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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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looking out for you. captioned by closedes, inc >> sean: in wisconsin, gubernatorial recall has garnered national attention. tomorrow, voters head to the polls to determine what direction they want their state to move on n. on one side, republican governor scott walker, fiscal conservative, who is looking to reign in out-of-control spending in the state. under governor walker wisconsin saw 23,000 jobs created last year, statewide unemployment rate of 6.7%, well below the national average. he has also managed to close a $3.6 billion deficit he inherited without raising taxes. now his opponent is milwaukee mayor tom barrett looking to appease big labor.
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make no mistake. the election tomorrow has far-reaching consequences and is considered a must-win for the democrats to try and puff up the deflating obama re-election effort. here with a preview of the race and give us update from the ground, pollster frank luntz with a special focus group of wisconsin voters. frank, this has gotten contentious. big battles. we saw what happened at the state house. is it still as divided as it was? >> it is still still divided and partisan. the question to ask my wisconsin voters right now has it really been something good for the state? >> nwhy or why not? >> it's divided the state along party lines. it brought in to question whether recall elections should be held when there are policy differences. >> yet, you think it's positive? >> i think it's a good thing. i like changes that happened in if state. it has brought issues to life that need to be dealt with. >> tell me why.
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>> these issues should have been talked about long ago. who is angry about the cost of this? >> it's positive what has happened but how he has done it has been very demoralizing. he has been vindictive to people who can afford it the least. >> vindictive. is walker vindicative? >> it's not positive the way he has done it. we haven't had discussions. he made decisions without our input. >> people are not doing. we need people to do the job they were elected for. >> is he doing a job? >> yes. >> you think he is. >> tough decisions have to be made. >> you don't think there should be a recall? >> absolutely not. >> if this this were a democrat-liberal you wouldn't trying to throw him out? >> no. >> we put up with clinton for eight years. >> sean: this is fundamental. what is happening in wisconsin is a small microcosm of what is going to happen nationally.
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the situation, governor walker ran on the platform, no secrets here. he ran on a platform and he followed through. he inherited $3.6 billion in budget deficit. now the state has a surplus. he has 23,000 new jobs in the state. 6.# unemployment. much lower than the national ample. are they not happy with the results knowing the state cannot continue to borrow and spend and create the deficits? i would think everybody would be happy. >> first question. do you believe the statistics, yes or no? who believes them? who does not believe them? you don't believe them? they're official numbers. >> like i said earlyer the numbers are the jobs are the jobs that walker created but it doesn't talk about the jobs walker has taken away. they outweight what is createded. >> are the minimum wage jobs? and we're losing high end jobs? that is not enough money for family of four to live on, jobs hee crease yea iting. >> it's minimum wage job or i?
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job but it's the government's job to get out of the way of business to hire people, so everyone succeeds and grows. >> hold on. you want to clarify. >> sean: one in the back there, frank. i want to address her. if you have $3.6 billion in a state budget deficit, small population relatively speaking and the governor says we have to pull back on some of benefit, make parity with the private sector and i can save everybody's job. nobody lost a job as a result of his plan. then he brought $3.6 billion to a surplus. how can you not stay it's a good thing for your state? >> it is good. but it's not all true. >> sean: what part is not true? >> job lost, incomes have gone down. >> sean: what part is not true? >> he's actually in the black.
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he falsely created a budget crisis. >> do you believe with that? >> no, not at all. i'd like to know where your statistics are coming from. i haven't seen iota of evidence that produces. >> i watch the news every day. i would like to know exactly where that came from. >> i want to make a point. this is important. we have reached a situation we can't agree on the simple facts. depending on which side you support even the facts themselves are debatable. how are you supposed to bring wisconsin together when you can't agree on simple numbers? >> the u.s. department of labor on their numbers and that will give you a step in the direction we're headed in. >> you have to bring people to the table. we have to come together and talk together. walker hasn't been willing to do that. >> when it came time to talk, the democrats left. how do we talk?
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>> that's because they knew they weren't willing to talk. they wanted to make decisions and make belts and they had to walk away. >> you don't take your ball and go home when you don't like how things are going. >> exactly. you don't just leave the state when you don't want to take a vote on something because you're not going to like it. >> i want to show the people the ad you saw earlier. we have two ads to show you. one is in favor of scott walker. what is interesting about the ad it scores very well, he looks straight to the camera without a jacket. he makes the appeal directly him to the voters of wisconsin. all the ads are polarizing. this was less polarizing than most. let's take a look. >> i have bad news for tom barrett and good news for wisconsin. the government just released the final job numbers. as it turns out, wisconsin actually gained -- that's right, gained more than 20,000 new jobs during my first year
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in office. add the jobs created this year and the total goes to 30,000. mayor barrett says this election is about jobs. i couldn't agree more. our reforms are working. we're removing -- we're moving wisconsin forward. >> over 80 for republicans. even the democratic number went up to 45. that is a big deal. those numbers have been confirmed by the government. 6.7%. i got to tell you something, there are a lot of states in the country with double-digit unemployment. how many union members in the audience? >> how many of you have been in a union or come from a union family? raise your hands. about half. >> i'm a union president. >> why is there contention between walker and the unions? why can't you get along? >> he would never come to the table. we tried to get him to the
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table and he wouldn't come to the table. it's not what he has done, it's the way he has done it. he has hurt the people at the bottom the worst. he didn't campaign on this. never mentioned it. >> they rush to sign contracts that were not going to make concessions. >> what about the teachers that swore they would educate the children and they decided to take off on their days when they were not supposed to and went to the capital and protest against the union rules they had installed in the past? >> i had to take a day off of work because my kids couldn't go to school because they were on strike. >> the whole union, the union membership has gone from the teacher union membership gone from 17,000 with a 30% decrease. those are members choosing to leave the teacher union. >> this is not just a brawl between politicians or philosophy. this is a brawl between the union and business.
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who is more likely to create a job or pay people fair wage? this is a motorcycle row chasm of what is -- microcosm of what is going on nationwide. >> sean: nobody lost their job. the facts are the facts. he did inherit a $3.6 billion budget deficit. now the state has a surplus. you were speaking to the union member i was thinking is she comfortable and happy with how the union acted when they went to statehouse and took over the statehouse and people didn't show up at work, when all governor walker was asking was that the same payments that the private sector making to their healthcare and retirement funds made by the unions. is that not fair? >> but the fact it's not talked about is the fact that over the last 15 years or mor more, the workers of the state of wisconsin have given up pay
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raises in order to maintain their benefit. then to have their benefit yanked out from underneath them in one month. >> the whole country -- >> so has the private sector. >> i pay 100% of my pension contribution out of my check. my wages dropped. >> i work for the state for six years and i didn't have a choice as to whether or not to be in the union. they pay the dues. if i did a better job than the guy next to me i got the same pay he did. >> i have some ads being run against scott walker that are quite effective. come up here and you wonder is this what is going to happen in the other 4 states? have we become so divided is there nothing to bridge the gap? >> sean: you are right. what is happening in wisconsin is coming to the united states now that we have $16 trillion, $5 trillion in new obama debt. we'll take a break. stay right. there you have a great focus group going on. we continue.
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then best selling author david donilolimbaugh reveals his new . it's described as the definitive indictment against the president. we'll tell you why. and then also david axelrod and what he said about marco rubio. it's shocking. that and more [ truck beeping ]
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. >> we continue to go to wisconsin where our own frank luntz is live with a special
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focus group on the eve of the recall vote. whether you're for the recall with the focus group or against the recall, whether you're democrat or republican, does everybody in that focus group agree that this in many ways could be a referendum on barack obama? what do they think about the fact that obama didn't have the courage to show up and take a position in this? >> it's good that you are a host and i'm a pollster. i'm not sure about the wording of that question. question, is this a referendum on obama? yes or no? who says yes. most of you say no. what do you think about obama not coming here? does it bother you at all? in the back. >> he was in neighbors states yesterday and flew right over wisconsin without having a presence here, i think sent a big message. washington wasn't fully supportive of barrett or confident he would end up the governor tomorrow. >> i think it's sign of
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weakness for the barrett campaign that the president wouldn't stand up. >> what does it say about barack obama? >> it says that he wanted to distance himself to it. >> he's weak. >> the democrats are running away from barrett? >> yes. >> so -- [ inaudible ] >> he has been in office and been in wisconsin two or three times. last year when the recall was starting to form, when people were screaming "recall, recall, recall" after scott walker took office obama came by, april or may of last year. >> i have an ad to show them but you have a question first? >> sean: i have a problem here. i have a hard time understanding how everyone doesn't acknowledge the simple fact. the state had a $3.6 billion budget deficit. i don't understand why in some people's minds that is in dispute. here is my question. the government said he'd have
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to fire people or have union members pay less than private sector employees. what i don't understand is some people in that room think that unions are showing a lack of concern about debt and deficits for future generations. are they showing a lack of concern for the other people that might otherwise get fired? >> your reaction? do unions care what about is going on? >> i think they care but i think they are looking out for their best interest. >> do they care? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i do not know. >> they have been around for 100 years a and you're not willing to give them an endorsement? >> i am not affected personally by the unions so i do not know. i can't take a stance on this. >> that you are saying the union employees are getting better benefit, but union employees take home lower salary compared to private industry. yes, they do. the numbers are there.
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>> 75% benefit for life. >> those are the average numbers. they take home less. >> who disagrees with her? >> again, sean, they don't agree on numbers. if you don't have an agreement on the fact it's impossible to have a civil debate. before we end the segment an ad that tom barrett is running that is quite effective and i want viewers to take a look at it. let's see it. >> across this state, people are asking for a new day and a different direction. someone who can stop the figh fighting and end the chaos. tom barrett. he will fight for jobs. backed by leaders like herb cole and families across wisconsin. because they know tom barrett will stand up for us. >> it's time to bring wisconsin together. i'm barrett. that is why i am running for governor. >> didn't crack the numbers of
9:19 pm
the walker ad, frank. >> it didn't. but it's the only one. there are so many of them and so contentious and negative you can see the division that happens behind me. >> sean: all right. frank luntz, listen, first of all, thanks to everybody there. this is a big election. if wisconsin can get their fiscal house in order so can the rest of country. thanks, even for people who disagree with me. thank them all for being with us. >> thank you, guys. >> sean: all right. coming up, you don't want to miss this. blockbuster. david limbaugh joins us in studio unveiling the newest book. called the great destroyer. encyclopedic book for the election. and there is an insult to marco rubio. you have won't believe it. and only a few short hours away, bill clinton doesn't agree with barack obama's
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passive approach to this critical race. dick morris is next with details on the battle between obamas and the clintons. straight [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him. every step of the way. ♪ visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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>> sean: voters prepare to
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head to the poll in wisconsin, obama and romney campaign keeping a close eye on the result of the recall. recent weeks republicans have been flocking to wisconsin to support governor scott walker. however, that is not the case when it comes to democrats. the two most prominent figures in that party appear to be at odds again. president obama and former president bill clinton have taken different approaches when it comes to the recall. on one side, former president bill clinton maintained a high profile in wisconsin. but as he proudly campaigns alongside barrett the white house is fumbling to figure out if the president even has an opinion on the race. watch this. >> tuesday is the recall election in wisconsin. tom barrett. the democratic candidate. and governor scott walker. does the president endorse scott walker? >> not that i'm aware of. i'll take the question. >> sean: carney took to twitter hours after the exchange to confirm that the
9:25 pm
president does support barrett. that wasn't enough. because president obama just tweeted that he is standing by tom barrett. glad everyone is finally up to speed. this, of course, is not the first time that bill clinton publicly undermine team obama. last week, he appeared on television praising republican presidential candidate mitt romney. take a look. >> there is no question that getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing the essential function of the office, a man who has been governor and sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. >> sean: sterling? now to talk about the national implications of this wisconsin race tomorrow, is the author of "screwed." the former clinton advisor, dick morris. i don't think bill clinton ever got over "then playing the race -- them playing the race card" on him. he knows if he says that
9:26 pm
romney is qualified and sterling record he knows it will be picked up. what is going on with clinton here? first, while the title of my book relates to the u.s. getting hose by foreign country in this case it applies to the democratic candidate in wisconsin and what obama is doing to him. tweet right before the election. >> sean: three hours before the polls open. >> what an endorsement. bill clinton does not want barack obama to win. i have spoken to several good friends who are staunch conservatives who have had exchanges with bill clinton in private. at one point one of them quotes him as saying, "you have six months to save the country." he never liked obama. they never got along. he is an in-law in a sense because she is in the
9:27 pm
administration. he has to do what he has to do, what he did today to run around helping him raise money, and is going to do tonight. but a little jab here or there, you can count on clinton to do it. this wasn't such a little jab. this was throwing obama under the bus. obama's whole campaign is based on the idea that romney is not a venture capitalist, but a vulture capitalist. here he comes out and says he had a sterling business career. crosses the threshold for qualification to be president. the exact opposite of what the candidate is saying. >> sean: look at what maureen dowd of the "new york times" writes the following -- on friday night the nation's capital under a tornado watch. that was the best thing that happened to the white house all week. she mentioned clinton and clinton's positive comments about romney and she talked about for example george w. bush and the media almost wanting him back. which is amazing.
9:28 pm
which speaks voluels about where -- volumes about where obama is. bad job numbers on friday. it can't recall a week we can go back and say the president had a great week. the president campaign is on message. the president is resonating. the polls are moving in his direction. i can't remember that week. can you? >> of course not. it's really important. we're criticizing him from the right. but what is really important is there is also a storm criticism of him from the left. whereas every vote we switch to romney is two votes, every vote they get to stay home is one vote. increasingly theteams are saying he can't get anything done. he can't pass acts in congress. too weak in facing congress. compromises too much. he is too uninvolved which was dowd's point. gitmo is open. he took a long time to
9:29 pm
withdraw troops. left criticisms of obama. >> sean: let's look at, now i see this video, we go back to the beginning of the recall. ed rendell former governor of pennsylvania said this is a mistake going forward with the recall. the unions are there en masse. they spent millions and millions of dollars. people are seeing this. if this doesn't work out for union and democrats tomorrow what does it mean for 2012? >> it's a disaster for obama. go back to when the administration started. the pendal, the occupy movement. the first demonstration and occupy was a spin off of that. this is supposed to be the coming of the left of the democratic party. the answer to the tea party. here they run where obama carried it by 16 points. 15 points. >> sean: yeah. >> walker won it by like one point. now he is going to win that
9:30 pm
recall probably by several points. it clearly shows that wisconsin is probably going to go republican as are many of these swing states. but there is a more important thing. this is d-day for education in the united states. we have tried everything else. you need school choice to get away from tenure. and to get from merit-pay to teachers. scott walker advanced the program. if he is recall nod governor in america will touch it again. if he wins the recall it's a green light for the fundamental kind of reform at the state and local government levels. the real candidate candidates is are the school children. >> sean: david -- appreciate it, dick morris. david limbaugh is coming up and he unveils his new book and why he believes the president has become the "great destroyer of america." limbaugh is here to show us how the administration attacked every aspect of american life. you don't want to miss the you don't want to miss the revealing interview and much [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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>> sean: tonight we continue to do what the main stream media will not do. vet the president. back in 2008, president obama promised that if elected, he would bring hope and change to the country. well, my next guest says we got the change that he promised. but none of is it for the better. after examining the president's numerous executive orders, questionable appointments, david limbaugh reached one conclusion. that is the president's administration is waging war on the american way of life. now his latest sure to be best seller is hailed as the definitive indictment against the obama administration and joins me now in studio to explain why. good to see you. how are you? >> good. i said this before, you have done work for me over the years. >> sean: as an attorney. full disclose sure, or hourie curtihowiekurtz will have a heat attack. the first chapter in the book is war on america. i want to show how obama
9:36 pm
blames the american people. he blames everyone for anything. but show how he blames the american people. >> we lost our ambition, our imagination. and our willingness to do the things that built the golden gate bridge. and the hoover dam. and unleashed all the potential in this country. we have been a little bit lazy in the last couple of decades. we have have taken for granted people will want to come here and we aren't out there hungry selling america and trying to attract new businesses in to america. >> sean: americans aren't hungry, we have lost our imagination. >> it's shameful. charles krauthammer said it's ill-conceived, ill-concealed content. he is so narcissistic he can't accept responsibility for his own economic policies and he still blames george bush after three years and now he is talking about the american people being soft and lazy. i'll tell you what they are,
9:37 pm
entrepreneurs. they are scared. scared to hire because of the massive regulations in obamacare. there have been surveys saying they are on hold. he increased the regulation in his war on business like we have never seen before. people are at a standstill. he think just hire more people. he gives a speech, hire people. he thinkous can hire just because you want to as a matter of valition even if you don't have demand. >> sean: you have 100 pages of end notes and index in the book. the research you have done is exhaustive frankly just reading that part of it. here is my question. when you say "war on america," is it that he doesn't believe in capitalism? is it that he has been sort of indoctrinated in this liberal ideology that he believes in it? >> i don't think he believes in the american idea. i don't think he believes in the constitution or the constitutional republic. he says democracy is messy. he wishes he had it like
9:38 pm
china. he says it tongue and cheek but now he says he wishes he could get things done as if he had sole power. the thing is that people forget, he did get things done. he got his way. you mention this on your show. he got obamacare and the stimulus done, he promised he wouldn't, unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. he got his way and it did go above 8%. he owns it. hold him accountable. >> sean: what do you think it is, though? is it that the america that has made us prosperous and successful? you go in to this about oil and economy and attacks on conservative, too numerous to mention. what is it that he believes? where does this come from? >> i think that he believes that in a more socialistic form of government, business cannot create jobs without prompting of the federal government. that's why he gave the speech where he talked about teddy rozvelt, on to businesses, antitrust and all of that. implying we conservatives
9:39 pm
believe in unbridled markets and we would about even regulate under the rule of law or antitrust laws. that is not true. we need freedom. we need businesses to operate in a free environment with lower taxes. lower regulations. so they can do their thing. he has no idea. never met a payroll. >> sean: after i watched the research you did, a i said it's exhaustive. what do you fear the most if he were to get re-elected? >> the things he has done even with an election pending in six months or so are frightening. he is still doubling down on the keynesian spending on the debt. refusing to rein in the debt or lead senate to give us budget after 1100 or so days. it fear he would do more administrative end runs around congress. more abuse of authority with executive power and create more debt. we only have a two or three-year window according to experts if you listen to what paul ryan has said. i can't emphasize how grave the situation is.
9:40 pm
we're not just being sensationalistic or hyperbolic. the future of the country turns on this election. >> sean: you think it's turning point election. here is my next question. why is it that so many people fail to recognize the failure, his policies they defend it to the death? have the american people shifted their mind set and condition perhaps to believe that this, you know, spreading the wealth is the answer? are there too many people dependent on government? >> i'm optimistic and i i believe more people than you think -- not your, but people think -- are optimistic about the american spirit. if he gets defeated there will be an unleashing of optimism like we've never seen before and i think he will be defeated. not withstanding the fact that 49.5% of the people are not paying income tax anymore. i think people will vote him out. i think he's less popular than the main stream media would have us believe.
9:41 pm
the record is abysmal failure. people can see it. terrible failure. >> sean: i read the book and you go from everything the war on economy, war on culture, war on value, the war on oil, the war on energy and then the national security, you go through the whole thing. i was surprised. i almost call this encyclopedic because it's chapter and verse on his presidency. i found there was so much i forgot. do you think people forget? it's almost been on a daily basis -- >> no question. we have almost become numb to it because there is an overwhelming amount of evidence of things he has done. this is almost humorous. when i finished writing the book i had 12,000 articles and 57 folders. not exaggerating. overwhelming. and 5.5 months and went through the editing process. it started reading it and preparing for the interviews. i was overwhelmed railing it again. there is so much he has done. you can read it and you lived
9:42 pm
it all. >> sean: i was -- no, what it does, you put it all -- it puts it all together. >> that is the point. i want people to see it together because the evidence is overwhelming. this is our kids' futures we're dealing with and i'm not making this up to sell books. of course i want to sell books, but i would not want to sell any bock if he gets elected. i would trade anything for that. get him defeated. we have to defeat him. >> sean: do you feel that america has we know goes away? >> yes. we'll lose america for a generation. he is undermining our defense capabilities, he's taking, driving us over the financial cliff. he has a war on business and war on oil. developing the quicked soic green goggling and billions of dollars down the drain, corrupt. something like we have never seen. i can't believe people are not more up in arms. they will be if they read the book. facts are here1. 300-footnotes. all there. >> sean: "the great
9:43 pm
destroyer." thank you. national syndicated columnnist on most of the big web site, conservative site. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: time to check in with greta van susteren. you are in wisconsin. >> greta: it's a great state. the great state of wisconsin. >> sean: where is your cheesehead? >> greta: is that what you are asking? i left it off camera. >> sean: thigh is why you have the yellow jacket on. i got it. >> greta: that is packer colors. goalkeeper and gold. i didn't wear green i thought it would be -- >> sean: obvious. >> greta: anyway, we have a great night tonight. unbelievable what is going on in the state. historic recall election. we have governor scott walker and much more about what is going on. you can feel it in the air. very exciting time here in the state. we have all the very latest. unbelievable issues that people are fighting about. it's fascinating. sean, i expect you to watch tonight. >> i'll be watching tonight. as will everybody. a big election coming up tomorrow. greta is on the scene. as always, see you in 17 short
9:44 pm
minutes. >> greta: thank you. >> sean: all right. coming up next, with average americans turning their backs on the celebrity president, he is enlisting some of his left wing hollywood friends to star in campaign ads. we'll show you these ridiculous videos. also wait until you hear david axelrod insulting marco rubio. wait until you hear this. we have the video. we'll play it for you coming [ male announcer ] today a mom will see her doctor. a dad will get a screening. ♪ a little one will get a vaccine. and a teen will talk with the doc. ♪ right now, millions of americans are using their preventive benefits from the health care law. you can, too. not just because there may be no insurance copays or out-of-pocket costs. but because of all those tomorrows you want to see. use your benefits today. learn more at
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>> sean: tonight great, great american panel. author of the book "outnumbered." jejedediah bila. and advised to presidential campaign. pat caddell is in the house. she, is a republican congressman from tennessee. marsha blackburn is back. all right. this is pretty outrageous. the unemployment under barack obama from 10.3 to 11% for
9:49 pm
hispanic americans so talk that marco rubio might be the presidential choice for mitt romney. reason to what axelrod says on univision television. listen to this. >> the polls show that president obama will win the hispanic vote but will it change if mitt romney chooses marco rubio as the runningmate? >> it would be insult to the hispanic community to choose senator rubio if governor romney thinks that is a get out of jail free card for the things and the positions he has taken. >> sean: how about a get out of jail free card with hispanic community unemployment at 11%. what do you think? >> outrageous. this is the 4th straight month of unemployment over 8%. people should be absolutely incensed with comments like this. pew i think it's further indication that this president love hardworking taxpayers. they do not listen to him. they are ready to vote no,
9:50 pm
vote against him. i think axelrod knows they lost. >> sean: i think pat that shows fear of rubio. >> fear across the board. axelrod looks like he is on pills. he's very calm. he has been out in boston doing this stuff. >> he is like frenetic. he is not the candidate. he is supposed to be -- >> that is a great point. where is he? >> where are the surrogates? >> sean: the question i want the media does obama agree with that attack? a rising star. everybody i know wants rubio. >> that's why they have done it. conservatives behind rubio. >> sean: you want rubio? >> i love him. he immediately disarms the left and elitist on the left, smart intelligent guy with sound solutions. he has been a conservative
9:51 pm
here. a great choice. they know that. that is why they go in for the kill. >> sean: did you hear it's terribly unfail for the president on the failing economy? according to liberal krugman? unfair to judge the president on his record. >> that is amazing to me. this president, if he had done everything he wanted to do we wouldn't recognize ourselves now. he has done obamacare and dodd-frank. all these things. people in my district, fedex or joe creating something in the garage. they're just saying with're overregulated. we are overtaxed. >> sean: he can't run on his record. >> these people are still blaming bush. you can't blame obama but you can still blame bush. >> we have a lot to get to. president is begging anna wi
9:52 pm
winthorpe, and sarah jessica parker and you can win a dinner with the president if you donate enough money. nanny bloomberg is now at it again. he doesn't want you to have a coke bigger than 16-ounces but smoking pot in new york is fine. no problem. more of the great, great, great american panel coming up straight ahead. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next?
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okay, the guy who ended the war in iraq and says you should be able to marry anyone you want and the guy that created 4 million new jobs, that guy, president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14. i want you to be there, too. but go to for your chance to win and the contest ends tomorrow night. so go right here. right now. because we need him. and he needs us. >> sean: the timetable was set. 4 million job. what is she smoking? >> pulled them out of the white house talking points. that is the only place i hear 4 million jobs said from axelrod and the white house talking points. >> sean: we have fewer people working than when he took over. how does she get away with this? >> this is amazing because it's like krugman's piece this morning. talk about fantasy land, republicans are responsible. two years when he had total control of the government. veto-proof majorities. then we have this, with the
9:57 pm
celebrities. tell you what the real problem is. he's raising money at $38,000 and then attacking people giving him the money. out there saying i'm for the common man. who is he for? this. this! unemployment goes crazy. he is out with clooney. where is his problem? with the blue collar democrats and people struggling. >> sean: people in ohio -- >> playing the celebrity card will kill him. >> i agree with you. he has lost the middle class. you have more people than ever right now on government assistance. people have had it not being able to make a living or get a raise. they are frustrated. this is him going after the youth vote and team vote. female vote. if they're not enthusiastic he loses. carving up the country to do
9:58 pm
so. >> sean: now we have nanny bloomberg. we had a big coke on the set. 64-ounces. i'm surprised hay didn't arrest me. you have to ask for salt in a new york restaurant. you have can't smoke out in the outdoors in new york. smoking is bad, dumb, stupid, i got it. but the same guy is going to decriminalize marijuana to a certain extent. >> the nanny state, this is over the top. look at what he is doing with food. then he comes along with this. >> sean: this is the problem, all the people that get stoned they want to go to mcdonald's. no big mac is available. they have to eat a small mac. >> they can't get a drink. >> if you want a diet coke it has aspertane in it. they will cut that out. >> sean: what is next? you can't buy a ribeye, you have to buy a two-ounce steak.
9:59 pm
>> it's not about that. he supported national doughnut day. >> sean: exactly. >> this is not about food. this is about control. this is about government control. he's comfortable with that. >> sean: i don't want the government in my life. >> you have a certain complex running our lives. i don't get it. this thing about the marijuana thing was so funny. here is the difference. you see in the upper east side, where he hangs out, that is very popular. marijuana is -- >> sean: i have no clue what you are saying, upper east side. >> upper east side of new york. obesity in new york, if you to around new york, this is the one city there are thinner people particularly in america. particularly the women. >> sean: obesity is a real deal. but that is where parenting comes in. if i want -- >> personal responsibility. >> sean: leave my alope. >> make your own decision. government out of the way. >> the government is a proper role toai


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