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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 4, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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right? thank you for the cards and letters, it is nice to be home. back for the fox report tonight at 6:00 in oxford, right now, "your world," starts now. >>neil: from madison, wisconsin this is it. "do or die". the final hour of voters decide who to make the governor the third to go down to recall defeat. there is only been three in american history. it didn't do well not other two, scott walker hopes to make it the exception today. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. both sides now are badgering each other and trying to taking advantage of a vote too close to call and a republican governor walker telling me he is confident he will win out. he is confident, he says, because the trend is his friend, the economy is picking up, the unemployment rate is coming down, and he says all because of the various measures that have
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led to this new recall election now. but governor walker reminded me he is fit, ready, and he will survive. governor walker earlier today. >> governor, pleasure to have you. how are you holding up? >> well. voice is short but everything is well. >>neil: polling is all over the map, and wide potential swings for error but it looks good so far. if you win, what do you think it means? >>guest: well, it's a victory if courage. not only in wisconsin but across the country. if years i have heard people tell me, voters, democrat or republican alike, people complaining that politicians at the local level and state level particularly the national level did not have the courage or the guts to take on tough issues, and it is everyone knows we have to take these issues on, the politicians when they get in office fail to do that. to me, this victory tomorrow is a victory for everyone across
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the country in a local government and a state government and those people like my friend paul ryan in washington, dcs trying to be equally courageous. it is a victory to take on the tough issues. >>neil: what do you think about president obama not being here? >>guest: it is interesting for the hype. president clinton was here. they asked me and i said it is more interesting when the president of the united states is on the other side of the river in minnesota in the twin cities and he was about the same time in chicago, just south of the wisconsin border. it is confusing, to voters here, because they wonder why would you come in two years ago, and the same person i am running against now is my opponent them and he campaigned for the mayor. it is a sign that there is real concern which is voter whose say they voted for my opponent or they say they are democrats but in each case they tell me they voting for me now either because they like the courage to take on
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the tough problems or a number democrats say they do not like the recall process. my guess is the president and his folks want to shy away from that. >>neil: what is weird polls in your case show you and the president injury the safe 50-plus percent approval ratings. that is weird. >>guest: well, our state, like many not midwest, is fiercely independent. we are not strictly one party or the other. people like to vote if the person. part of it, now, voters like we were able to tackle the tough issues. it has been a year and a half i have been under siege. in february and march the national special interests groups in washington attacked me pouring in money and bringing in people to attack me and it continued through the state senate recall elections and the supreme court race and through fall and early this year in terms of the recall petition itself. we have been under a year and a half worth of attacks and, yet,
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we finally have our numbers above 50 percent because the truth is on our side. people hear the truth and they see the facts that our reforms are working --. >>neil: but your opponent says the reforms are not working and how many jobs are or have not created. but you have the wind at your back. if it is a close election even if you win with the wind at your back half of those likely voting if that is the case just by the polls, feel it is not good enough. what do you say? >>guest: it is part of the year and a half worth of attacks. we move on and move forward after tuesday's election, and we get back to where we started, which was, last january, overwhelmingly bipartisan support for our jobs initiatives. not until the national forces came in you started to see a bit of a difference of opinion in here and we get back to that and
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help maul business. two years ago when i ran for governor, only 10 percent of our employers thought wisconsin was headed in the right direction. that same survey a couple of months ago was conducted for 2012 and 94 percent of the employers say wisconsin is headed in the right direction but the biggest concern in terms of things that keep them from hiring people in 2012 was the recall. they are concerned of the recall. they believe we are doing positive things and moving the state forward but they scare if the mayor got in he would take it backward. >>neil: when you say take things backward, it would be union friendly environment? or back to collective bargaining rights? the stuff unions disparage? >>guest: bigger than that. if you go back to what the mayor wants to do to undo the reforms back to the collective bargaining system, that is when a handful of big government union bosses were in charge at 9 state and local level. we changed that and put the hard working taxpayers in charge not just of state government but in
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every local government as well. that was good news for small business and good --. >>neil: did you envision it would get as rough as it did? they attack you with coming in with a plan on the stump you say one thing but you came in, you remain full barrel out to destroy unions and you were as one leader said, out to disembowel them. >>guest: i have had great partners in the private sector with private sector unions and my partner in economic development and worked with us improving our infrastructure, and improving cost effective and help me streamline the process for safe mining. but my problem with public sector union leaders, the boxes, they stood in the way of protecting the taxpayer. i knew for eight years as a county official, i saw the biggest barrier to protecting will services for our people and protecting the property taxpayers was out-of-control special interests. so, we stood up threw a dine not stand and said i will stand with the hard working taxpayers.
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it is effective. first time in 12 years property taxes went down on medium value home rather than $3.6 billion deficit we have $154 million budget surplus and unlike my opponent, if milwaukee where unemployment has gone up during his tenure, 26 percent because taxes and fees have gone up 43 percent. >>neil: but you unions counter that saying you have done it on their backs, it is not right or fair. >>guest: i would say to any taxpayer out this, most of them would share their head in disbelief because what we did, my brother is a good example. i have a younger brother, great guy who works as a banquet manager, a part time bartender and his wife sells appliances and they are a typical middle class family, not just in wisconsin but across america, and last year in the height of all of this, he much jams his head and says i pay more than $800 a month for my health insurance and the little bit i
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set aside for the 401(k) i would love a deal like the when you offer for public sector emmy -- matching their pension and most of my hard work taxpayers bay from 20 percent to 25 percent of health insurance and we are still offering a great deal. >>neil: you mention flood and campaigned on this in the recall and now, a lot of the union representatives, leaders, are saying, well he will go full forward after our benefits and try to kill us off if he wins. >>guest: the great thing is and we have seen knit other states we will reward excellence. we will be able to be in a position to hire and fire based on merit, to pay based on performance and we can reward great employees particularly our schools. in the past i have two boys going to a public high school in the state of wisconsin. at their school this was no way to differren schalit between a great teacher and a teacher that needed assistance now our schools across the state can focus in on merit and
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performance. >>neil: how were they treated at school? >>guest: surprisingly very well. a great example, the overwhelming majority of teachers in our state are good. >>neil: not picked on? >>guest: my kids were targeted by protesters with thousands of people bused in outside of our community, but at school with friends and teachers and principal, though have been excellence. >>neil: what do you think of the outside critics, with the outside billionaires and investors, and the other side has plenty of union interests comeing from the service workers and the teachers and on and on and a small fraction from in this state. >>guest: in our case the interesting thing is more than 70's percent of our contributions came from people who gave us $50 or less so if it is someone in wisconsin or someone just across the way over
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the state line in illinois, there are people who understand what is at stake. they understand they do not stand up and help our campaign out, the stakes are that high because we are attacked by the special interests. >>neil: when you say what is at stake, what will happen, what do you fear happens that brings a chris christie here or bobby jindal, what do they say or tell you and you, them, that will lead to some apocalypse? >>guest: a combination, the practical things the mayor has no plan for economic development or for budget so we have to assume --. >>neil: he says first he would rescind. >>guest: nothing about how to treat the rest of us. if you do not use our reforms, what we will see happening in wisconsin and what we will see in real time in illinois raising taxes 67 percent on personal and 50 percent on businesses. now the budget is worse off
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proposing to close 14 state employees employees and cutting $1 billion from medicaid, which is horrific choices. >>neil: so if he wins he has to address? >>guest: for all the talk out this, this is not collective bargaining would only make it more difficult to balance the budget. what we did was make it easier to balance the budget at both the state and local level. we are actually getting things in a way that moves forward but beyond wisconsin, many of my fellow reform minded governors are here in the state of wisconsin helping us out, they understand that this is, really, a sign about whether or not elected officials have the courage to take on the tough issues. >>neil: scott walker. that is only half the interview. tonights on fox business network at our new time, at 8:00 p.m. eastern, the governor gets down and dirty about the issues that everyone has been talking about: life after this.
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like this. >> many have said your name could be mention the as a running mate or even this year, presidential candidate, in a future year. what do you say to that? you will hear more on that tonight on fox business network at 8:00 p.m. eastern. fair and balanced and the view from the other side that he does not walk on fiscal water. >> this gentleman is the only one i could see protesting, that could change but it is a far cry from the thousands who crammed the corridors a little more than a year ago when governor walker's cuts were just going into place. calmer now. hard to say what that means for
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>>neil: welcome back to madison, business, neil cavuto here and we are waiting to find out if the third governor ever in the united states is recalled. polls show wisconsin governor walker leading but very few show much wiggle room here, and in fact, when you consider that up or down four or five points there is a race that is even. a guy says this governor has to go is jim palmer with the wisconsin police association, you may hear protesters but since he is with the police association he will beat them up if it comes to this. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: you argue he has to go.
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>>guest: well, we are labor organization, and law enforcement and walker has fall were short on both counts not only not straightforward with people, with voters in 2010, relating to the plans to reform collective bargaining, and actually, eviscerate collective bargaining --. >>neil: what did he do that he said he would not? >>guest: it is what he did not say, the sigh lend was deafening and a report in the largest newspaper last friday and saturday that there were constituents that had written the campaign and asked public employee does it wents, potential constituent whose asked whether the collective bargaining change would apply to them and they were told point blank they were not. as we now know almost immediately after taking office, scott walker sought to eviscerate collective bargaining. >>neil: what are we left with? if voters seem to give him high approval rating, and they seem to think that the economy is
1:18 pm
picking up, unemployment rate is down, and whatever he did as controversial as it was at the time last winter when thousands were protesting, things have gone his way and not your way. >>guest: well, i don't think most people in the state with view the economy as turning around. >>neil: why does he have the approval rating he does? >>guest: 51 percent by a poll i don't know that is overwhelming and it is not a mandate and the fact is over a million people signed a petition to recall the governor. so, i think there is a lost discontent not only with what he did but the manner he difficulty. >>neil: do you think this is union waterloo they either make it here or they finished? >>guest: this is a big fight not unions. >>neil: if you lose tomorrow? >>guest: unions lose it will be a set back. that goes without saying. it is an issue, the election is, broader than just the labor union. how we govern and whether we are
1:19 pm
straightforward with people and why think the governor has done that. >>neil: people argue people are not as safe as a result of cuts and police cuts based on studies of the numbers, 1.7 percent, serious but not, an editorial said no draconian. >>guest: this year, there is a 73 million cut to the local funding that is used it pay for public safety services. that cut is implemented this year. so, if this economic environment, over the last five years there has been 200 percent increase in the number of assaults on officers in the line of duty. now is not the team to make the single largest cut in a decade in the funding used for public safety. so, we think it will be a problem. >>neil: if he survives this, are you worried? just in general? >>guest: absolutely. i am worried about the message from a societal perspective. if with believe scott wacker,
1:20 pm
for a number of reasons but he has maintained an overwhelming funding advantage. >>neil: you guys are poor, right, and outside union money coming in, both sides have a lot of money. >>guest: the last record i saw, last report i saw, governor walker is outspending mayor barrett by 8-1. i believe the get out of the vote effort you are seeing for those supporting tom barrett is historic and massive but only time will tell. >>neil: you have a strong voice and we appreciate that. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: we will see what happens. you may have heard one or two people shouting in the background, but we have the republican senator from this fine state, also, weighing in on this mess as it gets closer and louder and crazier. what's the matter?
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>>neil: welcome back to madison, wisconsin, neil cavuto here. some of the protesters are assembled, mostly people. some loud. i liken it to a neil cavuto family reunion. you will have some loud types but by and large soft spoken protests. pretty much. as this debate goes on as to whether the third governor in united states history will be toast recalled by voters in his state and thrown out on his kuester scott walker trying to prove the exception and not complete what has been a trying trifecta for governors in the similar situation. the president of the united states has avoided this state going into tomorrow, although bill clinton has been here. last week the president was just
1:25 pm
a ride away and that caught the attention of senator ron johnson the senator senator from this fine state. why has the president avoided coming to wisconsin? >>guest: well i can only guess he must look at the poll results and realize that scott wacker will remain in office and he did not want to be associated with defeat that is my guess. >>neil: what interesting, senator, that both the governor and the president have similar approval ratings in this state. in the low 50's. and i mention that with governor walker and he did make note of it, that it said something about the independent streak in bits bits but could that explain why the president would avoid this? there is no upside to be involved, at all. >>guest: well, i think that president obama actually was
1:26 pm
somewhat involved in trying to gin up the process in february when scott was passing the reforms. but i try and point out, why this is so important. what scott walker was dealing with is $1.8 billion a year budget deficit. and we new have experienced on a national year in four years of deficits that actually exceed $1.3 from a year. the problem is almost 1,000 times worse and that is why it is so important that scat -- scott walker remain in office for having the courage. it sends a terrible message when folks get serious about our problems if the reward is getting booted out of office. >>neil: do you worry it could go the opposite. say he survives, but it is really gotten complaints of outside money and all of this relying on billionaires and they will go full forward with the
1:27 pm
months before november election to deny republicans a victory. quite the opposite. this stirs up a hornet's net. >>guest: i think if scott walker survives and i am optimistic it will take a wind out of the sales -- sails of the united states and the reason you have so much support outside of wisconsin people understand how important it is for a national basis. it is the public sector unions that are controlling the deficits and are causing the deficits in so many states and people do understand that if this courage is rewarded by elected folks getting booted we do not have were chance of handling this problem on a national basis which is so much larger. it has national implications. not just about wisconsin. >>neil: say governor walker survives this, that wisconsin is in play, typically democratic state or a couple of close cases
1:28 pm
here and there but by and large it is not president since ronald reagan in 1984, would you see that changing? >>guest: my guess is regardless of what happens today, wisconsin will be if play for a senate seat as well as for the ten electoral votes which i hope go to governor romney. i think if scott survives, it increases our chances dramatically. but, regardless, wisconsin is in play. wisconsin is generally a fiscally conservative state. this is a real misconception here and there could be some more social liberalism in wisconsin but we are hard working folks in wisconsin and we want to make sure that government lives in its means so i view this as a fiscally conservative state and of course, president obama has not been a particularly fiscally conservative president. >>neil: we will watch closely, senator johnson, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >>guest: have a great day. >>neil: a lot more coming up including this. all for student whose visited state capital each day they get
1:29 pm
ongoing civics lesson and today a lesson in history because not only is their governor being potentially recalled but four key state senators. their leader is next. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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1:33 pm
eastern. opposite bill o'reilly. coincidence? i think not. welcome back, everyone, from a loud and democratic and having at it, madison, wisconsin, neil cavuto here with a state that will decide whether the governor gets to stay or go. but, it is not just the governor who is up for a tight battle here. the lot lieutenant -- a lt. govd four key members and if any lose it would go democrat. and wisconsin senate majority leader joins me now and is putting up with the protests and other loud folks. >>guest: good to be here. >>neil: so, do you worry that the senate could go, say, you survive but any of the other three, this is over. >>guest: well, it is something
1:34 pm
worth thinking about. the good news for us is, i think, we roll into november and we have a huge opportunity to pick up a few seats in november. >>neil: you could see a majority go. >>guest: not much will be accomplished in the wisconsin senate during this time. you could call us but with a republican assembly that is not likely. so, there is not a lot that will happen other than campaigns, again, between tomorrow and the november election. >>neil: are you surprised it has come to this? everyone is focused on the governor's battle but say he survives, but you don't. then, what? they will claim, democrats will claim, liberal groups will claim, unions will claim, we got a bigger prize. >>guest: it is about power. and that is something that the democrats have not willing to say publicly. the first round of nat recalls was about power and they did pick up two seats. that is what tomorrow is about,
1:35 pm
as well. it is not necessarily about collective bargaining. it is not about act ten. but the majority. >>neil: do you think you did anything wrong, or the tone or demeanor? for a million folks to sign procedures to get a recall going, it could have come from outside groups what have you, a lost ticked off people. >>guest: and it is a question that, could up time and time again. hindsight is 20/20. i don't think it would be easier but just as rough. the governor has said maybe if we took more time to explain the reforms, or got --. >>neil: and some of the public worker would offered concessions were not heard and, in fact, were lied to, the things the governor did, he said he would not do. >>guest: the fact is the health insurance, the pension concession, those were not coming. they were not coming.
1:36 pm
it was part of an 18 month stalemate that existed even under democratic control so it is, again, after the fact, now, and that and what they offering. we would have done this without all the changes to collective bargaining but i don't believe it. >>neil: do you like the trend you have seen, though, regardless of your position, the economy in wisconsin seems to be improving and unemployment you said would come down and it has. things are picking up. but is it because of these efforts that you and the governor have led? >>guest: the one figure i look at all the time as a legislator is income tax collection and in the month of march and april there has been an uptick in those and those are hard dollars we rely on. so, i think the economy is coming back and some of this stuff question in special session is starting to take hold, and, yes, wisconsin ultimately with a balanced budget and elimination of the structural deficit we are on right track. >>neil: thank you, senator,
1:37 pm
very were. senator fitzgerald one of four senators, also, up for election tomorrow, and that is going to be another big story that even if the governor survives if any of the senators goes down to defeat there is as the senator pointed out a temporary flip in power in the senate. and we did call the senator's opponent, and we have yet to hear back but hope springs eternal. [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat.
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>>neil: all right. a little bit of ways from the corner of wall and brad but we have a sell off to bring the dow to the lowest point the year on the heels of factory orders that were very soft. hitting better than one year low. so, nationally we have an
1:41 pm
economy in disarray but in wisconsin, there has been a lot of key battle states the economy is picking up. i mentioned that the unemployment rate here is 6.7 percent below the national average of 8.2 percent and as governor walker told me early today, he thinks that is why he will win this tomorrow. that he will avoid the recall because the economy is coming back. and now the disconnect on the battleground states where the economy is improving and what is happening nationally. >>guest: it is interesting that we see what is going on in wisconsin and it looks like the trend is the governor's friend because he is being criticized for having the worst job creation record. he did promise 250,000 jobs. other analysts say, look, he cannot be expected to create them overnight, he just got in office and jobs are lagging indicator for the economy but an interesting development, the state released early four the quarter numbers showing that the state did create more than
1:42 pm
23,000 jobs. it has supposedly lost 33,000 but it created in the 4th quarter more than 23,000 jobs so it does look like the trend is the governor's friend right new. >>neil: but wonder about it whether governor walker survives this recall or not, whether it helps the president. the committee is improving in your state, don't you give the president some credit or do you think that people are savvy enough to say, i have a republican governor and that is why things are improving in florida or that is why things are improving in ohio or that is why things are improving in new jersey or indiana. that, or did the very recovery they are engineering will help the president? >>guest: that is important because there are so many factors at lay and i don't know if either side can take credit for the recovery that is happening in the united states economy. is it because of global demand? happening in emerging markets?
1:43 pm
because of different years of working here in the united states? or different states are in recovery mode. you see not states where they do is a chance to take a whack at the fiscal areas there is a turn around but i am mindful of what ronald reagan said: all great change begins at the dinner table. what is happening in wisconsin seems to be a wake-up call for american families to say, what is happening with their own picture? our taxes continue to go up during the housing bust and why is that so? so when you see what is going on in wisconsin, this will be a change for the rest of the country whatever the recall is, however the outcome is, people are waking up to it. >>neil: we will watch closely, thank you very much. back in madison, wisconsin, where everyone is preparing for the big vote. what they do if their side wins or loses. to the businessman who says if scott walker goes down to defeat
1:44 pm
he will not be the only one leaving office, he says he will leave potentially the state. a small business owner. why do you feel that way? >>guest: look, i have been if this state most of my life in business. and as long as i can remember, we have been in the ten worst states in which to do business in this country. this is the first glimmer of hope we have had. with this governor would actually took a stand, a courageous stand --. >>neil: but what did it do? >>guest: well, for me it put as cap on our property taxes which we cannot criminal. we get the bill and we pay or if we don't pay we has our bill and we have problems. he has a tax plan proposed that will start in 2013 which will eliminate taxes on small businesses which right new flow through to our personal statements but at 7.7 percent. so if that is taken out of the,
1:45 pm
what we have to pay in taxes that is a huge, huge benefit. >>neil: say the governor is defeated tomorrow, who is to say that all of that would be reversed? you afraid? >>guest: absolutely. absolutely. look who is running. it would be a vehicle dry for the public sector unions. >>neil: so tom barrett says, his opponent, he wants to immediately rescind what governor walker has done on collective bargaining, that is enough for you to say game over i am out. >>guest: a killer. for me. because it just starts the whole passing of the process of all negative. and private companies pay for the public employees. we give them the money and they pay their salaries. >>neil: do you have a union shop? >>guest: no, i would move out. >>neil: so you think that what unions saying is going on, that he is making the gains and end
1:46 pm
roads and helping guys like you at expense of union workers what do you say? >>guest: bull. not true. nor do i think -- some may have lost their jobs but the simple answer is, they cannot afford it. the municipalities in the town we are from, they have laid people off. they cannot afford it. it is over. a system that is beginning to fail and collapse if we do not do something and governor walker has taken a good step. we are the first state in 1959 to have collective bargaining for municipal employees. the first state. and it is a good one. it is good we will be the first state to get rid of it. >>neil: do you think president obama not coming here is telling? how would you describe it? >>guest: they wrote it off. he would be here otherwise. it is too important. >>neil: wrote the state off like he would lose the state? >>guest: no he will --.
1:47 pm
>>neil: do you thing he will win the state? >>guest: it will be close. we have a little state in madison, a socialist republic. >>neil: is it your sense what is going on lights a brushfire? the governor was telling me early today, he things it will, it will embolden other governors of both parties to take on the public pension health care costs and they will feel safe are doing so? >>guest: well, the choice is to end were like illinois and california which are bankrupt? we had $3.5 billion deficit. we don't anymore. got rid of it in one year. it is not sustainable situation when you have public sector unions that make more than private sector employees. it will not sustain itself. >>neil: thank you very much, michael, we will watch closely. we have a lot more coming up including the outside interests this is drawing. we hear about the unions that have come in from all over the
1:48 pm
country but of course scott walker has his regiment including billionaire whose have invested in this race. but very few paying attention to the republican stars who have come here, senator gem -- jim demint next. .
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
>>neil: you heard about our first up fox interview with governor scott walker, with a lot more of that coming up, his read on the vice-presidency, whether he will be asked, whether his state tips republicans if he wins. that is, cog up on fox business network. we made repeated calls to his opponent, mayor tom barrett and we tried repeat through to get him on.
1:52 pm
i want to stress here that we have never had a problem for the most part getting prominent democrats on this show. and judging from some of the faces you will see here, over the years, that has been a staple of ours, we get everyone and anyone who wants it come in on generally, generally, those who come on are richly rewarded for doing so, at least if you want to argue it is like coming to the belly of the beast, whatever, they are treated fairly, gentlemanly, and politically. we do not shout or curse or do the things you may have her once or twice. not that that is wrong. just that it is a little scary. but, just want to let you know that is what we do we check with everyone, we always check the other side if they want to come on, great. i tend to think sometimes they just don't like italian anchors if that is the case ... we have senator jim demint, a fine republican from the state of south carolina.
1:53 pm
playing a crucial role in this state. senator good to you have. your thoughts on this state and what happens tomorrow and how crucial it is to republicans. what do you make of this? >>guest: well, it is probably the most important thing going on right up to this year's election because governments set up to serve the people not the other way around and so government workers shouldn't have monopoly bargaining power to jack up their benefits at the expense of the taxpayer so i think the governor, governor walker and the republicans in the legislature have been a model of the vision and the courage that other politicians at the local, state, and federal level need to have to get control of our spending and balance our budget. >>neil: what if they don't? if that doesn't happen and he lose tomorrow? >>guest: it will be crushing because a lot of other governors will look in and say, okay, if we stand up to the government unions we are going to lose our
1:54 pm
power, it will be a bad signal. but i trust the people of wisconsin. though sent us senator ron johnson who has come to washington and stood up as a real leader. and i am optimistic they will send us a second senator who will do the same thing. >>neil: for tea partyers and scott walk are came to power as the tea party candidate, is this a feeling, here, that if humbled tomorrow and the governor loses that the tea party itself is in trouble? >>guest: well, the tea party is much bigger than any one group or organization, neil. it is, really, a resurgence of citizen activism, of patriotism, that goes much beyond those who call themselves tea partyers. so, it will be a set back for active citizens who in wisconsin have in the last couple of years shown they want to take back their state and the federal government, as well, so i think
1:55 pm
all eyes are on wisconsin to see if there is still strength among the citizen movement if we can push back the government unions and set an example for a lot of or states so i am certainly paying attention and i hope the people of wisconsin will show us, once again, that they are some of the smart of the people in the country. >>neil: we will watch closely, senator, demint, always a pleasure, thank you very much. we told you all that is at stake when everyone goes to vote tomorrow, turn out is expected to be extremely high right here, north of 60 percent in a recall election, unusual in and of itself and that could rival what was the case in this state four years ago, the presidential election, then close to 70 percent of those eligible came out to vote. that was then. what happens now? more as history is in the middle of being made.
1:56 pm
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[ cheering ] >> neil: ah, yes. the fab four, well it returns to fox business network today. you think wisconsin is the only place making history? on fox business network, in a couple of minutes we do as well. take jump from "the five" to watch melissa francis kick off the primetime line-up for a few minutes. then gerri willis. and lou dobbs. it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop. you know, i don't know can you pick up everything? i guess they could pick up stuff. if you heard some choice language here or some unusual things, that is bret baier, the guy -- it's really, it's sad. it's sad. it's sad. but anyway, we're going


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