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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 3, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm jon scott. keep it right here on fox news channel. we will see you next week for >>. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert. george zimmerman surrendering to authorities just a short time ago in florida. >> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder with the death of trayvon martin. he says he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense while on a neighborhood watch patrol. but on friday a judge revoking zimmerman's bail ordering him back to jail for lying about his finances allegedly. his attorney making this statement moments ago. >> he said that, he is in custody and he is going remain in before we go before a judge,
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if and when he grants us a bond hearing. he may consider it but that depends on the motion also. whether judge lester wants to revisit his bond status. >> gregg: how may it play to a jury? zimmerman is accused of lying to judge and reports of a second passport never turned over to the court. our legal panel here to gave closer look at the cases later in the hour. >> gregg: gloomy economic news sparking a war of words between presidential candidates. both sides making the rounds on sunday morning talk shows using the latest numbers to try to make their case for the white house. steve, what are republicans saying about the u.s. economy? >> reporter: romney campaign
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advisor suggested that qualified to fix the economy and president obama is not. >> he gave the keys to the largest economy in the world to a person who did not have any prior executive leadership experiences. governor romney has led the private sector and he organized and ran the winter olympic games. he has ran a state successfully i think that a dig difference. >> reporter: state of the economy is bound to have a major influence so everybody is watching it very carefully. >> gregg: steve, what are the democrats saying about this subject? >> reporter: they say congress should bear the blame for the bad economy because they haven't passed the president's jobs initiatives. they are focused only on obstruction, say democrats. the top campaign aide responded to the comment from bill clinton. it wasn't helpful to obama. mitt romney had a stormy
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business career. >> what he said his business record and fact he was a governor qualified him to be president. he went on to say that his economic views would be as disastrous for the country. i agree with him on that. no one is arguing whether she qualifying to be president but whether he is qualified to call himself as a job creator. that is not what he did in his business. that was not the purpose of his business and that certainly isn't what he did in massachusetts. >> reporter: democrats say the president has rescued the economy and put it back on the right track. >> gregg: steve centanni, thanks very much. >> heather: developing tragedy in nigeria, more than 150 people are dead following a plane crash there. this is new video we are just getting in from the crash site. dana air jet is 153 people on board crashed into residential area in the country's capital
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city of lagos. they tell fox news that the plane was about to land and lost control after the landing gear did not extend. >> gregg: assad blowing off the accusations he is somehow responsible for the massacre in the city have houla. more than a hundred people were killed including women and children. he said his troops were not behind the attack but compares himself to a surgeon sneeshgh responsible for spilled blood if he is trying to save a prayer or in this case his regime. he accuses outside force of a conspiracy against his country. >> in reality, even marters would not carry out what we have seen especially what we saw in the houla massacre. the human language cannot describe what we saw and syrians have lived through this period and feel an embarrassment every
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time we remember it as long as we are alive. >> gregg: countries are condemning those killings and several including the united states kicking out syrian diplomats in response to it. more than 13,000 people have been killed since the uprising begin last year. >> heather: hillary clinton brushing off a new show of defiance from iranian leaders. saying the latest threats are nothing new. she still hopes that iran will work toward a diplomatic solution. today museum is leader there suggests there is nothing the west can do to stop iran's nuclear program saying that if israel attacks that iran will attack with lightning speed. >> gregg: leon panetta visiting a key u.s. base from the vietnam war. he is the very first defense secretary to go there since the end of the war.
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inside promising to help vietnam protect its interests in that region. national security correspondent jennifer griffin traveling with the secretary has details from hanoi. >> the last defense secretary to visit kam ranh bay was robert mcnamara and lyndon johnson made the cover of life magazine when he visited troops there. it's long been a coveted ported in asia. the u.s. used it during the war as an entry point for the military. leon panetta arrived today after outlining the new strategy in asia that will position two-thirds of the navy in the pacific as the u.s. pists away from the middle east. ships like the richard byrd now docked in the bay for repairs. the port is one of the largest ports in asia and one of the most protected.
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>> reporter: this is where all u.s. troops, supplies and warships entered vietnam during the war. it's the first time a u.s. defense secretary has visited the bay since the end of the war. >> it's been 17 years since the u.s. and vietnam normalized relations. now, the u.s. is seeking to reach out and improve military relations with vietnam as the rise of china's military looms large across the region. u.s. seeks to ensure that the south china sea with the vast untapped oil resources and shipping lanes remain open to everyone. >> i think all the countries obviously are concerned about their ability to be able to have freedom of navigation. china has to play a role here along with the other nations to ensure there is some kind of code of conduct that everybody abides by. >> the secretary was not met by any senior vietnamese leaders,
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perhaps a sign that vietnamese are still worried about making the chinese anxious by embraces go the u.s. too openly. >> gregg: jennifer, thanks very much. he made that stop, part of a trip to asia. he is there to explain the new u.s. strategy in the pacific. ♪ >> heather: an historic event across the ponds, a diamond jubilee in britain honoring the queen. she was surrounded by her family filled up the river thames in a spectacular flotilla of the royal guard waving to her loyal subjects. and martha maccallum has been following for it live from london all day long with great coverage and joins us with more.
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>> reporter: it did rain on the parade, on the thames river behind me but it was in many ways a glorious day for the royal family. they were surrounded by all of their family and friends on the main royal flotilla which was called the spirit of chartedwell and prince philip was by her side. he is 91 and she is 86 and they held up better than most of us. will and kate is with them. her wedding we remember a year ago. we got a glimpse of tipper middleton wanted it hashing ens back to a historic date. it goes back to june of 1953 when a very young queen, queen elizabeth ii was coronated. it's an incredible achievement to be been on the throne for 60
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years. you have to be a monarch very young in life of 60 years. who knows given the line-up of charles and william, if we will ever see this happen. it was a huge historic event today. as we know it is not always been smooth sailing. many years in the late '90s where it was a difficult for the royals after the death of princess diana. they were scorned for not understanding how much the people loved diana. they didn't hold a state funeral for diana. that came in the urging on the part of tony blair that the monarchy was in danger. we remember the burning of windsor castle. it's very joyous year this year. there has been a huge p.r. makeover that started with the wedding and the wedding of
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william and kate who are now the duke and duchess of cambridge. they are the faith of the royal family and it does feel that queen elizabeth has a lot of faith for them to carry the torch and turned a corner in terms of p.r., so it's been an interesting change. they are very good place right now. of course, the whole weekend is just beginning and full of a lot more pomp and circumstance. tomorrow evening a huge rock concert will take place at buckingham palace. elton john and paul mccartney. that is set to go and following day will be a day of thanksgiving and of prayer. the queen is the head of church in england. that will be more solemn and end it with the famous wave from buckingham palace and raf flyover. it was cancelled today because the weather was so terrific.
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all in all, it was a great success. >> heather: three years, the queen could break more records and longest serving monarch? >> that is right. three years would be the longest serving monday arrange. she would supersede the record of queen victoria that has been held all these years. couple new polls out today show something very interesting. the queen elizabeth ii is the favorite monarch of all of the history in england. that was released in the newspapers. the other big milestone, she also surpassed her how much people understand what is going on in great britain. which politicians what people are going through. queen elizabeth, she better understand, 30% better than any politicians do. for all those that don't think
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she has a political role, clearly she does. >> heather: thank you very much martha. we enjoyed watching that. >> gregg: parts of the northeast hammered by soggy weather this weekend. maine could see as much as three inches of rain before the day is over and anxious moments in maryland. three teenagers nearly swept away by the swollen river there. fortunately the kids dloung a bridge until help arrived. meteorologist maria molina has more from fox weather center. >> we are looking at a very active weather pattern. it's spreading southward in periods of portions of the northeast and even in new york city. very active weather pattern on sunday. unfortunately it's going continue here as we head into the started of the workweek, not just in the northeast but across
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the lower 48 we're going to see things start to pick up. right now, storm system in the northeast and bringing showers off the great lakes up into areas of new england and maine dealing with the areas of heaviest rain. we're talking about 3 inches accumulations possible. it will get better as we better. showers and storms down through minnesota down into oklahoma an arkansas. we're going to see a potential of severe storms in the center of the country and out west, another system is developing. this one will be intensifying, you can see it rotating off the coast of northern california starting to bring in showers into parts of northern california and washington. that system will be intensifying. wind will be picking go up and temperatures will be dropping well below average levels as we head into the next several hours. northeast, timing on this storm system, we'll continue to see the showers throughout the evening.
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heavier rain across parts of southern maine and spreading across the rest of northeast. then we'll continue to see another round of it moving through parts of southern upstate new york by 6:00 p.m. tuesday, still unsettled in parts of the northeast. as far as how much rain we are expecting, it's going to be heaviest in parts of the state of maine, several inches of accumulations. rest of the northeast, one to two inches under some of the heavier thunderstorms. severe weather in parts of the plains. tornadoes will be possible but that concern is really going to be across portions of oklahoma, kansas, arkansas an southern missouri. >> gregg: thanks very much. sad news in entertainment, british entertainer richard daw son, best known for hosting and kissing thousands of contestants
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on the game show family feud. he sure did kiss a lot. there he is. he is not kissing the guys. they figure he kissed some 20,000 women. he did it to kind of wish them luck. he was known to television fans for his role on hogan's heroes. he was great in that one. he died last night complications from cancer, he was 79 years old. >> heather: i love the family feud. i grew up watching that. >> gregg: i really remember him from hogan's hero. >> heather: you are so old. >> gregg: i'm ancient. i date back to world war ii. lagging real estate market getting a boost from buyers these days. who is keeping home builders in business that you will not believe. the irony in this. >> heather: and shuttle enterprise moving closer to her new home and going boldly where
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>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of headlines, suspect in the trayvon martin case is behind bars. after learning he had not been honest about his financial situation. 147 people are dead after a plane crash in nigeria. it crashed into a poor residential area in the capital city of la gogs. plane's landing gear failed causing the pilot to lose control. senate is set to debate a new farm bill that could cut subsidies to farmers. would stop direct payment to them. they would be eligible for subsidized insurance during bad growing seasons. gregg? >> gregg: a bit of a bright to
1:22 pm
the snot the economy after weeks of pretty bleak news coming from a very unusual source. home builders, they now say they are getting greater demand for luxurious custom built homes. could the housing bubble of 2000's prop up the sagging home market? brenda butner is here. i was struck that home sales hit a 51 month low last year but it's going to tick up this year? >> a bit. by about 18%. >> gregg: that is huge, right? >> it's all relative. there is very low levels. any move up is a good one. >> gregg: why the increase in the so-called mcmahon shones? >> i think richer people are only way to qualify for mortgages and even afford homes at this point. so they are the ones that are
1:23 pm
buying the bigger ones. we have speculators out there who are saying we can't get people into homes so we're going to cut into our margins and offer more custom built homes. built in microwaves. crown molding. that will get people into homes and start getting them to buy. >> gregg: mcmahon shones used to be a minimum 3,000 square feet. these things are selling 7,000 square feet plus. these are builders that are doing this. >> is that a hotel? i mean it actually looks like that. i don't know, for three people, that seems like a lot. you really must not like each other. [ laughter ] >> gregg: my first place in new york was 300 square feet. studio apartment. we have all done that. >> in new york it's a whole
1:24 pm
different thing. >> gregg: 900 square feet i'm up to. look, during the recession homes receded in terms of their size. in our they are growing, could that be a harbinger of a growing economy? >> it might be. but so few people can afford mortgages. they can't qualify for mortgages. there is a very small percentage that can. those tend to be richer people who don't need a mortgage so they can put money down or they have higher credit scores. it's amazing what is required to refinance. mortgage rates is at historic lows but it takes so much to refinance now. it takes such high credit scores. it takes such high big down payments that very few people can buy. >> gregg: word was the feds could do something about it so
1:25 pm
they have to start buying up treasurys and mortgage invested bonds. brenda, "bulls and bears", thanks very much. catch her every saturday morning 10:00 a.m. eastern time my favorite program. >> thank you. >> don't tell neil that. >> i love watching you. check it out. thanks. >> heather: even before that, she will talk with us next hour. >> the united states navy with a tough choice to make, millions aging sub and we'll talk about that. >> gregg: from outer space to choppy seas shuttle enterprise slowly going where nobody has been before. the famous intrepid sea and space museum. we are live on the way. ♪ ♪ take me to the river ♪ and wash me down
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>>. >> heather: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news, authorities are saying there are no survivors of a plane crash in nigeria capital city, 147 people were on board. they say the plane was attempting to land when it had a problem with the landing gear. >> gregg: u.s. navy is weighing the pros and cons to repair a nuclear submarine that was damaged by fire. loss of u.s.s. miami could put added pressure on strained submarine fleet. george zimmer man is back in a florida jail surrendering to authorities. on friday they accused zimmerman of lying to court and revoked his bail.
1:31 pm
>> gregg: the space shuttle enterprise is now embarked on the final journey not by air but by sea. braving choppy seas as his slowly moves by barge toward the intrepid sea and airspace museum. it should take about four days. and hi, anna. >> reporter: just an amazing sight. just passing by us, moments ago, we're on the jamaica bay next to the memorial bridge. it's one of three bridges that it will be passing under on it's a three-day water ride to manhattan museum. a little bit after 11:00 today the enterprise did leave j.f.k. airport where it's been the last month. it's going to a space museum and
1:32 pm
a crane lifted it on to a barge that is ferrying on the final journey. tug boats will pull past the shores of queens in brooklyn to new jersey and then tuesday enterprise will pass by the statue of liberty and world trade center. we've seen folks out on the shoreline taking pictures. we watched on april 27th as nasa jumbo jet carried it from the smithsonian in virginia. enterprise was named after a starship from the tv series star trek. it was designed as a prototype but was used in approach and landing tests. it previously had been at the smithsonian and even made appearances at the paris air show in the world's fair in new orleans. now it plans on exhibiting the
1:33 pm
enterprise on the flight deck until it can have a permanent display home. the public is going to be welcome to come. july 19 is when it is going to be opening. it's an amazing magnificent sight to see. >> gregg: that is our diamond jubilee. good to see you. >> heather: our diamond jubilee. i like that. >> florida is back in the spotlight. justices department urging the swing state to stop intent to clear ineligible voters from the database. latest real clear politics average shows romney ahead by one point with 29 electoral votes at stake. what implications could have it have on the race important the white house and matt shap joins
1:34 pm
us and joe sestak. thanks for joining us today. matt i'm going to start with you is this purge list an attempt to protect the voter list or to sway the outcome of the election? >> no, it's an attempt to make sure that the vote that happens in florida in november is one the american people have confidence in. i spent over a month during the recount in the presidential election of 2000, when races are close, voter fraud can make a difference. not just fraud but the small decisions that are made on which ballots are accepted or not accepted can make a difference, florida is doing the right thing. i think the obama administration is looking like old style chicago hat hacks when they try to stop people in florida to make sure that the american principle is upheld. >> heather: kind of harsh words from matt?
1:35 pm
>> i applaud the governor of florida to make sure that one of bedrocks of accurate voter lists are actually that way but also know that the obama administration department of justice did the right thing. by the national voter registration act of 1995 no state in the union can try to have a wholesale purge of the voter list within 90 days of election. the election is in august for the primary in florida. second, i think that you cannot have accurate voter lists that could harm actual people who are on the voter registration and kicked off. that is why the republican resigned in february and said, i can't go by this process. we're relying upon inaccurate databases too close to the election. u.s. secretary of state wrote to the government and said we don't have the means to know with accuracy whether we have the right types of databases.
1:36 pm
can you help us? my point is and that it leads to portray execution. let's getable rat databases but not try to do it outside of the law within 90 days of the election. let's do it right as democrats and republicans together. >> heather: let's take a closer look at the numbers. a search of the database, it turned up an initial list of about 180,000 people who were registered to vote but could be possibly non-citizens. florida has 11 million registered voters and hispanics were most liking to be flagged, 59% of those singled out were hispanic that account for 13% of the active registered voters. matt, does this unfairly single
1:37 pm
out groups? >> in a recent poll, 60% of americans said voter fraud is real. black congressman who second barack obama's nomination in denver three years ago who is now switched spearts and is republican said he has seen voter fraud in the african-american communities in the congressional district he represented. there is no question that voter fraud occurs in this country. it could even occur in florida. the fact that these election officials are trying to take these appropriate steps to make sure their voting record is as clean as possible, they are just human beings. there is always going to be an error rate. the good thing, i tell your viewers, if you are told that you are not on the voting role, go ahead and vote. you cast what is called a pro vigils ballot. these people won't be denied their chance to vote. at the same time shouldn't we balance out by taking the thousands of people that have no
1:38 pm
legal right to vote. >> they are voting illegally. that is fraud. >> heather: and florida's voting registration say take 2000 and governor george w. bush 500 vote victory over vice president al gore won the white house in 2008. president obama won by 2.8%. 2012 looks just as close if not closer. 29 electoral votes up for grabs. what is the significance of state. >> it's very significant. it's the process. the association of county supervisors of all the 67 counties said we're not comfortable with this. after they were given the 2600 voters, maybe 180,000, maybe 2600 we should check on.
1:39 pm
after they did the first 500 they were finding world war ii vet that fought in the battle of the bulge and won the bronze star. i know it's a battleground stated but i care after 31 years in the military that we do this right. if you want to focus on something, remember 5% of the vote in florida of overseas voting is military. 18% of their vote were uncounted. make sure they are counted. >> heather: thank you very much. we do know it will be a close one. >> gregg: is it all for naut. saber rattling from iran's supreme leader whether international talks is a waste of time. a new statements from the rogue regime and what the world can do to stop tehran from following
1:40 pm
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>>. >> heather: nuclear talks with iran starts in just two weeks but you wouldn't know it by listening to supreme leader telling a crowd that iran is prepared to wipe out israel if attacked and suggesting tha the west can't stop their nuclear program. joining me is senior policy analyst and co-author of "coping with a nuclearizing iran." we have heard threats before but when it comes to the supreme religious leader does it hold more weight with the iranian people? >> what he says has to be taken seriously. at the same time we have to realize this regime is under a lot of pressure right now. what it could be bluster, as well. sanctions are taking their toll on the economy.
1:45 pm
iran is growing internationally isolated. all these things spell trouble for the regime down line. when he says these things about israel, yes, there is animosity but there is vulnerability. >> heather: you mentioned sanctions, last three and a half years obama administration increased sanctions with tough language but no impact. what further actions should we take or could we take? is there any further sanctions left. why should we believe they should work now? >> there is the upcoming european oil embargo in july. that is going to be very tough for them to exported oil and earn cash. we have the upcoming talks in moscow starting mid-june. we'll have to see what happens during those talks, whether iran. for iran to make compromises would have to stop enriching
1:46 pm
uranium up to 20% and disclose it's facilities, nuclear facilities to greater international inspection. if those things don't happen we have to consider other options, as well. i would say we have to give sanctions time to work. they have had an effect on the iranian economy. we haven't seen them make a compromise but we have a few months at least to see if u.s. policies is having any positive results. >> heather: we talk about other options. leon panetta said recently, quote, we have plans to be able to implement any contingency this but that we have to in order to defend ourselves, neither the united states or the international community is going to allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. what does that mean to you? >> it means basically the military option is not off the table. if iran moves toward westernize go its program than israel or the united states or both can
1:47 pm
strike iran's military facilities and put a stop to that. thank you. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: george zimmerman behind bars, a judge ordering him back to a florida jail for lying allegedly about money. how will today's turn of events look to a jury if it ever gets there. our legal panel takes the case next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food.
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>>. >> gregg: george zimmeran is back behind bars, the suspect in shooting trayvon martin. he turned himself in to a florida police department this afternoon on friday a judge revoke go his bail after prosecutors claim he lied about his finances. his attorney speaking moments ago. >> she in custody and he is going to remain there until we get back before judge lester, if and until he grants a bond motion hearing, that depends and whether or not judge lester wants to revisit his bond status. >> gregg: what happens now? our legal panel is here.
1:52 pm
legal analyst mercedes cohen. this is not a final determination. a full hearing will be held and testimony will be taken and evidence will be presented, right? >> right. exactly. but here is the message for prospective jurors. george zimmeran is not trustworthy. when he gave him the opportunity before the judge and asked about his finances, he didn't disclose his defense fund which is at the heart of the issue, it has a significant amount of money for a defense fund that he never disclosed to the court. so pro speculative jurors gave him the opportunity to be released on his own recognizance with the bail and a suddenly there is a trust issue at heart. there is an issue for the jury in the future. >> gregg: it may turn out the money was raised on his behalf. it may not have been legally been his at the very least he
1:53 pm
didn't believe it was his. so maybe this action by prosecutors, what do you think, more political than legal? >> just about everything else. that $135,000 was put in a legal trust to pay lawyers, to pay investigators, to pay psychologists. it was not used to be used for bail. it would have been unlawful if used for bail. remember, the most important issue on bail is whether you are tied to the community and whether you have prior convictions. >> gregg: what about the jailhouse case? aren't those troublesome. prosecutors say zimmeran is caught on tape, in financial code how to hide this money. >> whether he is focusing about that or not, he was not legally able to accept that money for bail so the fact he didn't review it doesn't matter.
1:54 pm
>> gregg: but the state of mind and honest and credibility is what is important. prosecutors also claim that zimmerman failed to tell the court about the second passport which he failed to turn over. >> it's a really big issue. i was former judge. when an individual comes before the court and they say, i can be released into the community. i have the connections in this community. i am not a flight risk. these are our finances. judge expected to take that person at face value. they understand it's very formal proceeding and now the judge says, the judge says there is initial showing what he said it was not truthful. so it is devastating for zimmerman and he has a huge media base looking at everything that happens. >> gregg: david, if the judge decides zimmerman was dishonest can't that impeach his credibility.
1:55 pm
after all he gave statements to police which will surely be introduced as evidence? >> no, that can't be used against him unless he takes the stand. biggest thing here -- >> you know something. >> his statement will come in but through law enforcement. >> medical evidence proving that his defense is legitimate. that proves it was a point blank shot, it was death match. >> gregg: now are arguing. i want to argue the procedure here. mercedes, i wanted to say it to you, out of court statements can be impeached even if he does not take the witness stand, right? >> he doesn't have to take the witness stand. what the law officials will come forward and say the statements he made, it will impeach his credibility, not directly because he will unlikely take the stand. but all signs are showing that he won't take the stand and you
1:56 pm
can do a direct impeachment but you can marshal in evidence through statements he made. >> i think, gregg, there is no doubt he will take the stand because he has nothing to hide because this case holds water based on the evidence. >> gregg:ness the case gets dismissed before it gets to a jury and i bet he has a 50/50 chance that may happen. good to see you both. >> heather: and items you have in your medicine cabinet could it prevent cancer. brand-new research coming up. stay with us. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! that's good morning, veggie style.
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>> hello, welcome. >> we are getting brand new images of the horrific scene in the african nation of nigeria, a passenger jet carrying 147 people slamming into a building there with no survivors. >> deadly drug cartel violence spilling over our borders. a live report on the murder of five people in a remote area of arizona. >>gregg: by space and now sea, the enterprise making the final approach to the final destination. sea, air, and space museum. a live report straight ahead.
2:01 pm
>> a day marching queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne, a celebration in the u.k., surrounded by the royal family, sailed up the river in a 1,000 vote flow it will a greeting loyal subjects. and, in typical london fashion, it was rainy. and cold. and martha is falling the diamond jubilee event live in london. >>reporter: that is right. rainy. wet. cold. and very, very british day. the peoples spirits were not damped. she was surrounded by all the big stars in the royal family starting with prince charles. and of course the duchess and
2:02 pm
will and kate, the duke and duchess with a bright red dress and standing out in the crowd and beautiful to see them all. brains -- prince harry, as well, and it was truly extraordinary to see the collection of boats. it heralded back to british history of henry vii and a lot of history marking the trade and the importance of the river thames to the livelihood of the british people. >> an amazing image. there is so much focus on kate and william the last year but the queen was, really, the center stage today. >> quite fascinating from a p.r. perspective. last year covering the wedding it was all about will and kate but an effort today to put the queen out front. this is her day. no one in the family wanted to steal the thunder. and the p.r. machine wanted this
2:03 pm
all about the queen so this morning when the reports were coming out about when she would be where, what time the boat would launch, there was no pension of when the rest of the royal family would be joining in the fun and clearly throughout they wanted the queen to be front and center. she is the sign of stability for the british people. today there was a new poll that came out in london and the papers saying that 35 percent believe she is the most important monarch in the entire history of the great country of great britain and people feel she is more in touch with their lives by overwhelming margin, who understands you and your problems better, the queen, or politicians? and 35 percent say the queen and only 9 percent say "politicians." so interesting news. all what is next? >> the beginning of a huge
2:04 pm
weekend. tomorrow a hughs rock concert and a lot of rumors of big stars including elton john and paul mccartney and on tuesday a day of reflection and prayer. the queen is the head of the church of england. a service. a thanksgiving. and as the royals end, the wave on the balcony is later on tuesday with the flyover how they tie it up with a big ribbon which they hope will be hugely successful and then the olympics in july. >> so much going on this year. thank you, martha. >>gregg: i thought martha looked the best. you look stunning today throughout the day. >> and she stayed dry. that is the thing. >>reporter: well, you did not see my shoes but thank you, i pay him to say things like that. >>gregg: you did a wonderful job. so great to watch all morning
2:05 pm
long and all afternoon. thank you. a dismal news, sorry, on the unemployment rate, really, setting the stage for blistering words on the sunday talk shows at advisors of president obama and romney trading punches over the weak jobs report released on friday. both sides debating how the numbers will impact the race if the white house. and now live from washington with more. >>reporter: republicans and democrats have different views of what led the unemployment rate to tick up and what caused job growth to stall. democrats on the talk shows were on the same page attacking republicans in congress. >> stop rooting for failure. that is what is going on. we can attend the economy. >> a congress decided there is a
2:06 pm
political advantage in putting ideology ahead of country. >>reporter: democrats pointing out congress has not passed the president's job initiative and saying he should an ailing economy and put it on the right track creating four million new jobs. but on the g.o.p. side, they are pointing to the dismal numbers and squarely blaming the president saying he is trying to avoid responsibility for a lack of job growth on his watch. >> when you don't have a good record you attack your opponent and try to shift the blame. what the president needs to do is say how we will repair the economy. he was the guy that was going to unite the country. >> and governor romney said americans have put the largest economy in the hands of a president with no executive leadership experience. >>gregg: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. >> the race if the white house, major controversy brewing in a
2:07 pm
key battleground state. florida. defending a plan to remove non-eligible voters from the voter rolls. the justice department warning the state that it could be violating firm law. peter has more from washington. >>peter: florida has 11.3348 registered voter but 2,700 are now on a list of potential noncitizens put together by the state as they try to guarantee everyone on florida's rolls is legal. 58 percent of the people on the list of hispanic but not everyone is a minority. some worry that floridaans on voter rolls could be removed like this world war ii vet. i lived in brooklyn and i don't understand it. to me it's like annulet. -- an insult. >> the spokesman is defending the play saying if we receive credible and reliable
2:08 pm
information we must act on it, race or party never factor into the process our focus is identifying and removing inellible voters but the justice department thinks this could violate the voting rights act supposed to protect minorities and warned florida with a letter specifically saying advise whether the state intends to stop the practice so the department can determine what action is necessary. mitt romney leads president obama by a half of a percent in florida and 2,700 inellible voters could be important, because george bush won florida by only 537 votes. >>gregg: and a few hanging chads. 147 people dead following a plane crash in nigeria. these are the first images we are getting of the carnage. the jet coming in for a landing
2:09 pm
crashed into a two-story building in a residential area near lagos the capital. witnesses telling fox that the pilot appeared to lose criminal after the landing gear did not extend. >> arizona sheriff blaming drug cartel violence for the deaths of five people burned beyond recognition inside a charred shell of an s.u.v. in a rugged valley area, a well-known smuggling corridor for drugs and illegal immigrants. and casey is live from los angeles with the latest on this troubling story. casey? >>reporter: troubling, indeed. the bodies were burned so badly they cannot tell if they are man or woman, white, hispanic. the mexican consulate in tucson has been notified as a precaution. and the sheriff calling this "murder."
2:10 pm
border patrol agents spotting tracks and they found a white ford that launched off of the roadway and in the distance they could see the vehicle smoldering and they got close, they saw the bodies. now this part of arizona is right between the mexico border and the any of phoenix so it is a popular smuggling corridor for cartels bringing in humans, weapons, and drugs to the united states interior. a hotbed of criminal activity. >> this is the largest drug and human smuggling corridor in arizona. everyone knows this is the front line in that battle. this week we had numerous drug loads we apprehended and stopped, thousands of pounds of drugs. >> but this is gruesome. officials will have to determine if they were dead before the fire was set. four of the victims were in the back cargo area of the s.u.v.
2:11 pm
and the other in a rear passenger seat. investigators say there is evidence that suggests other people were in the vehicle that made it out alive and perhaps the people responsible for setting the fire because the front driver seat and the front passenger seat both empty when investigators got there. >>heather: thank you, casey, from los angeles. >>gregg: parts of the northeast are coping with severe weather this weekend. the threat could linger for several days. in pennsylvania they are cleaning up the remnants of a tornado from friday night with high winds knocking down power lines and damaging several homes. >> devastation. complete shock. >> terrible. never had anything like this happen to me. >> look at damage there. as bad as some of it is, in
2:12 pm
parts of the emergency areas, officials say it could have been worse with no reports of injuries, which is miraculous from the fox news weather center i am surprised this weren't injuries. maria: that is guiles when we hear that. the storm system produced a lot of severe weather not form of large hail and damaging wind and tornadoes and that occurred on friday where we had at least 17-reported tornadoes and 200 reports of severe weather from areas to the west of the great lakes to the midland dick and confirmed tornado in maryland so a lot of activity and it is lingering and spinning the moisture across portions of the northeast. we are seeing the heaviest rain across parts of the state of maine so we have flood warnings because flooding is currently occurring. what is what the flood warning means and a watch in effect to the east cross central portions of that state. several inches of rain are expected and are falling and
2:13 pm
have been falling since yesterday and as we look at the radar we will continue to see that scattered activity to the west across portions of upstate new york, pennsylvania, to parts of the state of maryland and virginia associated with the same storm system, and it will lighten up as we head into basically monday night, and into early tuesday morning but by tuesday afternoon another round of showers will fire up across the northeast and you will need the umbrella on monday and tuesday throughout the northeast as we continue to see the scattered showers and thunderstorms lingering. something else, temperatures will be cool. look at tomorrow, to kickoff the work week, 60 degrees is the high temperature in new york city, a contrast to what we saw this weekend with temperatures into the 70's in the northeast and 50 for portions of maine, and to the west, still warm, in the 90's for texas and 89 over rapid city, and 101 in el paso and another story we talked
2:14 pm
about yesterday is how hot the southwest has been, another hot won for phoenix at 103. >>gregg: el paso 101 and phoenix 103. so much for the golf game. thank you. >>heather: the secret service facing awesome responsibility in charges of protecting the president and all difficult -- dignitaries who visit this country. we will have a fascinating report on this organization. here is a preview. >> how rigorous is the training? >> if you can't with your physical skills fire a weapon accurately, if the president is attacked he is not the one doing the fighting, you are. and you have to be able to carry the president out of an active combat or fight zone at any given time. >> be sure to tune if no the rest of the look at 9 -- the
2:15 pm
secret service at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>gregg: sounds interesting. >> general motors has a monkey wrench not retirement program that will save the automaker millions much year but what is the cost to the employees? >>heather: a monster wildfire is burning out of control in new mexico. and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him. every step of the way. ♪ visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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2:19 pm
>>gregg: some of headlines we are following, trayvon martin shooting suspect george zimmerman in florida jail surrendering to authorities after a judge on friday accused him of lying to the court and revoking his bail. >> 1,200 firefighters are battling the largest wildfire in new mexico history, with 354 square miles burned. >> and british entertainer richard dawson died known for hosting tv's game she "family feud," and of course his role on hogan's heroes. he was 79 years old dying from complications of cancer. >>heather: and mary meeker is
2:20 pm
out with the "state of the web report," the queen of the internet during the dot .com saying ipad is leaving competitors in the dust. host of bulls and bears is joining us again. what is the good news in this report? >> basically the united states, all over the world, everyone is getting on the internet and in emerging countries we are seeing that. the number of people who are added to the internet in places like china and india they are leading even above the united states. however if you look at total internet usage the united states is second in the world. so, people are using this and it is an important trend all across socioeconomic profiles. >>heather: 2.3 billion global internet users up 8 percent year to year growth. what about the bad news in the
2:21 pm
report? >>guest: that here in the united states especially people are not optimistic about the economy. we know that from a number of sources, from polls and everything else. they are not optimistic. that says a lot if you get that from this type of a profile. >>heather: is that the social media bubble? >>guest: it is interesting. you look what happened to facebook stock. if you talked to teenagers you would have known that. the younger generation -- i talk to my daughter and she says don't buy facebook it is old. no one gets on it anymore. and it could be part of a bubble that we are seeing. everyone was on it for so long and now it is old and it is also difficult what we are learning, it is -- mobile is very important. opposed to desktop and the
2:22 pm
internet. but mobile is hard to make money on which is important when we look at the economy, of course, as we talk about. so we have to be patient making money with mobile but mobile is spreading. so, that is an interesting dichotomy. >> when the old folks get on the site like facebook you know it goes downhill. old folks like gregif? >>gregg: that is not true. i am an old folk. >>heather: he is a friend. one of my friends on facebook. the pictures are interesting. >>gregg: you saw those, right? >>heather: you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears," every saturday at 10:00 a.m. on fox news channel. i want to know about the pictures. >>gregg: big changes coming to general motors pension program, offering a voluntary lump sum payment if the retirees take the
2:23 pm
buyout, they must walk away from the pension plan forever, 42,000 salaried retirees eligible for this and not an easy choice, though. each person when they decide what the amount is going to be will have to decide, is this lump sum, because now i am totally out of the pension program and i will not longer get a monthly payment what can i do with this money to secure an income for the rest of my life? >>gregg: the buyout expected to save g.m. $26 billion in pension obligations. >>heather: the b btle if the white house is making up to be a neck and neck race. how happy are voters with their choice of candidates? a poll indicates not very. insiders weigh in. graduation, huh ?
2:24 pm
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>>heather: by land, sea, or air, the space shuttle moved to the final destination. it is navigating slowly along new york city's waterways. it was the prototype shuttle is being shipped from kennedy airport to manhattan's intrepid sea, air museum. and now we report live along the route. fascinating pictures. >>reporter: it has been breathtaking. the "enterprise," is going where many have gone to the final resting place, the sea, air and space museum in manhattan. it let john f. kennedy airport after 11:00, there for a month or so. for a slip that has never been to space and was built as a prototype crowds have been gathering by the shoreline along
2:29 pm
the crowd to catch a glimpse. here are speculators and what they had to say about watching history. >> my first time to see a space shuttle. i was excited. >> too he how magnificent it is. on tv it looks like a toy. and here it's very impressive. >>reporter: the journey started over a month ago, leaving a nasa jumbo jet on april 27, from the smith sonia museum in virginia headed for john f. kennedy where it stay add month. yesterday a crane lifted to a barge and it will go past queens and brooklyn and to new jersey and tuesday it will go by the statue of liberty and the world trade center. with the retirement of the nasa space program in 2011 the shuttles are shipped around the nation. atlantis goes to florida, and
2:30 pm
""discovery" to smith -- smithsonian. and the public is going to be allowed to come on july 19, and they will be in the process of building a more permanent display. back to you. >>heather: jealous of your assignment today. fascinating pictures. >>gregg: president obama's lead over governor romney in the polls is dwindling. look at this. the real clear politics average of polls shows that the president is edging out governor romney by 1.5 points. but the context that counts, the electoral college, showing a shift. according to real clear politics, their electoral map showing president obama with 237 votes. and 270 needed. but that is a drop from a few
2:31 pm
weeks ago when he was at 253. many states used to be blue. now they are in the yellow column, a toss up. what happened to the lead? we bring in campaign insiders, doug, pat caddell, a former pollster for president carter, and john leboutillier, a former republican congressman for new york. i can tell by the body language, pat, you want to get into this right now. what is going on here? why the drop? >> what this is all precedes the economic numbers we had on friday. the president's situation has been in decline if a few weeks. we are seeing it close up. the republicans are rallying behind romney faster than anyone thought they would. the president has had a rough time. he faces a june that could be the cruel month of all but we now see not only the national shift but the electoral college.
2:32 pm
right now obama is not jumping as high as he was. >>gregg: doug, pat is right, this is not taking into consideration what happened on friday, unemployment numbers went up and all the other unemployment numbers the last couple of months were revised down. >> i saw that, pat is right. the electoral map is moving die knack -- die -- dynamic. virginia is trending down, and you move the toss ups to governor romney, and you have a tie race or governor romney lead. >>gregg: what confuses people, congressman, if the president gets low approval ratings as he did in handling the economy, why is he tied? >>guest: well, he is the president. romney has come out of the republican primary somewhat
2:33 pm
damaged but that seems to be getting better. there is good will toward obama as a human being but the lead, he is under 50 percent so he is going down into the lower 40's. we will look back on last friday the day 9 unemployment numbers as the day this race made a huge turn. >>gregg: maybe it is a blip. >> no, this race now is changed dramatically in the last few months as the numbers in the economy have changeed. the movement of undecided is people moving off obama and committee have not yet passed on to romney but they are in motion and they are in motion. >>gregg: you guys hammering romney saying he is way behind, he only -- now, it is different. >> what we have been saying the three of us with you is romney, the race is sitting there for him to take if he would come out
2:34 pm
and show what he will do as president. he hasn't done it yet. the "wall street journal" --. >> the "wall street journal" advantage on criticism. >> it is what we have been saying. campaign insiders here. we know what he is against, obama's policy but we have no vision of what says vision for america is. >>gregg: but the president is criticizing republicans saying you blocked everything i wanted. isn't the opposite true? >> he got everything he wanted the first two years when he had total control of the house, the senate and the presidency but he does not mention that. the other problem he is wanting to blame bush. romney, we keep saying he should position as the outsider but the "wall street journal" article you referenced and, also, the -- there are several pieces on this. everyone is saying the same thing: he needs to go beyond
2:35 pm
being cautious, the dare to be cautious campaign, put it out there. greg it is not in his nature. >> this is what challenges the winners. you do not play defense. >>gregg: i want your reaction from david axelrod. the statehouse in massachusetts, here it is, the clip. play this. axelrod trying to make the case for obama against romney right in front of romney's former statehouse and it ended up badly. >> a disaster. the most harebrain scheme giving us an indication of what is going on inside the obama campaign which is mayhem. they don't know what they are up to. the whole bain thing --. >>gregg: i thought he had a
2:36 pm
great campaign four years ago. >> he did, but the problem he faces now he has no theirive for his own campaign. forward is a weak slogan, and sending your chief strategist to boston to attack the opponent is a sign of desperation. >> you do not have surrogates but there was bizarre. axelrod double downed today this morning when he was on "meet the press," he was even more negative on romney and he does this taking place not context of bill clinton putting a torpedo through the obama strategy, a huge blowing it up. >> when he talked how spectacular romney's career. >>gregg: i want to play a clip. this is romney himself, the
2:37 pm
candidate. take a listen. >> i have noticed we have gone to a number of events and you have been with you and most events i go to or many of them, they are large groups of if you will obama supporters heckling me, and at some point you say, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander d they heckle us we will not it is back and play by very different rules. >> this plays into obama's hand because obama is looking for a vicious negative campaign, no argument on either side, so he can use his turn out machine to get his vote out. so, romney's tit for tat does get the base. >> and he believes like the obama campaign this is about negatives. attack. attack. attack. romney has a chance to step up and say i am a leader because what is obama's real problem? a sense he has not had real
2:38 pm
leadership. that is the issue with swing voters. >>gregg: look at washington post-abc poll. the president has a net positive. flip to governor romney who has a net negative. all thank you is our point. all thank you is why in all the polls of the states we were talking about, nevada, colorado, iowa, as pat and doug said the voters have left obama, he now is around 41 percent, and they have not gone do romney. they are parking themselves in "undecided," sitting there, waiting to be sold by governor romney. if i am governor romney i want to sit down with the american people and tell themmer here is why i want to be a president. >> what obama is doing, a romney negative, by staying negative obama can win. that is incorrect, i believe, but that is how they are
2:39 pm
operating. >> president's job approval is reversed. negative. the presidents are judged on a job. this, romney's numbers are up substantially. but romney has to do what john was saying, and doug, he has to take advantage. there is still type to shape his image and the next 60 days is the critical period for mitt romney to make a case. >>gregg: a lot more to talk about. could be a couple interesting out comes including wisconsin as to who could win the big surprise in november. be right back. bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed.
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it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >>heather: time for a quick check of headlines. all 147 passengers and crews have perished in the crash of a
2:44 pm
jetliner in nigeria which crashed into a residential area near the lagos international airport. the florida man accused of gunning down 17-year-old trayvon martin is back behind bars. the new booking photograph taken of george zimmerman today with the jail revoked. the judge says george zimmerman lied about finances to obtain a lower bond. and more than a million people braved the rain today in london to hail queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. >>gregg: thank you. one state is packing a huge political punch, wisconsin holding the recall election on tuesday. republican governor scott walker in danger of losing his job, perhaps, but the political contest is taking on maybe a
2:45 pm
national importance, getting the attention of president obama. governor romney. that is because the outcome could echo deep into the presidential campaign something of a crystal ball for november. right now the polls show governor leading his opposition by eight points. i was stunned today when i heard one of romney surrogates say, wisconsin is wisconsin. he should have been saying, are you kidding, wisconsin is the microcosm of the united states. >> this is the hugest event of 2012 leading up to the presidential election. this has so many ramifications. not just in wisconsin. which we all agree puts this state in play for romney to possibly win in november. if romney wins wisconsin all three of us believe romney will be elected president. >> but he has not been competitive, obama, the republican national committee
2:46 pm
chairman has a host of republicans campaigning there. the unions are emfeebled. >> did the president not go to help barrett because he knew he would lose in the way he he did not help in 2010? >> his numbers are still positive. he did not go because he did not want to hurt the campaign. it is about itself. bill clinton went there to campaign different than in california with gray davis but the point is, the president has been absent. the unions are upset. but the real stakes here, a few months ago when they turned in 900,000 signatures everyone said walker was gone or it would be bad but this is a great movement for the unions and a democratic party. but obama campaign put a huge field organization, labor put a huge effort and the numbers are breaking not only because of what the local politics there, an antirecall attitude which i was polling on and talked about
2:47 pm
and involved in, to be totally honest, i'm telling you, this is a game changer going on. we will find out who good the field organizations is. if it is close, then it says something. if not, they are in the wrong game. >>gregg: build a famous broadway line is "don't help me," here is bill clinton this week, take a listen. >> there is in question that in terms of getting up and going to the office, and, you know, basically performing the functions of the office, a man would has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshhold. >>gregg: is the obama campaign 9 hierarchy, the management of this, kind of a mess right now? >> that was a message from bill clinton to the obama campaign which is, get off the puree taxes on romney and bain capital and compare where you want to lead the country to where he wants to lead the country. what president clinton is
2:48 pm
saying, guys, you cannot win with a purely negative campaign. to answer your question directly, the obama campaign has no strategy. no plan other than negative adds and the clinton sound bite underscores how weak the strategy is. >>gregg: maybe they cannot argue where they want to go because where they have been, president obama's record is not a good one. >> well you cannot make the case about your record you cannot make a case, look i have learned something and this is what i would do different, and the other thing is the other guy is worse. i ran a campaign like that, it is not fun. let me say this, but what bill clinton pore pore -- torpedoed three months of the obama's campaign message and blew it up. >>gregg: got to cut it short, guys, more tomorrow morning, for people who want to check it out. our campaign insiders you can catch them every monday at 10:3
2:49 pm
a.m., and follow them on twitter, as well. >>heather: good stuff as always. a possible new weapon in the war on cancer, a drug in your met cabinet could protect you from a certain time of cancer, stay tuned for the details. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic.
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for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig >>gregg: could an aspirin a day keep cancer away? >> the question that doctors have been asking for some time. researchers now are finding new evidence that common painkillers may lower the risk of scan cancer. now, the director of the center for comprehensive medicine has more information on this. thank you for joining us. >> how significantly can this reduce risk? >>guest: it is interesting. a million people each year are diagnosed with skin cancer. it is significant health issue. they can be lethal in the case of melanoma and cause significant damage to people. so, this particular study, 179,000 healthy people compared with 20,000 people diagnosed with cancer, in a danish study.
2:54 pm
they compared this over 20 years. we like these studies because they tell us a lot. people who took the aspirin and advil and the like, those individuals had a 13 percent to 15 percent reduction in risk. health but you have to still use the sunscreen. >>guest: well the only thing you really can do to avoid sun damage is to stay out of the sun. 90 percent of cancers are caused by sun. we know it is directly linked so the more damage you have the more problem. and it is a problem for children. 50 percent of the sun exposure you have occurs before you are an adult. >>gregg: but don't you need sun for your body? >>guest: vitamin d is critical to make sure the immune system is healthy and that is where the healthy balance comes in. you need to think about sun damage if you have light skin, frequent kills, moles, a family history of skin cancer, you are
2:55 pm
at a higher risk. a lot of people need vitamin d. it is critical not immune system. you can only get it from the sun ored supplements. >>heather: you explained to us what exactly does spf mean? >>guest: when you get these products, they are great products, kids first thing when you go out not morning you put sunscreen on. they are the ones who are most exposed running around all the time outside. you look at the spf, for each rating of 15 or 30 you could stay in the sun 15 or 30 times longer to get the same. so a minute of sun, spf of 15 means 15 minutes equals a minute of the sun. >>gregg: and a hat and sunglasses? >>guest: and clothing, if you want do protect yourself, sunglasses recollects your eyes, u.v. rated and a hat keeps it off of your face particularly for people who are losing hair,
2:56 pm
that is where the damage can occur on exposed areas of the skin. here is a great way to make sure you are covered and use clothing that is spf rated, as well. exciting news, though. >>gregg: thank you, doctor, good to see you. >>heather: that is it for us. >>gregg: thank you for joining us, fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. have a great and safe week.
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