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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  June 10, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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is your cholesterol where your doctor wants? ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. [ female annouer ] if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> live and at large i am geraldo rivera. thank you for tuning us in. it was a bad week for the president. first came the round in the wisconsin recall. then given the struggling private economy and the feeling that the public sector was too fat and lazy what was the president thinking when he said this? oo the truth of the matter is i have said we created 4.3 million thousand jobs over the last 27 months over 100,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. where we are seeing weaknesses in our economy had to do with state and local government.
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>> i think he is defining what it means to be detached and out of touch with the american people. >> you did see mitt romney and the republicans. president obama tries to clarify his statements in the first question for our focus for the first time. focus group of commentators and attorneys is whether. obama suffered a self-inflicted injury that could cost him the election. what do you think? >> mitt romney actually got it right that obama is not in touch with reality because people are struggling and look from his own party geraldo. you have got bill clinton saying that romney had a stellar record in business. you have governor rendell that came out and said i think hillary would have done a much better job. he has a lot of problems. he did have this race in the bag no matter how many fund raisers jessica parker does for him and whatnot. >> you had disparaging remarks?
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>> hollywood is like i have got to tell you it is not going to rub off and help celebrities obama to talk. >> he will be hollywood. he is hollywood. >> peter jashg son many of you believe this is a near fatal error. reports are early. this is a severe set back, is it not? >> no it is not. this is very, very, very early. what we have to do is stop fixing the brain and fix the problem. i am from the south side of chicago. i see heightened unemployment and i see heightened concern about public schools. people want real answers to real problems they are having. let's have it. i want both parties to way to court our hope who is going to give us the ring? who is going to give us the ring. >> public sector is the one that is hurting. private sector -- >> we are not 750,000 jobs a
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month as we were with the bush administration. what i want to do is employ people and get prosperity wage. congressman jackson he is of course my brother. >> younger, older? >> get out of here. shame on you. >> what do i know. >> this bad turns really quick. >> i am number one as long as i don't look like it i am all good. >> here is something. the fact is we need a prosperity rate. we need republicans democrats and out liars people within the party. >> jesse jackson junior i should clarify that. >> that's right. that's right. >> what we need are real solutions to real problems facing all americans. we are not eating we are not taking public transportation because we can't afford college we can't afford our homes. >> kelly ann conway. >> it is professional moderator. see how you do geraldo. >> i can't believe it's too early for voters 3 and a half
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years too late for the voters. this man's record is a bit long. you saw him trying to echo this at a white house press conference as a president. the fact is geraldo the president hasn't answered a very good question for the population. four more years of what? why four more years. it's not a choice selection it's a referendum. he needs to answer the question. four more years of what? >> because the best thing they had over mitt romney he is unrelatable doesn't have any connective tissue. actually it is obama trying to walk back unequivocal comments. it shows barack obama is the only one last tuesday in wisconsin he doesn't understand wisconsin is all about the power of chief executives and promises having unions paid into their own pepgss pay their fair share. he is doi
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he is saying the private sector is fine. >> let's not get too far a field saying the private sector is fine. >> david axle rod had trouble spinning that one. >> the private sector we need to accelerate job creation in the private sector. one of the ways you can do that is by putting teachers and firefighters and people back to work. >> that is the private tech tore. >> that will help accelerate recovery. the small business tax cut will help in the private sector. it will help define the private sector because people have more money in their pockets. there are a series of steps we can take right now that will help under gird the economy against the forces. >> steven connor is the bus driver there. >> you have all people should be more offended by him than anybody. that mustache is an affront to all mustaches. >> he can't do this.
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>> that's right, that he is right. >> here is the problem. i find it offensive when people say obama. i want them to say president. president obama sucks at his job, clearly did you look at numbers. threes no disputing that. it doesn't matter wbecause the fact is barack obama the politician was never elected barack obama the krep bricelebr elected. that is the guy who is going to be running right now for reelection. they need to realize that. >> he was texting scarlet johansson. >> if i was mrs. obama i would be ticked. scarlet johansson texting him on a blackberry. >> a bmw. obama was a brand. t-shirts with face all over it. never before. >> the president was ridiculed claiming his administration had nothing to do with a series of
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flattering press leaks bike the kill list and d cyber war against iran. he got hot under the collar when accused. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offense i have. >> one thing we did, wherever the chips fall, they fall. we want a fair investigation, we want to be able to see that we have the processes in place to deal with this. i do not believe that we do at the present time. >> should there be a special prosecutor appointed to ferret out whoever leaks this material? >> absolutely this will be ther be an investigation. number one, this isn't wrong to use for political prospering our nation's security. this goes above and beyond geraldo. as a reporter and journalist don't you know there is a law. >> suppression prosecutors at
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all. they suck they are bad. >> they are bad now going out there. joey jackson here's the point with the special prosecutor. you have independents investigating it. you have the fbi two of the united states attorneys one in maryland one in the district of columbia, we in addition to that you have the house intelligence committee investigating. how many investigations do you need? i think we will ferret out the problem. in a political season people say nasty mean spirited things. it p didn't no a decisive leader in the community. >> conway. >> schoolhouse would know that information but the white house is only one that could have leaked that kind of national security. >> it wasn't leaked for political ad vantage. >> the issue isn't that it is was it leaked. you know it was leaked for political purposes. mccain was right today when he
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said that attorney general holder has zero credibility for the congress. you were asking how many were special prosecutions very simple. get eric hold tore tell the truth. >> i knew you got to get in. the centers in hindsight special prosecutor will take years. what we need to do is plug the leak. we know what senator casey said this happens administration in and administration out. plug the leak. >> wouldn't you like to say axle rod? >> the problem is joey articulated three entities that are better off looking into. they all work with the president of the united states. the idea i understand what you are saying with special prosecutor but as a lawyer you want to get someone who is independent, not just a special prosecutor but an independent prosecutor. >> i raised my hand sir. >> politicizing this issue here
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none of us know exactly. i am going to say as a conservative i hope it's not the case. i am going to beat barack obama but not this way. i don't want our national security to be at risk. >> craig in florida with the inside story the face eating cannibal who is high on bath salts gloer raw all read and client donald trump's miss usa pageant was fixed. much more including benjamin crump coming up big stories from florida. to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. it's the travelocity spring into summer sale. you can save up to 50% on select hotels and vacation packages. so book your summer vacation now and save up to 50%. offer ends soon. book right now at
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with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> fwhoe the controversy with the stoundianding ground law. the man arrested 26-year-old lucas kendall a security guard at a miami strip club who invoked the stand your ground law said he was threatened by two men he shot them fatally.
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they were smoking wear juamarij outside of his club. he critically injured one man who got out of the vehicle he shot and killed the other victim bird. bird attempted to hide under the pickup truck and kendall went on his rampage. he was shot at least 6 times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he was an electrician. he leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. his mother arlene and sister join us from miami. my condolences to you, ladies. our friend the family attorney of the first family is in tallahassee tonight. i will start with you. this is a horrible example. that's his excuse he felt threatened? >> that's what the defense was. that's why it took a week to arrest him geraldo. that's the problem with the stand your ground laws it sends a message i can shoot you if i feel threatened and claim stand
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my ground and say i am not to be held accountable. >> is this a crazy by with a gun and felt empowered? >> i think it is just a crazy act. he walked by the car, he said he heard something, he turns around he shoots the driver twice then shoots bird and opens up the door stumbles out and he goes around the car and shoots him three or four more times 2 in the back and says he was standing his ground he felt threatened. >> mrs. bird i am so sorry for your loss. i appreciate you coming on. i know you buried your son on friday. what is the thing that makes you most outraged? >> well, the fact that the way that my son was killed, he was
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trying to get under the car and away from the shooting and he was shot several times in his back. i don't understand how he claimed he was afraid and he wanted to stand his ground when he shot my son in the back. >> he's your only son. >> yes, he is. he is my only child. >> i am so sorry. i can't -- words fail me, really. >> dr. bird, tamara. do you find this law the whole concept to be fatally flawed? >> i do. as a citizen it makes me afraid. i think my gosh i should not look at someone a certain way i fear i may look at them in a threatening manner. i should be shot fatally.
7:17 pm
i think it needs to be relooked at. it's empowering people with the guns and it is not serving any one an injustice especially the victim. it is really concerning to me as a citizen that people are using this law and they are killing others and it seems to be working. >> give us your final thoughts on this? >> certainly. it sends a wrong message to america that if i stood my ground it's okay to shoot somebody. that should be the exception. people are not using this as the norm. it can get to trayvon martin. you cannot be the aggress sore and say i stood my ground. >> thank you mrs. bird dr. bird our panel joe jackson will talk about whether stan yell should be abolished.
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>> the invitation to be aggressive even fatal in their announcement or their intention that they were being threatened. >> first thing my heart goes out to the previous guest obviously a serious problem. i feel horrible. that's not the law that's not the reality. this isn't death wish 2 and 3. the truth is tend of the day i would rather read headlines that would be murder shot dead than woman raped in the back of an alley. >> here's the problem. immunity hearing to determine whether or not thesis tapes are justified or not. i will say it's used far too
7:22 pm
often as an excuse and justification to shoot first and ask questions later. >> what it sounds like stand your ground in other words someone is right at you. >> someone like stand your ground. >> he is going to use deadly physical force against you and you use it back again. >> we heard the horrifying story of a crazed cannibal after chewing his friend's face off. we knew he was crazy now we know why. here is craig. >> recently made news when the attack of a man on the cause way in miami where his victims face was actually eaten by a person and the topic of bath salt came up which is a chemical drug, but here in panama city, florida. a severe problem with these bath salts with sheriff frank mcevon panama city and bay county sheriff. tell me about this. >> this came alive in january, 2011 when we had an incident at
7:23 pm
the port where we encountered a subject that we found out during the course had actually ingested what had been described as bath salt. >> disturbing images captured police surveillance cameras show a man under the influence and out of control. >> at one point in time he ripped something out of the patrol car. >> in the rear of our patrol cars we had bolted down the bolts to secure them. during the video we see this person who is handcuffed secured in the vehicle reach back and burnted out the entire system with his teeth and shaking it like he has had a bone in his mouth. the young men had a flight line with the int nag national airport before being invikted with the bath salts.
7:24 pm
>> he was a monster. instead of trying to hurt a police officer he was trying to escape from this psychological situation he's in that he thinks he is going to dianed he's in danger. panama city is not just a cozy beach town. you are aest nati destination c kids that come here year after year. this is a big concern for you. >> it is a big concern. this dints we are seeing now and talked about now is one that touched close to home because we can sesee our own child in the back seat of his car. >> the sheriff warned retailers of the dangers of selling these synthetic drugs. then went to pam bomb bee aggressive attorney general to stop their sale. >> i sent two florida department of law enforcement agencies into the tallahassee mall and they bought this junk. it is unbelievable because our kids are overdosing from this. this is a hallucinogenic.
7:25 pm
>> he enacted emergency legislation making sale and distribution illegal. revealing now creative chemists in the drug trade because it is lucrative. what we are doing is coming up with these synthetic drugs they are lethal and horrible and easily accessible to our children. >> she followed through with further laws making sale of t n synthetic drugs a felony in florida. >> you have any scooby snacks i can purchase from you? >> yes. >> you do? would you mind letting me see them? >> they ceased with innocent names like scooby snacks that have dangerous consequences to the people who abuse them. >> based on the fact of illegal
7:26 pm
substance from you, you are under arrest. yes i work for the sheriff of the county. you are under arrest. regular bath salts for the bathroom. is this just in florida? >> no, it is -- in fact it's not bath salts. it's a chemical that is very addictive and deadly. they can be manufactured in any one's garage found nationwide. that is why the panama city sheriff are urging parents to be on the lookout for these colorful packets warn their kids of the dangers and tell the police if they are selling it in a convenience store they have to go in and bust them. wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. alabama at this hour for a killer gunman shot three people and injured three others near the campus of auburn university last night. it was like a massacre. auburn police say a fight involving several men broken out over a woman among the dead two former fat ball players. the suspect facing three counts of capital murder. former egyptian president mubarak is said to be slipping in and out of consciousness. he was sentenced to life in prison amidst hundredings of protestors. he suffered from irregular heartbeat and acquired assistive breathing since his sentencing.
7:31 pm
i am mary aianne rafferty. now back to geraldo at large. go to f you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> after the top 16 were called and we are backstage she said we have a list of the top 5. i said who do you think the top 5 are going to be. she said i know who the top five are going to be i saw the slip. when the names were called out in the order she said she saw them on the list that is too co incidental to not be true. >> the ex miss wisconsin says it was for the competing beauties calling the pageant fraudulent and trashy bringing down the wrath of donald trump. >> i did see her for about a second. i didn't think she had a chance. this is buyer's remorse.
7:32 pm
>> i know what i heard and i know what i in turn witnessed. based on what i heard the contestants who saw the lirs. >> the person who supposedly told her the list she was told by another person that person now totally denies it she said there is no list and i have never seen a list. >> i have many years of training i know when someone is telling a joke i know when someone is scared and serious. her body lang was was very serious. she looked a little bit scared because she had just seen something that would potentially drastic will he change the reputation of the miss universe association. >> it is loser's remorse. >> he said he would sue her unless she apologized. >> i would like the truth to be made known. i am not here to destroy any one. i am not here to bad talk about a anybody. my heart and my attitude i want the truth to be made known. in my opinion what ms. florida
7:33 pm
said is true. there is no doubt in my mind there is too much evidence pointing to this being fraudulent. >> is this right a frequent critic has at least one client and pageant contestant who holds mrs. trump in high ward. here is the trants gender contestant could compete in miss university's nay oosh oosh miss canadian competition. >> well, geraldo, i do think that he was right to decide to eliminate the requirement that a contestant has to be a naturally born female in order to be eligible to compete in miss university competition in the united states and canada. because he agreed with our
7:34 pm
position which is it violates the law to have that discriminatory rule. we are glad he eliminated it. he has not eliminated it he would still like to see him do that. >> jenna listen to what miss pennsylvania wrote earlier when she resigned before this whole blast about seeing the list with the five finalists on it. she said that she refused to be part of a pageant system that so far and so completely removed itself from the foundational principle as to allow and support natural born males to compete in it. jenna, she said she quit because of you. >> i think that's a shame that she is using that excuse to quit. i think rhode island was correct when she said it is a free country and this is a new
7:35 pm
century. so old traditions , they are jut old now. for her to use that i think it's such a shame. >> do you feel that you were truly accepted by the canadian competition? how did you feel being with all of the other contestants? >> well, the ladies were amazing. the organization was fine, too. it is what it is. i won miss congeniality. i was in the top 12. i am glad to be a part of it. >> she is a civil rights pioneer. she is legally a female. she is physically and emotionally a female. she has been for many, many years there's no way she should ev shouldn't ever be concluded. she made the top 12 cut and sheets beautiful and we are
7:36 pm
very, very excited she had that opportunity. others will have that opportunity as well. >> can you tell me briefly whether transgender now female should be able to compete in the olympics in the female event? >> i don't see why they shouldn't be allowed. i am gents all forms of discrimination. th these are important business opportunities. they are not just a form of entertainment they are career opportunities. i don't think they should be excluded on a count of an issue like gender identity. >> always a pleasure. thank you very much. shook your head violently when you got the answer. >> i mean, i think we are going to see a lot of other things transform from this. i do a lot of fit ngs modeling on the side and i believe in national fitness. we have competitions as well. we have bikini.
7:37 pm
we have fitness and figure men and women. we are going to probably -- what's to say a guy can't take hormones and say i want to go ahead and enter into the female division. >> you have to have a punch line to this. great work after a couple of fun -- i don't know what to figure. i watched wrestling tournaments in the heavy weight class. at what point do you delineate. i watch this girl transforming to a man absolutely destroy other women in her competition. it's not fair. >> if woman actually are allowed in combat i want the transgender ones there. as for the list going back to the list he was on the list it would be okay with it. if she felt like there was some kind of violation she should have stood up in a live event and said it then. i have never seen a loser get so
7:38 pm
much press attention. >> jackson stand your ground here is a stud bee by the tampa bay college. 200 stand your ground cases. it has been extremely successful as a defense nearly 70 percent have gone free. defendanting claiming it is likely to prevail. 73 percent of those killed or killed a black person faced no penalty as compared to 59 percent who killed a white person. >> stand your ground merits our attention. i am concerned also about the social implication of stand your ground. i am afraid america is turning into the wild wild west. most homicides are interracial. we get very excited about -- >> intra racial, black on black, white on white. people still each other. what i am concerned about is the spirit of stand your ground in
7:39 pm
which people defending themselves they are shooting someone in the back. 13-year-old boy in milwaukee. >> taking over the garbage with mother. 13-year-old white neighbor shot him. po people are going to get excited about that case and they should. interracial aspects of it as opposed to the social aspects. >> joey jackson should we pay more attention on the black on black and white on white? >> i think we need to. we have to have laws without question that are not used as an excuse to commit crime. i think it should be looked at nationally. the law doesn't work it needs to be fixed. >> since you just kicked out obviously race is a component. >> you just gave on the set. this needs to be looked at and you read them the way to fly. it sounds wonderful.
7:40 pm
but the way it is playing out geraldo it is playing out racially unbiassed -- biassed way and just it's scary. >> folks get out of florida. >> run, man. >> you threaten someone they can blow you away. >> that's my point. i think we have got to lack at how we treat one another. >> correlation does not equal causation. we learned that in college. >> it is admissible. >> it may not be proven but it is admissible. >> coming up the bush we don't hear too much about george h. w. 41. the subject of a fine new documentary is next.
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>> he won one golf war he kept us out of the war in iraq. approval rates of 60 percent. he lost in 92 because of the economy, stupid. perhaps because of the press as he said. >> can you describe what this year means to you? >> defeat to bill clinton. >> clinton did a great job of campaigning on that i didn't get it, i was out of touch and all of that. i don't want to sound like i am bashing the press but there was almost un nimity in the press corps. they are for him. that makes a huge difference.
7:45 pm
>> can you talk a little bit about ross perot? >> no, can't talk about him. i think he cost me the election and i don't like him. other than that i have nothing to say. >> rejected by the voters he had the satisfaction of seeing his son elected the 43rd president of the united states. we are talking about bush 41. a documentary on president george h.w. bush has been completed for hbo produced for our mentor friend and hollywood legend. >> making a documentary about the former president>> great friend of mine as you know. >> it is 45, 46 years ever in politics. it is a documentary itself. the thing about ross perot which by the way i think cost him the election. not anything else. >> he must have felt a sense of redumpings when h-- redemption
7:46 pm
his son was elected president. >> great pride and joy. certainly his son becoming president twice and one son becoming governor in florida. he has never been a guy who sits down and brags about who he is and what he has accomplished. even when he was president in the united states because he doesn't like to talk about himself. but i pay -- i like to talk about him. i like to talk about all of the wonderful things he did for his family with his family. how wonderful his mother and father were who i knew very well. how great barbara bush is a buddy of mine. great buddy of mine. all of the people arounded him that are close to him and that i consider family and he considers family. that is what is important in this film. >> what was it like to see your son e8 elected president? >> very emotional for me. very proud father.
7:47 pm
first time it happened in the hits of our country. it was enormous source of great pride for the family. >> george w. bush went to the height house and unveiled his official portrait last week it was so cute it was so sweet to see the family there. it revealed a side of that family you don't think of a lot the warmth that was the glue of the bush dynasty. >> the line he used at the white house to obama he said to the president you walk down the halls and say what would george have done? i thought that was one of the best lines i ever heard. >> does he talk about his incredible service in world war ii? >> he doesn't talk about his service he talks about the war. people fight in a war they understood what it was.
7:48 pm
had he not been picked up by a submarine he served the country and served the country gallantly and well. he learned the job he game in more prepared than any president he did so many wonderful things. this is really important. it is hard to explain to people. he took this little kid from new york and he openled this form he had me sleeping in the lincoln bedroom. he had me sleeping in the king's bedroom and private quarters eerie night. he took me on trips. i went on air force one. i went on marine one i traveled with the world with him. he told people i was his friend. i saw things i never would have seen in 100 million years. he never said to me once he never said once, you owe me something. >> does he have any regrets?
7:49 pm
>> not that i know of. i don't think he has any regrets. i think he lived a great life. he is going to be 88 on the 12th of june next week. we are going to have a big blowout party for him. he is excited about it. we are going to show this movie. very, very excited about the movie. he loves it. his grandchildren his kids he has a wonderful family. they all love him very, very much. i think he's a happy guy. >> 41. the documentary on president george h.w. bush produced by my dear friend. it airs on the 149 -- 14th of june. 2 days after his 88th birthday at 9:00. good luck with the film. great to see you. coming up it was the 55th annual puerto rican day parade in new york city. i was there with about 2 million of my closest friends. it was wonderful. tell you about that.
7:50 pm
the 27th birthday. celebrate a great event after these short commercial messages. don't go away. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next.
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>> the last 45 years the crowd marked the annual puerto rican day parade. 2 million spectators the parade is this city's largest aside from honoring super bowl champion new york giant's severe victor cruise the scene this year was the importance of education and registering to vote. here are some of the sights and sounds. >> my baby. say hi baby. >> 20th time gis. i go every year.
7:54 pm
never miss it. >> been here 20? i have been here 21st time. puerto rico. a (cheers) ♪ >> the other bifg vent we are celebrating tonight is the army's 237th birthday bash.
7:55 pm
here to lead the celebration is u.s. army band joeling springs doing god bless america. ♪ ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans fwhite with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪
7:56 pm
♪ >> great job. sergean nice job. nice job. holly waters. sergeant i should say. where else are you performing? >> the army is celebrating it's
7:57 pm
birthday all around the country in major cities like los angeles, chicago, washington, d.c. as well as all military installations around the country. >> it will be all across the country you checked out with your own local army installation and that's it. >> are you excited to play before live audiences celebrating the birthday of times square of all places? >> it is always a thrill for us. >> that's it for us but not the army. they will be playing all this birthday week. you catch them there. i will see them on the radio twirt facebook have a great week. see you next time everybody. bye-bye. happy birthday army. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple. adjusting to city life was hard for me. and becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but we had each other and he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed
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to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. always there for you. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
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and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.


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