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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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advancing it. >> great book as always. i think one of your best. appreciate you being with us. that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled the news continues. greta is next to go on the record. see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight. donald trump is here. he is taking on tv comic bill maher. maher setting off fireworks with these comments. >> would it be better if the country just got over this notion of american exceptionalism? oh, i think it would. >> greta: what does donald trump have to say about that? he was all fired up and he will tell you himself. rnc chair reince priebus calls it appalling. the g.o.p. slamming president obama for saying the private sector is doing fine. and the war of words is getting nastier. reince priebus will be here. and congress does it again. the bills may be piling up. no resolution of the bush tax cut or debt ceiling. what do lawmakers do? they are heading out of town. why don't they stay here and
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work? brace yourself. this might make you mad. that is minutes away. worse, house leaders are threatening and taking steps toward pulling the trigger. attorney general eric holder is a giant step closer to contempt citation. house oversight and government reform committee just did it. they set a date to decide whether to hold the attorney general in contempt or not. that vote is set for next week. eric holder has been flagrantly ignoring their october subpoena to him. despite the repeated requests. they want the attorney general to produce more documents related to operation fast and furious. congressman trey gowdy is a member of the oversight and the government reform committee. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> greta: i'm very well. so the date is next week for the vote by the committee. put a prediction whether or not it's dominated of course by the republicans but will there be a vote on a committee to seek contempt citation? >> set for next thursday. historically when we got to this point the party that is
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asked to comply has gone ahead and comply. we never got to the point historically of holding someone in contempt of congress. either between now and thursday, he will produce documents we asked for or we will mark up and have a hearing on contempt of congress. you are right. the division is more republican than democrat. i would hope that some of our colleagues on the other side would view this as a law enforcement issue. not a political issue. i would love them for them to join us. but we will find out thursday. i will tell you what the outcome will be if he doesn't get to it between now and then. >> greta: by compliance for your vote. what document do you want. give us an idea of a universe. secondly, are you willing to negotiate? those are the documents you want. the documents you feel you're
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entitled to. when you get to a certain point you have to let the jury decide. but i'm not in leadership position in congress. that would be darrell issa and john boehner and those decisions would be made at a higher level than mine. if you ask my opinion for the sanctitity of the constitutional role of congress, we have given him over a year. i don't like to reward indolence. letting people plea bargain on the courthouse step. there are 22 categories of documents and 14 of those we don't have any document whatsoever. i am interested in more evidence that the senior d.o.j. level knew about the "fast and furious" prior to brian terry's death and interested in how such a
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demonstrably false letter could have been drafted, approved and delivered by the department of justice as it was to senator grassley. >> greta: you are speaking about the one they admitted had false information. they say they didn't have the information, misinformed that they were not deliberately trying to fool or deceive senator grassley. what the justice department said, they ignored testimony an flung inaccurate accusations at the attorney general and others. do you take wish that? >> as false as the letter in february. they are not complying with a legitimate congressional inquiry. we have a dead border patrol agency.
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this is probably a bad political issue. i'm not the right person to ask. what are they going to say? they'll say you're right, we messed up or do what the spokesperson did today, say this is a washington game. eric holder has been in washington longer than i have. if anyone knows how to play the washington games it's him. not the freshmen on the oversight committee. it's not about the politics. never has been. comply with the subpoena. you may be exonerated. you may have done nothing wrong. how will i know that if you withhold documents? >> greta: they said there is an ongoing destination. in the right, you agree that is a legitimate reason? do you believe that is a dodge? or you don't believe it's a sufficient excuse anyway? >> to be candid, it's some of both. there is on going
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investigation. there is ongoing prosecutions. i would never want to jeopardize that. i don't think e-mail from brewer to jason weinstein or the attorney general or e-mail exchange surrounding the drafting of this letter has nothing to do with the prosecution. anytime a prosecutor doesn't want to comply with a four-year request, we tell you there is an ongoing investigation. i suspect you see through it when we used to do as a prosecutor. i see through it when it's done now. >> greta: why is the attorney general not answering the subpoena? what is your theory? >> i don't know. it want to be fair. i believe there is something in there we suspected all along. not an arizona operation. justice fingerprints are all over it. somewhat high up.
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it may not be brewer. it could be brewer or someone else but someone orchestrated a false letter to congress that is dammin damning. that is the only conclusion i'm left to reach. the if anything attorney general held in contempt of congress in modern times. i don't think he wants it on his resume. >> greta: you are aggressive about this. curious whether you think speaker boehner and the republican leadership has the political will to pursue it further or negotiate it away. or whether you will get all of your documents for the contempt? >> speaker boehner sat down with the house floor a week ago. he knows i am frustrated.
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we spoke about this before i left last week. what is important to them is not oversight but judiciary hearing where 14 members asked about "fast and furious," including democrats asked about it. >> this is not a political issue or a handful of southern states in utah that care about it. this is really important in terms of the respect for law enforcement, respect for rule of law. congress' responseability to ask questions. if there were auz on operation like this, you would come down hard on me. it's my job to ask how this would happen and what guarantees do we have that it never happens again? mr. boehner will have a steel spine. mr. boehner gets the facts ahead of time.
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coming to this conclusion he came to over the weekend. once he made up his mind, he will go this route, the attorney general bet procedure vide documents or he will go down in history and not a way he wants. >> greta: you said your background, viewers may have forgotten you were a former federal prosecutor to enlighten that. thank you, sir. >> here is what president obama said to spark a fire storm. >> we created 4.3 million jobs in the last two, 27 months. over 800,000, just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. where we see weaknesses is in the economy. >> sean: now three days late -- >> greta: now three days later, president obama trying to set the record straight on the economy.
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>> we have gone through the worst financial crisis since the great depression. we have made progress. >> greta:ia carney trying to put out the -- jay carney trying to put out the fire. >> recovery that has seen 4.3 million jobs. it's seen situation where massive layoffs of teachers and the firefighters and police officers a reduction in public sector. by public sector, we are talking about the state and local governments who have had to lay off teachers from classrooms. firefighters from the force. that was a context by which he was speaking. everyone in the room was aware of it at the time. certainly we believe that you ought to do your job and report on context.
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>> reince priebus joins us. no sooner does the president make the remark, the private sector is doing fine when the g.o.p. got moving fast. first, did you hear it live when you said it? >> i didn't hear it live. i was in chicago at the time. i certainly heard it within 20 seconds. >> a time that you can get a picture in someone's mind, how they view the country and economy. this isn't a gaffe. i find to be laughable. not a gaffe. this is what barack obama really believes. if you think about what he is presenting to the american people we need to come up with another stimulus plan to use more taxpayer dollars. to throw money at recession. this is almost as if the president is living in alternative universe and he doesn't want us to believe he
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is the president. he doesn't want to us believe things are bad. you know what? the private sector is good, jobs are great no, problem here. we need to spend more money to grow size of government and put the country further in debt. this is appalling but this is how he sees the country and where he thinks we need to go. >> greta: rare exception, even his own party. i'm curious, how do you know it's not just simply a gaffe and something he believes? there is a big difference in looking at it. it was just a gaffe, you know, who hasn't made one of those. inned a ver tently or taken out of context. how do you know ethat? >> listen to the talking points. anytime you hear a democrat
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talk about the economy. they will say hey, listen, we have had the private sector growth. all the jobs created. they have thrown up their hands and say we're not even looking for work. part of a talking point and culture they adopt to force or convince the american people. that everything in the country is going great. economy is humming along. no problem here. this is something that the american people look at the president and say smart guy but can't connect dots. >> they are looking at the bureau of labor statistic
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report. they haven't kept up with the jobs we need to create every month to keep up with the population. march is only 96. in april, 96,000 jobs. i think there is a unver tall agreement that the job growth is a very serious problem. you don't get private sector and what he could mean by that. >> you can get a glimpse of it. if you listen to carney's comments today he tried to explain it. he said well, this is not necessarily private sector job growth because we have plenty of that going on. but all the municipalities out there that had to lay off the teachers and the people out there. the issues in the country and highlighted by walker's election last week the concept that liberty and freedom can get swallowed is up a concept
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we can't continue. i believe half of my family lives in greece. if you look at what is happening there. when a society gets to a place where you have a majority of the people that are in some part living off the proceeds of government it's irration lanel. you can't have the municipalities in the country where a biggest employer is the government. that is nice concept but it doesn't work. >> greta: thank you for joining us. straight ahead, if you don't think you get enough vacation time, you might want to run for congress. why? bills and debt are piling up and lawmakers are fleeing washington again. donald trump takes on bill maher. maher insults governor romney religion and what does trump think about that? coming up. terrifying scene. navy drone falls from the sky. wait until you hear where it
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>> greta: it is that time of year, everyone wants a summer vacation, but not everyone gets one, unless of course you're a member of congress. they don't just get one. right now, the house of representatives is on the seventh week long break this year. seven weeks. it's only june. the senate has already spent
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five weeks away from washington, meantime bills on student loans, highway funding and the extension of the middle income tax cut are left hanging. how does congress get away with going on vacation instead of doing the job? ed o'keeffe from the "washington post" joins us. nice to see you. many will say going home and talking to constituents. is there and they do. they go to breakfast, lunchs, they meet with business leaders and they go to schools an inspect construction projects. they also go to new york and l.a. to raise money. some go overseas to assignment with committee and big conferences. this is the seventh full week of the year that they are not doing what they are elected to do, come here and debate issue. >> greta: house has done more work with bills in the senate. doesn't have a budget and it would be rejected by the senate. but they have done a little more work. >> certainly republicans say they have. dozen of bills, with the job creation and fixing the economy sitting dormant around the senate side all but ignored.
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the senate will take five full weeks from washington. house will take its eighth full week away from washington. it's, you know, it depends how you look at it. the republicans would say we have done our job. we pass the bills. up to the senate to take them up. >> greta: the republicans, in fact, the minority leader nancy pelosi has written a leader saying let's not take vacation. >> that has happened in the past, the opposition party to force majority to stay put and say if you elect us, we would stay in washington to do our job. history has proven that isn't what happens. >> greta: are there any members of congress beside the minority leader to stick around and get the other issu issues? >> others have said that. they say i would rather be in washington doing this. that said, you talk to guys when the schedule comes out and you know what? i like the schedule. you can go to washington for two straight weeks. this would give me an opportunity to sit back and
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say is there legislation we should be proposing? get feedback. go back to washington to get to work again. >> each member of the house is running for re-election. >> absolutely. >> this is campaign time. >> some news you are breaking about the "washington post," secretary of commerce. >> we're not breaking it but commerce department has a segment that john bryson allegedly in a series of car crashes over the weekend told president obama tonight he will take a medical leave of absence and transferring his function and duties to the deputy secretary who will become the acting secretary of commerce for now. ly not perform function and duty of the office so operation of law as the first assistant act as the deputy. it caps 48 hours of worth of uncertainty about what happened. >> there are apparently two cars since he was cited for hit-and-run. toxicology screen came out no, alcohol. >> that is what the commerce department said and the police in the l.a. area haven't disputed that.
7:23 pm
>> greta: is this this random and nobody expected this? his first medical crisis? >> we ask about the medical history. they haven't offered it up for the privacy reasons. they may not be certain. you don't know just yet. and the white house press secretary asked is he fit to serve? they didn't directly answer that question. it may determine he isn't if it to serve. or he will determine that himself. talking to the medical correspondent at the post he pointed out often older americans who suddenly have neurological issues discover they have them because of a car accident where they had some kind of mental urn certainty or a seizure. it could be -- and again, we don't know, but it could be part of a neurological episode that could lead to something more serious. >> greta: hope it's fleeting and he will be back at work soon. ed, thank you. >> good to see you. >> greta: up next, donald trump taking on comedian bill maher.
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what did he say to get trump riled up? you hear from them both next. recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards.
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if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> tv host bill maher has a message for america. get over yourself. what does he mean by that? here is what maher said in an online segment of his show. >> would it be better if the country got over the notion of american exceptionalism? i think it would. [ applause ] this is one reason i say -- people laugh. i say in 100 years this country will be mormon. it's a stupid religion an a
7:28 pm
stupid country. they were made for each other. and i tell you, one of the things americans are going to love about mormonism when they find out about it that jesus isn'is an americanmism in mormonism. they love the idea that mormons embrace more than anybody that we are the super duper star spangled best country ever. if we have any flaw it's that we make other countries feel bad because our awesomeness is so overwhelming. >> greta: donald trump joins us. you heard what bill maher said. two topics, exceptionalism and the united states. what is your response to him? >> i have a lot of responses. exceptionalism could be wonderful. i wish we were exceptional. we'd like to be exceptional. i think we can be exceptional again. i expect that if mitt romney becomes president.
7:29 pm
i think we should be exceptional country and the country. when he mentions the fact we're a stupid country i assume he is talking about how obama is running it. because we become a country that is not very well respected. in many ways is stupid. when you look at what is happening with china, like how they strip money from us like we're babies. we're becoming a stupid country. i know that is not the way he meant it. i take it differently. that is the way obama is running the country. >> greta: i know a lot of people are upset by bill maher saying this. i am curious about that. he is a stand-up comic. no one thinks he is making profound announcement about the direction of foreign policy. if he were to look at the united states in terms of exceptionalism, i know you take issue how the obama administration is running the country, but in general the united states has been providing aid in so many different sectors across every single continent in the world. we do agriculture, economic, education, women right, human
7:30 pm
trafficking, water and sanitation, earthquake and tsunami help. crisis. we do take the lead in so many things so that while there is that some say we're not as exceptionm as we have been before but we're quite exceptional as a country. >> we are also giving aid to countries we can't afford. we are up to $16 trillion in debt and borrowing from the chinese and others. it's just aid we should probably in many cases not give. we give aid to some people that can't stand us. they go around and they take advantage of us. stupidly for us. they take advantage of the country. it's aid in many cases and we can't afford. >> greta: but that is a slightly different issue, how do we exercise our exceptionalism. there is a great debate whether we should give a particular amount to a particular country for something. nonetheless at the core of this, the united states does remain exceptional in the
7:31 pm
sense we have taken, we have a willingness to try to make the world better. i mean, as in, sometimes even to our personal detriment. >> i think that is great. in the past, it was great. when we were a rich country. we're not a rich country anymore. a lot of bad politicians have seen to it we're not rich. when you are not rich, when you don't have money and you have to go borrow the money, we can't afford to do what we are doing. we are doing so many different things. we give money to countries that laugh at us behind our back. laugh at us to our face. there are many things we could be doing much differently. the potential enormous, but we are doing things that are laughed at and scoffed at. >> talk about laughing and more of the controversy about bill maher. let me repeat he is a standup comic. he does satire. his whole thing is comedy. he refers to mormonism, the religion of the republican nominee as being stupid. that is just old fashioned
7:32 pm
bigotry. your thoughts -- i mean, you know, he is laughing at it and he has the crowd laughing with him. your thoughts on that? >> it's tough stuff. when you say that. he is a comic, but that is really not funny. frankly, it's amazing. if the other side referred to someone's religion, if a nice conservative republican said something about another religion, i won't say which one but say another religion, there would be hell to pay. front page of every newspaper tomorrow. here is something that is hardly being covered. although you're covering it, it's hardly being covered. >> greta: it's interesting when the crowd laughs, it's hard to -- people oftentimes don't realize they are being bigots if they get people laughing with them. other bigots i guess. >> i know bill maher. he is doing his thing. he is having a good time doing it. he is doing well with it, i guess. but a tough statement. frankly, if somebody else made that statement, at certainly if a conservative republican made a like statement, about somebody else's religion there would be hell to pay. all over the place.
7:33 pm
the end of that person's career as you know it. >> greta: another subject. everyone is stomping all over him about this. in part, he says the private sector is doing fine. i'm curious what you think the president is thinking today about what he said? >> he is getting hit hard because even his own support is saying what are you doing? what are you saying? calling at it big gaffe. major gaffe. i heard some people saying it's earth-shattering. i don't think it is earth-shattering but it was a mistake he made in saying it. it's not doing well. we're at #.2. but the 8.2 unemployment is not a real number. the real number is 15 or 16%. some people say it's 21%. the real number, they rig it up so you have the best of all worlds. you look for a job, and stop long for a job and they take you out of the stats. it doesn't work that way. the real number is 15 or 16%.
7:34 pm
it could be 21%. that is not doing fine. he is taking heat for it. it listened to it and i heard it i was surprised by the statement. his own group picked it up and they didn't like it. he is taking a lot of heat. >> greta: it a gaffe? or is it something that he intended to say? something his economic philosophy and how he views the economy and who he sees as sort of winning and losing. part of his economic ideology or a misstatement and he regrets today and seeks to clear it up? >> i really watched -- i was watching as he made it. frankly, i think it was a gaffe. because his body language is very confused and very confusing after he made the statement. i don't think he felt good about the statement after he made it and i think he would have liked to take it back. >> greta: you were busy tweeting today. one thing you mentioned is
7:35 pm
that another barack obama credit downgrade coming? in part. do you fear a credit downgrade coming? what did you mean by that? >> we are going up to $16 trillion very soon. it will be higher than that before he gets finished. when you have in the 20s and 21, $22 trillion, you are talking about a downgrade no matter how you cut it. you have to cut the debt. you can't keep going. we'll be a large scale version of spain or greece or another number of countrys doing very badly. see what happens in terms of the recession. recession may be a nice word. i just closed on dural today. it bought it in miami, a big deal, fantastic land in miami with hotel units and got courses, important thing. i am putting a lot of people to work. i'm proud of it. it will be an amazing place and amazing resort but i want to see the country do well so everything does well. right now frankly the country
7:36 pm
isn't doing well. the price i paid is reflective of that. >> greta: last question. another tweet today. you have been very successful and let me ask you, it says one of the tweets cnn and msnbc need big help in the ratings. i can tell them where they are going wrong. i'm curious, what is it that you think they are doing where they are "going wrong"? >> they are really wrong and really doing badly. by the way, you folks are doing very well. i'm very proud of you. they are really doing badly. honestly, i wouldn't say it to them and i wouldn't say it publicly but if they called me i would certainly give them ideas that would be better than what they are doing right now. they are so far off. msnbc is so far off and cnn is so far off. it's actually sad to see it. >> greta: not fair for us to give them a swat right now. give them a tip. >> i don't want to do that. >> greta: you are not going
7:37 pm
to give them a tip? >> i know some of the people over there. i actually know the people at msnbc in terms of the top people because i have "apprentice" on nbc and i know them well and have respect. should they call me i would give them ideas a lot better than what they have on now. all you have to do is watch msnbc and you can be a 7-year-old child and tell them what they are doing wrong. it's pathetic. >> greta: is the a site for the news change or -- appetite for news changing or people sick of politics? >> i think their politics are wrong. in politic politics in many case perceived as dishonest so people aren't trusting. >> greta: dishonest or you just don't agree with them? >> it's not that. i think people aren't trusting them. when they don't trust, you don't watch. you had the great walter cronkite. when you watched him, you thrusted him. he was like your father. it never forget, to me he was the ultimate. edward r. morro was great but i didn't see him. i watched walter cronkite.
7:38 pm
he was something special. you watched him and you trusted him and you believed in him. therefore, you watched. with msnbc, i don't think people believe it. they look at what they are saying. they don't have confidence in him and therefore they don't watch. >> greta: isn't there room for a diverse opinion on all sorts of issues, whether political -- i guess not -- the facts are the facts whatever they are. but a lot of the political discussion. doesn't it enrich to us have a diverse argument about, or a diverse debate? >> diversity is great, diverse debate is fantastic. you have to be believable on both sides. certain cases they're not believable. >> greta: thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, he is one of president obama's major supporters in 2008. but that was then. and then there is now. former congressman arthur davis says he will back the republican candidate in the 2012 election. why did he just switch parties? former congressman is here to
7:39 pm
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>> greta: a graduation speech that is stunning the nation. english teacher telling the graduates you are not special. >> you have been pampered, coddled, one wrapped, nudged, cajoled, feteed and fawned over and called tweetie pie but do not get the idea you're anything special, because you're not. think about this. even you are one in a million on a planet of 6.8 billion, that means there are nearly 7,000 people just like you. >> greta: ouch! what did the teacher really mean? he ends saying the sweetest joys of life come only with the recognition you're not special because everyone is. the teacher says he is floored by the reaction to his speech.
7:42 pm
he says he wanted to tell the student what is they needed to hear. what do you think? effective message or just plain mean? go to and tell us what you think. we're back in two. the west coast? ♪ ♪ i hear you... ♪ rocky mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas ♪ ♪ born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verin. rethink possible.
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>> greta: i have the fox business brief. early urphoria over the bail-out saved banks disappeared with the market ending the day near session low, breaking a four-day winning streak. the dow ended down 142 points to 12,411. apple ceo tim cook took to the stage at the worldwide developer conference today. it was all about a new notebook and operating system, including a major upgrade. bringing the hands-free feature in to your car. apple is also taking on goog with a new maps program. and just released figures are shedding light on facebook struggle. data from the research firm come score show u.s. visitors
7:45 pm
decline crime 5% since last year. it marks the lowest user score since they began tracking data in 2008. log on to, fox business net wor giving you the power to prosper. >> greta: navy drone air crash comes crashing to earth on the maryland east shore. it was on routine training flight when it crashed. as soon as the navy lost contact with the throne, piloted aircraft dispatched to find the wreckage. it left burning debris in a marsh near a naval air station. luckily, no one was hurt and no property was danieled. navy tonight is investigating the cause of the crash. a promise for president obama to jump ship. arturo davis is ditching the entire democratic party. why is he now a republican and supporting the g.o.p. candidate in this year's election? former congressman davis joins us. good evening. >> good to talk to you. >> greta: you served in congress in alabama for how years? >> eight years. four terms. >> greta: ran for government
7:46 pm
and lost as a democrat. >> exactly. >> greta: now you consider yourself republican? >> i do. >> greta: on your website, one thing that caught my attention said this, meaning the democratic party, is not bill clinton's democratic party. what did you mean by that? >> when i got involved in the politics in the late '90s, not only was bill clinton president of the united states he was the intellectual leader to the democratic party. if you wanted a robust, dynamic arguen't about the direction of this country, democratic party was where you went in the late 1990s. there was a left, a left of center, right of center, very diverse party that looked a lot like the united states of america. over the period of time i was in politics i saw the party change. the party got more narrow and the party get more insular. i have seen the change simply leapfrog the last several years. we have a left party and a right party in this country today ideologically speaking.
7:47 pm
as i survey issues in the last several years i found myself aligning more with the republicans than withteams so i made it official. >> greta: i am curious if you had a conversation with president obama. you're both democrats, african-americans, went to harvard, harvard law school. it seems like you have a lot in common that might be a good conversation between the two of you. >> well, mange no support. i supported the president four years ago and proud of the fact i did support him four and five years ago. i support him on most people in alabama democratic party didn't want a wol lot to do with him. but like millions of americans who have changed their minds in the last several years, i believed we were going to turn the page and get past the red state and blue state. i remember in the 2004 speech in boston. instead virk seen us lose ground as a -- instead i have seen us lose ground on a scale i care about, are we more
7:48 pm
unified or more divided? people often say you can't blame president for that. what i point out to people is presidents routinely face intransigents on the other side. the really effective leaders figure out how to overcome that. figure out how to go the other side and say tell me what you want. tell me what is important to you. they take values and get them to good public policy. >> greta: you don't get it with president obama? >> not on so many issues. i saw a healthcare law, i voted against as a democrat, passed on aggressive party line. my way or highway, take it or leave it strategy by the democrats in congress. i haven't seen the outreach necessary to move the country for. >> greta: are you going to vote for governor romney? >> i am going to vote for him. i'm not endorsing him.
7:49 pm
only important people make endorsements, i'm not in that category. i go to the issues and my views are the challenging that face the country today. line up more closely with the republican party and the democrats. more americans are moving in that direction. >> greta: disappointed in president obama? >> i'm disappointed that the promise of four years ago wasn't realized. some people, you don't leave a party because you are not going to vote for your nominee. i come from alabama. democrats routinely don't vote for the nominee down there. you leave a party because of a whole range of issues you don't feel the comfort, you don't feel the home anymore. that is where i am. i am not alone. millions of americans who supported the democratic party four years ago left because they don't see their view and common sense represented in the democratic party. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, the member of the britain royal family headed for olympics. which young royal just made the team? find out next. [ gnome ] enjoying your holiday?
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fox news alert. coast guard says report of yacht explosion off coast of new jersey was likely a hoax and it suspended the search and rescue mission. they received an emergency call this afternoon called the blind date. they were told it was sinking, people were injured and # 1
7:54 pm
passengers had to jump to life rafts but they never found wreckal or passengers. the coast guard issued a statement saying making a false distress call is a felony that get you up to ten years in prison. stay with fox news channel for the latest on the developing story. you have seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. we know crime doesn't pay, pew cursing may cost you, too. residents of middleborough, massachusetts, say they are fed up with the public profanity. the town is considering making cursing a crime and finding anyone who violates the been a. the penalty for public swearing is $20. of course, the measure raises first amendment questions. we'll keep you posted. member of britain royal family is now also a member of the u.k. team. queen elizabeth grand daughter was nominated if arrest spot on the equestrian team. she will compete next month in the london games. her horse is called high kingdom. and describes him as a pretty cool, very relaxed kind of guy. there you have it. the best of the rest.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call what. is going on behind the walls of guantanamo bay? you would be surprised. here is jay leno. >> guantanamo bay is undergoing millions of dollars of upgrades including a new soccer field, cable tv and enriching your life classes including learning to paint and writing a resume. why do they need a resume? who is going to hire these guys? terrorist with al qaeda? yes. you look like someone that would do us a service. >> that is your last call. we'll see you again tomorrow night. now, you know what to do now. go to


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