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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 11, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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threats from congressional investigators, the house oversight committee will vote next wednesday on holding attorney general eric holder in contempt for failing to comply with subpoenas in the fast and furious gun-running sting. top republicans accuse the justice department of stonewalling by refusing to turn over tens of thousands of documents related to this failed operation, an operation that ended up putting thousands of dangerous guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels. one of those guns turned up at the scene where a u.s. border agent was found murdered. we are waiting to get white house reaction on this. the news briefing, scheduled to start in the next few minutes -- and it pits, of course, a branch of government against another branch, this is congress warring with the justice department and eric holder in particular. first, we want to get to chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on
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chris, welcome. so darrell issa and the folks on his committee have been looking into this for a while, and there has been talk of contempt of congress charges for a while. but the reports were that john boehner, eric cantor, gop house leadership didn't want it, thought it might be too politically divisive in an election year. that has changed today. boehner and cantor weighing in on this notion in a way saying enough is enough, they've had it, and it does appear that the wheels are now officially in motion on holding eric holder in contempt of congress. is this likely to happen? >> well, look, you know, at first blush you look at this and say, well, the republicans -- as you said, there are some republicans who are squeamish about that this. they don't want to be caught in a fire fight, constitutional fire fight with the executive branch. they'd rather be talking about the economy. so there's that. but things are starting to stack up a little differently. and when you talk about speaker boehner weighing in on this and getting there, a few things have happened. one, and we shouldn't overlook
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eric holder's testimony last week which was just a rugged run. that was he was pretty clearly fed up with talking to these folks, these folks were pretty much out of patience with him. the e-mail that included the words fast and furious that he said wasn't about fast and furious, so that was kind of a breaking point. but also remember the other context that's going on here is you've got the defense department leaks investigation where republicans are very frustrated that holder won't go for an independent counsel to investigate this, and also they're none too happy with the fact that the -- ahead of a tough election for his boss, he's trying to crack down on states from enacting voter id programs. megyn: okay. so there's a lot of reasons for them to be having this back and fort with holder. but now that the committee's moving forward, this makes a floor vote on a contempt charge, basically, you can't avoid it at this point, right? if the committee says yes, it goes to a floor vote in the house, correct? >> well, the committee is pretty
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scorched over all this so, yes, i think it's going to pass the committee at least in talking to our producer on the hill and doing my own research. it looks like it's going to get out of the committee pretty easily. that means a contentious fight and a history-making moment. megyn: well, what happens? because if you've got a wing -- the house is controlled by the republicans. so if you've got a wing of republicans or a group of republicans that doesn't want this whether they like holder or dislike holder, they don't want this to be a distraction from the decision about the economy in an election year, and let's say they don't get support in the u.s. congress for contempt of congress against eric holder. does that put to rest once and for all chairman issa's arguments against eric holder? is there not risk there? >> well, certainly there's risk there, and i think in large part this is reflective of speaker boehner's style which is if enough of his members want to do something, he says, okay. if you want to have a vote on this and then we'll determine whether there's the will in the republican conference to do this.
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but again, i'll say that this could turn into, in an election year, a litmus test vote for these republicans, even the ones who are squeamish. with all of the controversy surrounding eric holder and all of the things that he's doing in this election year that have cheesed off these republicans, there's going to be serious pressure on these guys to come out and vote for contempt. megyn: cheesed off. [laughter] thank you, chris. want to leave our viewers with this from speaker boehner. he says today the justice department is out of excuses. congress has given attorney general holder more than enough time, and he says either the justice department turns over the information or congress will have no choice but to move forward with holding the attorney general in contempt for obstructing an ongoing investigation. that is from house speaker john boehner's office today. so should mr. holder be held in contempt of congress? it would only be the second time in history, janet reno -- attorney general under president clinton -- became the first attorney general to be cited for contempt back in 1998.
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that was after she refused to turn over justice department memos in a battle over how to prosecute alleged campaign finance abuses. next hour we will take a look at how that worked out, and we'll talk about the potential political risk to both sides from this high-stakes showdown between congress and the doj. we're also expecting that the white house will take a lot of questions today about this and not just that, but also president obama's friday remarks on the economy. you saw it here. the president declared that the private sector is, quote, doing fine. the remarks sparking immediate backlash from those pointing to the weak housing market and the latest unemployment numbers and the fact that we've got 23 million americans who are unemployed or underemployed. and by the end of the day, the president had to clarify his comments. herehere's a little bit of what touched off the controversy. >> we've created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector's doing fine.
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where we're seeing weakness is in our economy, it has to do with state and local government. megyn: ed henry live in washington with more. ed? >> reporter: well, good to see you, megyn. as you can see, not only the president clarifying it later in the day, but the romney campaign, obviously, jumped on it very quickly and saying they believe it shows the president is out of touch. the obama campaign, of course, responded with the context that you did play in that sound bite which is the fact of the matter that there's been over four million jobs created and that there's been these 27 months of private sector job growth. of course, the romney campaign says that's not nearly enough. the obama camp noting, though, in a web video of their own that mitt romney may have stepped in it himself on friday when he was mocking the president's push for public sector hiring and suggested maybe he didn't think that cops and firefighters should get more jobs. when david axlerod was pressed
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on this yesterday, he was very quickly shifting the argument from what the president said on friday to this whole debate about the public versus the private sector. take a listen to him on cnn yesterday. >> private sector, we need to accelerate job creation in the private sector. >> right. >> one of the ways we can do that is putting teachers and can firefighters and police back to work -- >> that's the public sector. >> but that'll help accelerate the recovery. >> reporter: you can hear from that sound bite right there that david axlerod was not directly answering whether he agreed with the president that the private sector is doing just fine and instead shifted it to the public sector which is not really what the question was about. and this is where the battle is going to be joined because the romney campaign is trying to push the line that, bayically, the -- basically, the president is more focused on growing government jobs, not the private sector. megyn: ed henry, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: their position, the administration's position is that the more, you know, public sector jobs you create, the more those public sector employees go out and spend and thus help the
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private sector as well. that's their argument behind the argument you heard, you know, the point you heard david axlerod making. still both campaigns really at issue over this, and there are new questions today about that and about news that broke this morning. a member of the president's cabinet after a pair of hit-and-run crashes in california. the commerce secretary, john bryson, is accused of crashing his car into at least two other vehicles and then leaving the scene. now the commerce department is saying he suffered a seizure, but the lapd has charged him with felony hit and run. reports say he rear ended another car, then he got out of the car, talked to the occupants, and then he hit that same car again before he went on to another location and hit another car down the road. he was later found unconscious behind the wheel. we are expecting new information and a live report just ahead. and, of course, we'll be watching for new developmentsen on all of these stories when jay carney steps to the mic any
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moment now. we'll bring you the news from the white house as it hasn't right -- happens right here. breaking news on a dangerous wildfire burning out of control in northern colorado. we just got word in the last half hour that emergency crews are ramping up the fight against large wildfires burning out of control in northern colorado and southern new mexico. they are now using ten of those flying air tankers to drop water and chemicals on the fires as they spread to an area around 60 square miles. look at this, look at these pictures. wow. this here is home video of the fire shot by one of more than 1600 evacuees. hundreds of firefighters have moved in to try to save people and their homes and then take a look at in this. the wildfire threat is so massive, the smoke can be seen from outer space, some of it reaching autoway into the state of wyoming. this image here is courtesy of nasa. well, it is opening day in the sexual assault trial of the former assistant football coach
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at penn state, jerry sandusky facing multiple charges. but this case may be harder to make than you might assume. we're live from the courthouse on why. and british prime minister david cameron forgetting something important at a pub, his 8-year-old daughter! the story behind the mixup, coming up. and who can forget scenes like this. public sector union members storming the state capitol in wisconsin. now after governor scott walker defeated the unions' attempts to boot him from office, a major june on, a fellow governor -- union, a fellow governor -- a fellow governor is saying that these organizations, these unions need to go and not just in wisconsin. lou dobbs joins us on that. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. >> i made my family disappear. ♪
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[laughter] megyn: the movie, "home alone" had great fun with the idea of a busy family leaving their child at home when they left for a big trip, but not so great when it happens in real life, especially when that parent is one of the leaders of the free world. david cameron said he and hid wife accidentally left their 8-year-old daughter nancy behind in a pub. each one believed nancy was in the other one's car. after realizing the mistake, the prime minister returned to the pub and got little nancy. he says they were separated for about 15 minutes, but the bartender took care of things. no, not really. [laughter] >> are voters across the country giving state and local officials a green light to go after or at least curtail public unions? >> i always said that unionism had no place in the public
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sector, that it was a necessary freedom -- and it is -- in the private sector. but that it was a bad idea in government -- >> are you saying that you would like to see no public worker unions? >> i think really government works better without them, i really do. megyn: well, that was indiana governor mitch daniels this weekend questioning the need for public unions at all. fueled by last week's historic victory in wisconsin by the republican governor there, scott walker, against the public unions who were trying to boot him from office. governor daniels suggesting that some private sector unions are still necessary, but that these public unions, these government unions, you know, police, firefighters, teachers and so on, have become obsolete and destructive. lou dobbs is the host of "lou dobbs tonight" and a syndicated radio host. mitch daniels, i mean, he was a lot of people's number one choice to run for the gop nomination. he's not some crazy, far-right,
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fringe republican. >> no. megyn: he's, you know, a guy who's very well liked and beloved by many people in the republican party. so for him to say this, does that suggest to you that this is a mainstream position and that more, more people may be signing on to this? >> to say it's a mainstream position -- megyn: that it could become? >> it certainly could become. and mitch daniels, we should point out, too -- i love the way he said that, government works better without unions. most ceos would say our business would run better without unions as well. the issue here is he's got a case to build because it was six years ago that he eliminated collective bargaining from public employee unions in the state of indiana. he's got a distinguished career in national service as director of office of management and budget. and on the other hand, though, you've got governor scott walker saying, wait a minute, first responders should be unionized. and the reality is we've got two states and the great genius of our federalist system is that we have experiments going on in this each state. thisit is a mistake, i think, fr
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any of us to take the views of one governor -- albeit you're talking about two of the most successful governors if not the most successful governors in the union -- and say this should be national policy. governor romney's going to be making his decision. obviously, president obama's made his -- megyn: it's going to be a state-by-state thing. we are seeing more governors, republican governors in particular, but some democrats becoming a little bit tougher with the unions, some eliminating collective bargaining rights and so on, and they say it's to help the taxpayers' bottom line each though it may not be -- even though it may not be all rainbows and unicorns for the union members on the receiving end. >> this is an open invitation for union members to gorge themselves at the public trough. they've done so with public officials who have sent that money, incredible amounts of money to public employees -- megyn: and that's what governor daniels was saying. he's saying the taxpayer is the victim of a bargain struck by
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two people who are really on the same side of the negotiation, the politicians who want the unions' money, and the unions on the other side who want to give it to them but in exchange for money themselves. >> and the loser is the taxpayer at the state, federal, local bevel level. and we're going to see that these folks are on the wrong side of history, now, this is my opinion, and that is that we're going to see a rollback in collective bargaining rights for public employee unions. it makes no sense whatsoever in an era of rationality that is, obviously, descending on america. we're going to have to pay our pill bills -- megyn: let me challenge you -- >> let me just finish. megyn: go ahead. >> there are consequences for the public policy decisions that have been made. we've got to change the system now. megyn: the challenge is that these public sector employee unions -- >> right. megyn: -- they do a couple of things. number one, they insure a fair wage, that's what they say, a fair wage for our cops, our
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firefighters, first responders, people who, you know, we've talked about this before. they don't sit at a desk like you and i do. they risk their lives to help others. that's number one. >> with right. megyn: and number two is they jack up their own wages and others in the private sector are force today compete, nonunionized companies are forced to compete to get the best talent. they raise the wage for all of us. >> raising the wages of public employees in this country would be absolutely ridiculous at this point whether we're talking about teachers or first responders, generally across the country. right now those folks in government work are making 22% more than their counterparts in the private sector. that doesn't include compensation with the most extraordinary health care benefits, with the most extraordinary pension benefits when most of the public sector -- the private sector, the private economy they have 401(k)s, not pension plans. and can't retire at the age of 50 or 55. many of them. if you listen to some,
10:20 am
suggesting that people start thinking about retiring at age 80 in the private sector. it's time for people to get real, to understand that new times are upon us and it is an era of responsibility for all of us. it's the reason that, for crying out loud, 37% of employees in the public sector working for government are unionized. only 7% in the private sector. and i assure you that you're going to see that number drop to the level of the private sector rather than rise to that of the public sector. megyn: we've been seeing it go down in many places, in particular wisconsin -- >> by necessity. megyn: good to see you, sir. a mysterious and potentially dangerous bomber on the loose leaving behind a flash light with a detonator wired to the switch. we'll have the desperate search for a suspect next. plus, robin roberts today announced she is battling something called mds. just ahead, details on her
10:21 am
struggle. the story behind this illness and the moving way in which she broke the news. >> as many of you know five years ago i beat breast cancer, and i've always been a fighter. and you, your love, your support, your prayers helped me win that fight, and that's something i ever never, ever forget.
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♪ i got a crush on obama. ♪ baby, you're the best candidate. ♪ i can't leave you alone, because i've got a crush on obama ♪ megyn: remember her? she rose to internet fame back
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in 2007 as the obama girl after professing her love for her favorite presidential candidate. this time around, however, the love may be gone. as hemmer would say, you can take the l out of lover, because it's over. amber lee says she will not endorse her one-time crush this time around. she has an opinion about president obama and governor romney, and she is keeping it secret. she's showing a little discretion! let's leave it at that right now. new details today on a bizarre string of bombings out in arizona. police say someone is turning ordinary, everyday flash lights into explosive devices. at least three have gone off so far. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: and police believe these bombs were made by the same person or group because they are all identical. there are explosives inside the
10:26 am
flashlight and a tiny battery triggers the blast once you click these things on. authorities do not believe these are connect today a terrorist group because the targets are all random, and there are no demands being made. the first explosion happened west of phoenix, a flashlight was sitting behind a palm tree at a strip mall. a passerby picked it up, clicked it on, it blew up. the next day 10 miles away, a landscaper picked up a flashlight in an irrigation ditch, it too exploded. the third happened at a salvation army center in down on the phoenix. the flashlight exploded while someone was kind of sorting through all the donations given to that salvation army. in the all, five people injured, some of the burns very significant. the big concern here is there may be more flashlights out there that either haven't been found or haven't been clicked to the on position. they're also worried that this bomber may, in fact, be trying to shift up and change the con
10:27 am
tapers that he's placing -- containers that he's placing these bombs in. the flashlights are being examined for fingerprints and dna, and they're trying to trace the explosives. they figure if they can find out where the explosives are found, it will lead back to the flashlight bomber. big concern though in the valley of the sun. megyn: unbelievable. trace, thank you. >> reporter: yep, okay. megyn: did the white house make a deal allowing you to pay higher prescription drug prices in exchange for support of obamacare from the critical pharmaceutical industry? we are looking at some new memos, you know, the deal between the white house and big pharma has been known since 2009, but today we have learned more about the details behind it and the price the american people may have paid. we'll update you. plus, president obama's supporters dismissing his comment that, quote, the private sector's doing fine as a gaffe. but now we're hearing suggestions that this could be an issue that stays with the
10:28 am
president right up until the fall run-up, i should say the fall re-election. we'll debate that next. and google and apple reportedly using military-grade cameras to take pictures of your property from the sky and then putting them on the internet. you think you might have privacy in your backyard while you're sunbathing? think again. i mean, it's getting to beyond the point even science fiction people predicted. when exactly did u.s. companies get the legal right to peer into your backyard without your consent? ♪ i've got my eyes on you. ♪ i've got my eye on you a party?
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as the number o small business lender f nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. megyn: we are following a developing story about a health scare for well known daytime abc anchor robin roberts. gma's co-host is now revealing that she has been diagnosed with mds, a rare blood disorder that effects the bone marrow. she is expected to undergo a bone marrow transplant soon with her older sister as the donor. roberts battled breast cancer back in 2007, and she says her previous cancer treatments were the likely cause of her current condition. she is hopeful, she says, saying to her viewers today, quote: my doctors tell me i'm going to beat this, and we will have much more on the announcement by ms. roberts a bit later in the
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show. we created 4.3 million jobs over the last two -- 27 months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector's doing fine. where we're seeing weakness is in our economy, it has to do with state and local government. megyn: that was the president on friday committing what his surrogates call a campaign gaffe. supporters dismissing the justifying comment as just poor wording, but some political analysts are now predicting this will be an issue for some time with fallout going well into the general election. here now to discuss that, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president bush, and dick harpootlian, south carolina democratic party chair. guys, welcome. there's a piece in the washington post that begins:
10:34 am
political gaffes matter. and he talks about how the romney campaign will make the most of this, and it will go well into the fall and that they will try to use this to give can can -- to give the american voters a window. they'll try to say this is a window into how president obama really thinks. it's not just a slip of the tongue, it's what he really thinks, the private sector's fine, we have to put all of our money and efforts into government workers. brad, what say you? >> i think this is lasting because, as you point out and as other people have said, this has a lasting impression of the president's performance on the economy. look, either he's incompetent, out of touch or both. he said it, he meant it, and he believes it, and i think it's fair to say that the reason why our economy is not doing as well as it should be doing is because of the policies of a president who doesn't believe the problem is with the private sector, that the public sector, government, has not created enough jobs for itself. it has to be sustained by the
10:35 am
taxpayer. so i think it's a great difference between what's coming in november between what the republicans believe will gin up the economy to what the democrats have done to worsen the economy. megyn: dick, obviously, the president wasn't happy with the way he worded his sentiment because he came out later that day and tried to sort of massage it, and then david axlerod went on the sunday shows and said, well, you know, this is kind of what he meant, you know, boost the public sector and then the private sector will do better, but the private sector's hurting as well. you know, does any of that cleanup matter, or is it just the sound bite that gets played over and over in romney ads and so on? >> well, i mean, i think the sound bite's important, and it'll get played over and over in the ads, but again, in the november you've got to make a choice. and here's mitt romney who signed a bill banning assault weapons in massachusetts, was for the public mandate before barack obama ever talked about it, a guy who was for civil unions -- megyn: i get your point, but i want to stay on point on whether you think this gaffe comes back
10:36 am
to haunt. >> no, no, this is on point. in other words, you're going to have two competing campaigns. they're going to say, oh, barack obama said x, but i think barack obama's campaign is going to be pointing out that this is a guy that will say anything. and he says one thing one year and something else the next year. so that's what you going to see in november -- megyn: so if you want to focus on the semantics of it, arguments about the semantics on both sides suggesting -- >> well, arguments about semantics, they may have arguments about that, but mitt romney did sign a bill banning assault weapons -- >> that has nothing to do with -- megyn: let me ask you, brad, because we've seen in the prior elections how a single comment can really turn a man's political fortunes, and we cued up just two examples. listen. >> the only time government employment has gone down during a recession has been under me. so i -- >> our economy, i think still the fundamentals are, of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult time.
10:37 am
>> i actually did vote for the $87 billion before i voted against it. megyn: i don't know what that obama thing was there. i was trying to show the mccain/kerry thing. kerry, i voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it, the fundamentals of our economy are strong, over and over and over and over. and did it ding, you know, sort of the armor around those men? >> it did. and kerry's probably was the most devastating because it reinforced the flip-flopper connotation that republicans wanted to pin on him because it was proof positive of a major flip-flop that he couldn't escape because his words were there for everybody to hear and understand. this is the same problem obama faces himself with. it's his words, it's not something taken out of context or a longer speech. this is one sentence that defines obama as president and as a candidate for re-election. the man is either incompetent, out of touch or both, and i think the american people
10:38 am
finally see that this president's allegiance is to government over the people. megyn: you know, dick, is it a question of -- i mean, everybody's going to make a gaffe, right? they're all going to say things they wish they could have back. >> sure. megyn: and president obama is not the only one to do it. mitt romney has had a few buttes of his own. here's just an example. >> by the way, i'm in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix it. i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. tell you what, $10,000? [laughter] $10,000 bet? megyn: so does any of it really matter at the end? >> i don't think so. in the south his comment about cheesy grits probably resonated more, will resonate more than the rest of that indicating he doesn't know what cheese grits are. that's a big problem in the south. [laughter] so i think all these, you know, today we're playing gotcha. this is june. come september people begin focusing on who these two guys
10:39 am
are, what they've done -- obama, 4.3 million jobs up, what romney did as governor, lost jobs, went from 36th to 48th in job creation in massachusetts. both of them have a record, and that's what the people need to compare. one of them signed an assault weapon ban bill, romney, obama hasn't. they're going to compare these things, not the chatter and not what the commentators think are important. megyn: brad, the mccain comment -- i don't remember the kerry comment, but the mccain comment was made close to the elections, and the fundamentals of the economy were not looking so fine when he made that comment. does dick have a point that president obama, he made the gaffe in june, can that really have legs all the way through to november? >> yes, it can because it's going to reinforce his record that he's going to have to stand with in november. in june right now, the president -- over 70% of americans regardless of party affiliation believe not only the country's headed down the wrong path, but their futures are not better today than they were four years ago.
10:40 am
that's going to stick with this president, it's going to reinforce the message of republicans, and the president's going to rue the day that he said the private sector's doing great. megyn: guys, thank you both so much. >> thank you. megyn: opening statements today in a horrific sexual assault trial against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the stories that the prosecution had to tell are disturbing and compelling, but prosecutors may need more than that to make this case. we're live at the courthouse straight ahead. and a school bans kindergarten students from singing "god bless the usa" at their kindergarten graduation ceremony. but the children are allowed to belt out some justin bieber, in the particular the song "baby, baby." that's appropriate, but god bless the united states, no. we'll show you the reason why. and there are new reasons today that two of america's biggest and most powerful tech companies are peeking over your back fence. get out! get out. they're taking pictures from the sky with military-grade
10:41 am
equipment and apparently this is all completely legal. you just try objecting, see where that gets you. up next, is your private property really private anymore? and what is now going to be done with your information? ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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♪ [muc plays]
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♪ [music plays] megyn: well, they are trying to clean things up in the town of middle borrow, massachusetts. the city is considering a $20 penalty for swearing in front of other people. residents will vote tonight at the annual town meeting. some say youngsters in the community -- youngsters -- [laughter] are much too free with the f-word. who wrote this script, nana? [laughter] the police chief wants to fine anyone who, quote, accosts another person with profanity.
10:45 am
[laughter] well, we are being cautioned today to watch out for the eyes in the sky. but this time it is not big brother, private companies, giants -- google and apple -- coming under fire from privacy advocates for deploying a fleet of spy planes across this country. apple's planes are reportedly using technologies developed by defense companies to guide missile strikes. they have military-grade cameras, multiple military-grade cameras to photograph terrain and make a three-dimensional picture. why is this necessary? so their maps can be super snazzy. the planes fly at a height of a little more than a quarter of a mile up meaning homeowners likely have no idea when they are being photographed. it is apple, it is google, and it is happening without our knowledge or consent. is that legal? joining me now, seth, a first amendment attorney and carrie
10:46 am
hackett, a criminal defense attorney. panel, thank you both so much for being here. it is one thing to say you walk down a public sidewalk, it's a public sidewalk, and your going to get, you know, you might get photographed, there's nothing you can do about it. in my backyard now, and there's nothing i can do about it? let me start with you, carrie, is that true? it's totally legal? >> well, i think the question is whether we have an expectation of privacy in our backyards. um, there have been companies for a long time now, zillow and on the iphone and on android phones you can see pictures of your own house. so i don't know whether we have an expectation of privacy there on the outside of our homes. megyn: well, apparently apple's military-grade cameras are so, so updated, so modern day that they can potentially see into homes through your skylights and your window cans. is that happening now on zillow, seth, and is there anything we can do about it? >> well, i'm not sure if it's happening on that application, but i think there's a lot you can do about it.
10:47 am
i believe there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. look, the law recognizes in a number of instances where you don't have to be a prisoner in your own home to be able to enjoy rights as holder of private property. you have concepts of trespass where someone can be on your property but not step in your house. the bottom line on all of this is that you do have a right of an expectation of privacy on or near your property. we didn't sign up for this, it's not like we signed up for google and we waive into their privacy policies. megyn: right. >> this was technology to find the terrorists, and now we're held hostage in our own home by technology of these private companies. i don't think that's right. megyn: it is literally that these technology that helped them find terrorists, helped them find where the bad guys are overseas x now it's being used by google and apple to find us because they need better maps. i mean, is that really sufficient justification, carrie? >> well, you know, i think that the question is whether this is of a limited duration and a limited frequency.
10:48 am
i think that we've gotten used to the idea, um, that, yes, yes, there is some surveillance of the outside of our homes. there are pictures taken constantly, bird's eye view of the outside of our homes, that's something that the reasonable person now is, you know, finds reasonable -- megyn: is there a distinction between front yard and backyard? >> well, you know, in a bird's eye picture you see the front and the backyard, and this is something that's gone on for quite some time. so, you know, in my mind, no, there's no distinction between a front yard and backyard and whether it is reasonable and whether, um, the average person on the street would find that it's a reasonable privacy interest. megyn: you know, seth, apparently on the google maps that already exist -- and they've taken fire for, you know, taking in people's private information with their web services and so on, but they try to blur out people's faces, but a couple of times they have failed to, and they showed one guy coming out of some sex shop and another guy getting sick outside. >> right. megyn: what's to stop the apple
10:49 am
apparatus or google ongoing from, whoops, we photographed some woman sunbathing in her backyard? >> well, that's right. there's nothing necessarily limited about having something on the internet and somebody being able to zoom in on it and hold it on your screen. it's one thing for somebody to be at a public store or have no expectation of privacy, but if you go out of your house and take money from your accountant or you're reading financial statements from your company and they're able to zoom in, the technology can zoom in within 3-4 inches, so you certainly have an expectation in your private mail on your property. the law is abundantly clear that you have the expectation of privacy. i'm all for free market enterprise, this is going way too far. megyn: it's one thing if i can see the photographer photographing me on my front lawn, it's another thing if i'm in this my backyard with my children minding my own business. obviously, your neighbors can see you, you can see them, but
10:50 am
to have a stranger half a mile above who you cannot see, who you do not know is photographing you and doing what he wants for financial gain at his company, do you see that as a distinction? do we have to get to the point now where we have blue tarps over our entire properties if we want to maintain our privacy? [laughter] >> well, megyn, it certainly is disconcerting. and, sure, some of us do have some expectation of privacy in our backyards. i think the real issue here, ultimately, is going to be damages. certainly there will be suits, um, for violation of privacy interests, and where is the damage? if you're reading your personal mail, i can see where damages would arise there, but -- megyn: damage in the american way of life. i've got to wrap it up. good debate, thank you both so much. >> okay. great seeing you. megyn: reactions to reports that
10:51 am
commerce secretary john bryson may have suffered a seizure this weekend. and by the way, taking your thoughts on that privacy debate right now, follow me on twitter @megynkelly. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so he's a success story... [ laughs ] he's my success story. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook.
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10:54 am
megyn: well, new developments today in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. opening statements in the trial of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky underway today. he is accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period, and now some critical letters have surfaced. david lee miller is live from pennsylvania. david lee? >> reporter: megyn, for the first time now since the scandal broke a witness is on the stand testifying in this trial. this witness is described as victim number four in the grand
10:55 am
jury report. earlier today during the opening statements by the prosecutor we heard how jerry sandusky allegedly engaged in this a sexual act with victim number four, then a teenage boy, in a hotel room while the two were observing a bowl game in that city. apparently, according to the prosecutor, this sexual act in a bathroom was interrupted when jerry sandusky's wife entered the hotel room. she apparently did not see the sexual act itself, but because she entered the hotel room, the sex act was then terminated. now, this same witness is expected to testify this afternoon that he received a multitude of gifts from jerry sandusky, such things as snowboards, skateboards and golf clubs, and it is possible this witness could testify about love letters that sandusky reportedly wrote him. meanwhile, the defense earlier in the day said ha it's very likely that the jurors are going
10:56 am
to hear from sandusky himself during this trial. the defense suggested that the victims here conspired together to file civil suits to make a buck, and lastly, megyn, if you take a look at the latest filings in this case, it shows they are laying the groundwork now for some type of personality disorder that sandusky's defense might suffer from histrionic personality disorder that would explain his unusual behavior. they say also he did nothing wrong. megyn: that is a layperson's recitation where you're hypersexual, inappropriately hypersexual. presumably, they'll use that to justify those inappropriate letters. david lee miller, thank you. wow, what a case. well, president obama now on the defensive after critics charge his administration orchestrated leaks of classified intelligence information, a claim the president strongly denies. coming up, we'll speak with ambassador john bolton who has sat in on many high-level
10:57 am
meetings in the oval office. we'll ask him who could have had the ability to leak that information. and robin roberts revealing she's been diagnosed with mds. we'll look at this disease andrr hear part of her emotional announcement next. low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine
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11:00 am
megyn: new questions about a cabinet secretary who may face hit-and-run charges after a string of accidents on a street in los angeles. the commerce secretary has been cited by police after witnesses say he crashed into one vehicle twice before leading the men in that car on a bit of a pursuit. it ended as bryson struck yet another vehicle. and police found him in his own car unconscious. he joined president obama's cabinet last fall.
11:01 am
police say they do not believe chog or drugs were a -- do thought believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. but they still hit the secretary with felony charges. the commerce department is saying he suffered a seizure. here is reaction from the white house press secretary moments ago. >> i'm concerned about the incident, concerned about the health-related issues that played a role in this incident and we are gathering information about it. >> can you give us a sense of what happened? >> i would refer you to the commerce department for details. he had been reported to be in a couple traffic incident. he suffered a seizure, was lastized. doug? >> reporter: while the
11:02 am
secretary insists he had a seizure, they did not say what kind of seizure or whether he has had seizures in the past or whether he has restrictions on his driver's license or whether he makes meditation for seizures. he was taken to the hospital for examination and remained for observation. he has return toad washington. the investigation is ongoing. while police officers at the scene cited the secretary for felony hit-and-run, it will be turned over to the l.a. district attorney's office for possible formal charges. a witness says he seemed confused. i guess we better pull over and exchange information. he apparently rear-ended the car
11:03 am
that stopped ought a train crossing and struck the car a second time. the driver of that car called 911. as police rolled up to the scene they found bryson unconscious behind the wheel. no one was seriously injured. he was given medication for his seizures and that's all we know at this point. megyn: secretary bryson has only been with the obama administration for a short time. he was sworn in last october. the stanford and yale law grad has three decades of business experience. he was chairman and ceo of edison international, the parent company of southern california edison, the utility company and he chaired the golden state's water resources control board.
11:04 am
alabama police arresting a person of interest in a shooting thatless three people dead near auburn university. among the victims two former members of the powerhouse football team. three on thers were injured. 18-year-old jeremy thomas tang into custody. police are still searching for the suspected gunman, a plan who has faced gun charges in the past. new developments in the controversy over the healthcare overhaul as memos surface detailing some of the negotiations that went on leading up to that law's passage between the white house and the pharmaceutical industry, the drug companies. the emails raise concerns that the obama administration may have cut some sort of deal -- we knew they cut a deal. where the white house agreed to
11:05 am
drop support for a plan that would have potentially houred our prescription drug costs. in exchange they got the drug industry to support ball care. stu varney is the host of the varney and company. we knew there was a deal that came out in 2009. but now we are learning the details of it. according to these reports the president agreed to what? >> this goes back to the material june of 2009 when the healthcare reform law was being written. emails surfaced from house republicans that suggest a deal was done. specifically those emails suggest that the drug industry called up or emailed nancy nepal, the chief healthcare adviser at that time and wanted to know about the importation of cheap drugs. this was something the drug industry did not want.
11:06 am
she sponded by saying the administration made the decision based on how constructive you guys have been to the importation of cheap drugs. this amounts to a deal. you get obama-care, we'll support it, in return don't allow the importation of cheap drugs which undercut our prices. this would have been a deal and it was a deal apparently that essentially kept consumer costs high but allowed obama-care to go through. what happened to the transparency to which obama-care was supposed to be negotiated. this was a back room deal kept quiet until these emails surfaced. megyn: the president has been accused of being hypocritical. when he ran for office he railed against big pharma.
11:07 am
some would say he even demonized them. here is one example from the '08 campaign. >> the pharmaceutical industry wrote into it prescription care drug plan that medicare could not negotiate with the drug companies. the chairman of the committee went to work for the pharmaceutical companies making 2 million a year. i want to put an end to the game plan. megyn: did he put an end to the game or did he join right in? >> his administration participated in the game. going back to the beginning. get the price of healthcare down. get costs under control. lower those costs. if this deal -- this deal that is suggested in these emails
11:08 am
suggests the exact 07s took place. that higher prices were guaranteed to placate the drug industry so they would get obama-care through. megyn: all of this as we sit and wait for a ruling from the yiewtle supreme court on the constitutionality of the individual mandate which is the opportunitying mechanism behind that law. stu varney, thank you, sir. next time we expect a ruling from the supreme court is monday. th they can come out with decisions even earlier than that if they like to. monday would be the last time pea expect decisions from that. we should know in a couple of weeks. president obama is on the defensive after cite six charge his administration orchestrated leaks of classified intelligence information. we are going to ask john bolton
11:09 am
how many people would be in on these high-level meetings and in a position to leak and who would they be. plus a closer look at the rare disorder "good morning america's" host robin roberts has. the congress scheduling a vote on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. >> did you not ever go back to your office and say when you found out about fast and furious, i demand to know who authorized this are things so fast and loose in your office that somebody can authorize the of american guns that are -- r c.
11:10 am
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11:13 am
megyn: lawmakers from both sides of the aisle call for an independent investigation, the white house press secretary jay carney was challenged on this issue just moments ago. >> this administration takes very seriously the need to protect classified and sensitive information and need to do so for our national security interests. and other operations jungds taken by our forces and government. i can point you to the authors of some of the materials that have led to this discussion and what they said about the fact that they were not directed to or provided information by the white house in record to this. that there work was the product
11:14 am
of wrong investigation and reporting elsewhere. this president -- i just would point you to his comments about this views on this matter. megyn: our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more. >> reporter: two attorneys are leading separate investigation. the fbi will report directly to them. in a statement justice department said they are fully authorized to prosecute criminal violations and follow appropriate investigative leads within the executive bran and legislative branch of government. >> some of the leaks, the public leaks are self-described aides or people in the situation room. that's a small but important group of people. my question to the attorney general is good start, maybe. but we need to find out if they
11:15 am
will have that independence. >> reporter: the president's top campaign adviser defended the commander-in-chief. >> the authors said the white house was not the source of the information. there were obviously leaks but they weren't from the white house. >> reporter: republican peter king said the president should have con deputied the leaks much sooner. >> the day that first story hit the "new york times" and the sectory appeared when he said people in the situation room. people in the white house, people from the oval office were recounting these personal conversations. too what sources have said to me is what has been lost here is what the leaks have cost us. they say the leaks have undercut or ability to gather intelligence and more
11:16 am
specifically it opened up to the real possibility of retaliation given the leaks that specifically leak the united states to the computer virus that amounted to the demolition of that one nuclear facility. megyn: who would be on the short list? we'll bring you someone who has been into many high-level white house meetings. that is john bolton, a former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. now you have it. the president saying it wasn't the white house, and his critics suggesting it likely was. i want to just tee up -- listen to how the president phrased the denial friday and listen to pete king and his accusations. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release
11:17 am
classified national security information is offencive. >> this is the most shameful cascade of leaks i have ever heard or seen in government. the stories came right from the white house to the national security council and situation room. it has to lead to people very high up in the administration in his white house. megyn: there you hear the distinction. the president says not my white house. axlerod saying not my white house sanjay carney -- listen to him correct himself. play it. >> this administration -- this white house -- megyn: are they drawing a distinction that the leak didn't come from the white house about it may have come from the administration? >> that minneapolis part what they are trying to do. that's in part what they are trying to do.
11:18 am
the president can declassify anything he wants. if he says let's get this story out, implicitly he give declassification authority. so nobody actually leaked anything that was classified. i suppose you can declassify it after the fact, too. these stories paint a picture of a white house and a president so superior to mere mortal man, these leaks didn't occur accidentally. this was a concerted campaign. there is little doubt in my mind about that. megyn: when you were talking about the president having a secret kill list, when you are talking about the united states and the virus used against iran, ambassador, who are the potential leakers? >> it's a fairly limited number of people who are actually in the room with the president.
11:19 am
there are more people who know. but the real, i think, giveaway here is the tone of the story. take the story about the drone. you have a president who operates and shows his tactical genius by picking the individual targets the drones are going to whack. even years of investigative reporting by the "new york times" aren't going to uncover that. this is something aides to the president, whether they are white house employees or employees of other government agencies are putting out at the behest of the administration. megyn: the new york times described in that article about the secret kill list, they described their source at 13 currents or former administration officials. does it matter to the american
11:20 am
people whether the particular original leak came from the white house or came from the administration that this white house has put in place? >> it doesn't make any difference at all. the term administration source is an important term of art for reporters. it's just somebody in the administration. it makes it harder to track down in the case of a real serious leak. it provides the leaker cover. to me, though, there is a pattern of revealing the enormous successes of the administration. have there been stories leaking classified information of administration failures? no. to me that's the magnitude of the narrative that's being developed that shows this is concerted.
11:21 am
megyn: the narrative may help the president politically. is there any question it might be helping the cia? this other stuff. who else benefits is what you ask when you ask who is leaking. i think if there were a pattern of one agency benefiting more than others you would hear the president come down on them because that would be leak out of his control, social would be more concerned about. that's not what you hear. it's not the president saying these leaks don't occur or they are serious. it's offencive that his white house is being accused of it? that has the park of the gentleman protesting too much. megyn: a network morning anchor makes an announcement about her
11:22 am
health. her disease is called nds. in moments we'll have her emotional announcement and explain her prognosis. [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster, but not for long! your very own four course seafood feast for jt $14.99. start your feast with a soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. next, enjoy a salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then get your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp
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11:25 am
>> sometimes treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues, and that's what i'm facing right now. it's something that is called mds. my low plastic syndrome. it is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. megyn: that is robin roberts make an announcement about a
11:26 am
health challenge and battle she faces now. trace gallagher has more from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: when she says she is a fighter she means it. she got there is diagnosis right before she interviewed president obama. that's the interview where he made big news coming out in favor of gay marriage. she contracted this disease while she was undergoing or because of treatment for breast cancer. that was five years ago. >> the reason i am sharing this with everybody now is because later today i begin what is known as pretreatment. it's a pick line in my arm. i didn't want you to be concerned if you saw a bandage tomorrow. it's going to be there to draw blood that has to be monitored regularly and admin ever drugs for a period of time.
11:27 am
>> reporter: she says she is very blessed one because of her fan support and two because her sister is a perfect bone marrow match and has agreed to donate. robin roberts is 51 years old and that will help her dug this fight. >> this is an i i -- this is and illness that while we can't cure it it can be managed effectively. >> reporter: while she is undergoing chemotherapy treatment she says she'll continue to taken core "good morning america." in the first time in 16 years "good morning america" beat the "today show" was the day she got this diagnosis. she is a very strong woman.
11:28 am
megyn: she is an example of grace and dignity on television. justin bieber's "baby baby" is okay for a kindergarten graduation, but not "god bless the u.s.a.." a school principal put the kibosh on lee greenwood's song. congress holding an attorney general in contempt. the political risks from a high stakes showdown with attorney general eric holder. that's next. >> i can't imagine our leadership not being willing to go forward. if that were to happen to apply the same standard to the attorney general we need new leadership. e people are bundling their home and auto insurance with progressive. sure seems and why that way. wouldn't you? you can save on both your home and auto policies.
11:29 am
yep. we talked about this. [meow!] [meow!] bundling and saving. now, that's progressive.
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11:32 am
meg around new fallout over the "operation fast & furious" that could take a turn rarely seen in washington. the house oversight committee setting a vote next week on whether to hold the attorney general of the united states in contempt of congress. republican lawmakers saying eric shoulder has failed to respond to a subpoena demanding more d.o.j. records on this botched gun running sting that resulted in the death of at least one border patrol agent. what are the potential political
11:33 am
risks and the blow back? joining me now, mark hannah, former aide to john kerry and barack obama's campaigns. and a former aide to george w. bush. the republicans are moving forward. they tried sort of not to move forward because they modified their demands to eric older and you could read the tea leaves, yeter in going forward. you have got the committee saying they want to vote and you have got john boehner saying enough is sufficient. will they do it and what do you see as the political risk? >> i think eric holder and the obama administration has given darrell issa no choice. the fact that the white house is stonewalling all these documents is rather unpress don't. he has no choice but to make
11:34 am
them comply with the will of congress and you have to remember that there are separate branches of government. i don't think eric holder needs to get this behind him. this is a loser for him. we have a dead agent as a result of the policy. last thing she they should do is make this a fiasco that they are not organized on their paperwork. megyn: the republicans may think this is a distraction from other issues like the economy, but does eric holder and barack obama want in the news every day? >> absolutely not. darrell issa has got a busy hearing schedule in the upcoming months. look, any time there is some sort of insinuation that there are political motives going on
11:35 am
in the justice department, it strikes me at so five years ago. his predecessor being on the hot seat for these u.s. attorney general firings. i don't think this is by any stretch a conversation the white house wants to have, but if it proceeds, i think they are going to be active participants in it and they have nothing to hide. megyn: the position chairman is a -- chairman issa is in, he says they demanded 100,000 documents from the d.o.j. and they have gotten 7,000. they are going to make congressional subpoena power into a farce. >> we need those answers for the
11:36 am
terry family, and when you have an attorney general who says he won't give you anything more while he admits there are 100,000 document you haven't seen, you have to take some next step. i think the speaker approved a measures next step. megyn: your thoughts? >> my thinking is this is an administration leaking like a a sieve. i think -- i served as a staffer in the house and the white house and a lot of times the administrations have the belief that what they do is not subject to oversight on the hill and quite frankly it is. what there is a * is doing is -- what about issa is doing is appropriate. will they share this information
11:37 am
with the family of this dead agent and the american we'll? megyn: megyn: this spokesman calls issa maneuver unfortunate and unwarranted. she says he has flung inaccurate accusations at the attorney general and other and this latest move fits within that political playbook. is this the type of thing where independents or democrats will be moved by it if issa and the republicans in the house move forward with contempt of congress charge? >> there are a lot of accusations being hurled about. but when you look at congress and its sort of the short longevity of a congressperson. the politics surrounding this investigation are extremely
11:38 am
intense. why aren't we investigating why congress won't pats president's jobs bill. let's get a sense of perspective here and sense of -- >> don't minimize the fact that you have a dead agenten people deserve answers to this. they are on the defense on this and they should be. they ought to answer the question, get it behind them. then they can talk about the economy. the republicans in the house and senate would like to talk about the economy as well. megyn: eric shoulder said i'm one who put an toned the batched gun running sting. i didn't know about it, my top people didn't know about it. and i stopped it. if that is true. why wouldn't attorney general eric holder just say take everything i have, look at all of it. i'll show you the documentation. it will show you what i told you. >> because he's the attorney general of the united states an
11:39 am
has a lot of documentation that doesn't belong in the public domain. the buck stops in this case with the attorney general and what's public and isn't public isn't for congress with their intense political motivations to decide, the think the knew dish airy has been prudent and has a track record of that. i think this is a side show. if mitt romney wants to talk about the economy. i think it's unfortunate and tragic about this particular police officer. but i think there are bigger issues to grapple with here. megyn: the attorney general says, i could do way just suggested. make it all available. but what i am doing is following past precedent when it comes to what an attorney general will die you will have tomorrow a congressional investigation committee. there is precedent on that. do the republic cans want to change precedent to make it open
11:40 am
floodgates in terms of what any house committee can get from the southern general of the united states? >> i don't think he should change the rules. why hasn't eric holder claimed privilege? if he claims reasonable privilege over these documents then he doesn't need to release them. but he hasn't claimed the privilege. so that makes this look political. if they believe they have the right not to divulge this information. i suggest he sit down with his lawyers and get about making the case for his. megyn: he doesn't appear to think it's privilege as much as resident and relevant responsiveness. next wednesday is the motor. just to clarify. that's the committee vote. sit would have to go to a vote on the floor. up next the prosecution of george zimmerman in the trayvon
11:41 am
martin case may soon spark a civil lawsuit as the florida state attorney is threatening to go after famed defense attorney allen dershowitz over his criticism. >> you are saying if anybody should be criminally charged in this case it is the prosecutors. why? the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people.
11:42 am
[ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at
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11:44 am
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. angela corey is not happy with certain critics who have blasted her handling of george zimmerman's prosecution. one of those critics i pared on "america live" twice. allen dershowitz, the famed criminal defense lawyer and harvard law professor says miss cory called up harvard slaw school and threatened to sue the
11:45 am
university and mr. dershowitz during what he described as a 40-minute rant dershowitz made about this case, comments like this. you are saying if anybody should be criminally charged, it is the prosecutors, why? >> first of all, anybody who is involved in a shooting should be investigated and perhaps there should be charged against zimmerman. so let's put that aside. but this affidavit submitted by the prosecutor in the florida case is a crime. it's a crime. if she in fact knew about abc news' pictures of the bloody head of zimmerman and failed to include that in the affidavit this this affidavit is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. megyn: can the special prosecutor sue allen dershowitz and harvard law school for liable and slander? or is this a case of sour
11:46 am
grapes. mark eiglarsh and arthur aidala, welcome to you. first of all. with all due respect to miss cory, a little thin skinned? >> this is ridiculous. just so everyone is on the up and up here. i know professor dershowitz. i worked on cases with him. i would love her to sue him because he would have a field day with it. it's bad enough for her to criticize him criticizing her. but to call the dean's office and start complaining about him? it's ridiculous and what he said and the way he said it on your show, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth strikes to the heart of the matter. he's upset that she never put in that affidavit there was evidence of injury that could be equated to self-defense type injuries. megyn: to get the charges
11:47 am
brought in the first place she filed an affidavit of probable cause it was signed by her investigator and he believes it was full of half-truths. it didn't tell the whole story and it didn't include exculpatory evidence for mr. zimmerman, but it had a disclaimer at the bottom saying more is going to come. is that good enough? >> i think it is. i don't know dershowitz personally like arthur does. he's a wonderful professor and arthur as well. however, many of the things he says in this case are accurate. i think second degree is not the appropriate charge. we are seeking justice portray von. you are seek justice for everyone. but i do think he steps over the line when he said that it's a crime bap they did in that affidavit. they do have to provide all the
11:48 am
exculpatory evidence through the discovery process. but in the affidavit the sole purpose is to lay out the element that establish probable cause. that's it. megyn: he does believe -- listen to a little bit more, allen dershowitz. >> right from the beginning the prosecution knew zimmerman had bruises in the back of his head, they knew he had a broken nose. they knew the forensics, they just submitted false affidavits fan generated the media frenzy. the finger of responsibility points clearly at the prosecutor. she raised ex takes by polite d she raised expectations by politically indicting zimmerman. megyn: she says it was political gamesmanship. >> i'm heading in to -- i'm
11:49 am
hesitant to say dershowitz is right because i could be sued next. cite sizes, technically criticizing the way she went forward on this. megyn: that's his opinion. >> there is no liable, no slander -- there is know libel, there is no slander. harvard is back him up. megyn: opinion is protected. he is allowed to give his opinion that she committed a crime in his view. and that could be a colloquial expression, a crime. what she has done is call up harvard and threaten to sue harvard law school. try to get allen dershowitz disciplined by the bar association and threatened to file charges against dershowitz or libel and slander.
11:50 am
>> more details should have been included in that probable cause affidavit. what he is saying is she committed perjury. he says she only gave a portion of the evidence that's a half-truth, a half-truth is not a full truth so it's a lie. and if you lie, it's perjury. >> if you speak to allen dershowitz he gives a case law that says a partial truth is a lie. he's not doing this off the top of his head. megyn: you are not messing with just anybody. >> it's his testimony this law that says law enforcement officers and prosecutors must include every favorable detail in an arrest affidavit? >> there is a reasonableness. something like that that's
11:51 am
self-defense evidence has to be presented to the judge. it has to be in there. megyn: good debate. one new york city school deciding patriotism has no place in the school room. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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11:54 am
megyn: this tough economy is forcing a lot of towns to reinvent themselves. case in point, potlatch, idaho was once known for its timber. dan springer live in seattle. >> reporter: officials in potlatch, idaho say guns are a perfect match.
11:55 am
they lost 50% of their population when the mill shut down. during hunting season you will see a rifle in every gun rack. potlatch rolled out the red carpet. they can test their ammunition right there on the property without getting complaints with neighbors and these are flair high-tech jobs. the company developed a bullet for the military that does not slow down when it hits water. >> we have a regulatory environment favorable to our business. we are able to bring on staff who are familiar with our type work and the supply chain is closer. >> reporter: there are 58 companies that make guns or ammunition based in idaho and that's not by accident. the state legislature passed a couple laws that protect weapons makers from lawsuits if their
11:56 am
weapons are abused. >> the guns are going to be built someplace, the ammunition will be built someplace, why not here? it's controlled. we are not having a lot of killings around here. >> reporter: 60s other gun -- six other gun companies have expressed interest in moving to potlatch. they want to set up where the mill used to be.
11:57 am
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>>megyn: justin bieber's hit song is okay for kindergarten graduation but "got bless the usa," not so much. parents upset at a new york city school an it was banned with the principal saying it is not "age appropriate," and did not want to offend other countries. here is the boy who wanted to sing the song.


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