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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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governor walker, good night from wisconsin. >> bret: scott walker becomes the first governor to survive a recall vote. wisconsin's scott walker becomes the first to survive a this is a special election night edition of "special report". >> good evening, i'm bret baier, two times in american politics prior to tonight sitting governors have faced the wrath of voters in recall elections. until this evening, no governor had ever survived. but wisconsin's scott walker made history tonight. soundly defeating democratic mayor tom barrett in an
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election that drew millions of dollars from all over the country. good evening, mike. >> and that is very exciting here on the inside, bret. reaction we got from governor walker so far came in the form of an e-mailed statement. he said bringing the state back together will take time, but he's ready to start the work. we did get reaction from the lieutenant governor who took the stage here with her husband, scott and daughters in the background. >> now, this is what democracy looks like! friends, years from now, they will say the campaign to save america began tonight. in wisconsin.
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>> implications went national. the chair of the republican party says they will take the message across the country. the message means, he says, big labor bosses can no longer bully taxpayers of america. we know governor walker did have a conversation with mitt romney. we got a statement from the romney camp. i'll read it to you. governor walker has shown citizens and taxpayers can fight back and prevail against run away costs imposed by labor bosses. it's a different story over at the barrett camp. people are saying as long as votes are being counted they're not going to offer a concession. what we can conclude from that is that governor walker is probably not going to get a phone call from mayor barrett until they feel like enough votes have been counted. we've heard governor walker won't take the stage here until they feel enough of the counties are done getting their results in.
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bret? >> bret: okay z we'll bring you that speech live here on fox news channel when it happens. the lieutenant governor easily defeated professional firefighter michelle in the other big contest. margin similar to that in the governor's race. there are four state senate races we're watching to see here. so far, two have been called for the republicans. there are two others out there. there are other races we're keeping an eye on in new jersey. two democratic incumbents fighting for one seat. bill pascrell beats rothman and howard burman versus brad sherman in one race and another, laura richardson faces janice haun. let's get to analysis here,
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karl rove and joe trippi, gentlemen, welcome. karl let's start with you. how did walker pull this off? as the raw total came in, it was evident he was going to have a big night. >> republican get out the vote machinery worked and worked in fine style. three keys to winning wisconsin for republicans. one, a combination of milwaukee, which is heavily democrat in big suburban counties of the west. the object there is to keep the margin republican. come out about 20,000 votes down for rinz. right now looks like walker is winning the combination of milwaukee, the city of milwaukee and waukesha county. he won the green bay area running between four and eight points ahead of his 2010 performance then in the counties outside of milwaukee he's running ahead of his
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performance, then a surprise for me tonight is far western wisconsin he got a lot of democrat rural territory, walk jer winning most of those counties in doing so by margins above what he got in 2010. >> bret: we're looking live at walker campaign headquarters here, still waiting as mike tobin said, that concession call, then, the speech. joe, one of the interesting things is how many people were fed up with recalls. and that plays to scott walker's benefit. >> when you look at the exit polls thing that stands out is that if you thought you should have a recall for any reason, there is 27% of the people fought back. and 69% either thought there should not be a recall, ever, or that it's the only thing for misconduct. the people, 69% should be for
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misconduct or never. walker won 67% to 90% of the votes. he won big margins there. ask the only group that barrett won is people that thought we should have recounts. there was real fatigue of the 5% thought we shouldn't have them. they just weren't buying into it. those people gave him this remarkable what looked like a bigger victory than many were expecting. they thought he could win with recent polling he pulled away, here. >> and we don't know yet the final number. the raw totals still coming in. we can be talking from eight to 10 points at the end of the day. karl what are the national implications here? what is your sense of the national implications of the vote tonight? >> this is a blow to organized
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labor particularly represented here in public employee unions. and it's clearly going to put wisconsin into play in november. the choice is wisconsin going to be the wisconsin of 2000, 2004? bush lost it in 2000 by 5,000 votes, lost knit 2004 by 11,000. or was it going to be wisconsin in 2008, which was won by 14 points by president obama? i like more like 2004. but the interesting thing to me is this. obama for america is the grass-roots operation of the obama campaign. the obama campaign said we're deeply into it and going all out with the ground game. polls showdown at the end that the race was in real politics it was six points taking out a couple very large auto polls in the last couple weeks this is about a five-point margin if the democrat ground game
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did not do better in closing the gap one of two things is there. either democrats ought to be worried about the quality of the ground game and-or republicans ought to take a lesson because the republican governors' association made certain there was an all out ground game in wisconsin. that ought to be duplicated because results show they with stoold an attack by unions and obama for america and came out a winner. >> all right, joe, quickly is wisconsin in play for republicans in the fall? >> i don't think it is. i mean, look. this was all could suck romney in to putting resources and getting in there. but exit poll show that's obama leads romney in the state. the same people that voted today said obama, would they vote by nine points above romney. that is significant. i do agree with karl that
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bigger implication may be what about this get out of the vote f republicans can can replicate this in key battle ground states. what i thought was a big advantage of the obama campaign still believe is there. they've got to look at what happened here and decide how are they going to fight this? n.florida and ohio if republicans can replicate this effort. >> greta: -- -- . >> bret: so, 10 seconds joe. did the president make the right call? >> i think it would have been disruptive for him to come in. and you know, it may have made sense a few weeksing ayochl i think people criticizing him they're wrong about that. so this, he did what he needed to do. to stay out of the way and let democrats try to do this on their own. >> bret: okay, joe, karl, stick around, we'll talk to you in just a bit. we'll speak with the democrat governors association about what happens now and up next a
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>> bret: welcome back to wisconsin we're looking live now in milwaukee. mayor tom barrett just conceded and call governor walker. >> and you, if you had been with me would have feel as honored as i do to have government gothen that opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. people who care about their families, people who care about their communities. people who care about the future of the state. the energy i have received for two and a half months has come from you. the people of the state. and i thank you for that. and now we must look to the future, our challenges are real.
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we're a state that has been deeply divided. and it's up to all of us, our side and their side to listen to each other. and to try to do what is right for everyone in this state. the state remains divided. it's my hope that while we have lively debates, a lively discourse that is healthy in any democracy, that those who are victorious tonight as well as those who are not victorious tonight, that at the end of the day do what is right for wisconsin families that is what our duty is. that is what we must do for the people of the state so this is not an end tonight. it's the end of another chapter of wisconsin's history but there are more chapters
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still to come. in those chapters it's my decision that all of us here will remain engaged. for those of you involved first time or 40th time i hope you got the same energy from this that i d will continue to fight for this city and people in this city. i will continue to try to do what is right for all of us. thank you very much. let's go bet them. have a great evening. thank you. >> mayor tom barrett, the huser tonight. and let's talk about where we are right now. reaction we're going to hear from two governors to get some perspective. and welcome virginia republican governor. governor, thank you for being here, your thoughts on this
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evening and it's significance? >> it is a big night for wisconsin and america. scott walker is a leader with courage. he said he was going to create jobs and focus on economic recovery, get people back to work. and balance the budget without raising taxes and did he those things and got results. and i think the overwhelming win tonight looks like a margin bigger than the win a year and a half ago says the people of wisconsin responded well. they like a leader with courage. that is great for america. >> and how much do you think it plays in november? do you think the romney campaign will consider wisconsin a possibility? >> absolutely. the coalition that we put together for this campaign of the republican governor's
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association about nine million business people responded to the message of free enterprise. and nra, americans for prosperity, everybody pitched in. those are the coalitions you're going see behind mitt rom nee. issues are the same and that is balancing the budget without raising taxes. without doing something about this get det and getting people back to work. so what happened in wisconsin is the ground game i think will be the same in november. >> this is a blow for union as cross the country? >> they, certainly. this is the third try. they tried and now, the governor tonight absolutely, you know what this came down to wasn't about issues of a year ago as much as the record of scott walker and getting
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results and about taxes and spending and skbrobz economic development. this is i do think they were so energized and now, they've been rebuffed overwhelmingly tonight. i do think it's a blow to unions but a positive step for free enterprise job creator autos the governor of ohio had a push back on efforts to go after gold-plated pensions and his efforts in ohio. scott walker now with his recall defeat has had a win. how do you think this plays to embolden governors perhaps thinking about making these moves into other states? >> that is a good question. republican governors across the country are doing some of the same things scott walker has been doing. and embraigs policies that support the american dream. a lot of these are tough
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decisions. it's saying do you know what? we can't afford to do business the same way. there are $15 trillion in debt and we have deficits that need to be eliminated. and governors are engaging in economic development reforms, just being honest in saying we've got to change the way we do business z scott walker was rewarded by voters tonight. and reducing debt and creating a better environment. he will be rewarded to. >> thank you very much for the time. up next, governor o'malley from maryland joins me live. we're wait on remarks from the winner tonight. governor scott walker in wisconsin. you're getting ready to hear from him.
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you'll see it live here on fox news channel coming up. po9
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>> bret: welcome back to wisconsin you're looking live inside here at waukesha. we're waiting for governor walker to speak. there, you can see them maybe getting ready as you hear the crowd chanting. as the speech happens you'll see it here on fox. let's get the other side quickly from maryland democratic governor in our washington bureau. governor sh thank you for being here. >> thank you, bret and your reaction tonight? >> this is a night where we would have hoped to have been victorious. we were not as you've pointed out rarely that any governor is ever recalled but to be
9:24 pm
outspent 10-1 and wage such a cure ragis race, i think all of us are proud of mayor barrett and the campaign he waged. i think one of the telling numbers that came out of the exit polls i was watching on your program is that many people felt short of misconduct we shouldn't have a recall before a four-year term is up. right now there are only three people indicted in scott walker's administration, not yet him. >> bret: soy question is why do the recall? from the beginning there are people second guessing that. and if it was to be fought on these issues, as originally talked about, the campaign seemed to change. in later days especially in past few days. >> you know, i think there is a dynamic that set off when you roll back womens rights and workers rights. you roll back voting rights. there is a dynamic pitting
9:25 pm
people against each other. i think that is as far as control and resulted in a sort of fatigue. and people in every state want a governor able to create jobs to expand opportunities and what they had instead in wisconsin was a battle many believed was started intentionally by scott walker and it played out in this recall. he was victorious tonight in this recall z this is one battle in a broader fight. i do believe at the end of the day, voters want their governor and government to come together and focus on the thing that's work to create jobs and opportunities and not to pit one side against another. >> so i assume you don't see national implications here and
9:26 pm
don't see this going on wisconsin's bortders and don't see it in november. >> i don't know. and it could be. some of the numbers on your program said 17% of those who voted for walker tonight say they support a president obama in the fall. i think the overriding sense is that people were tired of this and felt the recall has yet to be leveled in charges against scott walker is something required for a recall. and the larger battle continues. a larger struggle continues to play out. >> and governor walker coming on stage. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bret: we're going to listen in here in waukesha to governor walker as he takes the stage.
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♪ [ music ] . >> wow. what a crowd. first of all, first of all i want to thank god for his abundant grace. next i particularly want to thank not only you here but
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people across the state. i want to thank you for your prayers because for the last year and a half, the thing that sustained us so much not just campaign events but at factories and farms and small businesses just about every day over the past year and a half i've met people at everyone of those stops and what has sustained us and people, many times, people come off the line and off the farm and say governor we're praying for you and your family. i can't tell what you that means to me. and speaking of my family, how about keeping the first lady of wisconsin? she has just been a rock, to strong and i'm so glad more than to years ago on may 1,
9:29 pm
1992 she agreed to have that first date with me and its been heaven ever since. together we're proud to have two sons, i could say boys but they're not boys anymore. two sons matt and alex. they've been through a lot in this last year and a half. i couldn't be more proud of them. matt is going to graduate saturday and alex is going to be a senior. they've just been spectacular. the rest of the family, my mom and dad. i know a lot of you have got my mom's chocolate chip cookies. you've got to love those. my mom and dad, brother, david, my sister-in-law mariea. my two beautiful nieces isabella and eva. my family and so many long time friends, many who lifted us up over the last year and a
9:30 pm
half we say thank you for all of them. thank you. thank you. it's great to see many kids out here, too. faith, family, freedom. i want to thank our lieutenant governor. to rebecca, to her husband, their two beautiful daughters, thank you to them for standing up with us as well. and i want to thank my incredible staff on the campaign and cabinet and our capitol staff.
9:31 pm
to the tremendous volunteers from across the state. tonette talked about four million voter contacts, staff and supporters we cannot thank you enough. there is a tent outside with an overflow because we couldn't violate the fire code here but there are people all over the area and across the state on behalf of our family we say thank you to all of you. and thanks to everybody at home watching tonight. thanks to all of the people who trusted me to be the 45th governor of the great state of wisconsin. i want to tell you something, just let me share with you a story. last fall, we had a chance i was going to a governor's
9:32 pm
association meeting we had a chance to travel to philadelphia. i went to independence hall. as a kid we grew up in a small town and i loved to study history. my parents did have a lot of money so for me it was the first trip and i was so touched. i stood in there and looked at the desks and chairs. as a kid growing up i thought of our founders as super heroes standing in that hall it dawned on me those were ordinary people who did something extraordinary. they didn't just risk their political careers or businesses they risked their lf lives for the freedom we hold so dear today and the men and women in uniform defend every single day.
9:33 pm
and moments like that remind me why america, and wisconsin are so great. what has made our country unbelievable, what made the united states of america exceptional and made the united states arguably one of the greatest countries in the history of the world is that in times of crisis the economic or fiscal, military, spiritual what has made america amazing has been the fact that throughout our history, throughout the more than 200 years of our history there have been men and women of courage who stood up and decided it was more important to look out for the future of their children and grandchildren than their own political futures. and what has sustained them here in wisconsin across our country has been when there
9:34 pm
have been leaders of courage what has sustained them is that they were good, decent people who stood with them, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm. that is what have you done for wisconsin and for america. tonight we tell wisconsin we tell our country and people across the globe that voters do want leader who's stand up and make the tough decisions. but now, but now, it is time to move on and move forward in wisconsin. tomorrow i'll meet with my cabinet in the state capitol.
9:35 pm
we'll renew our commitment to help small businesses grow jobs in this state. and to help grow the quality of life for all citizens both those voting for me, and those who voted for someone else. because tomorrow is the day after the election. and tomorrow, we're no longer opponents. tomorrow we're one to so together we can move wisconsin forward. a few minutes ago i talked to mayor barrett. no. no. the election is over. i talked to the mayor and we had a good talk and i said i'm committed to working with you to help the city of milwaukee and state of wisconsin. tomorrow the election is over. it's time to move wisconsin forward.
9:36 pm
and i learned much over the last year and a half. no doubt about it. early in 2011 i rushed in to try to fix things. and for years too many politicians in washington and beyond talked about things but never fixed them. and what i want to tell you looking ahead we and we're both going to be committed to talking about how to golf problems and we're going move forward with solution that put our state back on the right track towards more freedoms and more prosperity for all of our people.
9:37 pm
and this will take time. there no doubt bit. i want to start out right away. next week i'm going to invite all members of the state legislature, republican and democrat alike and what better way to bring people together than invite them over over brats and burgers. right? and maybe a little bit of good wisconsin beer as well. because i believe there is more athat unites us than divides us. i believe now, we can move on and forward. and i believe for the sake of our children and grandchildren, now is the time for us to come together to tackle challenges that face our paul businesses and families and our businesses and seniors and all of the people who care about the future of the state. and now is the time to move forward. and i have got to tell you i'm committed not just to all of you here but everybody at home. when you voted for me or not. i'm committed because for me,
9:38 pm
most-important reason i ran for governor two years ago and i was willing to make tough decisions and why i'm committed to work with everyone in the state who wants to help move the state forward 2004 young men standing in the states back behind me. i believe as i believe people across the state we've had amazing numbers of people turn out to vote. i believe what inspires us in this state is the fact that we go to work and work hard every day. those of us moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas go to work and work hard every day. not just for a paycheck. not just to put food on the table. not just to put clothes on backs of our kids. we go to work every day and work hard for the same reason
9:39 pm
we work hard. because we want our children to inherit a better life, a better home and community. thanks to your vote a better state together we're going to move wisconsin forward. thank you. god bless you. and god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> bret: wis governor scott walker on a big night. a big win for the governor. and you take this full screen you see him giving his wife, family a hug, you can see people are very, very, excited the governor, however, didn't talk about all of the different things and tough decisions and did talk about healing in wisconsin moving forward he said. he said he's going to work with the mayor and try to make milwaukee a better city saying this is about coming together after a tough election. i did say it should be a
9:40 pm
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so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> bret: welcome back to waukesha, wisconsin let's welcome in our expanded panel. joining me here is from washington amy stoddard and charles kraut hammer, thanks for joining us. charles, your thought on the night and what it means. >> i think what it means is that this is the beginning of a decline of the public sector union. i think this is extremely important historical
9:44 pm
deflection, private sector unions have been declining but the rising star were public sector union buzz they overreached in wisconsin and got a strangle hold on the budget and had sweetheart deals. a governor stood up and said stop in a state that is so progressive. that is the birth of the public sector unions and this is a beginning of their decline. they had three chances with this. elections were supreme court they lost the recall election for senators they did not succeed and now a humiliating defeat. for that reason it's important. i'm less impressed by the affect on the presidential election because of the fact there is a nine-point lead in this electorate the one giving walker a huge success, obama leads by nine points. i'm not sure that wisconsin
9:45 pm
will go from blue to red but i do think it will be remembered for a long time. >> there is one thing about that. the poll said that this race was tight. very tight. and this is some here in waukesha, some under reporting for walker. >> so this is what happens when you have an election and a base that is fired up. we know that there are exit polls are just polls so voters come out out to vote for barrett. and so there is an overrepresentation of the democrats. obama has the advantage in wisconsin i doubt the actual margin is anything like that. >> so what about implications
9:46 pm
for unions? and how this plays out in other states? other parts of the country? >> and this is going to embolden others and legislatures who are working on reforms like walker's or hope to be governor one day to follow the same path and know the power of the unions is diminished and president doesn't have unions out much and this is because they're going to be very disspirited after money and time, efforts they've put into, as mentioned three efforts in 18 months to get rid of scott walker. it's going to be a message that these reforms can -- endear you to the population over time if they're not initially popular
9:47 pm
and that unions can't turn you out. and in numbers i think a lot of democrats or independents voted and went straight to their car. i think that means there are a lot of people sick of the recall. they wanted it to end. >> and walker focused on moving forward in that speech. >> he did. i expect he'll do that in the next couple weeks. he mentioned having legislatures over for brats and beer which i think is a fantastic idea. i always think that is a fantastic idea. and there is something appeal together country, too. i think this is a very good speech. i think he struck the right note. and that reached out to democrats and said i'm now going to be the governor of wisconsin this, election is behind us and we need to move wisconsin forward this, is the
9:48 pm
same thing that scott walker said in november, 2010. who what is most significant is that it looks like the margin might be nine points. he won in 2010 by five points so. this happened and he broadened his lead and support among wisconsin. >> this is clear they were very fired up on both sides. >> the turnout was presidential. i think it's clear walker demonstrated he can go up against a union in a progressive state if you make the base kais and say we can't continue with the sweetheart deals of the past. and said if something can go on, it won't. the way they have a strangle hold on state government they're spending all money on pensions and nothing on what's happening today is the issue. i think romney can learn from
9:49 pm
this. and he's way behind, that if he argues on issues electorate is ready to hear tough arguments and that is a way he can possibly win. >> some final thoughts in just a moment. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. see how much you could save with allstate. are you in good hands? [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a.
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>> bret: look at numbers scott walker with a big win tonight. 88% of reporting. there, you can see a nine-point spread that could increase looking at raw vote totals coming in. three of four state senate seats have gone to the g.o.p.. still waiting on one of those. we're back with the panel.
9:53 pm
let's start about democrats what about president obama's decision not to campaign here? not to play ball here? and you tweeted he stood by mayor barrett but just not nearby. >> well, i think everyone is assuming the president didn't want to be invested in wisconsin and get into the campaign only to see mayor barrett lose that that would weaken his political standing in wisconsin. i think he knew that the potentially toxic to come. and that might have done a lot to galvanize persons and i think it could have been problematic for the mayor. looking ahead the president needs to start tomorrow trying to fire up these disappointed democrats and get them on board for november. and if he waits too long he's going to find himself spending a lot of money.
9:54 pm
>> president obama eats alone. he has a track record about when there are difficult races and that white house doesn't send in cavalry at the end. if there is a consideration, long term there is a down side. you're starting to see fissures inside of the democratic party. and there is that friction there. so i think there would be maybe more to say and there is presidents should just lay it on the line. >> i disafree with the conventional wisdom that the president is smart to stay away. disagree. i think democrats underestimated the feelings of scott walker here.
9:55 pm
i interviewed national co-chairman of obama for america and asked her about the president not coming and she was hearing kinds of things i was. frustration and anger the president wasn't with them. she had a hard time. i think making a case the president should have been here. i think his tweet was not a wise move suggested that he didn't care. >> bret: charles? >> i think goitsing to have a huge impact psychologically. it's not as if he's going to lose wisconsin necessarily. i think he didn't go to the state and help he mailed it in last night. that is all he did. that is demoralizing. just days after this awful economic news and lastly, just the idea he's got a surrogate out there named clinton who is
9:56 pm
undermining his campaign and contradicting him, this has been a terrible week and losing in wisconsin is going to add to demoral saigs of the democrats. i think this is a big moment. i think unless obama kinds a way to recover and to actually present a program for the future which has hasn't done, he's in deep trouble. and i think we'll see a swing in the election in the next week or two. >> charles, ab, steve, chris, thank you very much. worked out well and thank you. we learned a great deal this evening here in wisconsin learned that the efforts to curb the power of public worker unions alive and well in america and worked out in wisconsin. we learn td big labor could not outspend grass roots conservatives in this battle ground state and learned wisconsin may be another 2008 blue state that president obama has to worry about in november. possibly going red. we appreciate you staying with
9:57 pm
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