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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 13, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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cramble. thank you so much for joining us. and "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone. i am gretchen karlson. thanks for sharing parts of year day today. the president puts the blame on republicans who apparently dine dashed. >> it is like somebody goes to a restaurant and orders a steak dinner and just as you are sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> but even fellow democrats, warning him to stop with the message now . we look at the numbers. >> meanwhile fast and furious hearing got more hearing. >> you would leave me no alternative. >> i have no intention of
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resigning . >> grilled on two growing scandals. how long can eric holder our attorney general holder on. >> and a graduation message that most of the case couldn't understand. >> the class valedictorian gives the address in spanish. oh, boy, "fox and friends" starts now. by the way, the term valedictorian is a sore spot with me. >> why? >> i was so close and it came down the wire. >> and you sit next to me. >> did you do your address in english or swedish . >> it is not my native tongue. i did do it in english. >> that'sude odd. >> in the meantime headlines
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for wednesday. he led the police on a goose chase for three days. desmonte leonard surrendered peacefully. he is accused of shooting three people. >> there is no relief, because those boys are not coming home tonight. >> two victims killed were former university football players. they were both just 20 years old. >> a raging wildfires burning an area bigger than washington d.c.. the state could -- said it could be fall before the fires are without. officials banning fireworks for the food and fine festival in aspen and 4th of july.
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>> violence escalating in syria. russia is partly to blame. >> we are concerned about the latest information that we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria and that will escalate the conflict dramatically. that was secretary of state hillary clinton accusing russia of sending attack ept hads to help assad. goons get paid $200 to attack innocent villagers so government scorses don't take the blame. >> nothing like beer to bring people together. governor scott is trying to bring people together. >> i will put on a wisconsin
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shirt and dressed down and i precooked them. we are mixing all of it together so no one knows if they get trigs or johnsville. >> the media was not allowed inside. it is a knock out for the press. it was a genuine guesture of good will and those who attended said it was a good step to healing political wounds. >> a beer summit plus. >> and fireworks on capitol hill and senators call for eric holder to get out of there over the fast and furious gun program. >> texas senator john cornyn thinks eric holder is not independent. he called on him to quit.
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he said the president has his back. >> mr. attorney general, it is more with sorrow than regret and anger, you leave me no alternative to join those. >> i have no intention of resigning. i heard the white house press officer say that the president obama has confidence in me. i have no reason to believe that that is not the case. >> cornyn's call for holder's resignation comes after 129 congressman and three other u.s. senators and mitt romney have done the same according to the daily caller . despite all of the talk on the hill, border patrol agency briantery is still dead . the fact that the family doesn't know what happened is not okay with senator chuck grassly. >> here we are one year later and the family is still
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waiting for answers and justice. the f.b.i. doesn't have the shooter in custody and the justice department is denying a subpoena for finding out how it would. helped. >> the attorney general said he would work with congress in order not to be in contempt. >> am offering too sit down by myself with the speaker and chairman and with you and work our way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutioneral crisis. >> the house will vote on whether to indict holder with contempt one week from today. >> how he goes from that hearing and the weeky -- leak
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investigation. >> you have to wonder what job he's doing in the attorney general. most of the time we see him in that chair. hopefully he has a big staff to take care of the responsibilities of the job when he's testifying. >> the president of the united states is feeling the heat and maybe attacks that he is running up the deficit is taking the toil tollon the president. one fundraiser he said look, they are blaming me for all of this debt. it is not my fault. george bush and others fault. and he made an illusion to dining and dashing. >> the notion that we caused the deficit is just wrong. it is just not true.
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and anybody who looks at the math will tell you it is not true . if they start trying to give you facts and figures suggesting that is true. they threw all of the stuff in the cake with the tax cuts and prescription drug plan they didn't play for and all of this is baked in and all of the interest payments and somebody goes to the restaurant and orders a big steak dinner and martini and all of that stuff and just as you sit down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> sounds familiar, doesn't mr. kilmeade, have you done that. >> i can't do that by law. >> look at the numbers. the president said it comes down to the numbers and people troy to tell you to look at
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the numbers don't believe them. here are the budget deficits under president bush and president obama. going back to 2002, and then moving up to past 2008 and it took a huge, huge increase. >> the debt rose to 4.8 trillion in two terms of the bush administration. and president obama has exceeded that inly and half years it is close to 16 trillion and bush left office. it was 10 trillion. all of these bills he said was left to approximate pay. he is not submitting a budget, but the payments go a tril yen dollar over the deficit. >> he didn't seem to be concerned about the deficit when he took office. his first main mission besides closing guantanamo bay was health care. >> the democrats in the house
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in the senate and he could have had total control over reducing the deficit. that doesn't fly in the face on that party line. >> the question is, is this the right strategy. you heard it if you watch our show every day. and you are hearing the wrong stuff. is the wrong strategy according to democrats. he's listening to the speeches. he said we'll face an impossible head wind in november. life is a struggle. they meaning us . convincing them that things are good enough for those that found jobs is a fool's errand. >> how did he come up with that. >> this is the research that james carville and his partner came up with. have a polling firm call would democracy core. and what they are saying,
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mr. president, no body believes your message that the economy is getting better. you have to come up with a new narrative. people are out there and they so things economically . if they are going to do polling and doing focus groups and for them to put out a statement like that. when they asked the question who of the two men did a better job. everybody in the polling group would have said mitt romney. >> they were in the states like ohio, which we all know if you look back in historic times ohio determines who will pretty much be the next president of the united states. you heard us talk about this particular blog and website. they are tax exempt and means they should be fair and balanced. for the most part they are not. how they can changed their
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messaging in the reelection time for president obama and the number of arcticles to support the president they have surged up 60 percent of the webarticles by media matters set out to defend the president compared to the groups in 2011. >> and the daily caller did an analysis of this year versus last year. there is dave barack who heads up media matters. they have tax exempt status they are not permitted to campaign for any candidate or elected public office. when you look at facts and figures they are doing everything they can to get the president relected. >> you are probably off not knowing what it is. >> and laterno vote and an important one for the presidential election. the new york times said don't
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count on them. why? they don't vote. the so-called truth about the latino community. and chains can't stop the defendant from getting the court deputy in a head lock. we'll show you what happened next. and more political news one week after the recall election. governor scott walker hosted a bratwurst party for the republicans and democrats. i didn't go. [ boy ] come on. ♪ wait. ♪ happy father's day. ♪
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or stomach a intestine problems, such as bleeding and cers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the eldey are at incrsed risk for stoch bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> the united states latino population is surging. but according to the new york times, they are not voting.
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earlier this week times headline read. latinos develop a pattern of sitting out in election. he's name one of the top hispanic role models. morning. >> the new york times did a lengthy piece talking about how this election cycle it doesn't seem as if as many latinos are registering to vote. what is your take away. >> i was encouraged to see an elite piece of real estate an arcticle about latinos in america. i head the headline. pattern of sitting out. it was a slap in the face. the fact of the matter is quite different. it was shoddy reporting and
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bigot row from the new york times. they say we are apathetic. >> and it is not true. >> research people came out with. voting trends and here you can see change in voters turn out rates, it is actually up a bit, 2.7 percent next to the bottom line right down there. what do you think that the new york times was trying to do with the particular arcticle? >> it is a good question and i am trying to figure it out. last year's election cycles it goes from 43-45 and 45 to 47 to 50. and one of the things they left out. 57 percent of the latino population can't vote by law. 35 percent are too young under the age of 18 . 22 percent here legally
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residents but not u.s. citizens . 50 percent of the remaining 43 actually vote. what is the new york times up to? probably to shape the tree to get more people to register to vote because they know that 83 percent of the latinos that do vote or register vote. >> one other part of it in this arcticle. you can blame in part the republicans because they are pressing for the voters id things to square people away. >> it is two things. mitt romney wants remarks part hide like conditions for illegal immigrants so they are induced to self report. that is true. he completely leaves out what president obama is doing. 1.2 million undocumented workers have been deported and there is 25,000 kids, young kids that are american
3:20 am
citizens because they were born in this country, they come home from school. where is mom and dad. they disapored and they are wards of the state . the hispanic community is upset for the president for doing that. >> sir, thank you for your comments. >> you're welcome. >> 20 minutes now. should americans get special help if they want to start a business? that is the now pitch. president shipping blame to now europe for america's economic woes. does the buck really stop in berlin? we do fact checking. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon
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>> got quick headlines for you on wednesday morning. a courtroom brawl in kentucky caught on cam rampt an inmate rushed the bailiff and the judge pushed an emergency button . the inmate faces escape and salt charges on top of his original rap. but now he's been on tv. dramatic video out of oregon. u.s. coast guard lost in the roads and used a chopper before getting her to safety as you can see right there. >> gretchin? >> why is the american economy taking so long to recover in
3:25 am
>> president obama is shifting the blame to europe. >> europe is facing a new threat of recession as the countries deal with a financial crisis. this matter to us because europe is the largest tradinging partner; the steps to make a difference right now. steps that can serve as a buffer in case the situation in europe gets any worse. >> but does the buck stop in berlin. we'll ask the ceo of speakerman media. >> we miss you in dallas. >> i loved living there y' all. what do you think about the whole tactic that europe is influencing the american economy? >> first of all you noticed there is no leaks of top secret discussions of the economy. because it would be embarrassing. unfortunately we have an administration that seems to be on a constant search for
3:26 am
scapegoats and now it is europe. one of the few bright spots we have had on the economy is exports to europe. they have gone up. but the european economy thus far has had next to no pact won't unless there is a full-scale collapse it is one more part of the blame game and i say the blame game is lame from the obama administration. >> we trade with canada, mexico and japan more than any european nation. to say that we are not connected at all is not accurate. but europe moves when they move is not accurate either. >> no, there is something ironic about the president crediting the credit and blaming europe for the economic.
3:27 am
europe is us a preview if we continue with the policiesful. massive government debt and crushing unemployment and you know, stagnant economic growth. that is what is going on in europe and because of the status policies that president obama's embarked on. he wants to spend six trillion more in the next decade than governor mitt romney proposed. it is an opportunity for us to say we don't want to go where europe is. >> that's what i was going to ask you. there is a connection between wall street though and what happens in europe because of the world bank situation . we do see impact of what is going on in europe sometimes in the stock market, right? >> again. if there were a massive financial collapse, it would affect us here, but we've seen
3:28 am
the asian debt crisis in 19nen and our economy kept doing great. even when we had the stock market crash in 1980 under president reagan our economy started to boom . this is bringing us to the blame game which is the congress. under president reagan he had a democrat controlled house . he had a worst economic crisis. we may have had the worst financial but not economic. under president reagan it peaked. and by the time president reagan was under president obama we were growing fast . so blaming is not the solution. >> thank you so much. >> glad to be here. >> joining us from texas . coming up straight ahead.
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>> very nice name for betty white who met with the president in the white house. meeting the president of the united states. president obama invited betty because she is great with animals. and he's having trouble housetraining joe biden. show was happy to be there. she went to the oval office, she hadn't been since president clinton. >> and some of the things we have to nod off to get our six hours. >> yeah. what we learned yesterday. that was uplifting. >> going to seven. >> good luck on this schedule . j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon
3:34 am
faces lawmakers today over what caused the trading blunder. dimon apologize said employees were making trades they didn't understand. he claims it was an event. and no taxpayer money was at risk. >> it was a frantic call that sent the coast guard on a frantic mission. >> 21 souls on board. three deceased on board and nine injuredd because of the explosion we've had. i am in three feet of water on the bridge. i'm gonna stay by the radio until i have to go overboard. >> the hoax cast money and a reward will be begin to find
3:35 am
who gave the hoax. >> commerce department is considering to adding them to socially and disadvantaged minority groups. arab-americans will be eligible for financial assistance and other hand outs. arab-americans were not getting a fair shake. africa-american and hispanic-americans and jewish-americans qualify for this type of assistance. >> and a party that the president will not forget. george bush celebrating on the red corpet. it took place in maine. former president even joked about the one person in his life he might not wanted to see this film. >> i am glad my mother is not here. it is all about you, george. >> i have to apologize. >> it is a big day for the bushes.
3:36 am
we have a lot of happy thing in our lives and this film and having so many friends around is great. >> what was it like to see your son elected president? >> very emotional for me and very proud father. first time it's happened in the history of our country or since the adams. >> tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern on hbo. >> invite our friend jerry. >> and tell us about the sports. >> they did a great interview with their father. >> and game one in the finals of the miami heat and leading the oklahoma city thunder for the first half. all of that changes because kevin durant is younger and can jump higher . he was good in game one. he was strongg and overpowering leblon james . scoring 17 in the first
3:37 am
quarter. thunder win 105 to 94. game two in oklahoma city. history next. alex rodriguez making history when he hit his 23rd. i will not give it away. there you go. 23rd grand slam . matching the all-time record held by lou garrett who passed away. >> and soccer match. before the soccer match, we had violence between owen and russia. - poland and russia. ugly fights breaking out. poland and russia. bad blood between them. police trying to tame the crowd. the match ended in a one-one tie with poland scoring in the 57th minute. that's what is happening in the world of sports .
3:38 am
>> remember last week, i think it was friday, the president said the freist sacramentor is doing just fine. >> we created 4.3 millio jobs over the lastt twen months. over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> but, sorry . go ahead. >> but government numbers show that it is the public sector is doing fine and the recession is destroyying all of the private wealth built over two decades. fox business charles pane is here to break it down. >> every 3years the survey is done on wealth. this goes back to 2010. the trends are getting worse. but net worth from 2007 to 2010. 126,000 down to 77, 000. that is a level seen since
3:39 am
1991. a loft it has to do with the value of your homes. there is no doubt about it. there is other alarming trend and economic - income is down. and income 45,000 to 49,000. it is a 7 point. it is an 8 percent drop in a 3year period. i look at employment numbers and it is not moving up. this number can be alarming and then you look at straight of mind of this country. savings are down. in the market, retailers seem to do good. michael corins bleww the cover off. we are saving less and people are not using credit cards. you have to look at the whole pie savings is down.
3:40 am
what they are saving is changed. purchase up huge from 2004 to 2009. liquidity up huge. but we are slowing down can on retire buying a home . education. and so we are not investing for the future. what does that say about the economy where you don't invest for the future. it can't hammer for even. if you worked for someone and your network went down 50 percent . if you don't work. if you work. your net worth went from 6000 to 12,000 how do does that work. people who don't work worth doubled. >> the mod of the american mind. why are we spending and not saving as much. could it be that america thinks that someone else will take care of them. >> it is easy not to work.
3:41 am
obviously it must be. how could your net worth double while everyone's else's is plummeting. how much money is spent on making a soft landing. this is why american's vote for politicians. i think we understand that ultimately the more you avoid the hard landing the harder it becomes. and as a group of people in america. we have voted for the politician that promised us the softest landing. that is killing our markets right now. you can avoid soft landings and the more you avoidd it. the harder it gets. the mind set, gretchin. this is the scariest part of this report. bad as the numbers are. >> tipping point in the election . people who believe in getting a hand out from the government. >> this is a central issue for 2012. >> a classs val did the --
3:42 am
valedictorian gave his speech in spanish. we'll tell you what happened on a high speed chase, next. get out of the car. get out of the car. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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>> a toddler falling out of a suv during a police chase. purse snatchers. the two year old try to take a few steps and the suspect grabbed her and took off on foot. the child suffered minor injuries. and a pizza from a vending machine. the pizza technology expecting
3:46 am
to hit this year. six per pie. >> still working on pizza. ann drysdale made headlines. she was the first and only woman to ink a deal . >> success didn't come easy. she had the loss of two siblings and untimely death of her united states had. she never met an obstacle that couldn't overcome. you let some girl eat you. great title. >> good to see you. >> thank you. talking about all of your accomplishments. your book is about the sacrifice and sadness in your life as well >> i look at it as more as hope. we struggle for things it is about having dreams and people tell you you are not good enough or pretty enough and
3:47 am
you are too slow and you can't do this or not. if you have a dream you can accomplish it. >> talking about you. you are an outstanding basketball play exer playing with the boys early on the and it got difficult for you. >> i had five brothers and five sisters and my dad played in marquette. >> we had the support of our parents and the genes . we had a good work out. my brother dave played on the championship team and i grew up playing against the boys. certainly i went home and was teased but that made me a stronger person, too and made the decisions i had. >> your time in college was being. you were the first full scholarship when title nine was coming in to play. we are on the 40th anniversary of that. >> title nine. who is to say i wouldn't have a scholarship to a major
3:48 am
university. it opened the door to get an education . being in the right place at the right time. i was a sophomore when they went to olympics. and we won the championship. my senior year in u.c.l.a. and drafted in the tried out with the pacers. >> how do you feel about women's sports today. >> tennis and wnba hasn't turned a profit yet. >> wnba is better than the nba was in their caneth season. we don't compare it to the nba of today title 9 starpted a lot but there is a ways to go with gendder equity just as race. >> you have three children are they all athletically inclined. >> they played sports and don was a wonderful father. and don junior going to asu .
3:49 am
darren is in junior college and daughter in u.c.l.a.. i am proud of them. expectations of others because of who theirr parents are. and without sports you wouldn't have been able to get through tougher time. >> sports is a great teaching tool in life. no question. sports doesn't teach you character. reveals character . sports can give you so many life lessons. >> every day women come up to you and say that is my story, too. you let some girl be you was the title. >> thank you. >> and straightt ahead 111 minutes to the top of the graduation speech with a message most of the crowd couldn't understand. the class val tick -- val dick toriann gave it in spanish. >> and may man who survived a
3:50 am
bear attack. >> i was maul would by a brown. >> i can hear him huffing in the trees.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> we have another graduation controversy to tell you about in newman, california. at their commercement. that fellow right there gave his valedictorian speech in spanish and he apologized to those who would not understand. joining us is alumni which is also a valedictorian there . bill, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> doing okay . he chose to speak in spanish and wasn't out to make a
3:54 am
social statement. but he has, hasn't he? i guess he made some kind much a social statement. it was a shocking thing to me to understand why the facully actually some what encouraged that. and the student went to the principal and wanted to give it in english and spanish and they didn't have it enough time. it is unbelievable. school teaches in english. and all of the students speak student and the speech from the valedictorian is begin to the stunes and most of them couldn't understand them . hey fantastic if you are biling quul and hope they learn another language . but maybe they could have done it in english and printed it in spanish in the program.
3:55 am
>> it makes sense. why not give the speech in english and hand out in the program for anyone who wanted to so it in spanish. i recommended that after it was over and when i found out. >> the president and superintendent had this reaction as well. we could request a student deliver a speech in english but we are in a community with two dominant languages and both should be recognized according to ed felt the superintendent. >> i like our superintendent. i think he does a good job and way off of the mark on that comment. how can you wohave two dominant. most people speak english in our city . we have a large latino population like we have had since i was in high school.
3:56 am
latinos and i am portuguese . in those days we had more portuguese than spanish. my mother started school. >> i don't understand why they couldn't cut down the time issue. i didn't know there was a limit - on time limit. why didn't they cut it down and do both? >> started it in english and said a few word and gone back and finished in english. there was a lot, really made me upset, is the fact that there was a lot of people visiting the school and i am proud of the school and i was successful as were my daughters . why they allowed this to actually happen and people from out of town sitting there not understanding the speech. >> scratching their head. >> and thank you very much.
3:57 am
>> have a good morning, adios . >> democrats said a special counsel for the security leaks is not a good today. they liked the idea when they were explorg the bush administration . we'll explain. we'll be right back.
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>> hello eeveryone. wednesday june 13th. and thanks for spending so much of your day with us. america's national debt 16 trillion and counting. this year it may hit one trillion more. whose fault is it? president obama sounding a fam belt. and that is bb. blame bush. >> it is like someone goes to a restaurant and orders a steak dinner and just as you are sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> democrats telling the president he should stop that
4:01 am
message. >> and what does tv host joy beharthink of hiring private workers. she would like his house to burn down. here's the take. >> he didn't go for the win on purpose. nascar superstar jeff gordon pulling in our pit stop. "fox and friends" hour two starts right now for a wet wednesday. is jeff gordon going to be out in a race car and you are having a dual. >> 10 years it wouldn't have been close. but now, i in the top of my game and jeff is trying to reestablish. >> you make it sound like a
4:02 am
has been. that would be a great first question. >> recently when you are doing racing. >> what is new. >> what happens if you lose him? >> that's a great message for our kids. >> at any cost. that's what people see in politicings. >> there is a reason why i didn't host romper room. i had the wrong message. >> and you never said my name in the mirror. >> they never did. >> i sat there and luckily -- >> it is not my name. and even when i was that young, wait a minute, she doesn't really see us. >> you knew that? >> miss nicky was miss nancy. >> i sea see bill yetoday and gretchin. >> it is like the little license plates or note pads. they never have gretchin.
4:03 am
my daughter's name they done are. i created a radition. he led officers on a wild goose chase for three days. herer surrendered. he was charged with murdering three people near auburn university. >> some say in a case like this there is no reloaf. because those boys are not coming home tonight. > two victims killed were former university players and both just 20 years old. a ranging -- raging wildfires in colorado is larger than dc. look at this picture. the smoke can be seen more than 50 miles away. denver authorities banning fireworks. george zimmerman's wife arrest
4:04 am
jailed in the same facility . now out on bond. the judge said she lied under oath about their finances and claiming they were broke. the court documents show they had 135,000 in the bank. >> we have followed this story all week long. a principal in brooklyn, new york banned the kindergarten song because it could offend other cultures. ♪ and i am proud to be an american where at least i know i am free. well, now principal greta hawkins trying to appease them by allowing them to sing "america the beautiful". at first "god bless the usa" was going to be replaced with a justin bieber's baby. and that got the axe, too. >> this shows in america. when you continue to speak up, you can affect change.
4:05 am
don't just sit there take it. >> the kids are paying the price. >> now they have more songs than the american finale. shake your sillies out which is taxing . you got a friend in me. >> we love that song. >> the world is a rain bow. they are the osmonds? >> we had little daniel and he knew every word to "god bless the usa". >> they can only sing that after the growing up ceremony is complete . how many songs can they learn. they just learned their colors. >> a lot. haven't you gon to an elementary school concert. >> yes. i am unnerved. >> stick to the point. america has won in this battle. i don't care if "god bless the usa" or "america the beautiful". america and pay triotism won in this because people poke
4:06 am
up. >> sorry justin bieber. >> i think it is too many songs. >> a lot to go through. >> and the president of the united states, if it was tuesday it was time for a fundraiser. he had three . he went to baltimore in the hyatt regency and yesterday he did something. where he said. there are deficits . there is a lot of debt in this country, but it is not my fault. republicans ran up the tab and left me holding the bag. here's the president. >> this notion that somehow we caused the deficit is just wrong. it is just not true. and anybody who looks at the math will tell you it is not true. if they start trying to give you fact figures, suggesting that it is true, they are not telling you that they threw all of the stuff in the cake with the tax cuts and putting
4:07 am
in a prescription drug plan they didn't pay for x. all of this stuff backed in and interest payments for it like somebody goes to a restaurant and orders a big steak din yer martin i . just as you are sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> it was a deficit but spent more in three years than it was in eight years with president obama. but the budget projected in the next three years whether president obama wins election. they could be high as 25 trillion by 20what did he do to reduce the deficit. >> he shouldn't joke about steak dinners and martinies. there is a lot of americans that are concerned about the dire straits about the
4:08 am
deficit. maybe we didn't care about it four years or eight years. but it is a main talking point and have a lot to do with who you vote for. >> if he blames bush for having him hold the bag now. why didn't he attack that first thing when he got in office. instead we did health care and here we are today. deficit and debt that dones. - continues. >> the debt talk took that shot at george bush and republicans as well but james carwell many years ago when bill clipton was running for president. it is the economy, stupid. he's done focus groups with people in ohio and pennsylvania . they have realized that the economy is not working for this president and he's got to change his message. >> this is what james carvel said.
4:09 am
we'll face an impossible head wind in november if we don't move to a new narrative. they know we are in a new normal . things are good enough for those who found yobs is a fool's errand. this election is about people who believe they should receive more han cut outs and people who believe it is personal responsibility. and that is a tipping point and could reshape the way we are seeing america depending on who becomes president. >> there is a group that doesn't take advice . maybe president clinton is trying to reach them . that's what ford was doing, too. and now a study, we have to be able to fight back from the sentence are you better off than you were four years ago. and how about this . how will you make things better over the next four
4:10 am
years. that's what the speech should be about. and thursday major economic speech. and democrats are trying to use the media to get through the administration no one is buying it this time around. >> they used the media so effectively in the past. and eric holder on television yesterday on the grill for fast and furious x. meanwhile, john mccain had a nonbinding resolution introduced on the floor of the senate . he's calling for a special investigator to look into national security leaks . john mccain made a great poign. while his side wants it outside independent investigation to look at it. the administration is appointing a couple of u.s. attorneys to look into it. obviously they work for the president of the united states. john mccain said there is hipock -- hypocrisy in that. >> senator biden several
4:11 am
occasion called for a special council in the case of valerie plame and then senator biden was on talk shows saying the only way to get an objective investigation is to have a special council. i think it has traces of hypocrisy. >> the fast and furious . the attorney general seems willing to compromise . think about the commerce secretary smashing in cars and the the president's rare misstep about the statement with the private sector. that has to be rattling the inside of the white house. >> i don't think necessarily what he did on friday was a misstep. what do you think about that, that was a gaffe or he
4:12 am
believed that that the private sector. >> why would david axelrod try to walk it back sunday? and on the sunday shows and why on friday would he bring it up with the philippines president next to him. >> really. and it is not hard to tell how joy beharfrom the view feels . she will work in al gore's current network. she sat down with the media blog, and one point she talked about how she would like to see mitt romney's house burn down. listen. >> what did he say . >> he was making fun of the president for wanting to hire more policemenn and fireman. did you not get. that is idiotic statement. i would like to see his house burn and one of his millions
4:13 am
of houses burn down. who will he call the mormon fire patrol h. >> turn about is fair play. can you imagine if a conservative say i would like to see barack obama's house burn down and a mormon fire patrol put it out. it is a woman who is dying to get attention on for a network that no one watches. >> where is it on the cable dial. >> i have yet to search. there is current tv. >> you watch this show . we are current and up to date. >> coming up on our show. attorney general eric holder feeling the heat and told to step aside. >> you leave me no alternative if you resign in your office it is my sincere hope president obama will replace you to someone who is up to that challenge. >> should the attorney general
4:14 am
resign from the post? >> senator corn yn said it. >> and why not stop on soda. now the mayor wants to stop pop corn. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 92% of people who tried it said they would buy it again. visit today for a special trial offer.
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4:17 am
>> attorney general eric holder facing a round of questions and more calls for him to resign his position. is it time for him to step aside. we'll senator mike lee and re(s the great state of utah . good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> in watching that particular video of cornyn asking holler whether or nott it is time to quit. that a high poign and that took a lot of courage. >> it certainly did. and there are those calling for his resignation mr. holder
4:18 am
indicated no indication --- - intention of resigning. in the meantime it is important for us to focus on the reason why they are suggesting for him to resign. the administration thumbed its nose at the law and constitution. these are why american people are looking to check out not only the attorney general but the entire election. and in thented senator bloommenthal said you are doing a great job and republicans say you are not. but the attorney general is looking to cooperate and provide thousands of documents. are you optmistic. >> any time he said he's going to cooperate. i can only hope he is going to cooperate. so far we haven't gotten everything we need and haven't had our questions answered. and there is a lot of lingering doubt about what
4:19 am
happened here. i want him to cooperate and we will hold his feet to the fire in the committee. >> john cornyn asked him to resign and that's what the attorney general said in response. >> i am the attorney and put an end to the misguided tactics that were used in fast and furious. the attorney general was briefed on these kines of tactic in a operation called wide-receiver and did nothing to stop them. nothing . 300 guns walked in. i am also the attorney who calls on the inspector general to look into this matter and investigate this matter. i am also the attorney general who made personnel changes in atf and u.s. attorneys office that was involved and overseeing processes and procedures with the atf to make sure it doesn't happen again. i have no intention of resigning. >> maybe he is going to come
4:20 am
play ball . he is meeting with the speaker. >> it is dramatically different than fast and furious. >> it was. and doesn't answer why it is we have had a different set of explanation in every stage of the investigation . he told us no gun walking that we were aware of . i personally asked him a question in a hearing we held in october, whether they were aware of gun walking as a result of certain wire affidavits that were file in cowers. he said it was not the case. it appears that that may have been the case. the story continues to evolve and we get different answers and that is a cause for a lot of frustration. >> and we'll hope for more documents. senator mike lee from utah. thank you. and now moving on a
4:21 am
photographer did not shoot a wedding. because of his. >> and members fighting over seas and trying to save their marriages here at home . one couple's mission to help others . [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards. ♪ it's time to live wider awake.
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>> it is something our military members think every day . love and fighting over seas and keep your family together at home. sergeant margie christopher yis his wife lisa were on the verge of divorce. they made the decision to save the marriage. and now they want to help others. sergeant ferris and his wife lisa join me now. saying in the commercial break.
4:25 am
brave of you to come on and talk about peonal matters. it is something you within through and want to help other people, is that correct. how was it with you being aware from home? >> chutely. we have three goals . one want people to know they were not alone. a lot of people think they are the only ones in the world going through it and two unique to the military there is a stigma with coming forward and trying to get help. the big soldier never want to admit the chinks in the armor and having the human side . through our story and example we can tear that down and help families. that's what we want to do. >> in your own personal story, you were away how long. >> i came and went a lot . all told. i have been over seas 71 months. >> a lot of times men and
4:26 am
women at home forget how tough it is to raise a family by yourself . husband and wife it is automatically supposed to work it is not like that. >> no, it is a struggle for everyone and the struggles are sometimes, privatize they keep it to themselves and they never reach out and saying i need help and struggling. >> you were like well, maybe we should just call it off? >> what happened when you went to counseling? >> counseling was hard. we just started to learn to communicate again and started to talk about the issues. and then we realized that there was a need for other people to be able to reach out and make sure people were not alone in the struggles and they could step up get help no matter what point they were in the relationship. >> look at military divorce rate in 2005. it was 3.1 percent and in 2011
4:27 am
it went up to 3.7 percent it is not a huge jump and i am not sure that is systematic. but it is going up . so what are you doing now. quee stand up it takes us an hour and half to go through the personal story and open up to questions . the other goal we are trying to do. no proactivo preventative programs to help couples recognize the unique blocks of communication that occur because of our military life and entering in 11 years of war. you can't direct the resources for a preventative program unless they talk to the leadership and let us know. yes, i agree with what major fer yis lisa said. i see those thing in my marriage. the help they have is to raise their hand and say i have a
4:28 am
problem. that may be too late. we want to encourage folk to come forward and we do something proactive and preventative and young couples in the force. help them not go down the path we went down and fall in the pit falls that we have. >> obviously, you are probably glad you got over the hurdle and decided to try to save your marriage . the response to other people. outpouring is tremendous. we first did tharticle in usa today. tremendous amount of e-mails and postings and i am glad someone said this and i am glad i am not alone and at the same time an air men said thank you so much. i cont help my marriage . now my wife is not as bad as yours was and so i am okay. >> i always say whether you are in the military or not. if you think marriage is easy you are lying it is hard work
4:29 am
every single day to make it work . thank you for sharing your story. sergeant ferris and his wife. great work. >> thank you. >> it is our favorite segment every week. dr. keith ablo telling you if you are normal or not. it is not fun. but it is fun to watch. >> he didn't go for the win on purpose. nascar superstar jeff gordon here to explain and brian so desperate to have a celebrity friend and pretend he is talking on his cell phone like jeff depord gord. -- gordon. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
4:30 am
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>> time for me to read. >> i am sorry. all right. it is time for a shot in the morning. u.s. air force putting into and investigating a brand new device to allow special forces to scale walls without ropes. they are getting a $100,000 grant to perfect it. >> time cruise did that in the latest mission impossible.
4:34 am
>> that same technology. >> it wasn't believable but he had gloves that he scaled a building. >> he did the. it took tom cruise. >> i remember superman before it was called television flying. taking a step back >> we have thed had lines. we start with financial news. j.p. morgan ceo jamie dimon faces the lawmakers over what caused the trading boom, boom. >> and dimon apologizes and said employees were making trades they didn't understand. oh, great. great defense. simon claims it was an isolated event and no taxpayer money was at risk. >> and an update, a klu klux
4:35 am
klan gloup looking to adopt a highway. the agency said promoting an organization with a history of civil could negativelily impact the quality of life. >> i think they had a fair shot and they didn't get it and so i don't think it is going to bring layers down. >> you want to say that everyone has a right freedom of speech and expression. i don't believe in the freedom of oppressing people. >> organizers wanted to preserve the air area's beauty. attacked by a bear. he dialed 911 and climb 30 feet up a tree and bleed terrified. >> i was mauled by a brown bear . >> do you need an ambulance. >> yes, i am bleeding bad. >> i hear the brown bear
4:36 am
huffing in the treese. i am able to climb a tree. i am high as i can get. he is groling to me. >> he is batting at me. >> he's grateful he had a cell phone handy. >> why stop at just soda, looks like pop corn can be banned on the menu. same people who will vote on the nutritional crack down in september say no reason why a large tub of movie pop corn should be allowed with sugary drinks over 16 ounces or not. the issue at a public hearing before the board makes the final decision . >> i used to have to peck up the pop corn. i don't mind. >> maybe a price of the tub.
4:37 am
this is what people were worried about. a sugar ban move down the chain and hamburgers are next>> for more on that and the black bear attack. >> it is charged 10 cents extra. >> and you will die more. >> you are in a long car race. you never have to get a refill . as long as it keeps me from getting dehidrated. >> like pepsi match. that is for cell blating for the victory lane and celebrate it all over. i agree there is a huge controversy. how good is it to see you again. >> it is always great. >> right, it is so desperate to have a celebrity. >> i was think being it. i will pay you to be his friend. >> you are a celebrity.
4:38 am
and so let's talk about racing. nascar and the monday run down and dale earnhardt and you play it save in the pocono race way. why? >> that is a good question. and best question i have been asked in a long time. when you are two laps short. that is five miles and short on fuel is a long way to go. and you can't predict the caution . we made the wrong decision . >> you could have stopped right before the caution flag . >> we came out when the second to last came out and if we known there was one more caution we would. we had strong cars. >> jeff, it is a dumb question. i know when i am out of gas in my tahoe because it said e. how do you know when you are running out of gas. >> it is so efficient. it runs out . there is no signal or sputter
4:39 am
it just runs out and our team has all of thicalculation and no instruments in the car for mileage. >> blame the team. >> are they talking to you. >> or i was using too much. >> yeah, we have constant radio communication and they are going to be two laps short. >> it was not a terrible decision but at the time it was the right decision. you just didn't know what would happen. >> you finish what? >> 19th. >> and dale earnhardt is not regretting his decision. he said one of the worst things to do in the race besides not win it. >> it is solid in the poigns and we have to win races. we had a roughh season. >> i want your opinion on brian is wantsing to race people on the plasa and a go cart race against a nine year old and he resorted to --
4:40 am
cheating. jeff gordon, that is halfway through the cones. what message would you like to give to your new found friend brian. >> i want to know more about this. nine year old . he could be the next big superstar. >> the problem he is wearing you out. >> he is catching me now. i had no choice to do that. >> and there you go. >> even with brian cheating he lost. >> how about this. i would to race and only jeff be my driver. >> just put the helmet on me. i am not saying i could hit the kid. if i was able to swap helmet beat the kid and he end up crying. >> you are here today to talk
4:41 am
about the importance of a booster shot. >> back again, doing a great job of awareness and more people in the country in the recent survey show that people are very aware of the dangers of pertusis and not taking the booster. we are talking about adults around infants and obviously parents are more aware of it. it was grandparents and care givers. adults get that booster. to the vaxation wears off. >> whooping cough. and it could be deadly if a child gets it at a young age. their vaccination doesn't kick in until six or eight months. >> this is all part of a march of dime and i am a spokesperson and know about it. but why do you want to be
4:42 am
involved with it? >> i have been involved with children's charity and along the way make a wish found adings and my crew chief when i first started his son had leukemia and it got me in cancer awareness . when i had moy own children. my daughter will be five next week. i had no idea that we as parents, my wife and i were putting her at risk. we didn't have a booster. we are encouraging people to go on the facebook page . to make a pledge which also benefits march of dime great organization. and we are having people posting the picture to take it out of the picture. >> jeff gordon, we'll call you next time brian wants to race. >> i need you. thank you, sir. >> coming up on "fox and
4:43 am
friends". private photographer said he will not shoot a gay wedding. it didn't go with his beliefs. the court said he had to pay up. >> a jealous spouse worried about what you are up to at work. is that nuts in this is a tease for the people at home. dr. keith ablow. and the diagnosis. and comedian and actor won a golden globe for his role tim the tool man taylor. who is he? be the first to worry and jeff gordon will come and drive you all over your neighborhood. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac!
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>> a rare tornado off of venice,itilyy. the twister piling up boats
4:47 am
and ripping off the roofs of a dozen homes and uprooting trees. fortunately no one was. injured. morning people are happier and feel happier and healthier than night owls. i will remind myself about that later on today. >> it is the latest fight against faith. new mexico court ruling against a photography studio for refusing to take pictures of a same-sex commitment. should private owners have to compromise their religious beliefs. joinning us to weigh in is the teaner -- author of the plan. >> and this lesbian couple goes to a photography and said we are going to get hitch would like you to take pictures and the photographer said. >> no, i have a religious
4:48 am
belief that will not allow me to take a wedding. we don't do same-sex weddings. >> the couple felt it was discrimination and took them to court and took it to the district court and appeals court and won there, too. >> really what the court is saying a photography studio. a private intity is held to the standard of restaurants and theater. we are not seeing the basis. you have to serve everybody without discrimination . no one wants to go a restaurant. and not be served. i do bridal partis and i don't necessarily want to work on member and now you are penalize have to pay. >> i disagreed with the justices on this particular thing. if you are in a private business you can decide who
4:49 am
you are - on furniture company or something like that. and your arch rival shows up and they want that lazy-boy and i don't want to sell it. >> that's the thing. you are hurting only yourself and your pocket. but is the actual definition of public accommodation, does it expand to all businesses in commerce and this one happened in new mexico to say any establishment doing business. all encompassing. and the court is interperting that of any type of business. any type of discrimination is wrong. but a court is telling a private business who they being sell the services and good is a problem. >> you will find many lawsuits following this. they are discriminated and how far do we when can we stop and are we worried about big brother and government intruding on private
4:50 am
businesses. >> the owner has a compass and a religious compass and i can't do that. >> are we forcing everybody to take anybody who walks through the door. they had another wedding or they have a belief system that said i am not interested in doing that. we force them to do what we want them to do. >> even though the couple that owns the photography studio is ordered to pay $6000 x. they will take it to the supreme court. what do you think about the e-mails? does this sound familiar. a jealous spouse worried about what you are up to at work. is that normal or not. dr. keith ablow is here to give the diagnosis. who is norpal and who is nutos the picture. >> back on this day. thank god i am a countryy boy
4:51 am
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over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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4:54 am
am i normal or nuts? okay, every minute of every day and we ask that question dr. keith ablow. welcome to the couch. you are home of the couch. >> i understand. and can we go to the mail bag.
4:55 am
>> that is fine. >> first question. >> it is good. can we go to the mail bag. >> be assertive. first intervention. >> he is probably neither. he's annoying and got low self espheem and projecting it on this woman . so bottom line, she has to set a boundary and say i don't want to hear this stuff. you review it with your psychiatrist or therapist don't come to me with crazy suspicion . normal but annoying. >> doesn't qualify for crazy. >> doesn't qualify for crazy. >> my girlfriend said she sees movies and books. it is obvious she is clueless
4:56 am
and acts like she is knows what it is. >> this is crazy, because why? she probably lies in other do mains. you can't be with a woman who does this. either she goes to therapy or hits the door. if she tells you she to therapy i don't know if i believe her. >> >> it probably depends on how you feel about your grandmother in a way. it is a bit obsessive and the dog apparently likes looking at this play and could use prozac in a dog formula. >> but basically normal. i wonder if the grandmother
4:57 am
loves dogs. spiritually i feel something in the air. sometimes i can channel things. >> thank you. dr. keith. straight ahead. the economy turned around but did it turn the wrong direction? you will not believe it. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
4:58 am
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we can have hotdogs for dinner?! yes. [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no," it's nice to finally say "yes." new oscar mayer selects hotdogs. made with 100% beef and no artificial preservatives. it's yes food. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, june 13, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. republicans compared to people who dine and dash? >> it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, just as you're sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> gretchen: he's making me hungry. but is he right? we'll look at the numbers. >> steve: meanwhile, media matters, you know the group run by david brock who wanted to hire private investigators to track down fox news personnel. now there is new information about how they're shifting into
5:01 am
high gear on behalf of the president. >> brian: it was graduation speech with a message. message that most of the crowd could not understand. a class valedictorian gives the entire address in spanish. i took german. "fox & friends" starts right now ♪ >> steve: this is going to be very daring. you know how brian likes to challenge sports stars? today he's trial going to take the stage with these ballerina. >> gretchen: fantastic, i thought i was going to be out there. >> steve: brian has got the tutu. >> brian: no, no. i will say this, we have to make a decision, do we get the race cars to jeff gordon or the ballet floor? >> gretchen: if you put on the tutu and the ballet shoes and do
5:02 am
that, i'll get in the race car the next time. >> brian: the problem is, i didn't bring my cup. >> gretchen: excuse me? i have one up in my office four. >> steve: here is mine. >> brian: that's not what i was talking about. >> gretchen: remember? we will dea segment on cups several years ago. >> brian: wait a second. >> gretchen: and i saved one for you for just this moment. >> steve: brian, i remember. it was the nutty buddy. >> gretchen: aptly named. >> brian: there wasn't anything on earth that could penetrate the nutty. >> gretchen: we through a 60 miles an hour pitch at it. >> brian: right. it was an interesting show. >> gretchen: so i'm sure it could handle ballet dancing if you would like me to get it, i will. >> brian: on a side note when we think about that, i would say they still do play the recorder in school, so i am correct. >> gretchen: you never mentioned that so far on the show. >> brian: no, we're getting lots of e-mails. >> gretchen: dr. ablow, could you thing come back? >> brian: he doesn't like being yelled at.
5:03 am
a lot of people are playing the recorder. >> steve: absolutely. all my kids played it. >> brian: one wanted the drums, she got the drums. you know what she did? switched to the flute. >> steve: if you allow her to do that, you're nuts. >> brian: we're going to learn about dads a little later. >> steve: father's day is coming. >> gretchen: if we have time. let's get to your headlines. he led police on a wild search for three days. at one point officers used drills to tear apart a home they believed he was hiding in. but overnight, he surrendered after he contact add lawyer for help. he's charged with murdering three people near auburn university. >> in some sense, it was really a case like this, there is no relief because those boys aren't coming home tonight. >> gretchen: two victims killed were former university football players. both of them only 20 years old. raging wildfire in colorado burned an area bigger than
5:04 am
washington, d.c firefighters managing to contain only 10% of this fire and say it could be until fall, meaning autumn before the fire is completely out. take a look at this picture. the smoke can be seen more than 60 miles away. this is the denver skyline. officials banning fireworks for this week's food and wine festival in aspen and for the fourth of july. what a bummer for those folks out there. george zimmerman's wife facing perjury charges this morning. she was arrested and jailed in the same facility as her husband. she's now out on bond. a judge says she lied under oath about their finances, claiming they were broke. a court document shows the couple had $135,000 in the bank, all of that money donated by the public to help in his defense. it was an 88th birthday party. george h.w. bush celebrating with family and friends. they joined him for a special screening of his documentary film. this took place in kennebunkport, maine. he even joked about the one person in his life who he might
5:05 am
not have wanted to see the film. >> glad my mother is not here 'cause she said george, it's all about you. you're talking about yourself too much. so i have to apologize to her up in heaven, but that's okay. this is a big day fort bushes. we got a lot of happy things in our lives. this film and having so many friends around is great. >> gretchen: here is a bit of a sneak peek of that film. >> very emotional for me, very proud, a father. >> gretchen: 41 premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on hbo. and those are your headlines. >> steve: it looks great. all right. the president of the united states, it sounds like he's made a tactical change a little bit. he now is admitting, yeah, i got some big deficits and i got big debt, but don't blame me. blame the republicans. now we've heard that before. however, this time he's torqued it into a manner where he's got
5:06 am
a pretty good laugh line involved. here he is last night at the hyatt regency in baltimore. >> this notion that somehow we caused the deficits, it just wrong. it's just not true. and anybody who looks at the math will tell you it's not true. and if they start trying to give you a bunch of facts and figures, suggesting that it's true, what they're not telling you is that they baked all of this stuff into the cake with those tax cuts and prescription drug plan that they didn't pay for, and the wars. so all this stuff is baked this with all the interest payments for it. it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff, and then just as you're sitting down, they leave. [ laughter ] and accuse you of running up the tab. >> brian: the two terms
5:07 am
president bush was in office, he had a $4.9 trillion debt. the president has matched that and exceeded that in 3 1/2 years. it was $10 trillion overall. it's now 15.5. actually closer to $16 trillion today. he claims all of that was grandfathered in? >> gretchen: i think one of the other concerns is that if there was such a concern about the deficit in the beginning stages of this administration, why didn't they do something about it? instead of tackling the deficit and the debt that this country faces, they really focused on observe eastboundcare. >> brian: and the stimulus package which added to it. >> gretchen: many people will say that's the only reason that the economy is relatively stable today, but you can't really have it both ways when you have that argument. some democrats are now calling out the president as well, including somebody very well-known who used to work on the clinton campaign, james carville. he's done research and very important swing states of ohio and pennsylvania, talking to the vote and here is his analysis after speaking to them. quote, we will face an
5:08 am
impossible head wind in november if we do not move to a new narrative. they meaning the voters, know we are in a new normal where life is a struggle and convincing them that things are good enough for those who have found jobs is a fool's error. >> steve: so the message is, according to carville, mr. president, nobody really believes that things are getting better despite your best efforts to spin that. steven hayes, an often appearing panelist on "special report" had this observation about the pickle the president is in right now. >> the reason you're seeing president obama's numbers erode on this is because he campaigned as the man to fix it. he gave specific speeches, specific times as a candidate, promising to fix the economy. he came in, he had a democratic congress for two years. he passed what he said he was going to do to fix the economy and here we are three years later and it hasn't turned around. >> steve: that's the problem. >> gretchen: the reason they keep going back to blaming bush is some sort of polling must be telling them that works.
5:09 am
you know, that's a very apt point that steven hayes just said, but it must be working to continue to go back to that old message or they wouldn't do it. that's the bottom line. >> brian: right. i would say that might have been right six months ago, maybe five months ago and he felt strong about it in february. but chow this possibly be the mantra you'll run for the next 4 1/2 months when you're in a dead heat in overall popularity. in a state like michigan, he's trailing for the first time. wisconsin is more than likely going to close as you see the numbers don't seem to be going their direction in things they can not control, like job, joblessness. >> steve: and like wealth. we told you a little yesterday about this, how every three years, the federal reserve takes a look at american wealth. in the period between 2007 and 2010, so much of our wealth, america's wealth, vanished. take a look at this. in 2007, the median net family in the united states was worth 126,000. fast forward to 2010, 77,000.
5:10 am
a drop of almost 40%. a lot of it has to do with your home values. but that's why we're feeling like the tank is empty. >> gretchen: all right. so by the way, this is out by the bureau of labor statistics. nonpartisan. >> brian: we're back to 1992 levels. >> gretchen: median family income, 2007, 49,600. a 7.7% drop. how are families saving? are they doing it different flee are they saving anything? in 2007, 56.4% say they were saving something. and 2010, only 52%. so that's a 4.4% drop. so why are families not saving? are they having to spend more because they're not making more? >> brian: gas has doubled. >> gretchen: gas, which i argued, is the new normal, unfortunately. had which is bad news if it's 3.75.
5:11 am
when president obama took office, it was a buck something. >> steve: 85. >> steve: let's talk about media matters. we've told you about that organization for a while. the daily caller has done an analysis over a period of time this year versus last year on how many stories they've done about the president of the united states. between may 29 and june 11 of this year, 60% of their web traffic, their on-line stories, are talking about the president of the united states, whereas you go back a year ago, only 39% of their stories. it looks to some observers as if they are doing their best to get the president of the united states reelected, which is hard for a tax exempt organization to do 'cause they're not supposed to campaign for anybody. >> gretchen: that's the important point of the story. if they're tax exempt, then they're supposed to be fair in their coverage and if you look at those percentages, they are apparently not. what i'm stunned about is that "fox & friends" didn't make up a higher percentage of stories than president obama. >> brian: it might be a sub set, yeah. there might be a subset to that study. >> gretchen: it seems i see my name on that web site on a daily
5:12 am
basis. >> brian: sometimes i think about saying something and i don't actually saying it and it ends you on media matters. it just pops out. >> steve: we knew that they've got a famous war against fox news. they want to drive us out of business. >> brian: i'm not acknowledging it. >> steve: they have acknowledged that. and that is the intent of david brock, the guy who runs that. it looks as if they are clearly supporting the president in a big way. biggest way they can. >> gretchen: coming up, the attorney general, eric holder's job is not the only thing in jeopardy on capitol hill. confidence in the american system may also be on the line? peter johnson, jr. explains his thoughts next. >> brian: and it was a graduation speech with a message, but that message could not be understood by most because the class valedictorian chose it speak it in spanish [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. eric holder, the attorney general in the hot seat over the botched gun running operation known as fast and furious. and there is also that security leak probe. lawmakers frustration with the attorney general coming to a head with senator cornyn calling for serious action. >> you violated the public trust, in my view, and by failing and refusing to perform the duties of your office. so, mr. attorney general, it's more with sorrow than regret, than anger that i would say you leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. >> gretchen: so does justice hang in the balance? joining me with a prescription for justice is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> hi. >> gretchen: what do you make of the showdown that happened yesterday? >> a real crisis of confidence now. the house and the senate,
5:17 am
senator cornyn is saying, for eric holder, it's all politics all the time and we don't really need that in this country. there is an easy out for eric holder. >> gretchen: what? >> the easy out is with regard to fast and furious, articulate what the objections are to these documents, if he believes he legally can't give them up, and then difficult up the documents that should be given up. instead, we've got a political response that's occurring on capitol hill. the second issue about crisis of confidence in our justice department is is there an ability to investigate the white house? is there an ability to investigate the administration with regard to these incredible national security leaks? so senator cornyn was saying yesterday, well, the panel you appointed to investigate, one of the u.s. attorneys is a person who helped select the vice president of the united states in 2008 for the democratic party. it's a person who has given time and time again to the obama administration political
5:18 am
contributions. so we have this kind of convergence of issues. fast and furious and then on the other hand, these security leaks where there is a confidence crisis, can they really investigate it properly? >> gretchen: what do you think, should there be a special counsel set up to investigate that? >> i think there has to be an independent counsel based upon the perception of mr. holder and the justice department that it can't fairly adjudicate these things. absolutely. how can the white house essentially investigate itself? i mean, that's an easy argument of the on fast and furious, it's also an easy argument that goes back to february 2011. congress is saying, listen, justice department, you lied back then in terms of fast and furious. then eight months later, you came back with a different story and now we want the 7500 documents that we think will tell the story. again, the contrast, we can give the world everything about our national security and publish it in the front page of the "new york times," but at the same
5:19 am
time we can't tell the american people what we were doing about fast and furious and why it was screwed up. if we think it's good for us, we'll tell the world. if we think it's bad fours politically, we're not going to tell you anything. so there is a crisis of confidence. but it can ease lea be resolved. >> gretchen: interesting analysis. june 20, interesting date. that's when they'll decide if they hold holder in contempt of congress. >> that's correct. >> gretchen: thanks. >> thank you. >> gretchen: dads, before your kids gift and pick up that father's day card, you may want to stick around. the top three tools you'll need to be a better dad today from someone who studied fathers all overt world. then the president says republicans don't know how it fix the economy. what does house budget committee chair paul ryan think about that? remember, he's the guy with that big budget plan, he's going to join us live right around the corner [ sniffs ] bacon?!
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>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. a victory for democrat ron barber, arizona special election. he will fill the seat of gabrielle giffords who stepped down in january to focus on her recovery after being shot in the head. residents of new york facing hefty fine, even jail time for not mowing their lawn. brian is not here some day, coming up you'll know why. it's all part of a strict new property maintenance law. a third time offender could pay up to $10,000 and spend 15 days in jail. that's lots of bets with me, brian, that you would have to
5:24 am
win to pay off all that debt. guys? >> brian: i'll follow that story. >> steve: meanwhile, it's the most important job a man will ever have. we're talking about being a father. father's day is just this sunday. meanwhile, a labor of love that never leaves a lasting impact in every family and beyond. so how can fathers everywhere reach their full potential? >> brian: let's ask gregory slaton. he wrote this pack called "be a better dad today." how do we do it, be a better dad today? >> first of all, i'm not the expert. but i didn't have real father growing up. i had a chance to study fatherhood on five different continents around the world and raised five kids with any wonderful wife. i love fatherhood and it's so important. it is the most important job, any of us dads will ever have. >> steve: and speaking of dads, you found out your dad really was not part of the picture when you were in africa during a
5:25 am
trip, you had hepatitis. out of nowhere your dad called and talked to you for a full two minutes. >> knives intensive care. i was almost dead. this last time i ever spoke to my father. he called me, we spoke for a minute or two. i hadn't heard from him for years. i was so thankful. and then he just said, hey, gregory, something has come up. i got to go, i'll call you right back. for 25 years, never heard from him and unfortunately, he died. >> brian: let's see how we can become a better dad today. first, you put your family first. >> yeah. >> brian: and make it fun. >> we dads understand you need tools to do anything, build a successful network like you have, or mr. your kid's bicycle. that's what the book provides. ten tools that i've seen around the world work for dads everywhere, ten tools every father needs. the first is the family first, family fun tool. making sure we're putting our families fires first and having fun with them. >> steve: i like number two on you are list today is all in marriage. you mentioned your wife in the beginning. you're nothing without your
5:26 am
wife. >> let me tell you, your wife is just best partner and die have a -- die have a chapter for single dads and blended families. we respect anybody who wants to be a good dad. but if you're fortunate to have a wife, love her, take care of her, honor her. she's just best partner. >> brian: the best example. >> totally. >> brian: heartfelt love to the kids. >> yeah. this is something that lot of us guys, action oriented, make it happen at the office. come home, tenderness, gentleness, real good listener. these are things i'm not too good at. a loft us dads need to practice. >> brian: unless they leave their bikes out. >> steve: then there will be heck to pay. finally, dynamic whole person support. >> a lot of us guys, myself included, i thought in the first few years of marriage, my whole job as a dad was bringing home the bacon. in point of fact, there is other things, i got to be the leader, help my kids emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. all the tools are on the web site, a better dad
5:27 am we're giving the book away for free to all members of the u.s. military. my dad was a u.s. naval officer before he abandoned the family. i got to give credit to senator john mccain who saw the book, endorsed it and said, we got to get this in the hands of as many u.s. military personnel as we can. we're doing it. >> steve: father's day is sunday. why buy dad some cologne he's never going to wear? get him the book. it's called "be a better dad today." thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> brian: all right. coming up straight ahead on this show, it was a high school graduation speech most kids couldn't understand because it was in spanish and we're speaking english in this country, at least most of the time until i go to my atm. >> steve: then the president says congressman paul ryan doesn't have a clue how to fix the economy. the congressman has a clue, he feels, and he's going to respond live when we roll on live from new york city. >> brian: that's why we gave him a microphone with the spark cash card from capital one,
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5:32 am
>> gretchen: and i'm going to get some gear. i'm going to get that -- that's my favorite thing. >> steve: the stadium blanket here with more buckles and a mini van. look at all those. >> gretchen: it also can be used as life preserver. if you're in dire straits, you never know, you might be on a picnic and going down rapids and then you just buckle it on and you're safe. >> brian: a lot of times picnics go right from the picnic to the canoe. so the rapids. there is some hats there, which are authentic. there are a lot of knockoffs. >> steve: a thermal bag for beverages. you got not only umbrellas, but also if your dad has got to wear -- we know a lot of dads wear neck ties every day, at, there are neckties available. we don't have any on the set. but if you're interested in a necktie for your pops for father's day, it's will. >> brian: you can order it and get it by father's day? >> steve: sure. you should probably did it today though.
5:33 am
>> brian: good. all right. >> steve: paul ryan. >> brian: congressman paul ryan joins us right now from -- i don't know what he's getting for father's day. we know we want to talk to him about what's happening in this country. >> gretchen: good morning, congressman. >> good morning. i don't know what i'm getting for father's day either. >> gretchen: that's a good thing. >> it is. >> gretchen: and it's also a good thing 'cause it's reminding me to get something for my husband. let's talk a little bit about president obama because on tuesday, he said that you and governor romney and the rest of the republicans, don't know thousand get the economy back on track. listen to this. >> a lot of current republicans don't seem to get is that a healthy economy doesn't just mean you're maximizing your own profits through massive layoffs or busting unions. you don't make america stronger by shipping jobs and profits overseas. when governor romney or the republicans who control the house of representatives propose cutting taxes for folks who
5:34 am
don't need them, while raising them on 18 million working families, that's not a recipe for economic growth. >> gretchen: so your comments to that, congressman? he's telling you you don't know what you're doing. >> look, only in president obama's washington is a disagreement to raise taxes considered a tax cut. look, president obama is promising one of the largest tax increases in american history starting in january and we wonder why small businesses aren't creating jobs? on day one, because we need a new president, mitt romney will fix this. he will start repealing the red tape that's choking off jobs and hindering our recovery. he will start repealing obamacare, which is putting so much uncertainty in businesses. he'll begin the process of lowering tax rates by closing special interest loopholes, which help small businesses with certainty so they can create jobs. he'll announce a 5% spending cut on government agency budgets to begin the process of deficit reduction, and he will approve the keystone pipeline which we know will create lots of jobs
5:35 am
and help make use whole lot less dependent on foreign oil. >> brian: one of the things we've been talk being is the president's speech yesterday in baltimore, one of his three fund-raisers, he's got a bunch coming up next week, he is saying that george bush ran up the deficits and baked it in the cake and these are the deficits these dealing with and getting credit for for no reason. your reaction? >> the deficit was going to come down after the 2008 crisis occurred. president obama propped it up with stimulus spending. he increased discretionary spending by 24 husband and then increased it 84% with the stimulus spending and kept those elevated levels on base spending. so the president gave us a spending increase where the government grew to the highest it has been since world war ii. so we got a gusher of new spending, a gusher of new borrowing. now president obama wants one of the largest tax increases in history. by the way, not to pay for all of that spending, but just to fuel for more spending. not to pay off the deficit. his tax increases, brian, they
5:36 am
don't even pay for 20% of his proposed deficit spending. so we're talking about more taxes, more borrowing and even more spending and bigger deficits. he's given us four budgets with deficits. that's not president bush's fault. that's what president obama gave us. >> steve: i tell you what, this morning we've been talking about how james carville's polling group, the democracy core, has taken a look at how things are going in a couple of swing states, pennsylvania and also ohio. they had some focus groups and the message essentially was, hey, mr. president, nobody believes the economy is recovering anymore. you can go out there and you can say it. then when you look at the information came out from the federal reserve in the last 48 hours where americans' wealth, the amount of value that the average american has between 2007 and also 2010 fell 40%. a lot of it had to do with their houses and home values, but none the less, people feel empty,
5:37 am
like the purse is bare. >> this is why a majority of americans, steve, think that the country is on the wrong track. of course, because this is happening in america. the president's economic policies aren't work. look, if borrowing and spending and taxing money in washington was a secret to our economic growth, we'd be entering a golden age. greece would be on fire and grow. it's not. these ideas don't work. they've proven to fail over and again. the president is giving us this unreconstructed borrow, tax and spend doctrine. people know it's failing. mitt romney on day one is going to turn this around and fix this. we have still a chance in america to turn this around and get back to economic prosperity. we have a window of opportunity to get through this, but if we lose it, in the next two years action we could have our own debt crisis like they're experience not guilty europe and president obama is bringing us toward that kind of a moment. >> gretchen: so as an endorse of mitt romney, is it frustrating for you, congressman, to see that in the national polls,
5:38 am
barak obama and mitt romney are basically in a dead heat? if everything you're saying is true what, is not convincing half of the american public who still want to vote for president obama? >> gretchen, it's not that frustrating, i think that's pretty good 'cause look at what we're dealing with. an extremely well funded president who has the bully pulpit, who has the ability to command the air waves. he's done more fund raisers than most his predecessors combined. there is a bizarre statistic about how he does so much fundraising. the fact we're running against a huge machine and mitt romney is still tide, i think that's pretty amazing. here in wisconsin, we had a pretty big test vote and passed with flying clocks is people think the federal government is on the wrong track. bold leadership to fix these problems is the right way to go. i feel very confident about it. i think being tied at this stage, given what president obama is doing and what mitt romney is up against as a challenger is pretty impresssive. >> brian: chairman, we know that governor scott walker in wisconsin, the governor mitch daniels said the same thing to
5:39 am
mitt romney. ronald reagan didn't run and say how bad is jimmy carter. he said, i'm better and look what i'll do. do you think governor romney has a plan for what he would do and has that been underlined enough because for those two republican, it hasn't been. >> this is one of the reasons why i endorsed mitt romney in wisconsin in the first place. yes, you have to say president obama is taking us in the wrong direction. there is mo two ways about that. here is a better alternative. we owe the country a choice of two futures so that the american people can decide what kind of america they want, what kind of people they want us to be. we can still get back to that opportunity society with a safety net of prosperous america and yes, mitt romney is offering a that kind of a vision. so he has to be specific and bold about that. he's been doing that. that's one of the reasons why i endorsed him. he's been specific about spending cuts, entitlement reforms, cleaning up this tax code, getting rid of the job killing red tape. energy policy. he's been extremely specific on these things, more than any person running for president, in my opinion, and that is the kind of leadership we need.
5:40 am
if we apply those timeless founding principles of problems of the day, which is the undercurrent, the principles and policies -- mitt romney is proposing, then we'll get the kind of recovery we need. america can grow. we just got to get rid of the barriers preventing it from growing and right now it's these partisan obstacles. the policies they've been pursuing hurting and holding our economy back. >> steve: chairman, we know whose side you're on, that great big sign behind you gives it away. we thank you for taking time out of your week there in wisconsin to join us here on "fox & friends." >> thanks a lot. >> gretchen: let's get to some headlines because less than two hours from now, jp morgan's ceo jamie diamond will face lawmakers on capitol hill over what caused a $2 billion trading blunder. he did release a prepared testimony statement ahead of the hearing in which he apologizes and says that employees were making trades they didn't
5:41 am
understand. diamond claims it was an isolated ehave not and maintains that no taxpayer money was ever at risk. >> steve: meanwhile, violence escalating in syria and the white house says russia is partly to blame. >> we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically. >> steve: there you got secretary of state hillary clinton accusing russia of sending attack helicopters like that one to aid president assad in the massacre of thousands of syrians. moments ago, russian officials defended arms sales to syria and say they are not violating international law. oh, really? human rights groups also accused assad of using a gang of steroid pumped goons like this guy to carry out his dirty work. they reportedly get paid $200 a day to attack innocent villagers, so the government forces don't take the blame. he's got mercenaries on the
5:42 am
payroll. >> brian: sure nike is thrilled with that. commencement speech stirring up controversy, a high school in newman, california. graduating senior gave his valedictorian speech entirely in spanish. and apologizing tho those who could not understand. an alumni from the school told us he's upset because the faculty encouraged it. >> the student actually went to the principal and said he wanted to give the speech in english and spanish and the principal said we didn't have enough time for both, so he should do it in spanish. i just find that unbelievable since the school teaches in english. the only class that isn't taught in english is spanish. >> brian: the school superintendent responding, we could request the student deliver a speech in english. but we would have little to enforce that. we were in a community that has two dominant languages and both where it should be recognized.
5:43 am
only someone recognized. >> steve: only one language is spoken officially. >> brian: snap out of it. >> steve: take a look at the weather. we've got, as you can see, band of storms from new england down through the mid atlantic. also rumble of thunder this morning in north texas and southern portions of oklahoma, and some rain as well in the inner mountain region. that's a quick look at your travel cast for this wednesday. >> gretchen: coming up, the worst ten days ever. that's what larry sabato calls the president's last week and a halfment what does history show about recovering from weeks like that? he's going to look in his crystal ball. political analyst here next.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> brian: president obama's bid for reelection looking to get back on track after hitting several speed bumps over the past two weeks. at the end of may, the campaign was caught offguard when president clinton praised romney's business record. then the white house was blamed
5:47 am
for leak classified information to the "new york times" and an investigation ensued. but it didn't end there. last friday the president caught flak for something he said the private sector was doing fine. just yesterday, sobering report revealed that the american families lost 40% of their wealth from 2007 to 2010. so can the president recover from this and can we add into that the fast and furious investigation and his commerce secretary was hitting a bunch of cars overt weekend. joining us now, dr. larry sabato. how bad has this last week or so been? >> really bad. it's one of the worst patches for a modern president. it's just been one darn thing right after the other. some, he's had control over, some he hasn't had control over. but it doesn't matter, these things add up over time. you know, we always look to the atmospherics and what are they here? the atmospherics here are bad economy, people in a sour mood, the electorate surgically.
5:48 am
-- surly. as long as you have those, all of these little things matter. they add up. they cause people to reconsider their original choice in 2008 or motivate the republican base to enthusiastically work and turn out. >> brian: what i don't understand is and with the reasons behind it, do you think the reasoning behind all those democrats going against the party, his own car czar has come out against certain things of his policies, in massachusetts, one saying i'm not happy with the bain capitol attacks and james carville saying he has to change tactics. what's behind this? >> everybody reads the polls. everybody reads the same polls and look, it's a primal scream by many of these democrats who have been around presidential campaigns for decades. they don't like to see their candidate not doing well or potentially losing.
5:49 am
so it is a primal scream to change, do something, do anything. now, sure it's also true in some cases that maybe they aren't being consulted enough. you know the egos involved history as well. >> brian: absolutely. he can turn it around. still plenty of time, correct? >> it's june. there are slumps. president bush 43 had a slump in the summer of '94. obama people keep point to go bush then as a model, but the economy then was pretty good for bush. that is what has to happen here. it really is about the economy, stupid, all the way to november 6. >> brian: right and see what the economy is doing. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. again, you get the summer break which allows you to life guard. meanwhile, straight ahead, you won't normally see these ballerinas in america, so don't miss the rare appearance on our plaza. first let's check in with bill hemmer who loves the opera.
5:50 am
>> sabato in examine a whistle in the high share. >> we'll see you later in radio, brian. you mentioned democrats are getting nervous and not being shy about it. we will debate all of that this morning. some kind of fire back and forth with eric holder. did he budge on calls to step down? a father killing a man with his bare hands. there are no charges filed. why would that be? martha and i will see new ten minutes at the top of the hour sd at the bass pro shops father's day sale, like... plus free kids fishing at our catch and release pond this weekend. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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>> gretchen: luckily the monsoon stopped in new york city because you're in for a treat. we're outside and we'll be showing you a little snippet of the australian ballet, part of the company performing "swan lake." i'm joined by the artistic
5:54 am
director, david mcallister. >> great to be here. >> gretchen: originally you were part of the company. >> i was. >> gretchen: just a few years ago. >> quite a few. ten years and ten kilos ago. >> gretchen: we can all disguise our age. you're the artistic director and you're here for the first time in ten years to new york. >> i know, yeah. so exciting to be here. whole new generation of new dancers in the company and a whole new repertoire. >> gretchen: what makes australian ballet different from american? >> we haven't been around as long as the american. i think we actually have a great country and we reflect our country, i guess, in the way we done. >> gretchen: you're going to do "swan lake," but it's a different version of the story. >> it is. it's based on the story of charles, diana and camilla. but you tonight see all of their lives. that was the original idea. then, yes, the beautiful retelling of the story.
5:55 am
all new choreography and great emotional story. >> gretchen: let's see a little bit of it right number here is the australian ballet. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: obviously david, it was a close call between whether or not brian, steve or myself would put on a tutu and those dance shoes. we all decided we would leave it to the ballerinas. stick around because we'll be right back with more of the australian ballet ♪
5:57 am
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