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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  June 10, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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sugarcane. ♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> good morning, everyone, sunday, june 10th, i'm alisyn camerota, an extreme weather alert for you, dry heat fueling an 8,000 acre wildfire in colorado. structures destroyed an unknown number of people missing and officials saying that it's zero percent contained this morning. plus, heavy rains are battering the west coast. rick reichmuth is here in the weather center for us straight ahead. >> dave: investigation into the alleged white house leaks drawing fresh criticism and new concerns that they could go far beyond the oval office, just how far could the leaks go and could it impact president obama's chances of
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reelection. >> plus, regulation nation, forget that super sized soda ban, is a fat tax the key to fighting obesity. that's what some are saying, do we need either of them. we report, you decide. where is my coke. >> dave: on the way. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, breaking news for you right now. we want to get right to the fox news alert. we are getting brand new reports of a deadly shooting at an apartment complex near the campus of auburn university in alabama. at least two people were killed and several others reportedly fighting for their lives at this hour. one local paper reports some of the victims may have been members of the auburn university football team although police are not confirming this information at this hour.
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we to it happened at a party overnight and shooter or shooters could still be on the run. and we will keep you updated as this develops. >> clayton: the latest on as well. we will have much more on that story and extreme weather out there, too. >> dave: yeah, an extreme weather alert out of my home state of colorado, a raging wildfire fueled by high wind and hot temperatures, forcing scores of evaluations. so far burned more than 8,000 acres and damaged at least ten structures although officials nor sure if they're homes or other kind of buildings at this point. at this time it's believed several people might be as well. >> clayton: and flooding in parts of alabama and florida in mobile county, alabama severe storms leaving cars totally submerged in water and roadways inundated with waters making them impassable. drivers told to stay home to work on the flooding. >> alisyn: and people are taking to canoes, as you can
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see to get around. and up to 30 inches of rain expected by the end of the weekend and several drivers stranded of course by heavy rains and having to be rescued. thank goodness rick reichmuth is here, telling us what can go around the country. crazy to get that kind of rain when it's not a tropical system. you think a hurricane or a tropical storm, that's not what this is. 13.13 inches in pensacola, florida, yesterday. and following a 24 hour period and actually just yesterday and that's the second most they've had of any day and when you think of the tropical storms, and not just physical. mobile got there and a few isolated spots that got 18 inches of rain just yesterday and the problem, it's not done. a lot of rain moving in over the next three to four days and so the pattern continues with us and unfortunately, for a lot of places, we're going to see significant rain falling again, places like pensacola, another five inches
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of rain falling in the next couple of days, i think the worst that we saw the heavy downpours, at one point. over three and a half inches an hour in pensacola. that is too much for it to handle. five inches not necessarily so much, but because the ground is so saturated now, that rain immediately causes additional flooding concerns and we'll see it pull farther to the north, georgia and carolinas, and that's good. where a lot of the worst drought is going on and wipes an a lot of that drought off. which is good. right here along the gulf, major, major problems with that. looking similar to the the way it did yesterday and that's kind of the problem and that means it's raining kind of exactly where it was raining yesterday. and those are heavy rain showers, areas from around new orleans, over towards about panama city, and that's kind of the bulls eye where it was yesterday. a couple of other spots, the northeast looks like yesterday, clouds and rain showers where you were yesterday, likely you're going to see it again, and if you saw sunshine, you're more
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going to be seeing sunshine. across the west, guys, the fire you're talking about, in colorado, that was a very windy day as the cold front moved through and that helps the firefighters, certainly, and with the new fire and conditions very, very dry, they're going to have problems. the severe storms those will be problems. >> dave: rick, always a problem in colorado, so little rainfall there, and certainly need more. >> alisyn: we have more news making headlines, a scary moments for a passengers on u.s. airways flight charlotte to los angeles as many man tried to bum rush the cockpit and witnesses say he flew into that rage after flight attendants refused to serve him alcohol apparently because he was already too drunk. he carried a lighter and screaming and they subdued him until the plane is landed. the man is not identified. 29 years old and authorities
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deciding whether to press charges. another country now asking europe to save failing banks. spain announcing the deal. the bailout up for 125 billion dollars, and spain is the largest country seeking help, the deal after pressure from the white house and international investors. europe's growing economic crisis is expected for countries around the world and ben bernanke warning it could have major results for our economy. dave with the horse race joost no chance of a triple crown at the 144th belmont stakes after "i'll have another" was forced to drop out. plenty of excitement with a fantastic photo finish. >> and union rags, fighting. painter, union rags has got him. and union rags in the belmont stakes!. >> dave: wow, what a finish. can't believe they laid room
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for union rags to run the rail there. the three-year-old union rags edging past painter, thanks to a slim opening, too big on the rail. and union rags skipped the preakness to focus on belmont and the john havevalasqeea's second win there. and triple crown for second place. rarely see that. he led all three races with the horses and only to come up short in the end. >> clayton: that's the sport of king, again what is the sport of politics? >> wow, you've stumped me there, i've got the nothing. >> alisyn: a sport-- >> i guess a problem. try to figure it out. i figured you'd have one, i don't have one. it's been a tough week for the world of politics and tough for the leads this have country and more about this
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leak controversy, attorney general eric holder, appointing two u.s. attorneys to lead the investigation to go into this and questions from republicans as to whether or not this is a politicized move. why didn't they appoint an outside special prosecutor the way that president george w. bush did with the valerie plame leak investigation. and representative lamar smith on fox news says he's worried that this may get pushed until after the election, take a listen. >> this ag is so politicized in his office, it makes you wonder if these individuals aren't going to be, you know, pushed to delay the report until after the election, whatever it might be. we can't take the president's world for it and that's why we have the investigation. >> alisyn: and lanny davis was on, yesterday and says it's not partisan, every single white house does have leaks and republicans and democrats and said something interesting on huckabee, he himself did it and what he called himself when he was leaked to the
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media. >> it's not a partisan issue. democrats and republicans are patriots and this information endangering live sources and methods is serious, but it's not a defense, but it's a fact that everybody does it and nobody should do it. but when you use the expression administration officials, governor, i know having used that expression to camouflage myself as a leaker, when i was doing political placements for stories that i wanted to be sure were published before they were national televised hearings about the campaign finance allegations, i would call myself an administration official or a senior official, without reference to the white house. so, these people could be spread throughout the government. >> dave: now, if it's been done before and we acknowledge that he says, that it has, never to this extent. how many times have we sat here and staggered by the details that come out and particularly mundane news story what our navy seals are
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up to and that it was seal team six that did a certain thing. that we had a double agent with al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the details of the operation are staggering. >> alisyn: and we're talking the national security details. >> dave: absolutely, 100%. >> alisyn: and what lanny was talking about, a political placement when you wanted good press on an upcoming policy change. and yesterday attorney general schaeffer said had endangered lives and had actually resulted in some deaths. >> this goes at least to the national security level and it we're talking about senior officials and i recent we need more polygraphs. these are coming from intent againintent-- let me be very, very clear here. people have died. they may not be american people, but al-qaeda, once the
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information leaked how the underwear bomber was discovered, they purged their ranks. by doing that, dave, we have now left ourselves open in ways we have not been open since before 9/11. let me be clear, people have died here. >> dave: it's not just that, it's changed the war on terror moving forward. you need people to spy for you and if they feel they're going to be outed by your press, no one will spy for you, and provide that type of information going forward. >> clayton: you're referring of course to the double agent who managed to-- >> the doctor in pakistan. >> clayton: right, absolutely right. much more on that coming up throughout the show and of course great stuff on fox news sunday this morning and chris wallace will catch that later, too, on the leak investigation and otherwise, also to this fou we have been talking about it here on the show for a while, which is the bain attack ads that the obama campaign has been rolling out. whether or not they're effective and two weeks ago, cory booker, the mayor of newark, new jersey.
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slammed those attacks and said they made him nauseated and a number of top democrats came out and said he didn't think it was a smart line of attack. now, the guy responsible, basically for putting out the ads, bill burton a former white house deputy press secretary who left and runs a super pac now, sent out memo yesterday, guys, you know what, they are he' working. >> alisyn: he says they're going to continue for whoever reason, whatever research they have, the super pac, supports the president, believes it resonates with voters. burton says criticism of romney's business records may not resonate with elites, its with the voters who will decide this election. and made the supposed private sector job experience, and qualifications for the president without explaining time as a corporate buyout ceo prepares him to represent all americans or create jobs.
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>> and then purple strategies, they found that 47% of people think that private equity hurts workers, 38% say it helps the economy. >> clayton: right. >> dave: it's not that black and white. there's a kernel of truth to both. and in some cases it does hurt workers, but in most cases it helps the economy. that poll is oversimplyfied. i think you need to be a little more clear and honest about what private equity-- >> that poll and maybe the focus group. he's referring to the focus group and basically saying that they've-- they think that bain capital is tied to the very institutions that are not in the best interest of the middle class. maybe that kernel of truth bubbles past the sentiment and bill burton sees something in the focus group, now what? maybe we're on to something here. >> alisyn: yesterday on "fox & friends" we had a colleague of mitt romney, a former colleague on talking about how private equity works and how mitt romney was as a leader there and he expelled the
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notion that they're just corporate raiders. >> it's just laughable. if i'd gone into an investment of credit committee meeting and said we're going to strip this company in a matter of years and i would have been laughed out of the room. business is so much more complex. the steps we have to take to make a company stronger, more competitive. grow it faster, it took many years to implement that. the idea it was short-term is laughable and i could tell you mitt was almost exclusively long-term. he's not as practiced as some people are at giving speeches and saw him in public i saw him around the table trying to solve really difficult problems. >> dave: to me, the insightful part, someone who knows mitt romney as a businessman and leader. and nice to hear--
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>> i hear in what bill burton is saying is slight nuance, a slight shift in ago after bain. and basically what he's saying now, how is that relevant to being president? how is anything you did in the private sector, running a private equity company, how is that going to help you run a big bloated bureaucracy like the federal government with all of its entitlements, you're going to have to be president for both sides. i hear that. >> dave: and thread that needle. but mitt romney hasn't done that is your point. you can thread that needle. a way to say this is why it helps to be president. and they haven't necessarily made that. >> clayton: or the point is going to shift to his time as governor of massachusetts. >> alisyn: more relevant. >> clayton: and i mention priorities usa, who put out the ads, spent 7 million dollars to go after bain capital, it doesn't look like it's going to stop. >> alisyn: and meantime, let's talk about one of your favorite subjects, sugary soda, dave.
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the best way to get people to stop drinking those like dave is in-- >> there's no sugar in here. >> alisyn: and what's the answer. and what michael bloomberg did, banning all 16 ounces over, sugary drinks, or something that richmond, california was suggesting and that they might do, put a big tax on all sugary drinks. >> clayton: a big tax on sugary drinks with the idea of having had a fat tax, is one third of america is now obese and all science now points that this is going to up 40% in five to section years and 6 6 60% in ten years. should there be a fat tax in general, or just focusing on drinks. that's the argument that coke is it making. why are you singling out one of us or one part of industry. >> dave: and one said tax 20%.
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and coke says the consumption of sugary drinks has been decreasing steadily the past couple of years. and what about personal responsibility and people deciding what is good for them and what is bad for them. >> clayton: that's the question, because they don't. >> alisyn: people can't be trusted and that's the problem. >> dave: that's the american way. >> alisyn: yes, a great ideal, perhaps to trust people to always make the right health, nutritious decisions and turns out because so many of us are obese and because the health care costs spread to you. >> dave: you can't tax your way to better behavior. >> alisyn: they say the study in the british medical journal, in fact when you add that onerous tax. >> clayton: look at smoking. >> dave: that's not what it said, it said, if, if you parent with a providing for healthy food, not alone, if you pair it. >> clayton: and that's exactly what they did with smoking. >> dave: subsidizing hl think food. we're not only going to tax
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unhealthy food, but subsidize. >> clayton: why are we doing it now, why are we subsidizing unhealthy food now? the argument from subsidizing certain industries and picking winners and losing and why are we subsidizing ethanol and-- >> i know you always come back to that you guys-- >> and have the government provide your food all day long and wake up as there's a platter for you. >> clayton: the argument people just-- if they go to a restaurant and 30 sugary drinks to pick from and not one healthy thing. coke started to get out of the sugary business. >> dave: coke zero. >> clayton: not only coke zero, but coke's names on other sorts of healthy drinks. >> alisyn: like water. >> clayton: they own what dasani water. >> dave: and go two rounds on this one. good thing we have four hours. >> alisyn: yes, let's stay relaxed everyone, and get comfortable. what do you think? a fat tax is a better
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deterrent than banning it. >> don't you have the right to be fat and die when you're 45 years old, too. >> alisyn: you know, you're paying that. you know that there's a-- >> that's the argument. let us know. meanwhile, we've got more energy. are we out of gas yet. >> alisyn: no, still on. >> clayton: the nation's unemployment rate at 8.2% and only 69,000 jobs created last month. economy remains in focus as president obama and mitt romney gear up for november. >> the private sector is doing fi fine. >> for the president of the united states to stand up and say the economy is doing fine it's going to go down in history as an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding, a president who's out of touch. >> dave: although the president later backtracked on that comment. how are his policies impacting america's economic freedom and liberty. >> alisyn: a special guest, let's bring in the reverend,
3:20 am
author of the new book "defending the free market, the moral case for a free economy." nice to see you. great to be with you. >> alisyn: on a sunday morning, so, there is a moral case for capitalism and our type of economy how. >> capitalism is a narrow word. what i'm trying to say, what the free economy is about, more about human beings, human actions and bringing our values to bear, how we create, we're physical and transcendent and spiritual. when we touch the world, we bring out things like oil and turn it into energy, service for other human beings, that's the moral basis of it, although i think the word capitalism as marxist overtones is very narrow. >> dave: and you've evolved on this from the left and some would argue to the right so you're taking politics out of it. >> i'm the not-- >> describe your evolution, what happened. >> in the '70s, like a lot of
3:21 am
people i went crazies and involved with left wing causes and with jane fonda and tom hayden, if there was a sit-in in california i was sitting in. a picket line, i was on it, two or three times, and someone gave me some books and i read them. the redistribution of wealth was not the solution to helping the poor. that is creating more wealth. the pie isn't static, it's not to be cut up and means grow the pie. >> alisyn: what about health reform? >> because then more people, you know, rise. >> rise up. >> rise up, there are more opportunities for work and buy goods and services at less prices, things like that. that's the kind of utilitarian argument, practical argument for the free economy. who is it that has the right to private property. it's the human person has the
3:22 am
right to use his or her creativity and to create wealth. that's what it's all about. the growing of the pie is a representation the of the creation of wealth. and that's-- when i came back to the church after 13 years of being away, should have, no, you shouldn't have heard my first confession. >> alisyn: a long one. >> it shocked the jesuit i gave it to. >> clayton: you make the argument, that the idea of socialized medicine has hurt technology. you have certain hospitals that have certain devices because of innovation, who are in effect stifled now. >> i am. we dp to a store and buy something, what do we do, we look at the quality and take into consideration the recommendations from friends or experience and then consider the price. when you go in to a doctor ace appointment. do you know how much your doctor is going to charge are you for the procedure he's recommending.
3:23 am
can you imagine if the government said, grocery store, go in and the third party will take care of it. won't be steaks or large drink every day. >> alisyn: on the flip side. isn't there a feeling of moral principle that everybody should get access to medical care and not everybody does. >> you're absolutely right. when i'm asked, do you believe in universal health care, i say yes, i believe in it and just so i believe in universal food and clothing. the question isn't whether everybody should have access to these things. the question, who should be providing it and what's the instruments that best provides more of it. and we see in the medical practices, procedures that are not regulated by the government, pet care, for instance, that that's competitive or lasik surgery, that's competitive. those things that are, that are subs died and regulated, they become more expensive and more rare. >> clayton: you can read more about all of this in the book, defending the free market, the moral case for a free economy.
3:24 am
father, great to see you. >> dave: and want to help the poor, start the business. father. >> good to be with you. >> dave: coming up, so much for being a kid. we'll tell you where the sidewalk chalk, yes, sidewalk chalk is being banned. >> alisyn: and one school says this patriotic song, dave's favorite. >> dave: my favorite. >> alisyn: is too offensive. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> wait until you hear this, justin bieber is okay. they're at it again. ♪ baby, baby, baby, oh, thought you'd always be mine ♪ ♪ baby, baby, oh i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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♪ >> ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ >> that was memorial day here on "fox & friends" the great lee greenwood singing his massive hit "god bless the usa". >> alisyn: imagine a group of little kindergarteners singing this at their commencement as they graduate from kindergarten. a group of kindergarteners, having this rousing song and how great the parents would feel until the principal put the kibosh on it because she thinks that that song is too, what. >> clayton: polarizing. >> alisyn: polarizing. >> dave: and also age inappropriate according to the
3:29 am
the department. stars and swipes, ps-90 a local school has this as part of their commencement ceremony and as the school filled with lots of immigrants from all offer the place, including pakistan, including mexico, and ecuador and parents loved when it sang because the parents and kids take pride in the flag and this country and they were told by their principal, no longer, the song can't be part of the commencement ceremony. >> clayton: and five different classes prepared for it, rehearsed it and got it down and replaced with another song that's somehow less polarizing, it's it this song. justin bieber's baby. ♪ like baby, baby, oh, thought you had aalways be mine ♪ >> look at this, this is more appropriate for a five-year-old, they say, than proud to be an american. and this with lyrics are apparently age appropriate.
3:30 am
>> dave: ill a buy you, anything, diamond rings. >> alisyn: don't need no more-- >> dai that dave was saying the lyrics. >> dave: i probably know them, it's probably in my ipod. >> clayton: and the association fending the principals. the lyrics are not age appropriate. >> alisyn: for proud to be america, i mean, it's absurd and this is in coney island, and the principal has been in trouble there before. >> clayton: we should say her name. gretta hawkins. >> dave: when do you that you deserve your name. >> clayton: what's offensive, the other person, adult themes and men and women died and don't want kids talking about that. >> dave: and people quoting her, she said we don't want to offend other cultures when
3:31 am
again a lot of people who are immigrants say that's a song at that gave us pride. >> alisyn: they are he' now part of the american culture and proud to be part of the american culture. we can imagine what you think about this and just for yucks, send us e-mail. >> clayton: i want to see the one justin bieber supporting write us ff weekend on twitter. and we joke off camera and sometimes on camera, odd stories typically come out of florida and dave's home state of colorado. >> dave: it's odd. >> clayton: i don't know what is it is in colorado. >> dave: the high altitude. >> alisyn: you're going to be proud with the latest story. >> dave: i'm not. one out of a neighborhood, stapleton, colorado ironically where my brother lives in denver. a home owners association, a new large neighborhood, they're banned sidewalk chalk, yes, the same stuff you use with your little kids go out
3:32 am
there, color the rainbow or whatever it may be, banned it as distracting and as offensive as well. and so, kids, put away that sidewalk chalk, they he say your driveway there is a shared space. >> a shared space and it's the home owners association, obviously, the type of home owners association at that keeps you from putting a basketball in the driveway and say it's distract, if there are yellow lines on the road to prevent you from going to the ditch and yellow chalk, kids drawing with smiley faces a and-- >> maybe alcohol. >> a rite of passage. >> alisyn: and solved their other problems and now tackling this. they must have no other problems in that utopian town. >> clayton: what if in your town where you live in your neck of the woods, you your daughter who loves the sidewalk chalk.
3:33 am
>> dave: emmerson loves it. >> clayton: what would you do. >> dave: draw as big a sign as i could with a-- well, have to be a polite message i guess my six-year-old can now read. but, look, it's surprising because this particular neighborhood i know so well, you don't move there if you're not kid friendly. almost everyone in the entire neighborhood have kids, all hang out together in the commons, street, they have block parties, so, someone complained about this, someone made this an issue. and it should be required-- >> it's probably like the old woman in desperate the house wives who used to complain about the neighborhood. we have one of those on our street. >> alisyn: let us know what you think about all of those. get to your headlines and tell you what's happening. we have a fox news alert because at least two people are dead and several injured after this shooting at a university heights apartment complex, and near the university in alabama and there are reports that the victims may be members of the school's football team. and police are not confirming that information at this time.
3:34 am
the shooting took place late at night. and right now appears that the shooter or shooters may still be on the run and police will release more details later this morning and we will keep you updated on this unfolding rah tragedy. another story from alabama a manhunt for an accused killer is over this morning, police arrested 22-year-old marcus lee after someone called in a tip. charged with murdering in the shooting deaths of nine-year-old twins and their 73-year-old baby sitter. and the three were last seen sunday when the mother dropped them off. and found her body two days later on the side of a dirt road. how terrible. the new york post reporting that the drone strike that killed the al-qaeda leader this week was so spot on, only destroyed two rooms in the house where he was living. al-libbi reportedly asleep in the pakistani compound when the five foot drone struck at
3:35 am
one thousand miles per hour and he was set for rallying anti-american sentiment videos online. and voters in arizona will head to the polls for a special election to replace gabrielle giffords. make ago rare public appearance last night with her husband at get out the vote event for ron barber, giffords resigned as she continues to cover from the shooting rampage that left six people dead. farber, a former aide to giffords was injured. and guess you could say they got an a-plus, some in nevada having to give back their diplomas, and graduation was misspelled, one too many a's and the printing company redoing the diplomas, no extra charge. generous. and in maryland they received a diploma with one of the r's
3:36 am
missing in the word program. thank goodness we never have typos on this show. never. >> dave: hope they're not on the sports cast. >> clayton: and we won't reverse the charges. >> dave: the third time was the charm for lebron james and game seven, now hope the third time is the charm in the nba finals. the heat surviving a major scare trailing the celtics 3-2 in the eastern conference finals and miami taking care of business at home and they he beat boston 101-88. check that out. and for their second straight trip to the finals, lebron with 31 points in 12 points, and he was a monster in this series. that is lebron's team. likely the last game though for boston's big three, plus, rondo together, likely kevin garnet, probably even ray alline depart the free agency. this is miami's first game seven win since '04. game one of the nba finals tuesday night in oklahoma city against the thunder and it
3:37 am
should be be fantastic. to hockey now, the the devils halfway to improbable comeback in the stanley cup finals denied the kings a cup again winning game five, 2-1. and the go ahead goal, he didn't score all regular season and scored four times in the post season now. and l.a. still looking for one more win, to score their first stanley cup. new jersey looking for two more wins to become the first team in 70 years to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the cup. amazing comeback for jersey. meanwhile, being unlucky in last vegas, nothing out of the ordinary, but many boxing fans likely to tell you at that manny pacquiao wasn't unlucky, he was robbed last night at mgm grand, a shocking decision leading to pacquiao's first loss since 2005. timothy bradley winning the welter weight title and remaining undefeated though pacquiao landed 253 punches to bradley's 159.
3:38 am
pacquiao dominated bradley early, never able to knock him down. the crowd booed the decision and every member of the media said that pacquiao won this fight and reports are even bradley's manager scored the fight 8-4 in favor of pacquiao, it's tough to tell which sport had a tougher weekend, boxing or horse racing not good for either one. boxing has long been said to be rigged, a terrible decision. >> clayton: this will not help the cause. >> dave: there will be a rematch and people will say it's all about the money for the rematch. >> alisyn: stop fighting, just get along. >> clayton: just play bingo together. check with rick reichmuth who was sent outside into the rain. >> hey, guys, not in the rain here, in fact, it's really nice here, at least for the start of the day, i tell what you, big problems across the gulf coast yesterday and thought we'd see inches of rain in pensacola, we saw 13 inches in pensacola some areas saw more than that. maybe another five or so
3:39 am
inches in a few isolated spots. all of those areas right now have flash flood warnings going on-- excuse me, flood warnings in a couple of areas right around mobile and to the north of lake ponchartrain in new orleans, with flash flooding going on at this moment and heavy rain continues across the area and if you can safely send your pictures from here, please do at rick reichmuth, put them on the facebook page or fox and friends website or e-mail as well. move forward and take a look at the temperatures, across the country. still very warm, at least to start the day across the central plains and hopefully, changing conditions todayment and show you the forecast. looking at the northeast, where you saw the rain yesterday, we are going to see a little bit today. kind after stalled out front stretching around syracuse, down to new york city and see some scattered showers and a little bit of clouds from final to time. but, a little bit warmer than yesterday in d.c., getting up to 92. and cleveland 90. down to the the southeast, where the big problems are, all of the very heavy rain
3:40 am
falling across the areas of the central gulf and moving in towards georgia now and north georgia and that rain is welcome, but some spots might receive three to four inches and might cause flooding in across north george ga. the northern plains, the threat for severe weather today. stretching from around areas of minnesota down towards parts of kansas and see hail and winds and maybe a tornado or two, across minnesota and maybe wisconsin and across areas of the west, very cool behind that front and less windy than yesterday and that's good news for the fire that started in colorado yesterday and the other fires that continue to burn across the areas of the west. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. we got some sidewalk chalk in here. >> i heart fox and friends. >> that's so nice. >> clayton: home owners association on fox and friends are going to-- >> roger just called, clean that up. >> alisyn: my point is, there's no problem with that,
3:41 am
it comes right off. okay? >> and your typical, not your typical drive through, one woman plows right through a convenience store in her porsche 9/11 turbo. >> first it was george clooney and now sarah jessica parker and bon jovi on air force one. president obama staying popular with celebrities, but what's with florida. ♪ getting your business from point a to point b can be tricky.
3:42 am
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3:45 am
the largest gathering of girl scouts ever. they're celebrating the organization's 100th anniversary. and a turkish convenience store suddenly turning into a drive through. and a woman crashing through the front window of with the porsche turbo. it was not lindsay lohan, we don't know for sure. fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt and she lost control after confusing the brake and the accelerator. >> dave: someone crashed into my local liquor store, too. >> clayton: it wasn't you, connecticut, sad day. thanks, buddy. and the president's popularity with tinsel town rising, fundraisers with sarah jessica parker, and jet setting on air force one with bon jovi. >> alisyn: does it have ordinary americans thinking what is hollywood's obsession with the president. and joining us now to wear in,
3:46 am
the author of hollywood hypocrites, jason, nice to have you here this morning. >> thank you, alisyn. >> alisyn: i'm sorry, hollywood celebrities support a democratic president, you're shocked? >> no, i don't think we should be shocked, but republicans seem to dismiss celebrity endorsements as those are just dumb celebrities and endorsement doesn't mean much. george clooney's event raised 15 million and two-thirds that have.came from people, ordinary citizens just bidding $3 a pop to dine with their favorite celebrity. obama cannot run on his record, he needs people to make an emotional appeal on his behalf. who better than celebrities, who are best at making emotional appeals for us to see their movies. >> dave: now the rnc is running an ad against this, trying to use it to their advantage to raise money that the president is one of celebrity president and here is some video of that ad. but you say that the republicans should not jumped estimate the appeal and effectiveness, how do they balance it out.
3:47 am
counter act that. >> first of all, yeah, they shouldn't underestimate obama's launch to stardom with hollywood and counter act that showing not even the supporters in hollywood live by the prescriptions. take bon jovi, for instance, going on air force one, going to some mega fundraiser and turns out bon jovi, mega rich we hear about should be paying their fair amount of taxes and turns out that bohn joeive classifies himself as a bee farmer, so he can write off a jaw dropping 98% of his taxes. >> alisyn: what is he farming? >> bee farming, i thought he was a cheesy '80s rocker, but-- >> my fellow of jersey. and he helps the homeless and does things on the side and interesting he found this loophole. why are we susceptible?
3:48 am
i admit that i do sort of take note when a celebrity is endorsing something. why are we so susceptible to what they like? >> we're infatuated with hollywood culture, and way too much political influence. when he meets with the actors and talk energy schemes, they tweet it. and the younger demographic pay attention and go to the fundraisers or events around the country. >> dave: i'm curious, does it make people get out and vote. does it pay off in that capacity. folks, let us know on twitter. does it impact the vote. >> alisyn: there's a wildfire raging out of control in colorado, many people missing this morning, as evacuations are underway there and we will have the latest for you at the top of the hour. >> dave: then, new york wants to make pot legal and police
3:49 am
agree. is this really a good idea? we debate that next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> welcome back. new york governor andrew cuomo unveiling his plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. it would not be a crime to openly possess 25 grams or less. and it not only has the backing of michael bloomberg, but ray kelly. as expected it's not sitting well with everybody.
3:53 am
the head of the international faith based coalition, bishop ron allen and the alliance project. >> good morning. >> clayton: let me start with you. why is it a smart idea to decriminalize marijuana usage. >> keep in mind marijuana possession has been decriminalized in new york and passed a law, we should not be expending limited police resources on busting people for small amounts of marijuana that was changed in 1977. the governor's proposal says we're going to make marijuana in public be a violation not a criminal offense and this is because in new york city, 50,000 people were arrested last year for marijuana possession, number one arrest in the city and nearly all of the people arrested, 85% are black and latino, even though, whites use marijuana at higher rates, the governor says he wants to address this disparity and law enforcement says, we need this law fixed and the loophole closed so
3:54 am
officers know when to charge for the crime and or when to give the violation. >> and bishop, it sounds like sound reasoning here, resources, disproportionate number of minorities arrested for this. why do you have a problem for this? >> no way possible by legalizing an illicit drug, would it cause arrests to go down. the logic is, a fantasy logic. you're looking at the blacks, hispanics and white arrests. what makes sense is that is the new york police department have a problem. you mean to tell me that they have some type of magical mechanism before they pull an individual over that says they have marijuana in the car? we have to absolutely say that they are targeting blacks and they're targeting hispanics and legalizing any amount of
3:55 am
marijuana will cause crimes to go up. and so-- >> respond to that. that's an interesting point. >> let's be clear here. this is actually not about legalizing marijuana at all. keep in mind this proposal keeps marijuana illegal, but simply states if someone is caught with a small amount and public view, they would be given a ticket not arrested. nobody wants to use-- a constant refrain we don't want young people involved. it's hard, 75 million dollars a year to arrest young people for small amounts of pot, saddle them with a life long criminal record that makes it difficult for them to get employment, go to school. how is that an effective strategy, it's not. >> clayton: bishop you say in california they tried it and it was a disaster, why? >> it is an absolute disaster. we smell marijuana in restaurants, in the park, on our block, and in the store. and fb 1449 did not work and here is what is really wrong
3:56 am
with that proposal. we have an 80% increase in use among our teens from 2008 to 2011. how can our youth and teens say no when the adults around them are saying yes? they have made the teenagers believe that it's okay to smoke an illicit drug and that is not right. >> clayton: gabriel, let me give you the final word. keep in mind over the last 30 years, marijuana use remained roughly stable and increased slightly, but arrests for marijuana have doubled. what that showed us, arresting people for marijuana does nothing to impact use. the government keeps burning a crime burning in the park or whatever, and it's going to address racial disparities and shouldn't have a program where we're arresting, large amounts of black and latino youth, when white people doing the
3:57 am
same. and this is going to save money. >> clayton: lets us know how you feel about this, coming up on the show, attorney general eric holder blasting laws and calling them discriminatory. is he right? you're watching "fox & friends." if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos.
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and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, june 10th, i'm alisyn camerota. we have some breaking news because there's been a deadly shooting at an apartment complex near auburn university in alabama. we've got latest details straight ahead for you. >> dave: new concerns this morning that those alleged white house leaks go beyond the oval office. and could that affect president obama's chance at reelection. >> and the comment. tsa, if you know who they are let them through, is skipping a beyonce patdown the answer.
4:01 am
i love that one of our writers thought of beyonce. >> dave: kardashian. >> clayton: take a kardashian, any kardashian, starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. thanks for being here. let' get right to a fox news alert we've been following for you, about a deadly shooting rampage an apartment complex shooting in alabama. at least two people are dead and one seriously injured. a local paper reporting some of the victims may have been members of the auburn university football team. though, police are not yet confirming that information at this time. we do know the shooting took place at a late night party at this apartment complex. the shooter or shooters reportedly still on the loose this morning. >> all right. scary stuff, obviously. we'll keep you posted on the details as they come in to our
4:02 am
news room. we want to tell awe extreme weather alert, out west in colorado, dry conditions there, fueling a wildfire, went from minor to major in a matter of hours and fire officials say the flames is torched 8,000 acres and damaging buildings and forces several dozen evacuations and it's believed several people might be missing. >> severe storms creating widespread flooding across florida and alabama and talking about the tragedy there. in pensacola, florida. and major flooding leaving drivers stranded. you can see they're having to be rescued. town 30 inches of rain, over 13 inches on saturday alone. and over mobile, county, alabama, cars totally submerged there and numerous roads making it i am passable. and that's a big issue, you're driving through standing water and one of the biggest areas where people get injured. >> rick: you don't want to drive through standing water,
4:03 am
could wash away your car. and parking lots where the cars are completely submerged, the rain flooding the swamp areas and causing major problems. a remarkable thing, this is not from a tropical system, not from a hurricane or a tropical storm. continuing to fund up a lot of moisture here and heavy rainfall. pensacola, 13.13 inches of rain in one day, and mobile, 5.79. but those aren't necessarily the spots that got the most, a few isolated areas here, 15 to 18 inches of rain and unfortunately, the rain is still falling and the system slightly moving off towards the north, but as it does, it's doing so as a very slow pace. areas from new orleans may be seeing five inches of rain, pen cola, another five inches of rain and going to stretch across areas of north georgia and eventually into the carolinas, and eventually the northeast, a wet, soggy week ahead for a lot of the eastern
4:04 am
part of the country. immediately, concerns for flooding down here across the areas of the central gulf. you still see the moisture and it's going to continue to fall for much of the day and thursday before we get a break. and this area in the northeast, is exactly like yesterday. clouds and rain yesterday across areas of the northeastern, mostly across new york, you're going to see that again today and yesterday, having severe weather across areas of the northern rockies and that pulls off to the east and fires in colorado, yesterday did extreme fire danger for the cold front to move through and winds today less, and temperatures way down, but now bigger severe threat today across areas of northern oklahoma, all in towards parts of the far northern plains, guys. >> all right, rick, thanks so much. more news to get to. the rest of your headlines, flip the switch on flashlights and they don't light up, they blow up. three of these bombs exploded within the last month in phoenix, causing minor injuries to five people and raising fears of more serious
4:05 am
ones. police say they have no idea who was behind this. but believe they were made by the same person. and they respond to the billboard, pop up around the city, warning, residents about discarded flashlights and police are offering a $10,000 reward for tips that can lead to arrest. call your local authorities please. house speaker john boehner at the correspondent's dinner after president obama's latest gaff on the economy. >> good evening, everyone, i hope all of you are fine. i'm fine just like the president says. i have some of you-- >> and ten insult your audience, a good comic rule. >> alisyn: boehner' line coming after president obama left the country scratching its head friday, saying the
4:06 am
private sector was doing fine. critics says it shows the president is outs of touch and the president later tried to clarify, it's not doing okay. >> dave: that was one part of a tough week for the president the private sector comments and romney outraising the president, rnc. and bill clinton indications where he got off message a number of time and then the leak controversy. >> clayton: don't forget cory booker, dead to us, after he slammed them for the nauseous comments about the leak. >> alisyn: bain. >> about bain capital and other things and now we're' hearing from some other republicans who are worried the latest move by the attorney general, appointing two u.s. attorneys could be politicized because there hasn't been a choice to appoint a special prosecutor where this would be outside of the administration. here is representative lamar smith on fox news yesterday. >> this ad is so political
4:07 am
sized it makes you wonder if the individuals aren't going to be pushed to delay the report, but we can't take the president's word for it, so we have to have an investigation. >> alisyn: and the leaks cropped up in the new york times, associated press, classified top secret national security information. so, eric holder appointed u.s. attorneys and republicans think they will now be beholden to the department of justice. la lanny davis, he was on huckabee and talks about leaks in every single administration. in fact, he was the source of some. >> it's not a partisan issue, democrats and republicans are patriots and this information endangering live sources and methods is very serious, but it's not a defense, but it's a fact that everybody does it and nobody should do it, but when you use the expression,
4:08 am
administration official, governor, i know, having used that expression to camouflage myself as a leaker, when i was doing political placements for stories that i wanted to be sure were published before there were nationally televised hearings about the campaign finance allegations i would call myself an administration official or senior official. and these are spread throughout the government. >> clayton: in the past it's been about politics, we're putting this person up for an appointment and want this story out ahead of time. >> dave: the spin out. >> clayton: the spin out ahead of time and get to the story. this is about people's lives and in many situations has to do with national security. lt. colonel tony schaeffer on our show yesterday saying it isn't just about politics, this is serious stuff. listen. >> this goes at least to the national security level and we're talking about senior officials. and i recent the general, we
4:09 am
need more polygraphs. these aren't coming from line intelligence officers or former operatives like me, these are from people who are leaking for political benefit. let me be very, very clear here. people have died. they may not be american people, but al-qaeda, once the information was leaked how the underwear bomber was discovered, they purged their ranks. by doing that, dave. we've now left ourselves open in ways we have not been open since 9/11. let me be clear here, people have died here. >> dave: it's one thing to leak details to approve your reelection chance, something else when you take it to that level when you risk your war on terror and put lives on the line. >> alisyn: we were alluding to the democrats, frankly, who can have come out and said they're uncomfortable with a line of attack on bain, mitt romney's private equity company. they're not comfortable with that, that's one of the engines that keeps the economy going. >> a long list, cory booker, bill clinton, ed rendell,
4:10 am
steven rattner, on and 0. >> however, the administration, it seems is still going to continue along that line of the attack, including the super pac, that supports president obama. >> priorities, usa. i love the names, a lot of people who used to work for the obama administration. bill burke, you'll remember, was the deputy white house press secretary. he left, headed back 2011 to start priorities, usa, the super pac and they spent 7 million on the ads. and now they've conducted a focus group and polling information that basically says, hey, these bain ads are working and they're working well, because it hits at a core issue that middle class voters care about. and they he see bayne capital as being representative of keeping the middle class down, that's what he says zoo. >> dave: here is what he says, quote, while criticism of romney's business record may not resonate with elites, it's resonating with the voters who decide the election. throughout the race, mitt
4:11 am
romney made the private sectors jobs experience defining qualifications for the presidency without explaining how his team as a corporate ceo prepares him to represent all americans or create jobs. there was a poll out, a key battle ground poll out that says that 47% of people feel private equities hurts workers and in some capacity could you argue it does hurt some workers, but it's hard to argue that it dopt overall help the engine of the the economy if you really know what private equity does. >> alisyn: it's interesting, we had a former colleague on he worked at bain and an insight into what romney was like as a lead they are and whether or not they were just corporate raiders bent on getting profits. >> it's laughable. if i'd gone into an investment of credit committee meeting and said here is what we're going to do, strip costs and sell the company in a matter of years, i would have been
4:12 am
laughed out of the room. business is so much more complex and the steps we had to take to make the company competitive and grow it faster, took many more years. the idea it's short-term is almost laughable and mitt was almost always exclusively focused on the long-term. and the short-term would take care of itself. and mitt is not a career politician, and i've seen him around the table trying to solve difficult problems. >> clayton: the attacks looks like they're going to continue at least with the super pacs, if their polling is correct. seems to be working. >> alisyn: coming up an interesting debate. attorney general eric holder says the voter i.d. laws can be discriminatory and scare voters away like that in florida, using as an illustration. is that right? we have angela mcglowan and
4:13 am
ladies, come in. >> dave: congress has a message for the tsa. if you know, let them through. >> alisyn: people, you know i'm not-- >> but is skipping beyonce a patdown is answer to the security woes? we report, you decide. ♪ [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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4:16 am
>> the speech, he stated that voter i.d. laws can be discriminatory and will keep some blacks and hispanics from voting. just this week the state of florida announced it will not listen to the doj's orders and will continue to move ahead
4:17 am
with striking down non-eligible voters from their voting rolls. joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, back by popular demand. angela mcglowan and jackson, fox news contributors, nice to see you again. and eric holder says that some voter i.d. laws, making you show an i.d. at the polls, discriminate against blacks and hispanics, in that are they racist. it's a travesty the first black attorney general we still have the voter fraud and intimidation and misinformation out there since 2006, bush v gore. 46 states who participated or convicted people for voter fraud. >> alisyn: and voter fraud is out there and doesn't showing an i.d. help erase some of that voter fraud. tell you what, we need to refrain the discussion, it's not a black or a hispanic problem, it's an
4:18 am
american problem. women are negatively impacted, poor and physically disabled and a broad swath. >> alisyn: what, don't have i.d.'s. >> we change our names and change our i.d.'s and more and more americans are turning to public transportation, why? because of the economic down turn, when you don't, like me, have a license, you know, when you don't use a car, you don't have a license and on and on and i'm not trying to baby people. >> i understand that, but-- in south carolina, with the south carolina law, where eric holder says it is discriminatory, one third of the registered black voters don't have a driver's license, also, you can show military i.d., a state i.d., or you can show up on election day, with an affidavit, saying, i am who i am, and you can vote. so, i believe that folks are politicizing this issue, when you have opponents of voter i.d. saying we're going to jim crowe. >> jim crowe is not something to run away from, we need to learn from it. fact is voter fraud has been
4:19 am
overblown and don't need to politicize that. the fact in 2004 in wisconsin we had 3 million votes cast, 7 instances of voter fraud. in 2008 in florida, 8 million votes cast, 16 instances of voter fraud. it's a solution problem-- >> and even shelby steele said that with eric holder saying it's discriminatory, one third of blacks don't have a driver's license. too stupid to get a state i.d. and people should be insulted. >> and this is not about stupidity, we cannot bring jim crowe into the discussion, this is part of the community and right bye concerned about it. african-americans shouldn't just be concerned about jim crowe, women should be concerned about it, what happens to one person can happen to anybody. >> i think that we're losing foe he cuss on the point that voting is a sacred right or privilege in america and we should be able to show a voter
4:20 am
i.d. if we have to show it to buy alcohol torques get on a plane, and-- >> no, no, because if you don't have photo i.d. to get on a plane, guess what, go to a secondary screening, you're right i'm-- >> you don't have to show i.d. to get on a plane. >> the-- >> i see another segment, another shoot off of this segment we're going to have to do. angela mcglowan, you made my job easy, thank you, ladies. (laughter) >> nice segment. i don't think that i've said a word. (laughter) >> thanks so much, ladies, we'll see you again soon, i'm sure. if you're planning a trip to disney, you'll want to hear this, how much ticket prices are going up and whether or not you need an i.d. to get there. and you'll hear all about the housing crisis, our next guest says it's actually a good time to buy a home and she is sharing the places where you can get the most bang for your buck. ♪
4:21 am
♪ ♪
4:22 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card.
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4:24 am
>> welcome back. when it comes to the housing market. it seems like all we hear about are foreclosures and instability. according to our next guest, it could be a good time to buy. where are the best places to buy a home in 2012. first of all, she's here with the list, nice to see you. >> good morning, clayton. >> clayton: the criteria, this is interesting. >> zillow's list of best place toss buy. affordability relative to
4:25 am
income. home values, stable going up employment situations and trends, are things stabilizing and things getting bet i remember. >> clayton: in that particular town. >> and look at the ratio, the lower the ratio more sense to buy and a little cherry picking and came up with a nice geographic fix. >> clayton: let's start with grand rapids. >> values on the upswing, 5%, medium home, $108,000 in line with the local income. 90% of the housing is in fact affordable to a family at the median income level and the employment situation is improving there as well. >> clayton: phoenix, arizona. >> probably best example of a market hit hard and showing signs of an upswing. values are down 54% from the peaks and forecast activity is alive and well and 20% of sales were actually foreclosure sales and that's pushing values up. investors are coming in, snapping up the properties and
4:26 am
values have been rising and zillow expects to rise 6 1/2% this year. >> clayton: home to my alma mater, pittsburgh, pennsylvania on your list. >> right, the university there. yeah, values have been rising the past year in pittsburgh and 80%, nearly 90%, excuse me, of moments there, actually have sold for a gain in month of april. >> clayton: wow, really. move to pittsburgh. >> it's very affordable, still affordable and relative to the other markets. >> clayton: oklahoma city had something to celebrate as they're headed into the nba finals. a great place, i guess to live, also. >> values rose at nearly 5% this year, very low unemployment. a rate of about 4% right now versus the national average of 8.2%. and i think what distinguishes this from others on the list, some of the others crashen burn on the upswing, this has been a beacon of stability throughout. >> clayton: rochester, new york, we were wondering if new york city would make the list.
4:27 am
>> not on the list. >> clayton: only one is rochester. >> home values are down slightly for the year, but rising on an interim and monthly and quarterly basis and this one scored very high in the rent ratio, the lower the ratio, the more sense to buy. a few years of rent buys you a home there, seven years versus ten for the national average. >> nice, if you're just joining us, the top place toss buy a home in the united states right now. move on to dallas. >> this scored well, clayton in affordability factor, i mean, huge affordability here. median home value in this area, is just 62 versus 90 something for the national average. so, very good in the affordability factor and prices didn't take as big a hit as the other markets and only down 15% from the peak. >> we've heard a lot about texts, recently for unemployment and doing a lot of things right. so, memphis, tennessee also
4:28 am
doing things right. and stable home values. >> scored well in the affordability, median value versus the national average. median value per square foot. versus the national average of 92. dayton, ohio also scored very well in that category and then also scored well on home prices relative to income and price to rent ratio. one of the good things, to buy as oppose today rent. >> clayton: i used to live in dayton, ohio. >> you loved a lot. >> clayton: and hey, good to see you guys. great information, if you missed any of these go to and we will have the segment upjohn line a little later for you. joip on the show, congress has a message for the tsa, if you know who they are, let them through. is skipping a beyone style patdown the answer. and a block party in. ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
here every weekend and ray hennessey, her lovely groom, he ray of course, runs helps to run fox news, and-- >> he runs fox news channel, also. >> alisyn: they had a great wedding and it was touching and loving and fun. and you'll have to pardon my performance today. >> and your hair. because amanda does our hair and responsible for this. >> alisyn: it's different today. well, amanda get back here. >> dave: mine is flat amanda. congratulations. >> clayton: going to hurt the feelings of someone who did it for you today. >> alisyn: and we also love you, carol. love you. >> clayton: just want to make sure feelings weren't hurt. and here is something else, that feelings get hurt for the tsa, and there's something else to complain about for the tsa now the pressure the house is putting on tsa using common sense how to approach patdowns of individuals. you recall the photo of donald
4:34 am
rumsfeld patted down by tsa. now, representative rogers and the house is asking, why should celebrities be screened? listen. >> there are certain people that are so well-known, that you've got to use common sense because if you start patting them down, people are going to say, they're patting down beyonce. i mean, she's not going to blow a plane up. >> dave: i would take the contrarian side of this. if i'm waiting an hour with my kids and stressing out and see the celebrity skipped through because they're a celebrity i'm more angry now. >> alisyn: there are-- >> i know they're not going to blow up a plane, but-- >> i'm on your side on this. here is why. rather when jason bateman was in line, and apple iphone and all of these tmz photos and someone pulling out of the line and everyone was outraged. >> alisyn: is this more spanish treatment for celebrities or just make common sense you don't need to
4:35 am
pull aside henry kissinger, they have done and donald rumsfeld and showed a picture of and beyonce, streamline it for everyone. and really recognizable-- >> how often are they in line. how often. >> dave: i've never seen a celebrity. >> alisyn: i have, i saw, but it was a star and would have-- >> does that count. >> alisyn: what is recognizable. i'm sure you're recognizable in peoria. >> clayton: right, i play well in peoria. >> alisyn: i know you do. >> clayton: exactly. i'm recognizable. >> dave: let us know how you feel about the policy at ff weekend on twitter, the e-mail address right there. >> alisyn: breaking news, we have headlines and a fox news alert at least two people are dead after a shooting at university heights apartment complex near auburn university in alabama and there are reports the victims may be members of the school's football team, but that information has not been confirmed by police.
4:36 am
we're told that the shooting took place at some kind of late night party. the shooter or shooters are reportedly still on the run at this hour, and we will be bringing you a live report from alabama with all of the latest details later in the show. and the u.s. supreme court expected to rule on arizona's effort to crack down on illegal immigration, but legal experts now say the decision will likely just renigh challenges by opponents of the law and some say the court will likely uphold that police can check the immigration status of suspects stopped for other reasons, critics of the law say it amounts to racial profiling and arizona sates it's a legal way to fix the border problems. a suspect attacking a deputy and leading police on a chase. it happened in savannah, georgia. he was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation after police were called to his house. he stole it after the guard let him with a cigarette and williams facing numerous
4:37 am
charges. luckily, no one was hurt. and a neighbor's wallaby hops into your back yard. how many times i tell him chain that thing. that's what happened in indianapolis, three-year-old erwin, the wallaby was home alone and someone knocked down the frens. >> clayton: was it joe pesci. >> alisyn: of his outdoor enclosure. and the owner now considering getting him an ankle monitor. >> clayton: a smart move. >> alisyn: wallaby on the loose. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth, he loves wallabies. >> rick: we had one here and it was the coolest thing ever. wild animals, love them. and big flooding concern across the central gulf. we had yesterday some areas, 18, 19 inches of rain and we might see another five or six inches in a few spots and unfortunately, that's causing some major flooding. we're talking about solve the heaviest rainfall that some of us have seen and this isn't a tropical storm.
4:38 am
that's one big story, another story across the central plains is severe weather and we'll see the severe weather from areas of far northern minnesota and wisconsin down to parts of oklahoma and a tornado threat. i think on the northern end of that. areas to the south looking for hail and wind and certainly some big downpours cutting through and this very strong cold front moves through. let's take a look at the forecast across the country and towards the northeast, see more scattered showers from time to time. stretching from around rochester down to new york city, not a washout of your day, a passing quick shower or two and a little cooler to the north of that and warmer to the south of that. that's the dividing line temperature-wise, so, philly today. clayton up to 93. down to the southeast, that's where the troubles are, rain falling and texas, you're warm and laredo, 110. and the northern plains and we have threat for severe weather and we're going to see that stretching from minnesota down through kansas and cooler temperatures behind the cold
4:39 am
front and snow flying in the northern rockies. >> all right, dave, bring us a barbecue. >> dave: rick, can't you smell it. come over and have some ribs. one has a top security to board air force one and in fact did, at one point. his name is mike bills today from 17th street barbecue and restaurants in southern illinois and memphis. good to see you here. >> and you're here to tell us about the big apple block party. >> the 10th anniversary of the block party going on at madison square park. it's a fundraiser. you know, the celebration in the community is all getting together and there's, 18 pit masters masters from the around the company and texas, virginia, they're from here and each one of them are doing our things, we're preparing baby back ribs and baked beans, and somebody else is preparing a st. louis style ribs, whatever that region you're from, it will be a
4:40 am
different flavor profile. >> dave: oh, man, i'm on my way. >> the smell down there is unbelievable. >> dave: unbelievable here. you're in the barbecue hall of fame and must know what are' doing when it comes to ribs. tell us what the secret is. >> really in order to be able to have ribs and have them come out like you want to. you've got to have a low heat. the other part of it is. >> dave: why low heat, just so-- you don't want to burn the outside. >> don't want to burn the outside, and the juices run from heat. don't want to keep flipping the meat, you want the heat to penetrate and acts as a carrier for the ribs. >> dave: brilliant. tell us about the dry rub. what is it made of and why is it so important. >> it makes it flavorful. connects with the natural juices of the meat and just give that awesome flavor and also helps seal it off so that the juices stay on the inside.
4:41 am
you know, a lot of times a little mustard slather on it and then a little dry rub on the -- on there and help seal that off and the mustard will help tenderize the meats, ribs or chicken. whatever you want to put it on. >> dave: while you're continuing to cook the ribs, tell us the secret with the barbecued baked beans as well. >> this is part of the claim to fame. five different beans, we used canned beans and five different kinds, pinto beans, kidney beans, butter beans and the recipe is in our-- >> a little sauce as well, barbecue sauce? >> you add a little ketchup and mustard and brown sugar to bring that altogether and-- >> oh. >> just, there is not boring pork and beans warmed up. >> dave: no, they're certainly not. mike mills again from the 17th
4:42 am
street barbecue, check them out in southern illinois and memphis, and get down to the big apple barbecuee block party. 11-6. it's free and pay for the delicious foods like mike's ribs and more information on the block party and this food throughout the program and i've got to try some of the ribs, mike. >> take some of those and give them a try. >> dave: back to you inside. >> alisyn: we're waiting for that in here. >> dave: no comment. >> clayton: are you looking for a job? well, is summer hiring is happening right now. cheryl casone is here with the top five companies that want to hire you right now. she's done the digging and always does a great job. >> alisyn: an incredible story 43 years old. letters from a young soldier written to his mom are finally making their way home. the family member of the fallen vietnam vet is going to join us with some of the letters. ♪
4:43 am
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test easy.
4:46 am
>> 23 years after an army sergeant was killed in vietnam. letters he wrote to loved ones back home are finally making it into the hands of his family. the letters received by enemy troops and had been used for war time propaganda, they remained in vietnam for decades before being discovered and used as a swap with the u.s. getting the sergeant's letters in exchange for vietnam getting one of their soldiers' diaries. >> sergeant flaherty's sister-in-law is joining us this morning. >> thank you, nice to see you. >> dave: it's a complicated story. you're the closest familiar youly member still alive, and his father, mother, brother, all had passed away. what was your reaction when you read some of these letters, what were your
4:47 am
emotions? >> mixed emotions, could not believe that they were out there still, or the seriousness of where he was. it almost put you on the battlefield with him. >> alisyn: and we have an example, actually of one of the letters, you're right. he really wrote in very vivid terms. here is one. we took lots of casualties, it's been trying days for me and my men. we dragged more bodies of dead and wounded than i could ever want to forget. what did you think, martha when you read those words? >> well, i said it kind of put you there in the middle with him and hard to grasp, but it was very emotional. and you just wanted to be there to try to help him. >> alisyn: and as we mentioned, that it was your ex-husband, sergeant steve flaherty who wrote the letters, how difficult for you being the one who gets to read the painful emotions and it
4:48 am
wasn't steve's mom or steve's dad that got to read the letters. >> well, i was actually steve's sister-in-law, not his-- >> excuse me. >> wife, that's okay. and reading the letters, just brought back memories of ste steve. like i said, it put you in the middle of the battlefield with him. and we knew he was in serious trouble because all war is very bad, but we did not know the, the real seriousness and danger that he was in, because he protected us from that kind of thing. i have a letter here that he wrote to his mother in december before he was killed, and the kind of things he would tell us is that in this one it was a christmas card, he said it's not going to be a very good christmas and later he said i need all the support
4:49 am
and encouragement i can get. this will have to be your christmas present until next year and that's about the extent of what he told us that he was doing. that, i just need support and encouragement and not very good, but he never gave us descriptive stuff like in the letters that we don't have yet. >> alisyn: right. some of these letters he says things like grenade launchers and machine guns, shredded and i felt a bullet zip past me never been that scared before in my life. and these really do bring it all home. just 22 years old when he died. >> right. >> alisyn: i know that you feel strongly about sharing all of these letters with your grandkids so that they know the sacrifice that he made. >> yes, yes, i do. i have one grandson, who is 22 and i can't imagine him being on the battlefield going through what steve went through, but my grandchildren know their uncle steve. they were born years after he was killed in vietnam, but
4:50 am
they know him. they love him. we have held steve in high esteem as a hero for all of his life and they, they love him. they know him. >> alisyn: martha, that's beautiful. thank you for sharing your personal letters and your family's personal story with us, really touching. martha, thank you for coming on. >> thanks. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] away... is as much about getting there...
4:51 am
♪ it is being there. ♪ [ birds chirping ] away is where the days are packed with wonder... ♪ [ wind whistles ] ...and the evenings are filled with familiar comforts. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit
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4:53 am
>> welcome back, federal reserve chair ben bernanke may say they're done adding to payrolls, but a found this summer hiring is hot. 29% of employers plan to hire
4:54 am
season fal workers, up 22% over the last four years. here with companies that are still hiring for the summer months is cheryl casone. >> good morning, we thought we'd do something special and talk about summer jobs, as you mentioned high unemployment. and ben bernanke talking about that, the economy isn't going to pick up, but you can get summer work, seasonal work whether you're young, old, if you need it, without some companies that are hiring and jamba juice. >> clayton: you can drink on the job, get a smoothy. >> absolutely, they've not 20 interpships at the headquarters and 2800 positions are available. starting at $8 per hour, a part-time job, a shift manager, make the drinks, whatever, but they had a hiring day back in march and we talked with them on fox and friends in march and still have positions available. >> home depot, a big one. and they're about to do something. >> right, home depot, okay
4:55 am
70,000 seasonal hire positions for the summer. cashiers, garden associates and add people to the lots and get busier in the spring and summer seasons at home depot and west palm beach florida, a job fair looking and still have jobs there in particular, some of the areas that have jobs available right now. >> that's great because of the warm weather they need the extra help there. target also on the list for hiring this summer. >> yeah, target you know this one. nine new stores that are opening up in july. second largest retailer in the country behind wal-mart, target has been doing fairly well i have to say and opening up city target stores, and chicago, seattle, l.a., 800 jobs in particular, in those cities and here are the things that you can be, a card attendant, cashier, work in the stock room and sales, and these can be seasonal jobs and somebody like target is adding to jobs for the summer and a lot of those will be full-time. and wouldn't be summer without camp. >> of course. who did not love summer camp,
4:56 am
church camp, awesome. right. >> 497 summer jobs openings through the american camp association, a cook, counselor, a specially counselors, they need lifeguards and nurses and 12,000 camps open across the country every summer. here is what they say why you want to do it in particular, the impact on a child's life. >> clayton: absolutely, i remember the kids, older people who were employed at the camp, i had, you know, life long relationships with afterwards, i mean, pen pal and there were-- >> that's the thing. again, now, i'm not going to paint a rosie picture, it is a rough employment picture out there. we're at 9.2% if you add people who dropped out of the work force and talk about that a lot on the business network, at the same time if you can find part-time work and seasonal work we thought it might be a good way to focus for summer and get you by until hopefully the economy improves. >> especially college kids.
4:57 am
thanks, you bet. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the alleged white house leaks go far beyond the oval office, could this investigation impact president obama's reelection chances. chris wallace here toway in. and a u.s. airways flight given a scare after a man tried to storm the cockpit. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
4:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, june 10th, i'm alisyn camerota. a shooting overnight near auburn university near alabama has left many, at least a couple of people dead. there are reports of multiple victims and the latest in a live report coming up. >> and they want full disclosure. two top republicans pushing for an outside independent investigation into possible white house leaks of classified national security information. and fox news sunday host chris wallace weighs in straight ahead. >> and god bless the usa versus the beebs, what's more appropriate for kindergarteners to sing?
5:01 am
wait until you hear this story coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning, let's get to a fox news alert. look at brand new video out of alabama at least two people were shot to death at an apartment complex three miles from auburn university campus. it's believed they were current or former members of the auburn football team. the shooter or shooters reportedly still on the loose at this hour. and we'll bring you a live report from the scene in a just a few minutes. >> to the extreme weather alert. crews in colorado battling a fast moving wildfire that's burned at least now 8,000 acres, unfortunately, dry conditions and hot temperatures are not making it easier for these firefighters.
5:02 am
dozens of residents have been forced out of their homes, and we're hearing now, at least ten buildings have been damaged as well. we have more crazy weather for you as well. flooding is wreaking havoc on parts of alabama and florida. in pensacola, florida, you can see, about to see when rick shows us,water rushing down the street and there-- >> that's fire. >> alisyn: that's the wildfires, there's flooding in some places, there it is, massive flooding, and cars, obviously, are floating away and roads are being blocked off. let's bring in rick reichmuth and tell us about the wild weather we're experiencing nationally. >> the video, that's a road that's now become a river with heavy rainfall and yesterday's 13.13 inches of rain falling in pensacola. the second highest rainfall total than fallen on a single day. when you think about the hurricanes going through, but the areas just to the south. some areas saw 18 inches of rain. and that's falling today and unfortunately the rain
5:03 am
continuing to fall here, one big bright side to this and it's worth mentioning, you see all of this area dealing with drought and the worst of it here into alabama and georgia and now take at that look at rain that's going to fall the next day to two days and that's going to be falling across the areas of alabama and georgia, so, that's good news and it's going to help with the drought going on there. in fact, in some cases we're probably going to see the drought improve dramatically. here you go, you see that rain, areas of the central gulf. that's going to continue running out of time here, guys, more coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> alisyn: thanks so much. rick. the rest of your headlines, a scary moment for passengers on a u.s. airways flight from charlotte to los angeles as a man tries to bum rush the cockpit. witnesses say he flew into a rage after flight attendants refuse today serve him alcohol. apparently because he was too drunk already. that's when he ran towards the cockpit carrying a lighter and screaming out loud-- i thought the lighters were banned. and a female flight attendant and passengers subdued him until the plane landed and the
5:04 am
man is not identified, but told he's 29 years old and authorities are deciding whether to press charges. another kupt asking europe to save its failing banks. spain's bailout up to 125 billion dollars. spain is the fourth and largest european country to seek help after pressure from the white house and international investor. europe's growing economic crisis affected countries around the world and fed chairman ben bernanke warns it could have major consequences for our economy. tell us about the horse race. >> dave: a little drama taken out. no xhans for a triple crown at belmont stakes after "i'll have another" dropped out and forced to retire. a fantastic photo finish. >> union rags, and painter. union rags fighting from the rail and painter. union rags has got him and
5:05 am
union rags in the belmont stakes. >> and surprising mike smith left that opening for union rags, the three-year-old edging past painter thanks to that opening on the rail, and union rags skipped the preakness to focus on belmont. the jockey's second straight win at belmont. and the trainer third second place finish and a lot of people wondered about the attendance because "i'll have another dropped out. 85,000, and no doubt the television was down. >> clayton: and the t-shirts, printed up with i'll have another on it. one vendor described it i felt i was punched in the gut. >> alisyn: they're applicable to another things. i'll have another. wear it out. >> dave: finds the bright side. >> clayton: why i love her, she's brilliant. you know the bain capital
5:06 am
attack ads rolled out by the obama super pacs the last few weeks, they've met with criticism. cory booker on meet the press saying they were making him nauseous and bill clinton and ed rendell saying they didn't like them. however, turps out we may see more of them. >> alisyn: the super pacs that support president obama. and bill burke, used to be in the white house, now runs the super pac and believes they resonate. here is his quote. while business and romney records may not resonate with elites, but it is clearly resonating with the actual voters who will decide the this election, throughout this race, mitt romney has made his supposed private sector job creation experience the defining qualification for the presidency without explaining how his time as a corporate buyout ceo prepares him to represent all americans for create jobs. and how is what he did at bain
5:07 am
applicable to being president. you can argue his being governor of massachusetts and big bureaucracy and can't make things turn on a dime and dealing with entitlements, that's more relevant. so it's time for mitt romney, they would say, to explain how bain makes you president. >> wouldn't you argue what he did at bain was somewhat similar to what scott walker did with the state of wisconsin. >> alisyn: making hard decision joost making hard decisions, cuts and sacrifices and even though they're painful and in the end cut the budget shortfall and turn it into a splus in 2013. if he can thread that needle and to your point maybe he hasn't yet. if he can thread that needle may turn it into a positive. you've got ed rendell, bill clinton. >> democrats. >> dave: and duval patrick, who talks about brightly and great things in bain capital. >> clayton: and he patrick, says his time as governor was
5:08 am
not-- >> and in terms of what mitt romney did at bain. it's interesting to talk with former colleagues we did yesterday on "fox & friends," whether they were corporate raiders and tried to get rid of at any cost, little businesses. >> and endowing them with debt. >> alisyn: and here is what his colleague at bain said about that. >> if i'd gone to an investment credit committee meeting and way we're going to strip costs and this company in a matter of years. i would have been laughed out of the room. so much more complex. the steps to take to grow the company faster, the yid that it's short-term is almost laughable and i can tell you that mitt was almost exclusively focused on the long-term. felt what ne did in the long run, the short run, mitt wasn't a career politician and
5:09 am
wasn't as practiced as some are. i saw him around the table and trying to solve difficult problems. >> and bain though in massachusetts, i think the question a lot of liberals and democrats were asking, what's the positive that obama can sell at this point. what is the record that he will begin to run on at some point and the positive vision, instead of the negatives. >> and that's the-- >> supposed to be friday. >> you guys had that segment talking about hollywood earlier and hoping that the hollywood celebrities and hoping that the influences can help repackage the obama white house and sell it again for a second time. and let's talk about this. let's go out to coney island. the rollercoaster. >> alisyn: hotdogs. >> clayton: and a school out there, causing controversy, made the front page of the new york post for getting rid of. >> dave: stars and swipes. >> clayton: getting rid of god bless the usa, a lee greenwood song in favor of another song.
5:10 am
>> alisyn: you know this, it's anthem and playing a lot on the show, a beautiful song and the kindergarteners at the public school supposed to singing it upon their graduation from kindergarten, but the principal felt that it was too poe he lahrizing and would actually leave people feeling excluded who are not-- she said it excludes some cultures, even though this is a big immigrant school, immigrants from all over the world who say they are proud to be american. they do see it as inclusive of their new culture. >> dave: parents from pakistan, mexico, ecuador says it's a prideful moment for them when they did hear the song and again, quoting the principal, some close to her, gretta hawkins say we don't want to offend other cultures, but the department of education supports this decision and actually saying that the lyrics are not age appropriate. why is that so interesting? because what is age appropriate, what gets to stay in this commencement ceremony,
5:11 am
justin bieber, baby. >> clayton: that's being replaced. ♪ baby, baby, oh >> replacing that with "baby", justin bieber, saying it's more age appropriate. i'm not going to stop it. i want it stuck in your head all day ♪ baby, baby, no . >> clayton:. the lyric, girl are we an item, just quit playing, those are more appropriate for five year olds. >> clayton: will you be mine. >> dave: i'll buy you anything, buy you any ring. >> clayton: that's appropriate for kindergarteners. >> dave: not going to lie my six-year-old loves the song, but is it more age appropriate. >> alisyn: forget age appropriate for a second. just the message. that's more important. the kindergarteners, less god bless america, god bless the usa. proud to be an american. >> clayton: this principal has a long track record of doing some offensive things in the school district and this adds to the laundry list.
5:12 am
let us know what you think, on ff weekend on twitter. the biebs. >> dave: new concerns that the alleged white house leaks go far beyond the oval office, could this investigation impact the president's chance at reelection? the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace here to weigh in. >> clayton: a big justin bieber fan. >> dave: loves baby. >> clayton: don't tie the knot unless you're 25 or older. a recently divorced columnist wants the government to say when you should walk down the aisle. >> alisyn: and she says it should be illegal underage 25. >> dave: what about 45. >> clayton: our next guest says no way. he's here to explain. >> alisyn: what do you guys think is the right age to get married, ban it-- >>. 41. >> dave: 30. ♪
5:13 am
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more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. beat the bugs with ortho bug-b-gon max spray or concentrate just $7.97.
5:16 am
>> welcome back, everybody, as we've been reporting, two prominent republicans are pushing for an outside special council to probe allegedly leaks of classified national secures information and rejecting eric holder's appointment of appointments. >> clayton: a lot of probing going on. chris wallace to talk about this. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> clayton: what's the impact? this was released on a friday night and hearing lamar smith saying on fox news, look, this could be political and pushed back the election. any chance that's going to happen? >> well, these investigations, the chance of this investigation will be settled by the election is probably pretty slim. you know, you think of the valerie plame case, these things take months if not years. having said it, it's a very serious matter. i mean, when you look the at
5:17 am
the series of national security leaks in the war on terror over the course of the last six months, it's quite extraordinary. there's the fact that the president personally approves the kill list of drone strikes, we didn't use to admit there were drones at that went up. maybe even more damaging, that the u.s. and israel were in fact behind the computer virus that was use today sabotage iran's nuclear program. the fact that we had a double agent who penetrated al-qaeda in yemen. >> dave: chris you brought up-- >> things we shouldn't tell our enemy. you brought up the valerie plame case, but then attorney john ashcroft appointed pa special prosecutor outside of the realm of politics and that's where the criticism is perhaps on the obama administration here? >> oh, yeah, i think there's going to be a battle whether or not there should ab independent counsel. you were asking do i think it
5:18 am
will be settled before the election, i think it's unlikely. i think a battle the next few weeks certainly if not months, whether or not you should have the justice department investigating itself given the fact there have been some suggestions possibly some of the leaks have come from the justice department itself. i certainly think the the republicans are not going to be satisfied. the key, if i had to say one key member of congress, it would be the democratic chair of the senate intelligence committee, senator diane feinstein. if-- she was part of the big news conference on thursday where they said all the top people in intel, both in the senate and house said this is an outrage that this number of leaks. she didn't call for a special counsel yet some of her counterparts did. if she does, i think the president's hand will be forced on this. >> alisyn: chris, i want your thoughts on something this governor, new jersey chris christie said at cpac in chicago. political action conference. he interpreted something that the president had said as going after governors, where the president said the private
5:19 am
sector is fine. where we have problems is at the state and local level. chris christie sort of personalized that and said how dare he blame us. let's listen. >> it is an outrage to have the president of the united states stand up and say to hard working governors, republicans and democrats around this country, that state and local government hiring is moving in the wrong direction, and we're to blame because the economy's not growing. >> alisyn: now, in fairness, the president said that local -- that governors are not getting the amount of federalsy stance they used to from the federal government. does chris christie have a point? >> yeah, the main reason that gorgeo governors to have to cut back the economy is so lousy and states getting tax revenue is down. you know, people like christy, republican conservative governors saying we don't want
5:20 am
bigger government and federal aid, we want a robust economy and if we had that. we wouldn't have to cut back. just watching him, i don't know if mitt romney will choose him. you think wouldn't it be fun to have him as the running mate taking the case to the obama administration, pretty entertaining. >> dave: i think that's the guy, i think he goes with that and you have on mitch daniels, a far different type of speaker, but probably makes a similar case and similar case when it comes to the win of governor scott walker in wisconsin and certainly discuss that today on the show? >> we'll be talking with mitch daniels and two top leaders whether voters sent a message in wisconsin this week. >> alisyn: we'll be watching. check your local listings for fox news sunday. thanks, chris. >> thanks, guys. coming up on the show, one woman risked her life savings to recreate urban education. >> alisyn: plus, so much for being a kid. we'll tell you where sidewalk
5:21 am
chalk, yes, sidewalk chalk, is being banned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card.
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5:24 am
>> welcome back, we're following a fox news alert out of alabama. reports at least three people now dead after a late night shooting at an apartment complex near auburn university. christy hutchings is live at the scene with the latest, christy. >> well, just a few moments ago we did talk to a young man who was at this pool party where the shooting allegedly took place and he says they were hanging out having a good time and he says it then turned into what he described as a massacre. he says a group of people got in a fight over a girl. and he believes at least three
5:25 am
people were shot and killed on the scene. and he says that they were all here just having a really good time and that this has caught everybody by surprise. we have been watching as people have been coming and going out of this apartment complex and you can just see the sadness in everyone's face, and we're waiting for a press conference in a few hours with the very latest. back to you in new york. >> clayton: near auburn university. keep it here at "fox & friends" with more. toss over to ali and dave. >> alisyn: thanks. back in 2001, debra had lost her husband and single mom forced to raise her three kids on her own. amazingly enough, a perfect time to quit her day job and devote herself to reinventing public education. >> she opened a charter school, risking her life savings proving that all children could get a good education. and today they've grown from one school to five and some of the best schools in the city. >> joining us now is the author of "born to rise" and
5:26 am
founder and ceo of harlem village academy, great to have you here. >> thank you, it's great to be here. >> so you're quite industrious and tackled a huge problem. what did you see wrong that you thought needed fixing. >> today public education is at a crossroads. our secretary of education ar any duncan said in the next ten years one third of the teaching profession is going to retire and in harlem, we had abysmal failure rates, something like more than 80% of children were not on level in reading and math. and it was just unconscionable. we have to do something about it. >> dave: and somehow you've turned this into a number one ranking in 2010 for 8th grade math, reading, scored 100% proficient in 8th grade math and go on and on and turned it from one school to five. what about your model works that's not working in the similar public education model? >> right, it's all about elevating the teaching
5:27 am
profession and a lot of people have been talking about that over the last couple of years, the question, how do you actually do that? what does that actually mean. what we've found is that treating teachers like professionals means that you give them enormous amount of freedom. and meaning that they have the autonomy to make decisions about the curriculum. and the reading materials in their class and the teaching methods and in exchange for at that autonomy, we're going to hold you accountable for the teachers as results. and find that the most smartest and passionate driven people love that trade off and they're on fire in the classroom because of it. >> and your teachers in the union? >> no. >> alisyn: therefore you can get rid of teachers who are not making the grade. >> you know, that sounds a little harsh, but the reality is that once in a while there is someone, you make a hiring mistake, you do your best, you try to coach them. it's still not working out. you must have the ability to say, i'm sorry, it's not working out.
5:28 am
you do it with compassion, you make sure the person's taken care of, but putting the needs of children first is critical and that means if a teacher is not working out, you must have the authority as the school leader to make that change. >> dave: it's clearly working in harlem and how does this model expand across the country? >> what i've been talking about the last couple of years we need to charterize the country. the 20th anniversary of charter school law is this month and the question is, what does the charter school movement mean, just about serving 1 million students that the charter schools currently serve? no, it's about transforming the entire public education system. and what that means is that all schools need two things, one, the right to hold teachers accountable and two, the ability to give those teachers the respect and autonomy that they deserve as professionals. and by the way, the other thing the charter movement means is choice for parents. >> sounds like it could work
5:29 am
nationally, and it certainly has worked at your schools. debra, you've written "born for run", how you do it, a story of teachers reaching their highest potential, thanks for coming in. >> this model may work in all sorts of industries, empowering people and you should be very proud of what you've done. >> thank you. >> remember this girl, she was one of president obama's biggest fans and even posting this video about it. now she's apparently having a change of heart, what she's saying four years later. ♪ does your business have the financial control it needs?
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> welcome back, everyone. there's a story out of a denver, colorado neighborhood that has that, well, scratching our heads this morning, because what they've decided to do is to do away with the very, very dangerous, risky, harmful practice of sidewalk chalk. put those down and unhand the chalk. >> dave: indian style, too. >> clayton: making my beautiful butterfly, dave. >> dave: that's a fantastic butterfly by the way never would have figured you for that. they say this state of michiganton, colorado the home
5:34 am
of my brother, that the sidewalk chalk is offensive and distracting and they say that your driveways are some form of a shared space so they are he' banning it, apparently, people have indeed complained about. >> alisyn: do you feel dangerous, clayton. >> clayton: yes, the n.y.p.d. warned if i continued this they were going to cite me. >> alisyn: for what. >> dave: what are you drawing. >> clayton: trying to draw, i thought this was going to be a giraffe. >> dave: you were doing all right with the butterfly. >> clayton: it's distracting if i was going down the line, and saw yellow lines, and drive off into a tree, instead of the yellow lines by the city. >> alisyn: i guess. everyone is so afraid of litigation or risk, i don't know how to cat graze it, sidewalk chalk. >> too easily offensive. someone finds this offending
5:35 am
and distracting, hard to believe, if you're the person that did indeed find this offend seive and distracting. >> alisyn: and we can't imagine how affected you are by clayton's sidewalk chalk. >> clayton: here is dave. >> dave: you've got the hair right. >> alisyn: and here at the end of the show, thank you. your headlines, something to tell you about the former democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords is making a rare appearance as they're going to the polls for the special election to replace her. the get out the vote event for the democratic candidate ron barber. giffords resigned as you know as she continues to recover from the shooting rampage that left six people dead. barber is former aide and he was wounded. and talk about precision, new york post reporting the u.s. drone strike that killed al-qaeda's deputy leader was
5:36 am
so spot on, only destroyed two homes in the house where he was hiding. and al-libbi reportedly asleep in the pakistani compound where the five foot drone struck at one thousand miles per hour. al-libbi best known for rallying anti-american sentiment through online videos. do you remember the obama girl. >> dave: indeed, i do. >> alisyn: hard to forget. ♪ obama, barack obama, baby, you're the best candidate ♪ >> love that song. that was amber lee. she rose to fame for profe professing her love for candidate obama and now seems she's had a change of heart and telling the daily caller she's not as excited as last time around and refuse to go say whether she'll even vote for obama come november. big change. meanwhile, better late than never.
5:37 am
a 91-year-old world war ii veteran, getting a high school diploma, he earned seven decades ago. that's sweet. that's denver kelly. attended ohio over land high school back in 1941 when he was deployed with the army before he could walk across the stage and graduate. now,'s finally gotten a chance and also spoke at the graduation and boy, was he a hit. >> this is an honor and i wonder now if 90-some years old just what this will do for me? >> and not just funny, he's also the american hero and fought in the battle of the bulge and normandy, and fellow graduates say it was an honor to share his special day and stage with him. those are your headlines. >> dave: over to rick reichmuth and pointed out to me ma the nba finals, all weather finals, thunder versus the heat.
5:38 am
rick reichmuth's finals. >> the suns would have been my dream finals, but heat-thunder. you know, it's nice when there's a barbecue outside, there's a big crowd and a crowd for the puerto rican day parade. make sure i get that in. take a look at radar and unfortunately this is where the heavy rain fell yesterday and a little bit, a couple of hours ago, things not looking so bad and all of the yellows and reds are heavy rain falling in here and bringing major flooding concerns and all of the flooding pictures yesterday. take a look now, where the flood warnings are going on right now. the exact area and flash flooding going on on the north side of lake ponchartrain and some areas may be getting over five inches of rain and might put us at a two day total, and major, major flooth effects, some relief for the drought, which is good news, but unfortunately that flooding will continue.
5:39 am
clayton, what are you going to barbecue for us? >> a pork shoulder and air not going to get any food from me. thanks. joe robinson is here the executive chef and you're here in manhattan because it's the big apple barbecue block party taking place today. and, or yesterday and today from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. you guys what, compete? >> it's not a competition, it's an invitational cookoff to celebrate barbecue in america. >> clayton: i love this. it's all fresh, everything fresh daily. >> thank you. >> clayton: and didn't want to put a freezer in the store, in the restaurant, is that right. >> no freezers in the restaurant at all. >> clayton: that's great. we're starting here and there's a pork shoulder here and is this something you're showing off at the block party. >> we're not, this is in our restaurants every day and the grits are, you know, a lot of people don't know what grits are, they're like what people
5:40 am
outside of the south would know that, but, yeah, dried corn that we took slowly and just in some water, and it's got a nice, earthy, corn flavor and we finish them up in a minute with butter, cheese, hot sauce and then start out with our pork, which the shoulder actually came from one of our hogs, we raise our own pigs in alabama, heritage free pig farm, fat back big project and where this guy came from. >> clayton: all fresh ingredients. let's move over to the table and let the folks know an idea, what you guys do to make the cheesy grits. >> once we cook the grits, probably for 45 minutes, they get nice and tender and we like parmesan cheese, and who doesn't. we like, we like a lot of parmesan cheese like that, and then, we want to take a little bit of butter. >> clayton: a little bit. >> a little bit. maybe about a tablespoon, something like that, yeah,
5:41 am
exactly. and then, just a little bit of salt. and the salt and some hot sauce. >> now you're talking. >> and then we're just going to get all that have work into the grits, delicious. >> clayton: and the end result? >> the end result is just a creamy, swit cheecheesy, with a flavor to it. >> clayton: and also the biscuits, ready to eat and serve. >> they are, map. good to go. >> clayton: we've got a lot of hungry people inside and check it out today. big apple barbecue down there at madison square park, and nice to see you, want to dig in. dave and ali, none left. >> alisyn: that's all right. dave has a side of beef here. >> dave: i've got three racks here, but we will take a little cheesy grits and pork shoulder to go with our ribs. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, you're
5:42 am
little fred flintstone. >> dave: mayor bloomberg shutting us down. >> alisyn: miley cyrus headlines getting engaged at 19. and our next guest is about to walk down the aisle himself and see if he agrees with a new rule. >> dave: and that little boy breaking open his piggy bank to save his favorite football player. we'll meet that young man. ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:45 am
>> listen up, everyone, we have a question for you this morning, how young is too young to get married. >> 40. >> alisyn: a recently divorced columnist is ruffling
5:46 am
feathers, saying it's better for the institution of marriage if we could change the law to prevent couples from getting married before age 25. >> clayton: wow. our next guest adamantly disagrees with this, he's 24 and getting ready to walk down the aisle this summer. commentator and fox contributor, steven crowder. >> congratulations. >> you'd be way more congratulations if you met my future wife, way out of my league. >> clayton: you take umbrage with the fact not that i guess it's her opinion that maybe people should get older when people are older, she wants to change the law it's illegal to get married underage 25? >> well, this column is a crystallization of the kind of people i encounter, oh you're 24 and getting married, you're too young and young people shouldn't get married. no, maybe you shouldn't get married young, the same argument.
5:47 am
you don't have enough life experience, don't have life experience when you read the column they talk about drinking and partying same people refer to higher education a college experience and glorified alcoholism. the truth is i love life experiences as many as possible and i choose to skip the crappy ones and i can't imagine to possibly enjoy my life experiences more than sharing them with the person with whom i'll be sharing the rest of my life. and these people, clayton, the same people who made fun of me a year ago before i proposed to my wife, and wrote a column on abstinence. oh, you can't be abstinent before marriage and you have to live together and i wrote a column saying you shouldn't live with each other before marriage, you have to live with each other and test it out. we called that for hundreds of years, concubines. >> alisyn: and you seem to have a lot of thoughts on this, and let's look at miley cyrus and this is what prompted some of this reaction, and she's 19 years old and some people have said,
5:48 am
she's had a lot of life experience and way too young. think how much you change throughout your teens and 20's. is there some age that is too young for marriage? >> no. there's a moral bar that needs to be set. people don't like it, it sounds, are you judging somebody? yeah, i am making a judgment. when it comes to marriage i'm make ago in depth and harsh judgment because that's absolutely a life decision. we're told you need to discover yourself you need to grow by yourself. really, what are you doing, you're learning how to grow by yourself apart from one another, rather than how to grow up with your wife or husband, and the books i read, faith dictates values and be careful, the woman of my youth. why would i want to marry someone after i've learned to live alone harder for us to merge our lives. if we decided to take as much time and energy teaching people how to be equipped for marriage and have real expectations for marriage and pre-marital counseling and
5:49 am
encouraging them to live a righteous life, sounds like a judgment, you bet it is, i think it had be better off that we focus on some arbitrary age what's appropriate for marriage and i know i've said things that might be offended. they can all the tweet me at s crowder i think i mumbled there. tweet me the at s crowder and tell me why i'm wrong. >> clayton: and how about if they make divorce illegal, happy about that. >> i don't know illegal should make it a painful process. and i'm going to write about the myth of the 50% divorce rate. >> alisyn: and who knew you were such a romantic. best we wishes to you and your lovely fiancee. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a wildfire raging out of control in colorado this morning and many people missing as evacuations are underway. >> alisyn: plus a six-year-old football fan showing his
5:50 am
favorite player, and breaking open the piggy bank, to con begins the giants to keep his favorite player. >> clayton: dave is trying to get that. [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer. it's the travelocity spring into summer sale. you can save up to 50% on select hotels and vacation packages. so book your summer vacation now and save up to 50%. offer ends soon. book right now at
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5:53 am
>> welcome back, the new york football giants did not want to show running back brandon jacobs the money, if you will. but a six-year-old fan did. he cracked open his own piggy bank and sent his life savings to his favorite football player, $3.36. after his mom explained to him that jacobs was switching teams because the giants did not have enough money to keep him. >> six-year-old joe and his mom julie are here to share what happened.
5:54 am
welcome, guys. so, joe, you were pretty sad. >> yeah. >> alisyn: you were sad that he might leave the giants. >> yep. >> dave: why, why did you want him to stay here and play for the giants? >> because he was a running great running back. >> alisyn: and so you opened your piggy bank and were you hoping to send him the money and what were you hoping he'd say. >> that he would say that he-- >> he'd stay? >> yeah. >> alisyn: i think we should read your letter. your letter you wrote to brandon said. dear brandon jacobs, so you could go to the giants, here is my money, love joe. >> and julie, i was surprised to find out that brandon jacobs got this note, got the money, read it and reacted on twitter. >> oh, yeah, i was surprised too, considering we sent it to candlestick park care of brandon jacobs and i explained to joey didn't think he'd get the letter. >> what happens next? >> next, is overwhelming, next
5:55 am
we're here on the morning tv show, i mean, really and yeah, i heard from my neighbor at 6:30 in the morning on thursday that there was an article in the daily news because brandon jacobs had not only received the letter, but photographed the letter and posted it to his twitter account. and then it just went crazy, and like wildfire on every media outlet you can imagine across the world i've heard. >> alisyn: joe, how do you feel that brandon got it and said thank you to you. >> i did not know that. >> you'd feel better if he got his $3 back and brandon jacobs got a million and a half dollars from the 49ers and doesn't need the $3. so, now, brandon jacobs has offered to meet joe, with brandon jacobs' own son, what does it mean to you? >> i think it's something you can't imagine as a football fan and child and memory for joe and all of us, really, our whole family and i think
5:56 am
sometimes i might be more excited, but, i think it's just a memory he'll have for so long and which is kind of a special moment. >> alisyn: joe, what do you think about going to chuck e. cheese with brandon jacobs. >> that's kind of awesome. (laughter) >> yes, i would have to agree with that. >> dave: and own a broncos and patriots fans, we agree on one thing. what team do we not like? >> the jets. >> dave: i knew i liked joe. >> alisyn: and the crew. all right, yeah, joe, you're wonderful. and a great story, thanks for coming in and have fun at chuck e. cheese. >> thank you. >> alisyn: julie, thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> dave: coming up, may look like flashlights, but they're bombs of sorts, they're exploding in arizona, police still have no idea what's behind it and this morning, we'll have details how they're trying to find out. >> alisyn: plus, one school says god bless the usa is too
5:57 am
offensive for five year olds. but somehow, justin bieber is okay for them to sing. and the p.c. police at it again. ♪ and i gladly stand up next ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
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trouble with a car insurance claim. [ voice of dennis ] switch to allstate.
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their claim service is so goo now it's guaranteed. [ normal voice ] so i can trust 'em unlike randy. are you in good hands? >> alisyn: good morning, everyone, it is sunday, june 10th, i'm alisyn camerota. breaking news for you. new details unfolding as we speak about the deadly shooting overnight near auburn university in alabama. now, at least three people are reported dead. we'll have the very latest in a live report, straight ahead. >> dave: the investigation into the allergid white house leaks drawing fresh criticism and new concerns they could go far beyond the oval office. how far do they go and could it impact the president's chances at re-election. >> clayton: and, congress has a message for the tsa, if you know who they are let 'em through. like alisyn camerota.
6:01 am
beyonce. similar. get the pat-down on these two ladies, is it the answer to our security woes? we report, you decide. boy, are the e-mails flying on that one, fox and friends, hour 4, starts right now. >> dave: thanks for joining us. if you are just waking up, you a "fox news alert." a deadly shooting rampage at an apartment complex near the auburn university campus in alabama. at least three people now reported dead, it is believed the victims were either current or former members of the auburn football team. witnesses say a fight broke out in a pool party and then someone started shooting. the suspect reportedly still on the loose this morning. we'll bring you a live report from the scene in just a few minutes. alisyn. >> alisyn: horrible.
6:02 am
and an extreme weather alert. dry conditions out west and, firefighters are battling these wildfires overnight in colorado, crews say flames scorched 8,000 acres. damaging buildings, of course, forcing several dozen evacuation orders and at this time it is believed several people could be missing. >> clayton: that's not all, severe storms flaming parts of alabama and florida and pensacola florida, water is turning the streets into a remember chul river, a lot of roads are totally 77 passable and residents with no choice but to stay inside and over in mobile county, alabama, numerous cars submerged in water and drivers are urged to stay off the road to let the crews work on the flooding and some areas saw 15 inches of rain, let's waste no more time and get over to rick reichmuth. a lot of the soil can't handle the water. >> rick: no place can handle 15 inches falling in a day. they have a drought and need the
6:03 am
rain, but this is way too much, last time they saw that much rain, 1934. to put it into perspective. the fires, yesterday, all of the area was in pink and fire danger and today is less, hover the one fire sparked in larimer county, colorado, 15 miles west of fort collins, 8,000 acres and destroyed structures and they say that was yesterday, and there was significant growth on the fire during the overnight hours with the winds. today, still at the danger, front moved through and windy conditions, not as hot but we'll deal with today, another very rough day for the fire. the other story all of the flooding across areas of the south. 13.13 inches of rain falling in one day in pensacola 18 inches of rain and more is unfortunately continuing to fall there, today, tomorrow, the next 3-4 days there will be rain and today the worst of it. and we you a heavy rain in new
6:04 am
orleans, two inches expected and pensacola, 5 inches and it is spreading across areas of georgia, the good part, where the significant drought is. but this morning the rain heavy at times across this same area. if there has been vieding of the water we might see it go up briefly --ceding and, might see it go up again. >> alisyn: flashlights that don't light up, they blow up. three bombs exploded within the last month in phoenix. causing minor injuries to five people and raising fears of more serious ones. police say they have no idea who is behind these and believe they were made by the same person and in response the billboards popped up around the city, warning residents about discarded flashlights and police offering a $10,000 reward for tips that lead to any arrests. spain is asking for help, announcing the deal after calls
6:05 am
to the white house and the bailout worth, said to be $125 billion. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warning europe's financial crisis could have disastrous effects on the u.s. financial recovery. dave, sports. >> dave: no triple crown at the bellmont after "i'll have another" was forced to drop out and retire and loads of excitement. a fantastic photo finish, down the stretch. watch: >> painter, union rags, fighting from the rail, and painter... union rags, and, union rags! in the belmont stakes. >> dave: we have the photo to show how close it was, union racking in thing past painter, thanks to the opening, courtesy of mike smith. and, john velasquez second win at bell -- belmont and,
6:06 am
attendance down 20% from what they expected. still 85,000 fans and sounds huge but with a triple crown effort they go well over 100,000, the tv ratings will be cut in half if not worse. >> clayton: with the bad weather, didn't help. dave, let's talk about this: a tough week for the president and the white house. >> dave: boy, was it. >> clayton: run down the laundry list of things, friday we told you about eric holder appointing two special u.s. attorneys, which they are prosecutors, the "wall street journal" points out, they are prosecutors, what they've done for their career, they now are tasked with going after this investigation to find out where these leaks were coming from, out of the white house, they were on the front page of the "new york times," these stories and these are national security leaks, these aren't little political stories planted in the newspaper. representative lamar smith on fox news channel yesterday is worried that this is turning political. >> this ag is so politicized in
6:07 am
his office it makes you wonder if these individuals aren't going to be, you know, first to delay the report until after the election, whatever it might be but we can't take the president's word for it. that is why we have the investigation. >> clayton: chris wallace a short time ago, said, absolutely, remember how long the valerie plame investigation took, years, a long time and it could take well beyond the election. >> alisyn: but the leading republicans are afraid that these u.s. attorneys, eric holder has appointed, will be too beholden to the department of justice to actually make some sort of impartial, accurate finding. that is what they are worried about and why they are calling for the special prosecutor as in the valerie plame case and lanny davis, in the clinton white house, an advisory, talked about the leaks and, said every administration has them and in fact he was the source of some, he says. >> it is not a partisan issue. democrats and republicans are patriots. and, this information endangering lives, sources and methods, is very serious.
6:08 am
but it's not a defense, but it is a fact. that everybody does it. and, nobody should do it. but when you use the expression administration official, governor, i know having used the expression to camouflage myself as a leaker. when i was doing political placements for stories that i wanted to be sure we're published before they were nationally televised hearings about the campaign finance allegation. i would call myself an administration official. or a or osenior official withou reference to the white house. >> dave: no question there are leaks in every administration but to this extent, none in terms of national security details that, for the most part, critic say, helped the president's re-election chances but some including lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer take it to a different level and says it actually puts lives on the line and costs lives. listen: >> this goes at least to the
6:09 am
national security level. and, we're talking about senior officials and resent general clapper says we need more polly graphs. they aren't coming from people like me, they are coming from people leaking it for political benefit. let me be clear here. people have died and they may not be american people, but al qaeda when the information was leaked how the underwear bomber was discovered, they purged their ranks and by doing that we have left ourselves open in ways we have not been open since before 9/11 and let me be clear. people have died here. >> clayton: much more on that investigation in the weeks ahead. catch up fox news sunday, this morning, chris wallace will have interesting interviews on that issue. plus this, the tsa, every weekend we talk about a new controversy with the tsa and the way in which their screening procedures let people through or done too much and now the house of representatives with i don't know a head-scratching idea, how
6:10 am
to improve security flow at the airport. >> alisyn: head scratching or is it genius? and here it is: it is that celebrities, really recognizable people, not just celebrities, big-time politicians, why should they have to go through the security clearance and be patted down and be pulled aside? >> clayton: if everyone recognizes them. >> alisyn: for instance they use the example of donald rumsfeld, you may recall, the picture of it, then secretary of defense -- former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld, being patted down at the airport. well, he's pretty recognizable and henry kissinger has been pulled over and he's recognizable and, in fact, it was congressman rogers, who cited a different celebrity, who he thought should not be patted down. let's listen: >> there are certain people that are so well-known that you just have to use common sense, because, if you star patting them down, people sail they, they are patting down beyonce. she is not going to blow a plane
6:11 am
up. >> dave: i agree. and common sense says, yes. let them through, they will not pose a threat to our country but if i'm in line with my three kids, stressed out, trying to get the stroller through and been there an hour and the celebrity walks on through, i'm furious. >> clayton: i'll be angry. >> dave: common sense does not apply when i'm in the line, angry. >> clayton: and it is the tsa's fault, making a special treatment. >> alisyn: and should they get special treatment? and if you say yes, how far down does it go. everybody is recognizable somewhere, the mayor of peoria. >> dave: you are more famous than that. >> clayton: with all due respect to the house of representatives, i think that is -- look, this is not -- one of -- a little small problem or issue here. and how many times are celebrities traveling and that is really going to
6:12 am
dramatically... >> dave: twhey fly their own private jets. >> dave: i'm sure beyonce doesn't travel commercial. >> clayton: if i see her on my flight -- i'll help america by patting down beyonce. >> dave: should celebrities get a quick pass? twitter or the e-mail. >> clayton: i'm sure i'll be arrested. >> you ought to be. >> clayton: president obama claiming his economic recovery has been stronger than president bush's. is it a fair comparison? fun with numbers. we'll ask former economic advisor to president reagan, next. >> alisyn: plus one says god bless the u.s.a. is too offensive for students to sing, somehow justin bieber is okay to sing. ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ and defend her... wake up!
6:13 am
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>> dave: welcome back, everybody, president obama claiming his economic recovery has been stronger than president bush's on friday. >> president barack obama: after losing jobs for 25 months in a row, our businesses have now created jobs for 27 months in a row. 4.3 million new jobs in all. the fact is, job growth in this recovery has been stronger than in the one following the last recession, a decade ago. >> dave: but is that a good comparison? here to weigh in is former economic advisor to president reagan, art laffer. good to see you, art. >> good to see you, dave, how are you? >> dave: i'm good. is it a good recession, the last recession lasted 8 months long
6:17 am
an peak unemployment, 6.3%, apples and oranges. >> it is totally appropriate, this is the single worst recovery in the history of the u.s. after one of the worst declines ever. the recovery should be much, much faster, when we were in office in 1980, early '80s we had a very sharp decline as well, up until '82 and the boom following was huge and this is not even enough to keep track of population growth, this single worst recovery and i don't know why -- afternoon else knows it and i don't know why president obama doesn't. >> dave: wouldn't the best comparison be to the recovery you are referring to under president reagan. >> that was terrific. we had a huge bounce back from a very sharp decline after james carter, traying our tax cuts and our boom was huge and this boom, there is none and if we continue like this, people will be run down so no one is left working. it is tragic. >> dave: obviously our debt could prevent a further recovery certainly, what people are talking about, tax-mageddon
6:18 am
looming in the new year. how will it affect our country's ability to recover. >> you look at the tax rate increases all the bush era tax cuts are set to expire and all the additional obamacare tax increases that will take place. you have a huge amount of tax increases occurring, and that will clearly destroy the economy. you cannot tax an economy into prosperity, dave. it just doesn't happen. poor people don't spend themselves into wealth. >> dave: clearly you are on the side of bill clinton, at least temporarily extending the tax breaks. >> totally. >> dave: what do they need to be paired with to get the engine moving? >> well, dave i want to tell you, i voted for clinton twice when he ran for president. i thought he was a great president and i think he's completely right on these issues and it embarrasses me the democrats will not let him hold a different view about anything. they require party line moving. clinton's correct. we should extend the tax cuts and he's correct, cut government spending the way he did in his
6:19 am
eight years in office. he cut spending by more than the next four best presidents combined. and this guy has gone crazy on spending and so did "w" and comparing everything with him is inappropriate, he wasn't a good president in his last two years, nor is obama in his first three years. >> dave: did you say you voted for clinton twice. >> i sure did. i voted for democrats as much as republicans, i'm a kennedy democrat from the '60s, a reagan republican in the '80s and a bill clinton democrat when he ran for office. i believe in policies, not parties. and when these party people get together and demand bill lyclinn detract his statements, can't they allow any diversity in their own party? outrageous, that is what causes gridlock. >> dave: art laffer, former economic advisor to president
6:20 am
reagan. a surprising statement from the governor of mississippi who says prayers should be allowed in all schools. father jonathan morris here to react. why it is so surprising, next and we have heard the anger from capitol hill, over eric holder stonewalling during the fast and furious hearing, but how do friends and family members of brian terry feel about this? well hear from one of them coming up. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple. adjusting to city life was hard for me.
6:21 am
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>> alisyn: breaking news for you now. we have been following this story, out of alabama, reports say at least three people are now dead. after a late-night shooting at an apartment complex near auburn university. we have reporters live at the scene with the latest. do you know any more about the victims? >> reporter: we are hearing
6:24 am
there is a possibility that at least one of the victims is an auburn football player and we do know from a witness we spoke to who is actually at the school party where the shooting took place, he says they were hanging out with a number of football players and they were here hanging out by the pool, when they say in an instant everything changed. people, two guys started arguing over a female, that is when the shots were fired and, one witness saw three people get shot and again we are waiting to hear from police, a couple more hours before they will have time, they say to come out and talk to us, but the police chief has confirmed multiple people are shot here, at this complex and you can see behind me, the scene is still here, police have been out here for several hours, they are not letting people in or out of the apartment complex, and it is still developing and again we'll have the very latest, as soon as we can sit down with the police chief, back to you in new york. >> alisyn: thank you so much for that live report. >> clayton: mississippi's governor raised eyebrows with
6:25 am
his comments about nondenominational school prayer and he said, quote, at a moment of enlightenment in the future the federal government will say, not a bad thing for children to hear prayer in school. joining us now to weigh in on this is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. you don't hear that said often by politicians. >> you know, he's on the right track, as history is a good teacher. why? because first of all, prayer was very prevalent in schools, throughout the 18, 19, and first half of the 20th century and there were two cases that went all the way to the supreme court, engels and abbington and they say there should be no official prayer, state sponsored prayer everybody has to pray and the second court case went further and said, in a public school, there shouldn't be bible readings, for example or other prayers that are required by all the students. but, then, in the '90s we had two other cases that bring about a little bit of an advancement
6:26 am
towards what we saw before, prayer in school, by having prayers allowed for example at commencement speeches, right? for example, or before a high school football game. right? so we see what was very prevalent and perhaps a little bit of an establishment of religion in the first half of the 20th century, and then we went to the extreme of saying, hey, listen, prayer, none of that and now it is coming back a bit and it should be if anything an expression of the region, if there is great faith in the region allow people to pray as they want. >> alisyn: interesting, the governor said it is the opposite of what has been happening, we can't decide which religion so make it none. we will not have a christmas tree or menorah at hanukkah and, he says let all comers come. >> and that is very much in line with the other supreme court decisions about religion, for example, in front of a courthouse, they are not saying it is bad to have creches.
6:27 am
but if there are members of another religion who would like a public expression of their faith, let that be present, too. so i think maybe we are getting more sensible. and, really being more constitutional. no establishment of religion but no law that prohibits the free exercise of religion. maybe a good sign on a happy sunday morning. >> clayton: well said, father jonathan morris, great to see you. coming up on the show, the pc police at it again, god bless the u.s.a. and it was ruled too offensive for five-year-olds but justin bieber's song, baby is okay. we are swapping them out. >> dave: check out this beautiful car, not just here for looks. up next, the pace car with potentially life-saving tips as we hit the road to summer. ♪
6:28 am
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6:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪
6:32 am
♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you and defend her ♪ god bless the u.s.a... [sirens sounding]. >> alisyn: police are coming to arrest him! >> clayton: i didn't see that one coming, pc police. is that song offensive? in some way? well, a high school principal out there on coney island thinks, 5th greaters -- five-year-olds can't handle it. >> dave: an elementary school principal says this song has to be pulled out of the commencement ceremony because it offends other cultures. well, the school has a lot of
6:33 am
immigrants from all over the world including mexico and ecuador and pakistan and many of those parents and their children found that song a prideful moment for them, because, they are proud of the flag, they are proud of what the country gave them the opportunity to do. >> alisyn: the school principal decided a lee greenwood song, god bless the u.s.a., cannot be sung at the commencement and instead they'll rising justin bieber's "baby." and the lyrics are not age appropriate for god bless the u.s.a. >> clayton: but baby, baby, baby is. >> alisyn: i have the lyrics, to baby, baby, baby. >> clayton: do it. >> alisyn: john -- >> alisyn: jon stewart, you are welcome. here we go. she had me going crazy, oh, i was star struck, she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucks.
6:34 am
>> clayton: baby, baby, baby, oh. >> dave: they won't sing the part that is rapped. they'll just... >> alisyn: how do you know. >> dave: it's on my iphone, kids sing it and take out the ludicrous version. and, it is -- >> i'll buy you anything, i'll buy you any ring. >> dave: that part will be sung. >> clayton: the idea though -- >> we are -- this is for talk soup. >> alisyn: what is inappropriate about god bless the u.s.a., a rousing, beautiful, stirring song, as we said, the parents in this school all -- not all, but most appreciate it and love and the principal decided... >> dave: do you have more dramatic reading? >> alisyn: baby, baby, baby, oh. >> clayton: you love me, you care, shout when i'll be there,
6:35 am
you are my love -- >> alisyn: my favorite part is, are we an item? girl, quit playing, we're just friends, what are you saying? >> clayton: you know it is bad when chris yells at us. well... you know what, it will be stuck in his head the rest of the day. congratulations. >> dave: all right. >> alisyn: let's get to the headlines, more news to tell you about now, an airline passenger facing possible criminal charges, after become-rushing the cockpit on a u.s. airways flight from charlotte to los angeles. the man flew into a rage after flight attendants refused to serve him alcohol apparently because he was too drunk and he ran towards the cockpit carrying a lighter and scream and, flight attendants and passengers subdued him, his identity not released at this time. the former egyptian president, hosni mubarak is in critical condition inside a prison hospital in cairo, an among nus
6:36 am
official saying she slihe slips out of consciousness, days after being handed a life sentence with killing mass protesters in his country. he's 84 years old. i guess they got an a-plus, high school graduates in nevada having to give back their diplomas because the word "graduation" was spelled with too any as and they admitted their mistake and are redoing them and we told you of a similar story, 8,000 students in maryland received their diplomas with one over the "r" missing in the word, program and a treat for world war ii veterans from central florida. 26 got to take place in an honor flight to washington, d.c. visiting landmarks like the world war ii memorial and arlington national cemetery. they got a highero's welcome up returning to the airport and, frank alphonzo was blown away by
6:37 am
the experience. >> it was the most awesome thing that happened in my life but i feel guilty, because i cannot compete with the rest of the group. the heros i was with today, i cannot polish their shoes. >> alisyn: wow. how old was frank when he fought? this is the first time veterans from florida participated in the honor flight program and can't wait to organize another one. those are your headlines. >> dave: rick reichmuth has a check of weather across the country. those fires, any chance, colorado, the conditions favoring them, slowing down or no. >> rick: tomorrow it gets a little better. today, not so good. look at the picture, sent from loveland, colorado on twitter. showing the fire there. this is just kind of a little bit to the west of loveland, loveland and fort collins, there. look at the picture sent in, dave, it will mean something to you, if you are from colorado. those are homes right there, the
6:38 am
northwest of loveland and the fire started 6:00 yesterday morning, 24 hours in. 8,000 acres burned as of yesterday and now, it is likely by this morning, will be larger, they said significant growth overnight, it will be windy today, keep sending your pictures and maybe the flooding across areas of the south, rick reichmuth on twitter or on my facebook page and the flooding in the south, guys, another big story, will be with us for the next couple of days, you see the heavy rain, continuing to fall across these areas, that saw it yesterday. maybe another 5 to 7 inches and that will cause more problems there. all right, clayton, over to you. >> clayton: thank you so much, rick, well, this is national tire safety awareness week. i never knew there was a whole week defeated to it but you need to pay attention to it. in honor of that we have sylvia, from michelin motor sports and brought along my ride i'm going to be driving home in today, to demonstrate safety. >> absolutely. >> clayton: what is this. >> this is the corvette zr-1,
6:39 am
2013, 60th anniversary edition, the pace car at the indy 500 a couple weeks ago and we thought we'd bring you eye candy. >> clayton: a lot of people trying to lay claim to it. get security out here. >> they are. >> clayton: and what is interesting, people hitting the road and getting out there during unseasonal weather, storms and thunderstorms, coming out of nowhere, and, paying attention to your tires. >> yes, tire maintenance is so important, especially like you said, now that the summer months are coming up and, i wanted to give you two quick tips on easy tire maintenance. >> clayton: this is something honestly people ignore all the time. and you get caught up in things and don't pay attention to how much air you should put into your tires because it changes as the air gets hotter, right. >> it changes because you are using your tires. so, an easy thing to do is, once a month, give yourself a reminder to check tire pressure and tread depth. >> clayton: how do you do that. >> tire pressure is easy because the information is actually located in the car door of the
6:40 am
driver's side. so the manufacturer already tells you exactly what tire pressure you will need. let's check and you find the valve and everyone knows where it is. get yourself -- i have a michelin man, but get a tire gauge and, take the pressure of the tire and from there it gives you the reading and you know whether to adjust the pressure of the tire. whether you need to put more air in or take some out. >> clayton: head to the gas station and fill it up. >> and i have a penny. >> clayton: because this is interesting. to check the tread depth and maybe you need to buy new tires. >> exactly. the penny test and is easy to do. take a penny and put it upside-down and find the biggest groove in your tire and put abraham lincoln's head down and hold it there and if you see his head, it is time to change your tires, the tire has worn down. >> clayton: you should only see his neck. >> exactly. he's fine, you don't see his
6:41 am
head and there is enough tread. these are new power sport tires and those are two really quick things you can do once a month, every saturday, remind yourself to do them. >> clayton: sylvia, here from michelin motor sports, great tips and slow down in wet weather. and use a u.s. penny, dave and ali, make sure you don't have a canadian penny, it would throw everything off. >> alisyn: the queen. the queen! >> dave: yeah. >> clayton: that's my tip for you. >> alisyn: thanks, i'm not sure that that car would look good with a baby seat in it, clayton, as you are planning. >> dave: as eric holder faced another round of grilling on capitol hill over the botched fast and furious operations, family and friends of slain border agent brian terry are hoping for justice. we'll talk to one of them next. >> alisyn: barbecue is taking over the big apple and the chefs are sharing their secrets, a tip at how tennessee makes barbecue.
6:42 am
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are at incrsed risk for stoch bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> dave: welcome back. attorney general eric holder and his defenders have taken more heat over the fast and furious investigation. by accusing the investigators of having an agenda. >> do you think that is why i'm asking you about fast and furious because of your political ideology. >> i will not ignore reality and say all the attacks directed at me are those that are nonpolitical in nature or that have come in good faith. >> if you think that you are being singled out because of
6:46 am
political ideology or race or any other characteristic or factor when it comes to fast and furious, you are sorely mistaken. >> alisyn: alana domino is a close friend of slain border agent brian terry, missing weapons from fast and furious were found at the scene of terry's murder. good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: your friend, brian was killed, we should remind people, back in december of 2010. you, i know followed all of these proceedings very closely, at the end of the 8th of appearance of attorney general air robbing holder in front of different committees, are you any closer to knowing who authorized this and what went wrong with fast and furious? >> we'd be closer to knowing who authorized it if he'd release the remainder of the documents he has given to the inspector general that was given, over 140,000 documents to conduct a thorough investigation. darrell issa has only been given
6:47 am
7600 documents, of which the 7600 have been redacted and we aren't any closer with him withholding information. >> dave: the exchange we heard between the congressman and the attorney general, refer to this being very political, hyper political, almost. do you feel that this has become a partisan investigation? >> i believe that the -- this is an election year, the democrats are making it more of a political issue, this is an american issue, we have two dead federal agents, brian terry was killed in the line of action, and, another officer was killed in the line of action and if we don't stand up for the people who serve our country, why we have the freedoms we have today, who will? and it shouldn't be based off of race or i'm republican or i'm a democrat. it is an american issue. it is your job, as an elected official, to fight for the people who served their country for justice. you have two families with no answers, the terry family deserves closure and they
6:48 am
deserve the truth. of how he was killed. eric holder holds the cards. withholding information, that is leadership? we have problems if that is leadership and that represents or country. >> you bring up brian's family, obviously, they want resolution. as would any family. do you know how they are feeling this week after watching the attorney general testify yet again but not seem to get to the bottom of anything? >> i can't speak for the family. they are currently under litigation. but i can tell you that any family would be completely distraught and frustrated with no answers after a year-and-a-half, brian was killed in december. it is a year-and-a-half and 8 months of asking attorney general holder, you know, can we have the remainder of the documents. who was responsible at the highest level? his responses are, i don't recall. i don't know. he knows. the inspector general has already conducted an investigation and he won't even
6:49 am
release the investigation of the inspector general. lanny brewer admitted fault yet he has not fired him. jason weinstein is on e-mails with james trusty, specifically stating fast and furious. your know, release public documents, how should we handle it with the media? the guilt is there and no one is fired. dennis burke resigned himself. attorney eric holder has not fired anyone. you know? so i do believe that, yeah, eric holder and the obama administration are definitely making it political because it is an election year by withholding information and that is not fair to the terry family to get answers they deserve and the justice brian terry deserves and honor. >> dave: and many including the congressman, we had on from texas want eric holder to resign, lana domino, thanks for being on and sharing insights, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> alisyn: coming up, big apple -- not the big apple. apple is getting ready to reveal
6:50 am
some big news. >> dave: the big apple. >> alisyn: we're in the big apple. we eat apples, it is all very confusing, but what you can expect about the big reveal. >> dave: also, fire up the grill. secret to making the perfect barbecue. that's next. whoa! nobody insures more bikes than progressive.
6:51 am
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>> clayton: welcome back to "fox and friends," nerds, listen up, because apple's annual worldwide developer conference kicking off tomorrow, in california. expectations running by about what ceo tim cook might announce tomorrow, some predictions, new iphone operating system is a
6:54 am
definite, all the software that powers your iphone and the possibility of third-party apps coming to the apple tv, which means you can watch your favorite network news shows on an apple t.v. i live report from the press conference tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" in the 8:00 hour. eastern time and, sorry, ladies, matthew mcconnaughey officially off the market. he does have a shirt on, he married his fiancee, camilla, at their texas home, he promised last christmas after five years of dating, they've had two kids together and now are tying the knot. >> alisyn: i guess -- >> old-fashioned way they did it. >> dave: all right, this, right here is the product of 20 hours of blood, sweat and tears and, pat cooked it up, from martins barbecue joint in tennessee. good to see you, sir. >> clayton: welcome, a work of art, right there.
6:55 am
>> alisyn: we know a lot about barbecue but what makes tennessee barbecue different from others. >> it is all pork, we don't cook brisket. we do it at the restaurants and tennessee is known for pork and we like what we call western whole hog, a larger hog, 185 pounds and we are cooking it for the big apple barbecue block party. >> clayton: you have perfect pulled pork barbecued sandwiches. >> let me build it for you, first a raw shoulder. a rub, a lot of -- everybody has the secret rubs, don't ask, because i know, you know i can't tell you the answer. now, now, now... and what we do is we'll rub it down and we'd pat it through the meat and get it in there, really good and what happens is, it cooks over 20, 24 hours, and forms what we call the bark. >> alisyn: and you did this guy for 20 hours. >> for 22, as was this guy and the bark forms and it looks dark
6:56 am
but it's not burned, it is a very flavorful addition an aspect to our barbecue, so what we do is, i have gloves, because it is really hot to the touch. go ahead and pull this. >> clayton: pull it apart, delicious. >> get this meat out. get the bark on the sandwich. >> alisyn: we'll assemble these perfect sandwiches and come back and we'll sample them and give you guys some. >> dave: and talking slaw when we come back, thanks to pat martin from martin's barbecue joint in tennessee, we're back in two minutes. with the perfect sandwich. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients,
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>> alisyn: we're back with pat martin and he's showing us how to make the perfect barbecue sandwich. 24 hours... >> dave: don't do it. not meant for you to have it. >> alisyn: look at this. >> bring it over, this is our


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