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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 5, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> all eyes on wisconsin today. just about three hours the polls open for the historic recall election between scott walker and tom barrett. some say the race is always turning into a test for president obama. steve brown is life in madison with more on this for us. good morning, steve. >> good morning patti ann. yesterday is decision day in the state of wisconsin after voting is concluded today but functions as a referendum on scott walker's tenure as governor of
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wisconsin. he knows that. it has been an aggressive campaign season although brooi yated. the governor has maude note of barack obama's notable absence from wisconsin. >> the white house and political allies as president are scared and their candidate doesn't win that may be a sign for the fall leblgs. >> we heard from the president in the form of a tweet yesterday which reads this. it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow. i am standing hined tom barrett. he would make an outstanding governor. a very intense get out the vote effort on his behalf. he let people know constantly that he needs their vote today. >> i don't have any desire to be the rock star of the far right and maybe to the disappointment to some of you i don't even want to be the rock star to the far left. i can't sing i can't dance but
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what i can do is i will work with you to restore trust to state government>> there are an awful lot of group that is try to venture into the state of wisconsin that tried to make an impact on the democratic party. the state of minnesota fought volunteers. howard dean's organization democracy for america it says it may the first hour of phone banking 28 thousand calls into wisconsin. very intense on both sides. patti ann? >> the wisconsin recall the big talker today. many are talking about whether the results will be the referendum. you the voter are also weighing in on the issue. >> frank luntz talked with a group of voters. here's what they thought. >> is this a referendum on barack obama yes or no? >> who says yes?
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you say yes you say no. what do you think about obama not even coming here does that bother you at all? >> the fact that he was in neighboring states yesterday and flew right over wisconsin without having friends here i think that's a big message. washington wasn't fully supportive of barrett or confident he would end up governor tomorrow. >> i think it's a seen of weakness for the campaign the president wouldn't stanned up. >> what does it say about obama? >> he doesn't want to be connected with it. stay tuned to fox and friends. they will have more from the wisconsin focus group. the rocker hitching a ride from air force one so he can sing at fawned razor. the president in the big apple
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for three big events and bringing out the big guns former president bill clinton joining him as well. with more on this molly henneberg joining us from washington, d.c. >> good morning molly. >> good morning ainsley and patti ann. governor mitt romney had a sterling business record last night at a handful of fund raisers in new york city the former president said elt electing mi -- electing mitt roo be colamathus for the country. >> if we ever get out of this thing we are going to cut taxes so much we explode the debt and see just how high we can drive interest rates. that is their economic policy. it was their economic policy and it is and it doesn't work. president obama raised $3.6 million at the events last night. in his remarks the president told supporters he has kept
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government spending in check. >> the two presidents over the last 30 years, 40 years who have had the lowest increases in government spend, you are looking at them right here. they are on this stage. >> that drew a quick response from the romney campaign which said that the idea of president obama as a fiscal conservative is quote laughable. a spokesman continued in a statement saying quote after promising to cut the deficit in half the president has presided over 5 trillion in new debt and $1 trillion deficit after another. this is another attempt by president obama to distract voters from his three years of wasteful spending that has fail to do get our economy moving again. there was star power last night as you saw. rocker jon bon jovi sang for the crowd and road on air force one
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back to washington. >> thank you. as we heard molly saying last week president clinton praised governor romney's time at bain despite the attacks by team obama. he told sean hannity what he thinks is behind the comment. >> bill clinton does not want barack obama to win. i have spoken to several good friends who are staunch conservatives who have had a lot of exchanges with bill clinton in private and at 1.1 of them quotes him as saying you have six months to save the country. he never liked obama. they never got along. he is an in law in a sense because she is in the administration. he has to do what he has to do which is what he is going to do. what he did today helping him raise money and he is going to do again tonight. when it comes to a little jab here or there you can count on
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clinton to do it. this wasn't such a little jab it was throwing obama under the bus. he went on to say another important fact is criticism of the president is coming not only from the right but also from the left. patti ann's time for your 5@5:00. we have learned abu al-libi the top man is was the focus on strikes. a no haven for terrorists. a u.s. official says fewer than 5 people were hit in two-days of strikes. u.s. says they are successfully eliminating terrorists. >> it is proven to be a brutal wildfire season. show you all of the wildfires they are battling righted now. one wildfire already forcing some residents to flee their
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homes. 200 acres already burned there. in new mexico massive 200 thousand acre blaze producing so much smoke it can be seen by satellite. check out these pictures by nasa. allowing some residents to return home after being evacuated. the 4th and final day of the queen's jubilee going on today without one important guest. hours before the concert the queen's husband hospitalized with a bladder infection. a spokesperson says it was a precautionary measure and the 90-year-old would remain there the next few days. many people in the crowd are krital after how this happened after he spent hours in the freezing rain on a boat. he turns 91 on sunday. coming up we will have a live report from london. the money is apparently coming in for trayvon martin brchl turning back to jail the defense
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fund was getting an average of 1,000 dollars per day. since he turned himself in that number has spiked. estimated he has raised 230,000 dollars in donations. a judge revoked his bond after prosecutors claimed he and his wife lied about their finances. they will seek a new bond hearing and the couple entends to apologize. fighting to stay alive today. a good samaritan spotted this injured bald eagle on the side of the road in washington state took him in to a local animal hospital. this when they first saw this bird evidences too weak to stand up. he has since made some progress. >> he's moving that's a good sign. he tries to move away when you go in there. hopefully he will be flying arounded in here in a week or so and feeling better and he will be able to be released. that's the hope. >> he has no broken bones. the doctors think he ate
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something toxic. the plan is to move him to the washington state university school of medicine where doctors can conduct more tests and provide around the clock care. those are your 5:00 headlines. >> and it is time now for your first degree weather update with maria molina. good morning maria. >> good morning. we are looking at temperatures relatively on the warm side already early this morning across the center of the country. the reason for that is we have a strong storm system starting to impact the pacific northwest from seattle to northern parts of california that is where it will be on the north side today. we have some of the warm air pulling northward and strong winds. we still have the wildfires ongoing. unfortunately the winds will aggravate the wildfires southwest including the state of arizona, nevada and also utah. we will be keeping a close watch
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on. otherwise already warm in dallas, texas. 80 degrees now very early this morning. still on the cool side across the northeast. we are in the 50s in clevelanded and new york city. we have an area of low pressure that is pulling the cold air from canada. there will be a slight chance for a shower or two but it will be much drier today than it was yesterday northeast. we have a chance for pretty heavy downpours from the caroli karolina coastline. grab your umbrella as you head out the door. heavy downpours across portions of washingtonianed ainsley and patty ann we will be seeing snowfall from this system. incredible stuff. not getting the memo. it's june. >> oh, really. >> thanks maria. 11 minutes after the hour. it is 3, 2, 1 for the manhein
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manheined -- man behind 999. >> the gsa paid out more than a million dollars in bonuses for employees being investigated. first this morning prices at the pump the average nationally 3.57. ♪
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you will need protective eye wear on telescopes to see it. nasa will be streaming the event on the web site. another won't take place until the year 2117. ainsley will still be around. >> i don't think so. stories you can bank on this morning the stock market still feeling the impact from friday's dismal jobs report. lauren simonetti from the box if is n business network has more n that. >> difficult to look at your 401 k's. the dow down again yesterday. new closing lows down 17 points at the end. negative for the year. we are looking closer to 11,000 than 13,000. it is rough on wall street. >> facebook stocks a big flop.
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>> 11 days ago it became a public company. it closed at a new low 26.90. the tradeling days are down in 7 of them. it is pretty ugly. they are facing becauses and everything else. >> men and woman are salary capped. what are the ages? >> starts right out of college. 9,000 dollar difference between the genders. then we both see the same sort of increases until the age of oh 30. that's when women start to flat toe at 29 years old at 60,000 dollars but men keep making money all of the way to 48 with average of $95,000. this all comes from a compensation firm>> go oo. >> it is 17 minutes after the hour. the comblier of new york wants to ban soda. but pot? that's okay. the airlines and hotels nickel and diming you more than ever.
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there are ways to get arounded that. your ticket to savings.
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>> quick headlines for you. a car crash that killed 3 stew gen dents in ohio has claimed another life. the high school senior died yesterday. the 18-year-old driver also killed when his car flew off the road into a ditch. both were suppose to do graduate that weekend. they have ruled out drugs or alcohol claiming the accident
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now on speeding. a new name will be added to the fb aishgs ten most wanted list. a new name would replace adam mays. he killed himself last month after killing his girlfriend's mother and daughter. airlines are announcing more crazy fees and regulations. spirit airlines says it will raise the carry on fees to $100 and united will no longer allow families with small children to board early. we have brought in personal finance expert vera gibbons has tips on how to relax. if you drive madon't skip the tuneup. it's a bad idea. you want to make sure everything is working properly.
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if you give your car greater fuel economy and greater fuel efficiency. >> if you are going to fly how to you avoid all of this? >> last year we paid 2.5 billion in baggage fees alone. so iveng if you go to an airline get it to dodge a lot of these fees. you should run calculations, run the fees run the numbers. over 300 fees it looks like across all of the different airlines. you can make your choice accordingly. before you book you should go there and see. there is quite a few discrepancies from one airline to the next. it's not all listed when you do the search engine. you also might be booking a hotel. big fares are up but they are taking cue from the airlines. there are fees to check in early a fee to watch your bag, a fee for self parking.
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the only thing you need to do here is prioritize your amenities gym access, free wi-fi and find a hotel that includes it. confirm it before you officially look. >> want to tell you about the hidden fees. >> then of course you might be renting a car. what about the insurance? >> 25 percent of consumers actuallyened up getting insurance at the counter because they don't know whether or not they are covered. if you have auto insurance chances are you have adequate coverage. if not your auto insurance policy you might be through the credit card issue call both. your auto insurance company credit card issue. am i covered are there restrictions or limitations or am i good to go. before you move to the counter you don't want coverage. >> it's not really cheap. >> you say use books and coupons. >> this is for the food. every city has an entertainment book go to for savings locally.
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groupon some of the others. there are kids eat free across the country. museums, zoos, parks. they often have discounted rates during the course of the week or sometimes free admission depending on where you go. >> people have triple a they don't realize what they get with it. >> they can have a 10 percent discount just for having aaa. >> great advice there. the time 25 after the hour. coming up mission accomplished. a secret flame being used by the air force about to land after a year in orbit. we will have the details on that coming up. did you get a bonus this year? mr. hot tub did. you remember him? why the gsa is handing out millions to employees who are under investigation. we will have that story. on this day in history in 1956 elvis presley is a hound dog on the local show.
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>> welcome back to f"fox & friends first". >> after months of campaigning it is decision day in wisconsin. within three hours voters will decide if they want scott walker to remain or choose to recall him. doug luzader is live in
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washington with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. big day. wisconsin officials are expecting high turnout for this election and the entire nation is going to be watching. scott walker goes to the polls and will finish the day. this has been a gruelling and very expensive race. >> sick and tired of the recall and sick and tired of 16, 17 million has been spent in tax payer's money on this recall. people are sick of it. they are sick of all of this particularly last week. real dooz sees in terms of them out there attacking us. people are tired. they will be ready to paining jum wednesd -- to wake up wednesday morning and not be insulted. >> he signed a law that unions fear will hurt the state.
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a successful recall petition drive. finally this rematch today with walker's oh 2010 opponent milwaukee mayor tom barrett. >> need your help on tuesday. i will end the civil war that scott walker started. that's what this is all about. it's about restoring trust having a governor who will focus on jobs. he took his eye off the prize. >> it is kind of a warm-up to november's presidential election. ment owe b president obama has reluctant to get involved. in a trip to the midwest he carefully avoided wisconsin. he offered a tweet. election day in wisconsin. ism standing by tom barrett. he would make an outstanding governor. walker's reform effort has had an impact on unions. one of the state's largest public sector unions already lost more than half of the members. president obama has been
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criticized some for being absent from the recall race. as we told you earlier last night he tweeted his support for the democratic challenger. jay carney had to push back against the idea that the president is distancing himself from the vote in case tom barrett loses. if you talk to the campaign i am sure they can give you more details about how that poet is handled. you have a situation in wisconsin where the election resulted in a recall petition. but the president absolutely
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stand behind tom barrett. there are a lot of factors in that contest that make it unique. the money being spent as one thing. the fact is that the president thinks his opposition to those who would take away worker's rights an action that would take away or diminish worker's rights he also made clear that his support for tom barrett. last night on special report the panel took on the presidential wisconsin recall. here is carlson's take. it's a profound moment the biggest labor story in the last couple years. the core of it is the sitting president. it's not claer to me how the president in the face of what looks like a loss here can look at organized labor and say i am on your side. at some point he will have to account for why he wasn't in the middle of this battle. >> fox and friends will have
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more on this topic on the recall from bill o'reilly and wisconsin schoolteacher as well. time for your 5@5:30. not only did the gsa waste your money they paid employees extra to do it. claire mchaskel declaring they paid more than a million dollars in bonuses to employees being investigated the inspector general. former regional commissioner jeff neeley who helped plan the bash scored a 9,000 dollar bonus a total of 84 employees got bonus us. >> secret mission accomplished after a year of sishlging the earth it is ready to lands. it looks like a mini space shuttle and is only the second to fly in space. those who inspected the plane before it launched were in bio hazard suits leaving many to leave there were radioactive items on board.
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the comblier of the city and police commissioner are backing a plan to de criminalize the public possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana. cops would only issue violations to people busted with marijuana on them. smoking pot in public will be a miss neern. -- misdemeanor. >> a 25-year-old woman lost her footing in california he's eaton canyon and tumbled 100 feet. there's no way they should have survived that fall. rescue crews were able to reach her and hoist her into a helicopter above. take a look at the rescue worker he is literally hanging on to her. he had to pull the stretcher and himself into the chopper. the woman is expected to be okay. >> also caught on camera a grown woman grabbing a cleat out of a 12-year-old's hand. he was at a charity softball
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game. oo (inaudible) >> he found out what happened once the video was made public he got in touch with him they met up he gave him his cheats and jersey. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather. you need your umbrellas again this morning. >> the good news is in the northeast it will be a drier day today. we are not expecting that much of heavy downpours as we had to deal with yesterday across the northeast. they weren't that heavy yesterday to begin with across areas like new york city, philadelphia. further off to the north across the state we saw the heavier rain. it will be a lot lighter out there as well.
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not really anticipating too many weather delays because of these isolated showers. definitely a dry day but on the cool side. in alabama georgia and south tarryl line gnaw. as you head out the door and northwest a strong storm system is moving in bringing in rain and wind and snow in the highest elevations. as we head into the afternoon hours we will see thunderstorms as well firing up along the southeast that could produce severe weather as well. center of the country 96 high in dallas. 91 in rapid city south dakota warmer there than in parts of florida. >> lindsay lohan and liz tailor
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reveals. here's another picture post the on tmz. the movie is based on a true story of taylor's romance with richard burton. you are not alone is the theme song from titanic. my heart will go on makes you nauseas every time you hear it. ♪ >> celine dion admits the song makes her sick. how many times i have sung it maybe it will get me sick. if kate feels tired and like throwing up i am glad she was not the one sipping it. she refers to kate winslet there. wowed the judges last night on america's got talent. he served in afghanistan in 2009 when he got hit by a grenade frying to save a fellow soldier.
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he left with a brain injury. but singing helps him get through. ♪ >> he got a standing ovation. now for your starting lineup a roundup of all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. what a difference a week makes. the spurs now in a three game losing streak after winning 20 straight. the thupder beat them 108 to 103 in the conference finals.
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>> they are one man away from their first ever stanley cup. they beat the devils 4-0 in the finals. 22 saves 4 hits, third shutout of the playoffs. nasc nascar. he made threatening comments to a reporter he was already on probation for bumping the back of ryan newman's car last month. the probation now extended. >> too it is now 40 minutes after the hour. frightening study about your prescription drug. failing to send recall notifications for 1-5 the most serious category. he served in iraq and afghanistan. now that he is home he is having problems renting an apartment. her peace activism presents a conflict of interest. we will hear from him next. [ male announcer ] every day, the world gets more colex.
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and this is what inspires us to create new technology. ♪ technology that connects us to everhing the world has to offer and vice versa. ♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer, and faster than ever before. ♪ technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day.
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>> the cia calling for a major pull back in iraq. the agency will reduce its presence for 40 percent of war time levels. exactly when is classified. the u.s. has been scaling back diplomatic and training missions in the country following u.s. military forces. casey anthony may not have to worry about being recognized. a source says she is gained so much weight no one knows who she is. the new look is giving her the confidence to leave the house more often without worrying about being reck niedzed. >> -- recognized. >> in london today is marking the final day of the diamond jubilee celebration.
2:45 am
amy kellogg is live from london. hi ainsley. the streets are really packed. i must say i have lived in this city for several years even i was surprised how many people had come out to greet the queen. even along the streets i don't think her pro tegs will travel along there. there are strong of people waving flags early this morning. behind me is the road that runs from buckingham ham palace. there are streams out there broadcasting the service. the queen's husband prince philip is still in the hospital taken in yesterday with a bladder finks. he will stay in the hospital for several days. the queen's lady in waiting accompanied her in the bentley to the service and members of
2:46 am
the royal family of course will be with her on the return from the service there was a beautiful concert last night outside buckingham palace full of all sorts of stars from difrpt decades differe-- differm different eras including stevie wonder. elton john. the highlight will be the carriage procession when the queen returns from palace today. 160 horses all of the perfect pomp and ceremony that the people are out to see. >> all of the pag gentry so exciting. it is 46 after the hour. a frightening study just released claims the fda failed to notify doctors and the public of more than 1-5 serious drug recalls. diane mess saacedo has the stor. >> they recall potentially harmful drugs once a month and
2:47 am
separates them in classes. it is normal to skip reporting less important class 3 recalls. but class 1 recalls are described the fda as those taking the drugs in question can cause serious adverse health consequences or death. it's in this class that the statistic you cited applies. from 2004 to 2011 class 1 recalls went unreported. that was despite having it in place to alert doctors and the public of the 91 classes recalled only 55 were part of the alert recall. only 18 were reported through the other system med watch. do the math. 18 without notification. the fda told routers the agency has several ways to communicate with doctors but was not able to explain why notifications weren't sent in those 18 class 1 cases. many of the studies said there's no way to know if it caused
2:48 am
patient harm. the fda has moved to address communication problems but there is still room for improvement. you can get your own recall notices at fda dot gov/safety/recalls or on twitter fda recalls. it is 48 after the hour. he has plenty of money for rent. why would a landlord let a national guards man rent her place. the reason is sickening. we keep hearing how -- restaurants are cutting back now there's new information that contradicts that. steve doocy is coming up on fox and friends. >> coming up on fox and friends bill o'reilly the king of cable will join us for two segments. angie harmon you remember her, she drops by. she has a cause near and dear to her heart. also top chef is going to make
2:49 am
coffee drinks you will want to make every day this summer. tv inspector and as if that's not enough am find out about the state where if you do not buckle up your bulldog you could end up with a thousand dollar fine. we have more to talk about starting in 11 minutes right here on the fox news channel. stay tuned for fox and friends.
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>> 52 after the hour. see what are making headlines over seas. nigeria's devastating plane crash claims the lives of two sisters from texas. they were among the 153 passengers on the plane that flew into a crowded neighborhood. they were on their way to a wedding. a judge in the trial of a mass
2:53 am
murderer played solitaire in the courtroom. the judge didn't even deny it. convicted killer joran vander slot will be coming to the u.s. in 20-years. he will finish out his sentence before he is extradited. he faces extortion charges in alabama in connection with the disappearance of natalee hollow holloway. >> he has plenty of money to pay his bills but a landlord refuse to go let a national guardsman rent her place. the reason she says it's all because he fought for our country. here with the story wfxt's crystal haines. >> it will be a conflict of interest for me to move in there. it should be uncomfortable and she is part of this political activist group and she wouldn't be comfortable for me to rent
2:54 am
there. >> rejected by voice mail. those are the words the landlord janice roberts allegedly said to iraq and afghanistan war veteran after he fell in love with her apartment and tried to drop off a rental application. >> not going to be able to rent the apartment. it really -- i was sort of suffering from ptsd and sort of reopened some issues. >> now he and his lawyer joseph soleman are suing her based on housing violations based on strat status. he served in cuba iraq and afghanistan with an army career from 2003 to 2011. >> it is surprising. it is hard to tell how many are out there because a lot of times
2:55 am
military people don't realize they have rights. according to him roberts belongs to a civil rights group called garden of enlightenment. that voice mail is in the complaint. roberts saying he would be better to look for a place a little less politically active and controversial and they are quote adamant about their beliefs. they told suleman he made about his noisy black neighbors and questions his ability to pay the $1,220 a month rent. >> i hope with everything happening now that she is exposed that people like her are exposed that situations like this which do occur are brought to light. that was wfxt crystal haines reporting. it is 55 after the hour. the next story is one from michael bloomberg. he is trying to suit back on soda saying it's bad for you. there is something that may --
2:56 am
cut back on salt saying it is bad for you. there is something that may shake that up.
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>> now about 1 minute until the top of the hour and there is some new information about salt, shaking up everything the experts are saying. according to new studies including one in the "new england journal of medicine," reducing salt intake can lead to heart disease and premature death. what next? >> all right. and then these two staten island educators taking their kids for a ride literally. the assistant principal kept more than $20,000 to the theme park great adventure for themselves, their friends and their family. although those tickets had been donated by the amusement park for students to use and then on to this next story. bad weather keeping the shuttle enterprise in new jersey for at least one more day. the shuttle is supposed to set sail for new york city today for its stay at the intrepid sea, air and space museum but crews


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