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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 5, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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ready for the trip in time. >> very quickly now, let's get scrambled up. gretchen carlson here to help us with the word of the day. >> it's a little one. uh-oh! recall? >> recall. >> good job, gretch! >> have a great show. take care. >> ok. bye! >> there's a little hiccup, right? it was like quick and recall and here we are. yep, like a little hiccup. good morning, everyone. today is tuesday. hope you're going to have a bright and cheery day. it's june 5th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your good day with us. wisconsin's recall is shaping up to be the second most important race this year but president obama has been missing, well, until now. this morning, he's throwing his support behind the democratic candidate on twitter. but is it too little too late? >> why didn't he use my space? meanwhile, here's something the teachers unions won't let you
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see. teachers standing up with scott walker are sending in reenrollment forms like these. one of them will be here live to tell us her side. >> a really cold open. >> coldish. >> yeah. hey, does your dog have a special place in your heart? >> yeah. >> soon the law might require a special place in your car, too, as well. making it illegal for rover or buggsy, what's the name of your dog? >> charlie. >> i have bela. >> bela. to ride without a car seat. "fox & friends" starts now. >> guys, fox news alert. the cold open is actually supposed to be jumpy, quick. that's the point of it, to get people to want to stay to watch our show. >> how many times have i told you that? >> constantly.
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why do you think my dog is named after a mobster? buggsy? >> i apologize and your dog is no longer. >> god rest his soul. >> that's a bad tribute to get his name wrong. >> so i brighten people up, i wear bright yellow and try to get people in a cheery mood by the middle of the week and you are talking about dogs that passed. >> just one. >> and i got his name wrong but bela is alive. >> yes, so far she is thankfully. sheets -- let's move on to wisconsin, shall we? in two hours, the polls will be open. the state's historic recall election, republican governor scott walker trying to hold off the democratic challenger tom barrett. many say the race also has major national implications. let's go to steve brown in madison with the latest on the race. good morning, steve. >> good morning, gretchen, steve, brian. yes, the sun is not up here in wisconsin, the full moon still is on decision day. it is the recall election date that will determine the immediate future and political direction of the state but also
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serves as a referendum on scott walker's tenure as governor and he's fine with that. he told crowds yesterday that he believes that truth is on their side. and in recent days, as you referenced at the top of the show, walker has made a fairly -- fairly large number of references to the fact that president obama has been notably absent from wisconsin in this race. have a listen. >> the white house and some of the political allies of the president are scared that somehow if they get in the mix of this and their candidate doesn't win, that might be a sign that it will affect the fall elections. >> the president did, however, tweet yesterday. the following -- it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow and i'm standing behind tom barrett. he'd make an outstanding governor, barack obama. for barrett's campaign, there is an intense get out the vote effort on his behalf. folks coming in from out of state to assist with that particular effort. and he repeatedly told crowds yesterday that he needs their vote today.
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>> i don't have any desire to be the rock star to the far right and maybe a surprise to some of you, i don't want to be the rock star to the far left. i can't sing. i can't sing. what i can do and what i will do is work with you. we will work to restore trust to state government. >> there had been some outside groups we referenced a second ago that have come in, the democratic party from minnesota has bussed in people to help with the get out the vote efforts and howard dean's organization "democracy for america" it says it made nearly 28,000 calls in its first hour of phone calls from outside the state inside the state. so a lot of active players in this particular race. not just here in the badger state. back to you in new york. >> no kidding. all right, steve, thank you very much. the key is to get out the vote and historically the unions have had a leg up on that. actually this time what i read in the milwaukee newspaper, the journal this morning is the fact that apparently the republicans have taken a page out of the union playbook and organized a really good ground game.
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part of it, i think they got something like $9 million from the republican governors association and they did finance a mail program to try to get early voters to vote early. that program ended friday. >> when steve was just telling us they were bussing in people, i thought he was going to say bussing them in to vote. scary that would cross your mind, right? scary that would cross your mind that people from another state would be able to come over to a different one and vote. anyway, you heard tom barrett who is currently the milwaukee mayor calling scott walker the current governor the republican rock star. does that bring up any other memories? i mean, wasn't that the popular thing to be in 2008? i mean, i think that that used to be a really popular thing to be considered to be the popular candidate and the rock star but apparently not this time around. >> yeah, so in terms of getting the vote out, democrats tell us they've knocked on 935 doors from thursday to sunday. >> that's a lot of raw knuckles. >> i thought that was interesting that the president of the united states who is such a competitor being that this
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race is pretty close in so many polls, i thought he'd go all in on this. then tweets and goes to a three stop tour of fundraising in new york city that concluded at 10:30 at night on broadway. three cars were able to move through new york city yesterday but he does not show up and it's hard to imagine the president with his popularity who won wisconsin not being able to close maybe a four point gap with a couple of appearances, maybe a, you know, a few ads. but meanwhile, scott walker was on with greta last night and he was talking about everything. everything from the appreciation he has from people that supported him. to maybe talking a little about the v.p. >> i didn't go through a year and a half of this. i didn't go through this campaign and go through all the attacks, not only political attacks. thousands of people were bussed in from my home, and my kids were targeted on facebook by protesters, i didn't go through all of this to walk away. i'm committed to helping the people of the state move
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forward, i'm committed to get the people of the state to create 250,000 new jobs, i'm excited about america and i'm excited about the potential to make changes in our nation's government as well but i need to be focused on helping wisconsin. >> one other thing yesterday, jim mussina, the guy that runs the president's campaign, officially told the people who are listening to his conference call that wisconsin is now considered a battleground state which is extraordinary given the fact that barack obama won in 2008 by 14 points but now given scott walker and what's happening out there with the recall, they got to defend it. >> couple of other quick points. there were 68,000 absentee ballots requested for the may 8th primary for this recall. more than 200,000 were requested for this actual election today. so that's interesting. not sure exactly what that means about turnout but for the recall primary, it was 30%. no doubt it will be much higher than that today. also, democrats are floating the prospect of a recount already. and many people are saying, well, why would they do that? well, because they're trying to
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get out the message that the race is maybe a lot closer than it really is or maybe it is going to be a nail biter right to the end. >> right. real clear had about a six point advantage for walker going in. meanwhile, if you look at where workers are today as opposed to where they were before walker put in some of his reforms, you realize now why maybe this recall effort didn't get the traction many thought it would. if you look at total compensation for a government employee with or without union collective bargaining, it's about 81,637 dollars. ok, exactly. private employees make less than that. for wisconsinites can't be that unhappy even if you're a public worker. >> even with the scott walker changes, they're still making $13,000, $14,000 more than people in private industry. >> and the important part about that is scott walker wanted them to contribute more to their own health care plans which i think they went up to 12% and more to their pension plans. they went up to about 5%. so that's why that number is so
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important right there. let's get to some of your headlines. we'll continue to talk about wisconsin throughout the day beginning with new insight now on the u.s. drone strikes in pakistan. the latest strikes reportedly going after one specific terrorist. >> there's an al-libya every third day that we're searching for. >> he's the number two in command. the u.s. and afghan governments not able to confirm he was taken out. there were two strikes in three days in a known haven for terrorists. a u.s. official says fewer than five people were hit in two days of strikes. the u.s. says they're successfully eliminating terror. stunning look at how brutal the wildfire season is out west. take a look at this map. it shows all the wildfires that firefighters are balancing right now, 10 fires in seven states. a wildfire in northern colorado forcing residents out of their homes. in new mexico, a massive blaze
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producing so much smoke it can be seen by satellite. check out these pictures from nasa. fire crews have been able to contain only 20% of those flames. let's go live right now to london as the queen marks the final day of her diamond jubilee. 60 years as queen with a service of st. paul's cathedral. one very important person isn't by her side today, her husband prince phillip. late last night, he was hospitalized with an apparent bladder infection. a buckingham palace spokesperson says it's a precautionary measure and he'd remain there over the next few days. the push to ban supersized sodas by new york city's mayor michael bloomberg apparently falling flat. new public opinion polls show americans want the government to back off from the ban. despite this, mayor bloomberg plans to submit the proposal to the board of health by june 12th. from there, they'll vote on it in september and it looks like once you've put it in front of the health department or the board of health, they've pretty
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much will probably pass it. >> yeah, new york is much more tolerant. 53% are against it but the nation nationally over 60% think it's a pretty dumb idea. >> let's find out whether you think this is a -- >> i wonder why brian comes down on it. >> pretty dumb idea and i'm not a big soda guy. >> you sipped one all day yesterday. >> you need help carrying your soda in the movies, i think that means the soda is too big. but still, you should be able to get it. >> any time it comes with a -- >> with a devil dog, that might be a problem. >> speaking of dogs, in new jersey, they've come up with this thing where if -- you know, you see dogs driving with their -- >> driving? >> yeah, dogs are sometimes driving on the laps likes you see screen left, gretch, where you're -- it looks like the dog is driving on the lap of the driver. or the dog has got his face out the side of the car. well, in new jersey now, if you don't restrain your pet while in a vehicle that is moving, you could be fined up to $1,000 plus
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a disorderly persons offense as well. >> hidden in the fine print here is what do you find -- guess what you're fined if your child is out of a seat belt or car seat. i think the law -- the laws are different state by state. i think in general, you have to be 8 years old in new jersey. so what do you think the fines are? look at that, if your kid is flying around the car with a seat belt on, you might be fined $10. >> oy! >> what i did in my car is i put in an invisible fence in my back seat. >> for your kids? >> i'll tell that to the officer that pulls me over. excuse me, i have the invisible fence. he can't get up front. other thing about what people aren't taking into account, dogs understand they're in a car and should stay away from the driver. do you notice that? my dog gets it! >> your dog shouldn't be in a car! it's bigger than any of the occupants. >> won't walk to the vet by himself and that's why i have a bigger vehicle. >> the reason every dog will get on the driver's lap to lick
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their face is because they can. because they're unrestrained. look at all this great video. >> actually, don't people who know a lot about dogs tell you you're not supposed to do that with your dog. it's not good for the dog to have his head out the window. that's not necessarily recommended for a dog. >> 31% of the drivers in america say they're distracted by their dog while driving. new jersey says we're trying to keep people safe. is that what's happening? are they trying to generate a whole bunch of $1,000 tickets. >> or trying to divide a dog and its master? and keep us apart? >> that will never happen! >> i'm still focused on the $10 just for the kid. big trouble for facebook c.e.o. mark sglzuckerberg. there are claims that he knew his stock wasn't worth the price so he sold it. stuart varney up next. >> we're learning the g.s.a. spent more than a million
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>> a bunch of lawsuits are about to hit facebook claiming c.e.o. mark zuckerberg knew his i.p.o. was in trouble before it went public that day and joined other executives in ditching some of their overpriced stock. >> looked so happy in that shot. joining us to weigh in, the host of "varney & company" stuart varney. what do we know? >> have you ever seen a reversal of image like this? three weeks ago, this was boy wonder. boy genius. golden boy, $19 billion. now he's a legal target and running for his life. it was the all american company. all american brand new industry. the public had a chance to invest in it. out it went there.
3:18 am
out public and it's crashed. it's gone from $38 a share all the way down to $26.90. that's a drop of 29% and now, as you said, the lawsuits are flying. did zuckerberg go into this thing, priced it too high at $38, sold some of his own stock at $38. walked away with billions in profit, and left the small investor holding the bag because they didn't know what zuckerberg knew? >> but isn't that the way it works on the street of dreams? you try to get as much money as you can before you get out? >> all investors are supposed to be equal. did some get information that others did not get. did zuckerberg hide that information, did he play it fair and straight? yes or no? i don't know. but i'll tell you, the e-mails will reveal who knew what and when because the lawyers are going to go for discovery. they're going to say show me the e-mails running up to this offering price of $38. did you know it was overpriced? did you know that some people
3:19 am
did not know information that others did know? the e-mails will reveal a lot. >> we know privacy won't be an issue with facebook. everything seems to be pretty transparent. i have to ask you how much -- how liable is the banks that ran this? >> the banks have been sued and so has the market, the nasdaq market that launched it because they messed things up. the banks have been sued. what did they know? did they conceal information from regular investors? everybody is getting sued here. everybody! >> people all want to make money and wondering, despite the controversy, there's value in this company, everybody knows it. what price do you think this thing is going to settle at where people should get in and say thank goodness, i got in. >> haven't a clue. that's the honest truth, brian. i haven't a clue. a couple much weeks ago, i would have said maybe the 30's somewhere. now i'm not so sure. all over the place, should we start a new phone? i don't know. all over the place. i don't know what the value is. >> he's going to be at fox business exactly 3 hours and 15 seconds from now. check him out.
3:20 am
are you going to be talking about this? >> yes, we are. >> we'll be tube side. >> guaranteed. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up straight ahead, since steve kept look at stuart, i'll read. >> looks like he winked at me. >> have you seen the video, a grown woman stealing the cleats from a little boy's hands? now the football star that threw it stepping in. >> here's something that unions don't want you to see. teachers sending in reenrollment forms declining to be in a union. one of the teachers here next. somebody declined. >> looks like our handwriting. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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>> got some headlines for you at 23 minutes after 6:00 eastern time. a judge in peru says convicted killer joran van der sloot can be extradited to the united states to be tried in the natalee holloway case but he's got to finish serving out his sentence there in peru first. he's serving 28 years for the murder of stephanie flores. and real life courtroom drama playing out between two actors over who stood to earn a fortune for helping clean up the b.p. oil spill in the gulf. steven baldwin the actor claims kevin costner the actor and costner's business partner cheated steven baldwin out of an $18 million deal. both expected to testify in the two week trial. game on. gretch? >> thank you, steve. the teachers union probably doesn't want you to see this. their own members supporting wisconsin governor now scott
3:25 am
walker. >> people are looking at it in the short term. if people would take a second and look at the whole picture, where wisconsin was, where we are and where we can possibly go, i think all of us will fight. >> it's like anything else, we only have so much money coming in. if we're looking to really truly use that money and we want to use that for kids, we need to put our money where our mouth is. >> my guest right now, one of the many wisconsin public school teachers that you saw in that ad. you were the first one that we saw. good morning to you, tracy. >> hi, good morning. >> i know you are a teacher and part of the union but you are supporting governor scott walker. why? >> uh-huh. two main reasons, he got us out of a significant deficit and we currently have a pretty good surplus going right now and then second, with the things that he's doing for our schools through the act 10 reform. >> and are you a mom as well? do you have kids in the public school system? >> i do. i have two children in the
3:26 am
public school system. >> so you have a vested interest besides being a teacher yourself. >> absolutely. >> what are your hopes and dreams for your kids in the public school system? your own children? >> you know, i just want them to be challenged and to get a great education so they can go on to college and live out their dreams. i think with things going on the way they are right now, that's what's going to happen for them. >> you're meaning if scott walker wins the recall today. i know that you had the opportunity when you were signing up or re-signing up for the union this past year to either accept or decline although there was not an actual line to say that you would decline being in the union but you wrote it in, is that correct? >> i did. well, first of all, we never had a chase to be -- choice to be in the union. it was always if you want to be a teacher, you're in the union, that's it. this year because of everything, act 10 and the things going on, now we have to sign up to be a part of the union.
3:27 am
when i got the form, i'm so surprised. there was not a decline box. here, sign up and take my money in this manner. no, this is not going to happen and i just took a marker and wrote decline on it. >> what happened after that? >> nothing. i gave it to my union rep and the end. that was it. it was -- it was great to write it on there. it felt really good. and i took it home and i showed my family. but other than that, nothing. >> it's interesting because this is a different union right now in wisconsin but i want to show our viewers some numbers because in march of 2011, another union, the american federation of state, county and municipal employees had 62,218 members. fast forward a year later and it had dropped to 28,745 members. do you believe, tracy, that was because that union had free choice to either accept or decline different from the teachers union as it stands right now? >> i do. i truly believe that.
3:28 am
i think a lot of people don't want to be forced to be part of something. maybe they'll change their mind later and maybe something will happen, i don't know. but i think not having a choice is not what people want. >> finally, you had a chance to live overseas for sometime. you lived in china, a country that doesn't have the freedoms from the united states of america. what did you learn with that experience and how did you relate it with what's going on in wisconsin? >> being in a country where we don't have freedoms is in a world completely different and you have to experience it to really understand it, i think. and if governor walker is not re-elected and the unions continue to thrive, i see a lot of freedoms and choices for teachers for wisconsin, for people who live in the state to be taken away. it's not going to get as extreme as communism but those choices will slowly go away and it's not a fun place to be. it's not what we want for
3:29 am
wisconsin. >> not always a popular stance to be a teacher in wisconsin right now fighting against the union and supporting governor scott walker. tracy, we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> coming up on "fox & friends", can a 14-year-old get life in prison with no chance for parole for murder? what's your verdict? guess what? luckily, the judge is here next with his. and president clinton looks like he's put any differences with president obama to rest. but are looks deceiving? dick morris after the break. happy birthday as well to saxophonist kenny g. can you believe he's 57 today? wow. as a culinary manager i make sure our guests have an over the top experience. being hands ons key! i make sure every plate looks just right. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. sta with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp
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- a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. ♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> it's a rocky relationship and you'd never know it by the looks of this. presidents obama and clinton teaming up for a big fundraiser in new york city last night. they were at the theater that normally has mary poppins. last night it was the presidents. this morning, molly henneberg has details. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian. although just last week, former president bill clinton said that governor mitt romney had a sterling business record, last night at a handful of
3:34 am
fundraisers for president obama in new york city, the former president said that electing mitt romney would be calamitous for the country. >> governor romney says no, austerity and unemployment now and then when we -- if we ever get out of this thing, then we're going to cut taxes so much, we'll explode the debt then and see how high we can drive interest rates. >> president clinton helps president obama raise $3.6 million at the events last night. you may remember that team clinton and team obama battled it out pretty fiercely during the democratic primary in 2008. president obama suggested that's all in the past. we both agree that we have improved our gene pool because we married outstanding women. and so i could not be prouder to have called him president. i could not be prouder to know him as a friend. >> president obama also said
3:35 am
that he and president clinton were the two presidents over the last 40 years who have had the lowest increases in government spending which drew a quick response from the mitt romney campaign. a romney spokesman said "president obama suddenly claiming to be a fiscal conservative is laughable." the spokesman went on to say that the president is trying to distract voters from his "three years of wasteful spending." there was some star power last night. rocker jon bon jovi sang at one of the events and here you see him, he was about to get a ride back to washington on air force one. back to you guys in new york. >> now, the problem with bon jovi going on air force one to washington, he doesn't live there. >> he lives in new jersey, doesn't he? >> yeah. >> are you going to give up a ride on air force one? >> he has to run to avis, get a rent-a-car and get back to new jersey. >> he can hop on amtrak. >> what's with molly henneberg? you did not mention that jon bon jovi sang "here comes the sun" a song that he did not write.
3:36 am
you did not mention that patty lepon, that, too, everything is coming up roses. >> and jackson wrote -- sang a marriage medley, i think. >> i only have 1:30, you know. >> why is she full of excuses? >> let me take another five seconds to say congratulations on your new baby because i don't believe that you've been on our show where we've been here together to say welcome back to work and congratulations. >> thank you all very much. it's good to see you again. >> right. and i was honored to be named the godfather. and i'm willing to take that responsibility. >> all right. we're counting on you, brian! >> good. >> thanks very much. >> all right. >> so there you saw them at the new amsterdam theater on 42nd street, the president of the united states, the current one and the former one as well. it sure looks like -- look at that, it sure looks like if he's there, bill clinton wants barack obama to win, right? dick morris says not so fast! looks can be receiving. -- deceiving, watch.
3:37 am
>> bill clinton does not want barack obama to win. i've spoken to several good friends who are staunch conservatives who have had a lot of exchanges with bill clinton in private and at one point, one of them quotes him as saying, you have six months to save the country. and he never liked obama, they never got along. he's an in-law in a sense because she's in the administration. he has to do what he has to do which he did today in running around and helping him raise money and is going to do tonight but when it comes to a little jab here and a little jab there, you can count on clinton to do it and this wasn't such a little jab. this was throwing obama under the bus! >> well, it opens up with bill clinton pleading with hillary clinton to run for president in the primary. >> what dick morris was alluding to there was the fact that, you know, last week and molly brought this up, too, clinton
3:38 am
said, president clinton said that romney's business record was sterling and less than a week later, he's calamitous at the event last night. >> very similar definition. >> not at all. you be the judge as to how you read into that. >> let me give you the headlines now and hopefully this won't be calamitous. a family in virginia hoping it's closer to finding the man connected to their daughter's grisly death. police releasing this new sketch of the suspect to morgan harrington last seen at a metallica concert in charlottesville in october of 2009. her body was found less than a year later on a farm 10 miles away. gretch? >> i'll have another! trying to make history this saturday by winning the triple crown at the belmont. but if union members get their way, the horse may not reach the track. the union representing maintenance workers threatening to go on strike now the day before the race. they've been unable to reach a deal involving overtime and schedules. chairman of the racing committee calling the threat "the ultimate in blackmail." >> meanwhile, democratic
3:39 am
senator claire mccasskel of missouri claiming the g.s.a. paid more than a million dollars in bonuses to employees under investigation that included former commissioner jeff neely, pictured with two adult beverages. he, of course, helped plan the g.s.a.'s pricey trip in las vegas. he scored a bonus and a total of 84 employees got bonuses in total. >> dove into that hot tub. that's dangerous. caught on camera, a grown woman nabbing a cleat out of a 12-year-old's hands. steven wagner was at donald driver's charity softball tournament of "dancing with the stars" fame in wisconsin when the green bay packer threw his shoe into the crowd as a souvenir. >> had my arms around it like this and she grabbed it out of my arms and started to walk away. >> i was bummed that i didn't get the cleat. >> that outfielder has retained judge napolitano to fight back.
3:40 am
when driver found out what happened, once the video was made public and got in touch with wagner. they met up and driver gave him his own cleats and a jersey. as for the woman, she claims it was all a mistake. >> ok, sure. meanwhile, what if an american child commits the unthinkable? murder. should that child be sentenced to life in prison or get released after 25 years? >> the supreme court expected to rule on this soon. fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano joins us with a look at the case. good morning. >> good morning. no laughing matter, these cases. these are two cases in which children, 14 years old committed brutal, horrific murders. we don't need to go into the details and they were sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. question is is there something wrong with the statute? not with the judge who sentenced them because the judge had no choice. >> compelled. >> once the jury found these kids guilty, they have to be sentenced under arkansas and alabama law to life in prison. the supreme court will decide
3:41 am
should the statute take into account that a 14-year-old is probably a very different human being by -- than what he will be when he's 30. >> what do you think? what state has it right? >> i think it is better for judges to have discretion. not because i am a former judge. but because there are so many variables that go into the make-up of a human being. there's so many aggravating and mitigating factors to be taken into account, there is an opportunity for rehabilitation of a 14-year-old by the time he's 25 or 30 or 40 which the statute prevents judges from taking into account. >> do these 14-year-olds go to real prison or do they go to juvenile prison first and then when they're 18 or 21, they go to -- i was thinking about -- >> that's a great question and i don't know the answer to that. if they do go to real prison, they certainly will be isolated from everybody else until they achieve their own adulthood. >> what do you think the supreme court will do? >> i think the supreme court is going to interfere with these
3:42 am
statutes. i don't think the court would have undertaken it if there was a feeling that the statute is too rigid and doesn't give judges enough discretion. >> we'll see. >> it's a horrible, horrible state of affairs that we confront. there's an urge on the part of the public to want these people to be tried as adults. but when they become 35 years old and they're a different person, should they spend another 30 years in jail? >> it's still murder. >> do you do at 14 what you wouldn't do at 15 or 16. where do you draw the line? >> they originally were charged with capital murder and the supreme court said you can't do that for someone under 18 at the time of the crime. >> judge, thank you very much. >> pleasure, guys. >> coming up on "fox & friends", you know her as a model and tv star but angie harmon's real dream? becoming the real she hulk? she's here, how can she look like a hulk? i don't know. but she's here to tell you why. >> she hugged me in the green room. >> ok. >> mark shriver here with a tribute to his dad, his father sergeant shriver. and there he is.
3:43 am
get in here, mark! [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
3:44 am
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3:46 am
>> welcome back, everyone. sergeant shriver most famous for unleashing the peace corps is being remembered in a remarkable way. a book written by his own son. joining me right now, one of his sons, the author of this book "rediscovering my father, sergeant shriver." welcome. always great to see you. what do you mean rediscovering your father? >> i found after he was dying and after his death, people kept telling me he was a good man. i wanted to step back and figure out what made him so good. a lot of people said he was great but i think it was more important to understand why he was good. when i looked at it, i realized a guy that had been married for 56 years to the woman of his dreams. >> eunice kennedy. >> my mom, eunice kennedy, raised five kids, went to mass on a daily basis and had
3:47 am
countless friends, how did he do all that? how could he balance all that? for people like me who are struggling raising three kids and dealing with aging parents, struggling balancing family and friends and faith in our jobs, my dad has a couple of insights and couple of secrets that i think are in this book that will help all of us. we talk about father's day coming up, so many dads are struggling with that balancing act and dad did it very, very well. >> i pick up the book wanting to know about the interaction of your uncles and the fact that they really respected him, when your uncle was shot and killed, jackie looked at him and said organize the funeral. that's the role. >> yeah, she called him on friday afternoon and asked him to put the funeral together for monday and i think it was his faith and amazing ability to organize and to get things done quickly, it made her make that request. >> went to church every day. >> every day. >> wherever we were traveling if it was here in the united states or abroad, the first question he
3:48 am
asked when we checked into the hotel, what was the mass schedule. he needed that every day to make sure god was in charge. >> as special as he was, as crazy as it was with all you guys and all the responsibilities, he still wrote you noetsz so many times. you said almost every day he'd write you a note. >> some days i'd get two or three letters and they were things he read at night. he'd slip them under the door when i was in high school or college. when i graduated and got married, he'd mail notes to us. he'd put exclamation points in the articles that he read, they could be about anything. they could be about the baltimore orioles baseball team or out of the "wall street journal". >> you kept a lot of them. good move. >> a lot of them. >> great book for fathers. number one, you're at a lacrosse game and your daughter wasn't paying attention. she was talking to the goalie. afterwards, you start saying when you're playing in a game, pay attention. >> your dad watches you interact with your daughter and what does he say? >> next week, you know, i was
3:49 am
getting a little agitated because my daughter is so wonderful and she's interacting with the goalie on the opposing team instead of shooting the ball at her knees. he says i started yelling like some fathers do and he turned to me in the middle of alzheimer's and said did i yell at you like that as a kid? i thought about it and said no, he didn't yell. he realized sports were important but he never treated -- if i did very well, he treated me the same as if i just tried and not succeeded. >> any word to put into words how difficult it was for this great man, to watch him decline with alzheimer's? >> alzheimer's is a really painful, brutal disease and it's particularly hard when someone you love is falling apart right in front of you. and he had such a bill yant mind. so it's brutal. but i think the book talks also about those moments of joy like in church when he turns to me, just before he died and says i love you. you know, there are those moments who you really understand to be in the moment. and that is one of the messages i got out of writing this book. >> like george bush who said about his dad, forget about all the stuff about being president.
3:50 am
unconditional love was key and that's when i got from your book. mark, thanks for sharing your story. >> thanks, pal. >> you tell a great story and what a great idea it is for father's day. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate it. >> always great to see you. >> 10 minutes before the top of the hour. does it feel like your kid has a plan to drive you bonkers? three ways to make sure you call the shots next, how appropriate. plus, this man served in iraq and afghanistan and has plenty of money. sounds like a good tenant, right? not for this landlady. refusing to rent to him -- the whole story, it's sickening.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> for all you parents out there, is your child misbehaving? >> no! >> wait a minute, 100% of parents would say yes, talking
3:54 am
back or having temper tantrum? we have help for you. a "new york times" best selling book teaches parents how to reverse your child's negative behavior. >> joining us is psychiatrist and author of this book "have a new kid by friday". welcome to the show. >> i thought that was part of the process, temper tantrums and speaking out and sounding out. >> yeah, when a kid throws a temper tantrum, you step over the child. great temptation to step on that little sucker. kids have purpose of behavior. the purpose of the powerful kid like the temper tantrum is to show you that i as a kid am in authority over you so tip number one is be an authoritative parent. and today's parents are driven with i want happy, happy, happy children. the best line in "have a new kid by friday" is this -- an unhappy child is a healthy child. there's times your son or daughter has to be unhappy. why? because they disobeyed you, they talked back to you, etc. >> that's interesting. >> great point because parents
3:55 am
want to be friends with their kids instead of taking the authoritative position. >> exactly. >> let reality be the teacher is your second point. what do you mean? >> the 17-year-old is supposed to clean the garage and he doesn't. don't say a word. there's no warnings in the system but at 6:00 he wants the car keys. i can't find the car keys. honey, you're not going to find them. what do you mean? they're in my pocket. give them to me. you're going to clean the garage. they'll promise you anything. they'll paint the garage, pull weeds for life. and give me the keys of the car. that's what i call stick to your guns without shooting yourself in the foot. today, parents are driven, you know, the permissive parents walk five feet, you step on one of those, you know. will your kids turn your tv down? i'm trying to do your homework. they do everything for kids. you know. melanie played soccer, mr. doocy, but can we get a trophy? >> we've talked about that on the show a lot. i love your last one. say it once, turn your back and walk away.
3:56 am
that's brilliant. >> it's really important to remove yourselves from your child's wind. fighting is not an act of cooperation. whether you're fighting with your wife or your kid. you know exactly what to say to escalate and they know all your -- they know all your hot buttons. >> how do you do that? you say i've told you a million times -- >> don't. you tell them once. the kid who is late for school repeatedly and they have the same argument every morning, gretchen, every morning. let the kid stay in bed. let him be late. here's the note that you're going to write. dear teacher, dear principal, buford has no reason to be late today to school. feel free to do whatever you do to kids who are illegally tardy. love, mom. what that does -- >> only takes once if you're lucky. >> i've raised five kids. it's not rocket science. and we didn't give them everything they ever wanted. >> how to have a new kid by friday. he has great kids. "how to have a new kid by friday". it's the best selling book. >> buford, wake up. you have school today. >> thanks. >> little buford, he's a
3:57 am
sucker. >> a recall nothing new for one wisconsin state senator. she faced the same thing and joins us top of the hour, what she sees for today's recall election in her home state. right back.
3:58 am
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5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> good morning, everyone. it's june 5th already, i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're going to have a great day and thanks so much for spending part of it with us today. it's a big judgment day in wisconsin. in exactly one hour from now, voters will head to the polls and decide the fate of governor scott walker so where does president obama stand in all of this? he finally is weighing in on twitter now. we'll have a live report from wisconsin coming up. >> that will do it. >> he might have tweeted from broadway. he fought for our freedom in iraq and afghanistan and now he's being barred for renting an apartment because of his military service. an anti-war landlord blocking this hero's right to rent. is this a way we thank our troops? we report, you decide. >> and grab the tissues, what happens in this video is going to make you so proud, you could
4:01 am
need a kleenex. >> whoo! >> guess what? the crowd wasn't there at the start. how the young runner with cerebral palsy inspired his classmates and now the country this hour. that boy will join us live. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now! >> you heard the rooster call. time to get up if you're just joining us, one hour from now, voters will start heading to the polls for wisconsin's historic recall election. republican governor scott walker looking to fend off the challenge now from democratic opponent tom barrett. good morning, steve. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian.
4:02 am
it's 7:00 in new york and 66 e:00 here in madison. that means an hour until the polls open on decision day in this historic recall election. it is all about getting out the vote right now. for scott walker, his challenge is to get out his supporters win this and become the first governor ever recalled in the united states to win that recall election. and it's never a bad idea if you're out campaigning in the state of wisconsin to make a green bay packers reference. listen. >> i was just up in the shadow of lambeau field earlier this evening and i said, you know, borrowing from the packers, we can't spike the ball on the 10-yard line. we have to get it all the way through to the end zone. we got to get it done and we got to get it done and we can because the truth -- the truth is on our side. >> on milwaukee mayor tom barrett's side is an awful lot of folks churning the vote for the democratic candidate who is scott walker's opponent.
4:03 am
he promises if elected in today's recall to change the political direction of wisconsin. >> this is a nation where the middle class has prospered and it's prospered because we have had leaders who recognize that without a middle class, this nation wouldn't be the greatest nation on this planet. and that means people should be able to buy a home. send their kids to college and retire in dignity and i am not going to allow this governor and his tea party buddies to end that. >> there have been a lot of questions recently about why the president decided not to come to wisconsin for this recall election to show his support for tom barrett. yesterday, he did offer a tweet. it's election day in wisconsin. and i'm standing behind tom barrett, he'd make an outstanding governor, barack obama. in 2010, russ feingold was running for re-election in a campaign that he ultimately would lose. the president made a couple of visits and the first lady made a visit and fundraising visit and
4:04 am
hillary clinton made a visit. nothing of that happened this time around. >> thank you so much for that update. today's recall isn't the first one in wisconsin. last august, eight republicans faced a recall vote for their own political lives including our next guest. >> joining us now is wisconsin's state senator alberta darling, successfully defended her own seat just 10 months ago. good morning to you, alberta. >> good morning, gretchen. >> so you have a sense of exactly what's going on today for governor scott walker and his lieutenant governor? >> indeed i do. this is a historic day for wisconsin. you just heard mayor barrett talking about the middle class and the opportunity and the dreams for the middle class. that's exactly what we did. we didn't kick the can down to the -- our kids and our grandkids. we took care of a $3.6 billion deficit and didn't raise taxes. we're on the right track. we are growing jobs in wisconsin. that's what every middle class family wants. the opportunity to have a good
4:05 am
job. >> hey, alberta, explain to us and i've kind of got an idea, why were there two recalls? why was there a recall in august and now another recall for the governor and others? >> they can only recall those who had been in office for a year. so we were the first round of recalls relative to us who had been in for a year. when they didn't take the majority in the senate because i won my election, they decided they were going to go on and go after more senators so that they could take the majority. and they could get the governor but, you know, this is all about power. this is all about special interest groups taking back the power of having a strangle hold on wisconsin taxpayers. >> you know, i'm getting -- >> that's why the governor is right. >> i'm getting the sense that there's a lot of recall fatigue in wisconsin and people are pretty much fed up. you guys are wasting a lot of money. $16 million on this one. >> exactly. we are wasting $16 million of
4:06 am
taxpayers' money which could be used in much better ways. but the big issue is -- it is adding uncertainty to our state. we have the opportunity to grow the economy and grow jobs but because of this recall mania, we are very uncertain about what the future is going to be. many of our job creators have said they could expand and grow and hire but they won't do it until they know what's going to happen to governor walker. >> many people are saying today's election is historic because it's a microcosm of the macrocosm of november when they have the presidential election. what do you make of the president finally dipping his toes in the waters of wisconsin, not physically being there but twittering last night, tweeting last night that he supports tom barrett? >> well, i think the president is feeling guilty because he was -- had a big role in talking the mayor into running against governor walker. he knows he has to take
4:07 am
wisconsin and the presidential election and he won't take wisconsin if governor walker wins because people are really upset about what has happened to our state and people want to go forward. we don't want this contention and this uneasiness and we think that the governor is very much on the right track. we are growing jobs. people need to have certainty in government and we took care of our spending and debt. we didn't put it off to the future. >> right. that's right. all right. wisconsin state senator alberta darling joining us today from milwaukee. thank you very much. we know you have an awfully busy day today. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. on wisconsin. >> now to your headlines and we begin with the fox news alert for you moments ago. syria's foreign minister will expel western diplomats from the country. that includes ambassadors from the united states, britain and france. this after several western nations expelled syrian diplomats in a coordinated move against the assad regime there over the massacre, the latest
4:08 am
one that's taken place. bringing out the big guns, president obama visits the big apple for a three fundraising events with former president bill clinton by his side. this even though just last week, president clinton had said governor mitt romney had a sterling business record. but during an off camera event blasted the republican saying electing romney would be calamitous for the country. >> governor romney says no, austerity and unemployment now and then when we -- if we ever get out of this thing, then we're going to cut taxes so much, we'll explode the debt then and see how high we can drive interest rates. >> also at hand, rocker jon bon jovi, he took part in the event and rode to new york city with the president on air force one. a spokesperson for romney says the president is trying to distract voters from his three years of wasteful spending. we've learned al-qaida's number two in command was the target of the latest round of u.s. drone
4:09 am
strikes in pakistan. the u.s. and pakistani governments not able to confirm that he was actually taken out. there were three strikes in three days in a known haven for terrorists. pakistan against the u.s. drone strikes. a u.s. official says fewer than five people were hit in two days of the strikes. the u.s. says they are successfully eliminating terrorists. an injured army vet wows the judges last night on "america's got talent." he served in afghanistan until 2009. that's when he got hit by a grenade trying to save fellow soldiers. he was left with a brain injury and a stutter but singing helps him get through it all. >> ♪ it's not time ♪ it's a love i gave ♪ gonna to be enough to last ♪ if tomorrow never comes
4:10 am
>> he got a standing ovation and moves on now to the next round. >> very, very nice. >> all right. let's tell you this story. it takes place up in the boston, massachusetts, area, tax-achusetts. janice roberts has a place she wants to rent out. ist a two bedroom. it will go for $1220 a month. there's a fellow by the name of joe morgan, served in iraq, aft afghanistan and gitmo. he's moving to that area because he wants to be a boston firefighter. he applied to move into that apartment. she's a peace activist that doesn't really like him. >> she said she would not, apparently, allegedly, want rent to him because he was a member of the national guard. here's the only problem with that. under massachusetts and federal laws, it's against the law for a landlord to refuse to rent because of military background
4:11 am
so she could be in a little bit of difficulty by refusing this young man being able to live. it's not like he doesn't have the money. it's simply because he served for this country. >> sergeant morgan realizing by telling his story, he's going to put a lot of pressure here at the very least. sergeant morgan. >> really, i'm not going to be able to rent an apartment because i'm a combat vet? you know, it -- it really -- i was sort of suffering from ptsd and this sort of reopened some issues. i personally hope everything what's happening right now is she's exposed. that people like her are exposed. there's situations like this which do occur, you know, are brought to light. >> he also says he feels like she spit in his face with this. he's suing her because you can't do that to a vet. >> horrible story. especially when you hear him talk about ptsd and how that may have affected him now moving
4:12 am
forward. anyway, coming up on "fox & friends", is the american media down playing the real threat from islamic extremists living within our own borders? our next guest, a muslim and navy doctor says the problem is worse than you might think. >> and hundreds of thousands of people around the world inspired by this video. coming up, you got to meet this true champion. a child with cerebral palsy who refused to give up. as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism.
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> 15 minutes after the top of the hour. in the wake of 9/11, the religion of islam has been fighting a civil war. its battle between muslims who believe in the traditional islamic faith and those who radicalize the religion in violent ways. >> our next guest calls this the
4:16 am
battle for the soul of islam and that's the title of his new book. he joins us right now. do you feel 10 years after 9/11 that the muslim extremists thread is dissipating or growing? >> i believe it's growing because you really can't measure the threat just by terrorism. terror is a symptom and the underlying ideology of political islam, the concept of the islamic state, counter the western societies of liberty and freedom, we've not been fighting that battle and as you look in the arab spring as they get rid thankfully of dictators, you're seeing the resurgence and growth of political islam or islamic states and that's not liberty. that is not freedom. it might be democracy at the ballot box but it's not liberty. nobody has been fighting this. there's battle within islam that we need to have platforms to do and it's not been giving fuel. >> so that's the international threat but there's a domestic one as well and much has been made about the growing home grown terrorists here. some people don't believe it's a big issue and you say --
4:17 am
>> it truly is. if you look at hassan, here you have a psychiatrist, army officer who ended up killing 13 of our fellow soldiers and was radicalized while he served. he didn't become a radical overnight. it happened over time. anwar al-awlaki what we killed, he was radicalized giving sermons in northern virginia and other places. and my narrative is the opposite. a navy doctor that served for years. we were able to practice our faith more freely in wisconsin than anywhere else in the world. so we understood that we were americans first and muslims and anything else second. that we could practice our faith in a country under god better here than anywhere and until we get that narrative out as a counter to political islam, better than theocracy, we're not going to win the terror battle. >> whether you like it or not, the dictators are going from tunisia to egypt. as the muslim population starts gaining some power, will that force the extremists to become
4:18 am
more mainstream and say wait a second, there's nobody left to hate. we might as well run our own place. >> this is what i talk about in my book is that we need a -- we need a strategy the we need a solution. so far, the west and our government has been looking for a solution and this administration has not been equipped to do so. they haven't had a doctrine. >> it has to come from them, not from us. how do we give them the solution? >> it's americanism, america, freedom and liberty just like our founding fathers fought defense theocracy. we are fighting against our own theocrats. they have been part of the muslim brotherhood lech si groups and we've allowed them and we've given them carte blanche to represent muslims and the vast majority of muslims love america. >> many people are wondering why people like yourself, why more of them do not stand up and speak out? why? >> that's what this is. it's a platform to let americans know there are many of us out there in the business and lay community that love our faith,
4:19 am
understand its principles and understand why america is consistent with our faith but we need to push back against radicalism but also against theocracy, against the sense that islamic state needs to take dominance. there hasn't been much of a movement for liberty because we don't have a liberty doctrine in the middle east and we need one. >> best coming from you than americans telling muslims what to think. that doesn't go over big. >> we have a muslim coalition group developing to push back here and abroad. >> good luck with it. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends" the mayor of new york, you heard about this, he wants to ban those huge sodas. but smoking pot? i guess that's ok, huh? you have to hear this one. >> and you know her as a model and tv star. angie harmon's real dream, becoming the next she hulk. she's here to explain. wake up!
4:20 am
that's good morning, veggie style.
4:21 am
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
4:23 am
>> all right. time now for your news by the numbers. first $100, the new cost of carry-on fees at spirit airlines. next, 39 years old. that's the age when women's salaries reportedly peak. but now statistics show men continue to get raises for at least another decade. sorry, ladies. finally, $20,000 in tickets. that's what was given by a staten island school by the theme park great adventure but its two assistant principals used the tickets for their friends and families instead. steve? >> angie harmon plays a no nonsense detective in boston on the hit tv show and the show returns for the third season
4:24 am
with the pair's friendship getting tested in the aftermath of a shooting. take a look. >> don't have much time. the head of internal affairs is on his way up here to get a statement from you on the shooting. that's it? that's it? that's all you have to say. not i'm sorry that your father is dying? he's your father now? am i sorry that a man who is wanted for 15 murders didn't shoot me -- no, i'm not! >> then why are you here? >> to warn you. if our friendship ever meant anything to you, will you please think before you answer the questions -- >> think before you answer the questions. we are joined right now. i got a bunch of questions and she's got a bunch of answers, actress angie harmon. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> looks like you two are having some problems. >> when you shoot somebody's father, she's going to be upset. >> it happens. how did you shoot her father? >> because he deserved it! >> ok. >> have to watch the new season to find out what's happening. >> that's right. as a matter of fact, hang on, my
4:25 am
blouse came undone. i'm back. ok! >> he's the head of the irish mob in boston, i mean, he pointed a gun at me and shot a federal agent that i happened to be sleeping with and he deserves to be shot. >> so you did. >> just like that. >> wouldn't you? >> you now that you put it that way. that's something to look forward to this season. last season, the world's tallest tv personality bill o'reilly was on your show. >> yes, he was. >> that must have been thrilling. >> only time i've needed an apple box. he's a tall man. he's 7'5" a lot of people don't realize that. bill o'reilly is paid by the foot. he is a tall drink of water. now, let's talk a little bit about stand up to cancer because you are now an ambassador to that program and what are you doing? >> the reason that i signed on with this one is, you know, prostate cancer is just such a huge issue in our country. >> hard to talk to guys about it. >> that's partly why i did it, because my husband is sort of
4:26 am
now a big target for me. >> jason sehorn, famous football guy. >> and i put a big target on him. look? see? doesn't he look like he needs a colonoscopy? >> that's not the first thing i think of. >> when you see that man, don't you think that man needs a colonoscopy. >> could it possibly be because he's 41 years old and you feel that -- and a lot of experts say starting in your 40's, you should start thinking about having your -- that stuff checked. >> that's right. and they keep moving the age and later and later and no, i feel that they started with one age for a reason and that's the one that i'm going to stick with in my family. of course, i'm not going to do it but he has to. and all the men in your life, you know, i mean, it is. it's about your father and, you know, uncles and your grandfather and your husbands. these are very important men in my life. >> it's not that bad. people go it's bad. it's not that bad. if people want more information, how should they -- should they go on line? >> yes.
4:27 am
stand up to cancer web site. we're also doing a really great project with safeway foundation. yeah, so it's kind of -- you know, obviously with safeways being everywhere and grocery stores and things like that, it's a good reminder and the awareness for it is really large and magnamous. after you saw the avengers, you said you wanted to be the next she hulk? >> because she's amazing. look at her! look at her! she's outstanding! and you know, i mean, i just -- i loved that movie so much. it really did just sort of -- it made me just so love and appreciate my job as much as i do already love it. it made me really, really love being an actress. >> you're not even going to audition for the job. you're going to volunteer. >> no, i would audition. i would audition. >> but then i -- then there would be begging, pleading. >> like you begging your husband to go get his prostate
4:28 am
checked because you've got to do that. >> because we've got to stand up to cancer. >> you do indeed. >> all right, check out your tv show returning for another season. always a pleasure. sorry about that wardrobe malfunction. that was a little embarrassing. >> that's hilarious. if it's going to happen, you might as well roll with it. >> thanks, angie. thanks, steve. talk to you guys in the break. >> ok accident sure. >> the polls in wisconsin open in 30 minutes. we already have a sneak peek of what the voters are thinking. >> i'll agree republican or democrat that we want jobs and a lower deficit but the discussion is how do we want it done and it must be done ethically. >> frank luntz up next with some fascinating revelations. then -- he was told you don't have to run the race and that wasn't -- that's what he needed to -- that's not what he needed to hear. a student with cerebral palsy who refused to give up against all odds. [ jennifer ] what if i can't do it?
4:29 am
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. ♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> time for your shot of the morning now. close up of the queen wearing ear plugs as she listened to the jubilee concert at buckingham palace last night. the music is a little too loud for the 86-year-old. >> ♪ isn't she lovely ♪ isn't she
4:33 am
>> congratulations, to 60 fantastic years. >> stevie wonder and paul mccartney two of the veteran singers who performed especially just for the queen. right now, let's take a live look at london where the four-day celebration is coming to an end now. later today, the queen will lead a horse drawn carriage procession back to buckingham palace. officially learned how to say that when i was over there has -- last year. >> i think the weather was nicer last year at this time. >> it was gorgeous luckily for the wedding. in 30 minutes, voters will start heading to the polls for wisconsin's historic recall election. it's a battle of taxpayers vs. entitlements so what do voters think about the issue? frank luntz sat down with a focus group, group of folks in wisconsin. >> the polls are about to open and wisconsin is going to vote and all of america is watching. so the question i have for you is what message, what is this election about and what message can america take from it?
4:34 am
>> the bottom line is nobody wants anything taken away but it's unsustainable. in the private sector, i may get a salary freeze. same thing is happening to state workers. >> and that's just fine. there has to be personal responsibility and integrity in the system. >> and pensions, i mean, are unheard of in any other situations so you have to be rolled in, the promises that we can't keep. >> it has to be done wisely in a way that's more humane and hopefully the unions going forward can also learn from this and move into the next century. >> we want all agree republican or democrat that we want jobs and a lower deficit but the discussion is how do we want it done? it must be done ethically and open. and we have to realize that i'm going to have to give something and you're going to have to give something and that's the only way we'll come together. >> i think one thing is for certain, no matter what the outcome and no matter how it ends up, i think from this point
4:35 am
forward after tomorrow, everybody should come together and start -- start coming together and making ends meet and see each other's sides and , you know, compromise a level to where everybody will benefit from it. >> is this a message to barack obama? yes or no? >> yes. >> is this a message to washington? >> yes. >> is this a message to stop wasteful washington spending? >> yes. >> so even though we're here at madison, wisconsin, it's still a message that washington ought to pay attention to. and i'm sure based on the results tonight, they will. back to you. >> all right, frank, thank you very much. the polls open in wisconsin 25 minutes from right now and they're estimating it's going to be heavy. >> remember, george bush, john kerry, one point difference. kerry got the state. four years later, president obama got it convincingly. we'll see what happens this time. >> indeed. we've got some headlines for you on this tuesday. amazing and daring rescue caught on camera. a 25-year-old woman lost her footing in california's eton canyon and tumbled 100 feet.
4:36 am
experts say there's no way she should have survived the fall. rescue crews were able to reach her and hoist her on to a helicopter which was hovering above as you can see right there. take a close look at the rescue worker. he is literally hanging on to her with his bare hands. he had to push the stretcher and pull himself into the chopper. the woman is expected to be ok. the guy is a hero. is that real? >> yeah, that's real. large soda is bad but pot ok with us. mayor of new york city and the police commissioner -- new yorkers. police commissioner backing a plan by the democratic governor andrew cuomo to decriminalize the public possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana. police would only issue violations to people busted with marijuana on them at the time. smoking pot in public will still be a misdemeanor. so it's part of an effort to redirect resources to more serious crimes. but if you smoke a lot of pot and eat a lot of bad food.
4:37 am
>> you might drink a large soda. >> maybe. >> but you won't be allowed to. >> and get arrested. trying to figure that one out. anyway, american symbol of strength living up to its image. a citizen spotted an eagle limping around in washington state. they covered the animal with a blanket and rushed it to an animal hospital. it was having trouble and wouldn't eat a thing. >> he's moving. that's a good sign. he tries to move away when you go in there. hopefully he's going to be flying around in here in a week or so and feeling better and he'll be able to be released. that's the hope. >> a team of veterinarians named the eagle glenn. witnesses say he was hit by a car and that's what put him in that state. >> wonder why they named him glenn. >> what's glenn? >> meanwhile, one proud parent in south carolina getting so excited at her daughter's high school graduation, she was thrown in jail. police arresting shannon cooper for cheering too loudly.
4:38 am
her daughter leisha didn't know what was going on until after she walked across the stage. the celebration plans had to be postponed. >> but i'm like -- are you serious? i didn't do any more than the others did. you know, which i feel like no one should have went to jail. >> she went to jail because she yelled? well, cops defend their decision saying there was an announcement before the ceremony anyone cheering or screaming would be escorted out. i got to figure, brian, this is probably going to mute air horn sales. >> i would think so. >> seems a little ridiculous to be honest with you. >> all right, brian? >> hey, this story is truly inspirational if you haven't heard it already. an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy gets a final burst of energy to fin uish a race for h school thanks to encouragement from his fellow classmates and gym teacher. just watch.
4:39 am
the video has been viewed almost two million times. joining us is the famous runner himself, matt woodrum, his mom who shot the video and matt's gym teacher john blaine. welcome to all of you. are when you were taping this, were you thinking i know where this is going? the world is going to see the courage my son has? >> no, i didn't know that. i had just borrowed a camera from many a friend and was taping it just to get matt on tape. finally after, you know, his races in the previous years and when the kids started to come out, i wasn't expecting that at all. and it was emotional but it was really neat and i'm so glad this is the year that i got it on tape. >> it is and coach, first off, john, you went out there and you saw him going and it was his fourth event of the day. what did you say to matt as he was working his way around the
4:40 am
400 meters? >> actually as he was approaching the second 100 of the 400, it's a little bit of an uphill battle there and i know matt well and there's no stopping him. but i wanted to make sure he was ok because i knew that this would produce some pain in his legs and so i just wanted to be near him if he wanted to either talk, slow down or do whatever he needed to do. and i remember asking him right then, i said you're going to finish this, aren't you? he goes oh, yeah. you're not going to quit? no. it was really exciting. i like being around matt. he's so inspirational. >> matt, when your coach said that to you, what does that do for you? i understand it was obviously a struggle. your fourth event of the day and an event you didn't even have to run. >> yeah, it was really hard to run but he walked with me and so did everyone else.
4:41 am
that helped me get through the rest of the race. >> how surprised were you to see your classmates gather behind you and cheer you on? >> i was very surprised by that and i really didn't expect it at all. >> matt, why do it? it's so hard, it's so difficult. the fourth event of the day. what is it about you, matt, that wanted to do this race? and finish this race? >> i just like to run a lot and just because i have cerebral palsy doesn't mean i can't run anything. so i really just wanted to run that race. >> and are you surprised? this goes -- this goes on you tube, two million hits. why do you think so many people can get so much inspiration from watching this? >> i really wasn't expecting that at all. we put it up for friends and family and family members of those kids running to be able to
4:42 am
go see their kid and how they supported matt. i had no idea that it would take off like this. but it's been overwhelming. but in a good way and all those inspirational stories that are coming in, matt is reading all of them. and we are just so thankful that we could share this story and we're loving the stories that are coming into us that's actually touching people's lives. it's been really neat. >> and i imagine motivating a lot of people with c.p. as well, as well as others. i can't thank you enough for sharing your time and bringing us inside this great family story. matt, congratulations, ann and coach john blaine, great seeing you this morning. have a great day. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> we know, matt, you have to go to school still. sorry! ok? you're up early. meanwhile, straight ahead on this show, it's full steam ahead for the cain train. herman cain's big announcement.
4:43 am
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>> he's one of the most well known contractors in the country and his hit show "holmes on homes" normally helps home owners with renovations gone wrong. today he's tackling a new problem. bad home inspections. >> saw you with the home
4:47 am
inspector and show you what he saw and didn't see and i'm going to make it right. >> the home inspector said don't worry about that. just previous water damage. >> i can do that, right? this is no longer a home inspection. it's a homeless inspection. now i start to open it to see what's wrong with it. >> joining me now, mike holmes the the author of the new book "the holmes inspection." good to see you around. wish i had you around when i was building a house and i had a home inspection. you might have found some stuff. let's help some people out today. >> sure. >> you start with a thermal graphic imaging camera. what's that thing do? >> this camera here is quite a smart camera. what i can do with this wall and all home inspectors should have it, it will show different temperatures simply and i can put my hand on the wall and it will pick it up immediately. it will show different temperatures on the wall looking for duct work, cold water pipes, hot water pipes, electrical
4:48 am
issues and so with the different temperatures, i can see mold. i can see all kinds of water infiltration. if a home inspector don't have this tool, as far as i'm concerned, he doesn't have the right tools because as a contractor, i'll have the half million dollars of tools to build your house. >> you should ask the home inspector to have this or can people rent them themselves or buy them? >> people can rent them. this is a little sophisticated. this is about $20,000 this camera, a little sophisticated to use and you have to have a level one. they call it a level one to understand how to use this and give the right information. i would say do you have an i.r. camera and he says yes. say come on in. >> foundation, you can learn a lot of things from looking at the foundation of a home like? >> yeah, this is just a mockup. pretend your brick wall is showing some white signs on the outside. do you know what the white is? it's salt that's in the rain. and if it's showing this, it means that it's being absorbed into the break and it's running down and there's too much of it. signs of this, the home
4:49 am
inspector should stay in the report, i see a lot of signs of that. it could be on the inside. if it's on the inside of the home, it's bleeding through the wall and coming into the basement showing water penetration from outside. >> water is one of the biggest culprits, right? >> it sure is. >> one of the biggest problems. it can create mold that brings us to this piece of sheetrock. what are we going to find out from this? >> again, another example of mold. if you start to see mold and really around your windows and around your doors, anywhere on this ceiling from the attic space inside your house and it starts to grow, a lot of people think ok, how bad is this? i want you to know we breathe approximately 18,000 mold spores every day. what we're trying to do is not breathe more mold inside the house than we're breathing outside. if we do, we start to see signs of mold on the dry wall, we have water penetration coming in and you want to pay attention to that. because if that grows more than 10 square feet, you're talking a lot of mold. you got to bring in the pros to take it out and you really don't want to bring that in your
4:50 am
lungs. >> exactly. other quick point we want to bring up for home owners, do you have to -- when you're buying a home, does the home owner selling have to tell you everything that's wrong with the home? >> in some places, no. in some places, yes. it depends on your region. what you really want to know is you want to be informed. that's why i wrote the book. you want to know what you're buying and actually, i've said it to so many people, don't just hire a home inspector at the last minute, you want to find the best home inspector there is before you check out the house. not to mention, you may want to do it before you sell your house. >> check out the holmes inspection. mike holmes, thanks so much. good to see you again. looking for a job? up next, the top five companies hiring this week. plus the road to the white house runs through wisconsin. why is the president flying over it? bill o'reilly here live top of the hour but first this day in 1990, the number one song was "hold on". wake up!
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> answer, mark wahlberg. the winner, david in newton, north carolina. today is wahlberg's birthday. meanwhile, as you know, the u.s. unemployment rate hit 8.2% last week and only 69,000 jobs were added last month. that's disappointing so you may be wondering where are all the jobs right now? we'll give you the top five companies hiring today. ahere with the list is cheryl casone from the fox business network. let's start with progressive. >> this is insurance. you know what progressive is. they need about 300 people right now. they're looking for customer service reps, sales, and claims reps. if you're a claim rep, you can make $12 to $15 an hour. benefits are good here. they offer childcare services at their headquarters, casual dress
4:55 am
and also need customer service experience or they can train you as well. there's two different ways to apply. >> yoga classes. >> all right. town air freight contacted us. >> they e-mailed us at our e-mail at ffjobhunt at some of these drivers can make $75,000 to $100,000 a year. they e-mailed us. major gateway cities, they hire contract drivers, chicago, atlanta, near dallas, denver, near the airports. they work with the airlines. >> lightning round, northwestern mutual. >> northwestern mutual, financial security company. they intend to add more than 5,000 financial professionals in 2012. this is a record. this company has been around 155 years. this is a record for them. average salary about 45k. after one year, 110 after five years. fortune called them one of the world's most admired companies to work for. >> how would you like to be a
4:56 am
member of the florida highway patrol? you can. >> they e-mailed us as well. ff job hunt at they need 132 qualified people. they have two classes coming up. each class will be 60 to 70 recruits. background checks will take four months. this is not going to be interesting -- it's not going to be immediate paid training. it will be interesting, i think. and you'll make $2500 a month for the training process. and they e-mailed us about that. >> the final one is waste management. >> waste management. mentioned this before when it comes to veterans. they are looking for in particular if you have large truck, large vehicle experience, they have 700 jobs available. and they work with a lot of the different communities and you also get full benefits with waste management. >> very nice. cheryl casone who dropped by -- she can take a breath now. drops by once a week. those are the five spots you can get at a job at today. thank you. >> you bet. >> amazing moment caught on camera. a high school track star carries her competitor across the finish line. about to meet for the first time
4:57 am
since the race on "fox & friends." on the flip side of the break, bill o'reilly joins us right here as far as cheryl gets up. go! bill o'reilly is next. ♪
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's june 5, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. it's judgment day in wisconsin. the polls are open. voters deciding the fate of governor scott walker. it's the second most important election this year. so where is president obama? he was tweeting finally about this election. bill o'reilly here on the curvy couch to weigh in. >> steve: and president bill clinton coming to the president's side last night, but don't let looks fool you. one insider says no way clinton wants four more years of that guy as president. >> brian: it's the ultimate sign of sportsmanship. a runner carries her injured competitor to the finish line. coming up, though, those two runners about to reunite for the very first time since that race.
5:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends." >> i apologize for it. >> gretchen: oh, come on. >> steve: bill o'reilly in the green room of the we got him for two segments starting shortly. >> brian: he's on the merv griffin set outside our studio. >> gretchen: he's in the hallway. >> brian: at our alternate set. >> steve: he's talking to arthur treacher. >> brian: why do you friday everything, arthur? >> gretchen: that makes me hungry. remember that? bill o'reilly, first your headlines. fox news alert. learning syria's foreign ministry -- ambassadors from the u.s., britain and france. syria saying they were no longer welcome. last week western nations expelled syrian diplomats in a coordinated move overt hula massacre in which more than 100 people were slaughtered.
5:02 am
in pakistan, t stands for terminated. >> one, two, three, four. >> gretchen: u.s. embassy in pakistan ending funding for a local version of sesame street. the move comes amid reports of corruption at the $20 million project. a pakinstani newspaper reporting there were financial irregularityies at the workshop, which developed the show with social security knee workship. they claim the u.s. backed off after already giving ten million bucks because of a lack of funds. let's go live to london as the queen marks the final day of her jubilee celebration. she's attending a luncheon now. but one very important person is not by her side and that is her husband, prince philip. late last night, he was hospitalized with an apparent bladder infection. a buckingham palace spokesman says a precautionary measure only and he would remain over the next few days.
5:03 am
the prince turns 91 on sunday. coming up at 8:30 eastern time, we'll have a live report from london. the first images of lindsay lohan is liz taylor revealed. lifetime revealing this photo of the 5-year-old as a legendary actress this liz and dick. here is another picture posted on tmz. the tv movie is based on the true story of her romance with richard burton set to premiere later this year. >> brian: that's lindsay lohan? >> gretchen: yeah. the one on the right. >> brian: she looks good there. >> steve: very la lizish. >> brian: looks a lot like her. >> steve: indeed. president obama teaming up with president clinton for a big fund-raiser in new york city last night. wendell goler is live at the white house with the very latest details. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. less than a week after saying mitt romney had the qualifications to run for president, bill clinton warned a romney presidency would be, in his words, calamitous for the nation and the world.
5:04 am
he's been headaching it clear his comment about romney wasn't an endorsement ever since he made it. he said president obama had earned a second term even though he failed to cut the deficit in half as he promised because steered the country through a miserable situation. mr. obama noted clinton was the last president to balance the budget. he also said the two had something in common. >> the two presidents over the last 30 years, 40 years who have had the lowest increases in government spending, you're look at them right here. they're on this stage. >> the white house measures spending as a percentage of the gross domestic product and by that measure, it's the lowest it's been since eisenhower was president. but republicans point to trillion dollar annual deficits and 8.2% jobless rate and national debt that is as large as the entire economy. romney campaign spokesman said in a written statement, quote,
5:05 am
president obama suddenly claiming to be a fiscal conservative is laughable. this is yet another attempt by president obama to distract voters from his three years of wasteful spending that have failed to get our economy moving again. president obama and clinton raised about 3 1/2 million dollars at three fund-raisers in new york last night. mr. obama will be back in sit next week for a fund-raiser at sarah jessica parker's house. back to you. >> steve: wendell goler on the noisy north lawn. thank you very much. >> brian: it's unbelievable. every time we toss to him. >> steve: beep! beep! >> gretchen: you think that's a coordinated effort. >> brian: robert gibbs used to be in one of the tractor-trailers. >> gretchen: does president clinton really support president obama? if you ask dick morris, who used to work for president clinton a lot of years back, he says no. >> bill clinton does not want barak obama to win. i've spoken to several good
5:06 am
friends who are staunch conservatives who have had a lot of exchanges with bill clinton in private and at one point unof them quotes him as saying, you have six months to save the country. and he never liked obama. they never got along. he's an in-law in a sense because she's in the administration. he has to do what he has to do, which is what he's going to do -- what he did today, i think, in running around helping him raise money and he's going to do tonight. but when it comes to a little jab here or a little jab there, you can count on clinton to do it. this wasn't such a little jab. this was throwing obama under the bus. >> steve: the king of cable, bill o'reilly, joins us live. so what do you think about dick morris saying that clinton doesn't really want obama to win? >> it's good if you're a mind reader. morris is a good fly and we love him on the factor. but i tell you what, there is a
5:07 am
book called "the amateur" out and. >> steve: ed klein. >> yeah. it's attack obama book. but he opens the book, klein does in an interesting way. he had somebody up at chappaqua in the clinton house with they were having a salon and people were there. and i believed it, they were talk being how bill clinton's pushing hillary clinton to be p. and i believe that's true. >> steve: in the last year. >> i could be wrong, but klein's talk in the opening scene seemed to me to be credible. by extension, what bill clinton is doing is he's setting up in case barak obama loses. he's setting up his cred within the democratic party. if he would go on to say i don't want obama to win, then he'll be shredded. so he's going around on the fund-raisers, but privately morris could be right. i wouldn't say he is 'cause i don't know. but he could be. >> brian: but it was two
5:08 am
sources -- >> but their blind sources. just remember that. >> brian: had this is how strong it he feels. he named the book after what he said. he is an amateur. >> look, i'm not saying that it's not true and as i said, i think it had a whiff of authenticity. i don't like blind source. i don't use them in my books. i don't use them. i'm naming who is talking. i'm naming them. and so that's just me. >> gretchen: let's talk about wisconsin. many people believe this is the microcosm of the macro koch coming up. >> microcosm of a macrocosm. >> gretchen: i think that's back hand way of saying i made sense. the workers in wisconsin, the government workers are apparently better off still than the private workers there. >> by a lot. >> gretchen: even though scott walker's reforms have taken place and they've had to put in
5:09 am
more of their own dough to health care costs and pensions. >> they make a lot more money in wisconsin. >> gretchen: what do you make of that, 81,000 compared to 67,000? >> what do i want of it? i want a job in wisconsin in the government. >> gretchen: what do you make of how that will affect the recall election today? >> look, this is a classic ideological battle between the left which wants compensation at the highest level for all workers. that's why the labor unions support barak obama, and the conservatives who say, it's out of control. we can't pay our bills. the states are going down the drain. now, on paper walker has done a very good job. brought the deficit down in wisconsin a lot and unemployment went from 7.7 to 6.7 in a year. that's a pretty good record. but the left doesn't care, doesn't care. they want big spending, and all you have to do is cross over to illinois, which is about to collapse financially under this progressive, big spending. so if it's me, i'm looking at it
5:10 am
as purely ideological merits. think walk letter keep his job. >> steve: you mentioned the unions. they support the unions and the president supports them, yet the president never went to wisconsin. >> because he doesn't want to get tied into a loser (i get it. all he did in the last 4 hours was to say, it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow and i'm standing by tom barrett. >> what did you want him to do? >> steve: he flew to minnesota last friday. >> i just told i couldn't he didn't do it. he doesn't want to be tied into a loser. >> brian: he'd like to answer for steve. president obama is a competitor. he likes to fight. he did it for martha coakley and corzine. he knew he was toast against kristy. why not go in there? >> because the election is five months away. he can't do that.
5:11 am
>> gretchen: you he needs wisconsin to win. he needs wisconsin to win. >> but if you look at the polls, obama is polling okay in wisconsin. so if i were romney, i wouldn't put money into wisconsin. because that's a crazy state. good folks but it's like minnesota. my god, you don't know with is going to run or what they're going to do. >> gretchen: wow! >> it's unpredictable. but it is very -- they've progressive thing going on there. i don't quite understand it. but carlson is from that area. >> gretchen: yeah. that's two slams. >> brian: he would scramble and make up plays. >> gretchen: number 10 did a fine job for the state. >> steve: how about this story out of massachusetts where you lived for a little while? this guy comes back from iraq and afghanistan. he also served in gitmo. he wants to be a firefighter. he applies to rent this two bedroom place in the boston suburbs and the land lady who turns out to be a progressive activist says no, i'm not going
5:12 am
to rent to you. he's suing now. >> good, he should. and look, massachusetts, again, like wisconsin, a lot of progressive people there and they have this kind of view that if you don't think like them, they don't want to have anything to do with you. i don't think that's healthy, but you know. if i were the guy, i would do exactly what he's doing. if i'm a veteran and i came back and i'm an honest guy and she won't rent it to me, take her right in. >> brian: "killing lincoln" for father's day a masculine type of book that a child should give their dad, that a father should give his father, or a grandfather should give his son. do you agree with all those? >> i think so. i don't find anything wrong with that analysis at all. >> brian: i love the book. >> nine months in the marketplace. number 4 this coming week on "new york times." number 1 audio in the country. >> brian: it even surprised you. correct? >> yeah, it did in the sense of this is by far my biggest best
5:13 am
selling book ever. and what happened was that people then said, you know what? history can be fun. i'm learning a lot about lincoln, the greatest president ever, but it's fun. and that's now the formula we have. we have "killing kennedy" coming out in the fall, which i think is going to be a bigger book. a lot of new stuff there. and so we're going to keep this going. >> steve: after that, are you going to do something on lindsay lohan? >> no, something on killing doocy. >> steve: can you stick around? >> no. may i get out of here? >> gretchen: we're going to stick around because we talked about this last week. mayor bloomberg's smack down on big size soda, but it's okay to be handling a little pot? huh? >> brian: wondering, will bill tackets on the break. have you seen this? a woman carries her competitor across the finish line. >> steve: that is amazing
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> soda drinkers in new york are angry about a plan to ban the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces. yeah. today i saw a pick -- pick connect line that stretched two blocks. >> gretchen: on the heels of that plan to ban super sized sodas in new york city, there is a push to decriminalize public possession of marijuana in small amounts, same city, back with us to weigh in is the host of the o'reilley, bill o'reilly. we talked about this last thursday. you were indifferent about mayor bloomberg's ban. >> i understand the overarch that we have a very serious problem in this country with obesity. look, but i'm a big personal freedom guy that if you want to look a certain way or you want
5:18 am
to consume a beverage or eat, you should be able to. however, we have to pay, all the taxpayers have to pay for an enormous amount of medical procedures in this country, most of which are driven by bad diet. i actually changed my diet. i'm not going to get into this, but i knocked out all the wheat in my diet. and i'm telling you, the difference is amazing. >> steve: feel better? >> i was never chubby, but a lot like allergies stopped, and stomach -- expect when i have to -- except when i have to come out here. and i just knocked out the meet. if you look in the cabinet, everything is wheat. >> steve: you took personal responsibility? >> yes. but what bloomberg is trying -- the message is, listen, it's okay to have a good time and comfort food. but if you overdo it, everyone will have to pay for it. it's like smoking. >> gretchen: where does it stop? even his own city council? >> it's not going to pass. >> gretchen: it is. because the city council is
5:19 am
against it, but apparently the department of health can just say yep, we don't really care what the public thinks. >> look, if that's the case, if you can't buy it, then as you pointed out, buy two 8-ounce sodas if you want a 16-ounce. so there is always a way around it. the bigger story is the marijuana story. this is about racism. this is a racial story, no the a drug story. here in the city we have stop and frisk policy, which has brought crime way down in new york. way down. okay? what that is, is the cops know who the wise guys are, they know who the deal railroads and the punks are and they know who the muggers are. and they try to get these guys on anything. it's like getting al capone on tax evasion instead of murder. so they know these guys carry pot and other drugs and they stop and frisk and find them and send them into the system. that's what drives crime down. get them off the street. the left hates that. hates it because it is racial profiling, but it's really criminal profiling. however, there are a number of people who are stopped and
5:20 am
frisked who don't have anything and they get angry and i understand that. but it's a crime fighting technique that they're now going to take away from the nypd and mark my words, street crime in new york will go up because of that. >> steve: all right. we always mark your words. we watch every night, 8:00 o'clock eastern time of the the great bill o'reilly. >> thanks for having me in. >> steve: "killing lincoln." >> brian: don't be surprised if we have lunch together. >> steve: you're buying. >> brian: no wheat. okay, fine. >> gretchen: i'm going to get him a dictionary to look up microcosm. if you forget to buckle up your kids, it will cost 10 to 25 bucks. if you forget to buckle your dog, more than 100. >> brian: a runner carrying her injured competitor to the finish line and let's her cross first. these two athletes here next this country was built by working people.
5:21 am
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
5:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. after a year of circling the earth, anion manned air force plane will land later this month. those who inspected it before it launched were in biohazard suits, leaving many to believe there were radioactive items on board. get ready for the herman cain show. he has lappedded his own radio talk show. replacing neil bortz. the show set to start in january of next year. steve? >> steve: thank you. talk about a real show of sportsmanship, have you seen this video? when meghan vogel saw her
5:25 am
competitor fall during a high school track race in the last 50-meters, rather than just run past her to beat her, she stopped to help her cross the finish line. joining us from columbus, ohio, high school track runners, meghan vogel and arden. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: all right, so arden, tell us a little bit about what happened in the last 50-meters where you fell down on the track. >> well, my body just kind of gave out. i knew about around after six laps i knew i was in trouble. my legs just started to cramp up and they were -- i wasn't going to be able to go much further and they finally gave out in the last 50-meters and i finally fell and i think twice and then she helped me the third time. >> steve: that's right. down you went. and meghan, you were having not a great race, which is
5:26 am
extraordinary because just about an hour earlier, you had a personal best in the 1600. you won that in the girls' championship. but then in this race, an hour later, you were running out of gas and pick up the story from there. >> yeah. i mean, after running my personal best. >> it kind of took an emotional toll and i had a half hour to get ready for my next race. after two laps in the two mile, i was done. i mean, my chest was kind of hurting me and my legs were done. so i just kind of was in last place for most of the race. >> steve: you saw arden go down in front of you. she was beating you and you saw she went down and what did do you? >> i kind of started to speed so i could help her to the finish line. >> steve: wait a minute. i thought the whole idea was you're supposed to beat her because not only did you hug her and essentially drag her across the finish line, but you had her so that she finished before you. >> yeah.
5:27 am
i mean, she was in front of me the whole race, so she deserve to do finish in front of me no matter what it took. >> steve: arden, when she picked you up, what were you thinking? >> i was pretty amazed. it was amazing. i didn't expect that at all. most people would have just run by, but she definitely stepped it up and she helped me out. >> steve: no kidding. >> that was really nice of her. >> steve: so many people have watched this video and have gone, you know what? that is such a great example of good sportsmanship. meghan, what's the moral of this story of what you did with arden? >> i mean, i just think if everybody can help somebody, i mean, even if you're just picking somebody up, i mean, i just think everybody should do that for somebody. it's a nice gesture to do, i guess. i didn't think it would turn out to be this huge thing. i didn't think we'd end up on national tv together. >> steve: here you are to tell your story.
5:28 am
it is a good one at that. a great teachable moment, as they say. arden and meghan, thank you very much. race. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: thank you very much. that is absolutely awesome. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, not getting a bonus this year? remember that guy, he did. the gsa official in the midst of a scandal getting a reward. we'll tell but that. the polls are open in wisconsin now. for the last 28 minutes. our neil cavuto seen there really close is going to be live. neil, you're next, okay? >> i am looking forward to it. scott walker, this is do or die. he doesn't want to be the third governor to be taken down. he would be the first if he survives. we'll see [ mechanical humming ]
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> steve: the polls open in wisconsin 32 minutes ago in that recall election for what some say could be a preview of what's going to happen in november. >> brian: joining us live from madison, wisconsin is the host of your world with neil cavuto, neil cavuto himself. hey, neil, how are you? >> hey, guys. how are you doing? >> brian: good. how is wisconsin treating you? have they embraced you? >> not entirely. we had some choice things thrown our way yesterday. i hope microphones pick up only what i'm saying. [ laughter ]
5:33 am
>> gretchen: they weren't saying go neil, go neil? >> yeah. not quite. but it is interesting. this is do or die. as you have been reporting all morning, this is probably the second most important contest this year. many say it these up november, whether scott walker and what his opponents say is a union busting effort. what his supporters say is an effort to control public pension and health care costs and get them under control. whether he survives all that. if he does, he would be the first governor recalled who has survived a recall fight. he was telling me yesterday he's very confident he will. >> steve: well, on the other side, tom barrett, he really got some great support last night. the president of the united states twittered hey, vote for tom barrett. that's it! >> a little late. but there is a reason for that and it has the president in a bit of a box. that is the president has the exact same approval rate not guilty this state that scott walker does.
5:34 am
one of the reasons why the president's people don't want to tick off those who want to support scott walker. so the better part of valor is step out of this race. but it angered a lot of union members and those sympathetic to the democratic candidate here that the president has all but hung him out to dry. we'll see if that happens here, whether, for example, barrett wins, whether he survives and wins it, whether there might be residual ill will. either way, not a win for the white house. >> gretchen: what are we expecting with regard to turnout? i don't know if you can answer it. absentee ballots, may 8 for the original runoff, 68,000 absentee. now more than 200,000. does that tell us anything? >> it's very, very heavy. it's president-elect obama going to going -- it's going to be in excess of 70%. i don't know if i buy that.
5:35 am
probably split the difference, 65%. keep in mind when barak obama was elected, they had turn out close to 70%. one of the highest turnout states in the country. this is a state that's very passionate about its politics. bough sides are drumming out the vote. there are very few undecideds. 1, maybe 2%. it's about getting your respective side out and get them voting. >> steve: it's big day. neil cavuto himself turned out for what happens in wisconsin. you can see his coverage during his regular 4:00 p.m. eastern time, on the fox news channel. coverage here and then he'll be on fox business. things kick off tonight at 8:00 o'clock and you've got sarah palin and hannity and former nyse chairman and the restaurant ceo of cke. so -- >> by the way, that's a new live time. we're opposite against bill o'reilly and he's nervous. you've probably seen him sweating. >> gretchen: he was just here
5:36 am
sweat being it. >> brian: the good news is, with neil away, i can use his office. that will be great. >> steve: sweet! >> gretchen: we'll be watching. thanks so much. >> all right. thanks. >> gretchen: let's kick off headlines. amazing video for this morning of crews racing against the clock it save a hiker who fell. come and watch this. this is amazing. all caught on camera. the 25-year-old woman lost her footing in california's eaton canyon. she tumbled 100 feet. experts say there is no way she should have survived. she's laying down. that guy is hanging on just with his hands over that canyon. and the chopper comes over it like that. he brings himself to safety and assuming it's a man, maybe it's woman. and the woman who was injured to safety. now the best news is we hear that she's going to be okay. amazing. >> steve: it is amazing. and not only speak of amaze, this story is. not only did the gsa waste your money, they paid employees extra
5:37 am
to do it. democrat senator from missouri claire mccaskill revealing the scandal plagued agency paid over a million dollars in bonuses to employees under investigation. that includes former regional commissioner jeff neily, seen there in a las vegas suite with two adult beverages. he helped plan the gsa lavish conference in las vegas. he scored a $9,000 bonus. a total of 84 employees got bonuses to boot. >> brian: he dove in last hour. the state of new jersey apparently puts a higher value on the safety of dogs than children. it's a common sight of dogs in cars with their heads sticking out and drooling. but drivers in new jersey now face up to a $1,000 fine and a disorderly person's offense if they fail to buckle up their dog no matter how big, no matter how small. dogs couldn't be reached for comment. if you don't use a seatbelt on a child, you get fined 10 to $25. >> gretchen: i'm offended as a
5:38 am
former kid. >> steve: you should be. >> gretchen: i'm offended as a former kid that not buckling up the life of your child is only $10 fine, but your dog is 1,000. >> steve: yeah. i'm offended as a dog owner. looks like they're gouging. what do you think? e-mail us. >> brian: i'm not even telling my dog and we're staying in new york. >> steve: i don't blame you. meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather. later today there is going to be amazing scene like this when the rare transit of venus happens. this is cool. that's when -- >> brian: what is that? >> steve: see that dot, that's venus. it's going to transit across the face of the sun. you'll need protective eye wear or telescope. >> brian: my venus glasses. >> steve: you've had venus envy. and also be streaming the event on its web site. >> brian: venus respect. >> steve: you won't want to miss this because it won't take place again until the year 2117. get out your goggles. >> gretchen: i have no idea what kind of envy i have after that. >> brian: i envy steve to do the
5:39 am
weather. >> steve: we got wildly scattered showers in portions of dixieland. and widely scattered texas through texas. today's daytime highs, only 66 and chilly in new york. throughout dixie land, 80s. 90s in the southern plains, along the gulf coast, it should be 85 later today in tampa. that's your travelcast. >> gretchen: let's take a live look at london where the four-day celebrations of the queen's jubilee will finish up later today. amy kellogg joins us live from london with the very latest. there is a big development because she's solo today. right? >> i know. we'll get o that in a second. but your timing was great because you can see right behind me the grenadier guards. the queen and other members of the royal family will be coming by shortly in their procession back from the service and the lunch they attended earlier this
5:40 am
morning. precision space not guilty between them. this is serious business. a man with a stick is coming around and measuring the space between each guard to make sure that they are in perfect position. the queen is the colonel in chief of the guards. now, the service this morning at st. paul's cathedral was very elaborate, full of pomp and ceremony, fantastic costumes, tradition, history. everyone had their eyes on the wardrobes, who was wearing what. the queen was a lovely sea foam outfit with hat. kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge in champagne color. the sad note, of course, prince philip, the queen's husband, or consort, still in hospital with bladder infection. so that was a very sad moment for the family because he should have been right there at the queen's side and as one of her grandsons said, he's been her rock and particularly at this anal, they couldn't do what they do if they didn't have each other. last night a spectacular concert
5:41 am
outside buckingham palace in honor of the queen. it had many stars belting out tunes from all of the six decades of the queen's reign. we had stevie wonder, elton john and paul mccartney. fantastic series of comedians taking some irrelevant reverent jobs at the royal family. prince harry being the butt of many of the jokes which belied the affection for him. procession here later in open carriages and that will more or less wrap up this jubilee celebration. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: indeed. things are wrapping up. almost time to put the hat back into the moth balls. job well done. >> that's it, steve. >> gretchen: she doesn't normally wear that every day? >> steve: no. every 60 years. >> gretchen: george zimmerman down in florida is back behind
5:42 am
bars, but should he be? is the government going to extraordinary lengths to insure his conviction? >> brian: raying history, racing history in jeopardy. why the triple crown contender might never get on the track. what? much to the chagrin of the people of belmont wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
5:43 am
well hello, welcome to summer road trip, huh? yep uhuh let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. cause we only do hotels. wow. i like that. nice! no. laugh...awe hmm nice huh ooh, yeah book it! oh boy call me... this summer, we're finding you the perfect place - plus giving you up to $100 at
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5:45 am
>> steve: more headlines for you. i'll have another, trying to make history this saturday by winning the triple crown at belmont. horse might not even the7>?@a (@8@ípñúh
5:46 am
song to sink just like the titanic. ♪ >> steve: back in march, kate winslet said the tune made her feel like throwing up. celine took it in stride and says, if i just count how many times i've sung it, maybe i'll get sick, too. made hear lot of money. gretch? >> gretchen: i still like listening to that song. george zimmerman, the man who shot trayvon martin down in fellow there back behind bars reportedly making big money because of it. donations to his defense fund spiked when a judge ordered him back to prison for misleading the court about having no money. his attorney says his client lied out of fear and is now reportedly asking for a new hearing to discuss the possibility of being released. joining me, peter johnson, jr., followingment case closely for us. so there is a lot to figure out here. i guess the prosecution believes
5:47 am
george zimmerman was not telling the truth about money that he had and therefore, they let him out on a lower bail than maybe they would have? >> that's right. they're saying not only did he, but his wife lied to the court about how much money had really come into this internet fund that was set up with so much fanfare and the prosecution and the judge knew about. not only is the prosecution kind of jumping on, but his own defense lawyer has now said that by virtue of this, mr. zimmerman's credibility has been, quote, undermined, unquote. it's a rare statement for a defense lawyer to make about his own statement. >> gretchen: why? you're a defense lawyer. >> because i think he's trying to get ahead of the curve at this point. he's trying to say yes, it was a mistake. there were so many pressures, he was accused of being a racist murderer and the defense believes that he's not. and that he should have been more forth coming when he wasn't and there are tapes in the jail house of conversations between
5:48 am
mr. and mrs. zimmerman in which they're apparently speaking in code about the amounts that were in the account. there is also an issue of what did his lawyer know at that point? he's now pointing to mr. zimmerman saying he and the wife really made a bad mistake and they have to be held to account and the judge wants truth in this courtroom and they're going to comport with that standard. it's being a lot pushed on to zimmerman and his wife. we don't know what the lawyer knew at that point. >> gretchen: do you believe that this insures some sort of a conviction for the prosecution? >> doesn't insure a conviction, but i think it shows the absolute political pressures that are surrounding this case. the issue now becomes what will mr. zimmerman say in that courtroom? how can his credibility be undermined further? we've heard it already from the family attorneys for the victim
5:49 am
and they're saying, you can't believe anything this man says and this is part and parcel of it. if you can't believe him about the money that's in the bank account, how can you believe him about this fateful ehave not on the day in which trayvon martin was killed? so it becomes a critical, critical issue. how does george zimmerman gain his freedom, number one? if he does gain his freedom, how does he regain his credibility that his own attorney says that he's lost? >> gretchen: interesting how it has nothing to do with the actual act of the case, but it could affect everything. >> big time. >> gretchen: thanks. plus, still trying o wake up? not plus. there is something probably before that. host of top chef here to help us get going with creative coffee drinks and so much more. first, let's check in with martha straight back from london for what's on at the top of the hour. >> good morning. speak about coffee, is there another big stimulus package on the way to rescue this swaggering economy? that's what some big names are
5:50 am
calling for this morning. and does the scott walker vote tell us where the country is moving? also we're going to see the final big moments of the jubilee this morning, the queen and her family will make their appearances on the balcony. paul burrell is here as we await an update on prince philip's condition. all that coming up at the top of the hour ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- the
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> steve: summer is almost here and there is no better season to host get togethers with family and friends and our next guest has some amazing tips on how to throw your party and take it to the next level. >> brian: are you talk being padma lakshmi? >> steve: i am. >> brian: she joins us right now. welcome back. >> steve: good morning to you. >> nice to see you guys. so everyone is entertaining outdoors in the summer. we're usually doing that standing up, right?
5:54 am
>> brian: yes. >> ba faye tables on the beach, on the deck, backyard barbecues. >> steve: and everyone always has beer burks maybe not start with beer. maybe coffee. >> i like a coffee cocktail because i'm always a little sleepy. but at the end of the meal, rather than have a cup of coffee and a dessert and kind of balance it all doors it all in one. i'm going to show you. i have this espresso machine and it makes the most amazing cup of coffee every time. that's because of these capsules. they're actually sealed at the moment that this coffee is ground. only use 1 to 2%. >> steve: you like this much better than the k cup. >> oxygen ruins coffee. it's so cute. you close it like that examine turn -- and turn it on. they have an aero cross chinno. that's how you do it. this is based on an italian
5:55 am
dessert which is something that's drowned. so you just take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour this hot, beautiful espresso. you can have a little shot. that beautiful, hot coffee in your mouth at the same time that the cold ice cream is melting. >> steve: a brilliant idea. >> so easy. you pour some caramel over it. you can add nuts. you can add a few little chocolate chips and i want to you taste one -- one of you taste had. >> brian: go ahead, steve. >> you get dessert, you get coffee all rolled into one. it's like an ice cream sunda,. >> steve: that's delicious. >> that's the cappuccino. you can serve it with foamy milk. i have other tips. chop your vegetables earlier and keep them in the fridge so that it's a all ready. that's how restaurants do it. >> brian: i want to you stick around. is that possible? >> yes. >> brian: back in a few minutes and find out why coffee guest
5:56 am
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >> gretchen: before we go this morning, one more live look from london where the four-day celebrations of the queen's jubilee will finish up today, 60 years on the throne. the queen will make aerier address to the nation. then lead a horse drawn carriage procession back to buckingham palace. >> brian: then they'll let her get some rest. >> steve: yeah. it looks now like the queen and the other royals are going to westminster hall where they will have lunch on the last day of the diamond jubilee. >> brian: if you can't go to the jubilee, run to the radio. kilmeade and friends coming up. gretchen carlson. >> gretchen: i will be with you. >> brian: padma agreed to stay over for the after the show show. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: 'cause we need more caffeine. we said


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