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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 10, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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stomach. >> eric: see you next sunday. >> have a great week. >> eric: we have some new information on the fallout in the investigation of the recent leaks of what critics say are our national security secrets. this morning, u.s. lawmakers are speaking out on the controversial issue with at least one republican senator pointing the finger of blame directly at the president. meantime, the administration remains on the defensive on this controversial issue. president obama blasting claims that members of his white house team had any hand in orchestrating the leaks. it's a claim that the president has called offensive and wrong. good morning, everyone, on this sunday morning. >> jamie: great to have you here. this is a big story. and the brand-new hour of america's news headquarters, we are going to talk about it. congressional leaders are saying they are working on ways to prevent similar security breaches in the future. they want to limit access to
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classified informs further. there is an investigation into the leak, headed by two u.s. prosecutors appointed by attorney general eric holder. a probe that many critics warn may be jeopardized by politics. we have more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: hi, jamie and eric. politics in that the two u.s. attorneys, who both sides say are good men and good lawyers, but they report to eric holder, who works for the president. that may mean they are not truly free to follow the facts upon one top senate republican voiced strong frustration that there have been so many national security leaks recently. >> it certainly is agregous, what has already happened that they made public, it's very clear that this information had to come from the administration. it couldn't have come from anywhere else. >> reporter: president obama says the white house doesn't, quote, operate by leaking national security operational details to the media. the president's top political
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adviser david axelrod said that the informs must have come from elsewhere. >> i think the authors of all of this work have all said that the white house was not the source of these -- of this information. i can't say that there weren't leaks. there were obviously leaks, but they weren't from the white house. >> reporter: but senator mccain says the articles with the leaked information source it to administration officials and aides to the president. he's calling for the president to appoint an independent special prosecutor to determine where the leaks originated. >> thanks for tracking that for us. we are going to have more on this ongoing investigation into who may be behind the leaks and the effort to bring them to justice. we are going to speak to the chairman of the house homeland security committee, peter king of new york will be here, joining us live, that's just ahead. >> eric: we went from chillin to
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a massacre. three people are dead and two are injured after a gunman hope opened fire in a pool party near auburn university. one witness said it started as a fight over a girl, but quickly escalated in an apartment complex where many auburn university athletes live. players on division 1 football team of auburn university may have been involved. christy hutchings from birmingham has details. she is live in auburn. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, eric, we are waiting to hear from the police chief to find out exactly how many football players may be involved. we are hearing that there is possibly one that is dead. if you go to any type of social media site, everybody is sending condolences to one particular football player's family. there is rumors that there could be from two to five other people that were shot here. still a lot of questions that we need answers to.
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we are still waiting on that news conference. it's been a good 10 hours since the shooting, so everyone is here, waiting. and like you said, we are hearing that this stemmed from a fight down at the pool. they said it was all over a girl. they said one minute, they were enjoying their time at the pool. the next, it was a gun fight. so everyone is very shaken up here. we have been watching people come in and out of this complex. you can see the sadness on all of their faces. >> eric: it's such a senseless tragedy, a horrible thing when these things happen. any sense of a suspect? anyone in custody at the moment? do we know anything about that? we are awaiting more details, of course, from the police. >> reporter: we are. we have not heard whether a suspect is in custody or if they are searching for one. we are hearing that they do have a helicopter up, which is leading some to believe that maybe the suspect is not in custody. but none of this is confirmed. police have want spoken to anyone out here. >> eric: all right. a tragedy, live from auburn,
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thank you so much. >> jamie: fox news, your election headquarters. new fallout less than 48 hours after president obama said the private sector is doing fine -- that's a quote. a comment that's drawing sharp criticism and putting team obama on the defensive. peter doocy following that in washington. hi, peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. friday morning, president obama said the private sector is doing fine. friday afternoon, he came out to clarify that the economy is know fine because there are too many people out of work and the housing market is weak. but despite the clarification, the romney campaign put out a powerful new ad, that features americans who are hurting. >> i just lost my job recently. i have to work part time in order to make ends meet. >> sometimes i feel like i'm a failure. >> the private sector's doing
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fine. the private sector's doing fine. the private sector's doing fine. >> reporter: responding to the president's original comments, mitt romney said that barack obama wants to hire more government workers and teachers and firemen, but americans want to cut back on government. that's what the obama campaign senior strategist david axelrod jumped on this morning, saying that the private sector is doing better than the public sector. >> he said, we don't need any more teachers -- we don't need any more teachers, 250,000 teachers have lost their jobs in the last couple of years. that's dramatically bad news for the country. it is not good news for our future. what planet is he living on that he thinks we can take these kind of hits in the education system and progress as a country? >> reporter: well, republican senator john mccain responded directly to mr. david axelrod
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saying he doesn't know what planet the president is living on. jamie? >> jamie: peter doocy, have a great day. >> reporter: thanks. >> eric: president obama continues to face a bit of a rough patch over these comments and the ongoing investigation into the intelligence leaks, there are new concern this is week, dealing with the re-election. let's take a look at the latest fox news poll that shows if the election were held now, the president would be neck and neck with governor mitt romney, a noticeable drop for mr. obama compared to last month. when asked who would do better on the economy, governor romney has the edge. but the president fairs better in matters of national security and foreign policy, with the majority of respondents saying they prefer the president over governor romney. what are we to make of this and what can break the log jam in the polls? we have the former communications director for republicans. and a member of the democratic national committee and a
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vice-chair of al gore's campaign. ron, let me start with you. it is neck and neck. the polls are just like this. what do you think will finally tip the balance to one candidate or the other? >> well, it's the economy. this is going to be an economic election. it is going to be about jobs. it is going to about whether or not people feel like they are better off than they were four years ago. clearly, many people don't think they are and president obama made a mistake by say that this economy is doing just fine. when you look at the polls, they are tied up with 10% undecided. they are going after those folks. obama cannot afford these type of gaffs. this is a referendum on obama and his stewardship of the economy. that's why he started to try to shift the game to public-sector workers because he has no explanation for how to grow the private sector -- david axelrod couldn't explain it. >> eric: do you think that's true, there is no explanation for the private sector?
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>> i agree with ron, it will be about the economy and about jobs. the president did not say that the economy is okay. he probably wishes that he didn't make that comment that he made that the private sector is doing okay. he made it very clear later in the day, the economy is not okay. what -- the private sector has gone by 4.3 million jobs. it is not enough. but it is going in the right direction. the point he's trying to make is, you saw what he did in the auto industry, you have seen what he has done in other target areas of the business community. they have had to become efficient. they have had to make changes. we have to continue in that way. you see a lot struggling at the state and local level because people are having to reduce budgets and laying off teachers and policemen, we need the security in the local communities, we need people teaching our kids! and that's what he is trying to do, put an economic incentive into the economy, help the local
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area, why they are -- while they are making the tough decisions that have to be made. this president agrees we have to reduce government spending, but he is trying to do it in a targeted way that helps the economy. >> eric: do you think the economic incentive will help the economy? >> when you are the president and you have a tough time explaining the economy and you are getting into these verbal quicksand, that's a really bad thing. the american people want to see a plan that's concise and clear. there are over 20 million people unemployed. many want to be in all kinds of professions. to focus on teachers and firefighters -- yes, that is important. and job, you know, should be created for them. they need to find those jobs. but throwing more federal money at the problem is know the answer. or else, i think i heard it earlier, greece would be a phenomenal country. >> eric: you know, you talk about greece and spain. they are having discussion this is weekend.
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the president is trying to have them get their house in order. what happens in the morning when the dow jones opens up and you have all of these uncertainties in greece that could cascade into our country and our economy. >> the president's very clear he is worried about the impact could be of europe. the fact of the matter is, if mitt romney and the president have said things that can be taken out of context. i think the american people are tired of the bickering and they want the democrats and the republicans to get together and solve the problem it's. >> eric: but that's not happening. both sides are blaming each other. >> that's correct. people want to stop it. in november, people are going to vote for the candidate that they think is going to help them on their job. i think it's going to be a competitive race. visaid that from the beginning. i have seen mitt romney make worse gaffs than what president obama has said. people want to see somebody who will lead this country and create jobs and give them job security. i think in the end, they are going to trust president barack obama.
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if you look at what mitt romney did, he was 47 out of 50 as governor of massachusetts in terms of job creation. they're tired of the bickering, we will see what happens in november. >> eric: some would say, they voted for hope and change and it's worse. you have the bickering and the gridlock that you say and the president has been the president and it hasn't helped? >> i think that i would disagree with that you he hasn't helped. but he has to show people he will bring people together and i think that's a challenge for him. i think he has -- both congress and the president have to say, we are going to work together. >> eric: ron, what about the last word? debbie's endorsement of the president that he is the answer? >> clearly this is a referendum on the economy. people are not happy with t. they are not happy -- they do not feel like they are better off than they were four years ago. i think obama's having a tough time explaining. it they are trying to figure out anything to make it stick, so they went to the public sector. this is a referendum over
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obama's stewardship over the country. but it is going to be very, very close. >> eric: debbie, last word, your prediction? >> li think president barack obama is going to win because i -- i disagree with you that they don't think they for better off. they are scared. the american people are scared about whether the economy's going to go in the right direction. they remember what got us into the greatest economic crisis since the great depression and they don't want to go back to those policies. but they are saying, i don't know who to blame, i want my job to be secure. >> eric: you speak for all americans, no matter what your party when you say that. thank you very much. >> jamie: plenty of folks are worried about keeping their homes. homeownership -- is it still the american dream? what about the great interest rates? this week's take charge consumer protection segment, we will look at whether buying or renting is the better option in this economy. >> eric: scenes like this never
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>> eric: 100 soldiers returning to green bay, wisconsin, after a
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year-long deployment to afghanistan. they held a special ceremony in their honor. friends and family were on hand. the wife of one soldier expressing her joy at having her family together again. >> the kids love having their daddy home. he's everything to them. just ready to get back to normal. >> eric: many of the returning troops are back for the first time since their deployment in march of last year. >> jamie: it doesn't get better than seeing the troops come home. homeownership used to be the american dream as well. this economy, though, have you to wonder whether that's the case. in today's take charge consumer protection segment, we'll take a look at whether buying beats renting. have you heard about the record-low interest rates? they make the case for purchasing a property. the rate for a 15-year loan, 2.94%. 30 year, 3.67%.
8:19 am
joining us, a real estate attorney, the director of the carnegie group. great to have you back. >> thanks for having me, jamie,. >> jamie: we all dreamt of owning a home. a lot of people are in hot water because they own their home, but they owe more than the home is worth. so those who are just happening about getting into a new home, should they consider renting? >> lyou know, there are four factors that most folks look at, the first is interest rates and the price of home, the cost to rent and where else you might be investing your money if you are not investing in a home. so as far as the rates go, we have all-time lows and anyone who has bought a home knows that you look at the good faith estimate and the truth in lending and the amortization schedule, you pay more for the loan than do you for the house over the course of the homeownership. the problem with that, though, is that interest rates have been low for so long, folks are not
8:20 am
rushing out because of that. there is a point of diminishing return, the tool that the fed has is not encouraging homeownership, as much as it would be discouraging if rates went up again. >> jamie: it sounds like what you are saying, you are going to pay interest, whatever you owe on the home could be a substantial number, the good faith estimate details how much you are paying in princal and interest. it's worth taking a very close look. >> right. >> jamie: the rental market right now -- are you saying that you -- some people think it's throwing money away on rent. why is it a better option? and for who? >> it's a combination of the two. normally, when you look at in the past, we have looked at 53ing a home as an investment because home values were going up. when in truth, homeownership is part investment and part consumable. we don't wait for the price of a new car to bottom before we go ahead and buy them because we need them, we consume them. in some markets, we have home
8:21 am
values that are going up. in others, we have home values that are going down. but the rent to own question is a ratio that is called the rent to buy ratio that. considers the cost to rent in a market, compared to the cost to buy. in most markets, that rent to buy ratio favors buying, even though home values are not going up because they are low and more importantly because rental rates are going up quickly. we have so many people buying homes as investments and they are going to keep investing -- raising the rate to rent to make monothem. it's a combination. >> so there is a combination. there are business people looking at homes and buying them on speck and renting them instead of trying to resell them. we need the product, if more people are going to rent. that's good news. but the fact that people may be looking for rentals so they take the money that would have been a down payment, what should they do with it? >> that's the third fact
8:22 am
oreally, is the alternative investments are nothing. the flip side of interest rates being so low, interest rates are so low. so for a c.d. or money market, there is no return on the investment. if you are going to buy a hope, now is a great time because rates are low and home prices are low and even if the value of the home, if you near a micromarket where the value's going to go down a little bit more, a home is a long-term investment. so it makes sense to buy today. >> it's consumable. you get to live there as well. >> and the other factor is. >> go ahead. we don't know what will happen down the road. i mean, the federal government is entirely rewriting all the rules on mortgages and homeownership, include wag will happen with fannie and freddie who, as you know, provide most of the mortgages to most of the people in this country. so we may be in an environment, two or three years down the road, where it is more difficult to get a mortgage.
8:23 am
under dodd-frank, they are writing the qualified residential mortgage rules right now. one of the proposals was for that to qualify as a qualified residential mortgage, have you to put up to 20% down. and the national association of realtors has told us, it could take the average american family 14 years to save that money. because we don't know what will be required to buy a home, 3, 4, 5 years from now, it may make sense to pull the trigger now. >> jamie: and certainly qualifying for loans for low rates has gotten tough. >> take care. have a great day. >> jamie: if you want more on this take charge consumer segment here on this program, go to you can click on the america's news headquarters page at the bottom of our main page. there is a link on that page for all the take-charge segments we have done. >> eric: always great information. >> jamie: thank you. >> eric: absolutely. have you heard about the
8:24 am
allegations of illegal voting in florida? they have the list, but they refuse to keep looking. why they have stopped scrubbing the non-citizen voting roles. the fox news voter fraud unit takes a look. >> right now, the white house is facing accusations that someone inside -- they are leaking national security secrets. where does the chairman of the house homeland security think the breaches are coming from? he will let us know. congressman peter king, no holds barred. he will tell you what he thinks and what he's going to do, next. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios the calcium they take
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>> eric: it's the bottom of the hour. let's take a look at the latest headlines. three are dead and two injured after a gunman opened fire at a pool party near auburn yrt in
8:29 am
alabama. some of the school's football players may have been involved. wind is blamed for blowing a new mexico wildfire out of control. hundreds have been forced from their home when is the fire grew to 10,000 acres overnight. 10 believes have been destroyed. no survivors after a helicopter crash in the andes in peru. all 14 passengers were killed when the chopper smashed into a mountaintop at 16,000 feet. the recovery efforts will take days. >> jamie: let's turn back to a top story, the ongoing investigation into the series of national security leaks. congressional leaders are demanding answers from the obama administration, on both sides of the aisle, asking how sensitive information such as the cyber-attacks against iran and the so-called kill list of terror suspects could have gotten out in the first place.
8:30 am
joining us, congressman peter king of new york, chairman of the security committee. >> thank you, maybe i am sensitive because i was in the towers on 9/11. but i worry about giving the enemy confidential and classified information. was this a game changer? >> it could be. this is the most shameful cascade of leaks i have ever seen or heard in government. this is not incidental or buried in the middle of a report by a third-rate employee. we are talking about leaks involving two of the most sensitive programs in the united states government, which really -- national security depends upon. they were leaked with thousands of words and stories in the new york times. it's clear from the stories that this came from the white house. came from the national security council, came from the situation room. for the president to say that he's outraged and how could anyone say this would happen -- and that annoys me when he says
8:31 am
"my white house." it is the people's house and he should know that. but that shows the type of arrogance here. to say he is shocked by it. how come he said nothing until john mccain stood up and took him to task. then he says he will do something and eric holder is appointing two u.s. attorneys -- >> jamie: first of all, you are quoted as saying that, you have chapter and verse of these top programs, not incidental ones and you have been quoted as saying it has to come from the top. do you have facts to back up that statement? >> vifacts -- based on what is in the new york times stories, they have quotes from the president, so it has to be somebody in the president's inner circle. they have people in the situation room at the white house. you have to have top, top security clearance to be there. that's in the white house, it's a skip within the white house, where only a small number of people are allowed in. nobody's going to be talking about what went on in the white
8:32 am
houts, unless it's approve from the top, whether it's the president or people close to the president. it's his inner circle. >> jamie: on the one hand, i understand that the fbi had begun an investigation into this. now eric holder, the attorney general, has apointed the two u.s. attorneys. i assume they will report to the justice department. but the justice department is also implicated implicated in se leaks. is it appropriate for them to be the ones to investigate? >> it's really not. these are going to be special councils. they should have final, ultimate power. how many lawyers? how much of a staff will they get? >> jamie: are they independent at all? >> so far, we don't know. it doesn't appear to be because in previous case, the attorney general gives a letter at this time special counc and i will says, these are your powers. do they have the power to indict? do they have the right to subpoena? can they subpoena anyone they want? can they corn vene a grand jury?
8:33 am
none of this has been made clear. eric holder can't say what is being investigated. he is not allowed to say publicly the programs being investigated because they are so -- >> jamie: but that might be a good thing because too much has been said. >> that shows how classified this is. >> jamie: i am not being a wise alec. but first, we had the hearings on the gsa wasteful spending. we had the fast & furious program, where eric holder was just this week testifying before a committee. now there will be hearings on the intel leaks. with all of these hearings, i am curious whether or not the white house and congress has time to run the country? >> yeah, i wish we didn't have to do these hearings. i'm on the intelligence committee and i know how secret these programs are -- which i am not confirming that they exist. it is not just these two most recent ones. we had the yemen bomb plot, the highest penetration ever into al qaeda in the arabian peninsula,
8:34 am
no one knew about that, the program was leak to the associated press. that had to be such a narrow circle, it has to lead to people very high up in the white house. >> jamie: just as one example, the president announced that he must sign off on every single drone strike. i don't know whether there's protocol, but saying something like that, do you think -- would you classify that as trying to look tough on terror? >> sure he is. no one wants to know what the president's doing. he is not supposed to be talking about drone attacks. we have never confirmed we have that program. he has baseball cards, he is checking off who is there and not there. david axelrod is there when the decisions are made. and the other program that they are talking about, iranian computer virus, you have israel
8:35 am
being involved. you don't talk about allies and the part that went wrong, joe biden blames on the israelis -- i give him credit for a lot that he has done on overseas terrorism, but there is no need to put the nation's security at risk, troying to build up his reputation for the presidential election. you were there on 9/11, you know what it's about. i lost a lot of constituents, i know what it's about. they don't appreciate this day in and day out, how serious this is. >> jamie: i appreciate you weighing n. i know you will be very busy on this topic. >> jamie: great to see you. we both appreciate it. >> eric: thank you, congressman. to the voter fraud unit in florida. that's where they have stopped looking for illegal voters. local election officials say they have halted their effort to make sure that there were no noncitizen voters because they say, they just don't trust the state's voting list. this comes after the u.s.
8:36 am
attorney general eric holder, moved to stop the effort to bounce people who are not american citizens from the roles. the justice fears that effort could violate the voting rights act and prevent people from voting. a federal judge struck down the law for registering voters. that's one way that a.c.o.r.n. got into trouble. what does this mean for the florida election system? a state that decided the 2008 -- 2000 presidential race. tom rooney is here, with a district of palm, with the hanging chads back in 2000. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> jamie:-- what is your reaction to this? >> some counties have stopped. 30 supervisors of election that have stopped. we have 67 counties. so the search goes on, in some of the counties. but a lot of the ones that have stopped, these are elected
8:37 am
official, republican and democrat. they have said, in of them, that we are confused as to what we are supposed to do. you know, the governor there said that we have to make sure that the people that are voting are actually legally eligible to vote and just -- eric holder from washington, d.c. says, no, you cadon't that. some of the supervisors are confused and don't know what to do, so they are waiting for clearance. but certainly, there are other supervisors are continuing to look, as i think it is their job that the people who are voting are supposed to be doing. >> eric: what happens if people who are not supposed to be voting vote? >> the supervisors are all elected officials, as i said. they are going to be held accountable for what they are doing or not doing. because there has been a monkey wrench thrown into the mix with the federal government saying, stop looking at your voting
8:38 am
roles, florida, stop looking to see if you are supposed to do the normal housekeeping of making sure your roles are clean. some people are saying, we need further guidance. some people who have been disqualified in this first batch of names that have been sent down to the counties. so, you know, in my opinion, if there is one person that is committing, which is a felony, voter fraud, then that negates my vote, it's one too many. >> eric: what do you think about what the department of justice is doing? they are protecting the right to vote, the most sacrosanct right in this country and you don't want to unfairly bar anybody from voting. >> i think they are playing politics. the goal of this program that the governor has asked the local supervisors of elections is to make sure that the names on the list are correct. that's all he is doing. to do that, you use other
8:39 am
databases as prescribed, directed by 2002 federal law, to make sure that the lists are good. you can use other databases, such as dmv records, to corroborate to see if the people who are voting are legal citizens, are eligible. eric holder is saying that there is a 90-day rule under motor voter, which is true. but that's only supposed to strike people who were once eligible who have become ineligible inside the 90 days because they have moved. not people who were always ineligible. if you were an illegal alien, you shouldn't be allowed to vote then. you should be even in the 90 days, be stricken from the record. >> eric: really quickly, we are out of time. what do you fear could happen? >> i think that right now, i mean, we are so close to ballots being printed and so you are going to have a mix. you will have supervisors that are going to continue to scrub the roles and some that are
8:40 am
going to wait. and unfortunately, i think there is going to be people who slipped through. flor did's not going to be able to do their job, however big the number is or small the number is, is part of the responsibility of the state of florida to make sure that the people who are voting are supposed to, especially after you alluded in 2000. we are trying to do this the right way. >> eric: no one wants to go through that again. thank you for joining us. we always say this, if anyone suspects voter fraud, go to congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: the european debt crisis hitting the continent's fourth largest economy, sparking major protests from spain. how help could be on the way in the form of $125 billion loan. will this give your 401(k) a boost when the marks open tomorrow? i take insulin,
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>> jamie: right now, veterans in new jersey are doing something unique as a way to bond and heala they return from combat missions overseas. they are turning combat fatigues into paper -- that's right, paper. we go to branchburg, new jersey, with a very meaningful. >> reporter: well, jamie, the combat paper program has helped men and women heal from invisible wounds from war across the country, hundreds of of them, through a traveling program. here, they have helped 40 vets. the program did start in 2007 and vets gather here at the print-making center, every sunday, sipping coffee, talking about their experiences. they say this is a form of group therapy. it's a three-step process. first, deconstruction, ripping up the fatigues and symbolically deconstructing their past and
8:46 am
reclamation, pounding them into a pulp to reclaim their experiences, they don't forget or suppress them. and finally, communication, the paper becomes a platform for the vets to talk about their experiences through painting and writing poetry. and they can share their stories that they haven't been able to tell the people closest to them. the process for everyone is very different. >> some approach the uniform with anger. some approach it with deep respect, deep reverence for the uniform. some approach it with love. you know, they love their time in the military and they to be able to use the uniform as an expression of that. >> reporter: combat paper wrapped up a program at walter reid army medical center in washington, d.c., it was the first time that active military participated in making that combat paper. it received such overwhelming
8:47 am
positive response, there are efforts to try to make it a permanent program. currently, they are here in new jersey and in california and new york. they are looking to move it to other cities, as limp so the program could be expanding in the near future. >> jamie: thanks. >> eric: the gloves are off for who is to blame for the leaks of national security secrets. this morning, there is brand-new reaction about this controversy, we will be following the latest developments, ahead.
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>> eric: you know, former president bill clinton has been out front a lot, making news in the campaign trail, trying to drum up support for president obama and has been drumming up a controversy of his own. liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: mr. clinton is at it again. >> yes, he is. the white house is having fits. so is the media. he's a savvy scamp, says the boston herald. and he is the guy that everybody likes says the huffington post. but what exactly is he up to? is he sabotaging the president, using the media, which has
8:52 am
always loved bill clinton? or is he laying the work for hillary in 2016? or both! so there is any number of pieces being written about what he has in mind and there are call kinds of scenarios, he loves the limelight that, goes without saying. but interesting things happened over the past week. that is that the republicans began supporting him on several things that he said because it was against the administration. he talked about extending the bush tax cuts and clearly at odds with the white house. he talked about bain capital and mitt romney saying romney had a sterling business career and senator mccain pointed to clinton as a man that took care of business in bosnia as a contrast to how he feels that obama is ignoring syria at his peril. we have all kinds of theories
8:53 am
about why he is doing this. one of the major points that seems to emerge is that the business community, wall street loves bill clinton and he loves them. obama's had a rocky road with them. they don't trust obama. so while bill clinton can take him to new york and tie up traffic and take him to three fund-raisers, which he dit is still bill clinton, with his influence in wall street. he said at one fund-raiser -- remember me? ime the only guy who gave you four surplus budgets out of the eight i sent. >> eric: wow. >> that's a nice recommendation. >> eric: that's a zinger with president obama sitting right next to you, raising money for president obama. >> exactly, exactly. >> eric: here's a headline. ralph nader, bill clinton laying the groundwork for hillary by undermining obam a. is this really possible? can he be that subtle? saying, of course, i support him, but oops, say this and
8:54 am
that. >> i think he can't help himself part of the time, is one theory. he has to say something to get him attention. around, -- on the other hand, he is a smart, satisfy scamp. he -- he has a wonderful way of making his point and pushing back. it seems to me that it's all about hillary. there are other pieces written saying, he wasn't much help to hillary during her campaign because he kept making the flubs and telling off reporters and this and that. but i don't think -- i think bill clinton thinks just until the next 48 hours. i think bill clinton thinks way, way ahead. and i think a hillary clinton presidency is very much on his mind. >> eric: you know, i think one of my favorite headlines is the miami herald -- leave it fomiami -- they call him the dean martin to obama's frank
8:55 am
sinatra. >> that was great. >> eric: what is the interplay between he's two, the president and the former president when you could have this competition? >> we have that report in one of the books recently written, i think it was ed klein's book, in which clinton is quoted as saying, referring to obama as "the amateur." that's a pretty severe take. people have been poigning this out all week, but it's so true and bears reminding, we see clinon again this week, displaying his nack for taking a very complex issue -- taxes, the economy, fiscal policy -- and making it very understandable for the average man and woman. he can frame issues and explain them simply, which is something obama just simply can't do. he's lost without a prompter. >> eric: they were both law
8:56 am
professors, but we have to wait and see what bill clinton says next. >> it's the harvard tie. [chuckles] >> eric: all right, liz. good to see you, as always. >> thank you. >> jamie: liz, thank you. right now, we are waiting new details on the off-campus near auburn university in alabama. reports are saying it turned deadly, started out as a pool party. now there is word that students may be involved in multiple shootings. police set to hold a news conference, coming up shortly. we will bring you the latest details as they become available, eric, in addition to that who were shot, some injured. the exact numbers, police not releasing? >> so tragic. >> >> jamie: thanks for being with us. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy.
8:57 am
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