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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 5, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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live every night on fox business no, matter how long it takes, we're there. it's not just your money, it's your life. the magic school bus. captioned by closed captioning services, inc [ cheering ] ♪ ♪ we want to take this opportunity to offer our special thanks and appreciation. it what touched me deeply to see so many thousands of family, neighbors and friends. ♪ ♪
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>> i will continue to treasure inspiration from the kindnesses shown to me. thanks to all. [ applause ] >> kimberly: a royal hello to all out there. it'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, eric bolling, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. 10:00 in london. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: you just saw queen elizabeth and the family celebrating her diamond jubilee in royal style. >> greg: [ coughing ] i have something in my throat. >> kimberly: today marks the 60 year of her reign as the head of the english monarch. the celebration included boat
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pageant, star-studded tribute concert outside buckingham palace and service of thanksgiving in london st. paul cathedral where she was crowned queen six decades ago. greg has been counting the moments ever since. this is a spectacular occasion. it was wonderful to watch today. i love to hear martha m mccallum talk about it. what did you make of it? >> andrea: i didn't really care. >> kimberly: why not? >> andrea: i loved diana. it had a little thing for diana. when she died i was depressed about it. >> greg: diana ross is dead? >> andrea: no. as soon as she died when they lost diana, the royal, they lost me. i understand it's pretty to look at and all this other stuff but i don't know. i said to stuart varney, doesn't it seem excessive? the money they're spending and the people take off for four days. he goes "no, andrea, it's a
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money-making machine the queen. requests >> kimberly: i'm glad you used his accident. >> eric: i felt that waynt. until sunday. god forbid if the queen passes is prince charles going to be king charles. it literally got 200 responses telling me, well, he can take another name. be king george vi, might not. add the cape to crown. people are really tuned in to it. i don't really get it. >> kimberly: it's fascinating. >> eric: when you watch the video, when you see the queen in car and londonites going crazy for the people you tune in to it. you kind of catch the fever. >> kimberly: it's exciting. i love this. >> greg: i'm a huge fan of the royals. george bret, frank white and dan quizenberry, bret saberh garben and cookie rojas. up with of the greatest on the 1985 regular season. they topped the division for six times in ten years led by
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bret who won the cy young award. it was the i-70 series. it came up with five things that are ever bit as interesting as the golden jubilee. >> juan: diamond. >> greg: sounds like a shake at the dairy queen. five. one stephen baldwin. two, moyeserizing. three, cod. four, gurdals and five, yodeling. >> kimberly: have you ever worn a girdle in >> greg: i am wearing one now. the l.a. kings are up three games to none. >> juan: there you go. >> greg: stanley cup final. queen latiffa did not come out at a gay pride festival. >> andrea: we are talking about one game away. you're a new jersey guy. you traitor. >> eric: i'm not rooting for l.a. kings. ththat is not a l.a. king. that is a real-life queen. >> kimberly: she has been
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internationally, her rape is spectacular. she deserves the diamond jubilee. a lot of people follow the royals all over the world. she has seen everything so far in terms of history, the heads of state. world leaders. everyone that she encountered or worked with. a lot to say to mend her for everything she acatch lished. the trials and tribulations, the tragedy she handleed. the whole thing with diana. the whole world was watching to see how she would handle it. how about the transition with camilla coming in? >> juan: the thing is, you know, when i talk to my wife. where i talk to american women -- >> kimberly: to your queen. >> juan: yes. you're very helpful. thank you, my love. people are fascinated by this. i don't get it. i'm an american boy and i don't get off on royalty. but the soap opera aspect is tremendous. back to diana, right? >> andrea: the most interesting royal. >> juan: even if you go back to the whole idea of wallace
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simpson, you know, wallace simpson and who was it? king edward xii who advocated the throne because he fell in love with wallace simpson. and it put her in line to become the queen. then you go through all the -- >> kimberly: wasn't it fascinating? just then it's a soap opera, a story. i can get the story. this is drama. the idea that everybody in britain is so happy today. they have had this. this is going on for several days. this isn't a one-shot deal. they have been partying. >> greg: i was joking making light of this. it's easy to make fun of something you don't understand. as an american, you don't have to understand it. that's why we left. it's a celebration of civility in order. that's what it is about. yet, it seems in the modern age of england while they still celebrate civility in order. the country is heading in a different direction. we see riots, dereliction,
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drunks, unwed motherhood. it's splitting. it's adoring, what they had in the past, while kind of like barreling toward a grim future. that is an interesting point to make. the only sailient point i'll make the entire day about royalty. >> eric: subplots. sorry. while doing my twitter research on the royals, i learned that it's either change in the rule or something that they have to declare right now where when queen passes king charles -- coming up next line of succession. >> eric: but never has been a divorced king. an issue. figure out what to do with that. number one. number two, bring it today and few and now. how about kate and pippa. those two are interesting. >> kimberly: absolutely. >> juan: i can't imagine why you think that. >> kimberly: we have kardashian sisters and the hilltops rate. they the middletons.
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two look-alike in control room, too. >> greg: justify hiring piers morgan. >> andrea: when you look at this. a lot of people don't understand why we broke away from england. >> juan: what? >> andrea: right? look -- [ laughter ] >> juan: need a history lesson or two? >> andrea: i had to look it up a while ago. i wanted to know why we broke away. >> juan: really? even george w. bush mentioned they burned down the white house. >> andrea: so did bob beckel yesterday on "the five." i'm happy we broke away from them. i wouldn't want to be english at all. >> kimberly: bob is taking moment after yesterday. >> eric: would camilla become queen? >> kimberly: that is the problem. charles divorced. if you saw the pictures and the footage queen looks fantastic. it doesn't look like she is in poor health. no report she is suffering --
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>> andrea: give it to william. >> kimberly: skip over charles? >> andrea: that is the debate. is debate is she going to give it to him for a short period of time and then like -- she will live for a while. or is she going to skip over him? gregg i don't care about that. i don't care. i am interested in the weighing. like a celebration of waving. sporting event without the sport. >> kimberly: you like the civility. they call it the royal wave. people practice it all the time. >> andrea: you like to have fun. >> greg: i do. >> kimberly: let me tell you something quickly. i do have personal experience with the royal family and i traveled with camilla -- >> greg: in what way? anymore a good way. a nice healthy way. unlike what you do. they are a wonderful family. >> juan: wait, wait, wait. when you were first lady of san francisco? >> kimberly: yes. before that. >> juan: why didn't you say
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that? wait, why didn't you tell us this? >> kimberly: you don't watch the show apparently. it has come up. >> juan: why didn't you say it before, even before? >> kimberly: that is me. i had my hair tied back but i let it loose for fox news. >> andrea: buried the lead. >> kimberly: i buried the lead. >> juan: before you were first lady of san francisco? >> kimberly: yes. >> juan: how? >> kimberly: i was on my honeymoon. anyway, long way. wrap that up. you ruin everything. go to your room. bill o'reilly breaks down the race in wisconsin like only he can do. you'll hear directly from bill. that is coming up next. wow! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants.
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♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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scott walker. >> ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more ♪ ♪ well, hit the road, jack
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♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ what you say now >> eric: i was going to bump in the block with pearl jam but i couldn't resist congresswoman qbynn moore awesome job firing up the wisconsin democrats. that was great congresswoman moore seems like fun. but there is a lot at stake in wisconsin. scott walker wins the recall it will likely have national implications. bill o'reilly on the badger state brawl. >> on paper, walker has done a good job. brought the deficit down in wisconsin a lot. unemployment went from 7.7 to 6.7 in a year. that is a good record. but the left doesn't care. doesn't care. they want big spending. spending and all you have to do is cross over to illinois, which is about to collapse financially under this progressive big spending. so if it's me, i look at it as an ideological battle. on the merit, walker deserves
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to keep his job. i think he will. >> eric: guess what? the number back up o'reilly and the governor. pull up the whiteboard. look at the upside down logic that drove wisconsin in a ditch. i'll ask you to comment on this. is after act 10, governor walker's bill that changed the wisconsin law. and collective bargaining agreements afterwards. look, if you are a state worker, you make $81,637. total compensation, salary and benefit. private workers $67,068. that is 22% less. how is it possible that these people work, they pay their taxes to pay the salary. it's upside down. just it's not up -- >> juan: it's not upside down. you a state with a large agricultural base. you just want to throw it out here and make it out like government is bad. private sector is always good. >> eric: this is all taxpayer money we're paying -- >> juan: true. but maybe you are paying
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highly educated people in order to get their services to keep the state functioning. the thing about this that i think is a little off. look, i don't like recalls. i think he got legitimately elected, i don't particularly like what he has done but he is there. if you decide you have a vote, you have to say did he improve the economy? no. the economy in wisconsin is sluggish. >> andrea: it went from 7.7 to 6.7% unemployment. >> juan: people leaving the state. among the ten big midwest state, the worst performing economy. >> andrea: he eliminated $6.3 billion deficit and balanced the budget without raising taxes. that sounds good to me. >> juan: cutting away social services and government employees. >> andrea: let's talk -- >> juan: there is no magic about that. >> andrea: talk about the government employees. he gave the government employees a choice. do you want to stay in your union or do you not? guess what the union said?
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we don't want to. scme, the american federation of state, county and municipality employees, representing teachers fell from 28,000 from 62,000 employees, juan. the teachers union lost 6,000 of its members. they were given a choice by walker and the choice they chose, nonunion. >> eric: before we go, greg, throw this to you. see how president obama -- pull up the tweet that president obama sent in support of barrett, the challenger. "it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow. i'm standing by tom barrett. he makes outstanding governor." >> andrea: see you, wouldn't want to be you. >> greg: a president tweets and is officially run by beta mail. the big story is this is a nonstory. the media loved this story. they saw it as a david andgy lieath. the david being the unions, coming in and big medical notes. the teachers weren't showing up. the story line changed.
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they got on the water front. nothing to see here. there is nothing covering this. the goliath turned out to be the unions. david turned out to be walker. it is beautiful. >> kimberly: i'mover whelmed by you. in this situation, we have it wrong. we should reward people improving numbers. instead, penalized. instead the guy is tortured. they reward him with a recall election. and he is good. why are we throwing him out of office? this is the problem. it's so upside down right now. >> eric: try and recall walker when as andrea point out, unemployment goes down and budget gaps are budget surplus. what is wrong with that record? >> juan: what i said. he jammed it down the throats. he didn't negotiate them. he stripped them of their rights.
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a lot of people see this, given the money pouring in from outside. especially from huge doe no, sir. he has a 7-to-1 donation binge. the reason is not because of people in wisconsin. it's pause republicans try to make it petrie dish to demonstrate you can go after union and break unions. this whole bill, i think it's act 10, stripped away collective bargaining from the public sector unions. >> eric: you didn't see it coming? >> juan: he never said that when he was running. no, he did not. politifact and others said he said he wanted to negotiate about the pension plans that are expense i. what he did is strip people of -- this is an effort -- >> andrea: he is saying he did it unilaterally. >> juan: this is part of a larger effort since indiana that goes to florida and the republican governors and impact voter i.d. things like -- >> andrea: juan, i love you, but the people of wisconsin voted him in for a reason. he ran on the platform. a all he did, speaking of
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pension, was ask them to pay 12% health insurance and 5.8% toward the pension. that is so much less than private employees pay. >> greg: here is the thing. if walker loses what does it mean for the rest of country? >> eric: then it's a big story. >> greg: it will be a big story. you get the feeling that the path toward greece comes that much faster. unions need the same mentality krugman does. spend the money now, you'll be dead anyway. right? isn't that what krugman says? >> juan: no! >> eric: the biggest advocate of recall of scott walker. >> greg: spend the money. >> eric: you can't argue it. you are making $81,000. if you work, you make $67,000. >> juan: people who work for the government don't work? that's what you said? people who work for government
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are not workers? >> eric: by definition, this is a pass to fail. >> andrea: in 2011, president obama made a sweeping speech about wisconsin. he jumped in the budget fight. hilda solis jumped in. now cricket, cricket, cricket. gawps where is mitt romney? cricket, cricket, cricket. >> andrea: he doesn't have to say a word. walker will be reinstated. >> eric: coming up, u.s. drone hunt down a killed number two al-qaeda terrorists, abu yahya al-libi. again, pakistan pushing back. but juan is pushing forward next. ♪ ♪ ve you ever partaken in a car insurance taste test before? by taste? yes, never heard of it. well, that's what we're doing today. car insurance x has been perfected over the past 75 years.
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it's tasty. our second car insurance... they've not been around very long. mmmm... no good! no good? no good! so you chose geico over the other. whatever this insurance is, it's no good. ok so you...
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>> juan: no more days coming. today, u.s. officials confirmed for fox news al-qaeda number two terrorist abu yahya al-libi was killed in a cia drone strike in northwest pakistan. the pakistani government responded by saying they had, "serious concerns." serious concerns? greg, you know, our relationship with pakistan, it's out of control. i mean, people have said they are psychotic, you know, they are two personalities but it's quickly becoming more one personality, the doctor that helped us get bin laden, in jail. >> greg: that is, the reason they acquited the four men in the times scare bomb plot. this is why drones are awesome. we can't trust pakistan to deal with the people. so we have to kill them to eliminate any opportunity or potential they might go to court. we don't know what they will do with them. we the v to kill them.
2:28 pm
how many number twos are there? >> juan: well, they move up. they movep. people say oh, no, don't use the drones. are they saying we should end in american troops? >> greg: drones are the best thing that happened. >> kimberly: if you make it to number two, be looking over because someone is coming for you. you know that, right? >> eric: made it up to triple-a. in hawaii. promoted to the big leagues back in pittsburgh. a lot of people wanted to stay. stay three or four for a while. >> kimberly: i'm good. >> eric: the only problem with the drones, i'm all for it, too. eliminate them. there are less than 100 al-qaeda leaders now we have to deal with. the president is calling the shots. i'll kill this guy and kill that guy. it's a problem. >> kimberly: what are you talking about? >> eric: i'm all for him killing the people -- >> kimberly: want him to hang around? bye. >> eric: i want more involved. i want the c.i.a. >> juan: they are involved.
2:29 pm
>> eric: if you read the "new york times" -- >> juan: not true. he is the executioner -- >> juan: they draw up the list. they draw up the list. >> kimberly: not true. c.i.a. -- >> juan: that is kimberly's point. the national security -- >> andrea: the point is this is going on -- just i'm not wrong. >> eric: this is president obama making his personal kill list. >> juan: stop. >> andrea: even if that is not true, that is the way his own administration framed it in the "new york times." what eric is safing, he is sitting back writing the people he wants to kill. the pakistan is pretty complicated. judith miller a colleague at fox news and tremendous when it comes to this. this is the most dangerous country in the world, pakistan. says is it our ally or our nemesis? she says the answer may be both. the reason they have 100 nuclear weapons. people say cut off all the funding. we don't want them to fall in
2:30 pm
poverty and fall in islamic hands with 100 nuclear weapons. it is a tough situation. >> greg: this is that weird family on the block that has a neighbor that continually has a kid who keeps vapiddizeing the neighbors -- vandalizing the neighbors. every few months you have to go the house and beat up the parents. >> eric: they are mad at drones. pushing back the drones. so turn over the bad guys. >> kimberly: here is the thing. >> eric: also -- just wait, wait. >> eric: india is an cornered about pakistan going rogue. >> kimberly: i want to get in on this. i'm telling you, what andrea said is right. administration is making it's wartime president. he is calling the shot. that is just not true. if you know about military intelligence and the c.i.a. and the way the lists are comprised they put together through intelligence and research like for example what we were able to get when we hit bin laden compound, the intelligence, that's where they get the terminated, like
2:31 pm
out ofpis. drones, they are getting the job done. they are efficient. want to get rid of the guys that is the way to do it. make no mistake, pakistan is not our ally or our friend. we helped create this monster giving them all this money. they only cooperated with us after 9/11 because billion dollars in aid and exposure to military intelligence. >> andrea: but now do we pull the plug on the aid to let them fall in disarray? just you can't. >> andrea: -- >> juan: you can't. >> andrea: if canada was dropping drones on our country we'd be angry. kim is right. only way to get them. >> juan: there is weak leadership that allowed the mad then the mountains to intimidate them. there is a populist takeover by radical and clerics. it's the military. freddi >> greg: canada did drop
2:32 pm
drones on us. celine dion. >> juan: stop. stop. stop. coming up, would you let your kids lock and load at a gun range for a birthday party? it's happening in texas. we'll tell you about it. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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i'm bret baier in wisconsin. the big story is the historic recall election in the key battleground state. n't if on "special report," tom barrett trying to force republican governor scott walker from office. we'll have just released exit poll education. we'll see the first here. i'll talk to indiana governor mitch daniels about the challenge to his midwestern colleague and what it means for national political
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picture. the united states killed another major terrorists. abu yahya al-libi said to be al-qaeda's number two man. he was taken out on a drone strike monday in pakistan. the biggest score for u.s. authority since usama bin laden's death last year. former president bill clinton helped barack obama raise cash monday in new york but there are questions will he is good for the president's cause. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." facebook may be coming after your kids. they are developing new technology to allow children under the age of 13 to use the site without supervision. you can't get on if you're under 13. it would be good for facebook
2:38 pm
because they get more customers. would it be good for your children? your son is 13. >> eric: he has been on facebook for three years. >> andrea: good idea or not? >> eric: this is dangerous. tremely dangerous to open up to kids. it's dapping rorfy my 13-year-old to be honest. thing goes on facebook. you should get the password. >> greg: we talk every night me and your son. >> eric: that is my point. you have to be careful. pedophiles out there. >> andrea: what goes on? can i pry? 13 is a weird age. >> eric: people, kids at 13 are talking about stuff, doing stuff, showing each other stuff, pictures that they can chat -- there is so much going on. it's scary. >> greg: i offer your son a lot of advice for working out. so pease pictures of me working out, that is what it's for. >> andrea: bob beckel does that stuff, too. he's not 13. >> eric: true. >> andrea: so, greg, "consumer reports" counted 7.5 million kids are already
2:39 pm
on pump-fake. facebook. >> greg: facebook is the bathroom wall of all of your crimes in the past. if you don't want a decent job in 20 years, go on facebook now and say stupid stuff, write dirty jokes, post dumb pictures, because that will be there forever. when you want to and try to get in college or a good job, all of a sudden of that picture of you passed out drunk in a bothroom stall shows up, you're done. you have to run from this stuff. live a private life. private life will ensure your future. >> andrea: do you think there might be an upshot to parents supervising the kids doing this? teaching them how to behave and interact online? it's easer is to bully donned that stuff online than face to face. >> kimberly: we have to deal with the reality that kids these days are savvy with the internet and all electronics and communications and social media. they know how to use ipads when they're five years old, et cetera. this is going to become
2:40 pm
inevitable. as a former prosecutor and mother i worry about the exposure. it's difficult. a lot is not filtered out and predators are successful being able to get in and penetrate the filters and try and access children. for me, how much of this is a necessity for the personal growth to be on there? i don't think so. >> juan: it's not a mentality of a 12-year-old. not especially 13. let me speak. let me say you are a bunch of old people, a bunch of old people, cranky luudites. the technology is here. the deal is done. the 13-year-old is sexting pictures of hot chicks. >> eric: that is a great point. be careful, down the road. your kid might not even be doing this stuff. sorry. it might be your kid who takes a picture of my kid and posts a picture of my kid on his facebook page. >> juan: but it's already happening. it's a reality.
2:41 pm
can i make point? >> andrea: no. producer says no. gun range. picture of your kids. gun range is offering kids' birthday parties. they say it's in the same of safety. take your kids as young as eight years told gun range. what do you think? >> juan: this is bizarre. why are you trying to indoctrinate a kid to shooting. >> greg: this is training. >> juan: this is unnecessary. it's all about a culture and -- >> greg: you think it's different between coasts? you have the coast and r.o.a., the rest of america. all a gun is, is a car for your hands. you need instruction, take care of it. people treat guns the way they treat their cars. >> juan: that is if you are a hunter. >> greg: in recreational shooting if you know what you are doing. >> eric: self-defense. how about making sure that the amendment to the constitution -- that was my son at a gun range. >> juan: how about your knuckle in?
2:42 pm
why do you need a gun? >> andrea: the purpose for gun safety. the guy what started this, david prince said he wanted to build this to educate kids on gun safety. they live in a state like texas there are a lot of guns. >> kimberly: that is an upside. what is the downside of education of showing children, if they want to participate in it as a sport, hunting, et cetera, their family are doing it? who are you tell them, they can't. >> juan: what is the donald of columbine? what is the down side? >> greg: there were people at columbine trained to used weapons. that might have -- >> juan: yeah, viz tech, if all the kids on campus had guns. i would never have happened. yes. >> greg: any networks like ourselves this building is guarded by people with guns. so you can talk about gun control all you want. you have a luxury of being protect it by guns. jus >> juan: thank god for it. >> greg: then why can't they? >> eric: pull up the full screen. one of the most beautiful sites in my life.
2:43 pm
a centerfold. there it is. >> juan: a centerfold? >> eric: gorgeous. beautiful. >> andrea: a final point. >> juan: that is all right. that gets you off? a gun, instead of a woman? >> andrea: that has gotten -- you went bob on me. you did just go bob. coming up, greg has a monologue on a new york city mayor michael bloomberg could learn from a snack at taco bell. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. michael bloomberg's crusade to been a large sugary drinks enticed some to defend him. some believe the soda industry is pitting human nature between us. he is outraged they provide us dumb folk with delicious beverages that we choose to drink. the problem with the ninnies they're too dim to think ahead. if you can't buy a large soda for a long trip, you buy three mediums creating more litter. multiple cups cost more. drivers have to pull off the
2:48 pm
freeway a lot more, burning more gas and running over innocent funnys. so this is an attack on the worker, the poor, the planet and little funnys. if i was bloomberg, focus on crime, not calories. big gulp never stabbed anyone. now turn to winner. doritos taco. taco bell sold 100 many of the beauties under ten weeks. creating more natural gas than the dakotas combined. it's the best launch in the bell's history. here is why it's awesome. a hollister made of even and nacho cheese, shells full of beef, lettuce and tomato for $1.30. it provides you with more sustenance than a thousand dade crumb columns. it's cheap enough to feed families in these hard times. in a world where egg head continue to bankrupt our nation, god bless daco bell that makes -- daco bell that
2:49 pm
makes simple pleasure affordable. if you remove the content from the shell, he can take a nap inside it. in the break, you ate an -- these are incredible. >> kimberly: they are amazing. i thought they used to be -- these are the special ones because they have a dory toe shell. before, they were 59, 79, 99. right? remember the guy? yo quiero the ke bell? i love it. i'm excited to have it. >> greg: we have to laud great companies. >> eric: pulled up eating taco. >> greg: yes. 100 million. they made 100 million. can't we say this is the apple computer of fast food. >> eric: taco bell, forget you bloomberg and you p.c. lefties. we're going to do what we knows works and sell a bunch of stuff. make it taste good. did anyone find it weird that bloomberg wants to regulate what we eat but he is perfectly cool with only a little bit of pot substance in your pocket. >> greg: which will make you
2:50 pm
eat more tacos. >> eric: or drink more big gulps. >> greg: exactly. he's a hypocrite. it spit taco across the table. >> eric: i know. >> greg: the problem with the taco it's orange. an orange taco. >> andrea: most things that are orange aren't that great for you. but it does taste really, really good. in the monologue you point out that bloomberg should be focusing on criminals apt not taco bell. caprice sun. but the problem with liberal micro manager like bloomberg he thinks that dory toe and cocoa puffs are worse than criminals. it's really bizarre. the more they try to micro manage our life, isn't it funny, it seems the more unhealthy we become. the more controlled, the more people want to pull away. >> juan: all you guys on the set are healthy, beautiful people. do you know that >> andrea: do you need money? >> juan: you don't talk about the people with diabetes, people who are obese, or people who look awful. you don't talk about 30% of americans. >> andrea: bob?
2:51 pm
>> juan: wrote who are overweight. it's terrible. just terrible. liberal meddleer to say it costs us money when all of the people get sick and end up in the hospital? >> greg: that is why you don't want government interfere something they can't tell you what to do. if we have private health insurance, sooner or later they tell you how to eat. gawps i didn't know you were back on universal health insurance. >> greg: i'm for private health insurance. >> juan: and the fact so many americans don't have health insurance. >> kimberly: it's rude to tell people you are a bad person or a bad parent if you don't buy organic every day. a lot of families are struggling and they can't afford the buy food we have the luxury of getting. >> juan: how do we get from orgaorganic to doritos? >> greg: this is organic, my friend. cheese, protein. lettuce, your salad. you've got meat. protein. there you go.
2:52 pm
it's basically, this is a full meal. >> juan: you got mystery meat. slime, that's what you got. >> andrea: eric brought up marijuana. has marijuana use slowed down in this country? see. >> greg: i would remember that if i hadn't been smoking. one more thing is up next. if you leigh now, i'll never speak to you again. not until tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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>> kimberly: that special time we have together called one more thing. >> eric: someone sent this. it's fantastic. we call obama celebrity in chief. maybe this is why. >> ♪ i walk in, this is what i see ♪ ♪ everybody stops and is staring at me ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ ♪ >> eric: i'm just kidding. having fun with the president. >> kimberly: he is sexy and he knows it. that is a strew story. ♪ i'm obama and i'm sexy okay. so juan? >> juan: do i qualify? >> kimberly: yes. >> juan: thank you. here is a tip.
2:57 pm
6:03 tonight, the transit of venus across the sun. a rare celestial event. this won't be seen again until 2117. 2117. i must warn you, don't look directly at the sun. as if you have to say that, don't look directly at the sun especially if you are eating too many tacos. wear dark welder glasses. better to look online. best cities to look at, kansas city, nashville, l.a., vegas, phoenix, here in the northeast. we're not going to get a good view. california, southwest u.s. enjoy a rare celestial event. >> kimberly: whoa! you are so discovery channel for a moment there. big g.? >> greg: another installment of the banned word. today is on steroids. last night bill clinton went after romney about the economic plan, foreign policy plan. he said what you will get, talk about get more like bush.
2:58 pm
you will get the same consequences you got before. on steroids. i'm tired of people adding "on steroids" or "on crack" or "on acid." it doesn't make it more clever. >> andrea: what if someone is on steroids? >> greg: that is different. gawps what if they're on -- >> juan: what in they're on tacos? >> greg: i'm okay with that. those were tacos on steroids. >> kimberly: you like them. you near a better mood. sometimes you get cranky. >> greg: i do. >> eric: are you on crank? >> greg: yes, i am. by crack, you mean happiness. >> kimberly: all right. so, you know i love the garden state of new jersey. >> andrea: neighbor to pennsylvania. but i think that the dmv has too much time on his hands because it has a new rule out now, a law saying you cannot let your dog hang out the window. too bad for your pooch. buckle them up going forward. if you don't you get $1,000 fine. which i think is so ridiculous. my sister has a yellow lab named rudy and he loves to
2:59 pm
stick his snout out the sunroof. they love the scents. what is going on? >> juan: is this the mitt romney rule? >> kimberly: very funny. >> andrea: better than eating a dog. >> greg: obama is going through the drive through, they deliver the dog through the window. >> kimberly: my gosh. what can i say? >> andrea: who wants to buckle up a pup? you live in new jersey. >> eric: they'll raise a lot of money with the fine. >> kimberly: listen, we have a very special announcement. we have a special guest tomorrow on "the five." you don't want to miss the show. miss dana is back and joined by sir jasper piesla, dana's new puppy. he will be a big star. >> andrea: strap that cute thing in. >> greg: the dog. gawps what if he flies out the window. im


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