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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 5, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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file this uncategory of things about which i have no understanding whatever. >>neil: man oh man, in wisconsin it is "do or die" and right now everything is down to this: with five hours to go, who will win? who will lose? what will the reverberation be? we are all over the state with mike in milwaukee, the loot -- lat lieutenant -- lt. governor s is joining us, and wendell is at the white house, and at stake not only a governor and whether he can be recalled. by the way if he would be recalled it would happen for the third time in american history and scott walker hoping to buck that trend. the turn out is heavy in the
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entire state. both sides getting out the vote to mike tobin on how that is going. >>reporter: this polling location reminds me of what i would like to think of wisconsin. small town. people are nice. not angry. you look to the side they have a bake sale going on. that not to say it has not been busy. just about 2.8 million will cast a ballot. both created a tv moment when they dropped a ballot in the box. the average wisconsinite has endured a year and a half of bitterness. the robo calls. people knocking on the doors. neighbors not talking to neighbors. they are ready for it to be over. >> it is very important. it is very un-american. and the protests i see. i think, too, that the people are asking for something this country is not ready to give them. >> very important if nothing
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else to put this diversion to rest of the state politics. >>reporter: a liberal group has sent flyers to neighbors, publishing information about people would voted in that neighborhood, the veiled let is if you do not get out and vote this time your neighbors are going to know. now the government accountability board says, what they it is legal. the information they published was public record. but a conservative group calls them in a word "dirty." >>neil: all right, thank you very much. and now with us is lt. governor being recall, as well, part of the ross and normally they elect in most states as this state the governor and lt. governor together. but here in wisconsin, in a recall battle, the lt. governor never addressed something like this so we could have a situation where you have a governor of one party and lt.
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governor of another. >>guest: we do not think that will happen. >>neil: right after i said the lt. governor leaned over and said, it is pronounced deftly. >>guest: i know what that is like. >>neil: now i know. i know where you will be. >>guest: we will be in the most conservative county and we will have incredible voter turn out today. we are looking forward to celebrating tonight and we thing it will be a good day. cautiously optimistic but we know we will have votes coming from all over wisconsin. >>neil: what do you make of the issue where there is the possibility, say the governor gets in. but you don't. >>guest: i don't think it will happen. i will tell you why. we have very passionate voters today. on both sides of the political aisle. because of that administration and because of the energy of our electorate we did not anticipate
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that many cross over votes. and we believe that tomorrow we will weak up and have an executive branch intact and we can move forward. >>neil: let's just say you are both victorious or both defeated, i know you want to see the former and not the last, but what if it is close or if the four senate seats, any of those go, the senate tips. either side can claim victory or drag this out or there could be, god forbid, there are recalls and swat teams of lawyers from the other side coming in, department of justice is monitoring this. what going on here? >>guest: well, what is going on is battle between big public employee union bosses mostly from outside of wisconsin and the taxpayers. we, the people. we have seen so many --. >>neil: but you have forced outside wisconsin. >>guest: you have to understand our big special interest opponent has spent a
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year and a half trying to vilify the governor saying the wins, the victories we have had that should be owned by all of wisconsin do not belong to all of wisconsin. they are trying to separate the voters of wisconsin, the families, the taxpayers, and that is not true. i will tell you what. we did a $3.6 billion deficit and we fixed it without raising tax-a-saurus a victory owned by everyone. >>neil: when the union said you did it at their expense what do you say? >>guest: we faced tough decisions and we did not have to just fix the $3.6 billion budget deficit we had to look into the future. i have two little girls, six and nine and we know the cost driver of the future, in wisconsin the same as any other state not country, same as our federal government, health care costs are rising, and pension costs. we know baby boomers will retire account first of baby boomers hit age 65 last january, and you need to look out into the future
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and address those things. how do do you that? >>neil: do you thing you could have handled it differently? a lot of union households say they never said they would completely revisit if not wipe out collective bargaining. you and the governor say that is not what you have done but you say you did things you said you would not do. >>guest: that is not true but i want to go back and explain quickly what we did ask our public employees to do when we addressed those problems. we asked them to pay a share, much like folks in the private sector, a share of their own benefits, because you cannot have your public employees --. >>neil: but did the collective bargaining come up where you would seriously look at changing that? >>guest: well, collective bargaining in wisconsin as you know was financial. in this city, we had a bus driver, city bus driver making $150,000 a year because of collective bargaining because of
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overtime. we saw school directs all across wisconsin who were forced to buy health insurance from their employees from essentially one company associated with --. >>neil: but intimate that in retrospect you could have done things differently. >>guest: we could have explained those things longer and better. before we actually made the changes. before the legislature voted. if people understood they could have saved tens of millions just by putting health insurance out for a bid, they would have said, gosh, lt. governor, you have fixed that. >>neil: well, say you do prevail tonight and the governor prevails tonight and even the te senators, the four republicans up for a vote, and it is close, will the ill will last? this is a 7th election we have had to this process? where does it end? >>guest: it ends tonight. after tonight, we move forward as a stated. we focus on creating jobs
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together as a state. we start to put our livelihoods our neighbor in front of politics. we start to move --. >>neil: you are supposed to see a lost protesters. >>guest: we move wisconsin forward. >>neil: they are planning protests now. >>guest: why? >>neil: why do you think? >>guest: because they believe and they understand that our reforms have worked. our reforms have worked. >>neil: so --. >>guest: i hope that everyone in this state can rally an the idea of creating jobs together because that is not political at you will. we don't want republican jobs or democrat jobs. we are for wisconsin jobs. >>neil: and i cannot keep telling you how to pronounce your last name. >>guest: cox back -- come back any time. >>neil: i love it here.
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>>guest: water park capital of the world. the wisconsin dells. >>neil: governor, thank you very much. speaking of the powers that be if this fine state, i might have inspired with my interview with scott walker, a presidential tweak. does anyone remember this? what do you thing of president obama has not been here? >>guest: it is a sign that there is real concern what i have seen over the weekend, voters who say they voted for my opponent or they say they are democrats but they say they are voting for me because they like the courage to take on tough problems or a number of them are democrats and do not like the recall process. my guess is the president and his folks want to shy away from that. >>neil: so to the white house, wendell, better a white house response late than never. what do you have? >>reporter: wisdom has that president obama didn't want to poison his own chances in november in a state that is
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important for his re-election hopes but white house officials suggest it was more a matter of whether he had been able to make a difference for milwaukee mayor barrett. as you point out, he tweeted out last night it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow, and i am standing by mayor barrett, he would make an outstanding governor but he did not make it out to wisconsin to actually campaign for him. yesterday, press secretary carney defended the president's decision not to go to wisconsin saying it is a unique situation because the election is the result of a recall petition and he said president obama has made clear his opposition to those who take away worker rights he opposed, scott walker's decision to stop collective bargaining for state workers but today he suggested that governor walker's huge out-of-state campaign contribution made an issue the president may not have been able to influence. here is jake carney. >> he stands with the democratic
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candidate, mayor barrett. in this race. i would simply say, not speaking for him because i have not had this conversation with him, but, noting what others have noted in your profession and elsewhere, a race where one side is outspending the other by a ratio of at least 8-1 probably will not tell us much about a future race. >>reporter: he is hoping the win for walker will not mean wisconsin goes to romney but the recall has built a huge political machine that romney's camp intended to use to get out of vote so independents will determine how the state goes in the fall. and the obama campaign will probably rather not tie the president so closely to mayor barrett right new. >>neil: thank you, wendell. of court a few hours away from deciding whether there is any clear decision.
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it could be a light night. we don't know. we are like at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. remember, that is our new time. watch the snow and bill o'reilly is watching that show throughout his show. we have sarah palin, and former micro s&p c.e.o., and a democratic congressman who finds this process very instructive for all of us, live from wisconsin, as late as it goes with potentially thousands behind me tonight just to watch my live fox business network show at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. also, we want, we have a lot more coming up on this show. the congressional budget office came out with this staggering prediction: we are going to owe in a few short years more than twice what we as a country collectively make, turn out, produce, and do. we are that much in the tank.
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and herman cain is that much over the top. after this. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations
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>>neil: from madison, wisconsin, trying to get a gauge of what could happen tonight. as they try to recall the governor this happened on a day when the state is one of the better known names, the congressman paul ryan was bemoaning a c.b.o. number, a prediction, that in a little more than two decades from now our debt will dwarf whatever we make, our entire g.d.p. if you will, by a factor of 2-1. imagine that. what we owe pore than twice whatever we turn out. herman cain heard that and went nuts. he joins us right now from
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atlanta. what do you make of this, herman? >>reporter: this is an example of what happens when you practice einstein's definition of insanity, you keep doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result. what is happening in wisconsin, neil, is people are going do decide whether they want to save wisconsin. governor walker has the courage to restructure the programs that were killing the states at federal level, our leaders have to do the same thing or it will kill the united states of america and that projection that came out today is an example as to why. >>neil: what is scary about it, think about it, used to be a time where our debt to g.d.p. ratio, was about 20 percent or 25 percent, and that was as worrisome as it got and now running at 200 percent, twice what all we make, dwarfed by all we owe, that gets to be almost
1:18 pm
giving up territory, you know? >>guest: you are exactly right. some people are in denial that united states cannot possibly be like the country of greece. yes, we can. this is how they got in trouble. but, now, here's the difference between greece and the united states. we don't have a sugar daddy to bail us out. at least greece has some options. they didn't take those options because they didn't want to make the tough decisions like governor walker made in wisconsin along with the legislature this. and i'm optimistic that result tonight is going to show that the majority, although it may not be huge, that the majority of the voters in wisconsin, they want to do the right thing and fix the problem which is what governor walker has done. >>neil: what if they don't? what if they repudiate him and he is the third recalled
1:19 pm
governor to be booted out. what are you afraid of? >>guest: if governor walker and lt. governor do not prevail you may as well write the obituary for wisconsin. because that means that the democrats and the unions will have won the right to continue to do things as they have done in the past. we know it does not work. we know it does not work in washington, dc. so, if in the hopefully unlikely event that happens, you may as well start writing the obituary of wisconsin and every other state that does not restructure those programs that are killing its future. >>neil: the rap against governor walker was not so watch he did on bargaining rights but the cuts going into that, and that to send a lot public pensions and health care costs he was saying he would have to
1:20 pm
ask the public workers it kick in more did not go over well here. if it does, in other words, he is saved and keeps his job, do you thing, then, that will embolden governors in other states to be just as aggressive? >>guest: absolutely. because with the problems we face in a lot of states, as well as in washington, dc, we need courageous leaders who are not afraid to make the tough choices. and lieutenant governor made an excellent point in your previous segment. she said and i agree, what they could have done better was to explain it to the people better ahead of time. and, when you have all of the negative messages demagogging what he is doing and even demagogging the results by trying to say they are not achieving the very positive results, you are up against the head winds and so in retrospect if they had done a better job
1:21 pm
they who is been able to get the people to understand it quicker. >>neil: thank you herman cain. another battle going on in wisconsin for control of senate here. by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see.
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>>neil: with all respect to the wisconsinites they love to protest here but it was really a big deal last winter when they gathered the at capital. a lot of democrats politicians bolted rather than voting on the union busting initiative and a lot of them came back and said i remember this democratic senator had the guts to call me and said he would be happy. he is back with us now, a democrat, here to talk about that whole soap opera.
1:25 pm
people forget there is another election going on, four republican senators and any that loses tone, the senate shifts democrat. >>guest: it is fairly likely. the question is what happens in november. but as far as the senate it is 16-16. and four republicans are being recalled and the democrats are to good shape. competitive in all four and it would not surprise me. >>neil: what about the old drama where you left the state, how many other democrats? >>guest: 14 of us. >>neil: rather than vote, you just bolted. why can you bolt? >>guest: part of reason we left was to make sure that people saw what was going on here in wisconsin and what the governor was trying to do with collective bargaining and other things introducing the legislation on a friday, they wanted it back on the governor's debbie -- desk by thursday, and normally you sit down and talk about these things no matter who
1:26 pm
the governor is, who is in the legislature, you talk about it and governor walker did not want to. >>neil: the impression i got and we chatted about this on the phone, you look like babies, we didn't get our way so you stormed out. >>guest: we just wanted to have a say, to talk to the governor and talk to the republican. >>neil: but when you go out-of-state. >>guest: the reason we left they were going to slam the vote through. that is not how we do it. >>neil: and you needed a quorum to vote or you cannot vote. >>guest: right, it was a fiscal issue. >>neil: so there was a method? >>guest: the only way to have the debate in wisconsin and see what was going on was to step back. if western not cap 258 they would have cut off the debate and had the vote and then it falls apart. >>neil: it seems you do not get your way, you leave the state, you have a recall, you recall this person, you recall this senator, you recall this governor, there are regularly
1:27 pm
scheduled elections. why do you keep doing it this way? >>guest: this if not have to happen. i want to be clear. the public employ is in a day gave the governor every penny he wanted but that wasn't good enough he wanted to go after collective bargaining. the public employees helped the governor balance the budget. this would be no recalls and you would got be here if the governor did not move forward with the collective bargaining. >>neil: but it was just more about a longer term strategy. >>guest: in the end in the state of wisconsin the governor is in charge for negotiations of the cost of the pensions and the health care. it is the governor's responsibility. until will but if it is a close vote will we go through this again, not that i mine coming to wisconsin, it is a lovely state and great food, but it seems like this happens a lot.
1:28 pm
was this the second special election? >>guest: we are torn apart in wisconsin and it frustrate ises me and the republicans and we did not have to be here but we are. and just because the governor wants to do something and we thing the wrong thing without refusing to sit down and talk about it, no one wants to be here but we are. which way are we going do go? hopefully we come together and together we can move forward. but in the end, the governor is governor of everyone in wisconsin not just who he wants to be governor of. >>neil: you are one of the few that come out and talk about this. we did not bite or tear you back. welcome back. a lot more coming up. we do have some indications on the long lines and the long vetting all around the state, around milwaukee and green bay, and this has been the case here. remember, this is not only an off year election but an off,
1:29 pm
off year election although the november presidential election is coming up they do not normally get numbers like this. they expect very, very, very heavy percentage numbers coming out on both sides. when it comes to wisconsin, they like elections. that is my take away from all of that. and they get so passionate about it they do some creative things, and the sentinels are going through voting records and if you are on the voting records for not voting the last couple of elections, it is a shape on you thing, and it is angering some of the people being recalled. sort of a side drama here. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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>>neil: we got this earlier today, they are mailing out flyers. we have a full screen of this. this is about solidarity bus that is going around the square here trying to pick up folks but there is a big gathering plan tonight after the polls close. i called this the scoobie bus but i was alerted that scoobie has a van not a bus and another realized it pass the partridge family bus and that is what we call it, not the solidarity bus.
1:34 pm
but, again, what they have been doing and what is amazing it is like a magic school bus. this thing parked outside the square early today and 500 people got out of it. i don't know how. it parked over a precut hole in the cement in the street but hundreds got out of this thing. i know you are saying i am lying, i tell you i am not h is a magic bus that has been circles the city of madison, wisconsin, and tonight they hope to have hundreds if not thousands of former protesters celebrating what they hope is a victory by union by toppling the governor tonight. we will keep you posted and provide close up camera shots of the magic school bus and thousand they magazine that. unions are trying to get-out-the-vote and flooding the phone banks. jeff? >>reporter: not the only
1:35 pm
carpet baggers. maybe you see behind my some other carpet baggers we may know better, they did not come on buses, however, but as you report at the love buses out there, we have followed this, scott walker headquarters, the stage where he will speak later tonight hopefully with a good message, he hopes so. the organization, if we thought the democrats were writing this off, obviously, the president only tweets his support to you could think you are trying to tavern down expectations but the organizational effort has been strong with buses showing up and having collect add bunch of folks, so not only the unions but the churches and other organized groups have come together to get the vote out, specifically in places like milwaukee and madison and the urban areas. they have been successful. as you reported, turn out has been strong everywhere. i would say, though, that if for some reason the polls are wrong and the democrats do win to one,
1:36 pm
it has to be a much bigger victory for them than it would be for the republicans. because it would simply say, i think, that those organization's efforts if you rattle big labor ages it will respond and it still has teeth. if not, maybe you are looking at lions that should be put out to pasture. we will be here all night. >>neil: thank you, jeff. >> there is something else going on here to get-out-the-vote, and it is surprising a lot of folks you could call it "shaming" you to vote. efforts on the part of democratic sympathizers to go through the entire voting records and see would has not voted and call them up and understand why they have not voted. the reporter with the milwaukee journal sentinel, tell white house this shame your neighbor campaign is about. >>guest: well, here in wisconsin as you probably have
1:37 pm
understood we have a ton of direct mail and advertisements but what is unusual about this, everyone's name, whoever receives it, is listed, as well as whether they voted or not in the general election of 2008 and 2010 but along with it, is a dozen of their neighbors, their names, addresses and whether they voted. and the flyers tell people, if they see their neighbors have not voted or they think they may not be voting, to go to their houses and apartments and get them to go to the polls. what is happening, quite a bit of backlash because people are upset they feeling like they are being held up to ridicule or shaming among their neighbors and i talked to quite a few people would were ticked off about this because they said, listen this is all my information that is on there. yes we understand it is public information but it doesn't have
1:38 pm
to be disseminated like this. so this is a backlash. >>neil: again, as you said, meg, lawyers have been saying the same, this is public record but to get the state record you pay $12,000. but it is publicly available. but the next leap, then, is shaming people out. would it boomerang where they would still return and say, not only am i not going to vote now i am so ticked off i will vote for your opponent. >>guest: you know, i guess i would be surprised if that happened because here in wisconsin this has been a big topic for months now and i would say most people have made up their mines the i would be surprised if we had wisconsinite whose see this and say, well the heck with this i will vote for someone else. what it has done, it has brought up the debate about, yes, this is public ballots but whether you pay $12,000 and put that information not in an envelope, just a piece of paper, put it in
1:39 pm
everyone's mailbox, what does that say about the tactics because i talked to quite a few elderly people saying i pay extra to have my phone unlisted and now, here, i can have my identity stolen or conversely someone could take the information to the polling place for someone who is registered and say, i am mary smith and i live at this address and they can vote. >>neil: very good reporting, meg, we will see what comes of it. it is odd. but it is not illegal. we have a lot more coming up including some of the views on this day of a heavy turn out and this is the man the focus of their attention who wants to bring people back together. that could be easier said that
1:40 pm
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >>neil: the scene in madison, business, where this could be a big celebration for protests trying to bring down a governor, but we are expecting those supporting both sides here, the unions supporting the toppling of the governor and those supporting the governor toppling the unions descending on this square later tonight. we will see how it turns out. there are a couple of weird things going on i will update you on later. but there have been a lot of outside groups. you have heard the outside unions coming if here to help the democratic opponent to scott walker and we heard about walker's friend, his friends outside the state to help him. but, the tea party has been actively involved here.
1:44 pm
also, helping walker. hard to say how were money is involved here. we are told the tea party collectively, they have given millions to see scott walker keep his jobs and the union fail. and now, a member of the very big movement. you have been crisscrossing the state. you are not from this state. why? >>guest: because i think what we are fighting for is not for a politician or an election but it is about who and what we are as americans the so we have a choice: are we the country that has our hand out that says give me, give me, give more. or back to the country that says gives me liberty. my rights and liberty and let me live debt free. that is what we are fighting here. and the tea party represented with 4,000 people turning out on saturday or americans for prosperity and 4,000 individuals that came out to say "no," and we thin the reforms work. >>neil: you have been a pain
1:45 pm
in the putt -- butt by going to other rallies including by jesse jackson. >>guest: my title officially is "pain in the butt." i went to his rally. >>neil: you took video. you are not that bad with the camera. >>guest: pretty good. >>neil: so you took and how many shows up? >>guest: i thought we would have huge fire work, and 60 people, and here was the most remarkable thing. boring. jesse jackson of all the thing i could describe i never thought he was boring. he was not enthusiastic. >>neil: how many were at the rally? >>guest: 60 people. a point where i panned to the crowd and there were 60 people. 60 people. half of them were flown in by the unions from out of town. i don't have a problem flying in from out of town. >>neil: but you are from out town? >>guest: i did not first
1:46 pm
people pay union dues that i programmed would not go to a political activity. >>neil: and the bill clinton attracted a few more but nothing close to the tea party. >>guest: on friday, he got 900 people. and jesse jackson got 60, and, again, americans for prosperity and the tea party who do not plug anyone up, 4,000 people if a small little mark in racine. people want the truth. people want reforms. people want the best and brightest america. the america that is not about give me, give me, give me. that is what this is about. >>neil: if the governor goes down tonight to defeat that the tea party is hurt, because you invested a lost capital. >>guest: absolutely not. no. no. neil, i made a commitment when i got into we are going to tell the truth regardless of consequence. you don't win in life every battle.
1:47 pm
it does not mean you stop fighting. there is no reason to yield. not now. not ever. we are americans. optimists. >>neil: you have a career fall back, the cameraman complimented you. you did the grandfather -- gravitating things to hats. you know it rains when you wear a hat. jennifer, thank you. we were getting ready if tonight's show and we were carrying a lot of brochures and i would get letters with cut out magazine letters and crayons saying, neil cavuto must die, we hate you but this is interesting. the election is not done and they are talking about no more stolen elections. no more stolen elections so they are already planning. it is weird. we are on top of that. and what that means as wisconsinites refer to life after what was supposed to be closure. i have a feeling no matter which
1:48 pm
way it goes, they ain't closing. more from madison after this. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man?
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>>neil: across the state of wisconsin today and what could be record voting here and potentially the type states saw in 2008 when a record three million voters came to the polls part of the president obama landslide. he won this state by close to 15 points. that was then. this is now. but in a recall election, often times since there is not much precedence, you would think they are lucky to get 20 percent less than that but it is close to those levels here. and the rule of thumb is to hire the turn out the more it helps the democrats, the smaller the turn out the better for
1:52 pm
republican. who knows. but, it could be the case here. already, what is causing some alarm is reports that the department of justice is monitoring elections here. we did not know what that means but they are monitoring it and i thought, this does not look like venezuela, but, anyway, it did raise concerns. and my guest took note of it, the genius who is joining me now. what do you think of the justice department thing? is that usual? a warning? what is it? >>guest: probably more of a warning. this is been allegations of vote fraud. if you show up, you can prove you are a resident you can vote. so that has caused --. >>neil: and new rules of showing a license do not take effect in this election, right? so, right now you go to the polls and you can vote. some proof. >>guest: right. >>neil: so that can boost turn out? >>guest: well, the turn out is
1:53 pm
going to be generated by the passion on both sides. >>neil: who has more passion? >>guest: tough to tell. traditionally higher town out favors democrats but if democrats get to 2008 levels that is good for tom barrett but this is a fight republicans have been fired up for a long, long time, so, it is not necessarily the case that will absolutely benefit the democrats. >>neil: in 2008 almost three million wisconsinites voted, right, a record at time? president obama won in a landslide here. two years later, when governor walker came in he got 2.1 or 2.2 million entirely for votes. what happened? where did the passion go? >>guest: well, that was part of, obviously, obama turned out a lot of vote ares in 2008, young voters, new voters, minority voters and we saw that not just in wisconsin but across
1:54 pm
the country. >>neil: there has been a lot of passion if this with every successive vote for walker recalling, i think, if his recall party election his numbers dwarfed those of all the democrats put together, right? >>guest: and they project 60 percent or 65 percent, 2.7 million this time around the key here, tone, -- tonight, is go having to go cuss on walker country. >>neil: how will it go do you think? >>guest: close. all the available evidence we have, public polling data shows walker goes in with a slight edge. but i think he probably comes out on top by a few percentage points but you inferno in these situations. it will be a huge huge set if mayor barrett wins. >>neil: what if that happens? do they have closure? win or lose?
1:55 pm
what? >>guest: the divisions are so deep and have been fought for so long it is hard to imagine. we could be in a recount situation if it is really close. >>neil: what do you make of that? they have no more stolen elections, a post election voter assembly, no matter what happens, plan to attend the voter assembly, no more stolen elections, obviously this is antiwalk are group. >>guest: most people the thought of a recount horrifies most rational people not only in wisconsin but everywhere to go through that. but if it is close, if the democrats believe they have a shot at overturning the election through recount, or filing a lawsuit they will do it and the republicans will do the same thing if walker is on the short side by a whisker or 10,000 votes. >>neil: it going to be a long night? >>guest: fairly long night. >>neil: thank you.
1:56 pm
we have a lot more and some of the other protests being planned one way or the other, this area behind me could be very filled and busy, and mostly peaceful and as it was, today, with the magic school bus touring around the square, you heard a few protests but by and large peace will. would they be that way if the elections do not go their way? [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. ♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> neil: all right. well, crowds will begin to assemble on the capital, not for the final vote but our coverage of it on fox business tonight. that is the status quo with sarah palin. former head of sun micro systems. congressman luis gutierrez.


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