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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> tonight on huckabee, it is dividing frens and families and neighbors . will tuesday's polarizing recall election of governorship of wisconsin be a prelude for the white house in november? and key appointments cast aside and staffers shuned and close friends snubbed. author of the book takes us inside of the obama white house . pluss, he's the man on the keys for the world's greatest rock-n-roll band. he jammed with the governor. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] thank you. thank you, very, very much and
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welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york. okay, i realize i am critical of the president's policy. but i have to commend him when he is successful in plirk what he set out to do. he made the millionaires and billionaires the villians of a disastrous economy but the president still blaming it on george bush. bush hasn't been in the white house for three and half years except for the unveiling his portraitsomehow he is powerful he controls the commempt you have to hand it to president obama, he is successful in one thing. we learned that america has far fewer millionaires than it did a year ago. number of households who have a million and more in assets fell by 129,000 last year. to put it in perspective, the rest of the world saw a increase of 175,000 millionaires n our country
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alive there are 129,000 fewer people that obama thinks are too rich. as for the notion that the rich are the ones who get richer, and the wealth of the really, really, really rich those with over 100 millionn in assets that declined by 2.4 percent it is the largest drop in wealth for any group. look, i am not shedding tears for millionaires and billionaires. they are better off even with the loss of income than other people and their life style it is will not be affected that much. but the people who work for them are probably going to feel the pinch. rich people losing income might hold off building a third home or luxly cars and that means the person who sells the car or builds the car might lose his job. it is the carpenters and plumbers and elections and brick layers and roofers who
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lose the work. if a rich person has to sell a yacht airplane it is the dock freightor who gets hurt and pilots in the line crew in the airport. so it might be the household staff of the rich guy who goes as well and if he doesn't eat as often in the expensive restaurants it is the cooks and bus boys and wait staff that might get let go. oh, yeah, the president can celebrate this week. this lousy economy has really hit the wealthiest among us and fewer of them are millionaires. they will not have to move oust their homes and walk to work. but the people who used to work for them probably will. the president love to vilify the millionaires and billionaires that is okay if he want to make them the scapegoats for the bad commempt i worked for several rich people in my lifetime. when things got tough. the rich guy was far more likely to lay me off than fire
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himself. president is a millionaire, and hey, his job is up for renewal in november. maybe he willing the next millionaire to not be rich since he seems to think it is such a bad thing. >> voters in wisconsin are going to head to the polls to decide whether or not toy recall governor scott walker . >> november 2010, facing a huge budget deficit people of wisconsin elect republican scott walker as the next governor. >> wisconsin's best days are yet to come. god bless you and thank you and let's get the job done. immediately after taking office walker reformed the state's finance. he signed the bill to ache away the collective bargaining rights from public workerce. >> we can put the best and ultimately we can fire and
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hire based on merit and put the best and the breistest in our classrooms and keep them there for generations to come. >> the move ignited a fire storm from the left. cunion members flooded the state capitol for week in protest and democratic lawmakers fled the state in protest. demonstrations maded had hines and walker's reforms are work the budget is under control. and wisconsin's economy is growing and unemployment rate of 6.8 percent is lowest in four years. opponents of his policiless gathered more than 900,000 signatures in a petition for a special election and making walker the only third governor to have a recall vote in history. and governor walk walk is challenged by a milwaukee mayor. it could be a preview of
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november. tommy thompson is the former governor of wisconsin and currently running for stiant in that state. i endorsed his senate candidacy and he is a dear friend and esteemed colleague. >> governor thompson. right off of the bat. you are talking to voters every day in wisconsin, what are you hearing and what do you expect this tuesday in the recall electionn? >> i was with the governor this morning in a dairy breakk fast and there was thousands of people there and they were flocking to get a chance to have their picture taken with the governor and they were excited about seeing him and i am absolutelyy confident on tuesday we'll have thest election fars the gubernatorial election and it is it a recall one and that scott walker will retain his governorship and go on to do other wonderful things for the great state of wisconsin and
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help to lead the nation. >> governor thompson, you inspector the office 14 years and i worked with then a primarily democratic legislature. he has a far more republicans . you had a lot of democrats, have you ever seen the atmosphere in your state so polarized as it is right now? >> no, certainly the most partisan it has been. and 50 percent of the people that love scott walker and 49 or 48 percent that dislike him. and it is splitting familis and splitting everything . really gets down to the collective bargaining. people say other things, but it is truly whether or not the union will control the state of wisconsin or individuals that are entrepreneurs and independents and so are going to have the control of the state. i am confident that the people of wisconsin will say recalls
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should only be held when people commit a crime or malfeance in office. scott walker will do nothing but what he said he would do. >> [applause] >> governor, that's the point i have taken and he made in the recall election. he's essentially doing what he said he would do. most of the time. >> radical idea. >> what a novele thought. i am going to do it >> and normally people get in trouble doing what they didn't promise and he's in trouble for doing what he didn't promise. your point is an important one. normally if you don't like the policies, you wait until the next election. it is expensive to the people of wisconsin to pay for a special election, is it not? >> 17 million dollars . you know, you look at what scott walker has done. and his programs are working and the budget is balanced.
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and the school districts are doing well. and no one is getting thrown out of school which was one of the threats and the kids were not going to be educated and these are all rumors and accusations made by the left. but the truth of the matter is, the state is doing well. 92 percent of the businesses in the state of wisconsin say we are headed in the right direction . i lookk at it, governor, governor mike, my friend, i see harry reid and the democrats in the senate have not passed a budget in three years, to me that is malfeance in offe and should be recalled and not somebody who stands up and does what is right. [applause] >> i think that not only does the studio audience gree with you. but applause all over the america. the united states senator under the control of harry contrary reid should balance the budget. >> i hope to see you soon and
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thank you for being on today. >> thank very much and congratulations . you are doing a great job, mike. >> thank you so much. and well, he said that many of barack obama's former staffers and some of his closest friends think that the president is in over his head when it comes to running the country. we'll have that next. you don't want to miss >> i would love to hear fru. go to click on the section and sign up for my facebook and following me on twitter. you can
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>> it is for the president and at leastt in public. in my opinion anyway. and the obama record is far better for the american
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economy than most americans than what mitt romney laid out. >> lthe former president didn't always have such high regard for the current one. remember this from the 2008 campaign. he said there was no difference between you and george bush and you took that off your website and there is no difference in your voting record and hillaries. give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairytale i have seen. >> behind closed doors. bill clinton is not that big of a fan of obama and called him an amateur. that is a title of the book by edward kline. ed, it is great to have you here. [applause] >> let me start. i know that there are going to be people who say, ed kline
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writes an book about obama because he is a right-wing fanatic and way out on the fringe. your background is new york times writer, newsweek, new yorker, and you have written for all of these publicication and last time i checked are not right wing. did you have an agenda? >> i have been a reporter for 50 years and i decided that this was a phenom nan that we needed to investigate. here's a guy who came out of no where an africa-american senator who accomplished nothing . had no experience. and sometimes hypnotized millions of people into voting for him and gets in the white house, and is the first time we seen anything like amateur in the white house. it was a great story. a story that needed to be told because it had a direct impact on the future of our country.
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>> you talked about in the forward of the book hundreds of people whom you spoke gathering information and many of them spoke on the continue of anomity. this is not just street talk but people who have seen and heard what you described in the book. the majority are on the record and named sources and none of them have come forward since the book was publish said i didn't say that. not a one. the book is solid and that it has the kind of sourcing that most books of this nature don't have. >> you start the book with an incredible decision of bill and hillary clinton had a home in chapaqua, new york. describe that scene. >> bill clinton called a meeting in august of 2011 in
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his private office which is a converted red barn. he invited chelsea, wife and friends, several friends. i interviewed two of those friends that were there. during that meeting, he tried to convince his wife in 2011, to challenge barack obama for the democratic nomination. he wanted her to unseat bark obama and -- [applause] and she said bill, i am his secretary of state and i dine with the guy every thursday. what about loyalty? he said loyalty, no such word as loyalty in politics. >> unfortunately for some. >> and he went on to say that people around bim bum, the economic people did not know how the real world works and that obama
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machine to a perfect cut every time. a clean, straight edge makes a big difference in the appearance of your yard. >> we are back with the author of the amateur. number one new york times best seller over the past two weeks . the story of barack obama in the white house and the possible challenge that obviously did not happen. but there is very interesting things come from your book and one of which there is a rift between ophrah winfrey and the obamas. she was one of the biggest supporters and credited to give him a boost. ophrah was pivotal in getting him the nomination. if she had gone to hillary clinton, hillary clinton would have won and she was instrumental in helping him in the general election. she assumed naturally enough that she would play a big role
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in the administration and she and obama talked about how he should redecorate the weekend bedroom for guest and who the guest list should be for partis and how he should handle the communication strategy and when mishil obama and closest friends in the white house valerie, heard about that. they got upset, they thought ophrah was acting like she was the first lady and so they decided to freeze her out and when ophrah offered to do an ophrah winfrey show to launch mrs. obama's anti-obesity campaign and michele held a meeting i don't want the fat rich women to be the emblem of my campaign. >> ophrah, you endorsed the wrong person. four years ago, it should have been me. [applause]
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i had to throw that in there. there is another interesting high level people in the obama. ralm emanuel emanuel and bill dally. two mean who were chief-of-staff. it is rare that people in that position kind of one day up and leave. >> they ran into valerie. that is mrs. obama's closest friend and political advisor and president's friend and political advisor, the only person to go upstair and dines with the first lady and goes on vacation with them, leaves the oval office last and has the president's ear. and she is the gate keeper of the white house. and she's run into conflicts with both of the chiefs of staff. bill daly who was opposed to the man date requiring
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religious institutions to provide free medical advice on contraceptives and abortion, she pushed that. and got it through . daly decided he had enough and he left. >> you made a comment on page 61 of the book. it is a powerful statement. it is one that i quote, that obama's problem is he doesn't know what he doesn't know. >> i have said the dangerous person in any room is the person who doesn't know what he doesn't know. >> he feels that he is the smartest person in the room. i interviewed many people who have been in cabinet meetings with him and the bicameral meeting in which the republicans in the house and senate and democrats meet in the white house . sometimes he takes phone calls from foreign leaders and he's been over heard to say to leaders, and i have this in my
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book. i don't understand why i have to spend so much time with congressman from podunk cities to get my bills passed. it is that kind of arrogance that has been the block and obstacles of doing business in washington between white house and the congress. >> you have done the country a great service. i know that our audience here in the studio will enjoy the book. it is a very easy read it is a great book for anybody to read. ed kline and the book is called the amateur. it is a pleasure to have you here >> i think that loans are supposed to help a college student get the education. and for once they graduate many struggle to keep up with the payments. are college grads getting a good return to their investment, we'
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demonstrators want him executed. now huckabee. if you would like to comment on tonight's show. send in the huck mail at fox >> congratulations, you are college graduate . now in addition to looking for a job, you get to look forward to years of paying off student loans. student loan debt exceeds a trillion in america and the average graduate enters the real world owing more than 25,000 on the loans. some of those debts will linger past the 50s. is a degree worth all of that debt. joining me is nick grant and jennifer ruth who is member of our staff graduating from rutgers university in 2010 and trying to pay off four separate student loans. >> you graduated in may. and got $28,000 in debt and can't find a job and living with your parents.
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that is not the reason why you went to the university of the tennessee . what is your anxiety as you start this phase of your life with a debt and not a way to pay it off. >> the thing when you graduate from high school. as long as you work hard and put in hours you will graduate for the job. and i had a 366 in law. and on the student advisory council and graduated with two degrees and i am bilingual and minor in spanish and international business. i thought i had done things as well as i could. >> i would say so. >> and i should never have been expecting to be in the place i am now. >> neither did your partners. >> yeah. >> i hope someone is watching this show. saying i got to hire that kid. that is incredible background.
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you looked for jobs even before the graduation. what are you told. >> a lot of companies tell me i need my mba and consider an entry level job especially in marketing f. i were to pursue financing a bit more it might be easier to go n we have to getcertified. and it is a major. and most companies want an mba or want you to start in sales or one of the other departments. >> gen, i guess the only thing that is worse is anthropology. there is not a big demand for it you came out of rutgers $65,000 at least you have a job. >> right. >> dog gone good one working for us. >> exactly. >> walk me throw how you are
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forced to accumulate $65,000 for four years. >> my first year, i had a small government loann and the rest of it i was paying for by myself . i proceeded to go to school and each year i maxed out at the bank . my first year credit union were able to give me $10, and i that's it and next year, i had to go to the private bank and to another bank and now i have four completely separate loans with varying interest rates. three of the loans have variable interest rates that can be looked at every three months. >> so these could bump up and make your payments more. >> four separate loans and also is $65,000 and rough estimate for the amount i will pay in addition to that for interest is $37,000. >> you will be $100,000 paying
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out. >> yes. >> how many years. >> i was there five years and this will at a being five-20 years to pay out. >> what is the monthly payment that you are looking at. >> $ california you and my government loan is based off i graduated payment plan and i have a smaller payment now and will increase over the next eight and half years. >> nick, what is it worth to get that kind of debt. >> you can't beat the college experience and especially i came in wapting to be and own my ownorth donistry clinic. i thought they didn't have to do that much work and you got to pick all of the nurses. >> boy, do you have a lot to learnn. and i had a professor from the university of tennessee and excellent and gave me a
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passion for business and marketing. >> jenny, you have advice to give to him based on your experience. >> nick, i know you don't have a job. but the moment you are able to start make payments make payments before they tell you. to keep your interest rates low and if you choose to go back to school. make sure you keep the amount of loans a lot lower. you are in the 20s and it is so much more magable than 65. >> and my only advice whatever kind of job that comes your way take it. and it may not be the one you want or hope for but start somewhere and i wish you the both the very best. >> gen, i am sorry we have to let you go. definitely not. >> unborn babies being aborted, why? they are girls. i am talking about right here in america.
12:36 am
are democrats concerned about protecting abortion doctors than babies. that's next.
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>> based on gend yert bill is
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two-thirds of a majority after president obama and democrats opposed the bill and saying that doctors could be subject to punishment for unknowing basing the abortion. >> i am astonished that the leader of the free world would be against the bill for protecting based on sex. >> that come after planned parenthood supported the president. there was a hidden camera video in a austin, texas revealed >> the girls, or continue with the pregnancy in the meantime or what? >> yeah, i think that would be the plan. i have had -- >> all right. are you saying from experience?
12:41 am
okay. all right. and so then i would want to schedule an ultrasound with an ob around then and then i would be able to come back for termation if it is a girl. >> good luck . i hope you get your boy. >> wow, that video was released by prolife group live action . >> joining me is lionel rose . great to see you. >> first of all. how did you find out that planned parenthood was participating in gender selection! we set out how planned parenthood is pro women and yet they perform 300,000 abortions every year and discover what they would do with the gender. gender selection is
12:42 am
gendericide . we are having in the country worst gender disparities than in china and india. and so our investigators covered every clinic. they were arranging late-term abortion. and the brain was developed and everything is developed. but gender with the ultrasound and come back and we'll schedule you for a late term abortion. we hope you get your boy. >> are there any cases where they refused to do a an abortion when it clearly presented to the mother. >> in every case, planned parenthood wanted to assist in performing the abortion across the board. >> no exceptions. >> they came back.
12:43 am
but this edit you guys were unfair. was that edited votape in some ways twisting the out come of the meaning? >> you whan is fascinating. we have a shorter r. -- version . we they claim to retrain the whole staff and say that the videos are not true and in other ways they are retraining the staff and firing the employees . part contradictions. and gender selectionn and abortion. and condemned the gender bias and at the same time they will not judge and they refuse to stop doing them. >> when the plannned parenthood carries out these kind. it is hidous procedure, can and especially not that they are ever good. but when a person said i only want the baby if it is a boy.
12:44 am
that is the ultimate assault and war on women to say that women are not as valuable as men in the process of birth. >> that is absolutely true. it is amazing because we hear so uch rhetoric about the war on women and attacks and we need to protect women . we are missing over 160 million women because of the genderide. and the abortion industry we need to be able to do it >> it is always great to see you . we shouldn't be surprised for 40 years in this country we desensized the children as beings. it is the greatest, i guess
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possibility that we experience as an american is to choose including the choice of taking the life of an unborn child. it is not a big shock to us that that choice can be a big choice. on hair color and perfection in any area. it is so important for all of us who value life and it
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>> in the recording studio legendary artist. and recent stars like lady antibellum. and he has contributions to what all of us consider the world's greatest rock-n-roll band. ♪
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>> keith richard and ron wood and charlie watts make up the rolling stones. and many of it is out with the allman >> it is a suck. it is the rest of the family and the arranging the tunes . it he knows all of the books and the natural great help to us. >> and the career spanning five decades. he is a still a force in the
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music industry and does what he does best make great music. >> chuck has a brand new album. it is called back to the woods. great to have you back. [applause] and this audience is clapping and they are really going to clap when they go away with a cd of yours called back to the woods. >> this is a foundation cd of amazing tunes all from the blue's genre. how did you come about doing this. >> it is a interesting story. it is an emphasis on the music and he came up with the idea of shining the light on the piano players. and so this was a great experiment for me. >> we'll do a few sampems and
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a few pieces from the album and i want people to get a flavor of it. i got it all download the first one has a little new orleans feel to it. >> this is by little brother montgomery who is an interesting character from the new orleans area and played in a lot of different settings. and quartets and big band and called no special rider. >> we have keith wilson our audio technician and bob who is a free rider. >> knock it out. ♪ ♪ hey rider, oh, rider. ♪ where you been so long? ♪ rider, rider, where you been so long? ♪ ain't had no luck child
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since you been gone. ♪ well, hate to hear that little kiddie when she blows. ♪ i hate to hear that when she blows. ♪ my mind and make me want to grow. ♪ yeah, my mind it make me want to go. ♪ [applause] >> i love blues music anyway. it is my favorite form of muc because it is so purely american. >> it really is. >> this next piece is slowing it down like the old jive joints. joint. and isn't that the truth. this is real close down and
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great little piece that i have found in the 1953 by my true musical hero ray charles. >> let's do it. >> it is called oozing hands. ♪ and i got to the hand. ♪ yes, i have -- [ singing ] ♪ [ singing ] ♪ your love keeps changing. ♪ yeah, it is like the shifting desert sand.
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[applause] ♪ you got to love ray charles. and this next one i think would probably be a political song couldn't it? >> once these folks hear the title i think they will agree. >> tell me about the title of this one and why we love it first of all written by leroy karl. a great piano player in the 30s and 40s. and it is called lo down dirty dog. ♪
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♪ i ain't your low down dog no more. ♪ i ain't going to be a low down dog no more. ♪ ♪ you don't want me baby, so down the road i go. ♪ i work hard momma, brought. ♪ i work hard momma and brought you home all of my pay. ♪ and you see where you miss me when i go away. ♪
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♪ yeah, you ain't going to miss me when i am gone away. all right . ♪ [applause] all of these songs are on chuck's new cd called back to the wood and chuck is one of the nation's premier conservationist and check out mother nature's website as well. get the muc at amaic and iphones and get it because you will love it. we will sigh good night. hear the whole song on fox and you will be able to hear all of the songs. by the way until next time thanks for joining us. we'll see you next week from new york. ♪ one, two, three. four.
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