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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 13, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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with us tonight. go to greta and tell us what you thought about tonight's show. go there right now. see you then. off t now. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling, with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ proving night after night he has absolutely no idea how bad things are out there on main street and proving night after night he has no shame in misinforming middle america. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> this notion that somehow we have caused the deficit is just wrong. it's just not true. if they start trying to give you a bunch of facts and figures, suggesting it's true.
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what they are not telling you is they baked all this stuff in the cake with those tax cu cuts. prescription drug plan they didn't pay for. so all of this stuff is baked in, with all the interest payments for it. it's like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all this stuff. then just as you are sitting down, they leave. and accuse you of running up the tab. >> eric: really? ignore the facts and figures? reality? let's not ignored the facts and figures. break them down inside. unlike approximatelytitions, mr. president, the numbers don't lie. take a look. president bush in 2008. average annual receipts outlays and deficit. look. about the same for both bush and obama. $2.2 trillion for bush. that means the taxes collected. $2.1 trillion for obama. next line, that is spending.
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$2.5 trillion per year for bush. good years and bad. $3.4 trillion for president obama. that bottom line right there, average annual deficit for president bush, $309 billion. $1.3 trillion for president obama. to make it a little more relatable to fat cats liberals like bob, joy and rosie, i broke it down using doughnuts. if each doughnut represents $10 billion. each one. here is what president bush racked up per year. here is what president obama racked up. per year. >> eric: bob, can you see the difference? here is the point. is president obama so arrogant to go on tv and say i'm not spending more than my predecessors? here is proof. here it is. >> bob: you say the numbers don't lie? let me see if i can't counter your numbers don't lie. congressional budget office
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which is the bipartisans democrat and republican. george bush handed off $1.3 trillion deficit to obama in 2009, just because the 2009 budget presented by bush administration. obama raised it by another, with a stimulus, $800 billion. but the idea that $300 billion is just absolutely made up. >> eric: you know what? put the full screen back up, please, producers. put a full screen back up. that includes every single dollar. it's pro-rated. we took the month, the january, we gave to president bush. when it was his. we gave it to president obama when it was his. >> bob: i am talking about the 2009 -- >> eric: that is in there. 2009, 2010, 2011. >> eric: i don't do as many billboards as you do. >> andrea: what bob is not explaining is it's an accounting boy, what the president is doing.
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he passed the second half of tarp. he saved the economy, how? one thing was tarp. but he kept accounting levels the same as 2009. he kept those bush levels. but he doesn't want to omit that. we're not supposed to say the president lies. oh boy, that will light up the blogs so i'll say he is misrepresenting the truth there. you go. >> eric: this is what is misrepresent -- >> bob: this is misrepresenting the truth. >> eric: every one of your stimulus plan, president bush's stimulus, everything, right here. that shows a difference. >> eric: 1.19 trillion -- i accounted for that. >> bob: i'm just saying that what obama got. >> dana: the thing about, you guys are, you're getting into a debate a lot of people haven't gotten. they don't get in details as much. they sit around the kitchen table and think think the government spend too much at large, they think bush spent too much and obama spent more and what to know at what point will the government do
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something about it and stop piling up doughnuts. what i thought about is the dig about steaks and martinis, as if it would have been better if they ordered arugula salad with candy walnuts and white twine spritzer. >> andrea: organic, too. >> dana: no question! he would do himself favors and see the poll numbers rise if he said yeah, we had to spend money because there is a lot of things on the plate. i had to put in money to help bail-out the auto companies. coming back. here is what i'm going to do. that would be responsible. >> eric: he can eat tall $10 billion doughnuts he wants. >> dana: trying to make obama's pile go down. >> eric: eat bushes. >> dana: eat them as fast as you can. >> greg: here is the deal. i am going to throw up. okay? i am just going to throw up. >> andrea: right now? >> greg: the doughnut holes is too much. here is the thing. this speaks to obama's lack of a strategy. all he can do, he cannot look
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forward. all he can do is look backward. if you look at the strategy in 2008, it was to undo the damage of george bush. so my suggestion is to do the same strategy, but replace bush's name with me. just go elect me, re-elect me to undo the damage i've done for the last four years. clearly that worked before. >> dana: good idea. >> eric: we think -- or i think dems are in panic mode. listen to true blue liberals like james carville. it sounds like he is panicking. >> i'm worried when the white house or the campaign talks about the progress made, people take it as a signal, they think things are fine. people don't feel or believe that. >> eric: take a look at the full screen. this is independent voters trust of president obama on the economy. telling there. unfavorable, 54% favorable. 30%. >> andrea: he has been doing interviews with the local
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reporters on the stump. he talks about the same thing he pushes forward. energy subsidiaries. why would you go to energy subsidiaries after solyndra and sun power even when the "new york times" said it's a bunch of boondoggles. here is my thing. he said once that the buck stops with him. the president did. i think that when you shift blame and you shift blame and you shift blame, it makes it look like you don't have the answers. they don't elect a leader and they want him to lead. you say it's not your responsibility, it's made the president look so out of control. he would be better off taking the heat. if you take the heat it looks like your hands are on the wheel instead of a backseat driver. that's what he looks like. >> bob: that is a good point. he should take some of the heat for sure. the idea -- is it clear to me now that you don't want alternative energy out of the united states government? >> dana: what? >> eric: can we not go there? the question was are the dems panicking and are the independents breaking for mitt romney? >> bob: no.
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>> eric: you deny this completely? >> bob: romney numbers are also negative. >> not as much as the president. gest he is the front runner. >> greg: i was going to say if you listen to president obama like he inherited more defects than offspring of koligula. he has to take responsibility. the press is spinning him as unflappable. if there is criticism, he is unflappable. maybe he should be flappable. maybe we're at a time where you should be flapping. things aren't going well. stop being unflappable. be flappable. >> eric: if president obama thinks he was left holding the tab on really big bill, what is he going to leave either president romney or the next guy whoever it may be? >> dana: to take the metaphor a step further, before the bill came you ordered another entree, two appetizers, drinks and a round on the house. you get the bill and go oh, my gosh. i'll leave this for the next
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guy. on the entitlement front, tax reform, i do think it's both of them, need a fair plan where you are going forward. people in america are willing to forgive the past mistake if you show a path forward to make it better in their minds. they just don't see it yet. the most often used adjective to use president obama's speech tomorrow about the economy is well-worn. >> bob: there better be something new in the speech tomorrow. every day i defend this and i feel like the only fire hydrant at the westminster dog show. >> andrea: that is what is going on. you're admitting -- >> bob: no. i take dana's view of this. take him off the air for a little while. >> eric: i want to get to this. the advanced leak is there is nothing new. but there are leaks and that's continuing a bad june for obama administration.
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remember when president obama said this? >> the notion that my white house would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong. >> eric: dana, you picked this out as he was saying it. "my white house." >> dana: it rubs people the wrong way. i know what he meant, my staff, i'd never allow my staff to have done that. it has gone too far. there are leaks on national security issue versus strategic plan to shape a story before the speech tomorrow. these are different. they are so concerned three months later and after a press conference from bipartisan members on capitol hill that's when they asked eric holder the point. >> bob: you're right. maybe the use of "my white house" was not right but my guess is every president used it. the idea it leaked out of the
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white house out of obama and that peter king his office contacted me, very nice. i still think you are close to treason by -- >> greg: i got to say, i'm offended. barack obama is offended. how dumb does he think we are? saying -- it's a deniable, it's a deflection. you can say that. if a leak from a specific person you think they leaked it. >> bob: you're suggesting that the president of the united states highly classified -- >> greg: i'm suggesting it could have come from the white house. his white house. >> andrea: i think it sums up the contrasts. anything bad is not my problem. everything else, my leaks, not my leaks, my white house. my kill list. my everything. >> coming up, mitt romney's plan for the first 100 days in the oval office.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." some of mitt romney's critics accused him of being a man without a plan. there is 100-day plan out now that might quiet them. his campaign released this chart that lines up romney's first 100 days against obama's in a second term. the g.o.p. contender explained some of those plans before business leaders today. >> i would build that keystone pipeline immediately. i'm going to get rid of obamacare. i will halt all the obama era regulations. trade. i want to open up trade. tax reform. i want to see lower tax rates. i saved one of the toughest ones till last. we have to put government on a pathway to have a balanced budget. >> andrea: dana, what do you
11:17 pm
think of these proposals by romney? message simplicity is a good way to go. those are very unpopular. >> dana: a lot of them -- i thought policies were admirable. smart timing. the graphics department at the republican campaigns have gotten a lot better. that was really, really good. i also think in reading it, a lot of it is -- all of it is easier said than done. you could look to, as president obama campaigned on closing gitmo. that was the first thing to, do roll back the bush era tax cuts. you end up getting in the oval office and realize this isn't as easy as i thought. two things to mention. one thing he mentioned is keystone pipeline. some democrats think nobody paid attention to what that is. people are paying attention and they want that. the policy has to be bigger and broader. the other thing that will be difficult to do is when he says stand up to china's unfair trade practices. you get in there, and you find
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out there is not a lot that can be done unless you have to full weight of the world behind you. first 100 days i don't know if you get that. >> andrea: is he boxing himself in that is something we discussed, manage of expectations, that president obama made the plans. 100 days is not a lot of time. >> greg: the bigger question is how the media will treat this and how the dems will treat this. they will laugh at this. this is actually a list of actions. a list of actions -- >> bob: is it is? >> greg: yes. regulation reform, tax reform, pipeline. getting rid of obamacare. that is a list of actions. as bob has shown, list of actions are boring. not like a cool slogan. it's not like julia or forward or are we still the ones we're waiting for? >> andrea: what about the fierce urgency of now? whatever happened to that. >> greg: exactly. this is actually a to-do list. how boring. >> bob: not boring. free trade, that's bold. you call that bold.
11:19 pm
unintelligible and it's the same -- can i point out one thing about the ridiculous speech he gave yesterday. show the american people except they want to pay attention to this guy is beyond belief. here is what he said. in the bold plan there was that he was going to leave everything alone. everything, defense left alope and going to cut discretionary spending. that is a big brave move. you pick out with mitt romney who hasn't had the guts to say what he would cut. but show what is in the list. talk about it. one of eric's favorite things, food stamps, nasa, space con set. >> andrea: obama cut that. >> bob: excuse me. center for disease control. can i finish this? >> andrea: sorry. >> bob: national ocean atmosphere administration. i still can't see this. >> eric: faa. wish and wildlife. >> bob: he says 5% across
11:20 pm
the board, literally shut most down. ask romney how he will do that. how to cut from the discretion anywhere budget and did he mention one thing about how to create jobs? no. he would cut taxes to increase deficit. a full scale from a foolish position. not very smart. >> andrea: moving off the coal is a good -- removing obstacles is a plan. removing obstacle. regulations. i want you to react to polls recently. it seems like romney has the right strategy, he is focusing on the economy. who would be better to improve the economy, romney 46. obama 39. another one, who would do a better job at cutting spending? bob, i know you think that some of the bloated programs shouldn't cut 5. 1-31 -- 51-31. who would be better to handal healthcare? 43/40%. romney is a little down on that. >> eric: what we didn't play, hoping to get to that, mitt romney addressed what he would do with obamacare.
11:21 pm
repeal obamacare. more importantly, bob, he said what he would do from is there an he would send it to the states and let the states handle their own -- >> bob: using medicare, using medicaid. did you look to what he stayed in listen to what he said. >> eric: can we play it? >> bob: how does he do away with it, first. >> andrea: take a listen. >> the president at a time when the supreme court left obamacare in place. i'll repeal it on day one by sending out a waiver to all 50 states to keep them from having to pursue obamacare. >> we can get healthcare to act more like a consumer market. if we do that, and we stop making it like a big government mandate, we're going to see better prices, lower cost and better care. it's happened everywhere we tried with to apply consumer market principles. free enterprise, it works and we need to apply it to healthcare. >> in a minute or so, romney just took a major democratic talking point off the table.
11:22 pm
he answered the call. give every state a waiver. >> bob: of what? >> eric: of obamacare. >> bob: he said let the free market put the healthcare industry together and it will work better. it has had the healthcare industry. the government hasn't had it. you want to turn it over to those fools? >> eric: absolutely. >> bob: there is an idea. david for context, he is talking about competition across state lines. that's one thing that obama could have got in the bill and didn't. >> bob: he should have. then why doesn't he say it? >> dana: i don't know. >> andrea: i agree with you a little bit on this. >> bob: thank you. >> andrea: it's a vulnerability. obamacare is a lot like obamacare. they're difference -- >> eric: don't just jump out of there on that one. you know better than that. send it to the state level and give every state a waiver and you have done that.
11:23 pm
buying insurance across state lines. >> bob: waiver for what? >> eric: mandate to bine surance. >> andrea: the provisions in romneycare are the same. the problem in massachusetts -- >> problem with 57 states, i said institute waivers for everyone. let them compete. >> andrea: coming up -- has being rude the new normal in america? don't think about it. a rude awakening next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. so, according to a new survey, most americans say instability is on the rise. most blame it on politicians, government officials, media, celebs, the internet, sports figures, cell phone and twitter who all blame beckel and they're right. occupy wall street ranked less offensive than the media which is odd since it was almost impossible to tell them apart. for a while they shared the same tents and ideas. the way i see it, civil culture is on the receiving end of pop culture. rappers, atheists get there first and soil the path by masquerading trash as essentialginess. take killer mike whose lyrics include i'll leave you with four words. "i'm glad reagan dead." that is uncivil, but the
11:29 pm
website gawker called it tremendous. describe him as risky and exciting. risky? maybe a white liberal music critic grow ago tee. the risk isn't wishing reagan dead. they never met an artist they didn't embrace. the real obscenities is the instability for thought. real rebels embrace civility when everyone else has given up. >> bob: he should be poster child for bloomberg's fat. what is his name? >> greg: killer mike. you are an aficionado of hip-hop, aren't you? >> bob: right. maybe the worst genre of muse like ever was. >> greg: how do you feel about the survey? you are an expert. i think you're polite.
11:30 pm
on tv you are not. but outside of television. >> bob: what you said in the monologue were right. they feed on one another and it's polarizing politics. everybody has to blame here except for if you go to places s that are reasonable decent middle americans. the most decent people i run across and wouldn't say those things. but media center is where most happens. >> eric: those people you make fun of all the time. >> bob: i do. i'm making amends. nice people. >> eric: did you notice the survey had internet low on the list. how many tough guyous met? >> greg: never. >> eric: uncivil, tough guys, if you call them out they tell us that. >> greg: the internet created more. you get away with it. >> andrea: i'm not buying the poll. they had the internet at 38%. government officials at over
11:31 pm
50%. who is the most popular government official? obama. he is a lot of things but he is not rude. the media on the internet, pointed out gawker, people hide behind is side anymores. internet created a group of nasty people. it's easier to be nasty online unless you're bob beckel and you're rude to your friends. >> greg: a study showed people who wake up earlier may be less rude because they're happier a more satisfied with life overall. that makes no sense. because you get up early and you are rotten to the core. >> dana: i get a lot. i have always gotten up early. >> greg: you get up before you go to bed. >> dana: i walk on the sunny side of the street. >> greg: you do. >> dana: i do. i wake up and i'm happy but by
11:32 pm
10:00 i'm a wreck. >> bob: you go to the dipping dog yogurt class. what is it? >> dana: downward dog. >> andrea: bob's version is totally different. >> bob: i tried that move. it's totally dangerous. there were many days i wasn't an evening or morning person. up all night and through the next day. i don't see a difference. does anybody believe that? >> greg: as you get older you get up earlier because you know your days are number. >> dana: they took the survey in the morning. have you worked with somebody who is not a morning person? this is a good example. >> andrea: greg? >> dana: i send you five or ten e-mails before you wake up. i'm trying to keep you informed. isn't this funny? you don't pay attention to me at all. until 10:30. then you are in a bad mood. >> eric: you're civil on morning calls. unbelievable.
11:33 pm
boston his relatives are in here. i have relatives around here and i can't be on the phone call. >> andrea: morning person, morning person, night owl. >> greg: wake me up in the morning. look at your blackberry and there are 13 e-mails from dana with omg as the subject header for each one. who writes omg at 6:00 in the morning. >> dana: sometimes they start at 4:30. >> greg: true. dinz they're always informative. >> bob: they are. >> dana: i want to make sure everyone has the proper information. >> bob: dipping dog. >> greg: coming up, fines for cursing in public and jail time for not mowing your lawn. if you leave now your punishment is electric chair, which i call the loreer back massage. ♪ ♪ eagues with "the five."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: i know some of you probably look at your neighbor's lawn and there was tall grass, beer can, crack bottles and things like that. that's why my neighbors moved out. no, in massapequa mark in long island there will be a fawn for not mowing your lawn and keeping your house up and it can go up to $1,000 and jail time. this is not new that there are regulations about town how to keep the houses clean. it goes farther than that with the penalty. do you keep a clean yard or the staff keep clean yard? >> eric: "my staff"? a lot of towns have the ordinarordinances.
11:40 pm
they go too far sometimes. the second fine is $2,500. up to step days in jail. someone says you're in violation and - -- >> dana: this is like obscenity. you know it when you see it. this is happening a lot. one thing they are trying to target are the landowners or homeowners that don't live there, that they are the landlords and they don't take care of the property. you're the homeowner and next door you look out every day and your property price goes down. this is what it's trying to prevent. i think a third fine is $10,000. 15 days in jail. >> andrea: a lot of laws are in foreclosure. so they assume big banks can absorb $10,000 fee. if it isn't the case and you're a little old lady and you have a bum hip and you can't mow your lawn do we want her in jail? then she really can't mow their lawn.
11:41 pm
that is extreme. >> dana: they'd work with them. >> greg: isn't this undeclared tax that the city is raising money to hire people to enforce taxes? >> dana: government job. >> eric: a lot of the towns don't work with you. a quick story, my mom was sick. i flew to chicago. while i was gone, they went to odd/even watering days, because there was a drought coming in. it had been watering the house every day. i racked up 20 $50 fines. $1,000. i went to the town, work with me. give me $500, i was away. taking care of my mom. no way! >> dana: they took one look at your watch. >> eric: no, no. i had to hire a lawyer, cost me $1,000. we walk in court and the judge says are you kidding me? dismissed. i paid $1,000 to lawyer instead of $500 to -- >> dana: we had a neighbor in d.c. with an old decrepit car they never used. i'm sure it was illegal. i called the cops on them.
11:42 pm
>> eric: i bet you did. >> greg: thank you! >> bob: in my trailer park we had a guy -- never mind. in berkeley, the homeless feel comfortable they have a fine for sitting on the sidewalk in the day. greg, you have been homeless and sitting on sidewalks. what do you think? >> bob: i went to berkeley. back in the '780s. sitting on the sidewalk is a lifestyle choice. some of us call it being a dirt bag with unacceptable hygiene problems but it's daily normal intersection at berkeley. >> bob: these people have no place to go. >> greg: yes they do. the homeless are 23 years old with a hackey sack and a dog. they were living in trees for a while. >> andrea: there are so many of them. san francisco.
11:43 pm
vagrancy. >> greg: there is great weather out there. >> bob: coming up, he may not have sat on my side of the aisle but i sit down with this president. g.h.w. bush any day. heck of a guy. featured in a new film out tomorrow and he was on the red carpet tomorrow. dana has a preview next. ♪ ♪
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a holiday dance. here was this beautiful girl. life of the party. dances, smiling. who is that? barbara pierce. somehow i got up my nerve to ask her to dance. and started playing a waltz, i think. i can't waltz. i sat down. we chatted. i called her the next day and took her out. her father was a successful publisher mccall corporation. i don't think the mother liked me very much. but the father did, which is important. and barbara did, which is most important. and so we fell in love.
11:48 pm
old fashioned. falling in love. >> dana: america loves that president. george h.w. bush. affectionnately known as 41. he turned 88 yesterday. then tomorrow night, a very special documentary is airing on hbo called "41." he was the 41st president. this is a great week to remember a president that everybody is so fond of, right, bob? >> bob: i have had an occasion to be with him in the oval office three times. one of the great gentlemen of all time. i'm not trying to be partisan, but a lot of people, democrat and republicans can take a lead from this guy on how to be more nonpartisan, because he is the kind of guy to do that sort of thing. we went there and sent down to el salvador monitoring the election. tremendous pictures of people chopped with ma che tees. he sat there and looked at it calmly. everyone else about threw up. it occurred to me this guy was shot out of the sky and landed
11:49 pm
in the ocean. so, mahete may be ugly but to him not big of a deal. >> dana: at 18 years old he became one of the nation's youngest fighter pilots and was shot down in the pacific and rescued. some people don't know that about him or he went on to head the c.i.a., be ambassador to china and he lived in new york for a short amount of time with his bride, barbara bush. >> greg: he did more at age 17 than i did by 15. how old was he when he crash landed on the aircraft carrier? >> dana: he was 85. three years ago. sorry, 20. >> greg: like what? most people are crashing on sofas at that age. this guy is crash landing on the aircraft carriers. he did amazing stuff. you don't hear that much. >> dana: he wanted to go into, he wanted to go in the military early at 17. and try to get a deferment, he didn't get. as soon as he was 18 he did.
11:50 pm
he met barbara bush right before that. then they sent love letters back and forth in his book called "all the best." that is a great american love story. >> andrea: yeah. now he is taking that letter writing, which is a lost art, and instead of doing mem were he is doing the letters, which are really cool. i think he got a bum wrap when he tried to run for re-election. he ran in a three-person race. the clintons beat up on him for being out of touch. it was so unfair. look at the way he turned it around. story of how he helped advise president clinton and how they have a friendship now because 41 is so classy. >> dana: they call clin top the black sheep of the family. >> eric: quickly, executive congressman head of the rnc, ambassador to the u.n. you pointed out a pretty darn good baseball player. >> dana: you have something in common, when he came back from the war, he went to yale
11:51 pm
and played baseball for them. by all accounts very good. maybe could have gone on to play -- >> bob: eric crash landed in the girls dorm in college. >> eric: several times, i bet. >> bob: he took over the republican national committee after watergate. you talk about a tough job. daps tell you a funny story about that. >> bob: he will go to his -- [ inaudible ] i can't argue what he believ believes. number, perot didn't help. >> dana: so in 2008 we went to the olympics in beijing. he was going to do an interview with "washington post." honorary chairman of the committee. they asked if i could sit in with him. he told a story about being head of the rnc after waterdate. he has a great dry wit. the reporter said what was it like? he said it was terrible. every day i had people call me up, big donors and say george,
11:52 pm
we have got to get this story off the front pages. he said, let me just tell you, this story is like making love to a gorilla. it's not going to stop until the gorilla wants it to. in the dob mentary tomorrow, kenny bunkport, maine, where he spent a lot of childhood. let's look at him out on his boat. >> i have been in boats all my life. you learn the currents, you learn the show waters. that's why i'm at peace. i just love it. >> dana: happy birthday, happy father's day. thank him for all he did. back with one more thing next. >> published a group of letter [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission?
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♪ ♪ >> eric: all right. up with more thing. a lot to get to. dana? kick it off. >> dana: surprise on one of our favorite game shows, at least mine, we were actually mentioned. take a look. >> [ inaudible ] >> go. boom! >> i want to say hi to greg gutfeld. and dana perino. >> good. >> dana: thank you, matthew. i'm sorry you didn't win on
11:57 pm
the big wheel. if you're op twitter, send us a note. we love to know who you are. >> eric: great. do you know anymore >> greg: no. but he looks like a "red eye" viewer. they all look the same! amazing. >> dana: i'm glad i made the cut. >> andrea: that was so random. okay. new study out, bureau of labor statistics showing seven in ten teens cannot find summer jobs. that is bad news. if you think about it, a lot of businesses can't hire the temporary workers in the summer. parents can't afford to give their kids some work at home. sitting on their duffs not learning the value of a dollar. photojournalistnate stuff. >> eric: in the words of the friends of bob beckel, with com to the obama recovery. last night, mama bling tweeted this. sent me this picture. in the hospital. she had an appendectomy and gallbladder operation but she loves the "the five" and says
11:58 pm
it's to only show to make her smile and make her feel better in the hospital. >> dana: mama bling. >> greg: i was going to do a banned word but i've been checking the twitter feed throughout the show. getting hundreds, perhaps thousands of tweets about this sweater. this beautiful salmon colored sweater. want to know where i got it. i didn't buy it. dana made it for me out of puppies. >> dana: this is what you do in the morning if you get up early. take puppy hair. >> dana: it's not puppy hair. it's puppy skin because you're a monster. >> bob: you got that in the east village. >> greg: what is wrong with the east village? >> bob: you may remember this add. mini darth vaden ad for super bowl. popular. max page. max has been diagnosed with a heart problem i'm simp thet tic to that. tomorrow he has open heart surgery. the interesting thing about
11:59 pm
the kid, not only is he a good actor, but they have him in the hospital here. listen to what he says after the reporters who are there covering him before his operation. you talk about a guy with potential career in public relations. here he is. >> thank you for supporting me. it means a lot to me. if you want to donate or haven't donated this is the best way. go to >> bob: max, i wish you luck, buddy. it's a tough operation when they do those things but you will be all right. >> dana: i think we'll seal more of him. >> bob: yeah. let me say in dedication for your bowles ad, let the force be with you and god be with you. you'll be fine. >> eric: say a prayer for max. they make strides in that type of operation, heart valve operation. >> bob: he'll be fine. >> eric: everyone else, good? >> dana: we're good. >> greg: i'm not. >> eric: i think you know


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