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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: he needs a nap. gregg so do i. >> kimberly: i know! >> greg: what is that supposed to mean? that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: recall fall-out. the slap that captured emotions. the shifting 2019 race. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: the president spokesman said not to read too much in scott walker's victory in recall election tuesday night. folks on the other side say it's a huge defeat for liberalism, big labor and president obama. we have chief coverage tonight. ed henry has results of election campaign. chief political correspondent carl cameron goes over the national implications for the
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romney campaign. we begin with mike tobin in madison wisconsin, tonight. [ cheering ] >> bret: after a year-and-a-half in partisan trenches. the celebration was unabated. >> we tell our country and we tell people across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> that was contrasted by opposing demonstrate over thes who needed to be separated by the police at the capitol in madison. the woman who slapped mayor barrett after he conceded the recall. governor walker wasted no time attempting to unify a divided state. he assembled his cabinet for private sector jobs though it also looked like victory celebration. >> the state and local level
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will get it. all things that people told to us do. not just yesterday but throughout the campaign. we'll listen. police issued a statement all the threats handle seriously and criminal act. >> the recall was not a shut-out for democrats. democrat john layman won the seat and it gives democrats the majority to the city chambers. >> it's an empty prize for the democrat. they win control of the state senate. but the senate is not in session. >> so the senate win may prove to be symbolic. senator-elect told me that it goes to november election. the wisconsin state senate frequentenly flips and the republicans could win it back before the legislature convenes and anything is decided. bret?
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>> bret: mike tobin in madison. thank you. we mentioned what wisconsin means in the big picture depends on whom you believe. >> romney cautiously and partially engaged in the triumphant recall fight but eagerly embracing the bounce. victor is sharing the spoils. promoting a shared agenda of the smaller, responsibility government. >> they mean it when they say we want you to take on the tough challenges if the governor romney wants to be competitive. he can. tackle the same issues. >> romney hailed wisconsin voters to saying close to tired liberal ideas of yesterday. and yes to fiscal responsibility. he predicted more of it nationwide with conference call of the national federation of business. >> we have seen a conservative governor.
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he stood up to the public sector union went want more, not less of it. you will find in a decision made in november. >> democrats hoped all the g.o.p. fiscal responsibility and labor union reform and rhetoric would be repudiated in the wisconsin recall. instead, the liberalism was. the rnc pumped out video reminding the democrats their own chairwoman cast wisconsin as sneak peek of the election in november. >> we had an opportunity to give a tax run. >> democrats complain that walker and the g.o.p. outspent them 7 to 1. republicans made no apologies. the two dozen campaign offices will be turned over to romney. the g.o.p. national chairman was in pains not to gloat. >> i think is it what will come in november. we have won numerous time zone in wisconsin. on the ground. i have no reason not to believe we'll win in november. >> president obama within
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wisconsin easily in 2008. by 14 points. in the fox news exit poll, he is binning by half that. after promising to fight for union families, mr. obama's decision to weigh in wisconsin, the night before a vote with a tweet has liberals an big labor questioning the commitment. big labor took the biggest hit. that could encourage other state to move ahead on right to work legislation. new hampshire and michigan among them. a pair of swing states he would love to put in win column with wisconsin in november. >> the exit polls while they seem to show it was very tight, even tied, the real raw numbers was a seven-point win. people are looking at the obama-romney number and wondering if it's that legit. >> in the end, voters spoke. walker won. republicans had the day. >> bret: thank you. the vote in wisconsin is one of the problems confronting
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the re-election team for obam obama. chief henry looks at the others as what is described as a lackluster launch. >> another day. another clarification from a democrat. appears with president obama on extenting bush tax cut for rich. larry summers did not specifically call to extent them but suggested ending them could further stall the recovery. we have to make sure we don't take gasoline out of the tank. >> just like bill clin top, summers said it would not be fair to extent tax cut lon long-term. clin top left it open for short-term extension to help the economy and move along debt talks. >> what it means they have to extent -- put everything off until early next year. >> like clin top, summers issued clarification making clear i fully support president obama position on tax cut. including a tough defeat in
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wisconsin and house race in new jersey, where the can date backed by the president beaten by a democrat endorsed by clinton, whose offensive comment play to republican hands. >> it's obvious that the economy needs certainty of the current tax rate for a year. >> the president has been battered by friday's job report. and stock market slide before today's laterally saw the dow drop back to the december level. the dow is up 50% from where he took office. >> we have to do more. we have to keep fighting through this period of transition. this god awful recession we inherited. >> the obama camp trying to find a silver lining from wisconsin. 43% to 38% is who can improve the economy. neither got 19%.
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on who can better help the middle class, president leads 46 to 36%. wisconsin is one of many battleground where the state employment rate for april is lower than the national average including colorado, iowa, ohio, pennsylvania and virginia. there are several battlegrounds where unemployment is bigger than the national average. fundraising tonight and california, the president will be in nevada talking about the economy. >> bret: ed henry live in the north lawn. ed mentioned a laterally on wall street on the process that the central banker will boost the system. the dow gained 280 points. s&p 500 finished ahead 30. nasdaq up 67. federal reserve survey indicates the economy grew moderately in most regions of the country in the spring. companies kept hiring.
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but it points out there was it will to no growth in consumer spending. fed chairman ben bernanke testifies before the joint economic committee thursday. head of the house oversight committee says the labor department has jeopardized the integrity of the employment data for political reasons. california republican darrell issa made the charge in a hearing on how the government releases its jobs numbers. ranking member cu elijah cummins says they seem like they are channeling the methodology than helping people find jobs. regulator is blaming the trading loss by j.p. morgan chase on the inadequate risk management. the senate banking committee held a hearing today. j.p. morgan ceo is scheduled to testify before the panel next week. another big issue here in washington, national security leaks. whether they are timed to help the president re-election campaign. that is next. our text to vote question tonight deals with the top story. how would you characterize the
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national implication of the wisconsin recall election? text sr1 to 36288 for major. sr2 for moderate. sr3 for little. sr4 for none. results later. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. >> bret: correspondent doug mckelway tells us the justice department is getting involved. >> fox nute confirmed the f.b.i. is investigating the lec of classified information
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to the "new york times" about the computer viruses designed to sabotage iran's nuclear program. the investigation comes amidst a cascade of criticism over a pattern of leaks of classified information. >> when stuff like this is leaked we lose capability. it is of great concern and national security issue. >> they are calling for a joint hearing. statement from senator feinstein of the intelligence committee reading in part disclosure of this type endanger american lives and undermind national security. republican senator john mccain wants a special prosecutor to examine the white house role in the leaks. >> the only conceivable motive for such damaging and compromising leaks of classified information is that it makes the president look good. >> any suggestion they authorized intentional leak of classified information for political gains is grossly
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irresponsible. while steering clear of blaming the white house, array of house leaders announced bicameral effort to move information to combat such leaks, by changing laws and culture of agencies and how leakers are punished. a democratic senator reminded colleagues leaks are nothing new. he recalled the reagan administration spy chief refusal to cooperate with congress. >> it would be easier to send us copy of the "new york times," because three things would happen. one, we would get the information more timely fashion than we ever got from mr. casey. second, we'd get it in greater detail. thirdly, you'd have the wonderful crossword puzzle. >> among revelations revealed in the leaks to "new york times." president obama's chief political advisor now chief campaign advisor david axelrod attended some white house counterterrorism meetings in the aftermath of the failed christmas day airliner
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bombing. the presence will be of interest to congressional and f.b.i. investigators. bret? >> more on this with the panel. thank you. >> new information just in from syria. activists say pro-government militia and security forces killed 23 people and possibly as many as 100 today in hamas. meanwhile, the toll of the 15 month conflict weighs heavily on the once bustling farm town. mass grave there contains residents who were killed in an army assault in april. three suicide attackers stageed a coordinated assault near nato base in southern afghanistan today. 22 people were killed and at least 50 others wounded. the talibse u.s. is looking to a for help in the region. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports on effort by the pentagon chief to cultivate one ally and send a signal to another. ♪ ♪
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>> a c.i.a. drone strike killed al-qaeda number two, al-libi. leon panetta made high profile trip to india as part of the strategy to shift focus in balance of forces toward shay and the pacific. india is at a crossroad with a counter balance to pakistan and china. >> the united states is going to provide the best technology possible to india. we're both leaders in technology development. >> pakistan fought three wars with india since partition and independence from britain. the main reason that pakistan supported the taliban is fear that india will gain india in afghanistan and control pakistan's borders from east
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and west. >> this is one we must continue to work to improve. >> pentagon officials deny there is a message to pakistan. but panetta pointedly not visited pakistan since taking the reins at the pentagon after the bin laden raid. tensions are high as the u.s. negotiators continue to press pakistan to open supply route to afghanistan. that islamabad closed in november after a dispute with the military over cross-border fighting. >> the federally administered tribal effort. panetta laughed when asked what information he shared with pakistan before the bin laden raid. >> didn't know about our operation.
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>> that is the idea. traveling with the defense secretary, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: france's new socialist government is lowering the retirement age for certain workers. newly elected president francois hollande is reversing the predecessor move that raised the age from 60 to 62. the action bucks the worldwide trend toward longer waits for workers. hollande also took part in d-day memorial ceremonies today in france. this is the 68th anniversary of the invasion. allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy in the massive operation that paveed the way to the end of world war ii. still ahead, gay marriage. major ballot issue in november. first, what happens to the president's healthcare law if the supreme court kills the individual mandate? wake up!
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>> bret: voters in two california cities have overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for public workers. two-third voted for them in san diego. and 780% were in favor in san jose. we still do not have the time result from california ballot initiative to add a dollar to the cost of a pack of cigarettes. supporters and opponents spent $65 million on the campaign. and last word, opposition to the hike was slightly ahead. the obama administration said to be making plans in case the individual mandate to the president's healthcare law goes up in smoke. chief national correspondent jim angle looks at the possibilities. >> reporter: president obama recently told potential donors he might take a second bite at health reform if he gets re-elected. he might have to if the supreme court rules the individual mandate unconstitutional. the administration officials admitted they are considering
3:24 pm
the options. >> when the supreme court makes a decision, we'll be ready for that. we are confident that the affordable care act is constitutional. >> administration sources tell fox they have been looking at alternatives if the individual mandate is struck down. >> i'm one that doesn't think eliminating the mandate is a death blow to obamacare, a word i use with affection. >> critics of the healthcare law argue it won't work either way. >> the real question is even if the supreme court upheld it, whether or not the law will be workable. if the supreme court strikes it down, it's dead certain that the law will be unworkable in the current form. >> in fact, the administration argued to the supreme court that the mandate was critical and that other benefits depended on it. >> their argue in the court was if they strike down the individual mandate you might as well strike down the whole bill. none of it can survive without the mandate. that was their argument. >> many argue without the mandate, the law's requirement
3:25 pm
would create chaos in the health insurance market. where insurance companies now must take all comers and no one can be charged more than others. >> it means that insurance plans have to charge same premium regardless of health an age of the potential participant. >> and without the mandate, healthy people have no reason to buy insurance until they need it. which analysts call jumpers and dumpers. >> they jump in after they get sick. they get their medical care and bills paid and dump the plan after they're healthy again. >> meaning the risking not be spread across the healthy and unhealthy, which would drive premiums through the roof. >> i don't think the court will or should blow out the individual mandate. if they do, i think we have an obligation to work with each other in the states. >> it's inevitable if any major part of obamacare is struck down, that they will have to open up the healthcare debate back in congress and do major repair. >> this time around, republicans who control the house would have a much bigger
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say in reshaping a law they have sworn to repeal and replace. bret? >> bret: jim. thank you. waiting for that ruling. if you like cookie monster, green lantern or mr. spok, you going to love grapevine tonight. coming up next. don't forget to participate in the text to vote poll. how would you characterize the national implication of the wisconsin recall investigation? text sr1 to 36288 for major. sr2 for moderate. sr3 for little. sr4 for none. results in a bit. schools flourish and students blossom. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the first story is brought to you by the letter t. as in terminator. which is what the federal government has done to a $20 million contract for a pakistani version of "ses tee street." the reason? allegation of fraud and abuse and taxpayer money. the state department says almost $7 million have already been spent on the project. designed to improve education and tolerance in the region. the initiative made it to tom coburn's 2011 waste book as an example of low priority government spending. now coburn says, "the fact that washington ever thought funding foreign puppets was a legitimate role for the federal government speaks volumes about why our debt is out of control." the space shuttle enterprise never actually made it to space. though it has had quite a journey to time resting place
3:31 pm
in manhattan. the enterprise cruised past the statue of liberty before arriving by barge at the intrepid sea, air, space museum tuesday. tip of a wing scraped piling to cause daniel. in 1977, enterprise used for series of approach and landing tests. it was originally to be named constitution. but a fierce letter writing campaign by star trek fans convinced white house officials to rename it after the ship of the iconic television program. from star trek to come ib books. thanks to the eagle eye comic loving viewers we realized grapevine failed to put a picture of the original green lat tern allen scott seen left in friday's story about the d.c. comic outing the character as gay. we showed the modern hero on the right said to be quite the lady's man. our apologies to both allen
3:32 pm
andham and the special report viewers, tweeters and e-mailers. the grapevine could stand to pick up a comic book now and again. the subject of gay marriage could play a big role in the november election. in several states. correspondent shannon bream says it could have implication in the presidential race. >> advocates for traditional marriage plan to win on two fronts this november. first, on the issue itself. second because they believe the president endorsement of gay marriage is going to hurt him at the poll. maine, maryland, minnesota, washington will have some measure on the ballot to give voters a chance to weigh in on same-sex marriage. every time it happened the traditional marriage backers were victorious and it proves president obama is at odds with most americans on this ips, they believe.
3:33 pm
>> this is a massive mistake. this will backfire and make a contrast between president obama and romney. >> same-sex marriage advocates are celebrating after a court found it cannot discriminate against gay and lesbians. prop 8 established that the state would only recognize marriage between a woman and a man is headed to the supreme court. they predict the justice will strike down prop 8 and other laws like it. >> they deny the kay men and lesbians the ability to marry the person of your own choosing. that is a violation of the constitution guarantee we get equal treatment under the law. s. >> today eric holder said the lbgt pride month celebration -- >> when it comes to making good on the promise of equality for every american, the hardwork is far from orve.
3:34 pm
>> president obama is on a west coast fundraising swing with a number of gay right advocacy group and celebrity with the ticket prices raining up to $35,800 each. >> bret: thank you. we'll talk about the wisconsin recall and what it means for rest of the nation. plus, the shifting 2012 map. fox all-stars join me when we come back. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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so book your summer vacation now and save up to 50%. offer ends soon. book right now at i do think it's a powerful message in the fall election and probably even the greater point after the election that people mean it. they mean it in washington. they mean it in madison. they mean it in every other state house across america when they say we want you to take on the tough challenges and not just play for what may be temporarily possible in the polls but something that long-term will benefit us all. >> i hope that you got the same energy from this that i did. i will continue to fight for this city. i will continue to fight for
3:38 pm
people in this city. a i will continue to try to do what is right for all of us. >> bret: after a bitter fight in wisconsin, scott walker with a big win. staving off the recall effort to take him from office. now he is talking unity and healing. what does all of this mean? after a day of analysis. let's bring in the panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." mara liasson of national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. chuck, there has been half a day at least of chewing this over on all sides. big picture, what does it look like? >> i don't think you can describe it any other way than a big win for republicans and a big loss for democrats. i think it's interesting to talk about why. i think operationmly may be the most important point. just the on the ground game that now the republicans have inherit in wisconsin, plus the enthusiasm is putting that state in to play. on the other side, you've got
3:39 pm
a lot of discord in the democratic camp. unions are not happy with the white house. the white house is not happy with the unions. you have a lot of discontent, disgruntlement, which can only undercut your effort going in to november. i think just on those grounds alone, it's a net plus for the republicans. >> bret: mara? >> i agree with that. the republicans have a ground game in wisconsin they didn't have before. they have infrastructure. they have field offices. they have voter lists. they do have energy. the recall will go down as the single biggest tactical mistake of the 2012 election cycle. it was a mistake. there were union leaders in washington and national democratic leaders who thought it would have been better for unions to save up their anger and their money for november. they didn't. and they danieled themselveses in the process. >> bret: there was a lot of emotion on the ground. it was really captured in one piece of videotape from a barrett rally. a woman after he gave
3:40 pm
concession speech and all the voting wasn't in, especially obviously where she came from in milwaukee. she went up to him right after he gave his concession speech. >> bret: she just slapped him right there. charles? >> that is not nice. it's clear that this was about the most energized electorate. no undecided. if you look at the polls, everyone decided. # 6% decided a month ago. if you were undecided you weren't paying attention. it was extremely polarized, the issues were black and white. i'm not sure that you expect this, but you would expect this, but you expect the intensity and the division. lesson for the presidential campaign is for romney. he is extremely risk-averse by
3:41 pm
nature. there is nothing wrong with that. i think this is showing him that you don't have to be to win this election. you can try to win by going minimal, by running against obama stewardship on the bad economy. an your credential as a businessman. there is another option. that is to do as well to add on to that the ideological element of it. this election showed in wisconsin that spirit of 2010. the kind of if you like constitutional conservative philosophy. smaller government is still alive and well. can be used in this election. there are elements of the ryan plan that romney might want to highlight either tax reform or entitlement reform. something that is risky and bold and strong. i'm not sure he would do it. but it would help him. wisconsin is saying this is going to work. the electorate has grown up and they can take it. >> bret: mara, there is a sense, analysts on both sides look at the obama campaign launch and said this wasn't
3:42 pm
exactly stellar. you had bad jobs report that added to it. then obviously the wisconsin result. here is how the "associated press" said the economic arro arrows in the quiver still for the president. what remains. big ticket items like payroll tax cut, free frayed agreement. months of benefit and stimulus spending on public work and aid to local government tried but sailed to spur sustained, robust recovery. to-do list, the a.p. writes, doesn't look like it can move the ball. >> the problem is the stimulus is over. it hasn't done the trick. it's also finishing. in other words, now there is a contractionnary thing as the public sector jobs are taken and salaries are taken from the economy. i don't think the president has a lot of economic arrows left. he is dependent on events outside his control. what happens in europe. he is not the master of his own state. yes, the last couple of weeks have been good ones for
3:43 pm
romney. bad ones for the president. hard to see what are extraneous events that can happen between now and election day that are positive. a lot would be negative. >> bret: economically. >> yes. you can see of a greek collapse. all sort of bad things happening in europe. you can't see things. the president is dealing with this economy. the status quo. or something worse. >> bret: the same time, the president campaign is dealing with what called a surrogate issue. the former president, and now others speaking about economic moves. >> i think what it means is they will have to extend, they will probably put everything off until early next year. that is the best thing to do right now. i don't have any problem with extending all of it now, including current spending levels. >> so the key priority has got to be for the short run making sure there is the economy to keep the economy growing, because we're not going to do anything about the deficit
3:44 pm
unless we do that. >> the growth right now is actually slower than it was in december of '10. coupling that with bill clinton remarks and larry summers' remarks it's obvious that the economy needs the certainty of the extension of the current tax rates for at least a year. >> bret: so when the senate minority leader is quoting your surrogates to make a point about extending the bush era tax cuts, that may be a bad day. >> i almost feel the rnc is somehow infiltrated the democratic party and got the other guys. rendell got off a message about private equity. clinton previously said romney has sterling business record. the major figures in the party stepping on the obama campaign message. it's absolutely baffling. obviously, the white house is furious. >> he didn't say extend it for a year. they are talking about until next year. not for a year. >> but that is not the president's plan. >> right. >> the president's plan is get
3:45 pm
rid of -- >> right. >> bret: by the way, we should point out both of those men, larry summers and former president came out with statements clarifying. when you have clarifying statements, charles, oftentimes they don't get read. >> the other word for them is hostage-takes. it's the vast right wing conspiracy at work here. the reason it so undermines obama he tries to make the economic arguments in tomorrow arguments. he says it isn't just that the republicans have a different idea of what extendk a tax cut will do. it's that they don't care about the middle class. they care only about the pleutocrat and contempt for the struggle of ordinary people. you make that case and then you get clinton and larry summers who support the republican side of the argument. >> bret: at least temporarily. >> but the fact is, it contradicts obama's assumption that there is something deeply emical to america, natural interest or the well-being of the electorate in what the
3:46 pm
republicans are saying. that is why he's undermining them. that's why it's on the other issues that clinton raised. it undermines his attack on the republicans which were largely ad hominum attack. >> maybe the president needs his own version of that. go big and bold. the economy got worse, maybe he needs to talk about deficit infrastructure package something he felt until now he didn't have to do. >> he needs some positive message. negative stuff will not carry him through november. >> bret: next up, national security leaks. would have dangerous are they? all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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over the past few months,
3:50 pm
three been a disturbing stream of articles in the media and common among them is that they cite leaked classified or highly sensitive information in what appears to be a broader administration effort to paint a portrait of the president of the united states. as a strong leader on national security issues. >> bret: it's not just republicans, california democratic senator dianne feinstein released this statement "i am deeply disturbedfy continuing leaks of classified information to the media. today i sent a classified letter to the president outlining my deep concerns about the release of this information. i made it clear that division closures of this -- disclosures of this type endanger american lives and undermined america's national security." that this has to do with the stories we've seen in the "new york times" and other places and fox news confirmed today that the f.b.i. is in fact investigating these leaks. one of them about the story of
3:51 pm
the computer viruses, flame, stusnex designed to sabotage iran nuclear program. back with the panel. charles? seriousness of this and where this heads? >> extremely serious. the leaks, that huge story had unbelievable amount of detail. how it worked, when it worked, how it got in, how it escaped from the iranian facilities. it even named the israeli teams, specialized team, secret team that worked with them. clear acknowledgment it was us and the israelis together. where did this come from? it's obvious that the administration had to have a hand in some of this. particularly in the light of the other dis closeture on the drone attacks that portrays obama as zeus when he has had last few months with weakness on foreign affairs, with syria, iran and russia. a lot of the quotes are the second story were direct
3:52 pm
quotes on record from high officials in the white house. i don't think this is an excellent. i think the fact that you get the democrats, high-ranking democrats astonished and demanding answers and implying that this is potentially a betrayal as you read in that quote, raises it to a very high level of importance. >> bret: this is what the white house says about it? white house press secretary jay carney says, "this administration takes the appropriate and necessary steps to prevent leaks of classified information or sensitive information that could risk ongoing counterterrorism or intelligence operations. any suggestion that this administration authorized intentional leak of classified information for political gain is grossly irresponsible." mara i guess you look at that quote, you look at the stories and the detail in the stories and the concern from people like mccain and feinstein and say how does it match up? >> up until now, you know, this is an administration who famously hated leaks. tight ship. but these are extraordinary revelations.
3:53 pm
find out where they came from. who did them. the charge that mccain made it was on purpose to make the president look better has to be proven. >> bret: chuck? >> it's what you would expect from a republican. but the one that really stings is feinstein, who is a democrat. now, of course, she is not leveling the politicalization charge, but she is showing great concern about the leaks in the first place. the one that is really extraordinary is the stusnex. it's the great mystery of the last few years how the incredible virus got in there and did the damage to the iranian system. heretofore, u.s. officials have been completely clammed up about it, denying all knowledge. then the detail flashed all over the press. that is a really big deal. >> privately intelligence officials tell us here a fox that there has been a lot of angst about this in the intel community. >> and there should be. look, if you want to believe it's a coincidence this is happening in the middle of an
3:54 pm
election year where the president is struggling. perceived as weak on international affairs, i'm not gullible. i don't think it's a big leap to look at this. look at the story on obama and the drones. it portrays him as concerned to study the just war theory when he deals out debt by shuffling the baseball cards with the name and biographies of the would-be terrorists. which makes them look like the ultimate philosopher king but he is tough. it's not an accident. you have quotes on the record. that obama a his team talking about stuff after the bin laden raid. they never should have. for example the dna sample. it led them to the arrest of the physician that helped them to get him. it's done to puff up the president and make him look tough. >> on the campaign side of things, the obama campaign is
3:55 pm
not afraid to run on foreign policy. >> nor should they be. i don't see the evidence he is weak on foreign policy. i disagree with charles. that is the rare area he beats romney in the poll. on the economy le trails him. foreign policy and terrorism he is doing good. >> he has had a bad year. help us on syria. led by the nose on iran. putin stand him up -- >> that is an opinion. not evidence from the voters. >> putin today is in china. hi attends the summit with the chinese leader and not here. it leaves him open the charges of being weak. >> mitt romney flailed on foreign policy. calling russia number one political know. it's not a weakness for him in the campaign. >> bret: something tells me we'll talk about this again. that's it for panel. but stay tuned for overinterpretation. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network...
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>> we asked you in our text-to-vote poll tonight how would you characterize the implications of the wisconsin election.
3:59 pm
>> thank you for your votes. about 8,000 of them tonight. finally sometimes people read a little too much into things. there was a lot of coverage about the recall election in wisconsin and frank luntz had an interesting focus group on the issue that may have been over annualized. i have carefully selected focus group of wisconsin voters central vijayly framed by presidential portraits message delivered by this woman right there. right there. see it? can i get a close up of that, please? noticed anything? [ laughter ] how that woman's hair transforms our greatest conservative hero ronald reagan's portrait turning it into, i don't know. stalin. [ laughter ] >> bret: that's good. no online show this evening. thanks for


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