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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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definitely looking out for you. >> sean: last night's historic victory in wisconsin for scott walker, shows that reforms that yield jobs and profits are just what the voters want. governor walker called for the state to move forward and work together. >> what has made america amazing has been the fact that throughout our history, throughout the more than 200 years of our history, there have been men and women of courage who stood up and decided it was more important to look out for the future of their children and their grandchildren than their own political future. but now it is time to move on and move forward in wisconsin.
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[cheering] >> tomorrow is the day after the election. and tomorrow, we are no longer opponents. targes we are one as wisconsinites, so together, we can move wisconsin forward. >> sean: now the question is, did the left hear that message? and the answer, to no one's surprise is, well, no. instead, big labor and the left moved to prag their famed hateful rhetoric. on twitter, believe it or not, several tweets explicitly called for the assassination of governor walker. somebody going to kill scott walker, man? read one tweet. authorities are investigating these threats. and the leaders of the left are trying to spin their epic failure by looking to the 2012 presidential election. the dnc chair released a statement, saying, quote, if mitt romney thinks he's going to be the first republican to win wisconsin since ronald reagan has another think coming. here with his take on the
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historic win and what it means for the state, the country and the election, wisconsin governor scott walker. welcome back. >> sean, great to be with you. >> sean: all right. i look at the size, you increased the size of your victory from 2010. you look across the board. the president was afraid to even go in and campaign for your opponent. you got nearly 40% of union households in your state. what happened? what does it mean? is there an impact for 2012? >> li think there is. i think it was real clear. not only did republican and conservative voters vote for me, many independents and many even in some cases, some democrats voted for me because they like the fact that of all things, we had the courage to take on the tough issues, to take on the economic and fiscal crisis in our state, to take on the heat, to take on the special interest and stand with the hard-working taxpayers. i think people want that and they want that in my election, yesterday. they certainly want that in the fall, where, lord knows, we have
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even more dreadful news approaching at the federal level. we need leaders of courage to take on these big challenges? throughout this process, it got pretty mean, both for scput lieutenant governor, rebecca kleefisch. you had protesters outside of your house. emotions were running very high into the election. now post-election, now have you the other threats to deal with. what do you think about that? what do you think about what happened to your state in the process? was it hurtful to the state of wisconsin that they tried to recall you here? >> well, i think what we saw was -- remember last february and march of 2011, you literally had tens of millions of dollars poured into wisconsin and people trying to target our reforms and the supreme court race and to target six state senate republicans and then last fall, they started the recall against me and against rebecca kleefisch, our lieutenant governor. each step, there was more and
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more passion, much of that from outside the state of wisconsin. my hope is the day after the election in the coming days, some of those people will move on to ojaio and florida and other states, where there will be tight presidential elections and allow us here in wisconsin to focus on what we do, which is to have passionate debates and move on and move forward. >> sean: my interpretation of what happened in your state is a crippling blow to organized labor, in other words that people have come to realize that we have to balance our budgets. and that's on the state level. you inherited a big deficit. and that means federally. do you think that the country has come to grips now? is that one of the messages from last night -- go ahead. >> i think it is, sean. i would add to that a phrase we hear often. i think it was a triumph for the middleclass taxpayers. for years, in my state,
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middle-class taxpayers have paid for the expansion of big government and liberal policies, and once and for all, private sector union households stood up and said, we are taxpayers, we think this is out of control. we think this is too big. it is only fair to expect public employees like me and others to pay something close to what our neighbors and our fellow citizens do in the private sector. i think this was a victory for the hard-working taxpayers of our state that, hopefully, a victory for the hard-working taxpayers of america. >> sean: an exit poll, they asked who people would vote for, obama or romney, and they didn't put undecided. so i thought it was skewed. is wisconsin more in play for governor romney than it was before yesterday? >> oh, absolutely. for all the hype about the exit polls. remember, the exit polls suggested it would be a
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neck-and-neck race it was close and i could possibly lose. so i would be careful about reading too much bothe exit polls. i think governor romney has a clear chance. he went from 6 months ago, where he was almost a foregone conclusion, the president would carry wisconsin, to one where i think it will be incredibly competitive, as it was for president bush in 2000, where wisconsin was the closest blue state in america. i think it will be just as competitive in the 2012 election. but the key for romney, governor romney, if he has to make the case to the voters here and across the country that he's in a position where he will put the same bold reforms that we did here in wisconsin because i think, not only can they work for america. i think now more than ever, we need to have them work for america. >> sean: how angry is the left that the president won ino friday, minneapolis and chicago and the area. and the only support he gives
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your opponent is a last-minute tweet. you know, i thought that was pretty weak. now organized labor's mad. they felt they put their necks on the line for him. and they felt like in their hour of need that president obama abandoned them. do you think he might lose support result of this? >> i can understand it, from a political standpoint, kiunderstand how any group would feel frustrated if that candidate, particularly in this case, the president who promise in the primaries four years ago, that he would stand up with organized labor, any time collective bargaining was challenged. whether you agree or disagree that was a good policy, that's what he said. i can understand why the labor leaders will feel that way. i think tell backfire. i think with the union leaders. a lot of people in my state and swing states, more than anything, they are looking for political courage, running away from someone you claim you believe in at a time when they need you the most isn't
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political courage. >> sean: it's interesting, in november of 2007, i found the labor support, he said, look, if american workers were denied their right to organize when i am in the white house, i will put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself and walk it is picket line with you as president of the united states. i don't think a tweet meets that standard. let me ask you one last question about this. the big talking point of the left is that, well, we were outspent 7 to 1. my math is different here. that is when you add the money the unions spent, in this effort to recall you... the numbers are quite equal. if that's the standard, then president obama, you know, outspent, you know, john mccain, 3 to 1 in 2008. >> there is no doubt about it. if guback to last february, which is really when this started, the government union bosses put millions in to fight the returns and millions on the state spreek race attacking me.
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they spent tens of millions of dollars in the summer, taking out six republicans, targeting me and starting late last fall, they started the recall process. so they have been engaged for a year and-a-half, pouring in millions of dollars and thousands of bodies here. we had to be up against that and the earned media from the protest. once we got the truth out, that was our secret weapon. >> sean: it's true. the best thing to come out of this because i think every state needs to balance its budget. we have to come to grips with entitlement spending. i think the best message is that the people of wisconsin send the message, dpow the right thing and the balance the budget and stand on your principles, we are not going to abandon you. that might help other politicians that have a tendency to buck toll grow a spine, as you showed throughout this process. congratulations. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. i certainly hope so for the sake of my state and the sake of the
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country. >> sean: governor walker, thank you. a lot more to come on hafnlt former president bill clinton is abandoning obama and the administration talking points, throwing his support behind the policies, believe it or not, of george w. bush. that and congressman paul ryan, coming up.
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bam -- barack obama to win. vispoken to friends who are staunch conservatives who have had a lot of exchanges with bill clinton in private. at one point, one of them quotes him as saying, you have six months to save the country. >> sean: it looks like dick morris may have been on to something here on this program. days after former president bill clinton bashed president obama's attacks on bain capital and praised mitt romney's career. the former president struck again, going against a major pillar of the economic agenda, ending the bush-era tax cuts. let's take a look. >> what i think we need to do is to find some way to avoid the fiscal -- to avoid doing anything to contract the economy now. and then deal with what is necessary in the long-term debt reduction plan, as soon as they can. which presumably will be after the election. >> does that mean extenning the tax cut? >> lithink what it means is
6:15 pm
theyville to extend... they will probably have to put everything off until early next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. i don't have any problem with extending all of it now. >> sean: all right. no need to read between the lines here. the former president is abandoning the administration's talking points, but is he doing it intentionally to undermine the obama campaign. the author of the best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malkin and soon to be nationally syndicated talk show host, the herman cain, 9-9-9. >> happy to be here. >> sean: let me play one more clip and then i want to get your thoughts. i totally believe this is intentional. i don't think bill clinton ever got over the fact that he thought the obama campaign played the race card against him in the 2008 campaign. this is what he said, praising romney's stellar business
6:16 pm
career. here's what he said. >> there is no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor and has had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. is that intentional? >> seems like it. i would characterize this as the equivalent of a political fragging, basically, tossing a political grenade into the camp of people who are supposed to be on your own side. i am not sure that this is so much nursing grievances from 2008, on behalf of hillary, as it is so much just a clash of beltway narcissists. bill clinton being big daddy clinton, throwing his weight around and showing barack obama how politics is really done. >> sean: herman, one of the things nobody in the media seemed to pick up on -- he said in that interview, he called the
6:17 pm
current economic climate, the conditions being that of a recession. i would have thought that would have made big news. >> remember, there are a lot of disgruntled democrats. so clinton's remarks plays right to the disgruntled democrats. but here's one other thing here you have to remember, at least i thought about, remember when he was going to run for his second term, he move to the middle. i think he is trying to give barack obama advice, saying what he should do. but unfortunately because of the arrogance of this president, he is not going to listen to it. clinton is, you know, he doesn't feel as if he has anything to lose. i would agree with michelle about the points she made. but a lot of it has to do with he realizes that obama is going to lose if he doesn't extend existing tax rates and move to the middle-- this is interesting to me, michelle. i thought the same thing that herman mentioned here. but there had to be a progression to get to that point. i suspect that he probably
6:18 pm
confidentially urged the fot move to the center and he didn't. so now he is doing it publicly. what do you think? >> the beltway buzz has been that obama and clinton have had a smoother relationship in the last year or so. but this is not an indication that one party is listening to the other, to do ist so openly. these battles have built into the congressional races. there was a clinton-backed candidate in new jersey who beat the obama-backed candidate. people see that as a proxy between the camps. the most significant thing is that bill clinton is making it acceptable or paving a path for the other her ticks like cory book or or harold afford who, have tried to counsel the president, also in a public way, and warn him against the kind of class war demagoguery that obama
6:19 pm
and his team are knee deep in. >> sean: i know this may surprise members of our audience, but even in the 2008 primary campaign, clinton people were trying to feed me information -- the first contact i had ever thish in my career, wasn't a big fan, but in retrospect, he's a far better president than barack obama. he doesn't like obam a. thinks he's in way over his head, that he is hurting the country and he is incompetent. do you think that's a possibility, herman cain? >> yes. but here a bigger revelation that bill clinton made in the comments in the clips that you played, he recognizes that if we continue with the current policy of allow the tax codes to expire, we will fall into a recession. so at least bill clinton is being realistic about this tax-
6:20 pm
ag edon. >> sean: big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. whether he did it for political expediency, he did t. he was smart enough to do it. what is it about this president that is so rigidly ideological and radical that he doesn't have the sense or the wherewithal to adjust? he never adjusts. >> no, he doesn't. >> no [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: go ahead, michelle. >> i was going do say, he doesn't have a dick morris in his camp. you look at the closest advisers of the white house and it's a radical progressive, like valerie jarrett. what is the main agenda item they have pushed this week? no, it is not to support the true wealth and job creators in this country, it is to push the bogus equal pay issue, which got them nowhere, again. i would also say there is one other caviet here, as much as i
6:21 pm
enjoy the popcorn and watch all of this warfare, in the end they are going to be together. and the idea of bill clinton fashioning himself as some fiscal discipline champion sort of warps history. i think we all remember the reality of the clinton years. >> sean: last word, herman cain. >> i would agree with michelle, 100%. but if you look at everything that this president has done, his actions have all been in favor of big government, more regulations, anti-business and he basically does not believe in the capitalistic system that we have. everything he has done, so as a result, he is want even going to bend the least for political expediency because he is determined to destroy our capitalistic system-- you think consciously? he wants to destroy capitalism? >>ible at this point, yes. i didn't believe it 3 years ago.
6:22 pm
but today, i believe that's definitely what he wants to do. >> sean: i think he has been so indoctrinated into left-wing socialism, he doesn't know any other way. that's every influence around him. herman cain, categories -- congratulations on the new gig. >> sean: lashing out against our national anthem, calling it an abamination. we have that tirade, coming up. we continue to do what the mainstream media will not do. we'll properly vet the president, next with congressman paul ryan. he is here with the latest installment of the real obama, tonight on "hannity."
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." it's time for our next installment of the real barack obama. the spin team knows that
6:27 pm
president obama cannot run on his record if he wants to win in november. so instead, they are distorting the reality of the so-called accomplishments. let's take a look. >> after inheriting a $1 trillion deficit, i signed $2 trillion of spending cuts into law. since i have been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years. think about that. >> we have seen over 4 million jobs created. we have seen more manufacturing jobs created than any time since the 1990s. >> change is a decision we made to rescue the auto industry from collapse. even when there were folks saying, no! and wanted to let detroit go bankrupt. now 1 million jobs were saved and local businesses have picked up again. >> over the past 2 years, our businesses have added almost 4 million jobs. our economy is getting stronger. >> sean: luckily, we are
6:28 pm
separating fact from fiction. here to set the budget straight, the house budget committee chairman, the man who wants to send granny over the cliff -- sorry, you are probably sick of it i. i'm used to it. >> sean: is there anything that we just played, as we separate fact from fiction, anything he said that -- that he created 4 million new jobs? >> you can quote statistics long dismuf they will confess to whatever you want them to cough up to. it is the labor participation rate were the same as it was when barack obama took office, the unemployment would be 11%. but the president has given us such an abysmal economy. look at the job statistics, unemployment within up, more people are leaving the workforce. we had the most stagnant economic recovery since world war ii and government spending and a share of the economy is the highest it's been since world war ii. >> sean: now the president says that federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60
6:29 pm
years. congressman, this is what you do. you read the budgets. is that true? or is that a falsehood? >> so completely false. they got a columnist that cooked the book toss give them that number. the president has increased spending by a fifth from where it historically has been. he gave us a gusher of new spending and a $4.5 trillion increase in the debt since he has taken office. sean, the budget he gave us just this year, the trillion-dollar deficit, proposes to increase spending by $1.5 trillion and a tax increase, with a $40 million lower average a year. so this is a spending binge we haven't seen the likes in decades in this country. >> sean: so i keep asking, are we better off than we were four years ago? are we better off as a country
6:30 pm
than we were $5 trillion in debt ago? so my question is this, if the president's going to make this case, i don't see how he pull its off. it seems like they are making this up as they go. the cbo came out in the last week, warning that the national debt will sink america in 15 years. >> that's right. you say it will be faster than that because the debt markets will abandon us in 2 to 3 years? >> yes. hia hearing with the cbo just today. they are saying that the path we are on with the debt levels we are incurring, they don't know how to measure the economy after the mid 20, 30s, the debt will crash the economy. what all the expert who is testify in the budget committee say, we have 2 years before we have a debt crisis like europe. what is going to happen is, just like europe, politicians made all of these empty promises, which turned into broken
6:31 pm
promises, the bond marks turn on and you have a debt crisis, slowing down the economy, having a lost decade. we are halfway through a lost decade because of this president's policies. if we stay on the path we are on, we will have a lost generation and i feel we will have that kind of a debt crisis, which is avoidable! what our budget shows, you can prevent that from happening, we can get the economy going and get people back to work. we get this budget balanced and the debt paid off, but we need a new president and a new senate willing to lead with us. we proved yesterday wscott walker's victory, not only was scott on the ballot, butso so was political courage. courage won. that tells me that the people are ahead of the class. they are not going to buy the tortured statistics. they are not going to buy the status quo. they want leaders and that's what we are proposing? i agree with you. i think political courage won and i think people realize the
6:32 pm
budget crisis around the country is real. >> right. >> sean: all right. what does it mean when bill clinton and lauren summers, both of them come out and say that we have to extend the bush tax cuts. clinton suggesting that we are basically in a recession right now and summers also adding that the time for governments to borrow more money is right now. what is your reaction? and really, all the democrats praising bain on top of that? >> i believe peter orzac who was president obama's first budget director said that all tax cuts should be extended. larry believes in demand-side stimulus, more borrowing and spending, like the theory that advanced the stimulus. we don't think that worked. the evidence is very clear. but what they also say and agree with those of us from the classical free-market side of economics, the last thing you want to do in a very bad economy is crank up the tax rates.
6:33 pm
that's where we agree on that -- people from the left and the right on economics agree, don't raise taxes in this economy. the president, though, is so wed to the class warfare, pitting americans against each other, he is willing to trash all the advice from people in his own party of what to do to prevent a recession. the cbo is telling us, if the tax increases hit, we will have a recession and the president's doubling down. we need new leadership. >> sean: i am worried we may become greece. if governor romney gave you a call and said, congressman, i would like to you run with me. your answer would be i. you mean go job jogging with mee him? all right. would you go jogging with him? >> sure. i am not going to comment on any of that stuff -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: it's part of my job, congressman. >> i know, it is. >> sean: you're throwing gane over the cliff and my job is to ask tough questions. does that bother you about
6:34 pm
grabby over the cliff? >> it doesn't. i am so used to t. we are used to this stuff. this is what they do to us. if you take on a big challenge and offer leadership, they are offering nothing but demagoguery, this is what you get. we're used to t. i am very comfortable with it. i know, i am putting myself on the right side of history as a person. more importantly, our party is putting ourselves on the right side of the public, by offering real solutions to prevent a debt crisis, and get people back to work. they are offering fear and envy, it is not going to work. >> sean: always a pleasure to have you on the program. coming up, a liberal, so-called talk show host lets his true colors show -- true colors show when he attacked the national anthem. oh, boy -- it's live television. we have that tape and much more, coming up, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> democratic pollster, dough schoen is here. >> the political editor of town hall dot-com and a radio talk show host, guy benson. and she, leeann tweeden, the biggest fan of our military in the history -- iran and afghanistan. you have the app. >> people can write letters to our troops and half of the money goes to help wounded veterans and their families. >> sean: here's liberalism on display. he has never been that bright anyway. >> it is a major crusade of mine, a major cause of mine and that is to get rid of the star-spangled banner. the national anthem is just absolutely monumentally unsingable. i mean, it's -- there is so much wrong with it, i don't know where to start. but it's just -- it's an abomination. all kinds of -- a lot of national anthems are that way,
6:40 pm
all kinds of military jargon. and one phrase, the land of the free, which is kind of nice, and the home of the brave? i don't know. >> are we the only one who is are brave on the planet? all the brave people live here. it's just stupid. i am embarrassed every time eye am embarrassed every time i hear it. am. >> i had to take a deep breath. i would buy him a plane ticket anywhere else he will like to go. >> sean: we will get him a private jet eye will pay for it. but he has to promise not to come back. >> there you go-- thinks it's just such an embarrassment. >> he probably never served in uniform and doesn't understand the history of the nation. we're saying we are proud of our brave men and women. we are not saying we are the only brave people. i hate these people who are
6:41 pm
apologetic about our history and the country-- say that. >> he has no right to say it. >> sean: people taut fought for that. >> a couple of priorities here. >> of course, here he is, he is focusing on getting rid of the national anthem. that's one of his crusades, that's its word. he is a fan of the fairness doctrine. he wants to get rid of the national anthem and curtail other people's free speech rights -- [overlapping dialogue] if we were to question his patriotism, he would pop up with feigned indignation. dude, you said you want to get rid of the national anthem. >> i am embarrassed -- i am a democrat. but i am also -- full disclosure, a friend of bill press. this is an abomination, what he said. i am an american. i worked in serbia with bill to fight milosevic. for him to say what he did, it's
6:42 pm
disgusting. >> he wants attention. >> it's just pathetic? we see this happen a lot in radio, right? >> people do ratings. here's my question -- if you are bill press and your whole goal in life is to change the national anthem -- maybe god bless america? or is that too theocratic? i think the hard left think this is way. you have been to afghanistan and iraq how many times? >> 14. a lot. >> sean: they are all brave? >> absolutely. are we the only country with brave citizens? no! of course not. but there is nothing to be ashamed of being proud of this country -- >> it is not a question of ideology. it is a question, we are all americans. i salute what have you done, i think erch american should, regardless of political philosophy. >> sean: we have to take a break. we lost the football. it's a tradition. where's the football? >> here you go. >> sean: go ahead. bhr our great american panel.
6:43 pm
more with our great american panel.
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>> that's something that even people like me, not a political person, you look at that and you understand what that means. every second? that's outrageous. i mean, hasn't obama spent more money and caused more debt than every president combined? that's correct. >> to me, that resonates. >> sean: well, he was the one complaining about george bush's $4 trillion in debt in 8 years and this is -- he called it unpatriotic. >> he has eclipsed $5 trillion
6:48 pm
himself. here's a guy who is going to add -- if his budget passes and it got zero votes, but hypotheticalally, $11 trillion added to the debt in 10 years. his own treasury secretary told paul ryan, we don't have a plan, we just don't like yours. that's our leadership. >> last night, i think, underscored the degree to which voters in wisconsin don't want more government spenning, recognizing that we have to do something about pensions and benefits. bottom line twasn't a good night for obama. that ad is a political professional, is an excellent statement of people's concern about spending. the pet's in deep trouble. e >> in wisconsib, he got more votes than the first time because people understand, you cannot keep spending like that. everybody has to take responsibility, pull in the reins. because it will be better for all of us. you cannot keep spending like that. >> sean: i am encouraged that people seemed to get it on the debt -- >> finally. >> sean: finally.
6:49 pm
>> it takes a scary moment where we have the gross debt over gdp. we are seeing europe and that's terrifying? >> you said before the wisconsin election, if walker is re-elected -- and it's a bigger number than any of us thought -- that it was over for obama? >> i think right now with the wisconsin numbers showed is, 1; is dead even. the national vote is trending for romney-- you as a democrat going to vote for romney? >> i am unhappy with both candidates. i am not committed to either one. i don't see myself voting for obam amount of we need a businessman, we need somebody who understands numbers. >> we need to run the country like the business that it is, not hypotheticals and dreamland. >> sean: you get to throw us out. great to see you. when we come back -- not yet. you threw it too early.
6:50 pm
an exclusive look at a remarkable documentary, 41, the chronicles the life of a true american here oh george herbert walker bush. coming up. ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream makes philadelphia and the moment a little richer. in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max. g. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better-than-a-hot dog- hot dog.
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>> it was enormous, a source of great pride for the family -- for the father. >> sean: that was a scene from the remarkable brand-new hbo documentary, 41, which chronicles the life of our 41st president, george h.w. bush. here with more on this special television event, jerry weintraub. viinterviewed "w" a lot. he told the story about deciding to go to war and a note he sent his dad and his dad sent it back -- i asked him about it in interviews in an event together once, every time, he tears up. this is a close bond there? >> very close to his whole family. naturally, extraordinarily proud of his son, who was president
6:55 pm
two times, who had a sitting governor, sitting president -- his sons, and he always wells up when he thinks about that. >> it's true. but they're a very close family. >> yeah. >> sean: you tell a great story, and this is in the documentary about how you met and became friends because it was a profile and courage and principle for the soon to be president, somebody you said you knew would be president. >> we have known each other 47, 48 years. i have a home in kenny bunkport. my wife came from there and she knew the president -- they were kids, played together. and i -- when i got there, i went to the tennis club and i tried to play tennis at the club. i signed my name -- on the roster. they said, what kind of a name is that. i said, what do you mean, what
6:56 pm
kind of name? what religion. i said, jewish. they said, we don't let jews in here. i said, no, i hadn't heard that. and-- he was a member. >> his dad, prescott bush, senator bush was a member. the family was very prominent there. i went home and i told my wife that they wouldn't let me play tennis there. she said, that's impossible. i have been there all my life. it doesn't exist here. she said, i am going -- let me handle this. i got a call from george bush. he said, jerry, jane and i want to invite to you play tennis tomorrow at the 10 tennis club. i said, well, they wouldn't let me in. he said, what do you mean? he said, tomorrow, you can play with my dad, my brother and myself. play doubles. i did. when we finished, we were having a glass of water and he said -- his dad said to him, george, go in and get a membership application for jerry, i am making him a member of the club.
6:57 pm
>> sean: that was easy. quick. but that shows the character -- not just 41, but the whole family. that's the family. >> mother, father, whole family? let me show something here, we call "still in the game." i want to you watch this. this is great. >> i have been in boats all my life. you learn the currents, you learn the show waters. i'm at peace. i just love t. i can't do sports i have lived my whole life doing. nobody asked me to be on the team anymore. i used to stand around. no, no, you. take you, you, you you. i am standing, nobody wants me because i can't move very well. this is a metaphor. but i miss it. boats, i am still in the game. now i am privileged to have a very fast boat, a very powerful boat. everyone wants to go on t. it's a wonderful, wonderful outlet for me.
6:58 pm
>> sean: i know people who have been on that boat. i have not been one of them. he purposely tries to give you the worst ride of your life, by going fast. true or false? >> true! >> sean: what is that? >> i had a boat. we used to race out of the river together. he would beat me because he had three bigger engines than i had. he loves the speed. he's a great boatsman. he loves. it he's still in charge and invigorated, even though he is having trouble walking and so on. he can get behind the wheel and go. >> sean: i want to play one more piece of tape here. he really captures what it is like to be the guy who has to make that final decision when those -- those issues come before the country. he describes that in detail in this documentary. it's good stuff. >> i have seen what crosses that big desk. viseen the unexpected crisis that arrives in a cable in a young aide's hand.
6:59 pm
and so i know that wh what it all comes down to this election is the man at the desk and who should sit at that desk -- my friends, i am that man! >> sean: got to object loneliest job in the world. >> well that lady, next to him, mrs. barbara bush, has made it not such a lonely job. they have been that close. she has been such a great partner for him. they have had a wonderful run. she -- he was the most prepared man to be president of the united states in the history of the country because he did all of those jobs. >> sean: all right. this is on hbo? anybody can watch it. >> i hope they watch it. >> sean: thank you. >>


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