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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 12, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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anything. >> greg: that is the goal. >> eric: that is it. leave it there. thank you for watching "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in the ukraine, sarah jessica parker. let's go to andy levy to see what is going on in tonight's show. >> an elementary school principal refuses to let kinder gardeners sing "dodd --" god bless the usa" causing people to over heat. and what does a new study show about relationships of couples who have sex early on? the story so shocking we didn't get to it twice last week and won't tonight. greg? >> thanks, andy.
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>> you bet. >> why do you tease a story we never do? >> why do you never do a story i tease, tbreg? >> fair enough. >> that's what i thought. you have nothing. >> you win this round. >> i always do. >> go away. she is so sweet she gives sugar diabetes, what a jerk. i am here with anchor -- reporter sorry, nicole petolidis. and if he was a sacks saw fine i would watch him blow under a new york bridge. bill schulz is out of the country getting hormone treatments. it happens every four months. filling in michael moynahan. and sitting next to me jonathon hunt, freshly married. chief correspondent for studio b, whatever that means and "the fox report" on fox newschannel. no pinch today. >> no. >> all right. then let's start the show. she used to have a crush, and now she is in no rush. amberly edinger better known
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as obama girl is no longer bonkers for bagram. for barak. she said, quote, not as excited as the last time. that's for sure. in 2008 the model model/actress/whatever went from the unknown to the opposite of unknown after appearing in this viral video. i love viral. >> ♪ so i put down. -- down my kerry sign and i had to make you mine. are you sexy, you are so fine. because i have a crush on obama. ♪ ♪ barak obama baby you are the best candidate ♪ >> it is amazing she didn't take off. they say those crazy times and barack obama was the first internet president and her experience was a rollercoaster ride. but now she is not sure about the man she helped make president. she was the deciding vote.
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at this point i am keeping that to myself. if i am not making videos i am not sure it is anybody's business who i am voting for this time around. you know who i am endorsing. this little guy. >> pigs can only go down. they can never go up. all of the videos have them trapped and have them dying at the bought m to of the stairs. isn't obama girl a perfect metaphor for the election. she was hot from four years ago. much like america, but grown cold. >> much like obama. their careers have shadowed each other. they both made campaign videos in essence. she tried acting with limited success. she tried acting presidential limited success. she tried designing jewelry,
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limited success. he tried designing health care, limited success. and they looked a heck of lot better four years ago in a swimsuit. he got grayer and she got -- well, she is still cute. i don't know. i haven't been paying attention. you have been covering the presidential elections since the 70s. is obama girl bell weather of what is to come? >> i especially remember the 1980 election when i was following ronald reagan as a negative 3-year-old. i remember seeing so much heat behind his passion that in 1988 it kept up. i like that she is trying to keep her opinion like we care. if i want your opinion i will track you down at whatever vaunt are you a waitress at and i will ask you who are you voting for. >> she is not voting for obama because she doesn't have a job. that's the whole idea here is that all of the americans are out of work. they are not getting more jobs. she doesn't have a job. what's her job? she is not making more videos.
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she is making jewelry. and what else is she doing? >> it is a good point. >> hold on! if she had a job she would say. ♪ obama has a crush on you >> no, women always do this -- i don't know what the male equivalent, but they either design jewelry or write children's books. when you write a children's book it is not really a book. >> monica lewinski did handbags. >> i remember that. >> she said i am writing books and i am running for office, i think she said. >> her handbag was for children's books and jewelry. >> maybe michelle obama will send a predator drone after her. >> interesting. >> maybe michelle obama is not so hot with the "i've got a crush on you." >> she is not sure it is anyone's business who she is voting for. but she said, you know what, i would rather not talk about it. that's what i am talking about. everybody was so happy to say
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"i am voting for obama." ant i special? and then -- aren't i so special? it is kind of sad. >> it is like when a one hit wonder decides they will get all of this ego. no one cared about your music in the first place. you suck. >> she is the flock of seagulls of political icons. >> and she is running far, far away. >> but it is like being in a fad, 2008 i wasn't really into flossing. >> she is a hot little number. she has obama on her rear end like juicey couture. she is hot. i am interested to see what she will sing about next. >> she is british. she is fluffing. >> she reflected a large group of people who thought it was cool to express that vote. and now they are board. >> maybe she got paid to do this in 2008. i don't think she wrote those
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lyrics. there was a company behind them called something or other. >> i refuse to sit here and hear that lyrical genius. >> just be smudged. >> she goes like this. b, it is me. i'm watching you on cspan. call me. >> by the way, i just need to point out it is be smir ofed and -- besmirched and not be smudged. >> i am a beat writer for presidential elections. that's why i have editors. >> i besmudge myself nightly when i am walking home. i can't get home quick enough, besmudge. from a girl gone mild to a principal gone wild. was she wrong to pull the song? the question was just a formality, folks. a brooklyn elementary school principal, is there any other kind has refused to let kinder gardeners sing "god bless the usa" at graduation.
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angry parents who love this country, teachers at the school which has many students saying to drop the ditty from the ceremony because, quote, we don't want to offend, quote, other cultures. says one mom, quote, a lot of people thought to move to america to move freely. that song should be sung with a lot of pride. we have to agree to disagree. meanwhile bieber's song "baby" was deemed acceptable along with something called" the world is a rainbow" which celebrates diversity. on monday the school cafeteria workers went about their business preparing lunches for the day. >> i don't know what that was. whatever it was it was green and was once alive. principal sounds like a real
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winner. >> she is one of the greatest patriots i have ever met in my life. >> if you don't like that song you are a terrorist. you know my ma militia group. we start our calisthenics to that song. especially in the cold west virginia mountain air. >> it gets the blood flowing. jonathon you were saying because are you a foreigner from the other place where they have royalty. you find the song so offensive, and you agree with the principal. you were saying that, weren't you? >> it was a wonderful song. it is gloriously cheesy, but what song isn't? "god save our gracious queen"? come on. >> this is an interesting point about patriotism because it is viewed as corny. but people -- men are happy to immerse themselves in pop culture. i spent in a half an hour reading "mad men" plot points and getting interested because i i didn't understand last night because i was drunk when i was watching it. that's okay, but being sentimental about your country is somehow embarrassing.
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>> go ahead. >> did i make a point? what i am saying is people are more interested in importing their emotions into something meaning less than something meaningful. no? >> no, i don't quite -- >> all right, let me clarify. >> can i clarify what you are talking about? the song is terrible. i know i hate america and i was a member of a sect and that stuff aside, the point here is not about the song. it is about this horrifying principal who should be sent to guantanamo which i believe is a small island in cuba. but this is the preemptive. nobody has been offended by this. everybody is fine. but it might offend people because they are immigrants here. this is some sort of lefty kind of woman. if they are going to hear this they are going to get angry. they want to hear some song
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about ireland. i think they are all irish. >> this is the point i don't get. who would be surprised to hear a pro american song in america? how would that be offensive? >> this is great. this is a great country. the immigrants who come here love that song and they love america. the people who don't like that song would want to kill us anyway. last time they performed that song at that school they got a nice standing ovation. last time they got a standing ovation. i am all for the patriotic song. >> if america has one thing to be ashamed of it is justin -- justin bieber himself. >> he got into a loophole in nato. >> it is nato. >> you know what i love about our show? we are operating on 8% fact
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today. >> it is over rated. >> there is another fact that we over looked. graduation at kindergarten, was that what i heard? they were keeping it from it being sung by kindergarden hers hers -- kippedder gardeners at graduation? >> they prepare for a month. you know how long it takes a kinder gardener to learn those words? >> that's the whole hoopla. >> i don't get it at all. i love that there was one song that was allowed and it was "the world is a rainbow" which is factually incorrect. what are you telling kids the world is a rainbow for? it is not. a rainbow -- what is a rainbow. it is a collection of colors that happens after it rains. >> and the world is not that. >> the justin bieber song, girl are we an item? that's good for kinder
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gardeners. >> it was not about other cultures being offended. it was about her being offended. >> there was a quote that was a fine newspaper. >> it is great. and she was reprimanded in 2010 by the department of education for saying that the school that she worked at was racist. and then she followed that by saying "i am black" your previous principal was white and jewish. there are more of us coming. is this the cavalry of multi-culturallism? she seems like a sensible woman. >> why are they being so cool -- cruel to these kinder gardeners? this is a day to blow off some steam with bricks and tbliew. >> from a stupid band to the ku klux klan, should the hate clean the interstate? the kkk if that's their real name wants to take part in the georgia's adopt a highway program. a dumb idea by the way.
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how can you adopt a highway? anyway, and they are going to sponsor a one-mile stretch of road which could force a legal battle that does president -- that doesn't really want their help. it was a road side sign announcing it. klansman harley hanson -- that's his real name -- the group's exalted cyclops says they are just trying to clean up the road. quote, we have all of the members we want. it is a secluded road and it gives our members something to do. that's a good point. one law i can makers argues that it should be denied just as we would deny the request from any other hate group. for more we check in with our racism correspondent, lazy carl. >> this is why we miss all of
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the scoop. we heard about this story a couple weeks ago, but lazy carl couldn't roll over. when he does roll over he ends up smothering one of his kids. >> it looks like an over full tick. >> i don't even know what that was, but he is lazy. what do you make of this? should the kkk -- is picking up litter a privilege? >> pick up the litter and leave the sign. it is a very classy thing to do. >> that's the whole point really is about the sign. and missouri lost a similar case with the clan in 2 -- klan in 2000. >> what i want to know from them first is mr. kkk, when you say you want to clean up the ho highway what exactly do you mean. and are they going to do it in the white robes and the .y hats? >> problem solved. >> exactly. if they are going to do it, they have to be in the uniform, dan. which you happen to own.
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>> whole different variation. i have a summer version. it is sleep less. i have a nice winter one that is extra padded. >> i love your cyclops shorty robe. >> that's nothing to scoff at. jay exactly. you scr one eye. >> why don't they try to rehelp what they have done, the damage they have done. why don't they plant trees dism dism -- plant trees ? >> good point. >> here is the thing. you are a libertarian. is this protected under free speech? is there a way the state can find another angle by saying -- like what if they said this group insights violence. >> they would have to prove these particular guys were inciting violence. i didn't guess he was going to be a racist. >> you know there is probably somebody at home who is very upset. >> if there is another harley
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hanson, i apologize to you. it is protected. the missouri case which i believe is in 2000 allowed this as protective speech. look, these guys are obviously complete [bleep] heads. they are entitled to do that and they will put their stupid name on the side of the highway. >> they said they are not against any other races, but they think their race is -- >> that's the huge sign. >> they probably left 40 messages jay i used to be a big fan of "red eye" but now you have outed me. here is the big lie about the kkk having members. when i lived in eastern pa they used to try to organize a thing in a small town. one person would show up. one. there would be 20 cops and one. the guy is sending out notices to himself.
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>> i haven't heard of the kkk since like movies from when i was born. >> you wore that on purpose, didn't you? she has the hood. i am kidding. she is not really a racist, or is she? we will never really know until she comes clean on her blog, why i am not a racist .org. coming up, stories so delicious that if they were kilt 10s you -- kittens you would say they are delicious kittens and then you would eat them. are high school students hooked on aderol? yes. well, we are not going to do that story now.
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should we not praise aiming for straight a's. according to the new york times, a paper, students are
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hooked on stimulants like aderol, never heard of that stuff, that helped them study and focus during tests. it is a response to pressure over grades and college admissions. and many say they can get the drugs from friends or student dealers or fake symptoms to get a prescription from an unknowing doctor. good idea. says one boy who snorted aderol before taking the s.a.t. or sat. everyone has a prescription or has a friend who does. but are study drugs a form of cheating? students are split, but one thing is clear, more are taking them if only to stay competitive with their classmates. we asked a typical high school student to comment. >> i took aderol for a year. i went from a d minus to a d plus. >> that is quite an endorsement. if these drugs are making kids
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study longer, in the long-term what is an addiction if they are at harvard. >> the problem here is it is a two-tier system. you have an accommodating position. here is the bigger problem for america our kids minds have been turned to mush by that canadian devil, justin bieber. they were playing "glad to be an american" instead of" baby" they would not need these drugs. you have learned the fine art of red meat. nicole, do drugs give kids an unfair advantage? how is that not like going to the gym to work out? >> if everybody is doing it everybody is doing it. it is like taking an s.a.t. course. everybody should take aderol then. >> wow, i like the way you talk, young lady. you know what it is, dan, it is like an s.a.t. course.
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>> you said his name, but are you looking at me. >> you know why, bill is not there. >> dan, you have been taking aderol for many years. and it doesn't help your comedy. >> first off, i am a downer guy. how dare you? and second off, we are not seeing the real victim here, cocaine. straight cocaine. now all kids are calling it grandpa's happy powder. there is a market for this. cocaine dealers are going under. >> i like how you are always thinking about the little guy. >> i am. i am about small business. >> i don't remember the earlier question, but are you libertarian. >> yes, i am. which seems to preface every question. >> libertarianism is the way to go. it is the future. get used to it.
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if it was your kid? >> yes. take it. come on, man. take tons of it. the more you take, the better you do. the weird thing about this, the first thing i have to do is criticize the new york times who put this on the cover of the sunday times. they are 19 years behind the story. >> and it is speed. >> the other thin i want to point out, greg, is a dumb kid because there are some of the kids that are in school, but the dumb kid who takes aderol is still a dumb kid on aderol. the kid who is like getting an "a" now who was a smack job before doesn't happen. >> but his energy is energetic. >> he is selling it more. i love jello. >> he studies poorly, but he studies poorly faster, so he gets the wrong answer quicker. >> super fast.
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>> exactly. >> i didn't even know the teen aimingers were doing this. teenagers were doing this. >> where do you think i get mine? here is my suggestion. i think drugs should be legal, but they should be a reward for aging. here is my theory. the moment that a single male like myself looks weird going on an amusement park ride. i love amusement park rides because i can't go alone because people think it is weird and i am asked to leave. the moment i don't go to an amusement park alone is when they replace the amusement park in your brain. i will take this and go on the matterhorn or then i will take this and go on a tea cup. >> are you on aderol right now. >> i don't like it, don't like it, don't like. it don't like it, don't like it, don't like it. >> tonight's half time report
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is sponsored by blow dart, the projectiles shot out of a tube using the force from one's breath. thanks blow dart.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> good. >> whatever. >> obama girl won't endorse
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obama. jonathon, you said obama girl's career and obama's career overshadow each other. how do you know this some. >> i have seen things you would not believe. and i look way better and still absolutely fabulous in a speedo. most of the italian people will attest. >> well, i am going to -- yikes. >> dan you said this reminds you of back in 1980 when there was all of that for ronald reagan and it kept up. i'm assuming you meant 1984. >> yes, i did. i have been 0 for 8 on everything i have said so far today. >> there is an easy fix for that. >> if it talks about looking it up, i won't do it. >> don't screw up. >> what is the fun in that? >> you said that amber edinger, the sew bough ma girl, said she would write books.
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and then you said you think that's what she said. >> i was told when i came that it was like -- there are a bunch of guidelines. you are saying stuff that is not true. i am trying to do that. >> but bill can't get this where he is. >> he is out of the country. >> this stuff isn't going on-line. >> and he doesn't know how to work a dvr. jonathon, you ask what flossing is. it means showing off and letting people know what you've got. >> i do my flossing with my speedo. >> and also by the way known as floss. >> careful. >> still images i don't want. >> it is a bit arousing. i think i saw that on a chip n dales review.
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>> that was probably me. >> that was amazing. >> can't wait for that channing tatum movie to come out. >> i will bring my wife to that channing tatum movie. >> about male strippers. >> me and the wife. she loves that stuff. i can't stand it. >> principal bans "god bless the usa." you talked about how long you spent reading "mad men" plot points and you ended by asking if you made a point and you didn't. >> i thought i made an eloquent point when i was asked to clarify by nicole. i said as a male in your middle age, it is somehow okay to invest a lot of emotional, serious time into femoral things instead of something that matter. that's a good point. >> god bless, the usa. >> there you go. thank you. michael, you seem to be under impression that the students who are children of immigrants
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mostly hale from ireland. >> yes. >> because in brooklyn there is a lot of irish people. >> i believe it is pakistan or pack-y-stan as i like to say. and mexico or mehico and ecuador or ecuador. >> is that true? >> i don't have the exact numbers. you did correctly point out that this principal greta huh kins is a whack job. she is the same principal who in january wanted to give extra credit for not going to the bathroom. >> what? >> i remember that. >> that's true? >> yes. >> wow. they should have put that in the new york post. they mentioned she was a jehovah's witness out of no where, but they didn't mention that morrell vent bit of previous idiocy. >> should point out hawkins received some nasty e-mails about this. >> there is nothing like
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showing how unpatriotic you are and hoping aids kills all black people. >> why did you send that stuff? >> and then there is this one, n-words and their jew commi bosses -- >> why do you hate lee greenwood and america? >> it is not fair. dan, thank you for pointing out the true losers are the kinder gardeners. >> do we get extra points? i didn't go to the bathroom the whole show. >> the show is not over yet. we hand out points afterwards. kkk wants to adopt a highway. you say the clan that pick up the liquor and forget the sign. not exactly the spirit of the first amendment. >> skip the sign. just skip it. be anonymous. clean it up. >> dan, you pointed out being an exalted cyclops is nothing
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to scoff about. part of the job is to preside over the council of the sentors and write reports to the grand giant. how does that sound? >> they really show stupid names. they really were in a basement and lonely. >> you take the racism out of it and he sounds awesome. >> they are grand giants? >> it doesn't sound dangerous until you realize they are full of hate. then it sounds like a bunch of nerds who aren't going out on a friday night. >> and you want the clan to plant trees. i am guessing black people might not agree with you. >> you know, andy. there are a lot of people who are on a waiting list to adopt a highway. to get in front like that -- >> i love that it gives our
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members something to do. you can only be at the physics lab so many hours a day. >> you said it is a big lie even having members. in fact, klan membership dropped from what was reported the millions in the 1920s to roughly 5,000 today. they are doing something wrong. >> they are. >> they stopped bringing rice crispy treats to the meetings. >> the other thing is that they are completely racist. you don't get a lot of people like that anymore. >> they do say the flub of hate groups, the number of people in hate groups is actually riding, but the clan is going down. >> what is a new hate group? >> greg i will let you get at that. they need an image makeover. they need a nicer, friendlier version of the kkk. >> or maybe they are too nice and friendly.
12:38 am
the true hard core haters don't want to deal with them any smore. anymore. greg, don't mention some of the kids #r* getting aderol and making symptoms and then say good idea. >> jonathon you are obsessed with justin bieber, maybe a little too much? >> maybe a little too much. >> he needs to go away. he needs to go back to canada which i said he initially was. >> you want to see jedward replace him. >> i want michael bouble replace him. >> do you know who jedward is? >> no. >> how can you speak the queen's english and not know what jedward is? >> is it a heavy metal band. >> they are twin brits. they are are the greatest twin male creature ever to exist. >> since thing one and thing two. >> clearly one or two more reasons i left.
12:39 am
>> dan, thanks p oi nting -- .ing out the real losers are the drug dealers. >> if i have a platform i am doing it. doctors are already making enough money. >> did you one of these? i wasn't looking. >> i can't sell them out. >> by the way, about making you focus, authors including agie, green and took xenadrine which used to help their riding output. >> i know a lot of riders now that do the same thing. i am not talking about me. it is not one of those things -- i have a friend who -- i know a lot of writers do. we should stop blaming them. >> the only way for us to tell it is not you by you telling us who it is.
12:40 am
>> i really could. >> apparently this is coming from in the panel. >>- q. i if you have seen my act -- >> if you have seen my act you know i don't take it. >> you are as you said a fan of the downers. i would not guess. >> andy knows me. >> this is an interesting fact. it was approximately 10,000 words. who was doing the aderol? >> that's a good point. >> i did see a lot of weird things. >> clearly that person was on aderol. >> i'm done. >> that you are. coming up, the french open caused quite a stir this year. we have the latest scores. >> was don rickles joking about obama racist? i haven't heard it yet, but it sounds racist.
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was it racist or rickles? he was one of the greatest comedians who made a joke about comparing president obama to a janitor. says shirley mcclain, why wasn't i there, said, quote, i shouldn't make fun of the blacks. president obama is a personal friend of mine. he was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke. don't know what that means. rickles' spokesman says he is no bigot telling politico that it was a joke as were the other comments don made. anyone who knows him knows he is not a racist. he always says that. let's discuss this, shall we in the -- >> lightning roooouuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> dan you are a student of
12:45 am
comedy. it doesn't show. this probably happened to rickles many times in his life. he said i am not racist. >> so what if he is. he is not running anything. he is telling jokes. if you don't enjoy it, don't watch him. leave the man alone. he is a legend even if he is a crazy old bigot. >> here is why i find it interesting. if you saw any of the commercials about the roast it was 10 times worse. >> look, rick kills is one of my favorite comedian expiz can't believe anyone was surprised by this. >> here is the weird thing about the generational thing.
12:46 am
in the first three quarters really, really, really offensive. the last 15 minutes, no joke, in 68 it is rickles talking about how he is kidding about racism and makes a huge plea to tolerance in 1968. to think in 2012 we are accusing him of being a racist. >> at the end of he says, i love everybody. he is sweating and everything. >> nicole, what do you make of this? >> do they have pictures together? when my friends come over my house we take pictures together. >> it is all in the family type. he hated everybody. don't be such a stick leer. >> i think it belongs in another century. i think there are highways in georgia that need cleaning up. >> he is too old for me. >> the reason the joke was made makes it beyond bad or good because nobody makes those jokes. >> if you want rickles stand up, it is not -- that's the
12:47 am
way rickles' jokes are. the punch lines are good. >> here is the thing. >> i grew up on rickles. i loved cpo sharky. i loved that. and i watched the roast. if somebody else makes that joke to you then it is racist. some guy says, hey, come on over my house. we have a mop. you are going to punch him in the face. don rickles has grandfathered into this. >> he has been dhog for 70 years. >> he hates everybody. it is his schtick. >> there is nothing more funny than the oddly racist grandfather to take you to a simpler time. >> i interviewed him in 1996 or 1997. the first thing he said to me, gutfeld, are you a jew? is that the thing he said. i said no i am catholic.
12:48 am
he said, why is your name gutfeld expru a catholic? that makes that sense. and he was -- >> and he is a jew. >> i didn't know that. when we come back, we will talk about something.
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how about joey lawrence's body during the break? >> it is very hot. >> al-qaeda is now offering bounties for the heads of president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. the prize is 10 camels for obama and 20 chickens for clinton. this after $33 million for information leading to the capture of seven different al-qaeda leaders. should the president be insulted that the bounty is so little or is 10 a big deal? >> i was trying to figure this out. i was trying to figure out the exchange rate for chickens to camels. hillary clinton has more. he has 10. i don't know. i think he should be flat terred. flattered. where they come from camels are a big deal. >> you know who goes bankrupt
12:53 am
in somalia? wallet sales men. there is no curran tee. >> that's totally true. >> that could not be true. they don't have wallets. >> well then they don't have pants. >> i don't want to go to somalia. this is what they are offering? >> i don't know if it is a sign of that, but what i am going to do is claim the reward. all i want is information on the whereabouts. he is at the white house in washington. i claim my 10 camels. hillary is at the state department. i want what the actual reward is which is not 20 chickens, but it is written in the translation as 10 hens and 10. >> you translated that.
12:54 am
>> that was a good one. >> don't ask me about it. >> i just like you saying it. >> what was it again? >> i am so confused on this show. i am kidding. >> you can't stop thinking about it. >> what did you say? >> what happened here? >> we can't even do a terror story. >> it is like between the break we were talking about joey lawrence's body. >> i don't know what happened. should i move away quickly? >> i think the livestock was better than joey lawrence's whatever. >> if there was a bounty on you, i am guessing, what, five big gulps? >> that's an interesting question. the son of bar terrers i would be flattered if there was 15
12:55 am
beaver pelts. that's the range it goes for me. or maybe a wagon wheel. >> i don't know why the hate is so strong to justin bieber. he hasn't done anything but bring back the bangs. >> his dancing is so sweet. >> there is one less lonely girl. that's salina. >> my niece has pictures of him all over her wall. >> she is 47. >> she lives with you ?ie. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. why did i do that? nobody can see me. fox eye.
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i'll see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern on "the five." we have return appearances from jesse joyce. i don't know what that was. anna gilligan and joe rindaldo.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> congrats on the wedding. sorry i couldn't make it or send a gift. how was the honeymoon? >> still waiting for your gift. it was fabulous. we treated it as two weeks of one night stands which according the sex story we didn't get to means we are 14 times more likely to have a lasting relationship. >> good point. good we didn't get to that story. >> nicole, how many times a day do you watch fox news? 80? >> something about that. that sex story, i should have had sex earlier and more often which you haven't done the story, so thank you to the next -- stay tuned to the next "red eye." 32 times a day. 32 times a day i am on the fox network. >> not that anyone cares, but any upcoming gigs? >> funny you ask. this weekend i will be at the chicago festival.


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