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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 7, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> eric: that's it for the show. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bret: one of the most serious breaches of intelligence he has seen. that's from a house democrat. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm bret baier. top lawmakers on capitol hill agree too much sensitive national security information is making its way to your newspapers, television and computers. what they cannot agree on is why. whether the obama administration is playing politics with american lives. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the top story. >> the leadership of the house and senate intelligence committees were bankrupt.
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blunt. >> this has to stop. people say they don't want to work with the united states because they can't trust to us keep a secret, that's serious. >> when you have the kind of leaks that have been coming out in the last few weeks that put lives in danger. >> without providing details, lawmakers said they are crafting legislation to curb the leak of classified information, including the computer virus and iran nuclear program, predator drone campaign and new al-qaeda plot. >> we need to put together a policy that people know what the policy is. if you violate that policy you are held accountable. >> on the foiled underwear bomb plot that leaked in early may, involving a device similar to this one, the chair of the house intelligence committee said the facts are disconcerting. >> they have material conducting agencies are to expand scope of classified information they gave to the press. we know in some cases, someone from segment of the media was present in a classified setting. >> as for the leaked source,
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rogers suggested the department of justice or doj may be possible. >> d.o.j. national security tuition recused itself from one element of the investigation suggesting some of the lex could have come from the sources within the d.o.j. or f.b.i. >> congressman mcmorris rogers walked back that claim late today showing recusal showed it's complicated. the principles on both side declined to say if leaks were politically motivated. >> bret: thank you. joining me now is the georgia senator, chambliss, top republican and vice chairman on the senate of intelligence. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> bret: you met with the national intelligence director james clapper. what is the talk about this? how serious the administration is taking it about these leaks? >> i hope the administration is taking it just as serious as we are. i know where general clapper is. he is furious, outraged. what has happened here is something i have never seen in my now 18 years in public
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office. we are careful about the information we put out there. careful not to expose sources and meths. what we have done here and seen here with the articles that have come out in the press is that sources, lives are put in danger. if we gather intelligence in a way purported that we are, the iran yas know what we're doing. al-qaeda knows what we're doing. >> bret: is this about politics to make the president look better? >> i hope not. but when you have specific operations and quotes from the individuals who are members of
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the administration, you have unnamed sources who are obama aide or high administration official it gives cause for wonder. that is why senator mccain and i call for a special council to be appointed to let them look into it and figure this out. >> bret: the white house press secretary jay carney asked about this today. here is what he said. any suggestion that the white house has leak sensitive information for political purposes has no basis in fact, and has been denied by the author's themselves. he was asked a question. there have been calls to congress, including from you, for an independent council to investigate that. is that something that the president would agree to? carney said no. as i said, the president takes this seriously. i refer to you to agencies that are tasked with investigating these kinds of matter. your reaction? >> if they come out early on and said no, we don't think a special council is necessary, that gives you cause to wonder. if they have nothing to hide, what are they concerned about with respect to special council? it's pretty obvious that some
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folks in the administration used poor judgment at best. with the classified information at worst. now, it's not just limited to this administration. and this is not political on our part per se. but everything in this town frankly is political. but this is often a serious violation, we have lives that are put in jeopardy as a result of the release of this information. we have our position in the intelligence community. we're the leader in the intelligence world now. you allies saying wait a minute, why should we cooperate when the information will be on the front of the "new york times"? >> bret: democrat, dianne feinstein, and ruggersburger as engaged as you are? >> absolutely. dianne is as furious as she could be. >> bret: i want to ask about another topic we haven't spent a lot of time on.
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swatting. that is basically -- well, explain it and why it's a problem. you have sent a letter to eric holder. >> what has happened in three instances we know about, in three different part of the country, it happens that the conservative bloggers, the conservative news reporters have received calls -- excuse me, the 9/1 911 calls in law enforcement offices have gone out to explain they are the individual blogger themselves. either somebody in their house has been shot, or there is some act of violence taking place. we need you to send your swat teams in right now. what is happening is law enforcement agencies have gone in and when these individuals receive a knock at the door, they open their door thinking it's just some neighbor or whoever, and all of a sudden there are swat teams with helicopters and guns drawn. thank goodness to this point in time, nobody has been hurt.
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but it's a wild and crazy thing. i don't know whether federal laws have been broken or not but it doesn't seem that anyone at the federal level is paying attention to this. we asked the attorney general to look into this. >> bret: thank you for your time. >> good be to be with you. >> bret: u.s. officials tell fox news there are hundreds of hardcore al-qaeda fighters in yesmen representing a consistent and persistent threat. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is significant presence. they tell us the al-qaeda core in pakistan appear to be be on a downward spiral. u.n. envoy kofi annan is said to advise security council to take action against syria to keep it from spiraling out of control. he said the danger of a civil war there is imminent and real. they are condemning for the latest massacre where at least 78 people were killed. syria denies responsibility. this is video taken in a town near homs in central syria
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purport to show shells falling and residents scammabling for cover. leon panetta says his patience with pakistan is running out. the pentagon top man said in an unannounced stop in afghanistan today, pakistan must stop allowing insurgents to cross into that company to go after coalition fighters. >> we cannot continue to tolerate a situation where terrorists, on their side of the board come across. attack our troops, kill our trap and return to safehane in pakistan. we reached the limits of our patience. >> bret: late this afternoon, envoy said panetta's comments were not helpful. a just released fox news poll shows the presidential race is as klos as it can possibly get. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us the republican channeler has overcome president obama in one important -- republican
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challenger overcome president obama in an important category. >> buoyed by winning the may donation race against president obama, romney at a manufacturing plant in st. louis accused the president of breach of faith with the american people over the economy. >> there is something fundamentally wrong when there are over 23 million americans who are unemployed, underemployed or stop looking for work. yet, the president tells us he is doing a great job. i will not be that president of doubt and deception. i will lead us to a better place. [ applaus[ applause ] >> romney and the president are knotted at 43% apiece in the latest fox news poll. romney leads bison on job creation about seven on the economy overall. voters trust romney more to handle taxes, immigration by 7, government spending romney leads by 20. president obama leads by 18 on education, 13 on terrorism and 11 on foreign policy. the attack on romney business
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background show little effect. 32% consider the business experience a good thing. 17% called it bad. 44% it makes no difference. democrats including former president bill clinton distanced themselveses from mr. obama first two attack ads on his business record and character. some call them inaccurate and nauseating. the first ad ignores him altogether for not raising taxes and passing a jobs stimulus proposal dubbed american jobs act by last year. >> paid for by asking wealthiest americans to pay more. congress refuses to act. tell congress we can't wait. >> on money, romney and the rnc raised $8.8 million besting the obama campaign and democratic partity for the first time. they combine for $60 million in may donation. obama held 153 rundraisers. twice the 79 fundraiser former george w. bush held by this
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point in his 2004 re-election bid. >> in newest ad, has some democrats more worried about the evolving message and strategy. romney's surge, money and surge in the polls about the republicans are now more optimistic than ever about election day. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. carl. thank you. the top law enforcement officer in the land gets the third degree. up next, president obama fighting for europe's economic solvency and his own political future. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >> bret: the ripple effect of spain's problems have affected us at home. dow was mixed. second positive adding, up 46.
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s&p 500 was off fraction of the point. nasdaq lost 13. we have fox team coverage on the economy tonight. chief national correspondent jim angle tells us what fed chairman ben bernanke says he can and cannot do. we begin with the chief white house correspondent ed henry on massive debt in europe and concern for the president. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said the debt crisis continues to pose major risk. >> it's affecte affected the u.s. economy acting like a drag on the export. weighing on consumer confidence and pressuring the market and institution. >> troubles across the bond are being honored closely inside the white house. it poses risk to the obama election. biden suggesting while he is confident of victory, he put the crisis in europe on par with the nuclear threat from iran as dangerous to the re-election. saying, "i think we l be beaten if we, are by something happening in the euro zone or
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something happening in the gulf. which could be difficult for us." since then, the debt crisis got more troubling. >> anything bad for the economy is not helpful to the president. at the same time, the fact is the administration has been very active behind the scenes for a long time. urging europe to resolve this. >> top officials say the president is spending an increasing amount of time on the phone with the european leaders. on top of hours he spent hosting the g-8 summit at camp david. pressing them to take action. >> not only is it a big risk he can do almost nothing about it. a difficult situation for a president he has to sit and hope for a change. >> a new play on the slogan hope and change. >> the president has more control over the american economy. though the latest fox news poll shows when asked to rate
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the president team, only 32% say they mostly succeeded creating new jobs. 66% -- 56% say they postally failed. >> unhappiness quotient is high and that is ultimate danger to re-election. >> former president clinton is apologizing tonight for mr. obama to suggest the bush tax cut for the rich should be extended short-term. mr. clinton claiming to say he thought that the tax cuts were expiring before the election. to move forward on budget talks now says he's sorry. >> bret: thank you. let's hear more of bernanke's diagnosis for the ailing u.s. economy and his prescription for recovery. here is chief national correspondent jim angle. >> chairman bernanke made clear that the fed can only do so much to help the struggling economy and laid out needed action congress could take. >> the federal budget must be put on sustainable long-term
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path. >> rapidly rising debt are unsustainable and could promote crisis with severe consequence for the economy. lawmakers said the simultaneous expiration of large tax cut spending cut scheduled if for end of the year could pose significant threat for recovery. >> a situation with cut in spending. >> republican leader in the senate has an answer for that. >> the smart thing to do, the smart play is end uncertainty about the biggest tax increase in history at the end of the year. say we will extent the current tax rate for everyone in the year. during the year, do comprehensive tax reform for all americans. >> president afrees to tax cut in 2010 to avoid damage to economy. he said it created uncertainty to hurt hiring and accepting. republican congressman put hit the way -- >> the businesses i look along main street aren't holding
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back on hiring because they're waiting to learn what the government will do for them. they are holding back because of fear of what the government will do to them. >> they have a competing view, arguing some of the tax cut should be extended. >> we need to continue the sending. you -- spending. you ku not reduce deficit by extending tens of thousands of dollars for tax cut to wealthy. >> bernanke was drawn mr. the in the debate to talk about retiring income tax cut? bernanke would only look at them as whole and said the expiration of all of them would stager the economy. >> adverse effect on growth in the economy would be significant. >> bernanke said the fed will decide whether it needs additional action to boost the economy. if so, what. he made clear congress has at least as big a role as the fed does. faces critical choices. bret? >> more with the panel.
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thank you. the house has voted to repeal tax on medical device makers that is part of the president healthcare law. 37 democrats joined republican in approval. the senate said it would not take up the measure. president threatened to veto it. still ahead, what voters in a crucial stretch of florida are saying about the presidential campaign. up next, the attorney general donneling rhetorical bullets over operation fast -- dodging rhetorical bullets over operation fast and furious. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> attorney general eric holder took plenty of fire today over the failed gun tracking program called "operation fast and furious." chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on eric holder in the hot seat again. >> we produced 7600 -- >> look, i don't want to hear
3:24 pm
about the 7600. >> chairman, i would beg to allow -- >> lady is out of order. >> tempers flared as darrell issa tried to press eric holder on who authorized the gun walking tactics in fast and furious. issa clearly believes holder has been stonewalling. >> we believe we have responded -- >> no, mr. attorney general, you are not a good witness. a good witness answers the question asked. go back again. >> they insist high level justice department documents did not doll ev if n the operation. there were plenty of details but justice department officials said they only read summaries and some say the republican colleagues are trying to embarrass holder and the obama administration. >> operative phrase that comes to mind, bad witness, has been used, is pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
3:25 pm
mr. attorney general, welcome to oz. >> if top level justice officials were not aware, lamar smith wanted to know why. >> why did it take so long for you to learn or others to tell you. >> no one knew about the initial discovery. fast and fure use was mid-level reasonable investigation. >> holder admitted it was flawed in concept and execution. many house republicans are frustrated believing the attorney general has not been forthcoming enough. issa and others threatened to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress, that john boehner did not rule out today. >> it's clear from the evidence laid out, that someone at the department, either knew or should have known what was happening with regard to fast and furious. pew those people need to be held accountable. >> this creates awkward situation for boehner and g.o.p. leaders who see contempt as a last resort.
3:26 pm
republican judicial member fomer suggested later today the house leaders don't greenlight contempt, it might be time for new leadership. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. senate republicans are accusing senate republica democs trying to intimidate the supreme court on ruling on the healthcare law. 56% of people surveyed by fox news says the president has been trying to pressure justices. court decision expected by the end of the term on june 25. more than 2,000 former professionable football players are -- professional football players are joining forces to sue n.f.l. for head injuries. the action brings together more than 80 lawsuits filed previously. the plaintiffs contend the league deliberately audfrently concealed risk of brian injury. the n.f.l. says allegation has no merit. >> no grapevine to bring you more politics including the visit to o.c. florida o.c. to see what the
3:27 pm
folks there are saying about the presidential race.
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with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> bret: we continue to listen to voters and visit counties that count. tonight, my colleague bill hemmer is in the o.c. not california. this is in florida. economically devastated area that could have a lot of say about who is president next year. >> going to take an awful long time to come back. >> marquees were nearly wiped
3:31 pm
out by the reception. their granite business left for dead when they were forced to start over. >> there is no vacations. there is no enjoyment. >> none of the extra things we used to have. >> we used to go fishing, boating. that is all gone. we just work seven days a week. that is our life. >> company that once employed up 40 people today have six. and the marquees are not alon alone. few states have been slammed more by the real estate bust than the state of florida. few counties in the state felt that pain more than people of orange county. five years ago, this market was a boom down for middle class americans but that was then. >> the rittercam bought the home in 2003. it's now worth half the value. >> when it went down it's like we've been renting for seven years because we don't own hardly any of the house. >> they worry about their future and their 9-year-old son tyler. >> will we have anything?
3:32 pm
will we have a house we own? social security. will we be working until we die because we can't retire? >> litterkamp say they will vote for change in november. that means mitt romney. orange county is cut in half by interstate 4. also known as the i-4 corrido corridor. it includes 14 counties. 4% of florida's registered voters live along the i-4 corridor. people here are known to be swing voters. they tend to vote on the economy. >> mary husband lost his job in january. they haven't made a mortgage payment in two months. >> we may lose our home. that is embarrassing. the american dream now is putting food on the table. getting through day by day.
3:33 pm
month to month figure out how it will work out. >> today, she is leaning toward president obama. >> four years ago orange county voters went big for barack obama. in the two national elections prior, it was dead even. 50/50 split. winning this time will depend on how people feel about the money in their pocket. but there are signs of a comeback. a home builder's company, sales were up since a year ago. you were on rock bottom. you were on the floor. now there is a bounce off the floor. accurate? >> feeling the bounce. we feel each month we get a little better. but we are also rock bottom now. >> marty vaughn has been real estate broker for 15 years. she showed us a street that is in trouble. how many years will it take to get back to normal? >> wow.
3:34 pm
>> i couldn't even imagine how many years. five to ten years. >> there are 12 homes on the street. three are owned by banks. two are short sales. six are empty lots. >> give me the good news here. >> well, the good news is we are making a turn. we're getting away from the distress sales and getting more traditional sales. the investment market is really good. >> yet, ernie marquee who worries for his teenage son is not convinced fully better days are ahead. >> i hope it's better for him. i hope he doesn't experience what we experienceed. we live in america. we think we'll do great some day. >> he hasn't decide who had will get his vote. if a candidate wants to win florida, orange county might tell them an awful lot. in orlando, bill hemmer fox news. >> republicans and democrats agree that interest rates should remain low on student loans but how to pay for that is a real problem. president obama pushed for
3:35 pm
action today during a campaign rally in las vegas. but republicans called on him to cancel the trip a work with them on finding a solution. >> the number one congress should do for you, unlv, right now is to stop interest rates on student loans from tunneling at the end of the month. >> all the president has to do is open his mail. adegree to one of the offsets, the spending reductions that he has already advocated himself. we can fix this problem. >> national security leaks intended to make the president look good may be backfiring. we talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. t yr was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it every day, and i love the great taste. [ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong
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when you have the kind of leaks coming out in the last few weeks it put lives in danger. and it infringes upon the ability of the intelligence
3:39 pm
communitybe to do their job. >> this has to stop. when people say they don't want to work with the united states because they can't trust to us keep a secret, that is serious. >> i have been on the committee close to ten years. this is one of the most serious breaches in the last articles i have seenment >> bret: talking about the recent leak leaks in the recent media reports about among other things the virus in iran nuclear program and drones in pakistan, last two people there were democrats. house and senate intelligence committee. what about this? bring in the panel. bill kristol from "weekly standard." kirsten powers for daily beast. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. how serious? where do the investigations lead? >> very serious. democrats saying what senator feinstein and congressman said is striking. the story from the "new york times" correspondent book that the week after the bin laden raid from the white house was
3:40 pm
cheerfully reaping the details the achievement explain the details and compromising certain sources we had. the doctor in pakistan. bob gates, secretary of defense, democratic and republican administrations, professional goes in tom donnelly according to book and no one contradicted it and says i have strategic communications advice for you. he says shut the blank up. that is the secretary of defense saying that to the national security advisor of the president of the united states personally in the white house. how angry do you have to bo b to the damage done to the national security to go in and say that? >> bret: it seems like there is a pushback about a possible independent council. white house saying they don't want that and don't agree with that. these investigations are
3:41 pm
bipartisan. extense i, it seems. >> that is what making ill danieling, it's bipartisan. a couple of democrats today try to downplay it saying this is just typical election year stuff. but it's not. you have senator feinstein enraged saying you make it difficult to work with other countries. you have liberals that criticized him for the fact that the same criticism john mccain made. you are prosecuting people like bradley manning, and sanking leaks that enhance your image. which is it? obama is pursuing the whistle blowers, yet at the same time clearly sancting the leaks or somebody in the administration sanking the leaks to make him look good. >> bret: the white house denies that strongly, obviously, charles. if you look at the latest fox news polls, and on the question of who do you trust to do a better job on --
3:42 pm
against president obama and romney. if you look at the first section, taxes, job creation, immigration and government spending romney has the lead. on the second section, education, foreign policy. terrorism, bringing the u.s. together and fighting special interest. president obama has the lead. on terrorism, it's 47-34. if you look at the polls you wonder why risk that by leaking out if they did, what they did? >> i don't think it in any way undermines the arguement this was possibly i would say likely inspired by the attempt to build up obama as a tough guy. february he has a lead on terrorism. he is way behind on the polls in the economy. which is the dominant issue. if you are worried about how you do in november you are weak on some things an strong others why wouldn't you build a lead in one area you are the hero who killed bin laden?
3:43 pm
i have no doubt this is serious and will become more so because this is not just republicans. this the democrats. i don't once why it took so long. on the night the story, the virus appeared in the sometimes we talked about it here. it was clearly scandalous what was in there. the amount of detail was shocking. >> bret: i had four calls from intel officials both current and out saying this was unbelievable. >> and the story had quotations of people on the record. not just background stuff. obviously, trying to tout the role of themselves. and the president. the president getting advice on theory to make him look like a tormented, courageous leader. it's clear that it helped the president's image. >> we don't have proof, we
3:44 pm
don't have a smoking gun but we have people who are in the oval office with the president. this is what the president said. c'mon, this isn't that far removed. it had, i don't believe the people would be doing this, if it hadn't been sanctions by someone high up in the white house. if the president said it's not classified, it's no longer classified. they can't be prosecuted. that's what you have to remember. >> i think it is very important the point that there are the accounts of conversations in the white house, the president, in the oval office, the president own thinkingbe things he said. very few people in those conversations. these are highly, highly classified programs. the discussions about them would be help in a small group. in the article about the -- the iran leak is a big one in my opinion. talk about bin laden does daniel. poor pakistani doctor in jail. other things but this is the one, this is ongoing. that's what the "new york times" says, ongoing, covert program against our main
3:45 pm
national threat out there. gives a lot of detail on what we have been doing. again, ongoing, highly classified program. you wouldp know about that unless you were at a high level. you wouldp know about the conversations the president had about that or vice president had about that unless you were the very top people. it's not reported as third hand. you know, we heard this. this is what the president or the vice president said. >> bret: when you hearteams saying will, this is how washington works, leaky place. this happened in the bush administration. we heard some things in the counterterrorism operations in those times. what is the response? >> in the bush administration, for a small leak, small issue, the career of scooter libby was ruined, special prosecutor was appointed. for something infinitesimal compared to here. leak about valerie deblame.
3:46 pm
and special prosecutor appointed an it was a vendett vendetta, witch hunt where libby wasn'tvod in leaking. he isn't the one who leaked the story to robert novak. to care it with something like that, i think if the administration tonuals on the special prosecutor it will be something hard to sustain, because you have democrats who know how much damage has been done. >> bret: special prosecutor be appointed? >> in time it will have to be. >> probably. >> i think this administration will try to hang tough and figure no one will have the nervous, congress won't call their bluff. >> bret: next up, head of the fed and politics of the economy.
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
i'm very sorry about what happened yesterday. it was what i thought something had to be done on the fiscal clip before the election. apparently nothing has to be done until the first of the year. so i think we should just stick with the position and negotiate with the republicans. once i realize that nothing had to be done until the first of the year, i supported, i support his position. it supported extenting them last year, but i think his position is the right one a necessary if we are ever going to get a deal. >> bret: former president bill clinton walking back something he said yesterday about extenting all the bush tax cuts, real estate temporarily. that is his answer today. back with the panel. charles? >> i think a concise way to summarize that is it depends what "is" is. i write for a living and i vetted in my day and i edited in lousy copy but i can't make heads or tail of think.
3:51 pm
's unedittable. there is a term raving lunatic, excuse me, psychotic comes in the door. you say he is speaking in the world salad. this is world salad. he is trying to walk back an idea. he contradicted obama on extension of the bush tax cuts and he knows he did. he is not changing his position that i can understand. but he is basically saying i'm sorry. i don't think it washes. i think you could look at him and know he is saying essentially he is doing it with a wink and nod i'm under duress. don't pay attention who i am saying. >> bret: this comes as new polls are outch fox news polls out today. if a vote for president were held today it breaks down with 43%, tied 43%. the difference between may and now. according to our polling. it is plus or minus 3%. then you look at the independents, and it's mitt romney 38%.
3:52 pm
barack obama 34%. your take on the polls? >> this is what i would have predicted would have happened it would tighten up this way. interesting that mark halperin had atory today saying democrats are concerned that obama could possibly lose. which was always obvious he could potentially lose. all the people in obama land and the democrats were living, i don't know if n some other bubble they didn't realize that this would be a tight race. they're starting to realize that. poll like this will reinforce that. the good news in the poll for obama an it's not, not saying amazing news, 55% in april of 2010 thought we were in a recession. versus 41% now. he needs trajectory. people feel we are no longer in a recession. we are in a downturn now so a slight improvement. >> bret: only by 1%. put up number five if you could. the poll that kirsten is talking sabt that 41% say they
3:53 pm
are in a recession. 42% say downturn. 15% say doing okay. >> down from -- >> bret: where it was. >> yeah. >> bret: bill? >> i would love the be a fly on the wall on november 6, election they. in the voting booth. bill clinton votes. i would like to see who bill clinton is really going to vote for in this election. i think he will vote for romney. >> bret: you do? >> well, "a," he thinks romney would be a better president. clinton at the end of a day is a grown whop had a reasonably good economic record. and knows obama is foolish about the economy. "b," president clinton is proud that he took the party to the center, rescued the democratic party from the failure of the preceding decades. obama has taken it back there. he has done some dissing bill clinton. you can listen to obama give speeches for months. last 30 years have been terrible. right wing. inequality. all the failures.
3:54 pm
bill clin top must listen to the speeches and say i was president for eight of those years. the way, in obama's mind it's reagan, bush, parenthesis, clinton bush. bad years i'm the savior. clinton doesn't appreciate that. >> bret: he says in response to questions about that, that is nuts and says if romney was president it would be calamitous, you don't buy that? >> it's shocking but i don't entirely believe that bill clinton is 100% truthful 100% of the time. >> bret: i want to mention fed chair ben bernanke was on capitol hill today said that the crisis in europe, affected the u.s. economy dramatically. calling on european policy makers to take a number of actions. how do you think it fits in the picture of the u.s. economy? >> it helps to explain why there is worry or concern or panic chicago. it isn't only failure of the roll out of campaign. romney is going uno'posed. they understand they are hostage to europe. they can't do a thing about
3:55 pm
it. the reason the markets dropped except for yesterday, dramatic drops the gains of this year, given back is because whereas people thought they were around when they had turned a corner on the europe earlier in the year, it looks as if it is in bad shape. banks in spain on the brink. greece going to have an ethrax have them lead euro zone. if all of this happened, far more likely today meaning the collapse in europe than would have been six months ago. certainly going tooto hurt the u.s. economy and early enough to effect the election. they know there nothing the administration can do. any administration. it's out of our hands. >> bret: even pressuring germany to act more than it is. >> i don't think germany will respond to our pressure. what is our flem are we exemplar to say look how well we did? germany is a success story. not going to jump off the cliff because the president says i need you to help my
3:56 pm
re-election? that won't work. >> bret: that's it for panel. stay tuned to see why it's important to get briefed on what you are reporting. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. recently, students from 31s. countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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>> bret: finally tonight, it's game six of the nba eastern conference final between the boston celtics and miami heat. boston could win the series tonight and go to the finals. one local anchor needed to get briefed about the nba before updating a recent game. she said something happened that had never happened in league history. >> the boss celtics hosting miami heat in boston for game four of the eastern conference finals. i guess the game just ended. it ended in a tie. this is what my producer is telling me -- there you go. there is the score 89-89. went down to the wire. 21 seconds left. ended in a tie. all right. let's move on to professional baseball. >> ended in a tie. >> went down to the wire.


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