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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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guys who sat here. i wasn't able to watch. but i heard they were awesome. speaking of awesome, look at this guy. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [chanting] >> this is what democracy looks like. >> classic confrontation between liberals and conservatives in wisconsin. will governor walker keep his job? >> scott walker must go. >> stakes are high for president obama. we'll have a special report. >> we have run probably 25, $27 million of advertising in this campaign and virtually all of it has been positive. >> that statement must come as a shock to mitt romney under heavy fire from the obama folks pretty much all the time. brit hume will have analysis. >> mitt romney went over the top last night formally clinching the nomination. >> mitt romney gives president obama's grade an f. >> now our exclusive interview with president obama. >> how much will the network morning programs influence the
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presidential election? we'll take a hard look at that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. vicious battle between the left and right unfolding in wisconsin and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first the set-up. in march of last year, governor scott walker signed a law eliminating most collective bargaining for wisconsin state employees. the left went wild protesting. at the steakhouse. angry if republic governors can show they will get buntle under control by limiting compensation to state workers then that will happen all over the country. so in order to punish governor walker, the democratic party issued a recall and it was
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successful. they got enough signatures to put it to a vote and the final judgment will be made tomorrow. the stakes are very high here for president obama who does not want to constrain union bargaining power. obviously most american labor unions support mr. obama. governor walker has a pretty good story to tell. when he took office in january of 2011, wisconsin unemployment stood at 7.7%. now it's down to 6.7%. according to last reading in april. on the spending front, when walker took office there was a budget deficit of $3.6 billion in wisconsin. now the deficit is projected to be $143 million, an astounding drop. on the tax front pretty much a wash. walker's first budget increased overall taxes in wisconsin and some received tax cuts. walker seems to be succeeding in wisconsin. thus the vote comes town to ideology. the left doesn't like him so he they want to throw him out. real clear politics consensus
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in the polls is that walker will keep his job after tomorrow's vote. the average has 51% supporting walker, 45% against him favoring democratic opponent milwaukee mayor tom barrett. finally if governor walker does keep his job, president obama, american labor and hard core left will be disappointed. not about walker himself. it's about the message that will be spent. big spending, big government versus tough measures when it comes to taxpayer dollars. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington mary katharine and juan williams both fox news analysts. would you vote to boot walker out of office? >> probably not. i'm not comfortable with recalls unless they are about cruchings, criminal corruption. there was a legitimate election, hes would legitimately elected. if this was 2014, bill and is he up for re-election i would vote against him because not so much that he is having difficulties with the unions it's way he went about it he
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used a sledge hammer and a republic legislature and secret bargaining. no bargaining at all. nippive behavior to absolutely crush. trying to break unions. >> as opposed to the democrats who fled the state and were hiding out in illinois. >> to be fair he started that fight. he started a polarizing political fight. >> bill: he started it and reran away to illinois and we got him. juan, you are telling me that governor in a year and a half who drops the deficit from 3.6 billion to 143 million is not worth reelecting, juan? just think about it for a moment, juan. mary katharine now i know, i know you would not only vote to keep walker in office, probably pay for his vacation to at this ta hit at this tahiti and made sure he had a nice sofa. we don't want to get into that with you. but if walker wins tomorrow,.
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>> um-huh. >> what is the national repercussion for president obama if any? because mr. obama still leads in the wisconsin polls. >> well, i think what's gone on in wisconsin is that you have these huge ground games that have been mobilized. i think wisconsin for the president what he needs to worry about is if this turns out well for scott walker which moo t. looks like they're cautiously optimistic it will. people have not gotten the message from unions this whole fiction crumbling around them it's going to be the end of the world. not the end of the world. looking pretty good for wisconsin. that does not help unions or the president's message. not only that wisconsin is a place where democrats would naturally have a ground game lead. now guess who has been practicing for two years on identifying voters, on turning them out. the right in wisconsin. it's a huge -- >> bill: in play come november. >> it will be tough. it will be tough but it will be in play. >> bill: we have given you two minutes, juan, to think about a governor who has a 3.6 billion and he brings it down to 143 in a year and a
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half or even less time than that that's pretty impressive stat, juan and you are still voting against him? >> this guy, bill o'reilly, this guy said he was going to produce jobs in the state of wisconsin. >> bill: yeah he dropped it 1%. >> by every measure he hasn't done it. >> bill: juan, wait. what do you mean every measure? i just gave you the stat. it was 7.7 to 6.7 unemployment. >> no, no. that's all kinds of things. that's like people leaving the state. >> bill: people leaving the state like the democrats who were elected assembly livening the state? those kind of people though are leaving. >> i'm talking about population in people. among the big states in the midwest actually wisconsin has been lagging and when you look at job production, the bureau of labor statistics, even by scott walker's measure says maybe we created 30,000 jobs. that's far from 250,000, bill. >> bill: i don't know. the unemployment rate is down 1%. the deficit is down big time.
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from .6 billion to 143. and you are whining about people leaving the state? i were the governor i would good, good. leave the state. >> heard mr. o'reilly said this president obama's policies has been unemployment is down 1%. so stop your whining. >> it's not. 8.2. >> i'm not in business to either promote governor walker or president obama. what i'm trying to do here, juan, is take the data that's in place. it shows the republic governor of wisconsin been pretty successful in getting the economic profile under control. yet, you're going to vote against him because you don't like his style. that's absolutely valid. mary katharine, juan doesn't like his style. juan thinks he is a secret guy. >> no. and is he a bully. >> bill: let mary katharine go. go. >> i don't like the style of democrats who actually literally flee the state to it avoid what their actually duty
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is to vote on things. look, he came, in is he republic governor. he enacted conservative policies. he had republicans elected to support him. that is how it works. democrat decided to leave the state. they didn't leave a great taste in everybody's mouth. in the end what has happened? property taxes have held steady or gone down for many people unlike milwaukee where his opponent has raised taxes and fees. where are the places where teachers are losing their jobs and adding to class sizes. the places did that enact walker's policies. the ones that did are saving those jobs. people just don't seat disaster they were going to. >> bill: i got it for some reason juan is always in michigan. i don't know why is he there but is he there all the time. michigan is a disaster and remains a disaster, okay? illinois remains a disaster. unbelievable fiscal disaster in illinois a neighboring state. you have two states run by democratic governors who just totally out of control. getting worse and worse and worse. then you have wisconsin right next to it which is getting better. juan, i will give you the last
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word. to me it looks like the republic policies of government constraint on spending tax money is working. go ahead. last word, 30 seconds. >> well, first of all, rick snyder in michigan is a republic. so is he a republic governor. >> bill: under granholm it was a disaster. he got in but yes, you are right. he he is trying to turn it all around. go. >> okay. okay. and the second thing i would say to you is that you know what? it's one thing to say i want to negotiate. i stand for reigning in the cost of big government, government too large in this state. we're going to do this and work with people and build a constituency. even governor walker has said he should have done a better job. >> bill: we got it juan and mary katharine thank you. obama says it isn't running negative ads against mitt romney. romney is going what? >> brit hume will weigh in. president bush hosting at the white house. this should be good. we're coming right back. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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>> bill: in the hume zone segment tent. ahead of the obama re-election campaign was asked about president obama's tone this time around. >> he talked about hope. he talked about change this time he just comes right out of the gate with a very negative ad arch attack on mitt romney. >> let me just correct one thing. we have run probably 25,
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$27 million of advertising in this campaign and virtually all of it has been positive. >> bill: joining us now from washington is fox news senior political analyst brit hument. very much because they don't strike sparks in the way that negative ads do. negative ads get replayed more on cable television and other news programming so people see them and they also get more reaction and response and they become more the stuff of the campaign news than do positive ads what ax said rod is basically true but it's
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misleading. >> bill: how can he say it's true when he says all has been positive. >> it turns out to be 70%. >> bill: that's a big number. 30% is a big number with the hammer flying at romney and he said no no that 30% doesn't exist. >> no he didn't say that. >> bill: he said virtually all of our ads are positive. >> virtually can mean a number of different things. >> bill: i'm going by english language. virtually all that means totally all, that means everything. >> no, that means near live all. >> bill: nearly. >> we will settle on 70%. >> bill: will axelrod settle on it axelrod in his mind for some reason, maybe he will come on and explain it to me tomorrow thinks that all the ads they have put together are positive. maybe he thinks it's positive it say romney is a greed head to screwed up the economy by being in bain because, i don't know. i just don't know. >> well, look, it does come down to a question whether a president who was sort of set a tone of uplift during his
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2008 campaign has anything to lose by going sharply negative for a signature didn't part -- significant part of this campaign. >> bill: i don't think he does. but i wouldn't be telling guys like bob schieffer that all the ads we run are positive. >> bill, let the record show that you pointed out what you believe to be a clear inconsistencies between the facts and what david axelrod said. >> depends >> and my thought about that would be that romney will undoubtedly run a lot of ads that add up to saying that answered will say it a lot
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himself and so will his surrogates on the campaign trail. i think romney has -- look, i think obama a record that is such a burden to him that he has no real but to go negative and go negative hard which to a great extent he has. romney is in a different position when people turn to the prospect okay what happens if we elect him, he needs to radiate something of a positive spirit. give people go ahead, i'm sorry. >> people need to believe if they turn to him that he can make things better. if he seems morose and negative all the time, he will fail to convey that sunny spirit. he needs a bit of sunlight in his message and i think, you know, that's important to him in a way that at this stage of the game it's too late for obama. he can have all the sunlight in his messages if he wants the results speak for themselves. o'reilly and hume are designing romney's big ad campaign. first thing we do is we go to florida to get the sunshine. number one. we shoot in florida. giant sun. then we have a few squirrels,
5:17 pm
a few chip monks. maybe some flowers behind them. and then he runs -- he doesn't know what he is doing. he is screwing everything up. and the last five seconds he goes and i'm going to make things better. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> i will return us to the fabled unlands that churchill spoke of. >> cut away to the hill slow fade and mitt romney's face like the wizard of oz comes right up and there we go. [ laughter ] >> bill: hume and i we designed it you will be seeing that very soon. >> i will bet. >> bill: directly ahead actress sarah jessica parker tells the word barack obama created 4 million american jobs. who knew? network morning shows how much influence will they have on this year's election? those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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which can relieve pain all day with just two pills.
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>> bill: president obama in new york city this evening raising money for his campaign. down the road actress sarah jessica parker will hold a fundraiser for the president in her new york city home. why? here's why. >> okay. the guy who ended the war in iraq. the guy who says you should be able to mary anyone you want and the guy who created 4 million new jobs, that guy? president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th. and i want you to be there too. but you have to go to join for your chance to win and the contest ends tomorrow night. so guy right here right now because we need him and he needs us. >> bill: all right. well i hope i get an invitation. i kind of doubt it. what about the 4 million jobs claim? joining us from chicago austan goolsbee former council under president obama. university of chicago
5:22 pm
economics. douglas holts eye eicken. did president obama create 4 million jobs, did he? >> no. there is more lipstick on that number than on sarah jessica parker quite frankly. last month 1.4 million fewer jobs than there were in december of 2008, the last month of the bush presidency, what's even worse for those who did have jobs we have seen no income growth. the median family income is down 4,000 dollars. overall disposable income is growing barely at all. enormous number of people out of work. he hasn't created jobs those who have them still not doing very well. >> mr. goals buy you say? >> the 4 million jobs so ever the last two years. what doug is talking about mixing the big drop from the recession and then six the recession ended they have added more than 4 million jobs. that's over the last two years. i would just say that's the way each of the candidates
5:23 pm
running for re-election, including ronald reagan, george bush, and others, that's the way they counted the jobs. >> bill: first two years of the president's term shouldn't count because he was dealing with this recession that happened under mr. bush's tenure. okay. now, going forward, this is what i think is most important to everybody watching this evening,. going forward you have a program under president obama which says stay the course. pretty much government is going to get you out of this. we're going to continue to doing what we're doing. unemployment particulars up ticks up slightly. the polls show that half the country at this point, half, staying with president obama, willing to state course. does that surprise you? >> oh, the president is very popular. his policies are not. so if you like inside that
5:24 pm
polling and ask the question, you know, did the stimulus bill work? no. was it a good idea to do an enormous healthcare reform? no. was it a good idea to have enormous expansion of the. no again and again american voters have rejected the policies of the past four years. they might like the president but they don't like what's going on. they recognize even if he had gotten back to bush's numbers. 7.3% unemployment. 65% of americans working and looking for work in the labor force, he would have had to create another 4.5 million jobs than he did. the record is not satisfactory and it's from the policy that didn't work. >> do you believe that obama care is holding back employment because small businesses and i'm a small businessman are hesitate tant to hire because i don't know what their health costs are going to be. sitting on a sideline corporations a lot of cash couldn't hire but they are squared. do you believe that's holding constricting job performance in this country? >> well, i think you are
5:25 pm
mixing a few things. for the big' cans that are holding cash, i don't think that's related to policy in the united states because you observed that exact same behavior among large companies in all the advanced countries of the world. even ones that had nothing to do with u.s. policy. so, i think it's very unlikely. >> bill: why are they holding and not expanding? >> because they are afraid that there may be another financial crisis and that there is not enough demand growth in the world economy which are both legitimate fears. i mean, we are coming out of worst downturn of any of our lifetimes and i think a lot of companies are nervous about that now, in the small business side, on regulatory matters, i do think regulatory, the existence of regulations and uncertainty are issues. they are issues that should be addressed and enemy cases i think the administration has tried to address them. >> bill: when you were formulating economic policy with president obama at the beginning of hits administration, did you say look, maybe we ought to wait on the obama care and get this
5:26 pm
thing back on track and not have to introduce anything that's going to impact on employees adding more? did you say anything? >> i would highlight that in the health bill it exempts small businesses from the employer mandate. so it's exactly designed to try to eliminate that uncertainty on small businesses and gives a big tax credit to help reduce their costs of healthcare. >> bill: all right. no one has taken up that tax rate. they can't understand it it's temporary and tiny compared to the big permanent costs and, you know. >> bill: fear quotient is holding everything back. >> that may be true. >> small businesses are the ones being affected are factually not correct. >> bill: that may be true. perception among small business is. >> we all know what we are facing so we're not going to do it that's what's happening last question. last question. two thiferredz the american people according to all the
5:27 pm
polls say the country is ontledz the wrong track. i don't mean how goolsby you answer that question first. >> i'm not a political scientist i have to -- the number historically if you look at 2004 there are a lot of parallels, the job performance in the two year run up to this election is actually superior to the one in 2004. the wrong track number was about the same at this spot in 2004. i think it will mean for a very close election the president could lose but he could win. i don't think it's overwhelmingly one way or the other because it's tied to how the economy is doing. >> bill: wrap it up. >> the wrong track number reflects real problems that people can see. they can see a fiscal cliff, a large tax increase and big spending cuts at the end of the year that the president has not put forward any solution for. they can seat large debt.
5:28 pm
larger than the economy is right now. already costing us a percentage point of growth. it's tied to real problems that we're not seeing any solutions for and until that changes, the wrong track is going to hurt the president. >> bill: thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. how much influence will the network morning shows have on the election this year? body language on president obama and president bush in the white house last week. what were they really saying to each other? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. summer road trip, huh?
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as the hotel experts, finding you the perfect place is all we do. this summer, save up to 30%, plus get up to $100 on us. welcome to >> bill: body language segment tonight. we begin with president obama and president bush. together at the white house last week the occasion was the unveiling of mr. bush's portrait which sparked this back and forth. >> george, i will always remember the gathering you hosted for all the living former presidents before i took office. your kind words of encouragement, plus you also left me a really good tv sports package. [ laughter ]
5:32 pm
>> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you were wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions you will now be able to gaze as this portrait and ask what would george do? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> all right. now, body language maven tonya reiman. a couple of observations, they both read off the sheet. those were prepared remarks. why do you have to prepare remarks with just those little things? i don't know. >> keep them on cue. make sure their funnies are funny. the funny thing i watched about obama he reads, he does his notes but when he delivers the joke he turns to the crowd. when bush is out there, i felt like he was still in office o. is he so confident. is he standing at the podium. making jones, feels good. same mischievous smile on his face. >> bill: did you see a difference between the two men in the delivery of the funny
5:33 pm
as you call it. >> right. >> bill: was there any difference? they both are masters, they know how to do that was there any difference. >> no. they were both on norm so to speak. the only difference i saw was in the handshake. that's where there was an issue. handshake in the last seeing: >> the handshake says what? >> there you go. >> see how obama is close he has his hand on top and he does the power move by pulling bush in and then patting him on the back. >> bill: that's what he did to me. barack obama did that to he me. >> is he touchy feely. >> bill: he put his hand on my shoulder and i started to sing the paul anka. >> that's the power move. >> most presidents will position their hands on top dominant. taking it a step further because george bush is very powerful. he then patted him on the back which says hey, this is my place, that's right. >> bill: that's what he does to it his dog. no, i'm messing. axelrod is getting a lot of
5:34 pm
air time tonight. he gets heckled at an event. i guess this was in chicago -- no, in boston. go. >> romney economics didn't work then and it won't work now. [cheers] >> with that if there are members of the news media who want to address questions to tus. >> yeah, i have got a question. i have got a question over here. >> we're happy to -- >> -- shouting] [chanting] >> where are the jobs? >> you can't handle the truth, my friend, that's the problem. can you handle the truth? >> bill: if i ever get heckled and it happens once a while. we don't engage at all. >> he couldn't talk over that crowd no matter what. no did he do it okay? he was fine. i thought the sentence was a little bit ridiculous. what i found to be interesting was the back drop of people behind him. so they are all standing there
5:35 pm
and when they pull back a little bit further you will see all the men are standing there with their arms folded in front. look at the woman in yellow. see how she touches her scarf. she starts to get a little anxious. the next scene when they are really chanting loud. she now has a piece of paper in front of her just like the men. so she is now covering herself up as well. >> it's never pleasant. it's never pleasant to see this kind of stuff. and it shouldn't happen. now, mitt romney was asked about that. go. >> i have noticed now that we have gone to a number of events and have you been with us as well at these. most of the events i go to or many of the events i go to they are large groups of if you will obama supporters there heck cling me and at some point you say you know what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. if he they're going to be heckling us we are not going to sit back and play by different rules. >> bill: there was a goose in there. i didn't see it? >> he was congruent. he brings everybody. in the only place where i saw he lost power is when he says i'm not going to sit back and
5:36 pm
he lifts his shoulder back. >> bill: he almost took credit for it i don't know if you want to take credit for sending hecklers out. i don't know if that was smart. >> that's why i thought it was bizarre well in a few seconds you will see those shoulders come up. when you see those shoulders come up you lose power. you are making yourself smaller. >> you shouldn't be shrugging. shoulders should maintain as mine do. come back to me on camera. the shoulder. >> yeah. if you go like, this exactly. >> that is kind of like young frankenstein. >> hiding yourself. tonya reiman, thank you very much as always. when we come right back politics in the morning will the morning shows cover fairly. did ohio really point to prostitution as a good thing for women? really? up ahead. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath?
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in
5:40 pm
the unresolved problem segment tonight, tonight tv news and the presidential race. president obama has a major advantage because much much the national media seems to be favoring him over mitt romney. the nightly evening newscasts have lost a lot of influence. the morning programs towed, good morning america, cbs morning news still have large audiences and hours of air time. how much influence will they have in the upcoming presidential election. director of media analysis. conservative watchdog group. so i'm going to be on good morning america tomorrow talking politics off the top. they have always treated me all right over there. and when they ask me a loaded question, i mock them and they laugh along. same thing at "the today show" only appearance i made at cbs morning show a couple weeks ago. i don't have any trouble with any of them. you see it a little bit differently? >> i think that these -- you are right that these networks are important shows. they have become the profit
5:41 pm
centers for these news divisions and they reach a lot of female voters in particular. and we found and run of the reasons we pay so much attention to the morning shows, there is just a dramatic bias in terms of favoring obama, favoring the democrats. they have been very harsh to the republicans through the this primary season. to the point where i think mitt romney really didn't want to do very many morning show interviews because they were so tough. the important thing is this -- i'm sorry? >> bill: back that up a little bit. so you believe in the primary process, but, remember, now president obama wasn't involved with that it was just one republic slugging it out against another republic, all right? so they were tough, how? i mean we are generalizing now. give me a couple of specifics that people can relate to. >> well, when mitt romney was on cbs. they did ask him weren't you wrong and wasn't president obama right to bail out the auto companies? they were very swift to attack the republics who were very
5:42 pm
substantive. they were very explicit with newt gingrich. what about all the baggage you bring to this campaign? they were very hot to tell michele bachmann she was called a flake by people. so, it acandidate that would come on would expect to be attacked, math lauer would read editorial from the "new york times" that woo a tack them. what we have seen in the last couple of weeks whether it's barack obama or michelle obama get these interviews on the morning show and they are not substantive interviews. they are about the kids and the garden and how are you? >> bill: that's what michelle obama does. i, as you know, asked these questions of everybody. i mean, if there is somebody in the news and they are coming on the factor, i don't care what party they are, in whatever the dominant news cycle is, i'm going to hit them with it. so, i'm saying isn't it good television for the morning programs to confront a politician no matter what party with whatever is hot, with whatever is being said? how do you react to it? that's good tv, is it not? >> that would be good tv.
5:43 pm
the problem is that's not what we get. you know, four years ago when barack obama was new on the scene, they were doing these stories, jake tapper did a story after the oscars saying a large group in hollywood is organizing to throw a tribute to a tall statuesque person of color. no, not oscar, obama. i mean, they got celebrity tore coverage. abc gave the three leading democratic candidates large 30 minute town meeting so they could relate to the voters. the republics did not get that in the 2008 cycle. the republics did not get that in the 2012 cycle. and, instead, what we're getting is these large chunks of air time where robin roberts talks to obama and, again, barack obama, michelle obama both get the puff ball interviews. now, you go back to 2007 when robin roberts interviewed laura bush, she couldn't get through that interview soft first lady interview without
5:44 pm
attacking her and said did he dd tutu says this country has to do more than bomb people. that's not the time of question you would expect them to ask laura bush but that's what they did. >> bill: bliewble that the do you believe that the production says to their talent mat lauer, charlie rose gail king go light on the president? go heavy on the republic go. after romney and give obama a pass? do you believe they say that to them? >> i'm not sure. but, let's take a look at who these people are obviously george stephanopoulos have to be told to favor the democrats or to be tough on the republicans? gail king, i mean, cbs brought in, you know, we think of gail king as open perhaps best friend but gail king was there celebrating the obama inauguration in the white house the night of obama's
5:45 pm
inauguration. she was just at the beyonce concert with michelle obama. there is no degree of separation between gail king and the obamas. >> bill: of all three, which one do you think is the fairest? >> i would say cbs this morning is probably the best. they have less fluff. >> bill: even with her on -- gail king on the roster? >> now, mitt romney when he just did an interview there last week talked to jan crawford. january -- jan crawford is one of the better morning reporters. she didn't ask him softball questions but she is fair. jan crawford, that's the kind of person people should be emulating. >> bill: thanks as always we appreciate it i will be on gma. take a look at this. storm clouds in texas that make the wizard of oz tornado look like a sun shower.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tent, reality check. we begin with check one, senator marco rubio of florida. he was on the factor last week and i sensed a change in him as far as running for vice president. i think he might take t if offered. and the obama folks apparently think so as well. >> i think it would be an snument to the insult to the hispanic community to choose senator rubio if he thinks that -- if romney thinks that's the get out of jail free card for awflted things and positions that he has taken. >> bill: mr. axelrod -- you don't mention someone unless you are not afraid. i think they are concerned about that check 2. 11-year-old fifth grader tyler
5:50 pm
sullivan attended a speech by president obama recently and got an experience he will always remember. >> tyler took it all in but also realized the president cares about school attendance. immediately following his speech tyler had a chance to shake hands with mr. obama and they had a moment. >> i said hi president. and then he started asking me questions. and he was like oh, you must be out of school then? >> president obama then reached for a presidential pad of paper and a presidential pen and wrote out an official excused absence note. >> i was like, really? he is going to really write me excuse note? mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler, he was with me. barack obama. >> now, a note like that is worth thousands of dollars but i hope tyler scenes it. it is history. check three, new york city mayor bloomberg continuing to take some heat because of his obesity programs. >> your administration has come out in support of national doughnut day. >> two things. >> come on. >> it sounds ridiculous.
5:51 pm
>> it doesn't sound ridiculous. >> it's one doughnut moderation most things are okay. think about what national doughnut day is. >> it celebrates a lot of young ladies during world war i called doughnut lassies who went and gave doughnuts to our soldiers while they were fighting to protect. >> bill: that was before obesity was a national epidemic in this country. moderation works for donuts why not for soft drinks. >> that's exactly what we're trying to do. >> bill: national doughnut day was held last friday and in celebration i had a jelly from dunkin to mark the occasion. milk with it though not a giant soda, mr. mayor. check apparently our good friend jennifer aniston, she loves us is changing her wholesome image in the mtv awards she won in a dubious category. >> and the winner of best on screen dirt bag is. >> jennifer. >> jennifer aniston.
5:52 pm
i would like to say thank you to the television show friends for letting me unleash the inner sweetheart and here is to seth gordon for allowing me to it be a dirt bag. >> bill: her award was for the movie horrible bosses. check 5. and on that subject, the octomom is now a stripper. she is not a boss but the other word. naudia suleiman made a porn film doing some strip shows. she will be at tease lounge in west palm beach. apparently the civic center was already booked. tease lounge. no cover. check 6. hey dorothy. watch out. recently a giant super cell captured on tape near adrian, texas. highly charged thunderstorm with winds close to 200 miles per hour. enough power to get you to oz
5:53 pm
and your little dog, too. look at that wow. that is reality check. coming next, pinheads and patriots starring miss ohio and controversial mark about prostitution. p and p just over two minutes away.
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plonker, great word. meaning nitwit. i can tell you they do sit around the salonned blow -- [ inaudible ] it's not organized. everybody is too busy. rath smathers, california -- i did explain why there is fear. the economy is bad. that's why. if everybody blamed the democrats they wouldn't be competitive. bill from strongsville, ohi ohio -- jack from albuquerque, new mexico -- shirley, from phoenix, arizon arizona -- john from hollywood, florid florida --
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it just gives you an inexpensive got-giving opportunity. buy a premium membership or you re-up and you get "killing lincoln" and you give it to somebody. make them happy. tony mcman, london, englan england -- i would love to do that i'm sure the queen would love to go. maybe we'll be in wembley or open for the stones. on this side of the pond all the shows are sold out except for chicago matinee on june 23rd. makes a great father's day gift. tonight, every pinhead and patriots has a q&a asking them about women issues. >> do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way? give us an example. >> i think it depends on the movie. some women depict women in a
5:59 pm
positive role. some movies put them in a negative role. but by the end of the movie they show that woman power i know we all have. such as movie "pretty woman." which had a wonderful, beautiful woman in julia roberts. she was having a rough time. but you show what? she came out on top and she didn't let anybody stand in her path. >> the wording "came out on top" might be unfortunate since roberts was a prostitute. she could be a pinhead but she looks like a nice lady. check out our website. spout off about the factor. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. do not be a plonker. nitwit. you don't to look it up. we already told you. again, thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out


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