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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel, also sunday night at 9:00 p.m. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta greta keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington. etch-a-sketch with us tonight on all things ohio. live and lively. see you at 8:00. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, did you hear about the hbo show "game of thrones" putting former president bush's head on a stake. now they claim it was all a big misunderstanding. we'll tell you about that if a minute. first, another big hbo star, sarah jessica parker is opening up her fashionable new york city pad for president obama. not only will he see the queen of "sex in the city" but he will pick up checks in the city. eric, isn't that what it's all
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about? president obama trying to give a big speech on the economy and just about getting the money? what if bush were to do this? hobnob with celebrities, fat cab bankers. he would be demonized? >> eric: george clooney, julia roberts, whoopi goldberg, billy crystal, ricky martin, sarah jessica parker. where it goes on and on. you can't blame him for doing celebrity rundraisers. they raise money. but how about spending time doing other things like i don't know, being the president? >> greg: we don't want that. >> eric: 162 fundraisers, 97 round of golf, economy is falling apart. but he has time for sarah. >> greg: he has done 28 celebrity rundraisers and he is hollywood's favorite cause. like a human walking version of climate change. they should come up with a ribbon for him to raise awareness of how cool obama is and eradicate the disease people who don't like him. >> dana: bracelets.
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>> greg: yeah. >> dana: he is so cool. >> greg: exactly. >> andrea: the problem is the whole nation chilled at rapid speed. we thought they were warming to him and now chilling to him. >> greg: i have mixed feeling. i'm a huge fan of "sex in the city" and i'm a cross between samantha and charlotte. >> andrea: you're more samantha. >> eric: all the dudes in the audience are going hu? >> greg: what happened to greg? >> dana: isn't he tired of the people? or does he like their company? only, they like the campaign money. i would imagine that behind the scenes, president obama is like i got to go to another one of these? are you kidding me? i don't know if he likes that. >> bob: first, what is the big deal? you go where the money is. romney is now the king of wall street. you say obama raised all this money. >> andrea: but i thought he raised it from the small donors. remember? >> bob: 6 of 5% of his donor
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from small money. romney, big story that romney won't release bundlers because a lot of them are crooks on wall street. secondly, he is now the king of wall street money. and he won't tell anybody anything about it. what does he have to white? what he has to hide is a lot of money is in utah, nevada and wyoming. >> eric: since you are talk numbers. say the number again? 67%? how much of his money comes from small donors? >> bob: i don't know. >> eric: obviously not 67% of his money. all of his money -- it's $38,500 to show up at one of the celebrity rundraisering. >> greg: by the way, pretend he doesn't like these fundraisers is not true. he is going to hollywood because that is his future. he will be the first president to play himself in the movie. jay carney will be played by haley joel osmonday. >> dana: there is nothing in the constitution that says you can't run for mayor of hollywood or mayor of bel air after the president.
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nothing says that. >> bob: what do you have against him raising money with celebritys? >> dana: that he says the private sector is fine on the friday press conference. that followed the celebrity rundraisers where it's too much. then they sandwich in, which we talk about the next block his speech with major remarks on the economy today, where he is with the real people. he ended i've got to go. i have a date in new york with my celebrity friends who i'd prefer to hang out with than you. >> andrea: he would want to play will smith he is so cocky. >> greg: the media won't mock him. they're star struck over obama as other celebrities. that is the unspoken truth. less about race than celebrity. >> dana: they give him bad advice. >> bob: if you think he is getting good press. out of your mind. >> andrea: i see a whiteboard, everybody. >> eric: this is different on whiteboard and still highlight numbers. 16 # fundraisers.
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97 rondes of golf. this is important. stock market. dollar tree and family dollar store hit all-time high today. think about it. sound good? >> bob: i don't know what they are. >> eric: two stores if you have a buck you buy stuff. if you don't have a buck, you can't buy these things anywhere else. it's a sign of the economy. people can't afford stuff right now. they have to go to dollar tree and family dollar stores. freddie you can get boxers for a dollar. >> bob: like costco? >> andrea: we have to move on from money to movies. hbo had a show called "game of thrones." recently they featured george w. bush's head on a stake. they issued an apology. it's clearly him but his hair is envious. something of envy. >> dana: someone didn't call the barber. >> andrea: so they issued a statement and apologized profusely. i wonder if secret service will pay producers a visit,
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bob. the producers support democratic causes. >> bob: i knew there had to be a point to the story. the guy that put the mask together was probably also a democrat, contributor to obama. that is the dumbest thing. how anybody says, they apologize for. that c'mon. somebody who didn't like bush decided it would be cool. who did he think he'd get away with? >> greg: everybody has a prosthetic head of george bush under their head. i do. >> bob: i have prosthetic heads of you. >> greg: people who watch the show, this is actually a fairly boring show. >> bob: which show? >> greg: "game of thrones." the head was supporter of ned stark, hero of the show and the person who beheaded him was king jaffrey who is a jerk. so in a weird way people trying to mock george bush actually saluted him. >> dana: put the shoe on the other foot or head on the
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other body. if it had been president obama can you imagine what we would all be hearing now? hbo wouldn't just be apologizing. >> andrea: if anyone threaten the president the secret service show up. >> dana: but president bush lets this roll off his back. he'll roll his eyes about it. >> andrea: accept it's a prosthetic head. he doesn't have a back. >> eric: did this guy look like bush? the actor? >> greg: ned stark? no. i think it was sean beam. >> eric: had long hair and -- >> greg: supporter. all right. the real crime -- >> bob: culture is going on. and none of the rest of us know it. >> greg: "game of thrones" is soap opera boilerplate put through the middle english translator. then they add nudity to it. it's as edgy as a bar of soap. it's like the soft porn shows you saw on cinemax in the '80s that you used to watch that were scrambled late at night because you didn't want to pay for it.
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>> dana: weekly standard wrote a review about "game of throne" last week for those who haven't watched it, it was a good interesting piece. i can't stay up that late. >> andrea: there is a bubble coming out of bob's head right now that says, "what to do you mean used to watch the hbo --" >> bob: have you seen "roam"roam"? brother and sister sleeping together. all kind of stuff. i thought it was interesting but most didn't. >> andrea: that is a great transition to the next topic, media matters. mealia matters is a tax exempt -- wonder why -- group devoted to destroy fox news. and promote president obama. now they are ramping up support for president obama. they're a 501c3, charitable organization but seemingly devoted to just promoting president obama, which they can't do. >> eric: i'll throw it out here again. here are the exempt purposes of the i.r.s. code set forth for 501c3.
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charitable, religious, educationm, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, and couple of other, children or -- cruelty to children or animals. >> dana: prevention thereof. >> eric: where in the world does media matters fall in any of those exemptions? every dime of my taxes, i over pay. i.r.s., take a look at me and media matters and see which one is more accurate. >> bob: you say that about every right wing -- >> eric: one last thing. you typed in my name on media matters and you have 1 ,020 stories all hit pieces on me. if you type in bob beckel who has been around a hell of a longer than i have, 90 to 100 stories and none of them are hit pieces. most of them are hit pieces on me for giving you a hard time. >> bob: they really love you down there, man. i got to tell you. >> andrea: they're strictly purposed to impale anybody who tries to tell the truth about the candidate they spend hours
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an days -- >> bob: i can't talk about the story. >> greg: what i finally figured out who media matters is or who they remind me of. they remind me of the barely competent. heman from the old "batman" tv series that wore the same shirt with henchman 1 and they were killed by a giant safe that would fall on them. they would be more dangerous if they were effective, but they're pathetic amusing. >> dana: i can follow on that. not as well. but the sad thing about the folks writing the articles in support of president obama at media matters on the next job they won't say you worked on obama campaign, it will say worked on media matters. people will say first, what the hell is that? second thing, well, pass that resume by. they are not even getting the benefit of doing the work. >> greg: good point. >> dana: thank you. >> bob: you come up with more names in the first segment, i don't know any of them. none of them. i would venture most of the audience --
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>> dana: you don't know batman? >> bob: i know batman. >> andrea: 501c3, you think of the red cross. >> bob: i do have a conflict so i can't talk about the story. serious. i can't. >> eric: maybe fostering amateur or sports competition, preventing cruelty to animal. >> bob: they prevent cruelty to you. >> andrea: all right. coming up, president obama is one in one corner and mitt romney in the other. in ohio, that. is both delivering speeches on the economy in the key battleground state. who has the better plan? we'll analyze up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. remember this? >> i will be held accountable.
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i have four years. a year from now people will see we're starting to make progress, but there will be pain out there. if i don't have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one-term proposition. >> eric: i will be held accountable. roll it again. >> it will be held accountable. >> i will be held accountable. those five simple words. that was three years ago. unemployment was 7.5%. gas was buck and change. fast forward to today, america struggles under the longest period of unemployment above 8% in our history. our homes are worth a prax of what they are then. the facts show opposite. will he make good on the five-word promise? here he is in ohio today. >> if you believe the economy grows best when everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does
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their fair share, everyone plays by same set of rules, then i ask you to stand with me for a second term as president. >> eric: i will be held accountable. >> look at it again. i didn't get the whole just -- >> eric: i will be held accountable. five. >> dana: like a 12-step mee meeting. >> greg: you know what it was? has it dawned on america that he is not trying anymore? this is like a guy, showed up for class who knows he is cool enough he really doesn't have to show up on time. he is vinnie barbarino. up your nose with a rubber jose. >> bob: i don't have any idea who that is. >> bob: he said more in five
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minutes than romney said in the speech want to see the tape again. >> dana: play what you said yesterday. >> bob: dana said my cuff links are different. it's appalling me. i'm so upset i can't stand it. i don't know if i can go on. >> greg: dueling cuff links. >> eric: >> bob: the idea that the economy is not in better shape than three-and-a-half years ago is insane. it's so much better. the idea to suggest we haven't gone anywhere and it's going backwards, which is what you suggest. >> andrea: as long as they say it's better and people don't believe it's better they look at you like you are from outer space. remember 1994, our pain, my pain, our pain. people looked at bill clinton and thought what? but he connected. he connected in the debate. unless romney and obama come up with an our pain, your pain
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moment they are doomed. >> bob: why is he beating romney in every poll in ohio? >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: you know why? >> you yourself just said you had romney winning ohio. >> bob: i said i thought in the end romney would win ohio but right now he is losing. >> eric: 20 minutes in the speech he said, he was referring to last week on friday he said the private sector is doing fine. the other side will say the economy is bad, i didn't fix it and i didn't make money. people are doing fine. that is what is the scary voice in the add will say. the scary voice in the ad is just repeating what he said. >> dana: it is. one thing the preview of the speech, they weren't going to have anything new. yesterday you said you better have something new. if you call something a major address you bet ver something for people to hang their hat
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on. if it takes 54 minutes to deliver the campaign stump speech that sounds like to "state of the union" you have given in three years you have problems. somebody on being charitable said they admire the obama campaign because they're on message consistently. they use the same message. discipline. but the problem is if the message isn't working you need to shift. i don't know why they decided to do this. he is coming to new york for a fundraiser. romney gave a speech in ohio. they go to ohio to match it. it reminded me when they used to chase dick cheney around in 2009 to talk about the closing of gitmo and lose every time. maybe today is a draw but they gave more attention to romney's speech. >> bob: one of the producer's 18-month-old kid in the greenroom here who made more sense talking to me than romney made in the entire speech. romney is saying we'll create jobs and he doesn't come up with one single plan how to do it. not one.
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>> greg: we went through his plan in a whole segment yesterday. >> --, and -- >> dana: he can't do anything because he's not president. >> greg: this is a gun battle. one guy comes with a plan. another guy came with platitudes. >> bob: his plan to take care of china. remember the invasion of china? >> dana: there were five bullet points. >> bob: the rest is ma'amture -- >> the way it's sounding in 2008, 2007, president obama put forth a campaign incredible. it looked like he had, on the cutting edge, new media and the other stuff. fresh ideas. everybody looked at him like wow! now, he is turning in a regular politician. that is liberalism. the same recycled ideas that have not worked in the past. in recent ideas for green jobs that haven't worked. >> bob: five bills in the republican house right now. obama bill to get people to
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work. republican -- you know why? >> andrea: congress' fault. >> bob: they want to see unemployment go up. republicans. >> greg: i have to say he made progress on the green jobs because he recycled that speech. >> bob: that's funny. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: slid right in between the green agenda and more money for classrooms two lines on, i don't know, eight-page speech. two lines. if we make this country destination we won't deport hardworking immigrants and we'll let them earn a chance to become citizens greed the economy. he slipped in amnesty. >> dana: this is a kitchen sink speech. red alert. president obama is giving a speech in ohio. send your best ideas. we don't have new ideas. send you the old stuff. so they throw in a dream act. >> they should have said something substantive. the reason romney won't get 5% of the vote he wants to ship
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illegals out of the country. >> dana: that is not true and unfair. >> bob: this guy is up with of the most -- >> dana: you are saying he wants illegal -- president obama has had more deportations than any president in history. >> bob: that's right. >> dana: so who wants more people out of the country? don't they both? >> bob: if they had a plan that obama does have where we have amnesty and people to become sits -- >> andrea: you can't name his plan. >> bob: i can. >> andrea: job bills in congress -- he doesn't have anything. >> eric: this is brand new. this isn't the dream act. this is let them earn a chance, immigrants, let them earn a chance to become american citizens and grow the economy. not talking about the dream act. people are here. we have to go. >> bob: say anything about undocumented immigrants? i don't think so. >> eric: he said immigrants. coming up, new york city mayor fire back at people who call him nanny dearest. coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: i'm going to do the monologue. nation's nanny and horse's
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fanny at it again. michael bloomberg went on tv to defend meddling in your meals. roll tape, roll tapers. >> if government's purpose isn't to improve health and longevity of sits i don't know what the purpose is. we're not here to tell anybody what to do but we have an obligation to tell them what is in the best science and best medicine says is in their interest. >> greg: so the way i see it, it's time for an intervention. for bloomy. regulation has now become his addiction. butting in has become his big gulp. now he wants to scorn the pop that is corn. bloomberg hand picked board of health is moving beyond large sodas to movie popcorn. a member said, "the popcorn isn't a whole lot better than the soda." but really it's not about cuisine. it's about control and class. they think we eat tubs of popcorn daily.
11:30 pm
it's about twice a year. but bloomie's buds don't know that because they don't mix with us. they eat places that cost's a day's wage. turn the tables on their restaurant tables? what if we targeted fancy plays like daniel or st. george's, all popular among month >> s. then snobs like bloomie will drop the need to control our pleasures if we target his. after all, they offer fattening delights that keep lipitor in business. the portion sizes there are small so that makes bloomberg feel bigger an better than everyone else. wachovia what did you call it? >> dana: it's a green bean. you only had green giant. >> andrea: he wants to make himself feel bigger and better. he is this big. doesn't take that much. >> bob: don't talk about greg. >> greg: i'm one to talk.
11:31 pm
>> andrea: it's like kareem abdul jabbar and bloomberg looks like dana. >> greg: not much height difference. it's close. we're little people and prad of it. >> eric: that was a brilliant idea. be look at the restaurants that mayor bloomberg is eating at. he may have a different tune. >> greg: have you ever seen a steak at normal five or four-star steakhouse, they're the size of dana's head. >> eric: he requires calorie list on menu of chain. where he is eating it's not a chain restaurant. it's a one shot, jean george. >> andrea: so elitist. >> eric: i would like to know what a steak at le bernadite. >> andrea: what about the butter sauce? the french restaurants? it's so elitist and classless for him to single out food chains where low income people eat. >> bob: who would eat at french restaurant?
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i don't want to spend time with french people. i have never been to a dump but i understand the portion size is this big. who want to go to that? >> greg: dana does. she can only fit so much food in her tiny body before swelling up. i had a question. >> dana: take it from there. i don't know what it is about being told you can't do something that makes you want to do it. you don't drinking are soda but i want to buy a huge big gulp and walk around town and shake ice at people. >> greg: you want a big gulp because your hot tub is out of order. >> dana: that's funny. the disturbing part of the interview is when he said if this isn't government's purpose, i don't know what is. then you have been in office too long and go back to creating jobs or making money. >> eric: started off on the right path. information is important. sure, provide the information. >> dana: the government is not responsible for that. >> eric: don't turn it in to regulation. >> greg: if you go to the theater they have giant tub of
11:33 pm
popcorn. bob? >> eric: greg, greg, don't go there. >> dana: what are you talking about? >> greg: i'm not going to explain it to you. >> eric: you will be fine with a medium or small popcor popcorn. >> bob: only dana would say what are you talking about? i love you. you're wonderful. i'll explain it to you. >> dana: it's obviously dirty or something. >> bob: dirty? well, it's exercise. >> greg: how did this end up in this dark, dark place? coming up, could president obama have an october surprise in store? [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans?
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five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: okay, so many things to catch you up on in the commercial break. i was inform of the popcorn thing a i'm horrified slightly but i'll pull myself together for this segment in which we showed pot smoke again. i'm going to raise a protest. this is not about legalization of drugs and whether it's a good idea or not, we could get into that if you want. this is a question about some of the states, the most important states in election, colorado and ohio being examples where there are ballot initiatives on the state ballot about legalizing marijuana for the growth of or the small possession if you
11:40 pm
are over 21. some people, people say, like in the atlantic, raise question, should president obama change position or evolve his position on the legalization of marijuana for medical marijuana and that ruse to help boost turn-out in the states where he is going to need some help? andrea? jy don't think it's a smart idea. if he does it, it's micro pandering at its best. i just don't find -- i said on the show just before one caveat, i said i am in favor of decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. however, as a political question, i just don't think that stoners are going to turn up in droves at the polls unless some obama supports are giving joint at the polling station, which eric holder would probably allow but it would drive turn-out for people against it. i think it would help romney and rally the base. people that are older and aren't in favor of it. i think it would help romney. it would hurt president obama. >> greg: i think it would
11:41 pm
help obama to support legalization, because you'd have to be high to vote for him at this point. ha, ha, ha, i know. >> dana: courtesy laugh. >> greg: we're four to eight years away from where a major leader will come out other than gary johnson. because people -- >> eric: did you calgary johnson a major leader? >> greg: i love gary johnson. >> eric: cute. >> greg: governor by the way. people are ahead of the politicians on this. and a lot of polling shows people -- >> dana: it got voted down in california. >> greg: because well -- >> dana: didn't turn out -- what do you think, bob? on the youth vote, does it help in >> bob: couple of things. he has run his string out with values on the gay marriage. i don't think he has another major one to go for. gay marriage issue, he thought it was the right thing to do. it will hurt him. you have can't come back with marijuana. >> greg: maybe as an economic issue. >> bob: the people who vote against the initiative will be at the polls anyway.
11:42 pm
that is what you keep in mind. these people vote. older people vote more. >> andrea: not necessarily. romney has major problems with his base. i would galvanize the right. >> dana: getter rick in here >> eric: i think it would help obama if he did do it. he may do it. there is a section of republicans who are voting for ron paul because of this issue. now going to vote for mitt romney because he is the other conservative, republican. now they have someone else to vote for. >> dana: this is interesting to me. the pro-legalization groups in colorado raised $2 million to campaign for the amendment. who are these people? where do they get their money? >> greg: a lot of smart people. a lot of libertarians and people who see an economic benefit. violent epidemic, associated with the drug use. you could reduce that. you can reduce drug use among teens regulating it. >> bob: the money comes from the medical marijuana community. a lot of money. >> dana: who are those people? >> bob: they are sanctioned
11:43 pm
to grow grass in certain -- they have to get a license to do it. >> andrea: if it can't pass in a state as liberal as california, i don't see it passing in a state like colorado. again, a bunch of stoners sitting on the couch going what? it's election day? oh, wait. i just don't see it. >> greg: you were good at that. >> dana: more libertarians in colorado than starbucks. >> eric: 2 to 1 in california. >> bob: but they are not going to win, initiatives won't win. the point is turnout. that is our discussion here. is it going to galvanize turnout among young people? yes. >> andrea: do they want to issue voters pot before jobs? >> dana: pot to get a job. a job to get pot and pot to get a job. perfect. >> bob: do you feel better now? you started the segment -- >> dana: i'm composed. coming up, teenagers, evidently, having a hard time finding work. third summer in a row. one of the hardest working men in america, bob beckel, has advice for the youngsters out there. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> bob: try not to upset dana anymore. upset with the pictures. the report out shows 3 in 10, that's all, less, actually, 25% if you take in account people who haven't signed up are teenagers out of work, for summer work. they want to get summer jobs. it had a lot of summer jobs. >> eric: 7 in 10 are out of work. >> bob: you're right. 3 in 10 are employed. that's why i like you sitting next to me. you always bail me out. you can tell i'm well versed in this. the question for everybody. we want to give you advice on how to get jobs, teenagers out of work. it does bother me and the statistics here. three to 1 margin -- 3 to 1 margin upper income white kids employed opposed to black kids. that is who really need the work are minority and poor people. and who get the jobs are
11:49 pm
richer kids. the point is 70% as you point out are not working michigan first question, do you think that they are not working because they don't want to work or they can't find jobs? >> eric: both. sluggish economy, bad recovery. there aren't the jobs that -- you know, you know who is having a hard time? small businesses. pizza shops. they can't hire people they normally put on in the summer for whatever reason. they like having kids around or kids for help. they can't do it anymore. that's why probably in a good economy, maybe 40% can't find jobs now. 70%. or a bodega, a small convenience store. >> andrea: or the people who hire kids to mow their lawns do it themselves to save money. not paying the kids to do it anymore. >> dana: other thing it's sending a lead blanket over this is minimum wage. the way that it is now, you probably give -- if you have a job to give, you might give it to an adult; whereas, teenagers you're like i don't think he is worth whatever is
11:50 pm
it, $8 at this point. >> greg: i was hoping to hear at least one solution. i'm disgusted by this discussion. i am probably one of the more famous people in cable news, so i need protection around the clock; ie, body guards so i'm offering to hire body guards for the summer, personal. they have to be in excellent shape. i have a stalker right now who is leaving dog excrement on my porch with starkaly things in it. it try to look through the peephole to see who it is but i can't because they are so short. >> andrea: are there uniforms for body guards? >> greg: there are. but they're optional. >> bob: good idea, greg. >> andrea: a lot of jobs that young people aren't willing to do. >> bob: that is right. >> andrea: a lot of also older people aren't willing to do them. dish washing, for example. who wants to wash dishes in a hot restaurant kitchen? there is a always a dishwasher or bus boy. >> eric: i'll do it.
11:51 pm
breach the subject. if you support the 10 to 15 million illegals back to where they came from, then there would be demand for the people to work. >> bob: we're talking about summer job. >> andrea: demand? >> bob: i washed dishes and i was a garbage man. it worked at a funeral parlor in a summer. funeral parlor was a drag but outside of that -- the garbage job wasn't fun either. none of it was fun. >> dana: i have an entrepreneurial idea for kids who can't find a job. here is an idea. find people in your neighborhood, especially some of the older folks who want to keep in touch with their kids a grand kids and help them set up their computers so their phone, their skype, their ipad, whatever they might have and get them all set up and hip. charge them a fee. >> bob: that is a good idea. >> greg: then steal from them. >> dana: no. >> greg: that is what you said in green room, this is ato rip them off. >> eric: drink all their liquor. >> bob: i can only say i can't get my iphone to work. that is a good idea. very good idea. a lot of the kids are not
11:52 pm
working because they don't want to work. >> dana: i think they do. >> bob: i'm not sure. but i know this. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back. time for one more thing.
11:56 pm
danaing can it off. dabs my one more thing is i'm -- >> dana: my one more thing, i'm not sure how i feel about this. hockey mom was in massachusetts. she got so tourous she went down on the ice to complain to the ref. check this out. pretty amazing that she would stick up for her kid, that kind of way. you know, i actually say i'm not for this. this is wrong. what do you think? >> eric: i completely agree with you. keep the fans off the field. >> dana: inappropriate. also, do you think -- how embarrassed was the kid, greg? >> eric: today, june 14, flag day. i will do this right because there is a flag code in the u.s. for the colors. it shouldever touch the ground, never be stepped on, the flag should be displayed with the union to the left and top. it should always be the speaker -- to the speaker's right, audience's left. if you're in a room, raised quickly and lowered slowly and remember what the flag stands
11:57 pm
for. it stands for freedom, democracy, represents a bunch of people who have given their lives defending both of them. >> andrea: very good. >> eric: 237-year birthday of the flag. >> bob: hit it. also covered upper rick. homeless man by the name of timny yost who is in jail on public intoxication and criminal trespassing. he was in texas, colorado river to clean his feet and he found a bag worth $77,000 in gold coins and currency. he tried to lift the bag and exchange it for dry currency and it didn't work. they called the police. police went and picked him up. city council just voted to give him his money. >> dana: good. how much is it worth? >> bob: $77,000. >> dana: bummer. whole bag of gold companies worth more than that based on the commercials i've seen. >> greg: i often find bag of coin but at the end of a royne bow. want me to go?
11:58 pm
i want to talk about baseball. a sport, dana, that has a diamond so you might understand it. the san francisco giants last night had their first perfect game in the history of 700 years of baseball. matt cain threw the perfect game. the guy who caught the ball at the last inning was first baseman, excellent first baseman brendon belt. you might say it was a team effort. a lot of guys made amazing catches. some, just a great effort. the person who deeveryone ises the most credit in my mind is president barack obama. >> eric: because? >> greg: no reason. >> andrea: we have to clarify something quickly. hbo got in touch with us and wanted to us say they are sorry for what happened with george bush on a stick and apologizeded and they will send a bunch of dvds. >> dana: tonight is the 41 special. maybe they make it up.
11:59 pm
>> andrea: i won't be here tomorrow and i speak about him, i want to devote my one more thing to my dad. father's day is sunday. he was the second youngest of 14 kids and left greece when he was 16. with $38 to his name. he started working in diners for literally no money around the clock. but it sure paid off. he had a sharp wit. he had the ability to make anybody feel comfortable. unless they were trying to date my sister or me. he had strong opinions on everything from real estate to why earrings don't belong on men. we how old never hire anyone to do a job he could outsource to one of his kids. for that, i am truly grateful. he taught us his kids to never make excuses. because if he could succeed with the language barrier, little education no, family, no money, in a foreign country, well then we had no excuse to be successful. he never took a nick from the government. loved this country most of those who are born here. so if more people were like my dad this nation would be better off. he was the toughest boss i'll ever had v and one of the strongest personalities one could ever meet.


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