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tv   George H. Bush  FOX News  June 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >> in 2009 after hurricane ike caused sdaj along the texas coast a spring day gave volunteers a chance to clean up the eroded beach. it was one opportunity for one american to start a mission he began decades before. >> a great believer of this concept of a thousand points of light in volunteering. i have always said there could be no definition of a successful life that did not include service to others. that is what this is about. >> i am a man who sees life in terms of missions, missions defined and missions completed. he has been called the most experience man to be president
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since the founding father. his resume of service to america and the world is extensive, indeed. welcome to our special program. i am brit hume. george h. w. bush grew up with a sense of loyalty and duty part of his legacy as the example he set in life. and the movement in which volunteers become points of light by helping people in ways government doesn't. for a world long on edge with fear of war between the super powers managing the peaceful end of the cold war may be his most notable achievement. now president george hw bush a man and his mission. >> i don't think you will ever find a more thoughtful or consider rat person than george bush. >> president bush is probably the most complete person i have ever met. >> if you look at his history, he was a member of congress. >> he is smart. he's humble.
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>> he was chairman of his party. he was bams dorr to the u.n. >> he is funny. he is spontaneous. >> he was second representative to china before we had an embassy. then he came back and he was director of central intelligence. >> i remember when we first started the campaign for president in 1979 george had his speech he would give about the obligation and the promises and reward of public servants. he would say myf public service. hey george, don't say inculcated. people don't understand what that means. the average voter isn't going to get it. >> as vice president for 8 years and as president of the united states george bush's mission was to make sure everyone got it. >> my friends we have work to do.
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>> during the homeless lost and roaming, today more than ever we need community service. everyone has a gift to give. every one of us has a special talent. this is a genius of america ordinary americans doing extraordinary things. >> george bush has always lived life to the full with the restless energy that late in life contained a message for others. >> for me i like speed and i like the thrill of it. it sets an example for older people here and abroad because you are 80 years old it doesn't mean you are out of it, out of the game. >> the landing sight for some of bush's jumps is the grounds of the bush presidential library and museum an bush government public service both located on texas a&m university in college station. >> here we follow the life and times of george bush. we have his presidential and
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vice presidential records. close to 100,000 artifacts a million photographs opening day was fantastic. november of 1997 we had the living presidents here and fist ladies, and president bush gave a great speech that day. >> i don't know if lou garrick migrate idol said it first but i know he said it best. i feel i am the luckiest person in the world. >> served his country a number of ways it wasn't until the concession speech at the gop convention that george bush began to fully define himself in political terms. >> i will keep america moving forward, always forward for a better america, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light. this is my mission and i will complete it. >> that night george bush called
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americans to step up and help their neighbors in a way government can't. the phrase points of lighten terred the public discourse. more than 20-years later thousands of people gathered in new orleans for the national conference on volunteering and service. neil bush continued to promote his father's mission. >> he believed that by telling our stories of success we could inspire and mobilize others to make a difference in their community. >> while the focus of the conference was on ways to get people involved in service, it also gave volunteers a chance to help their host city. >> my theme is building a picnic table. there are 4 inches of polls right now but they are going to turn into a giant playground structure. >> our hope is by reviet liedzing the park in new orleans through volunteer efforts that it becomes a real jewel in this neighborhood. my father taught us we are blessed. we are blessed in so many ways. the least we can do is to pitch in and help out and help the
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needyest among us. and it comes from his own up bringing. >> george herbert walker bush was born on june 12th, 1944. he grew up with three brothers and one sister. summers were spent in their grandparent's house in kennebunkport maine a home he would eventually inherit. he set a mark for achievement and duty. prescott bush volunteered in local government helped to establish the uso and served in the united states senate for two terms. his father is kind of a stern statuesque of pretty rigid business guy. his mother was kind of the moral compass. >> i write about my grandmother my namesake dorothy walker bush who i think is one of the greatest influences in my father's life. >> it was my grandmother who taught my dad the little lessons in life, the very basic lessons of being kind to others, lift
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someone up when they are down and also don't brag about yourself. >> high school for bush was at one of the oldest schools in america phillips academy in and over. the school's motto means not for self. >> i felt that all my life. don't brag about yourself. i called her once when i was 16. >> i scored three goals in soccer. long pause. o how did the team do? >> that favored me all my life. >> making a difference to encourage others to be points of life became a mission in george bush's life. first his attention was drawn to a young women named barbara pierce. then came a world war.
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>> 17-year-old george bush is on his high school campus when he heard the attack on pearl harbor. >> i volunteered on june 12th, 1942. that was my 18th birthday. i went in as the sea man second class and less than a year later got my wings in commission. >> that made bush the youngest navy aviator at the time. he flew a torpedo bomber which he nicknamed after barbara pierce. the two met at a dance shortly after the pearl harbor attack. on one of his bombing runs he and his crew came under intense anti aircraft fire. >> never forget it september 22nd, 1944, we were making a final stroke on the islands. helped his joe i could see the fire all around the anti aircraft. suddenly my plane was on fire. >> with his plane burning the young pilot continued his raid
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continuing the mission before instructing his crew to bail out. then bailing out himself. >> i am floating around in this raft paddling and all of a sudden saw this submarine surface. they had been watching me through the para scope and then they picked me up. >> bush lost his crew. he wrote a letter from his pato parents about his ordeal in battle expressing what he felt from his dead comrades. >> i kept reliving the whole experience. my heartaches for the families of the two boys with me. >> when discharged lieutenant junior george herbert walker bush was a decorated aye yat tore after two combat missions. after the war he and barbara got married then off to yale university. in addition to doing well in the classroom he stood out in the baseball diamond for two baseball world series as captain in his senior year he met the
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legendary babe ruth. remarkably he still had time to volunteer. >> wheen while a student at yale he was active in all kinds of campus service activities including leading trying to raise funds for the united negro dodge fund. >> bush with honors from aviation. they we had had their first child and was going to texas to try to lend his hand in oil exploration. >> he went the day after he graduated from college drove down a little red statute baude was ombed a job there. he need add job. they had a wife and a baby. they had a second child robin living in midland, texas. he made a life for himself bush became an entrepreneur starting an oil company. they immersed themselves in their community always trying to find time to give back.
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>> it involved additional activities that benefited the city and the region. almost in his dna to give to others the values that led him as a young businessman in midland, texas to help found the first ymca in 1952. it's not something he did for political gain. >> in 1953 their third child john ellis was born sadly it was the same year 3-year-old robin was diagnosed with leukemia an incurable disease at that time. she died on october 11th, 1953. the bushes donated her body to signs to help other children. didn't stop there. >> george bush was a point of light long before that phrase existed after their daughter robin passed away from leukemia they started the bright star foundation to help with cancer research. >> it was the culture of our family to help others in little ways in their cases very big ways. >> kneel buneil bush arrived in
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brother marvin followed the next year and daughter dorothy completed the bush plan in 1959. the birth of doro seemed to fill the void left after the death of his little girl. bush talked in a letter about the need for a daughter. >> we need someone who is afraid of frogs. we need someone to cry when get mad not argue. we need a little one who can kiss without leaving egg or jam or gum. we need a girl. >> in 1959 george bush relocated his family to houston, texas where he co founded sill pad dau offshore. his ambition soon turned to politics. he ran for harris county republican chairman in 1962 and won. his career in politics had been done. two years later he made a run for congress became the first republican representative for houston. >> the most controversial vote
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that congressman bush had to make was in 1968 on an open housing bill. he could not image as a member of congress telling the returning servicemen that they would not be able to get public housing because of their skin color. >> he went back to texas people were irate with threats. he went out to a town hall meeting. >> jim baker told me george bush was going in to tell the crowd that he was voting for open housing. jim said all of the way through that gym i thought we were going to be killed. by the end of the evening he had turned a crowd. >> as busy as he was he still made time to volunteer in his home community. >> when he would come home to houston from the congress he would be engaged in softball support from inner city softball team. he and my mother constantly gave back. my father said that every definition of a successful life must include service to others.
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that's right. >> just ahead how george bush created one of the longest resumes in public service as he prepared himself for the president. and how his own words in the campaign speech could come back to haunt him and his bid for a second term. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster,
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>> many times in a political career they seem too friendly too eager. that's how he is.
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naturally interested in other people. >> his career path changed after a second unsuccessful senate race. that's when the president made him ambassador to the united nations. >> he had a practice of walking down the halls and dropping in on fellow ambassadors. how are things in your country, what's going on? >> allowed him to display his style of personal diplomacy. they in washington become chairman of the national public committee. >> he advised richard nixon to revise the presidency for the good of the party. >> my fellow americans our long national nightmare is over. >> gerald ford asked bush what he wanted to do and suggested ambassador ships and he named specifically the prime plums in london and paris. >> bush turned down this token of appreciation. >> he would ride his bicycle
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into ten man square often. he would soez friendly and outgoing. he was kind of a surprising em vary to the chinese -- emissary for the chinese. he was trying to get a strong u.s. relationship with china. >> he loved the job in china. when they called himmed back to take over the cia which was imploding at that time. >> in 1975 the senate church committee was investigating abuses by cia operated abroad. >> a lot of people think he was in his death now to go to the cia at such a troubled time. it was a natural fit for george bush to come in and say if there were abuses we are going to clean it up. >> jimmy carter was elected president that meant he would be out as head of the cia. he would set his sites on his own run for the white house. >> he was nothing but an asstration. nobody thought he had a chance. everybody said john connolly was central casting idea of a
6:23 pm
president. >> connolly went out early. >> reagan and bush were rivals. >> reagan won more primaries and got the nomination. >> bush seemed in line for the second slot on the ticket. it seemed for a time it might not happen. >> erg in the press was saying ford was going to be the pick. he called me up and said george, i want you to be my vice president. >> i answered the phone. there was a little tentativeness in the beginning on the part of governor reagan. >> things were initially cool and distant. he was suspicious of him. it was on the day that president reagan was shot. george bush wouldn't land the helicopter as he was coming back from texas. he put it only the president lands on the south lawn. >> george bush would not advance himself at the expense of the wounded president. >> george bush was as loyal and
6:24 pm
as sensitive to president reagan as he could possibly be. >> when george bush was vice president, he did for president reagan most of the protocol. he would go to funerals. he got to know the world leaders intimately before he became president. >> it was in the funeral of soviet leader children then co he first met michael gorbachev. >> i said this man is very different than any of the soviets that i have known. proved to be correct. >> when bush decided to run for president he used television advertising to sharpen his image. >> i was responsible for doing the ads. he had a great sense of museum more. he would say how are you going to help me to be president. i am already vice president. yeah, but you want to be president you can't do it without me. >> living in ronald reagan's shadow for 8 years had its drawbacks. >> for somebody like news week to come out and say he was the one it was devastating. he said you know the men in the
6:25 pm
pacific i fought with didn't believe that. and i don't think the american people will believe it either. >> there are a lot of great stories in politics about the underdog winning and this is going to be one of them. >> in 1988 republican national convention george bush did something he was unaccustomed to doing. he talked about himself. >> for 7 and a half years i helped the president conduct the most difficult job on earth. >> it was very important that he hit a home run with his speech. he did hit a home run with it. >> but another part of his speech would come back to haunt him in four years as a broken campaign promise. >> the congress with push me and i will say to them, read my lips, no new taxes. >> the 88 campaign against massachusetts governor michael dukakis was a tough battle for bush. >> mr. vice president george bush called this the worst
6:26 pm
campaign ever. >> he supported cutbacks in american education. >> surviving prison policy first degree murderers not eligible for parole. america can't afford that risk. >> distorting my record full of lies and he knows it. >> whoever started down this road first the negative campaigning, the american people from all reports coming to us are completely fed up. >> america can't afford that risk. >> turns a negative campaigning i don't want to sound like a kid in the schoolyard, he started it. >> george bush would go on to defeat michael dukakis in a land slide by more than 7 million votes. >> the people have spoken. and listened. still to come how president bush used his personal d diplomatic experience to deal with old enemies and new threats. [ jim koch ] what do frh flowers, bourbon barrels, chocolate, chilies and something called kosmic mother funk
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am harris falkner. torrential rain causing problems on the coast and florida panhandle. flash flood warnings are up in southwest alabama paw. the mobile area expect to do get several more inches of rain on top of the 10 that followed since friday. in pensacola florida gdumped on. 13 inches of rain since yesterday. millions of dollars in flood damage could be discovered once the skies clear and we get dry video from the area. hamid karzai residential areas stopped immediately 18 civilians killed in a raid last week. the afghan president saying the air strikes are in violation of an agreement made last month. john allen has apologized promised an investigation and said there will be no more air strikes in familiar areas where families live. now back to george h. bush the
6:31 pm
man and his mission. >> on president bush's watch they protested in ten man square, mikhail gorbachev and the collapse of the soviet union. many give credit to george w. bush the cold war answereded with a whimper not a bang. >> i george walker herbert bush -- >> it seem as door you could walk right through into a room called tomorrow. great nations of the world are moving toward democracy. through the door to freedom. oo on the other side of the globe a crisis was erupting unarmed pro democracy in tiananmen square with tanks and troops. >> he knew a lot of the leaders from his personal experiences in china. he got a lot of criticism for
6:32 pm
not acting as thforcefully. th he took mesh ued steps that would not close the door. >> he responded mostly by cutting off ties that we had with the chinese military. the military were the ones who had done the dirty work. he tried to call on the phone. they had the chinese said we don't do business on the telephone. the president wanted me to go over quietly to talk to jong-il to try toes kind of threat of continuity so we didn't destroy a very important relationship. it worked. >> by november of 1989 protestors in east germany were demanding freedom to cross over to the west. then the unthinkable happened. >> after the berlin wall came down there was a wild clamor for us to show more emotion and be
6:33 pm
more exuberant. >> we didn't know how the soviet military was going to react. they were in their barracks but we didn't know if they were going to say gorbachev enough we don't want to be kicked about. it would be a bad idea for a president to beat his chest and go over here. >> bush had his first official summit with mikhail gorbachev. during the meeting he express his support for gorbachev's restructuring initiative and other reforms in the communist block. >> i wanted to do it on a ship thinking back to the days roosevelt did that kind of thing. we planned to go over to their cruiser and they were going to come back to our cruiser and we were going to have exchange visits but the seas were so rough gorbachev wouldn't come out to our ship. >> no agreements were signed but they struck a cooperative tone which would lead some to believe this sea board summit defined the end of the cold war. following his russian sum miftz on the verge of another foreign
6:34 pm
policy challenge removal of man well another ying ga. >> there was an election he stole the election. interestingly enough president carter went down there supervising the election and said it was part of the election. we decided had to get rid of noryega. we did use force. by the time that happened the president called all of the leaders of latin america the first military move he would make. >> the foreign policy team repeatedly faced explosive situations around the world. they needed to provide this from abroad and domestic issues at home. >> also during his presidency bush nominated joseph david souter and clarence thomas to the supreme court and signed the americans with disabilities act to the law. >> make sure employers discovered by the act cannot digs cripple nate against
6:35 pm
qualified individuals with disabilities. >> george bush firmly believed in handwritten notes developed bonds of trust and cooperation. it is easy to get on the phone and talk to someone. >> president bush the former u.n. ambassador and emissary to china would call his former counterparts. >> he would say well, why don't we put in a call to president and the reaction was very positive and made my job infinitely easier. >> the president of france who was known to be a stoic very formal individual. the reagan administration had had a hard time getting a that you knew thaw in relations to france. he invited him to kennebunkport no neck times very low key and informal. it helped you the united states improve dramatically the relationship with france. >> he invited other foreign leaders to his home in maine. it was an example of his style of personal diplomacy.
6:36 pm
the real test came when eye rack's sadam hussein invaded neighboring kuwait. >> when sadam first attacked kuwait his approach was to go to nato and go to the u.n. and to talk to friends an will allies about an international coalition to deal with iraq. >> so when tough motives needed to be taken down the road relate to go desert storm in particular the president of the united states could touch base with the president of france. >> once again, americans have stepped forward to share a tearful good-bye with their families before leaving for a strange and distant shore. at this very moment they serve together with arabs, europeans, asians and africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order. >> bush had drawn a clear line in the sand. >> he was able to put together a
6:37 pm
coalition of 25 or more countries unheard of in modern day. and it was solely on personal persuasion and his own experience and knowledge and the people he knew. >> that coalition was really quite unprecedented. it was almost all the rest of the world against iraq. >> once he formed the international coalition george herbert walker bush faced an agonizing decision. now the 41st president confronted the dictator sadam hussein after the break.
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let's solve this.
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we were talking about what an awful decision it was that he was the one who had to give an order which would mean a lot of troops would be killed. that was anagonye for hip. >> our strategy to go after this army is very, very simple. fwirs going to head it off then we are going to kill it. >> this brutal dictator will do anything will use any weapon no matter how many innocent suffer.
6:42 pm
>> he had an instinct one was right and one was not. part of the coalition was rebuilt included the arabs. this was not just american foreign policy. sadam was a nasty piece of work. this was international grayings. >> our armed forces fought with honor and valor. i can report to the nation aggression is defeated, the war is over. >> operation desert storm was considered a success lasting just 43 days. >> the indom minuteable spirit that is contributing to this victory for world peace and justice is the same spirit that gives us the power and the potential to meet our toughest challenges at home. >> meanwhile he and his
6:43 pm
administration continued to tread softly dealing with the shrinking soviet union. >> we tried to move at a pace which would not endanger gorbachev. eventually there was a coup but by then it was too late. actually pulled the soviet union right out from under gorbachev. >> the idol of communism has collapsed. >> president bush said i don't want any gloating. we have a lot of business to do with the leaders in the soviet union. i don't want to anybody in my administration sticking it in their eye. >> gorbachev resigned december 25th, 1991, and the soviet union dissolved the following day. >> had president bush not handled the cold war the way he did he would vended with a bang not by whimper. >> by the grace of god america won the cold war. >> the bush reelection campaign
6:44 pm
was based in part of the benefit of the peaceful end of the cold war. >> people will do great things if only you set them free. if we can change the world, we can change america. >> free market, a compassionate government and service were key components for the 41st president's agenda. bush clearly believed this emphasis couwould encourage rea change. >> service to others is a rich story of meeting in line. >> georgianed i have seen communities gather around parents with a gravely ill child helping them take care of the other children. >> president bush began his bid for reelection with approval ratings reaching 89 percent. >> who do you trust in elections candidates who raise taxes one time and regress it for the other candidate who raise taxes and fees 128 times and enjoyed it every time? >> the reversing his 1988
6:45 pm
promise read my lips no new taxes proved politically disastrous. one reason his numbers ultimately plummeted to 33 percent. >> i made a bad call on the democrat's tax increase. i underestimated congress' addiction to taxes and with my back against the wall i agreed to a hard bargain one tax increase one time in return for the toughest spending limits ever. >> mr. bush for 12 years you had it your way and it didn't work. >> i don't have any experience of running up a trillion dollar debt. >> he ran against the candidate president clinton who said it's the economy, stupid. his greatest triumph turned against him. >> respect the majesty of democratic system. i just called clinton and congratulated him. >> perot took two-thirds of the
6:46 pm
vote from us. >> hurts to do something like that you let down people. all of the people in the white house were discouraged and down. i invited dana car sri to come and spend the night at the white house free. >> mr. rogers "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." then you add a littlejohn wayne. here we go let's go over you put them together you have george per be herbert walker bush. >> during his final days he worked diligently to recognize americans who he thought made a difference. >> we begin with a national strategy, changing attitudes so all americans define a successful life as one that includes serving others. >> yhe used that sentence more than any other sentence in his presidency because he felt it was important to keep people from thinking differently about what they thought and what they believed was success in their
6:47 pm
life. >> one thing there is for sure i didn't lack inspiration or support during those four years. as to whether we got some things right history can make that determination. >> up next, what does a former president do after life in the white house? here's a hint. doesn't sit in a rocking chair. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution,
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>> always an avid sportsman george bush is the only u.s. president to ever sky diver. his record is 5 not including his world war ii bailout is likely to stand for a long time. he sees those jumps with missions with messages.
6:51 pm
>> when he jumps out of a airplane he makes a cause out of it to help insurance tuesdays li -- >> because you are an old guy you don't have to sit around drooling in the corner. >> my hero. >> life for a former president can bring serious threats such as a failed assassination attempt in 1993 during a visit to kuwait. 16 men were convicted. george bush has been honored for his life of service in many ways. uss george h. w. bush was commissioned in 2011 fitting for a normer naval aviator. the ship is a aircraft carrier. he was knighted by queen elizabeth. from the kuwaitis he received a door inscribed with an ancient proverb. when a man gives you a key to his home it means you are the best most valuable friend to them. when the man gives you a door to his home it means you are one of
6:52 pm
his family. it is one of the exhibits at his library and museum. >> i always wonder what my mother would think about this library. she might say to me george, don't you think it's a little egotistical. everything in here is about me. >> george bush's mother was proud of her son's achievements and the effect she believes his attitude of service had on the bush family. >> 20-years ago when my father started points of light institute over 30 million americans were volunteering annually. today over 60 million americans are serving their community. there is evidence mr. bush's life has inspired others around the world. >> in the last 20-years since president bush started the points of life movement there has been a huge adoption of volunteer service. >> points of life ceo michelle nun and chairman kneel bush sites statistics indicating the volunteer movement is growing. >> to go from 45 million to 60 million americans serving in 20-years image what problems we
6:53 pm
can solve if we have 100 million people volunteering 20-years from now. >> everybody wants to feel that sense of being in touch with something that is bigger than themselfings and the truck is to call upon people to act upon that impulse. >> my brother glen lives huz life and died in sfervice to other people. >> i highlight of the conference on volunteering and service was the recognition of jay winik of daily point of light. to honor his brother's sacrifice on september 11th he advocated 9-11 become a national day of service and remembrance. >> it embraces that spirit of compassion and community service that was so natural and evident immediately after the attacks. >> since 1989 thousands of individuals and organizations have been recognized in solve community projects through volunteer service. >> when haiti happened followed the news immediately knew we had to get involved. >> from corporations that immobilize employees and
6:54 pm
resources to young people helping in smaller ways. >> i was able to promote a service project to engage more students and encourage them to stay in school. >> through their giving each received something more valuable than an award. >> personally what do i get out of it? i always tabling away more than i give. >> i may not solve the world problems i am part of the problem. >> taking to giving. now i have joy in my heart. >> met him on what we call a point of light. >> the staff isn't having a lot of money. being a celebrity, because i have gone through all of that. all of that is not gratifying. >> chuck norris friends and supporter of president bush became point of light for creating kick star kids. a martial arts program designed
6:55 pm
for at risk kids. >> we have graduate the 70 in the last 18 years and most of them going on in college. >> as a friend norris was invited to join president bush's 80th birthday celebration. as a journalist i was invited, too. >> in 2011 he received medal of freedom for life of service. >> i consider the medal of freedom a very special thing. >> president clinton spoke about how president george w. bush brought two political opponents together for relief projects. >> he asked me not once but twice first in south asia in the tsunami and in the gulf coast after katrina. it was an amazing experience. this man who i always liked and respected and ran against i literally came to love. >> he's amazing.
6:56 pm
travelling with him is like going with a rock star. >> how can you beat that really if your goal is to make a difference in the lives of millions of people not just in the united states but around the world. i am extremely proud of how he served. >> the three most rewarding titles bee stowed upon me are the three that i have left a husband, a father and a grand dad. to that i can only add the rich blessing of friendship. >> when asked about his life george bush used an expression he learned as a young naval aviator flying off carriers in the pacific. davu. steeling and visibility unlimited. everybody wishes for those conditions. while he faced many storms of politics and world affairs he always believed he could see something knew on the horizon to
6:57 pm
do something to accomplish. from washington, i am brit hume. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster, but not for long! your very own four course seafood feast for jt $14.99. start your feast with a soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. next, enjoy a salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then get your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp shrimp and scallops alfredo or new honey bbq shrimp. then finish with something sweet. your complete four course seafood feast jus$14.99 come into red lobster and sea food diffently.
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