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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it is thursday june 7th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". top five stories making news at this hour overnight leon pineda made a sur prides visit to afghanistan. i was treated by general john allen and ryan cocker. in a news conference he spoke about the progress of the war and plans for troop drawdown. >> the effort that operati
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>> (inawed ib (inawed audible >> this comes a day after he said u.s. drone strikes in the country will continue. congress and the fbi want to know if the white house is leaking classified information for political gain. four leaders of senate intelligence committees. a scandal in the news conference regarding the leak of president obama's so-called chill list foresee kret drone attack as well as against iran. it says leaks were intended to make the president look tougher. the white house saying that is not the case. we will have a live report from washington later this hour. police and fire unions are
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suing over the city agencies new tension reforms. the cost cutting plan won overwhelming support over voters. 70 percent voted yes. it has employees paying fore more retirement plan. they are turning to the koertsz. in response the city of san jose launched its own lawsuit. asking a federal judge to come in with a quick decision. the comblier of san jose green joins fox and friends. big problems after entering restricted airspace after president obama's visit to afghanistan. it w a firefighter jet forced to land. all this while he was there for star studded fund raisers. believe it or not this was the third if i am a plane has been intercepted in the president as airspace over los angeles this
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year alone. call her the queen of country. carrie underwood the big winner in nashville at the cmt awards. >> it goes to... miss carrie underwood. >> she picked up two awards video of the year and collaborative video of the year with brad paisley. >> luke ryan took home the buckle for male video of the year. check out how he celebrated his win. >> i had a lucky charm. i will lucky underwear. mom, would you like to do the
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honors? >> well, all righty then. we have the 5 at 5 headlines. >> in just a few hours attorney general eric holder will face tough questioning about operation fast and furious. this after increased treasure from house republicans. they shielder has not be >> hi, peter. >> shocking the house oversight committee darrel issa describes the information he just dug up about reckless tactics in operation fast and furious. the senior officials knew about the tactics is wrong. >> the white house is spinning that somehow we are misleading what is in these documents they know we can't make public because they are under seal. they have read and we have read
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and it is clear plenty of people who work and continue to work forker loiblgder and are not being held accountable knew they were gun walking and knew they were continuing gun walking. he claims details in wire tap application. he had to combine with the subpoena to see the wiretaps himself. chairman ice sssa is extorting facts. the applications prove the criminal division or any one in the department of justice approve these tactics remain as inaccurate as they were when they were first made over a year ago. as explained to the committee these applications are written to illustrate the basis for need for electronic surveillance. these applications do not provide complete description of all law enforcement tactics taken during the course of an investigation or the overall operational strategies. we are going to hear from
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attorney general holder himself at a hearing on the hill later on this morning. stay tuned. back to you. thank you very much, peter. we appreciate it. >> now test time to take a look at who is talking. >> first it was president clinton now it is one of obama's economic advisors. >> yesterday larry summers said quote the real risk of the economy is on the side of slow down not on the side of over heating. we have to make sure we don't take gasoline out of the take tend of the year. that has to be the top priority. >> as quickly as it came out he backtracked saying quote i fully support obama's position of tax cuts. extending the tax cut does little for fairness and fiscal prudence. >> he says democrats and
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republicans both know you can't raise taxes in this economy on the letterman show. >> the last thing you do is crank up tax rates. people on the left and right on economics agree don't raise taxes in this kind of economy. the president is so into pitling americans against each other he's willing to trash all of the advice he's getting from people in his own party about what it iss to avoid a recession. we will have a recession. the president is doubling down on this direction. we need a new president and we need new leadership. >> it is time now for your first degree weather update. we have stormy weather across the united states. >> see where you have to bring your umbrella this morning. across the northeast it's a good idea to carry them with you. we are in a trough pattern which means unsettled weather for the next couple days.
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you can see showers here and there hit or miss. not a washout but the potential for rain through out the day today. also looking at heavier downpours across florida as well as tech as between dallas and austin getting showers and thunderstorms there. across the central high plains we are seeing potential for severe weather and the northwest light shower activity. let's take a look at potential for severe weather. that means large hail damaging winds isolated tornadoes across the central and high planes again east of denver in towards nebraska. we don't think it will be a severe weather outbreak but keep an eye oh tto the sky and look the forecast. today's high 81 dallas. 93 san antonio. 103 in phoenix. 74 in new york city below average chth we are watching the fire danger across the southwest again today. areas that you see in the pink and red that's where we are dealing with dry conditions warm
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and breezy. we could see the spreading or starting of some wildfires keeping that in mine. we will keep you up to date as the weather and the show progresses heather and patti ann browne. in the glitter machine. now stories you can bank on this morning. the dow having it's best day of the year. with more on this is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. start us off with good news. >> we have lots of invest gores breathing a sigh of relief. dow up 287 points back in the black for the year. awesome gain for major three averages. they think their crisis are actually going to do something. speaking of someone doing something facebook ipo. >> rlast month it was a mess. now the nasdaq is going to do something about is it.
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they are going to give the brokers and trading firms 40 million in cash or in trading fees. it is raising a whole bunch of concerns. they are saying that's not enough money we lost a lot more. the new york stock exchange the nasdaq's chief rial says you can't reduce your fees. that's not right. >> maybe not a smart move for them. see what happens. >> smart phones samsung could be giving apple a run for their money. >> apple and samsung are neck and neck for sales. galaxy s 3. you cannot buy it in the u.s. apple is saying not so fast. we think you are copy catting us and two of our patents. they have asked the court to block it. >> you have to let us know what happens. well the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. raging wildfires still burning
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out west as the situation grows dire. reinforcements from the sky on their way. in a few hours ahead of the tsa capitol hill do you think the agency needs an overall? we will let you brew on it later this hour. a quick look at the prices at the pump. national average 3.56 a gallon.
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>> it's 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. the u.s. forest service adding four taungers to the fleet. it has 9 tankers at it is
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disposals frm the militants are known to be connect the with al qaeda. heather? >> well there's a lot of continuing reaction to governor scott walker's recall vikctory and what it will mean to presidential election. o'reilly discussed the impact it will have on president obama. >> what does the wisconsin vote mean for president obama? >> they believe it is very, very bad news. run to go the left this time arounded. 3 years ago he said evidences a moderate. he embraced gay marriage will not sport cuts without tax hikes doesn't seem to be concerned about the $16 trillion debt and continues to support his social justice programs. the folks in wisconsin have had enough. they are not buying the
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progressive economic division any more. the president finds himself on the wrong side of history. >> democrats he took into this race for two specific reasons. stay tuned for that. it is time now to brew on this. in a few hours the head of the tsa will be in the hot seat at capitol hill. the subcommittee on transportation security is holding a hearing on ways to improve the agency's customer service and resore the public's trust in it. many law makers criticized the agency for lapses in proper pat downs and wasting tax payer money. >> that is what we want to brew on this morning. do you think the tsa needs an overalcohol? -- overhaul. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or
2:17 am don't forget we always have our poll on facebook that you can purchago to. we will read them later in the show. all right. the time now is 17 after the hour. despite a rising unemployment rate there are companies out there that are hiring. cheryl has three of them and she is here next. >> he spent years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. today one nfl team is giving him the chance he never thought i would he would have.
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>> a raging fire that caused $400 million in damage starts with a vacuum cleaner. preliminary investigation 7 people were injured. video of a giant dock. the dock is from japan washing ashore on the coast of oregon. the 60 foot long 19 foot wide pier now lying on the stand. it's the latest from a waive of debris from last year's tsunami to drift across the pacific. the unemployment race rose to 1.8 percent in may. cheryl has three names for you right now. we are fining lots of jobs out there. there are certain sectors hiring in had insurance. that is one of them. progressive is my first company
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today looking for associates and claims represents. you can make anywhere from 12-13 dollars per hour. service people, sales. you get life insurance and health insurance all of those great things. you can be a claims adjuster making 40,000 dollars a year. they do automobile, they have other property casualties insurance policies. here's a couple things about the benefits. tuition reimbursement. casual dress. they have yoga classes, the a fitness certainty. they have a cafeteria. they have more as well. northwestern mutual. >> it is a financial company.
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they are looking for guidance. service people are going to be hiring 5,000 people in 2012. financial representatives. you can also do an internship. 24 full-time openings, 3,000 interns but they are noted for hiring interns. there could be internship programs. here is the salaries. very important. 45 thousand after one year. you can make 110,000 after five years 180,000 after 10 yearsment they have been on that list consis consiste consistently. if you are at a college with a business degree you don't think you are ready to manage money. they will train you. these programs are big about training our young people to manage money. not just the young people but
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they do a lot of second careers a lot of people turning to them after being in a different field. the third company they e-mail us. thank you very much. florida highway patrol. they are going to be launching this year and they are looking for people. florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles and state troopers. they have 132 openings right now. the classes are going to be december and april. 60-70 per class. even though it is later in the year get on this now. it is they extensive. even though you are training in tallahassee why not apply for this one. it is great for those who serve in the military.
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you have to be on time and troopers are also a formal service in this country. they have invested in the retirement program in the state of florida. casone knee exchange is the blog tip. we will see if we can continue that. if you are a company that is looking to hire or if you need to go through the process especially if you have interviewed with other companies to be featured on fox and friends everybody mail us you may have a trip to new york in your future. it happens all of the time so we are very proud. 25 after the hour. coming up senator john mc tan still hitting the white house
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over weeks. he says we are purely for political gain. the white house responding. live report from washington coming up. what could turn out to be the story of the year for the nfl s this falsely accused player who spent years in prison get a chance to live out his dream? on this day in history in 1956 ronald reagan wins the nomination for governor in california. a position he later won in a land slide.
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oo i thought the presidential election was a tough race. it's nothing compared to the politics at the cmt awards. i think i have a solution. i propose tobey and kristen run the show. i put two people back to work. >> president obama and mitt romney make an pier rance at the cmt music awards. >> the two playing off the skit hitting the co hosts toby keith and kristen bell against each other. welcome back to fox friends first.
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i am patti ann browne. i am heather childers. the top five stories making news at this hour on the campaign trail republican presidential nominee mitt romney heading to the midwest. he will be in st. louis at a factory to talk about jobs. wrapping up a 2 day swing in texas where he raised $2 million. he cher and chaz bono awe among the tand des. heading to las vegas later today. 55 parents and students were on this bus heading to washington, d.c. when it flipped over. a witness snapped this picture. the accident happened minutes into this trip when a bus driver was flipped on a curve. major drug operations busted
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at airports in puerto rico and the u.s. two miami international airport workers along with 30 people of reston. they are accused of smuggling 30 million of campaign and heroin on board commercial flights. it belonged to two puerto rico based drug trafficking operations. one of them operating for a decade. >> extreme weather in colorado. this funnel cloud in ponderosa park. a tornado watch was issued through out the night. right now the weather service says no tornadoes actually hit the area. heavy rain and hail hit the state. the hail the size of ping pong balls. it went so high in areas it nearly covered cars. >> he was exonerated for sexual assault he did not commit to spending five years hined bars. >> nobody knows the answers why i went through what i went
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through. i know i am here today and i remain unbroken. a big day for brian banks and his newly found freedom. the former high school football star getting a tryout with the seattle seahawks. the team may also invite him to mini camp and he deserves a quote second chance at his dream. those are your five headlines at 5:30. is the white house leaking national security information to help president obama look better? that's what congress and the fbi want to know. good morning, doug. >> they want to know if the white house is leaking classified information. there have been so many leaks in recent weeks a bipartisan group are talking about trying to crack down on them with new legislation. the stories included the disclosures about the highly secretive computer virus that helped set back iran's nuclear program. someone leaked the u.s. was
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lan behind it. there was a leak about him selecting terrorist targets foresee kret drone attacks. some republicans blame the administration saying it's part of an effort to boost the president's image. i am suggesting someone in the white house is coordinating effort to leak classified programs to make the president look good. these three stories within 45 days of each other are painting a picture of them effectively attacking terrorism and a cyber attack on iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. >> white house spokesman jay carney said this, any suggestion this administration authorized intepgsnal leaks of classified information for political gain is grossly ir responsible. the question remains who is behind all of the new york times
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headlines. there is a political reality that leaks have been a part of washington culture for generations. no matter what congress does to stop them would be almost impossible. more reaction to governor scott walker's recall victory now. earlier in the show we heard from bill o'reilly who believes this is bad news for president obama. >> what did democrats say. democratic strat gust says the democrats need to look at this race for two reasons. i think everybody thought it would be a closer race. the fact that it wasn't hoas to be a wake-up call. number one after a 30 year war and self-inflicted wounds they are a big part of the democratic infrastructure for anybody. that has been diminished with fewer members and less clout. for all of the democrats who have big bucks on the shrineds, get all in. you can't be upset like that and win.
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democrat and fox news contributor leslie marshall also appeared on o'reilly. earlier you were talking about the wild weather in colorado. up neck before you believe the house with janice dean and see more wild stories for today. >> i saw the video out of colorado today. 7 tornadoes we had heavy downpours and damaging winds we could see a repeat today. current temperatures 50s and 60s across the map. 70s on the coast. coolest spot ma sglzula. satellite radar hoeing you another storm system moving into the north wes. we will see the potential for sever weather across the high plains today. also looking at heavy downpours over texas, florida and we have potential for showers and othr
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thunderstorms over the northeast. sever threat same area we saw yesterday across the high plains east of denver in toward nebraska hail isolated winds and damaging tornadoes. travel forecast, for the most part pretty good weather today. boston you could see a stray thunderstorm later on this afternoon. looking good for philly, atlanta down through los angeles. could see a thunderstorm but for the most part pretty good travel conditions on the major hubs across the country. back to you heather and patty ann. >> thank you very much. miley cyrus's engagement ring revealed. it was designed by jeweler neil lane. fiancee australian actor liam helms worth popped the question last month. from true love to a romance gone
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bad. lashing out at former fling taylor swift. the song came out years after they were together. he said swift went too far. it nearly came to a head after they ran into each other at a restaurant in hollywood. onlookers say swift took the high road and asked to be moved as far away from him as possible. mtv's jersey shore saying good-bye to the famous fist puchers. this summer will be the last for the 8 current cast members. they are filming their 6th season in seaside heights. >> they will branch out and do their own thing. >> now for your starting lineup a rounup of all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. the thunder storming their way into the nba finals after winning four in a row against the spurs. they beat san antonio 107-99 in
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game 6. the spurs won 20 straight games before their epic collapse. tom coughlin getting more than a ring since 2007. the team giving him a contract extension through 2014. reports say it is a three-year deal for $20 million. his original contract expired after this season. yainkees player will have surgery on his knee. the doctor performing the surgery is the team doctor for the mets. rivera says he plans to be ready for the start of next season. we will see what happens. and the time now is 39 after the top of the hour. would you consider being a bus driver? the white house seems to think so. news coming out of washington next. one republican calling foul. >> every parent's nightmare.
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a child manages to get outside and is hanging off a ledge. first on a much liert note a look at jimmy kimmel. >> i want to say congratulations to miley cyrus. she is only 19 years old. she is engaged to leeann helms worth. you, hannah montana a forest father. kierding to insiders she will not wear a veil at the we hadling she will wear the traditional family mullet. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away.
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>> kwhikd lin quick headlines n. you will be able to place your bets saturday for the belmont stakes. maintenance workers reached a deal to avoid a strike just before the race. they are trying to be the 12th horse to win the triple crown.
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is the white house manipulating the reports on u.s. jobs? darrel issa making that assertion during a hearing on how they count green jobs. the reclassification of certain jobs as bus driver as green is for political purposes. two-days after a u.s. drone strike killed al qaeda's number two in demand leon pineda continuing the strikes say they will continue to pakistan. >> there were a group of individuals who attacked the united states on 9-11 and killed 3,000 of our citizens frm . and we went to war against those who attacked the united states
2:45 am
of america. the leadership of those that were involved in planning this attack were located in pakistan. we have to defend ourselves against those that would attack. we have done just that. we have gone after their leadership and we have done it effectivel effectively targeting al qaeda leaderships. the terrorists who threatened the united states and pack standing as well. this is not just about froekting the unite-- protecting the unit states. it's also about protecting afghanistan. >> he made a surprise trip to afghanistan saying it is difficult to achieve peace as long as there are terrorists in
2:46 am
back stan. leading nypd detectives back to the home of pedro hernandez. we are live in new york city with details on this. good morning to you. we are in the nabil hood where etan patz disappeared 30 years ago. they are trying to find physical evidence linking his confessed killer to the crime. they were at the home where pedro hernandez lived. a crime scene unit was parked outside. one man saw a computer taken out of the home. it is part of their ongoing investigation. y he talked to school the first time. 30 years have gone by since this crime and lack of physical
2:47 am
evidence. police continue to go look for that evidence. he is next due to appear in court on june 22nd. robert moses. fox news. the time is 46 after the hour. this is a story that will leave every pair represent gasping. -- parent gasping. a child outside dangling. >> do you think the tsa needs an overhaul? e-mail up next. >> time to check in with peter du doocy. >> coming up three hours of infotainment. we are talking about a little bit about the liberal radio host who sang the star-spangled banner is an abomination. when you send your kids to camp? do you think they like camp? a woman has written a second
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book about camp. ps i still hate it here. letters from your kid and how they liked the camp. forget your kids. how would you like to senned one of your kids to a birthday party at a gun range where the kids who are shooting are 8 years old. we are going to tell you about that story. [ male announcer ] today a mom will see her doctor.
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a dad will get a screening. ♪ a little one will get a vaccine. and a teen will talk with the doc. ♪ right now, millions of americans are using their preventive benefits from the health care law. you can, too. not just because there may be no insurance copays or out-of-pocket costs. but because of all those tomorrows you want to see. use your benefits today. learn more at
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>> it is 51 after the top of the hour. we span the globe for headlines. 78 villagers were killed.
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kofi annan will present a last ditch peace plan during a meeting at the u.s. respesecuri council in new york. dramatic video we have been showing you out of china. a toddler tangling from a balcony. the child home alone when he got his head stuck in the handrail. a neighbor scales the building to help support his feet. eventually he was able to climb back on the roof. >> the retirement age has been lowered from 6z 2 to 6z 3 years old. critics say there are dangerous consequences for the country's public finances. if you are looking for love on e harmony or a job on linked in someone may have your pass word. we have details on this. good morning patti ann. looks like one or more hackers not only stole pass words from linked in and e har nonknee but posted 6 million of them
2:53 am
on-line. the breech was yesterday saying they had invalidated e-mailed affected users and continue to investigate. as to how many pro compromised linked insaid only a few a small fraction of e harmony user base were affected. 1 and a half million appear to be from e harmony. they have a lot of info on their users especially linked inwhich could have confidential information on jobs. they could use the information to access other accounts. the pass words are encoded but the e harmony pass words have been released to russian web sites where they asked for help cracking the codes. by late yesterday they appeared
2:54 am
to have already been deleted. they are advising them to veet their pass words and to use different pass words to different on-line accounts. they will continue to update users on the internet site. thank you diane mess saag thank you. the head of the controversial tsa will be on the hot seat in capitol hill. the subcommittee on transportation security is holding a hearing. >> do you think the tsa need an overhaul. 88 percent of you said yes. here are other responses. chris north tweeted us tsa should be disbanded and privatized. private sector does a better job with resources. >> tsa horror story and waste taxpayer money.
2:55 am
>> daniel posted the tsa has always been nice to me always funny kind and they do their job perfectly well with courtesy and respect. no horror story for me. thank you to everyone who responded keep your comments coming. the time is 55 after the top of the hour nancy pelosi talking her time under the president. word of the day all scrambled up. we will talk about it after the show we will try to figure it out after the break.
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>> 58 after the top of the hour. as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. house minority leader nancy pelosi getting nostalgic for president george w. bush. >> president bush really a lovely man, no, really. we disagreed in terms of policy.
2:59 am
we worked with president bush on many issues. >> pelosi was highlighting some of her favorite and proudest moments during her 25 years in the house. up next, the bad. an embarrassing interruption on the senate floor for republican senator chuck grassley. >> the standards in -- [cell phone ringing] >> that's happened to all of us. grassley's iphone going off to his own speech to the senate. stumbling for a minute and picking up where he left off. finally the ugly. new york city targeting food carts. announcing a crackdown against the supersized food street kartsz. they say the vendors are taking up too much space on the sidewalk and last week, you may remember the mayor proposed a ban on those supersized sodas as well. time to get scrambled up. gretchen carlson here to help us out with our wof


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