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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 7, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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letters to military men and women. i will deliver them and you can get your badges. >> sorry, have to go. >> no worries. >> i will just smile. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> every single one of you if you are out there in the nation watching, democracy died tonight. >> bill: stunning defeat in wisconsin as wisconsin says no to big labor. what does this mean for president obama? we have a special report. >> these bush tax cuts will expire at year end. should those programs and those tax cuts be extended? >> what i think they should do is to find a way to keep the expansion going. >> bill: once again bill clinton goes against president obama saying the bush tax cuts are helpful to the american economy. dick morris with the inside story of why mr. clinton is contradicting the man for whom he is campaigning also tonight, dennis miller on the most hated people in america. >> i have been everywhere,
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man. ♪ i've been everywhere, man. >> and watch out, why have the best of watters world. >> what about rick santorum? are you a fan of him. >> see, that's how much you know about him. i don't even know who he is. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. liberal orthodoxy take as big hit in wisconsin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. governor scott walker keeping his job defeating the progressive forces by a wide margin yesterday. at issue, future compensation for state union workers. the government wants to cut that back the left does not. but since cities and counties are going bankrupt all over the u.s.a. because they can't pay the big pensions, and because public workers often make far more money than private workers who do the same job, americans are
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finally beginning to wise up. simply put. there is no more money. governments throughout the u.s.a. can't afford any more expenditures, period. governor walker knows that and he has done a pretty good job turning the wisconsin economy around. the deficit there is down big time and unemployment is dropping as well. so why on earth would you want to throw the man out? ideology. that's why. >> this hurts us all. every single one of you out there in the nation, if you are watching, democracy died tonight. >> you are very emotional. >> i'm very emotional because we all had a lot invested in this. this was it. if we didn't win tonight, the end of the u.s.a. as we know it just happened. >> bill: that man, that guy has no idea what the democracy is the folks voted. his side lost. that's democracy you pinheads with all due respect. the question going forward, what does the wisconsin vote mean for president obama?
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talking points believes if is very very bad news mr. obama is running to the left this time around, four years ago he portrayed himself as a moderate. embraced gay marriage. will not support major cuts without tax hikes. does not seem to be concerned about 16 trillion-dollar debt and continues to promote his social justice economic programs. president obama also remains enthusiastic about massive government investment in green energy while just today we find out that the fisker car company which has received about $200 million in government assistance may drop its entire electric car program. time after time after time unworthy. the goal is worthy. but for whatever reason, the feds have not been able to make progress in the green area despite spending many many billions of dollars as we see in wisconsin the folks have had enough. they are not buying the
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progressive economic vision anymore. therefore the president finds himself on the wrong sides of history that's the memo. not only did voters in wisconsin reject the measure. voters in san jose also reigned in big labor. that's in very powerful california. joining us have leslie marshall. were you surprised by the vote in wisconsin. >> i was disappointed but i wasn't surprised. for two reasons, one, scott walker had more than 8 times the cash. as you know in politics today, left or right not the most choice the most money wins. >> bill: let me stop threw because you are doing the left wing talking points you know i love to hear them time after time. [ laughter ] >> bill: okay? why did scott walker have seven times more money to spend? there are, there are an equal number in wisconsin of democratic donors, in fact, mr. obama won big there.
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around the country, you have got all kinds of rich progressive people so why would he be able to raise more money? leslie? >> there is no question. >> answer my question. you made your headline the fact that walker had seven times as much money to spend. i ask a simple question because you know i'm a simple man. >> yes. >> why would when anybody could have pumped money in there did he have seven times more? >> honestly bill, walker had more support outside of wisconsin. >> bill: i don't think where it came from. >> there was not as much financial report financially and that's a fact. >> bill: that's why i'm asking you, why was that? you don't know. >> i honestly don't know, bill. i don't have that kind of -- if i did i would have given it. >> bill: that's why we love you. be honest. >> i am.
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>> don't hit me with democratic talking points unless you understand what those talking points are i will tell you the reason, leslie so you can take it home much the progressive economic vision has failed it's done. people aren't going to donate to it marianne, were you surprised by the snrot. >> i was surprised by the margin. not necessarily the outcome. i think everybody thought this would be a closer race. the fact that it wasn't has to be a wakeup call to democrats for two reasons. number one, after 30 year war and self-inflicted wounds on labor unions, they are a big part of the democratic infrastructure to elect anybody. that is clearly been diminished with fewer unions, fewer members and less clout. number two, for all those democrats who do have big bucks, on the sidelines, get all in. because you cannot be outspent like that and win. >> plenty of time and plenty of publicity to get in. >> but they didn't. >> you live in california, okay? >> yeah. >> san diego votes down 66% to
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34, all right? to limit, to limit the amount of money going into pension benefits and that city. san jose 70% in san jose. 70%. at that time state union members had to pay 16% salaries to keep their retirement benefits. this isn't an ideological thing any longer. the folks have awakened, leslie. there is no more money, you can't divunt the country, municipalities cities and the states. they are not going to stand for it. that's what this shows. in san diego typically much more conservative i was not surprised. san jose much more liberal i was very surprised. in san diego, bill, the unions had already had a negotiation prior to this election to have a reduction in pension funds. honestly not sure what that 66 vote leads to when it comes to savings. >> nobody cares about what happens in the unions in san diego. what they care about is the
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country is changing. marianne. you know. marianne is an advisor to candidates, all right? tries to get them elected. you have got to see the country is changing now right before our eyes. it's changing. they tried to the progressive stuff. it isn't working and the folks don't want it anymore, marianne, you know i'm right. >> i think in this case the unions have been tone deaf in many places. when you are getting double digit increases at times when there is unemployment, the likes of which we had in other economic struggles now is not the time to do it. but everyone needs to sacrifice. and i think that's the rub here. i had a lot of problem with the fact that wisconsin said this was about collective bargaining but they exempted police and firefighters why because many of them vote. >> bill: specialized jobs and everybody knows aced emotion. >> many of them vote republic. >> real fast, on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the worst hurt, how much does this hurt barack obama, marianne? >> five or six.
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>> leslie? >> i would agree five or six. exit polls show him 7% above mitt romney in approval rating in the state of wisconsin. i think it will stay. >> bill: the president could carry wisconsin. stakes all over the place. >> they need the money. >> ladies, thanks very much. next on the run down, bill clinton once again contradicting barack obama. dick morris with the inside story. later, dennis miller on the most hated people in america.
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>> and in the impact segment tonight, former president bill clinton campaigned for barack obama. however, mr. clinton has contradicted the president's policies on a number of occasions. the latest being so-called bush tax cuts which mr. obama wants to abolish. mr. clinton says that's not going to happen any time soon. put off until next year. that's probably the best thing to do right now. the republicans don't want to do that unless he agrees to extend the tax cuts permanently, including for upper income people and i don't think the president should do that. >> bill: earlier in the discussion mr. clinton indicated the bush tax cuts were not a thing for the economy. author of the big new best seller "screwed" dick morris. i heard you say this even though bill clinton is running around campaigning with the
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president is he really trying to undermine him. you really believe that? >> yeah. oh sure i do. i think that there are three motivations at work on one side and then one on the other on the one side first i think is he deeply deeply stunned as only a southerner who grew up in the shadow of orel and the little rock desays grey gation could have been by the accusations of racism during the 2008 campaign. that is the one thing bill clinton is proudest of about himself very identity is that he rejected. >> he has not forgotten the jesse jackson stuff and all of that not forgotten that. >> no. secondly, i think he wants to be the only president since fdr, only democratic president since fdr to get reelected after serving a full term in office. and the first since truman to get reelected, period. i think that that is an important thing to him. >> bill: what do you mean, reelected, what do you mean reelected?
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>> he is no other democrat. >> bill: you are talking about barack obama or are you talking about bill clinton? >> yeah. bill clinton is the only democrat president to be reelected since harry truman. >> bill: so he doesn't want barack obama to be reelected so that would take away some of thinks thunder? >> that's right. >> bill: oh, come on, morris. that's kind of petty. >> rodriguez to break his record. i know, but you asked me. i know how furious he was that he got 49.7% of the vote not 50% in 1996. very important factor with him. third thing is that he think he fundamentally disagrees with obama that he is basically a free market, free ernesto prize balance the budget guy. and he fundamentally dislikes obama's agenda. but on the other hand. he has got a wife to protect if obama loses which i believe clinton believes he will, then he does not want hillary and him to be blamed like ted
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kennedy was blamed for jimmy carter's defeat and it party democrats good at the blame game, is he determined to do enough for obama so he doesn't get blamed for the defeat but enough against obama that he playing a double game, morris? >> that's correct. >> i think you are right -- i don't think that re-election thing, i think you are full of blown on that. i think you are right on the fact that hillary clinton if barack obama loses certainly will go four years from now and, you know, he wants -- bill clinton wants a democratic party no residual anger against that this is what i don't understand. >> not campaigning. not the first time that bill clinton contradicted the president, right? so why does mr. obama want him so close -- you know, they ran around this week the two of
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them were running around new york. they were going into every 7/11 they could find. what we want to do that? >> first of all is he getting a lot of money from clinton. clinton raised about 7 million bucks from him in new york. clinton is the only democrat who is acceptable on wall street. i think secondly he likes the idea of being paired with the guy famous for creating jobs. eliminating the deficit and balancing the budget. that's a good association for obama. clinton knows is he being used by a guy he doesn't like so he is going to jab him every chance he gets to bring it all down to earth. and that's what i think you are watching here. >> do you think -- bear in mind as i said hillary is not campaigning in this race. you remember how condi rice worked like crazy for george bush with the secretary of state in this race. >> she is in pakistan where she should be. she is doing her job. look, i don't think that barack obama wants' hillary clinton around campaigning but i could be wrong on that that.
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>> of course he does. >> you think he wants hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> absolutely. absolutely. i think there is a personal thing. >> there she is about 20 points above him in popularity. >> i know that but it's a personal thing. it's a personal thing. all right. i could being wrong on that. >> that's for hillary not for him. of course he wants. she is not doing it vital trips. >> 30 seconds. >> interviewed bill clinton a few months ago. you know, the guy he was honest. i think that's what happens. he sits for the interviews and you ask him a question about bush tax cuts he tells you the truth. he doesn't think about the political ramifications. last word, 20 seconds, bill. >> bill, he thinks about the political ramifications about as afternoon as our bosses at fox news think of ratings. >> bill: i knew you were going to say that father's day coming up. big hot new book "screwed" if you want it signed go to dick
1:18 am and they can do it to you. megyn kelly on why the factor can get get ad 11 tape on horrendous crime in virginia. are they covering this up. interesting moments show them bit abit to you later on.
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight. this gay marriage deal never seems to end. seems like the old situation will end up in the supreme court. megyn kelly used to cover the court for fnc. what is it ninth circuit of appeals? what do they want to coonchts i love your leads on your show. never ends here is kelly. >> bill: aren't you tired of the story now. >> it's an ongoing legal matter. until the supreme court -- >> -- they vote it down and then the aclu they come in and then they --
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>> i hate to tell you, this but i don't actuallily think it is inching toward the end. i do think, here is what happened. the ninth circuit of appeals ruled in favor of gay marriage, basically in california. then the people who were opposed gay marriage appealed. they wanted the entire ninth circuit court of appeals all the judges to re-hear that decision and the judges said no in a fast tracks it to go up to the supreme court. >> all about overturning the california vote against gay marriage that's what it is all about. >> that's going to up potentially to the u.s. supreme court if the u.s. supreme court takes it. >> bill: they should take it i would imagine, right? >> they might. it doesn't -- this case doesn't really require the high court to say gay marriage has to be constitutional or not constitutional it's much more limited than that that's the way the ninth circuit wrote it. if the supreme court wants to punt on this case it probably could do so. >> and you predict? >> i think they will take it and they will give a very narrow ruling.
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>> bill: all right. norfolk, virginia, two white reporters, newspaper reporters are attacked by a group of young black men. all right? the woman calls 911. and both were injured in the attack. the assault. been a few young guys arrested. a woman calls 911. we want to get the tape. the 11 tape. the cops won't give it up. why not? aren't they compelled to give it up the law says they shall make it public. >> yeah and that's our right to get this information. when we first called them and said the factor first called and said give us the tape we are entitled to it under the law they said you can't have it because you are out of state. well that's not how it works. >> bill: that's right. >> even if you are a national news organization we are entitled to it. so then somebody called somebody else and said you can't say that don't say that to the factor. then they called back and said and sent a letter and said actually you can't have it because it would jeopardize an ongoing legal investigation or prosecution. that actually is an exception to the requirement. >> bill: how long is this going to go on?
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this has been two months now and they have made some arrests. they are not going to make any more in my opinion they have got to put it out, right. >> nor did they explain how. >> bill: we know it's bull. they are hiding it. >> the question is why? what's on that 911 tape. >> racial crime. we have always said that. >> early reports were that the woman, the female half of the victim called, couldn't get through, called, was put on hold, called a third time and by that time all you could hear was her screaming into the telephone. quory whether that undermines the prosecution theory or official theory this is just a simple assault and it's not that big of deal. i don't know why they don't want to put it out. eventually they are going to have to. they can't keep it forever. >> what is eventually. >> eventually the case ends. >> this is bs. they should release that finally, do you an afternoon show here on fox news, right? >> i do. thank you for caring. >> bill: i tuned. in i don't really care. but i tuned in. [ laughter ] >> bill: i saw this guy john
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maher, the singer, he was like rap is i -- rhapsodyizing over you. what is this guy. >> clear lay guy of good character. sadly the clip is very old i think remains relevant. it's timeless. whenever we have an opportunity. >> bill: ill think the guy need tond dunked in ice. you have to dunk ice on this guy. all right. megyn kelly, everybody. factor moves along this evening. who are the most hated people in america. dennis miller has the list. he has checked it twice. he is upcoming. then, best of watters world. our pal jesse romans the country in search of intelligent life. >> jimmy carter. >> nixon. [buzzer] >> i think it was a serious mistake] >> b
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, we have been following the pro-life group live action which has conducted a number of undercover stipulation abortion clinics and planned parenthood facilities across the country. at issue are abortion providers engaging in gender based procedures that is abort ago fetus if the mother doesn't want a girl, for example. the latest sting in arizona. >> actually i have been trying to get pregnant. >> okay. >> i just want to terminate this pregnancy because. >> i get because -- don't tell us that we don't want to know. because one of the things i'm here you are not getting this because of race or sex. >> oh. >> i initialed everything without reading. >> that's fine. that's better. >> okay. >> i shouldn't say that anymore? >> yeah. don't say that? >> why? >> because state law says we cannot do a termination because of race or gender. >> bill: what the woman should have done as soon as that undercover person said i want to abort the fetus because of
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gender, she should look, you have to leave we don't do that obviously she didn't. that clinic is in phoenix. another stick conducted in tucson pretty much the same result. the two clinics are both members of the national abortion federation which has close ties to planned parenthood. joining us now from san francisco dr. mary davenport. the president of a pro-life physicians group. let's talk about the business of abortion. what's the national abortion federation? i never heard of that before today. what is that? >> well, the national abortion federation is the trade group of some 440 clinics that provide abortions in the u.s. so, they are a business association and they lobby at the federal and state level for basically loosens abortion regulations and having a favorable business climate for abortion. and increasing, you know. >> bill: are they tied to planned parenthood? do they work together? >> plan the parenthood is a member of the national
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abortion federation. as well as other communities and individuals. >> bill: the abortion industry and that's what it is. i mean, i'm not -- you know, it's an industry, has a lobbying group that goes to politicians and says, hey, lay off restrictions. now, in 2008, according to gut milwaukeeer institute, there were 1,000,201,000,000,000 abortions. 1,200,000 abortions in the u.s.a. that's a lot of abortions. tettle money generated by the industry $600,000 a year. is that about right? >> or perhaps more than that. 9% of abortions have second trimester abortions and they cost anywhere from 1500 to $1,700 if they are very late abortions. but somewhere in that neighborhood. >> bill: there are doctors in the united states -- it's always been quoted to me that most american doctors will not perform abortions. is that true? >> if we're talking about
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obgyn's the majority don't perform abortions. >> bill: do you know what the stat is? do you have a percentage on it? >> the last time we did a survey on that was in the 1990, but it was something like 40% of obgyns would do abortions but most of them didn't. i think that's still true. most of the abortions in the u.s. >> bill: i think another study needs to be done on that. there are enough doctors who will do it some of the whole doctors whole practice is abortion, correct? >> yes. general rule. >> bill: as we saw in kansas city with tiller and those kind of guys that just do it. now, on gender based abortion, we have now three pieces of videotape. in abortion clinics where the counselor says, you know, just don't tell me. do you believe that this is what is going on all over the place? >> i think it happens in certain communities more than others. there have been some recent studies in san francisco and also vancouver and in particular in certain ethnic groups, indian americans, some
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chinese americans. less so in other groups. but there are some groups that really really want to have a boy. especially the second and the third child, if they have two girls, they will do sex selection abortions. and in a lot of states it's perfectly legal. in california somebody wouldn't have to conceal that they could just say they wanted a gender based abortion. >> bill: in arizona where we just showed the tape it is against the law. look, this is what is going on and then whether you have the underage thing hot father is. if the father is over age 18 it has to be reported. it isn't being reported on and on and on. i know you are a pro-life question. it's a loaded question but i will give it to you anyway. it seems to be unsavory thing. i get the feeling this whole industry, i don't know. how do you see it? >> well, the people that are in abortion clinics favor abortion at any stage of gestation no matter what the
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reason, so they purport not to judge the woman for whatever she wants to do. >> bill: why don't you concur with that? >> the other thing -- >> bill: why don't you believe in unfettered abortion? you used to do abortions yourself. why don't you believe in that? >> quite a long time ago, well, the main reason i october to abortion is the taking of a human life. and if you actually perform abortion. >> bill: so you had a conversion along the way at some point? >> i did. i did. >> bill: was it a religious or a medical conversion? >> no. it was a whole ethical, philosophical, religious conversion all across the board. but it actually erodes from doing abortions when i really looked at what i was doing. >> bill: all right. doctor. when we come right back, it will be miller time. who are the most hated people in america? miller has some thoughts. we will hear them in just a few moments.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. online survey by the "new york post" asks who are the most hated people in america. here is the top ten: we ask the our gust what he thinks about this. he joins us from santa barbara, california. you heard the abortion segment before you, you say? >> first off just call me number 11 tonight. and secondly i would say they got quite an assembly line over there at abortionville if they have a support group. you know the left will promise you cradle to the grave coverage. it's just the tricky part is making it to the cradle it would appear from that interview. >> bill: that's true. >> we have got to hurry up tonight, billy.
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i tivos a special episode of walker wisconsin ranger. we have got to move it along tonight. >> bill: is this list unfair in any way? >> well, listen, i don't hate anybody but terrorists. guys who want to hurt our troops or guys who want to blow kids up in a pizza parlor over in israel there are people i hate so i can't do that. i would never hate anybody, i hate terrorists outside of that. listen, the closest they come is pelosi and i don't hate her. i won't allow myself to get to that point with other human beings. i find her vial and distasteful i encourage my kids to sort of reverse emulate her and go opposite the way she leads her life. i don't hate her. i would rale against that in my life. i don't want to get to the point where i hate. but i'm telling you, billy. hate is the coin of the realm in this culture now. you go on that twitter thing and i'm telling you you know that vague loathing we all feel for each other when we are driving behind the wind chill? that is twitter footnoted. that is vague hatred for each
1:40 am
other. >> bill: that's a gadd point. i don't go on that anymore or on the internet to read these comments. there is a lot of bitterness and there is a lot of people who i think they are just disturbed. i mean, what they say and how they present about other human beings. let me throw out a couple of names to you. kim kardashian in the same league as casey anthony, oj simpson, bernie madoff. i don't understand that is that because she used the basketball player husband? is that what that is all about? >> no, billy, it's just because these polls are caprice. this is like judging the state of the world from a "u.s.a. today" pie chart. it's a goofy poll. i don't hate kim kardashian. i met her once on the tonight "the tonight show." >> bill: why do you think thee made the list? why do you think other people put her there? i think it has to do something with that marriage. >> i don't. i don't think people really hate her. i'm just telling you my opinion when they say who do you hate? they say that but if you really stopped and thought
1:41 am
about it most of the people out there. >> bill: i understand that but i think the woman in that area, particularly for other women might have gotten. >> is she brilliant enough to realize that benal is the coin of the realm right now that's all i'm saying. someone making $80 million off a no talent i'm not even saying that disparaging that's its own talent. god bless her, man. it's an off the rack culture billy. she got there early when they turned the red lights on. >> bill: that's for sure. here in new york city you want to get a big soda. 16-ounce soda. mayor bloomberg don't want that big soda out there, miller, and you say? >> i hate bloomberg o wait. >> >> bill: you can't hate him. >> i take that back. >> bill: all right. good. i think he has napoleon complex. in this case it's about napoleons, at least marie antoinette said let them eat cake. doedominion not to eat cake. go down this road it's going
1:42 am
to get tricky for you once in a while, mike. what happens when they start putting 5'8" stipulation on height to get into the island of manhattan. you are screwed you are a bridge and tunnel guy. i find it odd that liberals get so behind this stuff to think that bump on a log taking a dump on a log at woodstock is now in bed with a man on all this sort of crap is just so weird to me. how did government play such an important part in liberal's lives? >> i don't know why the soda thing upsets bloomberg so much. but i do know he wants everybody to be slim. he wants us to be in good shape. he thinks that the giant big gulp is going to work against that. >> billy, the reason it gets to bloomberg is because he has to look up at the rim of a 64-ounce. >> always a height deal for miller. one more thing about, this it's very very interesting that in new york at the mania of getting the big gulp out of here, they want the big smoke to be okay. because the cops are now being told don't bother the pot
1:43 am
smoking people. don't bother them. they are out there getting a little high on the street that's okay. so we leave the pot smoking people alone but we get the gulp people. does that make sense to you, miller? >> all i know is that is a tough thing to get somebody that stoned have them have the munchies and then deny them their sweets. there is something wrong about that billy. >> bill: all right. now, al jazz, you know the al jazeera network? i'm sure you have it on your cable system. >> sure. it's right next to the al jarone network. >> moon lighting? i love that song. they say al jazeera says that the u.s.a. is torturing terror suspects by playing them sesame street. roll the tape. >> the lyrics talk about magic numbers. strange words or the names of the colors. ♪ tell me to you to get. >> these innocent songs abused
1:44 am
for inhumane purposes ♪ come and play ♪ everything is. >> in 2003 it transpired that u.s. intelligence services tortured detainees with sesame street music forever days. [ laughter ] >> bill: i will tell you whatever you want to know just stop it. >> there is a lot of intricacies to this story. i don't know all the wheres and whys and hows. i know this, they are using music from pbs. bill moyers is getting a piece of it. do i know that somewhere down the road. i think it helps kids because it keeps them alive to learn how to spell. if they cookie board one of these pigs and he rats a song of the grouch out, then it's good for kids, isn't it? it keeps them alive. i will tell you what, i'm getting sick of them whining that they are being tortured by songs sesame street. metallicca. these are good songs, ever turn on the al jazeera rate roo in your market?
1:45 am
♪ quit whining about good music for god's sake. >> sugar sugar by the archies that would be out of control. >> then you have got problems. the sesame street song is catchy. that leads you into indian lake and from there you are in land. >> bill: dennis miller. and the d man and i would like to thank you all of you for bolder fresher sell outs across the country. the only show where you can see miller and me is chicago matinee at the rose month theater june 23rd. tickets make great father's day gifts. check it out on bill o' in the a moment the best of watters world. jesse watters roaming the nation. we're not exactly sure why. maybe you can figure it out up next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment total. jesse watters often inserts himself in interesting situations all around the country. here now the best of what watters has achieved. >> ♪ ♪ >> captain america, can you help us get out of this economic ditch? >> do you have any idea? >> i don't think so. >> we need some super heros, what's your solution. >> i think they should spend their money on stuff like this. >> so you are a capitalist? >> yep. >> you have accepted the truth. >> are you an occupy wall street type of person? >> i am down with occupy wall street. >> what would you do if you were down there. >> rabbit hamster. >> you would stick a hamster on the bank ceo. >> hamsters have a big responsibility. >> he wouldn't see it coming ♪ chanting] >> what do you guys want? >> to bring attention to the pervasive influence that corporations have in the political process. >> what do you want to replace capitalism with? >> you are blocking the shot, bro.
1:50 am
>> don't block the shot! >> what do you want to replace capitalism with? >> there you go. say it, bro. >> none of your business. >> who are you guys supporting for president? >> romney. >> romney? >> i will imagine i will probably still vote for obama not as confident as i was last time. >> you are making it sound complicated. >> i'm tired of old white guys i want to stick with obama right now. >> isn't that kind of racist. >> >> no, not real. >> i what about rick santorum. >> that's how much you know about him i don't even know who he is. >> why are you yelling at me? >> are you worried about iran at all. >> war is necessary sometimes to bring. >> war is bull [bleep] >> i'm sorry. i understand it stimulates the economy. it gives people jobs at the end of the day it's [bleep] >> which way is the beach? >> that way. >> do you know where the weight room is? >> what's the deal with all these jersey shore characters walking around. >> we can't even come with our families anymore without seeing all these guidos.
1:51 am
>> you don't pass out drunk and get arrested. >> i don't get arrested. >> you just pass out drunk? >> sometimes. >> what's san francisco all about. >> sex, drugs and rock and roll. >> very open, very understanding. >> how do you like san francisco? do you like it here? you were prostituting. >> yes. >> how much were would you charge? [ laughter ] >> how much? >> 4,000. >> how did you get that knee pain. >> i fell off a jungle gym. >> not a factor fan? >> no. i think i can change your mind. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> oh, this is awkward. >> i have been coming here for seven years. i have never seen polo played. >> are you competitive about the size of other women's hats? >> i'm sure there is a little social ranking in hats. >> don't waste your time on girls with hats they tend to be very proper. >> your hat is quite exquisite. >> yeah, bigger the better. >> what? >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think the country is
1:52 am
doing right now. >> that's a longer discussion than a red carpet. >> are you supportive of the whole occupy wall street movement. >> very supportive. it is the beginning of the revolution. >> what do you think about the occupy movement? >> i don't know. don't make me look stupid. >> too late. >> are you really going to ask me political questions right here? >> good. >> are you an occupy wall street kind of guy? >> i think they had an interesting message. >> i occupied wall street before there was occupy wall street. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> is obama doing a good job. >> yes, he is he is the president of the united states. not obama. he is the president of the united states. >> thank you. >> i'm going to show you a few pictures of other presidents and we will go bing bing bing bing bing. >> bill: bing bing bing bing bing. peanut farmer? >> you are not helping at all. >> that's jimmy carter? >> nixon? [ buzzer ] >> i think it was a serious mistake. >> who is that? >> hoar. >> dwight eisenhower. [ buzzer ] >> who are you? one of the mental patients? >> that nixon? >> is she right?
1:53 am
[ buzzer ] ♪ ♪ >> what's your prediction for the game? >> giants 27-17. >> 28-18. >> anything you want to say to bill o'reilly. >> what's the factor zone? it won't be any bill o'reilly affair equal when we get over there playing this football. >> i don't know what that means. ♪ ♪ >> bill: all right. pinheads and patriots on deck. the octomom once again. p and p just over two minutes away. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare,
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1:56 am
>> pinheads & patriots, starring the octomom. but first the mail... >> agreed roy, but when she goes, i not the job. >> last time almost all of that was paid for by private funds, mostly green companies that wanted federal funding -- just a joke. but private funding is true. >> to the private economy, paul, but it was a drain on the public sector. you have socialized medicine,
1:57 am
that costs a bundle. canada owes $1.4 trillion. britain owes $2 trillion. >> well, the voters did yesterday, rick. >> when a state fund university gives a full scholarship to the son of a man worth $500 million, another less fortunate student athlete is denied the opportunity. jason combs can decline the
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