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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 12, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the most powerful name in news go, to greta and join the conversation, i'm sure have you a lot to saichl we'll see you soon. ate on what romneys to counter that on the new threat at 8:00. us. >> greg: hello, i'm the chatty chicklett greg gutfeld. the greek with mystique, andrea tantaros. he is saltier than a winter road in buffalo. bob beckel. he gave up pop flies and neckties. eric bolling. she is america's pez dispenser, dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 a.m. in bill hemmer's crawl space. the show is packed tighter than walgreens on prom night. let's do this america. ♪ ♪ >> greg: when you lose amber, you lose america. the obama girl. who told the "daily caller"
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her infatuation with "o" is over. she says she's not as excited as i was the last time. amen. the model/sack tres you/girl who never called me when she said she would shot to fame after appearing in this video. ♪ ♪ ♪ i got a crush on obama >> greg: those were crazy times. even amber admits it was a roller coaster ride now. that the luster has faded she is reconsidering the man she thought she knew. she says i'm not sure it's anyone who i am voting for this time around. stop at the sober realization, we have all been there. late morning regret over choices made in the heat of passion because it was exciting, cool and you wanted to be liked by all. that is what an obama vote was
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about. gain approval of the cool kids. a decision mistakenly seen as darrelling. if you overlook obama's cool factor it made you way cooler than any flash in the pan with the tan. we wave bye-bye for amber who fell for the symbol of the modern era. the "o" she embraced was a zero. easy mistake. they look alike. bob, this could be the biggest blow to the obama campaign yet. should he step aside and let hillary run? >> bob: probably should. first time i have seen this woman. good looking. outside of that, you know, you say about the millenials, abandoning obama. but the m millenials, they vote for obama in every poll. i don't buy the notion. i don't know who she is. wanted to get famous with the videos. she just got famous with me. outside of that, it's a false
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symbol that all around the table with the exception of me are used to using. >> greg: i said millenials are voting for the wrong reason. this could be devastating to president obama. >> andrea: i thought when he lost motley crew guitar nikki six he had hit rock bottom. i have to say this is rock bottom. i'm shocked. i thought that girl had such good taste in men when i watcheded her original video. so surprising. not surprising that bob is drooling right now every time we show a picture. >> bob: she has good taste in men? >> andrea: i'm being facetious. >> dana: it's ruse. i think she does a comeback video in october. october surprise will not be policy, it won't be any like foreign policy offense. she will support him. >> greg: i'm a sucker.
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suckered me into her plan. eric, have you reached out to the obama girl to comfort her in any way? >> eric: i interviewed her on "follow the money." i think she is in l.a. >> dana: hannity had her on. >> eric: we do the line. hey, it's me. pick up. she is trying to gain fame. she hasn't been in the spotlight for a while. probably vote for him again. she seemed like she was going to. >> greg: i believe this is a metaphor for the casual political consumer. she thought it was cool and now she is over him. move to obama campaign -- you are looking forward to this? radio ad targeting african-americans. 60-second ad entitled we've got your back. let's roll some of this, please. ♪ ♪ >> four years ago, we made history. now time to move forward and finish what we started together. we have to show the president we have his back. >> we can't afford to spend the next four years going
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back. i am running to make sure by the end of the decade, more citizens hold a college degree than any other nation on earth. ♪ we've got your back >> greg: is that not the smoothest ad you have ever heard? >> bob: i think it's smooth. i have your back. behind your barstool every night. the idea he targets african-americans who he needs a big turn-out from. he will win percentages as big as last time. there is no blacks that are going to vote for mitt romney. >> dana: black mormons. >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: black mormon may. the three in that church may vote for him. going after the constituency, romney went after hispanics. did you make a big deal out of that? of course not. >> eric: are you saying romney is his spannic? >> bob: no. he ran hispanic ads. it happens all the time. what is the point here? >> eric: but he is going after the african-american vote.
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>> greg: i like the music. i like the vibe. >> eric: is there a reason? pew did a poll saying support among african-americans for barack obama is going down. >> dana: everybody. >> eric: now 88%. gay marriage has been an issue in the obama campaign. >> dana: i think unemployment is the bigger issue. general disappointment. i think the likely voters will likely vote for president obama again in a re-election. they know there is not as many across the board. enthusiasm. across the board in every plight. they are figuring out -- they have an analytics department to figure out how to segment the population. just one of those things. >> andrea: i don't think it's that big of a deal. if i were running to office and there were greeks to shore up, i'd smash a few plates and oopah at the end of an ad. what is wrong were that? i think the timing is suspect.
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this is a base shoring up ad. you would do an ad to get out the vote. there is a web site focused on african-americans that says this is early for him to do. as eric points out, he must be sensing a little problem with the demographics. >> eric: another poll, i apologize, i'm not sure if it's pcp or pew. in today in north carolina voters, 87% support barack obama. now it's down to 76. something happened in one month. something happened. >> bob: i think the gay marriage issue hurt him among african-americans. this is ally depent on the organizerorganizers in each pre. they're not getting the organizers. do you think that african-americans will vote for a church that denied african-americans until 15 years ago?
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c'mon. >> greg: that is almost as ridiculous as the kkk member being in the democratic party. oh, wait, that did happen. is an ad supposed to say the candidate has your back? i'm confused by who has whose back here? shouldn't he have america's back? >> andrea: that is the problem. he has broken our back. >> eric: he has a grat voice. 'canes is the other act is surprise. >> bob: has romney been to black event? >> greg: i'm sure he might know some black people. >> dana: has president obama been to my house -- >> greg: was he in a fundraiser in philly? >> dana: i have no idea. >> andrea: he made promises
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to everybody. unemployment for blacks is double the national average. he has problems. they are not all going to come out and vote. >> dana: what would you say about someone saying president obama going to reverend wrigh wright's church. >> bob: what did i say about the mormon church? >> dana: they had a policy about black people that changed in 19 whatever it was. so would you say the same is true for someone white to say i'm not voting for him because he went to reverend wright's church? >> bob: it hurt him that way in the last election. >> greg: i am transfixed by the clowny mug. have you seen this?
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>> bob: this is one of my proudest possessions. what it says is some of you ought to listen to. proud to be a bleeding heart liberal. >> greg: coming up, household wealth takes a nose dive in the united states. what do new yorkers think about the been a on curse words in massachusetts? andrea got an earful. if you leave now i will never write you another love poem on your bathroom mirror in lipstick. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." president obama is still clinging to the idea that the private sector of the american economy is doing fine. but sop new data released by the federal reserve shows american households lost 40% of their wealth between 2007
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and 2010. that is not good news for american families. i want to go to you first on this. whose fault is this? >> the federal reserve important. they did the study. 2007 was prior to obama but smack dab in the middle of the recession. we lost 40% of household. a lot of numbers. we lost $7 trillion worth of our homes in america. 2.5 trillion in stock market wealth. go to the number. misery index. this is inflation plus unemployment. president obama currently at the second worst of all presidents since this came up. second to president carter with a 16% index. president obama exceeds 12%. george bush was around 7.5%. bill clin top was around 7.5%. obama still has -- >> bob: the misery index
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only goes to -- >> eric: it's 160. >> bob: obama in 2007? >> eric: no. prior to obama. >> bob: so the last years of the bush administration and first of the obama administration, right? >> eric: hmm-mm. >> dana: we are talking about housing. the elephant in the room. the theory to let it go. president bush before him came up with programs to help the homeowners and help him hold on longer. so forget wall street. people in their homes that don't have government jobs don't feel fine so their misery income is up. the household income is down. they aren't using money to go on a luxury vacation, perhaps that is good but a ways to go to get to the bottom. >> andrea: the stimulus was supposed to make the wildest dreams come true, right?
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checks and everyone was supposed to have the goodies from the stimulus. it didn't happen. >> greg: speaking of spin. obama treats the economy like i treat my new shirt. i put it in the -- i always put it in the wrong cycle and it comes out, went from a large to medium. >> dana: now it fits. >> greg: that was completely -- >> wow! >> greg: she swore at me in the break. i have a graph that shows you the difference in the net worth in america. can we have that? maybe not. on the left, that was the net worth before obama. [ laughter ] after obama that is the net worth. [ laughter ] >> dana: somebody put me in a drier when i was little. >> bob: in the break, dana who never says a swear world called you an a-hole. >> dana: america agreed. >> andrea: if we were in
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massachusetts we'd fine you $20. >> dana: gladly. >> bob: this is about the housing crisis. democrats started this and the idea is a nice idea everybody should be in a house. but not a good idea for people who never should have been in houses in the first place. this is a big part of it. >> eric: at the end of the year if the bush tax cuts expire the misery index will explode. they will go from $50 million extension to 35 and up to 50% and people will get rocked. >> andrea: the "wall street journal" reports there is more bad news. baby boomers are likely to get less money from the parents. baby boomers banking on getting money from mom and dad.
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now they have to pay for the mom and dad healthcare. didn't we see it coming? we saw this coming and we knew baby boomer would be huge. >> bob: i inherited debts when my parents died. put it this way. there was a figure, $7 trillion they would inheri inherit. no other generation inherited money from the priest generation at all. >> dana: this will take a few years to start accumulating wealth because of the situation they are in. the baby boomers are selling their house. there is no one there to buy the home. they look at the 401(k) that has come back. the financial insecurity is high and misery index across generation is so high. >> bob: i am not leaving my
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kids any. >> andrea: you hear that, alex? i never inherited anything. what did you inherit? >> andrea: listen, money bags, beckel. coming up, bob beckel will make a case that president obama is getting rougher time from the press than any incumbent in mod earn history. believe me. this is worth sticking around for. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> bob: i have been taking heat all day about the next segment. what do i care? i take heat every day. i contend that the president of the united states today is taking much worse press than the predecessor. both of whom ran for re-election. let me bring up a graph here. this is the week of the last week of 2004. this is the nay mouse "new york times" -- the right wing tell you that the "new york times" is a big, bad, commie newspaper that gives democrats a break and never nice to republicans. let me show you the bush headlines. reporting progress on iraq resolution. next one, yeah. praises veteran of normandy. front page stories.
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by the way. bush on special day greets new iraqi leader. take a look at barack obama, the same time as george bush. in the next administration. a new clash in congress on the gun case gone wrong. pressing for a leak inquiry. >> eric: wow! that is so mean i can't believe they said that about obama. terrible. >> bob: i knew you'd mock it. explain it to me. >> eric: the viewers are sitting there going what in the hell are you talking about? >> greg: the most amazing media analysis i've heard. >> eric: this morning, sent an e-mail to all of us saying listen, topic pitch. i are never seen a president running for re-election than rougher press than obama. have fair and balanced shall
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we for once. this is what you come up with? >> bob: i could have come up more. i was coming up with bill clinton and h.w. bush. they also received good press. obama is getting terrible pret. this is the "new york times." you say the mainstream media is in his pocket. they were in his pocket when he ran for election in 2008. they were good to him. now they are giving him a much rougher ride. worse than bush got. >> greg: i want to agree with bob on this. they are shielding him from the criticism. the protection racket made him a weak president. they're coddling him. i read harsher headlines in "highlights." >> greg: he gets more lover
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than stripper -- >> bob: i have known a lot of strippers and they don't get as much love as you think. laugh at it as you want. every day we beat up on obama on less evidence than here with these guys, particularlier rick. you can mock it. >> eric: one is blasting congress. not obama. >> bob: there is more negative today on the "new york times." >> greg: the criticism is he is not liberal enough. that is the criticism. >> andrea: where are the stories about afghanistan? where are stories about egypt that has fallen in the hands of the muslim brotherhood that he supported? a lot of press hi gets now is of his making. >> bob: you want to go on the record saying he supported mubarak; is that right? >> andrea: bob, how many democrats took to the airwaves
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and said this is a glorious day, this is wonderful? the same people that criticized -- >> bob: how many republicans did? >> andrea: look what happened. the muslim brotherhood -- >> bob: that is obama's fault? this is my point. we sit around and make obama the fall person for everything that happens. >> dana: if i could say one thing. >> greg: no. >> dana: when he ran for president in 2008, there wasn't a lot to go on. in terms of his background and experience. now there is a record he has to defend. after a while, some things are indefensible. like the leak thing or the economy. you are dealt a set of cards and you have to play them. the "new york times" editorial page were 100% against bush except for on africa.
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president bush expected bad press. obama never has. >> bob: have you seen these things on the news? bring up three things about obama. general motors and ford net income in 2012, 2.7 billion. in 2008, negative $3.2 billion. the counsels normal 2004, 12.141. now up. health insurance, 18- to 24-year-olds. this is up 2 million without 2012 put in there. under the bush administration. >> dana: what are the gas prices? >> bob: have you seen the storys? >> andrea: there were three times negative gas stories when george bush than president obama in office. >> bob: you never see the stories for obama. you just listen to the five and hear all the neg thy things. i don't think it's right. coming up -- i'm not beating up on the show. what do you want? i got one segment in, in the
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year we've been here. coming up, one public high school in new jersey spends $100,000 for kids. details on that. parents are blocking to catholic school schools in somet of the country. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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five." ♪ ♪ 'canes education, a hot topic about america, because everyone has kids and have to send them to school. what kind of school are you going to send your kid to? how much is the state going to put toward the education? a whopper of a story in new
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jersey. the central regional intermediate and high school -- terrible name -- in seaside park, new jersey. they spent $112 per student -- i thought that was odd. $112 per pupil which is like three times what somebody would pay at harvard. the governor of new jersey, chris christie and his school's chief, i'm sure they would want the situation more in balance. as a new jersey resident can you explain what is going on down there? >> eric: no. i can only point out that seaside height and seaside park -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: i was doing the research on this and i was like i can't figure out why it cost dollars 112,000 per student. >> bob: the total number of students in the town are 40. there is more than that in the summer.
11:38 pm
the way new jersey works out, what you pay another town to take one of your student is based on your property tax. this has enormously high property tax, seaside park. when they send the kids to regional school like they do. charge them $112 to send kids over there. it's not right. that's what they do. >> andrea: a flawed formula. real estate on the beach in new jersey, five, ten, $25 million homes and they are paying property tax 12 months a year. the formula is skewed. those in the beach town, they have to fork over the money. which seems like a big waste. >> bob: this is not permanent residents for these people. i don't think it should be based on some place that is not your permanent residence. >> dana: do you think they get what they are paying for? >> greg: that is a great question. you would probably know better because you went under cover there as a fifth grader. >> dana: last week.
11:39 pm
i went to the moving up ceremony. it was great. >> greg: this is a ridiculous thing. close the school down and send them to gitmo. >> dana: because they have a new soccer field. some parents don't a choice where they will send the kids to school. that is changing. i read an article how some states are changing the policy on vouchers but also just a resurgence of people wanting to send their students to catholic schools. what do you think of this? >> eric: i love this. i'm all for the voucher system. catholic school need it. they have had declining enrol enrollment. the voucher system allows people to have access to catholic education. >> dana: look at the reading
11:40 pm
and math numbers. they are slightly better. parents like that. in reading. you can see there. also in math. >> eric: catholic schools on the top. >> dana: sometimes in urban environment that is the best solution to get your kid out of a school. >> greg: if you imagine exercise red and blue schools. one is liberal and one is conservative. the liberals would be liberal while sending kids to conservative skills. it happens now. sidwell friends. liberal politicians whose kids go to private school. if you're against voucher the kids should go to bad schools. >> andrea: this administration talks about fairness. fairness. the fair thing is get behind voucher. it would give every student the opportunity, religious education to go to a private school.
11:41 pm
if you are a school why try to be better? >> bob: i think vouchers for schools that failed is a good idea. it has happened in a lot of places. most places they use vouchers in inner city school. with a history of failure. if you make everybody available for vouchers it hurts the public school system. >> andrea: why? >> eric: or make it better. >> bob: i'm not sure. >> andrea: if the school district depended on the money and salaries you can bet that school would up the game to get that money. >> bob: most schools are good cools. taking the best students away from them -- unless they're in a failing school system. if you watch d.v., take them out of the school that fail. there are a lot of schools to go to. they put the emphasis on
11:42 pm
religion than they should. >> greg: why, because they're catholic? >> dana: we are in agreement oon "the five." coming up, high school valedictorian gave a speech in spanish and eric bolling will talk about it next. ♪ ♪ tt
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♪ ♪ >> eric: [ speaking spanis spanish ] is that annoying to you? that is how the valedictorian delivered the commencement address in spanish only prompting controversy. but do you care if the vac dick attorney whose name is saltello gives the speech in english or spanish? >> bob: is that how you talk
11:47 pm
to drug lords about? i followed that and you said we'll bring the guns to you next week. this doesn't bother me at all. i tell you why. he offered to do it in english and spanish and the school turned him down. the saludatorian gave her speech in english. most were in english. it don't have a problem with it at all. large spanish population. >> eric: it's in central california, according to the u.s. sentence has 66% white. 61% of the population falls themselves at least hispanic. >> bob: but not the school. >> the town of newman, california. >> bob: the school has spanish population. >> eric: i'm sitting in the audience and i don't speak spangish, maybe i get annoyed. >> andrea: this is a little bit annoying if you are there an you can't understand. a lot of hispanics don't speak
11:48 pm
fluent spanish. if you keep insular groups. i don't know, english a dominant language. it speak spanish, we did it on our own. i think it's time an place for language classes. >> greg: i couldn't disagree with more. english is not the main language in america. we are talking about esparanto. he should have done it in esparanto. unvery sauniversal language. i did it at any commencement address. i was thrown out because i was naked. but still it was a universal language that brought people together. >> eric: can you give us a little -- >> greg: ya ma, ya ma, hia hiati. >> bob: can i have another bottle of wine? that is what that was. >> dana: he can do whatever he wants. it's not like he can't speak english.
11:49 pm
he was the valedictorian. some people do something idea, they're naked under the robs. >> andrea: those naked understood their robe get jobs on talk shows like shows like "the five." right? >> greg: absolutely. >> eric: this is a sound bite about a woman from south carolina, south florence, high school. she cheered too loudly for her daughter graduating. take a listen. >> i was just like to a, i can't argue with the police. are you serious? i didn't do more than the others did. i feel like no one should have went to jail. >> eric: your thoughts? >> andrea: i love her. hoot and holler as loud as you want. in this day and age to have
11:50 pm
your kid graduate, go. >> bob: in south carolina. >> eric: that's it? >> dana: the request is for everybody to hold their applause until the end. arresting her is out of line. >> greg: we have lost the art of self-control and made self-expression in an achievement. i'm going to talk about this for an hour. >> eric: in esparano. >> greg: the more you cheer, the less you should be happy about. >> eric: one more thing is next. including a special birthday wish to great american who happens to be a former president. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour?
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well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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>> greg: weble to five. i'm over here. start with andrea. sorry, dana. >> dana: it's george h.w. bush 88th birthday. his granddaughter jenna on the "today show" did an interview with him. take a look at that. >> in his recent letter to the children, the poetic letter writer, my grandfather shares his thoughts on aging. >> as the summer finishes out
11:55 pm
and the seas get higher, the winds a little colder, i will be making notes. writing it down. leapt's not forget so i can add to the report on getting older. who knows. maybe they will come out with a new drugs to let joints hurt less, drives go father, memory come roaring back. fears of falling off fishing rocks go away. remember the song. "i'll be there ready when you are." i'll be there ready when you are. so much excitement as so many grand kids to watch grow. if you need me, i'm here. >> dana: happy birthday, president bush 41. >> bob: i want to say, i have had opportunity to meet him twice. he is one of the grandest people i know. selfless man. he is terrific. frankly, i wish that more people in politics would follow his lead.
11:56 pm
particularly in the house of representatives. >> greg: that is very nice. shame you can't -- >> dana: i know. >> eric: the year is 1987. 25 years ago. today, president reagan inherited 11% inflation. 6% unemployment. and cold war fixed them all. watch. >> general secretary gorbachev, if you seek peace. if you seek prosperity for the soviet union eastern europe. if you seek liberalization. come here to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. [ applause ] mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. [ applause ] >> eric: another great american president, another great american patriot. >> andrea: speaking of patriots. great segue, not at all. you probably have heard about the story, middleborough,
11:57 pm
massachusetts, imposed a $20 swearing fine for anyone who swears in public. so i decided to do a little face time with "the five" and i hit the streets of a city that seemingly is terminally struck with terret's syndrome. here is what they said about a similar been a coming here. how do you think it would go over in the big apple? >> [bleep] >> if nobody cursed in new york, you would not hear a word. it's taking away people's independence, their freedom, freedom of speech. >> what i can tell, everybody cusss here. >> pay a $1 for every time i cussed he would be a millionaire. >> if i stubbed my toe, i am going to use the "f" word. >> it won't go over well at all. it's [bleep]. >> [bleep] >> we have the right to free speech. we should be able to say whatever the [bleep] we want. >> andrea: by the way, while we were trying to get the interviews a number of people actually swore at me, telling me to get the
11:58 pm
[bleep] out of the road and move your [bleep]ing camera. new yorkers, i don't think they care. >> bob: all i can say is damn right. the f.b.i. released -- is it my turn? >> greg: yeah. you know what? i was going to talk but -- >> bob: the f.b.i. released data that crime is down to hisser to rick levels, lows. murder rate is down by 1.9% from 2010. property crimes are way down. a number of things have worked in out the crime and criminal justice world. but there is a story out of hea, montana. a story i used to own a ranch. west virginia man travelling across the united states gathering material for a book on kindness in america, was shot in montana. most of the people in light brown apple moth are good, god-fearing people. but a guy collecting stuff on kindness and he is shot? give me a break.
11:59 pm
another problem with uncontrolled guns. >> greg: oh, please. i bet the guy writing the book was annoying. number one he was hitch hiking. >> eric: this is a conspiracy and maybe he had someone shoot him to sell books. don't get suckered in the story. >> andrea: you're a sucker. >> eric: no kidding. >> greg: all right. >> bob: sucker to sit here every day and get abused. >> andrea: you are so kind, too. >> greg: banned word of the day. is inherited. this is sent to me from a viewer, susan baggily. she says the word has been thrown around enough. benign word that has no real meaning except to say obama didn't do it. which is true. >> dana: so he can't use the word inherited anymore? >> bob: not talking about a problem. i inherited a problem. take responsibility. >> bob: when are you going to finish with the rest


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