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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 8, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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delayed by the slow walk to the finish line. she wine up in court? we are trying to end on a happy note. so, we will have a great weekend. >>shepard: the president says the noble economic mess is not his full. blame europe. not to mention the republicans in congress. the top g.o.p. senator fires back saying the president must be on another planet. we will get into that. we are learning the pentagon has put a stop to free shipments of guns, humvees and other military equipment to police because some of the gear was getting in the wrong hands. plus you can forget the triple crown this year the horse "i'll have another," today, a scratch. jonathan hunt is like at track unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b."
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but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city, president obama using the white house podium today to blame the country's economic problems on someone else, from european leaders in the middle of a crisis to republicans in the middle of congress. the president says the republican's failure to pass his entire jobs bill is keeping americans out of work. >> the recipes that they are proposing are basically the kinds of policies that would add weakness to the economy. would result in further layoffs. >>shepard: he says if lawmakers will not act because it is an election year they "should have to explain to the american people why." speaking of election the g.o.p. presidential candidate governor romney responded in minutes from iowa criticize the president for saying the private sector doing just fine. and the top story with doug on it like on the white house lawn. put this in context.
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>>reporter: what the president said of the priest sector is important. it will be resonating throughout the campaign because it was unequivocal. and it was very much at odds with what the g.o.p. leadership has been saying. here is the president. >> the truth of the matter is we have created as i said 4.3 million jobs over 27 months. over 800,000, just this year alone. the private sector doing fine. report very for republicans that comment was a big fat softball that was hit over the plate. they swung back heart. >> president must be on another planet. you saw the jobs figures on friday. to argue that private sector is in good shape it seems to me is to be disconnected from reality. >>reporter: and governor romney speaking at a rally in iowa was every bit as direct. >> he said the private sector is
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doing fine. is he really that out of touch? i think he is defining what it means to be detached and out of touch with the american people. >>reporter: it is not republican criticism as the euro zone crisis that poses a bigger threat to the re-election prospects. >>shepard: what does he say about the euro zone crisis? >>reporter: a lot. he said that the united states is supportive. he is in constant contact with the leaders of the european union but there is not a lot the united states can do. here is president obama speaking of the crisis. >> ultimately they will have to make a lot of the decisions, so, what we can do is to prod, advise, suggest, but ultimately they have to make the decisions. >>reporter: given the fact the e.u. is our largest trading partner and our fates are
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intertwined, this could set off a domino effect of bankruptcies across the european union that could come back across the atlantic ocean to haunt us very badly. the president keeply aware of that. >>shepard: thank you, doug. and now chris wallace the host of fox news sunday on local fox station. so, not my fault. >>chris: well, first of all, it is one thing that is so entertaining in politics, we have seen it from romney and now we see it from obama to say that the private economy is doing fine. it incent doing fine. >>shepard: but he clarified that. it just crossed on the wires. >>chris: that is what is there. and here he said it in the white house at a news conference but the basic point was he was saying the private sector doing fine but it is the cutbacks in government jobs and i looked at the numbers from may.
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there were 13,000 layoffs from the public sector because with the surplus money running out state and local governments have to lay off. but excluding that the private sector created only 82,000 jobs. just that, half of what was predicted and far less than the 200,000 needed to keep up with population growth. 82,000 private jobs is not "doing fine." >>shepard: no, and i don't think anyone will argue with that. but, one of the points of the president, look, i had a jobs bill out there and the republicans in congress blocked it. >>chris: it is true. they blocked it. they don't agree. and, what he talked about today were more money for infrastructure. more money to hire public workers. and, also, tax breaks to small businesses, so they could hire more people. as i was listening to it i was thinking this is stimulus 2 or stimulus 3. republicans, there is a
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legitimate difference of opinion, republicans do not think stimulus one worked and don't think stimulus two worked and are not about to sign on for stimulus three l is a difference of opinion. they say we have ideas, too, like cutting regulation, cutting taxes. this president will not go for those. >>shepard: more important things, has harvard has a super bowl mvp? >>chris: what is your point? >>shepard: the current super bowl champion mvp is, of course, an ole miss rebel, eli manning, and he is visiting with the president. what are you doing? >>chris: i am in washington talking to you, that may be better. >>shepard: from your perspective. now, ladies and gentleman, the president, giving big love to the new york football giants and the super bowl mvp, eli manning. moments like this in these weird times are nice to have, kind of cool that all the champions from the college and the pros are
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there with the president. at white house. for super eli, just another day at work. >> hello, everybody. >>chris: i can go? >>shepard: no. you are talking over the president, chris. >> the super bowl champion, new york giants. (applause) we have some members of congress, members of my administration, who are here today and rabid giants' fans. i want to also recognize, of course, head coach, and general manager who have built this team into one of the nfl's most outstanding franchises. so we are very proud of them. (applause). >> this is just welcome back for some of you.
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i know. guys have been through this drill before. the last time the giants were here was in 2008. a lot of folks thought that team didn't have a chance to win a super bowl. and they ended up winning with a circus catch in the 4th quarter and mvp performance by eli manning. a come-from-behind win over the patriots. and this all is starting to sound like deja vu all over again. but every season is different. and last year's giants were obviously a special bunch not just because of where they ended up but because of how they got there. every team has to deal with injuries to the players. not many times have to deal with a late hit on the head coach. you saw that. now, the coach reminds everyone he did not go down. that is a tough guy.
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and you can see that toughness reflected in everyone else on this. the giants took a whole bunch of hits but they never went down. they won, they followed a simple motto: finish. finish the place. finish the game. finish the season. after week 15 at 7-7 they knew every game was a playoff game. the players. coaches. staff. owner. they didn't quit. they believed in each other and they won all the way through indianapolis. the night before the super bowl they watched the highlight ream set to "not air tonight," and i don't know about phil collins about a big game i may try that before a big meeting with congress, but it worked. next night, eli manning led the way and earned a 2nd super bowl mvp.
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(applause). >> so i would advice the sportswriters out there the next time especially says he thinks he is an elite quaterback you may want to be quiet. especially wasn't alone, of course. justin got to the quarterback and victor cruz scored. and mario kept defeat in bounds for the biggest catch his life. no one was perfect but everyone did their job. people from new york and new jersey don't just vote for everyone. it is a tough crowd. you have to around their respect. you are never completely respect. you have to earn it on-and-off the field and that is what the giants did from fighting
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childhood obesity to wrapping up left over food for homeless shelter to helping with "make a make-a-wish foundation." >>shepard: great feeling, isn't it, chris wallace? they are making me jump out of this. >>chris: the only question i have: if my washington redskins win the super bowl next year with robert griffin iii will you show the celebration at the white house. >>shepard: we she it every year but if you win pigs will fly and all kinds of weird stuff will happen. >>chris: i look forward to seeing the washington red redskins football team there. >>shepard: hopefully we will live to be 100. >>chris: we are all about wisconsin and the unions and the governor of indiana who has had his own battle with unions and the head of the national
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education association. and a top official of the afl-cio. and the question is: have people had enough with all the deals that public employee unions have? it should be an interesting show. and in any case, hopefully some day harvard will have a have been mvp. >>shepard: they do some things well. hottie toddy, everyone. come on, chris. come on, chris. >>chris: hottie toddy. >>shepard: we are done with chris. new report of shelling in syria. this is ground hog day, secretary of state hillary clinton meets with the man trying and failing repeatedly to stop the regime's murder, the latest on the diplomatic efforts next. and, when news broke that president obama ordered the sophisticated cyber attack that hit iran's nuclear program lawmakers in washington got bent
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>>shepard: the former united nations secretary general kofi annan called the syrian massacre "a reals real challenge." what an unstatement. amateur video showing rocket attacks bombarded the streets of the rebel held neighborhood, in the center of the uprising and the syrian militants were preparing to storm the area from almost every direction. fox cann authenticity of the video but the u.n. reports 10,000 men and women and children have died in the massacre that has stretched on for more than a year. the syrian government blames the violence on armed terrorists and sold secretary of state, hillary clinton met with a man who propose as plan for peace in
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syria this year, the former u.n. secretary kofi annan. it sounds like he didn't really have much good news today. >>reporter: so hillary clinton and he were talking about finding a way to look at possibility alternatives to the current plan, but clinton did not say much. but, annan sounded like he was scratching his head of what more could be done. >> some say the plans could be dead, the problem is the plan or the problem is the implementation. if it is the implementation how do you get that. and if it is the plan, what other options do we have? >>reporter: secretary of state, hillary clinton called for regime change and the united states and britain and france would like more sanctions but russia and china have not cooperated. >>shepard: and there are those in the middle of this, the people doing the fighting indicate they have lost faith in kofi annan. >>reporter: even with u.n. observers on the ground in syria
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the violence and blood shed have only gotten worse, syrian activists say 17 more people were killed today. government forces continue shelling civilians and women and children are being called in many of the attacks and for those who have been suffering through a year of violence, they are saying much more needs to be done to stop it. >> it is obvious that not even 1 percent of annan's conditions were met and the tension and attack and killings have increased. in short, mass destruction continues with all atrocity. this shows us that the annan plan has failed. >> the red cross described the situation as "extremely tense and civilians are finding it much more difficult to obtain food and medicine." >>shepard: thank you, mike, from washington. and now, to former standpoint spokesman, a former senior director for public affairs, the united states national security council. nice to see you.
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annan says we cannot let this happen and if it become as daily routine there will be all out civil war. so, what do you do? >>guest: well, in fairness, he has only effective as the countries involved in the conflict or the security council members allow him to be. and right now you have a fundamental split in the security council, the united states and countries want to do more. russia and china want to do less. as long as that split remains, there is a limit to what the national security can or will do. >>shepard: but john mccain and others suggest we arm the rebels. a nod to afghanistan could suggest to some that could be a losing proposition. >>guest: well, i would way look at libya, for example, where libya was awash in weapons and now just this week a militia group took over temporarily the
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tripoli international airport and you have had weapons spilling out of libya and that destabilized somalia and the neighborhood to the extent now you have rebel forces, some of them on the side of al qaeda who control territories the side of france. so, it is one thing to say am the opposition. but unlike libya which had a real opposition, they held territory, and they presented themselves as a viable alternative to libya the syrian opposition is not there. it could get there overtime and one thing hillary clinton talked about to the international community in turkey this week was trying to find ways to make the opposition more effective but trying to figure out who the opposition is, who they get weapons to what effect and what happens to the weapons if they are successful, those are hard prop sessions to work there. >>shepard: it sounds like we don't know much about this rebel opposition group or about its leadership or the structure thereof. and i guess there are concerns that if you arm them things could get worse. >>guest: you have to understand this is a proxy
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battle going on under the surface. you have the peaceful protests that start off peacefully 16 months ago and now are on the verge several war. but, under the surface you have a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran. you have opposition but they are not necessarily unified. and so this is something that makes it far more difficult to work through not for the international community or the united states, to pick the winners ands therers which is why you have to wait for the right kind of conditions to evolve. annan said you may have the right plan but you don't have the conditions to make the land effective. >>shepard: tough predicament. thank you from washington. well, now, the pentagon. it says they have a program that sending military equipment to local police --s for free or reduced prices such as him sprees and guns. but, now part of that program is getting the brakes put on it
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because what law enforcement agencies doing with the equipment. wait until you hear this.
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>>shepard: just in to fox news channel. i mentioned during a segment with chris wallace the president made comments about the private sector economy. he went back and clarified them. in fairness we will listen to the clarification. >> the economy needs to be strengthened. that is why i had a press conference. i believe there are a lot of americans who are hurting right now. that is what i have been saying for the last year. two years. three years. what i have been saying since i came into office. the question then is: what are we going to do about it in and
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one of the things people get frustrate ised about instead of talking about what would help, get wrapped up in these political games. that's what we need to put an an end to. the key is, for folks, what i am interested in hearing from congress and mr. romney, is what steps are they willing to take right now that will make an actual difference? and, so far, all we have heard, are additional tax cuts to the folks who are doing fine. opposed to taking steps that would help deal with the weakness in the economy and the growth of the economic growth. >>shepard: a clarification from the white house on what is an obvious thing, the economy is not doing that great. we have high unemployment and people do not have jobs. a mess if europe. and maybe just go to bed. the feds are answering to new reports that police have let deadly weapons into the wrong
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hands. the pentagon reports they are halting part of a $1 billion, rather, a multibillion dollar program that gives surplus military equipment to police officers at reduce prices or free of charge. this year two reports surfaced claiming that some officials in law enforcement "gamed" the system. the defense department hands out surplus military stuff from air conditioning to toilet paper to guns and humvees and helicopters and the pentagon tells fox it will not restart shipments of weapons unless and until state officials can account for all of them. one sheriff in central arizona reportedly handed out some of the weapons to and i quote, "nonpolice agencies and was planning to sell other gear." but that sheriff calls the report "inaccurate." and now to the legal panel, former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. i would like some guns. if they are giving away guns. >>arthur: if this is true they are selling them.
12:28 pm
selling the guns. when the united states america graciously gives grain or rice to countries with starving people, if we find out they are actually taking the rice and selling them to another country. >>shepard: which they often do. >>arthur: that is wrong. so, finally someone in the government said, let's see what they are doing with the humvees and the toilet paper and when they looked into it in the state of arizona they found out they are giving them to watch groups, and not the official law enforcement agencies and if this is true they are selling them, that flies in the face of the purpose of what this is about. >>randy: get to what going on here this is all about politics. you have a sheriff. this guy from pinal county. >>shepard: he has his own set of issues. >>randy: she very, very good taking advantage of the military surplus program, where he gets the stuff on the cheap or free and what does he do with it? he sells or gives the trucks to
12:29 pm
fire departments. to ambulance companies. so, they benefit. and he benefits by boosting up his budget, so he can better senator the neighborhood so the arizona republic decides to turn this into what very well could be viewed as a political witch hunt. >>arthur: there is a document i am sure like this thick that talks about this program and what you can and can't do. and these are the guys who slap the cuffs on us when we double park or we smoke a marijuana cigarette in public. so they are the ones who are supposed to look at this 1" thick manual with the law that even the lawyers cannot understand. >>shepard: they have not read it. >>arthur: whether you give the equipment to the fire department with or without approval. >>randy: so, let people die when they have heart attacks. >>arthur: i didn't hear about anyone dying. >>shepard: you got handcuffed for double parking? >>arthur: you have the wrong
12:30 pm
conversation --. you could get handcuffed immediately. you cannot even look the wrong way at a traffic agent, they get on 9-1-1, in questions asked. >>shepard: i have found among the finest people on earth are traffic agents, public servants of the highest order and you would disparage them. >>arthur: i apologize. >>randy: i don't want to sit next to you. why do you call him randy? >>shepard: he said something so stupid i thought it was you. >>arthur: whoa. >>shepard: president obama called accusations that the white house leaked national security leaks is "offensive," and some lawmakers are pushing for an independent investigation but it is not happening. hello? political season. that's all this is! wake up, people. plus, health officials are searching if the source of a
12:31 pm
deadly e. coli outbreak. this is not political. they have already confirmed more than a dozen cases across six states. we will talk to an expert. the bottom the hour and we will hit the top of the news. in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. . [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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12:35 pm
classified national security information is office againstive. >>shepard: that includes details of the foiled underwear bomb plot, a terrorist kill list and cyber warfare against iran. some republicans claiming that leaks are meant to benefit the president politically, and lawmakers on both sides say they could also put american lives in danger. and now, catherine is live in washington. what is the reaction to the president's remarks in they didn't really have any information the white house mile have leaked but it sounds like someone babbling, right? we are getting more details. john mccain responded to the president calling if a special prosecutor because he says that the evidence points to the white house "the journalist identified the sources for the articles as administration officials, aid to thees to the president would were in
12:36 pm
the white house situation room during key discussions. the president was pressed on the source of the national security leaks and insists that investigators should look beyond the white house as for the issue of a special prosecutor, president obama is insisting that the f.b.i. is sufficient for now. >> we have mechanisms in place where if we can root out folks who have located, they will suffer consequences. some cases it is criminal, these are criminal acts when they release information like this. and, we will conduct thorough investigations as we have in the past. but the key for now you have the bipartisan leadership of the house and senate intelligence committees and they are not calling publicly for the special prosecutor but i understand at least one member is still considering his options. >>shepard: imagine how perfect the world could be if we could govern as well as we investigate. how many visions are there? >>reporter: this took a lot of work to nail down and i have
12:37 pm
confirmed three investigations on thursday, we had the high level brief ensure open the hill by the f.b.i. director mueller. and the bureau is investigating classified leaks on yemen bond plot and leaks on the nuclear virus that hurt iran's nuclear program. and the new device that uses nonmetal explosions. and we asked the head of the intelligence committee said that there was at least one instance where they pushed to expand the information released to rotters and we asked them who "they" were. >> the senior officials in the executive tip branch who would have access to very sensitive information so that was disturbing. and, so that is why i think you saw a bipartisan effort to come out and say, well, this is dangerous stuff. this is about crimesening
12:38 pm
committed that will stop operations today, put someone's life in danger, and, possibly, interchange with future operations in the defense of the united states. that is a huge problem. >> we have at least three leak investigations. two by the file. the inquiry by the congressional committee. and we have this bipartisan punish to try and craft legislation that will prevent leaks in the future. so we are all offer it. >>shepard: that would be joyous. nice to see you catherine. >>shepard: federal health officials trying to crackdown open the surface of a deadly train of. cold spreading across several southern states. they say it killed a toddler in louisiana last week and officials at the centers for disease control have confirmed 13 other cases across five other states. most of the cases in georgia where the cdc is elected and others reported in alabama, california, florida and tennessee. officials say this strain produced the deadly toxin that can damage the kidneys.
12:39 pm
so for investigators have not been able to trace the strain to a particular source like food and now, an expert on infectious disease and chair of the department of preventive maintenance at vanderbilt. good to see you. >>guest: good to be with you. >>shepard: we hear a lot of e. coli talk but when kids diet is serious. >>guest: it surely is and this is clearly an outbreak. and it is getting the full court press both from the centers for disease control and all the state health departments to fine the cause just as quickly as possible. and to cut it off so we do not get anymore cases. >>shepard: it is a big world across six states how do you begin the process? >>guest: the cdc coordinates and all the folks in the public health department in those states work together, interview the cases, interview other people who are close to them, who didn't get sick, and try to compare what it is they ate or didn't eat to give them a clue of what the source is because it
12:40 pm
is more likely than not something they ate. >>shepard: and it is something that the kids have been eating, obviously, so if you are a mom or dad in one of those states, what should you do? >>guest: well, a couple of things. one, wash your hands. barbecue and grill the hand burgers all way through. and, then, should there be diarrhea go to the doctor and get it checked out and remind them of this outbreak and ask for culture. a stool culture can help. >>shepard: and don't panic. doctor, thank you from vandy. thank you. after winning the kentucky derby and the preakness, "i'll have another," is done. and a lot of people are talking about a possible triple crown but it will not happen. the horse is out and will not race. again. why in the world is that? what a bust for the belmont.
12:41 pm
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>>shepard: "i'll have another," is out of the running so the champion horse that won the kentucky derby and preakness will lose its shot at triple crown. the trainer said he has a swollen tendon and will have to retire from racing altogether. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is live at belmont this afternoon. man, oh man, that must be one of the sad of the places in the whole state. >>jonathan: so many people, so disapinned. it was a real feeling among many that this was a real chance of matching the defeat last year achieved in 1978 in winning the triple crown and they have not said much this week, those close to the horse itself, were also quietly confident. listen, now, to the snuck
12:45 pm
earlier. >> i thought he was going to run off and, tomorrow, and show something, so, we all a bit shocked but we have to do what is best for the horse and if he cannot compete at the top level, you know, he has done enough. >>jonathan: hard to argue with the idea that "i'll have another," has done another but millions of fans across this country really wanted to see him do just that and a little bit more tomorrow will not happen tomorrow. >>shepard: and retire completely? >>jonathan: yes, those would look after "i'll have another," say this was the possibility he could come back and race again but, frankly put, it simply wasn't worth the risk. his trainer talks. >> give him three to six months and start back, but, obviously, he has done so much, that it was unanimous between the owners and my brother and i and everyone at
12:46 pm
the barn to retire him and it is bummer, but, again, far from tragic, but, it is very disappointing. >>jonathan: very disappointing, an undersame, will probably head home according to his trainer, sunday or monday. this has been a big blow forren who has a -- a big employee for racing and now more will watch portugal beat germany in the soccer championship. >>shepard: you insane. >>jonathan: portugal will beat germany. bet on that. >>shepard: what is it, something, something, one world cup? >>jonathan: two world wars and one world cup. >>shepard: that is all england has. >>jonathan: it will be two world wars and two world cups in 2014. >>shepard: in a parallel universe. perfect activity at belmont,
12:47 pm
something everyone will watch and now no one will care. as for the horse, we will bring in the associate editor at "sports illustrated," this horse was going to have to run around in second kills and now he gets to hang out with the ladies. i think he wins. >>guest: actually, he, first year stallions get $15,000 to $20,000 because he won the kentucky derby and president barack obama if he will get $25,000 per cover for the first year and he will cover. >>shepard: "per cover." >>guest: i will let you figure that out. >>shepard: so what you do is you bring your filly in and you give them $30,000. >>guest: yes, the owner gets the money and of course, he gets a full buck 120 to 140heirs a year. >>shepard: a lost work. this is pretty much how it goes,
12:48 pm
right, no more glue factory action. >>guest: with a horse like "i'll have another," he will retire and live the life. >>shepard: and i cannot imagine what an enormous disappointment this must be because the chances come along so rarely. >>guest: disappointed, deflated, bummed, those are the words coming from belmont. it has been 34 years since a triple crown winner. 11 have tried. 11 have failed. it is not just that it has been so long but we have become so close to getting a triple crown winner. "real quiet," lost by a nose and stuff like this that makes the triple queen -- crown so special. >>shepard: well if i am the owner i will have another and another and another and drown the sorrows. >>guest: he will be at belmont and watch, and "i'll have another," will lead the horses,
12:49 pm
other belmont mores to the track at post parade, so, fans will be able to see him tomorrow. >>shepard: good to see you. thanks. a former ups driver says gang members were targeting him. the ups driver. the reason was he watched the gang members execute someone while he was doing what they do saying ups refused to give him a ramp and now he believes they are coming after. he is suing. what's the matter? uh, trouble with a cainsurance claim. ah, claim trouble. [ voice of dennis ] you should just switch to allstate, and get their new claim satisfaction guarantee. hey, he's right, man. [ voice of dennis ] only allstate puts their money where their mouth is. yep. [ voice of dennis ] claim service so good, it's guaranteed. [ normal voice ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that is one dumb dude.
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>>shepard: eight minute before the hour. a former ups driver says he was front and center to a gang shooting on the job and even held the dying victim if his hands. he says that put a target open his back.
12:53 pm
despite the threat the ups would not let him change the route so he sued the former bosses and the ups driver says the gang members were clearly "after him." they approached his colleague to ask about his whereabouts. doctors diagnosed him with post traumatic stress disorder and he took disability leave and said ups quit communicating with him altogether and when he found a new job he had to take a big pay cut. a spokeswoman has not seen the lawsuit but claims the workers' safety is paramount. arthur and randy, the legal panel is back. he is there as the shooting happens but the gang members feared he might be able to tell who they are. so he is worried he is a marked man. >>arthur: when you sign up for ups, maybe you worry about a dog fighting but you are not usually in the middle of a firefight. he was. he administered aid and watched
12:54 pm
the guy die and he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and he told from the other ups guys, the guys are looking for me, where do you work in do you think they want to bring him flowers? he asked for a change and they say month and he gets a letter from the doctor he has post traumatic stress disorder he needs to be away from the scene. and now randy will tell us why ups is right. >>randy: well, look at the hallmark of post traumatic stress syndrome. i can't do my job. and there are physical manifestations that go along with it. for example, there are certain chemicals that in the urine that are up-and-down, if you really have ptsd it shows up not urine, your frontal lobe --. >>shepard: you watched a gang member kill someone.
12:55 pm
>>randy: but ptsd is that you cannot do your job. >>arthur: with not just send the guy to another spot. >>randy: because there is a union. you did not just sue. >>shepard: what do you do, let the gang come and kill you? they are willing to kill. >>randy: get a job someplace else. >>shepard: there are tons of jobs out there, right now. he asked to be transfer. and he got a note from the doctor. >>arthur: the guy is not a police officer or fireman who is trained or a military guy he is delivering boxes and is in the middle of a shootout. the guy is dying in his arms. give the guy a break. >>shepard: you can transfer me. neil cavuto is here in a minute. hang on.
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: a pair of star crossed lovers in oregon would not be kept apart. now, one is facing a trespassing charge. after hiding in a big, big, suitcase. the woman got if trouble with the management at her boyfriend's apartment complex after she broke a fire extinguisher. the management banned her from the property. for months after, employees notice the boyfriend pulling a pink suitcase if on wheels. on monday someone called police to report a kidnapping. a man put a woman inside a pink suitcase and hauled her into the apartment. officers investigated and the girlfriend explained she was inside the luggage trying to be near her sweetheart. that is really stupid. >>arthur: beautiful.


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