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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 6, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for watching "fox and friends first. >> scott walker remains wisconsin's governor. walker winning the recall with 63 percent of the vote. >> rebecca kleefisch also keeping her post by a wide margin. we will have more on the recall in just a moment. fist t-- first the top 5@5:00. someone has mitt romney's private e-mail. anonymous hacker signed into his hotmail account by guessing the answer to his security question
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about his favorite pet. the hacker then changed the pass word. he is continuing his primary sweep last night. he scored wins in south dakota, new mexico and montana. he already has the number of delegates needed for the republican nomination. >> he is the former eastbounding pa regional administrator who compares the fill loss see of the oil and gas to this. (inaudible) >> he is bailing out before the house energy and power subcommittee. he is cancelling 24-hours before that hearing. he resigned from the epa after that tr video surfaced. they are drawing national attention as the bell weathers of anti union sentiment. san diego and san jose has heavy
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democratic registration overwhelmingly changing measures. they approved the plan to change the state's term limits laws cutting the tenure of big legislatures from 14 to 12 years. a wildfire is the largest in the nation. it's one of several fires burning across the region right now. brand new video shows one fire in new mexico santa fe national forest moving dangerously close to the arizona border. u.s. forest officials acknowledge the need to upgrade the nation's firefighting fleet. this after one plane made a crash landing in nevada. the other going down in utah left two pilots dead. nancy reagan sitting at a memorial in california after placing flowers at his grave. she does this every year. president reagan died aftin 200 after a 10 year battle with
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alzheimer's disease. those are your 5 at 5 cloak. >> wisconsin governor scott walker mauking histo-- making h night. he was the first to survive a recall election. more on this historic outcome. good morning, steve. >> good morning. you stated it correctly. scott walker the first to survive a recall election. in addition he also managed to win yesterday's recall election by a larger percentage margin than he won his original election in 2010. he greeted supporters who were both relieved and elated and told them he thought the victory in wisconsin reached beyond the state's borders. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, our country and people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stanned up and make the tough
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decisions. (cheers) his democratic challenger tom barrett it had to be especially bitter pill to swallow giving the enthusiasm he got from folks arounded wisconsin and the country. last night he thanked supporters for making their voices heard loudly. >> what we have seen over the last 16 months is we have seen this democracy come alive. for those of you who fought, who obtained signatures, who stood out in the cold, who did what you thought was right, never ever stop doing what you think is right. that is what makes this such a great country. >> there was also all sorts of
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staples and responses from the romney campaign. mitt romney's >> turnout numbers in this race from startling. we haven't got confirmation but in the home of madison one of the most progressive counties in the state if not the nation 77 percent turnout reportedly. where scott walker's headquarters is from they had turnouts at 83 percent. turnout very high. in the end scott walker remains and will continue to serve as
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governor. that is some turnout. governor scott walker will be on for an exclusive interview about his victory. now confirming al qaeda's number two man is dead. abu-alibi was inside a house in pakistan which was hit. he escaped from a high security u.s. prison in afghanistan back in 2005 along with three or al qaeda members. his videos and lectures were popular among jihadists on the web. >> they continue to be a topic of conversation. it is what charles krauthammer is discussing this morning. he calls it hypocritical. >> think about guantanamo. for years and years complaining of how this was sort of a denial and upending of all that america
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holds dear. obama himself opposed it. when he was president he went around the world speaking about what a stain it was. now from the left you hear nothing. remember the patriot act he was dropping wiretaps indefinite detention of prisoners. all of these were the bush administration tearing up the constitution. every sipping el one is still in place. you hear a word from the left. worse since the afghan war itse itself. he triples the number of troops doubles the casualty rates. not only the rights of people but americans are dying. can you image if this world would be conducted with the high rate of casualties with the surge by george bush or even john mccain? they would be out there on the streets because it's obama because it's a liberal because it's a democrat you hear nothing. i have respect for principal
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leftys like a kucinich who opposes this left, right, no matter who is in power but for the rest of them they are hypocrites and they are acting entirely out of add vap taj and not out of principal. it was the 8th strike in pakistan in the last two weeks. 8 minutes after the hour. time for the weather update with maria molina and a look at the current temperatures. today we are looking agent temperatures around 70 inland. temperatures across the northwest bringing in cooler air. temperatures in the 40s. well below what is typical this time of year. rapid city on into portions of texas those temperatures into the 70's. as we head eastward 50 in cleveland and 48 over maine. north carolina the city of rale
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leigh on the cool side. we will be seeing activity an akty pattern across the country including us in the northeast. it will not be a widespread rain again. there will be isolated showers and also isolated thunderstorms. you believing see some of that already early this morning across portions of up state new york, new york city but there will be a slight chance of downpours. downpours expected from louisiana on through the state of florida. as we head toward the northwest, yesterday i mentioned we had snowfall expected with this storm system. ainsley and patti ann we are seeing that wind down and we will continue to see it wined down through out the day. >> maria, thanks. honoring queen elizabeth, 60 years on the throne. i the diamond jubilee wrapping up after four-days. amy kellogg has the story from
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london. >> waving to the crowd from her ball can knee it marks 60 years on the road of her final live he can appearance at the diamond jubilee. she closed the 4 day celebration with an address to the nation. >> it has been a heartening experience. touched me deeply to see so many neighbors and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. >> earlier the queen attended a reception at the mansion house with her son and heir to the thrown prince charles his wife camilla and kate and her sons. how right it is that we
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should honor you here in westminster hall. your raun rains the extra ordinary story in the fanl chapter. crowds gathered to cheer and wave flags showing their appreciation. the jam packed day was a service of thanksgiving at sait. pauls cathedral. >> i hope these hap pea events will bright ten our lives so many years to come. >> the televised address broadcast to the nation and around the commonwealth was actually recorded yesterday. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. time now 11 after the hour. one night after sharing the same stage president obama and clinton are working from different play books when it comes to taxes. we will bring you those details next. a high school student denied
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his diploma because of the way he was cheering during his graduation ceremony. you will never guess what he has to do to get his diploma.
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>> if you are just waking up it's quarter after the hour. here's what's happening while you were sleeping. a spy drone completing it's first test flight over california's mojave dessert. it can stay in the air four-days more than twice as long as other drones. boeing said the test flight went very well it sustained only minor damage during landing. for some it is a once in a lifetime event. the next time it will happen the
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year 2117. whether or not to extend the busheir raw tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. president clinton extends the controversy. president obama does not want to extend the busheir raw tax cuts for folks earning over 250,000 dollars a year. but president clinton thinks he should telling cnbc quote i think they should find some way to avoid the fiscal flip to avoid doing anything that would de tract the economy now and deal with what is necessary with the debt reduction plan as soon as they can which presumably would be after the election. they have to put everything off until the first of the year but repub cans don't want to do that unless they agree to extend the
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tax cuts permanently and i don't think he should do that. it is a major departure. a spokesman insists unextending the bush tax as president said he supported extending all of the cuts in 2010 as part of the budget agreement but does not believe the tax cuts to the wealthiest americans should be extended again. he also said on nbc nightly news he is trying to help the president win the reelection he has done a better job than most of them know. but he made it clear he is not an employee of the obama campaign. patti ann back to you. president clinton's reason the comments just like the one you heard sparking conversation. here is jonah goldberg's take. >> it is an up beat message. the obama administration doesn't have any reliable top tier
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surrogates at all. that's why they trod out david axle rod which is sort of a disaster. joe biden is not a reliable speaker. bill clinton may be more reliable than joe biden. that's like saying godzilla is more destructive than king kong. not a reliable guy to count on. the administration doesn't have any one to put forward that doesn't destroy his message in some way. >> charles krauthammer also weighed in he called clinton a double agent. >> the queen of talk about to be de-throned. a new report oprah could be out at her own network. can you cheer too loud de at graduati graduation? a student is being denied his diploma. what you missed last night on jimmy fallon. >> yesterday president obama gave bonn joef ry a ride to new york city on air force one.
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that makes sense. bon jovi living on a prayer while obama is campaigning on one. ♪ obama used to work on a dock
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>> he has been the subject of ain't national manhunt since 98. the fbi added this man to their ten most wanted list. the mexican national was first
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arrested by police in chicago 14 years ago for kidnapping and beating a woman. awaiting °(d úpdhm a legedly@í killedpñúh
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ceremony. >> he is being punished for something he has no control over. >> the superintendent of the schools now responding saying the parents were all made aware of the policy by an agreement they had to sign before graduation. she said they all signed the papers and leads us now to our question of the day. do you think punishing a graduate over excessive cheering by their family is right or ridiculous? send us the comments you can tweet them to us at fox friend first or we will read some of these later on in the show. >> stories you can bank on this morning. the congressional budget office has a stern warning when it comes to the nation's debt crisis. joining us is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. >> it is a tax cut for those in
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place. they double the size of the u.s. economy over the next 20-years. they are set to expire at the end of this year. it would be a short term one they say short term pain is necessary for the long-term gain. >> definitely a concern there. google is going to be warning customers about possible attacks from outside countries. >> literally if you are a google user you will see on your computer a banner that says warning we believe there is an attack on your system. you should protect yourself now. as a user you have to wonder how do they know that there is an attack going on and how do i protect myself. the first thing is google is not going to tell you how they know. that would be compromising information. if you were lack to go protect yourself change your pass word update internet browser and software or not clicking on anything that is weird. counterfeit goods just exploding. >> remember the counter fit
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bags? they were every where. that's not as much of a problem right now. we are talking huge increases in fake drones like adder roll. also wedding dresses electronics. often times when you see these fake goods you may not even know. the price is right so it's good for your pocket book could be bad for your healthy specially with personal care products. the customs say they see 24 more shipments of counterfeit good than last year. lauren simonetti fox business network. 26 after the top of the hour. the queen of talk about to be de-throned. oprah trouble keeping the top spot at her own network. a super star reveals she has a brain tumor. on this day in history 1933 the first drive in movie theater opens in camden, emergency new jersey.
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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> scott walker remaining wisconsin's governor today.
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walker winning the recall vote against tom barrett grabbing 53 percent of the vote. >> lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch keeping her vote by a wide margin. we will have more on the recall in just a moment. the top five stories we are watching at this hour. in just a few hours they hold a hearing on sufficient jobs numbers. how to collect and release the numbers for unemployed workers and jobs created. revised numbers often there. he also wants to ban his organization from using his own computers and phones for government equipment. >> john mccain calling for an investigation from a series of leaks from the white house. the leaks are killing drone strikes. obama is strong on national defense. they are now planning to hold a hearing. it is committed to protecting
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information. >> tommy lasorda recovering from a heart attack at the major league baseball draft. he was there representing the dodgers. he had a stint to repair a blocked artery. he also had a heart attack in 1996. >> it's a story eerie mom should know. he was served a box cutter in his orange jui-- booze in his o juice. he drank half of the glass before turning bright red and acting strangely. >> so full of energiment tried to run here and there. he couldn't even stand straight. he had drunk the 12 ounces it could have been fatal for him at this age. >> to make matters worst the ship staff told her to keep quiet so other diners couldn't find out. the cruise line parent company
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is also apologizing. >> the first lady made an appearance on late night with the top ten list on david letterman. >> fun facts about gardening. number 10. >> gardening was invented in 1892 by albert gardener. >> number 4. >> if you have an actual ring tone you could have scurvy. >> number one fun fabbing the about gardening. >> with enough care and effort you can grow your own broccoli. >> it was relate to do her new book about the white house garden. >> scott walker successfully fighting off a recall election beating milwaukee's mayor tom barrett last night. >> new leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions.
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what we have seen over the last 16 months is we have seen this democracy come alive. >> steve brown is live in madison with a look at fox newses exit polls to see what drove voters to make their decision last night. good morning, steve. >> good morning. it was an excellent opportunity to see what voters are thinking as we head out of the polls on recall election day yesterday. also look forward to the wisconsin battle and the white house race as well. let's take a look at white working class voters who comprise about 54 percent of the vote yesterday. scott walker wins that handling. republicans have done well in recent elections going to union households identifying themselves coming out the polls.
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john bau tom barrett won that handily. looking forward down the road to the 2012 election the presidential election according to the books coming out of the polls yesterday. president obama is favored over mitt romney by 51 to 44 percent of the vote is 3 percent. who would do a better job at handing the economy. obama preferred 42 percent to mitt romney's 38 percent. neither is 19 percent. again that's going to be the more keyi marquis issue going forward. it is essentially at it's core about how to get the state's finances kokt getting the state going in the right direction. you ma hear a lot of scott walker for this particular state. it is narrowly divided here. it shows working class whites
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scott walker union household dominantly tom barrett. >> thank you, steve. coming up on fox and friends an exclusive interview with governor scott walker on the historic victory at 8:05 eastern time. the fast and furious controversy getting even uglier. claiming they have damaging new evidence against the white house. tom luzader has more. republicans think they have fresh evidence of the obama administration more than they are letting on about fast and furious gun walking scandal. the program which allowed them to flow into mexico and ended up being a major embarrassment for the justice department. he said repeatedly he wasn't fully aware of the program's details but the republican led investigation in congress said senior justice officials had to know their agent were at least seeking authority to engage in wire tapping. california congressman darrel
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issa issued this statement. it showed detail about questionable investigative tactics once available to the senior officials who reviewed and authorized. the close involvement of these officials much greater than previously known is shocking. the lead democrat on the panel disgrieed. they offered a statement of his own saying this, claims in your letters nothing in the wire tap applications contradict the statements by the attorney generals assistant attorney general lanny brewer and jason weinstein as they were unaware of the controversial pack he and operations had. they wion't comment about what s in the wire tap association. >> doug lousader live thank you.
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>> it is time to get the first degree weather update to see what the battle looks like. unions this morning. >> good morning. we are going to be seeing a lot of activity across the lower 40s especially across portions of the northeast and also down into the southeast. we had some of it across up state new york. we could see hit or miss showers in new york city. not a big deal. not going to be rain during the day. not anticipating too much through out the entire day. 4e6yer downpours across carolinas down into floor dall. we will continue to see that through out the day. they are producing rain higher elevation snow and a lot of wind will finally begin to wind down. goodies for us acoulds part of the country. we will be seeing some strong storms firing up across parts of colorado. they could produce severe weather with the stoechl srm sy.
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because of all of the activity it won't be heavy in nature. patty ann, ainsley? >> maria, thank you. sheryl crow reveals she has a brain tumor but it's benign. she showed up during a screening she had done in november on a hunch. she became concerned about her spotty memory after she forgot the words to her own song during a recent performance. is oprah winfrey about to lose her own network? national enquirer seems to believe so. discovery communications the company that partnered with the tv host is going to appoint someone else to run own. executives realize she was quote too inexperienced. it is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. summer is here and that means a lot of outdoor fun. would you know how to react if a child were drowning?
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you might think you would know how to react but our next guest's answers might surprise you. >> our question of the day. do you think punishing a graduate over excess i cheering by his or her family is right or ridiculous. we will read your e-mails next. first what you missed on leno last night. >> i have a fantastic announcement. forget the lions according to nasa the world will not come to an end for another 4 billion years. or about the same time your 401 k comes back.
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in kandahar they 3w4r50e6
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believe 22 other people were injured. ousted president hosi mubarak is on a ventilator after collapseing in prison. he started serving the life sentence a few days ago in connection with mass protestors in huz country. his health has been in decline for a while now but sources say he took a major turn for the worst after a visit from his wife when she started sobbing when she saw him. the president of france is visiting the memorial. 68 years ago today thousands offof allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy, france. the space shuttle returning to the museum in new york city. it is on a barge dodged in new jersey. that's where robert moses jonin
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us live. >> good morning to you. the enterprise went across the canal. test so close i feel like i could touch it. few hundred feet away. scheduled to leave new jersey at 10:15 eastern time this morning and make its way to the final destination which will be the intrepid air and space museum. it made an entrance back in april. it remained at kennedy airport until sunday. at that point it came by barge in new york city. that trip did not go off without a hitch. the gust of wind pushed it into a railroad abutment caused minor wind damage. kierd to go the intrepid that damage has been repaired. today it will make its way to manhattan pass by the landmarks including the statue of liberty as well as the world trade
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center site and statue of liberty. thanks. >> the sun is out there. >> we asked you to brew on this. a teenager from ohio not getting his diploma because of the cheering done by his family and friends at a high school graduation ceremony. now he is being told he must complete 20 hours of community service in order to receive that diploma. >> we want to know if you think punishing graduate for excessive cheering is right or ridiculous. >> john jenkins saying denying the young man his diploma is ridiculous. now schools are punishing accomplishments. >> good point. so is this one. from los angeles not too harsh at all. ask the parents of the students that went after him and whether they heard their child's name announced. >> could get loud. >> it is about time school administrators started to do something about these
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inconsiderate rat outbursts. absolutely right. thank you to everyone who responded. keep the comments coming. >> it is 46 after the hour. next on the rundown your backyard barbecue is not all fun and games but something most cooks don't do or do at the grill that could send your family to the hospital. everything you have heard about taking an aspirin a day is wrong. coming up a startling new study you definitely need to hear. fist let's check in with ryan kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> wisconsin scott walker here live. that guy has to be happy. dr. keith ablow tells us if you are normal or not. cat deal lee is here. she is hosting "so you think you can dance." i know i p can't. newly crowned miss usa is here. i have my notes.
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i have my computer, and i have my bowling ball. bowling, baby.
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>> terrifying moment for a girl and her uncle who walked into a botched robbery. the whole thing was caught on surveillance camera. he pointed his gun at the girl. the robbers did get away with cash. no one was hurt. students at a high school graduation ceremony in florida goes hoarily wrong. 6 people hurt after fireworks exploded into the crowd. they were lit after the title song "fire work." >> those are the things we are
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talking about. that's a good segue. summer is in full swing. before you hit the beach for the barbecue this summer you need to make sure you are prepared. caring for the elderly to the proper way to as ypply sunscreen your children. you think you know but it may surprise you. pediatrician and contributor do al-ano lavigne. thank you for being with us. these are tips we need to know. as parents or adults we think we know what to do. you are saying no not so fast. >> the first thing we should talk about is sunscreen. such an important part of the summer. when you go out for 15 minutes you are getting exposure from the uva and uvb rays. apply your sen screunscreen 30 before you go outside reapply it after 2 hours after swimming and sweating. make sure you get it on your kids. they are running and playing and they don't want to stop and take
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a break. >> careful between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. >> those are really the peak sun hours. you want to make sure your kids are in the shade covered or protected with sunscreen. >> what about if granned grandma and grandpa want to go to the barbecue. >> they are at risk for heat stroke. they don't regulate body temperature as well. a lot of times they have chronic condition that is make it hard to regulate their temperature. sometimes they take medications which effects perspiration. >> you want to keep them out of the heat when it is really hot. try to get them in air-conditioned places. if the heat stroke you want to cool them off and call for help. >> preventing drowning in our children. >> prevention is the key. up want to make sure if kids are out swimming the pool is covered protected on all four sides by fences 4 feet high and be self closing or self latching so the
2:54 am
kids aren't responsible for closing it itself. be on the lookout for drowning. some kids splash an arounded. >> can't be on the cell phone. you have to be watching them. leaving food out during the barbecue. what are the rules there. >> if it's a hot day no more than one hour. you really want to pack that stuff up put it on ice. you want to make sure the food is properly cooked at barbecues. everybody is having a good time not really paying attention. you want to cook them through. >> don't leave out the mayonnaise or chicken if it is out more than an hour. fireworks there are dangers obviously here. >> the key is leave the fireworks to professionals. don't do fireworks at home. teenagers are at the greatest risk of getting hurt the face, the hands, burns abrasions. go to the professionals for fireworks. >> thank you very much. good to see you this morning. it is now 54 after the hour. it is 6 minutes to the top of the hour. everything you have heard about taking an aspirin a day is
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wrong. next on the rundown a startling new study everyone needs to hear. first this is your word of the day. it is all scrambled up for you. can you figure this one out? stick arounded for the answer. 
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>> it is 2 minutes until the top of the hour. time are the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. a stray dog getting a new leash on life. a woman spotted the dog roaming around memphis with its head stuck in eye plastic container. she posted a plea on facebook. before long, dozens of volunteers came out and rescued the dog. the risks of taking an aspirin a day may outweigh the benefits. new research finds taking 300 milligrams or less of aspirin increases the risk of major stomach or brain bleeding by 55%. that's much higher than doctors thought so for a group of 10,000 patients, the pill would prevent about 250 heart problems but
2:59 am
would cause about 40 cases of brain bleeding and finally, the ugly. a person was able to pass through security at new york's laguardia airport with a swiss army knife or a style knife packed inside a bag and that person was able to actually board the plane and take off. it apparently did show up in a checkpoint monitor but the t.s.a. agent did not conduct a search. >> and it's time now to get all scrambled up. steve doocy is here to help us out. hey, steve. >> good morning, ladies. how are you? >> we're great. this is a word we talked about at some point during the show. >> can you figure it out? >> don't tell me. don't tell me. >> longer one. we're not going to tell you. we don't know it either. >> graduation oochlt -- >> yea, good job. >> by the way, "fox & friends" will commence in a moment. >> we get it. >> thank you so much for watching all of you at home and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning,


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