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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 14, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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gps. direction. >> i am recovering from a lack of direction. >> thank you, you have a great show coming up. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> gretchin: that's why i have two guys by my side. good morning, everyone. today is june 14th. 1212. one group coming on may have tuned out. who could that be. >> steve: why the feds are hith lane armstrong with federal doping charges. >> brian: he will be tough to outrun. producers turn george w. bush in a gruesome prop. is this a mistake?
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or a message? "fox and friends" starts right now. >> chris:>> steve: today is national flag day. we are celebrated for a long time. you get ready to start your day, you have a flag in the garage put it up. >> brian: a student at ps-90 it is a great day to sing. >> gretchin: power of the public . when you speak up, you can get it done. they will sing "america the beautiful" instead of baby, baby. >> brian: but not "god bless the usa" >> gretchin: getting to the headlines, an air force plane crash injured all five members on board. it happened in florida. the crew is taken to the
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hospital. ausprey lands leak a plane. investigation under way. a manhunt underway for a trauma surgeon. he is a former weapon's expert. the person in the death of jacqueline newsbee. it happened yesterday where she worked as a reception and was his ex-girlfriend. they came up empty handed in jordin's home in lake view. lance armstrong's title in jeopary. the agency said he used performance enhancing drugs and blood trus trician and masking agents n a statement he said these are the same charges and witnesses that the justice department chose not to pursue.
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i never doped and unlike many of my accusers i have have raced for 25 years with no spike in performance passed more than 500 drug tests. in philadelphia every day is flag day for the seem stress says who are responsible for hand embroidering all of the flags. those are thed had lines. that is a fascinating job. >> steve: i never knew this. >> brian: president romney and mitt romney will have dueling speechesonly one of them is hanging out with the celebrities in the process . peter? >>reporter: the president's day will get off to a standard start.
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and then to cleveland to a community college where he will not unveil new ideas. but bring his campaign stance from now to november. air force one is wheeled up in new york city where the president and first lady will tour construction in the world trade center. and quarter to sevengo to matthew broderick and sarah jessica parker's house for a fund raising dinner. parker and winter have both appeared in ads for the president's reelection campaign. it is a contest from a random voters. there will be all kinds of folks there. and his motorcade will go to the hotel where miriah carrey will sing in a fund raising
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dinner and mayor booker, notable because of the public spat after white house and pooker, who thinks that attacks on mitt romney's business record is nauseating. mitt romney could be raising money in chicago. then there will be a rally with his own economic speech in a manufacturing plant in cincinnati. >> steve: thank you for the live report. president in cincinnati and mitt romney in cleveland. they are in ohio because it is a swing state and a battle ground state. a new poll shows when it comes to the swing independent voters, the president of the united states has an uphill battle. right now, there is a favorable or unfavorable view of his economic plan with independents. swing voters, 54 percent a majority don't like it 38 percent barely's third are
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favorable. >> gretchin: did anyone get perterbed that who ever is in the office flies to give a speech. fly air force one to give a speech and go back to new york to a fund raising event. why not do it in washington and i am not sure if the speech is necessary. >> brian: bill hemmer is from ohio. >> gretchin: oh, do anything for bill. >> steve: those are not good numbers for the president. brain brine fren percent disapore with him. bia lot of people haven't made up their mind. there looks like play. it is a lot on the line for the president because i think today. the president has to come out and say instead of how bad
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mitt romney and crazy george w. bush was in the white house hoe had to do that. and james carbin troyed to tell him that. >> gretchin: i love ohio, but why go there just for that? all accounts he will not say anything new and ask for more time. more time. that's what he will say in the speech all the way to ohio. >> steve: he needs ohio come november. looking at his poor polling numbers when it come to independents and this is his observation he made on the special report. >> the reasons the independents are so disappointed in the president, they know that the claim he makes is the fault on the predecessor is either on the one hand, false, or whining by someone who will not own up to
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responsibility. it is false. the problems with the president are acknowledging that he left out the part where he sits down and order steak for the next thousand days. >> chris: >> steve: days and years. mitt romney got a good report on the super pac. who gave millions to newt newt gingrich gave 10s of millions to the super pac. >> brian: it had nothing to do with what happened in wisconsin. they didn't want to get involved in other advocate causes. there is a link between the two . trump is on the docket looking to reduce support for the democratic movement and launch a labor movement. >> gretchin: it will be
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interesting to see what happened. people who visit the president is the people from the union. will they back the republican candidate? stay tuned for that. and in the meantime? >> brian: if the unions are not happy with president obama they will not be happy with anyone. i think the president is taking a brutal beating because he stood by the beatings >> steve: soand so now we will not back so many. and not the party designation. but they say there is a policy, they could start in the u.s. and news and world report, they could start supporting some independents. stand by for that. >> gretchin: how does the world feel about what is going on in america? look at the chart for approval ratings from president obama. you can see europe in general
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likes us less by 15 percent. muslim countries like us a lot less. remember all of the outreach when the president went to cairo. >> brian: they like him 63 percent. but dropped in the muslim countries. they don't like the drone attacks . russia bad as you would think and china at 30%. i go back to tony blair said america's greatest fault they want to be liked. no one liked being the number one guy. what your intention is. people will find fault with america because we are great. >> steve: they find fault, the balance of the world does with the drone strikes . the preferred method that the united states president does. gretch those polls were on the
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down side before the drone happened. there is something else going on there as well. look at the game, using the head of who in the scone of a beed hading. it was the closest prop they had. look at the picture and see if you can figure out who it is. >> brian: it is hedge rolling around. >> gretchin: it is a different hair do. george w. bush his head was the first available for the beheading. >> steve: one of the show runners if you look at the stuff said "george bush's head appears in a couple of beed handwriting. it is not a choice or political statement. we used the period and his head was right there. since that hit the fan, there is a statement. hbo issued a statement. we are dismayed to see this and find it unacceptable and
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in very bad taste. we apologize for the careless mistake. >> brian: it was a dvd release. it is out there. >> steve: it will be removed from dvd production if they make more. >> brian: so there. >> gretchin: in the meantime here's what is coming up on "fox and friends". media matters who wants to take down fox news is shifting in high gear and using tax exempt at that timus to help the president winny are election. baseline brine kids, beginning in august will be playing under strict new rules. what are the changes it could affect your child? we'll tell you and get your opinion. this is "fox and friends". wake up. ♪ taking care of business. ♪ taking care of business. every way. ♪ i said taking care of
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>> steve: welcome back. we told you about media matters and an organization that want to take down fox news. media matters might be using its federal tax exempt status to help president obama win reelection. right now live from washington d.c. is vince. explain for our viewers what you . you compared amount of stories over at media matters for guarding the president of the united states as opposed to a year ago to find out if they are campaigning for him. >> beginning with mitt romney. once he had enough delegates. we brought it up to now and see how media matters cover
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president obama this year? out of all of the posts and liberal messaging and famous for trying to take down fox news and bring rush limbaugh down. 60 percent of the posts in defense of bark obama during the election year . now compare to a nonelection year last year. going back to the same time frame, it is only 39 percent that is a big increase. that is a big deal for an organization that claims to be tax exempt and not allowed to campaign for a particular candidate. >> steve: you brought up the tax depempt status . we have one of the rules here tax exempt organization can't attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of the activitis and not participate in campaign activities or against political candidates.
3:18 am
you are looking in the numbers it looks as if thea - they are campaigning and defending the president of the united states at every turn. >> this looks like barack obama's second website. clearlies -- clearly it amounts to. and media matter system defending the president . every single week as the president presents new challenges. the presidencies a lot of challenges in the next several weeks. every time that answers, media matters answers the all. they come out and run cover for the president and attack media outlets and what they are trying to do is show the president is right everyone else is wrong. >> steve: the ironic thing is they didn't senator obama in
3:19 am
2008. he was a supporter of hillary clinton. >> that's right a former staff writer told me that that identity with hillary clinton influenced the entire organization. they were writing 63 percent of the copy about hillary clinton to defend her and not bark obama until obama was clearly going to have the nomination. barack and matters are workg and that same writer said the back up of the land recovery was covered with hillary clinton stickers. >> steve: i wonder if he has bumper stickers this season. thank you, vince. >> thank you. >> steve: 20 minutes until the top of the hour. and he found gold coins lying around on the ground. is it finder keepers, the
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ruling is. >> pulling off a truck heist while the truck is flying down the highway and looks like a tom cruise movie. ♪ take your money and run. ♪ welcome to
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>> brian: the next ambassador with iraq. that is not sticking well with republican senators. they said mcgirk acted inappropriate the white house
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is standing by the nomination. talk about finder's keepers. the homeless man who found $77,000. he found a bag of cash and coins. city members voted to let him keep it. that's good. gretch? >> gretchin: thank you, brian. it is 20 years since president george h. bush left office. now after celebrating the 88th birthday he is sharing stories in his own words and not a book. >> i have lived, and no one asked me to be on the team. i remember how i used to stand around. and you, and you, and no one wants me. i can't move well. this is about -- but i miss it. i am still in the game and now
3:25 am
i am privileged to have a fast powerful boat and everyone wants to go on i and it is a wonderful outlet for me. >> gretchin: that clip part of a new documentary that airs on hbo. jeffrey is the guest this morning. you are talking about as he progresses in age, he loses the ability to do certain things and he found a boat he does. >> one of the fascinating things about the film. he doesn't like to talk about himself . because of that and the way he gets around. it is like finding a moving target and so instead of a film maker's point of view. you like to get it down. but it took the course of 17 months and he was allowed to breathe . the way he was aging and you can see him walking around with a cane. but in the end back in the
3:26 am
white house, he comes back in eight wheelchair. grest gretch you can see the progression of age. you chose to do it in first person . president bush is a man of few words. why was it important for him to be the solo voice. >> you can pick up and dvd and you can find any program about any president, political people. and they throw everybody in there. and we had the opportunity to to have him tell it in his words. >> gretchin: i want to show another clip. he rarely said anything bad about anybody. but in this clip. what he thinks about ross perot. >> defeat clinton in clinton did a great job of campaigning on, i didn't get it and i was out of touch and i don't want to sound like i am bashing the
3:27 am
press. and they were for him and that makes a huge difference. >> can you tell me about ross perot? >> no. i think he cost me the election and i don't like him. >> gretchin: you are asking the question and were you surprised. >> i can't talk about him. he said becomely everything. >> gretchin: that he was upset with him. that was one of the mostant times interview for you in >> i think it was. it was short and raw emotion from him. >> gretchin: the other interesting thing about the film. you were surprised he agreed to do it, right? >> yes, the first film was the oner of it all . the astronauts on the moon. and they hosted a screening in college station with eight apollo astronauts and we walked out and thinking we
3:28 am
would never see him again. and we were invited to maine. we thought it a fascinating story to tell. and of course, we asked and we were told that you know, no, he will not do it and very soon i received an e-mail back that said he was intrigued and six weeks later we start shooting. >> gretchin: it is a fascinating look at george bush 41. it is tonight at 9:00 p.m. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchin: coming up on "fox and friends". kids will be playing under new strict guidelines. is it a scam or a protective thing they need? you will hear both sides. this is incredible. thieves trying to break in while the truck is flying down the highway.
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>> i think broadway is behind this. ♪ >> steve: i am so light on my feet. >> brian: good, good. that is ballet in town yesterday and they stopped by "fox and friends" and they were looking for help and they recruited me briefly. >> gretchin: you just wanted your arms around the beautiful ballerinas >> chris: remember brian when we tried out for river dance? >> brian: that was a killer >> chris: we were shirtless and we did the national road show for three or four months. >> gretchin: look in the background. dave breaks from the weekend show is capturing that. >> steve: send it to me. >> brian: you remember the movie. did that change for you . rock showing you can be a
3:34 am
masculine, man you do that. >> steve: no, i have never seen the movie. >> gretchin: i do. big rock. >> brian: not the tooth fairy. >> steve: it was the tooth fairy. can i get ahold. >> brian: remember he was the quarterback in game plan. thank you very much. not the tooth fairy >> chris: he became a dancer. >> brian: and shows you can be a quarterback and a ballerain if you love your adoptive daughter that you met somewhere. >> gretchin: oh, my god. similar story line to fred clause. >> brian: right. trying to get younger brother to being santa. >> gretchin: yeah. >> brian: defense secretary panetta denying they turned over information to film makers. peter king show that.
3:35 am
they gave collaboration to the screen writer about the raid. the defense department does work with movie producers. but no classified information was released. the white house embroiled in controversy >> chris: meanwhile, the king of wall street is back on the hill after apologizing for j.p. morgan's trading loss. jamie dimon, seen right there going in . telling the senate panel he takes full responsibility for the loss and the buck stops with him and said that more government regulation and not the answer. >> rules and regulation. we will give informed advice on them and some don't make sense. we tell you what doesn't make sense. >> steve: dimon said the loss could cost senior banking
3:36 am
executive scalry and bonus from that year. >> gretchin: it is a of roman i can't think knang members on the sun roof . one tries to open the back door and the other holds his legs and when he opens the door he changes his mind. and then they both climb back inside of the car. police eventually found the guys and arrested him. how are they connected so close. >> steve: who took the pictures. >> gretchin: that car is not connected. it is just driving close. >> brian: it is a case of monkey see, monkey do. a chimp mimics a baby in a zoo in wichita, kansas. what would you say. >> brian: the baby's mother was surprised by the instant
3:37 am
connection. >> the monkey was hitting it hard. they were interacting and different things. my son kept laughing. >> brian: the other day a polar bear was trying to break out and now a himp playing with children. it appeared to be depressed when the baby and family went away. the chimp cheered up and don't be surproysed if disney comes back with a made for tv movie. >> brian: last thing we need is a depressed chimp. >> steve: wrath of apes. extreme weather alert. hail falls hard and fast in dallas . my daughter told me about it take a look at the hail covers so much of the ground it look like it snowed
3:38 am
in the middle of june. mar quee in the lakewood theater was damaged and hail smashed windows and wind shields of carc and check out that eerie cloud on the horizon. stormy night in dallas-fort worth metroplex. >> brian: giants pitcher in the baseball record bookings. listen in san francisco. >> on the ground, from the third . go. that is the perfect game. >> brian: you heard it right. first giant pitcher ever to do that. 22nd time in major league. twen batters up and twen down and 14 strike outs. his wife chelsea in the stand to see it all and congratulate him moments after the game. that's her hugging him.
3:39 am
mets say they are filing an appeal. david wright unable to fold off the hit. the mets said it should have been ruled an error than a hit. major league baseball and it would be the second mets no hitter after going without one. will baseball go back and do something like that? i don't know. did he throw a no hitter. and that is going into the ninth. and getting it the the next day. >> gretchin: i don't know. that would be interesting to see. looked like an error. >> brian: that's what i think. talk about football. big story in off season of football. people are concerned about safety. people troy aikman and curn warner heading to the hall of fame in warner's case. and aikman saying i will not let my kids play. i wouldn't let my kids play because of worrying about head
3:40 am
injuries . pop one has taken academies. >> gretchin: they are going to change some of the ways that kids play the game. here are the changes. limit the contract drills and blocking and tackle only 45 minutes worth of practice. they allow you to practice two hours a day three days a week and i am not sure that does a lot. >> brian: prohibits full speed head on blocktackling. >> gretchin: how do you referee that? >> brian: you can do that. president of the league talk to the yoth coachs and let them know the seriousness of it. and there is football players who think if you don't teach them how to hit in practice n the games they can have injury. they are finding that you can take a young brain and put the impact of those young kids getting hit and say it is akin to nfl getting a head injury.
3:41 am
>> gretchin: they have to do it for safely and reasons. they prove that the kids were injured back when they played pop warner football it is a disaster. we have the discussion on our son and he's 7 right now. and so far the answer is no. >> steve: the hope is to reduce injuries in half. >> brian: straight ahead on this >> gretchin: food duties for mom and dad. >> steve: what was it like going up with a name like patent. grandson of general patton, and it is a part of history that hasn't been redone. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them.
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we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> gretchin: 45 empties in the hour. remember the jetblue pilot that had a melt down. apparentlies from that flight are suing the airline for emotional distress . they say they were totally freaked out especially when the pilot shouted about terrorist. last thing dad want to hear that he's valued less than momit. dad duties like mowing the lawn or barbecuing would only earn him a paycheck . mom's would triple that amount for the stuff they do around the house. >> brian: what would it be like to groww up with a name
3:46 am
like patton. the grandon of george patton is exploring that legacy in a book. joining us is benjamin patton himself . george s. patton's grandon. it is call would growing up a patton. and welcome to the show. and this is through you're dad's eyes and letters from your dad, and to your grandd father. >> yeah, they are busy. my father was struggling to pass math. they had math in west point and deal women and introducing himself to girls and my grandfather is on multiple fronts and they had a correspondence back and forth and was not known historically until now. >> brian: george c scott played him in the movie and a successful movie. but you had a dad who went in the military in his dad's foot
3:47 am
steps. >> a lot of times, i was asked what was the pressure like to follow in your father's foot steps. moy father graduated from west point six months after his dad died . they said you will never be the man your grandfather was. >> brian: it is hard to shake but it motivated him. you say your dad had the voice of george cscott but your grandfather had a high pitched scroyce. >> he was tough. my dad had the voice he loved to are would have had. he was a towering personala in my house. >> brian: tell us about the exerts you are reading. >> it is a brief exchank >> brian:. let me read it i have better vision . old men are intent on going on the first fight. cowards are those who let the
3:48 am
that is june 6th, your grand father to your father. >> he was having a little time on his hand and in that a great deal of advice for my dad who was busy trying to pass exam in west point. >> brian: he was a decoy . hitler said he will not be in normandy . i want to read another one. young george to his dad. i got to get through and graduate. one more reason for doing this. i never thought it would happen. but a certain member of the fairer sex have me in her grasp. it makes hard for studyings.
3:49 am
>> both my father and grandfather flunked out of the math . battle of thinking of women and math was a pattle for him. >> brian: like you, what are you doing now? >> you know,ly things have circled back and there are different ways to servement i work with soldiers and been treated in warrior transition for post traum attic stress. they makes to strug lipping and in counseling the patton veteran's project. >> brian: maybe a ptsd incident . you are bringing it to life with the last name patton. what a great father's day present. thank you for writing it. >> todayy is my parent's 60th anniversary as well >> brian: no problem, we love to have you and thanks so much. coming up straight ahead on the show.
3:50 am
botched trades cost j.p. morgan two billion bucks. should the executives get the bonus and should the step in again. senator brown talking about the interaction. and should you be able to shoot a police officer that enters your house. they are standing by to break it down.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> steve: citizens aloud to shoot police officers who trespass illegally. >> gretchin: judge napolitano is here to break down the new rule. this is going to take place in
3:54 am
indiana. >> it is, a law for people who lawfully own weapons to use it against the police when they are behaving illegally. for example they arrest machine without an arrest warrant. police entering property without a search warrant and police coming in the wrongg property or committing a crime. this was to generate it by a horrific case in indiana where the police broke down the wrong door and arrested the wrong person and he said i am not the guy you want it is the guy next coor. it is like the texas law. texas also has a statute. if they are after brian and they arrest steve and doocy in texas can use force. i am not the guy you came to get. >> gretchin: i am confused. so the cops go to your house
3:55 am
and you know that you have done nothing wrong. >> yes, in the state of indiana. >> steve: if they have a warrant you cannot. >> the burden is on you to do the right thing. if you are not sure whether or not they have a warrant you can't use it. or from lawful confinement initiate a crime. >> steve: there is a lot of small print. where did this come from? >> this was coined by governor mitch daniels. >> steve: because of why? >> because of the case in kine dine where the police went to the wrong house and beat up the wrong person and he sued the police and lost the lawsuit. >> gretchin: that is a big leap from that to being able to shoot the police. >> the state of texas has a statute where you can shoot the police and people don't do
3:56 am
it police are careful because of the homeowner may be legallyy armed. >> gretchin: where do you fall? >> i am in favor of the statute. i think it would lesson the tension and the example is texas. >> steve: more cops don't get shot. >> no one wants anybody shot and no one wants the police to commit crime in the name of being a police officer. >> steve: that's the law in indiana. >> i don't think it is coming teners new jersey. >> steve: you talk body texas as well judge, thank you for joining us. >> gretchin: do you think that these people look healthy to you. >> steve: who? >> gretchin: they are collecting disability. don't blame them. he's here next hour. >> steve: for your eyes only a. the sult row russian spy. she is turning head in the a different way. we'll explain when we come back.
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>> gretchin: thank you for spending part of your day with us. first the economy special back to the big apple. president obama giting - getting ready to wine and dine with the rich and famous. all of the details coming up. >> brian: jamie dimon taking the blame for his company's big blunder. >> it is a credit special that's why i am here. i am acting responsible and the buck stops with me. >> brian: after those botched trade should executives get big bonuses or should the government step in? senator brown life here with his plann. >> steve: bristal palin
4:01 am
sharing details she hadn't shared before. >> you realize the position i am in. i don't remember crying before. >> i am crying because i never thought i would be in this position of needing machine to help with tripp. >> steve: what is that about? bristol joins us for an interview. hour two for thursday starts right here live in new york city. "fox and friends". >> gretchin: good morning, everyone. hope you have a glate thursday and we have a lot on tap. there is a manhunt in new york state for a trauma surgeon. dr. timothy jordan is a weapon's expert. of person of interest in the shooting death of a 33 yore old jacqueline.
4:02 am
jordan allegedly shot her. she worked as a resiptionist and was jordan's ex-girlfriend. they came up empty handed in jordan's home in lake view. a crash in a routine training mission and injuries all of the crew members. the career taking to the area hospital and condition is not released at this time. the ausprey lands and takes off like a helicopter. he won 7 tour de france titles and now the historic wins in danger of being taken away. u.s. anti-doping agency planning to file charges against lance armstrong. he used performance enhancing drugs and transfusions and macking agents. armstrong strongly denying it. it is the same charges and witnesses that the justice department chose not to pursue.
4:03 am
i never dope unlike my accusers i competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike. and never passed a drug test. russian redhead. struting herself down a runway in turkey. she posed next to two men addressed ases. she was deported to russia for her spy ring. she is a huge star there. and those are the headline. >> steve: she has a good agent. >> gretchin: only in america. but in this case only in rush yampt >> brian: we are not sure what she was doing and she has a nice body and so we track her. >> steve: story has leg. we'll be here all week, folks . in a few hours, president obama and mitt romney will make economic pitches to voters in ohio. only one will meet with celebritis and score more cash as well peter dooser is live
4:04 am
with us with a preview. >> good morning, the president's day will start same as every day in the white house with a closed door briefing. by the time the day is done, he will have met with the world's most famous people and start out in cleveland for a economic speech. he is not expected to unvealnew ideas. but his campaign stance from now to november. and saying just as rush hour starts in new york city. president and first lady will look at one world trade center in the construction along side cuomo and cres christy who is one of mitt romney's outspoken surigates . out to the home of sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick for a fundraiser. winter and parker each appeared in ads for the president's reelection effort
4:05 am
and will host a early found raising dinner. the later dinner will feature a perfurthermorance by miriah carrey and new york mayor corey booker who went on meet the press a few suspecteds ago and thinks that obama surrogates attacking romney's time at bain capitol nauseating. he will continue to focus on his theme for the week. romney will talk about how different things will be from day one and his plans to approve the key stone pipe line and cut obama care. and head to the chicago for a fundraiser of his own. back to you in new york. >> steve: you know who else is really busy. matthew broderick. he's been running the swifter around the apartment. >> gretchin: i thought you
4:06 am
said senator scott brown. there he is in our tv screen. senator from massachusetts up for reelection. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> gretchin: you are calling on j.p. morgan, and reported on jamie dimon, you are wanting jamie dimon and other people involved in the two billion loss to give up their bonuses. >> back in may i wrote a letter they have a call back provision. the way you send a message and make people pay attention is hit the wallet. with that provision you can take away the incentives and for the folks who caused the loss. >> brian: what did you learn yesterday? since he came forward he seemed tentative in the beginning but in the end strong and pushing back against regulation. >> we have regulation and need
4:07 am
to implementt dodd-frarving. i was tired of the banks acting like this with our money. and it will be affective i and i encouraged the administration not only to do what we asked them to do when we passed the bill. i am glad he was there. but i think it will send a real message and take away the bonus money. >> steve: you are in a real tight race right now and you are up over elizabeth warren by 13 percent. she would like your job. she tried to tie you to what is going on in j.p. morgan. listen to this. >> my opponent scott brown who is named one of wall street favorite senators has been out there negotiating in secret to try to weaken the rules and delay the rules and try to create the loop holes in the rules and in other words those guys made it clear to wall
4:08 am
street, if you elect them, they promise to stand with wall street all the way. >> steve: is that what you have been up to in >> it is funny, when you are running for high elective office. you have to pass a test and it is about truthful credibility and honesty and she's failed that test as evidence by her claiming to be a native american and making misrepresentation not only to harvard and penn. it is no different here. she can rewrite her own history but not rewrite mine. i was the deciding vote and proud to be so. she was on the whoit white lawnn saying it is the strongest bill. i am not sure what change would she failed that test. >> gretchin: it is interesting how she is criticizing that. your stance on this is maybe against what republicans would feel about it. yes, and so my question to
4:09 am
you. did you have the question because of being in a state of massachusetts as a republican you have to have independent views. >> i am the second most bipartisan. i vote 54 percent with party. everyone else is 97 or above. i have been in the white house with my insider trading bill and i was honored to be in the rose garden when he signed that. my proud funding bill and allows start ups and businesses to raise millions on line. this election is about the economy, jobs in the economy, and i am not going to raise taxes. i want to address our debt. and i am not a jobs destroyer like professor warren want to be. we need to focus on the issues that matter. every class. i have worked since i am here and many years.
4:10 am
>> brian: you are talking about the political career and a lot of people want to know more about you. there is an ad talking about you like a mr. mom. your wife is doing a morning show and leaves out at 1:30 . what do you do when you have two daughters in the house. >> i do whatever you do. let's get ready and i let them go in the room and they are mismatched and i go like this and put their hair in a scrunch yecome down looking like pebbleles. we are a team and gail is very obviously being married 26 years and the kids there are the most important thing in my life . i am so thankful to have their support. >> steve: that is nice, your wife doing a morning show assignment. she gets up to go to work at 1:30 and that means everybody has to be quiet from 6:00 on. >> you all know that. >> gretchin: i know it
4:11 am
exactly. >> steve: what is your father's day plan? >> i am doing a triathlon in the morning and gail and nailer is coming and we'll spend time . i will go see my dad that he's battling parkinson and do a parade and spend time with the family. and the me time. >> gretchin: look at you. you know your wife is watching . you are talking about a honey do list. >> brian: you are going to run the triathlone. that's the easiest. >> steve: senator scott brown in the midst of a tough race. we thank you for joining us. >> go to scott brown.comto learn more. >> gretchin: we asked elizabeth war tone appear on the program with scott brown and she declined. is it time it change the message with a fair and balanced debate. >> brian: take me out to the
4:12 am
ball grame and don't cheer for the home team. gletch gretch you have to be quiet. >> brian: and no more beer. ♪ good morning! wow.
4:13 am
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4:15 am
for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. eye the economy is improving and he got free advice for big name demdeps who say quit talking about the economy. voters are not buying it and so should he change his message? we have both here and dressed nice and deserved to be talked to both on the five and other things. first of all, the president is geting a message from james
4:16 am
carvel. don't pretend like everything is good. should he take it forward. >> got to make it clear he understands what people are experiencing. people are anxious about the economy and future. i think the carvel message is important. if the president thought he could say. yes, the private sector is doing fine, it doesn't necessarily trandsalate with most people on the ground who go to the grocery store and gas station and worried about can their kid get a job. >> brian: the economy not good all fingers point to him is that trouble. >> i do glea he - agree that he needs to look. he hinted about what he would do in the second term. it is at same policy as last term. he talked about energy and solor and wind . he has to get off of that especially when you look add
4:17 am
fail of solyndra . more he blames and looks like he is devoid of worries and he is a weak letter. when president bush took responsibility but he had his hand on the wheel. >> you have monitors. 1994, david axelrod upset that bush 41 talked about progress in a bad economy. let's listen. >> you cite the statistics that the economy is do improve being. you do damage to yourself and you are frustrating the alienated class more. >> brian: he should take his own advice, juan? >> you have to provide context. people are smart . we are going through something different than the '91 reseddings. it is serious. we had a report from the fed about the amount of wealth that families have lost.
4:18 am
i think everybody understands that the reseddings - recession had a bad on our lives. i president obama is talking about it. >> more blame. that axelrod sounds perfect. the same thing happened to president bush. at least bush 41 said things are starting to get better. but they are painting him as out of touch. if the president is fine. he will have the same problem as 41 did in the supermarket. they accused him being out of touch. >> brian: you write about that in the daily news. one thing i find that is intriguing about it seems like democrats and republicans and authors agree. it is impossible to penetrate the president's inner sanctum.
4:19 am
high profile democrats can't get there. >> steve: i don't have hear. that is a fact. you look at the people who are around and they go back to chicago days of the initial campaign and they are a cliche. and people who earn their way in his confidence and he has a small of people who trust each other . the message came lieu. there was a bad few weeks, but they don't trust new comers and i think that is why the message was sent so publicly and president clinton sent it publicly. and why axelrod is on the stump. >> brian: it is a nasinating discussion. thanks for having me. >> you are part of the inner circle,ibly an. >> brian: bristal palin like
4:20 am
you have never seen before. details of a life that is not easy. she never talked about it . have you seen this? >> and now he wishes he didn't . he comes here and talkit. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
4:21 am
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4:23 am
>> steve: there is issues that
4:24 am
could cause an engine to go back. 365,000. that is how much less fenail doctors compared to male could you wanter parts . rhode island is the latest to give smokers the green light. >> gretchin: time for a fraud alert. people in the video look healthy and active adultings, right. they all prevously file would personal injury suits and it is a growing problem. over 2000 works comp cases were deemed punishable. >> steve: johnn, i have seen that guy collected so many hundreds of thousand of dollars and ably body. >> it is great when they caught them.
4:25 am
he can't move his left arm . he's collecting disability payments. these systems are good for people who are hurt. but we are teaching people to fake it and good that the cameras get smaller now. >> steve: what do we learn? >> don't cheat. you will get caught. >> gretchin: i have done manage on the o'reilly show. disability claims sky rocketed in the last couple of years. it is a certain culture. >> if your neighbor is collecting and certain neighborhoods you feel like a sucker. chamber of commerce thinks 25 percent of them are false. >> steve: you have to find an attorney to represent them. >> a lot of attorneys don't ask. they don't want to tick off the client. >> gretchin: you are blaming the attorneys.
4:26 am
and not the people doing the problem. >> that's the lawsuit abuse. i sued the pro wrestling federation and world wrestling foundation they had me beaten up because i talked about how pro wrestling is fake. i think you have a clip. what a experience. why is it a good experience. only the tough survive and that's why you ain't in it and the punk holding the cament ra. it is a tough business. >> that's terrific. >> is that all you got. >> i think it is a fake. >> you continuing is fake. what is that. is that fake. what the hell is wropping with you. >> it cost that guy $300. >> i had ear pain from that and went to doctors, and their
4:27 am
doctor said you have a a illness. what is that. you are holding on to your pain if you are willfuled in the lawsuit. how can you say that without examining me. when i got the settlement. the pain gradually went away. >> gretchin: are you glad you filed or not. >> yeah, they should be taught a lesson. >> steve: did you have $300,000 worth of pain and suffering. >> i had two years of pain. you can determine that. the lawyer gets $180,000. i am a hypocrite because i critize the suit? >> brian: that second hit was harder than the first. no, he is 6-8 280 pounds. >> gretchin: and in his underwear. >> steve: and i am thinking
4:28 am
about it. >> brian: how long did it take. >> four years. the pain is gone now. >> steve: are you frens these days. >> no. >> steve: did you see what he did to him. >> gretchin: coming occupy "fox and friends". game of thropes. you know who that is. producer's turn george bush's head in a political prop. >> brian: they say it was a mistake. >> take mow out for the ballgame and a proposal to leave me speechless. not the mets, they don't get trophies. ♪
4:29 am
4:30 am
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4:32 am
>> gretchin: on this day in 1776 broad stripes and stars was for the flag. we celebrate flag day. >> brian: thank you betsy ross. and let's skel brate.
4:33 am
>> soldiers -- ready, two, three. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light. ♪ what so proudly we held at the twit lights last cleeming the ♪ whose by stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight. ♪ over the rampart we watched. ♪ so gal aspectly treming. ♪ and the rocket's red glare. ♪ bombs bursting in air . ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave?
4:34 am
♪ over the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> steve: very, very nice. good morning, folks, and thank you for joining us. we'll introduce you to musician first class and petty officer mike webb. i did not until i did the math that it was 200 years ago i think this month that the war of 1812 started and that's where we wound up with the flag and. >> that's correct. we are here celebrating flag day and war of 1812. >> steve: you are headed out to baltimore with the blue angels. >> we'll be part of the celebration in baltimore to commemorate the war of 1812.
4:35 am
>> steve: by the way if you have a flag, put up today. after 9/11 we saw so many flags and they slowly disappeared around the united states. and one of the legends that george washington asked betsy ross, the gal down the street. how about a flag. do you know whether or not that is true? >> i don't know if that is true. i heard the same story. >> steve: you know whether that is true? i think that is why it is a good ledge end. >> that's correct. >> steve: very good. where do you all appear? >> we are stationed in washington d.c. and the majority of our performance are in the capitol region. we go where we are needed. the commemoration of the war of 1812 and we'll be in baltimore on sunday. >> steve: fantastic that you join us on flag day today. thank you very much you will
4:36 am
be back in an hour for another song. and i thought they did a good job . meanwhile, i think we are going to look brian and gretchin at the weather and there is the map there. we havely scattered thunderorm plains and parishes of louisiana today. and on the gulf coast as well the balance of the country is nice and dry. in louisiana there but there is was a hail storm in dallas-fort worth metroplex. we have 71 as the current temperature in atlanta. and much of texas and the gulf coast. northern plains and in the final map on flag day. it is it a little red and white and don't be blue. it will be down right hot. 105 in el paso. near will will century park in
4:37 am
texas. 80os the gulf coast and 90 in florida. upper 70s, approaching 80s in the midatlantic and 72 beautiful degrees in caribou. and back to you. >> gretchin: we are going to quiz you. what was the date that the current version of the flag dates back to? what happened and what revision happened. >> brian: give hymn a lot of rope. >> steve: 1960 when hawaii became the 50th state. >> gretchin: someone told you >> chris: that's easy. >> brian: everybody knows that. >> steve: that's why we wanted that flag. >> gretchin: like he pulled that out of his brain somewhere. sound said like you and me asking the question. no one helped. >> brian: come back in. good job. and thank you for the chanters. >> steve: by the way it was an all male group until 1980.
4:38 am
and then they said. >> let's add woman and the group got better. 92 and? >> it got better. >> steve: headline time. >> brian: women are everywhere playing golf and tennis and out of control. >> gretchin: you know what? you know what. you read the headlines. go ahead and take them away. >> brian: okay. leaving an old male crew. >> gretchin: in all your glory. >> brian: obama's pick for the next u.s. ambassador to iraq not sitting well with the republicans. lawmakers are concerned about his leadershipability and experience. mcgherk had intimate relationship with a female reporter and he was married. the white house is standing by the nomination. gretch. i will try again. accused master mind terrorist
4:39 am
wants to have a turban and jacket. it was denied. he said it violates his right to a fair trial. so much for real estate. house hunters of being a total scam. >> it is not the center of activity. >> brian: on the show the family looks at three homes and buys one. is there any clues before the shooting began. the other two homes beknow longed to a friend and were not for sale. hgtv admitted that it takes creative liberties . gretch. >> gretchin:? that was your best reading. there were no gaffes whatsoever. yimpt a lot of -- >> gretchin: this is a chick story mr. #2: total woman. >> gretchin: a shocking and
4:40 am
down right disrespectful, this might be for all genders. president george bush decapitated head spotted in the hbo game of throne. it a political message. bush's head appears in beheading scenes it is not a choice or statement. we used whave head we had lying around. what? there was another statement. i think hbo came out and said that that was wrong. >> brian: right. we'll change topicings. speaking of the mets. call them the new york mutes. they are considering a quiet section in citifield. it would be lower volume and no music or cheer leading. and they are polling fan to see how they feel about the silent treatment. >> steve: a stadium or library. >> gretchin: whose idea is that? >> brian: i have no idea.
4:41 am
i am just saying. it is the dumb idea you will hear. >> steve: meanwhile if you are a private company like j.p. morgan down the street from us. don't you lose your own money or you could wind up in the hot seat on capt apt hill. billions of taxpayer money involved no party. why solyndra hasn't hit the fan yet. >> gretchin: and coming up. the governor's daughter revealing details of her life she never talked about before. welcome to summer road trip, huh? yep uhuh let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> steve: welcome back. a private company explaining a move that cost that private company bank a big chunk of money. the senate has not called on hearing to investigate failure of companies like solyndra that could leave the federal government on the hook for half billion. is the lesson to americans that it is safer to risk taxpayer money than their own. stewart barney is shaking his head. >> i think jamie dimon turned the tables on the senate banking committee. he went in there and the senators were trying to get him and saying we need more regulation or support for president obama's bank regution. instead he apologize took full responsibility for the loss and contrite and turned the tables on the senators. why don't you get your fiscal house in order and what a mess you have create unmentioned
4:46 am
were the whole idea that you should lookk closely at the people responsible for solyndra which a loss of taxpayer's money as opposed to the loss of jorg jorg. >> steve: we are talking about j.p. morgan-chase losing two or three billion . one of the panelist said we lose that every day in the u.s. government and so it is not surprising. what is surprising is that the political theater and it what is going on. they have had all of these senators grilling him and yet taking money from the financial industry at the same time. charles schumer senator for new york voted for dodd-frank and had had received millions and bob corker. he voted against dodd-received 3.4 million from the financial industry. >> steve: you have a team of people grilling jamie dimon
4:47 am
and most of whom had taken millions from the financial service industry . you have the financial reform legislation . we have got that already in my bank. we have literally hundreds of regulators inside of the bank on a daily basis and they didn't spot the two million loss problem. >> steve: the senate is controlled by demdeps and the president of the united states wants to blame the banks for part of the pickle we are in right now . he's running for reelection . he needs jamie dimon in the hot seat. >> steve: he was not. he turned thes and essentially in the end of the day he won and democrats in the front who wanted beat up on the banks because of the loss, i think they lost are. >> they will take their money. >> they will. >> steve: we'll watch your program that kicks off in 90 minutes from now . >> thank you, steve.
4:48 am
>> steve: next bristol palin unplug would. the governor's daughter revealing details was her life she never talked about before . first day of industry. don't you want me by the human league. number one. ♪ ♪ don't you want me, baby. ♪ don't you want me oh. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
♪ >> gretchin: she's lifed in the glare of the media spotlight since her mother sarah pail >> brian: was on the national stage and bristol palin revealing how she is being a single mom and away from alaska in bristol palin life and tripp. >> tell me the plan.
4:52 am
>> willow quit her job and coming to california. >> what did your boss say, willow? >> it would be a fun experience for me. >> you say it is a learning experience. >> did you text boss. willowwillow will be taking care. you have to read to tripp every night right, bristol. it is a lot of work taking care of him. joining me is bristol palin . the star of bristol palin's life with trip. and the trip is name after your young son, trip. >> yes, it is. in that scene you are picking exup leave moving to california with your sister . what happened. >> wic picked up moved to california and i work for a charity there for the sum yer filming for a year and you will see that journey of going to california and coming back
4:53 am
to alaska and the whole journey of doing everything . >> gretchin: why did you want to put your life out there front and center. some of that hasn't been easy. that is an understatement. >> yes, chutely. this reality show. i was not seeking. it kind of changed into my own reality show. my own name and so much in my life is going to be shown on the show. i think i would have reconsider and think about it more. but it has been a fun experience and i know trip will have the footage of the last year of our lives and he will have that forever. >> gretchin: we saw the house in the initial video. >> i move in a beautiful house in california, yes. >> gretchin: was that your house. >> no, it was a family friend's house. >> gretchin: you could get lost in there. >> i know, he loved it.
4:54 am
>> gretchin: i know you were on the record saying you believe that families are better off with two parent home. what are you trying to make up for that and how would you describe that? >> it would be best if trip had a mother and father both active figures in his life and right now he just has a mother and hopefully he will have a father, and hopefully he will be a positive influence and a concret - influence on his life . >> gretchin: where does levi jaunce jaunce stand. it is understanding he has custody but does he use it. >> he doesn't use those visitation rightts right now. can you see the journey that i struggle with the custody case and trying to get him involved in trip's life . viewers will get a glimpse of that in the show. i am excited for people to see what it is truly like.
4:55 am
the picture he paints is not the truth and i am exited for viewers to see that. >> gretchin: would you like your mom to stay in the political scenario. she was a vice-presidential nominee . does she say she want to get back in politicings . >> i think she is doing great with what she is doing now. endorsing candidates and giving speechs and doing very well. >> gretchin: you were on dancing with the stars and did extremely well and probably a life changing experience for you. >> yes. >> gretchin: are you part of the all star series. >> i am not sure if i would do it again. i loved my partner and all of the people there, but i have a lot of things on right now. it just depends on what trip is up to. >> gretchin: depends on trip. >> i would have to ask him. yeah, momma you would like to
4:56 am
see him dance. >> gretchin: i know the feeling as a mother of a son as well what about your blog. it seems that some of it faith-base you refer to bible verses . what role does it have? >> it is a huge impact on my life and my compass and guides the decigs i make and the root of myself and my family. >> gretchin: best of luck to you. premiers on lifetime. bristol palin life is a trip. good luck with it. >> thank you so much . >> brian: next on the government's list to get hand outs. arab-americans called a socially disadvantaged group. and how do you rebuild after you lost everything? answer that homeowners need to hear only on "fox and friends". we'll be right back. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
4:57 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, june 14, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. today president obama tries to reboot his message with the voters that the economy is getting better. but his senior campaign advisor didn't think that was such a good idea back in 1994. >> these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself. >> steve: the new numbers that show david axelrod may have been right the first time. >> steve: speak of turning the tables, word is there are republicans rallying to keep parts of obamacare. what's that about? we'll talk to michelle malkin about that promptly. >> brian: doctor said he'd never walk again. then this. wait 'til you hear how he prove evidence all of them wrong. the story might give you goose
5:01 am
bumps. it does me. "fox & friends" starts right now. i'm tingling. >> gretchen: that looks like fine. remember the good old days when we were kids? back then it was probably more dangerous than now. we're going to be giving you some safety tips 'cause now they have the nets in there. >> steve: the key to these is in addition to the nets, is the fact that traditionally you got the springs that extend outward. these springs are actually underneath so you don't get stuck. >> brian: we have the double one and actually spent more money for it because they said it's better on your niece. it's the best thing --
5:02 am
hypothetically, let's say i had one, the best thing we ever did. all the ages, they've always jumped on the trampoline and then we got the basketball net for it. so they will be exercising. >> steve: don't your kids know they're supposed to be in the house watching tv playing video games? >> brian: they don't listen to me, steve. and i want a new kid by friday. >> gretchen: do they jump together? >> brian: yes, that's troublesome. because the nine-year-old gets catapulted into the netting. >> gretchen: what we learn today is you're supposed to jump solo. >> steve: today is flag day. we're celebrating that, and it was on this date back in june 14, 1775 that the continental army got started and today and this week, the u.s. army celebrating their 357th anniversary. happy anniversary, folks. >> brian: yeah, the army is the oldest service who fought to establish the nation, as you know. without the army, we don't win. >> steve: good day for a camouflage cake. >> gretchen: sounds good. let's get your headlines.
5:03 am
a developing story, air force cv helicopter crashed during a training mission, injuring all four crew members in florida. the crew taken to an area hospital. their conditions not being released at this time. the osprey flies like an airplane, but lands like a helicopter. the cause of the crash is under investigation. we're getting a look at brand-new video of an suv that slammed right into a house on new york's long island. you can see only the back half of it sticking out of the side of the house. we're told at least one person was hurt, taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused that crash. >> steve: looks like the bedroom. >> brian: that's trouble. >> gretchen: lance armstrong, in jeopardy now. the anti-doping agency planning to file charges against him. agency says he used performance enhancing drug, as well as blood transfusions, testosterone and masking agents. in a statement, he says this: these are the same charges and the same witnesses that the justice department chose not to
5:04 am
pursue after a two-year investigation. i have never doped and unlike many of my accusers, i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one. doctors told him he'd never walk again. a california teen proving them wrong at his high school graduation. patrick, paralyzed from the neck down since he was struck bay car nearly 18 years ago. with the help of a custom made walker and six hours a day in physical therapy, he beat the odds. >> it was honestly like one of the best days of my lifement maybe like do jumping jacks at college graduation or something like that. i don't know. >> gretchen: that's not all he's proud of. he also graduated with a 4.0
5:05 am
grade point average and will attend usc in the fall. congratulations. >> steve: that's great. >> brian: meanwhile, president obama and mitt romney will be trading jabs on the economy today. that's just a hunch, but because they have dueling speeches and both want the same job. wendell goler live at the white house. >> they will both be in must win ohio today. mr. obama in cleveland. romney in cincinnati. the president aims to make the case that the election is about two different economic prescriptions for the country and romney will insist it's about changing an economic policy that has failed. the two men battling for independents' votes. a poll suggests more independents view both of their economic policies unfavorly, though they have stronger views about the president's policies. earlier this week, mr. obama argued that romney's policies have been tried and failed. >> they don't have any new ideas.
5:06 am
i am telling you, i want you all to pay attention over the next five months and see if they're offering a a single thing that they did not try when they were in charge because you won't see it. it will be the same stuff, the same oaky dock. >> the president is trying to tie mitt romney to president bush, while mr. romney is trying to tie mr. obama to the struggling economy with the idea he doesn't know how it fix it. yesterday romney looked ahead to today's speech by the president. >> his rhetoric will be soaring and eloquent, but i'd suggest a look at the record more than the words. the policies he would take are very different than the ones i described. without question, he will stifle our energy resources in coal, natural gas, and oil. he will, of course, implement obamacare, including -- i think you're going to see more and more coverage mandates, meaning more items have to be included
5:07 am
in policies and that will make them much more expensive. >> strategists in both parties consider ohio's 18 electoral votes to be critical. no republican in modern times has won the white house without those votes. >> gretchen: thanks very much. >> steve: let's go out to colorado springs right now, joining us on this thursday as she did every thursday, there is michelle malkin. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: we're hearing a lot from david axelrod these days. he's the number one guy who is -- whose job is to get the president four more universities am it's interesting, we got into the way back machine and found a sound bite of him back in 1994 where essentially he was criticizing george w. bush for talking up a bad economy, saying it frustrates the middle class. here is mr. axelrod with darker hair. >> one of the interesting things about this is that as you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself. if you stand up and claim great
5:08 am
progress, you're only frustrating this alienated middle class more. that was the key. >> steve: michelle, he also went ton say and bush was always talking about the economy. this from an advisor whose president finished 100 rounds of golf so far? >> yeah. that's right. well, i think his mustache has bent over the years and his common sense examine wisdom, it's sort of like the reverse aging process where he loses wisdom with age. and i think the parallels to the bushes are interesting because of course back in the late '80s and 1990s, the democrats and strategist likes david axelrod were casting the bushes as imperial presidencies and now, david axelrod works for one. it's not just the gall thing and the incessant vacations and fund-raisers. it's surrounding himself with
5:09 am
elites like george clooney and sarah jessica parker, at the same time he wags his fingers at the republicans for being out of touch. classic. i love this. let's have more retro david axelrod. >> gretchen: let's go to a new survey that came out. there is another one that says actually independents are not going to be going so much for obama as they did last time around potentially u about this one is about what the world thinks about him. the world seems to have dropped by 30% when you look at european countries and china and russia and japan, what do you make of that. >> well, clearly the global apology tours that obama has conducted over the last three, 3 1/2 years have not worked. but i'd have to say that if you look closer at these poll numbers, a lot of the animosity comes from the same places that have always detested and despised us and these are dictators, dictatorships and places in the middle east that do not appreciate america's role in defending freedom in the
5:10 am
world. and the things that obama has done that have alienated the world are the things that bush did in the war on terror. these are things like the drone strikes and, of course, keeping gitmo open after he refused to listen to barak obama refused to listen to eric holder. i think it teaches you a lesson that defending america does not win popularity contests. >> brian: and never will. let's talk about this, any day now we could be finding out -- we know sometime in june the supreme court will rule whether obamacare's mandate is constitutional or not. you believe republicans, some of them are pushing for obamacare to stay put. >> unfortunately, it's not just a belief. it is the reality. you have republican senators like roy blunt who have come out foursquare in favor of preserving what he believes to be the most quote, unquote, popular provisions of the obamacare mandate. i'm talking about things like the slacker mandate that forces
5:11 am
insurers to put kids up to the age of 26 on plans. this is the heart of the coercion of socialized medicine and yet here you have these big government republicans who once were full of full repeal of obamacare making noises about keeping them. who needs enemies when you have these people making noises like this? this comes at a time when there are new studies showing that of course the slacker mandate has increased premiums and when you increase premiums, you kick hundreds of thousands of people off of insurance coverage every year. >> steve: one other thing i know you've been following, the commerce department now apparently considering naming arab-americans socially and economically disadvantaged minority group so they would be eligible for handouts. >> yeah. this kind of commerce department preferential treatment program has been in place for decades. if you look at the list, the real question is, who doesn't
5:12 am
qualify as a disadvantaged minority anymore? i think it's also worth pointing out that if you look at census and economic data, arab-americans happen to be among the wealthiest of minority populations in the country and the most well educated. in other words, the least deserving of this kind of pandering treatment. i think it's just bottom line commerce department uses these programs to politically redistribute wealth. >> steve: not surprising. >> gretchen: michelle, calls great to see you. have a great weekend. we'll see you next week. >> brian: straight ahead, take a close look at your tv screen of the closer. even closer. those are thieves you see trying to break into the truck as it's flying down the highway. >> steve: nerves of steel. then first the banking crisis. then the foreclosure crisis. now the debt crisis. after all this, how can you begin to rebuild the american dream? real estate guru bob massi here with an answer live from vegas [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: so many americans have been hit with what we're calling a triple whammy. the banking crisis, the foreclosure crisis, and now the debt crisis. but you can turn it around and rebuild your future. just ask fox news legal analyst bob massy. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning. >> gretchen: you always see the silver lining, at least you try to. how do you see the silver lining in this latest ap wire crossing about foreclosure data? apparently home option notices and homes receiving default rose 12% from april and increased 16% versus may last year. what does that mean? >> well, what has happened, as we covered in the last year and a half or more, all the
5:17 am
deficiencies deficiencies deficiencies and foreclosures, they're starting to get their affairs in order, so the lenders who have been sitting on inventory because of all the different things that they know were done illegally and otherwise, they're now gearing back up to take their homes back. so that's basically where these statistics are going. there is also other factors, but that's the primary things. they recognize they did things they shouldn't have done. they've been sanctioned for it. $25 billion settlement that came out in march. now they're gearing back up. the interesting part about this is remember, it cost lenders quite a bit of money tougher close and so they're going to have to maintain these properties. but homeowners are going to be faced with losing more homes because they're gearing back up to foreclose on properties. >> gretchen: so we had that triple whammy i allude to. the foreclosure, banking crisis, now the debt crisis. so what questions should we be asking ourselves to begin to try to rebuild and see that silver
5:18 am
lining? >> you know, in rebuild, there are dreams from the shattered dreams. one of the things i want our viewers to understand is to try to put things in perspective. it's been very tough times in america. in the last 3 1/2 to four years. but let's remember, god willing, if we're healthy and the kids are healthy, then that's the most important thing in our lives. we can rebuild and remember, you are the home. the family is the home. it's a house. we can rebuild from that. one of the things i want to stress to our viewers, that we're going to be talking about in weeks to come other areas that affect us from the real estate crisis. but how to sort of put these pieces of the puzzle back together and god willing, we'll be able to show them some good tips in the future to help them. >> gretchen: all right. so if people are out there and they're look for this kind of guidance to set the path for recovery, where do they go? >> you know, gretchen, more than
5:19 am
ever before, just like the old family doctor, if you will, people really need more professional advice than ever before. i cannot stress to our viewers enough, find a lawyer that is competent, that's lived long enough to go through crisis in their life and seeing things. and if nothing else, just go talk to professionals to try to help put their affairs in order. what are the things that they need to do? that will be some of the things we're talking about in rebuilding your dreams. these are some of the steppingstones to start rebuilding, but they have a competent professional that could sit down and say okay. this is what's happened. you had to file bankruptcy. you do have this credit card debt. you did lose your house. okay, guys. this is what we're going to do. it's inexpensive to do these type of things with a professional now because of the fact that you can start rebuilding. you don't have to spend a lot of money on a lawyer to be able to get this type of advice. i can't urge our viewers enough
5:20 am
to find somebody capable in your area to help you with that. >> gretchen: all right. great advice and we hope you can help a bunch of folks. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: you can e-mail bob your questions by logging on to our web site. click2houston.comer on the shattered dreams icon. coming up on "fox & friends," give a homeless a puppy and that will keep them off the streets? i guess the homeless person. details on this controversial new plan straight ahead. and then, who should investigate the white house over security leaks? they say eric holder and his men and women are just fine of the but can they really be trusted? republican senator chambliss joins us next with his thoughts ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. president obama wants brett mckirk to be the next u.s. ambassador to iraq. that's not sitting well with six republican senators. lawmakers asking for the nomination to be withdrawn because they're concerned about mckirk's leadership abilities and experience. white house is standing by the nomination at this point. make sure to keep an eye on the sky tonight. an unusually large asteroid will fly by earth around 8:00 p.m. eastern. i think that's when bruce will police and company is going to fly up there. just kidding. it's expected to be bright enough to be seen with the telescope or a camera. keep your eyes on the sky. mr. kilmeade? >> brian: don't look up yet. in fact, look at your tv. more fallout over the national security leaks. democrats blocking resolution introduced by their gop colleagues on tuesday.
5:25 am
it would call for attorney general eric holder to appoint a special independent counsel to investigate the trio of leaks coming out of the white house. this after the attorney general chose two political appointees within the department of justice to lead the investigation. joining us now is one of those calling for a special counsel who is alarmed by the leaks coming out of somewhere, somehow, but into the newspapers. senator from georgia, chambliss, ranking member of the senate intelligence committee. senator, what progress have you made in terms of getting a different special prosecutor in there and not these u.s. attorneys? >> actually made none. we've been stone called by the administration. obviously the attorney general appointed two who i'm sure are good lawyers to do the investigation, but the fact of the matter is, number one, they're political appointees. they were appointed by this administration to their positions. they are answerable to the attorney general.
5:26 am
what we need is somebody that's independent, that's outside the realm of this administration because when you read these articles and you see what leaks took place, everything goes back towards the white house. when you have obama quoted from the situation room, you have axelrod inside the situation room, somebody has got to be able to be independent enough to investigate thoroughly the white house's involvement. >> brian: i never heard of two attorneys. they're going to get in each other's way. you need a leader to lead this and they have huge staffs for that reason. >> that's another obvious problem, brian. they both have been given responsibility to do investigation of different and separate stories. well, this is a cascade of leaks, a true volume of leaks like we've never seen before. you need one person who has the power and authority to subpoena from the attorney general without having to go to the attorney general to get a subpoena as these guys are going to have to do.
5:27 am
>> brian: you think it was tom donnellan? >> i don't know. i mean, obviously that's what the investigation is for, but certainly he is the national security advisor. he was in the situation room when these discussions took place, but i have no idea at this point. >> brian: i want to bring up something else 'cause i'm very interested in that, but real quick, if you think this is more serious than the wowry plane investigation because senator biden then wanted independent and he got it. >> yeah, i mean, who have the two loudest members of the united states senate calling for a special counsel in that case? barak obama and joe biden. and the bush administration did appoint a special counsel, gave them authority to act as if they were the attorney general. that's a key difference because that special counsel was not responsible to the attorney general. he had subpoena authority, he could convene a grand jury of
5:28 am
the he had real power as an investigator. these guys, irrespective of how good a lawyer and prosecutors they are, they simply don't have the power and authority to do that. >> brian: so from the bin laden raid to the virus to having a saudi being a double agent inside yemen, all those things are exposed, to the cooperation with the movie, but it just became too much and republicans stepped up and senator diane finestein outraged. so we're going to track this and hopefully make progress and at the very least, get it to stop. always great to see you. >> aim here. >> brian: coming up on "fox & friends," big breaking news on the economy in a matter of moments. weekly jobless numbers about to be released. holding their breath, i imagine, everybody at the white house. eric policy be here breathing in and out freely. he'll be here it break us down and he's using doughnuts to describe where our economy is heading. eric, watch this. it's not a movie. it's really a group of bees
5:29 am
pulling -- thieves pulling off a truck heist while it flies down the highway. ridley scott did not commission this. this is happening. ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported.
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5:33 am
unemployment claims. up from 377,000 the week before. economists were expecting lower than this, 375,000. time to bring in eric bolling. so this is now the second week in a row we've seen an increase? >> increase, also higher than expected. we'll wait to see what the revision is, the adjustment which probably, again, up again with 63 weeks in a row. bad numbers. going in the wrong direction. this can't bode well for the monthly unemployment number that we see at the end of -- first friday of the month reflecting back to the prior month. president obama is going to go to the podium today and talk about jobs. he's going to talk about the economy. these numbers on a weekly basis show -- are snapshots of the economy. we're not doing well. the economy is not producing the jobs -- >> steve: apparently the president will present that and say, the economies sputter around. i need four more years to finish the deal. >> and also try to highlight the difference between his jobs plan and mitt romney's jobs plan. the problem is, i haven't heard a jobs plan out of president
5:34 am
obama. i really haven't. i'm not being partisan. >> brian: he said last year, he presented these option to stimulate the job situation and payroll tax cuts. >> the dirty little secret in dc among democrats is you don't want to raise taxes when the economy is sputtering. so all the jobs plans that i've heard that may or may not work, all have to do with keeping taxes lower, extending payroll tax holidays. they have a big problem coming up. at the end of the year action the bush tax cuts, unless they vote on them l expire and forget it. that is the fiscal cliff. >> steve: it's not just the rich people. it's everybody. >> gretchen: in the speech today, i guarantee you it will be that it's congress' fault because they will not pass more stimulus money that the president wants. >> how about a real jobs plan? how about something that's really going to work? we talked about the repatriation. there are so many ways you can stimulate economic growth and jobs in america other than point the finger at congress, or point
5:35 am
the finger at loopholes in taxes. get real. get down and dirty with creating real jobs. >> brian: one of the big stories this week has been president obama coming forward, even i think it was monday, tuesday in baltimore action saying why do people blame me for the deficit? it was baked in the cake. it was going to rise. that is what president bush left me. >> when he said that, he said it's like someone ordering a steak dinner and martini and leaving us, leaving me, president obama, stuck with the tab. so i went back and i did it. i went month by month over the whole term of president bush. i didn't order a martini. president bush and then president obama. every single month there was accountable to bush and every single month accountable to obama. here is the full screen that shows what's gone on over the last 12 years. receipts, that's taxes that we take. money in. $2.2 trillion under president bush. $2.1 trillion under president obama. about the same. here is where it comes out.
5:36 am
2 1/2 trillion, annualized. good years, bad years. we spent 2 1/2 trillion dollars under president bush. we're spending $3.4 trillion under president obama. that comes to $309 billion under bush. 1.31 trillion. when he says i'm not spending any more than my predecessors, how can you say that? i wanted to give you a little more relatable feel. >> gretchen: i wondered. 'cause i'm starving and i keep smelling the doughnut. >> each one of these doughnuts represents $10 billion. under president bush -- >> brian: and 10 billion calories. >> under president bush, this is how much we added to the deficit every year. right there. >> steve: side by side. >> under president obama, here is the pile that every year. how in the world can this look like this? how is that equal? how does president obama say i'm not increasing debt any faster than anyone else? there this is. >> brian: not only that, even though president bush has less, he's got more jelly doughnuts.
5:37 am
so i think technically, they're more expensive. >> gretchen: do they weigh more? >> are you going to have a $10 billion doughnut? >> steve: we are talking about dough. that's what that is right there. eric, thank you very much. we'll watch you at the fife. >> we'll talk about the president's affinity for celebrity tours. >> brian: will you be eating them during the show? >> no. >> gretchen: i got to get to the headlines. thanks very much. there is a machinehunt underway in new york state for a trauma surgeon believed to be armed and dangerous. police calling dr. timothy jordan a former army special forces weapons expert, a person of interest in the shooting death of 33-year-old jacqueline. he allegedly shot her inside of erie county medical center yesterday. she worked as a receptionist there and apparently was his ex-girlfriend. police came up empty handed during a search of his home in lake view. brian? >> brian: a band of romanian
5:38 am
gang members attempt to hijack this truck as it speeds down the highway. you see the robbers climb out on the car's sunroof, moon roof. one tries to open up the truck's back door action while the other holds his legs. like a shot of the expendables. when he successfully opens the door to steal the loot, he partnerly changes his mind. >> gretchen: why? >> brian: i don't know. they come back and there is no audio. police eventually found the guys and arrested them. >> gretchen: i wonder what they were trying to steal. a loft unanswered questions. an unusual program in san francisco using puppies to combat panhandling. a privately funded program gives dogs to people who used to be homeless and who are now living in government housing. the idea that owning a pooch will make them more responsible and less likely to beg for money. this is interesting. matt says he was down and out until charlie came into his life. >> once i saw charlie, i fell in love. the entire neighborhood adopted him.
5:39 am
it's been 100% positive. >> gretchen: only people who do not have a history of violence or mental illness can apply for that program. >> brian: one of my favorite holidays, today, flag day. mashing the great day in 1777 when congress officially adopted the stars and stripes. good move, congress. our current flag dates back to 1960 after hawaii became a state. we would like to honor flag day with a special performance by the sea chanters. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:40 am
♪ ♪ >> steve: very nice, ladies and gentlemen, the u.s. navy sea chanters. this is musician first class mike web. he was with us an hour ago. thank you for joining us. >> it was our pleasure. thanks for having us. >> steve: are you the official chorus of the u.s. navy? >> that is correct. we are. >> steve: very nice. and i asked earlier before you sang "anchors away" which you hate to they're at a news channel, i asked if anybody wanted to help me with the weather and this fellow whose name is? >> bill edwards. >> steve: bill, you want to help me with the weather? >> absolutely. >> steve: anchors away, it's weather away. let's take a look. >> so on the satellite for the past six hours, we've had some precipitation heading across louisiana into alabama or mississippi? i'm bad. >> steve: mississippi is the one next to the river. that's mississippi. >> mississippi. >> steve: you're in the navy! you should know about large
5:41 am
bodies of water! >> i know about the water. it's the land that's sometimes tricky. >> steve: we got another map for you. we'll look at the current temperatures. >> all right. in chicago where the navy sea chanters just performed this year on tour, it's balmy 63. in new york here it's 66. out in phoenix where we'll be tour not guilty 2013, it's 80 degrees. >> steve: arrest human blood machine! very, very nice. round of applause for him doing the weather. that was absolutely great. by the way, if people would like more information, you have a web site? >> as in military. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today on flag day. all right. brian and gretch, back in to you. >> brian: it was great to see those navy men and women also happy birthday, army. campaign ads hitting the air waves. are they hitting home? frank luntz with his dials. >> gretchen: and ready to jump in to summer? how to make sure everyone ends up safe while heading through the air and twisting and
5:42 am
turning. she's actually a famous gymnast right there. that's why she knows what she's doing wake up!
5:43 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:45 am
>> brian: president obama on his way to a star studded schedule. antoine louis, where will he start? >> actuallile be in cleveland earlier for most of the day. he has a couple of campaign stops before he comes it manhattan. let's share that schedule. air force one is expected to touchdown at jfk around 4:30, 5. he and mrs. obama and a couple of other personnel will be coming down here to the world trade center site where they will get a progress report. they're also going to be touring
5:46 am
tour number 1, which is the centerpiece of the entire redesigned site down here in lower manhattan. they will also be meeting with governors christy and cuomo. all of that will be taking place sometime after 4:30. takes about ten minute, 15 to clear out all of the traffic to allow them to get here. ever he leaves here in lower manhattan, he's going further north to sarah jessica parker's house. the actress, she and her husband are hosting a private fund-raiser. it's our understanding they're having furniture brought in, which is private. he will then leave there to go to another fund-raiser that's going to be at the plaza hotel. that one, will be hosted by newark mayor cory booker. mariah carey scheduled to perform. this will be the first time competent booker will be together since he supported the rhetoric associated with the bain capitol from a couple of weeks back. at one point there was some tension with president obama.
5:47 am
so that will be an interesting one there. back to you. >> brian: wow. that's one busy day. amazing do you that and still be president. thanks so much. steve? >> steve: thank you very much. that money that they raise today will be spent on tv ads. on both sides of the aisle in hopes of swaying vote increase november. which spots are working right now? let's talk to frank luntz who recently tested two new ads on vote increase wisconsin. i saw some of that, frank, the results were fascinating. >> you haven't seen these ads 'cause they're not airing nationwide. you can't get them in new york. you can't see them in texas or california because they're not swing states. the only place you're going to see these ads are in places that either the obama or the romney campaign think they can win. i've got two harshly negative ads that had very different reactions among the voters. let's take a look at this first one and then we'll talk about how voters reacted to it. >> when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs, but
5:48 am
rate twice the national average and fell 47th in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself while raising them on the middle class and left the state $2.6 billion deeper in debt. so now when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president -- >> i know what it takes to create jobs. >> remember, we've heard it all before. >> i know how jobs are created. >> romney economics. it didn't work then and it won't work new. >> steve: frank, the dials were climbing on both the red and the green until about 30 seconds before the conclusion. what happened? >> exactly. that's when it got personal. let me tell you, that is one of the most effective obama campaign ads so far because it goes step by step with what mitt romney did rather than the typical accusations where they screaming about politics.
5:49 am
tries to focus on the record and that's one of the reasons why our voters in wisconsin said that's a legitimate attack. it's persuasive and impactful. that one works. >> steve: let's look at romney ad. it's called a better tomorrow. >> what will be different about a romney presidency? from day one, president romney focuses on the economy and the deficit. unleashes america's energy resources and stands up to china on trade. president romney's leadership puts jobs first. but there is something more than legislation or policy. it's the feeling we'll have that our country is back, back on the right track. that's what will be different about a romney presidency. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> steve: it ends at 93 on the republican side. that's gigantic. >> but it doesn't get enough of the democrats and the reason why is that they want specifics all the way up to the end. they want to know the details and most importantly, how it will impact them. not the policy, but the impact
5:50 am
on average voters. >> steve: very nice. frank luntz joining us on this thursday live from orlando, thanks for bring along the dials. >> you got it. >> steve: straight ahead, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. be careful, brian. trampoline safety coming up next. first, let's check in with martha mccallum. she's been on a couple of those in her lifetime. >> up and down on the trampoline. thank you. good morning. we've got this new jobs numbers that are out. john boehner says the house passed 30 jobs bills to start to fix the problem. the president says he wants his bill passed. somebody has to do something, right? and the president is losing traction with swing voters. all the new poll numbers coming up and the pentagon says a meat ax is about to fall on our defense capability. bill and i join you on those important stories at the top of the hour. we'll see you then [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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♪ ♪ >> gretchen: we're talking about jumping and more importantly, safely jumping with your kids on the trampoline this summer time. i'm joined by mark rabinasa trampoline safety consultant. how do you become a trampoline safety consultant? >> i was a gymnast in college. over the last 42 years as a professor of perform performance in sport, i taught, coached trampoline forever and sat on national notes try to make these products safer for the consumer. >> gretchen: let's look at the three trampolines behind us. what makes these trampolines safer than others? >> these trampolines, it's a new design. this is a new paradigm design.
5:55 am
you'll see the poles around here are outside of the trampoline. not inside. so you don't hit them. you also see the rods here. there are no springs. this is why this is called spring free trampoline. you don't have the problem of falling through the springs or hitting the frame. >> brian: one fell through the springs. >> absolute israeli. >> gretchen: you believe that these are safer. now, let's talk about what jumpers should be doing. by the way, in our center trampoline, we have 13-year-old meghan, usa gymnastics junior national. no wonder she can smoke the two of you guys. i dare you to dot split thing. >> brian: i did it in the break. >> gretchen: really? let's talk about some of the rules. this is a big one, only one jumper at a time. that's never gonna happen when kids are playing. >> one of the unfortunate things with backyard trampolines why there are so many injuries is you have multiple people jumping. when you have multiple people jumping, what happens is if you hit the trampoline at the same time, you can break an ankle, a knee, a leg.
5:56 am
we see a lot of those injuries. you're supposed to do one at a time. that's what the manufacturers recommend. you got to also understand with the enclosures, people think they're play pens and there is a false sense of security. so parents have to understand if you put more than one on the trampoline, the chance of an injury goes up. >> gretchen: dramatically. you also see no flips unless your meghan o'connell and amazing gymnast. >> no flips. they're not made to do flips unless you are a trampolinist like meghan can certainly do ton these, can do a flip safely. but when euro tating up in the air, when you come down on your head, there is a very, very, very good chance that you will break your neck. >> gretchen: always make -- >> brian: what could we do, how do you become good at this? >> gretchen: we got to wrap up and go commercial. right back [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max.
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