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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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lives. >> sean: all right. i got to check on wisconsin. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: well, about to start. in less than ten hours, the polls open. this is hisser to rick recall. the big question: will governor scott walker win or get booted from office in favor of tom barrett? live in the center of it all. election bonanza. tomorrow marks wisconsin's seventh election in 14 months. the excitement on the eve of the polls opening is at fever pitch. 7:00 a.m. wisconsin voters me gin casting their ballot. it all started in february of last year. that is when walker relieveed public union, but not firefighters of their
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collective bargaining rights. now we're out of the way of the historic recall vote. governor walker joins us. we invited tom barrett multiple times but he declined the invitation. governor walker, nice to see you. >> good to have you back in your home state. state. >> it's fun to be back. i have the cheese head jacket tonight. >> i was in shadow of lambeau field not long ago. >> greta: indeed. a big deal in the state. tomorrow is a big deal. are you nervous? >> no. for us, we did what people elected me to do. i kept my promises. we are not overconfident. i'm not spiking the ball at the 10-yard line. take it to the end zone. but we did the right thing. now up for voters. they complain about the local government, state and federal government people get in office and don't keep promises or make the tough decisions now is time to stand up and affirm it. >> greta: the poll says you
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are close. you are within the margin of error. you say if the voters decide they don't want you, that you are fine, and you move on? or are you say -- >> we campaigned hard and working hard. i think we'll win. i feel the sense not just for the republicans and conservatives but this weekend, the last few days we have dairy breakfast around the state, farms i mentioned and factors that say they voted for my opponent two years ago. many people say they were raised democrats but they are voting for me. for the first time in their life they have someone to take on the tough problems. have the courage. those are people i need to come out to the polls. if they come out with the base we'll win. >> greta: do you see this as a national referendum? many people do. national referendum on unions and a national referendum on the governors for lack of a better word go after unions? >> it's bigger than just the public sector union. who is in charge? big government, special interest out there or the people that control the state
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and local government here in wisconsin across the country or the hardworking taxpayers? we stood up and took on special interest. they have been finiting me for the last year-and-a-half. pouring money, tens of millions of dollars and bodies in state for a yea year-and-a-half. there are signs that say we stand with governor walker. the reason they do, every day i stand with the hardworking taxpayers. >> greta: you get money from out of state. any problem with that? any thought on the money from the up state? >> more than 70% of the donation came from people that gave $50 or less. whether it's the working family in wisconsin or the working family south of the border, it's -- the reason someone in a farm or iowa across the mississippi river, there are people around the state and around the midwest in particular, who understand that when someone stands up against the special interest, stands up to the taxpayers. people need to stand up with them. those are the people i gladly
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take support from. >> greta: how much have you raised? >> $31 million. >> greta: what percentage is from out of state? >> i don't know what the exact percentage. dollar amount # 0% plus came from people in state and out gave us $50. >> greta: i read a figure, two-third came from out of state? >> it could be close to that. we had people across the country, but overwhelmingly with the small dollar amount. 70% came from people giving us $50, $35 contribution. we take their help. more than a year yeah since last february you showed a tape that we have been underassault with millions in the attack ads. the state senate recall. >> greta: you won by five points against mayor barrett in 2010. if you win by seven points or you win on something less than five points what does it mean? anything at all? >> no. in the end it allows us to move forward. most people in the state want to move on and move forward. whether we win by ten or a
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tenth of a percent, in the end people want to us move the state on. sick and tired of the recall. 16, $17 million in taxpayers money. people are sick of the attack ads. real doozies in the nonsense out there attacking us. people are tired. they will be ready to wake up wednesday morning and not be assaulted on television. they will be ready to move on. >> one thing you talk about the attack ad, john doe investigation, are you the target? >> no. said it repeatedly in the past out there. this was initiated two years ago by my office and chief of staff at the time. we were frustrated about the volunteers with the organization and we couldn't get the records for that. we asked the district to get involved. they were frustrated because they were unable to get the records. that's where the process came along. with were cooperating. we continue to do so. >> greta: have you been told specifically you are not the target? >> people representing me have in the past.
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>> greta: did they talk to district attorney to make sure you're not the target? >> that is who they were talking to. >> greta: you could have a let per the prosecutor saying so-and-so is not the target. >> casual conversation. >> greta: are you worried about the investigation? >> no. for us, any of the evidence that has come up thus far and as you know as a lawyer you can't talk about the specifics of things like that, but all the things that have been made public clearly show overwhelmingly show that when my office when i was county exec was made aware of people violating the strict public policy against using the public resources for political purposes. we took action. the day we found out about it, that person no longer worked. >> you have had governor nikki haley here, and chris christie has been here and bobby jindal has been here, and -- >> tim pawlenty. >> greta: president clinton showed up for the opponent but
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not president obama. any thoughts on that? >> they have seen a trend that talk about people told us they're a democrat and opponent. told us they voted for president obama in the past but are voting for us. the white house and some of the political allies of the president are scared if they get in the mix of this and their candidate doesn't win it might be a sign it has impact on the fall election. >> greta: what if you get re-elected -- not sure of the term. elected again? i'm not sure what the term is. what is the first thing you will do professionally as a governor? have you thought about what you'll do? >> right away wednesday morning meet my cabinet again. we have work to do. do more to help small businesses create jobs. a lot of enthusiasm. there was a headline about the hiring outlook and state being bullish. great signs from 10% of emplo employers thought we were in the right direction to 94% today. from the ranking of best to
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worst states. most employers are waiting for the recall before they take off and hire folks. we want the help small business and darely farmers put people to work. that's the biggest goal and part of that is connecting work torres skills they need to fill job openings particularly the manufacturing hope today. >> greta: with all the enthusiasm that you talk about, what happened? why are you getting recalled? what is it? >> taking on powerful special interest. go where nobody else dared before. to say to the big government union bosses who control things and i saw at a local official for eight years control things in the school districts and county board. city councils, village boards. not in charge anymore. they felt threatened and they have been attacking me since late last february. >> greta: how are things? i look at the newspaper that says one thing the tuition,
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the university system going up 5%. sixtieth straight year happen. doesn't make people happy. proud of the school here. foreclosures are going up. spiking and part of the state. there are rather bleak numbers. >> you look at the challenges, that is one of the great contrast. one of the supporters of the mayor came in today and said milwaukee, he said this, milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the country. poorest in the country. then he said you should vote for the mayor. that is a contradiction. contrast of what we've done. property values down. we took $3.6 billion budget deficit and turned it to $154 million surplus. jobs we lost, over 100,000 jobs in the three years before i took office. unemployment was over 9%. since i have been elected and governor, 30,000 new jobs. unemployment was high before
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is now 6-point #%. compare it to the mayor. it's become one of the -- [ inaudible ] in america. >> greta: if you aren't re-elected what does it tell you? >> a blow for any official at the local and state and federal level trying to take on special interest. courage is on the ballot. if we want leaders in state and country willing to take on the tough challenges and willing to think more about the next generation than the next election. we need to affirm them when they make the tough decisions. sky for people's vote and ask for people to vote. rebecca kleefisch the lieutenant governor and senators on the ballot. it's more about than just republican-democrat or conservative-liberal. whether or not we're going to in this state affirm people making tough decisions. >> greta: it's interesting. you ran with rebecca kleefisch as lieutenant governor. she has also been recalled but on a separate ballot.
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in theory, one of you could win and one could lose and mixed party. >> it would be hor to believe win and not have rebecca kleefisch continue on as lieutenant governor. she stood with me and ambassador. small business and bring jobs to wisconsin. anybody who cares deeply about the affirming courage we talk about, it's imperative they vote for me tomorrow, be it democrat or republican but imperative to vote for rebecca kleefisch. for scott fitzgerald and lombard -- they're putting the courage on the line. >> greta: think where it will be in no. and how your election tomorrow is has baring on it? >> it has impact. look back to 2000, 2004. wisconsin was the closest blue state in america. less than a couple of thousand was the difference between bush and gore and bush and
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kerry. it can be competitive in this state. part depends on governor romney. governor romney has opportunity tomorrow to come in between now and the november 6 to make a case he's willing to make the tough decisions. that's why i love paul ryan. he makes the tough decision. i appreciate that governor romney embrace component of what paul ryan is doing in washington. he makes at it centerpiece saying we'll look out for the next generation. we could do very well amongst voters, republicans and discerning democrats and independents. >> greta: what happened between 2008, though, and the democratic, the state went democratic for president obama. 14 points. huge. two years later they elect you by five points and republican governor. what happened in the meantime? where is the tea party in this? >> i think the clear thing is substance. it wasn't based on the personality. i won and ron johnson won an took the assembly and the senate. people saw what happened when democrats were in charge. they saw under jim doyle taxes
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went up. >> he had been governor. >> you saw everything. time frame and the turn before. legislature, both houses were democrat. governor was democrat. you saw taxes and business goes up 20%. you saw taxes go up 15%. increase of property taxes. you saw 100,000 jobs lost. you saw unemployment of peak of over 9%. people want a change. they want to us look in the fiscal and economic crisis. in particular, we inherited $3.6 billion deficit. they saw us, came in an fixed it. >> greta: how about the tea party in the state? >> beyond just the tea party. >> greta: is there a tea party influence here? >> absolutely. it's one where it is not organized effort as much as it is people who for years been that pot percolating. people of all different background and beliefs of the state, i'm sick and tired of the government to get it to the hardworking taxpayers. i'm amused when the opponent
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talks about middle class. nobody has been more damaged than the expansion, the massive expansion of government under liberals in the past. we finally stood up and defended the middle class taxpayers and said once and for all, you're in charged look out for and you are the special interest. the hardworking taxpayers in wisconsin. >> if you are not elected, re-elected tomorrow, governor, we have had enough of the policies. we have had enough of the union. we are standing up for the unions, workers rights. that sends a different message. >> that is why so much is at stake. people can't take anything for granted. many of the polls, many of the last-minute or two showed us ahead, people can't take it for granted. remember, for those interest groups coming out of washington, the ones that came last february or march, for them, everything is at stake. >> how is your ground game? >> tremendous. our state party chairman told me coordinated effort, exceeded 4 million contacts with voters today.
7:15 pm
that is unprecedented and many more than the entire election in 2010. you see when my wife and i go to the victory centers when people are making the calls we ask for a he is of hands and more often or not half of the people tell us they have never beenvod in a campaign before. people are coming out of the woodwork. they're passionate. often times they bring their grand kids along and say this is why i'm heroism want them to have a better life. that's why we made the sacrifices we made in last year-and-a-half. it's for our kids matt and alex. every kid and grand kid in state. >> greta: i read they t talk of the v.p. and dates if you win tomorrow, your star is going to take off. someone looked at as a vice presidential candidate. any interest in that? >> if someone person you ask me i'd say the best person from wisconsin is paul ryan. he is great, die familiaric and courageous. i have a job to do. i didn't go through a year-and-a-half of this, i didn't go through the campaign and all the attacks, not only the political attacks but heck, they poured thousands of people busting from my homes,
7:16 pm
my kids were targeted on facebook by the protesters. i didn't go through this to walk away i'm committed to help the people move forward. getting the goal of helping the people not the government, the people of the state create 250,000 new jobs. i am excited about america and potential to make changes. i need to be focused on helping wisconsin. >> greta: we'll be watching. polls open in short time. fascinating to watch to see what happens. as always, fun to be here in the great state of wisconsin. >> good to have you back. >> greta: thank you, governor. straight ahead, rush limbaugh says even governor walker wins this is nowhere near over. you will hear from rush limbaugh next. the poll shows the race is close. no clear winner. will it be close enough for a recall? if so, then what? what about voter fraud? eric holder sent election officials here to wisconsin. wisconsin attorney general j.b. van hol season live. plus, the u.s. marines under arrest. supporting governor walker at a rally. a mayor barrett rally. then he got arrested.
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♪ ♪ >> greta: ten hours until doors open and wisconsin voters flood the poll. will they boot governor walker or keep him? what does rush limbaugh think? will the fury die down after tomorrow? >> if walker wins the effort to destroy him will only increase. democrats don't go and the effort to miscast r cast what happened will start. when this recall nonsense started, they were turning out 60,000 people for the rallies. they were busing in union people from all over the country. am i right? >> you are exactly right. exactly right. >> some of the rallies, even 100,000 people. now the they are complaining about all the out-of-state money going to scott walker. >> greta: craig gilbert joins us of the "milwaukee sentinel journal."
7:22 pm
>> good to be here. >> greta: to the american people what is the message if mayor tom barrett wins and what if the message is governor scott walker is re-elected? >> it does have broader implication. there is a clash between business and labor that played out in other states as well, so it has implications for that. implications for november. as we know, the obama campaign designated wisconsin as one of seven true tossups. wisconsin is the only one of the states that has been a consistent blue state over the last umpteen presidential elections. democrats have their hands full defending wisconsin. if walker wins, the romney campaign, you know will go full bore after wisconsin. >> greta: interesting you say that about president obama. president obama didn't campaign here. he was in minneapolis for three fundraisers last friday. did the flyover, didn't refuel in wisconsin. went tipples. never bothered to stop here. president clinton came here. is that a message, you sate it's a tossup state. that doesn't send a good message to the democrat voters
7:23 pm
in the state. >> they're not showing a lot of confidence in the outcome tomorrow, clearly. they are playing it very safe. i think they weren't crazy about this thing from the start. it's wild card factor in a state they do need to win in november. we saw former president clinton but not president obama in wisconsin. that is, you know, that was concerning to some democrats and some people in labor. >> greta: do you guys -- some elections can be won because you have more money than everybody else. some is because you have a message. do you a sense on the ground here what is driving this tomorrow? is it money? or message? >> it's really passion. and intensity. i mean -- >> message more? >> yeah. and the money, it has less to do with changing minds than it will have an impact on organization. a democrat told me under normal circumstances they think they could have come out with a two or three-point advantage and turn-out based on their organizational ability. in this race, it's a bigger question because intensity of
7:24 pm
the republican base. and the republicans put a lot of money and time and effort in organization themselves. >> greta: i don't get a sense that there are undecided. it's whether or not you move from the house to the poll or not. is there a huge pool of undecided here? >> no. somebody took a poll of 1136 people and 13 of them were undecided. a poll a couple of months ago. not so much about changing minds. it's about who votes. this is about what is the composition of the electorate. the big key is the electorate as conservative as the one in 2010 the one that elected scott walker? if it is, that is great news for him. >> greta: how about the intensity level. republicans are going to vote for governor walker. democrats vote for mayor barrett. typically. what is the intensity level? do the republicans really like their governor or just saying they don't want the other guy?
7:25 pm
>> both. they like the governor and mad about the recall. enthusiasm and anger there. anger on both sides. extreme motivation on both sides. it's striking to have supporters of the governor as motivated as they are. it makes it harder i think for the opponents in this case to overcome. >> greta: how about mayor barrett? he seem like a likable guy. is there passion for him? >> democrattics like him. he went through primary unscarred. he seunified the democrats an unified the labor behind them. but clearly, you know, this is much more about for democrats, getting rid of scott walker. than about their perceptions of mayor barrett. like in the presidential race for republicans it's more of getting rid of barack obama. >> greta: if i'm correct, the candidate that mayor barrett beat, for the county secretary from madison had labor. labor wanted her, they didn't want the mayor. >> that was arguably wasted
7:26 pm
money. in an election in which you are being dramatically outspent by the other side and limited pool of funds, labor spent several million dollars for a candidate not on the ballot. >> greta: any thoughts, has there been statistical analysis on whether the collective bargaining statute put, it hasn't been put in very long, has it had any appreciable effect on the economy? budget and the state? >> it has had an effect on union membership. yes, different level of government in terms of what is spent on the contracts. it varies from community to community depending whether they signed the contracts or not. but it's still, you know, this is a pretty fresh issue that is being debated right up until election time. >> greta: any horrible hardship that arisen as a result of it? >> it depends who you talk to. >> greta: if you lost your job it is. >> if you're out of work, there is. >> greta: thank you. it will be interesting 24 hours here. >> thank you.
7:27 pm
>> greta: maybe if there is a recount more interesting. >> hope not too interesting. >> greta: not that interesting. nice to see you. plus we talk fraud tonight, possible voter fraud in wisconsin. eric holder sending justice department officials here. j.b. van hollen joins us. also, marine under arrest. protesting at a better barrett rally. streaming for walker and suddenly in handcuffs. fair or not? the full story coming up. >> he has the best record in creating jobs? tom barrett. you have got a new factory making windmills and new factory making solar panels here. he is the head of the regional economic council that turned the valley from a brown field to commercial success. nearly 4,000 new jobs. ♪ hallelujah
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>> greta: what about the other "r" word? recount? if the race is close is that in the cards? eric holder dispatched justice department officials to wisconsin to make sure the recall election goes without a hitch. is the wisconsin attorney general worried about the voter problems? joining us j.b. van hollen.
7:32 pm
>> good to see you. >> greta: i guess it's standard process to federal government send election officials out? >> it's routine they send people out and that i send people out. we do it for two different reasons. out to enforce voter right act to make sure people have interpreters if they need to at the poll and there isn't discrimination on race or gender or the inability to speak english. we send people out to make sure they abide by the law. heated campaign. >> greta: you do. >> heated -- >> greta: i didn't realize that. >> it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't electioniering going on and we get poll creep. we don't want to dissuade voters turning out the vote. turn-out can be huge. we'll get the true message from the voters. >> greta: how many people do you have sent out to watch polls? >> combined with the law enforcement in total probably 100 out there. out of department of justice we sent 17 teams.
7:33 pm
>> greta: how many on a team? >> two. prosecutor and special agent. >> greta: working with the justice department -- they send theirs from washington or two different satellites? >> two different satellites. again, two different causes. we work with the local law enforcement agencies. we are working with the district attorney and police department to make sure we have teams out there with them to coordinated effort. >> greta: from the outside, i suspect there is the appearance of some people is that you are a republican. eric holder, the attorney general, i assume he is a democrat. he has been nominated by a democratic president and this is dueling. the republicans and the democrats watching the polls. >> we have seen it for years. we have people out in theteamic party and republican parties watching the ol. it's professional, legal capacity.
7:34 pm
they have a job to do. we have a job to do to make sure we have integry any the election process in wisconsin, we don't have the voter fraud or people abinstructing the polling places. we give the good legal advice to poll worker. i want agents in the field so if something goes wrong we can go to the courthouse to clarify things. the next day is too late if we have problems with election integrity. >> greta: are you hearing anything? >> i'm not. >> greta: that is a good sign. >> we have been working on this for a lot of elections. >> greta: a lot in 14 months. experienced. >> we have had tremendous success making sure the polls run smoother all the time. we provided more training and people on the scene. >> greta: do you have to have a picture nied the state? >> not now. >> greta: a little controversy. >> that is a whole different story. absolutely. if we had photo i.d. requirement in the state which we had a few elections ago, put on hold by the courts, i
7:35 pm
think it reduces opportunity for potential voter fraud considerably. we don't have it. we have to be more individual leapt. >> greta: is there a history of voter fraud in state? >> there is. my office combined with the hat-trick attorney office and police department in the 2008 election in one county had 20 cases. >> greta: it's sloppy and people are just stupid about the rules or real fraud they try to undermine the integrity of election? >> real stuff. me fons voting or voting twice. wisconsin voting laws are liberal with a small "l" so it's easy to commit fraud if you want to. you don't see prosecution or investigation level that is going to come to the level of fraud that exists. is when you have some cases of fraud you catch being perpetrated, you know there is a multiplier effect and more we haven't caught. >> greta: fun election. >> i look forward to it.
7:36 pm
look forward to being back over here tomorrow night to watch it closely. >> greta: what do you do election day? check out the polls themselves? i assume you vote. >> at the polls voting. media interviews i think you might expect with regard to this issue. and others in general. i think governor walker has done a tremendous job for state of wisconsin. so i'll watch with some anxiety myself to see what the results are. i think he has taken the state. he has taken the public safety i'm concerned about in a positive direction. i look forward to hoping to have two-and-a-half more years to work him. >> greta: thank you, sir. i hope you have a good day tomorrow and there is no fraud. coming up, a loud rally in wisconsin with mayor tom barrett and president bill clinton. then it turns sour for a united states marine. why? you will see the full story and then you decide forous. milwaukee police went too far. and two minutes, more trouble. at the gsa. new investigation and finding that will knock your socks off. that is just ten minutes away.
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>> greta: the gsa famous for leaving you with $800,000 plus tab for vegas conference, party, has you now on the hook for bonuses. claire mccaskill internetting the gsa says the gsa paid more than $1 million in taxpayers money for bonuses. get this? bonuses for employees already under investigation by the i.g. for other wrongdoing or misconduct. 48 employees received average of eight bonus awards. one gsa officer who is reassigned after an ig investigation we received total of $38,000. supervisor who is recommended for interfering with an investigation received $20,000 in bonuses. senator mccaskill is expappasing the scope to examine all federal agency bonuses and writing a bill called accountbility in government act hoping to create safeguards to stop
7:40 pm
waste. go to gretawire to tell us what you think. back in two. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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>> greta: walker supporter marine arrested at a barrett rally. that is in 60 seconds. but first to ainsley earnhardt who has the other headlines. >> hey, greta. jury selection set to begin tomorrow for the trial of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. he is accused of molesting boys in ten-year period. they hoped to delay it but the request was denied by pennsylvania supreme court. the 68-year-old sandusky pleading not guilty to more than 50 criminal charges. judge ruled the alleged victims cannot use pseudonyms when they testify. the u.s. national transportation board now involved in the investigation of deadly air crash in lagos, nigeria. the american pilot of the nigh year january airline -- nigerian airlineer reported engine failure before it went down. killing all 153 people on
7:43 pm
board. the two black boxes have been recovered. i'm ainsley earnhardt. back to greta. ♪ ♪ >> arrest at pro-walker support at barrett rally is handcuffed. the walker supporter, retired marine david willowby at the clinton rally on friday. >> 25 years. don't wap anyone to -- [ inaudible ] >> when i dropped out of my union, you know what happened to me? my life was threatened. property stolen from my locker. my family had violence their way. it had to get an attorney. i had to go to safe place. collective bargaining is not a right. it's a privilege. show me the bill of rights where it's a right. thank you. it's a privilege.
7:44 pm
it's a privilege. bankrupting our country. one of the reason why corporations aren't staying in this country. >> greta: the police say he posed a threat with the large sign and asked him to move back from the area where the mayor and other dignitaries were. police say he failed to comply with the order and they arrested him and cited him with disorderly conduct. >> lock him up. >> i did not do anything in violation. >> fair or not? tea party express chair amy kraemer joining us. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: what happened with the willoughby? >> he was arrested and the video i saw, i don't know what he did. police officer was telling people he was arrested for civil arrest. he had a constitutional right to be there. we have protesters show up all the time in our rallies. they get in our faces and
7:45 pm
other things but they are not arrested. >> greta: i suppose the question is looking at the video, often times we don't have the whole video is whether or not with the sign, he was near the dignitaries. president clinton was there and secret service for good reason worried about the presidents. >> right. >> that is true. this is edited video. judging from what i saw, it didn't seem that he was around dignitaries or close. we can only see parts of it. >> greta: do you know him? >> i don't. >> know his father? >> i don't. >> member of tea party movement? >> i believe his father was member of tea party in florida. >> greta: what are you doing here? wisconsin? >> the tea party express brought the uss up here. here last august to support senators recalled then. here is shine the light on the good work the governors and senators have done. reforms are working. facts are the facts. it's good that sits of
7:46 pm
wisconsin are seeing that. we'll defeat the retall tomorrow. >> greta: it is interesting. i don't run into people in the short time i've been here who are undecided. it seems this is a question of who gets out to vote. do democrats get their people out to vote or republicans get their people out. >> i think that the grass roo roots, the people across the state, many already voted. this has been going on for weeks now. they understand the election. it will have a direct effect on what happens in november. >> why are you a member of the tea party? >> i don't like how washington is out of control. these people represent us and they need to listen to us. be beholden to us. they are spending our money. washington doesn't have money. they are spending money we don't have. it has to stop. who is going to rein them in but us, we the people? it's up to us. if not us, who? if not now, when? >> greta: have you been
7:47 pm
involved in politics your whole life? >> no, i a former flight attendant. >> greta: is the tea party your first experience in politics? >> it is. >> greta: what set you off? what as a flight attendant all of a sudden you woke up and say i'm going to be in the tea party? what was it? >> i stopped flying prior to my involvement. the out-of-control spending under bush administration. when president obama was elected we seen the spending continue at accelerated pace. we have can't continue down this road. >> greta: we'll watch to see what happens. after you leigh here you go to other states? >> focused on the senate to take the gavel out of reid's hands. >> greta: nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: straight ahead. are you about to meet the next generation fastest runner? it could be the hilarious video is next. also, it's a bird. it's a plane. it's a house. you will see one man's dream home. maybe it's yours, too. plus, a very painful bizarre sport at the olympics. brace yourself for this one. don't try this one at home, though.
7:48 pm
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>> greta: well, you have seen the top story, here is the best of the rest. first look at lindsay lohan as elizabeth taylor. she will play tv star in lifetime movie about liz's life.
7:52 pm
taylor died last year at age 79. what do you think of the lohan-taylor resemblance? go to greta wire and tell us. manual having entire big airplane, the 727 to yourself. it sounds good, doesn't it? one man in oregon has just that. but with a hitch. his airplane was grounded permanently in the woods. it's actually a future home. bruce campbell brought the 727-200 for $100,000. the plane has some problems with it, but not quite livable. he has taken the seats up in main cabin and still work on the plumbing. but one of the three bathrooms works so far. one major downside, there is no tv or radio so his ipod and ipad will have to do. why would he want to live in a plane? he says wood is terrible building material and the retired airliners are well designed. no, those are not your 7-year-old cousins have a fight. it's the shin-kicking championships. part of the olympics in england which has been around on and off since the 1600s.
7:53 pm
now the judge says the sport is a bit like wrestling but with a lot of contact below the knees. how do you win? well, you have to kick your opponent's shins and knock them down. match is best of three. you can't swipe your opponent judo style. what other sports occurred to host shin kicking? wheelbarrow race, sack race and tug-of-war. this looks a lot less painful than shin kicking, it's a crawling competition. 25 babies took to the mat and n lithuania big crawl. this is as much a test of parents luring the babies as the babies' crawling skill. parents dangling keys and phones to make it over the line. it's an annual event to mark the-up international child protection wing. and coming up, a giant celebration in london. you see prince charles play d.j. and even a weatherman. but he had a different role this weekend. is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation.
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>> greta: it's a huge show, the queen's diamond jubilee. celebrating 60 years on the thrown. crowds of people on the streets. >> congratulations 60 fantastic years! ♪ [ music ] . >> she's fab. >> fantastic. wonderful. she's a big part of who we are. >> amazing. >> dedicated her life to us. admire her for that.
7:59 pm
>> three resounding years for our majesty, the queen. hip hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! >> the queen will now light the national cathedral. >> and the celebration somewhat tempered as her husband was taken to the hospital for a bladder infection. and we wish him well. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night as results pour from the wisconsin recall.


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