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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 3, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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show. troy black our professional barbecue pit master will tell us grilling secrets in the after the show show. >> alisyn: see you, guys. ♪ a special feature, right now. >> jamie: what an historic day it is, in great britain and around the world for that matter as today's diamond jubilee celebrations get underway, in london. all commemorating queen elizabeth ii's 60 years on the throne. the queen herself as you can see, there, on the shores of the river thames, a short time ago, leading a thousand-boat parade down the river and good morning, everyone, pretty exciting in london, and martha mccallum is there and i'm jamie colby and he we're here for you in new york well, as you can see, we are
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witnessesing a spectacle of pageantry and history, millions are expected to join the festivities in great britain throughout the day, martha mccallum is joining us now in london to tell us what to expect. >> jamie: hi, martha. >> reporter: hello there, eric and jamie. >> jamie: we are dying to hear all about it. >> reporter: it is just beautiful, jamie and eric and we have the flotilla is underway behind us and we'd are celebrating as you said the queen's diamond jubilee, 60 years of her reign in great britain, now, this is not something that happens every day. it only happened one other time in the history of the monarchy, and that was queen victoria in 1897 and she was not nearly as able and well as queen elizabeth ii is, she's enjoying all of this thoroughly. it is really a high point for the monarchy, and, everybody is very much in celebration of her life on the throne and all that
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has come before her and, when we look at those shots of the thames, the river lifeblood of london and has an extraordinary history for the royal family going back to the days of hearn viii when he came down here on his barge and that is a recreation of what we are seeing here today. the liquid life as one put it on the thames river, and the royal family, we have shots from all of them gathering this morning, queen elizabeth, prince philip, her husband of all of these years, by her side and prince charles and camilla and the duchess of cornwall with him and we also saw william and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge as they boarded on the spirit of cartwell, the official royal barge, the highest members of the royal family are in the spirit of chartwell and, we saw a while ago the gloriana, a wooden rowed ship built as a celebration of the queen's diamond jubilee and has been in the works the last two years and
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it is an amazing rowed ship that went by us as well, there is an incredible combination of a thousand ships that lined up and are now going behind us, as part of the celebration and they come from all over the world. we watched a hawaiian war can new go by and the queen is surveying this and her barge will join this procession as it comes by us in the river here, it is extraordinary, despite the clouds, it's not raining, good news and everybody is smiling, really a happy, joyous, joyous occasion and celebration of the life an woman of queen elizabeth today. >> jamie: and not just today, it is a big deal for at least a week, tours of many members of the royal family around the world to celebrate this. how are the locals reacting? i understand there are parties galore? >> reporter: there are street parties all over the city and yesterday everybody gathered their flags an bunting and, tesco says they are selling 2
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million bottles of champagne and everybody is joining in the celebration and it is a positive feeling, i must say, not unlike the sentiment for the royal wedding and as we remember, there were years in the '80s and '90s that were not so sunny for the royal family, very, very difficult time. and, now, they seem to have entered a new age, thanks to very good public relations, and thanks to the material they have to work with in prince william and kate middleton, now the duchess of cambridge, and, it really has been a symbol of stability and constancy for the british people, all these 60 years, and i think they want very much to reward her and celebrate her. for that symbol of what she has stood for for them in good times and bad for anyone who is under the age of 75 in great britain she has always, always been there, and that is really the decor of the celebration that kicks off today. >> eric: you talk about the
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stability and constancy, and she's served with 11 american presidents and, 60 years on the throne and 3 years will eclipse queen victoria that's longest serving monarch and you talk about the positive feelings and what turned it around. do you think those positive feelings will last? and they will not get back to the days we saw in the '80s and '90s? >> reporter: you know, in many ways, i think that prince william and kate, his wife, do symbolize a renewal for the royal family. and the queen was in that same role when she was just 25 years old and took over as queen, she was sort of the young, hip royal at that time. she brought excitement to the royal family, in an extraordinary way and the way we look at will and kate is the way queen elizabeth was looked at, as the young queen here and so many of the older people remember what she brought and the enthusiasm and see william and kate as a rebirth of the future of the royal family in a
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very positive way and the queen embraced kate in a very strong manner. the middletons, the family are also riding on a royal vessel today. and that in and of itself says a lot. to bring in the middleton family and, to put them on part of the royal flotilla really says that she is glad to have them in the fold and is happy they've provided a really warm family atmosphere for prince william, and grandson as well and they have a lot to celebrate. and i think the royal family is in a very good place an articles are in the paper talking about the fact the british economy, given what is going on in the rest of the world and europe is doing fairly well given the state of things around the world. so they really do see this as a very positive, up beat moment for great britain. >> jamie: the public, there, martha, supports this, i know, emotionally, and there seems to be a lot of excitement. is it something paid for by the monarchy? or is it something that taxpayers are happily contributing to? because you talk about the
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economy. i can't imagine how much money is coming in from people visiting london to witness this extraordinary display? >> reporter: it is a money maker to be sure. they are selling souvenirs all over great britain and they talk about the cost of the royal family which they've pared back, and one aside would be the britannia, the royal ship decommissioned from royal family, and, started as a tourist attraction several years ago, to the dismay of queen elizabeth because she loved the ship so dearly but it works both ways, the royal family is an expense to the taxpayers of great britain but they also bring in a ton in tourist money and all of these attractiorc at aand so a lot of hotels and restaurants are quite happy it is happening. and you can hear the music and maybe we can get a quick shot. music is a huge part of the celebration as well, and you can see that this ship going guy is
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blaring music behind me and handel's water music will be played and there are full choirs that will be singing as the boats go by and there is a tremendous amount of music as part of this. the royal family does a fantastic job over weaving music into all of their ceremonies, if you remember the beautiful job they did of that at the wedding and i think you are seeing what is going on right now, prince william in his air force uniform, in the middle of that shot and surrounded by prince philip and the family members, an extraordinary day for the royal family, and they are all gathered together. this is really a once in a lifetime shot, that you are seeing of the whole royal family, as they are gathered together on this barge. we don't get to see that very often. stunning. >> jamie: it sure is and martha showing us the royal family aboard the royal barge there, extraordinary, martha. thank you so much for bringing it to us live from the thames. eric? >> eric: and, martha, we'll be
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right there, celebrating the queen and the crown, only as they can do it in great britain. martha, will be with us throughout this hour as we continue our live coverage this sunday morning. >> jamie: now to the race for the white house, the key battle ground state of florida defending a plan to remove vot register ahead of the november election after the justice department warned florida to stop the so-called voter perch. peter doocy is following the story live for us in washington. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, and there are 11.3 million active registered voters in florida. right now. 13% of those are hispanics but 58% of hispanics are on this list of potential noncitizens on florida's voter rolls put together by the state's division of elections. overall there are 2600 potential noncitizens on the list. who the county elections
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supervisors have been getting in touch with, trying to confirm these people's citizenship and if they can't they want to remove them from the voter rolls and the spokesman for the florida secretary of state says, quote, if we receive credible and reliable information we must act on it, race or party never factor into the process. our focus is on identifying and removing ineligible voters from the rolls, because that is our job. but, opponents call it a voter purge, and might remove voters from the voter rolls and, the department of justice says it violates the voting rights act and the national voter registration act which is supposed to regulate voter purges like this and the doj is now threatening florida in a letter, saying, quote: to enable us to meet hour responsibilities to enforce federal law, please inform us by june 6th of the action the state of florida plans to take concerning the matters to discuss in this letter,
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specifically, please advise whether the states intends to cease the practice discussed above so the department can determine what further action, if any, is necessary. just look at how close the numbers are in florida, right now, mitt romney leads president obama by 1/2 of 1%. in the latest real clear politics average of polls and the big spotlight is extra bright as a swing state tries to make sure only citizens are voting. jamie? >> jamie: peter doocy, interesting story, this morning, thanks. >> eric: the troubles in syria, president bashar al-assad speaking out publicly. for the first time since january. he claims there was a, quote, conspiracy against his country. and is denying that his government had any role, for last week's massacre in howeula and instead is blaming outside forces, more than 100 people were murdered in cold blood, half of them children, and he says not even monsters would
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carry out such an ugly crime but there are no signs he is serious about stopping the violence in the country, slipping closer and closer, they think to and all-out civil war. can it be stopped in joining us now is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, for special political affairs, stewart halladay is president of the meridian international center. ambassador, welcome. it is so disturbing that this is continuing and the international community can't stop it. >> good morning. i think it is very troubling that this has gone on now for nearly a year-and-a-half. and, there needs to be a deadline, a punctuation mark to give the assad regime a clear signal it will not be tolerated. in the absence of getting russia to support us on this we need to look at how we can strengthen the opposition to assad, strengthen their hand and give them political training, some support, and in order to stand up against what is clearly a --
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an evil regime. >> eric: russia will not do anything. look, they are supplying weapons, a ship just docked there. to supply the government. i mean, how can they constantly and continually block the efforts to try and do something here? >> of course, russia under putin now, is seeking to sort of right assert itself in the region, as you know, this is also a proxy struggle for influence in the middle east. between those aligned with tehran and the sunni governments in doha and saudi arabia and there is a real risk it can spill over, all the more reason why russia needs to act responsibly and not thwart the efforts of the international community. >> eric: do you think they are acting responsibly. >> no, they are acting in their national interest as they typically do and need the money from the arms sales and their energy issues are at stake and are seeking to thwart what they see that's -- one of the last dominos to fall in the region.
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>> eric: what about iran? iran loses syria, they don't want to lose syria. >> and this is a central issue, the minority alawite government in syria is backed by iran which is also backing hezbollah in lebanon and this is really a larger question and it needs to move beyond, we need to move beyond the idea this is a sunni-shia struggle and show the syrians that a government that would be created most assad would be inclusive and have the right kind of -- kinds of protections for minorities in syria. >> eric: that assumes there could be a post government -- a post-assad and kofi annan is there, the u.n. special negotiator and they negotiated the cease-fire, and it is violated every, single day and basically it has been pretty useless. what does he, sitting with assad, accomplish? >> at this point i think the days for the annan plan are
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limited and there needs to be a punctuation mark and deadline and then we need to look at creating humanitarian safe corridors, for the people in syria who are under attack from the government and there needs to be an effort to strengthen the hand of those opposition members that are deemed by our intelligence community to not be aligned with the more radical al qaeda aligned sunni jihadists which we absolutely do not want to strengthen those groups, so there needs to be an accelerated effort to give the opposition the support, politically and militarily they need. >> eric: look, it worked with gadhafi in libya and president obama and the administration policy was leading from behind. what is going on with the white house now? >> they'll say syria is not libya and there is a geographic separation there and a different military posture but i think that there is a much more robust effort they can be putting into
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this situation short of a -- putting ground troops an having a nato military operation. >> eric: what could they do? . >> no fly zones, interrupting the media and satellite communications, there is the political support i described and there is obviously ratcheting up the pressure, you saw the u.n. human rights commission come out today and and say there will not be impunity that assad and his regime could be and should be prosecuted and so it is moving pressure on all fronts including financial, military, political... >> eric: and ambassador, why isn't the white house doing that now, those are seemingly common-sense answers. are they leading? >> look, annan gave them the impression that this could be, you know, accomplished. syria accepted the annan plan but has not implemented it and they are coming to the realization that that will not be a horse they'll be able to
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ride. >> eric: meanwhile, innocent citizens are being slaughtered and massacred in syria while the world, largely, is not standing by. ambassador, thanks for joining us on the fox news channel. jamie. >> jamie: back to martha in london in a second. but, first, defense secretary leon pan netta is on an histori trip to vietnam, at one of the most important courts during the vietnam war, and the first time a u.s. defense secretary has been there since the war ended, jennifer griffin is live and with the secretary. in hanoi, right now. jen? sorry. >> reporter: hi, jamie, that's right i'm traveling with secretary panetta, we were in singapore yesterday where he joyed lined the new u.s. shift in -- in the military to asia and next year there will be 60% of the u.s. navy will be positioned in asia. it was almost surreal, as we
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arriv arrived with the secretary today, the first time a u.s. secretary of defense has been in the bay, once used by the u.s. military, all the warships, all the troops, all the supplies for the vietnam war passed through cameron bay. it is a strategic location. a port that has been long sought after in the region because it is a natural deep-water port and is naturally protected. what was interesting today is that for secretary panetta, it was a significant visit and he went to visit the u.s. innis bird, in for repairs in the port and we climbed aboard that ship. but, there were no top-level vietnamese officials there to meet the secretary. that is significant, jamie, because in essence, what looms large over this entire visit to the region is china. vietnam on the one hand wants to engage the united states but it
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is nervous about looking as though it is getting too close to the united states as the us begins positioning its military out in asia. 60%, again of the navy will be passed here as part of the president's new strategy to pivot away from the middle east, jamie. >> jamie: streaming live om hanoi, jen, thanks. >> eric: she has been on the throne for 60 years and this morning they celebrate, it is afternoon in london and thousands of boats are on the royal flotilla, honoring queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. a lot more of pomp and pageantry as only the british can do it, live from london, next. >> jamie: the shuttle enterprise on an intrepid final journey and it will go to its new home at the famous museum in new york city, a live report as it makes its way, coming up. get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues
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♪ >> jamie: all right. take a live look, right now. because there is no mistaking that it is the diamond jubilee in london. our martha mccallum is there and martha, i could swear i saw you wave and the queen waved back! >> reporter: you caught that,
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i'm so glad! she clearly saw me. and waved back. everybody is waving at the queen as they go by, sort of a sign of celebration. of the day and everybody is waving flags behind us and, we did just have the moment a while ago. when the queen's barge, the spirit of chartwell went by and it is decked out absolutely beautifully and has a lot of security surrounding it, i might add. secure has been one of the primary concerns today and they had divers beneath all the ships, first thing in the morning to clear them for security and the scene you are seeing now, lots of champagne is poured around great britain today and the queen came over to the side we're on and waved to the crowd, prince philip as well and they are working from one side of the ship to the other and everyone gets a glimpse, and, you get the shock of red on the ship and that is kate middleton, the duchess of
7:25 am
cambridge, alongside prince william and exciting here, a couple -- as we watch it all go by and we'll be back with more, shortly. back to you. >> jamie: spectacular, martha. see you in a few. >> eric: the weak jobs market report for may sparking fears for our economy. american employers only added 69,000 jobs, the fewest in a year, and this morning on fox news sunday, romney campaign advisor ed gillespie said the president obama's policies are at fault. >> this is a hostile environment for job creation in our economy and adds a sense of urgency in terms of this year's election to be able to turn things around because the only thing that will change it are changing the policies and that means changing the person in the white house. >> eric: that is theme and joining us is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> how are you, eric. >> eric: a bad week for the economy. one would think would be a bad week for the obama campaign. >> absolutely.
7:26 am
there is no -- you know, we focus on things like romney being with donald trump, or david axelrod on the steps -- the only thing that will last, from this last week was those jobs numbers, that came out and friday morning. 8.2 unemployment and 69,000 jobs created. for a president who is trying to say, my policies work, i'm the correct economic steward for this country and the one to lead us to the next four years, boy, it is getting hard to make the case, particularly when we have bigger job growth, a few months ago, over 200,000 jobs a month. and now for the last three months, has been 70, 80,000 and the last month, 69,000. bad news. >> eric: how does the administration counter that? is the stock market dropped 300 points, and all people have to do is look at savings and kids who returned from college and don't have a job and are moving back home, what is the
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administration doing? >> stock market as of friday wiped out all of the gains they had made so far this year. we're now in negative territory, for 2012. their argument is, two points. one, that, you know, sounds familiar, they inherited a mess and took a long time to get into the mess and a longer time than expected to get out of it but we should continue on the obama policies and, then, two, if you don't like us, look at the other guy and i think that, you know, if they were going after romney before, i think it is going to be much more aggressive now, because they obviously are having a tougher time defending their own record and one of the things they have to do is make him a less acceptable choice. it will get ugly. >> eric: the theme over the next five months, always good to see you. >> thank you, same to you. >> eric: for more of his interview with the campaign advisor, ed gillespie, fox news sunday has it and, he sits down with steve ratner, the former
7:28 am
advisor of president obama's task force and a bell known new york business man, here on the fox news channel, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., right here on fox. >> jamie: you mentioned the gloomy new numbers on the unemployment front as the race for the white house, heats up. that jobless rate rising as the number of new jobs added comes in lower than expected, only 69,000. what does it mean for the president's reelect bid? we'll look at that fair and balanced. >> eric: you know who doesn't have to run for re-election? >> jamie: she's got the gig! >> eric: and she's honored today after being on the throne 60 years. hundreds of thousands of brits out on the shore, out on the river, celebrating the monarchy. we will continue our live coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee, ahead. bla their kids are adults? i have twins, 21 years old. each kid has their own path. they grow up, d they're out havingheir life. i really started to talk to them
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