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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" in wisconsin monday and tuesday. we will see you then. >> i'm john roberts in for shepard smith. tonight the man who killed teenager trayvon martin is headed back to jail. unemployment takes a step in the wrong direction and stocks plummet. and america's virtual war on iran. there is word president obama has ramped up cyber attacks on iran's nuclear facility. and now we know a lot more about how they went down. plus, new trouble for the doctor who helped the u.s. track down usama bin laden. first, pakistan threw him in prison. now, his life may be in danger.
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>> rock island. >> also, it's a home where your only neighbor is the ocean. like a little cruise ship that doesn't move. that's what i call it. >> john: tonight, how to buy an island. and cops say this is one burglar who will not trash your house. >> some of the coffee cups had been washed and the vacuum cleaner had been taken out. >> the charges, breaking and cleaning but we begin this friday night with what analyst describe as abysmal news on the economy. at the heart of it is a report on jobs. but in the end, what happened today effects everyone. especially those with 401(k)'s. take a look at this. stocks took a nose dive to finish off the week. all the major indices down more than 2%. the dow off more than 270 points. the nasdaq down 80.
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the s&p 500 down 32 reacting to the labor department's monthly jobs report. a report which highlighted three major problems. it showed companies created just 69,000 jobs last month. that's the worst number in a year. the feds also updated their previous estimates to show the economy added almost 50,000 fewer jobs than we previously thought. and because of all of that, the unemployment rate rose from 8.1 to 8.2%. of course, this could complicate president obama's efforts to keep his job in november. today, the president acknowledged there slooft room for improvement. >> we have got a lot of work to do before we get to where we need to be. >> and the president vowing this country has better days ahead. peter barnes of the fox business network joins you now from d.c. peter, we showed those down arrows on wall street today. the markets actually hit some pretty bad milestones today. >> they did, john.
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the dow industrials have now given up all of their gains for the year and today, in fact, went negative for the year. the dow 30 has lost nearly 1200 points since its high on may 1st, down almost 9%. s&p 500 is just 1 point away from an official correction defined as 10% decline from a recent high. the tech heavy nasdaq is in a correction down 12%. the stalling jobs market has got investors worried about the health of the economic recovery. >> my sense is that business people are just very nervous and skiddish. they have been through a lot in recent years. near death experiences not too long ago. and if anything this goes off script a bit. of course europe is going way off script. they pull back and they stop hiring. >> and stocks tumbled in europe today as well on the u.s. jobs report. some indexes hit their lowest levels since the winter, john. >> john: peter, does any of this raise the possibility of a a dip into another recession
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>> some economists are worried about a recession if europe really starts to tank bad. but, some economists also think that job growth could improve later this year in auto factories, for example. car sales record ahead in may. chrysler alone. sales up 30% as consumers caught up on purchases they delayed during the recession. >> we're seeing some pockets of the country where demand is picking up in the housing market. we saw gains in consumer spending in april. there is enough income growth for consumers to continue spending and then businesses have very profitable. they are continuing to invest. >> now some economists are looking to the federal reserve for more juice for the economy. they say today's jobs report gives the fed more reasons to launch additional stimulus, john. >> john: peter, one glimmer of potentially good news in an economic slowdown is that energy prices tend to go down as the economy slows.
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>> that's right. falling oil and gas prices are like a big tax cut. one research firm estimates that for every dollar drop in the price of a barrel of crude consumers save $3 billion a year on fuel costs. oil closed down another $3 and change today and has dropped $26 a barrel from its peak in february. gasoline prices are going down as well, down to $3.61 for a gallon of regular. that's down more than 30 cents from the peak earlier this year. john? >> john: we will take the drop, but it sure would be good to create some new jobs. peter barnes for us in washington tonight. peter, thanks so much. mitt romney calls today's job report a harsh indictment of the economic policy. president claims congress could be doing more to put americans back to work. you will hear more from both men coming up on "the fox report." it's not a war and the u.s. isn't using conventional weapons. but president obama has ordered attacks on iran that's
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according to a senior national security official which confirms america has been targets iran's computer system in an attempt to halt suspected development of nuclear weapons. peter doocy is live in washington. this is america's first known for for ray. >> the obama administration thinks t set iran back two years in its ability to build a nuclear weapon. until now the united states had never admitted to using cyber weapons. but these attacks, which are code named olympic games started in 2006 under president george w. bush. yesterday in hawaii the secretary of state leon panetta said this is where war is heading. >> we are dealing with a whole knew arena of attacks coming from cyber. and the potential that cyber could very well be the battlefield of the future. >> so, the u.s. won't always need bombs to take out an adversary's equipment, john. >> john: peter, this was all
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close hold stuff. how did the information leak out. >> the white house won't say. some experts are worried that iran might try to fight back. >> i'm really worried about retaliation. you can't forget that iran is no slouch when it comes to cyber operations. and we have to be very careful that iran doesn't try to do something, attack an american nuclear plant, for instance. >> and proof of that power is in the numbers. these attacks called olympic games once took out 1,000 of iran's 5,000 centrifuges. john, back to you in new york. >> john: peter doocy live for us in washington. thanks. the man who admits shooting the unarmed teenager trayvon martin is headed back behind bars. today a judge in central florida revoked george zimmerman's bail. he has been in hiding since posting $150,000 in bond in april. now he has just 4 will hours to surrender. the ruling came after prosecutors accused zimmerman and his wife of lying to the court during that bond hearing the zimmermans said they would
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have trouble scraping together the money needed to make bail. prosecutors say zimmerman was sitting on $135,000 from donations to his web site. they say his wife knew about that cash all along. listen. >> i would argue to the court that is an egregious violation in terms of the representations that were made to this court. it was misleading and i don't know what other words to use than it was a blatant lie. >> his attorney tells us it's all a big misunderstanding. >> do i think that the zimmerman family was acting with constraints they thought they h i don't think they believed they had free access though that money. i think that was evident by the way they used it and didn't use it. >> remember, zimmerman faces second degree murder charges in the shooting back in february. he told police he shot 17-year-old travon martin in self-defense but prosecutors say zimmerman profiled the teen, followed him through his gated community and then shot him dead. steve harrigan with the news
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live in our south florida newsroom tonight. steve, how important is this latest development in the case? >> john, in the short-term, it means that george zimmerman is going back to jail. perhaps as early as sunday. in the bigger picture, it really opens up a line of attack for the prosecution. they are likely to try and make the argument that george zimmerman lied about having no money. he lied about having no second passport. and he lied about the event that took place on the night of the shooting, john. >> john: and what happens next, steve? >> next we're likely to learn more about george zimmerman when the judge releases over the next few days statements zimmerman made to police on the night of the shooting. in the meantime, we're likely to see a trial not until next year on those second degree murder charges. and it may be the case that the defense attorney for zimmerman filed the motion under florida's stand your ground law that zimmerman was acting in self-defense. if he does so, that means it will be decided not by a jury but by the judge, john. >> john: what was it, steve, that ultimately led the judge
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to decide that the zimmermans were misleading the court it? >> was jail house conversations between journalism and his wife. conversations that were taped. and it seemed the two were using obvious code to refer to the money. using 100 to mean $100,000, for example. >> john: steve harrigan in miami for us tonight. thanks so much. a new slaughter in syria leaves blood on the ground. so why is russia's president defending the regime. you will hear what he says coming up on "the fox report." ue good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ normal vce ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the value plan. are you in good hands?
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>> reports of a new massacre in syria as the united nations secretary general warns of a possible all out civil war. ache at activists say shot and killed 11 workers on their way home from a factory and dumped their bodies in a the field. the syrian government reportedly denied responsibility and blamed rebel fighters for the blood bath. this was the third alleged massacre in syria in a week.
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yesterday, syrian troops reportedly killed more than a dozen men execution style. some war leaders slaughter more than a hundred innocent people. most of them women and children. of course, we can't confirm these acts of violence ourselves. civil era ally russia claims opposition fighters have killed a comparable number of civilians. conor powell now with the news from our middle east bureau, connor? >> russian president vladimir putin insists his country is neutral in the conflict in syria adding that russia is not sending weapons in support to the assad government. comments quickly shut down by secretary of state hillary clinton there is clear evidence that russia is supporting the assad regime in sending weapons to syria to help the syrian government. today we saw continued fighting in syria. particularly in and around the town of homs. syrian forces just pounded that city.
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it's a rebel strong hold and for the last three or four days, we have seen heavy, heavy artillery and a barrage of rockets hitting that city. the u.s. and many other countries in europe are pressuring russia to try distance itself from the assad regime with very little success so far. president putin did say that his country is behind any peaceful political solution for the violence in syria and while hillary clinton seemed skeptical of that claim. she said she did support any help that they would get from the russian government in terms of ending the conflict in syria. that peaceful political process seems like it's very very unlikely john. >> a fox weather center -- weather alert powerful storms moving through the coast. you can see it's stretching from florida all the way up to new york. now there are severe weather warnings in maryland, virginia
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and the nation's capital. rick reichmuth is in the fox extreme weather center. rick, tell us more about these storms. >> think about how many people live along this a 9 a, i-95 corridor. anywhere you see this yellow from the south of buffalo down to jacksonville under a slight risk of severe weather. moderate risk of severe weather. that's elevated and i think this is our biggest threat where we are going to see tornadoes over about the next 3 to 4 hours. it's right kind of centered right where washington, d.c. is. you can see this big storm. a lot of rain from florida through the mid-atlantic but the big problem we're having a lot of these storms training over the exact same area. take a look at this video out of montgomery county, maryland. can you see this flooding that's gone on. this was from a couple of hours ago where they had received very heavy rain. well, they have received a lot more rain since then. and, of course, we are going to be seeing the sun go down shortly. flooding concerns are going to be real for us tonight. not just the flooding but continued threat for tornadoes right around the nation's
4:17 pm
capital right toward the baltimore area and one other line around this likely see few more tornado warnings as well. >> john: what's that going to mean for the rest of the weekend a washout? >> not as great. certainly a cooler weekend than we had last weekend. this is future radar. these storms will be gone at least from the mid-atlantic overnight. by tomorrow morning a lot of this clearing out. take a look at what happens, this trough sticks with us here and it's going to bring in colder and gloomier conditions especially interior sections for coming weekend and week coming in as well. john? >> john: rick, good to have you watching for us, thanks so much. we have seen two named storms so far this year. hurricane season didn't even start until today. now forecasters with the national hurricane center in miami are changing their predictions for this storm season. they now project a total of 13 named storms in the atlantic that's up from their earlier prediction of 10. they say five of those will become hurricanes. and they predict that two of those will be major hurricanes. category 3 or greater with
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winds topping 110 miles per hour. forecasters said they increased the predicted number because they don't know if the el nino weather pattern will form again later on this summer. the purchase of manhattan island back in the 17th century has to be one of the best real estate moves of all time. as legend goes the dutch got it for under 25 bucks. and coming up, you will see how you can pick up an island of your very own. also, the universe is going to end. that's definite. and now scientists say they know just when and how it's going to happen. that's next. [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him.
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>> you can forget about the white picket fence the new american dream could be a white sand beach. owning your own private island
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might southbound like something only for the rich and famous. these days you can buy an island less than what many folks pay for a house. for folks who want to get away from it all ultimate 12-million-dollar island complete with its own moat. it's east sister rock island off of the town of marathon in the florida keys. our phil keating is there live tonight. phil, owning your own island is not necessarily pure paradise, right? >> no. a lot of these affordable private islands don't have a house already on it. so then you are going to have to deal with how you get all the construction material and the extra cost of building the house. here you have a front yard, backyard, side yards, pure atlantic ocean, gorgeous aqua marine waters of the florida keys. dolphin watching. from above you is see this island is sir could you -- circular around it drudged to
4:23 pm
protect the islands from the waves. there are a total of 8 other islands all for sale right now for varying prices. and, again, can you get one for maybe $300,000 and on these islands, well, you have fewer concerns of city life. now, taking a look at our other camera from the mainland, can you see east sister rock just about a quarter mile from the shoreline. technically you could walk between the two because it's only about 5 or 6 feet deep although there could be some biting fish down there for you lobsters and whatnot. however, there are issues like how are you going to get this every day? so everyone has a fantasy of buying their own island. you may have to have a boat and helicopter as well. john? >> john: i like how you say there could be some biting fish like sharks. phil, don't stay there all weekend. the earth's galaxy is on a high speed collision course that could end our universe as we know it. that's according to nasa astronomers. they say new data from the hubble telescope indicates a future crash between our mill
4:24 pm
can i way and merge in one gigantic cataclysm. no need to embrace just yet. the big smash up won't happen until about 4 billion years from now. some the john edwards' jurors are now explaining their partial not guilty verdict. we're also hearing from the alternate juror who was reportedly flirting with edwards right in the courtroom. and we may soon be hearing a lot more from the mistress rielle hunter. new information tonight on her next move. plus, how would you feel if somebody broke into your home and did the dishes? maybe a little vacuuming, too? tonight, the cleaning lady who is now facing criminal charges. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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because you never know what lies around the corner. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> john: the undefeated boxer floyd money may weather will spend most of this summer out oof the ring. today he turned himself in to serve 3 month prison sentence. he roughed up his girlfriend while two of their children watched. community service and $2,500 fine which his lawyers say he has already paid police say may weather will spend most of his prison term by himself in a small cell similar to the one that you see here. a woman in the suburbs of cleveland is sitting in jail tonight. police accuse her of cleaning
4:29 pm
someone else's home. that's right. cleaning. it might not have been a problem if only othe woman who owned the house had invited her in. >> she got up, came downstairs, found some things moved around. >> was she the victim of a robbery? was there a maniac hiding in the closet? not quite. >> some of the coffee cups had been washed and vacuum cleaner taken out and few other things. cleaning splice out of place. >> yes, cleaning supplies that were out of place. we have reenacted the event to demonstrate its cruel and unexpected nature. but the cleaning was just the start. the most startling thing is this note written in very unbusiness like fashion. >> an unbusiness like note scribbled on a napkin. >> that said i cleaned your house, please send $75, name and address. >> apparently this wasn't the first time this woman had done something like this. another man claims the suspect used to clean his house.
4:30 pm
then broke in to continue cleaning even after he told her he didn't need her anymore. >> changed all my alarm codes and garage door codes and everything else. and she still tried to call and continue getting in. >> police say the woman now faces felony burglary charges. >> this is the thing that people are mostly afraid of in the sanctity of your own home somebody comes in without an inventricle invitation. this woman had no business coming in and rinsing out the coffee cups and taking out vacuum cleaner we hope she is dealt with suitably. >> john: i'm john roberts in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. president obama says the economy is still creating jobs just not fast enough. only 69,000 jobs last month according to the labor department. and the unemployment rate inching back up to 8.2%. now the president is calling on lawmakers to do something about it.
4:31 pm
>> so my message to congress is now is not the time to play politics. now is not the time to sit on your hands. so, right now congress should pass a bill to help states prevent more layoffs so we can put thousands of teachers and fires and police officers back on the job. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney says the jobs report is just more proof that, quote, the president's policies are not working. campaign carl cammeron live in washington for us tonight. carl, the governor didn't waste any time in reacting to these numbers. >> >> no. listen, president obama and his aides know if the economy worsens his hopes are exponentially tougher. romney knows it too. he didn't mince any words today. listen. >> well, the president's policies and his handling of the economy has been dealt a larch indictment this morning. and it continue its. we have had 40 straight months with unemployment over 8%. 40 straight months. as you recall, from the beginning of the obama administration, they indicated that unemployment would be kept below 8%.
4:32 pm
>> and the worse things get economically for the president's re-election the more nasty things may get for mitt romney as out of touch corporate radar his aids to totally disqualify romney before november's elections. bat economics means even tougher and nastier politics when incumbent president is up for re-election. >> john: carl, when you look at economics, mitt romney's economics are pretty good. he opened up the books to give us a closer look how rich he is how much money does he have? >> is he a wealthy guy he said so all along. romney today filed his personal financial disclosure formation with the federal election commission. they are now up. he say he and his wife have a net worth of 190 to $250 million. they are not precise. these are all ranges that are offered o. though it was not required, aides say in the interest of full disclosure the romneys also reported a trust for their kids. that's got an additional million bucks in it. so, yep, very wealthy guy.
4:33 pm
john? >> john: campaign carl cammeron in washington tonight. carl, thanks. the evidence just wasn't there. that from some of the jurors in the john edward's trial. they are explaining why they found him not guilty on one count and deadlocked on five others. the judge declared a mistrial on those other counts. and a law enforcement official confirms to fox news it's unlikely the feds will retry the former senator and presidential candidate. prosecutors say edwards used campaign cash to hide his pregnant mistress from the world. this was all during it edward's 2008 run for the white house. when his wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer, which eventually killed her. the defense argued the money was a personal gift, not a political donation. that argument worked. >> based on what i seen and based off of testimony in my -- it was all perm. >> in fact, one juror says prosecutors should never have brought the case to trial. jonathan serrie is live from
4:34 pm
greensboro, north carolina tonight. what was the biggest stumbling block for the jurors? >> rainy and windy greensboro indeed, john. i feel like i'm here covering a hurricane instead of a trial. getting to the trial, three jurors who and on nbc's today show believed john edwards was guilty of at least some of the counts against him. they could not justify their suspicions yard based on the evidence and testimony available. they were also concerned over ambiguity in what defined a campaign contribution. listen. >> i think there needs to be some change in campaign finance law before you go through this process. and kind of nailing down what real solid and what really isn't a campaign contribution. >> the jury foreman says a major draw back for prosecutors in their case was the credibility of their star witness andrew young. he is the former campaign aide who helped hide edward's pregnant mistress initially claiming paternity of the child. john?
4:35 pm
>> john: what do we know jonathan about edward's relationship with with ha child quinn and her mother rielle. >> after the trial edwards came out on the courthouse step and proclaimed his love for francis quinn the 4-year-old daughter of rielle hunter listen to what he said. >> my precious, quinn -- who i love more than any of you could ever imagine. and i am so close to and so so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. i'm grateful for all of my children. >> now, edwards did not answer a reporter's question about the status of his relationship with rielle hunter. but we may get to hear more about that from hunter herself. fox news has confirmed that hunter is releasing a book later this month. it's entitled "what really
4:36 pm
happened, john edwards, our daughter, and me." john back to you. >> john: jonathan serrie in greensboro tonight. jonathan, take cover. we are also hearing from the alternate juror accused of flirting with edwards. she is the one on the sketch. smiling and you going gling. today she said there was an innocent explanation for it all it had to do with the color coordinated outfits that the alternates were wearing. >> actually i was giggling over the media's reaction when we walked into the courtroom over our outfits and color. no intention of flirting with john edwards and i don't think he had any intentions of blushing or flirting back with me. >> the abc news produce his or her originally broke the story now says he should not have used the word, quote, flirting. more trouble for the pakistani doctor sentenced to prison after he helped the cia track down usama bin laden. now, taliban militants say if they ever find him, he is a dead man.
4:37 pm
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>> john: a pakistani terror group now warning that the doctor who helped bring down usama bin laden is a dead man. the doctor is now serving 33 years in a prison in pakistan. abc news reports local intelligence officials say he is in danger from fellow inmates. remember that doctor ran a fake vaccination program that helped the cia confirm where bin laden was hiding. pakistan's government had no warning of the raid that killed the terror leader. u.s. officials are pressuring pakistan to free that doctor. a senate committee even voted to cut off millions of dollars in aid to the country. but now word that the doctor could face even bigger threats outside prison. a taliban spokesman tells cnn quote we will cut him into pieces when we find him. rick folbaum now with the news in our new york city newsroom. has the united states had any success negotiating with the
4:41 pm
pakistani government over him? >> not that we know of, john. a state department spokesman saying today that the u.s. is continuing to make the case that dr. afridi should not be imprisoned. that he is being treated unfairly. he said officials are very concerned about his well-being. this as the doctor you mentioned working for the cia to try to confirm bin laden's whereabouts. and it was leon panetta, the pentagon chief who was running the cia at the time that bin laden was killed who confirmed dr. afridi's role. and, of course, the pakistanis say that he wasn't charged with helping the u.s. they say he was charged with helping terrorists. the terrorists say he wasn't working for them. he was working for the u.s. and they want to kill him for that. >> what kind of sway do we really have over there, rick? >> well, there is always foreign aid. and as you mentioned, congress voted last week to cut aid to pakistan by $33 million. 1 million for every year of afridi's sentence. but journalists judy miller says that kind of money, when you are talking about a
4:42 pm
billion dollars aid package is really just symbolic. >> the united states needs pakistan it's not going to cut off military aid. it sends a clear signal to islamabad about american unhappiness over the way dr. afridi has been treated. but in terms of changing pakistani behavior, i don't think it's going to have that impact. >> miller said she is still hope of that a diplomatic solution leading to afridi's release is still possible though this is not a very popular guy in pakistan there are prisoner who's want to kill him inside that jail but there are probably more who would try to kill him if he ever got out. john? >> john: tough future for trying to help out the united states. rick folbaum. thank you so much. amazing video as crews rescue two people raging floodwaters. top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> china, heavy rains in a southern province caused a dam to overflow. just as a taxi was driving across it the driver and
4:43 pm
passenger got stuck on a pier in the middle of the dam. the torrential floods washed a passenger downstream. firefighters pulled her to safety. crews had to use a crane to reach the driver. argentina. dozens of protesters in the capital city of buenas aries filling street corners honking horns. argentina's nine years of economic growth appears to be slowing to a halt. peru, search dogs trained to sniff out earthquake victims under rubble got some practice in the capital city of lima. thousands of locals took part in the quake drills. emergency crews say the dog's help speed up rescues. a quake 125 miles from lima killed hundreds of people five years ago. poland, members of germany's national soccer team visited the site of a nazi concentration camp with a
4:44 pm
jewish community leader. the players went to auschwitz after match against israel. urged the squad to take the trip ahead of next week's euro 2012 soccer tournament. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." the queen of england set to mark 60 years on the throne this weekend. diamond jubilee. preparations underway for queen elizabeth ii. this was the dress rehearsal for the procession westminster hall and buckingham palace. street parties, 1,000 ship flotilla, a concert featuring paul mccartney and elton john. and of course an appearance by the monarch herself. she took the throne in 1952 at the age of just 25. pop star justin bieber knocked out cold at a concert in paris. he he is said to be recovering from a concussion after
4:45 pm
walking into a glass wall. he later joked about it on twitter. posting a photo of a glass house with the message yes, this will never be my house, lol. it followed chaotic trip to norway. police say more than a dozen girls were hurt in a crush of fans ahead of a free bieber concert in the capital city of oslo. all after recent dust up with a photographer which the l.a. county sheriff's office is investigating. a one growing industry has created thousands of new jobs in just one state. but to work there, you are going to need some will power. how the kraft beer business is booming next. plus a 14-year-old girl from san diego has a lot to brag about. she just took home the trophy in the national spelling bee. we'll have her winning word ahead on "the fox report." graduation, huh ? crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch.
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>> john: it's always 5:00 somewhere, that's good news for beer makers too. believe it or not good news for the american economy. even as we learn today that hiring is slowing down, kraft brewers are growing quickly. and said to be providing more than 100,000 jobs nationwide. alicia acuna has more from the beer epicenter of colorado. >> colorado brews more beer than any other state. the niche growing at lightning speed kraft beer. when denver beer company opened last year, they were swamped day one. >> we had my father-in-law washing glassware. he was just here to have a few beers. my mother dragging garbage out. >> a craft brewer produces less than 6 million barrels a year and independently owned. one sign things are good banks lending money. >> it has, i would have to say, got an little bit easier because there are more believers.
4:50 pm
in the craft beer business. >> a recent study reveals the craft brewing industry here is providing a 446-million-dollar boost to the state's economy. colorado has 6600 brewery related jobs and 139 licensed craft breweries? everywhere that's attracting business people's attention right now. >> denver beer co had to add fermenting space early on. >> i think it's all because of the denver consumers really taken ahold of craft beer. >> coloradoens consume the highest percentage of draft beer in the u.s. >> and the state brews an estimated 1 million barrels of craft brew every year. talk about an economic impact. you think about the farmer grows the grain to the brewer to the bottlers to the truck drivers to take everything to the liquor stores and nothing says craft brewery more, john than the fermenters on the other side of the bar. it also makes happy hour here in colorado a whole lot nicer.
4:51 pm
>> the sounds of your voice sounds like happier than most alicia acuna. [ laughter ] >> take care of that google making major changes to its shopping service. starting this fall search results will be determined by how much online retailers and advertisers are willing to pay to have their products show up. currently, google directs shoppers to products based mainly on relevance and price. the change is controversial because searches will now be influenced by money. google says it's going did lead to better results quote whether it's accurate prices, the latest offers or product availability. an explosion at a major gas station. new york. the blast happened this morning right under the popular elevated high line park on manhattan's west side: construction crews were removing an old gas tank when it blew up.
4:52 pm
one witness said it felt like earthquake hit. two workers went to the hospital with serious injuries. texas. severe storms damaged several homes in dallas-fort worth. lightning tore through roofs and sparked fires inside of some houses. one homeowner says he heard thunder and then he smelled smoke. >> there is my ceiling in my living room here. and i guess this is where the lightning bolt hit. >> nobody hurt. >> oregon. thousands of folks south and west of eugene filled the streets for a massive tsunami drill. they made their way to 15 assembly stations as officials tested emergency communication and preparedness. they say locals would have roughly 20 minutes to find safety if a real tsunami hit. california. a retired detective from the l.a.p.d. has set the new guinness new record for the longest ferris wheel ride. 24 hours without sleeping and only a a minute bathroom break
4:53 pm
each hour. some folks paid $5 to watch after the park closed. all proceeds go to the special olympics. and that's a fox watch across america. >> guetapens, french origin ambush, snare or trap. last night it might as well meant victory. >> guetapens. get -- guetapens. >> the world from san diego spelled the word correctly to win the scripts spelling bee. 30,000ness cash. $5,000 scholarship and encyclopedia britannica set which she already reads for entertainment. uninvited guest at a middle school celebration causes
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm >> a naval submarine base buried inside a mountain in norway is now for sale to the public. folks say they no longer need a base that they have used for nearly 50 years. so they are selling it. for about 17 million bucks. that buy as parking spot for your sub13,000 square feet above ground office space. comes with a yearly electricity bill rumored to be in the millions of dollars. there is a lot more to life than just looking good. but a top travel magazine just conducted a poll ranking the worst dressed cities in america. all the way at the bottom, can you guess? anchorage, alaska. this is the same place where more than 11 feet of snow fell last winter. so you probably don't have a whole lot of options one clothing sales woman said in anchorage you can go hiking and then straight to dinner and you might be at a five
4:58 pm
star restaurant. you have to have a verse tile word robe. the best dressed city according to the poll no surprise there new york. a black bear wandered on to campus. security cameras showed the bear running through school property. the kids all it go inside in the middle of their end of year party. but animal control was on the scene within minutes. >> it was going a little bit but they cornered it here. and it let itself and it started making some weird noises. >> officers hit the bear with a stun gun and put it back into the wild. updating some of our top stories tonight, the dow tumbled 275 points today. on some dismal economic signs, including news the economic rate went up last month for the first time in almost a year. the neighborhood watchman who says he shot and killed an unarmed teenager in florida has 48 hours to return to jail. that's from a judge who
4:59 pm
revoked george zimmerman's bail after prosecutors said his wife lied about how much money the family had. and we are tracking an intense line of east coast storms. the national weather service has issued tornado warnings for parts of virginia and maryland. and on this day in 1779, the court martial of the famous trader benedict arnold gathered in philadelphia. the army general had a reputation for living way beyond his means and was accused of using his post for personal gain. congress cleared him of most of the charges but george washington still published a formal slap on benedict around's wrist. that move pushed arnold over the edge and he unsuccessfully then plotted to give west point to the brits. benjamin franklin once wrote quote judas sold only one man arnold 3 million. continental army put pressure on back stabber 233 years ago today. that's "the fox report" for friday,


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