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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 4, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the implications of this vote, what it means for his state and what it means for this country. and whether he is interested in being vice president. all of that tonight. >> eric: hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, and our guy greg gutfeld is back. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: well, reality is setting in for some of president obama's biggest supporters and it ain't prett pretty. poor maureen dowd of the times wrote a title "dreaming of a superhero." mark the date, june 3, 2012. dowd just realizing now he is not superman. she writes, "the president who started off with such dazzle now seems incapable of simulating either the economy or the voters. what is worse, some democrats are sensing the obama presidency may be more like
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the titanic and plenty of supporters are jumping ship. think bill clinton, corey booker, ed rendell." something is up this way. >> he did what the governor is suggesting, maybe he is not. and you just let this be a referendum, i don't think the president could win. >> eric: like rats off a sinking ship. clinton, booker, rendell, dowd. when do we add beck to the list? >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: a long, long time. think what he said at the end was right. if it's ref reason dumb, he would probably lose but he has to run against somebody. mitt romney. romney will have rough place. romney yet to explain his financial plan that puts you in debt three times more than obama does. if you have two more months of 62,000 jobs, then, you know,
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even somebody as light weight as romney could get in. >> eric: you have to list that the list of democrats jumping off the obama bandwagon -- >> bob: i don't know. >> eric: bill clinton. clinton said all, talk about romney's time at bain capital, he had a sterling record at bain capital. that undermined obama. >> bob: it did. booker, the guys are not jumping ship. >> kimberly: that photo is like a mirage. he may stand next to him but he is not with him. he is not. and other people aren't as well. we see thursday and friday of next week, the disastrous poll numbers i believe are coming like a bad wind from friday's economic numbers then we'll see. more people will talk about him. >> andrea: if people from your party is jumping ship it's a sign of your weakness. a lot of democrats think the president likely won't win. add senator dianne feinstein who said that bain capital is
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a great company. patrick in massachusetts said the same thing. democrats are also trying to cya, right? protect themselves and make sure that the wave doesn't flow over them. in the future, a lot of democrats will have scheduling conflicts. obama tries to come to the state, oh, i'm not going to be there. sorry to miss you. >> kimberly: washing my hair. >> greg: i feel as though i'm a metaphor for this economy. in the sense over the weekend, as a 47-year-old male you should never do a water slide. it landed on my back. i am in terrible, terrible pain, so i took a lot of muscle relaxers. so i'm in terrible condition but i feel great. which is what this economy is. in terrible condition. but it's not so bad. it grew 69,000 jobs. not enough to maintain axelro axelrod's mustache. i tried to figure out are there anything growing faster
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than the economy? i came up with a list. the first one, by the way, they're growing faster. pyramids. they're growining faster. john edwards popularity. howie mandell's hair. and dana perino. all these things are growing faster than the economy. now i'm going to pass out. >> bob: you know, you have a lot more sense now. you can finally understand. >> kimberly: you are in a better mood than this morning. >> greg: how do you know what i was like this morning? [ laughter ] >> eric: you walked right into that. softball down the middle of the aisle on that one. >> bob: what was your wife doing this morning? water slide. yeah, right. kimberly --
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>> eric: c'mon, bring it back. also maureen dowd writes the man who describes himself as caught without a class, structure or tradition is finding himself too absorbed to see what is not working. obama, maureen dowd saying he is too absorbed to see what is not working. >> kimberly: he better have advisors to help him out. he doesn't have bob beckel because we are occupying him at "the five." he needs people to give him solid advice. maybe clinton will give him advice but i don't know if he will listen. he really relies on axelrod. he may be great for an election but i don't think he is an economist to help the economy. >> bob: he's good politician. clinton has every reason to see him re-elected. without that, his wife's chance of running for president in 2016 are diminished. that is why he will help. >> eric: i don't know. >> greg: we're now talking about the environment. it's like the job numbers come out and they aren't much
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difference than they have been for the last 36 months. they have always been around 70,000 when you look at it. am i making any sense? yes, i am, bob. it's been pretty bad for a long time. >> bob: how many months? >> greg: 36 months. around 70,000. the point i want to make is the ship is now -- it's world's fault. it's now they look at europe and they are going the reason why our economy is so bad is because of the world. so now it's never economy's obas fault. it's always the world. >> bob: hands me the shovel, please. >> andrea: i don't think the president knows what to do. i don't. i think dowd has it wrong. i think the president has no idea what to do. it's what happens when you elect someone with such little experience. voted president, and guy never really practiced law. here is what -- for his job numbers you know who boxed the president in? "new york times" liberal paul krugman. he wrote in december of 2009 the only way to get back on track the way we need to get
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is add 300,000 jobs per month. he really boxed in president obama. >> eric: today he wrote a piece in the "times" blaming republicans again. >> andrea: he is a liberal. >> eric: listen to jay carney. can we hear jay carney explain what is going on with president obama and jobs. >> democrats expressed real concern about not only economy but what it says about the president's chance for re-election. does the president share the concern that somehow there has been a tipping point reached? >> the president is focused far less on his job than on the jobs of the american people. >> eric: bob, i'll throw it to you. but here is jay carney's -- >> kimberly: look at bob's face. >> eric: focusing on american people's jobs. friday the horrible job report came out he did six fundraisers. today he is saying the president is concentrating on jobs. you know what the president is doing today? three fundraisers in new york city. >> bob: that's all right. that's what you do when you run for re-election.
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but it's not concentrating on his own job. that's not the way i would put it. >> eric: isn't that what he is doing? >> greg: waiters to serve the people that are there. and for >> bob: it's more money to run over mitt romney with. >> andrea: earlier in the segment you said he doesn't have a jobs plan and not -- >> bob: he doesn't. >> andrea: what is president obama's job plan? >> bob: it's on capitol hill. they won't pass it. infrastructure bill. >> andrea: pay troll -- >> bob: no. infrastructure. to put people back to work. your republicans keep saying let the free market handle this thing. the free market is making bloodals of money but not doing anything -- making oodles of money but not doing anything. it's unheard of. >> andrea: blame it on greece. >> eric: what you said earlier, "hand me the shovel," right? >> bob: yeah. >> eric: when you dig a hole, hand me the shovel in obama spent $865 billion with that jobs plan that didn't work. >> bob: saved the treasury. so i put another $1 trillion
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in it tomorrow. >> greg: he was against fracking in the beginning and for the infrastructure job drugs -- jobs. that means digging a hole and filling a hole. >> eric: play, let's the american crossroad ad. by the way, just watch the ad. >> the american public. >> whatever happened to hope and change? now it seems he is coming out of the box. old fashioned negative ads. >> if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. >> effective? >> andrea: very. there will be more from where it came from. there is no record for president to run on. he doesn't want to talk about obamacare and he says he needs a second term to fix it. if i'm a voter i say we gave you this capital that now needs massive alterations.
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that is what you need a second term for? >> bob: i have never seen a presidency like bush to blame him for the economy. there is a hangover effect. >> greg: impeach bush. >> bob: he is gone already. fortunately. >> eric: but obama's comments -- >> bob: i'm saying that the public has fresh in their mind what he inherited. the record is he saved us from a depression. if you leave it up to the republicans who said no, no, no. and romney and all of his money raisers, by the way, the fundraiser for the mormon church is doing great. >> we're not even going there. >> bob: yes, we are. oh, yes, we are. >> eric: all in for four more years of president obama? how does it make you feel. greg has thoughts. he's next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: welcome back. i tried to watch the mtv move re awards but something stopped me. oh, yeah, i threw up. if mtv were the person it would be a divorced dad getting an earring trying to hit on his teenage daughter's friend. it's the old school trying to be cool. i admire however how the aging in-crowd sticks together even as they fall apart. take the ads that aired in the awards with the annoying lady with three names. she avenues off dinner with herself, the president and his wife. >> okay. the guy who entered the war in iraq and the guy who said you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy who created 4 million new jobs, that guy, president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14. so go right here. right now. because we need him. he needs us. >> greg: we need him and he needs us. who is "we"? codependence of cool. both sides cling to each other
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while everyone else jumps ship. celebs desperate to be seen as smart, not shallow, thrown obama as the p.c. life raft. saying vote obama beats thinking it's the best thing to happen since no-talent since breast implants, which is why hollywood is his volunteer army and personal atm machine. while the president and the cult are the best star pairing since thelma and louise, and you know how that ended. if you went to her at the face of the campaign, your face -- your cam pape may need a facelift -- campaign may need a facelift. >> we have our own reasons to support president obama. we want to hear yours. so join us, but don't be late. >> greg: i love mick jagger's new wig. do you want advice from a person's whose mink coat owns a mink coat? celebrities think you're stupid. agreeing with them proves it. >> bob: that was one of your
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better monologues. do you remember what you said? >> greg: absolutely not. i wrote it this morning in a haze. >> bob: do you know what the segment is about? >> greg: i do. i want to ask andrea this. sarah talked about a women, mother and entrepreneur, she needs the country to be a place where everyone has a fair shot. didn't her success start under ronald reagan in the '80s with square pegs? under reagan and bush? and "sex in the city" came in bush. >> andrea: that is true. actually very true. >> greg: i don't know why i know that. >> bob: why does it matter? >> andrea: her character, her character in "sex in the city" is the character they want all of the young girls watching the awards to identify with. this was a character, kerry bradshaw not real, never took a government check. she wasn't on subsidy. no julia. this is for dual purposes. youth vote. the woman vote. they are having big trouble with the woman's vote. you know what the kerry campaign did this exact thing in 2004. they rolled out sarah jessica
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parker. i can't believe any woman would vote for president george w. bush. look who won? sjp does not speak for me. >> bob: she doesn't. >> greg: you own all the dvds of "sex in the city." >> kimberly: he cries during that. >> bob: the idea of putting on a british person to ask for -- because we whooped them once. in 1812 we whooped them a second time. >> greg: he is right. the problem with the economy, everybody is hurting. elitist remote woman who looks down on everything. >> bob: i love being on with you right now. >> eric: the show, michelle obama is e-mailing me. >> kimberly: you scared her at the white house dinner. >> eric: we want you and come to sarah jessica parker's
2:19 pm
house. can i just -- >> kimberly: sjp is a nice lady and very generous. >> eric: but she's not politically astute. she had a chance to take a shot at sarah palin once and she said it's not right. may or may not like her for a politician but don't take a shot at her. i like sarah jessica parker. she can support obama, who cares. >> kimberly: my nanny works for her sometimes. >> greg: well, in that case. i change my whole opinion if your nanny works for her. what is wrong with you? >> kimberly: a nice lady. >> greg: with the left, fairness replaces freedom. it should be about freedom, not fairness. >> bob: in that segment we didn't talk about mittty. who is favoring mitt? >> greg: who cares? >> bob: that is the point. that is the whole point.
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>> kimberly: sorry -- >> the 18-year-olds watching the awards or 15-year-old or 14-year-old don't read "vogue" magazine. they can't afford one of the shoes. >> kimberly: greg bid on it. >> greg: imagine a more boring dinner? unless matthew broaderick was doing the dishes. >> bob: that is a bad shot. one thing obama is not boring. >> greg: i'm talking about anna wintore. >> bob: you wouldn't understand it. you're supposed to tease. that means get out. ready? >> greg: other people in america can't hear what is in your ear. so if you say we have to tease, they don't know what you're talking about. >> bob: to you, it's time to get out. >> kimberly: what do you want me to do? >> greg: i was gone for a week. it didn't hear him for a week. >> kimberly: take more medication. >> greg: coming up, a big showdown tomorrow in wisconsin. union and taxpayers. if you leave now, i won't show
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♪ >> kimberly: getting down with bob beckel. that's how we do it around here. the stakes are high. freddie speak for yourself. >> kimberly: the recall election tomorrow is hailed as the first big test if taxpayers can control entitlement and special interest. governor scott walker challenged by democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett. last year, governor walker passed a bill stripping public sector union of the collective bargaining power. triggering a national outcry
2:26 pm
from labor that massive organized protest over the last year. it almost made it through that, bob. >> eric: great job. >> kimberly: you can see him next to me. freddie you have a contact high from me. >> kimberly: he is so happy you're back. euphoria. >> bob: i was happy he's back until he said he wasn't happy to see me. >> kimberly: i did it. you're crying. >> bob: i'll get back to it. >> kimberly: brother eric. >> eric: the real numbers out there before bob makes up a funny -- the fuzzy math numbers. the numbers. governor scott walker took over the wisconsin economy, $3.6 billion in the hole. he has closed the gap completely. he is leaving over $1 billion now. unemployment went from 7.6% to 6.6%. most importantly how did they do that? they did it by closing the union ranks. the union members took over,
2:27 pm
68,000 to 28,000. 54% drop in union numbers so they can renegotiate contract and save the state money. >> bob: 33,000 jobs were created under the governor out there. whenever other state has had more than that. the reason that unemployment is down, they have triggers thanks to bob in the 1920s. it allowed the wisconsin people out of work for a certain period of time to employ by the state. >> andrea: but because of walker's leadership, union roles are down. one thing he did is give wisconsin voters a choice. do you want to join a union or don't you? they chose not to join the union. that is absolutely true. >> bob: stripped them of collective bargaining. >> kimberly: they want the money. >> andrea: all he asked them to do is pay 12% of the health insurance premium and put up 5.8% of the paycheck for the
2:28 pm
pension. that is so far down from private employers are asking employees to do. it's so fair. unemployment is down. he may come out of here a winner. the lesson is can you cross the unions? >> bob: he will probably win the race regrettably because of the right wing republican money pouring in. >> kimberly: how are you feeling? better. great. lay it on us. >> greg: the big lesson here is if walker wins the private person doesn't have the luxury to campaign politically for their survival every day. a private person goes to work and doesn't think about politics. when you're in the union, your survival is paramount. you're a gold medal fighter fighting for your own survival. that person lose against a private individual, a huge story. a big deal. >> eric: you say he is probably going to win the race. this is not a race. this is a recall.
2:29 pm
let's recall governor walker and they'll lose miserably. while they do lose miserably, it will send signal to other democrats out there. >> bob: let me get serious here for a second about the governor friend of yours. the guy stripped people of the rights, constitutional rights to balance collectively against their employers. are you proud of that? the union. only #% of the country is union. the fact is every state -- >> greg: public unions having collective bargaining. >> bob: the point is someone signed a contract. it ought to be binding. he is broke. and -- >> eric: wisconsin is broke? holy cow! >> kimberly: can we -- >> bob: i'm not happy because this guy is a union buster. >> andrea: contract is down unless they try to bump up
2:30 pm
contract at wall street. >> greg: collective bargai bargaining in the public sec store a kid playing santa claus. you always get what you want. the only way to stop it. this guy has cuts. walker has cuts for standing up to him-guts to stand up for him. >> kimberly: they threatened him. >> bob: what a shame. >> kimberly: he was trying to do his job, responseability to the state, fiscally responsible and he's threatened to throw you out of office. he is ahead. >> bob: one of the greatest labor leaders, governor, senator and presidential candidate. wisconsin was the home of great labor lawles of the country. the right wing republican legislature cut out -- out -- >> kimberly: bob, this problem -- >> andrea: this is happening all over the country. this is bigger than wisconsin. so if the voters vote to defeat barrett and put walker back in -- >> bob: what about no public employees? how will that be? no public employees no,
2:31 pm
teachers, no anything. they can pay the teachers based on merit. merit pay. >> kimberly: we talk about the evolution. >> greg: schools talk about the evolution. the labor union involved. the write tong wall -- >> eric: writing on wall is this 306789 years ago unions represented 22% of the country. now down to 11.5%. unions are a dinosaur, dying beast. let them go away. >> bob: then what are you worried about it for? >> andrea: they're bankrupting us. >> bob: they're bankrupting us? george bush tax cuts didn't bankrupt us. >> kimberly: something positive. they did do a lot in tomorrows of organizing the workforce and getting benefits for employees but there comes a time when the pendulum swings and we need to focus on fiscal responsen't and putting money in hands of the hardworking people. >> bob: then let bush tax cuts expire.
2:32 pm
coming up, you hear a lot of stories in the media about the kids bullying classmates. >> kimberly: when we come back, we show you a heart warming video of great school kids that rally around one of the classmates with cerebral palsy. don't miss it. bob will be in a better mood. >> bob: i'm in a great move! ♪ ♪
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so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy at's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i'm bret baier in madison, wisconsin. the big story here today is tomorrow's huge recall election. tonight on "special report," republican governor scott walker is fighting to keep his job. walker is trying to fend off a challenge from democrats and milwaukee mayor tom barrett. it all started over walker's legislation stripping public employees with most of the collective bargaining power.
2:37 pm
president obama is trying to recover from a tough week that saw disappointing jobs and economic numbers on a national scale. the president is campaigning with former president bill clinton today in new york. the ad wars are focusing on job creation or the lack of it. president obama's side is slamming mitt romney for his jobs record. as massachusetts governor. leon panetta is on a historic trip to vietnam. we're there. "special report" live from madison, wisconsin, starts at 6:00 eastern. i know beak to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." you have probably seen stories about bullying in the media lately. some people are frustrated with the loss of enforcement
2:38 pm
for anti-bullying laws and they take it in their own hands. one florida mom was arrested after allegedly choking a 14-year-old boy she thought was bullying her daughter on facebook. listen to her describe what led to the situation. >> she was so upset about it. she wanted to hurt herself. >> what was the worst thing about it? >> what they were saying about me. >> they have all the anti-bullying laws when it comes down to it, it falls on deaf ears. >> andrea: remember this story? high school girl was punished for trying to defend a child with special needs. being bullied on her skul her sl bus. >> told she could fit in certain spot. giving her food they stuck in their mouth. i stuck up for somebody. wife would you get in trouble -- why would you get in trouble for doing that? >> kimberly: i can't take this. >> andrea: there was a story a couple of years ago that the parent was sick and tired of
2:39 pm
the kid being bullied he got on the bus and threatened kids. there were legal repercussions. what is a parent supposed to do? i'd probably do the same thing. >> kimberly: i would as well. i can't stand that behavior. you wonder what is going on if the home and what that they teaching in the classroom. there has to be accountability. this is multiple times this has happened. nothing done. it falls on deaf ears. the schools don't want to get involved. >> bob: there is a way -- >> kimberly: file a lawsuit. >> bob: i had this happen with my daughter. it dealt with it appropriately. i didn't choke the guy that did it. i kicked the hell out of his old man. >> eric: that is appropriate. >> bob: it is. [ laughter ] the problem here is that we do not enforce bullying laws. because the schools are too -- let me say this -- politically correct with this stuff. fact of the matter is bullies have no rights. if they want to bully people, guts to come up and bully me for example. it'd be more than happy to put up with you. then kick -- anyway.
2:40 pm
>> eric: you are a bully at the table. >> bob: i'm the one bullied at this table! >> eric: you are right. >> bob: i'm bullied here all the time. >> eric: this is a tough one. i feel the same way every parent feels the same way, you want to go and choke the kid that is doing it, or the father of the kid that is doing it. i look at my son. it drive him to school. some one will cut me off and i have road rage for a second and i see him looking at me watching my reaction. i know he is learning. the mom that chokes a kid, though she wants to do it, it probably has a right to do it, whatever, the kid is learning that. the kid is going to grow up to be a bully. >> kimberly: i bet it stopped, though. >> andrea: wouldn't do it again. it had a special needs brother, so i was sensitive to special needs kids. but there are a lot of special needs kids that are i guess treated really well in schools and other ones that aren't. there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. isn't it parent's responsibility to say be nice to people, gay, straight, handicapped or not? >> greg: i'm worried about a lot of the schools because
2:41 pm
it's so subjective. you know what i mean? nobody ever says they're a bully. we're a world of being bullie bullied. nobody says yes, i was a bully, i also got bullied. we choose not to remember the fact we bullied somebody when we were younger. generally, bullying has to do with one person bullies this person, this person bullies another person. that is the way it is. >> kimberly: do you think you were a bully? >> greg: definitely. when i was a kid, i bullied people. i was also bullied. it was part of in a way liking people. you bullied them sometimes because you liked them. >> bob: you were a bully? >> greg: yes. >> andrea: here is a positive story. video of young boy, special needs boy with cerebral palsy. she not being bullied. she cheered on by his classmates. he is cheered on in a race and it got a million hits on youtube. >> go. >> go, matty!
2:42 pm
>> c'mon! ♪ ♪ [ cheering ] >> andrea: now that is how you treat your fellow classmates. that is 11-year-old matt woodrow of ohio. bob is tearing up. i know. >> bob: that is a wonderful thing to show. it also shows when you say what kids learn from watching their parents, the fact is that the damage is done to the kids by bullying. the reason i went after the kid's old man much more damage will be done than that to the kid if he allows him to be a bully himself. >> andrea: they have it hard enough already. the more you gang up on them, the kids have it harder than anybody. they go to school and they have more courage than any of them. all right. coming up, does the punishment if it the crime? schools are coming down hard on the high school students pranks and teachers who
2:43 pm
underperform are getting off scot-free. is it time for schools to get priorities straight? we'll debate it next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: the greatest singer since pavarotti. it's nice to be here at the end of the show, which is where the liberal also is. this is "e" block. the last story of this show. welcome back. in comet high school in illinois last week, the seniors had prank day. we're going to show you video on what ept on in the hallway of the school. the kids are going down and they're having a good time. throwing around a few things. sparkles here. then the teacher in the middle should be out of there. the administration called in the cops. ten showed up. three kids get arrested. the parents a lot complained
2:48 pm
there was an overreaction from the school administration and the police. it tend to agree with them. this is a senior thing, man. nobody got hurt. you don't understand why they did. i'm going to keep talking over the video -- oh, good. >> eric: four minutes of the video, by the way. >> kimberly: you don't have to voice over the whole thing. >> bob: i didn't know that. is that true? >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: good. go ahead. what do you think? [ laughter ] >> eric: that is why it's the rear end of the show. i agree with you, bob. who thinks it was overdone. the kids shouldn't arrested. they're seniors, graduating. let them have fun. they have been together for six or eight years. let them play. >> kimberly: why is it so easy to punish the kids and
2:49 pm
not the teachers? >> andrea: the teachers get in bigger trouble, they seem to have tenure and contracts that you talk about. >> bob: this is the measly little segment i get on the show. you interrupt me going to the next block. >> andrea: that is the not the next block. >> kimberly: there are no more blocks. >> bob: you want the say anything about this this? >> kimberly: yeah. i don't see anything wrong with sprinkles and sparkles apt having fun. i don't think it's that big of a deal. it's afteroverreaction. they're against dodgeball and tag and everything else. annoying. >> bob: the second segment of andrea's segment about the fairfax county teacher, the principal tried to drop her tenure. fairfax county is a huge county near my home. they had a proceeding in front of a judge that had many witnesses including the teac teacher herself trying to staveoff losing her tenure. tenure is a very, very complicated process. i also is getting to be more
2:50 pm
and more on the target of the right wing. eric, you speak for them so much, why are they a target? >> eric: you need to borrow his back medication. >> kimberly: honestly. >> eric: the downfall of american school systems. we're actually sliding against every other developed nation in test scores, both math, reading, writing because of tenure. went to pay the teachers -- we don't promote teachers based on their ability to teach kids. we promote them and pay them on the amount of time they work. >> bob: i am for testing of teachers but i believe in tenure. you can't say the downfall of this is doing away with teachers. you are not paying anything. you're starving the schools and the budgets because republican takes money away. gregg is sip approximately simpn sense. if you get something you don't have to work for, you no longer work for it.
2:51 pm
if you know you will get cable for free you no longer getting off the couch. >> andrea: you have tenure on "the five." >> bob: i don't have tenure on "the five." yes, you do. >> greg: you have to eat a live goat on this show to lose your chair. >> eric: you say we don't pay them anything. on average we pay a teacher what? $40,000 a year? >> kimberly: depending. >> eric: whatever. they have five months off. the school, the day ends at 3:00 in the afternoon. whatever. four months off. if you do it on an hourly basis they are paid better than firemen. >> bob: i would like to say this one teacher is a rare exception. 99% of the teachers great people. we bring out one person in fairfax county to make a point and try to slander all of them. >> andrea: some of our producers pulled up a story in the "new york post" about the sleazy teachers who did more than just release a frog at graduation. they called the tos on the kids for releasing crickets
2:52 pm
and frogs at graduation. cops. they now have arrest on the record. but the list of teachers are making $49,000. this is sexual assault. >> bob: you are taking out a few teachers branding all of them bad. one more thing is next. gh schoos in six states enrolled in the national math and science initiative... ...which helped students and teachers get better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them. let's raise our scores. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this.
2:53 pm
what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if youbank doesn't let you talk to a real perso24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>> eric: time for one more thing with kimberly. >> kimberly: i asked if there was a pickle on the plate, because it looked really good. that is coming up with andrea so don't turn the dial for a moment. i want to celebrate a man that i thought was extremely entertainm. richard dawson used to say "susurvey serz" he was beloved and won emmy for game show host in 1978 i guess. people would love him because he kissed everybody which was friendly and sweet. popular. >> bob: did he die? >> kimberly: yes. celebrating his life. i was thinking, bob we could go on family feud, us against "the view." on a serious note.
2:57 pm
way to say we are sad he did pass away. in ucla from complications frocomplicationsfrom esophageal. you can learn more about it. a disease that sneaks up on you. a great guy. >> bob: i can't let the segment go by without talking about my favorite governor, scott walker. anybody from wisconsin listening in. do yourselves a favor. get this guy out of here. he may be the champion of the right wing but to me he's a union busting scab. don't let the door hit you on the way out, scotty. >> greg: he probably gets more votes doing that. >> eric: 5% turn-out or so. president obama's horrible jobs report on friday. take a look. this is trade and betting on who is going to win the presidency. take a look where president obama has gone. on the downward slide. big number on friday.
2:58 pm
falling off the radar on possibility of winning the presidency. look what they are betting on romney now quickly. romney picking up all that upward momentum. >> andrea: the maitre d' mayor, bloomberg banned sodas. he said it's bad for you. but guess what isn't? mayo-smothered blt. he says it's fine. he smolters him in mayo. the point is bigger than blts. why is he micro managing our menu? why? mayo is okay but soda isn't? give at it rest. >> greg: trying to come up with an acronym that blt stands for. but -- >> andrea: you lost me a long time ago. >> greg: time for my banned phrase of the day. combination of event,
2:59 pm
aggravated situation is often called "perfect storm." if you go dune water slide when you are 47, then you take drugs which you shouldn't have taken an you make no sense for 42 minutes. drinking didn't matter and you shouldn't have brought that up. that is saturday's perfect storm. half that word. it didn't like the movie or the book. oh, my god -- >> bob: i didn't go down the water slide. don't blame me. >> greg: i like the water slide. >> bob: you shouldn't drink all that wine with the muscle relaxers. >> greg: i had the muscle relaxers today, wine last night. >> andrea: with you on the muscle relaxant with all of us tired from the weekend, bob is giddy because he probably snug in greg's medication, this show is a perfect storm. >> bob: this has been a great sh


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