >> got to go. got to leave it there. you are not going to believe this one or maybe you will. after 24 hours after john edwards gets on the hook, his miss stress at the center of the scandal is already cashing in. we've got some details.
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>> well, ah-ha, i bet nobody saw this next story coming. yesterday former democratic presidential candidate john edwards skated on his corruption charges, and today, low and behold, we find out from " peope magazine" that his miss stress, ms. hunter, who was paid off by edwards cronies, has a new book coming out. it's called "what real happened, john edwards, my daughter and me.." >> is that with a question mark, what really happened? >> we know how it started. >> but obviously no surprise here. >> oh, my gosh, bob. >> well, we did. >> freewheeling fridays with bobby beckel. we knew she would cash in on this, right? i'm sure he had a number of offers. >> i'm not going to buy it. >> all right. hold strong, don't buy the book. but i also feel that perhaps people should by this book to help support the headband fund because she's solid in need of a
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new one. give generously, right, andrea? what do you think? >> well, you wonder, though, if there hadn't been any coordination. i would think he wouldn't want her to release the book during the trial, and it seemed like they kept their relationship on the down low. they say they are obviously not together. there have been photos of them in the south together. but the good news for everybody here is dave matthews is now free. remember he was going to play at their wedding? we can call greg and let him know because people love the dave matthews band. >> i won be surprised if john edwards writes a book too. he will have to reduty what she says. >> what really happened again. >> you love this story a lot, i know. >> i love conspiracies. you know i love con spears sis. and this wreaks of them splitting up because they will sell more books and after they sell more books they will get back together. >> you want to step further than
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i did. days of our lives. >> why didn't she of it? why didn't either side call her to testify? >> why? >> to test a lie? that's what we used to say, test a lie. >> if i'm the prosecutor, i flubbed the whole thing anyway. >> she's the most unattractive witness i've ever seen. you probably could take somebody out of the psychiatric unit that looked better than that. look, we know how 2 started, as i said before. maybe she'll tell the story about which night and which hotel and the rest of it. but is anybody surprised she's writing a book? i'm not. this is exactly what people do, they cash in on bad stories like this. i can tell you one thing, i'm not going to -- >> i bought obama books. and they were pretty good, too. they were written in english. >> i'm not going to buy the book. >> i anxiously await the new york times review. >> this is no surprise because mamma just wants to get paid, okay? let's talk about the jurors that
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decided this verdict. let's take a listen to them explaining their decision today. >> raise your hands if you think john edwards was guilty on at least some of the counts against him. okay. raise your hands if you think john edwards is a bad guy. interesting. >> i think he was guilty, but like we said, the evidence just was not there for us to prove guilt. >> the credibility of the witness was something that was of utmost importance to us. >> andrew young? >> yes. unfortunately that was probably the key part of the miss for the prosecution because mr. harbaugh and mr. lowe, both sets of attorneys, it a good job. and there were case that is could be built either way but when it came down to it it was a matter of filling in the gaps. >> bob likes the -- >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear
2:23 pm
that. go ahead. >> i don't have a question. >> the question is do you think there's going to be a retrial? especially now that people were saying , no way, they spent so much money on this. but if you hear that they all thought he was guilty -- >> i think what the justice department is going to say is let's pretend this never happened. but there's one small matter. so this money was paid, so it was either a gift or was not a gift. should it be -- was it taxable? should someone have paid taxes on it? because if you give somebody a gift, over $12,000 a year, you have to pay tax on that as the recipient. so should he have to pay a tax on it? >> i'm sure he probably does. but let's keep this in mine. there were nine nine out of twelve jurors who were for acquittal. there were only three that were held out. you think with that they will go back and retry him? no. >> the court of public opinion, the three jurors, as far as a bad guy, if you asked most of us if he was a good or bad guy, i think we would allures our hands. >> how about o.j. simpson?
2:24 pm
>> i think he's a bad guy, a pretty bad guy. >> but in the end he wasn't guilty. >> oh, my gosh. we going to get into o. j. simpson now? >> he's very busy going after that murder so let's give him a break. oh, that's right, he's in jail. >> you know what, we don't have time for this right now to revisit. but coming up, gender-based abortion is perfectly legal in the united states of america. why? the democrats and the white house oppose a bill to end it. you will hear from them up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪
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>> welcome back. yesterday the house of representatives didn't get the two-thirds vote required to outlaw gender-based abortion, terminating pregnancies based on the sex of the baby. the overwhelming opposition came from democrats and even some, quote, unquote, femme cysts. congressman sheila jackson lee played the fear card. >> i think the next act will be dragging women out of patient rooms into the streets and screaming over their bodies as they are dragged out of getting access to women's healthcare. that's what i feel like is occurring today with the legislation that is on the floor. >> not quite, congresswoman. well, here's how the white house then went on to frame the issue. >> the administration opposes gender discrimination in all forms. but the end result of this legislation would be to subject
2:30 pm
doctors to criminal prosecution if they failed to determine the motivations behind a railroad personal and private decision. i think -- we, again, oppose gender discrimination in all cases. i think our record on that is very clear, the president's record on that is very clear. >> but he went on, kimberly, to call this a personal decision, gender selection. now for a white house that is making a war on women, the hall mark of its campaign against mitt romney, term naturing a pregnancy based on the sex of the baby, which is a girl, seems the worst form of discrimination against women. >> and we talk about china. what's going on here? and sheila, what a mess. last thing you want is for her being somebody to speak on your side as a supporter or a surrogate pause she's a total bomb thrower and nobody likes her attitude. she's very polarizing and the
2:31 pm
war on women is not working. >> look at the polling numbers the polling numbers are pretty interesting. >> the reason i suspect they brought it up under suspension, which is the two-thirds vote, is because they didn't want democrats to offer amendments. >> the reason they brought is up is four pure and simple politics. it's a right wing thing funded by the coke brothers. >> let's play the tape. >> you can play it, but it's a -- it's a bull thing. >> we showed you the planned parenthood video. now there's a second one where planned parenthood is counseling a woman on the abortion to terminate the pregnancy of a female. >> if there's someone you can recommend just to go the test so we know because then if we find out that it is a girl, we could terminate earlier rather than so if you decide that even if you fine out that it's a girl and you decide that that's what you would prefer, is to
2:32 pm
terminate the pregnancy, then that's just your decision. i can tell you that shall here at land parenthood we believe that -- planned parenthood, it's not up to us to decide what is a it good or bad reason for somebody to decide to terminate a pregnancy. >> not anis lated incident, dana. >> f. even if that was edited, that was pretty long. it's amazing we even have to have a conversation and have a bill in this country about sex selection. >> exactly. >> but apparently we do. >> well, apparently we do because of of republican politics. when you get somebody who represents the republican party lake live action, that thing was 85% of it was not in that tape was not -- they offered -- wait a second. >> they fired someone on the first video. that admits wrongdoing. >> it's not true, bob. go. >> you weighed in on this. i was going to throw the numbers at you. remember you when said yesterday 3% of what planned parenthood does?
2:33 pm
>> yes. >> it turns out it's 51% of all surgical procedures. by the way, planned parenthood gets $487 million, or $487 million in 2010, 46% of their total budget. >> 3% of the budget. >> any way you slice it, your tax dollars are going for abortions. >> it's a flat-out lie. >> and they endorse president obama. looks like they have problems on their hands. is the epa trying to hurt american farmersly spying on them? the short answer is yes. we will tell you how and why when we come back. ♪ thank god i'm a country boy ♪ x. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed.
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>> i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the may jobs report.
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tonight on special report unemployment is up to 8.2% with just 69,000 jobs created. those are just some of the tough numbers president obama is dealing with. mitt romney calls this report devastating. wall street appeared to agree today. the dow lost 275. the s&p with 500 dropped 32 and the nasdaq dropped 80. we are just a few days away from a huge recall election in wisconsin. republican governor scott walker is trying to hold on to his job. today former president bill clinton came to milwaukee to support democratic candidate mayor bob barrett. before that appearance president clinton had some nice things to say about romney. he said the governor had a sterling business career. he tried to clarify that today. and we will review the gay superhero. special report from washington starts at 6:00 eastern after "the five." ♪
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♪. >> so anybody think about nebraska lately? imagine you are a farmer or rancher and you look up and see the saying and a couple days later you get a note saying epa has been flying over your head and you have a -- well, anyway, this what is happening. the epa is flying overhead, spying, basically, on farmers and ranchers. they say they are doing regulation and checking to make sure. but there's a bipartisan coalition led by a congressman to ask epa what in the world are you doing. and it's so by part is san that even bob is in solidarity wearing dark glasses. >> my spyglasses because they are drones they are flying overhead. >> no, they aren't, they are taking pictures. >> they are drones. the faa has a bill that's going
2:40 pm
to allow thousands of these things to fly over the united states. the idea to use drones is used to catch terrorists in asia and in the middle east to fly over the united states to spy on people is one of the great in vagues of privacy, whether they do it for farmers or anybody else. they are doing it now. they have some police forces supposedly checking on criminals. they can intercept cell phone calls, text messages and they are nothing more than spy planes. >> in nebraska, what are they looking for? >> well, what is anybody looking for in nebraska? >> well, on the boarder, don johnson. >> on the border they could be look who is coming across the border, which is what they are using. >> in anybody? nebraska? >> no, not in nebraska. >> but what authority does the epa have to run these missions. >> and one of the questions is
2:41 pm
it is a violation ever the fourth amendment. unlawful search and seizure. >> exactly. is it a violation? i think it's a really good point. in fact, that it is. and what is the stated purpose for this except for them to try to get information to sue these farmers and environmental groups have access to what is going on. you can believe stuff like this is happening in this country. >> the epa is saying they are saving money. that this helps them because they don't have to go on sight, they can go over head and see if you are breaking the law. >> right. so all these flights overhead are somehow more cost-efficient? >> not only that, but the state of nebraska, it's responsible for the monitoring and they are supposed to report to the feds. so either they aren't doing their job or -- >> hold on, hold on. >> not just the. epa, i'm sorry. >> but this story is about the epa. >> she just gave you the look. >> i did give you the look. >> this is about cow manure. >> next is they are using these things now to supposedly aid police departments in certain
2:42 pm
areas. they have hundreds of these missions going on. its unconstitutional. it's using spy planes that by the way are controlled by the military. >> let me tell you one other thing they are worried about. this will fit right into your conspiratorial world. is the epa sharing this information with any groups that might want to shut town farming or animal welfare groups or things like that? >> bob, may i? >> eric. >> there are a lot of people who think there's a whole social engineering going on in the white house. there's the agenda 21 from the white house and the white house rural council. they are gathering information to bring people closer to the cities. a lot more eyeballs they can keep on them, a lot more efficient sis in the water. >> that was somebody from one of the groups, one of the farming groups that said he actually saw some of the pictures and it alayed his concerns but i'm concern about the slippery slope. >> wasn't it the left hand
2:43 pm
jumping up and down when the patriot act was happening, which was actually not spying on cow dung, it was spying on suspected terrorists. now it's okay in the name of the environment. >> and that's what they will call, oh, never mind, then. >> we have to go but we will come back to you. >> i'm so shocked that eric interrupted. >> well, he had been said a word yet. >> coming up, dan rather says there's no liberal bias in the media. but do you think he really believes that and do you think he's telling the truth? we will show you what he said and then you can decide. moments away. [ male announcer ] for two years in a row, j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover
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briefly what happened, people who were prescribed, i work for cbs news and almost everybody there was liberal. what they really men was not everybody there agreed with him all the time. this is a sham. it's a camouflage. >> dan, thanks for your words. it's been 55 years now, and we
2:48 pm
still love listening to you. let me just say this, i think one thing rather was trying to say, i hope, do most people on these networks vote democratic, yes. do you suggest that every journalist who is a democrat is a biased reporter? and i think the answer to that is absolutely no, any more than our own bernie goldberg who is a conservative right-winger was necessarily being biased when he reported for cbs. i think the argument here is are they democrats and do they vote for democrats, yes. does that impact on their writing -- >> yes. >> or -- all of them? >> look at the evidence. when you look at actual legitimate research about it, yeah. it exists. >> not every single -- not every single one but it's also not what they write this their stories, it's the stories they don't write or stories they choose to plays in other sections. and front page of the times,
2:49 pm
mitt romney, and then it was an author who had done -- unnew details about obama's dope smoking and that was buried on page a-15. >> remember in the photo caption of ann romney story of the new york times , there was a fie print that said it help her. >> reporters do not have decisions of placement in the paper. can you blame an he had for for that, but can you blame a reporter? saying all the reporters are liberal and biased. >> i didn't say all of them. but even politico as jim, he said the majority of reporters in news rooms are left leaning and they don't like romney. why? >> for what? for politico. >> for what? >> he's the most liberal organization and they attack the times and the post for being liberal.
2:50 pm
>> before this happened, you wee a sound bite if you want to roll it. >> i don't want to roll tank that's why i figured you weren't rolling it. look at politico. politico is on throughout the day on nbc, they spend a lot of time at the white house meeting with the white house. that's all left. that's you'll influence. that's all bias in whether you see it blatantly or not, you are getting fed it. >> what about red state? >> red state is not on fox news. he's not at the white house. >> that's for sure. >> but he's a right winger. >> have you seen matt drugs on tv in five years? >> he gets millions of hits a day. >> that's not what he's saying. he's talking about direct influence on television. >> on the bias thing let's take it out of conservative or liberal for a second and look at the 2008 primary race between hillary clinton and barack obama. i believe that there was a decision by many people, even if
2:51 pm
it's not spoken, that president obama, then senator obama, was the person that they wanted to help win and there was a lot of frustration on the clinton campaign they couldn't even get the reporters to cover stories that were ones that we've been covering the last three and a half years saying, he voted present 100 times only as a senator? >> and it is true. i did campaigns as the press secretary here in new york. a lot of stories were new york media for politico. they wouldn't cover negative stories about eliot spitzer. they resigned themselves that he was going to win. >> so you are suggesting conservative reporters are all unbiased reporter? >> i think there's a vast majority. that's one of the reasons, if you look at who broke the john edwards story, it was not -- there were hundreds of reporters on the campaign. the story must have been so bad the national inquirer had to break it. >> by sheer numbers, abc, nbc, msnbc, new york times , politic, it goes on and on.
2:52 pm
there's a huge imbalance on the left. >> all these people who got in journalism, you are suggesting they are biased reporters. >> not all. >> no, not all of them. >> but the washington post story, the same week of the gay marriage, and that happens to highlight in the sentence you have way. mitt romney's bullying? and the abc interview with newt gingrich's ex-wife right before the primary. >> the washington post is known as a liberal newspaper, that's right. but the wall street journal is known as conservative. >> it also got inc. all over my hands this morning on the train. very irritating. >> cheap paper. >> and they get more than any newspapers combined and he's a right winger. >> one more thing. are we sure that's what it is? one more thing is up next. how much coffee are you fellows going to need today?
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2:57 pm
politically saturated, i spoke about mayor bloomberg and his obesity try. urging everybody in new york to start exercising and stop eating. today the mayor is celebrating national doughnut day. so mayor, all i can say to you, there's a little inconsistency in that message. as a former political advisor maybe you should separate them by a week or two, but if you like me to, i will save a doughnut for you. okay, buddy. >> no, you won't. >> i will be gone monday and tuesday. but don't worry. the monster hasn't destroyed me. i'm going to be a mamma. on tuesday i'm picking up a new puppy, jasper. i don't know which one is him, but he's one of those little ones. don't you want to eat him up? so we will get him on tuesday. and he's going to be a special guest for one more thing next wednesday, i think. >> fantastic. is he house trained?
2:58 pm
>> yes. 46 floors up. it should be easy. >> and mayor bloomberg on monroe's birthday, i used to love marilyn monroe, and the first thing i had in my college dorm is that shot. so i had that shot in my dorm room. it was pretty cool. she would have been 86 years of age and she's also one of the stars that tenned about getting holograms and resurrecting the star. >> a genius. great job. >> i give up. but anyway, happy birthday, marilyn. >> that was a great follow-up story. we talk about brian danks who was checked of reigning a girl and he was cleared recently and all he wanted to do was get a shot at trying out for the nfl. great news, many teams have all given a shot to him to try out, and his former actually coach that tried to recruit him before
2:59 pm
this terrible thing happened to him, pete carol at usc, he's at the seahawks and he will give him a chance to try out. what a great story. >> so great. good luck to him. >> bob, are you going to throw up yet? >> no, he may throw up after this one. take a look at the jay carney trying to explain the difference between bain capital and solyndra. >> oh, my god. >> look, there is the difference in that your overall view of what your responsibilities are as president and what your view of the economic future is. and the president believes, as he's made clear, that a president's responsibility is not just to -- >> all right, all right, enough of that. jay, we are buddies as of a couple weeks ago. take a look at this picture of jay and i at the white house correspondents dinner. he told me i'm not sure i will get back to you. great question. we will figure it out later. >> maybe not on that one. >> he didn't know that question was coming? come on.


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