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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and unafraid. shep shep this is the fox report. tonight, the man who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in florida is apparently raking in the cash from behind bars. you'll hear how george zimmerman is making some serious money. plus, the high stakes recall election in wisconsin. shep shep the polls set to open in a battle of hours. a battle that began over unions and the budget. >> the mayor has had more than 50 days to explain his plan and he has no plan for the budget. they want someone who is going to focus on creating jobs for the middle class.
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plugs kevin costner and stephan baldwin squaring off in court. two hollywood stars and million at this-million-dollar lawsuit over the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> shepard: and emergency landing caught on camera. july see what happened when a wildfire air tanker came down without one of its wheels. but, first from fox this monday night, wisconsin, the governor scott walker is trying to make history as the first american governor to survive a recall vote. is he but the third u.s. governor to face a recall ever some analysts say tomorrow's election could tell us a whole lot about the race in november. poll shows president obama leads military romney in wisconsin by 8 points. that is right on the margin of
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error. both parties are predicting tonight a tough battle for wisconsin in the fall. as for tomorrow's contest, polls show it's very close as well. republic governor scott walker is fighting to hang on to his job after the battle over his bill to limit bargaining rights for state workers and force them to pay more for their benefits it triggered enormous protests at the state capitol. governor walker signed the bill into law last year. his opponents collected enough signatures to force the recall vote. governor walker is facing off against the milwaukee mayor tom barrett. is he a democrat president obama has endorsed mayor barrett but did not go to wisconsin to campaign for him. mike tobin is live in port damage, wisconsin portage, wisconsin where the mayor just wrapped up a campaign event. what are you hearing about the feeling in the barrett camp. >> that old argument about union rights and collective bargaining has not been striking much of a cord with wisconsin voters. he's he came here to wisconsin
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he went after his opponent on other points. he said governor walker is a darling of the tea party who ultimately will answer to the interests of the people outside wisconsin who gave him money. >> in one corner you have got scott walker with his millions and millions of dollars and the other corner you have todd barrett and he has got you? [cheers] >> now, more than ever, a key to victory will be energizing the base. that's why we have seen people on both sides of the aisle bringing out their star power to try to electrify the people out here. we have seen people like governor christie of new jersey coming here to stump for governor walker and former president bill clinton stumping for barrett. shepard? >> shepard: barrett is ahead in some of the polls but apparently it's still very close, right? >> he enjoys a single digit lead in most of the polls. he is also bolstered by jobs numbers that he says shows that his reforms are working. his reforms were painful but necessary to get wisconsin out of a crisis and move forward.
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>> that's why i'm convinced if we're able to prevail tomorrow in the election, i think you are going to see a boom in terms of new employment in the state of wisconsin. >> and it's not just the governor's office. everyone who can be recalled has been recalled. so you have the lt. governor and four state senators on the ballot tomorrow. if republicans lose just one state senate seat, they lose the majority in that chamber, shep. >> shepard: wow, very close. mike, as i mentioned, lots of political types say they are looking for clues about what's coming up in november here. >> pretty interesting. the perception is that governor walker prevails, that means president obama is vulnerable here in what has been traditional lay blue state for at least the last 30 years. but nothing is written in stone. we have talked about the fact that governor walker enjoys a slight lead here in wisconsin. but you also mentioned president obama also enjoys a slight lead in wisconsin. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin in wisconsin tonight. you mentioned the president. he and mitt romney are each
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holding fundraising events on opposite i'd side of our nation. the president has been in washington, d.c. three events much of the evening. he has former president bill clinton tickets to seat president and former president together were going for $40,000 apiece. meanwhile out west governor romney is attempting to win over contributors at two events. one in portland, oregon and the other in the seattle area. ed henry is covering politics for us and live at the white house tonight. fundraiser in the big city could get interesting tonight, ed. >> it could, shep. because he is going to be with bill clinton. as you mentioned, just last week bill clinton was saying that mitt romney has sterling business credentials. republicans jumped on that because it was not exactly on message for the obama campaign which has been beating up on bain capital and mitt romney's days as a businessman. although i will point out at the first fundraiser tonight bill clinton and to be back on message saying if mitt romney is elect it will be clam tus
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for this nation. all tolled after the three events the president's campaign is going to rake in $3.6 million, including a performance by bon jovi who hitched a ride on air force one from d.c. >> we have had good economic news. friday's job report was dismal and that has to be weighing on the president. >> putting a lot of political pressure on this president jay carney. what's the next move for this president today. they are mostly sticking to the fact that he are blaming it on the european debt crisis not the president's policies and blaming it as well on the bush administration. they believe that republicans, basically jay carney today alleging they will do anything to make sure the president doesn't get reelected while ed gillespie, a romney advisor is saying no, no, no. this is about the president's policies and time is running out. take a listen. >> it's not okay to simply root for failure. and hope it pays off politically. i think, in fact, there is a potential for a political price to be paid if you come to washington and you do
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nothing in the hope that doing nothing will enhance your power in the future. >> this is a hostile environment for job creation in our economy. that's why, frankly, it adds a sense of you are general? i terms of this year's election to be able to turn things around because the only thing that's going to change it are changing the policies, and that means changing the person in the white house. >> now jay carney was peppered with all kinds of questions today is the president going to give another big speech on the economy like he did. going to come up with a stimulus plan. no real answers so are favment everything is essentially on the table right now as they figure this out. bottom line shep, time is running out between now and november for the president to do something dramatic to sort of shake this up, shep. ed henry on a perfect picture night. 17 point drop in the dow. takes it hot lowest level of the calendar year. the index was about 13,000 at the start of may. the other indexes didn't do so
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badly. s&p flat. the calm comes a day before the group of seven leading industrialized nations begins emergency talks. finance leaders solutions for today's money mess if there is such a thick. the fear is greece will vote later this month to drop the euro as the country's currency and analysts saying that could create a real banking crisis worldwide. then there is syria. opposition activists announced a new effort to unite rebel fighters in another sign that country is spiraling into all-out civil war. syrian forces have killed nearly 10,000 innocent men women and children since the uprising began last year. rebel fighters with little fire power have been no match in many cases for government forces. today, members of the so-called syrian rebels front as it's calling itself told reporters it will work with another rebel group called the free syrian army to try to stop masters like the one we see here. a recent slaughter left more
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than 100 people dead, many of them women and kids. just yesterday the syrian president bashar assad denied responsibility for the massacre and said terrorists have pushed his country into war. a big decision in the trial of the former penn state assistant coach who is accused of abusing young boys. coming up, why the judge said jerry sandusky's alleged victims cannot hide their identities in court. and the cyber weapon unleashed in the middle east that the experts say could take down your home computer. that's ahead from the jilszs journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. it's great to have you with us and great to be back. just $14.99. sta with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp or shrimp and scallops alfredo. then finish with something sweet.
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as y'all recall penn state's is former defensive coordinator. accused of abusing 10 boys and faces more than 50 charges. some reported incidents were inside the football team's locker rooms or buildings. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow. of course, the case exploded late last year and badly tarnished that university's long standing reputation. some accused the school of a coverup and claimed that that school did not do enough to protect children. the scandal ended the legendary career of penn state's late football coach joe paterno whom school officials fired for what they called a failure of leadership. greg jarrett has the story live for us tonight. >> it's always a contentious issue. how is it fair the accused is identified but the accuser is not. today the trial judge said no one will hide their identities in the trial of jerry sandusky. in fact, i will quote the judge. arguably any victim of any crime would prefer not to appear in court. not to be subjected to cross-examination, not to have
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his or her credibility evaluated by a jury. but we asked citizens to do that every day in courts across the nation that means sandusky will face his accusers in open court, 10 men who as boys claimed he sexually abused them. the defense may try to portray them as liars. motivated by money and civil lawsuits who conjured up their stories in collusion. but, in the end, it all comes down to it believability in front of the jury. >> the accusers' credibility is absolutely the critical for the prosecution's case. these young men have to take the stand and paint a picture of exactly what happened in detail and have those jurors hear those details so it meshes up with what they think happened. >> the pennsylvania supreme court ruled later today no delays. also no cameras, photographs, audio recordings, no emails, tweets, text messages, you name it, from inside the
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courtroom. and prosecutors do not have to share with the defense their pre-trial research into potential jurors. in other words, everybody has to do their own homework. so the trial begins tomorrow morning, shep? >> shepard: complete coverage here. greg jarrett, thanks. a computer virus that affected iran's oil industry could be headed right for your desk desktop. that's the warming from microsoft. experts say the flame virus as they call it can turn your computer as lafning device and steal information from cell phones. one microsoft executive says flame takes advantage in the windows operating system and the company reports it's released software to protect computers with the flaw. last week, iranian officials admitted the virus did, in fact, infiltrate its oil industry. but they claim they came up with a fix to defeat it. the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog agency claims that satellite images suggest iran may be demolishing buildings at a suspicious military site and that the regime may be removing soil,
4:16 pm
possibly to eliminate any evidence of high explosives testing. as you probably know, the iranian government has repeatedly denied that it's trying to build nuclear weapons. much of the world is skeptical of that later this week, iran is scheduled to attend international talks related to the standoff. the man who admitted he did, indeed, kill an unarmed teenager in central florida now back behind bars. after a judge ruled his wife and he mislead the court about their finances. but now donations to george zimmerman are said to be skyrocketing. ahead, what all this could mean for his defense. plus, kevin costner and stephan baldwin in not -- in a courtroom, not a film. fighting each other over tens of millions of dollars. and it's no hollywood legal drama. this is very real, a lawsuit involving the largest oil spill in american history. bp and these guys. and it's next.
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>> shepard: a pair of hollywood stars squaring off in a legal battle that began with the gulf oil disaster. stephan baldwin is suing fellow actor kevin costner. they were both in court today for the start of jury selection. stephan baldwin claims costner cheated him out of a multi-million-dollar deal with the oil giant bp there is back story. kevin costner has a company that developed a device to separate oil from water. that company struck a deal with bp to help the clean up of that massive oil spill back in 2010. stephan baldwin was an investor in kevin costner's company but he says costner tricked him into selling his shares right before the company's big payday. we are expecting both stars to take the stand. and the judge ordered them both to be in court every day during the trial. trace gallagher is following this trial is really moving
4:21 pm
along, right? >> yeah. in fact, just today, shep they had jury selection, opening statements and they called the first witness. a witness who is trying to back up stephan baldwin's claim that kevin costner never told him he was meeting with bp, had struck a deal with bp, or was buying his shares with money that he got from bp. now, kevin costner's attorney says that stephen baldwin knew there was a deal in the works but did not want to risk waiting. the reason that both actors are in court every day is in case they reach some sort of settlement which judge napolitano thinks they will. listen. >> these are the types of cases that federal courts handle every day and well over 90% of them never are resolved by a jury. typically this would have been resolved before the jury is called. but you have some pretty big egos and pretty stubborn folks here worried about their public persona and neither of them wants to be perceived as having blinked first. >> by the way, still no word
4:22 pm
on exactly how much money stephen baldwin is seeking in this suit. >> shepard: did they ever end up using kevin costner's oil separators or not? >> at first they didn't work at all because oil was so thick they kept gumming up the machine and coast guard reports eventually they didn't just end up using them at all which is not what kevin costner promised back in 2010. remember this? >> this machine, it was designed for that to fight for you. it was designed to give us a fighting chance to. fight back the oil before it got us by the throat. >> bp by the way bought 30 of those machines for $50 million. didn't up using them. critics say that the technology was no better than anything else on the market but kevin costner's celebrity pushed him to the front of the line. though today in court the jury said that neither kevin costner's celebrity nor stephen bad -- baldwin's
4:23 pm
celebrity would change them a bit. >> shepard: a major crackdown on t.s.a. workers in florida after officials say they were letting passengers through security without the proper screenings. it was apparently happening at southwest florida international airport in fort meyers. the transportation security administration reports it fired five workers because they did not give random extra security screenings to hundreds of passengers. more than three dozen other workers are on two week suspensions including the airport's federal security director. in all, the t.s.a. disciplined more than 15% of its workforce at that very airport. the u.s. tries to drone a top al qaeda leader who once broke out of an american prison. now the pakistanis are complaining about what they call a surge of illegal air strikes. and dramatic video of a fire fighting plane that ran into trouble the same day that two firefighters died in another plane crash in the same area. all of that coming up as we
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t but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. >> shepard: rescuers say a plane crash killed all 153 people on board and the state department reports some of the dead are americans. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." >> shepard: nigeria, the aircraft went down yesterday in the densely populated city. the pilots reported engine
4:28 pm
trouble before the wreck. the plane tore through businesses and crowded apartment buildings. officials call t the nation's worse air disaster in nearly two decades. the nigerian president visited the crash scene today ordering an investigation. residents in the northern city of tripoli protesting pro and anti-syrian groups. several killed and dozens hurt. store owners have closed their shops in response to the deadly fighting. the small pacific island nation kicking off today's beacon lighting ceremony. boy scouts and joy scouts lit a bonfire to begin the festivities. the first of more than 4,000 fires around the world. the queen lighting the final one tonight at buckingham palace to mark her 60th year on the throne. litani wane i can't. the 13th annual baby crawling competition in the capital
4:29 pm
city. 25 infants raced on a roughly 15-foot carpeted track. parents waited at the finish line waving toys and keys to keep the babies focused. the event marks international child protection day. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 8 will 0 seconds. >> for the first time since libyans claimed independence and toppled the regime of muammar qaddafi, govers are golfers are back on the course for championship match. it's almost entirely sand. not stopping them from hitting the links outside of tripoli. the four day tournament is part of a push to revive the sport there golf received minimal finding as you might imagine under the geography coffee gaddafi regime. hoping the country can develop grass courses now that gaddafi is long gone. i'm shepard smith. and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
4:30 pm
more suspects just got droned that's the word from u.s. officials. they tell fox news that the target of today's unmanned drone strike in pakistan was a top al qaeda leader. no word yet on whether he survived. pakistani officials say the strike killed 8 suspected militants near the border with afghanistan. catherine herridge is on the story and she is live tonight in washington. we know that al qaeda leader is said to be the target here, right? what do we know of this person. >> that's right, shep. a rock star for jihadist's videos and lectures go viral on the web. al qaeda's mr. youtube for the arabic world. today on youtube we found more than 80 entries with many containing four or five distinct video recordings. he he made his name in 2005 when he escaped from high security u.s. prison from bag gram afghanistan along with three other members keeping with reputation. he made 54 minute video documenting his capture by the pakistanis, his handover to
4:31 pm
u.s. authorities and escape from the prison. the bottom line is that he is an ideas guy. a preacher and a scholar who more recently took on operations because there have been so many vacancies at the top of al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan, shep. >> shepard: it seemed like a lot of people getting droned. people and places lately and the pakistanis say they are none to pleased. >> well, the drone campaign was in a holding pattern before the nato summit in chicago last month. realfully an effort to mend fences and when there was no deal reached by secretary clinton with the pakistanis to reopen supply lines for nato forces the drone program was effectively turned back on. and according to the tracks the campaign. monday's strike the target being al al libby third in three days. alli which is a crossroads of the taliban in al qaeda monday's strike is the eighth since the nato summit. so for context between pakistan and yemen there have been at least 17 u.s. drone strikes in the last month and that really puts 2012 on track to be record year, shep.
4:32 pm
>> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. thanks. the man who shot the unarmed central teenager trayvon martin making big bucks from behind bars. george zimmerman's attorney tells abc that donations to a defense fund spiked when the judge ordered zimmerman back to jail. the judge revoked his bond on friday. zimmerman turned himself in yesterday. the judge said he and his wife mislead the court about the money or about having none in order to get a lower bail. prosecutors say the couple had actually raised $135,000 in donations to their defense fund. the shooter's attorney says his client was confused and fearful and just made a mistake. george zimmerman was the neighborhood watch volunteer in central florida when he admitted that he did, indeed, shoot and kill trayvon martin. he told police it was in self-defense. prosecutors challenged that claim. steve harrigan with the news. is he in our florida newsroom tonight. how long might the shooter be in jail here, steve, do we know? >> shepard, it really depends on the judge. a judge who is convinced that
4:33 pm
zimmerman lied to him about how much money he h so whether that judge will give him a new bond hearing and when that will be isn't clear. since the trial isn't likely to start until 2000 13, he could be in jail a long time in conditions none to comfortable. 9 by 7-foot room. no tv and being kept away from the general prison population out oof security concerns, shepard. >> shepard: might this have an effect on the case itself? >> already lawyers for the martin family are pounding away at it they say this gets to the heart of zimmerman's credibility. they say if he lied about not having any money to the judge, he could be lying about the events on the night of the shooting. >> his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case. remember, it is only george zimmerman's testimony that says trayvon martin attacked him. >> zimmerman was getting about a thousand dollars a day in donations. but since friday that number
4:34 pm
has gone up. he has gotten more than $200,000 now in his online defense fund, shepard. >> shepard: his attorney told us that zimmerman had been in hiding since before he went back to jail. do we know what he was doing? >> it's really been six weeks that zimmerman was out of sight. he appeared now looking like he has put on some weight. his hair has grown out. is he clean-shafn. his attorney said he has had to leave everything behind. is he afraid for his life and afraid for the safety of his family. >> he is worried about himself. is he worried about his wife, he is worried about his family and everybody who has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and from this case. >> one hour before the judge's deadline that the zimmerman turned himself in to deputies for the second time. the turn around happened at a parking lot off interstate 4. back to you. >> steve harrigan in our florida newsroom tonight. not one but two incidents involving fire fighting aircraft to report. one very scary. the other deadly.
4:35 pm
happened in the same area the same afternoon. crew members on this plane had reported trouble lowering all the plane's landing gear. so they burned off some fuel for an hour and a half before making this emergency landing yesterday in western nevada outside lake tahoe. that plane touched down at a as you can see. slid off the runway. kicking up a giant trail of dust. the crew got out safely and everybody was fine. another fire fighting air tanker crashed to the ground. this time both crew members killed. now federal investigators are looking into the crash. and alicia acuna is following it from our mile high newsroom. we are learning more about why this happened. >> according to those first on scene in its final moments. that giant air tanker clipped its left wing and then began a cart wheel down the hillside. according to the iron county sheriff's department, which had its crews first on scene, they tell fox news that once they preserved the crash site,
4:36 pm
they could see the path where the pilot attempted to drop the retardant and wear that p 2 b air tanker dropped the trees before beginning tum itable. when crews got to the site it was evident something no one could survive. >> any time you are dealing with an aircraft, a wreckage of an aircraft is going to be, by nature, violent. so they're dealing with a violent downed airplane and i know that when they were able to get to the airplane, it was immediately recognizable both men were stable. >> the pilot was captained to neil tompkins and his co-pilot first officer ronnie edwin sham chapel chambless. grounded planes and the national transportation safety board, shep, is now on scene. back to you. >> shepard: alicia acuna, denver tonight. the shuttle enterprise won't reach new home until at least wednesday.
4:37 pm
bad weather pushed back the move-in to the intrepid sea, air and space museums docked on manhattan's west side. would you look at those pictures? great stuff over the weekend. retired shuttle jet in april and set out on a barge yesterday morning in route to that floating museum. officials say there was a fender bender as the wing at this point grazed a pylon in the water. it was windy yesterday. nasa just got two new giant space telescopes and they got them for free. the nation's satellite spy agency donated them because it apparently didn't need them anymore. we're told they could be even more powerful than hubble. the hubble space telescope launched in 1990. it's aging obviously and had its final upgrade just a few years ago. the free telescopes could be a real big help for nasa considering recent budget cuts there it could still be a while before the space agency has the resources to equip and launch the new telescopes.
4:38 pm
drivers already pay big bucks in gas taxes and tolls. but some state governments reporting that's not enough. so what might they do? we'll tell you where drivers could pay a new tax by the mile. plus, pirates are upping the anti-at sea. a warning that their attacks are getting more savage by the moment. and wait until you hear just how much their crime pays. that's ahead. dude you don't understand, ths is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering.
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>> shepard: okay, we all pay all kinds of taxes, imagine you have to pay a fee for driving by the mile with a government g.p.s. tracking your every move. believe it or not, some states are exploring exactly that as a way to tax drivers on top of what we all already pay on gas. state governments report those taxes are just no longer are enough to fix our nation's aging roads and bridges. partly because people are buying cars that use less
4:42 pm
fuel, so states raise less at the pump. minnesota, nevada, oregon and washington are all considering plans to bill drivers by how much they drive. some are already testing the tracking technology. any plan to raise taxes is bound to be controversial anywhere. the idea that government puts g.p.s. on your car raises additional privacy concerns. the fox business network rich edson is on the controversy in d.c. could these piloted programs really come it fruition. >> states and cities have been testing systems like this for a decade there are draw backs beyond privacy concerns especially the cost of installing a tracking device in every car. still, a report detailing oregon's trial period system is workable and practical, this report said. a genuine alternative to the gasoline tax. other reports claim state governments could create programs to address privacy and costs, shep. >> shepard: what about other options, rich? >> the federal government or states could increase the
4:43 pm
gasoline tax. cities have debated charging drivers a fee for venturing downtown during certain hours of the day. federal government could spend more on highway projects or could just leave this up to the states. and local governments could then levy arey a host of taxes, tolls or fees all very unpopular options. shep? >> shepard: yep. taxes always are rich edson in d.c., thanks. there is new hope tonight for finding some of the americans who never came home from the vietnam war. the defense secretary leon panetta is in vietnam tonight. and officials there just agreed to let the u.s. serve search three new locations for the remains of missing service members. >> this sacred mission will continue until all of our troops have been accounted for. we stand by our pledge that we leave no one behind. >> secretary panetta and the vietnam me defense secretary also gave each other documents to return to the families of fallen troops. in one letter, an american
4:44 pm
soldier writes to his mother: if dad calls, tell him i got too close to being dead but i'm okay. i was really lucky. and i'll write soon. meanwhile folks in hong kong are marking 23 years since landmark pro-democracy protest tiananmen square. chinese authorities killed and arrested hundreds if not thousands of protester who's had camped out demanding more freedom. who will ever forget this iconic photograph. the image of a single man standing up to a tank forever immortalizing that event. nearly 200,000 people gathered in hong kong to hold a vigil. mainland, china, however, there were no such gatherings. in fact, the hard line government there reportedly censored most internet severance related in any way to the massacre. certain words and phrases now yield no result. never forget and silent
4:45 pm
tribute. even the word anniversary now reportedly leads nowhere on chinese search engines. in a really order turn of events in a country where numerousology big deal. the shanghai stock market fell 64.89 points. just like the date of the killings. june the 4th, 198. they wouldn't allow search for those numbers, either. prior reas dangerous job and pace mighty well. reports indicate somali pirates working off the east coast of africa took in an estimated $160 million in ran somes last year alone. 160 million bucks. one study predicts that number will more than double by just 2015. there have been efforts to stop the attacks. by the pirates are not backing down. some have started hacking off the limbs of their hostage if payment doesn't come quickly enough. according to the national maritime operation there were 544 attacks last year,
4:46 pm
worldwide. that's all-time high. the average ransso in. payment. >> facebook could change rules potentially letting children of any age log on. no secret lots of kids already use the site sometimes with mom and dad's approval. what does this mean and what's facebook really doing? details ahead. could the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway stand trial in the united states? there is a judge's ruling and we will have it for you just ahead as fox reports live tonight. [ captain ] our landing time got moved back another hour.
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: the supreme court handed down a decision on the secret service today. the high court sided with two secret service agents who were guarding then vice president
4:50 pm
dick cheney back in 2006. as the story goes, a man sued the agents for arresting him during a confrontation for the vice president claiming they arrested him for expressing antiwar views. the justices ruled and unanimously that colorado state laws are too unclear for the agents to be sued in this instance. also today, the justices agreed to decide whether police can detain suspects without a warrant. the court will take up an appeal from a man sentenced to 30 years in prison on drug and weapons charges. the cops first detained this suspect before a judge issued a warrant. the guy argues that police held him unconstitutionally but an appeals court refused to throw out the conviction. millions of kids may be soon able to join facebook without having to lie about their ages. the social network currently bans anybody under 13 years old. but just last year "consumer reports" indicated there were more than 7 million kids under that age limit on the site. including more than a million under the age of 10. according to the reporting of
4:51 pm
the "wall street journal" which our parent company owns, the folks at facebook are now working on a kid-friendly version of the site with special privacy controls so parents can keep an eye on things. julie banderas in new york tonight. hey, jewels. >> if you are a parent with a child under the age of 13 you may have taken comfort in knowing they are not on facebook. that may be about to change. facebook is currently developing new technology that would allow minors to connect with their friends. children accounts connected with the parents. parents could decide whom their friends could friend and what applications they could use. the move is inflaming privacy advocates who said facebook should focus on explaining to parents and children that the site isn't appropriate for children under the age of 13. but with so many minors lying about their age to get an account. pressure has mounted on facebook to do something about it facebook also hopes to cash, in of course, on the fast growing market for children's games currently dominated right now by apple link and google link smart
4:52 pm
phone platforms. the under 13 features mean facebook could charge parents for games and other entertainment accessed by their children. the site would also turn a profit by offering games for free and instead features help players advance. we should know more about what to expect in the coming months. i guess the internet is going to become more costly for parents. >> shepard: imagine that julie banderas in new york tonight. >> sure. >> the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway will reportedly stand trial here in the united states for trying to extort natalee holloway's mother. but this comes only after joran van der sloot finishes serving 28 years in prison for murder in peru. so it's a while await a minute you may recall van der sloot reportedly promised to locate holloway's body if the alabama teen's mother forked over 25,000 bucks that never happened. so u.s. prosecutors charged him with fraud and extortion. natalee holloway has been missing since the 2005 school trip to aruba. she met van der sloot at a casino the night she went missing we're told. earlier this year a court in
4:53 pm
peru convicted van der sloot of murdering a peruvian woman after he met her in a casino as well. queen elizabeth's husband is not among the thousands of celebrating her jubilee tonight. the 91-year-old prince philip checked into a hospital today with a bladder infection. palace officials say it was but a precaution and the queen still attended a concert at buckingham palace, part of the celebration of her 60th year at the throne. the show included performances from former beatle paul mccartney and rocker sir elton john and ended with a heck of a fire show: new york city may be known as a fashion capital of the world to some but despite all its stores, it's getting none of the glory. coming up the american city that outdid the big apple on the list of best cities to shop. the shocking result on the upper east side coming just ahead. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be.
4:54 pm
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french quarter, that's according to readers of travel and leash magazine who ranked new orleans as the best place in the nation for serious shopping. the big easy won across a range of categories including luxury and antique shopping. some perhaps surprising picks round out the top three santa fe, mexico and charleston, south carolina. new york city fourth and last anchorage. bunch of newborn falcons now have room with impressive views. seven chicks are living in their parent's nesting boxes on top of three major bridges around new york city. here's a look from the top of the bridge north of manhattan. all the birds hatched last month. wildlife officials banns babies with special tags. they are part of the city's falcon program designed to
4:58 pm
protect these endangered birds. the metropolitan transit authority or mta provides the nest and gives officials access to the eggs. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five a taco bell spokesman tells the orange county register the dorito shell taco is the best selling new item in the its history of the fast food chain. 1 million sold in less than flee months. number four, opening arguments underway steve baldwin's kevin costner over investment in costner's device to help lien up the oil spill. the watchman on trial for killing unarmed florida teenager said he would request a new bond hearing one day after his client returned to jail. number two, pennsylvania's supreme court denies a request from the former penn state football coach jerry sandusky to delay the start of the sex abuse trial. and number one tonight tonight, polls in wisconsin give a slight lead to the republic governor scott walker over challenger in tomorrow's
4:59 pm
recall vote. scott walker is the third governor in u.s. history to face a recall election. that's a fox report top five. and on this day in 1876, the transcontinental express train traveled from san francisco to new york in a record three and a half days. the same trip on horseback took months. and it wasn't exactly comfortable. the new rail line allowed riders with the money to travel in style. velvet seats, first class dining cars and server who's catered to most every need. a third class trip would take you coast to coast on hardwooded benches with no amenities. riders considered that even a luxury at the time. the rails transformed america and sparked a population boom on the west coast. and a train traveled from sea to shining sea in record time. 136 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, june the 4th, 2012. thank you for the caan


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