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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 12, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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at 7:00 in the west and 4:00 in the east. good news for the 401(k), the dow up a little more than 150 points and the best man to tell you exactly why that is coming were right now. "your world," with neil cavuto, now. i have a lot of responsibility as president of the united states. i was supportive of tom and had been supportive of tom. and obviously, i would have loved to have seen a different result. >>neil: forget resting, did the president left the sparks fly over a certain fly over because if wisconsin was put in play a week ago the democrats officially lose it, today? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. a week after wisconsin recalled democrats would soon forget a president bringing it back front and center after telling a wisconsin reporter asking why he never made it to the badger report he was too busy to get to
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the badger state k now wisconsinites are asking, too busy doing right. on the friday before the election he flew over wisconsin to get to no fewer that three fundraisers in wisconsin and then to chicago where he attended three more fundraisers. something that caught governor scott walker's attention when i was with him. >> what do you think of president obama not coming here? >> his folks i guess they want to shy away from that. >>neil: and they did, larry sabato says the president actions have made wisconsin more vulnerable than ever. did he compound the sin with that excuse today? >>guest: well, no question. look, actually, the translation of what president obama said or at least what he was thinking was "we knew mayor barrett would lose and we don't want any part of it, it was radioactive." after all they could have set up
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a couple of fundraisers in milwaukee where this is plenty of money, not to mention madison. >>neil: the president might have honestly calculated, look, the same approval rating at scott walker and there are a lot of independents in wisconsin and why want to annoy or ruffle their feathers and i am still leading in the polls. i guess he cannot be that to the point, but why jinx it, so he tweeted the support to the mayor the night before which added insult to injury and now this comment, after the fact, adding still more insult to injury. >>guest: literally, he lifted one finger for mayor barrett, the finger he tweets with. that was too little too late and it was very little, at the least you cut some tv ads but some presidents will spend some capital for their party. other presidents are much more
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hesitant to do so. president obama is clearly in the last category. at least in wisconsin. it was obvious to everyone. >>neil: i can understand what he did and maybe why he did it. i now he politics works but this excuse saying "i was busy," knowing that it doesn't take the most enterprising reporter to follow what you were doing when you were in a marine one ride to get to wisconsin and that insults them anew, right? i wonder whether wisconsinites, hearing this latest excuse, get angry all over again and the five or six point lead he enjoys in wisconsin evaporates? >>guest: well, i tell you this much, losses build upon losses like victory build upon victory. a party gets moment up from a big victory like walker and
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republicans enjoyed, energize, the g.o.p. baits and demoralize democrats and their base. to say there is no impact from the gubernatorial recall election on the presidential is wrong. there are impacts. and to the extent that there are impacts, they help romney. they hurt obama. i would still put wisconsin in the leaning democrat category but it is a lot closer than it would have been otherwise. >>neil: so they will have to spend more time than they would thing, otherwise, four years ago he won the same by 14 points, right? >>guest: that is the critical decision. it is not, really, whether you are going do win or lose, if you are unsure about winning you will spend the most valuable resources you have, a candidate's time, and the money that the candidate has raised for his campaign. that money spent in wisconsin could have been spent in ohio or virginia. >>neil: good point. good to see you, professor.
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governor romney is ready to rev up the campaign bus and friday will hit six battleground states in five days, states that the president won in 2008 including wisconsin, and pollster andy smith on the governor's chances. obviously, he is on offense in states republicans lost last time, some by a good amount. is this wasting his time? how would you describe it? >>guest: well, i don't think it is wasting romney's time because it is early in the campaign and he has free rain -- free reign to go to the places and he is going to states where obama won in 2008 what larry pointed out, he will force the obama campaign to spend resources in the state. and it is especially true that some of the states he is going to such as michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, are states that in the last couple of elections have not been that close. wisconsin, perhaps.
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certainly not michigan, and pennsylvania and by coming to states like this and getting out local press and bringing the message about the committee to voters, he is forcing the obama campaign to spend resources if places they don't want to. >>neil: i notice in a lot of the states, the president's lady is half of what it was in pennsylvania and wisconsin and he enjoyed over john mccain in 2008. so, obviously, i can understand rahm governor romney feel he vulnerable but five or six points is a last points and there are other republican operatives saying governor romney you may want to nail down those states you have a better chance in, like florida, where the polls, depending what you read, show it is not quite a lock but looking better. you may want to lock that down. >>guest: i would say there is no real reason to think about locking down any state. most voters are not focusing on
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the race until september or october. what he can do in the early battle ground states, new, is point out to people that he really has some interest in this state and hopefully he will point out that the president may not have interest in this state. the compensate about wisconsin is the kind of thing that the obama campaign doesn't want to do and what the romney campaign wants to bait them into doing, to have reporters and voters asking, why isn't the president coming here when his opponent is, cog here. so, he will go to the battleground states both that he can lockdown and, also, the ones that are mother favor -- more favorable to democrats. >>neil: we know in the end this is about the electoral votes, 270, forget the millions each candidate could get, and all of those various charts, maps and all the sites, i look at them each day, i am sure you do, and you reasonable have your own, show the president has anywhere from a comfortable lead
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to not quite comfortable but good lead. some have him, well, shy of the 270 he will need and closer to that, than governor romney. does any of that change? do you get a sense any of that post wisconsin is moving? >>guest: well, having wisconsin come in to place, i think, changes things a little bit. wisconsin has been a battle ground stated historically gone democratic. i think that democrats have a natural advantage by having some very large states such as california and illinois and new york and new york in their bass yet to begin with and republicans have to put together a broader coalition of smaller states. it is the smaller states that add up and that is the coalition that enabled bush to win in 2000 and 2004 just getting over-the-top and obama won more comfortly in 2008. the electoral vote is all that
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matters. the campaign will come down to a dozen state where things will be fought. that is getting wider for, than it was in 2008 and 2004, that interests me especially michigan and pennsylvania. maybe they could come into play. i am still not is sure about pennsylvania but certainly michigan is an interesting development. >>neil: you get michigan and you are romney and you get the states that turn republican out of nowhere like indiana and virginia you could be on the way to reversing that. >>guest: starting to look better. >>neil: appreciate the lesson on this. president obama is set to take to one of the swing states, person, where he will campaign, 20 electoral votes if that state. ed henry at the white house on latest fundraising push. how is he doing, ed? >>guest: big fundraising today
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in maryland and pennsylvania, six fundraisers total, he is behind in last month as you know mitt romney jumped ahead of him, for one month, anyway, and overall the president is still having a strong fundraising tally, though, and bottom line he has been on defense about the jobs report, the weak number for may, the comment of the private sector being fine and he is going on offense with the new ad today hitting romney on debt, how much debt piled up when he was governor of massachusetts and the fact massachusetts was 47th in job creation, when mitt romney was governor and we are told the president will deliver the first junior economic speech of the general election in another battle ground: ohio. that is thursday a chance to frame competing visions with romney on how to create jobs. a few moments ago at one fundraiser in maryland the president stepped up the attacks on romney. he does not always name him but he did this time and went after him on jobs. take a listen. >> when i hear governor romney say it 25 years in the private
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sector gives hip a special understanding of how the economy works, my question is, why are you running with the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of disaster? >> it is under clear whether that message is resonating because you just mentioned pennsylvania, and the next state the president is headed to, 20 votes and look at this poll: the president right now won the state by continue points in 2008 and right now he is leading romney in the new poll by sex points but still has the lead. on the question of who could better handle and do a better job on the economy, romney leading the president by eight points and look at this, which has to worry the white house, on the question of what independent voters thing whether romney or the president would do a better job handling the economy, romney has 17 point lead among independents on the issue of the economy in pennsylvania. that is one of those markers, a signal, perhaps, when you talked about how can romney turn around the electoral map, in a state
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that has signed safe for the president, pennsylvania, the economy is struggling and you may see the independent voters start to turn to romney but that obviously is something the president is in that state to see that does not happen. >>neil: the president is speaking in pennsylvania tonight, and we will cover it, like, tomorrow, because we are live at 8:00 p.m. on finance tech fox business network and speak with rick santorum, and what he is planning to do to help governor romney close the gap if that state. and win that state. think it can't happen? some pollsters and i trust, randy bhirdo, -- rick santorum might disagree. we are this covering it like. forget the tower of pisa, now italy is leaning toward something else. are we all going to pay the piper as a result?
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>>neil: austria's prime minister says italy is ready if a bailout, the leader of italy saying not so after spanish banks got $125 billion lifeline. it is not enough. we talking more than half a trillion for europe alone. when is enough, enough? and melissa francis has had enough. her new show is on fire. we will talk about that in a second, but, first, lack of money in europe. what is happening there? >>guest: you say when is enough, enough? i don't have my check yet. everyone is getting a bailout but it will not end. how could it? we are looking at countries where suddenly it looks like credit is suddenly drying up.
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you see the yields blow out, and suddenly no one can borrow money overnight banks have a hard time borrowing money and that is when the overriding government has to come in and save the whole system whether it is the e.u. or the imf. >>neil: is this a pattern? you guys give us money everything will be well. do you have relatives who borrow money, you give them money and they come back, i need a little more. then a little more. and better part of valor is, i love you dearly but it has to stop. >>guest: that would be nice. i am not sure we can do that. two things they have to do. once you give someone money they have to straighten out who is paid back first because that is the biggest concern and something we see going on in spain. in italy, they are saying, well not other money comes in and the old debt is paid back after that, no one will want to listened you anymore if you lend on some terms and down the road it is not the same. so they have to get in order how
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they will pay people back and second, like you said, get their fiscal house in order. you have some breathing room. take a deep breath and get agod to federal government how you get out of the situation and no one does that because it is a hard problem to solve and we see the same thing not united states. the way to solve the problem is to shrink their government. if you look at places like greece, you have more and more people working to the government, and --. >>neil: one of the things, when i was there, i discovered that they are not changing in greece. they are not changing. so, whatever asuch -- assumptions we make, they are not changing. if you expect them to change, they don't. say greece leaves euro, either kicked out or they walk out. >>guest: it could be in germany's interest to support everyone for life.
1:19 pm
germany was in a position where they have so much austerity and such a strong economy and currency they could not sell anything. from an economic perspective, it is worth it to them to support them as future cushion informs. >>neil: even they are to the point to say no. >>guest: enough is enough? >>neil: i think the euro is over. ex-tomorrow on "money with melisa francis," on the other fox business network we have one of the people ready to downgrade the countries, debt and european news and ready to make news on this topic. so, before you head out there with your money tomorrow watch the show tonight and see. >>neil: you could lose it all. >>guest: yes. >>neil: that is her theme. watch me or lose everything. >>guest: genius. >>neil: not only you don't get
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it demand it, melissa carries it better, you don't get my show you will be a paw per. >>guest: it is all over. >>neil: a phenomenal show and she kicks it off. >> europe's crisis could be helping to lift america out of its own. and a realtor will explain this at 8:00 p.m. part of a new exciting lineup. melissa says and watches the entire lineup even late at night when they roll the tape. let me ask you this, if you had a chance to never, ever, ever, pay property taxes again, would you? >>guest: yes. >>neil: all eyes are on north dakota where right now voters are deciding that very issue. how will that go down?
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♪ we all need it. to move. to keep warm. to keep us fed. to make clay piggies. but to keep doing these things in the future... at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. ♪ >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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>>neil: at wall and broad stocks appreciated 162 points. there is hope we will get stimulus here. our federal reserve could do another easing, you heard about this, when they buy a lot of treasury mosts and bonds to forcibly keep the rates lower but that was enough to buoy these guys. >> in north dakota vote wees have a chance to wipe out property tacks and polls close in less than six hours. it sounds like a no-brainer but the vote is widely expected to fail. as is the property tax staying. does that worry anti-tax crusaders? >>guest: well, north carolina is an interesting story. there you had a few years ago an effort to cut the income tax, state income tax in half and the
1:25 pm
completions said, don't do that, we are going to use the revenue to fix the property taxes. oddly enough, this wasn't permanent reduction in property taxes. the legislature has begun to cut back the personal income tax 30 percent, top rate, and the corporate income tax 20 percent on the top rate, what they ought to do in north dakota is abolish the income tax because the reason why people are tenning to vote "no," and i have talked to activists they do not believe it is credible that the local property tax would go away permanently. and they know that the revenue would be replaced by state government and so the state would have complete control of all local governments of all schools and police and firemen and they are not crazy about the idea of losing local autonomy but we need to come back and look how north dakota do what south dakota has: no income
1:26 pm
states. nine states have no state income tax. no states have no property tax at the local level. that's probably not sustainable because people want local control. it is sustainable to go without a personal income tax because of all that lovely oil money they now have. >>neil: but that is it. the riches could be short-lived so they could be prematurely ripping their nose off to satisfy their face. >>guest: south dakota does not have a lot oil hundred and they do not need a state income tax. washington state don't have oil and they don't need a state income tax. state without income taxes without state income taxes grow much faster. have more population growth. have more wealth and income creation. >>neil: so it would not surprise you if this went down to defeat for those reasons and others, right? >>guest: but again we have been cutting the income tax, cutting taxes in north dakota. i focus on getting rid of the income tax.
1:27 pm
>>neil: while you are here, i wanted to see if you wanted to respond to this, jeb bush was asked about your pledge and how it handicaps republicans. >> i cut taxes every year i was governor. and i don't believe you outsource your convictions to people. i respect grover's political involvement. he has every right but i never seen any pledge. >>neil: what do you make of that? >>guest: it is odd. he hasn't been in politics if 10 years. last time he ran for office he is from florida. he comes to washington, dc, and later, in that interview, he says, i agree to raise taxes if you promise me $10 of spending cuts. that's the deal that destroyed his father's presidency. when his father set, okay i will negotiate a tax increase. his tax increase didn't leave bush senior to less spending it led to more spending and jeb said why do the same mistake my
1:28 pm
father made. so, the reason why most elected republicans in washington, dc, and why governor romney, have put in writing to the american people that they are not going to raise taxes. i don't know why jeb bush thinks promising the american people you won't raise their taxes is outsouring principles unless he has a principle he is better than you are and he can do what he wants but the principle is i will not raise your taxes. that is what romney told the american people and what most republicans in the house of representatives and senate have made the commitment to the american people, an important principles that kept taxes lower. >>neil: thank you. good to see you again. >> new numbers showing we are on the fast track to $1 trillion budget deficit. probably a lot more than that will make it four years in a row. republican senator thune of south dakota says that is four years too many. how do we reverse that? >>guest: get spending under
1:29 pm
control. fundamental. it is a spending program. >>neil: they never do, now the gang of eight is talking about maybe a mix of revenues in that tax increases and so the republican colleague might entertain. but is that likely? where do we stand? >>guest: well, what has happened in the past when you have a plan where you couple tax increases with spending reductions, the tax increases end up being permanent and the spending reductions do not get implemented because they get waived in the future. sow have to have some hard ironclad way of ensuring that we get spending cuts if place. there are republicans, probably, who are willing to discuss the issue of revenues. my own view is you can't do that until you ensure that we are addressing what is driving federal spending in washington, dc, and that is entitlement programs. we have to have entitlement reform the one thing the president has been unwilling to put on table. if you look at the year other
1:30 pm
year trillion dollar deficits what is driving that is medicare and medicaid and social security, and food stamps and those mandatory parts of our federal budget, those have to be addressed. if we can't do that we will not get the spending issue addressed. >>neil: what happens at the end of this year when all of these issues back up at the same time, the payroll tax thing, and a lot of provisions that supposedly kick in next year, the pay for the president, health care plan, regardless of what the supreme court rules. we have a lot of troubles for lame duck session to handle. >>guest: it is. it is described as a fiscal cliff and that is probably accurate. we are facing a terrible train wreck at the end of the year because these all hit at the same time. it would be a big mistake, neil in my view, to allow tax rates to expire, taxes to go up on small businesses and job creatures, in the middle of a
1:31 pm
fragile economy. and, the cbo recently pointed out that if we don't address the sequester of the across-the-board reductions and do not address the rate expirations it could cost 1.3 percent of economic growth. >>neil: well, senator, you are a key player. is it your sense the idea of tending the rates for another year and then hammering out serious reform next year is the post likely option or is this going to be one of the we 90 day extensions and we will thing about it later? >>guest: my guess is if we do an extension, the house of representatives will, before perhaps even the 4th of july, vote to extend the current rates and do that for a year so there is certainty for people out there. >>neil: but the senate will not go along with that. >>guest: not in the current composition. but my own view is, at some point, the senate will have to be forced to deal with this through and hopefully before the election rather than after not lame duck but we have to get to
1:32 pm
next year with new leadership that is willing to take on the tough challenges. >>neil: always a pleasure. now the time for commerce secretary bryson's return after suffering a seizure. how common or seizures? we are on it. [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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1:36 pm
return after suffering a seizure over the weekend that linked to at least two different car crashes, maybe more. and now, our guest says it could have been worse. much worse. what did you think, doctor, happened here? >>guest: in a seizure the activity of the brain goes out of whack and you get lightning bolts like all over and you move your arms up-and-down, and you lose your urine, you may vomit, you will lose consciousness. and there are smaller seizures that cause you to stare in space and that is called a petite seizure. but the kind i think he had is a major seizures. here we have a tumor and all the dark stuff around the tumor, the swelling you get, pushing this side of the brain over, and what it is doing is irritating the nerve cells, the swelling, irritating the nerve cells and
1:37 pm
causing them to dysfunction. probably the most common cause in this age group is a stroke. which i have a picture of. when you get bleeding in the brain and that causes the brain to become irritated so the premise, anything that gets the britain irritated, it could be too much alcohol. or low blood pressure. >>neil: it does not have to be a tumor? >>guest: someone over the age of 60 with the first episode of seizure must rule out a brain tumor. he is 68 years old. >>imus: he gave a speech and some people described as me an -- meandering. is that a sign? >>guest: that is more hopeful that it was a stroke, it could have been the beginning of a stroke that causes gradual location of oxygen. that is a good sign. it does not exclude a tumor. >>neil: but it would manifest itself like this in a couple of
1:38 pm
car accidents michigans from each other. >>guest: after this you are so tired you cannot keep your eyes open and you could be irrational and not think clearly so it is plausible he could have continued to drive although he should not and he konked out. >>neil: the people involved in the accident helped him get out. he hit them. backed into this and hit another car. >>guest: he did not know what he was doing g he had a seizure because of a stroke i would think they would keep him another day or two. >>neil: what do you make of the fact that they sent him to washington? >>guest: he has something serious in. >>neil: you liken it to the ted kennedy incident? >>guest: he started with a seizure and four days later he is diagnosed with a brain tumor. >>neil: hope we are wrong on that. >>guest: we can hope that it is a stroke. that is the better scenario. >>neil: that is better? >>guest: it will get better and it will heal because it can
1:39 pm
usually be treated. >>neil: in the meantime forget washing our mouth out with soap a massachusetts town that will have you opening your wallet every time you curse. forget packing your car if harvard yard, you mouth out when they ticket you it will so cost you. especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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>> you should be grateful. down on your [blank] knees. >> i didn't know it was such an honor to get a visit from you. >> you are getting me for nothing you limit [blank]. all if that scene took place in massachusetts, joe pesci would be coughing up serious cash because the residents instituted a fine for public profanity. each offense is $20. is it legal? we will ask the judge. is it legal? >>judge napolitano: in a
1:43 pm
word "no." you can use foul language in public and you can use it in private because it is protected by the first amendment because the supreme court said so. including a case involving the very worried he use which we would have heard if you did not beep them out. >>neil: that was protected speech? >>judge napolitano: yes. new jersey you were responsible for the degrading of our nation. >>judge napolitano: a case i represented after i live the bench, a very famous basketball coach who used the f word toward a reporter who asked a question he did not want to answer much the court ruled that word is an intensifier, it is part of our language, and it can be used with impunity in public. i suggest to you that the massachusetts supreme judicial court will rule the same way the
1:44 pm
first time someone is fined. >>neil: we were saying at fenway park they could balance the budget of the state of massachusetts in one game. in one game. >>judge napolitano: don't the police have better things to do than go after police for this? >>neil: i am not a prude about this but with little kids and there are some words that even though with entertainment is fine but with little kids, is it necessary? >>judge napolitano: it is not necessary. do not involve the police. do not involve --. >>neil: they will not listen if you go to gone way, as i have and i say if you would be so kind, my good friend --. >>judge napolitano: did you actually say that. >>neil: no, the profanity behind me. there is no protection for that. that is the way it is. >>judge napolitano: being an american, you can say what you
1:45 pm
want, where you want, how you want and the government cannot punish you. >>neil: this is a slippery moral sleeve. >>judge napolitano: i am fine with keeping the government from the slickry slope of punishing me saying things i don't want to hear. >>neil: you are so ... i will not say it. good news for the folks at the airports. the new patdown smack down. guess who will pat you down, now? [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>neil: the t.s.a. giving an okay, just approving private screeners to come on in san francisco international airport. this is a junior win for my next guest who has been pushing for
1:49 pm
this for years. how transportation infrastructure committee chairman, joining me now, congressman, good for you. what can we look forward to, there, that we may not have enjoyed up to now? >>guest: well, when we started out we had two bottles. private screening under federal supervision. all federal. and when private screening came into play and airports were allowed to choose it, t.s.a. and the obama administration closed it down. so, we have a model that works very well. it does a better job as far as performance, customer service, common sense approach so congress revolted when they closed it down. we pass add law, the president signed it in february. and, now they must accept the application and the first one was accepted yesterday in sanford, florida, which will launch a new era in screening.
1:50 pm
>>neil: what do you mean a whole new era? they don't like this whole process. what will be different? or better? >>guest: we will try to get t.s.a. out of the human resources and personnel business. and into the security business to connect the dots. they created a huge bureaucracy that feeds on itself looking for things to do, harassing grandmothers, and veterans and wrestling children to the ground. that is not what you have to do. the united states is the only country left now, borrow mania and bulgaria and poland, that has all government system. so, we can do it better, better performance at lower cost. >>neil: i am sorry, congressman, what are they doing differently? >>guest: again, the whole operation will be quite different. you will have a thinking system. we want it risk based. to be targeted going after bad guys. not, again, having people that
1:51 pm
are hired from the top of pizza boxes that given the badge and this new role. >>neil: does that mean you are going to be profiling in what are you going on do? >>guest: a whole different approach. we are not trying to harass the average american. we need to convert this now to risk based system with t.s.a. concentrating and focusing on intelligence, on security setting up again the parameters of which we do this. >>neil: it sounds like it is going to be a faster line. >>guest: faster and a thinking line with a little bit of common sense to it. we can do a lot better. there are other models in some countries that have experienced we tough terrorist activity. so, the first step was getting t.s.a. out of the bureaucracy business and human resources business of the and this is the
1:52 pm
first step to reforming it. >>neil: look forward to seeing how it stands out. thank you very much, mr. chairman. trash the bashing, both sides getting that advise. . our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. the president needs to get in touch with what is happening in the private sector, what is happening with middle income families. >> from the stimulus bill that brought us solyndra. the most antibusiness, anti-investment, anti-jobs administration i think i've ever seen. >> the president fails to understand the basic nature of free enterprise in america. >> the president putting out that spending fire. he has been feeding it. >> simply not up to the task of solving a great economic crisis. >> neil: now, my next guest has a message for governor mitt romney. you can't just rip the president. gretchen hamel says you have to give voters a new game plan.
1:56 pm
gretchen, good to have you. i guess the typical view of a challenger in any race, with an incumbent overseeing a dicey economy is just make people aware how dicey it is and stand back and let the bomb slide. you say it won't be enough. why? >> i don't think it will be enough. this election has to be about a referendum on president obama. that is normally what the presidential elections are about, especially with the sitting incumbent president. is it a referendum on his record or a choice? if this becomes a choice, it doesn't look good for mitt romney. so he needs to make this a referendum on the president. having said that, the american people right now want to hear solutions. they want to hear he can work with the other side and he can bring this economy back from the brink of basically collapse we're looking at now and offer some real bold solutions. >> neil: let's talk about what you think some of the solutions are. he has outlined some things, tax cuts, extending and you argue he has to bullet them
1:57 pm
one-by-one. the first one is jobs. focus on jobs. explain. >> he has to focus on jobs. that is the top concern for the american public. the labor force is at 30-year low. number of people working. that is a key concern to everyone. if they're not working, they can't afford the goods and services >> neil: if you simplify a jobs plan, what do you say? >> that's the beauty of herman cain. the 9-9-9 plan. we don't know what it is in it but it was able to remember. and romney put out a 57-pliant in the primary, but nobody is talking about it and nobody knows what is in it. >> neil: he has to keep it simple. the same with government spending and you say the more the government spends more it hurts government. right? >> exactly. we released a poll today to show that the american pub
1:58 pm
slick aware the economy is down because the government is spending more. they feel like they are having an impact on the economy. he needs to outline key things to do there. look, you got to look across this greece and the other countries looking at a potential crisis. this is a crisis we can prevent at home. >> neil: you talk about streamlining the government and that sort of thing. one plan that the government asks is to cease all regulation. we had step aday. he would stop that and prompt immediate moratorium and review ones that are bad. how effective would that be? >> this is something we know to be effective. the american public sees the regulation and how the american government is becoming a hindrance in their lives. this is a reason that president obama has been talking about it as well and has over the course of the last few years. talk is one thing. action is another. this is something that he can show really quickly that he can do something on. and make some changes.
1:59 pm
make some sweeping reforms that the american public will feel and the economy will feel as well. >> neil: finally on healthcare, i know this might be a moot point if the supreme court shoots us down or the mandate provision in it. i don't know if it's a dead issue. his big kenard is that the other side will say hey, look, you did the same thing in massachusetts. if this goes down, you all go down. how does he deal with it? >> he can't get caught flat-footed. same with all republicans. they are quickly going to come out and say depending on what the decision is, but they will say repeal, repeal, repeal. now, that is not a solution that the american public wants to hear. they don't want to hear great, maybe you want to repeal it. yes, there are bad parts to it. but the american public knows that healthcare has to be dealt with. the majority aren't satisfied with it, so you have to say you're for something on healthcare. >> neil: gretchen, good points all. thank you very


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