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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 14, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: happy birthday, army and tomorrow, a really big day for our show. >> gretchen: we'll have geraldo rivera and eli manning. >> brian: and def leppard. maybe we'll get the trampoline to stick around. >> gretchen: you never know. see you tomorrow. bill: good morning, everybody. want to start with the fox news alert because there are two economic messages in one battleground swing state today. governor mitt romney, president obama descending on ohio to sell their economic vision to the american people. that's where we start. this will be a fascinating day of politics. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." how are you doing? martha: i'm doing fine. bill: you look great. martha: like your salmon tie. i'm martha maccallum. we have a lot to talk about today because president obama's address is set for 1:45 eastern time. surprisingly, governor romney will kick in his his comments after that. the president saying romney
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romney is saying the president will not offer any new ideas. >> he is speaking eloquently and but the words are cheap. whether they should continue to hold onto their job. bill: those speeches come on more bad news from the labor department. 30 minutes ago this is what we get. another jump in jobless claims last week. 336,000 americans filing for first-time benefits. stuart varney, fox business network. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: want to start with the speeches. what will president obama pitch today? >> reportedly he will double down, continue the economic policies in place for the last three years. he is not going to change course. reportedly he will keep calling for new investments in education, public safety and infrastructure. he will say, i need more time to get my policies to work. they're starting to work. give me more time. in other words, he is saying no change of course. that would have been very difficult for the president to change course now, would
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imply mistakes over the last three years. of course he could have compromised with the republicans. he could come out today and say, forget about taxing the rich. just let me spend some more government money. apparently it is neither compromise or change of course. it is doubling down. bill: to that point here is what he said the other day followed by jay carney on this. >> i inherited a trillion dollar deficit. we had a surplus. they turned it into a deficit. built in a structural deficit, that extends for decades. >> i won't get into details previewing the president's speech because we certainly want you to listen closely when he delivers it. bill: based on that second comment you might be dead on there, stuart. what about governor romney. what will he say? >> he apparently is going to say the opposite. time's up, mr. president. we need to reverse course. we need to reverse occurs on regulation. we need to stimulate private enterprise, not government
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spending, stimulate private enterprise in order to create jobs. exact opposite of the president. bill: what is so fascinating about this, they're talking about issue number one the economy which by all accounts determines who will win in november. and quite likely who wins in ohio. that is why this number is so important. 386,000 first-time claims, jobless benefits. that is going in the wrong direction, stuart. >> yes, sir. it is a very high number. if we're in recovery mode, recovery from recession you're not supposed to have nearly 400,000 people filing first time jobless claims. that number is far too high. in recent weeks it has gone up not down, up. bill: if it reaches 400,000 that really is a marker. that would be a headline. >> yes. bill: are we going there, stuart? >> it is very possible, bill because all the news recently on the economy shows it is slowinging down whether the overall rate of growth, the jobs picture, retail sales actually declined in the month of may.
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that why it is entirely possible that in coming weeks we will hit that number, 400,000 new jobless claims, a very bad number to hit. bill: they call that a june swoon. we'll see you on fbn. thank you, start varney with us. martha has more now. martha: not only did the jobless number jump last week, the week before it was revised higher. that is the trend we've been seeing lately. look at originally reported number. every thursday we get the weekly jobless number. the number of people who walk into the unemployment office for the very first time and ask for benefits. here is look, yellow line what the original number comes out at 8:30 every thursday morning. look at the number that comes on in green. when they go back they make tweaks to the number. almost every case, 66 out of 67 weeks when they go back a little later they have to push that number even higher. as the number comes out it gets worse when they take a second look at it. the largest jump we saw
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between the number on thursday and revision was back here on march the 22nd when they had to revise higher by 16,000 jobs on may 31st. higher by 3,000 jobs. that is tricky trend. that is not the one we want to be seeing. bill: certainly is, martha. the apanswers in this cycle both the president and republican challenger are speaking in that state and for good reason too. ohio considered a battleground for some reasons in the race for the white house. voted for the winner in last eight presidential elections. no republican ever won the white house without winning the state of ohio. in 2008, then senator barack obama beat arizona senator john mccain by 300,000 votes. it was even closer in 2000 between john kerry and george bush. martha: if we bummed you out this morning with all the job numbers take a look at one positive note for consumers out there. gas prices have been
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dropping. i noticed it when i fill up the gas tank. the number is not as ghastly as it was. in south carolina they are celebrating. folks lining up in gas stations in conway after prices fell below $3 a gallon. >> i am glad to see it under $3. yeah, we did it. >> well, i mean it is great that it is dropping under $3 but still higher than where it needs to be. >> big deal. [inaudible] martha: statewide, south carolina drivers are still paying over $3 at about 3.11. still a lot less than the national average of $3.53. while still high, the average is down 40 cents a gallon over the 2012 peek in early april of $3.93 a gallon. this last month has been particularly good for your wallet. prices dropped every single day except for one. there is a bright spot on
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this thursday morning, for you, bill. a manhunt underway for a trauma surgeon and a former special forces weapons expert. s.w.a.t. teams yesterday looked down a new york hospital. we started to report this to you here on "america's newsroom." we're looking at person they're deal with. a receptionist was gunned down. they raided the hole of timothy jorden, jr., pleased believed to be the suspect. he is on the run. considered armed and dangerous. julie banderas is live in new york city. what is the latest from investigators on this case? >> reporter: right now they're calling this doctor a person of interest. they want to talk to him at this point. they're not officially calling him a suspect officially yet. this doctor is credited for saving countless lives in the span of his career. now he is being accused violently taking a life. this morning police continue to look for 49-year-old dr. timothy jorden. they say he is armed and dangerous. they use ad robot to search
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his home. they turned up nothing as law enforcement units and ambulances stood by. he allegedly shot 33-year-old woman four times in the stairwell of the erie medical center where they worked. she was not a random victim but ex-lover and happened to be a nursing student and receptionist at the hospital. her body was found bloody and lifeless in covered passageway joining two wings of the hospital. they're not commenting on a possible motive but his friends can't believe it. >> he is calmest, easiest going, friendliest guy you can imagine. i find it hard to believe. i mean the facts will come out. >> reporter: according to officials jorden recentlyers speshsed emotional -- recently experienced emotional difficulties. those who watched him grow up never heard i am get into any trouble. martha: we hear that so often. this is no ordinary surgeon.
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some are calling him a war hero. >> reporter: award winning one, martha. he is decorated career soldier in a career that spanned 18 years where he earned numerous medicals and commendations. in 1996 he was profiled in a newspaper the year he graduated from the university of buffalo school of medicine he quoted as saying i wanted to be a doctor as early in my military career as a medic. more as we get it. martha: what a sad story all the way around. julie banderas in the newsroom. bill: it is happening yet again. there is new violence rocking syria. this time a car bomb going off in a suburb of damascus, the capital city. 10 people injured. one of islam's holiest shrines to the shia faithful was damaged. conor powell in our middle east bureau live with more. do we know who was the target this time, conor. >> reporter: this is suspected to be the target location. it is a popular place with shiite pilgrims particularly
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ones coming from iran. iran is a big backer of assad regime. with so many rebels being sunni the main emphasis appears to be on this shiite mosque, the shiite shrine. however, there is also a police station, a syrian police station within 15 yards where the blast went off. it is possible that was also the target. no one claimed responsibility for the car bomb. the syrian government is blaming al qaeda and terrorists. bill, in recent months the violence is so chaotic tough to know what is going on in syria on any given day. bill: the violence appears to be getting worse. what is the u.s., what is the international community doing about it or able to do about it? are they just going going to sit back on the sidelines there? >> reporter: there are still talks about doing something but what that something is still very unclear. kofi annan, u.n. special envoy is trying to put together a contact meeting with the united states, britain, france, turkey but also iran on june 30th in
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two weeks however the u.s. still does not want to meet with iran as part of that contact group. but kofi annan's office says there is movement toward the june 30th meeting. of course that is two weeks away. there is lot of time between now and then with the violence in syria building and intensifying. they're caught in the cross fire, bill, that is long time to wait. bill: indeed it is. conor powell in jerusalem on that story. 11 minutes past the hour now. we're just getting started, aren't we? martha: we are. there are new allegations russia is supplying the syrian government to carry out its crackdown on its own civilians. is the u.s. fighting a proxy war right now with russia? bill: a new warning on the dramatic cuts to our nation's defense set to take effect this year. why the chairman of the joint chief says the cuts could lead to war. martha: new details into the possible intelligence leaks out of the white house. why one senator is accusing the obama administration of a double-standard. >> if there was ever a
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situation for a special counsel it is now and this is a bad precedent to set. so i'm urging this attorney general to do what senator obama and senator biden asked of the bush administration. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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martha: all right. we've got a fox news alert on this story which just popped into urgent queue in "america's newsroom." there is a fire that shut down the bart transportation system this morning in oakland. it is a huge fire and burning in several buildings in western oakland, california, we're told and shut down the bart commuter service between the east bay and san francisco. they expect there will be no service through that tube this thursday morning. they're telling commuters they should find alternate route of travel. that will be tough for them to do. that is a major transport system in the san francisco area. we'll keep a close eye on that.
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that is three-alarm fire. fire stations from three communities brought in to fight that one. bill: there are developments on the showdown between the attorney general and republicans on the botched gun-running sting, "fast and furious." will eric holder meet republican demands and talk to private before a contempt vote next week? this is time sensitive. byron york, "washington examiner", fox news contributor. byron, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: refresh the memories of everyone. what did holder suggest this week during the hearing in washington? >> there was contentious hearing on capitol hill. republicans complained he did not talk to them very much specifically about fast an furious. he said, wait a minute i come up here and testified all the time you can ask me anything you want. we have all kinds of justice department issues. very little time to talk about "fast and furious". the question now will he might with them and what will they discuss before this threatened contempt
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vote happens? i'll tell you, if you listen to republicans, talk to republicans they say what they really want is not more face time with eric holder. they want those documents. bill: they want documents they have not been able to access yet. they complain the documents that they do have pale in comparison to the number available and ones redacted. entire pages blacked out. trey gowdy house member on the committee from south carolina. he and all the others are saying eric holder is looking for a political solution in all this. does that change if they sit down and work things out or not? >> what angers trey gowdy is that eric holder would rather sit down with john boehner and mitch mcconnell and talk about this. in other words the republican leadership of the house and senate. people like trey gowdy down in the weeds, who are looking into the details of "fast and furious" feel that that indicates holder wants some sort of political solution to this rather than turning over more documents. i will say this is kind of a classic washington game on
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the number of documents. senate republicans say internally the justice department gathered over 100,000 documents pertaining this this and only turned over about 7,000. but as everybody knows from watching these investigations it only takes one to really turn an investigation upside down. so the question is not the number of documents held over, turned over, but whether the actual relevant pieces of paper have been turned over. bill: that's a good point. now there's a deadline next tuesday, right? they're saying june 20th. >> there is. bill: can eric holder avoid a contempt charge at the moment, byron? >> well he certainly could. he could meet with them and problem is to turn over more stuff and actually do it. bill: but we don't know if that will be satisfactory to them, do we? >> he hasn't shown any inclination to do that before. remember we have had contempt votes in the past. back in the bush administration over the big fight they had over the firing of u.s. attorneys. i believe harriet miers, then the white house counsel was found in concept --
6:19 am
contempt. this happened before. people have not gone to jail. it is entirely possible it could go all the way over to contempt. bill: we've been following the story for so long you get a sense now it is reaching a pivot point. that it is going to go one way or the other. do you get that sense? >> it does but a lot will depend what happens in november. none of this would be happening if republicans had not taken control of the house in november 2010. meaning they could issue subpoenas to the justice department. if republicans keep control of the house and also take over control of the senate, and if there is still a democratic administration then i think you will see extreme pressure from both houses of congress on this. bill: that is five months away. either way that goes. we'll see what happens next tuesday. byron york, thank you, sir, in washington. >> thank you, bill. bill: martha? martha: today there are frightening new numbers for u.s. homeowners. what it means for your home value and why government policy might be partial to blame for this.
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bill: is there more trouble again for lance armstrong? why his seven tour de france crowns could be in jeopardy. >> lance armstrong, two thumbs up for him, all day, every day. >> i hope everything works out for him. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the
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bill: 23 minutes past the hour now, developing here in "america's newsroom." there is new information in the alleged hazing death of a florida a&m student. 11 band members set to be arraigned on felony charges in the death of drum major robert champion. texas tycoon allen stanford facing 230-year prison term. one of the biggest ponzi schemes in history. he was convicted of bilking investors out of more than $7 billion. danger of falling rocks forcing closures in yosemite
6:24 am
national park. a lodging area and employee housing will be closed as a result. that is a bummer to all tourists out there. june is a big month for that park out there. stay away from the falling granite that could ruin a vacation. martha: all right. we've got some breaking news on the trouble that's going on for the world's most famous cyclist. the anti-doping agency for the united states has filed charges against lance armstrong and they're threatening to strip the seven-time tour de france winner of all his victories and get him barred from an event days away which seems they have successfully done. molly henneberg is live in washington. is this new evidence and why are they continuing to go back to this? >> reporter: martha, the newest charge by the u.s. anti-doping agency is that blood samples from lance armstrong in twrin and 2010 after he came out of his first retirement are quote, fully consistent with blood that has been boosted to enhance performance.
6:25 am
the usada says it has 10 cyclists and other armstrong team employees who will testify armstrong was epdoing over a decade. the agency is bringing charges against five others associated with armstrong's cycling team. the usada said in a statement quote, we do not choose whether or not to do our job based on outside pressures or intimidation or any other reason other than the evidence. our duty on clean athletes and those that value integrity of sport is fairly and thoroughly evaluate all the evidence and when there is clear evidence of doping take action under the establishes rules. they can't bring legal or criminal charges against armstrong but they can take away his seven tour de france titles if the charges are proven. martha, as you were saying he is temporarily suspended from competing in triathelons which he took up after retiring from cycling. >> i imagine losing titles woulding for him than other
6:26 am
punishments that would be possible. armstrong thinks they agency quote has a vendetta against him. is there any evidence for that? >> reporter: the agency he says is dredging up discredited allegations motivated by spike. he points out the justice department ended a two year investigation of him in february that did not yield any charges. still, as he always maintained armstrong said in a statement, quote, i have never doped. unlike many of my accusers i have competed as an endurance athlete with 25 years, no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one. armstrong has until a week from tomorrow to respond to the usada the case may end up before an arbitration panel later this year. martha? martha: molly, thanks very much. molly henneberg in d.c.. bill: there is a chilling warning from top military brass. why the chairman of the joint chiefs says looming defense cuts could lead the u.s. into the fog of war. martha: and these massive wildfires are still burning
6:27 am
in the west, turning lives completely upside-down. people are losing their homes in some cases and fire crews are trying to get the edge on those flames. it has been a tough battle for them. we'll be right back. [ captain ] our landing time got moved back another hour. [ crowd chatters and groans ] ♪ [ male announcer ] hunger getting to you? ♪ grab a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain. get hunger before it gets you.
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new concerns for homeowners after a jump in foreclosure activity yet again. recent data report as 9% rise in foreclosures last month. peter doocy is on this in washington. why the big increase, peter? good morning there. >> reporter: good morning, bill. that's because last year lenders had to put the brakes on a lot of foreclosure proceedings amidst accusation they were foreclosing too fast on properties without paperwork. they reached a $25 billion settlement with the states in may. now the lenders are catching up on foreclosures. that is according to realtytrac. last month lenders started foreclosure proceedings for the first time against 109,000 properties. that is 12% more than a month ago in april and 16% more than last may. so. bill: argue the banks are starting to figure this out now and slowly putting inventory out trying to control it more. what happens to all those foreclosed homes, peter? >> reporter: it is interesting.
6:32 am
bank repossessions ticked up 7% in may versus april but those repossessions are actually down 18% from where they were in may 2011. that is because lenders are instead settling more and more of these foreclosures with short sales which is good for the banks because the short sales make them more money than a bank sale. it is good for neighborhoods because when the houses actually sell for more money home values in the area don't dip quite so much. bill: it is all connected in that sense. what part of the country is most affected at the moment? >> reporter: it is all spread out. 33 states had annual increases in foreclosures starts based on the brand new numbers but the garden state looks like the first time foreclosure state. this past month, new jersey with judicial foreclosure had starts up a staggering 118% annually. pennsylvania up 97%. florida up 83%. remember, bill, that pa and florida figure to be key swing states in the fall. bill: indeed they will be. thank you, peter.
6:33 am
good to see you. peter doocy in washington. martha: this is a big story this morning. there are dire new warnings from top military officials on the fate of our national security. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified before congress that one trillion in automatic defense cuts, he says, could lead to war. >> we can't yet say precisely how bad the damage would be but it is clear that sequestration would risk hollowing out our force and reducing its military options available to the nation. we would go from being unquestionably powerful everywhere to being less visibly globally and presenting less of an overmatch to our adversaris. that would translate into a different deterrent calculus and potentially therefore, increase the likelihood of conflict. martha: so the pentagon faces 500 billion in cuts over the next 10 years if
6:34 am
congress can not agree to a budget deal before then. and that doesn't seem to be very likely at this point. those cuts would come on top of the 492 billion that president obama and republicans already agreed to last summer. the pentagon had said those cuts in of themselves were pretty tough for them to handle. nonetheless these cuts may be coming on top of it. joined by new hampshire republican senator kelly ayotte. she is on both the senate armed services committee and the senate budget committee. this is right in your wheelhouse, senator, welcome. >> thank you, martha. good morning. martha: tell me what your take on this is, what the impact would be. we all remember by way of going back for a moment, this sequestration would enact the cuts were all due to the budget talks that fell apart several months back. >> it's because the super-committee didn't come up with the savings. here we are. i think it is irresponsible to allow these types of cuts to go forward. you heard the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff
6:35 am
say yesterday, there is increased potential for conflict because when america is not strong, other rogue actors around the world, they will act. look where iran is right now, trying to acquire the capability of having a nuclear weapon. this is not a time to undermine our national security and what is deeply troubling, martha, the assistant commandant of the marines says if these cuts go forward the marine corps will be unable to respond to one major contingency. think about it. we need to protect our country and it is irresponsible for us to allow these hatchet cuts to our department of defense. martha: i want to bring in some sound from leon panetta on this because he thinks that the place that you're standing is largely to blame. let's hear what he says. >> it was designed as a meat axe. it was designed to be a disaster. because that, the hope was, because it is such a disaster, that congress would respond and do what was right. martha: yeah. so these cuts he is saying were designed to be so
6:36 am
onerous there was no way that a budget deal wouldn't be reached because nobody would want to get to the place we're at right now. and yet, we let it happen and there doesn't seem to be any signs coming that there is any avoiding it at this point? >> you know, that's right, martha. that is why i voted against this deal. i thought from the beginning we should have just done our jobs and come up with cuts that needed to be made without underlining -- undermining our national security. i'm the cosponsor of a bill that comes up with alternative spending reductions because i don't think we should fall down on the foremost responsibility we have to the american people. i've been asking members of the both sides of the aisle come to the table now. where is the president on this as the commander-in-chief? he should be leading an effort to make sure we come up with alternative cuts so that we don't hollow out our force and put our men and women in the military at risk or our country at risk. martha: it also seems very out of balance in terms of what the cuts would be if the budget deal was not reached because the burden of them really falls on
6:37 am
defense. >> yes. martha: it raises the question, wouldn't it be better to have, sort of a, a shared pain program where defense, which, republicans tend to, you know, be more supportive of and entitlements on the other side, would have equal pain so that maybe that would force everybody to the table? >> yeah. unfortunately our department of defense is taking a very disproportionate number of these cuts, and that is our fundamental responsibility to the american people, to keep us safe. and, martha, you're absolutely right. if we actually did a budget, let's not forget i served on the budget committee. three years since the senate democrats wanted to do a budget. if we took on the big picture of spending we wouldn't undermine our national security for this. congress, particularly senate democrats come forward with the courage to address these fiscal issues. the president as well. because we can do that and make sure that we're still safe. martha: i to the to go, kelly. what are the odds that will happen before the election?
6:38 am
any budget possibles before the election? >> well i --. martha: to fend this off? >> i think there will be a lot of pressure around here because we're also talking approximately according to george mason university a million jobs. martha: yeah. >> notices for layoffs will go out before the election. members of congress need to address this now so we make sure that america remains strong. martha: you're right about that. there is a lot of concern that these cuts would lead to a million jobs lost as well. and that is the other big pain in this, in this program. kelly, thank you very much. senator ayotte, good to have you with us today. >> appreciate it. bill: there are republicans on the hill saying these intelligence leaks are the worst they have ever seen in their lifetime of service. martha: yeah. bill: now there's a call to get a prosecutor to investigate these leaks. the justice department is not budging on the outside prosecutor. is there a double-standard? we'll find out in a terrific panel on that. there is a this, martha? martha: a scene you don't see every day. it looks like it is snowing
6:39 am
over the swimming pool but actually a hailstorm. this damage broke people's car windows, dented their cars. we'll tell you where that happened. >> that is hail. that bucket is catching it out there. look at the hail out the window. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. ♪ we all need it. to move. to keep warm. to keep us fed. to make clay piggies. but to keep doing these things in the future... at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies.
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martha: this is a great update on a story that we've been following in "america's newsroom." you remember this? a wrongly-accused man now free and he is pursuing his dream. his name is brian banks and he is now competing for a spot with the nfl seattle seahawks. after more than five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. he says now, that he is cherishing every minute of this. >> i got to my locker and saw there was a jersey in it, number 43.
6:43 am
and i just wanted to take a picture of it just for myself. amazing to see my name on the back of it. this is an honor, it is an honor to be taken serious and to be given this opportunity. martha: boy, do you remember that moment? there it is, okay? in court, this man spent five years in prison for rape and it was determined that he did not commit that crime. he broke down in tears in that courtroom, and said that all he ever wanted was to have his freedom. he had been in college. had a promising football career ahead of him. many people thought it could never happen being out of it all five years in prison. now getting a shot with the see at seahawks. we wish him well. it would be so great. bill: a lot of viewers want to know what happened with the accuser? martha: good question. bill: did she pay a price or beyond the statute of limitations? we'll try to work for an answer on that. martha: she came back and said, you know what? it never happened. unbelievable. bill: new fallout in response to recent
6:44 am
intelligence leaks, significant ones too. two republican senators firing back at the justice department for its plan to appoint its own people to investigate. lindsey graham, senator from south carolina, calls for an independent outside counsel suggesting a double-standard now at the white house. have a listen here. >> let me tell you this whole episode reeks of leaks motivated by politics coming from the highest level of government and said, when i asked him, do you think it was good to have a special counsel in the valerie plame case? and he said yes. do you agree it was good to have special counsel in the abramoff case? he said yes. how in the world could all my democratic colleagues including senator biden and obama at the time, every democrat told the bush administration said we don't trust you in regards to what happened with valerie plame. we don't trust you in the administration to go after abramoff because too many republicans are involved. to expect me and my
6:45 am
republicans colleagues to trust this crowd, forget it. bill: that was on our show yesterday. he was fired up. chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer, monica crowley, radio show host and both are fox news contributors. >> hi, bill. >> good morning. bill: good morning to both of you. chris, respond there, does he have a point, hypocrisy, double-standard? >> i don't know. senator graham sound like a conservative street cred has been challenged and he needs to go over the top. compare this to the valerie plame, the president's staff went out of their way credibility of someone pointing out a obvious lie in the president's state of the union address and name names of a undercover cia operative working in the field this is nowhere near that. this is a leak by somebody a little overambitious and leaks happen in politics all the time. if these leaks had painted the president in a bad light, senator graham would be calling the leaker a patriot and wanting to give him a medal. i don't understand the over
6:46 am
the top. bill: you set the table for monica. i come back to that point in moment. monica, are these apples to apples? are they apples to oranges? do they compare at all? >> the comparison does not even begin to hold water. the blame case, this is essentially over nothing. valerie plame was not even a covert operative. there were no sources and methods compromised in that. now political witch-hunt to try to knock cheney and scooter libby and by extension president bush. that was the left going wild over nothing. in this case you have leaks coming from this white house. when you read "the new york times" story, bill, you see that the leaks had to have been either authorized or condoned by the president of the united states because there are only two or three people in the room, including president obama. so for chris to say, oh, the leaks had made the president look bad, how would they make him look bad when coming from him and his top people? >> there is no evidence, a monica. >> difficulty here and difference, bill, just one
6:47 am
quick point on this, is that unlike the blame case, these leaks are endangering national security because imperiling ongoing intelligence operation with our number one state-based enemy, iran. bill: in the blame case, -- plame case. that a . monica is hot on fire. she thinks the stuxnet worm that went into iran is thousand times worse than what happened in 2003 because it an ongoing intelligence matter. that truly could impact not just the region but the world. >> right. bill: what do you think, chris? >> well, look, obviously these are very important things that are talked about in the paper. it make as lot of people uncome forthable to read, especially kill list which i saw. as a progressive makes me a little uncomfortable. again this is apples to
6:48 am
oranges. the stuxnet worm already happened. this was in the an ongoing project. once these -- >> it is ongoing right now, chris. >> absolutely but you know what? >> there is ongoing operation now. >> the thing is here, the question is, these leaks will be investigated. the yes is, who should investigate them. bill: outside counsel? >> valerie plame we use ad u.s. attorney. i don't see why we couldn't use u.s. attorneys now. >> let me answer the question. bill: monica, answer that question. >> let me answer the question. the attorney general here, first of all the idea this administration responsible for leaking these national security secrets can investigate itself strains credulity. secondly, eric holder the attorney general appointed two people to look at this, one whom contributed to barack obama's campaign and did it in a very significant way. couple of,000 dollars to obama's campaign. bill: who is that? ronald make. >> exactly.
6:49 am
that tells you where mr. macon is coming from. tells you where his loyalty lies. and --. bill: hang on. hang on, chris. finish your point, monica. >> tells you his motivation will be political because his loyalty is with president obama. it tells you he will slow walk it or bury it. bill: one final comment, chris. why not take it outside and keep it clean? >> i will give monica the point. we don't need a guy on there donating to president obama but there are plenty of people in the u.s. attorney's office who are good attorneys, who are capable of doing this without using a ken starr type special prosecutor will go all over the world and spend all kinds of money this country doesn't have right now to spending is that really isn't that important. bill: getting to the bottom it will simmer and get hotter because it is an election year. monica, chris, thank you. enjoy albany while you're up there. monica, enjoy new york city. martha? martha: this morning we got
6:50 am
some pretty disappointing weekly job numbers. we have a big speech coming a little while from now on the economy from the president. >> fried friday's unemployment report was a big hit to the gut. americans are left with the question, where are the jobs? martha: he argues dozens of jobs bills are stalled in the senate so why no movement. bill: happened only 22 times in baseball history. since 1869, this is a perfect game and a terrific save by the outfielder for the san francisco giants there last night. that put pitcher matt cain in the record books. first perfect game for the giants in history. the fun fact, the umpire behind the plate was behind the plate for the perfect game by david cone when he was pitcher for the new york yankees. martha: he is the guy you want there. bill: you're exactlyly right ba. number 22 is on the board.
6:51 am
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martha: we've got a really cool segment for you here because nasa is launching a new mission to shine a light on black holes and other mysteries of the galaxy. watch this. >> five, four, three, two, one, drop. and pegasus is away. martha: pegasus is away. that rocket dropping from a carrier aircraft and then blasting into space. that in of itself is cool. cory powell editor-in-chief of discovery magazine joins us now. this telescope, describe it to us, you say it is one of the most amazing, not the way we think of a telescope at all. what are we looking for? >> everything about it is different. it is looking at the universe in x-rays. x-rays go through your body, how you see your bones.
6:55 am
you build a normal telescope the x-rays go right through it. so you have to design an entirely different kind of telescope. doesn't have a lens. doesn't have a mirror. it has this weird structure that unfolds in space so they send it up on a little rocket very cheaply. martha: its whole purpose is to spot the most exotic, amazing black holes out there in space, right? >> exactly. it is called the new star mission. you can think of it, as the no boring science mission. all it looks at is very, very energetic radiation, stuff much more energyic than the light we can see. that radiation only comes from the hottest most violent places in universe. comes from black holes. it comes from exploding supernovas and a million degree eruptions on the sun. it doesn't see anything else. it sees the weird stuff. martha: it sound supercool, but for folks who are saying so what, what is the answer to so what? >> so what is, the pragmatic thing it will help you
6:56 am
understand, something nearby like the physics of the sun, how the sun interacts with the earth and how the science of the sun works. on a larger scale, there are all kinds of basic science questions where, you know, the immediate application, doesn't put food on the table but it inspires all kind of research and inspires new ideas. the technology of this thing is amazing. >> it is amazing and black holes are the kind of thing if you start thinking about it, folks, you could go on forever. has no bottom and goes on forever. like concept of inifiti, if i think about it too much makes my head want to pop off. thanks so much, cory powell. always good to see you, buddy. >> thank you. bill: the crisis in syria intensifies by the day. russia accusing the united states of arming the rebels. are we in a proxy war with moscow? general jack keane on that today in minutes. martha: and a massive wildfire growing so large that it has now jumped over to another state. >> he said, you know, i can
6:57 am
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7:00 am
martha: fox news alert, disappointing new jobs numbers came out this morning as john boehner is asking democrats what is going to be done witness. all of that adds up to not a great picture. here we are in "america's newsroom" once again, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. speaker boehner releasing this video blaming the democrats and the president. have a look. >> americans are again left asking the question, where are
7:01 am
the jobs? the republicans have pledged to listen, and we've pledged to act, and we have. these are the many of the 30 jobs bills that have passed the house but are currently stalled in the democratically-controlled senate. this just isn't our work, it's your work in progress. we will keep adding too this pile and keep calling on press and democrats in the senate to give these jobs bills a vote. martha: has he one that will make people want to throw their hands up in the air and say what is the heck going on in washington. joined by john fund, national affairs columnist for the national review. good to have you here, john. it's a tough picture. you've had 30 job bills passed in the house. americans have no clue what is in them but they might think it's an effort in the right direction. is anything going to get done on this before the election. >> no. one of the jobs bills is the
7:02 am
keystone pipeline and president president obama has been holding that up. what americans are going to pay attention to is the economy is getting worse. unemployment is 8.2%, the news you gave indicates it problem below will be go up next month. we already tried the president's solutions. i don't see anything this the president's agenda that doesn't resemble the similar tuesday he tried and all the other things he's tried. americans are very tragmatic. they say we've begin this guy three years. they wanted him to put food on our tables, he hasn't, the republicans are different. martha: this is an abc "washington post" poll. and it says, president obama's economic plan, and this is asking independents, and these are likely to be the swing voters that everybody wants to capture in the course of this election, unfavorable 54%.
7:03 am
only 38% favor this president's economic plans. look at this. for mitt romney, the numbers are not much better when it comes to what they were asked about his economic plans. 47% unfavorable, and 35% favorable. the sounds, john as if they don't like either one of these plans. >> if you look into the internals of these polls president obama has the overwhelming support of liberals in these policies. mitt romney has ambivalent support above conservatives. there is still a lot of suspicion. republicans and conservatives are trying to get to know him. i think if romney pushes his jobs ideas he'll probably bring some of those conserve seuf conservatives back. the president has a strong base with liberals. as for independents, what the president has tried so far is not looking.
7:04 am
martha: it sound like what romney has tried so far is not resonating with them either. >> wait until labor day. people aren't paying attention to politics. they like to get on the serious business of living at summer. martha: bill and i are going to take the rest of the summer off. we'll be back at labor day. >> we are the here for the civic mindedness of this country. martha: thank you for pointing that out. >> we will be joined by all those other people in september. martha: thank you very much, john fund. bill: they'll catch up to us. four minutes past the hour. there are new calls for president obama to withdraw his nominee for ambassador to iraq. they say he does not have experience. and he has romantic emails in 2004. the white house standing behind
7:05 am
the nominee,. martha: iraqi occasions say that 72 people were killed in coordinated bomb attacks yesterday. at least 22 car bombings rocking seven cities across the iraq in one of the worst attacks since u.s. troops left the country. the attacks targeted pilgrims on a religion march. the bombings have an earmark of iraqi groups. bill: a raging wildfire darkening skies from more than 50 miles ae away. clouds drifting from northern colorado into cheyenne, wyoming. >> i can say when i left the canyon certain houses were
7:06 am
there, but i don't know if they are standing now. bill: dan springer is live in fo fort collins, colorado, are they closer to getting this under control. >> reporter: this largely burns out of control. this fire has now burned 73 square miles. it's one of the largest in colorado history. iit is now 10% contained. we expect to have an update later on this hour to get new containment figures. we hope it will go up. 73 square miles burned, the fire is burning in a westerly direction, that is good news for the people in fort collins, that is away from fort collins, but he have lots of trees that are dead so lots ever fuel there. this is a fire that started on saturday with a light thing strike. it killed a 62-year-old woman over the weekend. a hundred or more homes have been destroyed. the cost of this fire so far to
7:07 am
fight $3 million. the weather should cooperate a little bit better today. we are expecting to have a little cooler temperatures, a little less wind and more humidity, chance of rain later tonight. we expect to have help on the way to fight the western wildfires later this summer. president obama signed a law that will allow the u.s. forest service to by seven more of the huge air tankers. five of them are working this colorado fire. the fleet will grow to 17 with three of the seven new ones available to the u.s. forest service in 60 days. those things can drop 2400-gallons of fire retardant and fly at over 300 miles per hour, so they are a huge weapon in battling fires. this would one will continue to burn for several more days. we expect an update to get new containment figures. right now it stand at 10% and over 73 square miles burned.
7:08 am
bill: you feel for the homeowners. they don't know what has become of their home. dan springer, thanks. martha: it is one of the worst hail storms in years and it slammed part of the lone star late. look at this. >> okay. i don't know if you can hear this right now but you can definitely see what is happeni happening. i think my car is probably going to have a window broken out. martha: she just goes on. she can't believe what she is seeing. imagine this happening out your back window. that is the sound of large hail, and we mean large. some of these were measured to be the size of base balls. as she talks about her car we've seen lots of cars with the windows blown-out by hail storms. it took down traffic lights and store down trees and damaged homes and left a white blanket of hail on the ground.
7:09 am
janice dean is live at the fox weather center. this is why people get interested in becoming meteorologist meteorologists janice because of freaky things like that. >> reporter: hundreds of ping-pong balls going into her swimming pool. we saw a couple of cells move through the dallas area in the rush-hour, actually that affected the drive home. there on your screen you can see some of the hail that was coming down. we certainly got ping-pong ball sided hail as well as baseball sized hail reported. i saw pictures on some of the local web sites, rile incredible. a lot of damage to cars. there was a movie theater that was damaged. luckily no one was injured. people know to stay indoors. i'm sure the insurance people are getting a phone call today. again, no one was injured, no one was killed that is the good news, but dallas has really taken a punishment over the last
7:10 am
several weeks, in terms of severe storms. so there is the storm we were talking about, baseball-sized hail, major damage in and around the dallas-fort worth area. heavy rain accompanied the storm system. we are looking for the potential of severe weather again across the central plains. we'll keep you up to date and bring you the latest individual kwhroe thavideo that really tells the story. martha: janice thank you very much. bill: texas, right? it went on and on. she is probably right about the windshield in the car, though. martha: it probably is blown-out. we saw lots of them right across the parking lot. bill: shade of the cold war. the u.s. and russia now accusing one another of arming each side in syria's deadly conflict. so is it now an owe fix proximate see war between
7:11 am
washington and moscow? four car general jack keane weighs in on that with his answer in minutes. martha: remember this scary moment the yet blue pilot meltdown, he was screaming about a bomb on board? now passengers are suing, saying that they feared for their lives and some of them are still not over it, they dame. tkhraeupl. claim. do very this a case? bill: finders keepers, a $70,000 smile. [ boy ] come on. ♪ wait. ♪ happy father's day. ♪
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well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4. hurry, offer ends june 17th. verizon. bill: fox news alert. i'm going to take you to northern california. if you travel between san francisco and oakland or vice versa there will be issues today. the mass transit system there, bart, the bay area rapid transit, that system had a fire overnight, and well they are urging you to find another means
7:15 am
of transportation because frankly you won't get between oakland and san francisco today if you take that train. it recommends commuters visit 511. org. you might have that information already in the bay area. this is going to be a mess. they hope to get it sorted out by later today. we will see. that is new video from earlier today in northern california. martha: new allegations launched between two former cold war enemies, as the deadly conflict in syria has intensified this week. look. [gunfire] martha: more unbelievable violent pictures coming out of syria every single day. now you've got the united states and russia accusing each other of arming opposite sides in this battle. the u.s. claims that russia is sending attack helicopters to syria's government, and we've seen evidence of helicopters like that being used against
7:16 am
civilians, and russian officials say they believe that the united states is down there arming the rebels who are fighting against them. this is a bad situation. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton has denied u.s. aid to the rebels. >> i would emphasize that the united states has provided no military support to the syrian opposition, none. all of our support has been medical and humanitarian to help relieve the suffering of the syrian people, a total of $52 million so far. martha: general jack keen is a retired four-star general an is also a former vice chief of staff of the army, and we're glad that he's a fox news military analyst now. good too see you, general, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, martha. martha: is it accurate to say that the united states and russia are in a proximate see war in syria right now. martha: >> i don't think it's quite reached that stage. i think certainly secretary
7:17 am
clinton's pronouncement about the russians sending helicopters there is tipped off by her intelligence services i assume and i think she is making the public declaration to prevent them from providing the helicopters or continuing to proceed vies them. russia has been supporting syria for years. almost all their equipment they use has come from the former soviet union for russia. they clearly have a coalition relationship with each other. but the facts are is that the violence in syria, as we can all see every day, is increasing, and despite all the pressure that has been put on bashar al-assad he has no intention of leaving or transitioning to something else because he knows if he does he will not survive. out of the page of egypt and libya is what he's looking at. martha: indeed, the alowite s*ebgt which is shia in larger background has really only
7:18 am
survived in a very small minority in syria by brutal crack downs over the years. so this could get a lot worse before we see it end, right? >> there is no doubt about it. something that we should understand is that the rebels, despite the fact they are not a cohesive group, they've made some progress, they've gained a lot of territory that they control in syria. and the syrian army is quite extended in trying to protect the country, and they are not nearly as formidable as they are on paper. their execution is really below standards. the fact of the matter is they are very brutal and they are bringing death squads to kill the people after they've surrounded varietie various villages. that left of violence will continue to escalate. martha: that will present an escalating humanitarian disaster and it starts to look like bosnia or kosovo. then we are faced with if we
7:19 am
will go up against syria, russia or iran that are all part of enacting this. right? >> absolutely. geopolitically you have to look at syria not in isolation, but in the regional context that is presented to us, and there is a coalition that is formed among countries in the region, the iranians to be sure, lebanon and syria, russia supporting them, but also iran is trying to pull iraq into this which has a shia-dominated government. bewe have to look at this regionally. most importantly, obviously we want stability. i think at some point our government is going to find ourselves in the situation where we will have to assist the rebels, if we are not already doing that covert lee. i've spoken to two syrian leaders in the last 30 days that are connected to the rebels, and they are not asking for airplanes or troops, they want anti-tha*pbg and helicopter weapons. they want the ability to better
7:20 am
defend themselves so they can eventually form a safe-haven, military, humanitarian wise and also a police to connect to them politically. martha: i think that's the direction we are headed in. i know you want to see saudi arabia and qatar involved in that as well. thank you so much. we'll talk to you soon i would imagine. bill: there are dueling sphaoefps on issue number one, the economy, happening about the same time in the same critical battleground state. we'll talk to governor romney's top spokesman about what he will say today, and a response as to what the president's message there is in ohio. martha: how an iconic rock band is helping to hunt down this young woman's murderer, and why they are involved with the f.b.i. >> if there is an arrest tomorrow it doesn't show morgan's bed room, it doesn't show her place at the christmas
7:21 am
table, but it does save another family the pain. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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martha: how about this story, a homeless man found $70,000 in cash abandoned at a texas park, and now it's been determined that he can keep the loot. tim notee yosh found the money back in january but police seized it when he took it to the local bank. he sued and he got the money back. and the city council has ruled in this is favor, so he gets to keep it. yo st says the first thing he's going to do is by a car, why? because he's tired of walking. ♪ [singing] bill: that from the rock band metallic louisiana helping the
7:25 am
f.b.i. track down a killer, 20-year-old student morgan harrington disappeared after a 2009 concert. police found her remains three months later but never found the killer. now the band releasing this spot. >> i'm james of metallic louisiana, back in 2010 our band offered $10,000 to catch the person responsible for murdering morgan harrington. authorities uncovered new evidence to a woman's assault. bill: does this help when a high profile rock band goes public like this? >> yes, it does. it actually helps quite a bit n. this case specifically it's going to help because the f.b.i. has uncovered back then in 2009 and 2010 more evidence now that
7:26 am
is clearly showing that this person that was responsible for kidnapping morgan probably was involved in other crimes as well, so by this rock group, metallica, coming forward, and i clearly applaud them for what they are doing, it's definitely going to assist the investigators. now, maybe it's going to raise the awareness and interest again. as the gentleman just indicat indicated they've donated $50,000 toward the reward fund. that is going to be an incentive for hopefully someone to come forward. bill: she was last seen hitchhiking after the concert that night. her remains were found ten miles away from the concert venue. the f.b.i. has now linked potentially dna found on her with someone else in a crime committed in 2005, which would have been seven years ago. what is going on there. >> that's right. that case in 2007 occurred in fairfax city, virginia. just so the viewers understand it's less than a hundred miles between the two locations, so
7:27 am
the f.b.i. believes, strongly pwhrao*es at this point tha believes that the person responsible for the incident it still in that area. the night morgan had left the concert she had just left the concert and that's when someone abducted her. they are hoping with this videotape, maybe someone saw her getting into a car, they hope this will solve the case. bill: her mother says she hopes it might save the life of someone else. thank you. martha: wrap your head around this for a moment. every year the feds spend hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax money to help private, profitable company figure out how they can sell stuff overseas. does that make sense? that is coming up. bill: they are both prime
7:28 am
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bill: the theme of november's vote really plays out today in a critical state within an hour's time of one another. president obama and governor mitt romney set both to deliver speeches on the economy only moments apart, both in the state of ohio, one cincinnati, one cleveland. the president expected to make a new call for action by congress. andrea saul is presents secretary for mitt romney's campaign. welcome to you. >> thanks. bill: the president will say, it's time to create middle class jobs and pay down the debt. what is your guy going to say. >> first off this president wants a do over. he said three years ago that he didn't get the job done on the economy that he'd be facing a one-term proposition. now he's asking for four more years. americans who have lost their jobs and homes don't get a do soever, so he can deliver all the speeches he wants, we need
7:33 am
someone who can deliver on the economy, which is what governor romney is going to talk about. bill: the 0 other thing he's going to say is that governor romney wants to take away regulations and cut taxes and if he does both of those things the problems will take care of themselves. what will your guy say. >> he's going to approve the keystone pipeline, go ahead and get the jobs going. he's going to start the process to repeal obamacare, and take that huge burden off of small businesses. he's also -- he is going to look at regulations and make sure that there aren't too many burdens on our job creators. these are proactive steps that we can take to make sure that job creators can hire again and get the economy going again. president obama thinks that the private sector is doing fine and we disagree, and mitt romney has steps he's going to take to make sure they can get back on their feet. bill: it appears you have work to do to get that message out i know you're five months away
7:34 am
from the big vote in november. "washington post" abc news. favorable opinion of the candidates economic plan. 43 favor the president, 37 favor governor romney. how do you close that number, andrea? >> well, you know, a lot of americans are just learning about what mitt romney's plans are. he laid out a bunch of things in the primary, a 59-point plan on jobs. he had a huge speech on ep spending. he's laid out education reform, tax reform. americans are just learning about his views. and so we are excited to start from now until november in educating those voters on the steps that he's going to take as president to make sure that we can get the economy going again. bill: up there in boston on the campaign team would you concede you have to work to do on that front? >> absolutely. a lot of people are familiar with the a business maleconomic record of press because help are living it every day. they are not as familiar with mitt romney's progrowth, projobs plans to get the economy going.
7:35 am
we will be talking about that from now until november and that starts on day one. bill: i got you. the president is not expected to announce any major economic policies. i'm reading this off the "associated press" right here. will mitt romney, your guy offer something new and specific today? >> well, everything that governor romney is talking about is new. president obama wants to double down on the failed policies of the past three years, and despite saying that it would be a one-term proposition he wants us to award him more time to just enact more of his failed policies. the stimulus didn't work before, why would we need another one if it did? he has no new ideas. he just wants a do over, like i said the american people don't get one, i don't know why we would reward this president with one either. bill: andrea saul, thank you for your time with the romney team up there in boston. we did invite the obama team to defend their issues avalanche. the invitation was declined
7:36 am
today, but the invitation is for any time and any day to come and defend their position. thank you for your time. >> thanks, bill. martha: political ads are the staple of campaign warfare. they have been for decades. today's videos are a lot more sophisticated than what we used to see, and voters have had to adapt to that. chief washington correspondent jamaican row james rosen is live in washington. >> reporter: political advertising has evolved considerably across the decades. traditional tv and radio spots are competing with internet search and banner ads and web only videos uploaded to youtube. the most famous political out of all time is one from the art form's early days and it only aired once. >> 8 #, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
7:37 am
zero clash clash these are the stakes. >> reporter: president lyndon johnson used the prevailing nuclear anxiety of the cold wards in 1964 to frighten voters about what a cold water presidency could mean. today's a*fdz and video from a technical perspective make daisy look like child's play. this video the romney produced to talk about his type as bain capitol tell the story of an indiana steal plant in which bain capital invested and today employs 6,000 workers. adam tkpwar financing he will a former speech writer to two heads of state is also the author of a new book on political writing. at our request he reviewed the romney video and other recent spots. >> in the past people could judge the attempted manipulations that these ads are all about against a background
7:38 am
of a conversation in which policy issues were identified, debated and discussed. to the extent that our political narrative in this country has tpaeupbl into such improve sreurbment there is very little context against which to judge these things. >> reporter: to watch the ads proper low and get the best use ever them as a citizen and voter he advises viewers to takeout a pen and pad and pick out the key slogans, and shorthand phrases and the rhetoric that you see and here and give thought to how these often loaded terms are really being used. martha. martha: thank you very much. james rowjames rosen. bill: they say they feared for their lives right here. those were passengers on board taking action against a major airline after a pilot tpraoebgts out in midair screaming about a bomb on board. we'll tell you about their case.
7:39 am
martha: it is flag day, everybody, and it's a beautiful flag day in most parts of the country. the stars and stripes are 235 years old, thank you to betty ross. old glory has changed a bit since 1777 we've had 27 different versions. the current design dates back to the 4th of july, 1960, thank you very much and i don't think it needs any updating do you? i like it just the way it is. happy flag day, bill. bill: happy flag day to you, martha. ♪ the home of the free and the brave. every heartbeats true under red, white and blue. ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at bill: 18 minutes before the hour. nokia says it will layoff 10,000 people globally and close plants by the end of next year. the cellphone maker saying that move is to save costs and streamline operations. pop warner football taking dramatic steps to limit contact. among its young players during
7:43 am
practice including booking and head on drills. the changes sparked by concussion. a rhode island man has been sentenced to sue years probation for selling kane sugar as syrup in vermont. martha: i can tell the difference. maple syrup is one of my top five favorite. you can't do that. how about this for you this morning, ten jetblue passengers are now suing the airline. they claim that they feared for their lives after a pilot lost control, went running and screaming through the cabin about al-qaida, and about 9/11. can you imagine being in this situation? [yelling and screaming]
7:44 am
martha: can you imagine? the pilot is supposed to be in control of this plain. he is on the ground and they are trying to restrain him. some people suffered minor injuries in all this. no one was seriously hurt. if convicted the pilot faces up to 20 years in prison. joey jackson is a former prosecutor. i am against an overly louisia letigious society. i can't believe they don't have a strong case. >> this is predicated upon gross negligence and neglect infliction of emotional distress. does the airline have a duty to insure the safety of passengers? without they do. no one would expect at any time to go aboard an airline and to have this conduct exacted upon them. did they breach that duty? without question. when you have a pilot running around saying you're not going to make it to vegas. the sins of vegas, iraq, iran,
7:45 am
terrorism. brace for us going down. that's a problem. they breached that duty. as a result of it they caused damages. the big mark on this is they there are not the injuries. but there are injuries, they are not physical, they are mental. mental and psychological damages can certainly be very compelling and i think they are compelling here. martha: often, tom you hear cases like really, emotional damages, whatever it was, somebody took away your tootsie roll, in this case how could people not get scarred by this? i'd be absolutely terrified to get on a plane. >> this is a law school concept. i get my tax bill on april 15th, i suffer emotional distress but i don't go around and try and suit irs. martha: tom, you're flying on a plane to vegas and the pilot who is supposed to be calm and in charge and get you there safely is having a break down. we feel for this man.
7:46 am
this is a terrible mental break down that he apparently had, but this ise is egregious. how could jetblue who is in that condition be allowed to fly that plane. >> no one would expect this to happen. i agree with him, probably including jetblue. to establish negligence in a case like this. it is not enough to say he had a meltdown. we know he had a meltdown. martha: some people do not leave the cockpit and walk up and down the isles screaming that al-qaida is about to take the plane down, i mean come on. >> the question is, is it foreseeable? did jetblue deviate from the standard in the industry in not evaluating and screening this guy, not having reason to know he was capable of having this break down. >> and tom, that is the issue. if you're an airline you want to insure that any pilot who is responsible for the safety of numerous passengers, in this
7:47 am
instance 135 is certainly up to the challenge. and when you have a pilot who is not up to that challenge, and as a result of a psychological meltdown puts everybody at risk eights problematic. martha: they need to prove that they had some knowledge or that they screened him and that there was some indication for them to be found guilty in this i would imagine. >> or that they failed in their duty, deviated from the industry standard. in other words if the airline standard is to evaluate everybody once a year for psychological problems and they didn't do it. then you have liability here. martha: then you have an opening. thanks you guys. tom kinect, joe see jackson alwayjoey jackson, good to see you. bill: millions of your hard-earned tax dollars being sent overseas and not for military or humanitarian aid, how about some hairspray for pets. can't make that up. an angry hockey mom, from fan to
7:48 am
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martha: it's a great story unless maybe you have to sit around this dinner table at the end of all this. one hockey mom took matters into her own hands when her kids game turned into a brawl. watch this. >> get off the ice. >> get off the ice. martha: she's on the ice in the pink. i like the fact she has her purse. but she's upset. she may have had a very good reason. we don't know how bad this little brawl was. the officials weren't doing much to break up that brawl and one of them looks smaller than most
7:52 am
of the players in the summer hockey league where they don't mess around. no word on whether her son was happy or mortified when he turned around and saw his mom in her pink sweater with her purse on the ice. i know my kids don't like it when i'm quelling a littl yelling a little bit on the sidelines. bill: how do you blame the mom what her son is getting pummeled out there. you heard the ref saying get off of him. martha: get off of him. bill: how do you feel about millions of your tax dollars being spent on a reality show in india. how do you feel about hairspray for pets being sold in sin singapore. this is all in a new report that mike emanuel has his hands-on that you're paying for. what else is in it mike, good morning. >> reporter: we are looking at the usda market access program. the department of agriculture has spent $2.000000000 since
7:53 am
1999 for advertising for products overseas. we are looking at it because it's your money. senator tom coburn has released this new report highlighting the program to stir up debate about the role of government in promoting private goods. we put the program into the taxpayer calculator and take a look at some examples of the spending. according to this report, blue diamond growers has received $28.2 million since 1999 to help promote its products overseas. in 2009 they sold $709 million worth of nuts. the wine institute has got $7 million in order to conduct wine tours, marketing and other events promoting an $18 billion per year industry. cotton council international has received more than $169 million. some of it spent on an indian tv show where contestants make
7:54 am
clothes out of cotton. the livestock genetics group has received $14 million since 1999 for marketing livestock seem men. senator coburn says he doesn't believe the spending of your money is producing results. >> when our agricultural exports as a percentage of the world's consumption has declined about 50% over the last 15 years, and we've had these programs working on that, they obviously aren't working. >> now a usda spokesman says they are doing an excellent job making sure there is a return on investment, and they said a survey that says for every dollar spent on market development programs agricultural exports increase by $35. here are some examples of what you the taxpayers are paying for this program. if you make between 30 and $49,000 it's 3.40 sents.
7:55 am
if you go to you can punch in what you earn and it will tell you what you pay for these programs and please tell us what you think. bill. bill: can't make it up. the list just keeps on going. we'll check it out on the calculator at thank you much, mike, good to see you. martha: a world-class athlete is now heading to court. should a partially blind athlete be forced to wear black out goggles to compete in the blind division of a triathlon? a look at theupting case is straight ahead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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come into red lobster and sea food diffently.
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martha: love this. they may not be from the same species but they both clearly speak baby talk. look at this video. young chimp in the zoo in wichita, befriending 6-month-old on other side of the glass. the chimp started mimicking him. nothing i could stay than tell the story watching this.
7:59 am
my favorite part of this the chimp turns around and starts dancing with his back. he just have to watch this. so funny. look how cute they are. the zookeeper because the chimp got excited because there are no babies with him. this is my favorite part. boom. trying to break the glass. fortunately he was not successful. bill: we said baby talk earlier. this is clear evidence of that. nba playoffs rolling on. lebron james hears it when he loses in the big game, doesn't he. here is fallon. >> lebron james finished reading all of three books in the hunger games trilogy. that is true. bad news he did it last night during the fourth quarter. that's where you got to go -- [applause] you have to do one thing. jon: game two tonight by the way. should be a good series. martha: we'll see. jon: will you be watching? martha: probably. jon: check it out. if we can stay up that late. martha: if we can stay


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