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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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over it. and we'll have it. >> and that's it. have a great weekend. >> mubarack sentenced. the former egyptian president will spend life behind bars. hundreds of protestors in the country and breaking news concerning his health underway . this is by people who work at home and spending 100's of thousands on travel. and claiming that the media is kept in the dark about another tsa security failure. what we know so far . weekend celebration are underway for queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. live from the nationa's capitol and starts right now. former egyptian hosnimubarack
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in the hospital after the 84 year old reportedly became ill after being sentenced to life in prison for not stopping the deadly protest in tahir square last year. we have the latest leland. >> and good afternoon from cairo where thousands have taken to the tahir square. they have shut the square down. thousands of protestors and egyptian flags are waiting. a number of them are angry. they're upset he didn't get the death penalty. >> chaos. and angry with the conviction of president hosni mubarack. >> and outside. courthouse. hundreds gathered under the
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intense june son and tight security and many holding pictures of the relatives killed in last year's revolution. >> nothing happened at all. this is a moment of the truth. can you see everyone raising their hands in prayer . we are going to hear the verdict . an arab dictator put on trial in his own country. the only feel they have justice in the death penalty . >> you think the crowd was in a rock party it is crazy. >> and they are out here chanting god is great. he was thrownn out by the revolution.
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>> what do you think? >> right now, the crowd in tahir is growing by the minute . hundreds are coming in from all sides to tahir square. not only protesting the verdict against mubarack but protesting that a number of the people in the security apparatus also on trial in this verdict got acquitted. they walked away free . that is not sitting well with the people. many people down there were in tahir square in the revolution. and they endured beatings and killings. this is a critical time for egypt and intense time. they will return and have a choice of who they vote for, for president.
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that is certainly envoking a lot of emotion. that is an amazing visit. thank you for that update . the details of the. they are sending ships to the asian pacific a. it is not meant to pose a threat to china. but others worry that the u.s. doesn't have the money to pay for it. this was secretary paneda's first speech. this is a to china, and i reject that view entirely. >> it was not designed to confront chin a. but they will
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send their asset to the court. that is six aircraft carriers in this region and a majority of the cruisers and destroyers and combat ships and submarines. we'll retire older navy ships. but we will replace them with more than 40 far more capable and technologically advanced ships. and asked whether the un can have a increased military use in asia. and senator john herman cain attended the. >> and we have the smallest navy since beginning world war ii. it is a mismatch between the realities. >> and the funding for that commitment. >> senator joe leiberman met with them to discuss syria and
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telling fox news that he thinks that the administration is closer to getting involved. >> and it is his department has a series of plans which they implement. and asked to be given various levels of military sent. and to stop. >> and senator mccape critized the obama administration. >> i can't think of the time i have served in many ways that i have been more embarrassed about my country and their failure to carry out. >> and this comes as a un convoy peaks out. and saying that syria is slipping in an all out war.
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peter doocy has the latest. and that is the new. the part on the left was on may 18th. and earlier picture shows something that the syrian government said was town square. and it appears that there were rows and rows and it probably was used for the mass graves. and there is heavy alstillery. and followed by pictures of the land cape and full of new. and they are sharing these picts for a reason. we want to sunday that message to the syrian people first and foremost. and it is important that the
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international community seek the damages. >> and the u.s. ambassador said syria is so complicated and entangled. listen to this. russia conditions to supply them with arms and we know that the iranian regime interest are deeply embedded. and it is supporting the syrian government with lethal and known lethal means they are coaching the syrian military. and iran and russia is involved here. >> staggering and unbelievable. thank you very much. noww back in this country. there is a scandal with gsa. new documents are revealing that the group made a great deal of money. and they are joining us now with more on this story.
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and how much money was spent in all. >> 750 in travel expenses. 95 of them spent that money over the course of nine months . the congressional committee was oversight of the federal work force is demanding information . according to a letter obtained by fox news. the american people have a right to know that the federal burrcrats that enjoy the benefits of working at home are eligible and responsible stewards of the taxpayer dollars that support the program. they had promised the top and bottom review . in response to the latest gsa revelation there was a review of the operation and that included the travel policy and staff deployment. they had excessive spending
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and government efficienciy. and why does it sound familiar? he was heading up a gsa conference. and that cost taxpayers 823,000. and last fall when they were alered to the expenses. and he wrote to a colleague in an e-mail and obtained by the washington post. omg. this is a fine mess. and in the other e-mail. this will take your breath away and don't share further. the new gsa spending program shows a lack of oversite.
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president obama is calling on congress to pass a number of billings. >> it rose to 8.2 percent . that led to a downed market. and traveled back from chicago. >> and that is for the presidential nominee . polls are showing. it was the biggest weak spot. the ceo of the restaurant and joining us now . thank you for being here with us. >> i know they are disappointing to a lot of folks. and the ceo of a major company what does it send to the long term and people who are hoping that the job outlook improves.
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>> if we don't have a change in policy we'll not see the job markets improve. there is fear about taxes going up and the fear of cost of obama care . fear about the norb get businesses unions. and there is a lot of fear in the business community. they will show they can make a profit. and now america is sitting at two trillion and they would like to invest. you have to have one where people think they will get a return on their invest with the president and policies we don't have that feeling. that is giving up . that number is up since sevenmillion people took over.
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and the bureau of labor statistics came out with the 8.2. and the number of unemployed people reported to one million people. and that is a sign of a very weak economy. we need somebody who can come in with business experience and experience in the real economy and knows how to change and understand the financial markets. there is experience in private equity and experience in the olympics. you have a candidate that has a experience to get out of this mess. it is three and half year to show the policies would do. and they really have not turned them around. >> while he was governor of massachusetts he was 40 out of 50 . how do you answer that concern
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right now? >> it is a one liner that has a impact. we have a short discussion and probably not enough time to cover it all today. governor romney was in the state and in 2001 and 3 the tech sector dropped. >> massachusetts was hit by the reception. and other states were not as hard hit. >> he took the unemployment rate 5.6 percent and to 7.7 percent . he created a neat 50,000 in massachusetts while governor and the president has created a negative and lostt 500,000 during that period of time. governor romney had a three billion deficit and balanced it and did without increases. and left a rainy day fund.
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president obama would love to have governor romney's record in massachusetts. and if you wanted a job, you could find one. today that is not the case and i think that president obama knows it. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, uma, it is a pleasure. >> and they are very concerned about what they say in tsa security. >> tsa is reluctant to come forward about it. >> according to the share, and issue in airport in florida may enclude employees and high ranking officials there. we don't have details yet. and reporting that five tsa workers were put on leave for not following property procedure. i am calling to tsa to make a latest details public. and disappointed that they try to keep the media in the dark. that is embarrassing to that
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agency. >> and so the juror in the john edwards trial are sharing their side of the story. six jurors and alinates appeared to hannity. they may have disagreed on the evidence in the case. but they all took their jobs seriously. one of the alternates addressing the charge that she allegedly flirted with edwards in the trial. >> first of all. i understand that the alternator that was flirting. >> thank you for saying allegedly. >> what was that all about. >> i don't know. i think they miscontrued my smiling . after i talked to my husband. this is funny. honey. >> did he think it was funny. >> he did, he knew it was ridiculous. >> edwards is a free man. and the jurors are reaching the verdict. and not guilty of accepting
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illegal contributions. and the jury was hung on the other five remaining charges and forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. >> and the unemployment benefit plan wa cut off in some states. and a closer look at why they are losing the benefits and scott walker's last minute push to keep the job. and recall and what it could mean for the presidential contest. her magistry celebrating historic diamond jubilee in grand style. that is coming your way. i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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welcome back everybody. festivities are underway and the united kingdom celebrates the diamond jubilee. she is only the second monarch in a thousand year to hit the milestone. joining us is the author of elizabeth the queen.
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life of a modern monarch. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> it is a beautiful day in london. >> my understanding bucking ham palace gave you acess to the queen yourself. is there a difference between the official and private woman? >> yes, there is, that was a big surprise. i discovered a lot about what she does. far more than what people give her credit for. she has a wide range of duties. the way she is with close friend and family members. many of whom spoke to me that she has a great -- and others who work in san dringham. her laughter can be heard throughout the house. she has a joyous laugh. she loves to sing and dance.
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and my book has many glimpses of that private side. she can be compassionate and earthy. imagine the queen walking in her regal pace about and hand bag on the arm . in the trowsers and stalking stag in balmoral with her nose on the ground. >> quite a sight. the famous bag and what does she have in it. and historic celebrations this weekend. do you think the queen is excited about the jubilee and draw comparison with herself and queen victoria who was the only other monarch to serve. >> she is excited. she went on tours in the united kingdom and the way people have turned out and huge crowd and big cheers and you can see the look on her face. she is thoroughly enjoying it.
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when she celebrated her golden jubly. it started with the death of her sister and then her mother, but now, people are showing their appreciation for the service that she has given for 60 years. she is 86 years old and a good 20 years beyond retirement and does 400 engagements a year and she has in the course of her time on the throne, bestowed over 400,000 honors and recognizing people and civilians and military, people in the military for their service. she's done that over 600 times and she sets an example for people. and i think she is once again seeing the ground swell of support. this afternoon, she went to the epison derby to do one of the things she loves more than anything else which is horse race when they were down
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before the races began. there was a great cheer for her. and she enjoying the affection much like queen victoria as well thank you for joining us . enjoy the festivities. it is going to be a great weekend for and you others celebrating the jubilee. >> you're welcome. >> back here at home in california. chronically unemployed are cut off from federal benefits despite the unemployment rate, the casey stegal is live in la to tell us what it will mean for the local economies . california is not alone. job numbers are discourage bad news for the nation for the chronically unemployed . that is someone who is without a job for more than six months and now this year, many will see the unemployment checks
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ending altogether. back in 2009 feds added emergency extension to state unemployment benefits and that gave 99 weeks of unemployment. 26 from the state and those expired. congress cut back on the number of weeks that you are eligible for. there are so many people out of work. and the majority of the people are trying hard to find jobs . they are putting in the time it takes to do that. and sometimes you just need more time. emergency benefits give you something. dependog where you live it might be much less. if it fell since 2009, so did the number of extended weeks. the rate of 10.9 percent . so the feds reduced
9:27 am
california's extended benefits about 20 weeks . similar things happening and translated to 400,000 people who are cut off. it is the first major casulty. and the impact on high unemployment and that is felt now and they are on the front lines . and by the end of this year. national unemployment estimates that half of americans will not be eligible for benefits adding insult to injury. >> and a lot drama over the wisconsin election. it is much more. and bill clinton and chris christie are weighing in. we'll get a closer look at the
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>> this fox alert for you. 7 people died and dozens more injured in lebanon. there are several outbreaks of violence in tripoli that spilled over in sir yampt today's death tollis the highest in weeks. >> ousted egyptian president hosni mubarack was hospitalized shartly after he was sentenced. peter. >> officials say the health issue arose while mubarack was on the flight to a prison hospital. they are not confirming what mubarack's health problems are. he was sentenced to life in
9:33 am
prison for not stopping the killings. >> and gsa is dealing with a spending. 95 employees that are supposed to work from home cent divide 50-- 750,000 in travel expenses. house transportation committee said there may be a major melt down involving in the tsa. he was made aware of the problem at a florida airport but the incident was not yet publicized. tsa said they are going to take disciplinary action. >> soda energy is workog strategy to counter act mayor bloomburg's latest ban. he wants to prevent from serving surgary drinks. >> it is causing a big stir in the big apple. unbelievable. >> down here we drink the
9:34 am
sodas and we like it. >> and thank you. >> and we are just days away from finding out the rare recall election in the state of wisconsin. walker facing off milwaukee mayor. and what would happen when the voters head to the polls. welcome great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> let me ask you to begin with. this is an election that is not just about wisconsin. it is bigger than that. and we have high profile political players coming out to wisconsin and trying to influence a vote. why is this a larger fight about big labor in the country? >> we have seen republican governors and legislatures kind of take on labor unions with legislation. i think labor unions realize that this is an important battle. if they lose it it will
9:35 am
encourage republican governors and legislatures to pass legislation and if they win it is a deterrent. >> the latest polls out there. and do you think that whatever the outcome at this point it will be held up as an omen for the presidential race in november. >> it is a narrow walk or win. there will not be too much to read into it. if walker lives by what the polls are saying 7 or 8 or 9 points that. is not a great sign for the president. a lot are showing the president ahead. he doesn't want a close race. he wants wisconsin to be a blow out for him. >> president obama in the neighboring states around wisconsin and did not venteur in to the site despite bill clinton campaigning on the side of big labor. what mention do you have about
9:36 am
this. >> democrats believe he is alive and likely to wind and he doesn't want to put political capitol on the line just a few months before the general election. >> it is better not to be seen and take defeat head on that way rather than show us. and that's right. he got flack in 2009 and 2010 for wading in gubernatorial and senate races. >> he doesn't want to be made to look weak. >> we'll see the implications for the outcome. we'll watch it close low as well. >> thank you. and mitt romney's presidential campaign is a personal experience for the family. what one of his five sops it tells bill hemmer about life on the campaign trail. >> you are always out tramping.
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four foreign aid workers were kidnapped in afghanistan in a remote mountain province . it was conducted by nato result in the death of five kidnappers. cit is 60 years since queen elizabeth took the throne. we'll have the story and carolyn is sharing insights with us. >> thank you for joinning us. >> thank you. >> and before i talk about the next generationn of royalls, many americans are baffled
9:42 am
about the hoopla of the queen's diamond jubilee. give us your insight why it matters to the brits. >> this is the only second time in history there is a diamond jubilee. the other time queen victoria that celebrated 60 years on the throe. it is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of her reign. >> queen elizabeth was 26 when she was queen and the world was a different place. she brought stability when her country needed her. how has the history affected her monarchy. it is interesting how much history she is seen. she is well travel the opportunity to go on a lot of state visits. in the united states, she's
9:43 am
quainted since every president since fdr and eisenhower and traveled widely and became the, acquainted with the heads of state and governments of the world. >> as the next generation. we have seen the tabloid and real life soap o'peras. is england looking to charles or william to set the stage? a since of the monarchy as celebritis and focus on the family scandal. with the duke and duchess of cambridge and the successful tour of canada and united states in 2011, there is a sense of new monarchy royal duties and traveling with a smaller household and speaking to ordinary people for a time.
9:44 am
>> it is great pageantry and a lot of them will see over the weekend it is lovely from this side of the planet. we are looking forward to it. thank you for joining us. how did his family decide it was a good idea for him to run for president again. >> he had to. he was prepared to take the country at this point in time. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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>> governor mitt romney has spent a great deal of time away from his children and grandchildren on the campaign trail. last weekend he visited one of his sons and took fox news. >> your dad said he like to compete with you guys. >> who comes out the winner. >> not him. >> oh, baby. you have five brothers.
9:49 am
what kind of advice did he pass to you? he never takes me aside and said do this and that. it was more example . i saw his dedication and integrit yethat rubbed off on me. and lets you figure it out on your own. >> what about your mom? >> mom is the softer one . dad was the disciplinarian. you want to get away go do mom. and that is for money. >> you went to mom. >> she was the understanding soft one, >> and dad was it is plinarian. >> vuto take those roles it is interesting. i growing up never had the weird teenager relationship with my parents. it was a friendship and i was
9:50 am
the youngest and they had kind of figured out their parents style by that point. >> you like to go to school? >> no. >> yes, you do. >> no, i don't. >> i think we should get rid of vacation and you have go you go to school every day. don't you think? >> one of the benefits of the campaign. you are always on the road traveling. and what do you think about him running for president the second time? >> you weren't a fan. >> i had a hard time with it. it was frustrating and in the end we decided it was something he had to do. and he was uniquely prepared to take the country at this point in time and get it on the right track. >> thanks to bill hemmer for that story. >> man accused of killing trayvon martin should be back in jail. zimmerman has yet to turn himself back n stay with us.
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taking a look at some of the day's top stories. the u.s. is spending a majority of navy warships to. at caucuses conference in singapore, panetta saying the move is not a threat to china. u.s. allies and asian defense officials want to know if the u.s. can' ford the move in spite of budget cuts.
9:55 am
>> george zimmerman is headed back to bail after a judge revoked his bail. he is accused of lying to the court about how much money he had. more than 1,000 firefighters is struggling to put out a massive wildfire in new mexico. 350 square miles have been scorched. the fire is only about 15% contained. those are the stories making news at this hour. kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york. before we go we want to give a special happy birthday to our senior are producer lexie stemple. she is not going to reveal her age. country music star and contributing editor fox news .com larry gatlin in the thousand sing you a special tribute birthday celebration. >> he really is. >> he wanted to definitely say something special to you. larry, great to have you hered to. thank you for joining us. >> is it my turn? >> you turn, go ahead.
9:56 am
♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear lexi ♪ i usually don't sing high notes until 8:00 at night and i usually get $50,000. actually, $25,000 but i thought -- ♪ happy birthday to you >> beautiful. >> lexi is a huge country music fan as am i and i knee having larry here is a very special moment for you on your birthday. >> thank you very much. >> larry, you have some -- a special message for lexi today? >> well, she is always so kind after we do the show she always sends me a little e-mail and tells me how much she loves me and how lovely i am and i
9:57 am
should move to washington and be kind of your dennis miller. we could have the gospel according to gatlin. >> and there you go. >> how is the gospel according to gatlin today? >> well, you know, i'm going to georgia and alabama for the hank williams festival in his birthplace. the gospel according to gatlin, some old gatlin brothers songs. i started to wear my t-shirt that said i love my country it is the government i can't stand but i thought i'm going to wear this white one and try to be a little calmer today than i normally am. >> you look great and i know you continue to raise money for the tornado victims around the country. how is that going? >> going back sometime in october and november to check it out. they are still raising money. those people have grouped together and they gathered around each other in their faith and love for each other and their community has been an unbelievable thing to see.
9:58 am
the money has kept coming in for the little you know,. ♪ he can build another house the little song that i wrote. my son josh is staying in touch with them but we will do maybe another concert and help those folks again and raise the awareness for the folks in oklahoma and all the area that was so terribly devastate. >> take us out to the next hour singing us that song, lair relationship, because it is so beautiful. ♪ i can build another house, i can buy another car ♪ ♪ i can plant some new rose bushes in our brand new old front yard ♪ ♪ i can drive the truck to tulsa for milks and eggs and bread i will find a place for you and me and kids to lay our head ♪ ♪ i know you stand beside me and by god we'll make it through because i can build another house but i can't build
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another you ♪ i was very moved by that. ♪ i can build another house but i you can't build another you ♪ ♪ i can't build another you ♪ i can't build another you ♪ happy birthday dear lexi >> yeah, larry gatlin! we love him. he is part of the fox news family. we love you, thank you so much for joining us today, lair relationship and being part of the special birthday tribute to lexi. we see her here as a little girl. oh, are my gosh. a producer extraordinaire and we love her. >> i love you all. >> have a great day, everydy


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