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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 6, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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great landscape of great shows including this one on this fine network. there are alternatives. get business side of things. stick with me. >> greg: hello, everyone i'm the talking termite, greg gutfeld. joining me now, she could charm corn off the cob. kimberly guilfoyle. he is so bright, sailors follow him home. juan williams. traded the bats for stats, eric bolling. america's hood ornament is dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. midnights in shep's underground. this show is packed tighter than wolf blitzer's spanx. let's do this america. ♪ ♪ >> greg: it's the biggest news in wisconsin since the packers won the world series. scott walker routed the recall. it wasn't even close. but cnn kept calling it close. perhaps they meant her.
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but really -- that is glen close, by the way. you take it down now. there you go. but perhaps it's this face that says it all. yes. it seems like the neighbor kids might have stolen his rake. well, at least others are taking it well. >> we got outspent $34 million to $4 million. this was the biggest election in america. i hope you keep me on tonightment this hurts us all. every single one of you out there in the nation, if you're watching. democracy died tonight. >> greg: "democracy died tonight." some were gracious losers like this supporter greating tom -- m barrett.
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gregg i usually pay $40 at john gibson's place. what starts ugly ends ugly. remember how it began, the mob, the threat of violence? these were giddy days when the media flocked like school girls to wisconsin to watch david take down goliath. they got it backwards. their david was actually goliath. when the heroism of norma ray became thuggery, the media scram with the recall and o.w.s. and even president obama kept falling in love with the crumb bums. the left cries about the cash spent on the recall. a recall they initiated. it's like smearing yourself with honey and complaining about the bees. worse, obama's people claiming voters sent a strong response to walker. what message was that? [ chanting ] >> greg: i love dinero.
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this election was a collection. with union overreach, someone had to slap the hand. it was walker. not obama. obama stuck to twitter. happy among 140 other minor characters. juan, i know you agree with everything i said so i don't know why i'm asking you this question. debbie waserman schultz called the recall effort a dry run. for what? losing? >> juan: look, it was a big loss for the unions. i think it was devastating to the unions who wanted to get walker out of there. but you know what? i think this is less of a petrie dish for the fall and for the november election than it is evidence of the power of republican, national republican money that went in there and really defended walker against the recall effort. i think it's an effort to break unions as a source of money for democrats nationally. and that sense, it's really bad news. because there is no counter, the natural counter to the big
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money that comes from the republican beingnaries is the money that came from the unions. >> greg: dana, you are checking your head like someone who shakes her head a lot. there is a point to this, though. unions are the foot soldiers for democratic party, often not by their own choice. >> dana: now they have athlete's foot and they need a cure. i'm back! always an excuse. they spent more money. it couldn't be because walker got results or the state of wisconsin decided to hold their heads higher thinking they had erased their debt and back on path of fiscal sanity. that can't be true. when it comes to democrats. when you explain a loss. instead of saying this is a -- i'll use a banned phrase -- a teachable moment for the unions. instead, they are wallowing in their own unpopularity. the reason it was national, not because walker wanted it
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to be national. democrats made it a national -- >> it was a big deal. >> dana: yeah. all the strikes and the protests. they stayed in inside. and didn't shower for six weeks. i don't get for this. gregg what do you make of this? is this the end of democracy as we know it? >> eric: i were mitt romney i would run out and hire scott walker campaign -- the whole staff. take everyone. scott walker was a better candidate. better prepared. walker was placed out there better. and scott walker had better financing. better infrastructure. so whatever walker did, mitt romney should start taking note. bring those people over. but also, unions got thumped. trumped. they got spanked. spanked by the taxpayer. that is unusual.
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that hasn't happened in a long time. >> kimberly: that is why obama should be concerned about this. if you think about the tens of millions of dollars put in invested to defeat walker, it was a resounding victory an affirmation for what walker was trying to do. we see other cities and state trying to follow suit. which is significant and a problem with the job numbers for obama in november. >> greg: the fact is walker was elected. he did what he was supposed to do. he got rid of the high-speed train. >> dana: when he got rid of the train, that was telling the federal government we're going to not take $800 million worth of federal funds. we think that the train is bad investment for the state. we are going to walk away from it. the people said we're with you on that. they started seeing results. that's why when you look across the country to republican governor all around, daniels, perry, haley, christie, jindal, tim pawlenty, jeb bush, they have true experience as executives and they are making a big difference.
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that is where i think the real power is. leadership. >> juan: now you're telling the truth. i appreciate it. >> dana: now? >> juan: a minute ago you said the democrats started the fight. it was walker. the -- >> dana: they wanted the recall. that's what i meant. >> juan: you said they started it. who started it? the people who said rather than negotiate with unions, we'll strip you of your bargaining right and force it through the majority of the legislature. the unions then responded and i don't think they responded effectively. big protest, legislators, democrat, walking away from the state. then it was at that point that you then had this big fight set up. i think you know what? mitt romney didn't show up to back walker. president obama define show up p to back walker. >> kimberly: it wasn't romney's fight. >> eric: too close to call, it will be a close race. every left-leaning network said it would come to last-minute decision. what the vote turn of out
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would be will dictate who wi wins. even through the exit polls saying it's too close. it was a walker landslide. it was a land slide. >> greg: 49 minutes. 49 minutes they called it. that's a landslide. >> eric: cnn, what did they do? >> greg: switched to royalty. >> eric: moved to covering the diamond jubilee. instead of watching governor walker. >> dana: this f the republicans lost last night this would be the biggest story going. everybody would be saying mm-hmm, this is what obama will see in november. this is how he will win. instead you have -- now you're making fun of me? i'm actually mad at juan right now. >> juan: you can be mad -- >> dana: everybody else gets a walk-back but me. i said the democrats initiated the recall. scott walker didn't ask for the recall. that's my point. you are saying -- i didn't say scott walker -- anyway. welcome back. [ laughter ]
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>> kimberly: now you've done it. you've upset her like bob. >> juan: i didn't mean to upset you. >> dana: you called me a liar. >> juan: i said you were wrong. >> dana: no, you said -- freddie voters in two major california cities. >> kimberly: san jose and san diego. >> greg: a democrat is doing this. in san jose, right, juan? this is not just republicans that are saying this is a problem. we can't afford this style of living anymore. right? we can't. >> juan: no, no, no. listen, what you have is people who are saying we need to do something about debt and pension. all of that is on the table. all of that is legitimate. the question here was about walker forcing this thing through. in a special way as to antagonize, polarize the state of wisconsin. >> dana: like obamacare. >> juan: on national agenda. >> dana: that is what obamacare is. just of course it's not. >> greg: you don't think it's rammed through? under democrat majority?
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yes, it was. >> juan: who creates this? mitt romney heritage. let me ask you -- >> dana: rammed it through congress. >> juan: the national idea of the universal healthcare. is there a public option in the healthcare plan that obama put forward? no. because of republican opposition. >> greg: we have to go but we will come back to this. it's getting heated. i can seer rick -- >> eric: i intercepted a postcard. check it out. take it, two? yeah. >> juan: the same voters that voted for scott walker indicated they would support president obama. >> greg: they said this would be close. it wasn't close. >> dana: our colleague michael barroan gone through facts, i trust his analysis, he said it was 48-48. >> greg: i'm getting yelled at by somebody in my ear. they're being quite rude! all right. governor walker's victory and the impact on the november elections are coming up. don't miss the governor who is
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"hannity" tonight. quite show. i catch it from time to time. is bill clinton becoming political liability for president obama or is he just plain awesome? we talk about it moments away. if you leave now dana will eat another innocent bunny. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: so i made up with juan in the break and now we can have a civilized discussion about this some more. it didn't take long for people to put out adds about this. there was a lot of money in the race and everybody was watching it except for the rival network who wanted to watch the jubilee instead. a bite from an ad we want to show you about america's future. >> the front line of taking back wisconsin. >> we will recall and replace scott walker. >> your soon-to-be governor.
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>> all the bully governors across the country. >> we are in it to win it. ♪ ♪ >> we made mistakes doing that. >> does it tell us something about november? >> i don't think so. this is a gubernatorial race with a guy that was recalled. it has nothing to do with president obama at the top of the ticket. >> it probably doesn't tell us much about the future race. >> guy at the top of the ticket who happens to be governor walker. do you think there is something to be learned from a national level from the guy in wisconsin? >> kimberly: we're not supposed to use the word "teachable moment" right? sure! are you kidding me? what this told me, the first thing was, with the wide margin he was able to get a victory quickly, decisive, as greg pointed out. math genius in 49 minutes. there is momentum in the conservative party. in the conservative party base. if they're going to be energized. if they can keep this going, it's significant for president
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obama. he should be worried about this. >> dana: sarah palin but on fox news and see what she had to say about how it plays nationally. >> i think the democrats there understand that the president's no-show represents the fact that obama's goose is cooked as more and more americans realize what wisconsin has manifested via this vote, embracing austerity and fiscal responsibility is a complete opposite of what president obama and the white house represents. >> dana: it takes a while for result of your policy to show up. do you think she's right that it takes time for the tea party or philosophy of fiscal responseability is taking hold? >> eric: scott walker had a great campaign. he also had a fantastic policy that made $3.6 billion budget shortfall -- depending who you talk to, it's closed or on the
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way to being closed. whatever. it's on the way. whatever. he ran on his record. doing what i said i'd do and it's working. president obama can't run on his record. what he is doing, he's doing what he said he would do. the dawn of new america is coming. but it's more unemployment and more malaise. he can't run. but mitt romney can run on president obama's record and he should. the most important point is the tea party is back. i don't care what you say. i wish bob was here. it hold up the poster saying, "obama, you're next." tea party came out with a grand roots campaign, phone call, door-to-door, it worked. >> dana: a lot of passion in the race, juan. if you were advising the labor movements, do you think they can adapt and change along with it so get some results for themselves and they don't face this again?
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>> juan: the unions need public image damage control. the public image that is hoisted on them, they are parasites of society. history of labor unions in the country is totally different. i don't think people would have the standard of living, the middle class in america wouldn't here if it wasn't for the emergence of labor unions in the middle of the 20th century. >> kimberly: what have you done for me lately? >> juan: people moved on from the labor union some the private sector employment, unions are almost gone. >> dana: that's what this is about, greg. public sec store unions. some people in the private sector look at the taxpayer dollars thinking wait, they have a guarantee of x, y, z. should they still have that? can it be restructured differently to sustain it? >> greg: we want them to live like us. we don't want to sustain their lifestyle. in a weird way it comes down to the tea party versus occupy wall street.
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you think about it. where was the occupy wall street movement in this? they were in a gutter. maybe that's why barrett lost. they were all in jail. the democratic party, like choosing bad boyfriends. they choose the recall and occupy wall street and then pretend like they never gave a care. >> kimberly: everybody does that. >> greg: mr. right is the tea partyval. it been always there for you. this is a great metaphor, i'm sticking to it. >> juan: i love it. but before i get to you. if you ask the american people about the tea party, the tea party is less popular now than they have ever been. [ overtalk ] >> juan: let me finish this point. occupy wall street has higher standard. >> eric: i said i wish bob was here, not because i don't want you here. but he says the same thing.
2:21 pm
the unsung hero was the tea party in the walker thing. they were the grassroots. >> juan: unsung hero is koch brothers. big money. >> greg: dana and i said before the show koch brothers would come up before the "b" block. >> dana: charles krauthammer last night, he said he thinks bill clinton is a double agent working against president obama. the white house must be thinking with friends like these -- try and figure out what president clinton is up to when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. last weekend, i was with a high level new jersey democrat and i asked him if he thought bill clinton was secretly trying to undermine president barack obama. he responded emphatically, yes, he is. it's becoming a problem. fast forward to yesterday. listen. >> what i think they should do is find a way to keep the expansion going. >> does it mean extenting the tax cuts? >> well, i think what it means is they will have to extend -- they will do it until early next year. that is the best thing to do right now. republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend tax cut permanently including for upper income people. >> eric: resemble the corey booker speedy walkback. a couple hours later, president clinton had a spokesperson clarify his thoughts saying, "as president clinton has said many times before he supporting extending all the cuts in 2010 as part
2:27 pm
of the budget agreement because not believe the tax cuts should be extented again." republicans seizing the opportunity and responded with this -- >> i want to thank you for having president clinton on. he is the gift that keeps on getting. >> loose cannon. he is a double agent. >> eric: what do you think? >> greg: you said you had a conversation with a high-level new jersey democrat about this? snookie doesn't count. [ laughter ] >> eric: it wasn't snookie. new jersey housewives, none of that. >> kimberly: settle down. i love this. a certain amount of political theater. maybe he's not conscious about it or aware of it. he knows exactly what he is doing. anybody who thinks that barack obama and clinton are buddies or they like each other is crazy. and doesn't know politics. they're not big fans of one another. do you think bill forgets
2:28 pm
about the vicious personal attacks against bill and hillary when they were campaigning? he would love for romney to get in and have hillary run against romney's record. the years of obama. >> greg: that is the worst arranged marriage since bill and hillary clinton. >> kimberly: he said it. >> dana: no one's laughing. >> eric: i will take dana or juan. bill clinton is known in d.c. if not the best politician around. he doesn't make mistakes like this, does he? >> dana: well, no. no. the thing is they know it's right on the merit. they know it's right for economy. i had a little conspiracy thought last night while i was watching five five. you were talking about it. this is perfect for president obama. they should seize the opportunity and then say well, we think for the good of the country that because the economic growth was slower -- higher than it is now, and that is when they had tax
2:29 pm
break for 2010, they could say we need to do this and asking republicans to do it by september 1, no politics, get it done. they should take the opportunity. but apparently they're not going to do that. i don't know what they're doing. >> eric: making mistakes, making gaffes on bain capital and this one? >> juan: he is undercutting the message from the campaign, especially last week where he said -- >> eric: why? >> juan: i think he has, you know, we talk about a moment ago. subconscious. he's -- >> dana: subliminal. just or passive aggressive. i think it wasn't by the way, barack obama who attacked bill clinton in south carolina, in 2008. it was bill clinton who said if barack obama wins it's just like jesse jackson. another black guy won. it's south carolina. no big deal. >> kimberly: c'mon. gawps i think he hurt himself with democrats around the country when he did it.
2:30 pm
he feels that he is the top dog in the democratic pack. he doesn't like the idea that obama is now as president the top dog. >> kimberly: so you think he's jealous of barack obama? what he has done with the economy? nothing. jobs? >> juan: what are you talking about? he said, look, 4 plus million jobs. we are not in a recession, trying to get out of a recession. he says by the way, tana will get mad at me on this. he said look, what you've got to do is not have a extension of the -- >> dana: said -- he what a walkback. in politics you should only get two walkbacks in their political career. they're using them all up. >> greg: it comes out of this bill is lonely. someone has to set him up. he says other things -- it's better to break the box spring than furniture.
2:31 pm
>> kimberly: my gosh! >> eric: hillary clinton in 2016. >> kimberly: of course. after eight years total of barack obama it will be a huge disaster, worse than jimmy carter. trust me. then she is going to run. he would rather run after romney. [over talk ] >> eric: coming up, coming up -- >> juan: wait, i'm not -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: trying to prevent another terror attack in new york city. that is not sitting well with jersey imams. kimberly breaks it all down next. puppy watch. looking live at jasper. the newest "fiver." goodbye! he's here in studio. stick around. >> kimberly: so cute! ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is reaction to the wisconsin recall vote. tonight on "special report," republican governor scott walker is celebrating. and opponents are fighting over what his victory means. mitt romney is embracing it and republicans are already making moves suggesting that they believe wisconsin could be in play in november. the result last night was another in a string of setback for the obama re-election campaign. team obama is already trying to deal with new statements by former president clinton and former economic advisor larry summers that seem to contradict the administration policy on the bush tax cut. the f.b.i. is looking in to leaks fueling a series of news stories that contain sensitive national security information. stories portray the president as a tough decisive leader on terrorism in iran. lawmakers want investigations. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and my colleagues at "the
2:37 pm
five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: my gosh. what is going on with him? anyway. the medicated -- >> dana: i know it's unappropriated. >> juan: what was inappropriate. we're doing a story here about the police, are we not? >> greg: yes. >> juan: i said i could be your dick tracy. i could be your guy. it could protect you. >> kimberly: anyway. i'll tell you. eight muslims in new jersey bapt to put an end to controversy surveillance program that targets some muslim groups, neighborhoods
2:38 pm
and mosques. take a listen to some of the people that filed this. >> without question was unjustified and it was definitely without a doubt. an invasion of our civil human and constitutional rights. >> explicit reference to the fact they weren't targeting the jews or iranian jews or egyptian christians but focus on muslims. >> police commissioner ray kelly says the surveillance in necessary to protect new york from another 9/11. you agree? >> eric: the imam on there said it was violation of the constitutional rights. those violated the most were the 9/11 victims. 19heimers who happen to be muslim. so for the nypd to do this with the due diligence and across the state line. going to new jersey to look for terror plots that may be pending upcoming.
2:39 pm
fine. >> kimberly: does anyone want to do the dial back the surveillance? don't go pursue leads if you cross the street to jersey and say we know what happens? there is too much at stake. criticizing it. >> dana: a strange thing that a lot of groups will do if they feel libe they're targeted to turn america's system of civil rights, constitution back on the government and say now that is one of the things that we have to struggle against. the terrorists help us prevent further attacks. this is worth going back to look up. if you look at it, it was shoddy at the beginning to led to this.
2:40 pm
>> a bad, bad article. i'm not sure that spying is an invasion of privacy. if you are kind of in a public place spying on somebody. i have been doing it for two years to bill hemmer. this is good policing, is that the police hate it. it's boring. they would rath ber in times square picking up exchange students. whatever. you enter the community and you get to know the community a you listen. it's boring. they don't like to do it. the cops don't want to do it. it's their job. kilbut there are results to it. they weren't doing it if they weren't getting valuable intel. just you're a lawyer. i am a guy that gets in trouble for things i say about
2:41 pm
the muslim community. you know this. but the reality is and what what the lawsuit says is that they are targeted on the base of their religion. a country where all christians are persecuted that i go to every christian home and just on that basis i think you're a terror ig. that is not fair for muslim community when most are not terrorists. it's fair to say if we have a lead we conduct surveillance in a church or mosque. >> eric: how is it every terrorist on american soil has been a muslim. >> juan: oklahoma city was a -- c'mon! >> dana: christians are targeted and persecuted in the muslim world. would have don't hear a lot about the terrorist attack in area carried out by the christians. muslim community has to come to terms with the fact they have a problem. just it's a matter of the
2:42 pm
constitution. our constitution doesn't allow you to target on someone of the basis -- >> dana: there has to be cause. >> kimberly: honestly, the outcome in terms of them being able to prevail here, speaking in terms of this. they want to destroy the records, the information, et cetera. not going to happen. they are not going to succeed on the case. if you want to know. the legal short cut, the brief on that. coming up, today marks -- roll it. yes! the anniversary of d-day. day to honor remarkable courage and bravery of soldiers who fought and died for our freedom. we'll show you that and memorable speech by president reagan on the 40th anniversary. we'll be right back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] with the all-new e-trade 360 investing dashboard
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behind me is memorial that symbolizes the range of daggers trusted the top of the cliffs. before me of the men who put them there. these are the boys. these are the men who took the
2:47 pm
cliffs. these are the champions who helped free a continent and heros who helped end a war. >> juan: that was president ronald reagan in 1984 delivering his famous speech in normandy, france, honoring the sacrifice of the soldiers on d-day. we also pay tribute on the president who made the speech. eight years without ronald reagan. i covered ronald reagan for the "washington post." i must tell you he is one of the more personable, down-to-earth guys. what is striking to me, because when he came in the white house, he was so famous. you don't understand, for my parents, ronald reagan was well-known as spokesman and movie star. he goes to this period, when he is channeling gerald ford and the intense politics.
2:48 pm
i was the low man on the totem pole and ronald reagan would make time. make sure i wasn't getting screwed. telling you, a special guy. >> dana: a great memory. i said in the break, one of my earliest memories is watching that speech. later on i read peggy noonan's book. and she talked about how it was put together. we talked about the normandy speech. it's interesting how involved president reagan was, he wanted to get the message right to honor heroes. >> eric: interesting story about d-day. a window, they could only attack, we can only hit beaches on or around the full moon. window opened on june 5, 1944. closed immediately because of the weather. opened up for a couple of hours on june 6.
2:49 pm
it allowed them to get in there. it is of note that president reagan went there and made the speech on d-day. nowhere is president obama near there. >> greg: at least you're not making it political. >> eric: he would never attack -- just he would never attack president obama. when it's 70 -- >> dana: then president romney can do it. >> juan: stop. this is interesting to me. in this, he is quoting from fdr. this is on the day of the invasion. it's on the radio. guess what? he is delivering a prayer. he says almighty god, our sons pride of our nation. this day set upon mighty endeavor, struck to preserve the republic, religion and the civilization.
2:50 pm
set free suffering munity. you never hear that today. >> greg: good point. we have it easy. they have it hard. the irony, there is a gloomy change of the culture due to herorism. they gave us the freedom for measure rabble leisure pursuits that allow us to worship obnoxious pop stars. rather than remember our heroes. that is strange. >> kimberly: when i speak reagan speak and i know become a cares himself to reagan and there was nobody like reagan. the way he connected to people. >> juan: coming up, the moment we've all been waiting for. miss dana perino introduces her new puppy live on "the five"! stay tuned. >> kimberly: taking a snap.
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learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> greg: time for one more thing or as i call dinner. look at this adorable little
2:55 pm
creature. that's my phone. sorry. here she comes. >> dana: he's so tired. >> greg: ahhh. >> dana: now greg, you can't eat him. [ laughter ] >> greg: that is part of my protein die yet. >> dana: here he is. we waited for him for a long time. he's is tirest dog you ever met. >> eric: a good boy. >> dana: a little shaky. you want to hold him? all right. don't pee on him. i meant you on him. [ laughter ] kidding! >> eric: thanks for letting him come. it's jasper. eight weeks old. >> eric: ahhh. just did he have his tail cut? >> dana: they do dock them when they're baby. >> greg: he's shaky. gawps he is nervous. in eric's hands. >> eric: i'm a dog lover. >> dana: cute, right? we brought him home yesterday. he slept well. he is shaking, though. a little nervous about new york. he was so nervous, he thought
2:56 pm
bob was going to be here. he was shaking. no relieved. one more thing? freddie i don't think we can beat that. rush being rush. you have to love rush. watch. >> he is becoming barack kardashian. that is what is becoming. he's becoming the male kim kardashian. it's building. celebrity of the united states. he is not the president. >> eric: that's all i got. love you, rush. >> greg: juan? >> juan: last week, former attorney general was in washington for unveiling of the portrait, dana perino went to the white house for that. while he was, there we did an interview about latino and republicans. >> when i asked you about what governor romney do with reaching out to the community, you did not mention marco rubio. >> i don't think people are going to vote for governor romney based on who he chooses
2:57 pm
as his number two. i don't. i don't think it will make a difference to the hispanic community. >> juan: this is interesting coming from a fellow republican that rubio might not be the answer. by the way, awe a new poll out from nbc telemundo indicating that 60% of hispanics with obama. that is a slight decrease. the biggest upset latinos have with obama is gas prices. they think he is responsible for gas prices. >> greg: k.g., what do you got? >> kimberly: i have a nice story. >> greg: i'll be the judge of thatth >> kimberly: i'll decide. american heroism, local hero was honored. she spent more than 70 years of her 102-year-old life serving this country as a veteran. she witnessed world war i and started serving the country tarting for world war ii. she lived incredible life. you see pictures there. a special shout out for her and her service.
2:58 pm
>> greg: little old ladies just don't stop. they get littleer and older. you're looking at the dog. mine, of course, as always. a banned phrase. just saying. after writing a joke, just sayin'. it doesn't add anything. just saying. don't say it. i can't stop. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> dana: this is my one more thing. this dog. i useed five banned phrases today. that might be a record. he's shaking. >> dana: dogs when they enter tv at a young age doesn't start well. they have a self-destructive lifestyle. now he is on tv. >> juan: how did you name
2:59 pm
the dog? >> dana: i like english name. my husband is peter mcmahon. his birthday today. happy birthday, peter. remember i had a dog named henry. the same kind. he died in march. then we waited -- he's just falling asleep. so sweet. >> eric: so adorable. >> dana: he gets in his food. the ears are not the same. he has character. his ears are not the same size. like greg. >> greg: totally unnecessary. >> dana: he will be about 60 pounds. just like greg. >> kimberly: she's back. what can i say. you are taking them one after the next. >> juan: puppy! >> dana: be ready for tomorrow. i'm just sayin'. >> kimberly: very cute and sweet. henry would have loved him. >> dana: he will be great. a little baby now. everybody has been supportive. he will be back. we'll bring back stupid


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