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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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live updates on the race in wisconsin and beyond throughout the east coast on america's choice for news and information on cable. this is fox news channel. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you had though right to stick a microphone in my face like i owe you a thing. >> bill: emotions running high in wisconsin where liberals and conservatives are fighting a bitter battle over how to spend taxpayer money. we'll have the latest. >> don't worry if i'm right -- >> >> bill: the son of mogul sean colmes gets a scholarship to a state college even though his family has millions. is that acceptable? alan colmes, no relation, and monica crowley will analyze. >> i'm not a big royals fan but you have got to get them credit. they don't work and they make millions of dollars. how do i get that gig?
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>> bill: pomp continues in london. with the british economy a mess, why are they spending all this money? ♪ yeah, yeah. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the battle over money continues and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the election today in wisconsin and the presidential election as well. mostly about money and how to spend it it liberals want the government to supply almost unlimited funds to the folks. conservatives want fiscal responsibility in order to stabilize the economy and promote self-reliance. that's what it is all about in wisconsin and in america. new gallup poll shows how the folks feel. for people making less than $36,000, president obama is preferred over mitt romney 53%
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to 38%. americans earning between 36% and $89,000 a year romney comes out 49%, 45%. for those earning 90,000 and up romney wins 49% to 45%. best material things in life far from free. u.s.a. is a society that likes its comforts. more importantly, america's economy is built on trust. people all over the world invest here and accept dollars for things like oil because we are a stable nation, a country that pays its debts and earns its way. that is changing under a very liberal president. barack obama has made no attempt to reign in government spending, asserting that the feds can stimulate the private economy with massive investment. the result is record spending and a massive debt of about $16 trillion. republics reject mr. obama's approach and want to cut big time. that's what governor scott walker did in wisconsin. he signed a law that makes it far more difficult for state workers to increase their
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compensation. whenever you limit someone's ability to acquire money or security, that american, most likely, will get angry. >> criminal. this is a criminal. >> okay. >> under federal. >> yes, this is a criminal. >> that's the criminal, that's the he will fast. >> the elephant has criminal overturn tones. i'm not -- you have no right to just stick a microphone in my face like i owe you a thing. >> i'm doing it. >> shouting] >> is this man scary? >> a little bit? >> i think so. he scared me. he wasn't being very nice to me though. >> is he kind of scary. >> bill: those kids getting quite a political education out in madison, wisconsin. the battle between liberals and conservatives in america is getting bitter. and politicians like governor walker are feeling it. >> scott walker you have got to go, baby. hit the road, scott, don't you
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come back no more. >> no more, no more. >> what hits the road, scott, don't you come back no more. what's you say now! >> bill: the situation in wisconsin just a preview of what is likely to happen all over the country next fall when the presidency is on the line. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, fox news exit polling out of wisconsin, 52% of voters today approve, those are the people who went to the polls on how governor walker has handled creating jobs while 47% disapprove. joining us now from milwaukee fnc correspondent mike tobin and from washington fox news chief political correspondent carl cammeron. the exit polling we have toll it the folks by contrast we can't give out numbers because the polls haven't closed at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we don't want to do that. but there are indications and the headline is, what carl? >> you just said it there to the extent that this election and most elections ultimately
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are about jobs in one's pocketbook, mr. walker has 52% lead in some of the exit polls and that's just the beginning and if a too short of anything with 52%, 47% margin to make any kind of projection with still an hour. when it comes to mr. walker's handling of collective bargaining issues. there is a fairly predictable split the left disagrees, the right agrees. but among moderate independent swing voters, the kind of type of voters who are likely to decide the election this coming fall, they seem to be leaning toward walker tonight and that could be an indication of something happening. mr. walker and mayor barrett are having a re-match of the race a year and a half ago, bill. it's -- you always got to look at how things went the last time around. it could be leaning toward walker. >> bill: okay. so that's prevailing wisdom and, again, we're going to leave it there. people can tune in later on fox news of course will have the latest. that's the prevailing wisdom that at this point walker seems to be in decent shape. now, mike, in milwaukee, which
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is a liberal city, as madison, wisconsin, and the rural areas of wisconsin, they tend to be conservative. you have got hassled? you know, just showed a couple of clips where emotions are very high. is that all over the place? >> no. not all over the place. you mostly get that down in madison. in fact, bret baier has been in madison as i understand they have been giving him the business out there. part me if i look a little smug as someone else gets a turn in the barrel. bret gets the business. >> bill: madison one of the most liberal towns in the country. the activists are the ones, not the regular folks. the regular folks aren't going out and saying hit the road jack and all this crazy stuff. it's the hard core left wing activists. have we seen any hard core right wing activists do anything at all? >> not so much. there are allegations right now that some fliers were sent out to people telling them that if they sign the recall petition that means they don't have to vote.
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and red flag has gone up with that getting a lot of red flags as people try to lay groundwork so they can claim voter fraud. >> bill: they they're watching the vote. but, -- >> the other thing is the demonstrations, the big big protests that we saw months ago those began to wane in the past month. president obama hasn't made a major effort. he did make a tweet in favor of barrett. mitt romney hasn't been out to wisconsin. neither side go and get actually involved. romney doesn't need to go there because walker seemed to be doing strongly in the polls through the much of this process. the president didn't want to go there frankly because he could add to a distraction undermine barrett. >> he doesn't want to be tied in with a loss. come on o. i find it hard to believe. >> be a real drag. it hasn't happened yet. >> i just find it hard to believe that barack obama, is he very busy. he has got jon bon jovi, we
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are going to show you later. he has got bill clinton. they were running around here in manhattan. i think they tried to get into the factor but the security wouldn't let them. in but, it's very hard for me to believe that barack obama actually tweeting himself tweeting. i just find that hard to believe, carl. >> bo at the end barack obama initials t. if it's not sort of signed it's considered a staff tweet. this one supposed to be legit. >> bill: you think he actually tweeted that. wow. tobin, if, and this is speculation. woe don't like to do at loaf. this are you guys prepared if the governor retains his job are we going to see those demonstrations again? are they going to go crazy? what's going to happen? >> well, you know, the people who horse forced this recall and got us to this point equate themselves with the people involved in the civil rights movement. they are fighting a holy war. they are fighting the good fight. they got us to this point and there is a good chance if you look at the polls we just got that they won't prevail in the end. that's not going to sit very well with elm. this when they try to sleep at
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night, they are going to think of something new to do. the demonstrations got us to this point. they are going to have to come up with something, probably a court challenge if there snare row margin end of all of this. >> next on the run down, the son of entertainment millionaire sean colmes gets a scholarship to a state college. does alan colmes have a problem with that? later penn state in the spotlight again trial of a football coach gets underway and the factor will be right back. on my journey across ameri,
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>> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. >> bill: according to forbes magazine sean diddy colmes, the music mogul is worth close to $500 million. for that i would change my name to diddy. yet his son 18-year-old justin colmes getting a full athletic scholarship to the university of california at los angeles ucla, a state school. that is worth 54,000 bucks a year to the colmes family. the school says no taxpayer money is being used. funds coming from donations to the athletic department. but, still, with all the class warfare in play and mr. colmes being a big liberal guy, the situation does raise some questions. here now monica crowley and alan colmes no relation to diddy as far as we know. >> unfortunately. >> different spelling. >> bill: all right. so you say. >> i have no problem with this whatsoever. the united states is supposed to be a merit based society. as far as i know we still are this kid has a 3.75 grade
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point average. and apparently he is a super star defensive back and he is going to play for ucla. >> bill: all right. all of that is true. so he earned his scholarship. >> he earned his scholarship. and the fact that he is not getting taxpayer money no state funds being used. all comes from corporate donations and ticket sales to these football games i have no problem with this whatsoever. >> bill: i have a problem with. >>it i'm just shocked because i have never agreed with you so much. this is scaring me. >> bill: you agree with her. >> maybe the young man says i don't want parental assistance. i want to be able to go out on my life on my own 17 or 18. wouldn't that be a nice conservative point of view to say i'm independent. i don't want mommy and daddy's money. >> bill: we don't know that to be the case. >> we don't know that to be the case. >> bill: here is my objection to it because i disagree with both of them. i applaud justin colmes, number one, i mean, the kid is smart. the skid a good athlete. the kid stayed out of trouble. he he could be a crazy guy like so many celebrity daughters and sons are we have
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got to give him all the credit in the world. however, his father diddy, all right, once the scholarship ask granted. once t was granted and it goes in the record that the kid earned it should have said you know what? we are not going to take it we are going to give it to another kid because there are only a certain amount of scholarships. even though they are corporate paid. they are limited. so they should have stepped back, paid their own way and let another kid have the scholarship. where am i wrong, ms. crowley? >> you aren't necessarily wrong. >> bill: i'm not necessarily wrong. not necessarily wrong. >> sean colmes still might do that. >> bill: he might do it. >> after seeing this show he might say bill o'reilly is 100% right. >> bill: he isn't probably watching tonight. >> actually that would probably be decent. >> bill: necessarily and probably. >> caveat. >> bill: you are waffling. >> i'm waffling because i think this kid deserves this. >> bill: we already heard that you are waffling.
5:15 pm
my solution. >> independent of his father. now you are saying his father should inject himself into this. >> bill: father should inject himself into that. >> we don't know if he has that option. he could transfer the scholarship. >> bill: of course he could transfer it and turn it down. >> we don't if someone else would get it. >> bill: we don't know. >> we don't know that someone else would get it if he didn't take it. >> bill: where would it go? >> who knows? we don't know that. >> bill: not necessarily and who knows over here. all kinds of possibilities here. >> bill: i'm going to nickname you are not necessarily and how are who knows? >> the fact of the matter is we don't know. >> bill: why don't you guys just stop and say you know what, o'reilly? that's the solution. because we are in this class warfare business. all right? and diddy is one of the big class warfare guys. is he a big obama guy. >> class warfare? >> yeah. >> just because he likes obama. >> he is down as they say in the hood with all of the
5:16 pm
income redistribution. you pay. >> class warfare simply because he supports barack obama. >> oh, stop. the land of oz thing gets to be a little bit much. now you, come on, i expect you to be rational here i am rationale about it the kid is not engaging in class warfare. >> i'm not holding the kid responsible. the kid can't pay the 54 k. i'm not holding him responsible. but his father could set a great example here. >> he could. >> bill: we know about the mayor to come crazy. you are right on that. we could pay it ourselves. we are -- go to the father and say i don't want your money. did i. this i earned it it's my meritocracy. i want to do it on my own.
5:17 pm
>> i think the kid isn't objecting to that largess. >> we don't know. you are making assumptions based on what the way you want the world to be. >> i want another kid to get a scholarship to ucla because the diddy kid doesn't need it you a. >> are there finite number of scholarships. >> there are according to ncaa rules. you should know this according to the ncaa rules there are finite. >> then i cede the point. >> this is stubbornness. >> i cede the point. >> i hope diddy or mr. colmes, whatever he wants to be known as does that i think that would set a great example. and then i cede the point and i agree. >> he was on the show win time and he wore short pants on this program. >> i am too underneath this.
5:18 pm
>> bill: it was february and we couldn't quite figure it out. directly ahead, more expensive pomp in england as the queen mum celebrates the jubilee. could all of that government money be put to better use? later the alliance between the president and jon bon jovi. is it giving love a bad name? upcoming. c'mon dad!
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>> >> impact segment tonight. once again i am a controversial guy for saying this morning on good morning america this. >> i i don't want to intrude on the royal family. >> how did you get that job? i will wear the hat. >> queen's jubilee. >> look, i have got to tell you if i were 250 i would have
5:22 pm
been throwing tea in the harbor. i'm not a big royals fan. you have got to give them credit. they don't work and they make millions of dollars. how do i get that gig? >> you work hard for your money. >> that's right. >> what does she do? [ laughter ] >> i actually like queen elizabeth. she doesn't do anything there are legitimate yes, sir about the pomp. it cost $2 billion to put on on that jubilee deal. some of it paid for by private concerns. great britain owes about $2 trillion and is running a 200 billion-dollar annual deficit. joining us now from washington dr. nile gardner. director of the heritage foundation margaret thatcher center for freedom and from london sarah baxter editor of the sunday times magazine. ms. baxter, i know i'm a commoner. i am a commoner. >> yes, you are. >> bill: well, thank you. thank you very much. but when i see england in the same dire financial straits as the u.s.a.
5:23 pm
i say is this really necessary? i mean, can't you just have it one day? no? yes? it was going to be a holiday anyway. actually it was one just one x-ray extra day's vacation and that's today. yesterday was a public holiday anyway. we haven't done too badly. you know, she is good value. the queen cost the british taxpayer about 30 million pounds a year. that's about $1 per person in the u.k. i think that's money pretty well spent. she has done us proud for 60 years. >> bill: here is what our research shows. the queen cost british subjects $128 million a year. all right? 128. but not just the queen. the husband, prince charles, the camilla woman. the crown. 128 million because 71 million. >> you are running 128 million on this, sarah. and you're running a deficit
5:24 pm
of $200 billion a year. now, i know the pubs and the hotels and all of that, i know they get their money because crazy americans go over there and spend wildly so they can see this. i got it. but, it doesn't seem to be cost effective, dr. gardner and, you know, you got a lot of people saying hey, we don't have any money, it's not just two days. this started on friday. they woke elton john up on friday and said, you have got to do something, elton? and you say? >> bill, i could think this is cost effective for britain. the official government figure for the cost of the diamond jubilee is $12 million. that's about 18 million u.s. dollars. contrast that with the cost of inauguration ceremony $117 million to the u.s. taxpayer. in return. of course, the royal family does raise a huge amount of money, i think through tourism. the estimates for the amount of money the jubilee has raised for britain in terms of extra tourism cash is about
5:25 pm
10 billion pounds that's a huge amount of money. that's quite a saving to the british taxpayer. >> you guys both think that the royal family brings money to britain when all is said and done that it's -- the industry of being the royal family. now, remember, you have got windsor castle. you have all the other lodges all over the place. you have got all of this stuff going on. but you both say this is a profit center. >> it is a -- actually is an industry. there is a a phrase for her that sir walter padgett came up she is part of the dignified it not the efficient part of the. her power lies in symbolism. i never thought i would be that die hard. i did feel a pride doing the duty for the pleasure of her subjects this weekend. i think everybody really enjoyed the weekend despite the freezing weather. she stood their stoic.
5:26 pm
prince philip gone to the hospital because of standing in the freezing rain there they have been pretty good value over 60 years. she has been unwavering. our financial crisis is something pretty recent and horrendous. just because a few people messed up there doesn't mean the queen should be abolished. >> bill: not abolished but down sized a little bit. i like her. i like her. i lived in london. >> there have been cuts. >> bill: i lived in london for a year dr. guard n i attended the university of london. they were stunned and shocked i was admitted when i got off the boat in south south hampton. i didn't like the class system in england. i didn't think it was because i on newly come from a very working class background here in america. i didn't like that class system. to me the monarchy kind of symbolized that. did i misread it? >> you know, actually the latest opinion polls in britain show about 80% support for the monarchy. that stretches across all social classes. today on the streets of london
5:27 pm
you had over a million people turning out to see the queen. they came from the working class, the middle class and from the upper class. so i think the monarchy is a tremendous unifying force for britain. it's also, i think, extremely good for the anglo american special relationship and struck to the degree by which u.s. television stations were tuning in this morning broadcasting the diamond jubilee to tens of millions of american viewers. >> they love it here. good ratings here. cnn actually got a decent rating for the first time in 8 years doing that i mean, they love it. but, you know me, i'm contrary and whatever. i like queen elizabeth. i think she is a good person. i think she has conducted herself very very well over the years. i have got to run. we appreciate you guys very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. john stossel is antiobesity plan. he will be here to tell us about it eat that doughnut now. then is it legal on a boston land lady refusing to rent an apartment to a combat veteran.
5:28 pm
big controversy. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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>> bill: disney company says it will not accept advertising for unhealthy foods as the nation's anti-obese any campaign ramps up. michelle obama appeared with disney executives encouraging americans to consume healthy foods and feed their kids good things. here now fox business anchor and author the book "no they can't," john stossel. we asked stossel to put together the libertarian antiobesity plan. so where do we start, stossel? >> the libertarian plan? >> bill: yeah. >> is nothing. >> bill: nothing? >> let people. >> leave them alone. >> if they want to, yes. >> bill: even though the american taxpayer pays billions and billions of dollars for health problems generated by bad diets? you don't mind that? >> because we have socialized half socialized medicine we have to give up all our other freedom, too? no, it's not a reason.
5:32 pm
>> bill: i don't know whether it's a give up or an awareness. i thought that the antismoking campaign was brilliantly conducted by the federal government. that is to demonize smoking in a health way. spent a lot of money on it but smoking has dropped in this country if you compare us to europe, everybody is smoking in europe because they don't have that. so i thought that was a very effective thing. i would like it seat same thing done with nutrition. >> fine. do you it but why should government do it? the antismoking message came from everybody. public service announcements. no it was primarily driven by the government. started with the warning on the packet. private is not going to do it. private is not going to invest the money to do it because there is nothing in it for them. >> sure tv run public service announcements. >> bill: there is nothing wrong. >> government is incompetent. all the stuff that's done about obesity since its done that people have gotten fatter. they are not good at it. >> bill: there isn't coordinated effort to tell people what's wrong.
5:33 pm
>> everybody knows. >> bill: this is a personal example. about three months ago i gave up eating wheat products and if you look in your cabinet. everything you have that's prepackaged has wheat in it. the reason was i was feeling lethargic. since then my cholesterol has dropped. my allergies have left, my waist survivorship size is down two inches just for giving up wheat. i still eat the ice cream. nobody told me that i had to kind of figure it out. you know who told me about t elisabeth hasselbeck of the view and i said you know what? she looks good. >> looks better than you. >> absolutely looks better than me. if the government would tell people hey, you might not want to eat all this wheat stuff because it's blowing you up and your he will into going to fall off if you continue to do it. what's wrong with that? >> because government is lousy at it. they tell you not eat salt when many of us can eat salt. we have got a million diet books and private sector ways to let you know. >> bill: nobody knows that one diet book says. this another diet book says that. >> government makes it complicated.
5:34 pm
>> bill: i think you could have an antiobesity public. >> that's what michelle obama is trying to do. >> if even if they knew what they were doing it wouldn't be e not. >> bill: are antismoking psa's wrong? >> advice. >> bill: that's all i'm wanting advice. >> you north saying baning. >> bill: no banning. just advice. >> if michelle obama can talk to my former employer. >> bill: shear public service announcement i want. federal government spends the money. >> that's government force. >> me and michael moore stand side by side. and then we say, the government says and you can do the voiceover. do you want to look like o'reilly or do you want to look like moore? don't eat wheat. that's all we need. >> that's government forcing people. >> not forcing. >> your tax money goes to pay for that how do you think as they said with the queen it's cost eye effective it saves us more. >> all say it's cost-effective. >> it's true. >> let's have exercise police come into our homes.
5:35 pm
>> to do pushups by your logic. endless government. >> bill: i cannot get through to stossel. all right. when we come right back. an outrageous story at a boston land lady telling a combat veteran. there he is. she is not going to rent an apartment to him. now he is suing her. legal is next. male announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one at e-trade.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. many things on the docket. here now attorney faith jenkins in for kimberly guilfoyle this evening and lis wiehl the author of the big thriller "eyes of justice." when do we get the ruling on obama care. >> june 25th at the latest. come down with a decision monday in june. june 25th. >> bill: has to be a monday? >> doesn't have to be. it can technically be a monday through friday but uranium be usually comes down on a monday
5:39 pm
afternoon. >> bill: why is that? >> i don't know. how's come they call it first monday in october reconvene after the june recess. >> bill: monday happens to be the day it has to be rendered by june 25th. >> yes. because they're on recess after that they took it under this term that means they have to deliver it under this term. >> bill: you think it will be overturned. >> i think the mandate will be overturned. i covered for fox news radio. what i heard on those six hours it, looks like it's going to be overturned that mandate. >> bill: you concur with that. >> i'm not sure, bill. i think that given the history that the supreme court usually defers to congress in regards to issues surrounding the commerce clause, i'm not really sure. i do think it's going to be a close call. >> that doesn't do us any good. we want people to predict so we can mock them when they're wrong. >> faith, get ready for it. >> bill: if we don't know how can we mock someone who doesn't know. >> the commerce clause has
5:40 pm
never been pushed thus far. >> bill: sandusky was a coach at penn state. very big embarrass wanted for penn state university. joe paterno passed away. he was tainted by it. all i want to know here, wiehl, is whether the state has a strong case. we don't want to try it on tv. >> right. >> does the state in your opinion have a strong case against this guy? >> absolutely. >> bill: okay. so the odds are, according to wiehl world, this guy is in big, big trouble. if he is convicted, he is gone for life. >> for life. in wiehl world but i'm not speculating as to the outcome. >> bill: of course. because you think they -- >> -- just look at the complaint. >> i do. here's the thing. in most child abuse, sexual abuse cases, you usually don't have independent eyewitnesses. it's usually the victim's word against the accuser. >> bill: they are going to kill this coach. you know what they are going to do him to the defense attorneys. >> yes. but here having that, if he comes across as credible -- >> bill: how many victims.
5:41 pm
>> 11 victims. >> bill: plus an eyewitness. >> yes. >> these boys didn't know each other. >> bill: just remember though michael jackson got off with a whole bunch of similarities to this case. >> that's true. >> bill: in boston, this is a terrible story. this is a vietnam vet. not vietnam, iraq and afghan vet joe morgan tried to rent a house. is he going to school, an apartment. and the lady wouldn't rent it to him because she is a left wing nut. is that fair. >> i wouldn't say a left wing nut. >> bill: you can't but i can. >> she is the a member of the garden of enlightenment. >> bill: sounds like mainstream organization. >> i'm not passing any judgment o'reilly. >> bill: what the is garden of enlightenment. >> it's an activist group. she is against war. >> bill: all war, right? >> especially iraq and afghanistan. legally. >> bill: is she against the drones? >> i don't know. >> bill: she is a left wing nut, wiehl. >> she left a voice mail for this guy who is trying to rent
5:42 pm
an apartment saying you know, this probably isn't a good place to be. >> bill: because you are a veteran because you served your country i'm not going to give you shelter. i'm outraged, jenkins. are you outraged? >> absolutely. listen, this is really a clear cut case because the fair housing law in massachusetts specifically states that veterans are members of a protected class. >> bill: so he can sue her. >> absolutely. >> bill: and the garden of enlightenment? >> no. >> she left a voice mail so she has. >> bill: she left a voice mail. >> i'm not going to rent to you because you are a veteran. >> discouraged him which you cannot do. >> no discussion going on. >> bill: this woman is in trouble? >> she is in trouble. >> bill: all right. now the aclu is up -- sticking up for sex offenders again, wiehl. >> right. >> bill: convicted sex offenders get out of prison there are laws in various states saying you can't do stuff on the internet. >> right. >> bill: what's this case about. >> in indiana they are protecting a law, 2008 law passed in 2008 which said you can't go on facebook and other
5:43 pm
places where you can quote, unquote, frequent children. and. >> bill: the law in indiana says if you are convicted. >> sex offender. >> bill: sex offender. >> yes. >> you can't go on facebook. >> facebook. >> even in your own home. >> exactly. >> or other web sites where children may be. >> in frequented by children is the actual language. >> bill: all right. >> i think this one unlike the case in louisiana we talked about last year which was way too broad it said sex offenders couldn't go on web sites to look for jobs or anything like that, that was struck down. this one when you are specifically saying you can't go on web sites that are frequented by children. >> bill: you are saying you are violating their rights. >> i think they are wrong on this one. >> bill: how would you police that faith? the guy is in his basement and he is on facebook, how would you even though? >> well, they have things set up where you can monitor the sites that these individuals go to. >> bill: who is they the parole authorities. >> right. the parole authorities can monitor. they have access and see where they are going and certain sites are blocked on their computers where they can't go on the sites at all.
5:44 pm
>> bill: when the person leaves. >> that's the problem. >> bill: the law is basically to stop them still under government supervision. >> couple different things. >> bill: you both say this is constitutional. >> yes, absolutely. look at the restrictions we already place on offenders when they come out of jail they are on parole. certain places they can't go. >> bill: certain places they can't live. >> typically because children are around. they are applying that to the internet now. >> bill: very good you guys. we got a lot done. we appreciate it charles krauthammer warming up. he will analyze barack obama the terror warrior. is the president morphing into dick cheney? krauthammer is next.
5:45 pm
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>> bill: back of the book
5:48 pm
segment tonight. president obama drone warrior terror. killing taliban leaders with hell fire missiles. some americans believe that if george bush and dick cheney had conducted the war like that, the american left would have gone nuts there is largely silence from liberals on mr. obama's drone strategy. charles krauthammer wrote a syndicated column on this subject. not only the united states but around the world you don't hear bush cowboy and doing all this stuff and unilateral the drone program is unilateral and the guy deciding is president obama. nobody else. so, the silence is deafening all over the world. >> and it's across the boorld. it's just about on every comparable issue. think of guantanamo. for years denial upending all
5:49 pm
that america holds dear. obama himself opposed it, railed against it. when he was president he went around the world on his first apology tour think talking about what a stain it was. you hear nothing. remember the patriot act eavesdropping wiretaps. preventative detention. indefinite detention. rendition of prisoners. all of these were the bush administration tearing up the constitution. every single one is still in place. do you hear a word from the left? the worst is just the afghan war itself. think about this. obama triples the number of troops. he doubles the casualty rate. it isn't only the rights of people but americans are dying. can you imagine if this war were being conducted with the higher rate of casualties with the surge by george bush or even guy john mccain? they would be out there in the streets. because it's obama, because it's a liberal. because it's a democrat, you get nothing. i have respect for principled lefties like a kucinich who
5:50 pm
opposes this, left, right, no matter who is in power. but for the rest of them. they are hypocrites and they are acting entirely out of tactical advantage and not out of principle. >> bill: okay. now, president obama himself perceived to be a very liberal guy. certain solid on domestic issues. this is not a liberal policy the drone attack. obviously it's not. this is something that dick cheney would support and does support. george w. bush would support. john mccain would support. how do you square in your mind because i know you studied president obama. how do you square this? is president obama a domestic guy on domestic issues and hawk on foreign policy issues? >> no. it's the same on guantanamo, rendition, the patriotic act. you are in opposition, you are a lefty, you are a liberal,
5:51 pm
you are against all this stuff. it's all for you a theory. then you become president. you have got people you have 300 million americans who depend on you for their lives. you still have these incredibly stupid lapses into abstract liberalism as to when the christmas day bomber, the guy who tried to blow up the airliner over detroit. he is arrested and he is read his miranda rights. that's loony. you still get holder trying to take khalid sheikh mohammed. the guy who did 9/11 and to give him a civilian trial in new york so he can show the whole world that you know, we will give him his constitutional rights which he is not entitled to in the first place. they will still slip into this idiocy. however, conducting the war, protecting us against terrorists is a national security imperative. any president, left, right, and center would have to come to the same conclusions. but that is why the hypocrisy and the attacks by the left in those 8 years are so despicable.
5:52 pm
>> bill: with all the reportage on president obama. it all indicates that he takes this drone thing very personally. all right? all of the reporting says that he wants to know he says al awlaki, he said get that guy. it's personal to him. another liberal might, you know, be recoiled from it a little bit but do it under pressure, whatever. with obama, it seems that he wants to do it. he relishes it. >> you are reading it wrong. he would like i wants or people in the center to have of him because he has been so weak in other areas of foreign policy. the russians walking all over him and iranians doing nothing in syria. that story came two weeks after a "times" story which revealed all kinds of secrets about the cyber war. we are conducting against iran. the nuclear program and the
5:53 pm
virus. he wants to show himself to be a tough guy. but, look, linden johns who was a liberal's liberal. he is the guy famously he picked out the bombing targets in vietnam. >> bill: i know. >> it has nothing to do with obama. a president ought to delegate all of this and let the generals who know how to conduct a war do it. he should set the policy. he should not be the one who picks the targets he wants that impression so he will look like a tough guy. >> bill: i think he does have the finger on the trigger in this case. >> bill: jon bon jovi just over two minutes away. eal goals. a u.s bank wealth management advisor can help you every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients. so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along there wealth. so there footsteps can help the next generation find there own path.
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>> i'm curious to know if you see me using partisan rhetoric, maurice. some of the guests, do, of course, on both sides. but i try to avoid that. if you see partisan rhetoric, i want to know about it. >> i disagree, phil. i think miss parker believes what she says. >> i'm just joshing around, peter. but i do believe the british class system has not served the commonwealth well, that's why i remain skeptical about the monarchy.
5:58 pm
>> i guess i will have to go to film school, nick. i thought julia roberts played a call girl in the film. but what do i know? >> great place. have fun. >> condolences to your family, rachel. glad i could credibility to your dad's life. finally, pinheads & patriots, rock star jon bon jovi flew in and out of new york on air force one. the jersey guy helping president obama raise campaign money...
5:59 pm
>> now, you ready for this? the private reception in manhattan last night cost $40,000 to attend. wow! talk about shot through the heart. and you are to blame! 40k! you can decide whether mr. bon jovi is a patriot or a pinhead? that's it for us tonight. also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a coxcomb in writing to the factor. great word. dont be be a coxcomb. i am bill


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