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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 3, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> well, the weather's been a bit frightful but so delightful, the excitement building across the pond in great britain, queen elizabeth ii taking part in a majestic 1,000-float flotilla in the diamond jubilee celebration, making her 60 years on the throne. good morning, everybody. i am jamie colby. talk about job stability. >> eric: i tell you, i'm eric shawn. good morning and welcome to america's news headquarters. it is quite a scene of immense pageantry, as hundreds of thousands are lining the river thames and follow filling the streets across great britain to join in the spectacular festivities, honoring their monarch this morning. here's what they had to say. [cheering] >> we are going to follow the
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pageant down, this is a huge opportunity. once in a lifetime event. everybody's very proud to be taking part. everybody made their boats look amazing, painted, polished, cleaned everywhere. >> eric: we go live to london for more on the overwhelming celebration. hey, martha. it's amazing? >> reporter: hey, there. good morning. we vanish watching this extraordinary day play out. you captured it so well in those sights and sounds of what is happening here this morning in london. the people feel very ownified. queen elizabeth ii is a grandmother to the nation. the queen has spent her whole life in service. she said when she took the throne at the age of 25 that she would vow the rest of her life to be in the service of her people. it's a vow she takes extremely seriously. it's been really beautiful today to see her family surrounding her, prince phillip by her side, her husband of all these years. they are quite a team.
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as we said, he has been the leader of their marriage and their family at home. she has served all over the world. they have traveled the world together. she has been queen under 12 prime ministers of england, starting with winston churchill who, wrote her off as just a young girl. but he was so impressed of her knowledge of the world that they developed a very close relationship with winston churchill. she was very sad to see him go. but she, of course, is not working on a four-year term. she is in this job for life. and that is something that is celebrated today. just one tidbit about the thames river and the extraordinary ability to carry this thousand-boat and ship and canoe and kayak. they put on the locks at the thames river at the boundary and stemmed the flow of the river to
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1 miles per hour because the tides can be very strong in the thames and they were concerned about whether the boats would bump into each other. so this is unprecedented. it is really there to keep the city of london from flooding, this barrier, the thames barrier. but it's in place and has worked perfectly because the river is allowing the ships to pass perfectly. that's one example of the way that they do things in great britain, ceremony is something that is a true strongpoint for them nterms of pulling off incredible ceremonies here. you canee the ships and boats going by, despite the rain, everybody is in a very good mood, partying and having a lot of fun on this sunday, throughout the day and queen elizabeth ii and her family in a parked position, near the tower bridge. you will see that in just a moment. but they have moored. and they have been watching a ceremonial ending to all of this with lots of music and performances that will come as the ships gather up the at tower
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bridge. it's extraordinary. >> jamie: it disw seem that it's been smooth sailing from the start. you were mentioning that they actually -- there were security measures taken under the boats to make sure that everything goes safely as well. i wanted to ask you, though, to comment on the younger royals because i was so struck by how elegant they were as they boarded the barge as well. they seemed to take their royal duties very seriously as well. >> reporter: indeed, they do. we watched prince william and his wife, katherine. she is wearing a beautiful red dress today. she doesn't look cold although she must be as she stands out on the bridge of the ship. they look fantastic. i mean, this couple is probably the most popular couple in the world at this moment. they are selling tons of "people" magazines here in the united states. prince harry as well.
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everybody follows his every movement. but when you look at them walking in, they take the tradition and the history of their family, very seriously. we have watched them as they have grown from young boys, walking behind diana's funeral to the grown men. they have served their country, harry as a helicopter pilot in afghanistan, william as a rescue pilot and continues that work with the ref, to this day. their commitment is really unquestioned, in terms of their own devotion to their country. their grandmother has set quite an example and they -- carrying it out quite admirably. >> eric: how did they turn diana around, the negativity to the joyous celebration and the love and respect that we see today? >> reporter: you know, it's an extraordinary story. you go back to 1997 and the death of princess diana and
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prior to that when she said there are three of us in this marriage and the fact that her husband was carrying on with camilla. and now camilla is accepted, all of these later. she is clearly part of "the firm," as it is called here. they had very rough years, when made it look for a time that the monarchy might not survive. you remember her being called upon to come back from scotland and to recognize and fly the flag at half staff at the death of princess diana, which was very rocky for the family. but they have done an extraordinary job. they have terrific p.r. people now at clarence house who, have put the best foot forward for the princes and the wedding. their military service has been focused on and the public and the press. so that combined with the material they have to work with in this great-looking, young generation of royals, that they haven't had to draw upon for quite sometime.
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the combination of really great p.r. and great material to work with in the younger generation has turned thingsarn. at the top of it all, have you queen elizabeth ii, 86 years old and going strong and very much providing the stability that the british people really seem foenjoy as part of their tradition and their fabric of who they are. you know, we have no equivalent for this in the united states, in terms of this helps to bring a national fervor and a patriotism in great britain that is unparalleled. it is extraordinary to play out. >> jamie: we are going to check back with you. thank you so much. >> reporter: okay. >> eric: our coverage, of course, will continue, of the celebrations, throit the day. we will take you back to london as the excitement continues of the queen's diamond jubilee. >> jamie: a bad jobs report finishing out last week.
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it is not going away. campaign kings of both president obama and governor romney left with a difficult job explaining how their respective candidates will get folks back to work. steve centanni has details on that from washington. >> reporter: hi, jamie. jobs and the unemployment rate are not just economic news, they are hot political topics. mitt romney's advisers suggesting his candidate is qualified to fix the economy and president ork bottominga is not. >> we gave the keys to the largest economy in the world to a person who did not have any prior executive leadership experiences. governor romney has led in the private sector. he organized and ran the winter olympic games of 2002. he has run a state successfully. that's a big difference between the two. >> reporter: the state of the economy, bound to have a major influence on november's election, if it improves, the president's chances improve as well. if it continues to deteriorate, mitt romney has a better shot at
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being elected. meantime, the obama campaign, trying to recover from a setback they suffered at the hands of former president bill clinton who said in an interview that mitt romney is qualified because he has had a sterling business career. the president's campaign manager tried to clarify that remark today. >> what he said was he -- his business record and the fact that he was a governor qualified him to be president. he went on to say that his economic views would be disastrous for the country and i agree. nobody's arguing whether mitt romney's qualified to be president. we are arguing whether he is qualified to call himself a job creator. that's not the purpose of his business and that's not what he did in massachusetts, where they had one of the worst economic records... >> reporter: david axelrod championed congress to pass the president's jobs initiatives and called the republicans, quote, the architects of obstruction. >> jamie: steve centanni, live
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from washington. thanks. >> eric: we will have new details in the leadup to tuesday's historic recall election in wisconsin. now republican governor scott walker facing tom barrett and there is a voter fraud investigation even before the election. coming up, the fox news voter fraud unit looks at the evidence prosecutors have and what local elections officials say is an apparent case of voter fraud. much more on that developing sty and the whole race. brian york will weigh in on the historic vote and what it could mean for the race for the white house in november, just ahead. >> defense secretary leon panetta making an historic visit to vietnam. it was the first time a u.s. defense secretary has been there since the vietnam war. it was an important deep-water port and logistics hub for our forces.
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jennifer griffin is live in hanoi, vietnam, with the latest. >> reporter: hi, eric. it was an amazing day with leon panetta in cameron bay. the last u.s. defense secretary to visit cameron bay, which was used by u.s. forces during the vietnam war, troops and war ships would dock there, the last one was robert mcnamara and lyndon johnson in 1966 made the cover of "life" magazine, when he went to greet troops in cam rahn bay. it came a day after the defense secretary addressed other defense ministers in the region, outlining the new strategy, the president's new strategy to pivot or tilt towards asia and put two-thirds of the u.s. navy's assets, ships and other vessels in the region. he explained that to the defense ministers in singapore. he arrived in vietnam and he
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would like to convince the vietnamese to have closer ties. they are being -- they are building on a normalization. we had an exclusive interview with secretary panetta, visiting the u.s. naval ship, the byrd. i asked him what it meant to him to be in vietnam. here's what he said. >> the war... does play a big role in terms of not only the lessons we learned from that war, but i think alms the fact that as a result of that war, we probably have an even higher obligation to get involved in the healing process by improving our relations with this country. >> reporter: part of that healing process includes building relations, military-to-military relations with the vietnamese. but it was notable that the vietnamese did not send a senior representative to meet panetta, showing that they are nervous to
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make china nervous by embracing the u.s. too openly. i asked secretary panetta also about the larger strategy in this pivot towards asia. here's what he sadism the more i'm out here, the more critical i view this region in terms of our national defense and the defense of the world. i mean, this is an area that is critical to the future security and prosperity of our country and for that matter, the world. i think for that reason, we are right to be focused on playing a bigger role. >> reporter: cam rahn bay is a very important port, one of the largest deep-water ports in asia. it is naturally protected. it would be a great place for u.s. ships to come in, dock and use as a port down the line. but again, the focus will be on how to engage asian countries without making china too
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nervous. but also one of the reasons for this pivot is to keep the seas open and to make sure that there is open trade on the waters because there are a lot of territorial disputes with china, looming large over the region right now. >> eric: jennifer, what an amazing, historic visit, especially for vietnam vets. >> jamie: to syria. syrian president assadcom condemning last week's massacre, denying his government played any role in the killings. nearly 100 people died, nearly half of them children. despite the horror, there is little sign that assad is serious about stopping the violence going on in his country, slipping closer and closer to an all-out civil war. joining me a fox news military analyst, general, good to see you. >> hi, jamie. good to see you. >> jamie: i don't think we can
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overstate the concern for the people of this country. before i ask you what role our military and government should play, can i ask you what role we can play? >> well, right now, frankly, jamie, not much. the secretary has committed the military to, in the future, provide humanitarian aid. but he said, there will be no military assistance, and certainly no military campaign until it's approved by the arab league and the united nations security council. you and i both know that's impossible because russia and china will block any intervention by the united states. and there is the farkt that the opposition is fractured and it owns no territory if you have been in this business awhile, it's pretty evident that the syrian army is probably the most effective army in the region. its air defenses are very good. and any idea of getting involved millitarily in syria is a long
9:16 am
way from happening, given the circumstances. >> jamie: when you watch what is going on there for many months or more, right now -- >> yeah. >> jamie: with an estimated 10,000 innocent people or more killed, opposition forces that don't have what they need to truly defend themselves, as a general with all the years experience that have you, what do you feel? what do you feel we should do? or who should come to their rescue? >> i will tell you what people are beginning to talk about, jamie. that's a balkan-like situation is beginning to occur in the middle-east words like "ethnic cleansing" are being used inside the beltway here in washington. there is a sense of frustration, particularly among those non-military types in this town that something needs continue done, millitarily. but i will tell you, given the weakness of the opposition, the strength of the syrian military, the reluctance of the arab league or the u.n. or nato to get involved in this conflict, i
9:17 am
firmly believe that this is going to get much, much worse. i think that assad has the military advantage and we are looking at -- at best a sectarian conflict, perhaps a civil war and god forbid, all of this followed by ethnic cleansing. syria is in dire straits right now and the world seems to be turning its head. >> jamie: the president there, as well, the syrian president denying the violence -- not acknowledging it, saying that there are terrorists that are responsible for this. and there is a conspiracy against syria. unbelievable situation, general. please come back and hopefully, it resolves itself, even if it continues, we need your insight. thank you so much. >> it thank you very much, jamie. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: jamie, the final journey for the space shuttle endeavour, taking place on the water. nasa's prototype for the space shuttle program, making its way across new york harbor, headed
9:18 am
for the intrepid museum. the if final leg of the journey, just ahead. >> jamie: the historic recall election this week in wisconsin. prosecutors have already launched a voter fraud investigation in one wisconsin city. the fox news voter fraud unit is on it. we will have the latest, coming up. >> eric: she's 86 years old. she has had the same job for sick years. she has no plans to retire -- why should she? she's the queen! today she's being honored and celebrated in a spectacular -- as you can see -- event of pageantry and history. queen elizabeth ii's diamond jubilee. we will have more live coverage from london, straight ahead. wake up!
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>> eric: we have a fox news alert. a plane carrying 153 people has crashed in nigeria. authorities say it was a local flight, danna air. the airliner went down in a densely populated area in the capital city of la gos. a number of houses were directly
9:23 am
hit by the airliner. no word on casualties, but nigerian aviation officials say they don't believe there were survivors. we will be following the story and bring imu updates as we get them. >> jamie: the final push underway in wisconsin, just two days to go before an historic recall vote there. republican governor scott walker is facing a major challenge from milwaukee mayor, tom barrett, a democrat. it is too close to call. and both sides of mounting a huge get-out-the-vote effort. byron york is here, a fox news contributor. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me, i have heard it suggested that we should watch this race very closely because whatever happens in wisconsin may impact the presidential election, do you agree? >> it will be a very important
9:24 am
swing state in november. barack obama won it in 2008. if mitt romney could pull off the victory in wisconsin, it would probably mean he would win the presidency. so it's important on that score. it's a big deal for democrats right now. think back to the protests, last year, when scott walker proposed curtailing some collective bargaining powers. they were long, they were loud, they were angry. and democrats have put a lot of effort into trying to recall scott walker. so if the governor can survive on tuesday and the polls look pretty good for him right now, that would be an enormous win for the republicans and a defeat for democrats and their union allies. >> jamie: many people in wisconsin say, though, that overall, governor walker's policies have helped their home state. do you have a prediction for tuesday? >> if you go back to the issues that were at the bottom of all of that fighting and that was, should public employee union members be made to pay for more
9:25 am
hel care? should collective bargaining powers be limited splat? the public favors those now. we have had recent polling showing that, for example, on paying for health care, 75%, people favor having employees paying for their own pensions and health care. marquette university did a poll, looking back at the last year, is wois consin better off or wrors off in the last year changes? 52% say better off. >> jamie: if the voters look overand all choose governor walker, what do you think the future is for collective bargaining and unions in other states because they were hugely supportive of the president? >> well, this election is being very closely watched in other state housesarn the country. certainly, the unions wanted to send a message, which is, if you -- some governor of a midwestern state, let's say, if you try something like this, we will knock you down.
9:26 am
and if scott walker survive that, i think you will see governors being emboldened to do so. on the other hand, if tom barrett were to knock out governor walker, i think that would have a real chilling effect on the efforts to do that by republicans around the country. >> jamie: thank you for presenting both sides of the race. on tuesday tfox news will have coverage on every aspect of it. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: much more to come on this developing story. we are seeing allegations of voter fraud, even before this election. the state officials there for telling us, they are confident and will guard against any possible hanky panky, but prosecutors have started a voter fraud investigation in one city in wisconsin. we will have the details, exclusively, coming up. >> eric: right now, experts from washington to wall street are trying to figure out what to do about unemployment. coming up, we will talk to the experts on what it will really take to try to get the job market back on track n. england,
9:27 am
take a look-- the royal family on the river thames right now, everybody celebrating the diamond jubilee. we will have a lot more on the exciting events, the history and pageantry, straight lady. straight ahead. also, get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island? really? no. it comes with a hat. see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it?
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>> eric: back to our top story today, queen elizabeth ii's diamond jubilee celebration in full swing in britain. today is just day 2 of the four-day-long festivities that honor the monarch's 60 years on the throne. all morning and all day, martha mccowan has been on the royal watch. she is live in london, where it is rainy, misty and 54 degrees, but the spirits are warm and bright. aren't they? >> reporter: they are.
9:32 am
it is pouring here, it is true british weather, cloudy, murky, pouring rain. but it is a really happy day here in london. everybody's spirits are high. a lot of crowds who were around this area, have cleared out because the big section what have is going on has moved further up. but you can see this extraordinary sight and all of these people cheering and waving with the umbrellas. paul, you and i were speaking, you were the butler to the queen for 11 years. so have you an extraordinary front-row seat to see so many moments with the families. and this is a queen who was, after 60 years now, was not supposed to be queen as a child. right? this was not in the cards? >> that's right, market a. as a child, she was the first daughter of the duke and dutchess of york. he was meant to be king. edward was meant to be king. and he met an american lady and changed history because he abdicated in favor of his younger brother and the queen
9:33 am
was in a direct line. so it shouldn't have really happened. equality we four" were very happy until that happened and that threw them into the spotlight. >> reporter: so many americans thinks of the stuttering king because "the king's speech" about queen elizabeth ii's father and his difficulty, taking on the public eye. when he passed away, it was a very difficult time for her family. she was very close to her father, by all accounts, but she rose to the occasion and we see the pictures of her, there's diana and charles on the wedding day, which you remember very well. >> i was there. >> reporter: was she happy about the marriage? >> the queen always said she would never interfere in her children's choices of partners. so that day was a very happy day for prince charles and princess diana. the queen thought this was the future. as we thought last year when he saw william and kate.
9:34 am
we think, that's the future for us -- but who knows because history has ray very strange way of it wereu turning. >> reporter: indeed, it does. you look at prince charles, earlier today and the map is laid out for him to take over and there's william and kate and they should follow in succession. we never know. do you get the feeling that the queen is happy with this marriage? and and with the middleton family and how things are going a year later? >> yes, i do. i do, martha. i have seen the queen smiling more than i have ever seen her smile before. having stood beside her for 11 years, i know full year, she has not always been a smiling queen. but recently, she has because she is happy. she is thinking of the future. she is 86 years old. she will be the longest serving queen in the history of the country, in 2 years. we could be back here in 10 years' time to celebrate the
9:35 am
platinum reign. >> reporter: this is younger days with the family, growing up and so many americans have followed her story from the other side of the pond. i remember as a child, my mother and grandmother watching the pictures of the princess margaret and elizabeth. it's extraordinary to see her standing out there, still. she is the only one who doesn't seem to be cold or soaking wet like everybody out there. she seems to be chipper and hearty. >> incredible discipline. she rides every weekend. how many ladies of 86 do you know that ride? >> reporter: looking behind her, she is wearing a red dress. you can hardly say, i am cold, i need a coat, i want to go downstairs when your mother-in-law is toughing it out at 86. >> the queen's loving this because she is watching her life on the river thames, this
9:36 am
lifeline of london. we have never seen anything like this. 350 years ago, there was a pageant like this. but today has proved that britain does it well. >> reporter: amazing organizing, the people behind us have been working on it for years. she says she has been really pleased with the idea of the thousand-boat flotilla on the thames river t. would have been nice if the sun were out. but it is going off, otherwise, very much as planned. >> i don't think the queen minds at all. >> reporter: she seems not to mind. >> she loves nothing more than the raincoat and the willington boots. >> reporter: i bet she wishes she had the wellies on right now. that's it from london. we will check back with you. back to you. >> jamie: it would take you to tell us that the queen owns wellies. i'm so impressed. >> reporter: of course! >> jamie: we will check back with you. thank you for the great
9:37 am
coverage. can you imagine how many people are working today in the u.k.? but here at home, not so pretty. the unemployment rate jumped 8.2%. employers adding only 69,000 jobs, the late nest a downward trend that started in january. have you to ask how bad can it get? and what can be done to turn things around. >> eric: brenda buttner, host of bulls and bears is live in the new york newsroom. brenda, i wonder if historically, since you track these things, is this turnaround any different from the past, other than it being so long and ongoing? >> yeah. this has been a really tential recession we have seen. and the recovery since then has been very slow and taken a long time to pick up steam. the problem, of course, is that for the last -- well, this is the third may that we have seen
9:38 am
this type of problem, that we have seen the job market falter and the stock market falter. and that's a problem because it's alm been largely because of outside events that the stock market has gone down because of the job market because of europe. but the job market -- there is something else going on here. it cannot seem to gain any traction. this is the worst jobs report in a year. now, some of that can be attributed to seasonal problems and also the fact that we had a very mild winter so there were greater gains in the winter. but we have seen, basically, we have been going down since january. traditionally, we would start picking up and jobs are the key to everything. they are the coo it confidence, they are the key to spending and that is the key to the economy. so without more jobs, this recovery cannot take place. >> jamie: quickry -- quickly, will it change in the short
9:39 am
term? >> it depends on what happens. will the fed come in, buy more bonds? that will help isn't president says we need more stimulus. it hasn't helped in the past. i am not sure that washington can do much. so it -- it really depends on how americans feel and if small business will start hiring in an election year with so many question marks, hard to imagine. >> thank you so much. brenda buttner from the newsroom. >> eric: well, the wisconsin recall, the election is tuesday. state officials say there are checks and balances to prevent any possible voter fraud. but there are allegations of such already. we are on it, the investigation into what is going on in wisconsin, coming up. we will have much more of queen elizabeth ii's diamond jubilee celebrations, and up-close look at the pomp and pageantry as only the brits can do it. onstip, diarrhea, gas or bloating?
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>> jamie: welcome back. right now, space shuttle enterprise is making its final voyage, heading to the intrepid air and space museum, where it will be there for everyone to see. tracking the trip, live from new york, anna, we can't wait for it. how's it looking? >> reporter: oh, man. we are so excited. yes, the space shuttle enterprise is going boldly where many have gone before on a three-day trip, through new york harbor and up the hudson river to the intrepid sea, air and space museum t. left jfk airport at 11:00 this mornings where it has been the last month or so. it has moved from jfk to the intrepid, a world war ii aircraft carrier. a crane lifted enterprise onto a barge, which will pull the shuttle past the shores of brooklyn and queens, to new jersey and tuesday, it will pass by the statue of liberty and the
9:45 am
world trade center before docking. but the journey started over a month ago, leaving aboard a nasa jumbo jet from thesmithsonian national air and space museum in virginia, after weather delayed its departure several times. enterprise was naped after a fictional starship from star trek. 122 feet long and pech feet high, it was a prototype and never actually went to space, but was used in the 1970s fiduciary approach and landing tests or alt flights. atlantis will go to kennedy space center in florida, discovery to thesmithsonian and endeavour to the california space center in los angeles. the intrepid will exhibit the space shuttle enterprise on the flight deck until a permanent display home can be made and open to the public on july 19. we are standing here overlooking the jamaica bay by the gill hodges memorial bridge.
9:46 am
the enterprise should be coming through here this afternoon. we are waiting on the images and we will bring them to you. >> jamie: it will be exciting. thanks so much. eric. >> eric: in london, the queen's jubilee continues, honoring sick years on the throne. the boats are continuing to go down the river thames. day 2 of a four-day celebration. we will have a lot more of the pomp and pageantry, ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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9:50 am
>> eric: to the fox news voter fraud unit and warnings of a possible fraud in the wisconsin recall election on tuesday, where governor scott walker is facing democrat, tom barrett, the mayor of milwaukee. governor walker told the weekly standard, quote, i have always thought that close elections, presidential elections, it means you probably have to win with at least 53% of the vote to account for fraud. one or two points, he says, potentially. and the state's former republican party chief who heads the republican national committee says that the state is, quote, riddled with voter fraud. some voters we talked to agree. others are mixed. do you think voter fraud could swing an election?
9:51 am
>> yes. >> reporter: you do? >> i do. yeah. i think -- yeah. i think voter fraud is a reality of our time. as i think wisconsin voters are aware. >> i have faith in the electoral system. i have faith in the people, you know. this is however it turns out is going to be done, the ts will be crossed and the is will be dotd? state officials say they will guard against any possible fraud. kevin kennedy heads the wisconsin government accountability board, which oversees elections. >> it's a human-driven process. there are always people who will try to game the system. we, like all states, have crimes for election violations. you know, we punish people. >> eric: there is already a voter fraud investigation connect to the recall election. in dealinga field, near milwaukee, one voter told us that a canvasser asked for his
9:52 am
aunt, if she supported walker, when the voter didn't know, she was given an absentee ballot application to sign had her behalf. it was caught by the city clerk and say it's apparent voter fraud. >> it makes more work when people try to defraud the system. but we caught it. we knew we would. we have never had one slip through. they're not going to get an extra ballot on. that won't work. >> eric: could there be voter fraud in this race? we have the communications director with media trackers, a conservative watchdog group. brian, welcome. what are you concerned about? >> eric, as we go into the recall election on tuesday here in the state of wisconsin, wisconsin has a history of tight elections and narrow outcomes and voter fraud could sway the election. going into tuesday, the state is at a disadvantage from where it could be, key voting provisions that could have led to protection of the ballot laws are no longer in place as a
9:53 am
judge has asked for the voter i.d. law to be suspended. >> eric: so there is no voter i.d. at the moment? >> no voter i.d. laws and absentee ballots, there are reports that some ballots have been distributed, perhaps improperly, so as we move forward, the integrity of the process could be in question. and right now, wisconsin's been through a brutal election cycle since 2010. we are movings into the second round on tuesday, any public confidence that could be shaken by the presence of voter fraud would only add to the division in the state and that does not speak well for the outcome on tuesday, in terms of having public confidence restore in the electoral process in the state. >> eric: the federal department of justice, they are sending an election monitor and in dellafield, the deputy clerk caught this stuff and told us she worries that someone could be intercepting the ballots, perhaps. what do you think's going on?
9:54 am
>> i think there is a lot of anecdotal evidence and certainly, thereby will be investigations into this. s fascinating to keep in mind that one of the leading organizations that has been responsible for early turnout, early voting turnout in milwaukee, actually has two of their top aides, currently under investigation by the milwaukee county district attorney's office for voter fraud committed last year. those who have been leading the charge against the state's photo-i.dft d. law that many believe would strengthen the integrity of the election here, those aides to that person leading the charge against the law were found guilty of voter fraud in 2008. so it is interesting to see that there are really a case of people being investigated and prosecuted for voter fraud that are leading the charge on this -- [overlapping dialogue] -- a lot of people say it's overblown. they say there isn't that much in 2004, out of 3 million vote, 7 were ineltigible. in 2008, 20 were charged.
9:55 am
the center for media and democracy says it's overblown. >> there is a real fear that some of these people who have been stoked on these false claims, the baseless claims of a 1 or 2 points of election fraud will intimidate potential voters. >> eric: what is your reaction to that? >> well, certainly, it's interesting to see that the voter integrity has become a partisan issue, with the left saying there is no none and the right saying there is something here. look, voter fraud -- you usually discover it after an election. the act takes place, the owts comeuppances in, we can't undo the outcome. but the public confidence is shaken. when have you just one instance of voter fraud, you have brought into question the entire process, that's why it needs to be pursued and watchdog organizations such as our own are working to make sure that the light is shed on this type of stuff because we don't want to see the elections tainted and
9:56 am
the voter fraud bringing into question the outcome of the election. >> eric: no one wants to see that. thank you so much, from the conservative watchdog group, media trackers and there is an investigation with a handful of ballots. if tususpect voter fraud, go to voter fraud at for any allegations. thank you. >> jamie: plenty of people have been in touch. >> thank you. >> jamie: much more ahead from washington. shannon bream take its from here. if you are a royal watcher, you will not be disappointed. our coverage from london of diamond jubilee continues here on fox. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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10:00 am
border state violence. investigators in it arizona find a burned out suv with five bodies inside. find out who they think may be behind the suspicious death. voter fraud controversy. florida's program to stop illegal voters is getting heat from the doj. why is the justice department telling the sunshine state to stop cleaning up voter rolls? recall rumble. two days left for wisconsin governor scott walker and milwaukee mayor to drum up support before tuesday's showdown. >> people around the world are watching the festivities for the queen's diamond jubilee. i'm shannon bream. hour number two starts right now. in is a fox news alert out of nigeria where a commercial
10:01 am
plane has crash inside a build. there were 153 people onboard the plane that look off from lagos. no word on what caused the crash. we are getting word of a second crash, a separate one, a cargo plane that also originated from lagos crashed in ghana. joining us is a journalist from lagos to tell us more. er is, what can you tell us that you are hearing there on the ground? >> basically earlier today there was a plane that actually belonged to on the flight from the capital and approaching on the outskirts of lagos when it crashed into a couple of buildings on the center of lagos. not much information has come through from the civil aviation and minister of aviation. there were 163 people onboard and so far no survivors
10:02 am
confirmed and some of the buildings in the area are on fire result of the plane crash. >> shannon: so there is damage there on the ground as well. could you tell us anything about the conditions in the area at the time? do we know what conditions were like in the area where the plane did go down? >> well, it was a pretty solid afternoon in lagos. unless there was what most people are speculating is it must have been a mechanical failure rather than anything to do with the weather or lack of visibility. but sometime last month there was an issue with a plane from the same airline which had to turn back to its airport of origin on the way to buga as well. maybe there is a problem with the planes than airline. but it is one of those things that we have to wait for the investigative report to come through from the abe gibbs ministry and a the civil
10:03 am
aviation authorities to determine the exact cause of the crash. today was a clear and sunny day so might have been pilot error or ma ca mechanical error. >> shannon: you mentioned there had been another airplane from the same airline that had some team of problem and had to return from where it had taken off? is that the case? >> that happened sometime last month. second baseman' sure that -- so i'm sure that these are things that will come up on investigation. >> shannon: okay. we thank you very much for your time today, sir. >> all right. thank you. >> shannon: and by the way we checked in with the faa and they are referring us to the state department tore any more o information on that crash. the department of justice is warning officials in florida to stop a controversial program meant to get rid of ineligible voters peter doocy with more
10:04 am
details on this. >> the secretary of state decision in in -to- challenge the citizenship of 2700 floridians is causing a fair amount of chaos nationwide now. 58% of the folks on the 2700 person list are hispanic. so some think the move is is racially motivated and others think it might disqualify voters registered legally like this man who says he got a call from the county when shouldn't have. >> i never had any trouble. i voted here for the last almost 15 years. right here. and voted in brooklyn when i lived in brooklyn. nd i really don't understand. to me, it is like an insult. >> but you a spokesman for the florida z secretary of state says "if we receive credible and reliable information we must act on it, race or party never factor into the process. our focus is on identifying and
10:05 am
removing ineligible voters from the rolls because that is our job ." but the department of justice is warning florida to cut this out saying this violates the voting rights act in place to protect minorities. they gave a wednesday deadline to make big changes is or else please inform us by june 6 of the action that the state of florida plans to take concerning the matters discussed in the letter, specifically, please advise whether the state intends to cease the practice discussed above so that the department can determine what further action if any is necessary. mitt romney is up on president obama in florida by one half of one percent in the latest real clear politics average of florida polls so in a state where every single vote counts the outcome of this battle carries extra meaning. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. it is your time to have a say in the controversy. does the doj have the right to
10:06 am
tell florida to stop its voter fraud program. tweet your answers and i will read some of your responses latinoer on in the hour. a decimal report from the u.s. department of labor on friday showing the unemployment rate for may at 8.2%. it was a topic of fierce debate during this morning's sunday shows. how will the latest numbers impact the general election? steve centanni has more. >> republicans are pointing to the dismal job numbers to make their case and democrats focusing on the dismal progress that has been made although small. here is republican strategist ed gillespie. >> the problem is this administration and this president policies are hostile to job creators and we see that on any number of fronts whether it is the excessive regulations and pan dates. the mandates in the healthcare bill alone was estimated to cost 150,000 jobs in the economy by the congressional budget office.
10:07 am
>> the economy has been the central focus of the romney campaign and friday's numbers offered the gop candidate further ammunition. the campaign saying today that voters trusted the world inventory largest economy to a man with no executive experience, president obama. the president's people telling a different story, however. they say president obama saved the economy and put it on the right track. but one democratic knowledge today the president has not made great progress on entitlements. >> he has not yet been specific. >> in three and a half years? >> well, it has only become really a ripe issue in the last year or so sense the simpson boles commission steve, please. he came into office and people were talking. we have all known that social security and medicare were ticking time bombs. >> we have all known that but the republicans haven't had a plan until recently either. >> he is the president. >> he had other things more urgent. the stimulus act. >> meantime, democrats are urging congress to pass the
10:08 am
president's jobs initiatives that would put more construction workers and teachers back on the job. shannon? >> shannon: steve centanni with the latest. thank you, steve. tuesday's recall election is the most expensive in wisconsin history. candidates and groups are spending more than $63 million. some view the race as the future of public sector unions. the race is too close to call. wiz's republican lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch is facing a recall challenge from madison firefighter malan mitchell. she joins us live. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me, shannon. >> shannon: this is the the second round of recalls that wisconsin is undergoing. it is not an inexpensive process but folks say they are concerned about the amount of outside money pouring into the state race. >> i think what the voters are concerned about is the fact that this it costing temperature the taxpayers the
10:09 am
hard working families of the state between $16 million and $20 million to put this all on again. the fear is if we are to go down in defeat on tuesday are we going to see a nationwide arcade game of recall pinball. plug in $16 million and you get the exact poe let cal -- to exact political evenge on folks you disagree with. folks that would stand up to special interests like we have in wisconsin. >> shannon: i know that you and governor walker are on separate ballots. i know that you you are supportive of his policies and the decisions he made. i want to give you a chance to respond to the criticism from the milwaukee mayor tom barrett. he says that growth in wisconsin actually lagged behind other states in the region and that you had the deepest education cuts in state history. how do you you respond? >> well, he will tell you, the mayor of milwaukee is throwing stones right now because he has got a desperate campaign in the final hours.
10:10 am
they are in the throes of throesdesperation. 80% of jobmakers are poised to create jobs but the number one thing holding them back is the recall reelection. they need certainty and stability and predictability to feel comfortable taking their dollars out of the bank and putting it into the workforce hiring more folks and the number one way you give that stability and predictability is when you have a financially responsible budget like what we have laid here in wisconsin. we have $3.6 billion budget deficit and we did a budget here without raising taxes. if you want to talk about the upper midwest, that is remarkably responsible when you compare us to our neighbors to the south, illinois. they raised taxes 46% and 67%,
10:11 am
still have $80 billion in unfunded pension liability while we have a fully funded retirement system here. and they are looking at mass public employee layoffs. we didn't layoff public employees in wisconsin because that doesn't help workers either. what helps workers is doing a budget within your means and not raising taxes so you lay the foundation, the groundwork for economic growth and that is exactly what we are seeing in wisconsin. we are creating jobs together and starting on june 6 we are hoping to see the employment section in the newspaper grow by inches. >> shannon: wisconsin lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch. thank you for you you team and we will be watching as it goes down to the wire on tuesday. >> sounds wood. >> shannon: a major milestone vietnam. panetta talked about the vietnam importance and the u.s. plan to move more ships into the area. >> i think vietnam as part of
10:12 am
the asia pacific region and an important player are in this region is a country that i think the united states wants to do everything possible to try to advance our partnership and try to improve our relationship. >> shannon: panetta's stop was the first by a defense secretary since the vietnam war. we continue our coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee. this weekend kicks off the celebration to mark 60 years of her m majesty's reign. this queen has seen so much of history and some things change during the last 60 years. how has the monarchy changed during that team? >> when you you look at where we were when she succeeded her father she has adapted well. it was the queen who said we
10:13 am
must have television cameras filming the coronation. she has adapted in lots of different ways. pushed the younger generation to the forefront. adapted her own style and messaging and she has always retaind that ability to relate to people and have something interesting to say to them. she doesn't just go through the motions and people i link are touched by that and she is there permanently. there as an institution and example of exemplary submission service and leadership which people as long as she is there become more and more affected by and appreciative of. >> how much influence or sounding board does she sound to be for those in government, those actually leading the uk on that side? >> the prime minister sees her once a week for the regular discussion. it remains totally confidential and doesn't like and the prime ministers i have spoken to have always said they find the
10:14 am
encounters with the queen each week extremely useful because she has seen it all before. she started with winston churchill and had everybody since then and has been through all sorts of different wars and dramas and difficulties. are she knows what all sorts of difficulties and hardship can be and i think the private conversations are valuable but her own formal role is limited. she may go to parliament and put on the crown and do the state opening of parliament but she is not actually the one who decides. it is a balance of the role, the constitutional monarchy but allowing the elected government to run the country. >> shannon: you mentioned the next generation and how supportive she has been. we think of the duke and duchess of cam bridge and how much they h have gotten since their wedding and ignites a passion in the new generation and how they will also lead. what do you think as a grandmother in addition to
10:15 am
being a queen what kind of advice she is giving them. >> i have seen both prince william and presence harry say that they greatly appreciate the advice they get from their grandmother. the mor monarchy manages to rew itself. we have the prince of wales who will be the next in the meantime and he will be king. when her majesty takes part in the jubilee celebrations. it is good business for the business fashion industry. kate and kate's sister pippa and the young princess. what she is didding is guiding the next generation -- guiding the next generation and giving them advice and making sure they are capable of renewing themself. >> not an accident that 8 out of 10 people say they like the
10:16 am
monarchy. >> we americans remain enthralled as well. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: police are investigating a gruesome discovery in arizona. casey stegall has more. >> found inside a smoldering suv south of phoenix. coming up, why the sheriff's department there thinks it is linked to mexican drug cartels. sacartels. >> shannon: a texas sized runoff. ted cruz versus lieutenant governor david dewhurst. they will join us, leave. live. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin.
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10:20 am
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. three people have been killed in a van crash in or monday beach, florida, just outside of the daytona beach area. 15 people were inside the van and it blew a tire and rolled over and crashed. no word at this time on exactly how many people were injured in addition. we will keep you updated on that crash. arizona police are investigating the discovery of five bodies found burned beyond recognition. were they victims of mexican drug cartel violence? that is the question. casey stegall is live with the latest. h hello, casey. >> hi, shannon.
10:21 am
the crime seen in pinau county arizona right between the of phoenix making it a perfect spot really for smugglers because parts of the county are remote and there are main highways that run through it connecting the border to phoenix and, of course, that is a major metro area where drugs and weapons are being sent and distributed from all over the united states. the burned out white ford expedition discovered in the early morning hours after a u.s. border patrol agent notice tracks off a main interstate that led into the desert. when they followed the tracks they found the suv had apparently went airborne off the highway and far in the distance they could still see the vehicle smoldering. >> there wasn't somebody in the front driver's seat or in the front passenger seat. and the position of the bodies lead us to believe that there is likely other people that were there.
10:22 am
>> four of the victims were in the back cargo area of the vehicle. the other was in a rear passenger seat. officials will have to determine if they were dead before the fire was set or if the flames killed them but all of this information could take a bit of time to come in because investigators say the bodies were burned so badly they cannot even tell if they white orr women, wheat or hispanic. the sheriff's office has notified the mexican consultate. no word on whether cops have had luck in tracking down any one else who may have been inside the suv at the time. shannon? >> shannon: casey stegall with the latest. thank you. i think the republican party is alive and well in texas. we are having a primary contest. i'm just merely saying that mr. cruz talks conservative. i act, i do conservative. >> shannon: in texas, a special gop primary runoff election
10:23 am
will be held next month for the seat now held by senator kay bailey hutchison. the campaign trail heated with each candidate looking to prove he is the only conservative in the race. we start off with david dewhurst. he joins us live. lieutenant governor, thank you for your time today. >> shannon, always a pleasure. >> shannon: you have been backed by folks a lot of people would consider conservative. governor rick perry. mike huckabee. michael regan. how conservative is conservative in up to wen the race? >> -- to win the race? >> i'm the most conservative lieutenant governor in the history of the state of texas, shannon. working i'm a life long conservative businessman and working part time as lieutenant governor and with governor perry. we have created the texas miracle, the strongest economy in the entire country with the largest job creation. those are the fundamentals that i want to take to washington. create stability and help turn this country around. >> shannon: i want to give you a chance to respond to an ad
10:24 am
that comes from your challenger in texas. he says in the ad that americans are tired of moderate career politicians. is that an inaccurate description of you? >> what would you expect from a trial lawyer. of course, not. my opponent is a slick harvard lawyer who is funded and beholden to washington special interests and those washington special interests have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars in untrue attack ads against me. how can you be anything but very, very conservative when you have created the texas miracle, you have cut taxes 51 times for over $14 billion on texas taxpayers. you have cut spending by over a billion dollars each year over the last nine years. you cut $14 billion of spending last year and i have balanced five straight budgets without raising taxes.
10:25 am
plus i'm endorsed by all of the prolife organizations because i am fiscally and socially the most conservative lieutenant governor in the history of the state of texas. >> shannon: what do you make of outside groups including the club for growth saying they want to push those currently in office incumbents and others, think of the race involving senator dick luger. they want to push for those who will be even more conservative and they are are backing ted cruz. do you think you have to be to the extreme right or you are not going to be elected or challenged by the right wing groups? >> i red a challenge that said if you have any doubt in your mind whether david dewhurst is conservative ask the democrats in the texas legislature. i am -- i am -- i have always been conservative. mr. cruz is a quite frankly he
10:26 am
is a bright guy. they eloquent but has been a staffer all of his life. i'm a conservative leader. mr. cruz has been a staffer in state and federal bureaucracies for over half of his career. he has never created a job. never been a businessman. never wore the uniform of the united states as i have. never served abroad defending his country as i have. and so you have a big contrast between my opponent and myself. now, i'm very, very comfortable with the support i have in the state of texas. if i wasn't conservative and rick perry weren't conservative because we have the same record, then texas would not be the state it is. we could would not have the strongest chi in th economy ine country. we would not be the number one job creation. just think about it. texas created more net new jobs over the last nine years than the rest of the country combined. shannon, 8% of the population
10:27 am
has created more new jobs than 92% of the population. i'm proud of what we have been able to do and i'm still running my business. i'm a life long conservative businessman. >> shannon: lieutenant governor david dewhurst. we will watch this race and see you on july 31. sir, thank you for making time for us today. >> you bet. thank you so much. >> shannon: and fair and balanced we will talk to the other half of the runoff for the gop nod in texas tea party candidate ted cruz right after this break. >> the american people are standing up. they are saying enough already. we don't want these tired moderate career politicians. we want new leadership. we want strong conservatives and fighters. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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10:31 am
>> shannon: this is an update on a story we brought you at the top of the show. new information on the plane crash in lagos nigeria.
10:32 am
the plane crash inside an apartment building. it is a heavy populated area. firefighters pulled at least one body from the building. local television stations is are reporting there were roughly 153 people onboard the plane. right now we don't know what caused the crash. we are getting more information moment by moment and we will keep you updated. two days away from a recall vote in wisconsin that many say will have impl implications bet state. peter doocy with the latest. >> scott walker was force inside a recall vote after passing a law limiting unions and some believe the outcome of this race could shape the presidential race in november. the department of justice is asking the state of florida to stop a new voter fraud program. the plan compares registered voters against driver's license and other records to see if people are legally registered. the doj says this violates the voting rights act.
10:33 am
the man accused of killing trayvon martin is back in florida and reportedly ready to turn himself in. his bail was revoked after a judge found out he and his wife lied to the court about their finances. a new treatment could make major advancements in the fight against breast cancer. doctors completed the early round of testing on a new generation of drugs that targets cancer cells and leaving healthy ones alone. back to you. >> shannon: sounds promising. thank you very much. the fight over a war memorial near whitefish montana is heating up again. for nearly 60 years the statue of jesus has stood atop the died in the war.numental the beckett fund asked to intervene in a pending lawsuit. the issue does it have the right to stand even on public
10:34 am
land. gentlemen, welcome to you both. douglas, after 60 years why now is it time for the statute to go? >> it it it or isn't necessarily. i understand it is a very unpopular position that is being taken but the fact that it has been there 60 years from a legal standpoint really doesn't have any relevance, shannon. the relevance is whether or not having a statue of jesus on federally owned public land violates the constitution. the supreme court decisions in the area interestingly enough are virtually all 5-4 decisions and the reason for that is because the test they use is does a promote a secular purpose. overly entangle the government with religion and the argument that will be made by lawyers is that if you want to have a war memorial, i worked at the federal courthouse in brooklyn and there is a huge world war ii memorial across the street
10:35 am
in the park and doesn't have any religious symbols. the argument is have a war memorial but don't have a religious symbol. people from other religions fought no in the conflict and therefore how can you not honor them as well? >> shannon: what about the fact that this dose technically sit on federal land. >> and the forest service issued the permit that is under challenge right now. i think this boils down to two points on why i believe that the federal judge in montana should take the challenge to the statute and throw it out. the purpose of the statue is historical in honoring and not religious in nature. this is a remembrance to the fallen patriots that fought to free italy and in the italian alps there was one of these many visions of this type of statue that overlooked the alps and this pays historical memorial patronage to them that shows historically that kind of an image before they gave the
10:36 am
ultimate sacrifice so that we all could enjoy constitutional liberties and freedoms. as a matter of fact, the purpose is honorable in terms of its historical purpose not religion. and secondly as a matter of law i agree with doug the supreme court has had various decisions. the bottom line is that just because there is a religious imagery doesent mean that you have to throw it out. that doesn't throw it out automatically. there is no forfeiture just because there is religious imagery involved. >> shannon: ouch does the historical fact weigh in? >> seth makes a good point. a highly skilled lawyer. the point he is making it is going to boil down to is it secular or is it religious and reasonable minds can differ on that. the fact of the matter is just as he argued that it is historically based in war fighting another side could argue look, if you look at it,
10:37 am
it is a stark religious image. so i mean reasonable minds can differ basically. >> that is the debate. a lot of people are going to argue on the other side that the plaintiffs that are trying to tear down the statute are taking the constitution and flipping it upside down. these are fallen heros that fought to defend the constitutional freedoms that the plaintiffs are using as a tool to try to strip it down. >> shannon: we will keep an eye on this and maybe it will end up a couple of blocks away at the supreme court. we'll see. take a look at this. controversial. two military moms breast feeding their babies while wearing military uniforms. they are underfire for agreeing to the specific lay yacht. the air national guard does object not to the use itself but rather using the military uniforms to promote an outside cause. you have been flooding our facebook and twitter with your take on this. joe writes if the kid is hungry
10:38 am
they want to eat now. teeth da adds this, it is a nonissue they are women first. military should stand down and or support. >> shannon: how companies are justifying snooping. that is one of the more popular store relationships online. more on those coming up. as promised the other republican candidate running for the senate seat in texas,ig ted cruz joins us next. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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10:43 am
we will bring you more information but this is the first image of the plane crash in lagos, nigeria. a short time ago we talked to texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst one of the two gop candidates fighting to make it to the election to the u.s. senate seat now held by senator kay bailey hutchinson. mr. cruz, thanks for your time today. >> shannon, thank you for having me. >> i don't know if you had a chance to hear what your opponent had to say but certainly you are clear with what the lieutenant governor had to say about you running the fact that he is a true conservative and has been able to show it in practice and leadership in the state. i want to give you a chance to respond to what he said about you. he said you are slick harvard lawyer who has been a staffer and never had to carry out the policies like he has. >> well, the lieutenant governor has run an incredibly nasty and false campaign. he has put over $10 million of his own money into running
10:44 am
false federal governmenttive attack ads all aimed at me and there is a reason, shannon. all over the country people are fed up with the same tired establishment incumbents. it has been career politicians in both parties that have gotten us $16 trillion national debt. the lieutenant governor is a perfectly nice man who has been an establishment politician in elected office for 15 years. increased taxes. increased spending. and his administration has been characterized repeatedly by compromising with democrats to grow government. we have seen just about every conservative in texas unite behind our campaign because in the senate we need strong conservatives and we need fighters. >> shannon: you mentioned compromise with democrats. here in washington as you know should you be elected there is a lot of gridlock on capitol hill and some say it is because there are far right candidates
10:45 am
in the republican party being elected who come to washington who won't compromise on anything. is there a way to hold on to your principles and also be able to get something done? >> look, we have to get something down but you let me be clear. i don't think -- [loss of audio] >> shannon: it appears we are having technical difficulties with ted cruz. we will work on that and when we get him back we will bring him back to you live. whether we like it or not we all pay taxes but are there some that are actually wasting your money? brenda buttner takes a closer look right after the break. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs.
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>> shannon: we are just getting word that george zimmerman accused and facing now second-degree murder charges in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin is back in jail in florida. looking live at the jail there. he has had his bond revoked. the judge ordered h him to come back to jail. there were questions over his financial picture of what he and his wife initially represented to the court when his bond was granted. he returned to jail after the judge revoked that bond and he is again we expect very soon behind bars. facing second-degree murder charges in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin.
10:50 am
we will keep you updated. firefighters is in new mexico are battling the largest blaze in the state's history. one of the most read stories today on fox news .com. peter doocy is tracking them. >> steep canyons and rugged terrain hampering the efforts to put out the flames. the blaze already more than 350 square miles scorched and the fire is no where near contained. also a story about how more than half of all corporations is are are expected to add a social media policy that' lous employers to check out employees online and the reason is because they want to be able to investigate possible security brothers. the changes will happen in the next three years. the queen's diamond jubilee is one of our biggest clicked stories. the royal family red the pageantry onboard a barge. more than a thousand boats
10:51 am
joined the procession. said to be the largest in 350 years and this is all we have here at fox news .com. back to you. >> shannon: thanks, peter. and also we are keeping an eye on your money and what the government is doing with it. we found some questionable taxes some of you are being forced to pay. i know you are not surprised. we asked brenda buttner to figure out where your money is being wasted. >> you get your tax refund yet? probably thankful for what you received but no surprise that uncle sam has a lot of practice reaching in your wallet for taxes. crafty not realize how crafty low and state governments are getting at doing the same. card game any one? magic trick here. it is alabama's slight of hand called the playing card tax. alabama taxes decks of cards bought within the state and retailers are hit, too, for to what you could say is a royal flush or at
10:52 am
least straight down the toilet. $2.50 a month on the water bills. the point of this one is about as clear as wastewater. here is one used to sweeten the budget. chicago has a sticky extra tax on, get this, candy. you get charged 6.25% for buying it in the windy city an increase from the usual 1% food sales tax but only candy not prepared with flour such as lemmon drops and hard candies that get the extra tax. chocaholics take heart, candy prepared with flour is considered food and taxed at just 1%. if all this stresses you out don't go to new jersey to relax. a massage there will cost you extra. the special tax on massage services for several years just one of the measures to deal
10:53 am
with tense budget talks there. for every ticky tacky tax there is a crazy deduction. perhaps the most famous the exotic dancer named chesty love who was allowed to take a tax writeoff for her breast implants because her new 20-pound breasts were viewed as a stage prop. you can't make this stuff up, not even in washington not even in state and low governments. >> shannon: i don't know what to say other than i'm glad i'm not the only one who considers kit kat a food. >> that's right. absolutely. >> thank you, brenda. back with more and trying to reconnect with ted cruz right after this break. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> shannon: until technical troubles interrupted us we were talking with ted cruz one of the two gop contenders still in the primary race. he is back and thank you for sticking around with us. we were asking you about the dilemma are maintaining your principles as a strict conservative and being able to compromise enough to get something done here in washington. >> well, and thank you, shannon, for having me back. if someone thinks the problem in washington is too much principle with republicans, i don't agree with it. i think there is a clear choice in this race. that if someone if you want a senator who will compromise with the democrats then day due
10:58 am
dewhurst is your ideal choice. we need to draw a line in the sand. we are going broke. the problem is every time republicans say let's compromise with the democrats federal spending grows and taxes grow and our debt has got ton $16 trillion. we are h headed to the same place greece and italy are but the biggest difference is there are nations that can bail out greece. there ain't nobody big enough to bail us out. what we need in washington is not more career politicians looking to cut a deal and keep growing the federal government. we need strong conservatives who will stop the spending, eliminate the debt and get back to the constitution. that is the choice in the race. >> we have got a photo op showing a number of endorsements. sarah palin and rick santorum and many other conservatives and several other conservatives have gone for your opponent the lieutenant governor. why do you think there is such a split? >> there is not really much of a split. we have virtually every major conservative in the state of
10:59 am
texas is with us on the grass roots. over 200 republican women leaders. just about every tea party leader in the state. you look at donners, we have 22,000 compared to 2500 for him. the divide is simple. every lobbyist in texas and just about every lobbyist in washington is with the lieutenant governor because he is the establishment and represents business as usual and everyone that makes a livelihood from the government that earns their living keeping the washington gravy train going they are all with him. all of the grass roots conservatives. all of the national conservatives whether it is sarah palin or rick santorum or james dobson or sean hannity have unified behind our campaign because our nation is in crisis and we need strong conservatives. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. thank you, is, sir. >> and by the way, we have been asking you how you feel about the doj telling florida to stop punching its voter rolls because they found folks that didn't


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