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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 6, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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today is wednesday, june 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your money, your very busy morning with us. wisconsin voters reaffirm their support for governor scott walker who won last night's recall election. >> tonight, we tell wisconsin. we tell our country and we tell our people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> so how will this play now for president obama? and other democrats going into the november race? >> meanwhile, is president clinton's taxing president obama's patience? the former president going off message way far again giving advice on how to run the country. brian? >> all right. he served in both iraq and afghanistan but one landlady refusing to rent to him because of his politics. that veteran here to tell his story and how he's fighting back. "fox & friends" starts now.
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>> looks like a bowling alley in here today. we got pins, we got some balls. brian has his specialized, personalized bowling ball. >> he he has his name on it? i'm so jealous. >> you, do too. >> i have one with my name on it? >> can i bring in my chief assistant? >> we also have our own bowling shirts. it's going to be perfect. >> is that a 12 pounder? >> bowling theme. >> 12 balls. that's 12 pounds. >> are you a big bowler? >> no! i was doing some lifts. >> i haven't bowled since i was about 6. >> it's going to be a special day for you today because we're outside with a special bowling alley to introduce bowling. it's a great summer sport. nothing better than going indoors on a hot summer day and renting shoes. >> that's great. >> the shoes are always a fashion statement.
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>> right. >> i remember that they used to be striped, right? >> yes. >> maybe they've come a little bit into the 21st century. >> i love to live in a society where your shoe size is on the back -- on your heel. >> so everybody knows you're a 12. >> right. i think we should remove this probably. >> the bowling pin. >> sippy cups. >> if we're just getting up, a good night for scott walker, let me tell you all about that. a gigantic win and "the new york times" down played it a little bit and said setback for democrats. do you think? >> we'll get to that in a minute. first we have your headlines. fox news alert. overnight, two bomb blasts killing 22 civilians in afghanistan, 50 others were wounded. it happened in a market in kandahar where nato trucks were waiting to carry supplies to a nearby air base. the taliban claiming responsibility for this attack. seems daily at this point. this morning, authorities investigating if someone hacked mitt romney's private e-mail. a new report claims an anonymous hacker signed into his hot mail
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account by guessing the answer to a security question about his favorite pet. the hacker then allegedly changed the password. meantime, mitt romney continuing his primary sweep last night. he scored wins in south dakota, new jersey, new mexico and montana. romney already has the number of delegates needed for the republican nomination. remember this guy? he was the former e.p.a. regional administrator who compared the agency's philosophy towards oil and gas companies to this. >> they would crucify him. well, he's bailing out on his scheduled appearance today before the house power subcommittee. his attorneys canceling less than 24 hours before the hearing. he resigned from the e.p.a. after that particular piece of video that you just saw surfaced. first lady michelle obama's support for new york city mayor
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michael bloomberg's plan to ban large servings of soda fizzling within hours. she praised bloomberg for trying to improve the city's communities and said the plan was "perfectly fine" but hours later, her support went cold. first lady saying the soda ban is not something she'd want at the federal level and clarifying she wasn't weighing in one way or the other. >> wow. i guess she -- it's hard during an election year so know, you want to make sure you don't defend an industry. >> first thing you do is look at the polls and see more than 60% of americans did not agree with that. >> you wonder if that beverage holder right there holds more than 16 ounces. >> i was just saying that before. >> you get a ticket. auto >> absolutely. you can get a ticket. >> it's a $200 fine! >> we don't want -- >> you can't write that off. >> meanwhile, this is our gigantic lead story today. scott walker making history as the first u.s. governor to fend off a recall challenge. he beat tom barrett with 53% of
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the vote. lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch staying in office winning her race by a sizable margin. steve brown live in madison for the last couple of days with more on this historic race. good morning to you, steven. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian. it's the morning after the recall election, the fourth bitterly, fiercely, partisan election that wisconsin has weathered in a short 18 month period. can both sides put the political armament down and move it along? well, that's what both governor walker and mayor tom barrett asked their supporters to do last night. tom barrett thanking his supporters both in the state and out, busloads trucked in to help his effort yesterday when fell a bit short and after he said his thank yous, he did ask his supporters to get out of campaign mode at least for now. >> now, we must look to the future. and our challenges are real. we are a state that has been deeply divided. and it is up to all of us, our
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side and their side to listen. to listen to each other. and to try to do whaetsz right for everyone in this state. >> governor walker offered similar sentiments in his victory speech last night asking folks to lend a hand, to try and mend fences. >> moments like that remind me why america and why wisconsin are so great. tomorrow, tomorrow i'll meet with my cabinet in the state's capitol. and we'll renew our commitment to help small businesses grow jobs in the state. we'll renew our commitment to help grow the quality of life for all of our citizens, both those who voted for me and those who voted for someone else. tomorrow, we are no longer opponents. tomorrow, we are one as wisconsinites so together, we can move wisconsin forward.
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>> but in tightly, fiercely fought contests, there's often bitter feelings as a hangover effect, if you will and a little bit of that was on display at the state capitol last night as largely a group of tom barrett supporters gathered here for what they hoped would be a victory celebration which ended up turning into something else. governor walker himself is planning a little bit of a peace offering, an olive branch, if you will, gathering with democratic leaders sometime i'm told by his press secretary perhaps this weekend of beer and brats. can't get anymore wisconsin than that. steve? >> just add the cheese. >> thank you very much, steve. by the way, the governor -- the governor is going to be having breakfast with us exclusively. he will join us 8:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox newschannel. >> so this -- obviously, this is a really big deal. if you're in a public union and you remember what it was like 16 months ago with all the celebrations and all the protests and you wonder if the
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squeaky wheel is going to get the grease and get their candidate, this is one time in which the squeaky wheel didn't get any grease and they made a lot of noise. how is it that it seemed like the whole entire state was rallying against scott walker and in the end $65 million was spent on both side. $16 million has come out of the state coffers in this election. i think people are recall fatigued. they are hung over from it and they want to move forward. i think public unions took the biggest blow more than the democratic party or president obama. >> he's the first governor who was recalled to actually win in a recall which says something and he won by a larger margin than he actually did in the first election back in 2010 which is mond monumental, did y
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know the unions' birthplace was in wisconsin? >> they had sweetheart deals and control of work rules and finally a governor stood up and said stop in the state that's so progressive, that's the birth of the public sector unions was wisconsin in 1959. and this is the beginning of their decline. he stood up and they got whooped. >> they get whooped. meanwhile, a lot of people are looking forward to november. ok, what as we look at the tea leaves for the residual tea leaves for last night, what can we gleam from that? there are a number of republicans who say well, this is pretty good for mitt romney because they have a ground game right now in that state that is going to flip over to, you know, try to get him into the white house but then there are democrats who said look, the exit polls showed that barack obama still soundly beat mitt romney. here's joe trippe last night. >> i don't think it is -- look, this result could suck romney in to putting resources and getting in there but i look -- this exit
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poll shows that obama leads romney in the state. the same people who voted today said obama -- they'd vote for obama by nine points above romney so that's pretty significant. >> interesting to see if mitt romney decides to spend a lot of money in wisconsin. time will tell in the next couple of weeks and into the next couple of months whether or not it will become a battleground state for him as well and if this is sort of a wave. if you look at some of the other elections that happened yesterday in california specifically, the voters overwhelmingly said they wanted to reign in the spending of government so if they're saying that in california, this could be a wave that's going to push from the west coast to the east coast. >> few things to say about that. number one, the exit polling show before we got the final tallies or the initial tallies this was too close to call. >> the early exit polls were wrong! >> right. so were people telling the truth when they came out of the booth and when they're asked the question, president obama or governor mitt romney? were they telling the truth? because was it too close to call because look at the results right now for those people who showed up in wisconsin and there
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are a lot of them. 51-44, that state belongs to president obama right now according to the exit polling but i'm wondering if mitt romney starts pouring in money, that will mean that president obama has got to respond. >> sure. >> because george bush won by one point and before that, there was only a one point difference. >> wasn't reagan the last president to win wisconsin? >> excuse me, lost by one point and al gore took it against george bush. he lost by one to john kerry and lost by about 2,000 votes to al gore. so it was really close up until john mccain. >> the state is now a battleground. it's up for grabs. even the obama camp says that. meanwhile, the obama camp has got to be going, why is bill clinton on tv again? he went on cnbc yesterday and what he said was something that the current president does not like. he says we're still in a recession. we should probably keep the bush tax cuts around. >> what? >> it's true. here he is. listen. >> i think we need to do is to
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find some way to avoid the fiscal cliff, to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now and do something for the debt reduction plan. they'll have to put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. but the republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts permanently including for upper income people and i don't think the president should do that. >> so there it goes again. he just hosted three fundraisers with the president the day before and now he's off message from the obama campaign. call it clinton unplugged, whatever you want. some people speculating one of the reasons he participated in those fundraisers with the president, he needs to help pay off hillary's debt that she still has for running for office. make no mistake, is bill clinton a secret weapon for mitt romney?
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or an asset for president obama? you be the judge. >> or flat out a double agent or a bull in a china shop as charles krauthammer said. >> politico had an item yesterday, bill clinton is out of control on 2012 and bill crystal on "the weekly standard" wrote bill clinton knows exactly what he's doing. he's out there, he does not want the current president to get another four years. >> coming up on our show, sheryl crowe forgetting the words to one of her most popular songs leaving fans puzzled. >> now, we may know why. details on the singer's major health scare. that's coming up. >> plus, should the president take a hint from wisconsin voters? stuart varney says he better be taking notes. he'll explain next. >> stuart's got his notes. day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills.
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good eye.
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>> scott walker's opponent tom barrett attacking him for only caring about the rich but apparently, voters weren't buying it. walker won working class white voters by 61% to 38%. >> could this be a sign it's time for president obama to reconsider attacks trying to paint mitt romney as an out of touch rich guy? let's talk a guy who is in touch with stuart varney. as you take a look at the latest polls where the majority of middle income voters still support governor romney 49-45. what do you gleam from that? >> money is at the center of the wisconsin vote last night and the national poll you just quoted. let's start with wisconsin. voters it seems to me was saying we're not paying any longer for these lavish pay and pension benefits that are going to retired government workers, state government workers. remember, the pensions paid to government workers in wisconsin are 4 1/2 times more generous than private sector pensions and i think the people of wisconsin turned around and said we're not paying for this. why should we pay for this?
3:18 am
we don't get that kind of pension. why should you? and we're paying for it and we're not going to pay anymore. >> take a look at this exit polling. you have white working class workers ask who do you prefer? 61-38. almost double for walker. >> i think, again, money is at the center of this thing. not prepared to pay the lavish pension benefits that go to retired union workers. if you move to the national level, you've got a somewhat similar drift here with again money at the center of the argument. if you say to middle income america, that's 39,000 to $89,000 a year, if you say to those people are you better off now than you were four years ago? the answer is no. and that's a very difficult place for president obama to be. and it's a good place for mitt romney to be. and the poll there is 49 to romney. 45 to president obama in that middle income chunk of middle america. >> when you look back at 2010, there was a landslide in the midterms, you know, thanks to the tea party in large measure.
3:19 am
a lot of people have said the tea party is dead. tea party is not dead. maybe the volume level has gone down a little bit. i think what happened yesterday in wisconsin shows that the tea party taught america an important lesson and that is there's going to be a bill to pay some day and can we really afford that? >> you look forward into the future. all over america, state finances are being broken by the pension says paid to former union members and to retired union members. all over the country, that is going to be challenged given the success of walker last night in wisconsin. >> what do you say to people watching right now who say i turned down more lucrative jobs for the security and pensions of a public sector job and now i'm being screwed? what do you say to that? >> they're not being screwed. they're being challenged, existing workers to pay more towards their public pensions and for some giveback of those people who have already retired. that sort of extreme word to use, they're being challenged because states can no longer afford it, period. >> every time i use that word, steve, i owe dick morris a
3:20 am
dollar. >> he wrote the book. >> is he going to call the book "screw "screwed" or "challenged"? come on! hello. we'll be watching this guy 3 hours and 2 seconds from right now on fox business. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart. next up on this show, the queen of talk about to be dethroned? could oprah be out at her own network? >> are you kidding me? the governor of new york wants to make some amounts of pot legal and the police actually agree? > are you kidding me? >> our next guest saying it's a slippery slope leading to disaster and he got the proof. not the poof. the proof. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> quick headlines now. you're looking live at the space shuttle enterprise. it's docked on a barge in the hudson river right now. the intrepid air, space and sea museum that i hear is nice. is oprah about to lose her struggling network? discovery communications, the company that partnered with her, is going to appoint someone else to run own and that's the name of it. sources claim executives now realize she was inexperienced. now to an experienced anchor. gretchen? >> just not old, right, brian? i'll talk to you about that later. new york governor andrew cuomo unveiled a plan to decriminalize marijuana meaning anyone caught with a small amount of the drug wouldn't be charged with the crime. new york city's mayor and police commissioner are on board with the new plan. our next guest, a former drug addict himself says watch out,
3:25 am
bishop ron allen joins me live from sacramento bright and early this morning. good morning, bishop. >> good morning, how are you doing today? >> i'm doing fantastic. thanks so much for getting up early with us. why do you have a problem with this? >> are you kidding me? i can't believe that our elected officials think that by decriminalizi decriminalizing illicit drugs will cause crime to go down. what illusionary thinking. governor schwarzenegger did the same thing in california with fb-1449 and every place you walked just in sacramento, you can smell that pot all over the place from restaurants to stores, on your block. what a bad idea. and of course, it's going to increase the use among our teens. >> right. i know that you believe as a former drug addict, you say that you started with marijuana yourself and you believe that it's a gate sf way drug even though many times people try to say that it's not addictive.
3:26 am
your thoughts on that? >> marijuana is very addictive. today's marijuana is not the marijuana that was smoked in the 1960's and 1970's. the t.h.c. is extremely high in the 60's and 70's, we were looking at 3%, 6%. today, we're looking at somewhere from 10% to 24%. and what makes marijuana addictive is because it's the first -- one of the first drugs that our youth and teenagers will try. and it breaks the seal of addiction. and how do you unring that bell? >> right. so here's the other side of the argument. they are saying in new york city, 94% of the more than 50,000 arrests last year in new york state for 25 or fewer grams of marijuana, they actually happen, 94% of them in new york city and that's why they believe they could be fighting more violent crimes if they were not making these smaller arrests. do you not agree with that?
3:27 am
>> well, you know, new york city police department has a very serious problem. they do not want to admit that this is targeted individuals -- targeted blacks and hispanics, we see from 1997 and 2006 that they arrested 5,053 individuals for smaller amount of pot. 53% of those arrests were blacks and blacks are only 26% of the population. 31% of those arrests were hispanic and they only make up 27% and can you believe that 15% were nonhispanic whites? and they make up over 35% and i think that they're trying to cover something up and they want to blame it on pot. how -- how in the world do you educate an intoxicated mind and believe by advocating for your
3:28 am
citizens to stay high that crime is going to go down? somebody help me to get my mind wrapped around that. >> well, you would know as somebody who was once addicted and is now not. bishop ron allen, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you very much. >> coming up on "fox & friends" -- he served our country in afghanistan and iraq. why is a landlady refusing to rent him an apartment? well, that vet here to tell us his side of the story. and a scary moment for sheryl crowe right in the middle of her show. >> ♪ forgot the words >> we now know what may have caused that memory lapse. details of a major health scare for sheryl crowe straight ahead. in the meantime, happy birthday to singer uncle kracker. he's 39. [ female announcer ] tr kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom?
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crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. ah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >> hey, it's our shot of the morning today. one of the greatest institutions in all of america, the boy scouts and look who we have with us today, four tiger cubs. sharon bower is the leader of this group. they need to come here to get their badge, their communications badge, what do they need to do? >> that's right. basically they need to understand how communication happens for large groups of
3:33 am
people and get a tour of how the technology is involved so these are our tiger cubs. that's the first year of the boy scouting program. boy scouts is what it always was, physical fitness, development of character and social responsibility. >> all around good citizen, right? >> that's right. >> you guys are in first grade and one of you is in kindergarten, right? >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> gus. >> ok. how about you? >> you had to think about it for a minute, right. >> travis. >> davon. >> keyon. >> all right. i understand you had to get 15 badges this year. >> no. >> how many? >> you don't have to get a number of badges. you sort of -- you -- the badge you want to get the most is the tiger badge. >> oh, ok. >> one of the things you had to do was come to a tv station to learn about how we communicate with people, right? well, we're honored to have you as our guests today. hang out for a little bit and
3:34 am
watch what we do, ok? all right. let's go over to you guys over there. >> welcome, men! i remember being a tiger cub. >> right? i never was a tiger cub. didn't make the cut. >> especially hanging out with those guys. >> we have some news for you. gretchen will sit here in a minute. republican governor scott walker making history in wisconsin last night. he beat democrat tom barrett in the state's recall election with 53% of the vote. walker, the first u.s. governor ever to survive a recall election. three have been recalled. only one has survived. him. meanwhile, lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch will also stay in office after winning her race. scores of supporters celebrating the win with walker last night. walker says the win is a strong message to the rest of the country and the world! >> tonight, we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough
3:35 am
decisions. >> stay tuned because coming up at 8:05 eastern time here on "fox & friends", we'll have an exclusive interview with governor walker on his big, historic victory last night. >> congressional budget office sending a stern warning when it comes to the nation's debt crisis. it's releasing some scary stats saying u.s. debt is on track to be nearly twice the size of the economy in the next 25 years. the c.b.o. putting blame on unchanged tax and health policies. >> sheryl crowe forgetting the words to one of her most popular songs leaving fans puzzled at a performance in florida. watch this. >> ♪ watching tv oh, forgot the words. ♪ hey ♪ it's live >> after that, sheryl crowe revealing she has a brain tumor but fortunately, it is benign. it showed up during a screening
3:36 am
she had done in november but she's coming clean about it now. crow is also a breast cancer survivor and not expected to require surgery for this particular tumor. >> meanwhile, former first lady nancy reagan commemorates the death of her late husband president ronald reagan. there she is sitting at his memorial in simi valley, california yesterday after placing flowers at his grave. she does this every year on that date. president reagan died in 2004 after a 10-year battle with alzheimer's. >> all right. 68 years ago today, allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy. the thousands of stories that have been told about d-day, this one you've probably never heard before. casey stiegal has more. >> ♪ over there ♪ over there >> he is 102 years old and reputed to be the oldest living female veteran in california. she is sharp as a tack and still lives on her own. as a small child growing up in romania, she witnessed airplanes
3:37 am
dropping bombs during world war i. then after immigrating to the u.s., she joined the army and was stationed in england where one night she suddenly witnessed the start of the d-day assault roaring outside. >> the sky was full of planes and gliders and it was the normandy invasion! >> in the early hours of june 6, 1944, u.s. army private bee cohen was startled to hear and see thousands of planes in the sky en route to france. >> nobody knew where -- even aboard ship, nobody knew when or where or what the normandy invasion. we knew it was the beginning and end of world war ii. >> 11 months later, the war in europe did end but for bea the service to her adopted and beloved country was far from over. >> look at this. >> now at 102, cohen still hand sews blankets for the parade of veterans who cycle through this
3:38 am
state facility. and whether it's sewing blankets or calling out bingo numbers -- >> g-5. >> cohen says she's always felt a need to give back to her fellow veterans. >> there's always someone who needs a little more than you do. so you share it. >> in los angeles, casey stiegal, fox news. >> good story for this d-day anniversary. meanwhile, let's go ahead and take a look at the weather on this particular wednesday. and take a look at that. we've got some incredible images of the venus transit as it's called where venus crosses directly between the earth and the sun. notice, on the -- in the lower left, that dot over the sun is venus. it's literally a once in a lifetime event. the next time it will happen is 2117. amazing pictures. look at that. i think that view is from north carolina. it is. all right. meanwhile, let's real quickly take a look at the day
3:39 am
weatherwise. we got the maps right there and as you can see, those pictures were from north carolina and right now in north carolina, we've got widely scattered showers and we got some leading down to thunderstorms in south florida. widely scattered showers as well across portions of texas to western dallas, heavy stuff this morning and also some heavy stuff in the inner mountain region and the northern plains. the daytime highs today, look at that, it's going to be 61 in caribou, maine. 10 better than that in new york city. yesterday was a little on the chilly side. 75 today in raleigh and 80's and 90's across the southern third of the united states. 102 today in phoenix, arizona. it should be 82 in minneapolis and for our friends watching right now in tampa, 87 the high. >> that's as close as we get to miami, brian. but we got some miami news, don't we? >> unbelievable. not good news for the heat. chris bosh returning to the heat last niechlt the big three were back, how would they do in game five? they would melt down, big time.
3:40 am
celts go on to win game five last night in miami, heat now facing a do or die game in game 6. kevin garnett was great. 26 points, 11 rebounds. paul pierce hit the incredible shot, nailed a three-pointer over lebron james who i hear is good to give boston a four point lead. james no points in the last eight minutes and 20 seconds. game six in boston. we'll see if they can force a game seven. baseball legend tommy lasorda recovering this morning at a new york city hospital after suffering a heart attack at the major league baseball draft. he was there representing the dodgers, of course, the 84-year-old hall of famer had a stent to replace a blocked artery. he had a big dinner and his heart didn't respond to it. the former dodger manager had a heart attack in 1996. all right. at the gate or at@:jéll.>tw úh
3:41 am
noon, s" between 9:0 l֖ also be gh who wil here and some other exciting guests including martha maccallum and bill hemmer who will appear for the first together. >> on the radio. >> you're trying to make it be like an exclusive? >> trying to make it seem like an exclusive. >> coming up on "fox & friends", scott walker, the governor in wisconsin big victory last night in the recall considering a huge blow to organized labor. will that feeling reverberate throughout the rest of the country? teachers in nearby chicago already preparing for their own battle now. >> that's right, with rahm emanuel. and terrifying moments for a little girl and her uncle walking right into the middle of an armed robbery! whole thing caught on camera. what happens next? stick around. good morning! wow.
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3:45 am
minutes past the top of the hour. quick headlines for you now. terrifying moments for a girl and her uncle. they walked into the middle of an armed robbery at a cell phone store. this is in dallas, texas. at one point, the robber aimed the gun directly at the girl. he got away with cash but fortunately, no one was hurt. and queen elizabeth marking 60 years on the throne with her final live appearance at the diamond jubilee celebration. her husband, prince phillip still hospitalized, though, after suffering a bladder infection on monday. steve? >> thank you, gretch. scott walker's big victory in wisconsin last night being seen as a huge blow to organized labor. but will that feeling reverberate throughout the rest of the country? not far down i-94 in chicago, the city's teachers union there is preparing for an epic battle against mayor rahm emanuel who used to be chief of staff at the white house. they want big pay raises even though the city is broke. kyle olson is the founder of
3:46 am and joins us live this morning from rapid city. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning! >> ok, so when you look at what happened with regard to wisconsin last night, what's the moral of that story. >> i think the moral of the story is that you can look into madussa's eyes and live to tell about it. that's what scott walker did. he delivered a message that they have significant problems, budget problems, collective bargaining problems in that state. he explained the situation. they passed reforms. >> right. >> and he clearly survived that recall last night. and so that should be a model for the rest of the country. and you talk about chicago. and that's a perfect example. chicago public schools has a worse budget situation, a higher dropout rate than wisconsin, and so this is an opportunity for rahm emanuel and mayors across the country and governors across the country to implement those sorts of reforms and do what's in the best interest of kids and taxpayers. >> sure.
3:47 am
ok, so the chicago public schools teachers are threatening to go on strike at the beginning of this upcoming school year. right now, i understand and correct me if i'm wrong, it sounds like rahm emanuel and the city wants to give him 3% to 4% pay increases but the teachers union wants 30%. >> that's right. the mayor has asked for a longer school day, a longer school year because of every urban district in the country, chicago has the shortest day and the shortest year. and they have a 56% graduation rate. and so he's saying this is a problem we have got to tackle. and so the union's response is well, we want a 30% raise and now they're taking a strike authorization vote today urging their members to give them the authority to go out and strike later this year so it's a union completely out of touch but that's why this is a moment for rahm emanuel and mayors and governors across the country to
3:48 am
stand up and say look it. look at what happened in wisconsin and we are going to implement those same types of reforms. >> sure. it is also -- while it's a very powerful union, it's also -- they're doing very well. when you look at the amount of money the average teacher makes in chicago vs. the average person in cooke county, look at that. 73,000 vs. 53,000 for a private sector employee. and ultimately, kyle, isn't that what it's going to come down to? the people of chicago and cooke county are going to look and they're going to go wait a minute, they're making a lot more than i am. they want 30%? i don't think so. and ultimately, they may do what wisconsin did yesterday. >> well, that's exactly right. it is incumbent upon the parents to get involved in this fight and tell the union exactly what they think because the union has been out in the streets protesting and picketing. they've partnered up with occupy chicago. all in an effort to try and win
3:49 am
this fight that is playing out. and so i call -- yesterday, i called this the slowest train crash ever because everybody knows that the chicago teachers union is going to go on strike. everybody knows that. but it's going to take months in order for that to play out. and so parents have got to be engaged in this fight. >> indeed. all right. they certainly were engaged in wisconsin and we know what happened there. all right. let's see if it happens how in chicago. kyle olson, always a pleasure. thank you very much for joining us today from michigan. >> thank you. >> all right 11 minutes before the top of the hour. have you seen your brain on bath salts? we're not talking about the ones in your bathroom but talking about the latest designer drug that's so damaging, it has people acting like zombies. you've probably heard those stories. we'll go inside the brain to see what bath salts really do. it's frightening. this vet not giving up after a landlady refuses to rent him an apartment. joe morgan says it's all about politics and he joins us live after the break.
3:50 am
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>> fox news alert for you right now. we're hearing reports that the u.s. embassy in libya has come under attack. embassy and libyan security sources saying that no casualties are reported so far but we're going to keep you updated as more information becomes available. the u.s. embassy in libya may be under attack at this hour. let's go over to brian. >> all right. he served in both iraq and afghanistan and he's got plenty of money. why would one landlady refusing to rent to this combat veteran? why does that make sense? sergeant joe morgan and his attorney joining us right now
3:54 am
live from boston. welcome, guys. sergeant, thanks so much for your service. why do you think you'd even get this apartment because of your service? >> i'm still sort of confused about that, maybe based on her political beliefs, she didn't feel comfortable with renting to me and maybe she felt that i felt about as adamant about my beliefs as she did about hers. and that's where that conflict of interest may have come from? >> so it's may of and i know you said the apartment was perfect. it was $1220 a month in the perfect area, you had the money. so joe, why do you think that he's been -- has been discriminated against because of his service? >> well, actually very clear evidence here in this case because the landlady who owns the property left a couple voicemails on my client's, sergeant morgan's cell phone
3:55 am
basically explaining her reasons for doing it. and one of the reasons she explained was her opposition to the iraq war. and his military service in iraq and afghanistan and massachusetts at least it's illegal to discriminate in housing against members of the military and members -- and veterans and even if it's just one of the reasons that a property is turned down to somebody, that's still illegal and in this case, there's a voicemail that basically says that. >> you got that on tape and that's certainly a positive. you feel like you've been spit in the face. coming home after serving the country and just trying to get an apartment. >> yes. and i mean, it caught me by surprise when she left me the voicemails letting me know what her beliefs were about the iraq war and then going on to tell me that i should seek residence
3:56 am
elsewhere. yeah. >> all right. so here's what she said. this is her statement. it's in "the boston herald." there was never any mention to morgan that his being a veteran would impede his chances to rent from us. if anything, he was a victim of u.s. greed and for that, i feel much empathy. joel, do you feel differently? >> well, you know, the statements she made is after she left the voicemail for sergeant morgan and they really speak for themselves and the funny thing in those voicemails, she actually says that sergeant morgan is very well qualified and offers to send him references and things like that to help him get other places. it's just that her place is more too politically active for him and she hopes he'll understand that and so, you know, those words are a little bit too little too late. >> so typical of you, sergeant, fighting overseas and then fighting here because you know it's right. you know it was right then and you know it was right now and
3:57 am
that's why you've retained your attorney. thank you so much, guys and hope you get that apartment. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> coming up next hour, the latest on the recall. scott walker elated this hour. in one hour, you'll hear from him live and many more surprises. dude you don't understand, ths is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude...
3:58 am
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by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. >> good morning, everyone. today is wednesday june 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. big win for scott walker last night. republican governor defeating the recall and making history in the process. >> tonight, we tell wisconsin, we tell our country, and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> how will play out now for president obama come november? he just responded. we'll bring it to you. >> and scott walker wasn't the only winner last night. taxpayers in two major cities dealt big blows to organized labor slashing pensions. is this a sign of things to come?
4:01 am
>> and the first lady goes late night. michelle obama getting laughs on letterman at the expense of her husband. >> with enough care and effort, you can grow your own barack-olli. >> look at this! >> broccoli. >> oh, my gosh! >> that's funny. "fox & friends" hour two for a wednesday starts right now. >> the barack-oli kind of looked like the chia pet. remember whether that came out in the form of different presidents' heads? >> the broccoli thing is a lot bigger, wasn't it? now, earlier at the top of the 6:00 hour, brian and steve had their bowling balls because we're going to bowl at the end of the show today. i found out i have one, too. >> look at that. >> you're part of the bowling team. >> wow! >> for all you ladies out there, we were talking about how unattractive bowling shoes used
4:02 am
to be. check out these puppies. >> whoa! >> bowling high heels? >> not the bowling alley. check out these. heels! all right! >> the goal of bowling is to be good. you can't bowl effectively in high heels. >> are you saying me you're going to beat me out there? you want to make a bet? >> what's with the head swivel? >> i'm trying to be tough. >> what's going on? >> i don't know how to bowl. i'm trying to be tough. >> wait a minute, gretch, have him wear those. >> how about you each wear one of those? >> i have way too many toes to get into that! >> you need one -- >> i could loosen the laces for you. >> all right. we'll bowl at the end of the season -- at the end of the show because this entire summer season, kids bowl free at a lot of places across the country. >> all right. in the meantime, we have headlines for you. fox news alert, we're hearing that the embassy office has come under attack. this is in libya, libyan security sources saying that no
4:03 am
casualties have been reported so far. we'll keep you updated as more information becomes available. in other news, an investigation under way at this hour to see if someone hacked mitt romney's private e-mail account and a new report claims that an anonymous hacker got into his hot mail account by answering a question to a security question about his favorite pet. according to the report, the hacker then changed his pa password. on the campaign trail, continuing their primary sweeps picking up wins. romney already has the number of delegates needed for the republican nomination. a wildfire raging in new mexico now the largest blaze in the nation. it's one of several fires burning across the region right now. brand new video shows another wildfire in new mexico's sante fe national forest moving closer and closer now to the arizona border. meantime, u.s. forest officials announcing the need to upgrade the firefighting fleet after incidents involving two planes. one of them forced to make crash
4:04 am
landing in nevada. the other going down in utah killing these two pilots on board. >> the first lady making an appearance on late night with david letterman. michelle obama presenting the top 10 list and it was all about gardening. >> number 8 -- >> eggplants were originally cultivated for use as doorstops. >> later this year, the supreme court will finally rule on tomato vs. tomato. >> thank god! >> and the number one fun fact about gardening. >> with enough care and effort, you can grow your own barack-oli! >> wow. there you did it. >> wonder how the president thought about that. anyway, the list was related to her new book about the white house garden. those are your headlines this morning. >> meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker, the first u.s. governor in history to fend off
4:05 am
and survive a recall challenge, the republican beating democrat tom barrett by a wide margin. he got 53% of the vote. >> yep. walker's lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch also surviving the recall challenge and steve brown live now in madison. he survived the recall coverage. as he talks about it -- >> barely. >> supporters coming together for their candidates to keep them in place. hey, steve. >> good morning, brian, gretchen, steve. yes in a politically astute state, passions were on display last night particularly here at the capitol where folks were gathering in anticipation of a barrett win. unfortunately for them, as the results were worded out to them, word passed around to them, they found out that instead was, unfortunately for them, a loss. no incidents reported but at the barrett headquarters earlier in the evening after barrett gave his concession speech, he was actually slapped by a supporter who thought he conceded too
4:06 am
early. now, during the speech, before all of that happened, he asked folks to kindly please get out of campaign mode. >> now, we must look to the future and our challenges are real. we are a state that has been deeply divided and it is up to all of us, our side and their side to listen. to listen to each other. and to try to do what's right for everyone in this state. >> likewise, governor walker after thanking his supporters for essentially keeping him in office for the remainder of his term, governor walker asked the folks backing him, republicans and wisconsinites together to try to mend fences. >> moments like that remind me why america and why wisconsin are so great. tomorrow, tomorrow i'll meet with my cabinet in the state's capitol. and we'll renew our commitment
4:07 am
to help small businesses grow jobs in the state. we'll renew our commitment to help grow the quality of life for all of our citizens. both those who voted for me and those who voted for someone else. tomorrow, we're no longer opponents. tomorrow, we are one as wisconsinites so together we can move wisconsin forward. >> that may have been a move in practical politics for the governor because it does look like the democrats in the recall yesterday picked off one of the senate seats, conventional wisdom here is that they may i can up two more. so it does look like democrats will have a majority in the state senate and therefore, seat at the table in terms of the agenda going forward. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much, steve. so that's a recap of what happened last night. still waiting on those state senate seats and a lot of people are tweeting us saying hey, what's going on there? we're still waiting to find out where the balance of power is. >> it does appear that -- by the
4:08 am
way, scott walker is going to be joining us live at 8:05 eastern time. it appears right now that the democrats will take control of the senate but keep in mind, that's just through november. there is no special session scheduled at this point. next time they get together is january. so the point is moot as they might say. >> let's take a look at some of the interesting exit polls from that recall election in wisconsin yesterday. among working class white voters, scott walker had an overwhelming margin over tom barrett, 61% to 38%. then we go on to union households and tom barrett, as you would imagine, 62% kind of by the same margin over scott walker, 38%. i'm actually stunned that 38% of them went for scott walker. some of those teachers in the unions have been on our shows in recent days and they said they were going to be voting for scott walker. >> a lot of people in private unions don't think public workers should be unionized. so maybe that's part of the 38%. >> could be. >> what does it mean for 2012
4:09 am
among the recall voters? barack obama topped mitt romney by seven points but keep in mind, 18% of the obama backers voted for walker in the recall. and one other interesting note would be barack obama -- ok, so ahead of mitt romney yesterday by seven, barack obama won wisconsin by 14 against john mccain. so he just has half the popularity he did in 2008. >> so a statement now from the president's campaign. he said this -- while tonight's outcome was not what we had hoped for, no one can dispute the strong message sent to governor walker. the power of wisconsin's progressive grassroots tradition was clearly on display. exit polling show president obama beating mitt romney 52-43. these data points clearly demonstrate a very steep pathway for mitt romney to recover in this state. but as far as this goes, this goes to show you the recall which wasted between $13 and $16 million and cost both parties a combination of $65 million and actually showed more distance between the democrat and
4:10 am
republican, actually i don't think anything is to be learned there if you are -- if you are a public worker. >> i'm not sure that the message at all was sent to scott walker by the grassroots effort of the other side. >> didn't work. >> he won by a larger margin last night than he did originally in 2010. if anything, the message was sent the other way but this is politics and things need to be spun in certain directions. >> and it wasn't just in wisconsin where the unions got a message. there are two communities out in california. they approved pension cuts. we're talking about san diego. voters there 67% in favor of proposition b. the roads were deteriorating, offices were closed, fire stations had to share trucks. we can't take it anymore. as you can see, that was approved there. and in san jose, which we talked about, 71% in favor of measure b because the pension payments had exploded from $73 million in 2001 to $245 million this year. people in california realizing
4:11 am
that we can't afford that stuff anymore. >> that's interesting because california tends to be almost always a liberal state. it's interesting by that wide of a margin they would be against continuing these type of pension benefits and maybe it's because of the culture and what we've seen over the last year there with bell, california, remember the city employees gave themselves humongous salaries illegally quite frankly and they were busted so maybe it's part of the culture and the discussion in california right now about this exact thing. >> keep in mind, public unions pour a lot of money into the fight to keep what they got. overall, they say the pacs combined put in about $23 million per election cycle so they're going to have a huge voice or try to have a huge voice come november. >> and reince priebus said last night that barack obama might struggle in november to motivate union members, disappointed he didn't do more in wisconsin. more on this a little later on. >> well, it was the night's crowning moment. >> miss u.s.a. 2012, rhode island!
4:12 am
>> but now another contestant says the entire pageant was rigged. >> what? >> newly crowned miss u.s.a. will react. >> then, senator john mccain says the white house is leaking national security information to make the president look tougher on foreign policy. is john mccain right? the panel next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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4:15 am
>> he criticized president obama for spiking the football over the killing of usama bin laden and now senator john mccain claims that the white house is actually leaking national security secrets to the media for political gain. >> the leaks that these
4:16 am
articles were based on our enemies now know much more than they did the day before they came out about important aspects of our nation's unconventional offensive capabilities and how we use them. regardless of how politically useful these leaks may have been to the president, they have to stop, these leaks have to stop. >> does he have a good argument? we're talking to our political panel right now. a democratic strategist and fox news contributor. rick newman is chief business correspondent of "u.s. news & world report" and author of "rebounders" and tony is a republican campaign consultant and national political correspondent for talk radio news service. a lot of people were reading "the new york times" a couple of days ago, rick, and their jaws went slack for a little while. why are these secrets about how we hacked into iran's nuclear program? why are those now no longer big secrets? >> that was great reading, i have to say.
4:17 am
great piece of work. everything is politicized right now. >> they're national secrets. they need to be secret! >> my first thought was what message are they trying to send to the iranians? the story of this virus has been out. this virus has gone on and thoroughly analyzed by experts that do that kind of thing. there's a cat and mouse game going on with iran right now. my first thought is this seems like part of the negotiation as the new sanctions are going into effect this summer. they're really starting to hurt the iranian economy so this part -- are they trying to get the iranians to think, wow, look what we can do to you guys so they can better yield to us. >> i think tony thinks they're going to win and leak some national security secrets and john mccain said yesterday it's to make barack obama look tough. >> sure. even if you were to take what rick said is a theory this is a controlled leak of some sort, it's a slippery slope, steve. it's very dangerous to what you'll be able to control and put out there into the media and
4:18 am
assume that they'll come up with the right solution in what you put out there. president obama is very frustrated, iran is an achilles heel for him. there's a perception that he's not as strong in dealing with iran as he has been with al-qaida with the drone strikes. trying to get ahead of this by getting it out there by making these strong, tough decisions. >> it's not that, there's also -- i think i've written in "the new york times" today, there's worry that the doctor, the guy who helped us locate bin laden, may have revealed his identity through some leaks and got the bin laden stuff and the movie made. to some it looks and john mccain wants an investigation. it looks like they're leaking national security stuff to make the president look good in an election year. >> i think that john mccain is off base on this one and he's looking wikileaks, i think what we learned from that -- >> agree to hearings. >> but if you look at wikileaks, they should be investigated, the people in the administration,
4:19 am
any administration is doing anything that's going to put the u.s. national security at risk, that should be investigated. bottom line is if you look at wikileaks, there are plenty of leaks that came out, wikileaks. a lot of this stuff is being reported in "the new york times" and actually already reported by the foreign press. they had already said that israel and the united states were involved. >> it's a political operative inside the white house leaking this stuff? >> i doubt a political operative would have access to that kind of information. remember, it was the defense department that those leaks were originally coming from through wikileaks. >> but that's "the new york times" issue is not wikileaks related and that's a separate data point all together. steve, the real problem is that this is a president who was very paranoid about his re-election and he's not going to stop at virtually anything and i think a real legitimate question to ask is what was potential put out there that is the purpose for
4:20 am
making -- >> he killed usama bin laden so i don't think he needs to make himself look tough. in and of itself, that's strong on foreign policy. >> credit for killing usama bin laden but they need to keep finding ways to keep that story fresh. and these leaks are puzzling. that could be part of the reason that we're seeing more and more angles, if you will, on the bin laden raid. they are puzzling. >> we may actually find out who is leaking this stuff. >> and great bipartisan investigation has been agreed to. >> good bipartisan argument right here on this big plastic desk. thank you, guys and gals. >> all right. next up on the rundown, it's what your brain looks like on bath salts. we're not talking about the ones you use in the tub. we're talking about the drugs, kids and adults are taking more and more than ever and the effects are like nothing doctors have seen before. and a really good reason you should not fall asleep on the couch tonight. because it could shorten your life? what? that's right. go to bed. get out of the living room. right back. ♪
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>> i'm helping sterling direct. now it's time for news by the numbers. first 200% of the g.d.p., 200%, that's how much debt the congressional budget office predicts we will see in 25 years if the white house doesn't change taxing and spending policies. of course, they'll need help from congress as well. next, $1 million. that's how much money taxpayer money is reportedly spent each year to fly vice president joe biden to and from his weekend golf trips and back home to delaware. finally $150,000. that's how much this georgia woman collected by taking out an
4:25 am
insurance policy in her son's name two months after he died. now she has to pay it all back and perform community service. gretch? >> a string of frightening zombie like attacks make films seem like reality. a recent crime wave may be linked to bath salts and these kinds of salts have nothing to do with relaxing in the bathtub. >> with all eyes on this cheap, widely available new drug, how dangerous are they to your wealth? fox news's key member of the medical a team, dr. marc siegel is here. what is this stuff? where do you get it? >> it's called bath salts because they're trying to fool you into thinking it's for the bath. it's not. you can actually buy it in drugstores and convenience stores. you're not supposed to be able to because the d.e.a., drug enforcement agency has a ban on it. it's illegal in 28 states. and it's variable what's in this
4:26 am
bath salts but many of them contain something called ndpv which is a very, very powerful psycho stimulant that can cause your heart rate to go up, your blood pressure to go up. you can have an out of body experience. you can get agitated, paranoid. >> superhuman. >> and psychotic. you can get a feeling of super human strength, yes. >> let's show you what happened to the brain. filling in and trapped in the brain, i'll let you explain this since you're the physician on the panel. >> dopamine is exactly the right hormone. the brain makes that. it's a very powerful hormone but these drugs block getting rid of it in the brain. it builds up more and more and more noraepenephrine and you get this feeling of invincibility and this feeling of power and it's also very, very unsafe medically because your blood pressure is flying up. people die and commit suicide on
4:27 am
these drugs. extremely dangerous and it's hard to track them. >> and also, it's long lasting, correct? this is going to last a lot longer and going to be much more intense so it makes you think that people who want to do drugs will go here but the ramifications are horrendous. i've seen some footage, too, of some these guys who are under arrest. it takes like 20 cops to corral them. >> one woman was trying to scratch his skin off on this. >> one people tried to eat the face of another guy. >> we don't know for sure if that -- the other problem is there's a fear component here. everybody hears about this, it's in the media and you think this is going to happen to you next. i'm also worried about that. these are designer drugs that are very, very powerful. probably the worst we've seen yet. >> what are you worried about with regard to the copycat aspect of it? >> i'm worried about it in the exact thing i just said, people can think, oh, they may not even take the bath salts. in other words, it may catch on to go around attacking people in just this horrific manner whether they took the drugs or not. the drugs themselves are
4:28 am
extremely dangerous and can cause psychosis and death but people thinking or hearing about this in the media and the media has been really irresponsible about the way it's promoted this can go ahead and attack people. a lot of violence with these drugs and a lot of violence with people copying the crimes. >> all right. thank you very much, dr. marc siegel. >> we know this is nuts, not normal. i'll tell you. >> that's dr. keith ablow coming up shortly. >> that's coming up. he'll be on the couch to analyze. what's wrong with this picture? the kid in the back seat and the gas can strapped in the child seat. police so stunned they didn't just hand out a ticket. wait until you hear what else they did. >> miss u.s.a. 2012, rhode island! >> it was the night's crowning moment. now, one contestant -- yes, i was. entire pageant was really rigged. really? the newly crowned miss u.s.a. joins us with her reaction. she's a musician like gretchen
4:29 am
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>> listen to this, you guys, a recent study found that sleeping in the same bed as someone else can help you live longer. which explains the news that the cast of jersey shore is actually
4:33 am
300 years old. fun fact. >> that's a bit of a slam, right? probably -- >> yeah. >> probably true. >> so apparently, there's this new sleep study that says feeling safe equals lower levels of stress hormones. may boost oxytocin. >> love hormone that eases anxiety. >> is that what it is? >> oh, yeah. >> dr. doocy. what this says -- yeah, let me put on my rubber gloves. >> watch out, brian, he has the rubber gloves on. >> not this time. if you sleep with somebody else in the same bed with you, then you wind up feeling better in so many different ways. >> just a second, how far along is snooki? >> about 5 1/2 months. >> jersey shore crew member. >> looks like one. he looks like he's heading to the jersey shore.
4:34 am
>> all those problems that people have in bed with their spouses like snoring and kicking and other stuff, hogging the covers. i guess that hormone -- >> watching cable news instead of some reality show. >> something like that. >> there's no stress there. according to steve, it releases his love hormone. >> dr. dad. >> dr. doocy for the rest of the show. >> it's the heated debate in president obama's affordable care act and that's what everybody is talking about and the supreme court is expected to announce it's ruling on the controversial law any day now. for more on this, let's go to peter doocy in washington. hey, peter. >> hey, brian. president obama reportedly said at a closed door fundraiser recently he might need to go back and fix part of his health care law depending on how the supreme court rules but one republican member of congress said yesterday even if just the individual mandate is struck down and the rest of the law stands, there will be chaos. you got insurance companies that
4:35 am
may be jumping out the window. i don't see how they're going to -- that's the way it works. have to get all these extra customers and they no longer can do that. i don't see how they remain profitable without jacking the rates up through the ceiling. >> but across the aisle, some democrats disagree with the assertion that the entire affordable care act is toast if it loses the individual mandate. >> obamacare is not a word that i use with affection because we don't have a -- we don't have a mandate, for example, on medicare part d. everybody signs up for medicare part d because there's a built-in expense that says if you don't sign up by the time you turn 65, later on, the premiums will go up for you. >> in april, president obama said it would be unpress did he
4:36 am
wanted for the supreme court to overturn the obama health care law. they changed their tune. yesterday, jay carney said instead it's up to the supreme court to render its judgment. back to you in new york. >> that's a bit of a change in message. peter doocy live from d.c. >> could hear from the supreme court on monday regarding that. >> that's going to be huge. >> we begin the headlines with the fox news alert. u.s.-led coalition says one of its helicopters has crashed now in afghanistan killing two nato service members. the coalition has not released any information about the crash other than it happened in eastern afghanistan and it's not clear whether this was an accident. >> now to other headlines, the house oversight committee claiming it has new evidence that the obama administration knew more than they're letting on about the botched fast & furious gun walking program. the justice department officials reviewed and approved six applications for wiretaps that contained immense details about fast & furious details, the same
4:37 am
details they denied knowing about. one house democrat said issa is "mischaracterizing the documents." and it's a shocking and very disturbing photo. this toddler is not strapped into his child safety seat but the gas can next to him is. oh, boy. photo apparently taken by a traffic officer in colorado who was conducting one of those click it or ticket enforcement checkpoints, the parent behind the wheel told the cops the toddler did it all himself. that didn't help their case. the cop then posted the photo to facebook and that's how we're able to see it all this morning. >> you have to come to your tv screen if you're not right now because do you recognize this lady? believe it or not, that is the so-called tanning mom before she started tanning. >> what? >> huh? >> the photo apparently taken of patricia crensler about 20 years ago as she was trying to break into the world of
4:38 am
modeling. as you can see, the photo is pale in comparison to what she looks like now. the 44-year-old new jersey native now charged with child endangerment after allegedly taking her 5-year-old daughter with her to a tanning booth. wow. let's head over to brian who has a special guest. >> becoming miss u.s.a. is any girl's dream come true. for one young lady, that dream just became reality. i'll pause. >> miss u.s.a. 2012, rhode island! >> for the former miss rhode island turned miss u.s.a., she never imagined she would bear this title. in fact, miss u.s.a. was only her second competition ever. joining us right now, olivia culpo, newly crowned miss u.s.a. congratulations. >> thank you. >> that was an extremely shocked look on your face. when you were in the finals, you
4:39 am
must be thinking to yourself it's going to happen, right? >> when you're in the finals? no. >> in the final two? >> no! i didn't know -- i didn't know that i was going to win. i didn't think i was going to get in the top 16 but i mean, i was just so happy at the time. i was beside myself. i don't know. >> all right. we see the crown right there in your hand. >> yes. >> and you go to boston university. you're going to take a year off to do the thing for miss u.s.a. and try to win miss universe. you owe it all to band camp. >> i do. >> you do? >> i think i do. playing the cello and working towards a goal is the same thing that i did for miss u.s.a. you worked towards a goal and i think it really helped me get to where i am now. absolutely. >> you were stunningly beautiful but i hear it's your personality that won people over because you're outgoing and nice but i've also heard for a lot of young ladies out there when you talked about your childhood. a little overweight as a kid. >> i was a little chubby growing up in elementary school and i was a middle child of a big italian family.
4:40 am
so it was a little different growing up in that i never thought i would be a beauty queen. no way and i just -- i hit a growth spurt and i really changed from that chubby kid to who i am today, i guess. >> and that great personality. >> thank you. >> miss pennsylvania has come out and said that this thing is fixed. i'm dropping out. take my miss pennsylvania title away. how do you feel about that? >> you know, everybody is entitled to her own opinion and her initial recognition was based off the transgender answer that i gave and the position of the miss universe organization. so i can only say that she's missing out on a great opportunity. i just feel for her because it really is an awesome opportunity and experience. and she's giving that up. so i feel bad. >> well, you feel bad for her. that's her decision. the question to you was do you think transgender contestants should be allowed to compete in canada? you said yes. joining us now is a man who has never been a woman and he runs miss u.s.a. and he runs miss universe, donald trump say hello to miss u.s.a. again! >> well, we're very proud of her, olivia is beautiful and
4:41 am
great and everybody loved her. and actually her answer was a very intelligent answer and that's one of the reasons i assume the judges picked her. >> you know what miss pennsylvania said, donald trump said the first five contestants' names were read out before they were read out for somebody else. >> it's loser's remorse. this is a woman they're obviously having difficulty with. it's interesting because we have about, i don't know, 10 judges, all of the judges are certified by ernst & young. every single number they put down is certified as a number. we bring it, as you know, from 16 to 10 to five and then we choose the winner. all of this is done under the auspices and certification of ernst & young, a very big accounting firm and to say that -- other than we think olivia is fantastic, we couldn't care less who the top five are. nobody knows who the top five are. ernst & young don't know who the top five are until the votes are tabulated so it's a ridiculous
4:42 am
charge and really what it is is loser's remorse. that's all it is. >> now you compete in the miss universe contest. right? >> yeah. >> america needs a miss universe from this nation. >> that's right. >> what are the chances that olivia has? i don't see anyone prettier than her, do you? >> you've been a great expert on women. there's no question about that. i would think if she's going to win, she has a very good chance of winning. >> that would be good. if you do win, there will be a lot of extra room in the apartments. is it true that you still share the apartment, miss u.s.a. and miss universe? >> hands down, i have to win this. >> that's true, they share the apartment. >> if they're able to get the dual crowns, you'll have a lot of room in that place. >> i will have a lot of room. it might be a little lonely. >> she did a great job, i have to say this, she did a great job and everybody loved her. she's a fantastic young woman and wish her a lot of luck. >> it's rare to see a personality match the beauty and we have that here with olivia. thanks so much for calling in. >> thank you.
4:43 am
>> keep that contest going. nice meeting you. and america is proud today. >> thank you! >> congratulations on the crown. >> thank you so much. >> sorry that boston university will miss you for a year. coming up straight ahead, we'll change gears and go to politics. president obama says there's been more domestic oil production under him than president bush. our next guest says simply not true and he has a real plan to bring gas prices down but first, trivia question of the day -- olivia, you cannot play. [ mechanical humming ]
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> welcome back, everyone. in the wake of last friday's dismal jobs report, house republicans are set to release their own domestic energy and jobs act that they say will not only spur economic growth but also create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and bring down gas prices. joining me now is more is california congressman and house majority whip kevin mccarthy. good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> what is your plan? how will it create jobs? >> well, we have a domestic energy act that actually job creation as well. it's a set of seven different bills. look at the ability on federal lands to produce more oil because the one factor that you find in federal land, the production is down 14% as president. you look at the bureau of land management, they have 1600 permits that have been delayed three years. just that permitting is creating more than 60,000 jobs. and you look at what has transpired in north dakota. north dakota in just the last five years has not only surpassed california in oil production, they've now
4:48 am
surpassed alaska. they are number two in the production of energy in america and you look 3% unemployment. they don't even have enough housing. i was just there. i spent more than $200 a night in a bestwestern. it is a unique opportunity for job growth across america. >> i hope they had nice sheets! let's take a look at the production under president obama compared to george w. bush for the first three years of the presidency. you can see that u.s. oil production was 2.1 billion under bush and 2.0 billion under obama. the other question i have for you is sort of a gas price situation. i've been arguing for sometime that this $3.50 a gallon plus is the new normal. do you agree with that? what are you going to do about it? >> well, in california, we're paying $4.20, $4.30 a gallon because you have 18 different boutique fuels throughout america. the thing we have to do is produce more. if you produce more in america and you actually create an independence of energy across america, that creates american
4:49 am
jobs. when you have greater production, the cost goes down to gasoline but the same time, american jobs are created and we're not funding other countries. it's an opportunity for job creation and with technology today, we can find oil in places we have not been able to find it before. but more importantly we can create american jobs in finding it. >> before i let you go, congressman, according to "the wall street journal", moving on to health care right now, the supreme court may be showing us a ruling on monday. secretary kathleen sebelius apparently rushing out loans and subsidies before the supreme court could overturn obamacare. what do you make of that? >> well, i make it as all wrong because one thing, the office of obn says 91% of this money you'll never get back. these are solyndra loans going out. more than 3.1 billion of the 3.4 says there's going to be a default and won't be able to be paid back and not protecting the american taxpayer. this is the wrong way that government works but it's also another example of why obama
4:50 am
care should not have been enacted, that it does not help the american public but more importantly, more americans dislike obamacare today than when it was passed. remember when pelosi said, we have to pass it to know what's in it. they passed it and they know what's in it and they don't like it. >> we'll see what the supreme court says in this monumental decision. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on "fox & friends", remember this scene from mary poppins? >> ♪ spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down ♪ ♪ the medicine go down >> it was normal for her to feed the birds but what if you like to feed them? dr. ablow here to diagnose normal or nutso? but first on this day in 1978, you're the one that i want is the number one song. wake up!
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
>> answer to the trivia question of the day, it's paul giamatti. the answer, brian from mississippi. congratulations. here's another brian. >> all right. am i normal? am i nuts? >> nuts. >> it's a question we ask ourselves time to time. ok, every minute of the day and it's a question that we ask dr. keith ablow every time at this day of the week. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first e-mail, i feed birds near my house. i think of them as friends and haven't missed any days except for rain days. eventually i'll have to move and i'll worry they think i'm abandoning them. i can't bear the thought! normal or nuts this guy? >> listen, this guy is not only normal, he's a wonderful person.
4:55 am
yep. and i got to say i'm a little bit prejudice about this because i feed the squirrels around my office and i take out the m&m's because i'm worried the chocolate will hurt the squirrels. so listen, my only advice -- he's like right, this guy is completely crazy. the only advice i have is remember the seasons change. the squirrels, the birds, they know this, it's true for you, too, sir. you're a good person and you're my friend. >> watch animal planet and you can be rest assured that they'll find something else to eat from somebody else. all right. let's go to e-mail number 2. my closet is stuffed full of clothes. yet, sometimes i still think i have absolutely nothing to wear. other times, i look at my packed closet and feel guilty. is this normal, dr. keith ablow? >> so normal, right? because we're all told variety is the spice of life and that people are going to hold you to account if you wear the same shirt, you know, two fridays in a row. look, the late steve jobs, the late and great steve jobs, the
4:56 am
same jeans and turtleneck every day. he did ok, didn't he? >> he did indeed. >> normal. >> final, here's the last one. i'm a tube and reality tv. lately, i feel like i'm an unwilling star of a secret reality show and maybe i'm being taped. does the paranoia make me nuts, yes or no? >> you've come to the right place. nuts. yes. this is a real e-mail you sent in. i'm really dr. keith ablow. you're not on a reality tv show. we're all getting affected by technology but this is overboard and here's the thing, you're not getting a reality tv show on this network. just this answer. that's it. >> that's kind of interesting. you are playing into his psychosis by answering the question. >> not talking about me. >> i don't want to fuel it, though! you're right. it's dangerous territory. >> all right. write dr. keith and maybe be on our show. >> or rock him. >> rock him. >> rock doc. >> that's my next segment.
4:57 am
meanwhile, straight ahead, he made his w organized labor. wisconsin governor scott walker, the first governor to ever face a recall and survive. joins us live next. >> wow, that's going to be great. rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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5:00 am
just one way we're making the world a tter place... one pet at a time. purina one smtblend. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, june 6, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. a big hit to big labor as voters reaffirm their support for governor scott walker. >> tonight we tell wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: governor walker here live with us to talk about his tough decisions and his victory. it's a "fox & friends" exclusive. plus we'll have president obama's response. >> steve: wait 'til you hear that. and they lean left, but voted right of center. voters in two major cities making a stunning decision to cut pensions for their city workers. this has national implications.
5:01 am
we'll tell but that. >> brian: then a major reason to party in the usa. miley cyrus making a giant announcement about her personal life. >> steve: really? >> brian: wow. i'm tingling. "fox & friends" starts right now >> brian: there it is. three people. >> steve: it's all part of the "fox & friends" bowling team because outside, we have assembled -- look at this. >> gretchen: those are interns. >> steve: gutter ball. was that katy. >> gretchen: thankfully she did it before i did. >> steve: we have never had regulation bowling lanes on "fox & friends." >> brian: we've talked about it. we dreamed about it. >> steve: we have in the past done bowling where we would sit pins up across the plaza. it never worked out very well.
5:02 am
>> gretchen: my secret weapon. the high heeled bowling shoe, ladies. it's suddenly become stylish to bowl! remember laverne and shirley used to go bowling every friday. >> steve: they were drinking a lot of beer, too. >> brian: by the way, it's the recall everyone was watching and scott walker beat out big labor to remain wisconsin's governor. it happened last night. he got 53% of the vote over tom barrett, the mayor of milwaukee. >> gretchen: he also made history as the first u.s. governor to fend off a recall challenge. governor scott walker joins us now this morning for an exclusive interview. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> gretchen: interesting we can still call you governor, because you did fend off that challenge. you know what, of it a big margin leading up to the election yesterday. many pundits were saying it was going to be close, close. but you really won with a wide margin. could it be one of the reasons that some of the people who live in union households supported
5:03 am
you, 33% of the voters went for you. >> those union house. no, i think there is no doubt about it. i'm talking to workers here this morning. talked to a lot of manufacturers i wouldn'ts the state over the last year and a half, particularly the last couple of months in this campaign. i find at plant after plant, there are construction workers and others in manufacturing who appreciate the fact that we turned our state around and i think they wanted more of that in future. they wanted us to go forward. >> brian: governor, i watched you live last night. i watched you hug your family, your son, your wife, and to me, that was even a happier governor to win the recall as opposed to the one that won the original election. am i right? >> no doubt about it. my family and our home, not just the governor's residence has been a target of protesters frosting in front of our home. they've gone through a l. i asked for the job. they don't. so my two boys were a junior and senior in high school.
5:04 am
they've gone through a lot. it was really kind of nice to have that all past and not just for the state, but for our family to be able to move on and move forward. it's a great relief. >> steve: absolutely. we've been talking about what's been going on for about the last year and a half. there are a lot of people across the country who have not been keeping up on it. for them, if you could encapsulate what, is the moral of the story with last night's gigantic win for you? >> i think there was no doubt about it, i heard for years not just in state level, but national level, that people complain republicans and democrats get in office and don't take on the tough challenges. we took on the things that not only made it difficult at the state level, but at the local level to balance their budgets and in doing so, we thought more about the next generation. people like my kids and every other kid and grand kid in our state. we thought more about that generation than just the next election. i think voters yesterday reward
5:05 am
us for that. they said loudly, not just in wisconsin, but across the country, if you do the right thing, if you make the tough choices, vote also stand with you. >> gretchen: people may think it's just wisconsin, but yesterday's outcome will be historic. i think as people look back for decades to come and especially just as far as a couple months ahead with regard to the november election. there would be no other reason why the president would be weigh not guilty right now on that. i want to read the statement that he put out now about your win. while tonight's outcome was not what we hoped for, no one can dispute the strong message sent to governor walker. some people are scratching their heads, because didn't you send the message? >> it's one of those where again, i think the voters sent the most powerful message and they said we want you to take on top challenges. my task today is after the election, we're no longer opponents in the state. we're wisconsinites and we want to move forward. we want to bring people together
5:06 am
to move the state forward. but i do think it is a powerful message in the fall election and probably even of greater importance after the elections that people mean it. they mean it in washington. they mean it in madison and every other state across america when they say we want you to take on these tough challenges and not just play for what's maybe popular in the poll, but long-term will benefit us all. >> brian: i have to ask you on the national picture, the president weighed in, they did exit polling and they said everyone who preferred you also preferred president obama to governor romney. do you believe that governor romney should take anything from your victory? do you think the exit polls are correct? >> i think for him, the best thing i would do, and i talked to him briefly yesterday, he was one of the first people to call me and congratulate me. the best thing he can do between now and november, because this is a very competitive state and we hope to see him here throughout the next several moments, but is to get out and
5:07 am
make a very compelling case about how he's willing to take on the tough challenges. paul ryan and i grew up down the road from each other. we love people like paul ryan in wisconsin because paul has the courage to tackle these big issues at the national level. if governor romney wants to be competitive here, i think he can. he needs to tackle those same issues. >> steve: it was a big win for you last night. now miller time. i understand you're going to extend the bipartisan beer hand across the aisle, beers and brat, right? >> i'm going to have burgers, brats and good wisconsin beer. there is nothing better than a miller lite, honey, any of those would be great. you want to bring people together v a cold one and have some burgers and brats and i think most people in our state are tired of the recalls and all the commercials. we just want to move on and move forward and that's what we'll start with next week. >> steve: you're having your own beer summit. >> the other nice thing i want to do is on saturday, my oldest boy graduates from high school. later that day, he and his
5:08 am
brother are going up to boy state. i'm going to get on my motorcycle and ride. >> steve: get your motor running. >> gretchen: wow. a side of the gov we didn't know about. cool. tweets picture of you on the harley. all right? >> i'll do that. and maybe, gretchen, not to rub it in, but maybe i'll go by lambeau field and take a picture of the lombardi trophies. >> gretchen: you can not do an interview without doing. be glad i didn't call you cheese head, all in jest. we'll see you soon. >> have a food one. >> steve: he's having good day. >> gretchen: another political story making national headlines. pension reform scoring big with vote increase two california cities and drawing national attention as bellwether of antiunion sentiment. san diego and san jose
5:09 am
overwhelmingly approving measures to cut retirement benefits for city workers. also nearly two-thirds of voters approved a plan to change the state's term limits law, cutting the tenure of state legislators from 14 to 12 years. a fox news alert, story out of afghanistan. nato helicopter crashing in eastern afghanistan, leaving two service members dead. we don't know yet what caused the crash or if it was an accident. the nationalities of those on board not being released at this time. he is the former epa regional administrator who resigned after a video surfaced of him comparing the agency's philosophy toward oil and gas companies to this. >> gretchen: well, al, bailing out on his scheduled appearance before the house, energy and power subcommittee. his attorneys canceling less than 24 hours before the
5:10 am
hearing. a really good reason for miley to party in the usa. ♪ >> gretchen: the 19-year-old got engaged to her boyfriend of three years, australian actor liam. he proposed with a 3.5-carat diamond ring. they met while film ago movie in 2009. she said i'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with liam. hard to imagine she's only 19 years old because she's been on the scene for so long. but 19, young, young, young to get married. >> steve: congratulations. >> gretchen: i think. it's too young. >> steve: if that's what those crazy kids want to do. good luck. next up, on this wednesday, if you just watched the main stream media, you would think the president was the most popular president ever. but with unemployment at 8.2%,
5:11 am
does cool really rule? we're going to talk about that. >> brian: then the queen of talk about to be dethroned. could oprah be out at her own network? >> steve: is maturery povich taking over? >> brian: i'm not sure summer road trip, huh? as the hotel experts, finding you the perfect place is all we do. this summer, save up to 30%, plus get up to $100 on us. welcome to my brother doesn't look like a heart attack patient.
5:12 am
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if you made a list of countries from around the world... i'm reza, culinary manager. ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
5:14 am
>> gretchen: time to look at the presidential race. it's right around the corner. despite the president's narrowing lead in the poll, the real clear politics average shows him remaining more popular than his opponent, mitt romney. take a look at this.
5:15 am
52.2% of americans have a favorable view of the president, while 46.6% have a favorable view of governor romney. >> brian: but with a weakening economy, can the president win on papularrity alone? here to weigh in is david limbaugh. he has a book out. david, i'm reading your book. wellment to couch. >> thank you. >> brian: i'm reading your book and i'm saying, you've accumulated all these articles. does it blow you away you could do all this research that shows something totally different than the public seems to be digesting? >> yes, except i reject the premise that he's personally popular. i've been thinking about that because everybody is talking about it lately. i think when people are polled about that, they go, everybody says he's popular, so if i answer no, i'm gog look like a jerk. i don't see how a guy who is polarizing america, who says the republicans are hostage takers, who says they want dirty air and dirty water, i could go on all morning, is really likeable. he's been very petty.
5:16 am
he's been very unpresidential. sorry if that offends people, but i think he's the most polarizing president we've ever had. second year, 68% gap between republican approval and democratic approval. >> steve: when you look at the run up to the election back in 2008, the republicans were in a do you really want a celebrity in chief type guy because he was very famous for being famous. your brother, rush limbaugh, is driving around in a car yesterday when he made this observation about our current president of the united states, which he probably is not going to like. >> he's becoming, barak kardashian. that's what's becoming. he is becoming the male kim kardashian with this stuff. and it's been building. he is celebrity of the united states. he is not the president and he's actively and his whole team is out there pushing this. >> steve: his team is pushing it and he's getting help from the main stream media. >> yes. i just don't see how that ultimately helps him. i don't agree that people want cool.
5:17 am
where do we get this idea? >> gretchen: you know where we get that, i think? from people not being informed. do you really believe that every american is informed about all the issues right now? we could argue it's because we're six months away from the election, or because people just don't get informed. >> especially not his constituents. but i'm talking about the people who have expanded the government dependsy class. but i will say again, the contrarian, i think people are more informed, from rash, other talk radio, fox news, the internet, the blog, twilter, i think we're more informed electorate than we've ever been. people are engaged. he's destroying this country. people are horrified about their future. so they're making it their business to know. i firmly believe that. this is not propaganda. >> brian: you point out somebody who is a big ally is quoted in your book -- not, to but he said in the past, every business person i talk to feels as though president obama is antibusiness. >> it is blatantly antibusiness. i got these people going on a rant and i quote them in full.
5:18 am
not in full, but extensive. and farid said that and he's clearly pro-obama. and mayor bloomberg said of course he's liberal. everyone knew he's liberal. by the way, most of us did know that. and all these people covering up for him, we knew he was a radical. he's been the greatest radical leftist in office we could ever imagine. >> steve: you make the argument against him getting another four years. it's called "the great destroyer." you both taught law punishes upon a time -- upon a time. david limbaugh, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: rick santorum down but not out. his big announcement is coming up next. >> brian: and she's been host of "so you think you can dance" for the last nine years. now she's giving love a spin. she's here live. she's so very close ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
5:19 am
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5:22 am
>> steve: quick head lines on this wednesday morning. former republican presidential hopeful rick santorum launching a group that raises money for conservative issues. reports say the first focus likely to include the issue of pro-life, faith, and family. that's in store for rick. and take a look at these before so-called tanning mom. the first photo shows her about 20 years ago before she started tanning. the 44-year-old now charged with child endangerment after
5:23 am
allegedly taking her five-year-old daughter with her to a tanning booth. the perv gone wild title, nothing to do with her. >> my breakfast is slightly unsettled by that. that's weird! >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: stay out of the sun. >> and off the tanning beds. you heard it here action kids. >> gretchen: big story in the last couple of weeks 'cause the allegation was she took her five-year-old into the tanning booth. >> which is even more terrible. >> gretchen: who are we talking to? cat deeley! we know her from "so you think you can dance." she has a new fox reality show called "the choice." celebrities sit with their backs turned as potential dates try to woo them with the sound of their voice. it looks cute. >> i'm a cocktail waitress from atlanta and former volleyball player. if i can describe myself in two words, it would be all legs. definitely not my only asset.
5:24 am
>> brian: once you turn -- joining us, cat deeley, doing double duty because both shows are on fox. first about this, paulie d turns around. but once you turn around, can you turn back? >> no. no going back. when she's turned once, that's it. then the other celebrities can turn as well. then they have to compete for a date with the sexy singing career. >> steve: what happens when you turn the chair? >> you turn the chair and then you turn around and you have to compete with the other celebrity if there is more than one that turns around. if not, you speed date in the next round and then the final round is a question. depending on their answer, they then go out on a date that night. >> steve: this is the updated dating game. >> gretchen: what's the question? >> it's whatever question the celebrity wants to pose to them. >> steve: for instance? >> i don't know. paulie d, my dream as a little boy was to be a dj, of what your
5:25 am
dream? that kind of thing. sometimes they meet each other and it's just going to be a cute dinner and they'll have fun and that's it. then other times it's literally... . >> brian: like carmen electra. >> it was palpable, the chemistry tween them. >> steve: what happened? >> we tonight know yet. you got to tune in. >> brian: let's check the internet. also, we have tomorrow dean cain coming on, also on your show. what could you tell us about him? >> he was lovely actually. he was really quite cheeky. he's looking for his lois lane. yeah, he went out on a date. who did he choose? i know that they had fun. i don't know if it went anywhere. you'll have to watch the show. >> gretchen: we'll ask superman tomorrow when he's on the show. "so you think you can dance,"
5:26 am
nine seasons already? >> we're going on 200th episode on the 27th of june, which is kind of amazing. i never in my wildest dreams envisioned -- i came from eight years on the ground and we're now into season nine. >> steve: if someone would have said ten years ago, some day the most popular shows in america will be dance shows, i would have said oh, yeah, right. what is the fascination? >> i think more than anything, i think it's the human element of the show. 'cause it can't be that many people simply -- i think it's the human element of the show that makes people tune in. dance is the narrative that runs through the show. they have to be supreme leetlented. but also people like the stories, the successes. >> brian: here is why you work on these shows, because you like people. >> i do like people! >> i love people! , yes. the way they come and hug me, like by the time i finish doing
5:27 am
auditions, i'm covered in 57 people's dna. kind of stale sweat. >> steve: you're a very relaxed person. you're the first person who has sat on her high heels on the curvy couch. >> these are cork with a wooden heel. >> brian: would you like to bowl with us later? >> gretchen: that looks like the bowling shoe i have to wear. >> that's foxy bowling shoe. normally they're really ugly and a bit stinky. >> gretchen: exactly. thanks for saying my feet don't stink. they haven't been in this yet. >> brian: i feel awkward asking you out, but would you want to stay and bowl with us? >> when? >> steve: a half hour from now. >> why not? >> steve: so the choice starts --
5:28 am
>> tomorrow. >> steve: we'll be talk side. >> let's do it. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: president clinton going off message again and president obama can't be happy about that. >> brian: he isn't. then forget everything you've heard about taking an aspirin every day. it's all wrong. a startling new study you definitely need to hear. plus. >> steve: cat is sticking around. let's find out whether or not she knows how it bowl. so you think you can bowl. >> brian: that's your choice. >> steve: let's find out if she throws a gutter ball.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> i was, bon jovi got to ride to new york with president obama. riding on air force one with the president. joe biden, he had to drive up in a van with the guys who sang "who let the dogs out." didn't quite have the same -- yeah. >> brian: we have not seen much of the vice president. >> steve: no, we haven't. >> gretchen: he likes to take the train. >> brian: i still are not got
5:33 am
the answer to this. did anyone tell the president that jon bon jovi doesn't live in washington. >> gretchen: i think he took the plane up to new york with him. >> steve: in which case, he might have been staying in washington. how often to you get to ride on air force one? >> brian: thanks, mr. president. how the heck am i getting home? >> gretchen: speaking of somebody you want to leave off air force one next time, president clinton. after he came fresh off of three big fund-raisers in new york city the other night, he went off the rails again, at least off of the messaging that the obama campaign would want him to be on, talking about the bush tax cuts. listen to president clinton saying that it would be a good idea to tentively keep them in place, 'cause they're going to expire in january. >> i think what we need to do is find some way to avoid the fiscal cliff, to avoid doing
5:34 am
anything that would contrite the economy now and then deal with what's necessary in the long-term debt reduction plan as soon as they can, which presumably will be after the election. they will probably have to put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. the republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts permanently, including for upper income people, and i don't think the president should do that. >> brian: he did say he wanted the bush tax cuts extended, at which time the "wall street journal" reporting someone in the obama campaign called up bill clinton upset and asked him to correct his remarks. this, according to a person familiar with the events. >> steve: so out comes the clarification that read like this: as president clinton has said many times before, he supported extending all of the cuts in 2010 as part of the budget agreement. but does not believe the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans should be extended again. however, then when you look at the fact that last week he referred to mitt romney's days
5:35 am
at bain as sterling and then you heard him say a couple of days ago, remember me? i'm the only guy who gave you four surplus budgets, which seems like a dig at the current president of the united states. it looks like the president of the united states has got trouble with his left flank in the form of bill clinton who could -- could he possibly be as dick morris and bill crystal both said yesterday, he does not want barak obama to win. perhaps setting up hillary. >> gretchen: that's nothing new. when hillary clinton was running in the primary against barak obama, bill clinton certainly did not like barak obama. i'm not sure that much has changed over four years, even though his wife is the secretary of state. let's face it, president obama needs the clintons. president obama needed hillary clinton to be secretary of state. many people argue she's been the best person in his entire administration. he needs president clinton to be out on the road for him, but it's a double-edged sword 'cause you never know what he's going to say or what his real
5:36 am
intentions are. >> brian: he said, i'm not an employee of. i'm trying help obama win the election 'cause i think he's done a better job than most people know. >> steve: there was observations about what's going on between bill and obama and he said this with the special report coverage last night. >> i think it's sort of interesting is that the obama administration doesn't have any reliable top tier surrogates at all. that's why they try to trot out david axelrod, which was sort of a disaster. joe biden is not an entirely reliable speaker. bill clinton may be reliable than joe biden, but that's sake lying godzilla is less destructive. >> gretchen: here is my point about why he needs president clinton. even if he goes off the rails. look what happened in new jersey last night. the candidate that president clinton was behind, they had this runoff against two incumbents democrats because of redistricting. bill paskral, democrat, 61% over
5:37 am
39% for steve rothman. now, who endorsed steve rothman? president obama. who endorsed the other guy who won? president clinton. that's why president obama needs president clinton. >> brian: says he won't attack mitt romney personally to build up president obama. >> steve: yeah. what do you think is going on with obama and bill? e-mail us. >> brian: a double agent or just a guy speaking his mind. >> steve: politico said he's out of control. is he, or does he know exactly what he's doing? meanwhile, we know what we're doing. we got headlines and we've been telling you about the big story all morning long. governor scott walker of wisconsin making history last night. the republican governor, the first in u.s. history to win a recall election. he wound up with 53% of the vote against democrat tom barrett. walker's lieutenant governor, rebecca kleefisch, also survived her recall challenge. walker says he will now move the state forward for democrats and republicans alike.
5:38 am
on "fox & friends" moments ago, walker said the win proves voters want someone to do what is right for future of wisconsin. >> it is a powerful message in the fall election and probably even of greater importance after the election that people mean it. they mean it in washington. they mean it in madison. they mean it in every other state house across america when weather they say we want you to take on these tough challenges and not just play for what may be temporarily popular in the poll, but something that long-term is going to benefit us all. >> steve: meanwhile, the governor also says he believes the win last night in wisconsin shows mitt romney will be very competitive in that state come november. >> gretchen: the risks involved of taking an aspirin a day may outweigh the benefits now? how long have we heard it's good to take an aspirin, orthros half a one? new research finds that taking 300-milligrams or less of aspirin increases the risk of major stomach or brain bleeding by 55%. that's much higher than doctors thought. so far for a group of 10,000
5:39 am
patients, the pill would prevent 250 heart problems, but would cause about 40 cases of brain bleeding. >> brian: the first lady making an appearance on late night with david letterman. presenting the top ten list. it was about gardening. >> number 8? >> eggplants were originally cultivated for use as doorstops. [ laughter ] >> number 5? >> later this year, the supreme court will finally rule on tomato versus toe ma toe. >> thank god. and the number one fun fact about gardening? >> with enough care and effort, you can grow your own barakolli. >> brian: that's great. the list is related to her new book about white house gardening. >> gretchen: she has a good sense of humor. >> steve: apparently a green thumb. from the top ten to a bunch of
5:40 am
towns scattered across the country where we're going to findity where it's raining. if you're looking at your tv, that's rain, all the way from key biscayne in the florida keys up to the central atlantic region. wide lea scattered showers currently all wait from the great plains back through the inner mount be regions. it's already 70 in rapid city, south dakota right now. we've got 60 in cleveland, much of the ohio valley in the lower 60s. currently 77 down in tampa. that's your fox cast. >> brian: you're looking live at the space shuttle enterprise docked on a barge in new jersey. in a few hours, it will have a new home. that's where laura ingle joins us live. where are you at right now? >> i'm nestled up right next o the intrepid museum on manhattan's west side. a big exciting day. it's the final move day for the space shuttle enterprise. engineers and contractors have been working over the last 36
5:41 am
hours to prepare the space orbiter for this last and final journey. and the landing gear has been brought down. that's what they have been doing. the enterprise is now on a bigger barge and she is ready to cruise. while the waterway trip is complete, the enterprise will have traveled over 50 miles of water and gone under four bridges in the new york area, including the verazano. after it moves our way, it will have a couple of sightseeing stops along the way. first at the statue of liberty. it will hover there. spraying white as a welcome. then it will cruise over to the world trade center site where it will silently pause for four minutes out of respect for those lost on 9-11 before the final leg of the wide load excursion ends at the intrepid museum. i want to give you at that live look. our cameraman will pan over to show you exactly where this is going to go. we're standing on pier 8 had --
5:42 am
84. you're look at the flight deck where you can see the area where the 150,000-pound space orbiter prototype is going to be just that white tent. you see the metal structure being built. it will go to the left of that. this is the first time in history a space shuttle will be moved to a flight deck. so if you're in the new york area, come and watch this history unfold. it will take several hours it hoist it up with a crane barge. specialty cradle made for this. now, they're going to do this very carefully. you may have heard that the shuttle took a little hit along the way when the right wing was slightly damaged when it went under a bridge. hopefully we will see anything like that here today examine of course, people can come and s o. back to you. >> steve: laura ingle who is literally our intrepid reporter today. thank you for the live shot. >> gretchen: coming up next on "fox & friends," where were they now? huh? where were they now? >> steve: in the polls? >> gretchen: we're -- that
5:43 am
doesn't make sense to me. we're going to look at the political crystal ball to see where presidential races stood in history. we can learn about the future from the past. >> brian: plus, cat deeley has bailed out. this is not true. it is true? we're going to physical that story and bowl with you in w a "fox & friends" shirt. this is one of the finest set-ups we've had. >> steve: fan tastic. stick around, folks [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪
5:44 am
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♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer, and faster than ever before. ♪ technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day. ♪ ♪
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5:47 am
♪ >> brian: now she's revealing that it may have been because she has a brain tumor. she says it's benign and doesn't want fans to worry. is oprah about to lose her struggling network? the "national enquirer" reporting that discovery communications wants to appoint someone tells run own, claiming oprah is too inexperienced and they're losing hundreds of millions of dollars. steve lost hundreds of millions. >> steve: thanks for bringing that up. brian is kidding as we look into the crystal ball. the latest poll puts president obama one point ahead of mitt romney. but the election is still five months away. can we really rely on today's polls to predict what vote also do in the future? the director for politics, university of virginia, larry sabato joins us live. so as we take a look -- let's start with what happened in 1980. at this point in history in
5:48 am
1980, it looked like jimmy carter was going to be ronald -- beat ronald reagan and, of course, that never happened. >> that's exactly right. the june gallup poll said he was winning by seven percentage points. reagan beat carter by ten in november. that's swing of 17%. hey, steve, take a coin out of your pocket, it would have been a lot more accurate. >> steve: look at 1992. when you looked at the gallup poll, ross perot was going to win! >> yes. president per row. we remember that administration. bill clinton was underrated by 18 percentage points in the june gallup poll. again, take that coin out of your pocket. it would have to be a three side coin for 1992. but the coin would have been more accurate. >> steve: sure. and then when you look at 2008, you have essentially what you've got right now, where john mccain, ahead of now president
5:49 am
by one point. so what does this tell us, if the past is prolog. >> what it tells us is eight out of ten times, just take the polls with a grain of salt. even larger grain than you take political analysts with, steve. >> steve: all right. >> don't pay much attention in june. >> steve: all right. one other thing about the polls, la night the exit polls showed it was really tight. 50-50. you've got a great observation about that. >> the exit poll as usual was wrong of the the top line is usually wrong. normally republicans are underweighted in exit polls. they were in 1992. they were in 2000. hey, everybody remembers 2004 when the exit polls practically declared john kerry the winner of the presidential race. all day long, people walked around who had access to the exit polls thinking kerry had beaten president bush. so the lesson there is, even the
5:50 am
polls taken on election day when they have a pure sample of voters, they're wrong, too. >> steve: all right. larry sabato u a a pleasure. thanks very much for joining us from uva. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: larry, be watching because coming up next, we're going to get out our bowling shoes and go bowling on the plaza in just a moment right there. but right now, let's check in with bill hem who are probably has a bowling shirt or two in that closet. >> no gutter ball, steve. good morning to you. big show this morning. ed rollins says this is terrible news for the president. he's going to explain all that in a moment. darryl issa, does he finally is the smoking gun in fast and furious? we'll talk to him live about that. herman cain has a new job. he stops by, and why so many leaks on national intel. is that smart? martha and i will see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom," top of the hour begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve,
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>> steve: it is one of america's fastest growing sports, bowling. this summer, more kids are getting in the game, all thanks to a new initiative that offers free bowl to go kids in more than 1,000 bowling alleys across the country. >> gretchen: spindler is co-creator of kids bowl free. he's here to tell us all about it. give us hot tips how to bowl ourselves. >> we're going to do quick 'tis. today we're going to throw a few frames and have a tournament. this is an initiative to get more kids examine families involved in bowling. kids play two games per day all summer. you can register. we send them weekly coupons. >> brian: about to your local bowling alley with those coupons. >> we have over 1,000 participating centers in the united states. >> steve: you set up this beautiful facility. let's get bowling. >> we'll give a few tips. i have all custom bowling balls for everyone. typically we would walk into the
5:55 am
bowling center and select a ball and make sure we use the correct fingers. we go like this. we use our two middle fingers and our thumb. they form rabbit ears. go ahead and do that nonresponsive normally do women have on high heeled bowling shoes? >> normally they don't. something new today. >> brian: one thing important about bowling, parents are concerned about sun screen. wouldn't it be better to keep your kids indoors this summer. >> knives las vegas, it's 110. >> gretchen: i'm going to have the best. >> bring your ball down by your hip, hold it on that side. now we're going to take four steps forward and go ahead. >> steve: don't go past the foul line. >> that's going to be a strike! >> brian: pretty good. >> brian: steve, go ahead. >> gretchen: brian, beat that! steve, beat that! >> brian: look at that shirt! i love the shirt! >> all customized.
5:56 am
>> brian: steve knows how it bowl! that's great. >> gretchen: he beat me! >> steve: brian, get the remaining three. >> brian: you want know get the spare? >> steve: yeah, come [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: this thing is tilted! the only thing we don't have is an automatic pin. >> steve: is the web site. we'll find out who goes home with a trophy. >> brian: back in a moment all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just
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