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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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1-4 inches could fall today. many were left in the cashing after 100 people were forced into shelters overnight. the jail also lost hower as they were brought in to thibeef up security. a dwi. he hit parked cars and flood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. this is a picture of him before the arrest in queens, new york. a picture was taken in a bar where he was watching the croatia island soccer game. air strikes against the taliban hiding in civilian homes. marine general john allen commander of u.s. and international forces in afghanistan saying they will not be used when other options are
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available. this comes after nato air strikes which afghan officials say left 18 civilians dead. hamid karzai original whethergar strikes were done on homes. often hideout in civilian homes. actor neil patrick harris kicked off the tony awards with a special musical performance. ♪ ♪ >> hay ryes served -- harris served as host for 30 years. >> it goes to "once." >> it won the best musical tony
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award. those are your 5 at 5:00 headlines. another fox news alert for you now a massive manhunt underway in alabama for a man wanted in a deadly shooting. marianne rafferty is here with the latest. police still desperately searching for the suspect they say shot and killed three students and wounded three others late saturday night. it happened at an off campus party at auburn university. his name is demon tee leonard. he faces three counts of capital murder. police are warning he is armed and extremely dangerous. he lives in town but has no connection to the un. two people killed christian and ladarus phillips both former auburn football players both 20-years old. >> i am saddened by this. this is very much an unusual event for the city of auburn in auburn university. it is sickening that these young
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lives were cut short . >> investigators say there was no connection between these students and the university. the whole incident started with an argument over a woman. patty ann, heather. >> thank you very much. we sha appreciate it. >> war of words in washington is showing no sign of letting up. someone in the white house leaked confidential national security information. kelly wright is live in washington with more on that for us. >> patti ann good morning to you. the leaking of national security effects a lot of people who froekt the united states. the united states of america as well in a precarious situation. because of that there are very vocal critics voicing their concern about the way obama administration is investigating these leaks. they claim the aed minutestration should be doing a lot more.
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eric holder appointed two u.s. attorneys to figure out who was behind a number of leaks. that includes intelligence on cyber attacks against iran and the president's so-called kill list of terror suspects. republican congressman peter king of new york who chairs the homeland security committee wants independent council to also investigate the matter. king telling fox news he blaefs the leaks came right from the white house. he claims the president is using the leaks to bolster his image. trying to be like george patton or john wayne. no one wants to know what the president is doing. he's not even supposed to be talking about drone attacks. we have never confirmed we have that program. >> other lawmakers mostly republicans say the leaks were coming from people at the top to make them look good. obama said it is not true it's offensive. the top campaign advisor and democrat lawmakers defended the commander in leaf.
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i think the author except the white house at the source of this information. i can't say they weren't. at least there were obviously leaks but they weren't were the white house. >> the investigation has to be nonpartisan it has to be vigorous and it has to move ahead rapidly. >> here is the breakdown repub casses aren't convinced they can effect these leaks. both sides say the u.s. attorneys will head up the investigations are good men and good lawyers. gop lawmakers are concerned they may still be reporting to attorney general eric holder. eric holder reports directly to the president. time for a look at "who is talking". >> this morning it's wisconsin governor scott walker. >> fresh off his recall win he
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has some advice for mitt romney saying he wants to beat president obama this november he has to go vote. he cannot be about republican it has to be about freermers. they are desperate for leadership in washington. >> you think he can do more alopping that line? >> you think people like paul ryan and others hope he goes big and bold. i don't think we win if it's a refer ren bum about barack obama. >> i voted for your opponent last night but i voted for you now. the reason was simple. finally someone is willing to take on tough issues people are so hungry to be able to stand up and take on the positions.
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>> fears this morning as a massive out of control wildfire has grown 20,000 acres forcing hundreds of people to flee their home. crews battling the flames from air and land. they are not gaining any ground that has so far destroyed 18 structures. officials are calling it a dirty fire as it is eating through timber and dead seas. it caused erratic behavior authorities are going door to door to make sure residents are leaving. many fear their homes will not be there when they get back. >> we are literally watching and praying it's not just our house we see going up in smokes. >> when we left the fire was about 3 stories high and blowing sideways. it was surreal. i couldn't belief what was happening. >> here the things. so far that fire 0 percent
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contained. officials are concerned with massive wildfires raging on in new mexico and wyoming resources are being stripped again as well in help in battling the blaze. in extreme weather on both sides of the country let's go to maria molino. >> good to see you this morning. unfortunately we have a lack of moisture across the southwest. that is what left the elevator fire -- elevated fire danger in place. we have wildfires over mexico this week and we are see seeing it from the region. the one good bit of good news out there across the area is we have calmer winds and slightly cooler along interior portions of the southwest. we will continue to keep an eye on over the wildfire conditions there. hopefully they will be improving
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firefighters fighting fires. the second wettest day on record from florida 13 inches. a short amount of time. pensacola actually receive rain early thursday morning. 9 inches of rain as well in orange beach alabama. big time voting oflooding for p lawsuit yaw and the florida panhandle. it is associated with a tropical system that brought in a lot of rain and also now starting to move northward. not a lot of heavy rain right now scattered thunderstorms across south carolina south of a atlanta, georgia. it will track northward pulling in moisture and continuing to fire up showers and storms.
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as we head west ward a prit teep strong frontal boundary pushing eastward heavy town pours -- downpours across missouri and iowa. same system will be firing up strong severe storms across texas panhandle into arkansas. large hail damaging winds a concern. we can't rule out an isolated tornado. >> maria molina, thanks. 11 minutes after the hour. former green jobs czar van jones now going against the president? that seems to be the case in one recent interview. we will report you will decide. this graduation speaker did not mince words. >> none of you is special. you are not special. yes, you have been pampered, doted upon, helmeted, bubble wrapped. >> that's not even the half of it. we have much more of that coming right up.
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>> 15 after the hour. who needs kurds and shiites who are part of the government accusing him of monday nop liesing power. this after a mortar attack left 6 people dead and 38 injured. the victims of jerry sandusky could confront the football coach as early as today following opening statements in his trial. he faces 52 criminal counts. he is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys during the period of 15 years. he has denied the allegations. new a running mate buzz surrounding former republican presidential hopeful rick
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santorum. he says he is not anxious wiabo being picked but he would consider the offer from mitt romney. >> if he calls me i will answer the phone call. i am not anxious to get back involved in the fray right now. i have to take responsibility of the 7 kadz we have a lot of work to do. other related news jeb bush's son giving some hope to those pushing for him to be picked george p. bush saying if called upon to serve he will. the former florida governor is not currently interested in joining the ticket, but loves to fight for conservative causes. jeb bush recently said that he would turn down the bp job, though. now to a story you can bank on this morning. the bailout for spain seems to be having the desired effect on world markets so far.
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joining us with more on that is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. thanks for joining us. >> good monday morning. >> what is the latest news? >> for stocks and investors looks like a great morning. european leaders bailout banks to the tune of 125 billion door kets. turp european stocks are up in the u.s. >> we want the numbers to go up something we want to go down gas prices and they appear to be doing that. >> they have gone down according to the lundburg survey. >> by 16 percent over the last three weeks here is your national average 3.62 a gallon. relief for drivers out there. >> very good news there. apple gearing up to announce some new product wills in san francisco. >> it is the annual worldwide developers conference. >> they are expect to do announce updates to the ios 6
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update system in the ipad so photo sharing we can get google maps out. >> i love all that stuff. i have gotten into the photo apps lately. saw yours. >> thank you very much. appreciate you joining us as always lauren. >> lleyton morr-- clayton morri will be live. he will be on fox and friends. we have to tune in to that. 18 after the hour. so much for celebrating your graduation. some high school students taken down a peg with this speech. >> you are not the center of the universe. in fact astro physicists tell us the universe has no center. therefore you can't be it. >> a bizarre and frightening story. a scene in the new film caused a teenager to have a seizure. that story ahead.
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>> former egyptian president mubarak slipping in and out of consciousness in cairo. nine days for life sentence of having protestors killed. reports say he has an irregular heartbeat breathing issues and is at risk of a stroke. >> eating with a billionaire is a costly affair. the wlufrn with warren buffet cost 3 and a half million dollars. the money goes to a good cause. it helps the homeless in california. >> it's time to brew on this.
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>> here's what we like you to brew on today. high school seniors in massachusetts feeling a sense of accomplishment as they were graduating. they were taken down a peg during this commencement speech by an english teacher. >> none of you is special. (laughter) >> you are not special. yes, you have been pampered, doeded upon, helmeted, bubble wrapped, yes, capable adults with other things to do have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, wiped your bottom, trained you, taught you, tutored you, coached you, listened to you, counselled you, encouraged you, consoled you and encouraged you again. consider for a moment the bigger picture your plans are not the center of the solar system your solar system isn't the sent of the galaxy. the gal lax sees not the center of the universe. the universe has no center therefore you cannot be it.
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>> that is author david mckeilah his advice coming at a time when youth suffer from inflated self importance. the reaction from the speech positive even from the students. >> that leaves us to our question of the day. do you think his commencement speech was just fine or over the line? send us your comments you can tweet this to us at fox friends first or friend we will read them later in the show. time now 24 after the hour. coming up is this a joke? listen to this patty ann. one school banning god bless the usa because it's too grown-up for five years old. the coschool relacing it with a justin bieber song. we will have a live report coming up. a movie cause as teen to have a seizure. on this day in history in 1986
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the movie "ferris bueller's day off"." ♪
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welcome back to fox and friends first. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather filleders. it is 28 after the top of the hour. it is time for the 5@5:30.
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the top 5 stories making news at this hour. we begin with severe weather. the florida panhandle bracing for more wind and thunderstorms today. more than 14 inches of rain through the area. the storm cut power to the county jail there in florida. 5 foet of water flooded the floor. >> they are having light shine into the jail. a graphic scene from permetheus caused a 16-year-old to suffer a seizure. i am changing. >> changing into what? >> it is moving. >> what is that? >> the australian boy was watching a surgery scene when he was passed out. he was rushed to the hospital the movie which is rated r in the united states is rated m in australia which means it is
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suitable for australian audiences. a nightmare for a family. a 41-year-old woman died trying to save her brother's life. she was donating her kidney to her brother and she died during the operation when her aorta was cut. the bronx new york hospital is taking steps to pay out for the transplant blunder and fast. they are still waiting for another kidney. >> a football player is exonerated for a rape he didn't commit. >> to be given an opportunity to have a trial and attending mini camp i don't have words for it. it is a dream come true. >> brian banks getting a chance to move forward with the dream. he will return to seattle sea hawks on wednesday for their three-day mini camp. a cuss word a bad word from a massachusetts town it could end up costing you. one resident has gotten the
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middle borough beautification group and the police involved. police chief now asking residents to vote at tonight's town board meeting to hand out 2k08 lar fines in an attempt to flush out the potty mouth. that is your 5 at 5:30. a massive manhunt is underway from alabama. searching for the suspect they say shot and killed three students and wounded three others late saturday night. it happened at auburn university. his name is monte leonard. he faces two counts of capital murder. he is armed and extremely dangerous. two of the victims killed ed christian and phillips were former auburn football players both just 20-years old. this is very much an unusual event for the city of auburn and
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auburn university. it is sickening that these young lives were cut short. investigators say there was no connection between the university of football team and the shooter. they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. it started with an argument over a woman. president obama still taking heat after making his controversial remarks that the private sector is doing fine. doug luzader is live from washington with more on the story. >> the white house is going to try to get back on message today hoping this week is better than last week. over the weekend the campaign was cleaning up the mess after the announcement the private sector is doing fine. the new white house strategy swallowed the theme and the public sector needs more help. it is a new round of stimulus largely targeted from local and
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state governments. is the private sector doing fine? >> the private sector needs to make job creation in the private sector. one way to do that is put teachers and firefighters back to work. >> that's the public sector. >> mitt romney's campaign wasted little time capitol liesing t-- capitalizing the private sector. they used a web add that uses the president's own words. >> i lost my job recently. i have to work part-time in order to make ends meet. >> sometimes i feel like i am a failure. >> the private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine. president obama will try to bypass the media running interviews today to local tv stations around the country. mostly in key swing states. iowa, virginia, florida, wisconsin, colorado, nevada
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hoping to get back on track after a rough week. >> doug luzader, thanks. before you leave the house this morning get more on the extreme weather that is coming all across the country. >> good morning. we have a lot of extreme weather that has been going on. we have the wildfires across the southwest. we have the extreme flooding that took place yesterday across the florida panhandle and southern parts of alabama over the weekend. we have improvements over the area and new stories starting to take shape across the country. it will be in just a moment. good news is across the southwest we are not looking at a big time elevated fire danger. it will still be dry out here. we are going to see slightly cooler temperatures moving on in. not much popping up on the computer model. the reason for that is the winds
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won't be too strong. we have the wind gusts in excess of 40 miles. today not looking at strong winds maybe here and there 5-10, 15 miles an hour. high this afternoon 103 in tucson. albuquerque on the high side as well. take a look at some of the rainfall reports from the weekend saturday in one day pensacola reported it's second wettest day in history. 13.13 inches. tl 21 inches or more across west pensacola early thursday morning. a prolonged period a time where you got a lot of rainfall from the tropical system in florida and southern parts of alabama. 9 inches in mobile on saturday over 9 inches in orange beach, alabama. we are going to see improvements out there today.
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this rain wasn't that bad news. it is across parts of georgia and north. this -- the rain too quickly and too small a period of time. that storm system will produce moisture but a little bit further to the north. we have isolated storms across tallahassee and southern parts of bam ma. that will continue going northward into parts of georgia. atlanta you could be seeing delays today because of some of the carolinas you see the moisture as well. you will be seeing showers and storms. remember you are in a drought and you can see the rain. we have a cold front pushing eastward bringing us showers and storms across wisconsin down into iowa and northern missouri later today.
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later on today as we get sunshine from daytime heating we are going to see strong to severe storms across southern parts of missouri arkansas, oklahoma, northeastern texas and texas panhandle. the main concerns will be large hail and damaging winds. can can't rule out an isolated tornado. severe weather in the form of strong thunderstorms. other big story across sex as today is how hot it will be out there. 99 will be your high today in dallas. when you factor in the humidity heat index values can be anywhere from 105 to 115. need moisture to fight the wildfires as well. thank you. >> lady gaga suffers a concussion in the middle of her
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concert after a dancer hits her on the head with a pole. it happened last night in new zealand. she continued the performance for another 16 songs. >> her makeup artist later tweeted gaga is okay. >> lindsay lohan is changing the tune on the friday crash that had an $80 crash. she originally claims the 18-wheeler cut her off but now she says it's the brakes. >> i am pulling for lindsay loh lohan. i want her to get her act together and come back. >> you like the come back story. >> are you the victim of a restless night's sleep. it could be due to the fear you may not get up. one school is scrapping this
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patriotic tune. ♪ >> the teacher -- the principal saying it's too grown-up for kindergarten students so they replaced it with justin bieber's song "baby". we will have a live report coming up.
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>> let's span the globe to see what's making mheadlines overseas. a massive riot breaks out between cops and soccer fans ahead of the euro 2012 game happened over a drunken fight in one of the bars between fans of the two teams croatia and ireland.
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to turkey where sur slains cameras caught this magnitude 5.8 quake right as it hits. you can see people running out of their homes on to the street. no reports of any deaths or damages. finally in the netherlands two tourists getting a scare after a polar bear almost burst through a plate glass window. >> the bear through a rock at the window. the zoo officials say they don't think it was a desperate attempt to freedom. they believe the bear was just playing. >> one of the most patriotic songs in the u.s. is bared by one new york city school from being sung during the commencement ceremony. robert moses is live in fron of the school with the details. good morning, robert. >> patti ann good morning to you and good morning everyone. we are speaking about one of the well-known patriotic songs god
2:44 am
bless the usa by lee greenwood. many of you have heard it. if not let's play a little bit of it for you. >> the principal made the decision to ban this song because she says it is not age appropriate for kindergartners. a spokeswoman for the city's department of education says this is not about patriotism. students here at the school recite the pledge of allegiance and sing america the beautiful every day. the principal does not think the song is appropriate for kindergartners and that is not sitting wiell with one parent w spoke with. >> it is a patriotic song everybody should be happy and proud to sing. a lot of the coaches are here because they want to live freely.
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that should be a song everybody should be able to sing with no problem. you may be surprise to do learn that one song that will be sung at the up coming graduation ceremony is "baby" by justin bieber. that is the latest live from brooklyn robert moses fox news. back to you. the principal first said she was afraid the song would offend certain cultures then later on she said it was too grown-up. there is a lot going on. we will hear more from the mom we heard from and lee greenwood coming up later on the story on fox and friends. i love that song. sticking with the school scene early ner the show we asked you to brew on this. high school seniors feeling a sense of accomplishment for graduating. they were taken down a peg during a commencement speech by an english teacher. >> none of you is special. (laughter) >> you are not special. yes, you have been pampered,
2:46 am
doeded upon, helmeted, bubble wrapped, yes, capable adults with other things to do have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, wiped your bottom, trained you, taught you, tutored you, coached you, listened to you, counselled you, encouraged you, consoled you, and encouraged you again. consider for a moment the bigger picture your planet i will remind you is not the center of the solar system. the solar system is not the center of its gal lax see. your gal lax sees not the certainty of the universe. in fact astro physicists tell us the universe has no center therefore you can't be it. >> do you think author david mccullough's tough love commencement speech was tough love or over the line. >> good wake up call the sooner they learn it the better. >> i think the speak ir was right. the kids need the truth. >> anna she e-mailed us saying the best commencement speech i
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have ever heard. kids get praise for just showing up. you believe your hot stuff already. thanks to everyone who responded. keep the comments coming. >> the time 46 before the top of the hour. forget about paying a heavy price. it's all about buying a foreclosed property. we have tips to get a real deal coming up. let's check in with stooe doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> good morning ladies. i am so impressed by the commencement speaker. >> john mccain will be joining us. he would like a special investigator to look into who the heck is leaking all of our national secrets to the new york times. we will talk to the senator about that. donald trump will be joining us to talk about the news of the day. plus one of the pennsylvanians i think suggested perhaps it was rigged.
2:48 am
he is now suing her. we have the news of the day. outside we have the original bat mobile. robin from batman is going to join us as we blast off live from new york city 12 minutes from now on the fox news channel.
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>> welcome back. the sup mrereme court on the constitutionality of obama care. united health group will continue preventative screening for free. care and cover kids until the age of 26. in just a few showehours th defense expected to have the last step back in 9 perjury
2:52 am
retrial. the prosecution will call rebuttal witnesses which should last half of the day. patti ann? >> it is 51 after the hour. if you are thinking about buying a home buying a foreclosed property may be the way. 26 percent of all residential home sales in this year's first quarter were foreclosed homes. how can you get in on the deal. personal finance expert vera givens. you doo to go to the courthouse or look at legal fileings. they have a data basis of foreclosed properties. you can see how much it is. >> once you get that you want to work with an agent who specializes in this type of huge thing. >>age agent who specializes in foreclosed property spent a lot of time and aggravation. it can be a little complicated.
2:53 am
they are going to guide you through the best homes and prices. help you through the inspection the whole nine yards. you are going through this root you want to work with someone who specializes in foreclosures. >> there is more than one option. various stages of foreclosure. >> there is the foreclosure stage where you can buy directly from the owner in a short sale, right? the savings there even more significant than you would get if you had a bank owned property. you can try your hand with seasoned investors at the auctions. that's not the recommended way to go. even they come across as pretty competitive environment. or you can buy a bank on property which is the safest easiest way to go b b you know you can inspect the property. you can finance it with a traditional mortgage. declare it with any outstanding leads. if you are new to this a lot of first time buyers are jumping in you want to start with a real estate owned transaction. >> the aichg is 27 percent less than a nonforeclosed home. >> you have to factor in renovations.
2:54 am
>> that's a huge thing to consider. a lot of the homes have been abandoned vandalized sitting vacant for some time. they may need a lot of repairs to get them back into a livable condition. get right back to even pretty much. a lot of work involved. >> how do you know what's appropriate? >> the banks specific lip aren't selling these homes at the kind of prices as i mentioned that you get in an auction. you want to take into consideration how many properties the bank has the areas location if they have a lot of these in the pipeline. that is something you want to take into consideration the conditionaling of the hom-- condition of the home. you want to get preapproved so you don't lose out. a lot of first time buyers jumping in not just investors. there are people who want these properties. significant thing.
2:55 am
it can go to the person who has their paperwork in order. >> 54 after the top of the hour. are you a victim of restless night sleep? could be due to a fear you might not even thought of. word of the day all scrambled up something we talked about in the show.
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>> two minutes to the top of the hour. it is time for the good, bad and ugthe good. rocking a ceremony with a mob. ♪ [applause] awesome. the administration at eastwood high school loved it .
2:59 am
next the bad. jersey shore star arrested. vena busted out of a bar. and she said she was drunk and slapping cars that was driving by . she was charged with disorderly conduct. and ugly. having trouble sleeping . it may be because you are afraid of the dark. more poor sleepers confess to a fear of the dark. i don't think that is my problem. thought there would be a solution there. alison is here to help us out with the word of the day. >> nimidsano. insomnia. >> we said it. >> somebody is awake this morning. >> thank you, alicon, we appreciate it. >> thank you,


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