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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 5, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: let's watch it again. (applause) >>shepard: thank you, megyn. the news begins anew. on "studio b" today, the supreme court argument over california's gay marriage ban could now be just months away. and the latest national poll show most americans do indeed support same sex marriage. a live report just ahead. and united states officials confirm they droned al qaeda's number two terrorist. he was living in pakistan. and our allies, pakistan, is not pleased about the droning experiment. details coming up. buckle up your pet. or pay the price? moment of righteous indignation coming unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b".
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first from fox at 3:00, after months of protests, high profile endorsements and tens of millions in donations from who even knows who, voters in wisconsin hit the polls in the third recall election of a united states governor, ever. the republican governor is fighting to stay in office after stripping bargaining rights from state workers and forcing them to pay more for benefits. the opponents collected 900,000 signatures to force the recall vote. analysts say the outcome could tell us about what to expect in november. or maybe not. a number of high profile republicans have supported governor walker including the jersey governor chris christie, the south carolina governor nikki haley, florida senator marco rubio and outside groups have been in charge here contributing the vast majority of governor walker's $30 million war chest. governor walker is facing off against milwaukee mayor tom
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barrett, a democratic. former president clinton has campaigned. president obama has endorsed mayor barrett but has not gone to washington, rather, to wisconsin, to campaign. the mayor spent only $4 million and outsiders contributed only a quarter of that. and now mike is live in milwaukee. it is hard to believe anyone in wisconsin could be undecided. it is a matter of getting the votes out. >>reporter: that is what they have been saying. we do not have a visual of lines going out the door but it has been busy. the estimate is just shy of three million people in wisconsin will cast a ballot. 2.8 million, compared to 2010 the first time walker and barrett went at it and 2.1 million cast a ballot. both cast ballots today creating the tv moment but one who never showed up in wisconsin is president obama.
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the absence was noted by governor walker speaking last night with greta. >> i think the white house and some of the political allies of the president are scared if they get in the mix and their candidate doesn't win that could be a sign what would impact the full election. >> president obama sent a message of support for mayor barrett on twitter saying he is standing by tom barrett he would make an excellent governor. the mayor is not disappointed the president did not show up and was pleased to get support from former president clinton. >>shepard: what about the group that says it will publish the names of those who don't show up to vote in wisconsin. >>reporter: this is the greater wisconsin political fund a leftist organization called by one "dirty," publishing voting information from the neighborhood, and the threat was if you don't vote this time, your neighbors are going to learn about it. the government accountability
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board says what they did was legal. the information published in the flyers was public but conservatives call this bully willing tactic. they did not respond to phone calls. >>shepard: thank you from milwaukee, mike. wisconsin could be a key swing in the presidential election. the poll suggests that president obama does have an edge but political analysts say a walker win tonight could actually help governor romney. the two candidates hammering each other on the economy. at an obama campaign fundraiser former president clinton accused governor romney of pushing for a kind of austerity policy that we seeing in europe saying governor romney, a presidency under romney would be "calamitous for america and the world." around the same time at another event governor romney predicted calamity if the president's policies continued if four years. and now, campaign karl cam reason is live in washington,
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dc. governor romney has chosen to stay away from business. >>carl: both parties watch and participate. it could be indicate which party is better organized and energized for the presidential fight in five months. maybe wisconsin could get in their category. governor romney is in texas and renewing attacks on the president as "hostile to free enterprise," with emphasis on latinos. he has a campaign event at hispanic owned business and released a spanish language when video noting that hispanic unemployment has ticked up to 11 percent, three points higher than the national average. and romney is working on a spanish language interactive web page unveiling their latino steering committee a lengthy list of community leaders. >>shepard: governor romney is seen in recent polls as trailing among latinos.
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an important group. what is the strategy? >>carl: they do not know if they can reverse it. right now the president has 2-1 advantage, 61 percent to 27 percent according to the "wall street journal" poll but romney figures the economic policies will court latino voters more aggressively than the president. and romney is considering florida united states senator rubio as a potential running mate and over the weekend president obama's top advisor suggested if romney thinking picking rubio will exonerate romney from the republican's extreme positions latinos should be insulted. and romney says voters of every race should be insulted but that is by the economy so now rubio is a ping-pong ball between the two sides. >>shepard: california same-sex marriage ban is now headed to the supreme court because today the state's 9th circuit announced they will not hear
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another challenge on the ban. nationwide a new poll, the latest shows americans are still divided on the issue but not second year in a row more people support the legal savings of same-sex marriage than oppose. 50 percent to 48 percent. and gregg jarrett is live with us. what does the decision mean? >>gregg: it does not mean that suddenly same-sex marriage in the state of california is legal. no. the ruling would stay pending review by the united states supreme court but three judge on the 9th circuit issued a scathing dissent accusing the majority of gross misapplication and overruling the will of seven million california voters but they also seem to blame president obama. "the president ignited a media firestorm by announcing he supported same-sex marriage as a policy matter." two judges in the majority reacted to that by writing "we
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are puzzled by our dissenting colleagues' unusual reliance on the president's views regarding the constitution especially as the president did not discuss the narrow issue that we decided in our opinion." that narrow issue was only california's ballot proposition which the court held to be invalid and the broader issue of whether the constitution prohibits all states from banning same-sex marriage, that was not decided and, again, the u.s. supreme court may decide that very issue assuming shep and this is important, assuming the high court even willing to take the case in the first place. >>shepard: we will not know that for a while. how are supporters reacting? >>gregg: marriage quality usa says the momentum for freedom to marry is unstoppable noting that another federal appellate court held the federal so-called defense of marriage act unconstitutional. it was called a split decision
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which is in surprise vowing to push the indicate all way to the high court from >>shepard: and officials told aid workers, in syria, and telling diplomats they are not welcome. and the killing continues. the latest on the situation. and a close look at what is being done by the west. and police said they were looking for one bank robber. so they stopped everyone in the area. at gunpoint. put most of them in handcuffs. stopped everyone because they are looking for one person. kids were there. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies
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>>shepard: syria is a disaster. today it first isolated from the
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world thumbing its nose at it. government officials say a dozen western diplomats including the united states arch to syria are no longer welcome. as you know western nations last week looted syria's diplomats from the countries over the recent massacre of more than 100 innocent people most of them women and children. the united states says regime forces likely carried it out but the syrian government denied responsibility and blamed "terrorists," which is common. whatever they are. we cannot confirm any of it. we know syria's move is mostly symbolic because the western nations it targeted pull their diplomats from the country. and conor is live. syria is giving diplomats the boot but will welcome workers soon. i don't understand. >>reporter: well, mixed signals from syria. on sunday, president assad said
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that meddling is the problem of syria's problems. and the foreign meddling, that has caused syria to boot out ambassadors. our ambassador left in october as the violence increased and there were security concerns for himself and his staff but violence has continued despite the heavy fighting, again, in syria today. now, part of the mixed signal of the syrian government has issued visas to the u.n. and humanitarian workers so they can start delivering supplies and goods to the hardest hit areas in syria but it is important to remember that despite the diplomatic maneuvers the violence continues in syria. >>shepard: we are led to believe it is getting worse. >>reporter: that is report. we have seen heavy fighting across the country and have seen that type of heavy fighting for weeks. the syrian rebels announced they will not adhere to a cease-fire
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they say has ended last week because the syrian government wasn't adhering to that cease-fire and we got reports today that there were helicopters that were attacking rebel positions across the country and we had to report that this was fighting in coastal towns relatively quiet during much of this 15-month uprising, so, while there is violence is spreading to areas that were quiet. >>shepard: thank you, conoor and with us is judith miller, adjunct fellow from a think tank. where are we? >>guest: no place good. things are getting worse. no one knows what to do. there are senior american diplomats in now trying to lean on the russians to work with the americans for at least get a united nations security council condemnation which we still have not gotten because both russia and china oppose criticizing syria saying it is not helpful
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and they do not oppose removing assad by force. in short we are at a diplomatic standstill. >>shepard: i read a couple of columns and an article and it was suggested this is becoming president obama's bosnia. >>guest: that is president obama's nightmare to be accused of ignoring a humanitarian situation in which women and children are being slaughtered. we now have the pictures, the videos coming out of syria, out of a village that last week was a terrible scene of slaughter, and the thugs have been going house-to-house asking people whether they have weapons. these are mostly sunni villages, versus a minority dominated regime and when the people in the house say no we don't have weapons they were shot at point blank range and we now have a kind of bosnia like humanitarian crisis shaping up which is just what the president doesn't want
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just before an election. >>shepard: has anyone come up with anything that resembles the possibility of a solution here? where do you start? >>guest: there isn't. many people would want to get rid of assad would say he no longer is credible or legitimate point out that the syrian opposition is a mess. it is infiltrated by pretty hard-line muslim fanatics. and that the people who take over could be even worse that assad. now, i don't believe that. i think this regime has discredited itself. on the other hand --. >>shepard: if you murder 10,000 or so. >>guest: we are now up to 12,000 but who knows? the numbers can not be verified. but if you arm the rebels do you make the slaughter worse? if you arm the rebels, will they be able to out of the regime? most say "no," they could never march on damascus and you just
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touch off a full-fledged civil war. the problem, that seems to be what is happening already which leaves the president with very few options. yesterday, secretary of state clinton said it is up to russia leading from behind getting others to change their position to do more to stop this slaughter. >>shepard: that is "leading from behind." >>guest: that is what the critics say but they do not have a good solution, either. governor romney says he wants to arm the rebels but even he does not recommend sending in forces. no one wants a u.n. situation similar to libya. which resolved that situation eventually but with considerable dislocation. with killings. with slaughter. but, syria is going to be the problem from hell. there is no, no one out there, who says i know what to do if we would do x, y and z we would
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have a solution. there are foreign policy challenges that do not have easy solutions. >>shepard: the world watches as thousands are murdered by their own government. >>guest: appalling. >>shepard: and astounding. back at home, is there, ever, a point, should there ever be a point when security concerns trump first amendment rights? the supreme court gave an answer to that question and it happened when someone touches a vice president and the secret service gets involved. we will get to that. and right now the government can only drone people for a few hours at a time you will be happy to know. the government has its own rules how and when it can drone people hours at a time only for the droving of humans. but the next generation of spy planes you will be happy to know can spend days in the air without ever coming down and can drone as they please. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>>shepard: the united states supreme court has blocked a lawsuit against two secret service agents. this case stems from this guy's claim the agents arrested him in retaliation for comments he made to then vice president cheney that said basically "your war policies suck," argues the arrest is a violation of his right to free speech but the high court ruled in favor of the agents saying they had "probable cause." and judge napolitano is here. "probably cause." >>judge napolitano: that is a legal standard meaning it is more likely than not that a criminal event has occurred or there is evidence of a crime and it justified a search or seizure. in this case, a case of seizure. if i may demonstrate on arthur, here is what happened.
12:24 pm
i'm howard and arthur is the vice president. mr. president, your policies in iraq are disgusting. for a second. this, the handshake, was lawful. this is what the government says was an assault. so for that he was arrested. he says he was arrested because of the words he articulated to the vice president. he argues if he said mr. vice president nice job and found him he would not have been arrested. he is arrested and charged and in colorado state court for assaulting the vice president with that tap on the shoulder, a state judge theys it out. it does not constitute assault under colorado law. then he sues in federal district court the two secret service agents who arrested him and the trial judge denies the government's motion to dismess and the 10th circuit court upholds the trial judge and today the supreme court by 8-1 reversed the trial judge and said the case gone.
12:25 pm
they had reason to blow he committed a crime and we will not consider the first amendment free speech aspects. it is a bad and bizarre fact making very bad law. >>shepard: something must be missing. or someone made a horrible mistake because 8-0. >>judge napolitano: what could be missing and not in the opinion, but since these events occur the congress enacted and the president signed into law legislation that permits the secret services to disperse people who are getting too close to the people they are protecting. it permits them to exercise subjective judgments. we can disperse those who disagree with the person we are protecting, we can allow those to stay would agree with the person we are protecting. that is not in the opinion but that is the only new event. >>shepard: it doesn't sound very american. >>judge napolitano: it's not. the government is showing incredible deference to public officials when it comes to public safety and incredible
12:26 pm
negligence, ignorance or unwillingness to enforce free speech rights. >>shepard: you know what the government should do is just "drone," then. >>judge napolitano: that is coming. how could it be a criminal event to say to the vice president of the united states i like you or your politics are disgusting. >>shepard: if you believe the pundits wisconsin recall election is about more than just state politics. a lot more than that. what the outcome can tell us of the power of unions and campaign cash. main hi campaign cash. millions of dollars from somewhere else, a system that is flat broken. period. period. fact. not opinion. and the united states touting the droni o terrorist. we droned a terrorist from another country. against the wishes of the government.
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at least we did not kill one of our own citizens, this wasback's number -- al qaeda's number two, a major blow to the network. but the government where we did the droning is all over this one. as a culinary manager i make sure our guests have an over the top experience. being hands ons key! i make sure every plate looks just right. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. sta with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp or shrimp and scallops alfredo. then finish with something sweet. all four courses just $14.99. [ reza ] it's so much food for such a good value. i'm reza, culinary manager. and i sea food differently.
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if you follow the money and the media attention, and a high would file politician getting involved in a recall election, this is turning into a test of strength against democrats and organized labor and conservative would slashed benefits for public workers and governor romney calling governor walker a "hero," and president obama voiced support for the democrat, milwaukee mayor tom barrett. and now, live in washington, dc, rich, this has turned to be interesting. the recall has energized union members who tenally support -- typically support democrats. >>reporter: in 2008 president obama won by 14 percentage points and the last presidential candidate to win was ronald reagan in 1984 and they elected walker in 2010 and republicans as they did across the country won significant gains. most political forecasters have
12:32 pm
wisconsin leaning toward president obama this november, though, a significant win for walker this evening could have republicans feeling more optimistic about the fall. >>shepard: certainly about the people who give millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars under this new system which is broken. >>guest: in the neighborhood of $60 million. two-thirds governor walker's $30 million in donations come from out-of-state and a quarter of his opponent, mayor barrett are from out-of-state, with the nation's three largest public unions spending $2 million to beat walker. >>shepard: thank you, rich, from washington, dc. good to see you. thank you very much. now a major droning in pakistan and analysts say it is likely the biggest blow to al qaeda since the death of bin laden. fox news confirms that a u.s. drone strike has killed a man known to some investigator as al qaeda's number two in pakistan. it reportedly happened yesterday
12:33 pm
the lawless tribal area on the border with afghanistan in green on the map. united states officials credited drone strikes with killing thousands of militantsrily in pakistan alone. catherine is on this from washington, dc. what is the reaction? >>reporter: the white house in the last hour confirmed what we report two hours ago that the evidence shows al-libi is dead in the c.i.a.-led operation. all his death is part of the degradation taking place the last several years to core al qaeda which depleted the ranks to such an extent there is no clear successor to take on the breadth of his responsibilities. >>reporter: intelligence folks report in pakistan that al-libi was in a house in the tribal belt and the drone hit militants and residents reporting a vehicle used by al-libi was destroyed. pakistani sources saying a telephone intercept described an
12:34 pm
arab killed early monday and we have confirmation that the arab was al-libi a libyan national. the official telling fox he was among the most experienced leader would play add central role in plans again the west. >>shepard: so a significant killing. >>reporter: he is described as the number two. and i would argue that he never had the depth and experience and his primary role was as a scholar. and there is in question that al-libi was a rock ask for jihadist with the videos going viral. he was an ideas guy, a reaper and scholar who took on the mantle of operations. and an official saying "al qaeda's leader will be hard resolutioned to find any person who can step into al-libi's shoes, there is no one who comes close in terms of the expertise al qaeda has just lost." in question this is an important kill given that al qaeda
12:35 pm
operatives number in the low 100's in pakistan. it is more evidence of al qaeda's demise or unravelling in pakistan but for some context this happened as we see the affiliate in yemen and i was told the operatives number in the several thousand. >>shepard: thank you, catherine from washington. united states engineers are testing out a new drone that could change the future of surveillance. they call this drone phantom eye from boeing. unmanned aircraft designed for the first time to play up for four days at a time. the folks say it is the beginning of a new era of intelligence and reconnaissance and the current generation of drones is already controversial, especially following the decision to expand drone surveillance here in the united states. trace gallagher is in the west coast newsroom and the phantom eye took its first test. how did it do?
12:36 pm
>>trace: pretty well. there was landing gear problems but aside from that up to expectations. the longest aircraft we have can fly for about 30 hours and the reason this thing can fly for up to four days is because it runs on hydrogen fuel. it can also be flown exclusively by a computer which means it does not need a pilot on the ground. it is designed to spy over the vast areas from up to 65,000 feet making it difficult to see and the experts say it will greatly expand our spy craft reach. >> these things are reprogrammable to go after other targets, other missions. so you have the benefit of no man in the loop. you do not have to worry about someone to eat, sleep, or do other things and you are not risking a man, not jeopardizing a life getting critical intelligence. >>trace: boeing is building this on its own hoping to find a
12:37 pm
buyer. they do not have government contracts for it. >>shepard: thank yous trace, from los angeles. another question, though, before you go, trace, there is an unmanned military space plane in orbit for a year now and it is set to come home. what is the status? >>guest: well, it could come home any time but in the next few weeks. it is called the x37b and this is great because it is like a small space shuttle. 29' long. run by solar power. and orbits the rate at 17,000 miles per hour. it was supposed to fly for 270 days and up this already for 458 days, and counting. the air force says it is testing the technology to see how long it will last but you have a lot of expert would say this craft is likely out there disabling or moving enemy satellites. or, spying. next, some have tracked this thing over iraq, afghanistan, north korea and iran.
12:38 pm
listen. >> obviously if you have something in orbit they can look down and see what is going on. the question becomes, what kind of technology was being used when they looked down? that is what has to be totally secret for all the right reasons. >>trace: it has been secretive, this lands sometime in the next couple of weeks and it relaunches, again, in october. >>shepard: trace, in los angeles, you are the man. drivers, this is my favorite story of the day, drivers in one state and i will not tell you which one, but you will know it will face fans up to $1,000 not for putting sunglasses on fido. but, well ... for letting dogs stick heads out the window. $1,000 fine! and you know you have to have the pets in seatbelts. government-run completely amok. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>>shepard: the senate is working rejecting a bill aimed at closing the pay gap between men and women and the republicans say this burdens businesses claiming it is an election year ploy to gain political points something we hear about on capitol hill. election year ploy? really? to set up one side as antione thing, i have never heard of such a thing? >>reporter: you can hear the ads already, senator so and so, vote against giving women equal pay. but the bottom line, they needed 60 votes and they got 52 so this measure failed. senator milk ski, democrat from maryland, says, the bottom line right now, the system doesn't work for women. >> every five years you will make another penny it says to american women. as i travel around my own state, my own country, and my other
12:43 pm
colleagues, we know that women are mad as hell and they don't want to take it anymore. >>reporter: democrats hope that anger she talked about could pay off at the ballot box in november. >>shepard: so there must be a reason for the opposition. what was in there that gave republicans a problem? >>reporter: they said that bottom lean this is a big gift to trial lawyers and they said with unemployment at 8.2 percent we need small businesses to hire people not adding more regulations on them, not threatening them with more lawsuits. here is the senator republican leader making his case. >> this issue is about rewarding plaintiff's lawyers for filing lawsuits. we think it is the wrong way to go about dealing with this issue. and it is an open secret that the plaintiff bar has been an active supporter of democrats all along.
12:44 pm
>>reporter: a senator from them them introduced a republican alternative but it is not clear whether it will have more legs than the measure that failed today. >>shepard: mike, thank you from capitol hill. thank you. well, jersey shore is back. snooki is pregnant. it is absolutely ridiculous but it is new jersey. can brings me to this. if you don't buckle your dog in the car in new jersey cops can fine you up to $1,000. congratulations, new jersey, you have outdone yourself again. officials say this is how it should look. this is it. they are teaming up with anticruelty group to enforce a related law that has been on the books for several years, an official tells fox news and i quote, "we're not talking about dogs who will lay down nicely on the back seat." that sentence is full of trouble but cute lap dogs that it is on your lap and look like they are drying the car other other dogs who hang so far out the window
12:45 pm
they could leap. the law also applies to cats. and all other animals. as we mention each fine could be from $250 to $1,000. as for people in new jersey, for the people the maximum charge is $46 for the first offense. but for the cat, and $1,000. people, $46. kitty cat, $1,000. snooki is pregnant. legal panel is back. former prosecutor and fox news legal analyst arthur aidala, and defense attorney randy zelin. jersey being jersey? >>arthur: what is going on on the cover of the newspapers in new york city they are telling us what we can and can the economy drink and wearing helmets to ride on the bicycle,
12:46 pm
and now they telling us where the cat has to sit in the car. the only validity to the point there are people who are driving with dogs on their laps or i am not too happy about that part because that could get if the way and you could kill someone else. passing laws to protect others, that is one thing, but i will pay $1,000 fine if i have my dog, my boston terrier, i decide he will ride in the back of the car, that is my choice, it is still the land the free and home of the brave. what about the free part. >>shepard: in free. they just drone you. chris christie, just send out a drone. >>randy: or how about not let any animals in the cars or human beings in the car so there are no injuries have everyone stay home and walk and let were walk and get in better shape so the government cannot regulate the sugar we drink in our sodas it is an example of good intentions
12:47 pm
but horrible excuse. drone 'em. drone 'em. >>arthur: does snooki have something to do with this. >>shepard: you should not be allowed to put clothes on your animal. that should be $1,000 fine. >>arthur: how are the laws about putting dogs in the back of a tip up truck? in rural america --. >>shepard: we don't have pickup trucks in manhattan. you do. but not in manhattan. >>arthur: in mississippi? rural america? isn't that common. it is fun, cool, what you do. you cannot do it in new jersey. and there are plenty parts of rural new jersey where it makes sense to put a beautiful lab in the back of the pickup. >>shepard: jersey does things to get to us talk. >>randy: if i win a japanese fighting fish at a carnival do i
12:48 pm
put it in a seatbelt? >>shepard: i used to have a cat and after 9/11 i went to get a dog and the shelter was out of dogs and a woman says we will kill those cats at the end of the day which brought my cat to my life. if you tried to put my cat into a safety harness it would be the last thing you did. the cat attacked in the middle of the night like a tie greece devouring her young. lap dog. safety belt. my cat found a new home. she is very happy. i'm confident. we used to be facebook friends. but no mas please congratulations new jersey, by the way, snooki is pregnant. police blocked an entire intersection and went from car to car with shotguns and rifles
12:49 pm
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>>shepard: and cops outside din verify stopped more than a dozen cars, handcuffed the drivers at gunpoint the listen, now. stopped more than a dozen cars at an intersection. handcuffed people suspected of nothing, at gunpoint. because they looked for one suspected bank robber, they said they had reliable tip a suspect was if the group of cars so an officer said they made a split
12:53 pm
second decision to stop everyone and cuff most. all they said you need on get out of the your car, and i did and i screamed i had kids and they didn't put their guns down, they had shields up, and the guns were pointed out. it was terrifying. >> cops got the suspect. in the last car. and they let the other drivers go after an inconvenience that lasted two hours. police admitted this was "unusual situation." >> we made a tough choice here. and we arrested a very dangerous armed bang -- bank robber. mommy, why are you handcuffed? why did the mom handcuff you? mommy got handcuffed. no, no, no, a tangled web. >>arthur: think about the scenario, they are going to rely on the doctrine of exigents circumstances, if they had not acted the way they did, either the evidence would have been
12:54 pm
destroyed or the perpetrator would have fled why they can kick in the grant door of your house if they think you are going to flush all the oh -- cocaine down the toilet they can kick in without a warrant. the real technical legal issue is, in the united states of america you cannot act on anonymous tip. you can't. a person cannot say it is that person. they say it is reliable tip but there was not a gender described, a race described, clothing described but they are at that stoplight. >>randy: you can kiss this arrest goodbye but you said something important. >>shepard: what do you mean? >>randy: it ain't going to happen. they got the right guy but the evidence will be tossed. the guns will be gone. but you use the word "you," your door. they did not have a "you," they
12:55 pm
had in idea who it was so, let's just arrest everyone. >>shepard: and then drone them. >>randy: i don't think can you in the united states america but it seems to be changing. this is not a police state. >>shepard: wait. >>randy: not supposed to be. good intentions horrible execution, and this case is going to get tossed. the guys will be right back on the street. >>arthur: the ends are not supposed to justify the means but they fine the robber, with the two guns, in his possession, to say it will not play a role in the judge's decision is naive. >>shepard: it is five minutes until 9:00 at night in london, day four of the seven year long party for the queen. continuing. no, i don't care. but i thought you might. so ... [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>>shepard: the queen calls the
12:59 pm
outpouring for the diamond jubilee humbling experience. there was a massive flotilla, star-studded concert, a whole lot of pomp and circumstance and if you watch the other cable news network you know, sadly, this was no flyover. the queen rode a horse drawn carriage through london and the young royals were there, as well, and when the 84-year-old monarch took to the balcony the crowd went wild. no word on how much the four day extravaganza cost but it is estimated to be the extra holiday alone could cost britain's struggling economy nearly $2 billion. another royal report estimates that the total cost will amount to the


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