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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 11, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling, along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the obama re-election campaign is imploding right in front of our eyes, all because of this short comment. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> eric: sure. everyone deserves a break once in a while. you know, a gaffe. but that short thought exposes the real president obama. the president who is blind to plight of average americans, a man who thinks detroit being days away from bankruptcy is doing fine. a man who thinks 100% increase in food stamps is doing fine.
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man who thinks attending 154 fundraisers while america struggles to put food on the table is doing fine. charlie sheen, tiger woods, mel gibson experienceed epic falls from grace when their ominous undercarriages were exposed. obama exposed his ominous undercarriage with those two words. "doing fine." >> greg: ominous undercarriage? >> eric: do you like that? >> greg: sounds like a heavy metal band. >> eric: he exposed something. >> greg: he exposed his ominous undercarriage. >> dana: what do you know we don't know? >> bob: you made the point that he said the public sector was doing well. then you did three -- detroit. not the public sector. food stamps, which is not the public sector and fundraising which is not the public sector. last month, mitt romney did 33 fundraisers and barack obama 11. >> eric: barack obama says the private sector is fine.
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>> kimberly: bolling, bolling -- >> eric: let's talk about that. when he says the private sector is doing fine, everyone said it's a gaffe. look what happened. did he not expose something, did he not tell the world what he is really thinking? >> dana: that is the thing on friday. as soon as he said that, about 10:35 in the morning. everyone knew what the headline was coming out of the day for political use in the 24-hour period. it lasted through the sunday shows. then we get to this morning and you start to have more of a look at what did he mean by that? one of the things he was arguing is government plays a role in the economy, that state and local workers are an important part we should make sure that we keep those roles up. and that we continue to help them. that is out, it's not that people are against anyone who works in a public sector personally. it's that the differences between the private sector and the public sector when it comes to effect of the recession have been severe.
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when he says that the private sector is doing fine and trying to help the public sector, any measure is doing better than private sector, you got a twist -- what is this? twist around the apple? >> greg: axelrod claims that the comment was taken out of context. which where is this mythical context? where all of obama's phrases make sense? can we all move to this mythical land of context where we can understand him -- >> eric: stay on that a second. axelrod over the weekend, axelrod over the weekend said the phrase, the comment taken out of context. but that is something that obama already walked back the comment. >> greg: clarification of the clarification. the animosity toward the private sec store palpable. to obama in the weird way, private sector is like an uncool parent who has to fund your failures. has to go back to defend on them to depend on the public
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failing. >> kimberly: i think having axelrod go out, who isn't the most likable or articulate individual to defend you. guess what? no one else is left standing. clinton, corey booker. buler? buler? nobody left. axelrod goes out and he doesn't do a good job of it. they are alienating facts. >> bob: if we could make a point of relationship to the public at large. the sunday talk shows are -- nobody watches them outside of boston. >> kimberly: we watch them. >> bob: in new york. people in the average america doesn't follow those things. having said that, dana said the public sector is doing better than the private secto sector. in the last 27 months 4.5 million jobs created in the private sector. public sector lost half a million. >> dana: let me read you something. for every net lost government job since employed peaked in january 2008, the u.s. economy lost more than 11 private sector jobs1.
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to 11 is not a good rate. >> eric: before you jump in. pull up a full screen. see who is doing better. doing fine in actuality. the public sector or the private sector. federal employee wages. this is from the bureau of labor statistics. $37,000 a year -- $73,000. if you go private sector, it's $47,000. wages among federal workers 4.2%. private employees we don't have the actual number but it has to be above 8.2% because 4.2% of public sectors workers are in that number. >> bob: but you are not counting the half a million people who lost jobs at state, local government. that is a federal job. >> dana: after stimulus, there was son of stimulus, the bridge to help the state and local government. that money has run out. what president obama didn't, i don't think said clearly enough he believes we need to have more stimulus money to go to the state and federal government. i wish they would be explicit
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about it and lay out a plan why it makes sense. >> bob: they have it sitting on capitol hill. republicans refuse to do something about it. >> dana: senator harry reid schedules floor debates and votes and he hasn't called it up for a reason. they can't pass it. they have the majority. >> bob: whether you agree or disagree, at least in the house they won't vote on it in the house. why not bring it up? if you are going to beat it, you have a backward looking no house that is going to vote against anything that obama says anyway. defeat it. >> eric: stay on topic. president obama, off teleprompter makes a comment like that. walks it back and they spend three days trying to damage control. didn't he eck pose his ugly aroundcarriage -- expose his ugly undercarriage? >> bob: exposed lack of discipline. there is too much time on tv for him. corporate america has record profits and they are not hiring people.
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>> dana: the difference -- >> bob: corporate, mostly republican and they don't want to hire people until republican is in office. >> dana: if they spent more time on main street than rodeo drive they would see most of the main streets are empty. there are not businesses, you can't get capital because you don't have the certainty of what the tax rates will be. you worry about hiring people. you are not sure what the healthcare will be. if they could get more certainty to put in the economy, i think things could get better. >> bob: >> hang in there. speaking of mitt romney. this threw me for a loop. this was blowing up on friday. it actually thought it was going to be president obama's waterloo moment. thereon what mitt romney said friday afternoon. >> he wants another stimulus, he wants to hire more government workers. he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. did he not get the message in wisconsin? the american people did. time to cut back on government and help the american people.
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>> eric: i'll get to you in a second. i know you want to jump on this. sometimes -- >> dana: sometimes you don't need to say anything at all. let it go. let president obama's words speak for themselves. what romney there did is give them an opening to create an ad against them saying he doesn't care about the most important public workers that we have, teachers, firefighters and police officers. i don't think it's necessarily true. but again, context is mythical place. >> bob: give it context. the reason he has a war on public employees and teachers and firemen and policemen, when he was governor of massachusetts, he cut jobs in all three of those sectors. he even vetoed a bill for million dollars for safety equipment for firefighters. is a guy in touch and understands main street as opposed to cities around america -- >> dana: i'm sure there is no contact that goes with that. >> bob: i have the facts. get me the context. >> dana: i didn't look at romney's record and i don't know about the firefighter
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thing. i'm sure in 20 minutes i could have got an answer if i had known anything about it. the context probably exists. it's unfair to do it to obama or any candidate running to bring something up and say they cut firefighters. was there excess or money problem or budget problem? look at it. >> eric: what goes on in the romney camp when he hears president obama hey, the private sector is doing fine. this is going to blow up. what do they do? go out and show everyone we agree. >> dana: they want to maximize it. >> kimberly: they want to play their card. okay? that is the problem. they should have probably let it breathe, right? it handled itself on its own. he also doesn't want to be criticized for not taking the opportunity to take a chance at-bat and hitting it out. he will be criticized you're another john mccain. >> bob: the first person to criticize him is scott walker the governor of wisconsin who said mitt romney doesn't get the message here very well. >> dana: because his thing was they were able to reduce the deficit and they didn't --
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they were able to do that in a way dealing with the collective bargaining to actually not lay off teachers and excluded firefighters. >> bob: are you saying this didn't step in this? another alum rockesque moment >> dana: i'm saying -- i'm giving context. what i get paid to do. >> greg: another thing about romney and president obama they are creating jobs for cable talk show host who sit around to try to figure out what obama said and what romney should have said. god bless both of them. we would haven't a show right now if it wasn't for mitt or obama. >> eric: you are showing your ominous undercarriage. >> greg: it is ominous. i have to go to a doctor. >> bob: i bet it's ugly, too. >> eric: did you believe president obama when he said there is no way that the national security leaks came from his white house? we have new information to help you decide. kimberly takes the case next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama and his campaign advisor david axelrod swear that all of these national security leaks we've been hearing about didn't come from the white house. by the way, the story just happen to make the president look amazing and strong on defense. so here is what the president said friday. and axelrod said yesterday. >> the notion that my white house would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive. >> i think the authors of all of this work have said the white house is not the source of this information. i can't say that there weren't leaks, there were obviously leaks but they weren't from the white house. >> kimberly: congressman peter king, the chairman of the house homeland security committee disagrees. here is what he told america's news headquarters.
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>> they have quotes coming from the president so it has to be someone in president's own circle. people in the situation room in the white house. you have can't get in there. you have to have the top security clearance to be there in the white house. within the white house. only a small number of people are allowed in. no one is going to be talking there what is going on in the white house unless it's approved from the top, the president himself or people close to the president. it's his inner circle. he has to know who they are. >> kimberly: attorney general eric holder says he is investigating. what is your read on this? >> dana: when i was press secretary, i learned if someone comes to complain to you about a leak in a story on the front page of the "new york times" or "wall street journal" or wherever it may, the first place to look is the leaker. from experience, it bears out. the first person to complain is the first person that leaks. >> greg: it's true. it's also the roommate that claims there has been a break-in your apartment,
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expensive stuff is stolen. it's always him. he went to the pawnshop to sell it. >> dana: oh, my gosh! >> greg: they are always the first people. so true. >> bob: i am going to give back your stuff. >> kimberly: happened at a bachelorette party, too. one girl was like oh, i'm missing money, too. she didn't have money to begin with. you have can't be missing it. >> bob: i would like to do a sound bite here. this is based on the most part on the "new york times." who did a remarkable job. as he said, i reported this from the ground up. most of this was done for a book he did. if we listen to what he said when the allegation about the white house and this being a political leak. let's see what he had to say. >> this story abiran including what obama said in a tense situation room meeting seems like information the administration wanted out. >> i have my doubts about that. first, this was 18 months of reporting. long before the political feud started. reporters need to have a channel to go when they get
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ready to write the story, built from the bottom up. this took 18 months. >> bob: that is -- what he made, the guy that wrote the story, 18 months in the making. he did not do it for political reasons. he is the author of the article. that is enough said. >> eric: a couple of points quickly. eric holder on friday released federal prosecutors. they were for holder, works for president obama. >> bob: what does that mean? >> eric: they could have used outside prosecutor. >> dana: one was appointed by bush and one by obama. >> eric: this is based on who stories leaked. one the secret kill list. with know about that. david sanger, very important that david sanger on the first page of this piece says he quotes president obama direc directly. should we shut this thing down, quote. mr. obama asked. listen to this part. according to members of the president's national security team who were in the room.
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either sanger is a terrible reporter, or he spoke to someone in that room, so that means it came from president obama. >> bob: took 18 months to write a story. >> eric: bob, he quoted the president. >> bob: it's not hard to quote the president out of a meeting. >> greg: can i make a number of very, very points. howard kurtz reminds me of the friendly cartoon turtle. you know what i'm talking about? >> eric: cecil? >> greg: i think so. leaks have an unusual conflict. rewards the reporter and potentially harms the country. go back to carl bernstein. beware of witch hunts. it makes leaks. that weak makes careers. robert redford played woodward. that's what happens when you get a leak. it makes your life. it creates a myth of good looking reporters. no one looks like robert re redford. >> dana: except for shepard smith. >> bob: in their case and in this case as the managing
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editor of the "new york times" said, anybody who calls this a leak, and doesn't understand that months of reporting, doesn't understand leaks. woodward and bernstein didn't take leaks. they did reporting it and put it together. good reporting over a long period of time. >> eric: here is what was called. here is what was told to sanger. here is what is told to sanger. we as a country were going to step up the cyber attack on iranians enriching uranium. that tells the iranians that we're on to them. >> kimberly: i am calling on myself in my own block. i want to play for bob, the rest of it. we have the full context. >> dana: i love context. >> wouldn't you say scores of officials and former officials helped you. you say that you give credit to the obama administration spokesman on the national security, helping set up and use at all levels of the white
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house staff. all i'm saying is some of the stories you can't do without some cooperation from the white house. >> did i talk to a lot of people in the administration? of course. how do you report a book about that without talking to people who were involved in the room >> dana: are we saying the same thing? >> bob: no. how he is the head of any intelligence operation is beyond me. >> dana: would you say that about dianne feinstein? >> bob: i would not. i would not say that. peter king is notorious of leaking stuff on the ira. he has been the worst single leaker on capitol hill. he ought to be ousted from his job. >> kimberly: they both said the same thing. earlier before, bob, you blamed for >> bob: it's treasonous to make the comments. >> kimberly: believe me, all the agencies are upset with the obama administration with the convenient leaks to benefit him right before the election. movie is coming out to make him a hero. >> bob: are you accusing the united states of leaking sensitive information? >> greg: i say the leak came from the white house.
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>> bob: you said it came from the president of the united states. that idiot doesn't know what he is talking about. >> i'll read it again. mr. obama, according to members of the president's national -- >> bob: you don't get it. >> eric: who were in the room, bob. it doesn't say the president. >> bob: that happens. >> dana: do you think bob gates, the secretary, tom donelan anecdote in the sanger book is accurate? he came in and said i have p.r. advice for you. shut the hmmm up. that is my ominous undercarolina coming through. >> bob: orchestrate a political campaign that involves a lot of people and it will never work out. >> dana: everybody loved the leak when it was against president bush. >> kimberly: exactly. now this benefits president obama just in time when his numbers aren't looking good. isn't that interesting? >> bob: there is a conclusion. >> kimberly: directly ahead. yes, it is. thank you for playing. does howard dean need to see a doctor? does greg gutfeld? absolutely. he sounds like a lune nick the
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i love that billy joel. saturday, i went to the museum. and checked out all the greek statues from 200 to 300 b.c. they were naked. i realize sculptures weren't good at all. the only reason why they are revered is because they're old. then it dawned on me the sculptors were pervs trying to get models out of their togas
2:28 pm
and time, not purpose created the status. it's just porn. bringing me to another relic of dyinger a ra, howard dean. the most annoying m.p. since pat adams. he spoke at net roots. it's like a star trek convention if you replace "star trek" with irritable bowel syndrome. this is dean on all things mean; i.e., republicans. >> people say mitt romney want to take us back to the '50s. not the 1950s. they are talking about 1850s with the know-nothing party. does anybody remember the know-nothing party? they hated immigrants, didn't like catholics or jews. they didn't like gay people. they didn't believe gays existed. like mahmoud ahmadinejad back in 1850, they would like it to like that again but go some place else and stop doing it us, because our country is a great country.
2:29 pm
>> greg: that made sense. howard, remember when you were relevant in now your perspective is quaint, old fashioned and 1850s. so as long as the left is pushing division, the most likely mitt will win. dean may be just handing romney the message. that message is poise on the the left. it's their message in reverse. the left doesn't see america. only separate identity demanding status. the toxic perspective that eats itself alive. which is why it belongs in museum for the other dead ideas. >> dana: tie it back. >> greg: i wanted to bring up the fact i went to a museum with my family. >> kimberly: to look at naked statues. >> greg: no, i'm walking around going everything is naked teen and we are acting like it's art. it's 2,000 years old. it's okay.
2:30 pm
>> kimberly: what were you expecting? the fashion institute? >> dana: one of my favorite dates with my husband we went to museum in france and he made up all the captions for the statues. >> greg: if i had my way, we would shout dun the museums. >> kimberly: i like natural history museum, it has dinosaurs. >> greg: speaking of dinosaurs, bob, not one of howard dean's best performances? >> bob: one dinosaur to another? >> greg: you survived. >> kimberly: t-rex was a good one. >> bob: you made the point well in your monologue, which is unusual. you said he was irrelevant. so why are we doing this at all? the idea of bringing dean up because he is good tv. >> greg: he is. >> bob: producer says be
2:31 pm
nice to me. i'll be nice. good tv. listen, the idea of suggesting that i know nothing about the no-nothing party. to suggest the party is like them is ridiculous. to suggest they are biased against jews and catholics is ridiculous. not the thing to say. but we shouldn't cover howard dean. >> eric: but he is kind of their pit bull. look last week, the wisconsin taxpayers -- >> greg: can we play the clip of him talking about wisconsin? >> eric: i'm not sure what we are talking about now. go ahead. >> dana: he talked about wisconsin. >> greg: this is the funny part. we'll go back. sorry. apologize. >> first of all, we look at wisconsin as a win. this is not reported in the mainstream media, we picked up a senate seat to deny scott walker majority of the senate. we put the brakes on him at least until the next election. >> eric: oh, yeah. what i was getting to, last
2:32 pm
week, can of taxpayers open up a can of whoop-hh-ass on the union. there is potential failure at the supreme court level. so howard dean has to get out there and be provocative. that is all he is good for. >> bob: you need whoop-ass on that. the people of wisconsin decided it wasn't the best thing to do, policy decision on the recall election number one. number two, the side i was on to get rid of that scab outspent 9 to 1. >> eric: that is incorrect. absolutely incorrect. >> kimberly: you should see eyeballs on that side of the table when you said that. i want to talk about howard dean ruined my vacation. i was finally on vacation at four years, had a mark rita, hot tub. my phone rings. i was first lady and calling to ask for gavin's endorsement and ruined the vacation. >> dana: did he give it? >> kimberly: no.
2:33 pm
>> greg: almost the democratic nomination for president. >> eric: bob, do you have a can of whoop-ass for me? >> bob: i do. >> eric: bring it. >> kimberly: fight, fight, fight. >> greg: the net roots nation conference must have been the most depressing place to be. >> greg: almost as bad as the conservative political action in washington. you want whoop-ass is that bring it. >> bob: okay. >> greg: i almost don't want to. we want to apologize to children at home who they don't know what they're talking about. coming up, kindergarten student sings his heart out on fox news after band plays a patriotic tune. if you leave now, i will drive to your house, ring the doorbell and i'll run away. ♪ ♪
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♪ i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is escalation of the battle between congress and the attorney general over operation fast and furious. tonight on "special report," details of a decision with the white house oversight committee to schedule vote on contempt resolution on eric holder. republicans say holder refused to comply with a subpoena for important documents. the attorney general insists he turned over thousands of documents and cooperated fully. senator john mccain says he is not satisfied with the justice department response to a series of national security leaks.
2:39 pm
justice appointed two attorneys to the probe. white house remained engaged in damage control following the president's comment that the private sector is doing fine. we get the latest plus analysis from brit hume. we begin inside political advertising with the chief washington correspondent james rosen. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york a my colleagues with "the five." >> ♪ i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave their life to me ♪ ♪ god bless the usa >> all right, daniel! >> dana: that was brian kilmeade. our guest on fox news was dam mitchell. and his mom who brought him in. he is a kinder gardener. he spent months in the kindergarten class. they were learning lee greenwood "god bless the usa."
2:40 pm
the idea -- what do they call it? moving up ceremony. which is a topic for another day. they were going to all sing this together. weigh little flags. it was a nice moment. but on one of the last practices, the prescription pal greta hawkins the president of the school came in, ordered the cd playing to come to a halt and said nobody was allowed to play that song because they didn't want to offend other cultures. they're five. kindergarteners. kimberly, as a mom of a 5-year-old boy how disappointed would he have been? >> kimberly: very! he would have come home and been disappointed in his teacher and i would have sprinted to the school to have words the teacher. >> dana: why are s that offense sniff we're all americans, aren't we? >> eric: lee greenwood called in and said i wrote the song about starting over. tough times in america, start over. nothing offensive. couldn't be anything offensive
2:41 pm
about it. he speculated maybe the prescription pal was jahovis witness. >> bob: she had been in trouble. even the teacher union took her on. the people who came to the defense were from other cultures and my problem is it's become a theme song for the republican party. she was talking about the cultures. off-base, wrong. she made racial comments that were really tough. >> dana: the other thing she said justin bieber song "baby" that greg plays on his ipad over and over and over on, on his walk to work said it was an appropriate song. >> greg: say what you want about justin bieber. he is an american hero. call me, justin. the whole point, he is an
2:42 pm
american in my life. okay. they didn't want to offend other cultures? what other cultures would be offended by a song about america? i can maybe think of only iran. perhaps belgium. i don't know. would by offended if someone in antwerp were singing the belgium national anthem? is a screwed up thinking. that person has a problem. where is the belgium teachers union. >> eric: i am trying to figure out why you say that this song "proud to be an american" is the republican theme song and why it would be a bad thing. we'll take it. proud to be an american. >> dana: it's a song that unites people. even if it has republican -- >> greg: the school chancellor backed this teacher. which is why these kids can't count to ten without taking off their shoes. >> bob: in his defense, he
2:43 pm
was hit blind. usually defends principal of school. in retrospect i don't think anyone will support the idea. lee greenwood, i know him. a good guy. i still think it's associated with the republican party, but so what? >> kimberly: so what? >> dana: give a shout out to the young guy. 5-year-old. >> kimberly: cute. >> dana: to sing anywhere outside of the somehower is difficult thing. i don't even sing in the shower. i recite my ideas. >> greg: terrible. >> dana: i can't believe you told them. coming up, bob beckel's worst nightmare, not being able to say bad words. even out of context. we'll also tell you about a town that could drive bob to bankruptcy. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." you have probably seen this. this is my swear jar. every time i swear, i have to put money in it. if i lived in middleborough,
2:48 pm
massachusetts, which is about 40 miles south of boston, where tonight the citizens are having a vote on whether if you swear in public they can fine you $20. now, first of all, this is america. the woman who made the complaint to start with was on the beautifycation program in downtown. she is putting flowers and potted plants up. didn't want to hear people say the word i use on television a few weeks ago and said it's gisting, they can't say that. lady, this is the united states of america, they can say whatever they want. the least they will do is try to keep guys from harassing women, which i guess is a good point. and i think it's the most obscene idea. freedom of speech. if they want to swear let them swear. >> dana: at the risk of providing more context, the -- >> bob: what is it with you and context? >> dana: the people outside of her home were yelling the "f" word back and foth at one another. and they wouldn't stop.
2:49 pm
i'm not saying necessarily a law but there is a problem of bad behavior. >> eric: i like this idea. let the town decide if they like it, go for it. i agree with this. i don't want to walk down the street with my 12-year-old and having people yell profane language. >> bob: you use profane language walking down the street. >> kimberly: it's a matter of being courteous. >> bob: they already have anti-swearing law. >> greg: i don't like walking down the street with my 16-year-old swearing. there is something about being in a public place and people swearing and you have that urge to go, have some class. there is no class when you entire in public. it doesn't rub off on kids. you mentioned before broken window, it leads to other behaviors. i don't want to people b
2:50 pm
around people who are like that. >> bob: but a law? >> kimberly: you have to be a distinction. legally protected unless it's offensive you call a public threat or safety. but otherwise, yeah, you are allowed to do it. someone wants to channel the fine, the $20 or some in town want it to be $100 in petticoat junction. they are not going to win this. >> dana: i think this behavior -- >> bob: is this in context? >> dana: totally in context. i don't think the behavior will change until it's economic issue for people. that is, you won't be hired, promoted, married or have a good family life if you have bad behavior throughout your life and you have no manners. i flew last week, the guys are so uncivillous. it's -- unchivalrous. >> greg: but comedians are described as edgy if they swear. you have musicians if they swear, that is seen as cool. >> dana: or do it in the bowles during theisuper bowl.
2:51 pm
i'm okay. >> greg: but you don't risk anything. it's seen risky behavior in today's environment, it is not a risk. >> eric: are we foror against a law that if you swear in a public setting and a police officer hears you, you are fined $20 or $100 or whatever it is? >> kimberly: i don't know that it's legal. a nice idea, and i believe in courteous and civil and having good manners. >> dana: they could get democrats behind it if they said proceeds were to tobacco related programs. they would get support. >> bob: i think i have reasonably good manners but i swear all the time. tried not to do it in front of little old ladies unless they're crazy. then i call them crazy. this is not chivalrous like when i was growing up. you can't make it happen.
2:52 pm
>> eric: you couldn't possibly contradict yourself more in one sentence? is that possible? >> kimberly: you should make a donation. >> eric: don't call old ladies blanking old ladies. >> bob: first, i can't stand crazy old ladies. they scare me. only way if i get them away if i have to swear at them, i will. anyway. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing,
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>> eric: all right. time for one more thing. kick it out kimbo slice. >> kimberly: well, thank you. >> bob: kimbo slice? >> kimberly: yes. ufc fighter. this is interesting from san francisco and the story of alcatraz. there were three inmates in 1962, june 11, in particular that escaped. up with of them frank morris and two brothers, john and clarence england. still have not been accounted for. prompted the largest manhunt since the lindbergh baby kidnapping. to this day they're not certain if they made it. but because of the water and how cold and currents they think they probably died but you never know. >> dana: they did escape -- >> bob: they did escape from alcatraz. my brother was in it.
2:57 pm
never found any bodies or anything. my one more thing is changed here because i lost my card. but the number of injuries in major league baseball is skyrocketing. for some reason this year, i don't know why. if you look at the injury report of the major league baseball team, page after page after page. i don't know why. i think they ought to look into it. why do you think is it? >> eric: i have no idea. i can't imagine. is it arm injuries, leg, knee injurys? if it's knee injuries, it doub turf. >> bob: artificial tur sof harder than the other turf? >> eric: let me do mine. remember obama girl, voted for president obama and put out a big video? listen. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ baby, you're the best candidate. ♪
2:58 pm
remember she said -- [ inaudible ] she came out and said he is wasn't sure this time around she will vote for president obama. >> bob: she can vote for me anytime he wants. >> dana: she said that since 2010. trying to put it in context. i have a moment for us to talk about one of our friends and also somebody who has written, rarely people you meet in your life you would like to be more like them. robin roberts of abc "good morning america" is one of those people. she announced this morning she has a medical condition, she is going to have to deal with, as a result of the breast cancer treatment she successfully conquered. listen to her this morning. >> i beat breast cancer. i have always been a fighter. treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues. and that is what i'm facing right now. it's something that is called m.d.s. the reason i am sharing this with everybody now is because
2:59 pm
later today i begin what is known as pretreatment. >> dana: everybody needs to keep robin roberts in their prayers. a few weeks, few months ago i got the book that she wrote with her mother lucimarian robert. if you have want to learn more of what it's like to have a great standard and strong one, good book to pick up. >> greg: nice plug. concerning she can't stand you. >> kimberly: people will believe you. >> bob: that was low even by your standards. >> greg: i couldn't resist it. freddie banned word, got something stuck here. please. ben up. you lear this in the -- >> eric: a great phrase! >> greg: they are gin up outrage. it's -- >> eric: i can't use that?


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