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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 15, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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inspirational and demanding. something tells me, though, fox news is being watched up in heaven. thanks for joining us. happy father's day, everybody. we'll be back here tomorrow. so don't miss us. thanks for welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in japan, happy super surprise pants. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> the army is up the road, america. our top story, while outrage sweeps the nation, hbo apologizes for george bush's severed head appearing on "game of thrones" and the new york state senate wants to make it illegal for welfare recipients to spend it on booze, gambling, and entertainent in. we find out what this entertainment is straight ahead. and what does a new study show about the quality of relationships between couples who have sex early on? the story so unbelievably
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shocking we didn't get to it twice last week, three times this week, most likely won't get to it tonight and honestly probably ever. greg? >> actually, andy, i think i am going to get around to it tonight. >> really? >> ya, i know i have been putting it off, but it is important to make time for this. >> that's kind of sweet. >> if we keep putting it off weeks become months and then years and then we are our parents. >> that sounds like something your father would have said. >> except in portuguese. >> weird. >> especially when he is irish. don't question things when you just don't question things. go. just like pulling teeth. let's welcome our guest. she is cuter than a butterfly riding a puppy over a rainbow covered in glitter. i am here with jedediah bila. he is should sharp that ginzu knives often use him to cut through a shoe. why you would do that i have no idea. and chris barron, go proud co-founder. and he is back from his latest
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round, my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was an ab workout, i would do him in under six minutes on the floor of my living room. next to me, comedian or so he claims to be though i haven't seen proof, shaw rad small. and the words he doth say willied you a stray. good to see you, pinch. >> a times editor your wholeheartedly supports the demolishing of the great works dam. there by replenishing the dore president ma salmon population. >> well done. >> i was guy be inned hind the guy -- behind the guy in the t-shirt.
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>> it is a pittsburgh pirate. it is a pittsburgh pirate ladies and gentlemen. there we go. >> there is the proof. >> does flashing a severed head mean they want him dead? "game of throwns" apologized for george w. bush's head on a spike during the show's season finale last year. the whole thing had gone unnoticed until they put it out on their dvd commentary track. >> i am saying people should back up. the last head on the left is george bush. george bush's head appears in a couple beheading scenes. it is not a choice. it is not a political statement. it is maybe one of the heads we have around. >> of course, you did. the producers claim they used a lot of prosthetic body parts
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and that only after the scene was shot that somebody pointed out, of course, whoa, that head looked like dub yaw. what a coincidence. they said in the d common -- dvd commentary they said "we meant no disrespect to the president and apologize if anything we did or said suggests otherwise." >> lies. >> it is lies. hbo said the whole thing was unacceptable. meanwhile they showed a preview of season three of "game of throwns." that's already 10 times better than "game of throwns." i won't get into how boring "game of thrown" is. we will talk about it. let's 2 to you, chris. are you buying that this was not a political statement?
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actually hilariously they are apologizing not because of the political statement, but because they brought it up in the dvd commentary? >> what a complete and total bunch of crap. th is the most unbelievable patently false ridiculous assertion ever made. could you imagine what would have happened if they used obama's head? these people would be in prison and rachel mad do you would do a a -- maddow would do a documentary on subtle racism on "game of throwns." >> when they showed his head they showed a row of traitors. that was the story line in the shot. and then his head was the last head. you knew what you were doing. >> the irony was the guys whose heads that were beheaded were good guys. the guy that killed him was the young kid who is the bad guy who is like a whiney lefty wall streeter. they would never do this to obama because hbo stands for
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hussein barak obama. >> they wouldn't do it to obama because there ain't no black people in "game of throwns." >> yes, there are. there was that one guy -- >> he's dead. >> he's dead. they killed the only one jie. the one they locked in the vault? >> jedediah, have i to give hbo credit. they put out a strong statement saying it was unacceptable and disrespectful and they are removing it from future dvd's. is this the end of the story? will this only provide us with a good six minutes of outrage? if so i am outraged. >> as am i. i am glad they apologized. i just want to know why under any circumstance there is a head of george w. bush floating around anyway. they said, we had to use the heads that are just lying around. why do they have his head -- >> his hair never looked better. he had a great head of hair. >> and throughout the editing process you mean no one through the editing process saw this and said, yes, that is george w. bush's head.
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>> you know all of those left wingers were laughing their butts off saying this is going to be funny. >> and probably mad people didn't notice. >> i think you are right about that. i think -- oh look a peace sign. they all thought it was funny and not a big deal until it became a big deal. the real story is why did they bring it up? this is probably the most interesting -- this is the only time anybody has talked about a director's commentary ever. nobody watches the director's commentary. >> there is nothing to it. if this was a political statement they would have brought it up accompanied by an f-w or something like that. it was an interesting tidbit. the only headline is how cheap "game of throwns" is. they have a very tight budget. >> they do. >> you think it was coincidence? >> if they were making a statement they would have put that fabio wig on him. >> no, the proof it was a
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political statement was that they brought it up. nobody noticed it. >> tidbit, tidbit. >> you know what it is? i think it could be both. i think it was sometimes they noticed when they were doing it. let me put it this way. if it was a barak hussein obama head they would say that looks too much like him, and we can't do that. since it was bush they are laughing. they don't like bush, and they think it is funny. and then they just happened to say it as a tidbit thinking that well the people that would listen to the dvd commentary are just like them. they will think it is funny and then it was a big oops. >> it looks like bush the barbarian. >> bush would laugh at this. >> obama wouldn't laugh at it if it was him. >> i don't know. >> obama might laugh, but the media would not be laughing.
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>> obama would make a joke, and he would go, at least my hair is not gray. but it would be the media, the paul krugmans of the world. >> if you are spending this much time wondering whether or not this is deliberate, the only naked girl you have ever seen is on "game of throwns." >> this is my problem with "game of throwns." i watched the first season and enjoyed it. the unspeakable truth about this show is that it is boring. no, let me finish why. i think what happens is they have flashes of violence and flashes of nudity, and it is about a 54-minute show. i watched it and timed it. about every five and a half minutes they either have a beheading or they have some kind of suffering or a sex scene. but the rest is all dialogue. it is all in that crapy -- >> what is the story line? >> it is a soap opera. the story line is through a middle english generator.
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at least down abbie is pretending to be something it isn't. and maggie smith is a treasure. >> does she play the dragon? >> does anything happen? >> just world world war i. by the way, that's a real war. "game of throwns" that's not even real wars. and we have adult males that analyze it. >> what is the matter of with that? >> people don't analyze real war. >> i prefer world war ii. i like my germans racist. and the nudity thing what happens is i get more kind of obsessed with when that is coming up than paying attention. >> i'm telling you this is why we can't have gay marriage. all you people want to do is look for male frontal nudity
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in hbo shows. by the way, you can see a lot of it in girls just so you know. >> some of that female nudity on that show you don't want to see. the women were a little bigger then. >> no, it is realistic. not every woman can be a model. >> why must realistic also be associated with lopsided. >> keep your shirt on. take your pants off. that's realistic too, big girl. >> i would like to apologize to all of the wonderful people that work on that show. >> i love the show. >> i think "girls" is great. i didn't like it in the beginning, but the reason why was i didn't like the characters. then i realize that was the most honest thing about it. they aren't likable. >> what about brian williams' daughter? don't you like her? >> no because i don't like her dad of i don't know why that would bleed into a show. it is true, all of the characters are real -- they are a mess. they have no future.
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they don't know what they are doing. at some point we were something like that. how did we get on this? >> i like the british girl. she is trashy. >> she is not a stereo type. she had sex hanging out a window two weeks ago. >> wow. >> and then she did the show. if you are like me wouldn't you like to get behind a college student? it could save the college debt crisis. with the higher ed costs increasing and a trillion dollars total, one university of chicago professor is letting people buy into young up and comers. i am asking that question as a joke. the private sector is ace's and wonders why can't they finance bright students. they could finance student education with equity rather than debt. in exchange for their capital, the investors would receive a fraction of the student's future income. students graduate without
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debt, and what they pay back depends on their actual earnings. i may invest in the education of a couple students i met recently. i believe we have tape of them here. i plan on investing in them whether they go to college or not. it is the school of hard knocks if you know what i am saying. this is a novel approach. in a way it turns them into baseball prospects. you scout who will make a return on your investment. >> my question is this, gregory, those kids you left behind. somebody may get left behind. >> everybody gets left behind in life. >> so if you are not one of the topics you have to be in debt foregoing to college? >> some have more debt than others.
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life is full of risks. >> here is another question. the corporations pay for them to go to school. and they will charge them what they thought they would earn. what if a kid gets a job? do they get thrown out of the program? is that what they have to pay back? >> i recent the fact you are asking me the questions when clearly it is for red eye. it is a fair point. what if they get out of college and the job they get will not pay them back? do they become sex slaves? >> one would hope. >> that's the only upside i can see to this story. what do they do, jedediah? what do you think of this? >> it is weird. i feel like it is a risky investment. you can be really smart. you could go in for a phd. >> well then maybe that forces you to make a more prudent
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decision -- >> about what you are going to pursue? >> yes. the companies that invest in you, do you get a job there? >> i don't know about that. i wonder. that's an interesting p so int. >> why are you asking all of these questions ? what are you not understanding? make statements. don't ask questions. >> i need more info. i read through the paperwork and need more info. >> i like that he is curious. >> he is like a cat. >> he is very curious tonight. >> i think it could incenti vies students to want to do well so you will have your costs covered. and maybe it could lead you to pursue -- you are not going to study spanish literature because you know you will not make any money. you may study medicine. >> this is dumb. the problem is we have the government subsidizing the student loans. it has lead to out of control college costs with no free market whatsoever.
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we are talking about indentured servitude. it is getting the government out of the college business altogether. that's the answer. >> you are right. it is indentured servitude. in the end we end up paying for it. maybe indentured servitude is the right thing. >> how about we let the free market take over. if we didn't have government-backed state loans it would be dramatic. >> tuition has tripled in the last six months. >> but it was optional. that is not possible. >> i thought maybe it would get picked up on the blog. bill you were considered to be a bad investment. what do you make of this? >> i don't make much. these investors are insulting me. i was reading that towns that are losing their population or getting older are also offering to pay the loans of these students if they come
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and live there. for example niagara falls which is a population that has haved will pay them if they come and pay. >> not worth it. >> what else do you need? it is gorgeous. >> i have never been up there. it is not worth the drive. >> do you know what it is like? it feels like a white castle at 3:00 a.m. there is something shady about niagara falls. i love new york, but there is something weird and white castle about it. >> kids can have a keg party anywhere. >> and then they throw it over the water fall. it is awesome. >> just trying to get it back to the story which seems to have disappeared. i don't see this much different than a loan except we are not paying for it,
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right? >> can you change your course of study? can you change schools? >> too many questions, sherrod. >> it is too shady. >> they want something back, big time. >> we have to take a break. should white people be rounded up and shipped to an eyend la -- island called cacky island? i almost said something else. and sherrod talks about his new book caucasian nation. and are pizza vending machines coming to america? i would assume so because we are doing this story.
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you can get a pie as easy as pie.
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the vending machine pizza is coming to america. lets pizza puts the whole thing together from scratch. this is amazing. it is in less than three minutes. let me repeat that. may neighbor doug has five nipples. wait, that wasn't the same thing. i am just as excited for this as i was for doug and his five beautiful, glistening, shining, nipples. the company has been a hit in europe and their quickie pies with more than 200 toppings to choose from will be available on our shores. meanwhile, here is how bill makes a pizza late at night.
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>> white people. >> that's a good point. only a white performer would do that thinking i am wasting food. it is disgusting. >> what am i going to do? eat it? >> baron, is this the best thing to happen? honestly, since the space program? forget cures for whatever. >> this is terrible. >> why? >> great, capitalism at work, congratulations, but i can't get that excited about the fact that people have an opportunity to get fatter. >> come on, man. >> look. i am all for if you want to go and buy vending machine pizza i am all for that right. >> you are a body fashist. >> young, smoke one, know where to get food vending machines making pizzas, just watching it is fascinating.
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>> you would be so stoned you would buy a frozen pizza and eat it while it is being made. all while saying this is the best tv show ever. oh my gosh! there is something coming out of my tv that is edible. >> he is actually at a laundromat. >> jedediah, should we be concerned that this will put people out of jobs? >> leave it to you to look at the economic angle of all of this. i am concerned more about the taste, actually. they say everything is fresh in there. how fresh can something be if it lives in a machine for weeks and weeks. think about the cheese and uh regular go knows. the italian-american in me is worried about the flavor. >> have you an italian-american in you? terrible. you could have let it go. when they invent some new device within six to 10 weeks you are living inside of it.
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>> this is terrible. if it is not robots it is the stupid vending machines. yes, we wilt lose a lot of jobs over this. last time i checked new york italians are not a great people to anger. >> i think it is great. nobody is going to say, hey, instead of going to the pizzeria let's go to the vending machine. but when there is no pizzeria open you can go to the vending machine. >> it will be good for drunks. >> can you imagine the crap that will actually be on this pizza? >> what kind of preservatives are on there? >> what is wrong with preservative 1234*z they preserve things. preserve is good. look, he is well preserved. >> it is an old pizza. i don't mind it is an old one. >> everybody goes, oh, exposed brick. >> back then they were stupid
12:26 am
things. >> it is a lack of something. >> it is a lack of plaster. >> even we got rid of our brick. >> yes. one of our sound guys took h home. he built a for the in his -- fort in his living room. terrible thing there. i want a meat machine. >> a machine made of meat? >> no because a machine you go and you press it and you get sausage. >> you need your veggies. >> pure preservatives, baby, that's bad for you. >> meatballs, bacon, sausage. >> there is something wrong with you, jedediah. >> thin, beautiful. >> look at me. you are the before and i'm the
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after. >> and i am the transitioning. >> do you have a comment on the show? y mail us. to leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050. and coming up more from andy levy. he is preserved. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by toys. objects of verying sizes meant to be played with often by children. thanks, toys.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. >> we don't like to be formal around these parts. >> i can mingle with the folks. dubya's severed head on "game of throwns" ssments i get he didn't buy the explanation. >> are you very right about that. >> i wanted to give uh chance to clarify it because people at home may have been confused. >> i will clarify. it was total bs. >> i don't buy it -- i completely buy it if they didn't order the head or have it specially made. unlike jedediah i do think that people happen to have a
12:32 am
head lying around a a lot. so i buy that part. >> doesn't everybody have a w head laying around at home? >> i have six or seven. >> you have one? >> i don't, no. of course not. >> have i been andy levy -- i have an andy levy head. it is made of plaster of paris. >> you actually have my real head. >> half time usually has to end early because it starts to teeter off. and then you see about a thousand working magazine gots going like this -- maggots going like this. >> highly trained. >> sad eyes. >> engage andy's sad eyes.
12:33 am
>> i do buy that they are not making an overt statement. the statement would actually be pro bush. you referred to them as boring. >> i meanted in and not king ned. >> ri p, rip. jedediah, you said you can't believe nobody noticed this until editing. you said nobody noticed it but it could have been before editing, i guess. i don't buy that nobody noticed it until after the shot. i just don't. >> you don't buy it. it looks just like him and the guy points to it. it would be odd -- i don't see how you don't see. >> i think they noticed. >> they are not buying anything. >> i do agree with you. i think they offhandedly mention it because they
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thought it was an interesting, fun behind the scenes fact. it never entered their mind because nobody would be offended by it. >> it is that whole thing when you make a joke like when bill marr makes a great joke about elizabeth hasselbeck and they are like, i was just kidding. it is like, oh i guess it isn't bad taste. but they have been around with people who have agreed with him for so long. >> it is like letterman with palin. >> or making a joke about palin's kids. >> exactly. >> i think we used enough examples. >> my favorite part of the whole thing, i don't know if you saw the story about it. the last line is, quote, hbo is owned by time warner, the same network that owns cnn. >> that is the story, andy. >> very important to get that out there i think.
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greg let's get to your stupid assertion that "game of throwns" is boring. >> yes. >> what is the point? you are an idiot. >> can you not deny my entire take down or break down of the plot? >> it was completely and utterly crap. >> you know what makes this show great, the little guy. >> as are many other people who are fine actors playing fine roles and providing enjoyment for millionses of viewers. >> i can give you a coming up for the next episode. somebody is going to have sex in a high bed. one man will go dragged off screaming from a cage and there will be a lot of shouting between two men who suddenly become friends. >> here is the fatal flaw. the season finale was a couple weeks ago. i am going to stay are you an
12:36 am
idiot. >> i wish they would bring back "alf." >> they play it on the hub. it is on the hub. >> bottom line, it is one of the best shows on tv. >> that's not saying much. >> have i to move on. >> no. you can't just say that and then move on. >> yes, i can. >> by the way, we didn't bring up the fact that the people who are behind "game of throwns" are obama done arers -- donors. >> i saw them at sarah jessica parker's house. >> please say dane maggie smith. it is insulting. bill you said you like the british girl on "girls." her name is jessa. >> jessa. >> i mean, i don't know.
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>> do you feel me? >> that was such a show -- shoshanna thing to say jie. she smoked crack. >> that is stupid. it was a funny scene though. >>- q. i this is the deal, and it happens a lot in tv. when they have somebody play somebody who accidentally takes drugs they don't know how to play somebody who accidentally takes drugs. she started taking real fast. >> and running around and lost her skirt. we don't know how. i heard this. i don't watch the show. buying a college kid. jedediah, you said it is weird and risky. you asked if you have to get a job at the same place that paid for your college. that leads to my thing. why not have a program where the company pays for your college and then you owe them x number of years of working for them at a reduced salary to pay it off?
12:38 am
>> like starting an internship early. >> just like red soxy. >> that could -- like roxy. >> that could work. >> get ready to have three jobs. if you have to do it at reduced salary and the price of living is going up. what world are you living in? >> i don't know if any of this is a good idea, but it is a better idea than what they are saying. at least you would owe the same company x number of years of your life working for them because they paid for your college. >> how about taking the government out of the business altogether? >> stop your libertarian crap. >> we have to come up with these crazy ideas. >> the government is looking out for us, chris. >> they take care of me. >> i think i am having a seizure. >> bill, leave him by
12:39 am
himself. >> i think we are deviating from the story. >> it is like a bad "brady bunch." >> this was almost as good as your niagara falls discussion. >> those were facts. >> pizza vending machines are coming. lets pizza, what is that? pizza is not a verb. stop making verbs out of everything. >> you are taking it out on me. what did i do? >> i don't mean you. i mean everyone. >> there goes my idea let's burger. let's taco. >> it is a noun and a noun is an every kind of word. ♪ a noun is a person place or thing ♪ that's all. >> by the way, i can't wait for mayor bloomburg to ban
12:40 am
these things. >> first he will do a ribbon cutting ceremony, and then he will ban the ribbons and the scissors. >> scissors are dangerous. >> i can't wait for these things to get profiled. >> greg -- >> you know what obama would do when he came to the pizza machine? he would say hand me over your dough. that's what he does to america. >> boo! hiss! >> he wants to redistribute our dough. >> that would be after he ordered the halal pizza. am i right? >> romney would fire it. >> grege you asked if this was the -- greg, you asked if this was the best thing since the space program. we had a space program and now we build pizza vending machines. something is wrong. >> you know what would be cool
12:41 am
if we could send the pizza machine to the moon. >> space x could do it. >> if you add the word space to anything it is great. space pizza, anybody? >> i never noticed that, greg. you are the first to ever make that point. >> i was. i made that point years ago. >> we have done stories about that. >> space pizza. >> no, space things. >> i know, i made that point. some are new to "red eye" and didn't see episode 450. they don't watch clips over and over again. >> 450 was good. >> remember that comedian? >> he was funny. >> and then that lady in the chair over there. not so good. >> remember that story we did on liberal media? >> i am going far, far away from here. >> you should. don't come back. coming up, a story so earth shattering, you may mistake it for an earthquake and crawl
12:42 am
under a table. should old murderers be released from prison? yes, and they can stay in jedediah's guest room. nice of her to offer.
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well, should they go free if they are aarp? nice rhyme. well, according to a new report we can save billions in taxpayer money by releasing inmates 50 or over who run likely to offend again. even after factoring costs such as housing and health care the states would save more than 66 ,000 per year for each inmate released. you can protect yourself from the inmates who are out prowling the streets and looking to destroy you and your family. let's discuss this in the --
12:46 am
>> lightning rrrooooouuunnnd of the lightning round. >> you didn't have enough air to do the whole thing. >> that's what marming marg does to your -- that's what marijuana does to your lungs, kids. >> greg was having me laughing. >> that's why it is around. so you can be happy. >> even if older men are less likely to commit crimes why should their punishments be cut short? >> i don't think it makes a lot of sense. but i think the better question is maybe we shouldn't be putting some of these people in jail to begin with. maybe somebody who lights up a joint shouldn't be put in prison so we don't have to let out the old killers. the old killers can stay in prison and the guy that smoked the joint -- >> by the time the old guy in there for pot is in his 60s is a hardened criminal because he was in there. you can't let him out.
12:47 am
>> prison does not make people better. >> they should let them both out. they have stuff in common. they love cookies. >> all old people love cookies. >> they don't love anything else. >> if we ain't got the money, let them out. we ain't got the money to hold these people. if you are 66 like morgan free man, you ain't gonna hurt anybody. let them out. >> this is the point i am getting at, jedediah. >> which is? >> people like sherrod assume every old inmate is morgan free man. >> all inmates are morgan freeman. >> and charles mann son is 76 years old. >> i would take him to lunch. >> he is an agent. >> you think charles manson is going to get out and get young
12:48 am
girls to follow him and kill some people. >> that is the other thing about punishment. charles manson should not be alive. he should have been dragged from the back of a truck over broken glass. take him outside and cut him to pieces. >> cut him to pieces or letting him out of prison he would say, whaz an iphone? that's a bus? planes fly? >> hold on, planes fly. he was in jail in 1969. >> it was not 1869. >> why are people wearing clothing. >> this is the other point. even if they are dangerous, that's not the point. charles manson is a heinous criminal who should rot in jail. actually he should have been killed a longtime ago. you are equating evil with time. >> unlock his cell and don't put a guard there. he ain't going no where.
12:49 am
>> if you have done something against the law that says you are supposed to be in prison for 20 or 30 years, especially for a violent crime who cares if you are 70 or 80 years old. it does ntd matter. it doesn't matter. you did the crime, you do the time. >> who says old people couldn't be dangerous again? my grandma is 98 and she can probably beat the you know what out of all of us. >> bill, last word. >> it is hard to get a job when you have tattoo. try to be old and have tattoo. what are they going to do? nothing. >> i would rather us go broke and be safe than save money and allow killers on the streets. but maybe that's just me going out on a limb. >> the limb named "red eye." >> yes. it was actually about trees and tree sculpting. >> we are going to take a break, but don't leave now. we will be back in a minute.
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you know we are on the air. >> it is time to play guess the story. we play the video and guess what is going on.
12:54 am
you can write your answer on mayonaise on your tv screen and write backwards so i can read it. here we go. >> that was my backyard. that was the good old days. you didn't see me in that. i am under the pack. >> it is like a naval recruit somewhere.
12:55 am
>> i don't know what it is. i think it has t do with the mi -- the military. >> that was annapolis, maryland. >> i was going to say sports team or your backyard. >> bill? >> i think they were playing human legos and they stopped when they got a little too connected. >> that was the 2012 house boy tryouts. anybody know what that is? nobody knows what that is? i am asking the producers. >> somebody just said heaven in my ear. >> there has to be a way to find out what that is. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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we actually looked it up and we found out those photos were from each year the annapolis naval academy. it is a monument covered in
12:59 am
lard and they replaced the sailor's hat with an officer's hat. i'll see you back here at 5:00 eastern time for "the five" and a new" red eye" tomorrow. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> jedediah, a new column on the interett web? >> yes, jed do -- jedediah >> somebody has been complaining that she was never mentioned on the show? >> my sister-in-law. she says i never mentioned her on "red eye." renee, this is your moment. now shut up. >> we willed dit that out, by the way. >> what is going on? >> gma, good afternoon america will be the third time it will be at 2:00 p.m., abc starting july 9th. check me out. don't forget con driver.


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